Bring Out Your Dead

I know I’ve been saying for a long time, that I’ll make a video getting into George Romero’s zombie quintology, and have yet to deliver the goods. My own schedule turned back towards non-vampire time, I happened to be up this past Friday and was flipping through the early afternoon Conspiracy Radio airwaves. {*1}

One host was relaying a couple of wacky mainstream news stories about how it within the realm of possibility, that one day, reanimated corpses could be walking the Earth among “us,” hence I was compelled to call in and chat about zombies. Consider the below 20 minute clip an unofficial preview of things to come [direct].

I don’t have the exact stories, but a quick search of the news wires, produces a slew of results that suggest the zombie movies, are meant to be taken literally.

Florida is All Set if Zombies Invade
Scienctists Create Zombie Dogs
Mathematical Modelling for an Outbreak of Zombie Infection
When Zombies Attack, Math is on Your Side [variant of above]
Zombie Ted Kennedy to Succeed Ted Kennedy in the Senate
Zombie Story Gets Student Arrested For Terrorism
Zombies Are a Very Real Phenomenon

As said in the audio file, zombie movies are meant to be taken metaphorically, to interpret them any other way is counter-productive. The creators of all the post-Romero fast-zombie movies missed the point too. The reason zombies move slow is because they are dumb as fuck. It is a reflection of the mental process.

It’s a fairly safe bet that anyone who finds themselves happy inside a shopping mall isn’t operating at anywhere above 1/3 normal mental speed. Intimately related to said matters is an old travel journal of mine, an expansion of my hellish tale.

+ click to read –> Shopping Mall Hell (Ch. 23) <– click to read +

Now, had this young Rebel, been willing to “take one for the team,” so to speak, some of you guys may have had the opportunity to read the above already. Oh how naive I was, awaiting my book deal, only to learn that the “casting couch” applies to authors as well [¡damn my cuteness!]. “I could read this manuscript a lot better if you weren’t wearing any pants,” crowed the old hag sitting opposite me.

Can’t say I didn’t mull it over in my head, thinking many had paid this price. Pride intervened: “I’m a writer, not some dumb bimbette actress wanna-be!” Then again, I’m sure she wanted more than just to see “the goods.” My penis listens to my eyes, not my brain. He’d have been uncooperative. Hence, best case scenario would have been to lose my dignity and still not walk away with a book deal.

Have been spending some time getting caught up on Romero’s movies, which I don’t think you have to be a major brainiac to figure out that zombies are a metaphor for the [brain]dead [friends, family, neighbors] who walk among us. This weekend, I was entreated to learn that even though I see Romero’s use of the metaphor as overt, he still has a penchant for the sublime:

As hinted, Stygian Port and I are clandestinely working on a joint project and one of the topics that came up so far is immortality. I was reminded of an old spam mail, which was spared deletion due to the title that caught my attention: “When You Lie About Your Age, the Terrorists Win.” Thought it was a joke, hence I was half-right.

The above whore [the center one] is an unwitting dupe, and another brainless zombie who helps promote this culture of death. As I’ve said before, the marking of time, is yet another subversive means of making sure we take that march through the valley of death, as the shithead Jehovah [or whatever other name you wanna call him] shepherds us from cradle to grave, ensuring we don’t delay that journey of ignoble ignorance. An excerpt from comedian Carole Leifer’s sick joke:

“If I don’t sleep with a woman soon, I think I’ll kill myself.” That’s what I remember saying to my buddy Ed on the golf course right before this all happened. I was eager. I was pumped. “I’m ready for my lesbian fling, Mr. DeMille!” Turning 40 does that to you. Forget that I’d already been married and had only dated men my entire life. It didn’t matter, because when you feel that Sapphic siren call, there is no backing down. And before I knew it, as if in a dream, this vision appeared right before my very eyes.

So, this whore is not only on the Oprah book list, hence being consumed by middle-aged zombies all over America, but also being promoted to push the lesbian agenda. Oh what a useful little whore you are Carol Leifer. Bravo! Bra V O!

Is crossing your fingers while turning your ass to them, a way of conveying to your audience that everything in the book of is bullshit? Ah, revelation of the method! On a future Oprah: “Sistas! If you don’t die by the time you’re 65 and give many a twat a sloppy wet lickin’ by the time you turn 40, then you’re with the terrorists!”

Speaking of the gay agenda, I got a little curious while writing this, and checked out the new mainstream Hollywood Zombie film grabbing all the headlines, i.e., being promoted to the Zombies. Oh, man, what a stinking pile of shite that was. {*5}

The film, actually started off pretty good. It matter-of-factly greeted the audience “from the United States of Zombieland,” and said that when the outbreak started, the fat people were the first to die, cause they couldn’t run very fast. So, yea somewhere around 66% of Americans went in a few days [¡we’ll miss you Oprah!].

It introduces us to the survivor, and he theorizes that one of the big advantages he had over the less fortunate, was not having friends and family. That falls right in line with what I’ve been preaching in my Burning Ring series.

Also, for the benefit of those who are learning to decipher, he mentions that there’s only one thing he fears more than zombies. Clowns! But, like most movie “ideas” pitched with fervor, and then poorly consummated, or pretty much any Kevin Smith movie since Clerks, it starts off with promise, and then breaks down into mindless drivel, peppered heavily with subversive social engineering agendas. Basically, what we have here is a Zombie movie, made by zombies.

The hero, is of course, one of these typical effeminate panty-waste “males” [if you can still call them that], that the Medes insist/have been ordered to on presenting to/ramrod up into the publics consciousness. The main course: androgynous boys, who are also, physically effeminated via the casting process [starfish to stardom].

His counterpart is Woody Harrelson, who plays a throwback masculine “cowboy,” wearing that snake-skin jacket we’ve seen in countless films [notably, on “the fireman” Cage]. He’s a Brokeback Mountain Survivor. A holdout. He says things like “Thank God for rednecks!” IMHO, such would survive impending chaos a lot longer than effeminated “civilized” city metrosexuals. He’s a throwback.

We’re then presented the two female leads. They are aggressive, masculine [more so than “the boy”], had been making a living by preying on desperate lonely men for their money [hence, they are strippers, not whores], and regularly steal from/cheat our odd pairing of men. One of the girls, is played by 12 year old, Abigail Breslin, notably the star of pedophilic promotion “comedy” Little Miss Sunshine.

I, for one, failed to see what was so funny about a seven-year-old being trained, and indubitably, molested, by her pornography-addicted grandfather. Probably, why the film won all those, ahem, “independent” cinema awards. Right!

Note: It just occurred to me that this would now be the second time young Abigail indirectly played a stripper, and that’s having seen only two movies she’s been in. Her future looks very “bright!” Poor girl.

“12 is the new 20,” says Zombieland’s little trollop; an open admission of the whorification agenda. Considering the example of the 13-year-old in the audio, and that this movie takes place in the near future, it's probably a natural conclusion that the average 12 year old, by then, will have already had more sexual partners than the average 20 year old of a quarter century ago. Elementary, my Dear Watson.

The last semblance of plausibility fell apart, when these “survivors” decided to drive across the country to Hollywood, of all places, and discuss nothing but pop culture [reverently] along the way, even co-promoting/discussing how Hannah Montana “changes” when she dons a wig. Note to zombie writers, directors, et al: you put the zombies are in the car, not outside it. Oh wait, I’m trying to educate zombies, kind of like “Doctor Frakenstein” from Day of the Dead.

Technically however, the house of cards masquerading as a plot, was already coming down when Hannah Montana’s #1 Fanna, got “the drop” on Wild West Rugged Individualist, not once, but twice. I mean, anyone with [even half] a brain in their head [i.e., one not zombified] could guess as to how a girl who has been “Cyrusly Indoctrinated” would instinctively respond when faced with a cylindrical object pointed at her head, right? The zombies probably overlooked such.

At first, I found myself getting “angry,” wondering why Woody didn’t slap the gun out those little bitches hands, and as another topical old Mojo Nixon song crooned, “Drive them to their [zombie] Daddy’s house, but first, give them a good spanking!” Then I realized, that was the social engineering being directed at me. They are working overtime to get the sexes to hate one another. Crafty fucks!

By the end of the film, Woody, whom we are told throughout the film, has this unnatural craving for twinkies, finally gets one. Inevitably, he is tossed one by the castrating Lolita. StarFishBoy narrates, “As he savored that spongy yellow log filled with cream.” Note to those who’s understanding of biology came from pornography, the penis is not made of wood. Essentially, it is a mass of spongy tissue.

The most notable failing of the [in denial] gay hero (the man-boy), was one of his “survival” mechanisms; the adhering to a set of rules, of which, he has 31, before he meets Harrelson. He regularly doles out programmed slave wisdom, like “Always wear your seat-belts” [a variant of the equally moronic “always wear a condom“].

Late Addition per Stygian Port: per the urban dictionary, a Twink is “an attractive, boyish-looking, young gay man. The stereotypical twink is 18-22, slender with little or no body hair, and is not particularly intelligent. A twink is the gay answer to the blonde bimbo cheerleader.” Hm, who does that sound like? Who could it be?

Here’s a little mindfuck alert for the zombies who watched this in theaters, hence in some kind of catatonic trance: those who adhere to rules, aside from being already dead, wouldn’t survive for too long in a world of chaos. There is the possibility, however, that this was put in, not for the duMbASSES, but for the servants of the state/apparatus. Stick to the rules, and we’ll make sure you’re OK when the shit hits the fan, when our plans are realized. Note to any such reading this: Hitler’s brownshirts were also really good at observing the rules.

The rule that was given the most attention to the film, was, and of little surprise to me: Rule #17. It stated, “Don’t be a hero.” Actually, good advice. However, at the end, after these boneheads risk their lives to save the same girls who just screwed them over a third time. He changes the rule to “Be a Hero.” Oh yea, go ahead, “sacrifice yourself to HER” you dumbfuck! Lucy’s burning hole needs your blood!

Judging by initial verbal reactions to these thoughts, I guess I should point out that [in his mind], the narrator does so for the “hole” of the older sister, not the “tween.” That would be Emma Stone, starlette of forgettable social engineering vehicles such as Superbad and The House Bunny [where she played “the dyke/tomboy”]. Oh, and worth a mention, he, of course, doesn’t even get laid. She only lets him get to “first base.” But, [zombie] strippers aren’t supposed to fuck you, hence she stayed in character. His name? Jesse Eisenberg? 🙄 No comment.

The film, and the symbolism were a little too obvious. I guess they didn’t want to waste one of the handful of semi-intelligent studio writers/directors on this piece of crap. As I’ve long suspected, the zombies were given free reign to make this movie. Some “executive” presence then put himself on the set just to make sure all the agendas were served, and all the proper homages/respects were paid.

So, when is Rule #33 coming I wondered? At the end. Somewhat discreetly. Mr. Panty-waste reiterates Rule #32, and then adds, “Oh. And this really has nothing to do with anything, but remember, a little sunscreen never hurt anyone!” {*6}

The above scene is not from Zombiewasteland, but from George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. It’s safe to say that George Romero is illumined. However, when you compare the degenerative shite of the former example with any of George Romero’s movies, you see one serves as programming, while the latter as a wake up call. It’s not his fault that the average person was too far-gone to “get it.”

I would hope not too many of my readers fell for the “Freemasons are evil” conspiracy trap one inevitably runs into in the truth business. There are bad Freemasons and there are good Freemasons. There are many good Catholics out there too. Heck, believe it or not, there are even a few good Jews around. 😉

With Halloween now approaching, I now have to share another personal note, but this time, one that has nothing to do with is not directly related to my penis. Every year that I dress up, I become a zombie. It’s a ritual. While everybody runs around dressing up as someone else, I disguise myself as one of them [the zombies] and try to blend in. They usually don’t eat their own.

Speaking of everyone else, a friend of mine used to say something I thought was kind of cute, and would repeat at this time of year. A few years ago, I found people “correcting me.” So, just for the record, my friend’s Shannon’s original phrase:

“Halloween. It’s a yearly excuse for all these dumb bimbos to dress like the whores that they truly are.”

The pirated dumbed-down agenda serving Hollywood retooling via Mean Girls was: “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” I guess that’s the kinder gentler version. Hence, why I’ve heard it out of the mouths of the same girls dressed the part.

In case you’re wondering if you’re a zombie, here’s a quick litmus test that may, or may not, make it into my movie [donations may help motivate me devote energies to]. If you answer “yes” to to any of the following questions, you are a zombie. If you answer yes to all three, then you are beyond salvation.

  • You are a “fan” of Sex and the City, Entourage, or anything on MTV.
  • Your music collection includes more than one song from Billboard’s top 40.
  • You think Ben Stiller is funny.

Child zombies are a sensitive subject. Few directors have dared to touch it, hence kudos to Romero for explaining it’s too late; you have to put them out of their misery as well. Though I suspect few such parents read this: if you are one who encourages Disney, Miley and MTV to zombify your children, and financially supported their intake of such, then they stopped being your children a long time ago. Your parental role has effectively been reduced to zombie breeder and you should probably do the world a favor, and put yourself out of your our misery.

One of the few failings I’ve seen in any of Romero’s movies to date, is the phrase, “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.” Hard to say if Romero uses that because the priest class insisted on it, or if he also suffers from childhood brainwashing/indoctrination. The implanting of such a phrase, makes one miss the obvious, that this is in fact hell [more on in burning ring vii].

“By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.” — Adolf Hitler

And, I’m also not sure, come documentary time, how to handle the meme of “we are them, and they are us,” which is repeated in almost every one of said films and remakes. As I said in the journal above, “I am not brethren” to such creatures.

I have chosen to, and am struggling to, evolve. Come, evolve along with me, so that we can say, “We were once them, and they are no longer us.” That, my friends, is the true zombie apocalypse.

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*1, *2, *3, *4: Are the original footnotes belonging to the substory referenced above. [LB]

*5: I could bitch and moan that I want those 80 minutes of my life back, but this came about after I discovered that George Romero is releasing a new dead film, Survival of the Dead and started “jonesing” for something new. For those still tempted to suck up Zombieland’s overt social-engineering, there are nearly 10 hours of Romero films available on the subject for you to better spend your time on. [LB]

*6: That’s patently false, even on the surface. Sunscreen, of which most variants worldwide, are composed of petrochemical waste, is the number one culprit in the rising number of global skin cancers. Oh, and I guess, if taken in sync with Knowing, then the closing serves as an ominous warning. Quick, get thee to thy Burning Ring! [LB]

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  1. hey Rebel ;), its just SO true about the masses being like zombies, i see it every day, unfortunatly i can say that i live with zombies in our house, my mum, sisters… its just sad and disturbing 😦 , almost everyone i know is zombie-like in some way, no one ever asks questions or looks into things further, anyways another great blog entry
    love & peace,anna;)

  2. Once you realised that you are surrounded by the living dead, it becomes either boring or depressing.
    At the moment I suffer from the last.

  3. 10 The hands of compassionate women Boiled their own children; They became food for them Because of the destruction of the daughter of my people.

    5 And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may “know” them.… .

    Jon Bennet got boiled and eaten by her mother Patsy Ramsey.

    Child beauty pageants encompass all that you would see in a normal beauty pageant. Talent, interview, sportswear, elaborate evening wear, tight and skin bearing clothes and strutting across the stage are all present. The only difference is that all the contestants are under twelve. The pageant industry has grown inclusive; children and even babies are now allowed to compete in areas of beauty, poise, individuality and confidence.

    It’s a demanding industry. It requires time, money and fortitude from the children and families involved. While children can benefit from being in pageants at such a young age, there are also disadvantages that lead people to wonder if they are ethical.

    The word “carnal” derives from Latin carnalis, meaning “fleshly”, and the word “knowledge” in this phrase derives from the “Biblical sense” of “to know”, which means “to have sexual intercourse with”. (See Genesis 19:4-8 (KJV) compared with 19:4-8 (NIV).)

    11 “Daniel then said to the guard whom the chief official had appointed over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah,” 12 “Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink.”

  4. Anna, I can empathize. Yes, as Monty Python’s Holy Grain kidded/appraised us, it really may be best if we throw the dead out, even if they aren’t completely dead yet. Cause, as Romero screams at us, they may seem harmless individually, but as more start getting together, groupthink sets in, and they become dangerous.

    C, to tell you the truth, considering what I was bitching about a couple of issues ago, isn’t NECROPHILIA something we should all consider giving up?

    Greg, thanks for coming back and commenting this. It’s always better when someone posts publicly in here, so any worthwhile exchange greets the eyes of someone who may have more to offer. I guess, it was easy to find a post to attach it to this time. 😀 I fixed your link to wiki, let me know if it’s the wrong one.

    Are you saying JB was eaten by her mum??? What, and they replaced her with the body of another CONtestant? There’s a lot more to that story than the crap the Medes bombarded us with. I believe the whole CONcept was orchestrated by pedophile elites so they can just sit back and let the talent victims come to them, and earn their CONsent along the way.

    Hm, Lot was the guy who had sex with his two daughters and his age difference with them would have been the same [if not greater] than that between Alan Arkin and Abigail in LMS.

  5. I am not a mall person…ive always feared malls call it natural instinct or intuition, the very few times I do go to a mall I always have extreme panic attacks, it got so bad i stopped hanging out with my friends because that is all they do as if there controlled… something was wrong, I always wondered why at first I thought it was because of my anti-social nature or that I was developing agoraphobia(fear of wide open spaces). Everyone else around me seemed dazed and asleep sort of, they seemed to be enjoying themselves in that drug like state…eventually As my interest in the occult grew I found the truth… that many malls are designed with negative sacred geometry to steal your energy, they even have masonic spirit traps built in them… the mall in particular around my area is similar to this one. With an octagon star gate and chess board floor underneath…I realized that they were trying to steal my energy and and maybe even possess me somehow so that i could be a zombie…i dont understand all of it, all i know is malls are more dangerous than you realize… Visit them at your peril…

  6. Great write-up Celtic, look forward to the Romero doc. Love the Romero films too, espcially the Captain Rhodes Character from Day. Your so right about the dumbed-down remakes, takes out any concepts that made the orginals memorable.
    I agree with Josh too, check out The Crazies and Martin while your at it, maybe Romero’s best movie, a great under-rated Vampire tale not like the sissy ones out now.
    Also Logan’s Run from 1976 pre-dates Dawn of the Dead and uses a Shopping Mall too. Everyone’s more or less trapped inside a Shopping Mall, the poster has the tag-line ‘The Perfect World Of Total Pleasure’ 🙂

  7. Ugh, now I know why I cannot stand horror movies. These jackasses really do look at people’s minds as being clean slates or “tabula rasa”, especially when they entrance young children’s minds. Man I honestly hate social engineering, but I do enjoy the Rebel’s yell on the subject.

    Peace my friend! Well done.

  8. Hey Celtic, excellent work spotting rule 33 in Zombieland.

  9. Javier, that may have been your soul reacting and trying like hell to let you know, and unlike most zombies, you’re not completely “intercised” from it, hence can feel/sense it. I can relate. Of course, the “collective” insists there is something wrong with YOU, and puts forth all sorts of zombie “experts” who diagnose normalcy with all sorts of CON-ditions to describe those survivors who don’t want to become zombies.

    Nemesis, that Rhodes character was very unlikable. But, he hated zombies, and had no patience for those who wanted to integrate them. Am still in a bind, as to whether it was proper to hate or admire him. I had found a copy of Martin over the weekend while working on this. Will have to watch it sooner, rather than later. As far as the zombies are aware, this world is “perfect.”

    Michael Skaggs, as long as people are listening, and probably even beyond that, this Rebel will keep yelling. Good to see you here mate.

    Mr Pandemonium, as a friend and I were discussing just yesterday, after doing this “deciphering” for so long, it becomes more and more obvious. The subtle synaptic slicing knife spares not programmer or recipient alike. Hopefully, not “decipher” too! 😀

  10. Got a weak spot for your namesake Alexander, eh? ;D
    He did NOT have an Agenda that was anything other than assimilative. Hellenism was spread efficiently and the whole “tolerance” thing was just clever hearts and minds PR, like British “Liberal” Colonialism and Modern Amerikkka.

    I could find a link but I must go to bed. Laters.. you can edit it in. ALL IS ONE.

    PS: The Burning Ring IS OZ, Australia. The Bloodlines are gathering there for the big Battle. I could prove it to you with endless articles and blatant barely coded adverts and “news” pieces.

    Latest Nescafe Coffee ad in paper was a classic. I have the clincher badly scanned online. I’ll get you the link or just search for one of my early posts as CloudTiger re Oz. 5am. Gotta try sleep.

  11. Holy shit. Today, on my big 15 minute break from my vipers’ nest of a job, I went to my local bookstore.

    I was reminded of an old spam mail, which was spared deletion due to the title that caught my attention: “When You Lie About Your Age, the Terrorists Win.”

    This very title by Carol Leifer caught my eye even though I have no interest in the book or its author. I don’t even go into that bookstore that often. This really brings my Spirit back up!

  12. Honestly Disappointed in this one. Had to skim through most of the middle to end, AHHH CELTIC!!!

    The point of Dawn was about consumerism. And like I said before Day is a microcosm of the state of the world in 1985. I like to spend my money to get my mind off of shit, sometimes I even enjoy the Mall Ala. Mallrats style {but with my family instead of “friends”]. I like in that one interview when you were talking about “knowing what was going on” was kinda like “being inside a tank”, but otherwise it might be better to tune out. Didn’t seem to me you took the same approach/view on this one.

    When I get some money I am gonna buy you a slew of hookers, then let you loose to blog. Let the frustrations go man, I have a feeling your shit would be “better”…

    Seems like some people enjoyed the shit out of this but, let me just bore your brain with this quick story. There was this girl on myspace once that was calling all the conspiracy people “tinfoil heads” for calling her “a sheeple”. Her excuse was that it’s not right to call people names. Do you see the irony?

    I will leave you with this quote I came across that I have been throwing around……cause honestly I couldn’t had said it better myself.

    “The point is not to separate the opposites and make “positive progress,” but rather to unify and harmonize the opposites, both positive and negative, by discovering a ground which transcends and encompasses them both. And that ground, as we will soon see, is unity consciousness itself.” ~ Ken Wilbur

  13. Daniel Peter Skipp, I plead guilty. Have to CONfess to a bust of his somewhere in the house. But, you should note the copyright date on that journal [footnote from same]. I was aware to only a certain extent back then. Had left behind my Irish mates, telling them to hell with “whiskey” and substituted in the appropriate song as they drank and sang me off: “I am going, I am going, where streams of pussy are flowing.” Hence, you may understand why I wasn’t delving too deep into my own programming back then.

    Have since come to realization that Alexander was the subjugator/oppressor of the Helenes as well and hope to write more on him one day. Though, I’ve been advised, that such, would make me unwelcome in the place they now denigrate with the name “Greece.”

    There’s definitely something that’s been brewing in that place “down under” …

    Mat, synchronicity is one of the few areas where I see hope for those desperate to remain survivors. A chance response from one RURIK2012 to an old article, prompted me to dig out the hate mail and respond. START @ “The Borg Collective” [then read down]: should be somewhat amusing/relevant.

    Quantum Observer, the direction this took, is right in line with where the Burning Ring is heading. Consumerism is but part of the problem. Can’t let our personal attachments to the zombies drag us down, as each Romero film makes clear.

    I actually appreciate any well-expressed counter-point. There is validity to the story and quote you share, but “unity” with zombies, at the late stage in the game, leaves only one potential outcome: we all become zombies. So, no thanks on the Zombie Hookers. 😀 There are many here who’ll gladly eat your brain, but are too stupid forget to ask for money in exchange.

    Just last night, I went out (wearing a, by chance, “zombie detective” t-shirt). The prophecy was self-fulfilling and that’s all I found. One cornered me wanting to talk about movies, and I was getting him to open his eyes, until we were joined by others and Romero’s films make clear what happens as their numbers increase. Call it collectivism, or call it destruction/CONsumption of the brain. Had to get the hell out of there.

  14. 88% positive in rotten tomatoes. Reviewers are raving about Zombieland’s humour and originality.

    Obama gets a Nobel Prize.

    Blair for President of Europe.

    Yes we are in Hell.

    By the way South Park new episode has an extremely funny bit on kiddie pageants which is totally in synch with what you are staying.

    Nice post Rebel.


  15. Yet what Masonic “Mind Master” Ken (Ken, who ken, ha!get it? Like T.McKenna…)
    Wil(l)-bur(r) doesn’t say is that, aside from him and his buddies playing gatekeeper gods to this great “knowledge”, what we don’t need is knowledge… we already have it. What would ease the suffering is STOPPING BELIEF ALTOGETHER in THE POLARITY MATRIX ITSELF. He’s cunning: he says DISCOVER (secretly: cover with Dis) so we can say, “Oh,No, Daniel, he says transcend by discovery” but he has already preprogrammed “Unify and Harmonize the opposites”. Lie. There are no opposites. Harmony is impossible. There IS ONLY THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS. No action required. Inaction “solves” the “problem”. Just drop the BullShit. Stop believing in 3D Sonoluminescent Holographs and Wisdom IS.

    As for AUS, The Burning Land (with secret water),
    Of course, they always manage to nail several birds with one St.One so OZ also stands for:

    1 = gOld. Ounces of, i.e. Oz. Deeply fractal malleable ductile Heavy Conductor.
    Silver also comes in Oz, the ORiginal SIN.

    2 = any circle or better many O’s especially The ECLIPSE of s-O-l and m-OO-n, aka Sun and Sin. The burning ring is basic to astrotheology, symbolic of the “Perfect” Alchemy of the “Great” Work.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Taoist Yoga/Chi Kung/Meditation but… it’s all relative.

    3 = Osiris/Ausar

    4 = AAAAAAAAAAAA’s. The AWE they expect from peons (pe-op-le) as we gAZe at their Great Building, Agricultural Imperial Civilization aka The Borg Cube. Algae Soylent Green anyone? Mmmmmm… Brains!

    5 = And of course the BLACK H-O-LE O-F N-O-THINGNESS, as EM-B-O-DIED IN VAGINAS and STARGATES, much to our sex-starved friend’s fascination and frustration!
    Whores suck! SubLimate that Libido, man, UP UP and AWAY!!! Insert your favourite Pic of glowing chakranaut yogi levitating in space! Be-RA-IN s!
    Isn’t ZO-mbie S-O-N WarShip FUN?!?!!
    Zombie> I’m/be reversed OZ. UnIllimuniated Mushrooms!

    PS: So here is the link to an old post of mine on OZ and JC and such coded cobblers: Scroll down half way on [the scan itself]

    Note MJ the zombie dancing pied piper is top right story. Do enjoy the instant PC knicker twist MonkeyBoy has there from my gay reference that I editted out. My arguement was barely stated yet still owned that fool, but who cares, eh? The Homo Agenda rolls on. “Reality” sucks.

  16. *Sigh* I really didn’t have high hopes for Zombieland or anything, but it looks to be more of what I absolutely despise…

    About your “Good Freemasons” comment, it’s somewhat plausible. However, wouldn’t these “Good freemasons” be pointing out the rampant abuse of their symbolism in our materialistic sub-world? Since they hide in the shadows controlling our “reality” from behind a locked door, I am inclined to think that most (if not all) of them are, in fact, evil. This isn’t coming from a Christian perspective, it’s just my own gut feeling, which has been tugging at my brain for the last 3 years or so.

    About Child Zombies… The very first zombie you see in the Dawn of the Dead remake is a child. I’ve always seen zombie movies as an excuse to portray insane violence against humans on a big screen. This might just be my gooey moralistic center oozing out (and no that’s not a euphemism for anything), but I think the zombie movie should have died with the original Day of the Dead. The 2007 remake of that movie, btw, could have been written, produced and directed by a zombie. It’s fucking awful.

    I find it very hard to find even an ounce of humanity in anything Hollywood has ever put out. It’s like everyone’s buying the same thing over and over again, expecting something different. Personally, I’m hoping by some miracle we get out of this cage and will see some semblance of peace on Earth, but the chances seem quite slim.

  17. Brian, actually the positive reviews were one of the reasons I gave this film a chance, despite the poster suggesting its content [shite]. In the old days, the Wizards of Id had to pay reviewers good money to write words suggesting excrement was gourmet. Much cheaper just to dumb-down the populace and let them express their, ahem, “opinions” … the zombies are eating this film up.

    “This is hell. This is hell, I’m sorry to tell you. It doesn’t get better or worse.” The area where I live in the USA, may be one of the most socially-engineered (zombified) around … funny how ofter I hear the phrase “another day in paradise” while I’m out.

    Arg, guess I’ll have to see South Park.

    Skippy, I’ve suspected there was something “up” in the land “down under” aka Oz. Back during my traveling days, thought it peculiar I had shagged at least one Ozzie in every country I set foot on. Back then, I naively summed up the phenomenon with girls being more liberal when far from home. But, looking back, and knowing more, it’s fairly obvious now; they were just ahead of the curve in terms of social engineering. The land of Oz, does appear to lead the crown colonies, in loss of personal freedoms, breakdown of families and I guess, zombification.

    Am probably going to have to look at Australia (2008) at some point, this poster is rather suggestive. It stars Hugh Jackman (another “flaming” cowboy, in many ways) and the perfect “down under” girl, Nicole Kidman, of the flaming hair, who gives us an exposed view of her [devilicious] posterior in just about every film she’s been in.

    Tommy, this thing we call “synchronicity” has put quite a few of these Brothers of Light in my path since I undertook his journey. Have yet to meet any who rose above the final degree into whatever lies after (or who’ve admitted it), but every one I’ve talked to so far, has been disgusted with the dumbing-down of humanity and the state of affairs. Albeit, many said persons left unconvinced I wasn’t a “brother of the craft” sent to test them.

    I beg to differ on Romero, ever since Night (1968), he’s made a follow-up to reflect the times, and changes since the last one. They are all snapshots in time, and tell our, humanity’s SAD story. The hollow worthless bloody gore-fests made by others have twisted/subverted the genre; made it more palatable to the living dead.

  18. Good post as usual! [first time commenter, on the blog reading for sometime now]

    I was cracking UP when I read your Mall of America piece! I had to go there for job training in 2006 in Bloomington [walking distance from the mall] and I thought you were going to write that you rode the amusement park rides while being there [I didn’t] and they have their own POST OFFICE in the mall [wtf right?!]. I can’t remember the TGI Fridays or Outback being there, but the first time I ate a Ruby Tuesdays was THERE! ahhh! right?!

    I mean who has time to walk that WHOLE mall? impossible right? isn’t it 6 or 7 stories high? but I agree that it was sort of overwhelming to be there, and the parking lots were crazy [we took the hotel shuttle anyway]. LOTS of tourist (like I) and it was just wow. Ohhh they have Rainforest Cafe there too LOL!

    Going to read the “Burning Ring of Fire VI” post and have a good one 😀

    ps: Tommy: about the freemasons, I think in my opinion its the WEALTHY ones that are the evil mason opposed to the ‘average joe’ ones. NOT saying an average joe cant be sadistc too, but I believe the ones with more money, power and influence (connections) are the ones whose making everyone else’s life Hell. Who knows? lol


  19. Aww, too bad that you missed fellow Word Presser, jetingenue for this. Her tag line? Bashful Confessions of a Zombie Romance. LOL! ‘nother good Netherworld piece from your prolificness. Thankxz ungenn, Celty! Happy Hallowe’en ~ A.E. (•8-D}

    PS: Check out Swedish phenom Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersson’s death mask grease paint in the article, originally done for her Fever Ray music video, If I Had A Heart. Über-creepy ~ A.E. (•8-0}

  20. Yes, Alex, focus co-creates Reality, as the muppetoid New Agers like to inanely puke as they beam behind their rose-tinted ignorance. Synch spotting is the best way to notice it.

    BTW You can call me Daniel, Skippy, Captain or C*cksucker, as you wish. Thanks for the edit work.
    I must get around to emailing you to put our heads together. It’s safe: I am STD free!
    “We” are few and far between and had better exchange energies if “we” are to ARK out of here.

    BE FREE!!! BE ONE.

  21. @ Celtic “until we were joined by others and Romero’s films make clear what happens as their numbers increase. Call it collectivism, or call it destruction/CONsumption of the brain. Had to get the hell out of there.”

    I hear you on that note! I hate talking to any “group thinkers”. But on the other hand that’s also where I think I can relate with some of the “real” Lavey “Satanist” also. Least on the philosophy note (individualism). We could argue that he or many of the people that “follow” that philosophy/religion of his version of “satanism” really put it into %100 practice. But I still can C the point.

    Just a point about how I kinda like to “live at the crossroads” anyways, so 2 speak.

    I am to nice but, sometimes I wish when “group thinkers” started that “group/gang talk” I could just spit fire in their face. I am a tame guy so I use words instead.

  22. thehoustongirl, partly my fault for not making it more obvious in the “journal” within the article, but that was the 23rd chapter of a series of my first time in Brasil. Hence, I made a notation. The “Mall of America” was a metaphor, despite the variances in the experience (be it the stores, or their numbers) … the eXperience IS the same. Based on your comment, this pic is far too relevant. 😀 BTW: that is one hell of a cute puppy!

    Guess I should also mention some of these “brothers” fell into the area I talk about in the article of “thinking they’d be taken care of” when the shit hits the fan.

    Elven One, I liked that video. There was something very enchanting about it and contemplating the vision that produced it. Some friends talked me into going into one of these annual events where they turn an entire amusement park into a “horror-fest.” These people in “scary” makeup jumping out in front of you around every dark corner. When they’d to it to me, I’d just look at them like, “Really?” What made it bearable is watching all these girls piss themselves.

    Far scarier to me was the night I spoke of earlier. My same words being thrown in my face as zombies swarmed around me. Understanding in practical terms why zombies are only dangerous in groups. Watching a girl who showed signs of potential give in and make a public spectacle of herself while the zombies roared in approval. That my friend, was scary as hell! 😮

    Daniel, I love this: “the muppetoid New Agers like to inanely puke.” Keep that up and you may earn as many rabid stalkers as myself.

    Quantum Observer, some of what the Satanists say, especially in regards to individualism is beautiful “truth.” Of course, there are those who speak on behalf of the god who was demonized by the same priest-class who worships the “real” satan and the sheep, who just worship the same dickhead as the mAsses, but in a different form. But, at least neither of the latter is dumb enough to kneel before the symbol [the cross] which is the chain of their enslavement.

  23. Celt,

    Once again kudos.

    Who with a brain could say naught to what you have wrought?

    Only the dead.

    They’re everywhere!

    Hannah was going to be my neck of the woods … she had to cancel!

    Hep hep hooray!

  24. Hey Tommy, Holy wood has put out many thoughtful and interesting movies, and my bud Jeff Bridges has made every one of them. Siriously, many movies have the heart and prose to make one think and contemplate our existance. To be de-sensitized to such horrific malice is insane, psychotic, heart dead. That is what kills me in almost every horror film. The killing for effect, no rhyme or reason. The multifarious ways one can kill a Zombie/ person is always outdone with the new SAW or Vampire movie. Do not put such mindless/braindead things in your memory bank. Do not watch such tomfoolery, it will leave it’s mark. De- sensitized, and numbed to such inhumanity. Rob Zombie and snuff movie makers have the formula, shield yourselve from it. What good can come from it? Is not the world of men scary enough? Enough rant. I must go outside and put the chickens in. Shine forth. Dennis.

  25. I have to agree with Dennis. As Bart Simpson said, “If you don’t watch the violence you will never get desensitized to it”. The everyday social contacts with zombies are bad enough, never mind the looming Roman police state. There can be little benefit to pollute one’s mind with evil, which is all the stupid stabs of Holly Wood are good for, what they are designed for. I have made that mistake, delving too long into the psychopathic MK Satanic mind. It has sickened me.
    No mere human is incorruptible, invulnerable.
    Why do Yogis live in caves? Everything you see and hear creates attachment, an impression.
    If it’s shit why look? For forewarning and insight?
    All can be found within. In-Tuition.
    Civilization is a load of bullcrap.
    Now my soapbox is collapsing so “I” go to bed.

  26. Dennis – I agree, to some extent. It has been a very long time since I’ve “enjoyed” a horror movie, as I used to be very sucked into that whole thing. Many movies which are supposed to “tug at your heartstrings”, I find to be manipulative. It’s just kind of a “strange loop” I’ve found myself in, involving nearly every facet of mainstream (even underground) culture.

  27. Eugene, yes they are literally everywhere. Judging by some of the [unpublishable] notes I’ve received, this post made the zombies very angry. The mirror-bearers job is a hazardous one.

    Dennis, Skipp and Tommy, there is the element of all the violence one ends up absorbing to watch any of even Romero’s films. Perhaps, it was the only way such revelation would be permitted? A compromise of sorts. Then again, in comparison to the modern realistic stylized violence of such as Dark Knight and Watchmen, Romero’s seems almost cartoonish in comparison.

    From my perspective, there is also another side, whether intentional, or not, of how many of us zombies, can watch bodies being torn [THEN EATEN], while claiming to be “disgusted,” and yet fail to make the association between what we SAW and the “food” we are preparing, then CONsuming. A movie of the genre I took in this weekend, Dead Set (2008), overtly threw the hypocrisy of such in the audience’s face, showing one character skinning, peeling, gutting, slicing and “preparing” a comrade for the zombies, as a means to save himself.

  28. Octopus Zombies

    Through The Eyes Of Your Controllers

    Everything is OK Montage

  29. Alex – I just have trouble trusting someone who agrees to do all those rituals and initiations. I understand its root is in Serpent Brotherhood teachings, but in modern times it is horribly corrupted. What a bummer it must be for the “brothers of light” to discover that some of their own “Brothers” are the ones dumbing everyone down. It’s undeniable, really, once you associate the heavy symbol use and ritual with the inane crap that is spoon fed to us daily. Just makes me wonder. It’s a personal thing. There were no “christian” overtones when I first learned of what they do in their lodges and what their secrecy allows them to get away with. I can’t say I’ve ever met a Mason who gave me “evil vibes”, because I never seem to meet any. Maybe I’m unworthy?

    About Romero: I agree, but you have to admit Day would have been a great way to end the whole Zombie thing. Let it go out with a bang and dignity, you know? I love that movie btw, along with the original Night and Dawn. I just despise running zombies…. I prefer the slow, creeping mass that eventually corners you.

    I should also mention I haven’t seen Land of the Dead or Diary of the Dead. Think I should check them out?

  30. This is normally ‘The Quantum Observer’

    @ celticrebel, “at least neither of the latter is dumb enough to kneel before the symbol [the cross] which is the chain of their enslavement.”

    Well said. I am multi-Gnostic myself. I would probably most likely say I fall in the category of a Goddess worshiper. Just to put it simply.

    Don’t B confused if you visit my site or by the name ,cause I changed my name from ‘The Quantum Observer’ to ‘Mercury’s Messenger’.

  31. Absolutely Alex. The only way the bullies ever reveal anything to us is with the pollution of their imaginary beings. It is all calculated, planned to both “illuminate” us so we are “fattened” and “lively” for unholy sacrifice and to hypnotise and paralyse with terrorism and show of pseudonatural flow (Nature Imitation is Power), like animal predators such as snakes, cuttlefish and weasels do to their prey.

    The Revealers only show what they want and what leaks out from their corrupt nature that they fail to hide… they can’t hide the evil in the eyes and soul from openhearted sensitives and they LOVE to SHOW THE KNIFE and then FEED ON FEAR! Woooo… shiny! See The Shining!
    Respects to James Scott Kimball (if that is his real name).

  32. EVERYONE, do not miss ViolatoR’s post-publication addendum to the article. Wow! Crafty fucks!

    C, the octopus zombies image is priceless. Not quite sure if the other two intimately connect here.

    Tommy, I think those at the lower levels really have no idea what goes on at the higher levels, or that there may be levels above that, which may have been subverted by outside forces. I recall when I first came across the anti-Mason propaganda, exposing how one level tested them, by seeing if the would step on (or spit on) the cross. What seemed extreme to me back then, heck now, I’d piss on that f’n symbol.

    You [and everyone else] should definitely see Diary of the Dead. It is amazing. As for Land, aside from what I said in the audio, it’s pretty lame … I’d even “guess” Romero’s 20 year absence had something to do with him having to hire big name stars for it [bringing in all the imprinted baggage such carry].

    Mercury’s Messenger, self-promotion noted. 😛

    Daniel, you again? 😕 Though, since you mention it, the “shining” should be taken in, and extremely critically.

  33. I just found out that the largest outdoor Halloween party (in the States at least; they claim 500,000 people attend), which is in West Hollywood (which is nicknamed: “WeHo”/”we hoe”(?))started off as a gay/lesbian event. They even have drag racing; that is, men in drag, racing.

    I think I’ll have to miss it this year to pass out candy to 12 year old jail-bate in sexy kitten costumes. Such is life.

  34. In case you missed it Marge Simpson made the cover of Playboy.

    Crowned in blue this Queen of the Zombies has all her magic invested in Donuts.

  35. As per your recommendation, I rented “Diary of the Dead”:

    Refreshingly clever! I love that.

    SamuEL, with his scythe and black X suspenders, who left the back door open?…… I thought you’d have a field day with this (or maybe I’m still on a Saturn kick).

    And did you see the 666 on the roof of the police car?

    Open letter to George Romero:

    Dear Mr. Romero,

    Although I greatly enjoy and admire your work, why must you be yet another that burns the triple six in my retinas and subconscious? Are we not inundated, from breakfast cereals to volkswagons, by this infernal sigil? Is it not bad enough that I must see the same stupid “Subway” $5 footlongs billboard and it’s drawing of a hand with a thumb unequivocally made to look like an erect penis every morning on the drive to work?! The word for today, EVERY day, both consciously and subconsciously,is penis. Monday: penis. Tuesday: penis. Wednesday: penis. Good morning, dude!
    Well a good penis to you too, Mr. Romero!

    Sorry, I tend to ramble. Or is that shamble?

    “Let the dead bury the dead.”
    Burial, Peter Tosh

    invisible sun

  36. ViolatoR, thanks for your inline contri to this. We have a big event near where I live too, some 200K+ in attendance. I stopped attending that one, when its boob to fight ratio started favoring the latter. Don’t forget your Jonas Brothers ™ hot sticky foam squirter, moms and daughters alike love getting hosed down by that nowadays.

    Eugene, Marge “spread” before the V? The “devil in Marge Simpson!!!” Are there gonna be people wanking to her pics now? Does it make a difference? Is she any less real than the typical vacuous “bunny?” PS: You know, I always wondered why the called soldiers “doughboys.”

    invisible sun, for some reason, hence probably relevant, the Happy Days intro entered my mind … “monday, tuesday, hapenis day, wednesday, thursday, hapenis days” … probably prompted by my recent exchange with another alex.

    Yea, saw the 666. Hard to say what is going on with that. I’m starting to wonder if it’s also a timecode (will expand on sooner/later).

  37. just re-watched land of the dead to re-mesh with the zombie meme, to be honest I had gotten sick of avante garde arthouse shite slapped with a zombie in the title to make some dough. The first zombie killed in “land” has her head smashed open by a motor-bike rider carrying a polearm, at the top of the pole is a solid gold imperial eagle. Have you ever seen “return of the lving dead”? It’s my absolute fave zombie film and riffs on the 80’s punk scene with gusto.

  38. With an invitation to “bring out the dead” … all the sink holes led me to one box.

  39. 500 channels of a day-dream stimulation
    helps me to resent my life and raise my expectations.
    Locked into re-runs, your memories repeating,
    and all your ideals seem so self defeating.
    For you and yours, the pepsi generation,
    and when you’re discontent, you change the T.V. station,
    And when you hate your life, no qualtities redeeming,
    a million brainwashed zombies will always be heard screaming…

    And when there is no hope,
    “I’ll smoke some crack, I’ll shoot some dope!”
    When theres no enemies,
    “I sit and stare at my T.V.
    and in my ignorance,
    I’ll be a slave and sycophant!”

    And in a perfect world devoid of all temptations,
    the good leftover crizack could unite the nations.
    But now the war machines are mapping our destructions
    with poisons over flowing in the chemical seductions.

    And when there is no hope,
    “I’ll smoke some crack, I’ll shoot some dope!”
    When theres no enemies,
    “I sit and stare at my T.V.
    and in my ignorance,
    I’ll be a slave and sycophant!”

    With my credit and my bank,
    my mind will draw a blank.
    I’ll block out history,
    and stare at my T.V.
    For me there is no way.
    500 channels waste my life away, away…

    – Choking Victim

  40. interesting reading. ta,

    and btw, have yu heard about :

    6 month old miracle baby survives being run over by a train! will wonders never cease in the land of oz/down under

    zombie mama? and only 1 day after the warnings against this very thing? Odd.

    sure makes yesterday’s news outta’ that ufo-like helium 6 y/o fly-boy story/hoax. don’t it.


  41. Yeah, it’s me “again”…

    Interesting? Odd? Then perhaps it bears further examination and analysis…

    That balloon hoax news story is obvious coded programming…
    Simply allow yourself to look and open to all the literal and lateral and any other connections/associations to balloons, especially in the previous media messaging…

    Balloons go POP! Particularly when they are Hoaxes to begin with… e.g.Derivatives.
    Wake up and smell the COFFEE

  42. B.L.Donnelly, Return of the Living Dead is in a class by itself. Pure humor. Great tunes. Liked the military angle too. Just rewatched LOTD, and I’m arriving at the conclusion what you describe shows how we [the zombies] are so busy distracting ourselves to death, we allow the servants of the elites to come into our midst, kill and kidnap, yet never to anything about it.

    eugene, the playboy cover also led me to this pic of Alina Puscau. She might have a “puss/box” of sorts on her (as the pic strongly suggests), but she has the face of a man. The gender bending reprogramming continues while the sheep slumber. Speaking of “box,” that movie looks like a pure mind-fuck.

    choking victim, not bad. Is that your own?

    annemarie, I guess I’ll be writing about Oz, Nicole Kidman and all the “wonders down under” sooner or later. 😈

    DPS, and again. 😀 I can’t smell the coffee. The global-warming-friendly fluorine light bulbs are affecting my ability to smell. 😉

  43. Vampires Part Of Gay Agenda, Claims Straight Man

  44. “Mercury’s Messenger, self-promotion noted.” ~ celticrebel

    Not really. As me and all my sites are now gone from the web!

    Might be back around. Maybe with a different name, who knows?

    I think your looking in the wrong places!

    Peace TQO

  45. This takes the cake…

    See Saw?



    Doughboys can only be if the little yellow footprints are stepped into.

  46. a few quick thoughts

    In Zombieland before they meet the girls Tallahassee doesn’t say he wants to eat a twinkie, he repeatedly says he wants to enjoy a twinkie. He also mentions twinkies have an age limit.
    Right before Tallahassee gets his first kill in the movie he says ‘You Got A Purty Mouth’, a reference to the gay rape scene in Deliverance.
    The only way they could make Columbus(Columbia/Queen Semiramis?) any more of a twink is if he wanted to visit Elton John’s house.
    The fake diamond ring scam the girls pull has similarities to the fake diamond rarity scam pulled worldwide.

    In The Dark Nite the Joker is constantly flicking his tongue out like a lizard. The Mayor of Gotham is wearing mascara.

    LOL in lowercase resembles 101

  47. B.L.Donnelly, interesting to see that some in the halls of the media are still capable of thinking. Had never considered the idea, despite the strong androgenic qualities of most “vamp” characters. Rest assured, the gay agenda is probably one of the top three as we move into the brave new world (as surmised) … so it’ll get tossed on every vehicle. Wow, the comments (on that site) are really sad when viewed as a barometer of mankind.

    Mercury’s Messenger, manic self-removal noted. 😛 Hope you didn’t take that too seriously.

    eugene, argh, the comments section [on that article] again … people brain-washed monkeys pointing out the “health-plan” was put together long before the movie. Trying to form an opinion while not understanding the big picture of how the Medes work is a fruitful as trying to swim with no arms or legs.

    Karl, thanks! Some great insightful points there, a few of which I overlooked. “Enjoy!” Haha! Those fucks! LOL! Makes sense, as those who overuse the phrase are, in the long run, putting themselves in their own virtual hell/room of sorts.

  48. Kind of off topic, but also on, has anyone else noticed that the primary symbol used in the film “Stargate” (Russell/Spader) is virtually identical to the symbol on the cover of Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol”?

  49. I feel exactly the same way about the comments on that site Celt, you get the odd person saying something valid and intelligent, but for the most part it is people who think they are intelligent cheering some new sleazy control tech or dumbass media crossover. These are the people who think they are edgy and cool. Most of the time I want to puke with rage, we are not machines goddammit, and anyone who thinks its just a cool aesthetic or whatever can just fuck off. It’s getting harder to tell who is real, and who is just a hyperbole fuelled advertising bot. Coke sucks, Pepsi rocks!

  50. About the voting on posts – get rid of it! Why? Because this “thumbs up” “thumbs down” thing comes from the romans who decided if someone should live or die (as everyone sure knows). Regarding this I find it shocking, that the (M)asses decide like a lynch mob, when someone says his opinion and these zombified idiots don’t want to hear it (so much for “freedom of speech”)

    I mean, here on your blog things are quite civilized, but when I read comments on YouTube – and about whatever kind of video – most of the time, people (or say: Zombies) are arguing in the most primitive ways.

    Which brings me to a really shocking discovery (not new, but still so): When you go to the internet and read what ever forum, people (because they are anonymous) insult each other in ways that are just disgusting!

    As Robert E. Howard said: In ancient times such “people” would have gotten their skulls split!

  51. Any signs of new post appearing soon?

    Thank you.

  52. Wonderfully razor sharp & ALIVE – I needed that 🙂

  53. ARC, no. But, thanks for pointing it out. Hm, it’s the eye above the pyramid. I’ll ask Lucy next time she calls.

    B.L.Donnelly, you are wrong my friend. Coke rocks! Pepsi sucks! 😉 Speaking of, one of my friends was a bit startled recently. She was having car problems which I fixed by pouring coca cola on her battery terminals to eat away the corrosion. Don’t think she’ll be drinking that again.

    C, good point. Appreciated. However, as you can clearly see, “puppy dogs and kitty cats” clearly won the poll.

    Corbeau, a bunch of stuff is in the works, but have been suffering from serious writer block lately.

    alex, thank you. It needed to be said. Hence, why I get more hate mail than anyone else in the synchrosphere.

  54. More social engineering to make men feminine and confused. Notice the title – New Normal? [FIXED]

    Notice the guy who wears women’s clothing, gets a boob job yet has a girlfriend!

  55. Zombie suicide or zombicide: US soldier commits suicide in Indiana movie theater

    A National Guard soldier home on a 15-day leave from the war in Afghanistan committed suicide in a Muncie, Indiana, movie theater October 12. Jacob W. Sexton, a 21-year-old from rural Farmland, Indiana, shot himself in the head, approximately 20 minutes into the violent comedy Zombieland, with friends and siblings sitting around him.

  56. Ok. Glad you brought up Australia the movie. It’s chock full of goodies. I’m Aussie & I can say that since leaving my homeland for the United Corporation (there’s a great deal I love about this place of course), I’ve noticed a significant escalation in crime starting probably with the well publicized ‘race riots’ of my home town Cronulla. Stabbings are up as well as other forms of violent crime or maybe it’s my imagination?

    Back to the movie; Baz (the director) was living in Paris at the time of the films’ inception. (Wink wink). He received funding from the Australian Tourism Board (& yet the film is set in the harsh, unappealing outback – which is hardly a tantalizing advertisement for our beautiful country). It’s also worth noting he was a speech writer for key Australian Political figures! I mean what’s a bloody director doing that for??!! What would you think if you heard (Shpeil)berg was writing for Cheney or something like that? Or a former actor got into politics? Ha ha.

    Other references in the film include a heavily ‘cut-together’ & disorienting scene that shows a ‘fake’ company logo (CCC) in such a repetitive manner that it caused me to look up it’s significance. (It’s an ancient order of Masons).

    There’s also an Aboriginal boy who keeps crapping on about powers of invisibility which as far as I can recall, is not a part of any Aboriginal myth telling I’ve ever heard of. I think he means BAAL? Dunno. Anyways. You should check the 2008 New Year’s Eve celebrations down their too. Full of symbols. It seems ‘they’ are infiltrating their as well.

    All I can say is, my homeland is a different place……

  57. Hey Celtic, I’ve been reading your stuff for about 2-3 months now and its really one of the only blog I frequent. Anyway I just thought you should check out that new hbo show “bored to death” that thing reeks of the homosexual agenda(if thats what the kids are calling it) very blatant, it makes true blood look sly honestly.

  58. The Australian invisibility is an Elite self-reference and also about their ongoing secretion of Oz.. hence the focus on Oz as a barren desert so Euros and Americans and anyone else seeking escape from The Chaos won’t want to go there.
    The Aussie military is having a huge buildup btw.

    All merely auxiliary to the main Legions of mind control and ultratech aircraft (“TR-3” etc), the “mighty ducks”.

    Remember The Celtic One’s exposure of the 300/3000 sacrifice number? For a “cute” and sinisterly cold advert of the Elite’s view from golden Oz: check this

    Did you hear the one about the Lord of the Flies? He FLU. ;D

    Here’s the Princess from Tasmania, ready for war and then taking her gloves off, or maybe she’s putting ONE ON 4 A BOX. Watch out for her big right hand! Gird your loins as It’s going to get nasty…
    I recommend elderberries/sambuca and raw honey… yum!

  59. Ok, I’ll contribute my 2 sense worth:

    There’s a “new” “doctor” in town. Name is Oz, Doktor Oz.

    See his wiki-bio for a larf: Mehmet Oz

    Wowie zowie Batman. Holy smokes Boy Wonder (from down under 😉 😉 Some call him America’s Doctor. I never heard of him until recently. Why he practically came from “nowhere”. hahahaha

    And suddenly! voila, he’s AMERICA’S DOCKTOR. Sure must make you prouder ‘n shit. Non?

    He’s Turkish too? Had a turkish bath anyone? Know who the Young Turks are? Reference the Armenian Holocaust. Oops can’t say hollowcost unless u r refering to da “choose”. yuk, yuk !

    It’s all a “game” of connect the dots, isn’t it!

    See DoctorGod’s web site. Why he’s on tea vee right now. The mean stream medes just luvvv him. har de har har.

    Last night on The Jimmy Kimmel Show (btw ex b/f of Sara Silverman, alleged funny girl if you find putrid appalling skank shit funny) Dr. Oz gave Mon sieur Kimmel a swine flu shot. Live. On. television. All for the edification or is that ed-u-ma-cation of us widdle busy bees.

    Question…Why is the computer screen pixellated? Full of 72 dots per inch? Never mind, now I know the real answer. I remember when techies told me that the screens were ideal for displaying graphics or some such bullshit. And that it is not conducive to human health. Hmmm…How much bullshit can/does one person swallow in a lifetime? Too fuckin much. Now I get the significance of the 72. Fuck! And I also get that those dots are very “cartoonish”, aren’t they. and isn’t that also how “they” told us how Flies see. With their bizarre multi-eyes or some such shite. How the fuck would “they” actually KNow how flies see, unless they are fuckin flies themselves. hmmm

    Like bees to honey or flies to shit? Dat be da question.

    dat’s all ffffff-folks 😉

    And thanks Celt for allowing me this space to buzz, ciao

  60. Antares, I guess normal is being redefined to mean anything other than heterosexual. Fits the agenda, so just more well-meaning clods regurgitating opinions handed to them.

    Brian, I like “zombiecide.” Not to make light of the real problem of PTSD troops, but had I been stuck in a theater watching inhaling this pile of dung while armed, I might have had to do likewise.

    David, social engineering aside, disarmament of the citizenry during economic downturns always leads to more violent crime.

    I watched the movie, finally, and have A LOT to say about it, but not here. I appreciate the insight into the aboriginal boy as that movie screamed “mind-fuck” on multiple levels. Notice he asked if she was the “rainbow serpent?”

    scarredsoul, thanks for chiming in. Time permitting perhaps, will check it out, though I’ve got a bunch of stuff on the plate.

    DPS, a baron dessert and little Nicky played a baronness in Oz. Great revelatory find on that image. What do they care how many die, right (as long as it’s the proper multiple of 3)? Looks like they pulled it. Damn, ANYONE save a copy???

    It really sickens me to see women dressed for combat. The full-scale destruction of all that is feminine … yet “politically incorrect” to point out.

    annemarie, hm, interesting character there, has ties to all the shady institutions including bio-warfare interests and the New York Times. How does he manage to boast having dual-citizenship in his case? A young turk at that! One law for them, another law for us. Thanks for sharing.

  61. Manic self removal , possibly. Trust me, my magic/magik is to powerful for the web/blogging.

    But the last part of this blog reminded me of something I read in ‘The Morning of the Magicians’ and have been using it as one of my personal moto’s recently.

    “Don’t look for help in a study of history, nor among people — they’ll let you down every time. Look for it in yourself. Live in this world without being of it.” Emphasis on that last line there celtic.

    I suppose this is a Hindu type of way of thinking (similar to Gandhi). As he goes on in the book to talk about the Bhagavad Gita’s diving bird: “down, skim the water, and up–without having even wet it’s wings.”

    PS My new thing is to not throw a wedge in between anything but to hopefully find common grounds between opposites. Hopefully this Holloween I can drag myself out of the house (not trick or treating with the wife and kids) and goto a Halloween “party” with some people I play on a basketball team with, maybe meet some lesbians if all goes well and have a romp! Trust me I can’t stand people and have no “friends” , but in order to understand the “zombies” I might just have to become one every now and then, hopefully get some girls in the process, even if just to just “plant some seeds of hope” in conversation. Sometimes thats all we can so and that can “created” more good then damning everyone to hell. It’s a lot harder but, something like passing through the eye of the needle. Hail Satan, Mercury’s Messenger

    PS I have to add that last part when I quote the Bible, just to “keep it real”.

  62. Not to digress, but I can’t remember where you first mentioned the “XBox”. Another mystic I know (the same one who talked about the Van Allen belt being the prison bars, by the way) is adamant about the 8 pointed star being a symbol of evil. Watching a recent video I had to laugh at how I missed the obvious: the “eight pointed star” and the “Xbox” are the SAME symbol from different perspectives. Xbox= bars. 8 pointed star/compass/witch’s sabbat = junction of those bars.

  63. Since Sumerian times and no doubt before in the Indus (not checked that), the 8 pointed STAR is SATuRn. He who SET the Limits… the Bars. The Prison Warden.

    PS: Oh alas I have egg on my face! I was tired! The C-LOCK-MA-STER CHRONOS/KRONOS has the FIXED HEXAGRAM as STAR, being the 6th Planet, not the 8 pointed Lucifer Venus!

    The confusion came about from the very 8 resonant nature of SET. Hmmm… the mystery of 0,2,4,6,8,10,12 … 2 x 2 = 13

  64. Have you seen the picture of Miley Cyrus’ LITTLE sister in her whore/dominatrix Halloween costume? Un-fucking-believable. What the hell are these people thinking dressing a 9 year old like that: Miley Cyrus’ little sister, Noah Cyrus, faces criticism for wearing sexy Halloween costume

  65. Unfortunately Arc, I think we know exactly what they’re thinking. What strikes me though is how much the sister looks like Miley’s “best friend” Emily Osment. Ah, the wonderful world of Disney.

    PS: Took another look at that picture and just noticed the drawing of the naked kid bound by the AIDs ribbon. I mean holy shit, how obvious can they be!

  66. Mercury’s Messenger, I may have to figure out a way to share my Halloween “experience” with you guys. Yes, I was a Zombie again, but still couln’t quite “blend in.”

    Mat, the first official mention was in New Dawn Fades, the 5th installment of the Hammer/Anvil octology. Not sure if I agree, as the eight pointed star is “chaos” the anathema of confinement. However, supporting your point is that when chaos is used to bring ORDER, then it does put us, “right back in that damn box.”

    DPS, thanks for sparing me the time to correct you. 👿 I thought you said cock-master. Probably a reason for that. The whole interplay between Saturn and Uranus again.

    ARC, wow, those images are quite disturbing. I’ve got another image of the younger sister I was saving for an appropriate upcoming post. My studies lead me to conclude the duo (the sis and little friend) are being advertised as a sexual duo for sale to the highest bidder [hm, syncs with “kidder”].

    Mat, the naked kid in the AIDS Ribbon was actually the first thing I noticed. I think they put such out, cause they like to laugh at the suckers. Safe to say that ALL major charities were set up by the elites to suck the money off of fools. And you’re right, now that you mention it, there is a similarity between the duos.

  67. Lol rebel i dont know why but ever since i read your post ive been getting alot of unusual zombie synchs…you really have to see this XIX appears with zombies

  68. Hi. Did you mean this pic ?
    It’s still there. I have it saved. The interesting question is “If They are the Gold Fish safe in Oz, Who is the youthful Goddess?”.

    I don’t see the “rainbow serpent” as being more than the simple poetic view of the EM spectrum. Our dear Lady Hydra, the friendly Matrix. Best Loved Transcendentally.

    The GI Jacob W.Sexton suicide blasts a 12/21 MK gun salute to my eyes. Completion… 21 years old, 12 miles, c.20 mins = c.21st minute. 2 + 1 = 3
    Goddess Sacrifice number: 3 is Kali. All things come in threes.
    Even contains a 747 code, 777, 444, 777 (containing much 666!). See Dutch on godlikeproductions for timecodes.

    8 bespeaks of The Cube of Dualism, 2 x 2 x 2 = 8.
    Traditionally, and I agree here, 8 means Materialism and is associated with Saturn, PLUTO and Venus/Persephone.

    The fearful Hell of Infinite Gravity of Greed for luxury in the negative and yet also The Power of The Infinite Heavens in positive expansion.
    REMEMBER, ALL IS ONE. So 8 = 1 YinYang.

    I just had the thought that the Zombie films can also relate to a deeper level than simply the Masses’ lack of fine and focussed coherent neo-cortical activity, perhaps they be a High Luciferian jibe at the Profane’s addiction to Thought (however stupid) or to Self-awareness It’s Solar Selfness even maybe.
    I mean, any half-decent Black Magi will tap the power of his dreams and subconscious… the sinister feminine creativity and even sleep, resting in harmonious Nothingness readying for another day’s cunning evil deeds.
    Yet the same Patriarchal Elitists conspire to cut us off from our intuition, our subconscious, Nature itself, so we get no good sleep and end up like… ZOMBIES!

  69. Artificial Intelligence already exists … and it eats brains.

  70. Javier, those “Treehouse of Horrors” episodes are always quite revelatory. I recall one episode where Homer was “shit out” the back orifice of one of the sky gods [i.e., “Anu”]. The episode you mention was worth analyzing in Dinner [3].

    DPS, YES! That one. It pretty much admits/confesses, “It makes no difference to us whether we kill 300 or 300,000, 000” [speaking to]. Some thoughts demanding contemplating there.

    James, as of late, I’ve been contemplating whether the human mind is [or, has been reduced to] an adaptive pattern-recognition artificial intelligence CONstruct. May have to explore, including flow-charts from my systems engineering days, in a future blog/podcast.

  71. Here is a short interview with George Romero:

    He doesn’t come off as illumined to me.

    I have no doubt that his movies contain esoteric and subliminal symbolism and programming.

    I just don’t think many if any humans are involved with the process of it’s production on a conscious level.

    What may seem like Romero’s social commentary, is more like societal programming he was inspired to create without much conscious awareness of it’s deeper meaning.

    This short interview makes that even more clear:

    I’ve watched quite a few of his interviews on YouTube and they all give me pretty much the same impression.

    Are you sure about your feeling that he is a freemason or otherwise has somekind of illuminated perspective on humanities perspective?

    I honestly might reevaluate my feelings about this if you disagree, I’m watching and listening to him and just not seeing it.

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