If the Glove Doesn’t Fit…

…then you must … um … quit?

Sorry! I’ve never been really good with catch-phrases, “hooks” or jingles. Probably why my career on Madison Avenue never quite panned out. I’ll be OK; nary a moment passes where I find myself wondering if “sometimes I’d feel more fulfilled making Christmas Cards with the mentally ill.” {*1} So, gather round kids cause today’s letter is “C” as in CooCKie, CoKo Channel, CoKa Cola, CanCKer or rooster.

Cookie MonsterEvil

Today’s “C” word: Condoms! Yeah, that’s it. {*2} Never liked ’em. Never will. If this ruins our chances for “love,” I won’t be losing a single moment of sleep over it. As I’ve previously expressed, I have not always been fully aware of the way our world operates (not that I claim to now), but even back in my younger days, I thought this “condom mania” (like Beatlemania or any other “mania”) was suspicious at best. As I dared say amongst close company in those days:

“You know. This stupid condom thing. It just feels wrong. I have this weird image of a bunch of greedy old men sitting around a table in some smoky room going “We tax them when they eat. We tax them when they drink. We tax every single leisure activity these peasants engage in, except for one, coitus!” And then, scheming of a way to invade one of the last true wonderful bastions of free-expression and free leisure [not to mention, a damn good one at that, probably topping ALL the ones you have to pay for]. And then, doing it!”

Having now spent time further researching the topic, I was surprised to learn that I really wasn’t that far off back then. I don’t know whether some old men actually sat at in some smoky room around some table speaking those words verbatim, but my intuition was dead on. [I could also deduce there would be no “official minutes” of such a meeting. I didn’t say a bunch of dumb and anal old men.] If there was any flaw in my original line of thinking, it was underestimating the lengths they would go to, or fathom the extent of their depravity and greed.

My findings soon, but first, let’s look at the tactics/strategies used to sell us the idea of condoms. Mmm, a little [androgynous] ass may put you “in the mood.” But, what’s that? HIV Positive! Eek! Mood killer. Why do I suddenly feel like going out and buying a new sweater? OMG! Is not wearing a condom like fighting an oil fire without a protection suit? Don’t be stupid! Only a fool wouldn’t wear condoms! {*3}

Benetton ButtFire Scare

Remember kids, “safety first.” Check this out (below). What an amazing little poster. Shows me all the things a boy and a girl could do together for fun. Or, a girl and girl. Or, a boy and a boy. Is bisexuality an agenda too? Well, think of the marketing of homosexuality as kindler gentler form of population control. That’s all I have to say about that. Oh, and whatever object that girl is getting ready to stick up that guy’s ass on the bottom right. Honey, don’t even think about it!

Safety First

Yea. The campaign to scare us into using condoms came from all ends of the ad industry, and of course, like all good wolves, came to us disguised in the best of sheep’s clothing; that of “concern for our well being.” Just like we saw on 9/11, first you traumatize, then you give them a simple childish explanation/solution. Trauma, has been psychologically proven to reduce people to a child-like state. So, here are a few condom salesmen/mascots to help those people out:

For KidsFor KidsFor Kids

Um, who exactly is the target audience for these? Ah, kids! So, why are you marketing sex to our children? No, we’re not marketing sex to your children. We just want to protect them. You children could end up pregnant, and might have to drop out of the indoctrination centers, we mean schools. Or, worse, get AIDS and die! Oh, OK. Thanks, good to know someone’s looking out for our children, cause we’re utterly incapable of parenting ourselves.

So, they need sex education. Um, shouldn’t the parents be responsible for that? No. Because some parents won’t do it. So, we have to educate kids at school. And, we’re going to show them how to put condoms on bananas. Even after they get used to bananas, those slower children may still not get it, so we may go ahead and budget for these new training aids that feature more lifelike appendages for your kids to practice with. Um, thanks???

Teaching BananasInstruction Kit

Uh, not OK! Sex education involves explaining the facts of life to your kids, not practicing alongside them. You can explain masturbation or intercourse to a child without demonstrating. As any half-decent parent knows, dwelling on a topic, or repetition just leads to more curiosity. This isn’t education. This is marketing!

You can thank Disney Corporation (and maybe even the good folks at Tavistock) for learning early on: the sooner you get a customer hooked, the longer you keep them. Children’s minds are the ones most ripe for manipulation. Many companies have since followed suit (e.g., the Tobacco industry, the Fashion industry). But, seeing the average mind has been dumbed-down by the school system (and over-exposure to television), be sure to come up with a few easily memorable catch-phrases (ones that even idiots may remember): {*4}

Protect the WillyNo Love

Your up-front work done on the early mind (i.e., customer), now you just sit back and watch the profits roll in. Has anyone looked at the kind of money in the condom business? First, think about the billions of people on this planet. Next, consider how many of those people are having sex at this exact moment. Then, think about the percentage of them using condoms. Think about the profit involved in raising that number by just 1%. Looking at just a few articles should offer some insight:

Do your own research if you wish. Google “condoms, profits, etc” and you’ll find a lot more articles. Back to strategy, don’t forget to market to brainwash them as they turn into teens and prepare to go to college. Tell them what common sense is, instead of letting them develop it. Hand out free condoms wherever sexually active youths tend to congregate. Appeal to princess programming in women (e.g., the below cross-marketing ad drawing from both De Beers and Disney themes):

Condom SenseNYC FreeWill You

Speaking of the NYC image, doesn’t it strike you as odd that free condoms are available to anyone at anytime in a city of that size? But you should know, nothing is free. Some fools somewhere are paying for the program. Most likely, you.

So, we’ve laid the groundwork. Now, watch them grow into ideal customers (i.e., robots). Feed them a steady diet of occasional reminders via their growth path (Disney to Nickelodeon to MTV). The schools will keep them busy memorizing instead of learning how to think (and suppress their creativity). And then, they’ll just emulate, emulate, emulate:

Monkey SeeMonkey SeeMonkey See

Did any of these people stop and ask, “What exactly is this that I’m putting in my mouth? What kind of toxic chemicals were used to make this? Who makes this?” Oh, never mind. Mimic and repeat. Mimic and repeat. Monkey see. Monkey do.

Monkey DoMonkey DoMonkey Do

I know they’ve managed to suppress our intelligence. I know they’ve convinced us to no longer trust our intuition. But, have they also managed to make us overcome the natural aversion we have to foul chemical smells? Obviously, at one time, we, like all the other animals on this planet, had the ability to smell foods and decide what was safe for us to consume.

All one really has to do is just “smell” a condom. What a foul odor! And, it lingers on your hands and every part of your body it comes into contact with. Perhaps the suggestion’s been synchromystically put to us before our subconscious already (Spinal Tap fans will inevitably recognize the first “controversial” image):

Smell the GloveSniff the Glove

Seriously, just take one smell of the “glove.” But, never mind. Don’t listen to your natural instincts. Look! Lollipop condoms! Don’t you wanna put one in your mouth? Aren’t they cute? And who is the target market for lollipops? Little girls. Why? Cause they’re phallic. It’s subliminal training. Do you honestly think it’s only coincidental? A minor hint from Webster’s code book: fellatio [¡see FEMININE!).

Christmas PopWeenie PopHappy Pop

I recall some girl I encountered a few years ago who told me she wouldn’t fellate me unless I wore a condom. Once I managed to stop laughing … I asked her when she developed a taste for chemical stew? This insanity has gone to the extent of having spawned a new form of Bukkake. Yes, “condom Bukkake.”

Condom BukakeThird Eye

Why would I stoop to this level you may ask? That’s a fair question. Why would I bring up something as debasing as Bukakke. Well, I could make a synchromystic reach and say the above right image, while funny on the surface, may imply losing our 3rd eye (the one likely so calcified by fluoride now, it’s almost blind). The continued degeneration that something like Bukkake has not just on the recipient, or the participants, but the audience, and eventually, the human soul.

Were it something confined to a small section of perverts, well fine. Let them be. But, when a major media conglomerate indoctrinates children into the act, that’s beyond infuriating. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this image in Disassociation through Disney’s Enchantment [do read the article]. {*5} Be advised: click comparison image at own risk (while it may be “Rated R,” it is still explicit).

Disney Facial

So, Disney is subliminally telling children that Bukkakish facials, while unpleasant, are somehow “magical?” Truly truly disturbing. I’m sure some will ask how Disney rationalized / played-off this scene for the dumbed-down masses? Well, watch the scene for yourself: the lady doth protest while gobs of the sticky white substance pepper her, but squeals and moans in a manner consistent with ecstatic “pleasure.”

As Pseudo-Occult Media exemplifies during his investigation (regarding how fantasy themes are used for the purpose of dissociative “sexual programming” of children):

“Princess Giselle, this sticky liquid will transport you to Andalasia, do you remember Andalasia, Gisele? This magical liquid will take you there.”

“Sticky liquid?” Shudder! A few years ago, There’s Something About Mary, {*6} told legions of young women that you could be desirable, get any man you want and be fabulous with some semen in your hair. But, that wasn’t a “children’s movie!”

Wait a minute. Semen dies shortly after it leaves its “source.” Dead semen. Dead sea-men for Pyaray’s/Cthulhu’s fleet of the undead? Perhaps my last journey to Cthulhu’s realm unduly impacted me??? But then, my head almost did a Linda Blair when I saw the following image:


But, before I get dragged back into Cthulhu’s realm, let me get back some solid facts about condoms that you won’t see advertised or preached to you by mindless do-gooder sex educators or ANYONE in the mainstream media:

  1. The HIV/AIDS virus is too small and the perforation of condoms (latex, “natural” or synthetic compounds) too large. It is literally like a ping-pong ball passing through a basketball hoop.
  2. Herpes, is not limited to the upper shaft of the penis or the inside of the vagina. A condom, which may help stop skin to skin contact, in no way assures you that you won’t get herpes. And, the virus may be the size of a tennis-ball when plugged into the above analogy.
  3. Per this article on condom effectiveness: condoms offer little protection against HPV (neither does the vaccine), not much more against syphilis or chlamydia, and may not really even be all that effective against pregnancy.

Well, that addresses the two biggest fear-based reasons why most people choose to wear condoms (and, arguably, any reason). Coincidentally, the top two both have roots as bio-engineered diseases, sharing many a similarity (my studies lead me to believe that herpes may have at one time been designed as a carrier for the former). Another outcome from that smoky room? Read Len Horowitz’s Emerging Viruses: AIDS And Ebola (Nature, Accident or Intentional)? Then, you decide.

But, why rely on deductive reasoning and common sense? The guys in the smoky room can easily contradict any real scientific discoveries, by literally producing tons of contradictory findings from their own paid “scientists” (i.e., prostitutes with initials preceding or following their names). They have almost unlimited funding (thanks to you giving it to them). They can take another big chunk of that money and go after [what’s left of] your common sense (through marketing):

Beach AdMindless BodiesCondom Man

Aww, cute mascots that care about us handing out free condoms on the beach (where a significant number of attendees are already thinking about sex). Free condoms “anywhere.” The old guys can even save money on marketing by relying on the mimicry of unpaid stooges (center). Don’t forget to market to all races: “Don’t be shame. Be game!”

Convince young driven youths to spend their energy on your campaign cause instead of something that actually helps humanity (e.g., like feeding the homeless in their own city, a population due to arise exponentially in America), and then use them as your unpaid marketing staff. [Maybe they’ll even use MySpace to reach further into the public mind?] And, of course, market in all languages in all parts of the world.

The following image is from a French pro[?]condom ad, found on Synchrapacolypse’s SynchroPhallicism: OctoCock article. It synchs well with this blog, and a little too well with the tentacle them from the last one. Can’t seem to escape Lord Pyaray! Check out the oddly erotic and overtly suggestive “jerk it“/rooster video:

French Aides

Tracing this tentacle back to the source, we get to the brain center of the entire operation, and this is where you have to, at a minimal, respect the sheer genius of these “people.” [¿have to wonder?] They’ve obviously mastered human psychology. A critical component of the entire operation of selling us the “fear” of these diseases, and prevent us from looking for their true causes, or linking the operation(s), is “programmed” guilt. If you can make the victim feel like it was their own fault they were victimized, then you [the criminal] are in the clear.

Enter the Sexual Revolution! Again, you may despise the guys in the smoky room, but have to admire the genius and long-term strategic planning. Push H.G. Well’s ideas of free love on the hippies who think they’re actually rebelling and working on peace (wrong on both counts). Break down the family through the Women’s Liberation movement; take mom out and control the development of the children via your “schools” and television “programming.” Push the ideas on the young and old, through appropriate “safe” (Disney) or controversial (Playboy) channels. {*7}

HippiesMickey MinniePlayboy

That all accomplished, now unleash your bio-engineered plagues on mankind. Go after fringe groups first. Give out free hepatitis vaccines only to homosexuals in target cities. Your media: “Look, the homosexuals are getting AIDS cause they’re having too much sex!” Next, racial targeting. Inject African kids with AIDS through your Polio vaccination program (cause we care so much about those poor starving African kids, never mind feeding them). Have your press write up articles about strange sex practices among Africans, and how black people “don’t wear condoms” and practice “unsafe sex” to explain away why the Negro race is 800% to 1300% more likely to get AIDS.

Note: As previously noted, I don’t have the time or space here to back up all of the above or below statements. While they are debatable, they are also verifiable by even a minimal amount of research.

The set-up is complete. Now just spread fear-mongering among your controlled outlets, label AIDS a “sexually transmitted disease” (which it is not, it is one of “close contact”), and start talking about white girls getting AIDS through heterosexual contact and you’re done. Boo! The rest just takes care of itself.


Scared again? Good! Maybe we can push some of our other agendas on you. Like selling you our police state. Terrorists are out to get you! We need to fund more storm-troopers, with carte blanche to invade your home whenever it suits them (and shoot you with minimal repercussions). Yea, I know we once taught you that bad guys wore black. But, you’re so scared and stupid now, you’ll buy anything!

However, you’re still human. You still wanna get laid, don’t you? [Fair assumption, seeing that sex is used to sell us just about every product imaginable, and our kids are being sexualized at a very early age as well.] Please note: I have not once used the word abstain! {*8}

Look! Safe sex is hot sex! Maybe we can use some celebrity who makes girls wet to be our spokesman? Let’s not forget to rely on the cheap route of repetition by programmed minds. Um, DO stop and take a closer look at the center image, I could not have composed it any better myself:

Not so Hot SexSynch GirlsSnow Brown

This was not taken by a professional photographer, so purely through the collective unconscious, we get a treasure trove of synchromystic themes: Get … um, laid? “Deal with it!” A Britney poster! A butterfly (symbolic of mind control) and an alter (strategically behind one of the girl’s heads). Two open flowers in the background (and two “flowers” ready to be opened in the foreground). Pst! Brain gasket blown.

The girl in the snow white image (are those braces?) looks extremely young. And, I really wasn’t planning on going there (you know, there), but that same image (do zoom) does take on an extremely, should we say “anal” undertone. Most people don’t associate Disney with “rim jobs,” but those who’ve been following my blog [¿Hannahl Montanal?] shouldn’t be too surprised. Take a good look at the following image [also] from Disney’s Enchanted, notice the placement of her tongue?

Yes, her tongue is on the rim of the wormhole / manhole. I know, I know. The Disney being innocent and wholesome propaganda runs deep in your own psyche (despite voluminous evidence to the contrary). In the movie, the princess enters a wormhole/stargate and comes out of a manhole (per PoM, picture is her looking up towards the manhole). I had already discussed the synchromystic connection to our own digestive system as a microcausmic wormhole of sorts. May need to revisit.

I really didn’t think I’d have to go so far [much less want to], but many whom I previously tried to suggest Disney’s metaphor to, stubbornly insisted that I “may be reaching on this one.” So, my apologies, but I am now compelled to demonstrate for you, as I did for them, in order to get that “Holy F’n Shit” reaction. Here you go: [in no particular order] a wormhole, a stargate, a manhole, the “Seat of the Cult of the Sun God” (i.e., an anus), and an infamous bar on Halstead:

Man Hole

Looking back at the “Safety First” image, I have to contemplate why in a showcase that seems to depict just about every activity two people could engage in, two pairings are blatantly missing. Do Lesbians not travel around the world? [Yet one pairing, the female inserting object into female’s rear end, is the only one shown twice?] I could go so far as to [ahem] assume they didn’t include the female on male face to rear coupling cause Disney Corp has now trademarked™ it. 😉

But, enough of that. Let’s get back to cuter and safer subjects. The first of which, was likely never test-marketed on adults (below), while the latter, well … it’s kind of cute and vulgar at the same time. However, in an upcoming blog, I will be taking a closer look on the origins of that HEART symbol, so some may change their mind as to “cute.” Yes, the brain-washing runs very deep.

For Kids?LOVE?

Those who’ve used condoms have indubitably run into the “with Nonoxynol-9” label. Yes, it is advertised as a “spermicide,” but how many users have ever bothered to look up/research the substance? Well, IF anyone does, they’ll find out that even the WHO (another group with ties to eugenics) had to admit that Nonoxynol-9 increases the risk of HIV transmission. Yes, you read that correctly. Increases.

So, how stupid do they think the general public is and how non-critical do they judge that public mind? Note how the summary contradicts the entire article:

“Condoms should not include N-9 for any use. However, if the only condom available has N-9, it is better than no condom.

You hear that? That is the sound of the nebulous them laughing at you. We already know, without doubt, that the condom does not, in any way, act as a barrier to HIV transmission. Yet, the WHO’s recommendation is that you use something which they admit increases your risk of HIV. So, for the same general public, I’ll mimic them and and summarize fact in the most general of terms:

“Use condoms with N-9, and increase your risk of contracting AIDS, rather than no condom at all, because you little pissant, we don’t give a shit about you. All we want is your money. Should you get AIDS, guess what? Our pharmaceutical division will get a hell of a lot more of your money before you die [leaving little for your pathetic excuse for a family]. A lot more than the negligible amount you spend on condoms, because you’re such a loser, you probably never get laid anyway.”

Don’t expect that bit of truth to ever pop up on MTV or the back of a condom box.

The Truth

However, the above bit of honesty was actually printed on a condom box. I don’t know whether it’s from Pluto’s influence (bringing all things hidden into the light), or just a Freudean slip of grand proportions, but somehow, one condom manufacturer decided to be truthful (zoom in and read the above).

Want more “truth?” Here’s just a MINOR rundown (check for yourself) of chemicals used in the condom-making process (ultimately, what ends up INSIDE your body):

Highly Toxic: Aniline, Hexamethyline-tetramine, Ortho-toluidine
Slightly Toxic: Alpha-naphthylamine, Beta Methyline aniline, Para-Phenylinediamine

Ortho-Toluidine is possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B). Para-toluidine inhalation side effects: Blue lips or finger nails. Blue skin. Confusion. Dizziness. Headache. Laboured breathing. Nausea. Shortness of breath. Unconsciousness. Weakness.
Para-toluidine ingestion side effects:
Blue lips or fingernails. Blue skin. Dizziness. Headache. Laboured breathing.

Scary stuff. I should probably add, whether you choose condoms made of “real” latex, reconstituted decaying animal parts (i.e., “natural”) or synthetic latex (more toxic soup), you won’t escape the manufacturing process. You may wanna wrap yourself in a condom to protect yourself. Oh, wait. Maybe not a good idea. The last image below may best depict the consensus coping strategy:

Condom HeadTurning PurpleHead Up Ass

I’m sure many, are still skeptical of my rantings, and I’m not including those who haven’t dismissed them outright (the programmed response), because they’ve very likely stopped reading by now. So, those who are still with me, yet still incredulous that such a thing could ever happen, with all the medical “professionals” and people in “charitable” organizations, who’ve devoted their lives to HIV/AIDS causes; you may be wondering how such a monumental scam could take place.

Blind Leading the BlindDumb and Dumber

The two images above sum up the two explanations as to “how” we could have come so far. The “blind leading the blind,” or “dumb and dumber.” Which camp you fall into depends on what you do with this information. Note: I will presume that anyone who reads my blog semi-regularly isn’t shocked by these “revelations,” and shouldn’t feel this summary is addressed to them.

If you thumb your nose at this and label me a lunatic, you fall in the latter camp. If you change your entire habits based only on this article, you risk remaining in the former. If you research this on your own, and form your own opinion, well then, there’s hope for you yet, and maybe even, in the macrocosm, mankind as a whole.

A Couple More Arbitrary Celtic Rebel Posts on Related or Similar Subject Matter
Apr 2009: True Blue Sexual Review Jan 2010: Seventeen Yet Again

*1: Actually, never really worked on Mad Ave. Though, did consult for several Fortune 500 companies, and a couple of Fortune 10. Yes, I wasted years of my life writing clever anecdotes for moral deficients. You impressed now? However, one minor claim to “jingoistic” fame: while at Uni, drunk at campus theater, shouted “Luke, you’re grounded” at one of the Star Wars showings. Was the talk of campus for all of about two weeks. Are you entertained? [LB]

*2: I moved the original “Happy 4th of July” tri-color condom pic to my upcoming blog about Barrack Hussein Obama, as (a) it suits that one a little better and (b) the EVIL image may be more “fitting” and synchs heavily with this article’s conclusions about condoms, especially considering a statement I heard David Icke make recently, about “evil” being the word “live” spelled backwards. [LB]

*3: This may be silly, but I am truly surprised I never heard a commercial where Mr. T said: “I pity the fool who doesn’t wear a condom.” [LB]

*4: I’m trying not to make this a personal diatribe, [¿too late?] but I also heard that “No glove. No love” phrase regurgitated in my direction. My response? “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,” followed by the Woody Allenesque “I’m all out of clichés. Can we actually talk now?” [LB]

*5: One, I am speaking in context of multiple men ejaculating on someone. Looking at the Disney image, one can infer so much “sticky liquid” would require multiple donors. Two, if after reading this (and PoM’s article), you watch this Enchanted movie with an open mind (instead of one programmed to not entertain truth), dismiss the effects and then still allow your children to watch it, then you are a fucking idiot. That simple. [LB]

*6: One problem with said movie: Ben F’n Stiller! Why is he popular? Who thinks he is remotely amusing or even, tolerable? What an utterly annoying actor, and [per people I know who’ve met him] pompous excuse for a human being this person is. [LB]

*7: Breaking down each statement would require a book. If you doubt me: do your own research. A couple of links: the “joke” known as the Women’s Liberation Movement, an interesting perspective on the players/leaders of that movement (supporting video). And, at one time, I recall buying that Hugh Hefner rags to riches story, until I realized he was directly related to both John Kerry and George Bush. Oh, and Disney’s been at it for a long time. [LB]

*8: The staged sex education debate, just like the staged evolution vs. creation debate, offers no middle-ground for pragmatism and factuality. The religious “abstinence” program disregards human nature, while the Planned Parenthood approach is to push condoms (not a surprise, considering the group’s eugenics origins) and sexuality on the youngest of minds. How about an approach that teaches self-worth and self-respect? How about one that leaves it up the the parents? Yea, crazy talk! [LB]

~ by celticrebel on July 6, 2008.

24 Responses to “If the Glove Doesn’t Fit…”

  1. AWESOME WORK!! Man you really got those “juices flowing” (pun intended my friend!) and just wow’ed me! I thank you for the hard work, I knew the diseases were an agenda but I never dug deep into the marketing aspect of the condoms as the double-bind whammie. Unreal, but to those of us uncovering layer by layer of the b.s. not a big shocker huh?

    Thanks again!
    Peace bro.

  2. Celtic Rebel, your commentary on the corrupt condom industry along with HIV theorists was awesome! The Majority of the world buys into these illusionary media-induced-brain-washing $cams.

    Most People will not question these nuggets of truth. People are lazy they can’t take 20 minutes of their time and research the facts.

    Even within my own dissent circles, condom Nazi’s continue to spread *(the epidemic of fear)* costing so many lives.

    PS. Celtic I’d like to leave this link.


    NIH condom report and other PDF files and links are in Blue.

  3. Well that was pretty amazing, lets leave no stone unturned & that was one I never even thought to look under. I have read or heard somewhere that the intermingling of sexual energies & shall we say juices via skin contact is most potent, so masking with a latex raincoat would certainly interfere with this.

  4. Michael and Woman, sometimes it still surprises me when I stumble over some rock I never bothered looking under. Recently, did so with one regarding our “fear” of nature, rabies, etc… Had I not “stumbled over” the rape tentacle strength condom package, probably wouldn’t have started this one.

    Hm, you both used the word “juices.” 8) Interesting point about interfering with energies.

    Tomás, great site! Had I run across it before publishing this article, would have definitely linked to it. Amazing we both synched with the phrase “condom mania” without having crossed paths.

    I’m of the opinion that HIV only turns into AIDS after taking the pharmaceuticals to combat the former, and had to fight back the urge to help expose the “HIV Testing” scam as yet another sick massive rip-off, but this article had run long enough.

  5. “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”– Dresden James

  6. Just wanted to salute you and let you know that the article was exquisite, gross and funny all at the same time. But overall very truthful. To tell you the truth, I probably wont be using condoms anymore. And thats that. 😉


    Here is a related news story I found: KIDS TXT 4 FREE CONDOMS

  7. no no xinol, condo m inions, pre ven tion, sorry! i often get lost having fun with words, specialy at the pharmaco names, since i discovered that lonely ones loved tylenoLonelyt… well Rebel, I cant deny your article got me thinking seriously for a while… you devil evil live guy! Hugs, from a far makomene.

  8. when i was in hight school they were still considered “gross.” i know it’s a long time ago but really not all that long…i know guys who “double bag,” i also know that i will not be using them again…guess my summer trips to europe may get lonely…thanks for the education and for confirming what instinctively i already knew…..lalan

  9. Excellent quote Anesti!

    Kate, whether you know it or not, you’re a synchronaut! 🙂 That’s a great find. Note the article image says “kids,” not teens.

    Frighteningly, the article points out that they’ve got 80% of Australian teens brain-washed into the condom scam. The comments from the related link off the story are a great example of how programmed robots regurgitate propaganda as opinion (though, there are a couple from “sane” individuals). Also, the referred to “SUMISSION” party (odd name for an “under 18” bachanalia) has some odd related tidbits.

    sedulisxu, your responses are always “fun.” Glad I was able to stimulate your mind. 🙂

    lalan, I feel your pain. Those of us who have opened our eyes and learned to trust our intuition, out of be it need for pleasure or a respite from loneliness, will inevitably face the prospect of copulation with someone who’s common sense is so far gone, no amount of “proof” or arguing will convince them to go with the false sense of security a “condom” gives them.

  10. “…and may not really even be all that effective against pregnancy.”

    I can believe that, judging by the number of times I’ve had a condom break on me in mid-intercourse.

    As for AIDS being a bioengineered disease, I don’t know…

    Len Horowitz comes off like a snake oil salesman, so I’ve never bothered with his books. I am familiar with Alan Cantwell’s books, however (Cantwell is a homosexual, so you do have to factor that in when you’re reading him). I’ve also seen Dr. Strecker’s video, which was the inspiration for Cantwell’s work. There appears to be some circumstantial evidence that AIDS was bioengineered, but as with all conspiracy theories, it falls short of what is needed to prove its case. Two major strikes against this theory are that: 1) none of Strecker’s predictions about an imminent AIDS-apocalypse have come true (except for perhaps in Africa) and 2) we know there was a Soviet disinformation campaign in the 80’s whose aim was to convince people that AIDS was a bioengineered disease (with the U.S. being the culprit, of course).

    I haven’t reached an opinion on this matter yet, but anyone skeptical of the conventional theories about HIV-AIDS ought to also read Peter Duesberg’s books (in which he argues that AIDS is caused by unhealthy lifestyles and not by a virus) and Michael Fumento’s “The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS.” Personally, I find Duesberg’s theory more plausible than Strecker’s, and Fumento’s is the most plausible of all. Naturally, both Duesberg and Fumento have been smeared as “homophobes” since the implication of their findings is that homosexuals might have brought AIDS upon themselves.

    Since the establishment is trying to market homosexuality as an “alternative lifestyle,” it certainly wouldn’t want it to be known that male homosexuals are at a far greater risk of contracting VD’s than is the rest of the population, would it?

    Interview with Michael Fumento:

    Interview with Peter Duesberg:

    Negative review of one of Duesberg’s books (included here because it’s made up almost entirely of ad hominems, non sequiturs, and misstatements, which is typical of his critics):

  11. Igor, making trouble again I see. 🙂

    Don’t be so quick to dismiss Horowitz. The book presents his case, with a detailed time-line and he uses their own documents, backed with sound scientific explanations even the layman can follow. Were his evidence ever put before an impartial jury, an indictment would surely follow.

    Hell, Merck’s Dr. Maurice Hilleman ADMITTED IT. Ever wonder why the National Cancer Institute and the Army’s Bioweapons research center share facilities at Fort Detrick???

    Stecker was not the brain-child behind the plan, just someone who came across it, exposed it, and inspired others. And, in Africa’s case, he was dead on. It’s part of an old eugenics plan from over a century ago, which suggested that Africans (negroes) do not deserve to live on such a resource rich continent, and the far more productive (and subservient) Chinese should be put on it … which, is EXACTLY what is happening now.

    As for Duesberg and Fumento, they may be partially right. Anal sex, regardless of sexual orientation, results in much higher transfer rates of any type of microbe. However, the one big hole in their argument is not acknowledging the fact that the same six American cities where the first cases of homosexual AIDS broke out, were also the same six cities were “experimental” Hepatitis B vaccines were given out for free to ONLY homosexual men.

  12. celticrebel said: “Ever wonder why the National Cancer Institute and the Army’s Bioweapons research center share facilities at Fort Detrick???”

    No. Why do they share facilities at Fort Detrick?

    celticrebel said: “It’s part of an old eugenics plan from over a century ago, which suggested that Africans (negroes) do not deserve to live on such a resource rich continent…”

    That’s an interesting theory. Although it’s not PC to say it, everyone knows that Africa’s black population was at its largest when Africa was under white rule, due to the higher living standards. If there is a conspiracy to rid Africa of blacks, then driving whites out of Africa (which has almost been accomplished) must have been a crucial phase of the plan.

    The only thing that I would slightly disagree with is that the Chinese have an ethnic/racial/national agenda of their own. If they’re moving in on Africa, it’s because it serves _their_ national interests. I don’t believe they’re acting as agents for anyone but themselves.

    celticrebel said: “However, the one big hole in their argument is not acknowledging the fact that the same six American cities where the first cases of homosexual AIDS broke out, were also the same six cities were ‘experimental’ Hepatitis B vaccines were given out for free to ONLY homosexual men.”

    This is the circumstantial evidence I was referring to. It forms the basis for an interesting hypothesis, but it’s far from being a smoking gun. That’s the problem with conspiracy theorists — they come up with interesting hypotheses, but they never follow through with hard evidence. Following through in this case would, for starters, mean obtaining lists of the men who were vaccinated and comparing the names to a list of say, the first 10,000 AIDS (or GRIDS, as it it was then known) cases that were diagnosed in the U.S. To my knowledge, no one advocating this particular conspiracy theory has bothered doing that.

    Further complicating the matter is that no one seems to be sure when the first case of what we today call AIDS actually turned up. I’ve heard stories of people dying of AIDS-like symptoms as far back as 60 years ago. Some people speculate that these may have been the first cases of AIDS.

    That’s essentially Peter Duesberg’s point — that “AIDS” might be nothing more than a new label for what basically amounts to a collection of old diseases. I don’t necessarily agree with him 100%, but I haven’t heard anyone to date convincingly refute his primary arguments.

    This is one of those cases where either Duesberg is wrong, or Strecker is wrong, but they can’t both be right.

  13. I had to skim through what looks to be an amusing article (got linked over from your Octopi, Phali & the Cube post) and your opening paragraph reminded me of something. I saw a semi-subliminal advertisement for Coca-Cola which had a woman whose head was out of frame (decapitated?) and she was holding a Coke can right where her penis would be if she had one. And someone commenting on that pic mentioned that Egypt had a god of masculinity or something who was named Kuk (pronounced Coke possibly) meaning “cock.” So the picture was the typical androgynous headless woman with a penis, you know, basic advertising 101. Anyways, I thought that fit with the phonetics of coke and cock and condoms, etc.

    PS. On the subject of the mAn-hole, I was skimming through some book on the occult and spotted a paragraph on demonic possession which stated that a demon can more easily enter a body during anal sex. (I’m unclear if it enters the giver or receiver, but I’m guessing it’s the poor person on the receiving end.)

    And on Hearts… My dad used to wear a paper heart on his shirt on Valentine’s Day which said “I have a heart on!”

  14. Igor, sometimes I think you like to argue for argument’s sake. Six out of six is pretty convincing that SOMETHING is up for me. Same thing with the AIDS “ground zeros” coinciding with the oral polio vaccine distributions in Africa. Sometimes, common sense and intuition are far more valuable than statistics and probability.

    If you wanna dismiss such as “coincidence,” then YOU reserve that right. Regardless, read the book, THEN make up your mind. If you wish to follow up this issue further, than take it up with me personally. The main points of this blog are (1) the ineffectiveness of condoms and (2) the stupidity involved in propagating memes that are not based on FACT. If you wish to discuss further, stick to those points.

    ViolatoR, yes, I think the video/lecture you were thinking of is Michael Tsarion’s bit on media symbology. Can’t deny that influenced my intro.

    Your dad sounds like a wise man! 🙂 From my personal perspective, should that “possession” aspect be true, I’m hoping the receiver. One of my mystic friends is under the impression that when you copulate in such fashion, then the penetrator steals energy from the penetrated.

  15. gee, golly. where to begin…

    It’s like the more I look into AIDS and the supposed HIV connection, the more I’m convinced that what we think is AIDS is artificially induced by the treatment of HIV itself or by the harsh wearing down of the immune system due to risky drug behavior or severe malnutrition.

    And yet… I still fear HIV, even though evidence points to the fact that the virus itself may actually be benign.

    Same goes for condoms…though, it’s hard to find sources for “anti-condom” use…

    It doesn’t make sense to use such toxic materials on such sensitive areas of the body, especially when they aren’t effective at all against so many sexually transmitted infections.

    And yet… I still feel compelled to use them.

    Good lord. It’s a crap shoot either way, isn’t it?

    Question: so I take it that you partake in “unprotected” sexual activity?

    Perhaps I shall continue to thrive in my imaginary temple of abstinence.

    Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

  16. Some of what you said may be true, however, to say that HIV is transmitted by close contact is a real stretch. HIV has to enter your blood stream. A condom won’t protect someone who is kissing an HIV carrier with sores on their mouth. So, you could catch HIV by kissing or oral sex, but I would still consider that “sexually transmitted”. A condom won’t guarantee protection against HIV, however, most condoms will significantly reduce the chances.

  17. Hey bobblebot, nice to see you here again. The AIDS thing is virtual mine-field of disinformation, be it the utter nonsense “common belief” fed by those interested in selling drugs and condoms, or the contradicting theories on the HIV/AIDS ties and whether it’s a bioweapon or not. We could hence assume there is much to the story that certain “guilty parties” wish to hide.

    That “compelling” tug you feel, is called indoctrination. Shedding it, is almost like the deprogramming routines cult members go through.

    To answer your question: WHAT exactly qualifies as “unprotected?” My only real concerns are aids and herpes, both of which condoms are utterly useless against. I do the best I can, and that includes being smart/intuitive enough to NOT wear a condom. I avoid sex with people I’d have any reason to be concerned about. So, no I don’t go in “unprotected.”

    Dena, even per your own words (i.e., “kissing”) concedes that AIDS does not qualify as an STD. Though, sex may be a method (of transmission), it not being the only one, disqualifies it per formal definitions. There is no indisputable conclusion yet on how the disease/set of symptoms is passed (see this).

    Did you READ the article? Condoms offer NO PROTECTION against HIV at all. Wearing a condom for protection is like stepping into a warzone sporting a Gap windbreaker and hoping it will somehow stop bullets. Wearing a condom with spermicide would be as above, except that windbreaker would be an attention-getting dayglo color.

  18. Hi celticrebel,

    I really like reading your blog. I am in college and studying english writing, and I have to say, you are a really good writer! Anyway, I always like to investigate things, and I read the article you attached to this post entitled “Condom Effectiveness” or something, and was wondering if you have any other sources for the ineffeictiveness(not sure this is word but whatever) of codoms?

    I think it is a really intriguing subject, and had you not brought it up on your blog, I would have never even thought that Condoms were unsafe! Like never, and I am the most “out there” kind of person I know! I guess it just shows how deep programing goes.

    Thanks for your good, substantive writing!

  19. Hi Celtic, it’s been a while since I last posted here in response to “condomn mania”. My Myspace page kept getting hacked so I cannot access it and I took down my other blog and started over. I am (slowly) transferring over my research and Info to my new blogsot(s).

    I noticed you had done some reading with the HIV Dissident movement, Duesberg etc..

    Have you seen “House of Numbers” .com yet ? and if you get time check out the new QuestioningAIDS.com forum.

    I wanted to leave you with a very important piece of information regarding “HIV” (antibody) testing since you have an ad for that here.

    please know what they really are and give your viewers the proper informed consent that millions of victims never got.

    I personally never got the memo.

    Vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1N2_w5dCyY


  20. Huh? Condoms are for making pregnancy less likely. To slow overpopulation, and give people time to raise money before they raise children.

  21. Lots of links in response to your “If the Glove fits” article.

    On getting tested, take a look at this HIV/AIDS test disclaimer. Can’t be more obvious than that.






  22. @ Ena Smyrki Over Population? I dissent that reasoning for the simple fact that although GBLT can (and do) have children, “we” are the “balance” in over population. I don’t think there is any credibility of the “Condom Industry” that is useful to anyone.

  23. Emily, thank you. Appreciate you sharing these sentiments with me. The problem is, that the same petrochemical/pharmaceutical interests that make these products, are the same ones who control the foundations that dictate sex education and medical indoctrination/propaganda. Hence, how many rational and independent assesments are out there? Few and far between.

    Tomás Brewster, I, and I hope many of you as well, have grown much since this article was written. After seeing his connections and his methodology “proving” that the H1N1 was “created” much like AIDS, I can only surmise Lennie Horowitz is full of shite and Duesberg may have been right all along. It’s not HIV, it’s the drugs that kill.

    PS: Thanks for chiming in below too. Yes, “overpopulation” … a fabricated fear crafted in the mind via the classroom and Hollywood.

    Ena Smyrkl, how much of what you said there is something YOU researched and how much was bullshit that you were taught/indoctrinated? I”ll tell you: 0% former and 100% latter. I’m guessing you didn’t bother reading the entire article, otherwise there is little explanation for such a “thought”less comment.

    Questioning, some good links there. For future reference, if you try to add too many, the system automatically flags your comment as spam. Also, it may lead to people not taking the time to see them, and EVERYONE should see the first “admission.”

  24. Condoms are a dumb con, come on! They promote promiscuity with the false assurance that it is “safe sex”. More people having sex by promoting “safe sex” causes more diseases and pregancies. The rate condoms break is infinitely higher than the rate of alleged HIV tranmission during bareback sex from one partner to another, so saying condoms prevent AIDS in this respect is like saying wearing the color yellow lowers tranmission. The toxic chemicals in condoms cause irritations, warts and make it far from safe. Forget about where the cock has been. What’s in that condom going in those orifices? The holes in condoms are, as said, like a basket ball hoop or maybe hula hoop stopping a golf or ping pong balls, which would represent virus-sized particles. Condom Nazis are known to work for “non-profit” foundations because condom sales are big business. They are making money off people’s sex through manipulation of fear.

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