The Cross the Crown and the Jew

“Lift a rock. Find a Jew. Life a rock. Find a Jew.” Please excuse me the indulgence of quoting myself, but for a while there while I was uncovering this New World Order/Total Enslavement Grid conspiracy, it seemed that every dirty rock I turned over, there was a Jew hiding under it. I was actually hoping to move on to other topics, but by an overwhelming majority per my last poll, this topic [the Jews] seems to be one most of my readers would like me to explore. {*1}

Are there Jews in positions of significant power around the globe? Yes. Are there Jews to be found in almost every derelict industry one could name [furs, diamonds, pornography, entertainment, sex slavery, the mafia, banking]? Yes. Have the biggest Mass Murderers in modern history been of Jewish descent? Most of them.

Jewish Mass Murderers

By the way, that would include Adolf Hitler. There’s more proof out there to suggest Hitler was of Jewish descent than there is that he was not. For the moment, it’s safe to say, that despite the methods, both Theodor Herzl and Adolf Hitler [both pictured below] had the exact same goal. Get the Jews to leave Europe and move to what would later be called IsRaEl. More on the Hitler “shadow” another time.

That all said however, this Rebel, has learned a few important lessons during all my time in the quagmire known as the “conspiracy” movement. There is so much disinformation mixed in with genuine “inFORMation,” that you need to approach every avenue of clues just like a detective would.

If you find clue upon clue leading to a certain suspect conveniently placed under every single lead [rock] laid out for you, you must entertain the possibility it was left there for that purpose. You have to separate the obvious from the convenient.


I’m sure, the question those voting were seeking the answer to is: do Jews control the world? Is this “New World Order” conspiracy a, as some like to call it, “Jew World Order” or “Jewspiracy?” Better yet, do I believe there is such? Well, perhaps I did for a while, I reckon. There are lots of well-documented and rather convincing sources out there who present a very good case as to why that may be so.

BUT, here’s where the Jew Control System all falls apart for me. I know a lot of Jews. Some were among my best friends growing up. I spent time in their homes. I got high with them. They don’t attend secret meetings. They’re just as brain-washed and stupid as the rest of us. As a matter of fact, I can name at least three Jewish girls of “pure” descent that would have gladly given up their own religions and converted to my mother’s were I to have “popped” the question.

Jew Jitsu

For me, the “smoking gun” moment came shortly after having watched one of those “It’s the Jews, it’s the Jews” documentaries, which claimed that the anti-Zionist Jew and the Zionist Jews were all in on it together to convince us there was a division within the “tribe.” Out on the patio of a local pub, I met a rather pathetic looking young white man/boy [pathetic in terms of that he was dressed up in the latest “gangster/hip-hop” stylings]. The conversation went as follows:

Kid Jew: “Yo, yo, yo. Wass’up man!’

Yours Truly “Uh. Hi.”

Kid Jew: “What’s yo name homie?”

Yours Truly: “Celtic Rebel” 😉 “What’s yours?”

Kid Jew: “The Jew. Wassup!!” [series of overdone rythmic handshakes follow]

Yours Truly: “Um. You actually want me to call you that?”

Kid Jew: “That’s my name, bro.”

Yours Truly: “Are you Jewish?”

Kid Jew: “Yo!” [shows me his star of david/encircled box pendant]

Yours Truly: “OK then. The Jew it is.”

Kid Jew: “Wass’up!”

Now, one would have to be brain-dead to think this brain-washed misguided excuse for a person is part of some secret cabal to rule the world. He’s just a product of his environment. And, alas, many Jews this world over, are simply just that. There is no secret book telling Jewish mothers to keep their daughters far away from Hannah Montana’s influence. There’s no “prime directive” in the Torah [nor the Talmud] saying that viewing Sex and the City is to be limited to dumb “shiksas.”

Whether they get a “doubleplus secret Jew discount” or not, they still shell out thousands of dollars on utterly worthless over-abundant polished carbon-rocks when they get married. And obviously, there is no manner to stop young Jewish men from growing up to be indoctrinated fools like the rest of the goyim/cattle.

Yo! Wiggars!

So, why do we keep finding “Jews” under every dirty social engineering/human degenerating rock? That’s where matters get a little more complicated. As I stated once before, “A well-to-do minority, when they feel discriminated against and threatened, can be relied on to do almost anything in the act of self-preservation.”

To understand “the tribe,” we must first look at HISTORY. Specifically, the three major events that define Jewish identity: the days of “slavery” before the “exodus” from Egypt, the Inquisition, and lastly, the Holocaust. These three events are drummed into the head of every young Jew as soon as they are capable of speaking. It creates a solidarity in the tribe and the sense that they need to stick together because the whole world is out to get them, while prorogation of these “stories” programs either guilt or compassion in the world’s non-Jews.

One Third Holocaust

But, none of this is “evil.” There is a short clip from the mini-documentary Nazi Shrunken Heads [yes, the stories of human skin lampshades, shrunken heads and human soap were all bunk] that sums it up pretty good. It [segment] summarizes:

“What would you do if you were 2% of the population … if [small group] is totally harmonious with [large] group, then [small] group will intermarry and assimilate into [large] population and lose their identity, which means a diminishing of this Jewish group. If there’s some bad vibes however, between these two groups, then that keeps assimilation from happening, which is good for Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy.”

As the video touches on one of those “defining persecution events,” we’ll address it first. There seem to be two equally extreme and eaually preposterous ways of looking at the Holocaust, and I suspect the two ends are being propagated by the same group of people. On one end, you have textbook history; that the “evil” Germans suddenly became extreme racists in unison, decided to mercilessly seek out and round up all neighboring Jews, and then set about exterminating 6 Million of them and keep meticulous records, while pretending nothing was happening.

Scary Nazi Vampires

On the other end, you have the Death Camps were “Happy Camps” story where Jews were, “in fact,” sheltered from the war, while endlessly entertaining themselves with a book of plays by Chekov, two Benny Goodman records and an 8mm reel of Aboot & Costello’s “Who’s on First” skit. The narator/producer of the Shrunken Heads video has been accused by some, of being a disinfo agent and suggesting the latter. I don’t have an answer for that. I just know that all truths in life lie somewhere in between the two extremes they’re sandwiched.

I’ve already written one piece outlining WHO was behind the Holocaust and how most common wisdom regarding said matter is utter nonsense [addressed to those who believe the former]. The idea that “none of it happened,” flies in the face of stories told me directly by relatives in various parts of Europe who lived through WWII, and witnessed the shootings and the round-ups in person.

Song Dance Camp

However, due to extreme mental “programming,” I find most gentiles equate questioning the validity of that SIX million figure with masturbating in public. Taboo! I addressed the topic before in relation to numbers and human sacrifice:

The first mention of the six million dead jews occurred after WWI, when Zionists demanded Germany compensate them for the six million Jews it killed. The second mention was at the end of WWII, just before Nuremberg, as a number tossed out by the World Zionist Congress, long before anyone even had begun to try and count or look for bodies or records. {*2} The third was arrived at after WWII was officially over, and has been carved in stone since.

Were Jews killed in the camps? Yes. Were six million Jews killed in the camps? Very unlikely. I don’t have the time to hold everyone’s hand like I did the first time I touched on this sensitive topic. If you are of the impression you have the slightest inkling about what happened during WWII because you “learned” something about it at the indoctrination centers (schools, including “uni”), watched some stupid special on the History Channel, or some overdone historically inaccurate soap-opera by Steven Spielberg (or other nonsense), this article IS NOT FOR YOU. I’m sure said sources left out this following inconvenient little [pre Nuremberg Laws] fact: {*3}

Zionists Started the War

The psychology of the German people is often neglected in any look at WWII? Anyone who wants to believe the Germans all suddenly grew fangs and became evil is a buffoon. There was no evil ethnicity of people during WWII, but there were a lot of evil pricks running the show: yes, of course your Hitlers and Mengeles, but let’s not forget Stalin, Roosevelt, Baruch, Onassis, Churchill, “The Queen,” and that prick Eisenhower. You can also rest assured the Zionists who made the above “declaration” never saw a concentration camp except as tourists after the war.

There were many “victims” in WWII. One victim was humanity. Another victim was common sense. The victim was every dumb bastard who killed his fellow man in order to fulfill some blood-demanding ritual of mass human sacrifice.

Were there “Death” camps? Yes, but not for everyone. There was a group of Jews that was targeted towards extermination, and rather successfully, the Sephardi. For other Jews, one sure way to have one’s ticket to the slave-labor camps upgraded to death camp, was to have a record of being outspoken against the Zionists. Critical thinking would also suggest that one wouldn’t go to the trouble of tattooing and cataloging all these people if they’d then kill all of them shortly thereafter.

IBM Holocaust

Why do you think IBM was brought in to help with the herculean task of keeping up with all the inmates? What I find extremely suspicious is that despite the German’s penchant for precision and record-keeping (which was flaunted by the allies victors at the trials after the war), and IBM’s proven participation in the project, where the hell did the millions of Hollerith™ punch cards disappear to?

One race of people targeted for murder and carried out with extreme prejudice was the Gypsies. They’re pretty much gone. The few left are scattered about Europe and looked down on with derision pretty much everywhere they go. What threat did these people with mystic leanings and an oral history pose to the powers that be?

I was hoping to expand on this at another time (poll results), but it seems like not only are Comedy Central’s writers reading this blog, but so might Vatican City:

March 31, 2009: Archbishop Dadeus Grings of Porto Alegre, Brazil, said in an interview published Friday: “The Jews call themselves the main victims of the Holocaust. But the main victims were Gypsies. They were exterminated”.

Archbishop Dadeus Grings continued: “They do not speak about that. The Jews have the propaganda of the world” … “The Jews speak of 6 million dead. The Nazis killed more than 20 million people. You compare”.

Jewish organizations were outraged after one of the Bishops, Richard Williamson, told Swedish television that no more than 300.000 Jews “perished in Nazi concentration camps … not one of them by gassing in a gas chamber”.

Looks like they‘re determined to stay one step ahead of me? I had already arrived at my conclusions and was preparing this article for release when I overheard an alternative talk show host read the above article. Synchronicity?

Note: the article seems to since have vanished off of beliefnet [where prior link was], hence am including the text here for posterity [post-publication edit].

Romani GypsiesRomani Gypsies

Prior to WWII, the Gypsies were the sole remaining peoples of Europe that had an “oral” tradition. Those with an oral tradition cannot have their leaders targeted via bribes or murder, and then have their entire history re-handed to them by the Oxford Press (the Ashkenazi case). Look around the world and find the remnants of all native peoples who functioned in such a manner [e.g, Native Americans, Mayans, Aborigines, etc.]. Good luck finding them in tact and unmolested.

The Gypsies were also seers and shamans. They could cure diseases by laying hands or concocting herbs. My ancestors spoke of going to Gypsies to lift, and sometimes place curses, and even peer into the future. So, those who avoided the Vatican’s fires (as discussed last go), met their end on the fire known as the Holocaust (i.e, “burnt offering”). How many? One to two million. Maybe more. Hard to say, as they were the “hidden” agenda. More on the topic at a later date. {*4}

german trains

Conversely, it the goal of the Germans was to wipe Jews of the face of the earth, then they were extremely inefficient at it. How many millions of Jews left Europe for Palestine after the war? “Inefficient” and “German” rarely show up in the same sentence. But that was never the goal the Nazis had in mind for the AshkeNazis.

The end-game of those who would be gods, i.e., the ones that “chose” these people? Remove the leaders. Convince them the world is out to get them. Send them to Palestine to murder, degrade themselves, and carry out the Armageddon script. The worst part? CONvince them that you, their tormentor, are, in fact, their savior. Scam complete. Keep your ears open. The truth is spoken on occasion:

“John Hagee, the controversial evangelical leader and endorser of Sen. John McCain [¿was that really necessary?], argued in a late 1990s sermon that the Nazis had operated on God’s behalf to chase the Jews from Europe and shepherd them to Palestine. According to the Reverend, Adolph Hitler was a “hunter,” sent by God, who was tasked with expediting God’s will of having the Jews re-establish a state of Israel.”

Going further back in time, we have the first of the three “victimizations:” the enslavement under the Pharaohs. Well, even mainstream historians are now “popping up” on History Channel to admit the “Israelites” who allegedly “built the pyramids,” were not actually slaves [that part is true], but neighboring tribes [that part is false]. When mainstream historians are forced to admit fact, it pretty much means that the case for the falsehood has become so ridiculous, that to cling desperately to it, threatens the career [and sanity] of any ego-addicted academic.

Israeli SlaverySlave Pyramids

I think Michael Tsarion summed it up best when he said [paraphrasing], “We have records [the Old Testament, I would gather] of the selling of goats and cattle and the most mundane of daily minutia, yet not one of these tomes so much mentions the name of what Pharaoh this so called slavery took place under?”

There can only be one reason for such a glaring omission: fear someone might try to verify it. We don’t even know if Ancient Egypt had slaves. Would an enlightened society flourish for over 20,000 years while relying on such an enmity-producing system (advances in psychology to brainwash slaves that they were actually “players” is a post-Freud phenomenon)? If anyone reading this is suffering from the programmed delusion the pyramids were somehow built using slave labor, levers, pulleys and [as of late] mastodons, there may be little point in you reading further.

Regardless, it can be said, with little debate [arguing indoctrinated regurgitations is not productive] that the “Israelites” were never “enslaved.” Going from Sigmund Freud to Ralph Ellis to Moustafa Gadalla [!deleted from wikipedia!] to Michael Tsarion, a strong case is made that the “tribe” of Moses we were programmed to venerate is the [dark] solar cult of Akhenaton’s Hyksos clan; given the boot from Egypt, and instructed not to let the “door hit them in the ass on their way out.”

mel brooks bullshit

The third, final and most revealing false thread weaved into Jewish Identity is The Inquisition. Textbook [i.e., controlled] histories mention the Inquisition as a time when Jews were forced to either convert to Christianity or be burned at the stake. For those who weren’t paying attention in school cause they were high, along come the entertainers, such as Mel Brooks, ready to beat [into the public psyche] false notions of Jews being tortured into converting. Well, that is a bunch of utter tripe as well. That never ever ever ever happened.

The Vatican had no interest in converting Jews to “Roman” Christianity. They were far too useful to be subjected to such brainwashing. We already know the Bible was changed by the Vatican whenever it suited Rome. But, for some reason, they never bothered taking out the part against usury. My guess on that is they didn’t want the average dumb impoverished believer using it as a means to liberate himself.

However, it created a conundrum for the land-hungry and power-hungry papacy: how to confiscate lands while maintaining a good image with the flock. Solution?

Peek a BooPope Monster

Enter the Jews. Spread thoughout Europe after the fall of Khazaria, these Ashkenazi rovers lacking the backing of any powers, were at the mercy of local whims. Enter the Vatican, granting them “protection,” but only in areas it deemed. The price of that protection? Nothing. Just go about your business, but be sure to make high-interest loans to the local populace. Land-owners default. The Jews take their land and earn the animosity of many a local along the way.

The Church would then decide that this “protection” expired in a certain region and that Jews would be offered protection someplace conveniently far away. The Jews, now facing angry landless mobs and no guardian, had little choice but to take what they could carry with them (i.e., coins, jewels, small valuables — Is it all coming together now?) and abandon the land. In comes the Church. “We’ll take this cursed land from those dirty Jews and donate it to .. God.” The dumb peasants welcome the Church and swear vengeance upon the departed Jews. “False flag” anyone?

pope not so innocent

Now, there were groups that were targeted during the Inquisitions, and they were, by and large, Gnostic Christians; those heretics, who dared to question the doctrines of The Church. The most interesting group, to those seeking truth were The Cathars. The Cathars, in a nutshell, believed that the God of our souls was a benevolent loving deity, but that the Architect of this realm, the “God” of the Church was an evil mother-fucker. Hence, mankind’s fate has been sealed by all this energy wasted praying to the wrong God. They may have been on to something.

Read about them, and how the Vatican used the Jews, in Graham Hancock’s amazing book, Talisman. The pope pictured above was the son-of-a-whore who burned all the Cathars, the aptly named, Pope Innocent “X.” I mean, who looks evil in a portrait, where artist, subject to execution at whim, is paid to paint his “superior” as complimentary as possible? Though, I think the second artist, Diego Velazquez, saw said pope, as he was, beyond the veil [note: per Francis Bacon, the latter painting was “one of the greatest portraits ever made.”]. Regardless, what I’m observing is a historical pattern of the Jews being used as patsies.

royal coronation

Moving on from The Cross to The Crown, there is a term that pops up throughout European history, Hofjuden. The term means “Court Jews;” Jews, that due to their finances or service to the houses of nobility in Europe were allowed to attend court, and granted the privileges associated with it. The important words in the prior phrase are “allowed” and “granted:” in other words, all power lay in the holder of the Crown, not in the financier, as even the unreliable Wikipedia concedes.

“Due to the precarious social position of Jews, some nobles could just ignore their debts. If the sponsoring noble died, his Jewish financier could face exile or execution. Many debts were also canceled during pogroms when the Jewish creditor could disappear.”

I recall the story of some French nobleman excited the King was to visit his new estate he had just spent years constructing. As he was showing off the house, the King, rather impressed, said [something to the effect of], “This is a nice house. Now, get the fuck out of it.” That’s pretty much the way things worked back then.

coronation of deviants

Thus, I think it is fairly well established, that the Crown AND the Cross, have historically used the Jews to their own ends. The question I have to those who think that things have since changed, and the nebulous Jewish Cabal has established itself as lord to monarchy and popes, is how would such an event have happened?

The notorious Amschel Rothschild, not only displayed the below red shield [i.e., a sign of protection], on his business in Frankfurt, but even went so far as to take his name from it. Note: it is the double-headed eagle of the Holy Roman Emperor. His descendant, Edmond, the “benefactor of Israel” is credited with “branding” the Jews with the blue variant of below cube (after unofficially branding them with the yellow/transitional version). Ah, the jukebox in the skull is weaving all the strands together now! “Oh, how you have changed from Red to Blue,” bemoans Billy Bragg.

Red ShieldRothschild DynastySlavery

Yea, I know there are many conspiracy books that detail how the crafty Rothschild family, at the end of the Napoleonic Wars, ran the “scam of the century” on the London Stock Exchange, thereby securing themselves as owners of all the wealth, and the richest family in all Europe. But, who allowed them to do such? Don’t even think for a second, that action did not require the blessings of someone above them in the hierarchy. Had they not been sanctioned, by the end of the next day, there would have not been a living Rothschild in Europe worth his weight in flesh.

Worth a mention: that litter of Rothschild cheese-eaters [Says Woody Allen: “I, um, don’t know exactly, um, what that means, but I, um … I know it’s not good.”] are also the “official” Vatican bankers. That implies a client relationship where Sir Rothschild says, “Yes sir. No sir,” and kisses the ass, or the ring [must see], of whoever is addressing him. It is nothing like what us dumb commoners have been conditioned to accept; we give banks our money and they charge us for the privilege of holding it, and also for the inconvenience of servicing us.

Another telling event was Alfried Krupp growing weary of negotiating the price of some real estate he desired from Robert Rotschild. When Alfried’s patience expired, so did Robert’s life (see Springmeier’s “Bloodlines”). In other words, Krupp had him killed. How does one shoot one of the world’s most powerful family and just walk away from it? Well, we can deduce that in the time leading up to World War II, the Krupp family, which was one of the primary engines used to build up the German war machine, and make the extended war to follow a reality, were far more important to the powers that be, than some guy named Rothschild.

Krupp SistersKrupp Logo

I have to take a synchromystic sidetrack for a little bit, cause as I was looking for photos of the Krupps, I came across the photo of the “Krupp Sisters” from Rob Zombie’s Werewolf Women of the SS [¿did you catch that Todd?]. WWSS stemmed from a crappy film made by a total deviant no-talent bum named Quentin Tarantino, who’s being paid to make a propaganda film featuring former delicious “temple dog” Brad Pitt cracking up skulls and spilling brains of “evil” Germans. Attention all you soulless zombies: this movie was made just for you!

Do note the Krupp logo: as if you hadn’t guessed already, they’re “illuminated.” Going from the propaganda droppings named movies, to something aimed at a younger audience, the superhero universe of comics, we find another Krupp, Roderick aka “Digger.” Apparently, he “earned” that name due to his penchant for “telling people stories as he buries them alive?” You’re welcome Mr. Rothschild.

Digger KruppSupermanLex LuthorMartin Luther

There was a video put out by someone named “WWIII News,” but his videos rarely stayed on YouTube for more than a few days. In one of them, he brought up that Superman, was created by two Jews, Joe Shuster, and Jerry Siegel. He further went on to point out, that his “nemesis” was the bald Lex Luthor, whose name in Latin literally translates to the “Law of Luthor.” From there, we have a connection to famous baldish anti-popate, Martin Luther, who allegedly crafted the “Laws of Luther,” meant to limit how much influence Jews could gain over banking, politics and other vital industries of any city in Protestant Germany.

I can’t say whether this is true or not, and haven’t found an “Aha!” source yet. But, it does raise some interesting possibilities, such as the Vatican using Jews against its Protestant enemies. But, when I see Hero and Villain alike flaunting the Red and Blue, all I see is the dialectic. Speaking of, did anyone catch the infamous Alex Jones interview of “adventurer” David Rotschild? “I’m coming after you Red Shield! You’re going down Red Shield!” Did it seem a little too much like pro wrestling?

As I touched on last chapter, the “mafia” genre movie, once you get past all the programming of false history and false notions, do cut to certain truths about the way things work. A classic mafia tactic when running a scam is to find some respectable schmoe to be the “face-man” of some business venture. The stooge is given a nice return on an investment involving little risk (the “an offer too good to be true” phrase applies) and then they set about using that company for all sorts of illegal and immoral activity [¿recall the “bust-out” scene from Goodfellas?].


The behind-the-scenes operations can making billions to the stooge’s millions. Should any investigations ever lead anywhere … guess who they lead to? So, let’s take a good look at [the jew] Larry Silverstein. Does he seem like the mastermind of anything to you? Yea, the old bastard made a lot of money, but it’s a small part of the take netted from every other scam perpetrated before, during and after 9/11. I can surmise one thing. When those We Are Change guys are outside his office, Larry shits his pants. He knows he’ll be one of the first fish to fry. {*5}

As we’re speaking of the mafia, you may have noticed the ongoing trend in cinema to paint the “Russian” Mafia as the new die-hard cut-hroat group that has supplanted the Italian Mafia. Well, the “Russian” Mafia is kind of a joke, as was the notion that an “Italian” mafia controlled American for so long.

Who set up the movie studios? Tell me if those names sound Italian? And of course, who ran the Bolshevik Revolution? If you look for the subtleties, you’ll note that even beyond the obviously Jewish hierarchy, something else lies clearly beyond that:

Eastern PromisesEastern Promises

The scenes are from occultist David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises. Checkerboard floors. Twin pillars. Implied pyramid. All-seeing eye. Homosexual overtones. Gratuitous violence. Anal Sex. The slain one-eyed beast. Overkill!

Yes, there was an extremely powerful Corsican Mafia [also known as the Marseille Mafia) during the days before the CIA went was sent into the Golden Triangle to take over the heroin trade. Read Dope Inc to see who they were working for.

Bonus Peek into Hollywood’s Workings: I’ll share this little gem which only became obvious to me whilst writing this. Who was the Jewish nemesis of Michael Corleone in Godfather II? Hyman Roth. That translates to: “Red Hymen!” Yes, an inside joke.

Godfarher IIGodfather II

So, this Jewish nemesis of the Corleones did get “popped” at the end of Godfather II, didn’t he? Oh shit, and at the end of the first, Roth’s young protégé, Moe “Green” [as in new or virginal] got popped in the eye. Hm. What I’m deducing from all of this is the Jews (and I’m speaking of the high-level ones, not your neighbors), have learned well from their masters. I see them emulating the same tactics. They’ve had a long time to learn no?

Of course, there are the histories you can research on your own (not those taught to buffoons by buffoons in the education system), but you’ll end up mired in disinformation and counter-intelligence and go around in circles. You’ll go from tentacle to tentacle, trying to find which tentacle is in control. MI6, the CIA, the Mossad, the ADL, AIPAC, the JDL, the dreaded People’s Front of Judea, and last but not least, their arch-enemy, the Judean People’s Front. But, it’s a joke too.

If all roads lead to Rome, then perhaps that’s where all tentacles lead too?

life of brian

One of the reasons I had put off writing this, is cause I know I’ll be attacked from two sides. On one side, will be morons who use words like “anti-semite” without having the slightest inkling what a Semite is. On the other, will be those already convinced Jews are the great enemy of mankind, and perhaps following me after having seen me expose many a Jewish agenda along the way [was it you Michael who said of me, I “call a spade a spade as I see it”], hence, they’ll likely now label me as a shill, obviously subverted to draw the wrath of the people off the Jews.

Are “the Jews” guilty? No. Are the Jews involved in every devious industry I named at the beginning of this article guilty? Oh yes. They are criminal, and that includes every fucker out there who’s responsible for the “Kosher Tax.” To a lesser degree, there’s plenty of guilt to go around between every member of the IOF who’s taken part in oppression and cold-blooded murder and an equal amount to every one out there, Jew or Christian alike, that supports the shameful activities presently taking place in Palestine. Is the Talmud racist? Yes. But, the question is are they guilty of being “evil” … or, like the Germans once were, just victims of brainshwashing?


Once while travelling the Brasil country-side, I saved a solitary backpacker from being robbed. Upon receiving his thanks and a cold beer, I learned he was Israeli.

Travelling Rebel: “Please don’t tell me you served in the IOF!”

Wandering Jew: “Why, would you not have helped me if you knew that?”

Travelling Rebel: “No!”

He was a good guy, and for a while there, we paired up and traveled to a few cities together. I only had one problem with him; you couldn’t reach him. He was too far gone, suspecting “oil money” funded the “German” death camps and convinced that the Arabs were the re-born Nazis seeking to exterminate every Jew on this planet (e.g., he couldn’t look at the below “Hamas” video and not see it for the obvious Mossad production it is). The Zionists got to him too early in life.

As I surmised in my last video, if you “hate” the Jews right now, then it’s because you are supposed to hate the Jews. Don’t quote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion unless you’ve looked into the Priory of Scion. What of Jordan Maxwell’s “Teutonic Zionism?” It would appear to me the Hyksos descendants have mind-fucked today’s Ashkenazis into adopting their history and fighting their battles, as was done to the German people long ago, and the Israelis are digging the same grave now.

Mossad JokeNazi Joke

It would have been much easier for me to write: “the head of the octopus is in fact .. Hymen Roth.” But, as my occult learning has confirmed, anyone who directs spiritual energy to the cube (be it unfolded, obvious, or via 3D perspective) is just another sucker, ultimately, just another inmate. The question then becomes who controls the Jews? The answer to that is the same as to the question, “Who chose the Jews.” As the title itself implies: the Cross and Crown is a good place to start.

To be preemptive against those so enraged by these truths, let me spare you some time: I am an alleged descendant of the Davidic bloodline. Do I care? No. Have I seen on red sheckel from the line? No. I”m also an alleged descendant of Alexander the Great, but so is every other Greek out there. {*6} At a wedding for the sister of one of the girls I mentioned earlier, her religious father, who I had yet to meet formally yet, stopped and stared at me so long it made me uncomfortable.

Jewish Wedding

“The jig’s up,” I thought, “he just figured out I’m the guy who’s been sneaking into his daughter’s bedroom while he sleeps.” What followed:

“There’s a little Jew in you.”

“Oh, you bastard. It’s the nose. It’s the goddamn nose, isn’t it.”

“You should come back to the tribe.”

“Um, look. I know what you’re thinking. But, I’ll kick the shite out of anyone who dares try to give me the mark of a slave.”

“Oy veh, with the conspiracy stuff.” [rolls eyes] “So, what was your grandfather’s name?”


And that, as they say, was that. I’m over this now. Not really a “fun” article to write. Next week, I’ll have some fun turning the Celtic Rebel Angry Exposition Light™ on all the Anti-Smoking Fools and proceed to tear them a new one.

Until then…

Disclaimer: This article was written at an earlier stage of my development, thus it may contain quite a few points which do not necessarily reflect my present belief set.

1: Well, most of them, it was the clear winner until the day before I got a new article out and took the poll down, hence I had already written a fair part of this. [LB]

2: One site I came across took this historical factoid (the 6 number being repeated thrice) and equated it to 666, Satan’s plan!!! That’s how you discredit valid facts. Beware of any info source that makes use of such scare tactics. Even the one/third vid made a good point about such gullibility. [LB]

3: I think Spielberg, of all Hollywood directors, is the most manipulative of public emotions. Paul Verhoeven, however, perhaps trying to top “the master”[bater], used the same formula of two-dimensional characters and a contrived one-dimensional plot in his Dutch shlock-fest, Black Book. To any I may have offended, please read a book before contacting me. No, not that book, this book [LB]

4: While watching The Golden Compass, the roving rebels opposed to the Majestirium (i.e., Vatican) were called the Gyptians. According to “official” [i.e, bullshit] sources, there is “no link” between the Gypsies and Egyptians. Why do my instincts tell me otherwise? [LB]

5: No doubt, as I’ve already gone into, that there are more Mossad connections to 911, than any other group. But, from this perspective, I’m seeing a pattern of passing the buck, “the government” to Arab patsies, the Mossad to “the government” … but “who” to the “Mossad/Israel?” Worth a mention for any unaware, both the CIA and the Mossad were set up by MI6, an agency set up for one purpose: to serve [one second, need to squeeze the phrase out of my rectum … here you go] “her majesty.” [LB]

6: Sitting at bar I’ve mentioned lately, saw the soccer score “Greece 1 Isreal 1” flash on the screen. First thought? “Man, our team sucks so much we can’t even beat the Israelis.” Later, a friend and I discussed the Greeks and the Jews and found an amazing amount of similarities, particularly in the areas of complaining and a culture of “victimization.” As this ran so long, I’ll share at another time. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on April 2, 2009.

17 Responses to “The Cross the Crown and the Jew”

  1. I actually voted for you to write about this, not because I wanted to see you hate on Jews, but because I was interested in seeing how you would thoroughly ass-rape everyone who points to the Jews as the sole source of all the world’s problems. Thank you for resorting to actual history rather than hate-filled diatribe as most “conspiracy types” do on this subject… If you’ve ever read the comments on any Youtube NWO conspiracy video, you’ll know what I mean. I’m not even part jewish (I don’t think, I’m really not sure but one of my ancestors’ last names was “Coffman” so maybe) but some of my good friends growing up were either half-jewish or full-on Israeli jew and they had good families, much better than my so-called Christian or atheist friends… I also think Larry David is hilarious, much to the chagrin of a lot of people I know (not Seinfeld in particular, but Curb Your Enthusiasm). But that’s besides the point…

    I think Michael Tsarion put it best when he said that Royalty, the Vatican and Zionists are the three heads of Atonist hierarchy, and that all of the groups therein should be held responsible, not just one of them, and that doesn’t apply in this context and I don’t know how people are still blaming Jews alone for anything.

  2. The work of Arthur Szyk on display in New York.

    “Worthy to be placed among the most beautiful of books that the hand of man has produced,” is how the Times Literary Supplement described the Szyk Haggadah upon its publication in 1940.

    Born in 1894 in Lodz, Poland, trained in Krakow and Paris, Arthur Szyk settled in New Canaan in the early 1940s.

    “At last I have found the home I have always searched for,” he said in an interview. “Here I can speak of what my soul feels. There is no other place on earth that gives one the freedom, liberty and justice that America does.”

    By the time of his death in 1951, he had become a world-renowned artist, political cartoonist, and editorial commentator.

    Szyk was still in Poland when he began the seven-year Haggadah project in 1930, in response to the Nazis’ rise to power.
    “An artist, and especially a Jewish artist, cannot be neutral in these times,” he said of his work. “He cannot escape to still-lifes, abstractions, and experiments. Art that is purely cerebral is dead. Our life is involved in a terrible tragedy and I am resolved to serve my people with all my art, with all my talent, with all my knowledge.”

    During World War II, Szyk devoted his energies to defeating Nazi Germany and its allies and calling the world’s attention to the mass murder of Europe’s Jews. American publications were filled with his cartoons and caricatures, earning him a reputation as a “one-man army” in the Allied cause.

    By 1943, Szyk had become one of America’s leading artistic advocates for Jewish rescue from Nazi Europe. His images reached millions of Americans, helping to boost morale by unmasking the threat that Nazism posed to Western civilization.

    Last year, antiquarian bookseller Irvin Ungar, the foremost dealer of Arthur Szyk art, published a new and limited edition of the Szyk haggadah nearly 57 years after the artist’s death. Unger will curate “Arthur Szyk Illuminated – New York,” an all-new exhibition of 53 original works of art by Szyk, that will be on display April 7 – 26 at the Broome Street Gallery in New York City. Ungar will deliver a talk on “Freedom Illuminated: Understanding The Szyk Haggadah,” at the gallery on Sunday, April 12, 3 p.m. The lecture is free and open to the public.

    CR, they have to keep these things in the consciousnesses for the masses -to keep the false hiStory alive.

    I often wonder if it’s too late to do a damn thing about it anymore. There ain’t enough of us.

    I also worry if maybe we [souls] are in some kind of machine named Sophia, located on the far side of the Moon.

    I hate the fucking script. That’s my new saying.
    Of course, it doesn;’t make sense to anyone I know where I live- or even in ‘real’ life.
    But I say it and,well, maybe I will make it my site’s slogan.

    I hate the fucking script.



  3. Tommy, how did you know that? Did you know me better than I know myself? 🙂 Don’t get me started on Larry David. I do think his show is funny, but I grimace every time he [unwittingly] passes along indoctrinated bullshit.

    After I wrote this, I listened to Hour 2 of Tsarion’s last interview. I was actually laughing as I listened, a lot of what he says is uncannily similar to what I say in this article. Though our methodologies are different, our conclusions are so similar I was afraid due to timing, I’d get accused of pilfering (but he’s read this and didn’t).

    pso, I don’t like the script either. We need to write our own. Had a laugh looking at the info you included, because it tells of a persecuted Jew who was sought refuge and was welcomed in New Canaan. But, THE MYTH, even put out a movie called Gentleman’s Agreement (starring Gregory Peck), which showed the equally upscale neighboring town of Darien involved in an white anglo-saxon conspiracy to keep those “damn jews” out of their town (at the time author was welcome).

    to the guy who called me an “idiot”, you actually raised some points in your diatribe that are valid and worthy of a response … when your mommy said, “You can accomplish so much more with sugar than you can with vinegar,” you should have listened.

  4. I just realized that the last paragraph in my comment started almost exactly like one in your post… Sorry, it happens…

    I’m also sorry for voting for you to write this, since you obviously didn’t really want to talk about it, haha

  5. Wow, What an awesome post! I’m Jewish and I agree with most of what you have written here… Jewish people are quite interesting indeed. I was born jewish, but do not follow Judaism. While observing Jewish people, I have come to a conclusion, that they are definitely different from others. A bit cocky in all the wrong places:) I always enjoy reading your writings, please continue spreading the truth. Hope you are doing well. By the way, I would love to speak to you sometime… Please, let me know when you are available.

  6. In the movies we are told that the world was so against “them” that many even HAD to change their last names to something that sounded more gentile, in order not to be discriminated against. I changed my last name to something more “jewish” in the hopes of getting more work in Hollywood, and guess what? It worked! We’ve come a long way baby….

    And you know what else? The truth feels good, no matter how disturbing it is. That’s how one knows it’s the truth and that’s how I feel about the information you are generous enough to provide us with. Now, go on that much needed vacation!!!

  7. Tommy, you’re right, just noticed that. I’m flattered. By coincidence, just watched the Larry David show, and in [indirect] support of much of what I said in here, when asked why he had to buy tickets to temple from a scalper, he replied, “cause there’s too many Jews.” Hehe.

    Thanks Leon! I think that culture of “victimization,” as I write herein, has been a major shaper of Jewish culture. It has [and continues to] serve(d) the masters of the Jews well. I will be in touch.

    Lalan, I’d agree. To take it a step further, I think the main reason we observed so many Jews in Hollywood adopting gentile names back then, is because even though the average American is dumb-as-a-rock, I mean dumber-than-a-rock, it still may have occurred to some that it was kind of “weird” that while Jews made up less than 1% of the population here back then, they were writing, directing, producing and starring in EVERY major movie made in America.

  8. pso, i love that!!! Yes, the script totally sucks! Do you mind if i use that? Maybe it will come to mean something among “certain” people. It can be our slogan…and celt, how do you know there are not enough of us…maybe we can still re-write the script…of course it would help if we had a jewish name attached to it…ah, maybe your right..

    and yes, celt, you are right about hollywood in the 50’s…and thanks for bringing up Gregory Peck (if but the image) because it made me realize something…the actors chosen to play “jews” were usually wasp and ALWAYS painfully good looking…till Babs came along that is…now we have to look to the likes of adam sandler for our leading men…thanks for nothing ms. streisand

  9. Nice article despite that I would have preferred to read more about how hearts = vaginas, oh well. I’d like to read more about the gypsies if you ever decide to write it. “lanaz”‘s reply is funny; I had joked before about using a Jewish name, or playing-up the Jewish quality of my nose (I might be of Sephadi descent), to get easy work in Hollywierd as a background actor. Also reminds me how I used my mom’s maiden name (which sounds and is Spanish (it’s also listed as Spanish-Sepharidc name)) in one job application, but not in the rest of the applications I did, and this one was the only one to call me back for an interview! I guess if I said a swam across the Rio Grand yesturday, it would pretty much guarantee me any job here in California. 🙂 Hmm, maybe that’s why most, if not all, job applications ask if you have ever gone by another name? Human Resources needs to know who to give the top-priority to! Maybe I should add a -burg or -stein to the end of my mom’s maiden name, that might guarantee me any job of my choosing!

  10. Good article Celt. It seems the ones that anointed themselves “leaders” from the get-go [bloodline, now that’s a joke in itself] have had their hands in deception from the start. Granted, from jr. high I always “surmised” that each country had “tiered deceivers” at the top that spread the disinfo down to their own people. Yup, they don’t even care about their own people, just their so called “genetic bloodline”. So, yes, the majority of the Jews are indeed victims like everyone else. Great points within here, I did learn a few new points as always when I read your work.

    Those that will come and shout names at you, alas will remain trapped in their cube.

    Be well bro.

  11. Celt – how did you know that? Did you know me better than I know myself?

    Just a logical conclusion made through your previous thoughts expressed in your blog… A few people have been accusing me (you didn’t accuse anything) of thinking I know them better than they do, but I don’t think I’ve ever claimed such a thing…

    Michael Tsarion reads your blog? That’s awesome…

    Curb Your Enthusiasm has faltered in more recent years, it was just really fun to watch in awkward situations because finally there was someone I could relate to on TV (it really conveys the “man some people are dumb” atmosphere well, and says it’s not your fault if other people project their shadow onto you)

  12. Excellent article. Feel like a black veil was lifted from eyes. Thanks Celtic Rebel!

    PS: I think the “Front of the Judean People” is at fault.

  13. lanaz, we have come a long way since those “handsome gentiles” were chosen to portray some American Jew facing imaginary discrimination. Seem to recall Brendan Frasier in some nonsense story about some fictional football event. Did you catch this image?

    ViolatoR, argh, yea, I’ve been trying to tweak the images to make them presentable, cause I think a lot of people still can’t see the obvious heart/vagina correlation. But, I try not to spend too much time facing a vagina that takes up my whole computer screen. Thanks for the story.

    Michael, thanks as always. Surprisingly, I’ve had few negative responses. Maybe they’ve given up … or most likely, this was too wordy and complex for those who like to hop in and shout names. 😀

    Tommy, I was just being facetious. Hugs Cheers, mate!

    yo1dude1man, thank you! But, regarding your PS … YOU ARE SO WRONG! Any idiot should clearly see it’s the “Judean People’s Front!” 👿

  14. I did feel you could have explained anti-semite a bit. That would explain the fact that what Isreal is doing(mossad movies) is in fact anti semite and everyone that knows that isreal is wrong and is called anti-semite has means to defend themself in a “smart” way :p.

    for the rest a good blog(maybe delf a bit deeper and instead of the vatican Rome go into the White pope and Black pope, jesuits. The latter is really in controle).

    Also As far a I’m concerned a lot of Jews aren’t really Jews of the old tribes(ashkenazi’s). That’s why blaming Jews for everything wrong isn’t the way.

    But hey Distract people and let them fight a different enemy has always been a great battle tactic.

  15. hi, this is going to be eclectic so “loosen your bullets” while i slip into something other than seamless.
    i followed a trail on utube and arrived here, happy to find someone coherently describe what’s been occurring to me for many years.
    i’ve been a luddite most of my life; only had a tv and pc in the last few yrs…by which i don’t mean i was clueless. i saw my first computer video during the 03.08 lhasa riots on utube; i opened an account to help tibetans better articulate their comments in english. shortly after, i received an email from a tibetan, “u da bomb”; i knew i was on the right track.
    -you’re the first person i’ve come across to articulate to the larger audience what i was saying to the pro-beijing bloggers from the start: modern ccp china, inc. is a fully owned rothschild subsidiary, fattening for albert pike’s slaughter scenario of 3 world wars to subdue the ‘soulz’.
    -“ring of power” was my “wired” epiphany; i finally understood the awakening “threat” of which Brzezinski spoke. the author may have made a few mistakes but i understood the power of the wired world of internet.
    the author of “ring of power” reinforced a long-entertained notion of mine, that what we read in the bible, aka “history”, and witness playing on world stages, is nothing more than dynastic squabble; it dovetails with frank herbert’s bene gesserit. i don’t think the “hebrew” influence in egypt was limited to the hyksos; the age of the patriarchs spanned from the 12th to the 18th dynasties and beyond, down to cleopatra. the hyksos expulsion was internecine which is why later pharaohs aided the exiles conquer canaan. (i find the name “new canaan” a candid, disturbing declaration of usurpation but then again, i’m part mohawk and, if a geneologist i met decades ago in latin america is to be trusted, part merovingian). i think it most probable these same squabbling bloodlines bred themselves into the vatican and royal families. i would put a “jew” behind each of the 3 masks of jahbulan, crown, cross and david’s throne.
    nonetheless, i wholly agree that mr. joe jew is as clueless as his fellow dumber-than-a-rock cattle. and i agree on the desirability to avoid the mark of slavery; it’s genital mutilation.
    -as for slaves, pulleys, levers and logs,that’s only part of the story. the theory that gets my vote is the one which claims that the pyramids, among other things, were energy generating machines. besides, their construction was known to have wasted the kingdom’s wealth just as never-ending war has bankrupted the u.s. my guess is elbow grease with super-glide assist.

    you’re a very entertaining writer and i look forward to reading more. cheers…

  16. interesting post. i agree. the ‘priestcraft’ of all religions/govs utilize such tactics; comparable to a carny magician’s sleight of hand distractions.

  17. Only 300000 peoples dies in the camp mostly of typhus and starvation.

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