Romance Is Dead [1 & 2]

“Hey whore! Hey whore! You don’t have to be a whore anymore! Jesus is here!”

battle sexes

Alas, got around to a long overdue topic, subtitled “Why your socially-engineered love life sucks ass [in some cases, quite literally].” For those curious, Shelly still hasn’t offered up her hymen to the above persona. This show comes in Two Parts: Part I is available/playable below [d/l free copy]; Part II is located further down:

The opening words, while extreme, are from Lords of Acid, the closing of which, aside from giving me the opportunity to use the show opening apropo image yet again, sync us back to the extreme dialectic awaiting women who no longer want to be a “whore” gear in the machine of human degeneration (that extreme end touched on last show). Per Morpheus and the Medes, you are free to be a whore, or a nun, but God forbid, you should strive for that middle ground called “woman.”

rosie riveter

Did I really say “I’m going to try and keep this apolitical?” Ha! Rosie the Rivet[ing] Scarlett Harlot, yet another American Eye-Con knocked off her perch into the shit where she belongs. “Into the mud scum queen!” [¿anyone remember that movie?]

lesbian whores

Watchmen (2009), for any who missed my last Burning Ring was far more than predictive programming and human degeneration, it contained a lot of revelation of the method. A whole mess of it took place in the opening sequence. The above and below scenes work on many layers.

On one they serve to create the idea the mostly false notion that gays/lesbians have been long suppressed, and then slaughtered by those who won’t tolerate such. On the other, it shows that how when such displays exceed nature, and become the open norm, gender confusion sets in, family structures break down and eventually, follows the death/suicide of any society/empire, and it is done so via consent and participation. The same knife that peels the layers, also divides and sows discord.

dead whores

I’ve already said plenty in regards to the three following cunts. What more needs to be said? Well, I’m sure a lot more could be considering the toxic legacy they left behind (one of them is still kicking). Here’s but one tangent: 3 Whores. 3 Holes [per whore]. 9 Gates? To Hell, or a magic spell that unleashes Hell on Earth?

Aside from the current sad state of womanwhood, which closely resembles an overrun brothel, the trinity of above jewsesses, more so than any other force, are directly responsible that our eyes have to occasionally witness the below spectacle.

Upon rewrite I’ll spare you the trend I haphazardly joked of in a prior post on whorification. Explore the site for yourself [if you so dare]. Here’s another hint for those who think the forces of corporatism [the proper name for fasicsm] somehow lost WWII [as schoolbook texts dictate]: most of us sad sacks shop at Walmart.


And as [per discussions in prior podcasts] Network (1976) clearly prognosticated, informed, and perhaps, predictively programmed, you Europeans shouldn’t laugh too hard while Americans hang their heads in collective disgust on how the above site, once a rare aberration, is now becoming quite commonplace. You guys aren’t too far behind us, wherever globalism goes, the above sight surely follows.

whore bookwhore bookwhore book

Judging by the overt symbolism and admissions carried by each of the above images, I must [again] concede my respect to the social engineers and hold back the bile rising in my throat as I contemplate the depths of human stupidity, considering the masses of people [in this case, women] who followed the slogans. What a pile of rubbish it was all from the start! And no, it is not accidental that “fisting” will stretch out one’s vagina beyond practicality [i.e., destroy it].

Saying the social engineers, “Well, we told those cunts from jump exactly what we were gonna do to them from the start, and the motives behind it. Is it our fault they were dumb enough to go along with the program?” Sayeth the Rebel, “I’m going to have to reflect on the kharmic implications of that.” Nothing is hidden.


Need I possibly say more about the personality-degrading mindfuck Disney is? Really? What’s the point when very few I know listened the last few times?

pluto pedo

I had long ago put together the prior image above, perhaps misguidedly hoping it would reveal the true origins of said corporation to those who are determined to keep their fool eyes shut. But, last month I was at my wit’s end, after exhausting blatant examples of debauchery, trying to explain to a couple of “above-average intelligence” why Hannah Montana was not a good influence for their daughter.

miley whore

Now, I’m forced to wonder, was there any point in the exercise? Is Disney itself not openly informing the average dumb cunt pretending to be a parent exactly the same thing far more directly than I [via the above set of pictures]?

The opening image to this article was entitled “discord,” a word I had ended up using in this article even before I found said image or came back to this section to add a couple more thoughts about disNai. Everything according to plan.

miley whore

The path, is obvious. They are doing exactly what they set out to do from go. They rely on something that I feel may never be overcome: the immeasurable depths of human stupidity [denial being a big part of]. Miley’s fans are doomed to whoredom.

borg friends

The forces of collectivism have been at the game for a long time, the mindless masses follow along. It’s part of the game. That’s why we laugh at ourselves.

friend programming

The system has been cleverly crafted by those far smarter than the average idiot who believes their perception is based on a rational mind [which it is not] and that their whole life has been a game of Snakes and Ladders.

As the programs march us [the new society] forward, individuals will be hit harder and harder in the coupling department. The more you stand out, the smarter and more perceptive [instead of receptive] you are, the less likely you are to be welcome by the collective, and the more likely you are to be red-flagged by the latest “manual” on desirability. It is the velvet glove of social engineering, where the iron fist lay well hidden hidden [in this rare case] just underneath.

whore bookwhore bookwhore book

Predictably, when women [naturally] begin to feel unsatisfied with their empty lives, recognizing their engineered excuse for a life has been unrewarding [because collectivism always turns out that way] they find themselves in need of advice. Hence, the same forces of collectivism are always ready to help lost souls ad[d] more vices than they can handle. In lieu of wisdom, the progressively-stupefied human mind is given digestible clichés and slogans.

Monkey see. Monkey do. Sorry, I take that back, few monkeys are dumb enough to engage in the type of activities that humans can so easily be driven to [sans lash].


I wrote half in jest once, on how I, given time and resources, could/would make dog-sex the latest fad. [may be an actual long-term agenda in the arsenal]. Now, I sometimes fear, that such a reality would surely push me, out of disgust, to either my own sex or a life of celibacy.

I get the feeling that, in the short term, were I a Mede, and today put out a sexy poster of two attractive half-naked women, one bent over with a straw sticking out of her bung hole, and then another one sucking the straw, within 4 to 6 months, a quick search of webshots [or photobucket, facebook, myspace, etc] would provide me with several thousand mimics of same. Any fool care to wager otherwise?


The below show, with a little debate, is the most evil fucking program to ever hit the airwaves [deep anal-isis for any brave enough to crawl inside that rabbit hole]. It’ll come up again next week [in spades]. What’s that rancid smell? Twelve holes.

mind kontrol

What the above “program” did for women (turned them inside out), Entourage is doing to men. It could be argued, with some debate, that the stars of the prior series are at least, more masculine than the stars of the latter: the effeminization of men, is now right out in the open. Oh, you sad pathetic fools that watch it. I feel very sorry for you us.

At one time, I thought I was quite special, “but I was young and foolish then. I’m old and foolish now.” But, that’s all been analyzed before. As has the next step.

The show was continued the following Sunday (April 25th). Part II is [now] available for download immediately below (Part I can be found further up in this article):

The following scene is more important to the “powers that be” and accomplishes far more than any amount of concentration camps or standing armies could ever hope to. After heaping unrealistic expectations on us from childhood, they then built up our false personas. Few among us have any idea there are solutions outside the confining box of repetition that we’ve confined “ourselves” too.

battle of sexes

Look at any of the social networking sites or even of the “dating” sites promising to find you the perfect match. Anyone who thinks that “true love” will ever come out of finding someone who optimally meets your perception of the worlds based on the social engineering programs you were most stimulated by is a bloody fool. There is no substitute for “her smile, the wink of her eye, the wave of her hand.”

fake peoplefake dating

The above (and points made in shows), are incremental steps in taking everything that is human and passionate and “good” our of male/female relationships and encounters. It’s either gonna be sportfuck viagra in-and-out, or it’s the be-all-end-all by mismatched people that inevitably ends in disillusionment. {*1}

Don’t worry, you can keep trying again. I’m sure the results will be different. It’s only insanity. Indubitably why so many older women tend to shut themselves off after a few “failures.” By programming, you’ve been to grab passion before it runs wild, put it in a box and set rules to govern it. So, why act surprised when it dies?


The song “Barbie Girl,” by Aqua, has shown up in podcast after podcast, and that is because under the bubble-gum exterior, the song is frighteningly honest about what women are [willingly] reducing themselves to. Hint: it rhymes with “Doors.”

Robyn Hitchcock: “Every day the satellite, seems to be the door of someone’s reach. Satellites and stags. I’m growing Betsy in a bag, and she don’t mind. as long as things are round. Every day the satellite, jerky little canister of gold. Who’s to be the satellite, with inches of whole Betsy growing cold. I’m into you so far, I’m out the other side, and orbiting is just a waste of time. Next time i get into you, I swear to god i won’t come out again. Swear to god i won’t come out again.”

liberated womanfree at last

Yea, the dumb [male] cunt on the right, is just that. He has devoted much of his own body to the mark of his masters, and not even bothered to ask for a few baubles in exchange for the free advertising, just like a good slave would be expected to. I’m sure were someone to find the bloke and ask about the tattoo, he’d say he was “expressing his individuality.”

But, in the above [right] scenario, which of the two is dumber? The one bearing the Iron Cross [the Templar mark] or the one getting fucked by him/it/them? The end result is obvious. Enjoy the few “nuggets” of dignity they grant us for now. {*2}


I had originally intended to close this show with some suggestions for coping, but to tell you the truth, I’m not quite sure what the solution to that is while the world continues to degenerate around us. What may help to some extent, is to not give up hope and try to maintain some positivity (to attract like). That’s probably a show unto itself, and I may try to address that when Lenon Honor is back. {3}

In lieu of closing thoughts, I let the chat room guide the show and probably told more stories than I had planned to. On one hand, as one Ed chimed in “stories are the foundation of experience,” and it is refreshing to find that there are people in this Land of Nod that still have the attention span to listen to them.

rebel in ipanemarebel in ipanema

That said, I probably should have opted to close with an impromput positive story, earlier words considered (sorry lalan), or at least have told the closer properly, as upon review, I felt it may be subject to misinterpolation as a personal statement.

rebel in ipanema

The lady I mentioned actually inspired the above image (used in a prior posting), as to tell you the truth, whether one is looking for inches or IQ points, there is little difference to say either is somehow more noble. Though it could be argued, that were you to base your selection criteria on anything so dispassionate, at least one is more practical than the other.

In lieue of being able to travel back in time and alter the closing, I will share another story from a time I was relearning to see the world [again] through the eyes of my inner child. Wonderful things can happen if we take chances/risks and don’t allow ourselves to be engineered; if we open ourselves up to the wonders of life.

rebel in ipanema

The above, is a scene from one of my favourite places on this planet, which indubitably, unless a decent number of us learn to change our ways, and open our minds, will one day be assimilated as well. That hypothesis since proven, my internal warrior has done what he had to do: fight back.

But he is quite useless when it comes to “love.” For the moment, I am striving [and it’s a challenge] not to take anything the zombies throw at me personally. Perhaps, there is another show to come on the subject. I get the feeling there are many among us, who fear we are much more alone than we really are, because we’ve allowed ourselves to become victim to the engineering we so vigorously detest and oppose.



*0: The above image [podcast download] is for Part II of this Two Part series (HQ). Part I is available for free further up. Unfortunately, I no longer have a higher quality copy of that part in my possession.

*1: The “This Is Me” image has been significantly adjusted by yours truly. It’s a composite of various images I came across while long-ago looking for examples of the pathetic subhuman nature of the average myspacer. In this girl’s case though, in her own words, is a summary of what this recent graduate has to offer the world:

“I got looks. I got class. I got hips. I got ass. When I hit the floor I drop it down low like bam! I’m bringing sexy back for you all. I’m a playa for life. I got to [name of community college] and am pre-med. I”m really shy when I first get to meet you and it takes me time to warm up. I’m impatient.”

That would be a summary of “who” she is. Well, at least she’s cute, but as Elvis might warn any potential suitor, you may try to love her, but she’s so contrary, like a chainsaw running through a dictionary.” In layman’s terms: she’s “dead.” Oh brave new world, that hath such people in it. [LB]

*2: Beyond Freedom and Dignity, is a book written by psychologist B.F. Skinner in regards to what it would take to build our Brave New World. When I once heard Michael Tsarion mention this book, all I could do was nod [sadly]. Per wiki: [LB]

“The book argues that entrenched belief in free will and the moral autonomy of the individual (which Skinner referred to as “dignity”) hinders the prospect of using scientific methods to modify behavior for the purpose of building a happier and better organized society.”

*3: Here are some of the other podcasts and articles referenced throughout the show: A Return to Honor, The History of Music and Social Engineering 101. [LB]

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38 Responses to “Romance Is Dead [1 & 2]”

  1. The funny thing when you mention all those crappy books about “how to get your dreamprince” – there is one very good book from a german author who tells the exact same things as you do in this show. He says that this pseudo-emancipation-movement killed relationships and the only way to get a healthy and normal relationship is to emancipate oneself as a man or a woman.

    Das Urprogramm der Partnerschaft (Hermann Meyer)

    it’s a shame that this great book is not available in english – but it is one of the rare pieces of literature that talks about the truth.

    But crap like “women are from venus, men are from mars” are bestsellers – damn this brave new world!

  2. You fucking rock man. Such positive vitriol gladdens my soul. Thank you.

  3. Amazing. I love the images telling it all. Totally devastating. The princess programming for girls is sickening. What you show is heartbreaking truth.

  4. I never got a girlfriend until I was 26 years old, because they only cared about looks and material things in general, and I could never understand WHY! …but when I left the german military in ’03 I slowly learned about the NWO and social engineering, feminism in particular, thanks to henry makow…and suddenly it all started to make sense…

    women today are also conditioned to avoid men who are into things like SELF-DEFENSE (independence), especially when we are into firearms like myself…they think we’re evil, violent macho guys and potential criminals, when in fact we are the exact opposite, because we retained our wild natural tribal instincts (protection) while most men today are fearful domesticated spineless jellyfish who call themselves “human”…

    great show as usual Celtic…keep it up mate.

  5. Future location of the Celtic Rebel’s reader meetup?

  6. For I am the whey links with Stygian’s Dairy Death Doowop


  7. C, you may be right, even though German is a language I’ve long forgotten, one review said [per poor translation]: To “Emancipated” women, this book will belch sour. That must mean it’s actually valid.

    bldonnelly, thank you! I try. 😛

    Bettina, thanks. I hope the second round of images are even more incisive.

    mace556, I hear your story … and to all those who think that things are bad now, just you wait. Spend one hour watching today’s children’s programming to gauge what vile and disconnected collectivist groupthinking whores today’s girls will turn into. It’s pretty scary, man.

    brian, ah yes, the “rectum” bar, a good place to take in a natural laxative like coffee. But, someone beat you by three days mate. 😦

    aferrismoon, and I guess a subtle “man-milk” nudge to accompany opening image. No, we’re not going there. 😈

  8. I don’t believe that they ever said that Mr. Big actually had a large penis. When the show was still around, I suggested to some friends that his name was possibly in reference to him having a large penis it to some friends and they laughed at me.

    This broadcast reminded of the South Park episode where the girls had to take Home Ec. and the boys had to take woodshop. The girls learned to be good little golddiggers by judging a man’s shoes or knowing the perfect amt of credit cards that a man should own. I don’t remember this stuff from jr. high happening in Home Ec, but times are a changin’.

    Also, the Disney programming reminds me of the movie, Pretty Woman, where Julia Roberts tells her fellow prostitute friend, named Kit, that she dreams of some day having a knight (or something to that affect) on a white horse coming to save her from her life (I suppose). And at the end, Richard Assgerbil Gere comes out in his limo with red roses and heroically climbs up the fire escape. This was what Hollywood tells (sells) us is romance? How f***ed up is the man falls in love with prostitute story? We women should all aspire to be prostitutes so that a rich man can save us from ourselves.

    It is also known that Walt Disney had Freemason connections, is it not? I read somewhere that Disney is connected to the 13 Illuminati families bloodline, but I digress. Walt Disney wasn’t even a cartoonist. Let us not forget that Disney and ABC are the same company. Desperate Househoes is on ABC and that show is very much like Sex and the City bc they both degrade women into (Hegelian Dialetic) hot sluts or frumpy, ugly, frigid bitches. They are both written by homosexual men. They both have a couple of homosexual men on the show as friends on SATC and as neighbors on DH. They are having a hard time finding black people to cast in DH and SATC had no black people, but that it a side issue…conquer and divide.

    Excellent show as usual, Celetic Rebel!

  9. @Christy O I’d have to add “How I Met Your Mother” for a more contemporary view on the whoring out of people as a growth experience on a quest to find ‘the one’.

    I started up a thread on ConCen, lots of folks over there dig your work Celtic Rebel and we up most of your shows to the bitTorrent tracker to get them out there.

    On the forum I started up a thread entitled – Sexuality as Perversion and/or Love :: Influences and Symptoms of Promiscuity

    It degenerates at times but overall a decent thread that covers homosexuality, social engineering via liberalist acceptance, chemical influences to feminize males, sex as lust, sexual domination, media influences (nice stuff on Disney Christy O), religious influence, mental genders, an analysis of the biblical Adam and the fact man is not merely an animal opposed to a lot of the recent thought we’ve heard, but a little something more.

    I’ll echo my last post as it contains not only the symptoms, but a potential cure, for the path we have marched down as a culture of perversion akin to the Roman orgies during their downfall.

    I argue more against the human emotion of love vs the animalistic drive for sex for both homo and heterosexuality. There is more of a chemical predisposition because of gender bending chemicals and the blatant promotion of risky lifestyles (casual sex). Sex is being construed not as an act of love but increasingly as an acceptable using of another human being as a sexual object (lust).

    We can trace this trend back to the sexual revolution, Kinsey, Planned Parenthood, Women’s Liberation and the bombardment of media (porn etc.) that is degrading the relationship dynamic akin to the fall of Rome (orgies coupled with gratuitous violence). It takes away a part of us that is human. This dehumanization leads to drive a wedge between people and the casualties are a empathy and the virtue of chastity.

    Short term gain, an instant gratification society and a system built around quarterly profit models all serve to encourage the vices laid out previously. The primary reason media has such an influence is because people are apt and trained to be led and to conform and obey. Look no further than any pyramid / ladder / hierarchy system – education, corporate, government for examples. A strong set of virtues on a very personal level from enough people would be enough to combat this wave and encourage people to avoid the media that seeks to program their morality.

    Personal growth needs to happen in each individual by first recognizing then acting on the fact that their minds and body are a temple – you are what you eat and don’t shit out. This applies to your intellectual and emotional level as well. Filters created by a strong will and moral compass need to be in place to stand a chance against this mental and emotional onslaught of manipulative programming. There are too many adult children begging for guidance and support from the nanny state as it is now. This is largely due to a lack of personal accountability and vestment in virtuous thought and action.

    noticed how these infections in society tie in to the seven deadly sins more or less.

    Originally there were 11 but there is some overlap: Extravagance, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Acedia, Despair, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride, Vainglory

    In opposition to the seven virtues (citing Catholicism) that oppose the seven vices:

    Vice: Lust [Inclusive of: Concupiscence, Debauchery, Extravagance, Nymphomania, Seduction] Opposing Virtue: Chastity

    Vice: Gluttony Opposing Virtue: Temperance

    Vice: Greed Opposing Virtue: Charity

    Vice: Sloth [Inclusive of: Apathy, Boredom, Despair, Indifference, Laziness] Opposing Virtue: Diligence

    Vice: Wrath [Inclusive of: War, Fear, Anger, Hatred, Suffering, Revenge, Murder] Opposing Virtue: Patience

    Vice: Envy [Inclusive of: Anxiety, Cruelty, Possessiveness, Prejudice, Resentment] Opposing Virtue: Kindness

    Vice: Pride [Inclusive of: Egotism, Hubris, Idolatry, Narcissism, Vanity] Opposing Virtue: Humility


    On a basic level systems and the people in them need to instill virtuous values, morals and practices.

    Once people are drawn away from their consumption of loveless sex and media (among other sins) that pollute their body and mind they will look for other feedback loops such as the community outlet. That can be used to collectively re-enforce morals and ideology face to face to better reflect the true inherent human values (moral virtues) and intent of the individual collective. This can hopefully take place with some good productive thinking and serious discussion involved in the process to translate that will into systems (corporations, banks, law, government ..) to pass on to future generations of humanity.

    Feel free to chime in to a great community and a great tracker with lots of radio shows upped there like this one. That said, Celtic Rebel is something truly special and stands alone in his style, insight and analysis.

  10. I thought of your blog when I read this: Ruby Rose confirms engagement to supermodel Catherine McNeil

    “IT may have been one of the worst kept secrets in Showbiz but TV host Ruby Rose has finally confirmed she is engaged to her supermodel girlfriend, Catherine McNeil.

    It was certainly no secret to partygoers at the 666 Vodka event in Los Angeles last week with both women sporting stunning engagement rings, Woman’s Day reports.”

  11. I was thining about your comments on “Sex and the City”. I find it interesting that when “Sex and City” was on the air, HBO had a second series with a “backdoor” and homoerotic focus, “OZ.” “Sex and City” seems to all about infertile, neurotic women who can’t find the perfect guy. It seems that the notion of their infertility seems to extend to their relationships. They somehow can not give “birth” to a real relationship with a man. “OZ” seems to the place where men frustrated and alienated by these women end up. It seems the programming is that men who are sexually frustrated and alienated by these “princess” whores are supposed to be initiated into the Kingdom of “OZ”. Social engineering is about short circuiting of heterosexual relationships.

    I find interesting that social trends have gone more towards same sex relationships. First there was the concept of man getting in touch with his “Feminine side” in the 90’s. The next decade brought the “Metrosexual” male which seemed to code word for “bisexual.” Now there is the idea of the “Bromance” or “Guy Crush.”

    Is the next stage sending all the boys straight to the “Glee” club where they no longer need or want girls?

  12. Christy O, well, they never “said it,” but they dropped more than enough hints. It’s not your fault that your friends are too dense/programmed to see the obvious.

    Of course! We forget how Pretty Woman was a huge success in its time. No doubt part of the agenda. And on the other end, Gere [the Knight, who also played such in King Arthur] was nothing more than a corporate criminal (as are most of today’s “knights”).

    FastTadpole thanks for the praise. Just of future reference, it’s better to be concise in comments, else people tend to skip them…

    elbee, of course they’re pushing the gay “marriage” issue now, to remind normal [i.e., “straight”] people that their slave master has granted them a special right/privilege, their “blessing.” I trimmed down the text, as beyond the stunning “666” declaration, there was little reason to include the full article along with the link. Interesting the snapshot, of course, managed to have 3 sixes in it.

    N in Van, you raise some good points. I had forgotten about Oz, which was basically about not much more than man on man butt-sex. I know people who’ve been to prison, and the show made it look like the activity takes place a hell of a lot more than it does. I’m sure, it served the agenda.

  13. Related music video which came out around Valentine’s Day -red/white color scheme: Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj (pronounced Menage as in menage a trois) as gold digging barbies who man hate and shop.

    Meant to add…Is Mariah a stripper with Monarch Programming?

  14. Hey, I remember posting last year about the Romance is dead writing and today, I was wondering “hmm, let me check if he wrote it…” and you did. Weird in a good way. Great article, Celtic. Thanks!

  15. Great show and info about your experiences – Here’s an interesting news story about the education system in Canada and the sex-ed curriculum…and guess what…star gates!

  16. Loved the show. On another note I was watching Borat the other day, and saw, in my awaken state, how much of the homer sexual agenda it promotes.

    Then it struck me how many “guys”would try and talk like Borat. It seems strange that just because borats culture and manners seem a bit “foreign” means that we some how the “sleeping people” would never connect the dots, that something blatant is being promoted here, and there for feel save to laugh and enjoy when 2 men are lying in a 69 position fully naked. Or walk around in a swimming costume g-string ……

    When i thought about the borat/homer-sexual agenda, I thought well what did they do next with him….and well then came Bruno ….need I say more folks……

    I see them (the powers that be) talking in a room about how they going to get the “sleepers” to actually find 2 naked men on top of each other humorous and playfull……and so Borat was born

  17. Christy O, I could only watch so much of that crap, and had to turn the volume down, as it an assault on the psyche. The symbolism, and even the lyrics “pop, pop” suggest the deflowering of virgins and shedding blood. Oh yea, in other words, valentine’s day.

    Altoids, well, hope I delivered the goods 😀

    Marty, ha! Funny to see the opening image, which in some ares of the world is the sign for “fuck you!” [as Nixon gaffed, or meant to, as he boarded the plane to say “bye” to Brazil once] Seems fitting, as the “plan” he announces promotes homosexuality to the kids of parents who’s kids are in the system.

    Steadfast, probably a safe assumption you make there. The cool kids go from imitating Ali G, to imitating Borat, to imitating Bruno. When the “sleepers” awaken, there will be a cock up their ass.

  18. Real pimps have their own conspiracy theories. This documentary is crazy.

    VIDEO: American Pimp [1 of 9]

    I’m gonna say something ridiculous now. I made a fake profile on the free dating website ‘plenty of fish.’ I uploaded pictures of a random girl (about a 7.5 to make it believable) and sure enough tons of dudes messaged me. So I tested your theory on anal sex and sure enough I had just about every dude saying, ‘hell yeah, i love anal sex’ within a few messages. WTF. Needless to say I felt really strange for a few days.

    Also on that dating site: tons of single moms. It’s a shame to see these girls adopting the whole MILF persona. In one picture they’ll be holding a small child and in the next picture they’ll have they’re lips puckered and their tits showing. Whorification advances onward toward MILFification… i.e. britney spears… and families and futures are destroyed because this has been socially engineered as acceptable in our society.

  19. Horrific and sad and I have had enough….lalan

  20. The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is concerned after a report suggests that women aren’t practicing safe sex habits: “More than 100,000 New York City women engage in anal intercourse each year, according to a new report from the Health Department, and many are not taking the steps needed to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.” While 61% of men who have sex with other men use condoms during anal sex, only 23% of women are.

    The Health Department notes, “Anal membranes are easily damaged during sex, facilitating the spread of infection. Past studies suggest that anal exposure to HIV poses 30 times more risk than vaginal exposure.” Further, women ages 18 to 24 “are nearly six times more likely” than women between 45 and 64 to have unprotected anal sex (11% vs. 2%).

    Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said, “Tens of thousands of New Yorkers are engaging in sexual behavior that is especially risky. Many people are aware of the risk of HIV when men have sex with other men, but this report shows that a large number of women also are putting themselves at high risk through unprotected anal sex. For both men and women, the overall message is clear: Never engage in unprotected anal sex. Use a condom every time.”

  21. Danny Diaz, didn’t get to watch the whole thing, but there was definitely some interesting stuff in there, like the story about how the mafia [LAPD] was stealing money from business they were allegedly saving. Figures. Re: “I felt really strange for a few day.” 😆 It is remarkable, they will adopt whatever persona the medes tell them to. “Shit-eating sugically-altered single mama” is probably coming.

    lalan, I sense your frustration, but the truth does hurt.

    C, disgusting and honest and probably best after prior comment…

    brian, took me a sec to realize you were just parlaying an article. What a fucking moron toxic waste salesman “doctor” Thomas Farley is. I wonder if he has the slightest clue what “protected” anal sex means? Perhaps, a persuasive stick/club accompanied by the line, “if you damage that part of me in any way, I”m gonna brain you.” 😈

  22. hey celt, currently listening to the show. Haven’t been able to keep up with the shows since I am in a major transition in my life. Any way, I wanted to let you know about something known as Deer exercise for men and women. I found it interesting because the book you were talking about by Lana Cantrell talks about how menstruation is not good. Well, Deer exercise are a taoist technique for women to stop there menstrual periods. Thought it was interesting and wanted to pass it along…

  23. It’s a Brave New World. For those who haven’t seen this made-for-TV version from 1980… really fits in well with this theme. It’s very engaging ;-]

  24. Check out a band called SCISSOR SISTERS for full on propaganda , 3 of the band are gay , and the lead singer is a girl who’s father was gay who stays within the gay community to get close to her father who is now dead.
    She, Ana Matronic, is very into robotics and has a tattoo of circuitry on her arm.

    Scissor is a girl-on-girl sexual position. Kids can try to imagine by using two pairs of scissor which will do until they actually mature

    All Hail

  25. I found this a touch on the gaga side, (known/understood) .

    Thought yall might find this interesting.

  26. Emily, no worries, luv! Um, the “deer/dear” exercise? Kind of interesting, considering the sync to the deer-hoofprint Jeremy once mentioned. BTW, I”m not sure if it’s not “good,” but the presently manipulated regularity and frequency must be taxing, and presumably, accelerates aging.

    zwoof, that film came up before, back when I was exploring the Hammer/Anvil memes. Def worth a view.

    aferissmon, of little surprise then, to check their site and be confronted with a full color variant of this analrific welcome. Followed by “at the doors of Babylon, you are my Zion” and we can assumed they paid the price for their fame, them adding “it doesn’t matter if they touch you where.” We can agree on one thing … they SUCK! I now wonder if their promise of “killer” dance tunes is a veiled threat. 😈

    Narimatsu, “interesting?” Hm, I think disgusting and hilarious would have been better words. 🙄 I may have to use this in a vid project.

    Ryan McAlister, so that’s how one’s supposed to distract them while you put it in the back hole! 😆 Disney’s ever so educational.

  27. Funny broadcast! Can’t decide if I like part 1 or part 2 better.

    VIDEO: Dave Chapelle does if Pretty Woman were IRL.

    I don’t have much to add in context to this piece, with the exception that I saw Disney’s Princess and the Frog. It was filled with literal voodoo/tarot cards (I swear 1/3 of the movie is about witchcraft.) and other stereotypical garbage. My favorite part of this movie was when one frog says to the other, “You’re not slimy. You’re secreting mucus.” There is the Southern Belle archetype in the movie whose sole desire is to marry a prince. They all wished on, prayed to, and talked to the “Evening Star”, which was named, Evangeline in the movie. I’m thinking that it’s Sirius. There are going to be some really messed up adults out there who grew up on this sh!t.

  28. LOL @ matshanley!

    Alex, please remove that Bromance picture, it’s making me sick!

    PS: I came across this great take on Disney and Relationships. You have to check it out and the link to Disney Princes also!

  29. Excellent work as usual. I recently posted an article on the same subject: Family Matters – Part I: The destruction of a “good man” and a “good woman”

    And I posted an extensive photo album on: “The Pedophile Agenda: Candy, Toys, Clothing”

    If anyone (on facebook) cares to read either, please do… they are set as “open to everyone.” I would be honored to get your feedback. Keep up the good work CR – I learned of your good work through Lenon.

  30. I came across this great take on Disney and Relationships. You have to check it out and the link to Disney Princes also!

  31. Christy O, well, you don’t have to like one better. It’s like two loves, who are both different but good. Who says you have to choose “one?”

    Mucous. Very crafty! The name Evangeline reminds of some lyrics by Matthew Sweet: “Try her on, she fits like a glove. Too bad she only thinks about, the lord above.” Must have been Jehovah’s girl and why he wrote those stupid commandments. 👿

    Marty, what are you? One of those evil “unbashed heterosexuals” the media speaks of? 🙄 Oh, and some of the comments in that Disney piece were amusing, particularly: “Clearly the Disney animators are mostly butt men.” Oh, if they only knew! 😀

    Elizabeth, I fixed those facebook links for you and am suggesting others look at them. There are some pics there I hadn’t seen before.

  32. Hi CR,

    Thought you might be interested in this.

    Yahoo UK’s main headline/story when I signed out of Yahoo mail today.

    “You know you’re in a Toxic Relationship when…”

    Number 1 – Your friends don’t trust him

    while at number 9 – He won’t add you as a friend on Facebook

  33. I love your site… Excellent content placement Brilliant .. Keep up the grea twork

  34. Not content with their present level of insinuation into the ‘romantic’ lives of all those little princesses out there, Disney have stepped up the campaign:

  35. I don’t know if anyone’s said it before but what’s another word commonly used for city? Shithole. As in “This place is a shithole”.

    Sex and the Shithole. That explains the slightly strange title of the show perhaps.

  36. In response to the Romance is dead blog…

    I already knew about this feminist pro-sex erm…destroyer of worlds. People think I’m of course a what?…a prude! IF you’re not w you’re p. I say, well freedom of sex can easily (and is) being confused with obsession…oh, you’re just a prude. Yes, but it’s still the truth. Don’t like seeing it on every tv and every movie, well, you’re a prude…yes, I understand that. Not a problem I don’t watch tv anymore. But I know based on my spirituality that judgement is negativity…but it’s so WRONG…but i can’t judge…but it’s KILLING us! Well my brain is powerful and MINE so I can handle those two thoughts at once.

    Anyway, this is the important part! My question! Obviously I’m with the sexual freedom being complete and utter and horrible scheming but, I really like being a mechanic and racing cars, (legally of course) so does that have to also be the destruction of are naturally feminine identities? Uh, I’m a woman obviously. And also, my whole life I’ve liked women (romantically) and have not liked men that way. So is that all social engineering or can it actually be me…well, I know you don’t KNOW know, but I’d appreciate your thoughts. it doesn’t matter because I’m a Virgin anyway (at 20 years old HOW CAN IT BE!) and I’ve sort of taken to the idea of non physical relationships anyway, because the constant imagery of sexual perversion has disgusted me so irreparably.

    I know you’re no sociologist, nor are my shrink, but you are extremely knowledgeable, and honest so I’d like you’re two cents of you don’t mind.


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