A Burning Ring of Fire [IV]

Continuing from where we last left off, we were pondering the nature and identity of one Lucy Für (be it either a ribald “fur” reference, or the German word “for”). As I surmised at closing (part iii), I think we [those of us trying to shake loose the shackles of ignorance] have been very short-sighted to not consider that this entity may very well be female. The signposts do seem to lead us in that direction.

burning for youdevil hole

The first of the above images came from a completely unrelated article from Too Long In This Place, but syncs all too well with everything discussed to this point. The second, may or may not, seem somewhat unrelated. I’d presume many reading this believe Lucifer, Satan and “the devil” are separate entities (or metaphors). However, if we rotate the image 90 degrees, it seems a “perfect fit” with the Coco Chanel logo. We’re then left wondering what function the little black heart serves.

Thus, if we’re going to talk about vaginas, we may as well go back to our present lineage of living Material Queens (as discussed in Goddess of the Vulva article). Below, we see all three Goddesses flashing essentially the same “gang sign.”


The uninitiated, and the ignorant, will assume there’s a difference between the above images; that the first two are saying “peace.” But the truth of the matter is that the Queen Mother, Esther, is being a little more honest than her underlings. Looking at the above sequence, you’ll also have to note we are presented with a VVV, hence reducing the numbers via Qabala, the dreaded/mystic 666.

I mentioned Dora the Explorer (in part iii), and also how the recurring letter R, may itself carry some 666 resonance (also part iii). However, it wasn’t until long after said part my mind recalled there was something about the previously linked image (below), which didn’t seem quite right. Unless I’m sure of something, I try not to speculate into areas where I may later accuse myself of manufacturing conclusions.

dora the hole explorer

Note how the last R (18/666), is being adjusted by the FOX (which reduces to 666). Also, the “THE” encompassed by an arrow is pointing to the other R (another 666). Throw in the two MK butterflies, and it’s safe to say that Dora emerging from the hole (the O/vagina) is by no means accidental, and that whoever puts this program out know exactly what they’re doing, and possibly, whom they are serving.

Until I completed my side-track into Sex and the City, I thought I may be somewhat guilty of “reaching” with the notion that 9 Holes via 3 Women is a formula suggestive of 9 Gates. However, that fruitful sidetrack, helped along by the adverts for the below 3 educational videos (made by the same company responsible for Sex in her Shitty starring Sarah Jessica Porkher), lead me believe I am on to something.

Desperate EvaCrazy Daisy9021HO

Hence, looking at the three aforementioned Goddesses, I see the mystery of the 9 Gates unraveling before my eyes, each Goddess/Harlot strongly suggesting same (Via the V). Super Star Series? I guess phallic hot dogs aren’t limited to Hollywood Blockbusters. So, what exactly does the “V” hand symbol stand for/represent?


Well, should we be complete idiots, we might believe either of the first two liars. The last image, while misleading in my opinion, is not completely off tangent. By the way, for those unaware, Old Winston made his infamous V sign with his hand facing in both directions. Of course, the most common interpretation fed the ignorant masses is that it stands for “peace.” Oh, give me a break. Please!

peacepiece of ass

The above magazine cover, while not making the symbol directly, does suggest that V symbol/sign represents a “piece” of something. Come to think of it, were V to stand for both Victory and Peace, is that not what comes after years of wholesale slaughter; mass human sacrifice on an unimaginable scale? And who was all this blood shed for? “Der Fürher,” shout brain-washed historians. For “her?” Für Lucy?

pusciferlick it

It doesn’t look like we can get an honest answer as to what the hell V stands for unless we ask the Devil herself, Puscifer. [Pussy Für Moi? Thanks to Eugene @ Underground Stream for image.] The young woman above, though I can’t claim to know her, may not need to read this blog to guess what the “V” represents.

burning logssweet heartcolumbia presents

Looking at the above sequence, I can safely say that “Eve Ensler,” or whoever the hell created the Vagina Monologues [V/M=VW=VVV=666], knew exactly what they’re doing too. Yes, they know the Vagina is somehow connected to the “burning ring” theme. They know the Valentine symbol is a vagina, and not even close to a heart. Alas, looking at the last one, they know to pay homage to the right solar god/cult.

vagina views

Taking a closer look/view at The VieW, we have six vaginas sitting in front of a fiery lit background spewing out “opinions” from their top hole [if you want to call them that, I’ve watched endured the show on a couple of occasions and have yet to hear an actual “opinion” relayed]. I guess we also have another VW [or two]. How many 666’s can be derived from just one picture??? Don’t forget to count the number of gates/rings, which seem to be neatly arranged in three groups of six.

v demiv gwen

Comparatively honest were covers of “V” Magazine. The bottom of their V usually intersects models precisely where it should [above center]. It’d be safe to assume there are few women on this planet one could squeeze their head inside the vagina of. We can also presume the center image is sandwiched by birthing metaphors.

doutzen kroesmiranda kerrraquel zimmerman

Speaking of this women’s “fashion” magazine, someone pray tell, please explain to me how any of the above pages serve that purpose? The hosiery being sold, on top of whatever/whomever else in the first image, is from Agent Provocateur, a seedy twisted company if there ever was one (thanks to Stygian Port for link). And why is the word “Vampire Horde” etched in the backdrop?

The center image is selling either Miranda Kerr or wrinkled linens. Kerr, is the alleged fiance of heralded ring-bearer Orlando Bloom. Wait, isn’t he gay? How could he not be? His name is basically Mickey Mouse Anus Blossom [syncing with]. I’m sure everyone looking at the last image is thinking the exact same thing I am right now: “Oh my god! I must have that stupid hat! Where can I buy it?”

masonic vmasonic vagina

The above use of red, white and black, combined with the compass/square, from two completely unrelated sources stretch the possibility of coincidence towards nil. The biggest V ever? What woman wouldn’t give her left tit for that honor? A joke:

A woman goes into a Gynecologist’s office, strips down and puts her legs in the stirrups. When the doctor comes to examine her, he says, “God, you’ve got a large vagina. God, you’ve got a large vagina.” She says, “Like I don’t know that already! But, why did you feel the need to say it twice!” And he says, “I didn’t. I didn’t.”

I know the Monologues [¿mons logos?] were allegedly started for a “good cause:” to raise awareness of sexual violence, and tell horrid stories of how Yugoslavian were raped by Serbs (coincidentally, well-timed with the effort to sell Americans/Britons the bogus war intended to demolish the resistance a united Yugoslavia might have posed to the European Union). But, you the reader, should know well by now, few “good” causes promoted by the Medes are ever quite what they seem.

Found more supporting images from the middle Goddess Britney Spear[s of Destiny]. The first of which, is an admission of how she’s used to rock[us/trap us with]in the confines of the spiritual grid. The second takes us back to the theme of some dimensional portal opening/hell seeping in (discussed at end of part ii). The last not only takes us back to the grid, but shows the flow from red demarcation, to the transitional yellow, to the final blue [and syncs back to the first image].

sex gridtaurus

Playing with Geometry on my bar napkin, it occurred to me that were I to convert the SE into their Greek equivalents, the word “SEX” itself is an entire quadrant of the M/W spiritual gird. Continuing on, since a V is technically a woman’s frontal arrow pointing to her sweet spot, there is an O below the V. Putting those together, not only looks a bit like Taurus [the second major constellation], but rather devilish as well. Does that mean anything? I can’t say for sure. Maybe?

britney's vaginacurtain call

That could be conjecture, but what definitely isn’t … the idea that the two images above are somehow disconnected. The first is from a Britney Spears concert [oddly, on 03/18], and the latter from the curtain call of a random Vagina Monologues performance. Those unconvinced: explain the significance of a V at a BS concert for an album named Circus (same from where prior “ring of fire” image hails).

christa campbellfire pussy

Above, is Nick Cage’s [11:11 resonant] stargate server Krista Kampbell from The Wicker Man. Were she to spread her legs a little wider, she could form an M (as Gav once pointed out), instead of a hearty V. Speaking of, I wonder where the phrase “eat your heart out,” originates? 🙄 The fiery pussy [to the right] forces me to ponder, how women go from kitten to pussy-cat, and just when they’re old enough to escape cat references, the Medes come along and dub you “cougars.”

mons venus

Back when I was a businessman, I’d occasionally take my students to a place called Mons Venus, a club featuring a Smorgasbord of flowers, hearts, marys, fish and almonds; a virtual feast for the eyes. {*1} The technical/medical term is mons veneris (the fatty flesh in human females over the junction of the pubic bones), which, in Latin, translates to the “mound of Venus.” Webster’s Code Book adds: “literally, eminence of Venus or of venery.” From there (venery), we get “sexual intercourse,” or “the act of chasing/hunting;” which yields venison [dead meat].

Delving deeper, I went to “venerate,” which means “to revere/worship.” Not so surprisingly then, the etymology of ALL of these words go back to Venus, which, as I’ve said before, many feel is “Lucifer” (forcing me to now wonder if they’re right).

lucy fellno dickelle black heart

In between the end of Part I, and the Sex diversion, I recalled the name of an unseen movie starring the Porkher herself, If Lucy Fell (1996). Lucy Für who fell from [the] Heaven[s]? The sunlit building facades do so seem to resemble fire. Is Life Without Dick yet another nudge to the Lesbian push women have been feeling steam-rolled by? Why’s eLLe McPherson wearing a black heart? Most importantly: like all other roads, does the one of Romance lead us back to Rome as well?

crivelli lucifercrivelli antichrist

The above painting of “Madonna” and Child is by Carlo Crivelli, an artist who may connect back to the Black Nobility of Venice. The first thing anyone who’s a “Christian” should ask themselves, is why is Mary dressed in royal robes and gems? The second should be, why is there already a cross behind the child’s head? Lastly, what is the bird the “Jesus” is holding, and why is there a fly in the painting?

According to tradition, the sparrow betrayed Christ in the garden, and urged his tormentors on, by crying: “He is living! He is living!” While the pitying swallow, watching this on the cross cried: “He is dead! He is dead!” Encyclopædia of Superstitions, Folklore, and the Occult Sciences of the World – Cora Linn Daniels & C. M. Stevans

Crivelli was indubitably an enlightened soul. For one, he was vegetarian. Secondly, he is also the painter inquiring minds refer to when tracing “religious” works from the period that depict UFO’s in backgrounds. Mainstream art historians, in other words, babbling idiots, will tell fools that “the fly represents the corruption in the church, which Jesus/Mary are displeased with.” Hopefully, there are few such gullible fools reading my rant [I have made some effort to drive readers away, no?].

Perhaps, we were looking at an artist’s rendition of “the lord of the flies,” who is alleged to be Beelzebub. The above painting/artwork is Iron Maiden’s “Lord of the Flies” (the same band that sang “666: The Number of the Beast”). Interesting x-box behind the noble “lord,” no? 👿 Whoever this “lord” is, the red carpet leading to his throne suggest royal lineage, same as that of Crivelli’s Mother and Child.

As we take this road in search of “the beast” and its nature, I think it important that those of us who know better than to let our quest for truth get mired in the folly of monotheism, also not commit to the same path where indoctrination may lead: the confines of monobeastism. I think I’ve already found the octacular beast that lies within me, now I turn my attention to beasts above me outside myself.

lucy o'briendeath madonnamadonna christ

“Blasphemy!” shouted a reliable and predictable number of fools when that “whore” Madonna burst onto the scene, daring to take the name of the Virgin Mother. If worshiping the torture tool of Jesus is not an eye-con, how can veneration of the Mad Whore be one no less? Interesting who wrote the biography: Lucy Hole Brien.

Lucy was once a member of “feminist” punk band The Catholic Girls [¿back to Rome already?]. Interesting tag-line on the cover, from a rag whose title pays homage to another beast a’rising [Mojo], and whose narrow focus praises bands serving the cult of Dionysus [¿owning pink?]. The Dali resonant closing image shows, whatever force controls this Madonna, is very meticulous in everything it/she does. I’d guess there are few fools left reading I’ll need to explain how the other peace symbol (the one Madonna’s encased/enshrined in) is the ancient Teutonic Rune of Death.

And no, don’t fall for the disinfo aimed at awakening Christians that it’s “Nero’s Broken Cross.” That is utter bullshit crafted to push those of faith to deeper veneration of the cross/cube. I trust Stanley Monteith (and his ilk), about half-as-far as I could toss him. {*2} But would even the most unaware really need me to say anything? The Mad Whore’s facial expression, the wording, the fact she’s wearing black (hence, resonating death) should speak volumes. Another spade?

Stepping down the lineage, again another image connecting the Queen Mother’s vagina [¡dead center!] to some infernal temperature. Even more interesting is the sculpture of Britney spread over a corpse, giving birth like an animal (per chance, sculpted/crafted by the same “artist” responsible for Paris Hilton Autopsy).

kenny vaginalooks like home

Someone quite familiar with vaginas, death and birthing would be the ever reincarnating Kenny from South Park. The writers/artists behind the show (whoever they may be), were/are obviously enlightened enough to sketch Kenny as always being in the process of exiting a vagina. I overlayed the Coco Chanel “caliper,” and in this instance, it is not “a perfect fit.” But, it shouldn’t be, cause whatever hole Kenny is being pushed out of, would already be dilated, allowing us to see his head, and him the outside world. Something look familiar there Kenny [above right]?

Vesica Piscis, the “bladder of the fish,” is probably a euphemism for the “vagina of the fish,” as the Planter and the Forestress’s divine center is the Sex chakra. Like the Fish in general, the Vesica Piscis has long been associated with the female genitals, which are venerated as the gate between heavenly wisdom (Sophia) and material manifestation. And as the age-old Maypole erection worships the phallos of the Planter, the age-old Maytide Well-decorating ceremonies (with flowers, etc.) worship the Vesica Piscis of the Forestress.

Whether you’re looking at Kenny above, or Jesus below, you are looking at the “vesica piscis.” The almond shape [¿bust a nut?] has been intimately associated from Cybele to Aphrodite Marina to the Virgin Mary (this Rebel would argue these are all just different names, including Esther/Ishtar, for the same entity).

While many a “moral” Mexican fool was indignantly “outraged” that Playboy Mexico was sacrilegious enough to depict a nude Maria posing as the Holy Virgin, the Rebel will argue that the magazine was properly venerating the Virgin/Whore. What are the origins of Mary Worship? Again, the road leads us back to the transmogrified Roman Empire, one that through sword/legion controlled millions at best, but now through vagina/cross, controls billions [step foot in South America during any of the festivals honoring the Holy Whore]. And just who is that whore? It’s Lucy Für!

Am I “reaching?” No. If you could see the whole puzzle fitting together, I think you’d concur with where I’m going. Those of you mature enough to look behind the veil, feel free to click on the below image [which, btw, is a “mons veneris”] to peer at the Hole of Holes [i.e., what the priest class dubs the Holy of Holies].

The above images [one deep], of Mary’s flowing robes, remind me of a song entitled “Mary Mary,” by a little-known band named Thrashing Doves (syncing us with yet another Goddess of the same lineage, Columbia):

mary opened her robes for me
she’s got a potion for sleep
she put her arm around my shoulder
and i fell to the floor at her feet

and she slid down beside me
and she whispered in my ear
and before anything else she confided to me
her compulsion to terrorize

oh, i’d sell my soul in slavery
just to keep her, just to keep her coming here

now she waltzes around me
wearing a dracula hat
she comes and she goes as she pleases
by way of a vampire flap

and she wears that cloak of decency
and it just covers up her face
but when she sinks her teeth into your neck boy
she could wipe out the human race

oh, i’d sell my soul in slavery
just to keep her, just to keep her coming here

Hopefully you remembered (from part ii), how murdered spiritual warrior Peter Tosh believed Lucifer was, in fact, the head vampire. The Doves, oddly enough, are best known for a remake of the Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the Devil” (which will come up in part v), and another song called “Biba’s Basement” (which syncs with Guy Fawks/Fox and the Satanic hinting V for Vendeta, also coming in v), and is about a woman who collects whore furs (syncing with the Sex up the Shitter series). Phew!

Back to Ishtar/Madonna, the grid-resonating Whore/Mother, is forcing me to recall another classic Woody Allen line. Facing the dilemma of which half of a woman [whore/saint] he’d get, he hoped for “the half that eats.” {*3} That would be the wormhole feeding one in the first image. At least now (per 2nd image), we have documentary evidence that the Madonna is in fact, “a whore.” Lastly, she’s shown dragging us to the shitter (perhaps, suggesting why Allen chose the other half).

Don’t forget to check the song-list. Just about every one was crafted for a purpose. I recall fools/comedians [myself included] joking about the hypocrisy of “that slut Madonna being in any way like a virgin.” Yes, you fool. She is just like THE Virgin in more ways than you can fathom. One reader commented on the uncanny sync of finding women in red resonating the number five. Take a good look at the eyes of the woman performing some five-pointed red pentagram ritual below.

Red is, of course, also the color of blood. The Hole of Holies, the Vagina, sheds it on occasion; the first being the one time ritual of the hymen ripping (i.e., a heart being broken). The other, is the monthly cycle of menstruation. Should I have been even slightly surprised to find another “artist,” Jaz Graf, doing a series of works on the phenomenon of Vesica Piscis/Holey Mother imprints/miracles left behind on women’s lacy undergarments (appropriately entitled “Virginal Apparitions”).

Worth noting: shawls of “lace” are quite popular at confirmations and other Roman Rituals involving children. Extremely revelating: the phrase “shed blood” does not always imply one’s own, and strongly suggests sacrifice (recall’s Tosh’s words).

virgin killershattered glass

Thrashing Doves came along a bit late to the last true major grassroots musical rebellion that was taking place in the 80’s; a time when some bands achieved popularity through talent, ability and by developing a local following (i.e., not by sucking cock, having their rectum stretched out, or selling out their soul by whatever means possible). But things began to change. If you were listening in 1989, you likely never heard “Mary Mary,” but were infected by a few (or all of) the below heavily promoted “top hits” of that year (fame via latter “method”):

rickroll  #02 “Girl You Know It’s True”Milli Vanilli
 #03 “If I Could Turn Back Time”Cher
 #01 “I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)”New Kids
 #03 “Like A Prayer”Madonna
 #10 “Your Mama Don’t Dance”Poison
 #01 “My Perogative”Bobby Brown

I had used the Scorpions degeneration promoting hit Rock You Like a Hurricane,” as an example, however, shortly afterward, a reader (deva deva) let me know there was much more to the story behind the band/cover/song [see below]. As for the Doves, their career ended shortly thereafter. Under “believe it, or not:”

Per wikiwikipaedikikli: There is some evidence to suggest that their career was irrevocably harmed when British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher expressed fondness for their video for “Beautiful Imbalance.”

The Virgin Killer album was released en mass (sans censoring). The shattered glass, not only implies forced penetration (i.e., rape), but also trauma leading to mental compartmentalization (mind control). On one hand, “Virgin” Killer could allude to the ritual sacrifice of innocents. On the other, as we contemplate the nature of The Virgin, we can infer a double-entendre speaking of her lust for blood (one that even two world wars could not satiate). As I overheard a wise soul (sorry, forget who) recently say, “to this day, the holocaust still has not ended” [supporting evidence].

woman child

For daring to show the commercial release of the Scorpions album cover, groupthink promoting wikipedia found itself blacklisted by several internet content filtering services. In a logical world, the purveyors of the above advertisement would be blacklisted as well. What exactly are they selling us, other than pedophilia, multiple personality disorder and disassociation? Oh … three “hearts.” 👿

disney porkdisney whore

While it’s obvious DisNai bore/created/shaped the latest Goddess Miley (of whom I’ve written many times), and her predecessor Britney, the Madonna mystery tells us little of her youth (don’t expect Lucy’s book to reveal truths on the subject). I don’t know who “Jessie” is, but he/she does seem like a good excuse to connect the Madonna/Whore to the Mouse, Hades/Pluto, and Pan’s huge phallus/flute.

Did you catch the Pig “porking” the hole? There may also be some relevance to the rainbow and Mickey’s huge yellow balls slapping up against the Whore’s chin.

burn me upmickey fire

I must admit, though I’ve been one of the few to publicly criticize the Gods of South Park, earning the derision of their fan[atic]s, I was quite impressed overall with the Jonas Brothers episode. “The Jonas Brothers Burn Me Up!” Exactly honey! In more ways than you could imagine. The show, told parents, Christian or not, and rather directly, how utterly f’n stupid they are for allowing Disney to sexualize their preadolescent daughters. I, however, took more interest in the omnipresent fire theme, the ring, and Hades chief servant/front-man Mickey, burning people alive.

Was it time for me to reconsider whether I had judged “the anti-American half a fag couple Matt and Trey” [per a comment left on one of my vids] too harshly? Well, I started down that road, then remembered there were at least two scenes which troubled me/caught my eye, and I needed to watch the episode again (with access to pause/capture). Those scenes are pictured above. I knew a couple of the V’s were a little too obvious, but in both scenes, the third was a little more subdued. Thus, I have to wonder and ask: “What is the reason for the 666?”

The Simpsons, on the other hand, [as surmised before] have abandoned the world of subtleties. It’s safe to conclude that if any occult symbol makes it into any Simpsons episode, “chance” can be ruled out. So yes, that is a Cross of Lorraine and not merely a hopscotch “rug.” Interesting then to consider HaNNaH’s Aye to Zed belt buckle, and the three V’s she’s sporting [I’ll leave finding them to you].

Back to the hole: name one other famous man’s mother, whom there are statues devoted to and tomes written about? Buddha? Da Vinci? Newton? Mohamed? Einstein? Why only the Jesus? How does squeezing out one who goes on to achieve greatness on his own qualify his entry whole worthy of prayer and veneration?

Earlier in this series (part i), I mused over the possibility that short-circuiting the chakra system, allows for possession by spirits entering via the lowest chakra [through the the anus]. Looking online for the Madonna, I found many a nude, yet nary a one that showed her posterior. As was the mysterious temporary case of Britt Eklund (part ii), I wonder if the case was same for Esther/Madonna, yet on a more permanent basis. Perhaps, the image to the left, speaks beyond mind control, are we to take in the dark hole behind the material version. The only exposed rear shot I found was this rare print above [right]. Hm, there’s that spade again.

back heart

A spade is merely an upside-down heart, made even clearer by the above image I had been saving for my Valentine’s Day post. With one exception: there appears to be something entering it … my money’s on a phallus. I’m further convinced that modern day playing cards are a dumbed-down version of the Tarot (speculated on before), and given to the mAsses to keep them ignorant of the higher teachings of the Tarot/Torah. It’s all about worshiping our mAssters and resonating at base frequencies/chakras: vaginas, sodomy, the diamond/grid and still unsolved clubs, which at this juncture, I’ll assume have something to do with phalli/control.

spider spadesanal plugdemon hole

The first card may illustrate my prior point, though I found the spider webs far more telling. The Ace of Spades butt plug seems right on topic (I had also found an unpictured woman named Katie Spades, who’s personal site/life is dedicated to spanking). The final image, in consideration of everything I’ve said on the topic to date, is upon closer examination, overwhelming.

Hey, all you people that tryin’ to sleep
I’m out to make it with my midnight dream, yeah
‘Cause I’m a back door man
The men don’t know
But the little girls understand
All right, yeah

You men eat your dinner
Eat your pork and beans
I eat more chicken
Than any man ever seen, yeah, yeah

The above lyrics are from [likely written for] mind-controlled Dionysian king Jim Morrison. I wonder how many people/fools at the time, had any idea the “Back Door Man” song was about sodomizing little girls/boys [“chicken” is a term pedophiles use for preteen boys]? Didn’t he also sing “Light My Fire?” We may have to revisit cult-leader/stooge Jimmy Jones/Morisson again before this is over.

Flipping through the channels one Sunday, caught roughly two minutes of Charlie’s Angels, all I needed to see. Cameron Diaz was doing her “butt dance” [above center] in front of the mirror, until the doorbell rang. Package delivery guy. Cam answers in her panties: “I told you guys to just stick it in my slot anytime.”

Yea, the writers were trying to be funny, and had to write obtuse lines aimed at the average idiot who might watch such a movie. I wonder how many noticed the guy came to the “back door” dressed in “UPS brown?” If someone can differentiate between the two movie posters sandwiching Carmen, as to which may be a porno, feel free to explain why/how to me. Note the subtle “back/rear V” suggestion.

slutty girlfriend

One friend raised the question, that if Lucyfür, is indeed the Queen Mother, than why do we live in a world, where women, incomprehensibly, as Elinor Gadon wrote, are dehumanized, degraded and debased to such a level [basically, the sum of 3 O’s and 2 B/8’s]. Well, who is woman’s true worst enemy? Who do women dress up for? Who do they compete with? The Whore Mother, seems quite determined to not have a challenger for her attention rise among the ranks of mortals.

Speaking on topic, the above image came from some post somewhere entitled “pics of my slutty ex-girlfriend.” “Slutty” she might be, and though her self-esteem might seem to be in short supply, she somehow managed to intuit a suite of hearts extending out of her own heart. Just be glad it’s not a suite of spades [hm, didn’t I once suggest we replace the word “royal” in our lexicon with “anal discharge?”].

South Park seems to also either have an anal fixation, or a deeper understanding of that part of the body. The phrase “Handful of Cheek” implies something beyond fart jokes. Kenny’s vesica piscis, all so close to his flaming asshole could be coincidence, but Mother Mary bleeding from her anus, I’d hazard not.

len for luciferhorowitz knight

Speaking of Catholics, I already spoke of how anti-NWO “truth-teller” Leonard Horowitz is a Knight sworn to service the Vatican [check his own website if you don’t believe me]. The above scenes are from the Swine-Flu Pandemic scare video he released, of which the entire narrative rings awfully similar to his AIDS/Ebola book. {*4} Quite an interesting sweater he wore for the occasion, right? Lest I get accused of misleading you, the “double-v” sign he flashes did come at the end of him “quoting” something, but in lieu of what’s to follow, was worth a mention.

Len’s been busy promoting a magical healing concert to the “love” vibration [528] on the pending summer solstice [?some type of Luciferean magic ritual?].

Some excerpts: “divine communion,” promoted the Clear Channel network, “blessing the children” [be wary of anyone using that phrase], the “concert for the living water” [?that inside Lucy’s womb?], tribute to the nefarious King David, “heart-felt” and “love,” “Revelation 14:1” (the “remnant” of 144,000 – hence bringing about the End Times), focusing on the “center of the rainbow” (which he calls “the center of the heart”), bringing out the yellow band (usually associated with visible light/lux).

Pray along with him at own risk! Any prayers to Lucifer (the Mad Virgin), might be answered. Remember, the head vampire, must inevitably be paid in blood.

Since I mentioned Miley, I guess we’re in the incest arena. Reading a Pseudo-Occult Media post, I learned Thora Birch also has a “special relationship” with her father (while filming a closed set nude sex scene for Winter of Frozen Dreams, “daddy” practically kicked down the door just to be near his little girl). Is this an industry standard? Presenting Lemon Incest, an “interesting” duet sung by some French man derelict and his 12-year-old progeny (credit to Stygian for apprising me of video):

Jewish Lemon Incest

The star/victim, is yet another cHARLOTte, Gainsbourg (i.e., Ginsburgh). I was going to ask French readers what connotation a lemon may have, then it dawned on me that it’s “yellow.” The girl, does have an interesting resume, an infamous film about “incest” (The Secret Garden), and the just-released Antichrist (2009).

I managed to catch some of the Frozen Dream (which the above left scene is from). The man pictured, is one who’s about to commit suicide, in order to protect the woman/prostitute he loves (Thora Birch). What do we have behind him but a vagina with a rainbow running through it (something we saw in Cage’s Wicker Man). {*5} The image of Thora exposing her grid-diamond was the most poignant I found.

live longlucy in the sky

Going back to Star Trek (which has played a significant part in this series): does anyone with a critical mind honestly still think that Qabalist Leonard Nimoy’s little hand-sign means “Live Long and Prosper?” Just like Nero’s Broken Cross, with most outright lies, you have (a) the cover story, (b) the crafted disinfo honey-pot, and alas (c) the truth lying somewhere beyond that. If you think Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds was about LSD, you’re stuck in the honey-pot.

There could very well be several more layers, but the example serves this moment, and I do have to close this. The best image I found [above right] was one put together by I don’t know who. I’m amazed by all the incorporated symbols randomly chosen by someone trying to make fun of the William Shatner spoken-word version of the Beatles’ classic; that would be Captain James Tiberius [possible tribute to the poet behind Pervigilium Veneris, aka “The Eye of Venus”] Kirk [allegedly after a prominent member of Lavey’s Church of Satan]. “Lucy! I’m home!”

As I’ve been saying, we’re confined to the box, the cube that prevents us from experiencing the totality [of the flower] of life. Worse yet, our spirits, are trapped within the spherical mesh grid, which encompasses the cubic prison (our “value” is the energy we produce serves to feed some deity outside ourselves). My guess: when you’re free of the cube (death or transcendence), you realize [real-eyes] your next obstacle, the grid, in other words: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

I leave you with a few wishes. One, I hope I’ve managed to convey these thoughts with clairty, as forces have been working against me to prevent that (I’ll discuss next chapter), and that the jigsaw is fitting together for you. Two, should a big yellow creature present itself, hopefully you’ll know better than to run inside its vagina. Three, I hope I haven’t scared my male readers off from ever entering any vagina ever again. I would like to think they’re not all monsters.

A vagina has many functions, but kneeling down and praying to it is a ridiculous waste of energy. I can think of several better things to do with one.


:: :: :: :: :: :: ::


*1: In a previous life, when I kept myself “busy,” one may have seen me at such a place. Far more relevant: there is also the Tuba Veneris (the Little Book of Black Venus), which may well be the origin of the modern “little black book” reference. The book, namely, “as revealed to John Dee and Eward Kelly,” mentions “gravity” a full 100 years before Newton had a Venus Apple fall on his head. [LB]

*2: Stanley Monteith and his wife Barbara, are both, proud, and long-time members of the Council for National Policy, a far-right organization pushing the “one-world religion” agenda. See Josh Reeves’ The Secret Right documentary for more info. Stan has also been heavily involved in spreading AIDS/HIV disinformation. [LB]

*3: That line is from Allen’s Love and Death, aptly named reconsidering the vagina’s role in both processes. It is the same movie I show a clip of near the end [09:01] of They Live, We Sleep [Deeply]: II. [LB]

*4: It pains me to admit it, but I bought Lenny’s Lies at one time, especially in regards to story behind AIDS. Recalling Horowitz scream how Peter Duesberg was guilty of “the murder of millions” by denying AIDS is, in retrospect, an endorsement of the HIV Hoax perspective. I will apologize to Igor and Carissa for chastising them for pushing the issue, and may now need to consider purging Len’s influences from my mind/this blog. [LB]

*5: The man who’s collar we see in the image, opposite the man who commits suicide, is Keith Carradine, son of David. There’s a lot more to be said on the topic, and I like Aferissmoon’s take, which reminds us that despite the bullshit “official” story and the spinning info/disinfo, Carradine, of his own free will, chose to be part of a Tarantino Production. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on June 11, 2009.

27 Responses to “A Burning Ring of Fire [IV]”

  1. i am in mixed company (an ashram full of chaste celibate indian monks) so i had to fly through this

    but i see mentioned the scorpions’ “virgin killer” record. i think you’re on to something but might want to look closer with an adjusted perspective

    the scorpions had ulrich jon roth as their lead guitar player from 1974 to 1977. he wrote the title track to ‘virgin killer’ a mid 70s anticipation to modern aggressive metal with a superimposed hendrix vibe as per roths primary rock influence

    Cry like you feel, Try like you feel, feel it …!
    Try to escape, Cry to escape, escape it …!
    It’s so hard to run away He’s a virgin killer …

    No, no, no, can’t you see?
    You’re a demon’s, you’re a demon’s,
    You’re a demon’s desire!

    Death on the screen, Sadistic magazines, watch out
    Suicides ev’ryday, Political ways, get it
    Well, you can’t find new ways … But he’s a virgin killer …

    No, no, no, can’t you see?
    You’re a demon’s, you’re a demon’s,
    You’re a demon’s desire!

    Garbage in the streams, A-bombs in your dreams, look out
    Sharks in the pictures, Exorcist prescriptions, forget it
    Try to get away from that, Cos he’s a virgin killer …

    uli roth’s lyrics are heavily informed by the occult alchemy and eastern religion. he is a figure worth investigating though i think his gnosis is beneficent (like kate bush’s) rather than dreadful (like marilyn manson’s agnosis)

    also of interest is roth’s girlfriend/collaborator monika dannemann and her mysterious connection to hendrix prior to his death, and see her art work for uli roth’s ‘electric sun’ album titled “earthquake”

    PS: i was rushed off a shared computer and wasnt able to finish my post

    i have to agree that the child-porn virgin killer cover is disturbing

    the scorpions of the 70s were not the scorpions of the 80s. they werent so popular worldwide. their fame was primarily in japan

    the 80s really show the sex slave selling ‘scorps’ as they turned out to be
    starting with ‘lovedrive’ and going through ‘animal mangnetism’ and ‘savage amusement’ carrying that sick misogyny you mention with more of the same sick cover art (see the animal magnetism cover with the dog fellating inference)

    it wasnt long from the beginning before roth was dissatisfied and felt strained artistically and philosophically. he didnt appreciate their cockrock leanings preferring the more thoughful approach to lyrical concepts and infusion of classical motifs both conceptually and musically

    there are lyrics about his crisis within the scorpions records in this era
    see especially ‘i gotta be free’ – however you look at it there is a wealth of source material in roths work with the scorpions. see songs like:

    drifting sun
    dark lady (mater tenebrarum [dequincey])
    hell cat (more sinister than it sounds)
    yellow raven (so beautiful)
    we’ll burn the sky (collab w/dannemann)
    sails of charon (classic!)

    its all easy to interpret however one wants but i think if you read interviews with uli available on wikipedia and elsewhere youll see his love for life and freedom for all (klaus and rudy are a different story) [see below]

    The band’s former lead guitarist Uli Jon Roth notes that the cover art of the “old Scorpion albums” were “usually done by other people.” He has since expressed regret over the original album cover:

    “Looking at that picture today makes me cringe. It was done in the worst possible taste. Back then I was too immature to see that. Shame on me — I should have done everything in my power to stop it. The record company came up with the idea, I think. The lyrics incidentally were a take-off on KISS, whom we had just supported on a tour. I was fooling around and played the riff of the song in the rehearsal room and spontaneously improvised ’cause he’s a virgin killer!’ trying to do a more or less way-off-the-mark Paul Stanley impersonation. Klaus immediately said ‘that’s great! You should do something with it.’ Then I had the unenviable task of constructing a meaningful set of lyrics around the title, which I actually managed to do to some degree. But the song has a totally different meaning from what people would assume at first. Virgin Killer is none other than the demon of our time, the less compassionate side of the societies we live in today — brutally trampling upon the heart and soul of innocence.”

  2. deva deva, based on your lucid and informative response, I went ahead and updated this post. I guess this proves my mom was wrong about how stubborn I am. 😀 I used the Scorps as an example based on those annoying Hurricane lyrics and cause the VK image synced so well with the one of Britney I was already intending to use. The timeline of causality tween the Scorps/Doves was a bit off anyway … and, as you can see from the modified section, even learned an interesting thing or two along the way. Had found a good image or two to add (including the dog fellatio one, which screams “CS Social Experiment”), but the formula for total pics this was specific.

    Judging by what you say, it would seem the “great idea” for the album cover came from someone in the inner workings and the band just went along with it. Uri leaving them and them getting mixed up with they likes of kiss speaks to the dark side of the business … one that may come up in part v. Hope you don’t mind me formatting your words (your points were relevant and wanted to facilitate them being read).

  3. From my research ive come to the conclusion that Lucifer does not automatically mean Satan as the roman catholic church would have us believe. Lucifer in reality is a position, hence “light bearer” and thus the position of venus in the sky. In the bible there is only one verse that mentions lucifer, and it is implied by catholics by the very act of his falling that he?she is satan, which is convenient for the catholic church. After all if we still think satan is in this illustrious position it means one he?she never fell and two he?she still has the power.

    Isa 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

    Upon further investigation we see Jesus claiming that he is Lucifer indirectly

    Rev 22:16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, [and] the bright and morning star.

    So whats the real story? Well I found the answer in high jewish blood magic rituals. You see at one point the position of Lucifer was indeed inhabited by satan hence he?she was cast out and fell, however when Jesus was sacrificed by the satan, satan lost the position. How exactly? Through blood magic

    Are you familiar with the red heifer sacrifice, the jews look for this rare red heifer without blemish, to sacrifice to clean the people sin, but its an extremely rare find there has not one been born since the times of the old testament. The intriguing thing about this ritual is that the high priest who sacrifices the red heifer becomes impure all the sin of the people fall on him! And the people are cleaned. The high priest actually has to leave the camp. Even solomon in all his wisdom could not understand the secret of this sacrifice.

    So if satan aka the lucifer at that time, was the high priest who sacrificed Jesus an allusion to the red heifer, then suddenly christian claims of Jesus paying for our sins makes sense to a degree. In reality the wages of sin which is death according to paulin teachings in Corinthians. Were thus transferred onto satan. We see another allusion of this with the scape goat in leviticus. The lamb is sacrificed and the sins of the people are transferred to the goat and he is set out in the wilderness.

    So what does this mean, anyone who confesses their sins in Jesus name, are doing a blood magic ritual with their lips sort of speak, they are transferring their sins to satan by placing their faith in the red heifer sacrifice. If God is the father, then it makes sense the adversary satan is female and that satan being the father/mother of lies would lie about he?she gender, and thus would assume the female form of Isis, the queen of heaven etc. There certainly is a counterfeit christianity on the foot devoted to the queen of heaven, its possible that this whole heart/mouth/lips = vagina is part of that cults iconography.

    Also if you look at the merkaba in the Melchizedek method the female aspect of god is negative and point downwards like a V. So we might be wrong to assume he as in the father God and she as in the mother satan as these are fractals of the dual universe we live in. If God is omnipotent omniscient and all things then, he&she would be sexless, but if God is divided i can see why he Would become the Father and the adversary the Mother

    Lulz confusing enough i suppose its worth considering.

  4. Great post, Rebel. I once commented on one of Ben’s (Pseudoccultmedia) posts that he should do an in depth write up on that movie Flashdance since every scene is just so chock full of all different kinds of occult and MK themes and imagery and because it had such an influence on popular culture that continues to this day (unfortunately). I also mentioned that the main poster for the movie has Jennifer creating the Masonic “M” sign/mudra with her legs and arms – [see, for example this link]

    Now that I’ve read this post (as well as many others on this site) I’m starting to get a much “deeper” perspective on “the spread”…

  5. Javier, that sounds like a sin-eater type scenario. Lots of interesting information there. We also have to entertain the possibility that Satan is Jehovah or Yahweh or whoever else the rabbis and vatican pray and sacrifice to. Any God who demands payment in blood can go fuck themselves in my book.

    I’ll try not to get ahead of myself (where this series is going), but once you turn everything upside-down, more pieces fall into place.

    Kris, thanks. Yes, that is image from Flashdance is very deliberate and eXact. Can’t say I had contemplated that movie. Now, I recall the infamous scene/pose where she’s getting doused/ejaculated on by, I can only presume, a giant.

  6. Wow, I wish we could hang out with our wangs out and just shoot the shit (wait, what kind of horrible bromance phrases are these?); you always seem to be catering your posts for me, even for things I’ve never mentioned to you.

    First I have to add something here which fits with my most recent post – Purification. I almost mentioned it in the post, but people complain when I write too much:

    I talk about the Hellmouth image of a beast’s mouth presented as a portal to Hell. When the lips are parted, the mouth might just be a vescia pisces/vagina, one with teeth that is. See the last image in this gallery. It reminds me of a thread at the gnosticmedia forum (can’t view unless you’re registered) which was about a movie called Teeth which is about a vagina with teeth! I replied to the thread with: “In Blade: Trinity, one of the vampire hunters jokingly said that female vampire, Parker Posey’s fangs, were located in her vagina. Sounds like Lilith (Adam’s first girlfriend) and a succubus.”

    Anyways, Parker Posey is the leader of the band of vampires who unearth the original vampire from a ziggurat (Tower of Babel – Gate to God. Same as in Tarantino’s Dusk till Dawn (the bar is the top/temple of a ziggurat I believe(anyone remember?)), a movie where Cheech famously describes hundreds of types of pussies.). Wow, I love parenthesis, don’t I?

    I have a folder with several other folders in it, all of them contain notes on several possible future blog posts; one folder is called “lucy in the sky with diamonds,” and was to be about Lucifer! So, I guess I can scratch that off my list! Also, I was looking at the Agent Provocateur pictures from the last contest which I was going to possibly do a post on, but never did. Looks like it’s pirates this time and not witches. Pyrate, or Men of Fire, as Jordan Maxwell says. The symbolism of seamen notwithstanding, I better move on before I spend all night in your (comment) box.

    Ok, working backwards up your post to remember what I wanted to say…

    Captain Kirk’s name comes from Circe/Mother Church, and Spock, the Vulcan (A Smithy god (Like Orlando Bloom’s character in Pirates) who was the husband of Venus), gives the Jewish sign of benediction.

    Oh yeah, in South Park, Mr. Garrison says of women: “I don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die.” The Red-5 theme (which was my first “synchro” post on my blog, where I also mention Mary and the Virgin-Whore theme.) connects to Luke Skywalker (via his call-sign during the Death Star assault). Luke, whose name evokes Lucas/Luc/Light/(Lucifer), was originally a female character named Starkiller.

    I believe the Pharmacratic Inquisition video mentions the shape of Mary and how it related to the vagina, with her parted robes, and hands placed at the clit.

    Oh, I forget if you know Madonna’s qabbalah name is “Esther” (Ishtar/Easter), so… there you go. Great Lord of the Flies x-Box too! That’s the first thing I thought when I was that gigantic fly in the painting. Is it just me, or does it look like baby Jesus is sitting on a huge nutt-sack? Notice the yoni-shaped “crack” in the wall little humpty is perched upon? As well as the fold in the sheet his nutt-sack pillow is on. And please tell me you think the fruit above left and right of Mary’s head looks like male and female genetallia! Male to her right, female to her left. It’s like seeing the opposite side of Adam and Eve’s fig leaves.

    Lots of good “V” stuff you got there, and the Taurus(Torus/Vortex) shape is an interesting idea. The constellation does house the seven sisters (Actually there’s an invisible 8th sister right? I forget now…) The bull was often found in goddess cultures, the horns representing the crescent moon and the “horny” fertility king.

    Ok, I’ll cut it out now 😀

    PS: Oh I forgot to mention that “Lord of the (Flies X)-Box” contains X-Files, and Lord of the Box as a remainder.

    Also, I just noticed the white triangles (shark teeth?) on on the circus platform Madonna is doing her spread-eagle pose on top of makes it look like Madonna(& her Vagina) is sitting on top of, or is, the Hellmouth!

  7. Hooie, Celty! The V for Victory hand gesture, symbol for the vertical smile?! Jus’ days ago, Michael, editor/writer of his emphatically homoerotic-themed AND Christian blog as it pertains to the Synchrosphere, Gosporn, whose tag line is, “A gay man reconciling his God and his Cock.” (I really consider him to be one of my Synchrosphere friends, all right?) had commented in one of his recent articles, The Jeremiah Ringtone leading us to a very surprising Revelation of the V hand gesture as it is regarded by the Old Believers stratum of the Russian Orthodox Church, as the caption just below the editorial illustration of The Only Begotten Son of God explains:

    "6th century icon, depicting Christ giving a blessing. Two fingers appear straightened, three folded. The Old Believers regard this as the proper way of making the sign of the Cross."

    Whoa … stranger than fiction, wouldn't you say? Have a revelatory weekend, my friend ~ Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

  8. ViolatoR, we should hang out. If it happens to be on the isle of Naxxos, surrounded by lovely naked Nordic babes, letting our phalli hang might be a logical option. 😀

    That’s an amazing vagina monster image. After reading your post, I found and watched Teeth movie. Aside from the disturbing predictive programming aspects (as I’ve come to expect from Lion’s Gate), glad I did. I had been meaning to write [in here] that “Hero” may be a Luciferean twist on HER-O (hole). If you’ll recall, that movie strongly supports that line of thinking.

    Phenomenal you were going to delve into Lucifer/Lucy in the Sky. The only reason that song turned up is thanks to that mystic “jukebox in my skull” kicking in while writing. We do need to collaborate more. By all means, if you have more input, keep going.

    Hadn’t considered Kirk/Circe/CircleK. The Jewish sign of benediction is an homage to the Vagina? Does, Spock’s version imply a double-wide vagina? 😉 Interesting to see that FOX executives were unhappy with the anus-destruction suggestive name of “star-killer.”

    That pillow did seem a little strange to me, but didn’t consider that strange texture. You make a good point. Missed the “crack” too. Thanks for bringing your eyes “to bear” on this.

    Hm … I had contemplated that Cartoon Miley’s odd dangling triangles were [even more] “v” suggestive shapes (btw: not part of the 3 to seek I mentioned), but after watching Teeth, my mind has shifted to another direction. Isn’t young Madonna riding a shark below? “Vagina Dentata!” “Vagina Dentata!!!” 👿

    Anadæ Effro, hello again elven one. I’ve read Gosporn on occasion. Don’t know if he reads this. As for the “sign of the cross” … very interesting indeed. A cross is a box. A vagina is a box. We are bourne of a box and buried in one. Many ways to honor Lucy’s Furry Infernal Hell Hole. 🙄

  9. For some reason I forgot to mention the obvious concerning your Taurus shape, and that is that Taurus is rules by Venus and it’s birthstone is emerald.

    Also Anadae just reminded me that the two fingers together is the Christian sign, but split apart it’s supposed to be a sign of excommunication; though I’m not really sure about this because lots of Christian pictures show the fingers separate(?). Also, crossed fingers is supposed to be some secret sign of the cross used by Chrsitians back in the day, but today it means you’re being forced to do something against your will. Truman’s wife in their wedding photo in the Truman Show has her fingers crossed, military people use it if they’ve been tortured or even if they have to take a publicity photo with some politician they hate.

  10. See note at bottom, zoom in, see “Xes” as sex backwards, the mysteries of Isis, stigma, mark, etc.

    Aleister Crowley was also alledged to work as spy for her hagesty and to have given ChurchILL the V as magical sigil against swastika. Swastika is the power of the rotating big dipper, the great dragon, and is entirely derived from Magic Square of Saturn.

    Fire can both heal and destroy. Hence women as “bait” have come to be the lever of man capture. It will end when women are virgin again. Virgin originally did not mean “untouched” it meant “untouchable”, ie true egalitarian power. Women could share their great gift and no man could say otherwise, ie “untouchable”. She could do as she wished with her gift and her body, including its “fruit”. This fruit by some was eaten before conception or after conception which is way more honest than growing it up to “eat it” on fields of slaughter. Hence the entire world is “gehenna”. This used to be green groves with women as priestesses of Ashtarote, ie “sitting on the household gods”. Now the groves are all gone and the fruit is paternalized and the priestesses are all now chattel, no egalitarian at all. This is the great dupe, to empower women to fasten only greater paternity.

    Smedley Butler in “War is a Racket” concluded that it will only end when women take the power back!

    To read about the Vesica as geometrical magical language figure see Bond and Leigh’s “Gematria”… which is astounding!

    Hierosalyma Est Perdita.

  11. Blackrock changed its name to Xe , so I guess employess get called Xes.
    Also famous V-sign [ the Fuck Off sign] can be found on posters for the film KES.
    To flash in Britain is slang for showing yerself off in public – The Flasher, park-bound in an overcoat.

    Thoughts on the evil 3 –
    ShTN [ 359] is one more than MShYCh [ Messiah] and NChSh [ serpent] 358 via the letter-numbers.
    One can’t help but see the word ‘ShiTiN’ which may point to an long-held view of Satan – who knows ‘waste management’.
    To me Satan, biblically, never attempted to usurp ‘God’, though its job seems to be to ‘deceive’.
    Lucifer seems to ‘want’ to usurp God – war in heaven.
    the Devil seems to get joined with Satan , in Revelations, and who knows, but might be some reaction to the Pan cults existing in Judea about the ‘time’ of Xristos

    Iesous Xristos = IX [9] so a trinity could be IX-IX-IX [ 999 though sounds like SixSixSix]

    Virgin – looking at the astro wheel the Virgo often carries freshly-harvested crops and thus Virgin may indicate/conceal Maturity in ‘the female’.
    Thus a Virgin-Mother = a mental confuser, while a Mature Mother may indicate a new level of femininity, which will not necessarily mean girls will be awarded power but that all of us have to deal with a femininity that doesn’t ‘grab’ out of ‘revenge’, or a male form that may take back its feminine aspects from ‘gay politics’ which have claimed such aspects of maleness as creativity for political aspirations. Non-political homo-eroticism seems unconcerned with politics in any form and unconcerned with what people think of their sexual tastes.

    In the pub theres a Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine with J.Depp’s face between 2 swords a la V, on his Kiera Knightly, on his right Orlando Bloom

    R [Hebrew letter] via Suares Tarot ordering = Magus


  12. ViolatoR, interesting additions. I keep coming across this “green” agenda in relation to lucifer, but chose to leave that avenue of exploration for another time.

    eugene, fascinating book/link. So, we conect Isis to Lucifer to 666? “Untouchable.” Beautiful. I agree with the sentiment, unfortunately women are running headlong in the opposite direction. Any links for the Bond/Leigh book? Couldn’t find it.

    aferrismoon, that Kes poster is illuminating. No surprise: film made in 1969.

    Well, Waste Management is all part of the “grid” isn’t it? I’ve been leaning to the idea the “Satan” name/character is one used to demonize [another telling word etymologically] one who tried to elavate man, or better yet, turn the world right-side up [preview of comin chapters].

    The POC poster, does look a bit [i.e, “A LOT”] like the V Mag covers. The old man to his right does look like he’s in the mood for a little depp-fried “chicken.”

  13. Don’t get me started on Horowitz (Horus resonating?) I bought his OxySilver “immune booster”. That stuff doesn’t work at all! For 50 bucks, you get an 8oz bottle of the nastiest tasting water you’ll ever drink.

    PS: Now I understand “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”! This reminds me of something I read about a few years ago. No human being can travel past the Van Allen Belt. Not in this dimension or any other. That’s why they had to fake the Moon landing. The Van Allen Belt is the physical manifestation of the grid. It’s “the bars” of this prison planet.

  14. Ah, celtic rebel with your posts full of laughs, eye candy and deepest thoughts.

    I’m assuming the “Eva” doll is Eva MENDEZ, like Mendes/Baphomet the HORNED goat dude. Fun quote from the packaging: “I want your BIG SAUSAGE” [PS: Another wrong name, it’s actually Eva Longoria]

    In Japan, the backwards V sign means “fuck you”, appropriately. It is also the sign of a 33rd degree mason, which I believe I’ve brought up here before. Many uses for a symbol which only means one thing…

    You’ve managed to make Len Horowitz look completely psycho through 2 screenshots, good show.

    You said: “chicken” is a term pedophiles use for preteen boys. That’s interesting, lots of “chicken” references pop up throughout american culture… Take for instance “Chicken Little”, the childrens’ movie about aliens and stargates and all that fun stuff.

    I think I had missed the “Fire” reference while watching that particular South Park episode about the Jonas Brothers, thanks for pointing that out. I had really only noticed the “don’t fuck with Disney” theme and of course Mickey actually being one of the “old gods”, the Titans of greek mythology.

    The View… E=5, which is V in roman numerals (you can also apply this to 3/W/M) which is 6 in Hebrew (whew!), and from then on you can see the “VI” in VIew as another roman numeral 6. Add the two E/Vs with the VI/6 and you got yourself a 666 and a slightly veiled “EVE” which is also 666.

    The little purple raccoon being sodomized by the Blue Cow is named “Ricky”. Ricky Raccoon…

    PS: Dammit, the raccoon’s name is Tico. I don’t know where I got “Ricky” from, and I think it’s actually a squirrel or something. It’s been a while since I sat down and watched Dora the Explorer.

  15. Mat, by all means, feel free to get started on the lying Pi’d [?leading to the circle?] piper Horus-Witch. 😀 I have wondered if the grid meme/symbol I’m inferring from the grand medium[s] is the Van Allen Belt. I can’t say. Recently, I heard one Ashayana Deane speak of how a “frequency fence” is being artificially constructed to trap those of us who don’t ascend/evolve, or prevent those of us wishing to do so. I’ll delve deeper when this series turns to solution speak…

    Tommy, you are taking advantage of my ability to edit/mod. 😉 But, I’m glad you mentioned Eva [mendes was cage’s co-star in ride-her, and does look like her], as I found this image (which we can assume some twisted f*ck somewhere is having a wank to). Related: she starred in “Over Her Dead Body.” Ew! Interesting “slut-stamp” she’s got pointing down to her back orifice, no?

    Again: your mis-take leads to fruition, cause Ricky Ricardo was Lucy[fer]’s hubby. Got a great image for that a comin. Missed the “butt-buddies” suggestion on the Dora poster. Amazing how much they can squeeze into just one image.

  16. Great blog Rebel. Wealth of information in here.
    Glad you mention your video blog because the femme fatale character in THEY LIVE, Holly, immediately came to my mind. Quote, “…CUM inside with me…” It that what our Society, Traditions, and Culture reduce women too? Condition them to become [look for forward to be] sex objects their entire lives. [Isn’t the PORN industry now into producing skin flix with women in their 50’s?]
    And its all around us. In movies, magazines, and Television there is a constant bombardment [programming] 24×7.
    “Young Boys, grow up to be SPERM BANK depositors and Wage Slaves.” “Young Girls, Grow up become a SPERM BANK receptor [with one man or several men, doesn’t matter] and wage slaves too.”
    Social messages even coming from individuals that are suppose to be the Counter-Culture icons for teenagers today. Specifically – Rock and Hip-hop artist. Though a few who are Anti-System [Anti-Social], the vast majority [you can find them on all major record labels and every radio station] pump out suggestive lyrics [while playing modern day Pan instruments] indoctrinating young minds to “The Proper” social roles sanctified by the Elite. Rather than calling for conscience/spiritual search of each individual in order to find, and know, their true selves.

  17. Dude, devil’s number is 616, not 666. It was a mistranslation in the bible.

  18. Gematria by Bond & Lea

    The proof of virgin as “untouchable” inlieu of the great spell “untouched” is found in Phoenician Historian Sanchuniathon of Berytus…

    ‘From Genos, son of Aeon and Protogonus, were begotten again mortal children, whose names are Light, and Fire, and Flame. These, says he, discovered fire from rubbing pieces of wood together, and taught the use of it. And they begat sons of surpassing size and stature, whose names were applied to the mountains which they occupied: so that from them were named mount Cassius, and Libanus, and Antilibanus, and Brathy. From these, he says, were begotten Memrumus and Hypsuranius;
    and they got their names, he says, from their mothers, as the women in those days had free intercourse with any whom they met.’

    from 1/2 way down, under Chapter X

    Indeed the ass is the carrier of the phoney pater boy! What a lovely ass … what a shitty outcome this “let the slaves serve”.

  19. Uh oh! I only just real-eyes’d that that’s the Cross of Lorraine in the Simpson’s shot! The famous poem Merovingians by Charles Peguy pens THIS sentiment about the Dulcis Crucis:

    “The arms of Jesus are the Cross of Lorraine,
    Both the blood in the artery and the blood in the vein,
    Both the source of grace and the clear fountaine;
    The arms of Satan are the Cross of Lorraine,
    And the same artery and the same vein,
    And the same blood and the troubled fountaine.”

  20. yo1man1dude, as I’m finding between hearts, marys, playing cards, the vagina metaphor, and so on … the medes, especially via youth-conditioning, seem to make that hole the reason d’etre for woman. As I head one young woman say recently, “I got two breasts and a vagina, what more do I need?” Yea, it was a turn-off.

    It occurred to me one of the reasons for all the ridiculous laws protecting children (child seats, swimming pool fences, etc) is not because anyone gives a damn about their welfare, but because our children are no longer “our” property. They will live as, and until, the system deems.

    Donald Sutherland, another celebrity reads my blog? Well, dude, I think the 666 variant is the one the Medes are centrally focused on, and it is the one that synchronicity and intent revolve around. By “devil,” do you mean Satan, Lucifer, Jehovah, Beelzebub or Yawheh? But, thanks dude, interesting to poke around and to see there is some debate over it.

    Eugene, danke! Was lookin for Leigh (in all the wrong places). “The Cube of Light?” This is screaming for my attention. Assyrians? Backdoor Aryans???

    Anadæ Effro, great and provocative poem! Thanks for posting this here too.

    C, that was amusing. Twin towers, fire and blood. Was worth watching just to see Paris hump the Osiris frog.

  21. Fucking brilliant! You and Ben at Pseudo are doing amazing works!!

    Be well bro.

  22. You’re one of my favourite bloggers and now I know why Richard Branson chose to embed the word SEX into his now famous VIRGIN logo along with the giant red V made from one side of the V and one side of the X (or should I say the underline?)

    Take a look here to see what I mean

  23. Celreb, so good that you are here now.
    Mind over body, Spirit above both.
    Exiting this planetary mess is not an “accident”
    It was planned.
    May our journeys prosper.

  24. Michael Skaggs, thank you. Sincerely appreciated.

    Darren, that Richard Branson really does seem to know quite a bit about what’s going on [the original virgin logo]. He’s obviously serving some master, else he wouldn’t have been rewarded with all his material wealth. If you take the time to analyze his official “rags-to-riches” story, it’s an obvious fabrication.

    fish, I’m glad to be here too. 😐 I know ultimately I’m just playing my part but this struggle to shape our destiny … more on that before we exit the ring. Thanks for the comment.

  25. “One friend raised the question, that if Lucyfür, is indeed the Queen Mother, than why do we live in a world, where women, incomprehensibly, as Elinor Gadon wrote, are dehumanized, degraded and debased to such a level [basically, the sum of 3 O’s and 2 B/8’s]. Well, who is woman’s true worst enemy? Who do women dress up for? Who do they compete with? The Whore Mother, seems quite determined to not have a challenger for her attention rise among the ranks of mortals.”

    Reading, listening, tasting, watching, smelling are all femine activities. As you may already know I’m not talking about genders literally, I mean I’m not talking about actual vagina or penis. It’s much more like hidden philosophy, an abstraction. A sea of occult meanings that not indoctrinated at public schools, held for some private schools.

    “Whether you’re looking at Kenny above, or Jesus below, you are looking at the ‘vesica piscis.'”

    No: you and I are “vesica piscis.” not looking at, being “vesica piscis.” Man or woman, everyone may act on male or female principles without knowing they do. When you go to gas station, carefully watch the transaction… A penis like “device” goes in “your gas tank,” ejaculates some gas in the name of the oil barons and you pay for it in the name of God, “in God we trust.” It’s all in our lives, it’s everywhere! Television, books, movies, music, food…

    You may see this happening whenever you watch Clockwork Orange. Sure you remember the ludovico technique: We see Alex watching horroful movie clips on the big screen. As you have noted above, “Whether you’re looking at Kenny above, or Jesus below, you are looking at the ‘vesica piscis,'” let’s adapt it here, “you’re looking at screen and watching Alex, you are Alex.”

    Ludovico technique is based on exposing films and some drug therapy. Television channels and movie theatres are full of horror movies and by the way, I don’t know what that big food company or this big chemical company put in my food that I bring from shelves to my table and… They are all evolving into one big company.

    Thanks for:

    1. Your amazing and colorful thoughts and…
    2. I realized for the first time that name Ludovico is related to Ludwig van Beethoven again. According to documentary Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes, he was saying once to his wife: “Still fooling them.” 🙂

  26. Finally, someone else calling out that piece of shit con man Leonard Horowitz!

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