3000 Bells Are Ringing!

I literally stumbled across the 3000 number while looking for stories on the 3000 children missing from the alleged pedophile network known as the state of Florida’s Department of Children and Families (DCF); similar to Child Protection Services (CPS) in other states across the USA. Some prior thoughts on the 3000 number came up while looking at Tarantino and a few more while contemplating Polygamy.

3000 DeadHuman Sacrifice

I had been meaning to explore the issue since, because the initial analysis of the number revealed it to resonate/sync heavily with ritual human sacrifice. One day, I made some really interesting related discoveries {*1} The correlation below, would definitely over-qualify as “interesting,” so let’s call it (ridiculously) staggering:

(1) In 519 BC, King Darius of Persia had a situation on his hands. There was a ruler in Babylon, who dared to call himself Nebuchadnezzar [coincidentally, his name had been “Arakha”]. {*2} This could not be tolerated. On the 22nd day of Varkahnza (a month), Darius had 3000 of the leading citizens of Babylon crucified and deposed Arakha. The historical record is carved into the Behistun Inscription in Iran, which is 22 feet across and has 515 [i.e., 11] lines of text carved into the rock.

(2) In 2001, those who consider themselves rulers of the United States (America) sacrificed approximately 3000 of its citizens by bringing down the World Trade Centers. Two years later, an army was sent into Babylon (Iraq, which is intersected by the 33rd parallel) under the quise of revenge for 9/11, to depose Saddam Hussein, who was daring to call himself the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar.

Looking elsewhere into the historical record, I learned that in 409 BC [i.e., 13], the Battle of Himera took place. Hannibal Mago’s Carthaginians took on the Ionian Greeks of Himera in Sicily. The Greeks gained the initial advantage, and the Carthaginians lost 6000 troops in the battle. However, Hannibal launched a counter-attack, killing 3000 Greeks and securing victory. After the battle, Hannibal, for some reason, felt the need to sacrifice 3000 Greek prisoners.

The Bullshit MosesThe Real Moses

We have the infamous Moses story, commonly known as “the exodus;” which Ralph Ellis, Sigmund Freud, Ahmed Osman and Michael Tsarion have written of, and written off, as a fable crafted to cover the tracks of Amenhotep IV, and his lunatic solar followers getting kicked out of Egypt. After Moses goes to the mountain to talk to God [because God lives up in the mountains, everybody knows that], he comes back and find his followers worshiping the bull. To an analytical mind, it should seem fairly remarkable, to say the least, that a bunch of “slaves” had enough gold on them to melt down and make a near life size bull.

A bit distraught over the situation Aknenaton (aka Amenhotep IV), I mean Moses, sought a remedy: “All the Levites rallied to Moses, and at his instruction killed 3,000 people, including brother, neighbor, and kin.” [Exodus 32:27–29] The Moses angle produces some rather odd random [modern] syncs:

  • 3,000 is Just the Beginning (Moses Lake, WA): Frank Hanzlik, managing director of the Wi-Fi Alliance, thinks it’s a happy accident that the 3,000th product the industry group has certified for interoperability just happens to be a Wi-Fi/cellular phone from Motorola (the multi-mode Motorola A910).” [i.e., A is 1, hence 191 … 911]

  • “Modern-day Moses faces jail for swindling churchgoers out of £3.2million: Mangena posed as a City trader to convince them to invest in a bogus spread-betting formula. Southwark Crown Court heard that, along with two accomplices, he promised profits of up to 3,000 per cent in six months.”

If you’ve had enough of the Moses Lake syncs, and want to get the hell out of this “happily-accidental” town, don’t forget to fill up at the Exxon gas station at 3000 Broadway in Moses Lake on your way out [¿does the place not look suspiciously like Manhattan, i.e., the Isle of Aten, aka the Isle of Moses?]. HOLY SHIT! Pause and think about this one for a second. Broadway intersects this “isle” diagonally also. Eureka! What a fortunate “accident” this sync has been! {*3} Uncanny!

Samson's Pillars

Looking further into the Biblical narrative we find the story of Samson. Note the child in the above image. Why is she even in the drawing? Everything, from her placement, to her expression, to the accidental conjectures that take place when one draws parallel lines from various perspectives, just seems “wrong.”

Samson kills 3,000 men and women and commits suicide: Then Samson reached toward the two central pillars on which the temple stood. Bracing himself against them, his right hand on the one and his left hand on the other, Samson said, “Let me die with the Philistines!” Then he pushed with all his might, and down came the temple on the rulers and all the people in it. Thus he killed many more when he died than while he lived.

As I stated at the beginning, I think there’s much more at play here than the 3000 number. From a numerological perspective, zeroes are superfluous. I already mentioned 300 as an important player [and that I’ll come back to], but I found a very telling addendum within the Samson legend:

“Each major victory was initiated by Samson’s foolishness. Each involved some form of deceit. God was involved in the process all along. They all specify a multiple of 3 in the act of revenge (30, 300, 3000).”

Now I think I have framed the proper context to look at another “random” site I came across. Have any of you ever heard of the 3000 Club?

“The 3,000 Club is an exciting group of members that are rescuing 30 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables from being thrown away every year. We need at least 3,000 businesses/people who will help stop nutritional foods from going to waste and make them available to thousands of hungry children in America.” The website also adds: “OVER 3 MILLION CHILDREN GO TO BED HUNGRY”

As I said at the beginning, the whole reason I found the 3000 number in the first place is because I was looking for stories about missing children. Combining the two search terms produces an overwhelming number of stories; enough to make even the most hardened of believers question if we are beyond coincidence: {*4}

  • “Everyday in the United States, 3,000 children are reported missing.”

  • “Currently there are more than 1,300 open juvenile cases in Wayne County (MI), where approximately 3,000 children were reported missing in 2002

  • “More than 3,000 children go missing each year in Hawai‘i, said Lieutenant Governor Aiona, on Missing Children’s Day in Hawai.”

  • Children still prey to abduction, abuse (Uganda): Some 3,000 children were abducted from their homes in the last year alone.”

  • 3,000 children missing in Gujarat: Scrutiny of records shows that Gujarat’s children go missing while going or coming from school or playing near their home or in crowds at marriages or religious processions.

  • “Wal-Mart created its Missing Children’s Network, partnering with NCMEC to create bulletin boards with photos of missing children in all of their 3,000+ Wal-Marts and Sam’s Clubs.”

The number of Wal-Marts may seem incidental, but we’re just getting started. In the center image below, DCS3000 is a surveillance tool used by the FBI. The FBI is intimately linked with the idea of missing children. Up until the infamous Lindbergh case, and the predictable public outrage, the FBI had no federal mandate to act as an interstate police force. Problem. Reaction. Solution. To this day [80 years since mandate], the FBI still has no database to track missing children. Do note the owl.

World VisionDCS 3000Pills and Soap

As I said in the earlier piece on the subject [prior thoughts], this is just the tip of the iceberg [¿sync-berg?]. From missing children, we move on to the topic of injured, dead or otherwise traumatized children (be it intentional or accidental):

  • “Almost 3,000 children in eastern China have now been infected by the deadly Enterovirus 71 (EV71) intestinal virus, according to state-run media.”

  • “Hurricane Katrina and the ensuing floods and chaos have caused over 3,000 children to be displaced throughout the United States.”

  • USA: “Nearly 3,000 children a year have an illness that can damage the heart and coronary arteries known as Kawasaki disease. Most of these children are 5 years old and under.”

  • Tallahasee, FL: “DCF said about 3,000 children become available for adoption every year, when courts sever ties to their birth parents due to abuse, neglect or abandonment.”

  • 3,000 children were given unlicensed anti-psychotic drugs despite safety fears” [¡this one is definitely intentional!]

  • “According to the National Safety Council, nearly 3,000 children in the U.S. die each year from unintentional injuries at home, while more than 3 million children are treated annually in emergency rooms.”

Occasionally, I’d run into a headline that mandated my pausing and exclaiming “WTF,” like this one: 3,000 Toddlers Per Year Injured by TVs Tipping Over.” Oh, how ironic? Not to be glib, but isn’t smashing a child over the head with a television a kinder process than the slow, but sure, one of subjecting their mind to years of deleterious exposure [a toddler shouldn’t even be in visual range of a television]?

But, it distracts the mind from the more relative stories, like the aforementioned one about the number of starving children, or perhaps the following sync-trail:

Malaria 3000Malaria Death

Yes, malaria is a genuine problem, and there are good groups out there who are behind sending mosquito nets to Africa to address it. However, their agenda, like all good agendas, eventually gets hijacked by globalists [i.e., the real mafia]. The following headline demonstrates exactly what I’m talking about. Am including separately, as it (a) infuriates me, and (b) contains syncs o plenty:

Malaria is alive and well and killing more than 3000 African children every day [WHO press release number 33]: “Malaria kills an African child every 30 seconds, and remains one of the most important threats to the health of pregnant women and their newborns,” said Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF. Comprehensive strategic plans to tackle malaria have been developed in more than 30 endemic African countries and significant additional resources secured to implement these plans from the new Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The reason it grates me is because it is bunk. First, they hijack the efforts of good people (mosquito nets) by tying AIDS and TB to it. Then, they start talking about vaccinations, and funding pharmaceutical R&D. Excuse me: every day in this world, roughly 1800 (number supplied by a Eugenics organization called the United Nations) to 30,100 children die of hunger [the median is 16,000; regardless, even one is too many]. Africa, of course, is one area most heavily affected.

So, what are groups like UNICEF, the UN and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation doing? Sending more vaccinations to Africa. Vaccinations for starving kids? {*5} Why don’t you take your vaccinations and stick them right up your inhumane ass!

Vaccine MurderStarving Child

I know that I said I would try to stay “mellow” but if I hear one more idiot (yes, IDIOT, as in “you have not a single critical brain cell inside your entire fucking head”) say that “Bill Gates is a humanitarian” one more time … just one more time! He’s a Eugenicist piece of shit, that comes from a long line of Eugenicists. [Hell, he’s not even smart. Microsoft was GIVEN to him. But, I’ll save that for another article.] He is doing exactly what the Eugenicists of the late 1800’s dreamed about. Depopulating resource-rich Africa of Negroes. End of story!

And if you gave a charitable donation to any group that provides vaccinations to Africans, I hope you can sleep at night. Because you are taking part in genocide.

skrypt kidzthe natashas11 Year Old Slaves

Sometimes, numbers to get picked up by the subconscious mind and without doubt, the meme is propagated by unintentionally [by the propagees, at least]. There is no other rational explanation for most of these:

  • “Unilever to Send 3000 Children to America’s National Parks for Unique Summer Learning Experience”

  • “Our 3,000-Mile Field Trip: A bus driver’s mission opened the eyes of troubled young students”

  • A random book: “Jerusalem 3000: Kids Discover the City of Gold!”

  • Billboards Save Children: OTR Media supported the first 100 billboards, and has made available 3,000 national mobile billboards at cost.”

  • And the winner is: “Salt Lake City to import 3,000 gay actors in anticipation of Broadway-style theater”

  • “UK: 3,000 Blank Passports and Visas Stolen from Security Van”

The BBC has an online series of games aimed at children going by the Sarah Jayne brand. The latest [more appropriately, the one I happened upon] is called Combat 3000. The game’s objective is to find out why all these children in England have gone “missing.” Oh, and as a bonus, your child (should they play the game) will discover that aliens are behind the kidnappings. Yeay! Another agenda gets served.

Jeff GannonTel Aviv SlaveJon Benet Ramsey

By the way, the first image is of an abducted child named Johnny Gosch, who many reasonably suspect is Bush’s “favourite” reporter, Jeff Gannon. The last is of JonBenét Ramsey, who’s murder was very likely ritual sexual molestation and sacrifice. Incidentally, her “case” bears some uncanny similarities to the Lindbergh case [read about it in Dave McGowan’s The Politics of Serial Murder].

What is the old saying? “Women and children first?” Women, do tend to be another highly victimized group in society. Let’s see how the 3000 number applies to them:

  • “Walk4Justice Demands Public Inquiry into 3000 Missing Women in Canada”

  • “Brice Taylor says that 3,000 women got made into Presidential Sex Slaves per the figure she heard. They are mind control victims.”

  • Pakistan: “Last year, more than 3,000 women sought help at a separate network of facilities, the national government’s Benazir Bhutto Women Centers, recently renamed after the late female former prime minister.”

  • Guatemala: “On May 1, 2007 [5+1+2+7=15, hence 6], House Resolution 100, sponsored by Representative Hilda Solis, was approved addressing the now over 3,000 killings of women in Guatemala since 2000.”

Sexual violence is a serious issue women have to contend with. Don’t expect your Hillary Clintons or Sarah Palins to actually even think about doing anything about it, as their bosses are likely immersed in it [Clinton’s alleged to be a participant, Palin a victim]. The only one I know of that tried was Cynthia McKinney, and that is precisely why she’s not in office anymore [see Human Trafficking].

  • “Even today, sexual attacks continue in Sierra Leone. UNICEF protection officer Donald Shaw estimates that 3,000 cases of sexual abuse occur in a year, often committed by family members or friends.”

  • Argentina: “Since 2002, the Hospital Alvarez program has treated more than 130 rape victims. The hospital decide[d] to train city health representatives to use a questionnaire to detect instances of physical, verbal or sexual violence. The result was that 33 percent of more than 3,000 women interviewed were discovered to be experiencing [sic] domestic violence.”

  • Vancouver Rape Relief Centre: “The coalition assisted 3,000 women last year in B.C. and in Vancouver alone, it received more than 600 crisis calls.”

  • America [world social engineering headquarters]: “In a college study of 3,000 women, 75 per cent of those who had experienced what is the legal definition of rape, did not know that they had been raped,” said Dr Judy Pierson, a licensed psychologist with Boston University’s counseling center.

OH, PLEASE Miss Pierson! 3 out of 4! Are you f’n kidding me? Please don’t squeeze your agenda into a very sensitive situation. There are networks out there that seek out women and children, yet all you try to do is justify the label you affix to your name and further the divide of mistrust between men and women.

Circumstantial Kidnappings

What? Fear of ritual sacrifice is yet another tactic used to force ritual genital mutilation on young boys? By hook or by crook, huh? “Cause God needs foreskins.” Really? “Cause your daddy did it!” But, isn’t it natural? “Umm. It’s like, you know, sanitary-like. Cuz like everyone knows that boys like never, like touch, or play with, or wash their penis-thingie. Trust me. I’m like a doctor and stuff.” How utterly f’n insane! But, I’ve already written on the topic. And, written on it.

Back to the task at hand, the one of sorting through articles. It [the task] became less of a tasks of finding, and more of a monumental one of filtering. Below, are ones that, for lack of better words, are just plain weird:

  • Fundamentalist Theatre 3000 BC: Bibleman – A Fight For Faith. Two kids are quickly abducted from a Christian summer camp, lured inside the machine, and converted into atheists by the virtual world’s subpar 3D graphics and random buzzing CGI bees … somehow.”

  • “3,000 Children’s Bibles for Persecuted Churches” & related “the militants repeatedly struck the pastor, with an iron rod and accused him of forcibly converting villagers to Christianity. They also robbed him of 3000 Rupees.”

  • “PROTECT [a child safety advocacy group] was joined by two Virginia groups today in calling on the Virginia General Assembly to take immediate action in response to over 3,000 registered sex offenders who have gone AWOL.”

  • “Paul Mones, who has studied parricide and is the author of When a Child Kills, said about 300 children kill their parents each year in the United States. About 3,000 parents kill their children each year.”

  • The Department of Children and Families purchased 2,961 [¡almost 3000!] HP PhotoSmart 320xi devices to equip every field worker with a digital camera. It also bought 300 HP PhotoSmart 130xi printers for the field offices to enable fast printing of images directly from the cameras.”

And then, I had to pause, because I came across yet another piece of stinking shite aimed squarely at the noggins of brainwashed masses. Monkeys must fling poo:

300 U.S. children drown in pools annually, safety a must: There are around 300 children who are 5 or younger that drown every year in a swimming pool and there are more than 3,000 who are injured in near-drowning in swimming pools. In 2002-2004 the average was 267 a year according to a new report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. 33% of the pool related injuries occurred at the pool of a friend or relative.

There’s already a major movement in the United States, starting in California (the birthing ground for many of America’s Orwellian legislations), to require all pools to have child safety fences. In Australia, another country [and another crown colony] whose citizenry are seeing the fence of fascism spring up higher and higher about them every day, all states and territories have pool fence laws.

Pools of Fasicsm

I’ll just keep it simple. It is not about protecting kids. That’s the “feel-good” fluff used to sell tyranny to idiots. Even people with no kids have to put these stupid ugly fences up. It’s about giving the state ultimate power into what you do with your life. It’s about giving the police one more reason to come into your back-yard. And if it helps beat down that pesky middle-class further [by heaping even more indirect taxes on them, exactly what such measures do], well, that’s just a globalist sugar. Would you also like some creme with your tea Queen Elizabeth?

Can’t talk about kids without mentioning Disney. Well their latest little trio of Satan’s favourite cocksuckers, aka the Jonas Brothers, aka their latest assault of the minds of children, another truncheon used to beat down their creative spirit, have a song called “Year 3000.” Contains the Aquarian-heavy line, “I’ve been to the year 3000. Not much has changed but they lived under water.” Oh, yes, they’re a Christian band. Ha! Yes, they write their own music. Stop it, you’re killing me.

Suck Satan's CockSuck Satan's Cock

Actually, I don’t think the Jonas trio have ever come near Satan’s cock. I’m just trying to keep the spirit of the great Bill Hicks alive. The “brothers,” like pretty much every other teen sensation before them, are likely deeply traumatized mind-control robots (at best), and occasional sexual playthings of the sick and powerful. The closest they’ve probably come to actually tasting Satan’s jism, is the happily accidental after-taste they’re lucky enough to get from a sweaty session with a mid-level minion like Michael Eisner or David Rockefeller.

Anyway, I think I’ve made my point. Anyone who thinks that I am building a case based on nothing but “coincidence,” should stop reading this article immediately. Quick: check to see if Oprah is on, and pray she has Dr. Phil as a quest. He is much more adroit at dismissing the obvious than I could ever hope to be. For the rest of you now pondering the deeper significance of the number, I have just a few more:

  • “Why Serbian Prime Minister Kostunica play[s] with dead Albanian’s: 3,000 missing in Kosova” [more propaganda poo]

  • “This month marks the 30th anniversary of Operation Babylift, the airlifting of almost 3,000 orphaned children out of Vietnam before the fall.”

  • Mail Online: “More than 3,000 Asian children vanishing from school and forced into arranged marriages

  • “3,000 women and children were rescued after being abducted and sold into slavery in Southern China during the past two years.”

  • The Independent (London): “Almost 3,000 children now held in custody”

  • Sichuan Province: “3,000 Dead, 900 Kids Buried in China Quake”

  • Some misguided pro-war nitwit writes in his blog: “3,000 bodies exhumed at Iraqi mass grave. 3,000 Americans exhumed in New York.”

Going back to the 300 number, in the Sumerian creation mythology, there were 600 Annunaki (gods). 300 were given dominion of the heavens and 300 were given dominion over the earth (as above, so below). The 300 who were given dominion over the Earth are the ones I will choose to focus on for the moment.


Through no coincidence, we are expected to believe that 300 Spartans somehow held back a Persian army of roughly a million men (some estimates range as high as five million). Historians have argued the number of Greeks was closer to 3000 [giving us a 10:1 ratio of Spartans to Greeks]. In the past few years, that number now approaches 7,000. Give it ten more years, it’ll probably hit 30,000.

Regardless, while it is a romantic tale, and the source of much pride for the Greek people, and inspiration to underdogs the world over, common sense should lead one to conclude it either did not happen as we are led to believe, or was purely a ceremonial event involving some kind of played out sacrifice. Lambda, prominently displayed on the Spartan shields is the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet.

Sparta LambdaMy Dad

The above image of the solo warrior, is that of my father. Yes, he was in the 1962 release of the 300 Spartans, a much better telling of the tale than that last piece of homo-erotic bullshit, 300. I never had a chance to discuss what I write here with him, but I think he would have appreciated this take. He ducked out of the final sequence of the film (excusing himself to go to the bathroom, then leaving the set), because even though the arrows were plastic, they still hurt. He also used the opportunity to “borrow” the uniform and bury it. Archeologists beware!

In more modern history, the British and Dutch East India Companies seeking to extend their Queen’s drug distribution empire around the world, formed the Council of 300 back in 1727. In the early part of the 20th century, that transmogrified into the Committee of 300, who are forging ahead with their plans for what some call a “New World Order.” Whether such a group still “exists” is for conspiracy researchers to debate and press. In a more modern sense, we do have the very real [though the extent of its true power is debatable] Bilderberger Group (started by the Dutch Prince Bernhardt), whose annual number of invitees total 300.

As I pointed out to the Global Reality host during the second call, my synchromystic kettle boiled over while I was researching the Sumerian legend of the Annunaki and read that the Oriental Institute in Chicago was holding a conference on Ancient Sumeria. It mentioned they “were expecting 300 attendees.” {*6} Hell-el-ulia!

Committee of 300Sparta!MR3K

What the hell does Mr. 3000 have to do with any of this? It does feature syncmaster Bernie Mac, so I’m sure there’s something there. Bernie, as I discovered while writing Octopi, Phalli, Cubes of Life (II), passed away shortly after The Lion’s Gate (08/08/08), after being depicted standing on the “other side” of the Lion’s Gate in Transformers. His Gemini twin resonant “soul-mate,” Isaac Hayes, passed away shortly after, yet they’ll both be seen again on the screen in the upcoming Soul Brothers, and Bernie in another movie, Old Dogs where he’ll be assigned the responsibility of keeping an eye on a pair of of seven year old twins [7/7].

Taking all these numbers into account, I have come to believe the preponderance of the 3, followed by whatever 10:1 ratio is requisite for the event, is half the picture. If things are to be reflected above, as they are below, then the practitioners of the black arts, would likely resort to the 6 variant, followed by as many zeros as appropriate. Here are some results gathered after only a brief foray:

  • “China’s poison milk kills three children and leaves 6000 sick”

  • “Over 6000 children and adults attended the Children’s Theater production, The Trial of Goldilocks[solar resonant]

  • “Every day, 6000 children around the world lose a parent because of AIDS”

  • India: “More than 6,000 Indian children below the age of five years die every day from malnourishment”

  • 6000 North Korean children receive vaccine against Japanese encephalitis”

  • “Join others from the Twin Cities area and across Minnesota on September 27, 2008 for the second annual 6,000 Steps for 6,000 Orphans Walk

The most famous case of the six variant to permeate the public mind is the six million number, as in the number of Jews allegedly killed in the Holocaust. While I won’t engage in gauging the accuracy of the number here, I will point out that (a) the number, for the Brittish Zionists, had to be high, as they were trying to do something religious Jews believe only God had the right to [create the state of Israel] and (b) the story of the holocaust as we’ve been taught it, especially in regards to who was behind it, is a fable, if not outright lie (DO READ THIS).

Holocaust Skeptics Prison

A little common sense is all one needs. “Qui bono” should be the first question one asks when looking at ANY findings, because the Germans sure as hell didn’t.

The first mention of the Six Million Dead Jews occurred after WWI, when Zionists demanded Germany compensate them for the six million Jews it killed. The second mention was at the end of WWII, just before Nuremberg, as a number tossed out by the World Zionist Congress, long before anyone had even begun to try and count or look for bodies or records. The third was arrived at after WWII was officially over, and has been carved in stone since.

In 1988, as a matter of fact, Auschwitz reduced its official death toll from 4 million, to the three-friendly variant of 1.5 million, but that did not affect the six million number whatsover. Sorry, it’s carved in stone! Uncarving technology does not yet exist. Seriously, if there was nothing to hide, than why are good people around this world spending time in prison for merely questioning the number [¡thought crime!]?

Poster for IdiotsCanon Fodder

We also have the infamous “Charge of the Light Brigade” written by Afred Lord Tennyson, another one-worlder, and likely, poor excuse for a human being:

‘Forward, the Light Brigade!
Charge for the guns’ he said:
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.

The poem is based on a historical event, the Battle of Balaclava fought in the Ukraine in 1854. It also shows a pattern of the British empire’s effort to subjugate the Russians, one they completed in 1917 when they sent in those internationally wanted Zionist criminals from Brooklyn, Lenin and Trotsky, to finish the job. Of the 600 Light Brigaders, 247 [i.e, 13] were killed or wounded. Oh, thank you “Lord” Tennyson, for using your talent with the pen, to romanticize and glorify death and murder for young fools. “Canon fodder?” Isn’t that what you guys call them [us]?

Back to my original topic, should anyone out there become aware of what happened to any of the 3000 children missing from the State of Florida, please contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Tallahassee, Florida. They are located in Suite 3000 of the Federal Building. Where the hell else would you expect to find them?

Swedish What?Compare the Numbers

This could go on forever, but just starting to search for some of the variants, as implied by the Samson tale, produced this set of stories (and much more). But first, do make sure to zoom in on the second of the above images.

  • “UN: Up to 300,000 dead in 5-year Darfur conflict.”

  • “The number of people known to be dead or missing one month after the December 26 earthquake and tsunami neared 300,000 Tuesday”

  • BURMA: “Did Cyclone Nargis Kill 300,000 People?”

  • “The bell tolled and Nanjing was in grief as nearly 3,000 people gathered in the eastern China city on Wednesday to mourn 300,000 lives lost to the Japanese aggressors 69 years ago.”

  • China: “Heavy rain in 3 provinces killed at least 13 people, left 30 missing, forced 30,000 residents to flee and wrecked 10,000 cars.”

  • India: “3 Million Dead in Artificial Famine in Bengal”

Please note the most important word in the last of the above headlines, is “artificial“. Artificial as in thought-out pre-meditated and intentional. Some call it the “culling of the herd,” but as I’m falling under the impression that “sacrifice” is the operative word we should focus on. Moving right along…

  • 300,000 Cattle Dead in Afghanistan Due to Cold Weather” resonates with previously discovered “How can 3000 goats be sacrificed in a temple?”

  • “Despite a spurt in international spending against AIDS, the epidemic will claim more than 3 million lives this year and is threatening the world’s most populous nations, global health authorities warned Tuesday. Spending on prevention and treatment in low and middle income countries grew 30 percent to $6.1 billion in 2004, according to projections by UNAIDS”

  • Houjie Town Offers 30,000 Yuan for Each Dead: The contractors of a three-storey mall, which collapsed on December 1 [hm, 12/1, another 13] in South China’s Dongguan City, have offered an out-of-court deal to compensate each dead in the accident 30,000 yuan.

  • “More than 3 million Vietnamese died during the American war, with at least that many wounded. More than 15 million Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians became refugees.”


I spent a little time looking into the Armenian Genocide, another controversial history subject, because the Turkish, unlike the Germans, are granted the luxury of officially denying it ever happened. I get the feeling there’s a reason that Armenian history, much like the oral lore of the Gypsies, is best left buried (to us idiots at least). Regardless, I found some low figures claiming about 600,000. Some sites argue that it was as high as 1.5 million. The media agreed upon consensus figure is 1.2 million. Why is every single estimate a variant of 3?

The most common set of results I had to try and filter, were stories of how many Americans have died fighting the Iraq “war.” As I have now come to expect, hardly any major stories started appearing asking about the sanity or value of the war, until the “official” number of US dead starting approaching the “magic number:”

3000 Troops

At that point, everyone jumps in and speaks their peace. Believe me, I am not trying to belittle the efforts of good minded people, who have the betterment of mankind at heart. Am just sick of our controllers manipulating so many of these people to serve their agenda. Code Pink is a case in point. And yes, their members did get brutalized at the recent Democratic convention.

But, what about the number of Dead Iraqis? Officially numbered at 300,000, the USA is being forced to revisit those figures and revise them closer to 600,000. Other international sources are putting those figures at 1.2 million, and some at 1.5 million. Is everyone now seeing a recurring pattern here?

Sometimes, I marvel as to how even the most mind-numbed supporters of “the war” were sold on the idea that we are liberating the Iraqis. Is lying six feet under a form of liberation? Let’s not forget the Depleted Uranium [which the USA admits using at least 300 pounds of]: “Extrapolating the UK AEA estimate with this amount gives a figure of potentially 3 million extra deaths from inhaling DU dust in Iraq.”

Code Pink HeartV is for Vagina

Hi ladies! You really should research the symbols you use before you join any movement. What I see here is lots of pink (i.e., the vagina color), the notorious heart symbol (i.e., a vagina) and three women making the V for Vagina sign [no, it DOES NOT mean PEACE]. Vagina, vagina, vagina. Seeing how I do have a penis, and it does play a role in my existence, when I look at this picture, all I can think is that I wouldn’t mind giving the redhead in the middle a proper shagging. Call me!

Just like it is with those working on children’s causes, the time and energy of good people is being subverted to suit the agendas of others. In this case, ignorance is not bliss. Reminds me of the 1960’s when well-meaning anti-war protesters were given the [luciferean] vagina symbol, the upside-down tree-of-life [implying death, decay and destruction] and set out to change the world for the better by pushing these symbols in our faces. All the while, they were taking the drugs shipped in by the same establishment they so bitterly opposed. Yea, a lot of good it/they did.

Piece of Death

Now that the official number” of dead American troops is approaching 6,000, subconscious bells are ringing. People are starting to make a lot of noise again. Protests are being planned. I’m sure placards are being crafted as I write this.

A friend who I’ve been discussing these findings with asked me, “So, what is your conclusion of all this?” Hm … conclusion. That’s a tough one. I’m still (days later) a bit overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of synchronicity. Maybe I’m supposed to be? But, everything I’ve ever learned about writing [¿programming?] says I must forge some kind of conclusion.

Well, for one, I’ve been critical of all ideologies as to who or what runs the world. While some present a better case than others, I have been cautious as to not buy into any one wholesale, until I see some “proof.” Well, the happily accidental discovery on Moses Lake, convinces me that (a) the synchromystic tool is the best blowtorch for cutting through the convoluted web of lies and disnformation constructed as history, and (b) the solar cult of Moses/Akhenaten are beyond doubt, still very much around and still, very much in positions of power.

His Story

The only other thing I can say for sure, is that we need to take that time-line of history we’re presented with (you know, that line with a bunch of notches in it representing significant events) and chuck it out the window. A circle may make for a much better tool to help visualize what we call history. Better yet, a cube; one in which these numbers bounce around the walls, and inevitably intersect our position in 3D space, time and time again, hoping we’ll eventually notice them.

Well, we’re noticing. Now what?

A Few Other Arbitrary Celtic Rebel Posts on Related or Similar Subject Matter
Apr 2009: Crown and Cross and Jew Sep 2008: 3000 Bells are Ringing
Feb 2010: Smoking Drinking Driving Feb 2008: Nazi Jews? Nazi Jews!

*1: Said discovery came while looking into the history of the number and then tuning into The Global Reality Show. I called in to share these findings with the host and audience. In the first recording, I bring up the 3000 number [downloadable] and the host elaborated on the Persian variant. On the second recording [downloadable], we discuss the 300 number. [LB]

*2: Interestingly, Barrack Hussein Obama syncs with both Saddam Hussein and Arakha (meaning “of the serpent,” such as in America). [LB]

*3: The “happy accident” quote resonates strongly with a prior writing. As for the story of the power of the Solar Cult, all being descended from Akhenaton (sometimes Aten), and tracing the cult from Egypt, to Mesopotamia, to Greece (Athens, i.e., Atens), to Rome, to Germany, to England to the United States, I’ve always considered it another “possible” story. But, this truly “accidental” finding is a SIGNIFICANT discovery/support. So, what’s at 3000 Broadway in NYC (Man-ATEN)? Columbia University! [LB]

*4: I use the term “believers’ here, after using it a couple of times in my last article. Thus, I need a formal definition for refence somewhere. A believer is someone who is a cult member, but doesn’t know it. A believer is someone who subscribes to [and is informed, i.e., led by] the mainstream media. A believer is a devout follower of the school-indoctrinated cult of normalcy. [LB]

*5: I strongly advise against giving your money to ANY of these massive groups that claim to help people, but are just more scams run by globalists meant do deprive you of your money and people in need of the services they require. As a matter of fact, last night I was in the process of chatting up a lovely woman, until I learned she was in charge of gathering donations for the American Cancer Society. Shudder! Learning she devoted herself to feeding that death-machine was a turn-off (and insurmountable complication).

That said, if you do want to give your money to someone who is on the ground making a difference, consider Morningstar Fishermen. I know them personally, and actually, my trying to seek corporate funding for them is what led me to discover the nefarious intent of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The guy that runs it, Hans Geissler, is a genuine concerned human being (and for those whose eyebrows are now raised, he honestly has no idea about the occult implications of their selected name). For about $10K, they set up self-contained fish farms in impoverished third world locales, enabling them to feed themselves, and even get into the business of feeding others. [LB]

*6: As if that were not enough, also found this related story: “From University of Chicago News Office, Oriental Institute is returning a set of 300 ancient Iranian tablets, documents that provide details of the inner workings of the administration of the ancient Persian Empire, to the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization, in the first return of loaned archaeological items there since the 1979 revolution.” [LB]

~ by celticrebel on September 26, 2008.

29 Responses to “3000 Bells Are Ringing!”

  1. 1 2 4 sounds good to me.

    Lets scrub the trio of misery right out of time. Lets see…

    Vatican + Bankers + Oligarchs = nice start

    Representative + Executive + Legislative = another good place to erase

    Abrahams trifecta of Judaism + Xianity + Islam = another doozey trifecta

    US + Britain + Israel, ie the Anglo (hijacked by the moonsinaigog-goga of Satan, ie the J e w s) Freemasonic triangle = doozey woozey again

    Father + Son + Holy Spirit = start at the top of the three who cant figure out one

    Eradicating the last trifecta would leave a maiden, a mother and a crone, all lovely ladies…

    Hierasolyma Est Perdita

  2. Excellent (& horrible).
    I have just today checked on the ‘humanity’ behind a charity through which I have been sponsoring a child – sure enough vaccinations are part of the program – tucked away behind the supply of clean water – bastards. I just can not support that, but damn I feel bad about it.

    I had not realised how often I have noted (but not noted) the 300/3000 numbers – I did some random browsing…

    “Local SUBWAY® Restaurants are donating 3,000 sandwiches to two Walk MS events”

    “Shakespeare…made up over 3,000 words”

    “The average American sees over 3000 advertising messages a day”

    and a little word play from “Down Under”:
    “Four Square – More than 300 stores nation wide”

    An eye opening read as always – Thanks.

  3. Celt! WOW man, what a synch piece! I was just researching the Enochian/RPG connection and saw in a Planescape book “The Law of 3’s” stating things happened in 3’s and there was no explanation for it. I think you just provided a hell of a better one!

    The synch circle is taking notice, we have been under this “spell” for long enough, I don’t forsee us pulling a Steward Swerdlow where he stated “o.k. you’ve discovered the Illuminati congratulations” and was trying to weakly explain their well intentioned agenda and that we should “forgive” their misuse of power. Yah right.

    Anyways, off topic, this one I will have to re-read my man, amazing work, kudos to you bro. It’s very incredible, perhaps they [the medes] are forced to grab the 300 or 3,000 mark because they have the “esoteric playbook” or “magic spellbook” at hand? I noticed how often those numbers seemed to always be around 3,000. Weird indeed.

    Thanks for this man. Sorry if I have rambled and sound a bit aloof, its 2:30a.m. ish and I just got home from work. Will comment more as I have time to digest it all.
    Be well.

  4. Eugene, that was a fun comment, in keeping with the side-slant of this article. The only trinity I’d be careful not to chuck out with the bathwater is the one of our self, our spirit, and our [true] creator (not that impostor, Yahweh).

    Wise Woman, thanks for the additions. I particularly like, and am still mulling over the “4 Square” one.

    Hope you know that the yelling/accusatory slant is not aimed squarely at the direction of yourself and my other regular readers, but those “believers” who stumble in here by chance.

    Michael, it really was remarkable how many syncs this produced. Most I had to leave out. We like to think we’re smart (myself included), but how many times has this number bounced through our skulls without us taking notice? Hehe … “no explanation” for it. 🙂

    Never know how to take Swerdlow. Sometimes, he makes a lot of sense and then he goes somewhere where I’m forced to wonder, is he doing the disinfo bit, or is it “the madness in his method” for keeping himself alive.

    BTW: I’m glad you’re focusing on Enochian magic presently, as while I was writing this I thought to myself that I need to educate myself on the topic. Will be giving you a read soon.

  5. Another off the wall 3,000–in the first Lord of the Rings movie [Fellowship], Lord Elrond of the Elves, when speaking to Gandalf, remembers how the “hearts of men failed” the first time trying to get rid of “the ring” 3,000 years ago.
    And humorously enough, in my enochian magic/d&d rpg research there is a “Law of 3’s” for Understanding the Multiverse. It simply stated that “things almost always happened in 3’s and there was no explanation for it”. Go figure. LOL

    Keep up those awesome synchs my friend! Great stuff, I have pointed many a reader your way as of late.
    Peace bro.

    Follow-up:Another oddity since I had an LOTR “weak-end” due to rain, in the Two Towers movie, Legolas in Helms Deep states “300 against 10,000! They cannot win this fight…they are all going to die!” [Of course after the elves showed up, it was more than 300].

    And, also later Gandalf says “Grey pilgrim…300 lives of men I have lived, and now I have no time”

    Those kind of stood out at me after reading this great piece.

    Be well bro.

  6. Hey man, how could you forget about “Mr. 3000” ??!?!


    ;D Sorry. “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” “3000 Miles to Graceland,” “Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000,” “Class of 3000,” “Dracula 3000,” “Gumball 3000: The Movie,” “Stargate SG-3000,” “MacBeth 3000: This Time it’s Personal” “Caged Heat 3000,” “Pinocchio 3000,” “America 3000,” “Freakstars 3000,” “Sim City 3000,” …..and halcyon and on and on…. http://www.imdb.com/find?s=all&q=3000

    That aside, good write up. I’m a bit dumbfounded, and wonder what to make of all of this. In the meantime I’m printing it out. Thanks for the sleuthing.

    Follow-up: Here’s an idea……what if the news isn’t real, and is generated by a computer? What if it really is something like “Dark City” ?

    Just a thought. One does have to wonder after all why the number 3,000 keeps coming up over and over and over and over in these stories. It’s like a computer that just picks a number by default…..and hardly anybody ever notices. Asleep at the wheel in the dreamworld indeed, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

  7. Michael, well, that was quick! 🙂

    Thanks for the LOTR syncs. Babylonia would have been at the peak of it’s power 3.000 years ago as well. Let’s not forget the one that came up in Octopi/Phalli: “One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.”

    Didn’t our parents take us to the 3 RING CIRCUS when we were kids??? That may not bode well.

    Tolkien obviously had his pulse on the synchronous vein, or lent an ear to those who would advise him. I wonder if anyone knows how many lost their lives to bring down the tower of Mordor?

    Carissa, I can’t say that the thought has not crossed my mind. Some random number generating prorgams tend to favor certain pattern loops and hence, are not so “random.” On the other hand, there may be a very specific reason why blood must be shed in this intrinsic pattern…

    I had Mr. 3000 up above. Did have an image of Dracula 3000, but had to toss a few things out. Tossed out “Andre 3000” as well, but Ben over at POM synced in today with the 33 year old musician and a Metropolis reference (connecting to your Dark City)….

    Oh, and thanks for the movie list. Let’s not forget that Mystery Science Theater 3000 has an episode entitled “The Final Sacrifice.”

    BTW:ALL It just occurred to me that this Arakha character was killed on the same day as John F. Kennedy; the 22nd day of the 11th month (i.e., 33).

  8. Hey no worries Mr Rebel
    You just keep saying it like it is – if you were a radio station your slogan would be something like ‘Radio Rebel – The Voice of Exasperation’ – which is how we all feel – but you do do it so well.

  9. You must know Sumerian’s used base 60, something to do with the precession of the equinox. It is truly mind blowing the synchs you present in this blog. The syncro mystics are so valueable to all thinking/caring people. Keep up the good werk. Respectfully, Dennis from Oregon.

  10. So the Exodus has been written off – ha! What do modern men know about the past anyway. People pick and choose what they want to believe. The Exodus is verifiable and little by little it shall be proven true, just like everything else. All of humanity is in denial about what is going on now in the earth. By the way in Acts the numbers added to the church on Pentecost was 3000. “Search the Scriptures…

  11. Wise Woman, I will keep that name in mind should I ever take up Josh Reeves on his suggestion I do a show on Oracle. 🙂

    Oregonian Dennis, I was actually unaware of that. Hmmm… Hence, to the Sumerians 300/600 was essentially the same as the well rounded 50/100 comparison. Raises some interesting mathematical rationalizations for the selection of numbers back then, to be propagated by the “believers” as ritual.

    Lynne, although you’re quick to dismiss writers you have not read, I feel that we really are not that far apart on what you write.

    I believe the “exodus” will be proven too, for the fraud that it is, and “moses” for the shame of he an his lunatic cult getting booted out of Egypt. Even mainstream historians are [finally] having to concede they were not slaves.

    The people “picking and choosing” works in a variety of ways, no? While I won’t get involved in a Biblical debate with a believer, I do appreciate the Pentecost info.

  12. Ever heard of ”Marko Rodin” and his mathematical divine number sequence ? ”3 6 9” ?

    9 -multiplied range :


    i still do not understand the complete significance of his findings. But it seems to resonate with your numbers. This guy found the idea in a religious text of the bahai-faith.


    a sidenote ;

    what if all the shit that is going and the newsfeed to our brains is meant to interest us enough so it occupies our awareness.

    A mathematical/symbolic trap to keep us in their matrix ?

    I think even the whole 2012 mystsicysm and speculation wich is going on is basically a mental energy drain and fear instigator.

    They have to keep this virtual reality interesting in any way they can. And i think that is what we want deep inside. Boredom is something we defenitely cannot handle.

    Our controllers know us very well , so they must be using the same underlying mechanisms to keep us in check as in the old age of babylon.

    timeless energy feedbackloop

    They feed our needs and we exchange our attention/energy for it.

    This is fractally very clear with the Celebrity/Star worhsip cult.

  13. 300 missing from Ike. What a trip about the threes. Dennis from Oregon

  14. brainshadow, I listened to Marco Rodin once when he explained his theory of vortex mathematics. They guy is genius and have to say, that theory is the most sensible explanation I’ve heard to explain the phenomena of time being perceived as speeding up.

    Thanks for sharing this interesting area of his work. It’s an area worth looking into. And YES, I do believe our “attention” is being assaulted on all sides. On the lowest levels, you have the daily barrage of financial chaos and those of us trying to rise above that, have to contend with all these 2012 charlatans and even spiritual fearmongering…

    Eugene, that’s an awesome piece! Good tie-in to Plato’s solids. Thanks for sharing/posting.

    Dennis, of course, how many did you expect to end up missing? 😉 Just looked online and an article said:

    “death toll stands at [11] in Texas and 56 [11] overall in the U.S., is fluctuating.

    State search and rescue teams on Wednesday pulled out of Galveston after checking on almost 6,000 people”

  15. here is an other interesting 3000 thingy…

    Gumball 3000

    Gumball 3000 was founded in 1999 by Maximillion Cooper. (He also has a clothing label, G3K)

    In 1933, motorcycle racer “Cannonball” Baker crossed the United States from coast-to-coast in approximately 54 hours. In the 1970s, Car and Driver founder and editor Brock Yates started the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash in his honor. The second race was won by Yates and Dan Gurney, a former Formula One and Le Mans driver, driving a Ferrari Daytona. They needed about 36 hours to transit from New York to L.A. These events inspired the 1976 movies The Gumball Rally and Cannonball, as well as sequels including Cannonball Run, Cannonball Run II, etc.

  16. Awesome sleuthing! Glad I stumbled on your blog, I’m going to link it up and keep an eye on your work, you definitely have a talent for seeing the intricate design of the web which entangles our consciousness.
    Knowledge is power, keep up the good work!

  17. Erwin, I had seen that “Gumball 3000” name while researching this article but didn’t think anything of it. I see I didn’t look deep enough. That’s a whole lot of 3‘s associated with it, along with an implied 666 and a 13.

    WeeWarrior, thank you! Appreciate your words and you taking the time to share them.

  18. Those Elusive Phantom Clowns

    “But what did Radford leave out in order to lighten up his otherwise forgettable endeavour? The 1995 flap was widely reported in the US newspapers. Honduras police admitted in that same article that Radford only partly refers to: “the average of a child a day has been stolen in the last month and that some 300 have been taken, for unknown reasons, since 1993.”

    So, whether there are phantom clowns or not, whether it is all ‘moral panic’ or not, there seems to be a real stimulus here at work, and that is at the base of these Honduras tales. Radford did not only fail to ponder upon this question no matter how brief, he also failed to provide the necessary narrative structure where exactly these important thoughts can be raised.

    “Evil” clowns and a 300#….

  19. Try this out the Bible states that before the flood of noah there where 360 days in a year with 12 months with exactly 30 days in a month.. What about the vikings that work on lunar months of 13 moon months in a year? What about 360 degrees in a circle or a perfect triangle with 3x 60 degree angles? What about 24 hours in a day 60 minutes to the hour or 60 seconds to a minute? Look at a non digital watch, the type with 3 hands going round a face devided into 12 areas etc… Freaky…

  20. All the renaissance in research (real research) shows me is how absolutely right on the money Velikovsky was when he wrote Worlds in Collision (as read by Jeff Goldblum in the 1970s Body Snatchers) and Oedipus and Akhenaten. 🙂

    On the suits of playing cards, by a process of elimination (in every sense) Swords -> Spades, Cups -> Hearts, Wands -> Diamonds and Pentacles -> Clubs. However for the longest time I personally thought Pentacles -> Diamonds and Wands -> Clubs. Pentacles = Coins = wealth = Diamonds, Wands – fascii = Clubs.

    The duality of the suits is key in my opinion. Sword and Cup are stiff penis and wet vulva, direct and powerful; Sword cuts (blood) to sever girl into woman via loss of virginity; Wand as benevolent cock-magic to balance “hostile” act of virgin killing- paint brush painting with virgin blood? As for Pentacles- they couldn’t have originally meant money because there wasn’t any; in a sexual sense they are shields, as in female pubic hair- tangles that protect and conceal- like the web of finance today?

  21. Just flipping through The Secret Teachings Of All Ages and was reminded of this post.

    Jesus’ crucifixion is symbolized by 3 nails. There’s the three poeple on the cross: Jesus + 2 theives. The three murderers of Hiam Abiff. The hebrew letter Shin has a value of 300, 100 for each spike (as Manly P. Hall says).

  22. Alkemical, interesting article and subject matter. Someone created a blog for just one article? Odd. In my recent works, I get into how we, the researches, are all somewhat stunted, because knowledge of these ever-repeating patterns is [by design] lacking from the public mind.

    wilhelmhenn, I’m really starting to believe that all measurements of time we’ve been CONverted to, are meant to keep us ever enslaved in and ever ignorant to our prison grid.

    Jonathan Nolan, your insight and feedback is always appreciated. Interesting, going back in time, to see you in here exploring a topic I’ve recently started picking apart (the suites/sweets of cards for commoners). You may find my comment to Stygian Port’s latest in relation to sodomy/Jesus of interest (and oddly, how he’s the on-topic comment below you here).

    ViolatoR, phenomenal. Yet another 300 in relation to sacrifice, regardless of whether one believes Rome’s story of “self-sacrifice” [BS in my opinion], or the likely possibility of ritual sacrifice, hoping, in vain, to bind one ascending/escaping spiritually to the cross/cubic prison. I’m thinking the timing, your comment, Nolan’s above, your post, my comment … is by no means accidental … and affirms a truth in these heretical ideas.

  23. Merry Christmas from Old Nick: 300 reindeer die tragic pre-Christmas death!

  24. You said in your article about Moses and the EXODUS from Egypt, “To an analytical mind, it should seem fairly remarkable, to say the least, that a bunch of “slaves” had enough gold on them to melt down and make a near life size bull”

    Actually, Moses and his million had gold as told in the O.T. Exodus 3:22

    “But every woman shall ask of her neighbor and the woman who lives in her house, articles of silver and articles of gold, and clothing; and you will put them on your sons and daughters. Thus you will plunder the Egyptians.”

    And you said 3,000 died at the World Trade Centers. That’s incorrect it was 2,800 and it was predicted the number would be in 10’s of thousands but thousands escaped and there weren’t as many people there as usual.

    Interesting though! I do think there is an evil occult blanket over everything.

  25. hey, wanted to share something interesting. There was a child pornography ring busted in Atlanta, and over 300 computers were seized.

  26. ViolatoR, just in time for the solctice! What the fuck? Did it say “grind them into bio-fuel?” Gives the Soylent “Green” idea even more options.

    riffenberg, well, a “critical” look could/would infer that such a passage might be bullshit. Rich people do not give slaves all their possessions unless they have a gun pointed at their head. And then they send in the cops and take them back. In my opinion, too many “miracles” … too many plotholes. If you look at Exodus as a fabrication for the scandalous Moses and his followers ducking out/being forced out of Egypt … it starts making sense.

    The exact number is less important than the “reported” number (the one repeated). That’s the way the Medes work. Sometimes, I wonder if a few of these stories themselves aren’t complete fabrications. Thanks for commenting.

    Emily, why am I not surprised? Thanks for sharing that.

  27. PAWLENTY: Beyond that, John, I start with this perspective. On September 11th, 2001, individuals and groups killed 3,000 or so of our fellow Americans. They would have killed not 3,000, but 30,000 or 300,000 or 30 million if they could have. If they had the capability to do that in their hands — and as soon as they get it, they’ll try.

    A quote from the Republican debates. It struck me because I had recently read this blog.

  28. The Final Sacrifice

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