Octopi, Phalli, Cubes of Life [I]

An odd sequence of synchromystic events last weekend forced me to revisit the topic of Octopi and Tentacles [hence, my prior musings on the topic, Crafty Tentacles of Love, would be prerequisite to reading this]. There are positive outcomes on delving into, hence dwelling on, the eternal and ethereal versus the immediate and material (as I had been doing last few writings).

For one, it is reaffirming to know the universe speaks to us continuously, whether it be through Tesla’s “aether,” or what Bohm referred to as nonlocal connections. How and why, in my opinion, is immaterial. What is important, is learning how to listen. Recent [towering] fear-based events threatened conspiring to redirect my focus back into the realm of fear, but instead, have taught me that there is a pathway [a circular one, I’d suspect] one could follow to elevate one’s self to a higher realm, by first deflecting the neural pathways deep into the lower regions.

World ControlThe OctopusPhallic Worship

When looking outwards and upwards, trying to move one’s self from a mind of ignorance to one of awareness, you will inevitably face The Great Beast. That beast, is the conspiratorial octopus, whose multiple tentacles, have penetrated almost every aspect of our lives; from science, to religion, to the “arts” themselves. The closer you get to the head of the octopus, the more your ratio of answers than questions increases [oddly, the first image was a NCAAA reference].

One could deduce the beast/creature is also a Hydra, and should one get too close to some of the more vicious heads [as two of the authors involved in the above book, Danny Casolaro and Jim Keith, may have], you risk being put to the sword yourself. Rather than personally risk that route, I’ll opt instead to vibrate at a lower frequency for the time being.

The last image [above right] is an artist’s rendering from the Biblical tale of Shadrak, Meshak and Abendigo: three names/extensions that will arise again before this is over. Clearly then, phallus worship [disguised as monotheism], predates most known forms of Octopus worship, or any group of Japanese men wanking over pictires of tentacles penetrating the innocent [crafty tentacles].

Octopus RapeAt My ComputerDeeper Meaning

As I deduced last time I contemplated the octopus theme: phalli and tentacles are connected at so many levels, they can, in many ways, be considered one and the same. From such a perspective, whether you are the monogamous type [preferring one penis per orifice of preference, and one God to serve/please], or polytheistic and polyandrous [fantasizing/fearing the rape of many tentacles], is a moot issue.

Being a creature born with one penis, I can attest to considerable personal energies being spent thinking of, or in the course of pursuing, couplings for my own tentacle. The thought of having many such appendages, would seem unfeasible not accounting for a quantum expansion in mental processing capacity. Hence, as I sit at my computer, resisting baser distractions which naturally tug at me while vibrating at this lower frequency, I push my focus lower, going within, into the depths of my own universe, to contemplate the symbolic meaning of my octopus.

galaxy beasts

This journey [which I alluded to at the beginning], began the first day of the month honoring the man who would be God, Augustus. At a friend’s house, awaiting to go out, Galaxy Quest (a movie I had seen before, when my eyes were nary open) was on the television. The aliens in the film [pictured above], called Thermians, cast a reflection of themselves as normal humans. However, when they were subjected to torture [i.e., pain] or aroused sexually, their true nature was revealed.

Per Webster’s Code Book, “reflection” is defined as: “an instance of reflecting; especially: the return of light or sound waves from a surface.” Digging deeper, “reflecting” means “to turn into or away from a course: “deflect,” or “to prevent passage of and cause to change direction; e.g., a mirror reflects light.” We could go far deeper, but by definition, let’s assume the mirror may not be the best place to look if we want to find out what we are. In Part II, we’ll reflect on this further.

Love Gets WeirdMissi Pyle

Above, we see one of the Thermians, in a state of increasing sexual arousal. Her tentacles have come out and are enveloping her human mate. Another human walking in on them was a little disturbed at the sight, as I suspect we would all be. However, taking a look at the devilicious photo of the same actress, Missi Pyle, I’d have to confess, I’d be hard-pressed to deny her a proper shagging.

But, I’m not gonna turn this blog into a list of girls I’d like to shag [though, honestly, during recent bouts of frustration and introspection, I have wondered whether the end-result of my doing so might matter]. There’s a plot element in the movie, of a device called the “Omega 13,” which is capable of either destroying the universe, or rewinding time by 13 seconds. As for the Omega, it wasn’t too long ago I learned that the Omega has been framed on the one dollar bill: {*1}

Omega Spider Bill

Of further significance, do note the 8 legged spider [I doubt its an owl], and keep in mind it has three eyes [for part ii]. The occult significance of the number 13 is near endless, so aside from pointing out that it's an oft-repeating feature of “the bill,” I won’t get into all the permutations here. What I will stress however, is that the letter Omega is the 24th and Final letter in the Greek alphabet.

Hence, an argument could be put forth that the Omega 13 (of Galaxy Quest) is a “reset” button. And, based on the present near-hopeless state of us (humanity), one has to wonder if a restart is the best option [thinking of the Matrix and such].

Brock HardBrock DolphinBrock Can Kill

On Sunday [8/3], I settled in to my own routine, to watch the Venture Brothers (a show which merited it’s own article), and I caught me favourite character, Brock Samson say something like “or they may come at us in some kind of Octopus like tentacle thing that shoots lasers out of it’s eyes. [can’t recall specific words].

Tying Brock further into themes explored herein, are the above series of pics showing us he (a) is in fact a man among men [hence, we can assume connected the color purple], (b) is not adverse to sexual congress with marine life (the water metaphor, plus this scene was from a hallucination he had while doing a DMT type substance among shamans/occultists), and (c) has been assigned a tentacular clearance level [“8“]. The most recent episode, “ORB,” came on this past Sunday, but other than some notes, I’ll refrain from fully exploring…

The topics addressed were (a) a mysterious “orb” that has two uses [one unknown, the other could collapse the universe upon itself], (b) Nikola Tesla aligned with a faction, that was battling against another which included Aleister Crowley, (c) Crowley being murdered and made fun of, (d) high-ranking agent Brock being told that even he is but a mere pawn in a game he is incapable of understanding, and (e), I kid you not, contained humorous examples of discovering and misinterpreting synchromystic clues, including a tip on deciphering Webster’s dictionary.


The crown on Brock’s badge, not only shows us who controls these intelligence / mercenary agencies, but synchs us to another of “her majesties” operatives Ian Fleming, and his tool of disinformation/revealing, James Bond. {*2} The not so subtle Octopussy title, not only connects us back to the world-control seeking Octopi, but tentacle sex/porn. You don’t have to be an occultist to notice the blatant penis imagery: be it the powerful rocket flying out of Bond’s loins, the handjob suggestive layout with her “grip” positioned where the [purple] head of his manhood should be, or how every single woman in the third image is touching the penis obelisk [one hand suggestively holding the “neck”].

Aside: Found a strange tribute made 17 years later (2000) named Inside Octopussy. My first thought: “Gee, what 13 year old boy named that?” But, there was planning / reason behind this “exposé.” Filmed at the Berlin Wall . Ran 33 minutes. The villain in the movie was Kamal Kahn! Capping it off, on IMDB today, it said, “Up 8% since last week” {*3}

The last image [above] is highly suggestive, with a titillating near revelation of the vulva through the see-through fabric. The 13 “Bonds,” along with the revelation this is the 13th movie in the series, gives us yet another solid synch between the number 13, the number 8 and this multi-tentacled monster we’re exploring herein.

Sacrifice Well

The last event which prompted this journey, was finding the movie Dagon, after Brock’s “gentle nudge.” Reading the comments on someone else’s blog [btw: they can be a great source of information, so if you’re not in the habit of reading comments, get into it], one anadæ recommended the movie which is based on H.P. Lovecraft’s writings. As I’ve come to expect from the synchrosphere [¿can I call it that?], between said comment and my writing this, Dedroidfy found a thorough site with all books Lovecraft (online). [On a sad note {*5}]

The above scenes are from the sacrifice ritual from Dagon. Beyond mere nudity, the scenes (a) hint that blood serves a purpose to lure the beast (hence, she was cut prior to being offered), (b) show the victim being lowered into the pit/well, where the god/octopus first squirts her with his oily discharge, and (c) most importantly, after her [¡ahem!]disney moment,” she is now dangling above the pit, so that the beast has to arise from the depths beyond the well to consume her.

Tentacle RapeBeast Boy

Dagon’s images also take us back to the arena of tentacle rape, a world which I didn’t even know existed prior to undertaking first exploration of octopus theme. It would seem there are many fans: don’t miss this comment. [from stephen page].

In the news category, found this bizarre story: Octopus sex man avoids jail, which though misleading [insinuating Octopus Sex was his crime], offers up this useful nugget: “McLagan’s self-esteem was so low he equated himself with a beast.” Speaking of “the beast” [another moniker for Crowley], be sure to read the [above] exchange between Beast Boy and his friend/love-interest/soon-to-be-“victim.”.

Spicy AdventuresMarvel RapeOctor Who

While some may be inclined to speculate that the internet is what gave rise to octopus porn culture, the 1934 cover of Spicy Adventures [see library of covers] suggests otherwise. The theme has been with us since I don’t know when and I’m beginning to surmise, inexorably connected to who and what we are.

Whether pop culture is perpetuating the idea consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously would be a matter of great (and perhaps, trivial) debate. As you can see above, even Marvel Comics got in on the act. [Any Briton who cares to tell me whether the last above image is a joke or not, is welcome to comment.]

Beast Billion BacksPhallus Love

Subsequent looks at Futurama’s Beast with a Billion Backs [see crafty tentatcles] convince me that while metaphoric and extremely clever, the main plotline of the movie is tentacle sex. The DVD cover, featuring the most sexual character of the series, attests to that. My only question is whether the conspicuous location of [or even reason for] the “V” light behind her is a subtle nod to those not anally inclined, as to which orifice of Leila’s the tentacles are intent on permeating.

Aside: I’m sure this is just coincidence (one of the few), but I found it interesting that both IMDB’s Futurama’s BBB and Inside Octopussy entries have a “V” next to the date. V for Vaginal penetration??? Hm, great efforts are made to to penetrate Leela?

The subsequent image [above] is the art-work of a young fan, and strongly supports my argument about the passing of memes. This was obviously most likely not a conscious effort, but note the placement of the sole tentacle, Frye’s tongue out in [oral] anticipation, the pink hearts [i.e, vaginas] and white swirls on background (¿along with upside-down male genitalia?) and lastly, the pronounced [¿engorged?] hearts in place of his eyes, indicating the confusion of carnal lust, as flowery love.

Real WomanReal HeartNo So Real Man

Continuing to resonate at this lower frequency, we find actual photographs of real people, ranging from hack amateur to professional photographs, of the sexual connection between Octopus and the Self being repeated. The placement along the genitalia [or, lower chakras] could speculatively be seen as natural, but the center image is the one that grabs my attention the most.

In particular, I’m fascinated by the centering of the core/mouth [¿third eye?] of the Octopus directly over the heart (chakra). But, before I look deeper in the well, let me apologize for the mental rape I’ve subjected you to [yes, that man is wearing a bra]. If you want to take this journey with me, you’ve got to come all the way.

Octopus InsideApocalypse Mask

The most eye-opening scene in Dagon [for me], was one where the protagonist was dreaming [i.e., with his third eye] of this lovely girl [who he, the protagonist, was unaware was actually his Gemini twin he was fated to join]. {*4} I normally try not to use the word shag more than once in article, though the actress to the left was also quite shaggable [oops, that’s thrice now], is … anyway, ss they prepare to kiss and “couple” he [and we] suffer from the above [left] shock (¿or is it revelation?).

The first image [one just discussed), on its own would imply little. However, the next one, shows the protagonist’s father, exposed after her removes his mask (made of human skin). A few humans were skinned in the film (too graphic, hence I’ll spare you), and the suggestion was the practice was tradition. The Greek word “apocalypse,” as many of you may already know, literally translates to revealing by lifting the leather veil/covering. Have I stumbled into an apocalyptic truth herein?

From the FridgeBehind You

At the beginning, I discussed the Octopus of our “us versus them” world. It is a terrifying beast, and we’ve been instilled with a fear to constantly be on our guard, because it may be lurking around every corner to get us/subvert us/rape us. BTW: whoever took the first picture, would it have hurt to tidy up the apartment just a little bit? Oh, and yes, we get it … pussy. That was not so clever.

Its tentacles reach into the food we eat, to the [prescription] drugs we take, to the television we watch, and to even the music we listen to (discussed in prior article). Even though I didn’t label them as such at the time, my first-level conspiratorial expositions / research found “unseen hands” [nod to Epperson] wherever I looked. They were everywhere, and I confess, the beast was quite scary, quite daunting. However, the following images don’t seem so frightening, do they?

Lisa's OctopusLittle Octopus

Note the significance of Lisa Simpson coming out of the recesses of her dark closet, revealing her Octopus outfit. Looking back over all the preceding images, I have to wonder if this scary octopus reaching at us from every direction is the lie, the one that keeps us tethered, ravaged and subjugated. What if the tentacles were our own instead, our connections to reach into everyone and everything, reversing the polarity of the flow, and indeed turning fear into love. Perhaps there lies a little Octopus inside all of us?

I was inspired to find an artist in America who has named his company SoulGlass (see the imagery). An artist, despite the uncreative state most art has been reduced to (prior topic), is one, who by definition, communes with his creator/soul, hence with the creative infinite. I have no way of guessing at the glass-blower’s intent, but to me, such a “glass” could serve as the fragile container to hold one’s soul. Practicality would dictate protecting such a structure, lest it shatter, with a hard yet pliable covering. A tough leather covering perhaps?

Soul Glass

Looking at Revelations, from the cryptic metaphoric manual known as The Bible, and trying to account for the implanted distractions/deceptions put in at the beginning, and those later added by endless Czars of the Roman Empire [some tend to call them Popes of the Vatican], we are told that for the end times to begin, the beast must rise to destroy the [material] world. The Cthulhu mythos and the Kraken poets tell stories of of an extremely similar nature.

We, like the Earth itself, are 80% water. Are most of us are standing on the wrong shores, focused on looking out towards the wrong depths? Per Revelations 13:

1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and I saw out of the sea a beast coming up, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon its horns ten diadems, and upon its heads a name of evil speaking,

4 and they did bow before the dragon who did give authority to the beast, and they did bow before the beast, saying, `Who [is] like to the beast? who is able to war with it?

So, perhaps if we wanna find the beast, we must look within the deep recesses of ourselves, and open the door to the shadow self we’ve spent a lifetime (or perhaps, lifetimes) trying to avoid. The universe is speaking to us: remember Fight Club? The oft-maligned Crowley, think of him what thou wilt, was completely in the right about one thing: asserting your will/power on others, lest you let them assert it on you. Come to think of it, that is precisely why we are in the mess we are in.

Dagon Diner

However, I’m not about to go off half-cocked and suggest we slay the beast within, for I like many here among you [Ding from memory bank: “There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.” We’ll revisit same song before this is over.], am still ignorant and confused as the true nature of ourselves [¿our elves?].

We still toss out terms like good and evil while looking for saviors, without even understanding the meaning of the words, or even which side is deceiving nor which is assisting us. We blindly follow fools, until a new fool comes along, turning on the old and labeling him “evil,” all the while, the new leads us back to “ground zero” [credit to Mercurial Talismans for tip.].

How can we know who the ominous “eye” watching over us is, when we still don’t even know who the “I” is? It is one thing to find the beast, and that is the simpler part. But, it is quite another to know his nature.

Next up [Part II]: triads, 8’s, the water door, cubes, the grand chessboard, the Lion’s Gate, “to infinity and beyond!” And, of course, more octopus porn! 🙂

A Couple of Arbitrary Celtic Rebel Posts on Related or Similar Subject Matter
Jun 2008: The Tentacles of Love Aug 2008: Octopi Phalli Cubes [2]

*1: Thanks to reading Wrong Way Wizard’s excellent article commemorating 7/4 1776: O Hey Can U Dig, By The Dawnz Early Light, Ma Peeps? In it he points to Talisman video by Charles Stanfeld Jones (who I believe is the same source I made the spider discovery through). We’ll revisit the Rubik’s cube and 1776 before this is through. [LB]

**2: Some visiting Brit’s were poking fun of how dumb the average Americans have become, and while I concurred with their opinion, I asked what made them think they were any better? When I suggested they don’t even know the queen runs their country, they insisted her position was merely “ceremonial.” A few points later, notably percent ownership of the UK land mass, the “royal” air force, the “royal” navy, and who their most powerful organizations [MI5/MI6] belong to, and they were forced to reconsider.

Hm, now I’m forced to wonder why it is expected demanded that we address those of royal [ignoble] lineage in the plural? [LB]

*3: This deserves it’s own footnote. “Inside Octopussy” featured an actor named BJ Worth [¡grimace!] playing himself (¡no pun!). But, his resume suggests more. Of course he would be affiliated with the film XXX! [LB]

**4: An anonymous commenter once speculated whether we truly understand the nature of the third eye, beyond labels like good and bad. This is not my answer, but knowing Cthulhu is the great beast that lies dreaming in the deep, have to wonder if one of our many astral connections (tendricles) is not a symbiotic one between us and the great beast. [LB]

*5: Occult researcher/writer Kent Daniel Bentkowski of Kentroversy [Site Defunct] passed away in between this writing and my last. I had misgivings about including it as a mere footnote, though others (notably Greg from Occult of Personality) have said much more on his passing. Personally, I just wanted to express my gratitude for Kent’s work and all the insight he has given me on my path to enlightenment. [LB]

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16 Responses to “Octopi, Phalli, Cubes of Life [I]”

  1. Celt!

    Wowza, again, a weird & wacky ride that leads to 8 different thoughts! [Go figure!] I really enjoy how your looking at this through many angles. I just want to toss out an idea (IMO) that perhaps they are “double binding” the symbolisms now. I merely mention this on an intuitive feeling I have been having. We’ve been seeing a lot of mixed solar/serpent cult symbolisms as of late, sometimes together which at first I thought was suggesting a merging of the two, but now am wondering if it’s just two offshoots of ancient Egyptian solar/sex worship just in our faces constantly to maintain their “energy drain” upon us, dig?

    No doubt though on the phallus symbology from the serpent cult symbolism. Perhaps yet again, the solar cult represents the “female energy” while we have the serpent representing the “male energy”? Always curious to figure that one out. I’ve seen a lot of double binding as of late, like a comment on some YouTube viewers on a Dark Knight post stating they ‘could relate and see The Jokers point of view’ which doesn’t not surprise me with the anti-hero stories that have permeated over the past 10 years.

    Of course, anything that allows or even forces us to take an introspective look at ourselves cannot be that bad, so perhaps the octopi is necessary for cleaning “out the attic” so to speak. Great link up to Galaxy Quest by the way! One of my all time favorite comedies! So are the double binds happening because people have finally figured out what their original intentions was behind the symbolisms? Are their energies weakening because those symbolisms are being deciphered? Are they out there dangling and reaching out into all aspects of mediums for us to process revelation? Should prove interesting, just like all your excellent write ups!

    Thanks for the 8 pathed journey! Be well bro!

  2. Great stuff!

    Octopus is 8 feet. Feet are euphemism in Bible for pudenda, male and female.

    Pudenda is also purse, sows ear, ie the place where the “disobediently obedient” servant, Judas, gained wisdom to achieve what no one else could, ie the glorious hour. Seed of light, hands with morsel, transfer into “it was night” of John 13.

    Pudenda is also the veil of Isis, “no man may unveil me and live”, ie price to “pay” for entering Venus. Courbet’s “The Origin of the World” makes this wisdom plain. PH is how do you measure with/vs water. Water is 7, 22 over 7 is PI and this is triangle or Pudenda. Sows ear as purse is the theme of Phelps eating zodical 12000 calorie a day, ie the pig.

    “Pay”, Phay and final Phay are 8,80 and 800.

    The 33rd pays the price and beholds Mary the sweet fruitful water upon rising, ie like a tent in the morning wood.

    Phelps is akin to Phillip. Lover of horses. Phelps in Haaretz article has his success to “two jews and a black man”, literal title of article no less. Two on a dark horse/ass is none other than the poor knights of Christ. Phelps in New Aeon Qabala gematria is 88. Phelps anagrams to “PS Help” aka 911. Cern and its twin Alice also gematria to 88. Gematria as per John Michell circle means “gametes fall down”, aka Sons of God mate with daughters of men.

    Phelps, the greatest Olympian is Zeus, and in inversion like fashion, becomes Queen of the Damned in his rape of Persephone. Demeter is healed of her grief of this event, ie her daughter becomes the foundation of Hades, upon beholding Baubo’s genitilia, ie the veil of Isis is lifted, and the loss becomes gain, gain becomes loss, first is last, last is first.

    Phelps is the dolphin/dauphin of the Annie Liebowicz Disney mkprogram…


    Its all working to a deific orgasm, a watery little death. The primal mound of Amun is speaking clearly and will increase so that all will hear.

    It comes.

  3. I feel like sushi for some reason…keep up the good work…

  4. Michael, Thanks as always. Your last couple of questions are something I’ve been pondering and have been meaning to expand on since I wrote Intercising the Soul. On one hand, yes, the propaganda / mind-control is getting more multi-tiered since many of us started “waking up.” On the other, I feel that on a deep spiritual level, we are being tested. I’ve been meaning to follow that up, but the former took a huge mental toll on me, so I put off the topic.

    As for the Joker, I, as I know you’ve already deduced, am loathe to write up a dedicated Dark Knight post, because everyone else in the synchromystic universe has (nothing against it, some AMAZING work on the subject is out there). Just my rebel nature. But, to me, the Joker IS the hero of the new Batman. He steals from the Federal Reserve (the mafia), kills lots of criminals, exposes the DA for the fraud he is, and tests the mettle of the passengers, so that they ALL find their humanity. The Batman represents elitist control, the police state. Their Law. Their Order. Hm, maybe I should write it up???

    Eugene, fascinating info!!! That pudenda reference never occurred to me. I, sorry but am vibrating at lower state now, have to laugh about the phrase “camel toe” then. 🙂

    You reminded me of Demeter, the virgin goddess, unlike Aphrodite who would at least give them that moment of ecstasy, never allowed men near her veil. She’d kill them just for wanting it.

    That phelps decryption is also something else. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge…

    DasRipper, that actually syncs with what Eugene said in response to my prior posting: “The only consolation would be…does not the eaten eventually see through the eater’s eye?”

  5. Barbie’s Makeover

    Barbie is “Z Warrior” fighting Iguana? More like sex with lizard.

    Z is 26 and 2+6 is 8, ie mapping to PHay final (H is Pe, Q is Pay, Z is Phay, ie HQZ headquarters), and to the game of He with Sara to Sarah, ie the final He of IHVH, which is 10+5+6+5 = 26. The push/squeeze of all things feminine. Controls the cradle rules the world = how you spell out law and contract with the ladies. OT has as centerpiece the taboos of pig and pudenda, wink.

    Barbie gets altered

    Cant help but croak ‘altar’

    The Ozian race car upon crashing reveals ‘the origin of the world’ in Roger Rabbit

    If she is not so easy Alyson in Wonderland is

    Car and all things car are Iron. Iron is element 26 and the material of feet, legs and pudenda of the Image of Daniel. Pisces are fish feet as well. Christ rules the kingdom with a rod of Iron, 1000 years. The Iron Tower of Paris is 1000 feet tall and is the iconic symbol of the smell of love, ie “roma amor”.

    Erika married the Parisis Iron Tower, lady to lady, and Erika is the fight song of Waffen SS. This object fetish is Objectum Sexual, ie OS !

    The dots go farther and farther = orange, citroen as car, Kaligrammes of “lemondes” on Eiffel tower, 72 names on Eiffel Tower, and the one left out..a woman named Sophia, PB Randolphs Magia Sexualis with its Tower art, the 1000th knight of the order of the garter, orange to etrog, the feast of succot, which is feast of tabernacles, ie tents, this mates to Rabbi Akibas skins of light, which mates to the uberman known as Maccabees, the hammer, a fella with Abraham Lincoln like strength, civil war, end of temple, the riddle of jewish bankers, on and on the skins game plays…

    Synch on.

  6. So ever since you started writing regarding the tentacle insertion, I’ve noticed more and more allusion to it in movies. For instance in “The astronaut’s wife” there is a tentacled being that exits johnny depp’s character and enters into charlize theron. Both Helboy movies contain numerous creatures that have tentacles, including a giant forest god that is described as giving and taking away life (“Are you really going to kill this last of the Forest Gods?) which bursts into foliage (life) after Hellboy “blows off its head.” Even the newer anime film Afro Samurai has the major antagonist “armed” with a secret weapon: a tentacle-like extension that stabs victims in the head. It seems to be everywhere: the ending sequence in Halflife episode 2 has a monster with a tentacle/probiscus which sucks out brains. Your concern is right regarding trying to find the reason behind the meaning behind these images. Fear/respect is generated in most of these situations, and we see dominance and control as a subversive message. Yikes.

    Great post man.

    btw that pic of the dude with the octopus “thong” and the bra on was pretty messed up. It made me want to crawl under my bed and stay curled up in the fetal position for hours. :/

  7. The above comment reminded me of the funny horror movie Slither, a must see for lovers of tentacles. Another “tentacle rape” theme might be the rape by tree branches, as seen in Evil Dead (first one I think), and at least one other movie I can’t remember.

    Anyways, I am also reminded of the concept which alien intelligences apparently told Grant Morrison during his “abduction” in Katmandu, which he described at DisInfo Con. If you’re not familiar with the lecture, try this video) Well, the jist of it was that beings who live in higher dimensions where linear time does not exist can only gestate in lower dimensions where time does exist. The Human Race is one such being and is actually all connected as a sinlge beast. If you’re familiar with the film on dimensions, you’ll recall that in the dimensions above the ones we’re in, a human beings life would look like a giant worm; with a fetus on one end and a old dead body on the other. Without the stop-motion effect of time, all our “nows” would be blurred into one long creature. Well extend that to all people, and that is kinda how Grant Morrison says the Human Race really looks like in higher dimensions. Like a hand going into a flat plane (2-dimension world) the fingers would appear only as separate dots. Humans only appear as separate dots in 3-dimensions, while in higher D’s we’re really one giant octopus with over 6 billion tentacles. Now that’s a lot of tentacle sex! Gives ‘rape of the environment’ a whole new twist.

  8. Eugene, back so soon? 🙂 That Barbie video is scary. Love the one of her laying in the coffin. “Life is plastic. So fantastic.” It’s a shame the programming taking place in this “teen anthem.” You can also thank Lindsey Lohan for making millions of young girls wanna be one of “the plastics.”

    26 will be coming up a bit in my follow-up to this. Interesting our man Phelps finished with 8 gold medals.

    VentCover, I wasn’t aware of some of the synchs you raised. Just watched HellBoy today. Seems to have EVERYTHING I’ve been focusing on here. May or may not include it.

    Sorry about the scare. Like I said, “you’ve got to come along all the way.” 🙂

    ViolatoR, glad to have you here. Will have to check out “Slither.”

    “Disinfo Con:” I like it! That Rob Bryanton video is great. He does an excellent job of presenting a complex topic in simple terms. Still, once you start getting up to the 7th/8th dimension, the mind bends in on itself.

  9. Another very revealing piece Mr Rebel.
    What leapt into my mind when reading this was … ‘brain cells’ – with all their little ‘tenticular’ connections – wondered if there could be some correlation

  10. Maybe there is a fundamental reason for the draw into what you call “octopus porn culture”, either direct or subconscious influence. Maybe there is a draw to make it seductive, alluring for a biological, symbiotic need. Maybe what has happened, has already happened, and this “octopus porn culture” is to desensitize (and even allure) us to a biological conclusion. I appreciated your writing, and have a story, which I believe I’d dreamt, that I thought was odd until you pointed out the cultural connection. Appreciate your thoughts on my story…

    Stargate meets the Body Snatchers – Light Speed!

  11. Logging into this website should be a requirement for anyone knowledgeable on earth these days

  12. good stuff.

    ia ia,


  13. This should interest you: Monster octopi with scores of extra tentacles

    Violator:`in the dimensions above the ones we’re in, a human beings life would look like a giant worm; with a fetus on one end and a old dead body on the other. […] Humans only appear as separate dots in 3-dimensions, while in higher D’s we’re really one giant octopus with over 6 billion tentacles. Now that’s a lot of tentacle sex! Gives ‘rape of the environment’ a whole new twist.´

    Wow, this clicks with something I randomly stumbled upon today: Disgusting Sewer Creature Update: IT’S F#$%ING REAL!

    Worms, fetus, 6 billion tentacles you say. Well that’s a worm hive looking like a beating heart. Does humanity, sometimes called a cancer upon the earth, look like this in a higher dimension perhaps?
    Hehe 🙂

  14. wise woman, just thought about this comment again and the idea of reconnecting all those cells, forming all those tentacular connections may serve as a metaphor for “the beast” rising.

    Matt Rose, a blog created for just a couple of paragraphs? This some kind of odd promo?

    visitor, me and my ego concurs with that opinion. 😀

    Venger Satanis, interesting site you have there. I found this image extremely relevant: yet another dimensional rift and tentacles resulting. Also, this one, as it does hint strongly to a connection to the druids. If both Christians and Satanists can relate to and praise my stream, I must be doing something right.

    Lollocaust, nice moniker! Interesting links, lots o’ tentacles there. Humanity, however, is not THE cancer, but the solution. This twisted pile of shite that mankind has willingly allowed themselves to be degenerated to is the cancer, always an externally influenced event.

  15. In a book written by jakob lorber, an apparent prophet that is written as he channels the living god a book called earth and moon, I think it is that one I read a few http://www.jakoblorberbooks.com/e-books/Earth-and-Moon/ one of the many levels of hell is presented for the sex obsessed as that of the life of the sea dwelling creatures that live in the cold of the deeps living only for reproduction.

    As when you take away the flesh, thought is instant and a juvenile entity would live in that thought loop, perhaps up-cycling perhaps down-cycling but with no external influence or gradualism just instantaneous fulfillment of desire this mentality would perhaps be eternally stuck in that routine.

    This may represent our primordial roots as evolving mentalities, as thoughts became flesh the less complex mentalities would manifest less complex forms with less perceived needs.
    That would tie back into the daigon papalcy with their triple dick dorje’s octopussy origins and gods of the sea.

    Also this book represents the planet being the organic prison for the being originally named Satana, but he/she also known as Leviathan, Beelzebub, Gog, Magog, the Serpent, the Dragon, the Animal of the Abyss, Lucifer and many other names.
    Which essentially seems to mean matter reality, the light-bringer being issuing waves of light creating physicality.

    So this living god would use what that named entity which he imprisoned issued out in its creative thoughts and craft them in his image, as well it goes into the specifics of descriptions describing words them self as their own entities as say a person was rigid, inflexible. Other materials possessing such description would look to latch on to higher beings each attempting to raise their spiritual level by tying them-self to something higher, dragging them down in the hopes of being uplifted which you can perhaps look at in the case of metal poisoning and you are what you eat type cases. It’s an interesting perceptual facet to take on.

    I hope that isn’t too long

  16. You have very interesting thoguhts and idea and insights Celtic Rebel. However I don’t like the low vibrational feminine (unaware) degradation you express – which is seen well when men express disgust for men with feminine attributes. But that doesnt matter, what matters is this octopus. I thought I left a comment a while back but i guess not.

    I have a therapist and about a year ago I did this visualization technique where you focus on a sensation in your body and try to communicate with it and see what happens. I am very visionary and/or visual, and this works well with me. One time I brought up a very powerful and dark part of myself, one that I couldn’t describe in words for a while. I’m not going to explain it all here unless you really care to know more about this octopus. It is a part that would and still does make me feel trapped and it doesn’t allow me to feel free, or allow me to be fully happy without its dark (black ink) infiltrating my mind. It could be as simple as smelling a lemon and thinking/feeling “oh this smells so beautiful” and anything positive is attacked/questions/halted/inked (new term hah). I just feel awful after a positive experience- once I am aware that I feel good. No i don’t really want to make a painting or art our of this darkness – I don’t want to put creative energy into this shit. Anyway, I haven’t done this work in a while but I think I am going to. The first image that came up when I focused on this dark voice in me was a scary/powerful being that looked like an octopus. It was an octopus like entity and seemed extremely intelligent. And this part came to show itself to be very complex with many facets and parts of it’s own. And yes part of it is connected to my sexuality in some way as it said “I want to have sex with you” Why am I sharing this personal info. Maybe its a piece of a puzzle to share? Also I couldn’t figure why an ugly hideous malevolent (and complex) octopus was representative of this guilt stricken part of me. I have realized a theme of this octopus with me, is escape. It doesn’t want me to escape. It wants to keep me trapped in misery. Hope you find this interesting.

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