Come Out of the Closet Chief

I’ve long suspected that Georgie Boy was a bit of a homosexual, or at least, a closet case. These pics lend some credence to that line of thinking…

He also throws like a girl….

This picture simply speaks for itself…

Then there’s the steamy torrid affair he’s allegedly been having with Tony Blair, another long-suspected flamer.

And here he is, getting rather close to “up and coming” reporter Jeff Gannon.

For those who don’t know, Jeff, is a confessed $200-an-hour gay escort in the DC area. He also owns (and contributes photos of self to) the following web sites:,, and Gannon, also, SOMEHOW, managed to get on the White House press corps, despite almost no journalism experience (normally, it can up to twenty years of major network experience to even be considered). Here’s a more telling photo of Mr. Gannon…

And let’s not forget that Georgie Boy was, after all, a “cheerleader” in college. YES, a CHEERLEADER. Oh, that’s not even remotely gay, at all!

And while there at Yale, ‘lil Bush also joined the exclusive Skull & Bones fraternity, whose initiation ritual involves laying naked in a coffin and masturbating yourself (to completion) while your fraternity brothers watch. No, that’s not gay!

YES. That is George Bush in the White Dress. How f’n appropriate.

Yea, that’s not gay. And, as the below photos shows, neither is Victor Ashe, his college roommate, fraternity brother AND fellow cheerleader. And no, it’s not all “in the past.” This same man was recently appointed ambassador to Poland by Dearest George [btw/ check out the guy next to Vic in the “pimp daddy” shirt].

Would you like to hear it from the horse’s mouth? Here are just a few quotes compiled by the site

Outside of Italian shoes, nothing sends up a rainbow-colored flare that you are dealing with a flaming homosexual more reliably than when a man breathlessly gushes the word “faaabulous!” — three giddy syllables that are tantamount to coyly cooing, “Hello, sailor!”

“It’s been a fabulous year for Laura and me.”
— George W. Bush., three months after the World Trade Center towers went down.

“And we’ll prevail, because we’re a faaabulous nation, and we’re a faaabulous nation because we’re a nation full of faaabulous people.”
— George W. Bush., Atlanta, GA, January 31, 2002

It’s kind of like a sweet little secret, one you keep inside that makes you blush.

Want more proof of George W. Bush’s homosexual tendencies? Check this quote:

January 2004. Mr. Bush wandered over during Mr. [Scot] Reid’s [senior strategist to Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin] chat with the Prime Minister. Mr. Reid introduced himself and shook hands with Mr. Bush.

The President chuckled. “Well, you got a pretty face,” he told the surprised Mr. Reid.

He wasn’t done. “You got a pretty face,” he said again. “You’re a good-looking guy. Better looking than my Scott anyway.”

[Did he say “MY” Scott????]

— “President” Bush in a coquettish bout of eye-batting homosexual diplomatic flirting January 16, 2004 The Globe and Mail

Now, any of you out there of “the persuasion,” don’t get too excited about the prospect of a hot one-night stand with the commander-in-chief, cause those in the know, seem to be trying to say the same thing here…


This article may not necessarily reflect the present views of The Celtic Rebel, and has been left in the archive to show stages in growth and development of The Rebel Path.

1: When I had originally posted this blog (May 6, 2007), I had taken a few pictures and ideas from, along with several other sites. It would appear that since then, they have either gone to the same sources for the ones they were lacking, or I’d hazzard, came across my old blog. Regardless, it’s inconsequential, the point, be it pun or innuendo, or just facing the obvious, is to expose our leaders for what they are or may be.

2: This particular blog is intended as humor and satire. Any perceptions one may develop or conclusions one may reach based on their own use of logic or intuition, is not the responsibility of the Author. Use of any imagery on this page, falls under the Fair Use Doctrine.

3: Interestingly enough, since I had originally published this, Leola McConnell has released a tell-all book, which includes an eye-witness account of how George W. Bush performed a homosexual act on Victor Ashe in the mid-1980’s.

~ by celticrebel on May 22, 2007.

3 Responses to “Come Out of the Closet Chief”

  1. That’s exactly what I think.

  2. Interesting bit about Blair. I read an interview with a political analyst years ago when Blair became PM. He said that Blair was the first openly gay PM. At the time I knew nothing else about him and I was never able to find that interview again.

    One thing that bugs me about the media is that they assume (and often rightly so) that we have a short memory and won’t recall what we were TOLD the last time.

  3. Keeping the Jewish Saudi Cousins Sweeet……

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