Smoking Drinking & Driving

Finally got another long-overdue topic off the [bottomless] queue this past Sunday (the 21st); the one about Smoking, Drinking, Driving and Freedom. Furthermore, how public reaction to the three former are being used to forge/craft the very same chains that will be used to deny the same public the latter. It’s called consent.

cIgsmoking woman

The above [left] image is actually a real anti-smoking advertisement from France [thanks to barley33 and volux]. It pretty much sums up the misdirection and mindlessness one I would expect from the latest wave of your typical anti-smoking advocates. However, I still can’t make up my mind whether the ad was intended to promote fellatio or make pencil-dicks feel better about themselves.

Above, is the related broadcast from the archives [available again]. As for all you anti-smoking advocates, feel free to go fuck yourselves. Yes, that may sound kind of harsh, but I “don’t take too kindly,” to programmed robots recruited into the Army of Darknesss. Sorry, I’m one of those “crazy” cats that believes in freedom.


I personally find immense humor in how, in this day and age of “awakening” is registered to a bunch of pre-programmed junior fascists. Their own [unmodified] advertisement above however, does seem pretty truthful. It’s a safe bet that a wHole lot of ass-fucking is gonna take place on the, um, “truth tour.”

I reconsidered the opening suggestion [the one for the activists] for a while, but “all you moralistic twisted little evil ice peckers” have been going about telling other people what they can and can’t do, feeling that your preferences and strength in numbers somehow gives you “the right.” In other words, running around telling everyone else to go “fuck off,” without having to utter those dirty little words. Hm … wait a minute … “little ice peckers”“pencil-dicks.” Well, at least now we’ve satisfactorily answered the question regarding the opening advertisement.


As said [during the show], indoctrination and ignorance can combine to form one lethal mixture, the end result always being more fascism. I gather there are few people left in Germany who remember going through all of this before, hence now, [Hitler’s unrealized dream of a] greater European Union can do it all again. I could go on [and on], but this article does a pretty good job and has some decent links.


One pro-smoking angle I neglected to mention during the show was how nicotine, a naturally occurring substance in the human body, promotes mental alertness. Nope, can’t have that in our pharmacologically lobotomized Brave New World [or Logan’s Run, Rollerball, We, or take your pick of any other futuristic scenario]. Speaking of alertness, the two above images are prone to raise your alertness level.

The second of them is the follow-up shot shortly after Megan finishes discussing a penis that was not approved by the Abrahamic pedophile cults of infant mutilation [Dinner of Andros IV podcast/article]. But, keep in mind, we later learn that Megan is a carnivore, a man-eater, in the most literal sense. Red level alert, folks!


From Abraham to Uncle Sam, I know much has been already made [and rightly so] of the latter’s uncanny resemblance to Levi’s sketch[y?] of the Baphomet. To take it one step further, while looking into Sex in the Shitter, I pointed out that Samantha [a variant of Sam, whose likeness IS hermaphroditic] breaks down into two words: Satan and Ham.

The movie, strongly and repeatedly supported both of those angles in relation to the namesake who is, by chance, obsessed with cock [“a piece of rotting ham,” per one muse-inspired robyn hitchock]. Now, I also recall there was yet another notable Samantha in the television programming stream, America’s favorite little “witch.”


It should then come as no surprise, to my readers/listeners, that Nicole Kidman was selected/cast to play the role on the big screen. There she is sporting emerald green [a shade associated with Lucy]. Wasn’t her babysitter named Esmerelda?

The subsequent shot is from the end of the recent Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. The doctor is following his daughter, who he has [allegedly] saved from the Faustian bargain he made with the devil, “Nick.” However, the wise, would [should] recognize that she has not been saved. Not only is she spotted in a mall [“shopping mall hell“], but dressed and depicted in the trappings of luxury [the material prison]. The blatant shot of the stuffed piggy, which would otherwise have nothing to do with anything, is just icing on the cake. Lily‘s angle may suggest more, but “With grevious dispatch, I’d crawl up that leg to get to her snatch.” {*1}


Couldn’t exactly leave the above two images out. What’s hot? Little Ole Nick, who else silly. Especially, when she “starts to grind.” There’s that damn “+” again. Is anyone truly surprised that one of Sony’s posters would suggest the broomstick is lodged twisted up in Kidman’s lovely rear? Really? Only the rebel, go back to sleep.

Thanks to James R, I was appraised of the Curse of Canaan aka the Curse of Ham: The Talmud deduces two possible explanations for what Ham did to Noah to warrant the curse. (Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 70a.) According to one explanation, Ham castrated Noah, while the other says that Ham sodomized Noah.

Is it all coming together now? I guess I’m going to have to be extra selective when I get back to building the ark [won’t make sense if you haven’t listened]. 😆 I’m sure you guys have heard the expression “pork sword” before too [one example].


Trying to bring this back to something that has anything to do with Sunday’s show, the mafia’s ads promoting its [far from wholesome, in many ways] milk may as well just say, “Got Semen?” In particular the center one, which forces one to wonder if Rebeca’s facing a small army of eager naked Japanese men. In case you guys don’t like to pork girls or women, we’ve got Hugh Jackass on standby. He loves Daddy’s Sweet Milk [well, he is an actor].

Note how the advertisements, are very carefully worded to loosely hint at some benefit, while in no way implicating anything of the sort for the toxic pasteurized soup of rGBH, hormones and puss. Yea, even the corrupt FTC made advised the Milk Mafia drop the blatantly false old “Milk is good for everybody,” resulting in the utterly ambiguous “Milk, it does a body good” [more info], which has now been reduced to the final legalese, the suggestion-free “Got Semen?”


As mentioned during the show, of all the harmful toxins so many people could be devoting their energy to raising awareness of (far too many too list), “smoking” is the mAsse’s [the joke: John “Q” Public, as in John “fucking” Public] top concern? Sadly, what I said on the show is true, pedophiles have a higher social standing at present than smokers (especially in California). In retrospect, I guess The Dead Kennedys nailed it a long-time ago when they sang, “California Über Alles.”


I’m not sure if the above [left] promo is actually something the [undead] milkmen put out, in order to also appeal to children on the other side of the Miley/Selena dialectic [divided them while they’re young], or something a “fan” put together using the child-friendly “Make Your Own Milk Mustache Ad Tool” [found via this article, which even sports an all too sick/apropo sync]. Anyway, I couldn’t help but note the oddly-shaped pink shirt on the promo. I wonder what subliminal queue led to that [so strategically] ending up on it? I wonder. Oh, yeah!

Coincidentally, I happen to be in possession of a Celtic Rebel™ Make Your Own Milk Mushtache, um, “tool.” However, only the sick twisted fucks known as Milk Council would promote such a tool to children [aided by the soulless bankrupt prostitutes working within its halls; our “friends and neighbors” … it’s “just a job”].


Alas, the license plate finally brings this article back on topic. Unfortunately, for most of the fascists wanna-bes whose sick virus is spreading all over the United States, and the world, the above license plate was taken long ago. {*2}

As said, “to serve and protect” only makes sense when you realize the police departments are actually doing an excellent job of serving and protecting our corporate owners. Moussolii’s dream of “corporatism” has been realized, don’t hold your breath waiting for the official announcement. Doing so might just lead to “the state” taking away your [god-given] birthright to move/travel about freely.


There are countless quotes available on how to manipulate stupid people into forming whatever opinion you want them to. For some strange unknown reason, all of these “opinions” ultimately end up siphoning money off the middle class while enriching the plutocracy and curtailing the freedoms of the former. Side note: for some reason, I said “Molly Hatchet” instead of the lovable [idiot] Carrie Nation.


When people have no memory, you can just repeat the same things ad nauseum. Of course, it becomes a little easier, when all the text books come from the same source [e.g., the Oxford Press] and contain all the same lies, ones only the most gullible of idiots could “swallow.” Oh, that would be, just about everyone.


If you looked at the above poster and thought about “butt sex,” well then, congratulations. While it may be indicative of a need for introspection and analysis [as to what input stream led to that], you are far more intelligent than the average automaton who has been programmed to think “not wearing condoms is stupid.”


My initial opinion was that the “Jim Bob” segment failed miserably. Well, that was until I went back into the chat room to see the responses. People hated him. [One sample comment: “Get that ignorant jack-ass off the air now!”] {*3} That would suggest the segment was actually successful. A large part of this process of looking deep into the mirror is to strip away ALL preconceived notions that were programmed into us before we can even begin to find ourselves.

Perhaps, Jim Bob serves as a reminder of how the media has been so successful into programming us to automatically associate people who live in such areas or talk in such a manner are ignorant and small-minded? I think many people were too busy hating him to reflect on the truth of what he was speaking.


Let’s reView Deliverance: Burt Reynolds sporting a gay-bar friendly outfit (a sleeveless leather vest), killing “ignorant inbred hillbillies” [an “opinion” crafted by the media]. It was the triumph of the closet homosexual over “real men.” What a [lasting] mind-fuck that film was! Fourty long years later, the [implanted] meme still thrives [hm, directed by Boorman of eXcalibur and ZardOz].

Yes, Brokeback Mountain was, in some ways, a sequel to Deliverance (if not, at least, a film made possible by the former). Ah children, please allow me to tell you “the truth:” when the Chaos comes to our doorstep, as the song says, “Country Boys Can Survive” [and may]. You “civilized” city folks, probably won’t make it.


But, what the hell do I know? I’m obviously not an “expert” on any topic. The two above experts are far more adept at swaying public opinion than a rebel like myself could ever hope to be. So, buckle up! It’s for your own good.


What a joke the above headline is. Someone please call me when “prohibition” actually “ends.” You don’t have to look to far too see all sorts of ridiculous things prohibited from plants to fundamental rights [one’s “man” is born with] to consensual acts to “thought” itself [e.g., “hate speech” and “holocaust denial”].

What was it Mojo Nixon said, while trying [and failing] to stop the zombification of his fellow man? A war on drugs? We oughta have a war on war, suckers. We oughta have a war on this senseless American, condominium, new car, shopping mall hell!” Another hint: if it profits our masters and serves the long-term agenda [total spirit-crushing enslavement], it will remain legal and socially acceptable.


Back to Jim Bob for a spell; he raised a few rather valid points about slavery as well. I can’t confirm or deny his diatribe about the, um “Dutch.” But, I recall that one “warrior for truth,” Herr Steven Spielberg, made a movie about the subject, and suggested it was all because of the dirty Spanish, implying the noble British worked to put an end to the horrors, while the “Dutch” had nothing to do with it.

I wonder if Spielberg has any Dutch relatives in New Amsterdam? Argh! For some reason, I had a very hard time finding even one menacing photo of that mother-fucker known as FDR. Well, I guess that depends on interpretation. Like I said at the beginning, the chains of our slavery are those we forge via our own ignorance.


I’m not by any means, suggesting that nonsmokers take up the habit. I will however, add, that if you have been a long-time smoker, you do not give in to the pressures of your mindless friends and family, and quit. Nicotine, very likely serves as a suppressant to those cancers that are already developing in one’s lungs. Hence, “quitting,” takes away that protection and may end up accelerating the onset of terminal cancer.

Another reason, that I just learned of, as to why the AMA, ALA, ACS and pretty much every other three-letter combo of eugenics-promoting organizations out there, hates it [nicotine] so much, is it protects your cells from chemotherapy [the Rock Foundation’s favorite technique of sucking money off the dying while slowly killing them, as exposed by the late great Eustace Mullins]. That’s how I see things, and all I ask/expect of anyone is they stop reacting, and instead, start “thinking.”


That’s all for now. I’m sure the anus/stargate closing of the show, now has all the rest of you cats curious. I’ve got a lot of good things planned for the show, and will try, as I said, to keep it fun. {*4} Heck, one day, I may even go ahead and spend a little time going over how to cost-effectively retrofit your existing toilet so that more of us can finally start to wipe our own ass properly.

Next week (tentatively): 2012, the Ark, Lucifer, and You. I’ve been neglecting my “job” for far too long.



*1: Some insubstantial, yet relevant prize will be awarded to the first commenter who can cite what movie and which author that pilfered bit of spice can be attributed. [LB]

*2: I had to move this down to into the footnotes. Even though the fellatio trail was productive sync-wise, it has nothing to do with the show. The connections were started by the addition of the intro advert, but honestly, do today’s media-brainwashed teenagers need to be “pressured” to fellate or even a helping hand [¡right Rihanna!]?


It’s one of the fringe benefits of growing up in the “land of the free,” while all the concerned [programmed] nitwits [I think some call them “feminists”] are too busy focusing their attention on someplace far away they’ve never even been to, where women are [allegedly] being “repressed.” Hence, few realize their own whorification.


Alas, I finally have a chance to share the image of lovely June [above right]. Heck, maybe when I’m famous, Conspiracy Theory will send her to my broadcast studio [the CR™ Command Bunker], and she can um, grill me about my, um, concealed Milk Moustache Ad[d] Tool? I can only “hope,” right? 🙄 Right! [LB]

*3: As of last week, there is a chat room during the show. We had a really good turn-out, but I could use another moderator [one willing to kick out instigators and “agents” with a fascistic, yet arbitrary, steel-toed boot] or two. Anyone known to me and interested, go ahead and “contact me.” [LB]

*4: If you missed it (most did, short/no notice), I was on Blacklisted News Radio with Doug Owen this past Friday (02/19) to discuss “current issues” and promote The Rebel Path: Show [Blacklisted News Guest: Celtic Rebel] Now Available. Our inability to “clean our own ass” actually came up. [LB]

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40 Responses to “Smoking Drinking & Driving”

  1. You are right. You do not own your children but in a much more fundamental and literal sense than you allude to in the radio show. The Birth (Berth) Certificate proves this.

    You inform on your child when registering your child with the state. The State owns the original birth certificate; you receive a copy. The state owns the birth certificate and your child is owned by the state.

    ll Police departments are revenue collecting private entities. All statues/acts are commercial contracts and require our (con)sent; but we don’t know it. Blacks Law Dictionary says that statues are given the “Force of the law by the consent of the governed.” Statues are not the law as such; they only become so when we CONsent. We don’t understand this (neither do the robot cops.)

    It’s the same in every country. We live under two law systems. Common Law or the law of the land and Uniform Commercial Code– which is also known as Maritime Law or the Law of the Sea (or see as in Roman Holy See: all roads lead to Rome)

  2. Hey celt, just listened to your latest show, and I’ve gotta say, it was really good! I am not a smoker, or a drinker, and I do regularly use my seatbelt, but I do resent all the laws that are taking away the rights of smokers and drinkers, and ultimately, everyone. Here in Pittsburgh Pa, drinkers pay a drink tax just to get a drink. And smokers, man, it is hard to be a smoker here!

    I do have to disagree on one point: drinking milk. Now I agree that the big agribusiness bastards that basically run dairy farms in the U.S. put out a toxic product that not even animals can survive on! Raw milk, that is unpasturized, unhomogenized milk from grass fed cows (preferably from older cows) has been used for centuries as a healing tonic. In the early 20th century, doctors would use raw milk to heal people. Native Americans would milk wild buffalo. The Masai tribe in africa almost entirely subsides on milk.

    Nowadays, selling raw milk is comparable to selling drugs! It is so difficult to get raw milk. You have to have a permit in Pennsylvania just to sell it! Also, there are farm raids where the ATF come with guns drawn on small farms, and they seize the milk (which they deem a white liquid substance) and dispose of it.

    Look up Michael Schmidt. In Canada, it is illegal to give anyone a glass of raw milk!

    What I have learned is that whenever the government tries to keep something away from you, it is really good for you!

    I do understand what you are saying though, and I by no means support big Agribusiness!

    Keep up the good work, and sorry if this was way too long.

  3. The podcasts were great, I thought the second one was a bit more polished. I live in NYC and we are the king of Nanny laws. Come visit, and enjoy a pack of $10+ cigarettes. While your at it you can stop at McDonald’s and get a 1500+ calorie breakfast. Doomsburg’s no “transfat” and showing calories on all menus is really protecting me. It is especially protecting me from the evils of the school bake sale . The war on FAT is the next great frontier…

  4. Steven UK, good point about who OWNS the original “delivery” document. I am aware of [some of] the gymnastic legalese which define the terms of our slavery, but didn’t wanna open that up in the show.

    Emily, no, it wasn’t too long, though Milk was just something mentioned in passing (to emphasize how most anti-smoking zealots are dumb enough to force milk on their children). I neglected to mention the pasteurization process, which dumb Americans even use on their fruit juices, hence ensuring by the time it reaches their lips, there are little if any vitamins left anymore. I would gather if giving someone a glass of raw milk is illegal, then there must be something good about it.

    Brian, ah NYC, a city I miss so much, and in some ways, not at all. They killed that city long ago anyway, and banning smoking “in bars” … well, not even a retarded monkey could justify that one. From Rudy’s fascism onwards to the Blooming Onion-Head variety. I can’t seem to recall, what ethnic group does that latter hypocrite belong to?

  5. Celtic Rebel, no mater how you put it, when you start any essay with a go fuck yourself(for whatever reason) it is a non-starter for me. I hope you come to understand one thing, using slang in place of decent words is lazy. Dennis

  6. last show on oracle was a gem, you nailed it my friend 🙂 and i’m a non smoker and pro choice seat belter!

    I have one amazing link for you that I just found: French in uproar over oral sex anti-smoking posters

    ..yeah maybe it was kinda rude to swear at the beginning of blog entry (*not all non-smoking advocates are lobotomized, but most are lol) but then again thats whats freedom is about right? its up to our/your own conscience and morals!! So if one digested all the articles and podcasts then (s)he could also swallow that to, just my 2 cents

    in connection to that, people today are full of hypocrisy and bigotry, its like a social standard we must reach asap if u wanna be ‘normal’ in todays society, twisted,

    Because if we were so god damn worried of every f*ed up thing in the world/our world like we are when smoking topic is on the table, damn NWO wouldn’t last a second, imho

    and regarding the milk issue, I agree with emily, milk got complicated these days, its not cows milk itself thats bad, but big agro-biz and industrial processing that destroys both milk and cows! I live in outside urban area(Croatia) and am buying raw milk, and i can say it has nothing to do with the commercial one, although I would recommend raw goats milk, its actually a lot better than cows, its proven fact…

    keep up the good work Celtic! sorry for being that long, first time comment-er, LoL

    p.s. did stygian kinda confused you in the last show?! I think he was better in the podcast, maybe he just needed some coffee 🙂

  7. Great show,

    Just wanted to contribute to the milk issue, in addition to the pasturization milk is virtually always ‘fortified’ with Vitamin D3. Some research so far is showing me that D3 is not the form you want it in and is actually a component in pest poison. This is also the pill form, at a nutrition store will always be D3.
    Actual vitamin D is a hormone, you get it from stimulus from sun exposure. Sunscreen like almost anything topical is a dupe product.

  8. I’m glad that here in Germany smoking is finally banned from public places like restaurants.
    And you know what: Fuck all the smokers that don’t have the decency and the regardfulness to not smoke near non-smokers. Most smokers are like zombies; not caring who stands close to them. BUT! – I don’t forbid smokers to do this unhealthy, stupdid and absolut unlogic habit. You can smoke as much as you want – in YOUR house, outside, wherever. That is YOUR freedom. But don’t molest people who don’t want this shit!


  9. dennis igou, I hear you and perhaps you are right. On the other hand, these same advocates of fascism I addressed gladly trample on the rights of others, while trying to tax them out of house and home. I’d rather they just came up and said, “Fuck you!” It’d sting a lot less.

    barley33, appreciate the open mind then. Hehe, that image says a lot of things, but “don’t smoke” ain’t one of them. Ah, people!

    You may have a point too, anything in moderation and of course, from the source could be of value. This toxic puss/chemical concoction labeled as “milk” and sold across the USA/Western Europe only serves to weaken the immune system, break down bone structre and fatten the mAsses.

    Am sure Jeremy will read this. Perhaps being in command bunker right next to the “big fella” and me putting him on the spot rattled him? 😆

    breezzy, another comment about milk? I wanna hear about smoking and drinking! Though, see my responses to your two fore’commenters. And yes, sunscreen, in my opinion, is probably what has caused 99$ of the skin cancers blamed on the big ball of light.

    C, you neglected to add the word “again” to your opening salvo. Germany went through this already after the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of the Third Reich, which would be the last time Germans were propagandized into thinking that banning smoking would be good for the fatherland.

    Of course, that was a long time ago, and now the EU is just part of the new Global Reich. Did you even read your own words here? And what’s up with that empty political Jingle at the end? The word “freedom” would suggest that bars/restaurants are privately owned [not public assets of the state], hence the owners should be FREE to set their own policies and customers FREE to choose bars/restaurants based on whether they like the policies, much like one is FREE to do in their own home. I guess that’s just a little too much freedom, huh?

    You’re right … fascism is far better. Ignorance is strength! Freedom is slavery!

  10. No Rebel, that is NOT, what I have in mind: I talk about stupid smokers who have no decency. And yes, I agree: The owner of a bar should have the right to make the rules! AND I say it again: Everyone can smoke whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t bother me with this stinking and unhealthy shit!
    Oh yeah, and if I would be the king of the world, shit like cigarettes wouldn’t even be produced, because people are stupid and as long they behave like children they should be treated like children.
    HEIL ME!!! 😀

  11. CR: “Steven UK, good point about who OWNS the original “delivery” document. I am aware of [some of] the gymnastic legalese which define the terms of our slavery, but didn’t wanna open that up in the show.”

    I completely understand. The topic is a minefield. You also posed the question in the show, “Why are there laws regarding drink driving and seat belts.” This falls into the same area and again I appreciate this may not be an area you wish to venture in to but I feel they are relevant to the topic as a whole. All statues & acts are essentially private contracts that are revenue generating for the investors in that statue. The police do all of those things because they have raise money. Not that this negates your other very salient points raised radio show. It just further illustrates our slavery and how we are or have been so utterly and masterly deceived.

    Anyway; I’ve recently discovered your work and its amazing. I love the new radio show and the Podcasts with SP. Keep up the fantastic work.

    If any reading this have not come across this topic before: these videos would be a great place to start if interested.

    Hijacking Humanity Final Cut – Chapter 3 – Commerce & Law – Laws of Land & Water

    John Harris – It’s an illusion 2, at London

  12. Celt,

    I too love the words “f*ck you” and chime them and various other sundry delites, often.

    Why? They are like magical mantras or wards against the churched, the professionals, the intellectuals, etc. They root you in the gutter with reality.

    Plus its so wonderful to sing along with Rage Against the Machine’s “Fuck you, I wont do what you tell me.” So so liberating.

    To say “fornication under consent of the king” would give the whole spell away!

    All you could give me comment wise was about tits and ass?

    PS: To ease the curses you endure, you need a vacation.

  13. I took some time off from playing NFS Shift to listen to some more of your excellent shows.
    Your image of the middle-aged wearing nappies is seared into my brain big time.
    Thanks to you, half the guys at the welding shop where I work won’t shut up about getting a good stiff one up the mangina, and they strut about wiping their top lips in the manner of a Dirty Sanchez.
    Keep up the great work!

  14. C, I think pop music is not only annoying, but far more damaging to people than smoking in the long-term. However, I can’t in any way rationalize “banning” idiots from listening to it, or telling club-owners what type of music they can and can’t play, and then later claim to believe in “freedom.”

    I’ve gotten your follow-up notes, but will refrain from posting them, cause there is no justification for having wasted two comments on a show you didn’t even listen to yet. Nothing personal. On a lighter note.

    Steven UK, thanks again. For future ref (regarding lost note), when you include too many links in a comment, WordPress assumes it’s spam.

    eugene, “magickal mantras against the churched, professinals and intellectuals” … love that! The “pencil-dick” country responsible for an inordinate amount of the world’s problems. Hehe! I’ll pass.

    33_hertz, oh no. There is welding shop full of guys familiar with my rants? What have I done? 😈 Hehe, and thanks. “Middle-aged wearing nappies?”

  15. hey great show celtic, Alan Watt also has the same theory about this smoking vs. chemtrail issue, very interesting indeed, and I also live in germany and its just a FUCKED UP SOCIALIST HELL HOLE! hey I might even go to jail for not having health insurance! can you believe that?! that is not freedom, its tyranny! Fabian style…

    german anti-smoking laws are just as draconian, so I don’t agree with my german buddy “C”…and I say this as a freedom loving non-smoker, cause I dont like paying too much taxes 😉

    the same with the seat belts etc, its all socialism, government becoming a big brother/nanny state managing our lives for us…just like insider and Fabian Socialist Bernard Shaw explained long ago:

    “Under Socialism, you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you liked it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live, you would have to live well.”

    he even said this in front of a video camera, look it up on youtube…and this is what this whole NWO is all about: world socialism aka “ZION”, the great work…


    and btw…I believe smoking actually IS healthy, without the added chemicals nowadays of course…

  16. Hafta say I agree with “C” above. The problem is, cigarettes leave a horrible, fowl stench on people – even when they do keep their smoking in designated areas. I know there’s no way to stop folks from smoking without infringing on their rights. And I gag at the hypocritical Phillip Morris “OK, kids, don’t smoke, but ciggies are cool and sexy and we won’t stop making them” commercials. But it would be nice if my olfactory bulbs weren’t constantly assaulted in public places – and that would include carcinogenic perfumes and strong-smelling toxic detergents on peoples’ clothes. No, I don’t drink milk anymore unless I can get the unpasteurized, nonhomogenized kind that is actually real food.

  17. Something to share while we drink and smoke…

    “The word pyramid is formed from the Irish word Peir, meaning the buttocks or hips, and the English word Amid, meaning literally the middle of the hips or buttocks, the phallus, or organ of sex; and, by changing the form of the word for deceptive purposes, they have made it Pyramid. A great many investigators have been deceived by such trickery but the truth will prevail in the end. It is this very idea of the besetting sin through man’s lower nature which is in the prophet Isaiah, prophet of the Irish Sun God Iesa, when he says, “So shall the King of Assyria lead away the Egyptian prisoners, and the Ethiopian captives, young and old, naked and barefoot, even with Their Buttocks uncovered to the shame of the Egyptians” (Is. XX:4). To amplify this truth, if we do not suppress and conquer our desires, they will master us and rule us and become our “kings”; unless we overcome, we shall be in bondage to our ruling desire. This is plainly set forth in the words of Isaiah, “And the inhabitants of this isle shall say in that day, Behold, such is our expectation, whither we flee for help to be delivered from the King of Assyria; and how shall we escape?” (Is. XX:6). In the ideolgy of the ancient Irish, the ass is typified the animal nature of the unspiritual man, and, recognizing the fact that not all men are equally evolved and occupying the same level of spiritual progress, the “white she ass typified the man not possessed of spiritual knowledge but capable of acquiring it” (Egyptian and Hebrew Symbology, Art. Ass, by John W. Simons). The very name Asycus, itself, suggests that this pyramid is called after the ass and was intended to symbolize this animal or unscriptural quality in man, which he must eradicate from his nature. It is plainly the burden of Isaiah’s thoughts – “That I will break the Assyrians in my land and upon my mountains tread him under foot: then his yoke shall depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders.” And again: “This is the purpose that is purposed upon the whole earth: and this is the hand that is stretched out upon all the nations (Is. XIV:25,26). – Conor MacDari, The Pyramid of Asycus, page 212 and 213, Irish Wisdom Preserved in Bible and Pyramids.

    One of the four demon Lords is Azazel and this is “scapegoat”. Az or Ez or Oz and Saier are all goat, the first being “he-goat”. Laylah is 77, and this is Ayin Zayn, 70+7, the dark goat of winter, Capricornus, and this is horned wind bag, Gaoch in Gaelic. Azazel is the devourer of dust who consumes all the dead bodies, ie the blood sacks that do not germinate the solar body, as he crawls along on his belly in the kingdom of dust. Everyone’s gotta eat so you might as well set a table in gehenna with “dont you need a mate?”. Laylah veils her papes, the horizontal arms of the cross love teats, the vertical point to her other Ayin’s and the plate says “eat me”. Such is the table of Gehenna.

    After all “Thou shalt not boil a kid in it’s mother’s milk”. The Synagogue of Satan being the ultimate blow hards turned this into rules on meat and milk etiquette and veiled the most vile vicious vice of USURY. This latter being sacrificing tomorrow for debts and inflation owed today. The King MLK is indeed lifted up by his women to slay all the children for uncontrolled desire to drink the essence now.

    Such again is Azazel in this three ringed circus of cross.

    “It is night”.

    PS: You see the story about the Feds poisoning people ie using fear and terror to pass and enforce prohibition?

  18. mace556, was unaware Watt was floating the same idea. Interesting. It would seem that all of Europe is being turned [though “grinded” is a better word] into hell now. And, that’s the spirit mate! The world of that.

    C P, you agree that people who annoy you should have their rights take away? Trust me, I too would probably ban women/men from wearing these intrusive-assaulting perfumes/colognes and the horrific stench of death that comes from your neighborhood restaurants and barbecue’s were I in charge. But, to then announce that I love “freedom” would make ma a bit of a hypocrite, no?

    eugene, wow, that is deep, my friend. Thought provoking info on AzAzEl and the mindless synagogue of [im]pious servants.

    Thanks for the article to. I wonder if the Bronfman’s were responsible for the plan to poison the hooch. It [the bullshit cover story] never made sense to me that all these distillers, en masse, started cranking out poison. Not a good business practice, unless you own the media.

  19. Hey celt, love the added stuff! I had learned marginally that tobacco is not that bad for you, but I had yet to really research it like I wanted to. Your post has inspired me to really look at the issue. Frankly, if something has been done for thousands of years, it cannot be that bad for you!

  20. Hey Rebel,
    You were one of the main steps to my 2nd level of awakening and I want to thank you for that.
    Greetings from Istanbul.

  21. Re “Middle-aged wearing nappies?”, some time ago you posted an image of females wearing nappies/diapers as a result of anal probery (well maybe they weren’t middle-aged but didn’t you talk of old folk’s homes full of leaky inmates?). Whenever butt-sex is mentioned I get a flashback of that pic. On the subject of smoking(I roll my own), a few years ago, the BBC interviewed an elderly lady in Russia who was well over a hundred years old. When she was asked what the secret of a long healthy life was, to my surprise and great joy, she replied that pure hand-rolling tobacco was the answer. I don’t watch television anymore, but I doubt very much that a free spirit like her would get any airtime nowadays. You do a grand job with this blog and I really enjoy the podcasts which I listen to at work. Thanks man.

  22. Best thing the Labour government did in England in its 13 years was banning smoking in public places. Finally some nanny state i can agree with =]

  23. Allright, Rebel – now that I listened to your show I seem to have the “Right (TM)” and the “freedom” that our constitutions have given us so bountyful to leave a comment.

    First: Very good show as always, insightful, funny and with a good dose of cynicism – only the commercials are too much!

    About smoking: Well, I still say it is unhealthy shit – and I talk about the stuff one can buy nowadays, not about natural tobacco or something.
    And guess what: Sometimes even I smoke a hubble-bubble with friends. So I am NOT a “Anti-Smoking-Nazi” or whatever 😛

    About wearing a seatbelt: Well… I wear it most of the time… and know what: I say that it is hard to see for a cop if someone wears it or not because of the reflections of the car-windows… And one thing in general I have to say: I don’t believe in coincidence. So if it is supposed for someone to happen that he will die in a car accident it will happen.

    More than once I experienced very strange and funny things that led me to the conclusion that I always was guided by a higher force, my inner self or whatever it is. It’s like you said: If you had worn that seatbelt you would maybe not be here… and we would not be able to enjoy your bonmots…

    So greetings and a big “Heil Rebel” from Germany. 😀

  24. Emily, I love you! And I mean that, because what you expressed there is what I wish more people would do … don’t take my word for it, just look at everything critically.

    defne, really appreciate you sharing that. It feels good to know I am reaching people on a deep level.

    33_hertz, ah, you’re talking about this image (from wHore Box Orifice). Hehe. That’s actually a college soccer team, so the girls are likely between 19 and 21. But, sadly, I could see why you think that, American girls start looking fat and old very early, all according to plan (as discussed in podcasts).

    kwazy, judging by your semi-retarded fake e-mail, I get the feeling you’re trying to get my goat, but I’ll allow this comment. I’m sure it represents the sentiments of a few nitwits. That said, I feel sorry for whatever inkling of a “person” lies behind your well-programmed shit-eating zombie persona … though I need not pass judgement on you, you’ve doomed yourself.

    C, you’ve redeemed yourself, lad.

  25. “These guys are mostly European judging by their clothing labels and…….
    …..cigarettes.” Bruce Willis, Die HARD

    As a smoker who began in Navy boot camp (they actually called them “Coke and smoke breaks”) the problem for me with cigarettes was the taste, which soon became like dried shit wrapped in an old shoe. Why the fuck would you even need to add anything to tobacco? I still smoke only because I found additive-free natural tobacco cigarettes. Anything else makes me puke. As for your ‘radar signature theory’, I have noticed that when the chemtrails start ‘vibrating'(showing signs of some energy being utilized in our atmosphere) it is oddly reflected in the agitated emotional state of my coworkers, but not me. I’ve often pondered if I am spared some secret mind control due to my lovely morning phlem ball.

    As for drinking and driving, I was once pulled over for a broken license plate light (yep, it’s a law), but the real reason was I just exited a bar. I told the cop I had “a couple of beers” but I’m embarrassed to say how much more because I need to also tell you I had smoked a super fat joint before going into said bar (please don’t judge, I was celebrating a huge achievement that day.) Regardless, my eyes were blazing and my breath was close to flammable, so I was given a sobriety test. Did I go to jail? Nope. Instead the cop turned to me and said, “That’s the best score I’ve ever got from anybody.”

    “Uh… does this mean I can go?”

    “Unless you want to submit to a breathylizer test.”

    “No thank you officer.”

    What happened? The moment I saw the red and blue lights come on, I made a joke to myself: “OK… now I’m sober.” Then I realized that is why I most always felt ‘OK’ to drive: I subconsciously “suspended” my buzz to drive safely to my next destination. I simply kicked this “placebo” effect into overdrive and convinced myself I wasn’t drunk and would soon be driving home. I believe that everybody has this control over their mind, but conditioning has made them submissive when in the presence of the police (sheepish, like you said). By the way, this was the first of two DUI tests I have passed (the second stop, for the record, was because of a broken headlight… dammit I am not going to jail over a stinking light bulb!) I do recommend being friendly and polite to the cops.

    Personally, I beginning to think police traffic stops are more of a random IQ test rather than stopping criminal behavior.

    Great show! AND you played “Punk Rock Girl.” Excellent show. If only Ann Landers would print your blog instead of “My God, I’m only 17!”

    invisible sun

  26. Nicotine is not a naturally occuring substance in the human body.

  27. The real problem with cigarettes is the 100+ additive poisons that apparently are put into the tobacco of all mainstream brands of smokes. Everybody’s free to believe what they will, but I *would* in fact suggest for smokers to quit………quit the chemical/additive soaked smokes in lieu of all natural tobacco, if you feel you must smoke. At the bare minimum at least do that. This way you can still get whatever beneficial effects one feels they get from the tobacco, but without all the unnecessary poisons.

    The milk mustache ads have always bothered me, just so overtly sexual. (A related one are the “Hidden Valley Ranch” ads depicting little kids holding a phallic carrot stick with the tip dipped in white creamy ranch sauce, and dribbles of white creamy ranch sauce on their mouths. I worried that I must have a gutter mind when I saw that, feeling 😡 about the ad and that it was a pedo’s delight, but the more I looked at it keeping in mind everything I know about the conspiratorial nature of advertising and the media as a whole, the more I realized my interpretation of the ads was probably unfortunately, correct. And that’s just one. There have been a lot more over the years. The way I look at it is, there are endless ways one can advertise ranch dressing. Kids holding white creamy tipped phallic objects with white creamy sauce on their mouths doesn’t have to be one of them. So if they chose that out of *all* the possibilities open to them, then hmmm, you know….)

    The campaign to pummel milk drinking into people’s heads has also always bugged me. One day out of nowhere there it was in the media…the celeb sporting a milk mustache in a magazine ad, trying to convince Joe Average to drink gallons of the stuff every week because “Pssst….it does a body good….pass it on.” It’s such a joke once you do a smidgeon of research into the properties of mainstream milk at the grocery store. What I’ve learned, mostly through my boyfriend’s research into the subject passing the info. along to me is: 1) The homogenization process breaks up the fat globules into smaller chunks making it easier to pass into your bloodstream. Keeps your tonsils working overtime trying to expel all that milk puss that wound up circulating in your bloodstream. (look up tonsil stones, or tonsiloliths. Little nasty white/yellow stinky blobs that are expelled from the tonsils composed mainly of bacteria, white blood cells and….puss. Where is that puss coming from? Well, many people have noticed a direct correlation to their tonsil stones and the consumption of dairy products, which is chock full of puss. Yum!!! o_O 2) Then there’s all the bovine growth hormones, unless you happen to get your hands on some hormone-free dairy. Nowadays we have girls going through puberty earlier, a rise in breast cancer, men developing man boobs, etc. Dairy is one big suspect there. The hormones, combined with 3) the high estrogen levels in milk fat which *effeminizes men.* So if you’re a dude and you’re going to consume milk your best bet is to use skim apparently, since it has no milk fat. And don’t use soy milk, as that’s even worse than regular milk. Soy is all about the estrogen. Then there’s 4) The way milk protein casein has been linked to autism and schizophrenia. It seems to adversely affect some people’s brains. And then 5) the fact that pasteurized milk has no enzymes anymore, making it so that it doesn’t really digest. (Hence the allure of *raw,* organic, hormone free milk to many of the naturalists out there.) The body’s own naturally produced enzymes can only do so much to break it down. So the rest of it, like so many other so-called “foods” that people eat nowadays, just rots away in the gut, going nowhere unless one takes some enzyme capsules.

    Wonderful product they’re trying so hard to push on everybody. o_O I didn’t used to know any of this myself, but since 2002 I’ve been learning. The Powers That Be have gone into manic overdrive over the past 20 years to push milk and dairy on people, and people need to ask “WHY?” Not only does dairy compromise the immune system and wreak havoc with the digestive track leading people to become wide open to illness and disease, but again it effeminizes men and may be aggravating autism, or even schizophrenia. The more they try to push something, and especially when they’ve recruited every celeb in Holy-wood, the more people have to ask why. Instead of “Got Milk?” a more accurate slogan might be “Got Disease?” or maybe “Got Man Boobs?” or how about “Got Autism?” or even “Got Death?” This could be important for people to keep in mind in these upcoming times.

  28. The whole “go fuck yourself” was out of line. I’m not about censorship but I did come to read your blog, I don’t smoke and I get a “go fuck yourself.” Nice. See if I come back bitch.

  29. invisible sun, great on-topic comment here. I’ve also had a jedi-like mind-twist experience with a cop. “This is not the drunk you are looking for.” 😀 No doubt once we they have enough of these little particulates in their bodies, they’ll be able to manipulate our emotional/mental states at will too.

    Well, “IQ” is the measure of how well-trained a monkey is, no? Oddly enough, the Israeli military conducted a study which suggested that non-smokers had a higher IQ than smokers. What we [those who see through the shit-screen] can, indubitably surmise from that, seeing that nicotine stimulates mental activity .. is the study confirms that smokers are in fact, on average, smarter.

    gee, well that sounds pretty definitive. 🙄 There are biologists who would differ with you. Beyond debate is that nicotine is in fact a replica of a stimulant in the brain.

    Carissa, we are in firm agreement on the “shit” that big tobacco puts into cigarettes, and no doubt marijuana, once legalized, will likely take the same route. However, I strongly would advise against your suggestion in regards to long-time smokers (not the exception of the “natural tobacco” part), as I feel they now need the nicotine.

    Lots of valid and useful additions there on the Toxic Semen they’re smearing across the faces of all man-whores and bitch-prostitutes that will do anything for a buck these days (“celebs” to those who aren’t following). I won’t berate you for being wordy, as apparently, several people liked your contribution. Either that, or your number-one-fan [stalker], he of multiple IP’s followed you here. 😉

    Lenny Dykstra (aka jim shitz), I was going to contact you to explain that what I said was directed at “anti-smoking activists” and not non-smokers, whom are just normal people and it would be ridiculous for me to denigrate, but your use of silly aliases tells me you either didn’t take the time to “read” or are just a, um, to use your own words, “bitch.”

  30. I listened to your show with Jim Bob and I just wanted to bring up a point about the 14th amendment. The 14th amendment wasn’t to declare the freedom of slaves it was to trick everyone else into admitting they are slaves. Before this amendment people were citizens of the state they resided in. After this amendment peoples names were changed to all capitol letters. In roman times (just like now) all caps in a name signified slavery but only the first letter capitalized and the rest lower case (like you are taught to write your name) signified a free man. Now you could say  this is through magic or law or spell at any rate it tricks people into believing that the name on their drivers  license is them. A lot of people have done work in this field maybe even you have. I know trying to talk about the slavery issue is difficult but it is my understanding that the 14th amendment wasn’t for freedom of oppressed but to enslave the rest.

    I never knew the history of the expression going dutch but now I know thank you. Keep up the good work.

  31. people should watch”the goods:live hard, sell hard”

    The main character protests for smokers on an airplane, and equates himself with rosa parks


  32. Hey Celt… I guess I’m confused here:

    “However, I strongly would advise against your suggestion in regards to long-time smokers (not the exception of the “natural tobacco” part), as I feel they now need the nicotine.”

    I’m not sure what part you’re disagreeing with. The only thing I suggested was that smokers quit the additive-riddled tobacco. I didn’t try to suggest that long term smokers quit smoking completely, because it’s not in my place to suggest such a thing. (I’m not in the habit of telling people what they should or shouldn’t do with their habits.) I am interested in health related stuff though, so I do like to suggest healthier alternatives to mainstream ways of doing things when applicable, hence, the recommendation for all natural tobacco in lieu of the mainstream poison.

    Yeah, my post was long but there’s just so much to complain about Got Milk and so little space…. 😀

  33. Edward Bernaise fooled feminist and women into smoking and is also credited to have started modern consumerism. He was Freuds nephew. Freud started sexual mindfuck through psychology. Their cousins in Hollywood were of course in with them from the beginning – Sexy Hollywood stars blowing smoke…

    As the smoking is apparently part of sexual control, then what are they going to replace it with? They must channel that freeing sexual energy into something. First they teach a way to express sexuality and now they are punishing people for it and suppresing that artificial form of sexuality. Loves me, loves me not…

    Another huge threat which EU is fighting against are small particles produced by combustion. Target for public rage are not automobiles etc. but common woodburning stoves. Our ancestor lived for centuries in smoky boghovels, tents and generally near the fire. I’d think the weaker ones have already died. Would it not make sense for a biological organism to be adapted for natural smoke? Cough, cough, spit…

    I once read a theory about asbestos. According to one scientist the natural asbestosfibres are ‘soft’ and body/lungs can easily expell them. It is when they get contaminated by fine stone powder from the plant that their electrical properties change and they become ‘hard’ and get stuck into lungcells. There was also a period of asbestosceramic in Europe…

    And your often mentioned Bronfman family is the Atlantic slave triangle in miniature form.

  34. Jesse, all points you make are very valid additions. Actually, I, oops, I mean Jim Bob, meant to talk about “that prick Lincoln” and how he didn’t “free no slaves, but made us a bunch of ’em.” But, who’d listen to such when they’re so predisposed to dismiss him, right? 👿

    happysplinters, hehe. I like that character. What a heretic!

    Carissa, I guess I misunderstood you. Thanks for clarifying.

    Kurt, for anyone who hasn’t seen it, BBC’s Century of the Self is a good primer. Yea, those Bronfmans are quite the bunch of mother-fuckers.

  35. Very interesting to listen to the ideas about smoking and chemtrails. I talked with a guy at Carnicom Institute, and he reccomended that I quit smoking. However, he also suggested that I visit some kind of site containing the word “avatar.” Mind control comes to mind, and I’m not talking about ritual abuse, but electronic style. I am still trying to sort this out.

    I have noticed that the Dark Horse General has removed the interviews of Carnicom from his website. Carnicom is saying that the chemtrails contain alien bio-nanotech and we are all by now a hybrid species. Sometimes I think that anything about aliens is just a cover. I think about how people claiming to have been abducted by aliens describe the aliens as wearing military uniforms. They will not even consider that maybe they were in fact abducted by military personel.

    “Yeah, the aliens were wearing military uniforms, like generals or something.”

    “Maybe it WAS a general?”

    “No, it was aliens dressed as military!”

    Ah, the things that man can be fooled into believing.

  36. Deliverance was writen by the guy that plays the sheriff in the movie.

  37. What Chemtrails Really Are:

  38. Love your writing Rebel, but hmm.. drinking and smoking..

    Basic assumption that govt shouldnt dictate what we do in terms of health – agreed.


    Cigarettes: it was my misfortune to work in bars for 7 years. In most of them the smoke concentration would get so thick I’d want to throw up and would be standing there retching, my throat throbbing and threatening to unwind chunks on the room. When I went out I was guaranteed to come home smelling as if some kind of smoke djinni that hadn’t wiped its ass in three centuries had finally wiped its ass on my pants. After a while I started get throat infections and headaches if someone smoked near me. I didn’t give a shit about smoking or anti-smoking propaganda, it just made me sick. Smoker’s don’t realise that cigs stink, not smell bad, but stink, fart style. So it’s kindof like like dropping ass bombs in public places. Do it at home by all means, smoker-only clubs by all means, but give the rest of us a fucking break.

    The Hollywood you dissect through its anus sold us on cigs a long time ago. I think it was one of Hollywood’s first real marketing campaigns.

    Drunk driving? Do you think those stats are made up? Drunk fucks kill innocent people on the roads all the time. If you think this stat is made up, go team up with a paramedic team for a weekend and see what you find.

    Why do you think alcohol and nicotine are the two drugs we are still permitted? All the other stuff out there that has the capacity to enlighten, awaken or just make you chill out is illegal. Alcohol really just switches you off, and cigarettes make some rich elitist cunt out there even richer. Go look at the drugs of choice of the bimbettes offering their assess up to the massess, without cigarettes and alcohol this just wouldnt be as easy.

    Anyway, thanks for the blog, still the most entertaining thing I have read online 🙂

  39. Ryan McAlister, the “alien bio-nanotech” stuff is a bit of a reach for me, as it seems like the programming coming out of tbe Land of Holy Wood. I’m not dismissing it entirely, but as you point in the ridiculous [but sadly true] example, people are so much more prone to believe that “aliens” are behind it than a small group of derelicts among us.

    somali, interesting tidbit of info. Was unaware of that. Oddly enough, his name is Dick[ey].

    Permindex, I’m not dismissing that based on the source, but I’m weary of any article saying “THIS” is what they are. As I said during the show, they wouldn’t spend billions upon billions spraying the skies above us unless they could derive every agenda possible and as many benefits to the mid-level mafiosos who fund and finance the program.

    Dingleberry John, odd name. I must stress a bar is not a public place owned by the collective that is the state. It is owned by an individual, who should have free right to determine what is and isn’t allowed in a place he owns, people electing to work there are not the owners. Any other ifs/ands/butts to that stink of collectivism, control and crap.

    Hollywood did a fine job promoting smoking. Just like they did with AIDS or any other big scam, they had to make us think it was “our” fault when they unleashed a torrent of blame and money-raking “cures” later. No one was being harmed from smoking until they killed the independent manufacturers, consolidated and then started adding chemicals to the cigarettes. Tried and true methodology.

    Yes, the stats are made up. I could join a paramedic team to the sight of a domestic abuse situation and be equally shocked, but I wouldn’t suggest passing laws allowing cops to enter people’s homes at whim to stop such from happening. Again, the DUI laws are NOT about public safety and to think so is to be suckered by the PR the controllers put out. Regardless of our disagreement, appreciate you chiming in…

  40. For what it’s worth, the ‘alien’ self-replicating nanotech may actualy be the self-replicating synthetic genomes that the media recently reported on. (Media falsely termed it ‘synthetic life’ wink wink nudge nudge.) Of course it is presented as something brand-new, like some scientist was in his lab late at night and called the press as soon as his “discovery!”

    Anyway, no biggie.

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