Seventeen Again and Again

I am the one who tells people they need to stay out of rabbit holes, aren’t I? Well, I ended up crawling through a nasty one, thus I [eventually] had to write about it.


This all started a couple of months ago, and I guess I’m also guilty of spending too much time doing useless things on the computer (it was after I got them all working again). WordPress allows the use of tags for your posts, and though they rarely generate new traffic to my site: you gotta figure the average random person that somehow ends up here, just isn’t gonna appreciate this site. {*1}

One of the few tags that generates “random” hits to my web site is “anal sex.” It would be safe to assume, that those inclined to go WordPress and look up the anal sex category, had something in mind, far different from my content. I usually show up first on the anal sex list, which then descends by date. I’m under the impression the top designation is based on views or comments per the “tagged” article.


Keep in mind, most blogs out there, are quite similar to those of one lovely young woman I met some time ago, who remarked, “Wow, you blog too? You should read mine!” The next day, I was entreated to her latest article, “Me and my friends went to the beach today. It was like really awesome. So, much fun. Love you guyz!!!” For those now curious: No, she wasn’t 16. She was 26. Nuff said?

On one particular day, a couple of months ago, some girl’s article had supplanted mine at the top of the list, and my first [ego-driven programmed] reaction was “That bitch!” Anyway, said article was entitled, “Sexy Time: How To Be Great In Bed,” and started off with this little gem: “I’m just gonna say it, I’m good in bed. I might be a little arrogant about it, but a big part of good sex is confidence, so I think it’s OK to be a bit smug. Here are some tips from an expert.”


It then goes on to provide these invaluable tips to any young woman who might be dumb-enough, or desperate enough, to turn to one of “her pears” for … advice:

Use More Than One Hole. Front door, back door, mouth, nose, hands, feet, etc…”

Bring Another Girl Along. Okay, this one was a suggestion from my boyfriend. While I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt, it’s not necessary. Just keeping an open mind about any and all things sexual is a good way to have great sex. You don’t have to actually partake in any of them, but talking about fetishes and fantasies can be really awesome foreplay.”

Swallow. The semen is in your mouth longer if you’re busy looking for somewhere to spit it out anyways.

Anyway, the article was written by someone named “Kelly from Simmons College,” who writes for what appears to be a popular site called College Candy. Aside from the folly of even the remote possibility that a media-indoctrinated girl her age has even the slightest clue about sex. It served as a decent example of how mindlessness is propagated in the “system/matrix” of control, without busy hands having to stay too busy guiding society. In one fell swoop, she served three agendas, all of which she could nary fathom. One of her readers commented, “k, Miss Good-in-Bed. Next Article.. How to give a good BJ. Seriously!” {*2}


I was cleaning out my bookmarks, and for lack of poignancy necessitating an article on my part, was going to remove said link until one of the side articles caught my attention. It was entitled “Do You Have the Perfect Shoes to Wear for Your Big Date this Weekend,” or something equally as mundane or depraved. Clicking on said link to me to an unexpected place, and hence began my journey into the rabbit hole.

The linked/related site was 17 Magazine. For those unfamiliar, Seventeen is a magazine which caters mainly to girls between the ages of 10 and 16. By the time they’re 17, they’re too old for such “little girl stuff,” and have generally, per my observations in this country, graduated from the school of whoredom, and are now ready for whore maintenance manuals, such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan.


So, I’m thinking, “What the fuck! Does Miss ‘Use More Than One Hole’ write advice for preteen girls?” Well, College Candy is definitely related to Seventeen, as there is a section [link] for it on their site. Trying to answer the former question for myself, I went to the “Health Sex Fitness” category, and the first item that appears on the drop-down menu is “All Access.”

In case the relevance is lost on anyone, think about the subliminal effects of repeating that cycle, “Health Sex Fitness, All Access … Health Sex Fitness, All Access.” Repeat. The next item on the list is “17 Body Peace.” So, yea, considering how the mind takes in words, you’ve got the jumble of Sex, Body, “Fit,” All Access, [a] Piece [of]. Basically, it’s another way of saying “Use More Than One Hole.”


I am reMinded of a girl met long ago [way back before the media had conditioned girls to masturbate by sticking things up their rectum, hence a novelty at the time], whom I went on a date with while I was “down South” visiting my parents. At one point, I guess she determined she wanted to “do me,” and very matter-of-factly, said, “Hey, I just want you to know that hole number one is currently down for repairs, but hole number two is open for business.” The reason I bring her up, is that when I returned back to the Isle of Aton, a long-running joke afterwards among friends and acquaintances alike, was, “You heard from the All-Access Girl?”

Moving on through 17’s happenstance menu system [through the river of shite], under said header was the category of Get Advice, followed by Sex and Your Body [“all access”]. By clicking on said link you are then faced with a page that says:

WARNING & DISCLAIMER: Unless all of the following are true, please use your “back” button to exit this part of Answerology.

I understand that the following pages may include sex-oriented content. I am not bothered by sex-oriented content. By clicking on the Include R-rated Questions link below, I will have released and discharged the providers, owners and creators of this site from any and all liability which may arise from my use of the site.

Well, that’s bloody convenient, cause I doubt anyone would actually want to take responsibility for the nonsensical stream of shite their “advisors” dole out.


Here are butt a few examples of the type of advice doled out by their certifiably brain-dead prostitutes, while Seventeen washes its hands of all liability for:

A Social Butterfly, Girl, 17 asks: My boyfriend and I had sex 2 days ago for the first time with a condom and then sex the next day without but I made him pull out 1 second afterr he stuck it in. Now I have brown stuff coming out of my vajj and it looks like it has some blood too. Is that normal?

TeensHealth, Girl, 29-35 replies: Some girls bleed when they first have sex because the hymen breaks or tears. Sometimes, there can be some additional tearing of the hymen the second time a girl has sex, especially without the lubrication that condoms can provide. Always wear a condom every time you have sex, including the first time, to protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It’s also a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your sexual health.

Um, “brown stuff?” That doesn’t sound good. Perhaps it’s an allergic reaction to the toxic industrial waste she put in her snatch? Are you suggesting that petroleum waste would somehow offer more lubrication than that naturally generated by a girl her age? You can’t be that stupid? Never mind, you probably are. You forgot to add, that the more you use condoms, the more of a resistance [suppression of your immune system’s response] you develop. Summary: Dumb cunt in, dumb cunt out.

Free Rebel Wisdom: Hon, what’s a “vajj?” If you can’t name a part of your body properly, then you shouldn’t be asking strangers about it, much less letting them stick things in it. Repeat after me: “One Missisisippi.” That long? Oh, and avoid doctors, else you’ll end up on the receiving end of the latest health destroying pill.

A Trendsetter, Girl, 13 asks: somebody is pressuring me into giving him o.ral and he cant stop bothering me he keeps insisting and if i dont he said everything btween me and him is over and hes a really amazing awsome guy how do i deal with it??!!

TeensHealth, Girl, 29-35 replies: Relationships are meant to be fun for both people. They should make you feel appreciated, respected, and supported, not pressured or uncomfortable. If your boyfriend truly cares about you, he won’t pressure you to do something you don’t believe in or aren’t ready for. So talk with your boyfriend about how you feel. If he’s the right guy for you, he’ll understand. Aside from the emotions that go with such an intimate act, oral sex carries the risk of STDs, including HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. (That’s why doctors say people should use condoms for oral sex.)

Actually, that was actually sensical and practical for a bit there. But, condoms again? For “oral sex?” Are you fucking kidding me? Oh my god, what kind of dumb cunt would put a condom in her mouth? Do you use Motor Oil for lip gloss? Prob’ly.


Free Rebel Wisdom: Dear “Trendsetter,” what trends are you responsible for? First, dump your boyfriend, if he’s demanding sex of you at 13, he’s a lost cause. Second, you don’t need no boyfriend to be a complete person. Third, avoid asking dumb cunts for advice, else you’ll get sold toxic products you don’t need.

A Trendsetter, Girl, 14 asks: hw do you shave down there?

TeensHealth, Girl, 29-35 replies: You definitely need to be careful when using a razor on such a sensitive part of the body. But with the right technique, shaving can be an easy way to get rid of unwanted pubic hair. Before starting, use a small pair of scissors to trim the hair. It’s easier to shave hair if it is shorter. Then let your skin soak in the shower or bath for several minutes. Apply a shaving cream or gel to the area you want to shave. Hold the skin taut and make short, light razor strokes in the same direction as your hair grows. While shaving, rinse the blade after every few strokes so gel and hair don’t build up. Don’t push down too hard, and leave yourself plenty of time to shave so you can be careful and not rush through it.

Well, that was specific! Am I the only one slightly disturbed by some random 30 year old woman advising someone else’s 14 year old daughter how to shave her box? Hm, we have that razors and boxes meme again. Surprised they didn’t change the age of the questioner to “19.” A disturbing trend: girls who can no longer use complete sentences using razors on sensitive parts of their bodies. {*3}

Subliminal Tramp Asshole Shaving Stamp

Free Rebel Wisdom: Um, why do you need to shave your snatch at 14? Face it, outside of keeping your bikini line neat, there’s only one reason [well, outside the TV telling you to] someone would want to go completely hairless “down there:” cause you want a sloppy licking. Good news: you are reading the right magazine.

A Rock Star, Girl, New York, 18 asks: Is a condom 100 percent safe?

TeensHealth, Girl, 29-35 replies: The good news is that more sexually active teens are using condoms than 5 years ago. The not-so-good news is that not all sexually active teens are using them each time. No condom prevents pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) 100% of the time. But if you and your partner are having sex, nothing protects against STDs better than a properly used condom. For those having sex, condoms must always be used to protect against STDs even when using another method of birth control. Even when used correctly, condoms do not protect against infections spread from sores on the skin not covered by a condom (such as the base of the penis or scrotum).

Safe to say now they neglected to ad the phrase “this column sponsored by Trojan Brand Condoms.” Let’s interpret that opening: “The good news is that profits are way up, cause more and more dumb cunts are buying our industrial waste and putting it inside intimate areas of their body. Our pharmaceutical division expects to make ten times the profits on the back end, as “heavy users” develop expected cancers. Advertising costs going down drastically, as “trendsetters,” sans pay, promote the use of our products via subliminal jingles disguised as wisdom.


Free Rebel Wisdom: No. If by “safe” you mean does a condom in any way protect me from any STD I’d be worried about, the answer is “no,” but it is 100% toxic. If you can spare the brain-power and time at your age, and pull yourself away from watching MTV, texting, shopping and obsessing about whether some effeminated boy likes you, take the time and read the following article in its entirety.

A Flirt, Girl, Salt Lake City, 15 asks: Probable Pregnancy – Can you get pregnant from anal sex?

RoxStar1000, Girl, 29-35 replies: The only way you could get pregnant that way would be for semen to leak from your anus to your vagina, which is highly unlikely. But that doesn’t mean anal sex is completely safe-so don’t let a guy try to convince you that it is. See, unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t have much lubrication, so its tissues are prone to tearing, making it easier for STDs (including HIV) to enter your body. So using condoms is a must. And even if the guy is wearing a condom, no one should have vaginal sex after anal sex unless the guy washes his penis with soap and water first and then puts on a new condom. The anus is filled with bacteria that can cause serious infections if they get into the vagina.

Oh my god! Enough already! Instead of “All Access,” perhaps you guys could be just slightly more honest and rename the column as “Advertisements interspersed with a few items two whores we know gleamed from local health clinic fold-outs.” Did she say “the anus doesn’t have much lubrication?” Much or “any?” Oh, she must be referring to liquefied poo as a lubricant. I should stop being so judgmental. {*4}


Free Rebel Wisdom: You poor dear. You should by no means be having anal sex at your age. Next time you look in your clothes hamper, try and imagine the odor if every single pair were to have a crusty shit-stain in them. Because, that’s exactly what it will be like 20 years from now if you let overzealous yet utterly-clueless porno-indoctrinated boys your age ignorantly pound away at your sphincter.

A Rock Star, Girl, Houston, 15 asks: How can I tell my parents I have HIV? I’m 15 years old and I’ve been sexually active for two years now, and I haven’t told my parents.

TeensHealth, Girl, 29-35 replies: Teens who have HIV/AIDS sometimes find it hard to tell their parents. They’re worried that the news will make their parents angry, worried, or disappointed. But, as hard as it may seem, it is important to talk to your parents so that you can get the best possible care. That means not only getting the best care for medical problems .. they’ll help you figure out the best ways for you to share the diagnosis with your parents. Your parents likely will need some emotional support, too, and the dedicated nurses, doctors, and counselors can help there. The sooner you tell them, the sooner you can get help.

She neglected to add, and the sooner you can “get busy dying” [per Shawshank]. Now, I have to admit there is so much disinfo on the topic disseminated throughout both the mainstream and alternative communities, but I am under the impression HIV was a monumental scam run on the public. Basically, a harmless common virus (most of are such), where the cure is what causes AIDS. It’s a huge pharmaceutical industry psyop leading to untold profits and serving many agendas, even outside the scope of eugenics. In summary, the “advice” above is a death sentence.


Free Rebel Wisdom: The dumbest thing you’ve done so far, is get an HIV test. The next dumbest thing you could do is get treated, because then, you will inevitably end up with full flown AIDS and die, especially if you have a good health plan. The dumbest thing you could possibly do, is follow the above dumb cunt’s advice.

A Trendsetter, Girl, Oklahoma City, 14 asks: Can you get pregnant if a guy fingers you with sperm on his hand?

RoxStar1000, Girl, 29-35 replies: Yes, it can happen, but it’s not very common. Sperm can live outside the body for up to 48 hours, so if a guy has some on his hands and then puts his fingers inside your vagina, there is a risk of pregnancy.

48 hours? Are you fucking kidding me? My God you are stupid. Where’d you read get instilled with that crap? Oops, you forgot to add the phrase, “This message brought to you by Carl’s Jr.” No check from Durex for you this week honey.


Free Rebel Wisdom: Why would you let this nitwit “finger” you while he has ejaculate on his hand? Are you that desperate for attention? Shed your princes programming. Stop watching television. Smarten up. Stop asking idiots for advice.


Well, that’s that. I know the world would probably be a far better place were young women to turn to people like myself for advice, but I’ve no plans to make a career out of this. The jukebox [in my skull] just kicked in an on-topic tune by Sparks:

Tips for teens, tps tor teens … the kind you don’t see in magazines
Tips for teens, tps tor teens… the kind you don’t see on TV screens

Now, when I first looked at the site, I know at least one of the questions below was asked by a girl that was 12, and there may have even one or two asked by ones as young as 11. I gather they change it, cause heck, you can never be sure, every once in a while some semi-conscious parent may check in. There’s a remote chance.


Obviously, Kelly from Simmons College, scores of robots posing as writers, advice columnists RoxStar and TeensHealth, and [insert name of any well-known sex expert] aren’t part of some grand conspiracy to whorify and destroy the health of American girls. They’re just your average dumb cunts, who’ve been conditioned to think they actually know something about anything. Hence, they’re just repeating the nonsense they were indoctrinated with, but never bothered looking into (cause they were too busy either shopping, watching television or looking cool).

It’s no different from many of you [ultimately, us], who are all guilty of passing along anything we never bothered researching [no, that does not mean watching any program or reading one book on the subject]. A few examples: speaking of “safe sex” or “unprotected sex,” saying “smoking kills” or in any way supporting anti-smoking laws, “seat belts save lives,” advising people not to eat butter or margarine or salt (or whatever the latest “out” additive is), counting carbohydrates or calories, supporting stricter “drunk driving” measures. On second thought, this list is endless. There is no limit to what people can be reprogrammed to do. {*5}


Another magazine I was entreated/exposed to at about the same time, was one of those celebrity rags (Us or People) while in the grocery check-out line. It featured a salacious image of one 11 year old Kendall Kardashian on the cover [forthcoming]. In front of me, was an apologetic woman with an overloaded cart and a gaggle of kids. She kept repeating how “sorry” she was for making me wait and I told her to stop. It gave me a chance to peruse gossip rags I’d otherwise never buy.


Thus, into yet another rabbit hole I went. The picture on the cover [below left], while lurid and just plain “wrong,” is sadly, not so unusual. For those who haven’t bothered leaving the house, she looks not too different from the average um “girl” her age [the politically incorrect phrase would be “whore in training”]. Wherever you live in this great United States [and a good part of the “first” world], the sight of a little girl whore dressed in such a manner, is no longer unusual, by any “stretch” of the imagination or vaginal orifice [a task such “shorts” accomplish on their own].

The only thing new is the open promotion of such via the mainstream. On one hand, it “shocks” parents who are conditioned to not see the obvious [hence, the tactic sells a few issues], and two, it lowers the bar, suggesting to girls that age, it is not only acceptable but glamorous [recall how many whores-in-training above chose the phrase “rockstar” to define themselves]. {*6} Bags and shoes. Bags and shoes!


As mentioned, this article was drafted some time ago, and the second event compiling it, was what I found inside the magazine. A pic of the even younger Kardashian sister [Kourtney, age 9] dancing on a stripper pole [video]. Sadly, having since seen the even younger Noah Cyrus and her friends programmed symbiants has jaded me [article], and I assume, many others to where a nine year old on a stripper pole is hardly noteworthy, much less novel anymore.

Quick aside: A bit of synchonicity also queued me that it was time to move this into the publlication queue. At a gathering I was to attend over the holidays, I was to personally witness one mother tellling us of how “unlike” other irresponsible mothers, she wouldn’t let her daughter partake in this vampire trend. In the meantime, their daughters (some the same age as Kendall), were walking around in shorts that were not only shorter, but more “intrusive” [one’s so much so that her underwear was sticking out both sides of where the inseam was digging in]. A year ago, I’d have spoken my peace … now, I’ve either given up or know better.


In the checkout line, my laughter led to disgust, which I openly expressed. I was then surprised to hear all assembled around me, including the teenage bag-boy agreeing in unison at how ridiculously morally bankrupt society has become. My joy and glimmer of hope for humanity, was however, short-lived. One responded:

“Well, you know what this means, right? That’s right! You can read all about it in the Bible. Jesus is coming!”

And then, everyone started nodding their head. Hallelulah! Argh, there is no little hope! Kudos to you, ye social engineers and long-term planners. I have to respect your diligence and vision. Rather than strive to improve humanity’s lot as mankind devolves towards oblivion, these dumb cunts are all just gonna lay down and wait for Big J’s comeback. Fucking brilliant! I may not like it, but I respect it.


Also at around this time, I, out of necessity, went shopping [something I rarely do] with the women of the family. My everyday shoes were worn to the point of impracticality, hence I went “buying,” yet was forced to dawdle as I volunteered to join the women-folk. I’ll spare you my observations on the trance-like state women inside the store seemed to be. My sister brought me something over from the little girls section, a nightie, saying, “Well, here’s something for you to write about.”

It was a nightie for little ones (it looked like it would fit a four to six year old) and featured a skull and crossbones over a split heart with a sword sticking through it [suggestive of rape/sexual initiation, along with the “sex is death” theme], and as an added bonus [for my benefit, I’ll have to assume] depicted both the heart and the sword held by, and I’m not fucking kidding you, an octopus. The name of the brand is “Pink Cookie,” and researching that led into yet another rabbit hole.


There seem to be A LOT of clothing made for little girls now feature skull and crossbones of all sorts and it’s apparently, quite popular, which in retrospect, is no surprise, considering popularity is determined by whatever the Medes fucking tell the robots to buy. Need I mention how, in so many ways, both literally and metaphorically, putting the symbol of death over one’s passage to life is?

In a recent Dinner With Andros [1], Stygian Port and I got into the death and carnage programming via so many movies aimed at kids today, and what that might mean for the future [also discussed here]. Combine that with such trends as those discussed above and one conclusion seems carved in stone. We are fucked!


Now it’s time to clean all this shit off of me, and reflect on how we got here and hopefully, gleam something useful from this. And, this is gonna be weird. Back when thongs were introduced, many women paid whores wrote of how “revolutionary” this new undergarment was. Actually, I wrote of it before:

Speaking of the future, and of the past, and moving onto a topic that has nothing to do with anything I've been trying to say here: Women's Underpants. Pray tell, someone answer me this. I remember back before g-string and t-back panties were popular, how I would frequently catch site of the lines encompassing where a girl's undies hugged her bottom. Then, things started to change. Then, came the thongs. I remember once watching some television program, where they credited some woman for inventing the now ever-popular style of underwear, and praised her for helping women the world over, by forever eliminating the problem of unsightly panty lines. [I don't know about you guys, but I liked being able to see panty lines. My fellow men, please pipe up!]

However, what has happened over the past few years is, that while the line marking the top of a woman’s panties has gone up, the waist-line of women’s jeans and skirts, has been dropping dramatically. So, if the whole reason for the thong "revolution" [to borrow a phrase from said show] was to get rid of those damn"unsightly" panty lines, then someone please tell me, why over the last couple of years, I have caught sight of more women’s underpants in public, then I had during my entire prior existence? — Final Chapter © 2003

The proverbial Light Bulb went off. I recall many female friends complaining of how said type of underwear, made them feel like someone/something was constantly trying to crawl up their ass. Hm, so the other “revolutionary” change this underwear brought about was constant stimulus of the anus. Perhaps, that was the intent all along? The engineering of men is visual, but something had to make mass numbers of women more, er, open to the idea, while “doing what they want.”


I’m not saying this is the sole reason that anal sex is now common practice, and among your men (and even some younger women), the “preferred” route of intimacy. But, it is the agenda. So if it served the agenda, in hindsight, it was very likely part of the plan all along. It’s been hidden/masked, but right in our face for those with eyes to see. As the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog shows, the “flower” has now been moved to the back (serving little function other than “invite”), the vagina’s being reduced to a “front butt,” and heck, even Bridget Jones is doing it.

There is no force on this planet that reaches as deep into the public mind and is granted as much access as Holy Wood. None. It doesn’t even have to make sense, especially in a world that is ass-backwards. As America goes, so goes the rest of the world eventually. The virus of dehumanization spreads via the medium.


Were one to try and “analyze” the trend, discombobulation would surely follow. Americans, by and large, tend to have the most unhygienic bathroom habits. For those without a clue [or unexposed to more hygienic practices through the magic of travel: something which coincidentally, via the combination of imaginary “terrorists” and the very real terrorist agency known as the TSA, fewer and fewer are being exposed to], paper alone does a poor job of leaving one’s body in a state where intimacy might be logical or even practical. I’ve written of this before too:

My room at the hotel comes equipped with a spray nozzle located next to the toilet. Aside from every room I have rented, I have also seen this feature in a number of houses here, regardless of social class of the inhabitants. I know much of Europe has the more complicate bidét system, but I have to say, these systems seem more efficient in a number of ways. I wonder why this hasn’t caught on in The States. Score one for the Brazilians. They can safely say, “Yeah, you may live in a rich country, and have several televisions and a house with more bedrooms than people, but my ass is always cleaner than yours.”Wake Up Maggie © 2003

Looking back on the above words, it is quite laughable, how ignorance combined with indoctrination leads peoples to ASSume they are somehow wiser, more advanced, tidier, wiser, and superior to others, despite facts to the contrary. It makes sense why everything possible is being done to discourage travel. I’m sure the planned economic collapse will help out in that regard too. But, fret ye not my friend: the media will keep you InForm[ed] as to how much better off you are compared to the poor bastards (particularly women) in places you’ve never been.


Then again, was the common person not so far removed from their nature and intuition, (a) there wouldn’t be so many dumb cunts out there making a living offering up advice in rags such as 17, and (b) this article could have been a hell of a lot shorter, not requiring my pointing out what should be obvious.

“I made virtue and vice to be distinguished by instinct.” — Isis

Is common sense so gone? Well, anyone reading this would be hard-pressed to convince me otherwise. I know many an idiot has accused this writer of being sexist, simply for stating facts. We’ve been conditioned to tolerate all sorts of deviancy, and disregard any signal our body sends to us that we are harming it.

Case in point: desensitizing anal lubricant. Next up: desensitizing forehead lubricant. You are now free to smash your skull up against the wall all day, without those annoying and misleading pain receptors firing off. After this, may need it.


I recently heard someone pass along the wisdom, “if you can’t eat it, then don’t rub it on your skin” in regards to skin lotions. To that, in a true intolerant sexist spirit I’d like to add, if you can’t eat it, then don’t stick it inside your snatch. Technically [though praying meme is not programmed], a cock is edible. As for 99% of the other shit “liberated” women put inside their hoohoodillys … it’s highly suspect.

Oh, that’s outrageous I know. All you petroleum waste loving “I don’t need no man” robots go ahead and label away. Again, I have to begrudgingly give kudos to the social engineers, who programmed women with the notion that some oppressive patriarchy has long-been conspiring to suppress their sexuality, and that finally, after years of being handcuffed, came along three brave liberators paid whores by the names of Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan [mentioned before].


You are free to now jam toxic waste up your snatch, and attack all those, such as myself, who dare suggest to do so, is not only foolhardy, but degenerate. I wonder what my fellow chauvinistic sexist pig Lana Cantrell would say on these subjects:

“The gods criticize man because he has lost sensitivities to the world for with androgyny, instincts in all areas, leave.”

“It is a well-known fact that most medical exams for women do more damage then good. Whatever possessed a people that they can open a woman so and go digging?”

“Few realize the hazards of condoms in they ruin the vagina as the mucous from the cervical glands cannot react to artificial material and harmful bacteria always forms.”

“As we know today [1988] sodomy is profuse, in thirty years it will no doubt be the norm.”

Which I guess, brings us to tampons as well. Can you eat them? Well? I do seem to recall many years ago, the media resorting to the common tactic of blaming the victims (for wearing the tampons too long), rather the products made by their sponsors. Again, I’m not going to get into it here, but research for a few minutes, and you’ll find all sorts of “expert” articles blaming various bacteria and practices, while [programmatically] failing to make the connection between Toxic Shock Syndrome and plastic products, which by coincidence, are involved every time.


Oh, never you mind. South Park was quick to predictively program legions of uncritical fanatics that people who try to buy natural products and choose to avoid toxic petro-chemical byproducts (particularly tampons) are “retards.” That was in the same episode [Cherokee Hair Tampons] where they suggested same in regards to those who don’t ingest fluoride.

Oh Isis, come help this ragtag bunch of degenerates that once were, yet still dare to call themselves mankind. We have lost our way. We’re so utterly incapable of distinguishing “vice,” that we turn to fools for advice, hence adding vices, while remaining oblivious to the consent we are giving; the invitation the words suggest.


I know some will undoubtedly say, “Oh there he goes on that anal thing again,” wishing I’d stick to/get back to film analysis and synchromysticm. But, I’ve already spent much time detailing the New World Order is neither the Bilderbergers, nor the CFR, nor some hidden child-eating Kabbalistic Rabbis. It is us. And unless we are willing to strip away every layer of our programming, “fighting” the shadow enemy is not only fool-hardy, but ultimately, self-destructive.

My social engineering podcast gets into how “the process” works and thanks to automation (not just of machinery, but of people), there are few people involved directly at the highest echelons of the process. At the lower levels, you can see how the “conspiracy” works (as I believe this article clearly demonstrates). Basically, it’s a conspiracy of dunces.

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*1: Much less “get it.” Yes, I’ve got loads of yet finished articles in the queue, but lately, it would seem, all my readers are clamoring I devote more time to the topic of butt-sex. 👿 Hence, I have to give the people what they want. 😉 [LB]

*2: This article ran long enough, hence I didn’t get into the whole “swallow” programming from way back. In summary: be wary of anyone advising you too. Based on today’s diet, semen is loaded with indigestible human waste. Yum, yum! Swallow away! I’ll get into it in detail in My Dinner With Andros [5]. [LB]

*3: The topic of pubic hair “fashion” has come up before (a few times). I’ll spend a little more time speculating on the “why” of the fashion [programmed perception] of shaving in same podcast too [the one mentioned above]. [LB]

*4: I had actually been saving that image of the following DVD cover for so long I had forgotten why, all I could remember is that it was somehow synchromystically “relevant” to the topic. I laugh now, as it turns out that Bree Olson, the starlette of said, um, motion picture, was temporarily the nanny on the KardAssIans “reality” show. [LB]

*5: I know the article on smoking, seat belts and drunk driving is long overdue. So, no promises as to when it will be delivered. Undoubtedly, some [Americans] are offended by my use of the phrase “Dumb Cunt” and that’s because the media has trained you to be. It’s just a bloody phrase, and particularly in regards to this article, the best available. Nothing more. [LB]

*6: Though I didn’t get into the industry in detail while looking at the Hollywood Path to Fame, rest assured, that the path to fame/notoriety for today’s music industry is precisely the same. Isn’t that right Bono? Forget that “Rock and Cock” bullshit, a better term might be “Cock and Sock” as in the use of the two specific orifices comprising the human stargate. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on January 7, 2010.

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  1. I thought it was a well known fact that “sex expert” translates in layman’s terms to “opinionated whore”. Now why you would seek the counsel of someone who barely took the random cock of the week our of their mouth long enough to blurt out some clearly bad advice(“people” in a bad place can only give one kind of advice) is beyond me. Oh the poor women folk, how I love what they can be and hate what they became(were forced to be). Although I know those seeking answers to their retarded questions were probably real, I’m holding out hope that more than a couple were paid writers or hired hands of the agenda.

    All in all though, I enjoyed the article despite it only lowering my opinion of humanities current state. I can’t wait for the Rollerball write up, I gave it a rent and it’s amazing, I see why you never hear public praises for this film. The movie I saw before that was Dune, they had a being in that movie who called the shots, it submerged in a water tank that might have been cubed shaped and its mouth looked a lot like a combination of a vagina and anus. In Rollerball Johnathan E meets with the supercomputer who’s A.I. is water/liquid based, it won’t(isn’t allowed to?) give him the answers he seeks. As we are mostly water, was that a reference to the answers being inside of us all along and our kept from us(or rather we from them) by our controllers? Do you know of any blogger who has done a writeup on Dune?

    Lastly I borrowed my friends Maxim magazine to share the last page and ad with you, one syncs to a lot of your work and the other syncs to the podcast where you mentioned Zombieland and twinks(imo at least)

    Notice the shape of the “packaging”, must be a sponsor of UFC, believe it or not the same friend who I borrowed the magazine from loves that “contact” sport.

    Twinks belong in your mouth?

  2. I can’t wait for the Rollerball article as well, I watched it and it was amazing, I see no public praises for this film. but heck I liked it and the dune

  3. Immortallywounded, hehe. You should drop in on College Candy and comment/ask which of their authors “took the random cock of the week our of their mouth long enough” to reply to you this week. I’m sure you’d be well-received. 😆

    Dune would make for an interesting look, though it is beyond frustrating to know that the original cut of the film was between 3 and 5 hours and allegedly “loved” by Frank Herbert, but the “studio” forced the present hack-job.

    Some image! No telling how many more are now connecting the minds of men to associate their tongue with the ass? Note the logo consists of a trinity of hexagons [cubes] and is shaped like Saturn, the planet allegedly waiting a south polar violation. Ha, Cera the “it sucks to be straight” twink is in “revolt” [as in upchuck] cause a cock is blocking up his stargate exit? 👿

    Milton Age, this article’s not about Rollerball! 😡 I guess the above started something. It’s coming guys. Demand noted.

  4. I might try tagging my blog with “anal sex” and see what sort of numpties flow my way. Great article, but you shouldn’t despair. Natural law dictates there is a female rebel out there waiting for you. Yin and yang. Oh yeah, you are going to love Tarantino’s latest film, what a piece of shit. Don’t know about you, but this past holiday season was like a parody of good cheer, a bunch of unmotivated actors reading from an incomplete script. Keep rebelling and I’ll keep reading.

  5. Rebel its safe to say that a glipse of the futre can be seen already… 2011 will be the year mankind officially loses any form of critical thought to corporate… as evidenced by these two short synchro flicks…


    notice then the details between the above and this echo

    American Akira:

  6. “My room at the hotel comes equipped with a spray nozzle located next to the toilet. Aside from every room I have rented, I have also seen this feature in a number of houses here, regardless of social class of the inhabitants. I know much of Europe has the more complicate bidét system, but I have to say, these systems seem more efficient in a number of ways. I wonder why this hasn’t caught on in The States.”

    Why indeed? Of course, it takes a lot of wiping to get clean in that area eventually leading to hemorrhoids. And how do you relieve hemorrhoids? With Preparation H, whose primary(71.9%)ingredient is a lovely little chemical called Petrolatum plus a host of other unsavory additives. And so it goes.

  7. B.L.Donnelly, jump on the “butt-love” bandwagon? 😉 I’m not necessarily looking, or waiting, for a “female rebel,” just hoping when I’ve gotten to the top of the mountain that “girl who loves me” is still waiting for me and still feels the same (The Holy Mountain synced my answer). Argh, the “xmas cheer” ads promoting that “hilarious” zionist snuff turd were on heavy play, no? Need to create the Tarantino Cocksucker of the Decade image. 😀

    Javier, oh, the future is now. I seem to recall that American Akira popping up before. Let’s all drive “under the speed limit.” Hehe!

    Mat, good point/addition to that and could very well be another reason why Americans will live out there lives never having learned how to properly clean their own ass, while of course, the media programs them to lick each other’s. 😳

  8. Lots of good points. A couple that bugged me into this reply. Having a very bad day so I’ll just wade in with the criticism and hope you were having a good one to take the hits with:

    “if he’s demanding sex of you at 13, he’s a lost cause.” What kind of mainstream conditioning created that intolerant thought?
    If you had written 10 or prepubescent I’d agree but 13? Even in many old cultures boys became men at 13. I would say 16 would’ve been better but I digress. Biological fact is that boys want to fuck as soon as they start to jerk off, which can be by 10. Responsible sex and contraception is not likely but still possible for well educated youths of 13. Are you saying youths’ libido needs controlling? OK, how? You saying that 13 yr olds fucking is “unnatural”? At what age does The Celtic Rebel approve of consenting sex?
    Hot damn! What’s the point of being full of cum and having a girlfriend if you can’t fuck her?
    I answer myself by saying “So you can gather the energy to find the Way of Heaven”. Tantra should be on the syllabus.

    You really over-reach when you say “the social engineers, who programmed women with the notion that some oppressive patriarchy has long-been conspiring to suppress their sexuality”. Women don’t need the media to tell them how chauvinist men used to be. The 50’s are in living memory and the control of women by men is still blatant all over the less-developed world e.g. under Islam. Maybe you should tell the Sudanese that they are really free to avoid circumcision and sex slavery as any ideas of sexual repression are just an evil fantasy!? Are you going to tell us that women still “really” rule the world? Even back in the Victorian era? Please justify your claim. I know that feminism was subverted and driven from the outset by The Old Boys’ Club, THE Patriarchy, but to deny man’s historical use of women as chattel is absurd.

    The terrible truth is that Goddess Sekhmet’s Sexhunger is so insatiable only a Tantric Master can keep up with the demands of a genuinely grownup vibrantly healthy and relaxed woman. Sex energy control is how the matriarchy ruled and so it is also how they were kept off the throne. That’s why the priests, lords and judges wear women’s clothes. Secret cunning Yin energy.

    As for dildos… I reckon the damage from petrowaste is on average offset by the massive health boost of daily internal (“female”) orgasms. It ain’t all black’n’white, Alex. Those cryptofascist girls won’t stay in the “democratic” closet for long if their vibrators lose their juice. Best let them have what they want. Once you have had an electronic cumfest there’s no going back to fingers, at least for the lustful (95%+). You blame them? Sure, “it is us”, but really it’s the Crazy Capstone. Somehow I think the dumbing down was a Roman Rape ritual, an attack, not entirely consensual. When the Masons bury the Healers how can the people regain sanity? Can we wish the world a better place, psychopaths healing by the million? I remain sceptical…

  9. Peter Hübner ASTRONOMY OF MIND

    It is, however, common practice among the almost countless colleagues – swallowed up as they are by their need for academic or scientific validation … remember what Einstein had told them:

    “He who cannot explain it to a 6 years old child, has not understood it himself.”

    “On the path to discovery, the intellect has little to do. There is a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or whatever you like, and the solution comes to you, and you do not know how and why.”

    “The only thing that counts is intuition.”

    [WARNING: demented]

  10. Skippy, I’ll assume you’re talking about the average 13 year old of today, who has the psychological age of an 6 year old from barely half a century ago? To that, my answer remains “no.” Fortunately, when I was that age, most girls hadn’t been programmed to act like complete whores yet and put us in our place when we tried to act on our urges.

    A “living memory” according to “what kind of mainstream conditioning?” Don’t run with what I said in directions I didn’t go. The oppression of the sacred feminine is very real, but had nothing to do with suppressing their sexuality. The suppression of same is happening today through hypersexualization of women. And why are you even bringing up circumcision of Sudanese women when millions of boys, against their will, are being circumcised/mutilated in the “land of the free?”

    And, “offset,” are you kidding me? If women NEED to insert mechanical toxic objects inside them to climax, the problem is a mental one, and being addressed mechanically. That’s not liberation. That’s deevolution. Lana Cantrell had a great quote about sticking all manner of things in an orifice just cause it’s there, but I can’t seem to locate it. Alas, said practice also directs untold energies (of which it robs women), towards inanimate objects, i.e., “dead things.”

    C, for future reference, you shouldn’t paste an entire article off someone else’s site in the comment box. It borders on copyright infringement. Hence, I linked for you and left the Einstein quotes. Oddly enough, that “pink sock” image (which I added the warning to) comes up in the next Dinner/Podcast.

  11. Your closing words reminded me of Immanuel Kant…

    “What is Enlightenment? (1784)

    Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-imposed immaturity. Immaturity is the inability to use one’s understanding without guidance from another. This immaturity is self-imposed when its cause lies not in lack of understanding, but in lack of resolve and courage to use it without guidance from another. Sapere Aude! [dare to know] “Have courage to use your own understanding!”–that is the motto of enlightenment.

    Laziness and cowardice are the reasons why so great a proportion of men, long after nature has released them from alien guidance (natura-liter maiorennes), nonetheless gladly remain in lifelong immaturity, and why it is so easy for others to establish themselves as their guardians. It is so easy to be immature. If I have a book to serve as my understanding, a pastor to serve as my conscience, a physician to determine my diet for me, and so on, I need not exert myself at all. I need not think, if only I can pay: others will readily undertake the irksome work for me. The guardians who have so benevolently taken over the supervision of men have carefully seen to it that the far greatest part of them (including the entire fair sex) regard taking the step to maturity as very dangerous, not to mention difficult. Having first made their domestic livestock dumb, and having carefully made sure that these docile creatures will not take a single step without the go-cart to which they are harnessed, these guardians then show them the danger that threatens them, should they attempt to walk alone. Now this danger is not actually so great, for after falling a few times they would in the end certainly learn to walk; but an example of this kind makes men timid and usually frightens them out of all further attempts.

    Thus, it is difficult for any individual man to work himself out of the immaturity that has all but become his nature. He has even become fond of this state and for the time being is actually incapable of using his own understanding, for no one has ever allowed him to attempt it. Rules and formulas, those mechanical aids to the rational use, or rather misuse, of his natural gifts, are the shackles of a permanent immaturity. Whoever threw them off would still make only an uncertain leap over the smallest ditch, since he is unaccustomed to this kind of free movement. Consequently, only a few have succeeded, by cultivating their own minds, in freeing themselves from immaturity and pursuing a secure course.”


  12. Dude its tough meeting people who aren’t totally robotized. You should start a synchromystic dating site.

    Deleted “Twilight” Sex Scene

  13. My old world grandmother was right all along…she told me not to use tampons and i insisted she was out of touch with the times…many years later i find that she was right…it’s meant to flow “out” not stay inside trapped by foreign material consisting of god know what…and i discovered that the periods were kinder and didn’t last as long and the symptoms, (cramps, etc) went away when i did away with tampon…but like i said, i persisted and paid the price because thanks to the media, i knew better…NOT!

    she also told me of the importance of wearing clean, white, cotton undies, and how to properly keep that area clean…it was an uneasy conversation, but one of vital importance…so where are these woman now? or are we so programed that we just will not, can not listen to them….

    there was book that came out a while back by an ex-pimp who had found spirituality and wanted to make it up to women for what he had done in the past … his advice “keep your legs closed” … it was thin book with a strong message…

    those poor girls have to turn to some retard for advice and i grew more and more furious as i read your exerts…why not just tell them to go out and get gasoline and mix it with some car engine oil for a yummy anal lube…i mean what the hell is this woman advising these girls to do? have sex with any one at any age up any hole as long as it’s covered in latex?! It’s so sad…this woman should be arrested but then again…the real criminals are never in jail…it appears that at least one of them is working as a sex expert for 17 magazine…wait, isn’t that the whore from sex in the city does?

    ah, women had it so good before this whole “sexual revolution” and as i get older and wiser i finally recognize that..i mean really, we are convinced that we had to go into the work place and work like men and now we are told we have to fuck like them too…

    and my grandmother said, “don’t have sex on your period, don’t swim, just stay home and lounge and eat red fruit” and she was right women..try it and see how your body loves you for it…see if you don’t feel closer to nature and it’s cycles…

    thanks rebel..another great post..yes, yes, i know roller ball will be amazing but really, this is such important stuff…you got me all worked up…but i know that we have to get angry and say it, just say it…I”M MAD AS HELL AND I”M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

  14. MuMei, those are indeed some beautiful words by Kant. For some reason, I wasn’t introduced to that passage during my “higher education.” I can see why.

    Danny Diaz, for more reasons than I could name, I don’t think such an enterprise would work. That video’s rather amusing, until it got to the condom part; hence via precisely what was described in this article … links the sane idea of NOT using a condom to a lecher. Ugh!

    lalan, I really appreciate you opting to share that wisdom here. Females, who’ve been so sorely misled for so long, really can’t hear it enough.

    Well, technically, Carrie writes a “dating column,” which per the show translates to “fuck only the guys who are rich AND all your nitwit friends approve of.” On one hand, she’s advising/condemning women to a passionless life of normaly (i.e., misery), and on the other, I guess, yes, a “sex” column telling whores [paid in diamonds, shoes and notoriety] when to spread their legs.

  15. Some off-topic observations: How can you say the Bilderbergers are not the ones to blame, when even Jesse knows it!?!? :p


    Our resistance is undoubtedly planned for decades ago. I do think there is a reason why we have been awakened by TPTB and most likely they still do have some surprises in store for for us. Perhaps the truth movement will become the feminist movement of our time and we all end up “free”.

  16. For the optimists check out this supposed wonder from the shamanic world: The Zeitgeist of a Shapeshifting Hitman Revisited

    I for one won’t be holding my breath for e.g. BP to not be evil, as Go-ogle claims. I reckon any healing effort on a major corp could not succeed without first the Masonic Board of Directors and the whole damned Network bending over backwards and busting a gut to kill off the threat of freedom. It would be war.

  17. The young Kardashian girl perfectly symbolizes girls today, because if you want to know how young a girl is you don’t look at her clothes (because everyone’s dressing younger), instead you look at her body. If she’s still naturally skinny, she’s way too young. If she looks like Eric Cartman and has an six-year old child, she’s in her early twenties. Hence, I’m single and not very hopeful for the future.

  18. again, thankyou Celtic Rebel for another excellent article,reading your blog always expands my mind just that little bit further :), and thanks lalan for those informative gems in your comment, to me it is indeed just common sense

  19. seriously, I second that dating site!

  20. harri, the smile was utterly necessary on that first comment. 😉 No doubt this “riling up” of the population is serving a purpose. I’m getting so fed up with the “truth movement” … the truth is how can anyone who still hasn’t learned how to wipe their own ass fight the New World Order???

    ViolatoR, are you trying to give away the subject matters of TWO of our upcoming podcasts?

    Anna, thanks for chiming in, especially on lalan’s “common sense” refresher.

    Emily, seriously, I don’t know if such a thing would work, but anyone who wants is welcome. I could just see the schizms now: those who see “control” versus those who see the reflection of oneness. 👿

  21. I honestly don’t think there is a shred of hope for humanity as a whole, as individuals however, we have a chance to preserve our individuality, I’m sure. What i question however, is whether any human alive is actually aware of the total complexity of the system they are caught up in. I really don’t think many if any are, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, Freemasons etc… I strongly doubt any individual playing a part in the system, actually understands the system.

    As the old adage/maxim goes: Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. Politicians doing their thing, Hollywood doing their thing etc… etc… Everyone’s doing their thing, you could break it down and detail the social interactions and supporting physics of the system infinitely, it’s too much for any human to handle.

    The paradigm you set forth of medes, enablers and repeaters, seems to me an arbitrary construction. Why even break people down like that, people are just people, they are all dynamic programmed, programming constructs. All humans for all of human history have been programmed by their life experiences, which obviously included interactions with people and media.

    I am perhaps more nihilistic than most, I’m past the point of even caring about all the micro aspects of the situation, the psycho-pharmaceutical-pharmaceutical-petroleum-petrochemical-political-financial-military-industrial-media-edutainment-complex. The architecture and complexity boggles the mind.

    I outgrew my conspiracy phase as quickly as i grew into it, as far as i was concerned there were only two options, either this whole “conspiracy” was being orchestrated by consciousness that existed beyond the bounds of physical reality, dimension, space and time, or there was no “conspiracy”. Whether you consider it to be one or many(if those terms even has meaning outside of space as we know), whether you consider it to be god, angel, demon or alien(ditto above), it knows how to speak the language of creation and it influences us to sing the lyrics it wants and this is how things have been since the “beginning of time”(when the human race first started to conceive of time).

    For a long-time I chose to ignore that there was anything wrong with society. It seems to me apparent presence of esoteric symbolism and the covert whorification agenda in media IS something you can simply brush off your shoulder and ignore. I often rationalised that i was seeing what i wanted to see and others often suggested the same, not that they would really entertain a debate at all. Even if they seemed to agree, it would be like they would almost completely forget after the conversation was over.

    It seemed a lot like selective perception, which think I have a good understanding of. It’s easy for me to rationalise something that’s obviously not good into something positive, for over a year I had been doing this. I’d rationalise the hidden symbolism as being a reflection of essential sexual basis of life existence, creation and fractal reality, a beautiful thing… Then I’d rationalise all the horrible stuff humanity is doing to itself by thinking natures cruel and violent, but cruelty and violence are necessary for the preservation of order and ultimate evolution of the human race and civilisation.

    I’d rationalise the whorification agenda thus; there’s nothing wrong with sex, there’s nothing wrong with women being sexual, there’s nothing wrong with anal sex, anal sex like all sex, is a beautiful thing, there is no agenda, society is just becoming more permissive or female and alternative displays of sexuality. I’d rationalise the emasculinization agenda etc… etc…

    For me it’s pretty easy, if I tried hard enough I’m pretty sure I could lull myself into very well rationalised blissful ignorance. In reality when it comes to forming connections and spotting patterns, you only ever see what you want to see. Seeing this pattern is not something you can prove to anyone, as in reality it is seeing what you want to see and people not seeing is their choosing to not see what they do not want to see.

    Anal sex definitely seems to be the key to opening the gates of hell as i see things, it’s relatively harmless right now though and being anti-anal sex as i see things won’t do much good, nothing can stop the cogs in the machine at this point…

  22. Especially in times like these, when everyone is dumbing down and most of mankind is deep asleep, there are some that wake up.

    I don’t know how or why, but it happens. A good friend of mine – she’s 19 – is at a waking up process and this is so good to see, because she’s surrounded by stupid, superficial consume-whores. Slowly she realizes, that all this crap is not everyting – and I hope she will fully wake up!

  23. [audio src="" /]
    I heard this the other night and I thought you might like it…
    About 1/3 into the show Gary Null talks about the harm of anal sex… Wow… I love your blog but ease off the porn images…

  24. Mpyra, why take 1000 words to say what you could say in 50??? I left out the Jesus/Lucifer stuff as it was unrelated. You seem to be all over the place here … contradicting yourself and rambling. This is a place for comments, not theses…

    C, inevitably as the depravity and control increases, more and more will be startled awake. I left out your unrelated images/vids…

    Nick, that was a good listen .. well, at least I far as I got in it. When he used the nebulous phrase “unprotected sex” … one of those meaningless test phrases like “straight” and “antisemetic” … he lost me. Regardless, it’s good to hear someone more mainstream touch a topic few others dare.

  25. Not that the world needs to know this, but I haven’t “dry wiped” since I was 12. It was just common sense. One day there you are, wiping your butt with dry toilet paper because that’s what your parents taught you, and then you go, Um, no. This isn’t going to cut it. And you make the switch, on your own, without having to be taught. Common sense. We don’t have bidets here in the US as noted, but you make do with wet toilet paper or paper towels. (or wet wipes.) I find it amazing that the majority actually doesn’t do this. Recently I was in a women’s public restroom and a female walked in, grabbed a wad of paper towels, ran it under the faucet and disappeared into a stall. Most don’t do that though. Oh yeah, and it reminds me of this quote I read last year from the actor Terrance Howard, who, for whatever reason, was telling an interviewer how he checks the bathrooms of the women he dates and if they don’t have a box of wet wipes (to be used for the butt) he gives them the hygiene lecture, then refuses to date them if they don’t take up the wet wipes habit. Really bizarre interview subject ;D but it left me realizing that so many people really don’t have a clue when it comes to hygiene if they need to be taught something as simple as that. !!! How do you not know your butt stinks and that you have dry fecal matter stuck to you?? No common sense. And how is one not bothered by this?! Oh…and minor side note…there was a thread over at the David Icke forum last year where this person was asking about the correct way to wash the dishes. Something about how so many people they know soap up the dishes……then just put the soapy dishes in the dish rack to dry. Without rinsing off the soap first. I have never heard of such a thing but apparently loads of idiots do this, as other people responded that this is how they do it too. When I saw that thread I had the thought of, If people don’t even have the common sense to rinse the fucking soap off of their dishes then no wonder the world is in the state it is. Seriously. I-D-I-O-T-S. No hygiene common sense, don’t know how to wash stuff, makes you wonder how these people manage to get out of bed every day.

    I could rant for hours about all this, but I won’t. ;D I’ll make myself stop here.

  26. My brother was the person who showed this website to me too. I am 16 years old (since 4 days now) and like your blog. But I am also living in Germany so it is sometimes hard to understand you and it takes me always much time to read it to the end 🙂

    So yes, I read your blog and try to “get it”! My familie is mostly aware of manipulations you write about, this last article for example is very relevant to me as well. We have other magazines here than in America but it is obvious that it is very much alike often. It is cool now to be slutty, or like you call it a “whore”. I know many girls who are just like that!

    It would be great if it gives you really hope when younger people read your blog because I learned a lot here already!

    Best wishes Celtic Rebel!

  27. In most complimentary way “Up yours”!

    Once again, who can deny your dot connecting?

    Only the most retentive.

    Delta, Delta, Delta, we have a messy-anic bogey in your eye door.

    Do you copy?

    Contact is imminent in the dark side of the moon.

    Do you roger rabbit this?

    Over turn-over?

  28. Carissa, I guess “the world” knows it now. 👿 I like how you added the phrase “for whatever reason” in regards to Terrance. It is amazing how our common sense was the first thing to go. This realization in regards to “truth” is probably what made take a step back and away for the last few days/weeks. Thanks for not going on for hours like the guy above. 😆

    Katharina, you are a breath of fresh air in a world that is starting to smell more and more like a fetid pile of dung. Kudos to you!

    Eugene, 3D Porn? Of course! It’s like the technology was crafted for it. But, I’m one of those nutters that believes the internet was created for it. 😉 That’s a great link to the Phoenician alphabet.

  29. MuMei, thanks for the Kant.

    Harri, nice one. IMNSHO the Bildeberger Group is barely more than window dressing to hide top groups like the Pilgrim’s Society and the Jesuits, both of whom are visible and thus vulnerable to the insidiously seminal Satanic Families.

    Alex, I am gratified your response was not shirty, thanks, yet it seems we are grabbing opposite ends of the slippery stick, to mutilate a metaphor.

    I was not saying that 13 yr old boys from any era exemplify maturity, let alone the present Unterkinder. I simply feel that there have been many saneish 13 year girls who would not have said no, driven by lust but not wanton whoredom, if it were not for strict parenting… which is just as well as we know for mental but also physical health reasons pregnancy at 13 is a bad move. Just one of our biological problems that society has worked hard to fix.
    Still I don’t see a lusty lad of 13 to be a lost cause just cause he’s a bit of a bully… Naaah, you’re right! Teen bullies tend to be adult bullies. Fuck em. Or not.

    Someone is confused. Are you denying female sexuality has been suppressed for most of civilisation’s history? I meant what I said, I’m not talking about the sacred. My take on why men enforce marriage is that it is an everyday fact that 99%+ of men (the nontantric nonyogis) cannot keep up with a healthy woman. They will blow it. Most women aren’t healthy and relaxed but they often still find themselves hungry when their man is spent. There is the State’s benefit from monogamy too and women also desire marriage but never the less I think men are scared of pussy and too uptight. Bitches can control men too of course but that is the counterargument so I am not going there!… your turn!

    BTW I am circumcised myself and so had hardly forgotten that. Boys and men are abused too but that’s irrelevant to whether females have been. The reason I mentioned an example of repression of female sexuality is because I felt you were somehow missing the obvious and could do with a reminder but now I have given the example you still don’t agree!!! Why?

    Men are enslaved by society but the predominance of power in the last few millenia has been in male hands. Do you disagree?

    I agree with you re dildos. I didn’t explicitly say NEED. I just know most women are used to easier, more and bigger orgasms from their “vibes” and would get stroppy if asked to desist.
    It is our duty as Men to fuck all ideas of technology out of their heads. Not necessarily with gross bodily contact either ;-D. SHIVA-SHAKTI HO!

    So, Mpyra, when the CIA sat down to plan their takeover of the world’s media and education they were wasting their time because Consciousness was already doing it? And we are fools for bothering to be aware of the machinations of those who rule us? No and no. People’s thoughts do make a difference. The CIA are one with Consciousness and so are we but that doesn’t get us off the hook. As you admit, you just gave up and went for the rationalisation to feel calmer. Humanity won’t thank you. Fact is, people DO see things they don’t want to. You are clutching at straws again to excuse your passivity (see Kant above).

  30. What is really amazing is that most people only use one towel after they take a bath to wipe their ass and then their face…if that is not a sign of the end of the world i do not know what else is…im sure most of you never thought of that lol…


    Didnt notice this link before. With a quick l00k.

    It talks about the Sex Robot.


  32. That new sex robot is just amazing. Why spend hundreds of thousands to create a perfect simulation of a ten-dollar Vegas crack whore? With human life so cheap it’s like the makers have gone for the biggest “fuck you” possible. “We were gonna make the perfect woman, but then we thought our customers would be more comfortable jumping the metal bones of a depressed, lock-jawed transvestite.” It’s only up from here though, the tech will obviously get better and more realistic. We could each have a lifelike Tarantino droid that wakes us up in the morning with a gentle sneer and a line of cocaine. The possibilities are endless.

  33. Skippy, in fairness to your most recent adversary, you’re exceding your word limit here too. Just cause a woman can sit around the house orgazming all day, just like cause one CAN stick objects up their ass, doesn’t mean they should. The topic came up in one of the podcasts. The idea of focusing on how women “over there” are being repressed, while turning a blind eye to the one’s at home who are being turned inside out is a socially engineered one. Enough said.

    Javier, well, hopefully, if one has taken a proper shower/bath, there is absolutely NO fecal matter to deposit on the towel … so no problem.

    Corbeau, she comes with “personalities?” Hm, she’s like some of the girls I picked up from my clubbing days. 😀 On one hand, I’d take it as a sign of further degradation … on the other, I see little difference between a “robot” and the average girl I might choose to have sex with.

    B.L.Donnelly, as I said above, the technology has already been available for quite some time. 😉

  34. Shitting while sitting is not natural. It strains your asshole and when the veins finally bulges out doctors want to turn it into a gangrene with rubber bands. Bad shit, caused mainly by sugar/wheat flowder diet, strains your anal structure. Bad shit, together with suggestible sitting position, leads one to spend abnormaly long time forcibly straining their anus. Also, there is the image of a man (sportsfan) reading a magazine in the toilet.

    Squatting is natural and the only position to go. It’s shit’n’go. You don’t have time for an article. Natural!=forced. Solid shit and well opened anus does not soil much. Anus is designed to relax and open outwards, a process which is prevented by pressing your cheeks against the rim of toilet.

    I also believe the water immersion being detrimental. Removing smell removes natural feedback-loop. How do you know when you have irregularities in your shit if you don’t smell it? I believe smell gives your body a signal, just like taste and smell of food when it is entering your body. Can you be enlightened, if you don’t know your shit? Can you be in control of yourself, if you don’t know your bowel?

    Normal body odors have also been removed from society, which allows unnatural genecombinations to mate. People mate with brands and synthetic fragrances. Modern deodorantizing started sometimes late fifties or early sixties. That’s couple of generations of bad genes mixed. That’s why cattle have low immune response.

    One might strike a conversation with the clerk and ask who buys single issues. I’d guess older male ‘for their daughters’.

    Seventeen is also a wellknown pornoempire with magazines, videos and matching outfits. It’s an old brand from the early days of porn and I think it’s even nowadays mainly regular porn. There at least sexualiation of the agegroup/term if nothing else.

    I once came upon that Pink Sock as a videoclip on these ‘funny’ sites. It was performed almost exatcly as described. I’m pretty horrified as that thing is going to be performed regularly on teen girls pleasing their boyfriends (and their friends).

    For some reason I happen to know Pink Sock being called Mangina in the gay community. Emo-boys watch out!

    Those funny sites of today are just gore’n’rape. Maybe you haven’t visited the new ones?

    Years ago I saw similar event, as that dog.gif on previous post, in a ‘normal’ homevideo serie on television. Amateur-videos are of course broadcasted totally randomly, that’s what the title says.

    And seeing all those rabbitholes in your latest posts I remembered all the swirling tunnels and hypnotic spirals in the movies I saw as a child. How many times I have seen someone being expulsed from a tunnel? That would need a bit more analyzing than the obvious muscled action heroes. Do you know anyone deciphering old black and white movies? They lay the foundations. It’s is well known fact that they had regular sexual hinting and sometimes intense flirting between sexes, and that’s just the surface. And when you think of the pinups and war it’s again just vile mindfucking. Allied used some pretty hardcore homosexual propaganda on their own soldiers. Hitler getting it from Goebbels etc. You wouldn’t believe unless you’ve seen it.

    My very last random thought for tonight is: Teenage humans are bred kids. They call you kidults, you choose not to evolve.

  35. I’m weighing in on this, Celty, me lad. Nearly three years ago, our now Chief Executive Orificer of these UNunited States had this sentiment on earlily introducing kindergarteners, for gripes sake, to sex. I swear, if I had had kids? I’d’ve home-schooled ’em long ago. An auspicious 2010 to you & all those who count most in your life, Celty!

    Under dismal, Gray skies,
    Anadæ Effro (•8-D

  36. Daniel, i don’t think it’s the CIA or a co-ordinated effort by any group of humans, humans are greedy for power and money, yes. So sometimes it might look like they are running things, but i maintain “never attribute to malice that which could be adequately explained by stupidity”.

    The malice we are talking about is too extreme and complex for a group of humans to be consciously aware of, humans are not smart enough, how i see things.

    Sure corporatists collaborate to influence government, JFK may have been killed by the MIC, Mossad or the CIA may even have had some involvement with 9/11(not C/D), maybe some energy weapons were used, maybe something else happened on 9/11, but that’s as far as i go into the realm of conspiracies.

    You can believe what you want, until one of us actually gets some results we’re all equally stupid, you try your way I’ll try mine.

    Why would any member of humanity thank me for trying to make them see something that they don’t want to see? It doesn’t matter if it’s my uncle giving MSG/Aspartame loaded drinks to his daughter, or my mother taking dopamine antagonists and antidepressants for fictional “brain diseases” and “chemical imbalances”, it doesn’t matter if it’s something that is clearly harmful, you will never be thanked for pointing out things that are clearly harmful that people don’t want to see.

    When talking about abstract pattern recognition, no, you are wrong, people do NOT see things that they do not want to see.

    I never said the “CIA” were one with consciousness, i meant to imply all humans are being subtly manipulated(or encouraged) on a metaphysical level thus they will never do anything to stop the “CIA” or whoever you think it is rules you, because they want to be ruled, they want to be zombies.

    I’m not grabbing at straws and I am not passive.

    CR, sorry, your right, I’m just frustrated.

  37. BANAL Sex?


  38. acer, you actually bring up a rather good point I had honestly never considered. There is something VERY wrong with the idea of needing reading material and much time, or even laxatives, to get through a process that should take less time than it takes to clean up afterwards. I know the protein overloaded diet (combined with undigestible material) of the West is a big contributor, but you add additional insight above.

    However, you do your argument a disservice by suggesting not cleaning up properly. C’mon man! One doesn’t need to leave chucks of feces on them to get a whif of their output!!!!

    Had forgotten about the old European Seventeen porn “empire.” Probly would have worked that in had I. Were the girls in Belgium who went missing somehow connected with that?

    Lastly, yea, this eternally adolescent state people enter in the teens and don’t leave until middle-age (if ever) is all part of this rising tide of shit we used to call humanity.

    Anadæ, oi laddy! Yea, that had come up once before, but I found this interesting vid where this derelict CEO of the USA denies it, while in the same sentence promoting the idea (while falling short of expressing his desire to assist personally). Did the ass-loving Rabbi[t]s steal the Qabalah tree from the Elves? 👿 Or, from OursElves?

    aferrismoon, perhaps? 😆

  39. True said Alex…. so what’s your next move?
    -were you able to sit through the entire ‘Holy Mountain’ film? I couldn’t do it; symbolic overload, and way too snuffy for me.

    -Don’t know why, but I was watching some of “I Love You, Man”. I shudder not just at the bromance which too normal these days, but also at the overt condom plug. The dude is talking about using condoms for jerking-off! listing all the advantages of it..”oh yea i can last forever in my jerk-off dungeon”..fucking secret trojan weapon toxic cock behind enemy lines….

    – Also, I noticed, much like ur ‘bridget jones diary’ situation: a “just-did-anal” reference in Courtney Cox’s ‘Cougar Town ho-bag’ programming. Wish i hadn’t walked into the room where that shit was on. and it’s Not like I was going to point it out to my mother.

    -That show “friends” too, has really taken it’s toll on us eh? (friends don’t let friends watch friends tagline..why? .because it’s shit? because it’s addictive? or because it’s mind manipulation social programming, redefining what friends ‘should’ be?

  40. Hi there, as ever your posts are ingenius, and I’d say you are spot-on with your ‘observations’ re: the thong! All girls/womens’ magazines are full of ‘crap’ advice which literally reads sometimes as indoctrination. Regarding tampons…in the UK, Kimberly Clark use to ‘advertise’ its products…how? By going into schools for 11-15 year olds and requesting time for a ‘seminar’ on tampons and their use! I’m serious…Schools actually allowed and sponsored ‘Kimberly Clark Co’ to talk to 12 year old girls about their periods and to use tampons…not a School nurse or a health professional…but a tampon manufacturer…so we can thank the UK education ministry for their assistance over the years for this.

  41. The latest mind controlled slut at the top of the music charts, “Ke$sha”, apparently has a glitter covered “condom cannon” that shoots condoms at the young teenage girls attending her concerts: Breaking & Entering: Ke$ha

  42. And since Edward Scissorhands loves to trim the grass,

    and all Cougars in the hood love hunt sporting decor,

    how about some new devil details to adorn?

    If all V’s get 7 devils would you be possessed? or exorcised? Take 2 and multiply and call me one plus in Jubilee.

    When the veil of Isis is flippantly pulled back and the sea foam of Venus is adorned for play surely Kali is read to “burn houses and cut-off heads”. Surely.

    Lips pursed, red for initiates.

  43. I salute you Katharina!!!

  44. Dave, expect a major announcement in the next few days. I personally loved the Holy Mountain, and connived Stygian Port into writing it up for me. 😉

    Ha! Conning idiots into using a condom while jerking off. I’m sure some brain-dead ass-worshiping flesh-eating replicant (human being) will give it a try. Yea, you can’t turn on the TV these days without seeing a direct anal sex reference.

    Marty, thank you very much for taking the time to let me know. Something about the thong never seemed right from the start, and this is one of the few things that makes any sense.

    stack, well, it makes a lot of sense actually. Hopefully, in the future, the condom cannon can be personalized to where it shoots the condoms right up their ass, bypassing all the unecessary uses, and hopefully, helping them clean themselves while getting a proper dose of toxins.

    eugene, wow, Arianna Huffington’s daily bloody discharge of waste actually focused on itself for once? “Cute” quote:

    What’s wrong with your vagina? If you answered “nothing,” you’re probably wrong.

    As for the pirated article, it neglects to mention how most problems could be addressed through a combination of diet and less media exposure. 😀

  45. lol rebel after a proper bath one would hope for such that every possible molecule of fecal matter is gone… however that is an assumption…how do u justify the thoughtless act…even if the ass is perfectly clean as u say, why wipe ur face with the towel after wiping yer ass…it still doesnt make sense rebel…its thoughtless no matter how u look at it…a face towel exists for a reason! Ur justification betrays you, dont reason it out of existence, the truth has set u free now, self censorship from this shocking revelation will put ya back in the box rebel…u wanted to journey down the rabbit whole cant turn back now lulz…

  46. i reasontly had my bf in pain terms fuck me in my ass really hard cause thats how i like it but when we where done i want to the bathroom to pee i got up and there was a palm size of blood in the bowl and i want to now if its normal to have that happen or if i should go to hospital or not? it does really hert so im a bit confused on my situation can some one with an answer to my question please email me with a answer so i now what to do or if its normal to have that happen [REMOVED] thanks……

  47. holy shit! Jenny you in trouble girl, drop that zero, get yourself a hero, talk to the hand etc….and while you’re at it go to the hospital you fucking moron.

  48. Am not aware if the topic of Miley´s 9-old sister launching a lingerie line has been discussed here.

    Miley’s 9-year-old sister launching a lingerie line for kids



  50. “but[t] research for a few minutes,”

    You appear to have devoted several lifetimes to the subject. I appreciate your prescient insights, butt PLEASE, move on.

  51. Javier, you are obviously entitle to your own opinion on this subject. I spoke my peace/piece above and see no need to reconsider.

    jenny, assuming your note is real, cause I’d be inclined to think someone’s trying to take a piss out of this site …. wtf? The ass is NOT a place that is meant to be fucked “really hard.” What you describe is what’s supposed to happen if you abuse yourself in such manner. Incontinence awaits.

    Corbeau, I get the “feeling” that said lingerie line, which may or may not exist, is a test case/teaser/hook … put out by Noah’s handlers. Much like the Vanity Fair story, which was also covered by the mainstream, it masks [and diverts attention away from] far more insidious things Noah/Miley have been involved in.

    alex, that probably started off as a joke that gained legs, cause they underestimated how many people would actually eat a chocolate anus.

    John, in case you missed it, this article was about a lot more than butt-sex and a few critical revelations about mankind came out of it. But[t] … you are free to express yourself in any way you see fit … AS AM I. I will write about whatever the hell I care to.

  52. Yeah the story started as 6 and then became 7.

    Its true “it’s all sixes and sevens”.

    While were at it … its no big deal, its a big deal, its no big deal, its a big deal …the double mind blows hard here.

    Seems as though you have made some friends. Friends who cant deny the substance so they go for the sub:)

  53. Greetings from Mexico,

    Great work by the way, today my Gf was looking at some posters for a contest on “Gender Equality” so she showed me this page

    so i could help her select some images for a homework, as i was reviewing them i found some very sexual charged and as you can see in the webpage the contest is patrocinated by Microsoft, so they will be happy i guess, anyway look for the poster called “Igualdad de oportunidades” the artist got a little subconscious error in what the little girl wants to be, i am pretty sure the artist will get some extra points in the competition, hehe. Perhaps is not an error and that little girl is a loyal Disney student.

  54. Look here buddy. I’m a Christian. I have weighted it’s credibility (which is shite, but I am all about the core principles and have a hard time believing what’s currently been asserted as historical fact), left it behind, researched and made a firm decision at 36. Having said that, your blog is phenomenal. I just discovered it while researching mind control, programming, the Illuminati, etc. I am NOT a blind sheep and hope that more people like you come forward to help people like me ( conditioned Christian ultimately and so okay with that now), who appreciate truth, open our eyes and NOT be blind, dumb sheep.

    PLEASE keep up the good work!

    Gretchen (I’m black by the wsy-LOL)

  55. eugene, hm, here we have a 42 [number of j’s pedo cult] year old woman talking about 9 [their fav age] year old kids in the first paragraph. She then goes on to say, it’s not traumatic, it’s “confusing.” I smell a rat.

    Hector, good observations on the “program” being run to get fools to participate in their own destruction, this foolish agenda to get rid of, rather than celebrate/appreciate the differences between the sexes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the poster you refer to [so contact me if you do], but did find this piece of [robot-generated] rubbish.

    Gretchen, I have no problem with Christians who follow the teachings of the one we refer to as “The Christ.” I get a bit peeved at those who follow the words added to the text by the Cult of the Demiurge Jehovah. So, good to have you here (and I guess, you fit into the demographic). 😉

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