Is Anderson Cooper Gay?

Just this weekend, I was trying to tell a friend of mine, that not only was Anderson Cooper gay, but has albeit indirectly, admitted it… she REFUSED to believe me … well, OK then … for her benefit, and now all yours:

The inadvertent self-outing speaks for itself. As an added bonus, I include this “cute” fan-boy dedication [and apologies to any Elvis Costello fans] to the CIA-plant, child-of-the-ruling-class, brown-shirt, ass-kissing, village-people idolizing, lying-sack-of-shit, boy-wonder extraordinaire…

Personally, I honestly couldn’t care less about his lifestyle choices. However, when you’re on the television lying and deceiving the American public about things that really matter (i.e., the actions of traitors and foreign agents within their own government), please don’t also paint this false image of yourself along with it.

AFTERWORD [12/07/07]: Seeing that for some reason, this has now become, by far, my most popular article, am compelled to add an explanation to some of the items I wrote.

(A) I can only surmise the reason for the article’s popularity is a lot of men out there think that Anderson is “hot.” To you, I will say the same thing I said to my little nieces one summer when they had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio, and someone kidded them he was gay. [No. I don’t know the answer to that one.] “What difference does it make to you personally?” and “No. He’s not going to call you!”

Mr T HomoMocking Bird

(B) Yes, he is a CIA plant. Read about it. Undoubtedly, there are many many others throughout the mainstream [and likely, alternative] media! For example: Walter Cronkite, Tim Russert and the guy from Daily Kos immediately come to mind:

Research “Operation Mockingbird” and of how the CIA has boasted about the success of that operation and how easily they’ve been able to manipulate and control the information flow since. Anderson is an end-product of the program; not only did he “somehow” manage to allegedly get in and out of war zones unscathed while scripting his resume, but he also attended the CIA’s favorite recruiting ground, Yale (another blogger’s speculation on possible fraternal association).

(C) The “brown-shirt” reference is an allusion to Hitler’s “Brown Shirts” (SA) who helped put him into power. Coincidentally, many of them were homosexuals, and the generally agreed upon reason for that selection criteria is that they were therefore “compromisable” (i.e., subject to blackmail, hence controllable). As expected, and as has always happened historically, these people are the first to go when the regime they helped put in power takes over (because they know too much). Read about the “Night of the Long Knives.” Finally, to any “insiders” reading this: What do you think is going to happen to you?

Tickle MeSA Brown Shirts

(D) As for the other adjectives; everyone knows he is a Vanderbilt, though less well-known is that he is also the heir to the shady Astor fortune. Whether he is actually a fan of the Village People is beyond me. I just wanted to add something something semi-ridiculous and semi-inflammatory, and “pillow-biting” would have probably offended some of my gay friends.

This article may not necessarily reflect the present views of The Celtic Rebel, and has been left in the archive to show stages in growth and development of The Rebel Path.

AFTERWORD [04/03/08]: Just in case there are people out there who still don’t want to believe the obvious, you may want to watch the last minute of the second video in “Who’s Your Daddy?” Frustratingly, seeing that most of the American public is more focused on this person’s sex life, instead of that he’s a lying for-sale sycophant traitor, is a sad reflection on the deterioration of our society.

~ by celticrebel on September 15, 2007.

38 Responses to “Is Anderson Cooper Gay?”

  1. I don’t think he cares how he’s perceived one way or the other. By now, most people know he’s gay and it’s not like he beards and dates women, he never does. He probably expects people to put two and two together and figure it out for themselves. A desirable 40 year old man who has NEVER been linked to any woman? C’mon people.

  2. What did he say in that second video. I couldn’t make it out at the end.

  3. At the end, 2ndAm, he says: “CLEARLY doesn’t have anything to be nervous about. [chuckles] Erica, thanks.”

  4. Clearly it does not matter one way or the other what Anderson does or does not do in his private life. It does not have any effect on his journalism as he stated. He is a scribe with a private life that he prefers to keep private.

    People are judged on wether they are good teachers, journalists, physicians etc. based on performance on the job, not what they do at home in their private domain. I like Anderson’s journalism, I am unconcerned with his home life.

  5. Gwen, I think I expressed a similar sentiment. However, his “journalism” is the main issue, if you consider being a CIA mouth-piece as journalism. Anyone who’s seen The Good Shepperd couldn’t help but notice the homosexual undertones which went hand in hand with the agency.

  6. I think that Anderson Cooper is very good at what he does. It in no way, shape or form matters what his sexual orientation is. I love him, Kathy Griffin loves him, and obviously Im sure his friends and family love him. That’s all that matters!

  7. Who is the disgusting, crazy guy singing about Cooper? He has issues FOR REAL! Oh my God… Insane and scary. Get help dude

  8. I get soooo tired of hearing people defend PUBLIC FIGURES by saying, “Their private life shouldn’t matter”. Their private lives have EVERYTHING to do with, 1) who they are morally, ethically, etc; 2) why and how they get “hired and promoted” into certain positions of authority and power; 3) the innurmerable ways they can be blackmailed due to shame. And at this time in the World, there are 4 primary deviances that create the most shame: 1) homosexuality, 2) pedophilia, 3) severe drug use, and 4) Satanic participation / worship / murder. Therefore, the Elite scour their minions (or create them…) for all these qualities in a shill and quickly put them in a position of power, where they are controlled behind the scenes by shame. So, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Anderson is also exposed as a pedophile, a drug abuser, and connections to Satanic rituals. It almost always goes hand in hand.

    PS Decent, moral, ethical people, regardless of great looks and copious talent, will ABSOLUTELY NOT get grabbed by Hollywood or the major News Media precisely because we wouldn’t stand for all the corruption, lies, and depravity. But, children and relatives of the Elite (Government, Industrial, Corporate, and Military) with certain “training” and certain desirable “traits” and even a certain religion are ALL OVER the news media, Hollywood, and the music industry because they will tow the party line. If they don’t, they get killed. This has been going on since the late 1940s. So don’t get all caught up in the carefully crafted image sheeple, Anderson is just as much a whoring shill as the rest of them. A very well paid, well spoken, fashionable shill perhaps, but part of the spokes of evil nevertheless. And the fact that he is a fag is about the least of the issues, believe me.

  9. doctorf, thank you for saving me the trouble of having to respond in full to Jacob above. I would have left out the inflammatory word “fag” however.

    I mean, who the f*ck cares what that little prostitute Kathy Griffin thinks??? Surprise, yet another Jewish celebrity publicly slamming Christianity (see “Suck it Jesus!”) with no repercussions.

  10. His job is to report the news……. So what, he’s attractive. If he was busted no one would care. People seriously need to get lives.

  11. …and why do you care as to what a person’s orientation is? what gives u the right to dictate how a man should lead his or her life?! the protagonist in this case, cooper, is doing bloody well for himself and making a small difference to our lives…

  12. Kathy Griffin is a catholic, [expletive deleted]!!!

  13. Mary and Jai, Are you guy’s f’n kidding me? He is a lying sack-of-shit, who is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the CIA. And you guys think he’s “great” and “should be left alone?” Did you read the text? Congratulations, you have inspired me to write further on the subject.

    Jo, did you learn that by watching television? Normally, I delete vicious little comments like yours, but you provide me with a golden opportunity to make a point:

    Kathy Griffin (who I’d have been fortunate enough to never have heard of had I not written this article), like all “good catholic girls,” (a) had a Bat Mitzvah when she turned 12, and (b) told her “lord and savior” Jesus to suck her twat. I’m sorry, you’re right. She is obviously Catholic.

  14. I personally think he is a complete sham, a media invention. I don’t doubt that some of the personal pain he has shared is true, but his declaration of wanting to help those in need is bullshit. He covers it if it gets him ahead. Gay or not, he seems to be a little more insensitive than people perceive. Also, he does frequent the gay scene in New Orleans, and I have heard of several trysts, just for those of you who really are wondering. I could care less if he is gay or not. I don’t like fake sincerity.

  15. I want Anderson Cooper to be my sugar daddy super super bad.

  16. Whatever his motivation, Anderson’s reporting out of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast was some of the best I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing surprising or shocking about a sexually attractive man involved in “trysts”, so what?

  17. Anais, thank you for chiming on the side of rationality.

    K to da R, I do hope you’re being facetious.

    kdk12, how was Anderson’s reporting “the best?” Did he tell you about how the brunt of Katrina missed New Orleans entirely? Did he tell you how FEMA was intentionally stopping aid workers from going in? Did he tell you about the explosions at the levy? Did he tell you about Blackwater shooting civilians for kicks? Did he tell you about the actual death count???

    If by “the best,” you mean “the best liar” and you enjoy being lied to because he’s got a pretty face … that is sad.

  18. Final reply here. I used to think he was one of the more reputable journalists. Used to. He’s just become another news media entertainer. Nothing shady, nothing CIA “covertive”, just a little reporter trying to be big.

  19. Doctorf am I mistaken or did you compare to consensual people being gay someone to a pedophile satanist or a murderer? I would certainly hope not. In my personal opinion I think Anderson Cooper is a great reporter who does an excellent job of leaving his opinions at the door. Also he fact that he said he doesn’t have much to worry about could mean a number of things may be she does not find him attractive, may be he does not find her attractive. If you are taking that second video seriously my time has been wasted by writing this. Also the government does not kill off reporters if you want to see that go look at Russia, its rather difficult to hide. On a final note if he is gay, who cares? Hes not having sex with you hes not corrupting your life. He’s telling you about the stock market.

  20. I’m not sure why he’s so uptight! Campbell Brown asked him (with a smile on her face) what he thought about the First Lady’s inauguration gown and he totally avoided the question. He should lighten up and have some (gay) fun!

  21. harley, I deleted your first comment cause it was asinine. He is CIA, but even worse, he comes from a family line that thinks mankind, like yourself, are scum beneath them. Feel free to return that feeling with idolitry.

    Micah, no, “doctorf” did not say that. What he states is fact, as far as what “qualities” are sought after in people promoted to “star” status in movies and media. While homosexuality is not the taboo it once was, most [male] news anchors would probably find their career in jeopardy if a video of them felating some guy turned up. Hence, they are “controlled” via the implied threat of exposure.

    The reason they don’t kill reporters (too often) here, is cause they don’t need to. Be it Anderson, or any of the other big-time anchors stay alive is cause all they do is read the LIES they are instructed to. The government spent over $1.6 Billion on “fake news” in just one year. Seeing that Anderson, chooses to do nothing more than mouth lie after lie after lie to us and smile, then his also enjoying an occasional cock up the ass is worth a public mention.

    Craig, thanks for one of the few sane comments in response here. But, I suspect the reason he’s so uptight is cause of what they hold over him.

  22. It is so refreshing to see that someone else gets it. Sometimes, I feel so alone.
    Yes, a gay agenda is being pushed. It has been. So has the “divorce revolution” that occurred in the late 70’s with the advent of the mutual and voluntary divorce.
    It’s about the breakdown of the nuclear family.
    If everyone is always looking for sex, nobody bonds together as a coesive group.
    The “gay agenda” is promiscious sex.
    The elite are gay, so it’s OK?
    We have a strange double standard:
    On the one hand, it’s OK to be gay;
    On the other hand, if a Governor of NJ admits his closeted life, we are shocked, and he must resign over it. Meanwhile, the real shocker is that his lover is an Israeli, who is placed as head of NJ “Homeland Security”.

    Ever wonder if Michael Chernov is gay?
    He looks like Satan. His eyes are vacant.
    But, he might be gay, so that’s OK.
    At least, until he gets busted spying for Israel, then we can have him resign for being gay.

  23. Are you people serious??? Just because he is a private person doesn’t mean he is Gay!!! He is a multi millionaire or billionare who is a humanitarian. He is career driven and there are alot of people who aren’t linked in a romantic way to anyone and that doesn’t mean they are gay! Not that there is anything wrong with it!!!

  24. that’s sad! cuz i think anderson is hot.. too bad he’s gay.

  25. Anderson’s “Life partner’s” name is Brent. And Brent can’t fit in the glory hole and that’s why we all like Brent!

  26. Katz, well said. Thanks for being one of the few voices of reason to respond to this thread. You may enjoy my article focusing on the agenda.

    jen, the Nile is a river in Egypt. CIA stooges are not “humanitarians.” But, thanks for thanks for the inspirationally overt political correctness. Good material.

    ikissuhugo and charlie, I’ll assume you guys are being facetious, but thanks for dropping in and the laugh.

  27. We are Borg. Even though our thoughts are programmed responses, we still identify ourselves via individual names, and we don’t know why.

    dajoha: who cares if anderson cooper is gay, ih ope you don’t suck a girls tits … those are for babies to nurse on. not a grown man pervert, bowmandickson: that’s a very ignorant comment. and it’s not a “lifestyle choice” either. that’s equally offensive. anon: homophobic Nazi filth, Cameron: [20 words] + you don’t trust that CNN would make an intelligent decision and put the public at odds with a show + [478 words], lloyd, he is gay! OMG. Like #4, duhhhhh, doreen: he is an amazing good journalist.. so we should not really care abt his perosnla life. really! miguelito: Why the fuck do you think that people would choose to be gay in a society that hates gay people?  Get some damn critical thinking skills! katelyn: u otta be sued for this if u wer in my country deepshit, kennito: i had no idea such mentally ill people had internet access, liz: kathy griffin is Roman Catholic. do some research, kaythanks, max: Gay-bashing and right-wing conspiracy theories about a far too liberal media with homo-undertones. jade: you sound angry and jealous, jai : it’s disappointing to read certain articles and sense the rage and intolerance among folks who claim to be literate, mary: So what, he’s attractive. People seriously need to get lives, theirishrealist: I think you may be watching a little to much of fox and glen beck.

    PS: Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

  28. I see dead people.. A lot of zombies reading this blogg.. They didnt understand the whole idea behind the post. Agree with Katz.. Keep up the good work:.. people are waking up–

  29. RURIK2012, thank you for coming along and adding a long-overdue voice of reason to this. Also, I had been meaning to post a compilation of [deleted] zombie responses I had been saving for humor’s sake and now is a good time then.

    I get the feeling that had I begun this article with documented video evidence of Anderson Cooper cutting the heads off little black boys while he sodomized them and added, “proof that Coop is not only a racist murderer, but a homosexual as well,” the SAME people zombies would be in here saying, “leave Andersen alone you homophobe! He’s like cute and stuff.”

    Dear BORG, even though you came in here posing as individuals, your “thoughts” come from the same collective, hence it is easier for me to clean the shite off the rims of my toilet once in a while, rather than daily. For amusement’s sake, since you pretend to speak individually, I will pretend to address you as such.

    dajoha, you are so right. It is far more natural to stick our tongue’s up ANYONE’S excrement hole. Thanks for your wisdom. bowmandickson, since you didn’t bother reading the article, I gather me saying anything about social engineering, would probably go over your head? anon, in other words, you were too lazy to read the top Nazis who put Hitler into power were ALL homosexual. Oops, hope reMinding you of that little paradox doesn’t destroy the collective. cameron, a very lengthy diatribe best summed up by the statement in the middle, which pretty much says, “my perception of the way the world works, is the way I was indoctrinated to believe it does,” lloyd, OMG. LOL. JK. Snap! doreen, so challenging to read the ENTIRE article, huh? Really? diminutive miguel, what world are you talking about where gays are discriminated against? Is there discrimination just because the media SAYS SO, or have you not left your grandfather’s barn for the past 10 years? katelyn, apparently, in your country, you need not learn to write to fill out legal forms, so I’ll stay out of it. dimunitive kenn, wait, that sounds familiar. Bill O’Reilley, is that you my little “kenny?” liz, wow, you can use wikipedia! Dig deeper, mmmmmmmkay? max, ooh, the dialectic, everyone who drinks coke is bad and dumb and stuff and pepsi drinkers are like smart and gay and stuff. Sorry, no “theories” here that fit you blue shirt versus red shirt world view. jade, you’re half-right. Angry, I have to take comments form zombies. Yes. Jealous? No, I don’t want to be assimilated. jai, seeing that you didn’t bother reading the article before pushing the little “comment” button, I’ve since added pictures for the benefit of you “literate” types. mary, people, like, seriously, need to like, read, and stuff. irish”realist”, one, see response to max, then two, proceed to change name to “the irish automaton.”

    Well, that was fun guy[s]. I do think, that inside that collective, there is one person with some potential and that’s you Miguelito. So, for you, and perhaps should there be one more in there I misinterpreted/overlooked, I seriously recommend you take the time, to (1) know more about me before you presume to judge me [and make an ass of yourself in the process] and (2) find out what the fuck social engineering is if you wanna stop being ignorant and repeating media-provided “opinions,” and instead, forming them for yourself.

  30. “I get the feeling that had I begun this article with documented video evidence of Anderson Cooper cutting the heads off little black boys while he sodomized them and added, “proof that Coop is not only a racist murderer, but a homosexual as well,” the SAME people zombies would be in here saying, “leave Andersen alone you homophobe! He’s like cute and stuff.””

    Funny you should mention this Reb, because I “joked” to someone years ago that the “president” could hold a press conference, admit the truth of 9/11, and everyone would just go about their business as usual the next day. Sure they might grumble a little at the water cooler, but at the end of the day they wouldn’t do a damn thing. I have no reason to believe any differently today.

  31. Now it is all in the open. He is dating someone who looks like a gay model out of the Colt Adult Video collections which isn’t any surprise to me. If you wanted him, you better look like one of the chelsea boys who works out with a 10″ cock and a body of a steel.

  32. i always knew this guy was a fucking snake fuck him damn fucking liar. i hope he dies.

  33. I saw Anderson Cooper and his boyfriend in New Orleans with my own eyes. I respect him as a journalist and always will anyways. He’s the best

  34. Mat, thanks for a sane comment, and I’d gather little has changed today.

    Jimmy, I think at about that time, while the story of him and his lover biking was released in gay mags and rags, the Times/Post put out the same picture, but cut out his “friend.”

    ih8zionists, now that’s the appropriate spiriti! He is a fuck-wad.

    Jose Olivares, one one hand thanks for confirming what SHOULD be obvious to anyone with two eyeballs. On the other, did you read anything other than the Article Title? Cooper is a festering pile of human excrement and NOT your friend.

  35. Anderson Cooper also came from the “Channel1” highschool news infotainment channel.

    Another criticism, noted by Media Education Foundation’s[6] documentary Captive Audience[7], is that very little time is dedicated to actual news and the majority of the programming is soft, sensationalistic “fluff” with corporate marketing and PR tie-ins to promote products and services, arguing that it further corrupts the school setting with consumerism.

    Also, Lisa Ling (From the View), her sister Laura (detained in NK), and a few other interesting names.

  36. Cringing, while watching the second video on the page. Why idolize someone like this? I mean have you no shame.

  37. i’ll go out with him for a cut of his inheritance…might be worth the arse rash

  38. Celtric Style I LUV U

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