Iconoclasting the Reality (-)

On November 14th, I was a guest on The Iconoclast Report with Carolyn Harris. The program was “Social engineering, monarch programming, the media and you.”


Below, is the archive of the show for those who missed it. Personally, I don’t think I was at my best, a bit thrown by some technical difficulties and regular commercial breaks. Judge for yourself. I came on about halfway into her show [below]: {*1}

The first half of the show is Carolyn getting into Fritz Springmeier and the Disney Mind Control Machine, so some may find that of interest. After I come on, we take the next step and [try to] bridge the gap between mind control of the Disney stable and where that meets the social engineering of kids and fools.

I had been getting a few comments and e-mails from readers about Noah Cyrus (Miley’s little sister), pointing out the stream of salacious/inappropriate pictures of the “new kid” on the block slab, and have been meaning, to look into the matter. For those unfamiliar, here are but a few such pictures of the star in the making.


She’s the one [usually] on the left. For some reason, she is regularly posed in a very suggestive manner alongside her little blond friend [Emily Grace Reaves, flashing the “fuck you” and “fuck me” signs], and in the audio, I go so far as to surmise the duo is being advertised, as a tag-team of bisexual “kittens” available for those so inclined, and wealthy enough to afford paying their pimp (Disney) for the luxury.

That’s beyond mere speculation. Based on my research into Disney (but one article), mind-control and the depravity of the ruling classes, I’d be willing to bet on it. Unless of course, father/handler/victim, Billy Ray would object. Um, that was a joke. The below left photo’s from a public event for “Juicy” Coutoure. {*2}


Another item that came out was my ire over the reframing of Joy Division’s spiritual messages. Ben wrote an article about those whores named Dita von Teese and Marilyn Manson. Take turns listening to the song or reading the lyrics while looking at each of the below images. See how differently the words resonate?

I recall, long ago, overhearing Sting (who came up in BRFVI) rue how MTV was the worst thing that even happened to music. He said something to the effect of, how it took away the imagination and mental painting the mind goes through while interpreting lyrics, based on personal experience. I’ll have to agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment. The collective wins, personalization has been replaced with the vision/imagery [“will”] some “random” director is free to impose on the [zombie] mind. MTV killed a lot more than “the radio star.” It killed the imagination.


Carolyn and I originally became acquainted via Oracle Broadcasting, of which we both listen and participate. We both discovered it a long time ago, when we had enough of Alex Jones and found an option available at the same time, something I could listen to while working on articles in the afternoon, and something that wouldn’t leave me with knots of fear and dread in my stomach.

On November 13th while listening to one show, the host brought up an article that would only make “sense” had someone read/listened to my Dinner with Stygian Port [3]. Shortly after I tuned in, I overheard, “Only the Celtic Rebel would have a clue as to what the heck the point of this was.” Hence, I called in. Here’s the convo:

Per several e-mails, I know some are frustrated and befuddled as to how one shares this material with others, sans fear of being considered a freak by those uninitiated to my body of work. I’ve run into the same problem, for how do I/you know, the people we point in this direction, won’t tune in, on a day where I’m talking about “rim jobs” or “fucking Jehovah up the ass?” Said MP3 Clip is probably exactly what those hence turned off might need to hear to bring them up to [ramming] speed.

battle uranusbattle uranus

The above scenes are from Fairly OddParents, one of those “safe” shows for your kids to watch [thanks to Renée for informing me]. Was it a little “joke” or programming? On yet another episode, the boy gets a call from Daddy, saying “Son, they’re sending me to Uranus. It’s a planet. Who would have ever known?”

The SpongeBob Vibrating Rectal Thermometer [for kids], is always worth a laugh or twelve. Mike Mozart’s review [below] is also worthy of a few giggles:

The only problem with the above is that the author/reviewer, like most people, is at a severe disadvantage [mentally hamstrung] by not understanding or even being able to fathom the extent of the conspiracy. Thus, the reviewer glibly rationalizes, “Who thought this was a good idea? I mean, really! Doesn’t this classify as one of the ten worst ideas of the decade?”

Well Mike, this toy, like many others was designed explicitly for what it suggests. There are no limits to the depths of depravity SpongeBob will [and does] sink to:


The happy little gay pink anus loves cock. He really loves cock. Little turd blossom’s licks coincidentally produce an increasing flow of liquid oozing from the top of his sand phallus. Amazing! I’ve personally observed the “phenomenon” of a few occasions. Uncanny! What a bunch of cocksuckers our kids are gonna turn out to be.

One reader, Sean, sent me this lovely compilation of just a few of the chance “mistakes” that have appeared in the “kids show.” Who thought these up? Really!


It [the agenda] is so pervasive, methodical and blatant, that to deny all these “accidents” are connected [and intentional], is really just an admission of one’s gullibility and naiveté. How much longer will the average nitwit continue to tolerate and justify “rogue animators,” “bad ideas,” and “inappropriate mistakes?” For as long as our masters deem it, and as long as the media tells us to. The dumbing-down of man’s ability to think critically was a crucial step leading to the pornography now passed off as “kid’s programming.”

I’d like to thank one StompingEvil, who was in Josh’s “chat room” during the discussion, and shared the below [right] image, inspiring my amendment to it.


Here’s another free idea for Nickelodeon, courtesy of The Celtic Rebel, introduce a new character on Dora the Explorer; her cousin Donna the Donut Licker. Her scripted trait: she loves jelly donuts, but doesn’t like to eat them lest she ruin her girlish figure. Hence, she licks the hole until the jelly drips onto her tongue.

Bonus: The phrase “eat pussy” could be [in]directly alluded to, as no one really [I’m hoping] “eats” it. Hence, the “Donna” character could say clever things like, “Don’t be silly! No one ever really eats a donut.” {*3}

Honestly, I won’t sue for theft of intellectual property [well, that’s an oxymoron]. It serves the agenda to a tee, and the average dumb cunt [i.e., “parental unit”] isn’t gonna do anything to stop it, much less “get it.” The few that do get it, will probably just rationalize it as coincidence, or “bad judgment:” “Oh my God, who came up with this character? She has to be like the worst kid’s cartoon idea ever.”

People will do anything the media instructs them to. Anything! Oh, I made an error in the presentation: “Blue Streak” was not the name of the movie where Denzel took his hot lead injection rectally. That was simply the homosexually suggestive “Training Day” [elaborated].

There’s definitely something to my postulation as to the route chosen by spirits. For any unfamiliar, I’d highly recommend Lenon Honor’s series on Rihanna’s “Umbrella” [The Workings of Evil]. Even before Lenon got to the explanation of the scene, I took the time to get the below left screen shot [frustrating, as it was only a quick flash, hence took some effort]. It just “didn’t sit right” with me.

umbrellablue streaks

Aside from the freakish impossibility of her torso contortion, note the position she has assumed. And what’s Rihanna say, “Come into me. Oh baby, come into me.” Well, she does seem to be perfectly positioned for such an “entry.”

The ruling class has long held a fascination for children, and in particular, the anuses of [male] children. As with everything else rising to the surface these days, so is the admission of their predilections. Fortunately, Tommy from Kozmikon had an alert enough eye to catch this little “inside joke” from Watchmen (2009):


Such open admissions, beyond the feel-good “age of revealing” angle can also be accredited to a couple of factors. One one side, you have more and more people finally opening their eyes to what has been going on far longer than most of us have been on this planet. On the other, as the plans for the new total control grid are being put in place, the admissions from the insiders are growing bolder.

Look at the upcoming Golf Digest poster. Aside from the “butt pirate” suggestive layout of the venerated “mocha” duo, the wording goes way beyond randomness. “Obama can take [it] from Tiger.” How do you get to be the top? “How to outsmart your buddies!” And do what? “Load it up! Let it go!” Ugh! I need a mental shower.


We can thank the Zionist disinfo rag (were it printed, it might serve some function, such as wiping one’s ass), The Huffington Post, for another sync-trail, which I’m suspecting is intentional. Thanks to a mysterious red-haired Lucy of recent acquaintance, I’ve been clued in that “Rachel” is second-level gay-code for a “beard;” a woman used by gay “power players” to conceal their distaste for pussy [recall Batman’s, the Dark [Hole] Knight’s, unrealized “love” interest]. {*4}

So, just like the House Bunny article, The Post, as surmised in the audio, is writing a layer of subtext for those in the know, conveniently following up the cover story with “Tiger Woods BRIBE? $1 Million Rachel Uchitel Payoff Offer Reported.” From there a chance story about übergay “sex addict” David Duchovny and posts from celebrity bloggers [lesbian] Cynthia Nixon and shit-sucker Ben Stiller. I could write much more were I to probe deeper, butt I had enough when I got to “Victoria’s Secret? 20 Layers Of Butt Makeup” article. Rabbit holes always lead to shit.

300butt party

Just today, the above GQ cover was staring me in the face at the grocery check-out line. For those without a clue, GQ has long been a homosexual magazine, but since it’s not advertised that way, your average idiot thinks otherwise. From the Pulp Fiction’ish cover to the gay orgy insert, it’s just over the top now. By the way, I’ve seen those pluses [+] and stars [*] show up in a lot of rags lately.

I’m not gonna spell it out for you, but Tiger Woods has “peaked” at 33 this year. Question: were you an effeminate man, what might you call the stud who just manhandled you? Perhaps, “Tiger?” I doubt I need explain “wood.” So, taking those tidbits along with everything I’ve said so far, I ask, what do you think is the coded story behind the media blitz? What are the Medes conveying to those in the know?


Back to Watchmen for a second, I caught another bit of embedded revelation. Just before the [doctor] Manhattan bomb goes off and incinerates its sacrificial victims, we get a quick shot of a briefcase and the code “300.” As my readers are [should] already [be] aware, said number [and its variants] are key numbers related to sacrifice. And in this case, the victims were sacrificed for the “greater good,” the great work, the One World Order dreamed by Tennyson, Rhodes, Ozymandias and other such miscreants; the servants of Dis/the “lords” of Law.

As the [300] article states, the story of the 300 Spartans, is a crafted narrative that masks the events, yet tells insiders specifically what transpired: human sacrifice. Occasionally, for the dumb masses, the tale/tail of “glory” [holes] is retold, this time around as a homo-erotic meat-grinder. “Tonight, we DINE in Hell?” Those conscientious enough to brave the mirror, may recall the video stating that to sustain the American DIE-T, “300” animals are butchered/sacrificed per second.


The [300] article also surmised the number, in particular, relates to innocents, be they animals or children. It’s a long running joke on humanity. The “butt” of the joke is you! Yes, they are laughing.

The [earlier] Men’s Journal cover is yet another coded piece [¿codpiece?] of subversion. “Meat,” aside the PTB’s interest in keeping the carnage flowing obviously carries a different meaning when placed across a “strapping young lad,” near the mental queue of “testosterone.” Couldn’t you just devour him/it?

Per Lucy, posing one with a motorized BIcycle, is also code for sexual “leanings” [hence, the recent South Park bikes/fags episode makes sense]. Recall Batman’s “conversion” scene? Recall also that in the Dark Knight, Aaron, he who “Comes Clean,” was never allowed to drive himself anywhere, hence suggesting he was a “kept man;” a far cry from his “coming out party” In the Company of “Men.”

fake wife

The above image is the ballyhooed “hot wife” of perennial alternative Presidential candidate Denis Kucinich. Her name may not be Rachel, but anyone who saw the Democrats take their debate to the gay channel, saw how “at home” Dennis settled in. I would guess, the arm candy known as Elizabeth Harper, is just that. {*5}

Somewhere in between the layers of what lies at the “top” of they pyramid of control and that of this realm is a limited, yet well distributed, group of powerful insiders. Basically, it’s a small gay club and you ain’t in it!

As with the Commando joke played on heterosexual males, it’s kind of funny, until you think back to the Brownshirts, another substantial exclusively gay group, which were used to put Hitler into power. They, like every other group before and after them, as always happens historically (see podcast) were all hunted down and killed. That’s when the laughter stops. But, not just for them … for all of us.

back holeback hole

It’s remarkable how investigating the reasons behind the “anal sex” fad has led to so many different areas, and produced so many revelatory truths. Was it a rabbit-hole? Well, obviously, in more ways than one, as some of the shit has stuck to me and tarnished my standing in the eyes of many an idiot. What may have helped me, was realizing early on that the anus (as the closing images suggest) is a two-way window; a way of looking at both the macrocosm and the microcosm.

The Gods themselves, descended/entered this world via Anu (the sky/the heavens). We’d do well ourselves, as was doubly-implied last issue, to remember that what we leave behind, is as important as what we do.

Disclaimer: This article was written at an earlier stage of my development, thus it may contain minor points which do not necessarily reflect my present belief set.

*1: The above podcast is a two-hour edited-down version of the show [downloadable]. The full four-hour show is has since disappeared into the aether. [LB]

*2: The last picture of the salacious duo, while on the surface, appearing to be the most innocent least suggestive, is from the most revelatory of gatherings: the Lollipops and Rainbows Foundation. There are many lurid accounts out there about the event (e.g., “Emily and Noah Love Lollipops and Rainbows”), but even the “official press release,” reads like a pornographic dime-store novelette (to those not sleeping). This video shows you precisely what I deduced. [LB]

*3: Another last minute thought: Those rounded “star-flowers” seem to be all over SpongeBob’s show. They remind me of Lily, the sex abuse victim from Sex and the City. If I had to guess, they’ve got something to do with a developing “starfish.” [LB]

*4: Magazines, just like movies, are made for two groups of people [possibly three]. The first layer is for the dumb cunts; those we often mislabel as “humanity.” The sublayer is for those in the know. The third layer, could very well be the disinfo sandwiched in between, for those who dare fancy ourselves Gods of Synchronicity. [LB]


*5: I spent a little time looking into the long-legged and quite shaggable, IMO, Elizabeth Jane Harper Kucinich. Their “love at first sight” story reminded me a little too much of Di’s [programmed] response to Prince Charles. Coincidentally, Di is Elizabeth’s “hero” and in some photos, she looks strikingly similar to the Virgin Queen’s latest portrayal. Is she a “presidential model?” Perhaps. [LB]

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  1. You are one of the few people willing to stare unflinchingly into the Abyss. Everything’s on Wikipedia if you know where to look.

    “Some occultists have also likened Malkuth to a cosmic filter, which lies above the world of the Qliphoth, or the Tree of Death, the world of chaos which is constructed from the imbalance of the original sephirot in the Tree of Life. For this reason it is associated with the feet and anus of the human body, the feet connecting the body to Earth, and the anus being the body’s “filter” through which waste is excreted, just as Malkuth exretes unbalanced energy into the Qliphoth…. Although Malkuth is seen as the lowest Sefirah on the tree of life, it also contains within it the potential to reach the highest.”

    We are literally sparks of God’s semen (the Logos Spermatikos) buried deep within the asshole of the universe.

    And from The Book of the Dead translated by Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge:

    “The buttocks of Osiris Ani, triumphant, are the buttocks of the Eye of Horus.”

  2. Great as always – nothing new in your interview on the Iconoclast Report, but one cannot engage oneself enough with these topics.

    By the way (I know it’s not on topic): I stumble over the number 47 every single day in every imaginable way. Okay, in STAR TREK this number is in EVERY episode

    From wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/47_%28number%29#As_an_in-joke

    “Joe Menosky, who graduated from Pomona College in 1979 and went on to become one of the story writers of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “infected” other Star Trek writers with it. As a result the number 47, its reverse 74, or a multiple of 47 occurs in some way or other in almost every episode of this program and its spin-offs Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise. The number might be mentioned in the dialogue, appear on a computer screen a character is looking at, or be a substring of a larger number.”

    But Star Trek aside: Do you maybe have a (synchromystic) explanation of what this could mean?

    oh… and the length of your embedded Sponge Bob video is (of course) 4 Minutes 47 seconds…

  3. Long ago in another synchole…

    Route 66 starts in “Chi-ka-go” aka God said to Abram “Lehk Lekha”.

    Route 66 terminates at Saint Monicas pier, ie the hole who gave us St Augustine, the codifer of the Universal Whoredum. This place shows its product, the Black Dahlia and Charles Manson. The latter is “no name maddox” who spoke of the coming “helter skelter”.

    Route 66 crosses itself in one place. Albuquerque. This is the rabbit’s hole in that Bugs Bunny, the supreme ruler of the cartoon world, warns “I shouldve taken a left at Albuquerque.”

    AL BOO QUER KEY is phonetically “fear of god is the queer key”.

    Albuquerque’s route 66 cross is marked by the Sunshine Hotel which is marked by the play “Scaramouche” made famous in Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody “do you do the fan dango, scaramouche, scaramouche…”. Scaramouche the play also bears the stigmata of assville.

    Only idiots wont see the Freddie Mercurial wisdom in the tainted trade of the golden boy on the golden thread. Wizdumb that is. “Hollywood, moviestars” coupled with American mullets make for all kinds of deliverance.

    Bugs will not take a left, he will pass through the land of enchantment, trinity site aka the kern gate, through death valley, to the city of angels, terminus of 33rd paralell, and yes will meet the reveilation of the great ass robber in the sky.

    The tessalators have placed all their money on double or nothing. Double cheeks and the whole in the middle that is….

  4. Eleleth, perhaps that is one of the reasons most are so conditioned not to look into the “abyss,” fear of realizing we already are in the rabbit hole? The passage reminds me of a quote I’d been meaning to use:

    “A good reliable set of bowels is worth more to a man than any quantity of brains.” — Henry Wheeler Shaw

    Our massters have long known what some of us are now suspecting, the Eye of Horus is the anus is the third eye, or somehow connected (avoid contact).

    C, ah, I love it when I sit down to do comments and questions are already addressed. Thanks ViolatoR [below].

    eugene, some of that from Hoffman? So the Rabbi asking “What’s up Doc?” is truly a probing question. Had forgotten 66 began in Chicago the recently discussed gateway to blood, gore and shit. Don’t Go West young man. Only sodomy and deliverance (which, I gather you hint, as I did, that they are one and the same) await there.

  5. Battle for Uranus! Classic! Noah Cyrus and her lesbian lover look just like the girls in beauty pagents. And there’s that damn stripper pole programming again, it’s everywhere!

    Per the off-topic number 47 (synchro wiki page on 47), I have a picture of a paragraph (titled “Scheherazade Numbers”) which ends with this: “It may be that 47 is the cosmic random element, the agent of infinite change.”

  6. I’m happy to see you’ve updated the picture at the top of the page Celtic Rebel. While many will be deceived you can also be sure that some will make the (mental) stand. Perhaps even thanks to your very blog.

    Anyway, great post – keep it up!


    „…Ironically, the earliest Gnostics themselves seem to have been Hellenized Alexandrian Jews, probably expatriate in the wake of the second Jewish revolt under Trajan, who particulary reviled the God of Israel as an evil demiurge. See Carl B. Smith II, No Longer Jews: The Search for Gnostic Origins (Peabody: Hendrickson, 2004), for details. They generally abominated the whole material cosmos, but proposed a transcendent spiritual escape, in a manner similar to the renunciation of the round of rebirth by Indian philosophers seeking liberation, and to the earlier Orphic mystics. While all these philosophies share in common an origin in the collision of Indo-European and non-Indo-European cultural patterns, only Gnosticism seems to have originated amongst people who were themselves an ethnic out-group within an indo-European society – and it is only Gnosticism which proposes not only a binding and malignant material world, but a malicious creator-god as its origin.“

    Georg J. Sieg

  8. ViolatoR, yes Uranus is a planet. The Search for Uranus is over. It’s been found. I expected to hear on “Zed’s NOT Dead.” Oi!

    PlantATreeIn2012, I assume you’re taking about the most recent modification (of this week). Was it my hacking Frankenberry up? Or, was my demonstrating that I’ve taken a step back and am protecting more of the pawns, even the little beasties in us? 😀

    Θyra the Lunatic, out of your SEVEN comments, I left the one I liked best. You are welcome to add your input, but for future reference, such volume is counter-productive, distracting and time-consuming.

  9. ViolatoR, thank you very moch for the “47” explanation and the link… it really helped.

  10. The highest of the First Order of the Golden Dawn is:
    Philosophus 4=7

    The highest of the Second Order is:
    Adeptus Exemptus 7=4

    Says Wiki, “The paired numbers attached to the Grades relate to positions on the Tree of Life.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermetic_Order_of_the_Golden_Dawn

    PS: One more thing: what should be obvious, at this point, is that the Dying Gods in all of these religions are meant to represent ourselves. Typically, the goddesses represent the literal Matrix, or “womb,” within which we are imprisoned. Thus, in the Phrygian Mystery-Myth of Attis, Attis is the lover of CUBELE (Kybele)! In other words, in this fallen state we become lovers of the cosmic prison-cube.

  11. 147 and all its permutations are ruled by IHVH.
    258 and all its permutations are ruled by ihSHvh.
    369 and all its permttations are ruled by SHknh.
    These three play universe ring around the rosey.
    Pocket full of “hand over”, we all fall around and around and around and around and around and around.

    Oui aint if fun?

  12. Eugene, You slay me! You are a Dead Ringer 4 a Joker Fool. I actually understood some of your latest posts!
    Keep the lunacy coming! Most enjoyable.

    Eleleth, thanks for the info. Yes, we are the Shits of God.
    It’s All Good. Real Good Shit.

    I am born in 1974, my Mother in ’47! I am very 11/Aquarius, she is very Leo. Had that 11:11 thing going for years. House Number = 11. Auntie’s Number = 11 and the post code too! Numbers… ten thousand dreams.

    PS You weren’t bad at all, especially with the lengthy tech troubles. Keep hunting showspots as we want more, rebel man!

  13. ALL, this 47 thing took a life of its own. Perhaps it is an agent of change. To that I’ll add the 747, the most heralded mode of air travel to date. Pete, I may be doing a show in “unreceptive” territory soon. Eleleth, Cubelle! Hm, in the Greek alphabet, the Y is pronounced as a U.

  14. I could probably post hundreds of quotes on this peculiar subject. Since the Gnostics were mentioned, here is something from the Naassenes—hopefully these tags work correctly:

    According to this account of theirs, the intercourse of woman with man is demonstrated, in conformity with such teaching, to be an exceedingly wicked and filthy (practice). For, says (the Naassene), Attis has been emasculated, that is, he has passed over from the earthly parts of the nether world to the everlasting substance above, where, he says, there is neither female or male, but a new creature, a new man, which is hermaphrodite … and this they declare to be what is affirmed by the Word:

    “… And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly—”now the expression that which is ‘unseemly’ signifies, according to these (Naasseni), the first and blessed substance, figureless, the cause of all figures to those things that are moulded into shapes—”and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.” (Romans 1:20-27)

    For in these words which Paul has spoken they say the entire secret of theirs, and a hidden mystery of blessed pleasure, are comprised…. But they assert that not only is there in favour of their doctrine, testimony to be drawn from the mysteries of the Assyrians, but also from those of the Phrygians concerning the happy nature—concealed, and yet at the same time disclosed—of things that have been, and are coming into existence, and moreover will be—(a happy nature) which, (the Naassene) says, is the kingdom of heaven to be sought for within a man.

    There’s some conjecture that Paul was a self-hating homosexual, isn’t there?

    Resurrection … takes place through the gate of heaven, through which … this very (man) … (becomes) a god…. Paul the apostle, he says, knew of this gate, partially opening it in a mystery, and stating that he was “caught up by an angel, and ascended as far as the second and third heaven into paradise itself…” And of all men, we Christians alone are those who in the third gate celebrate the mystery …

    This whole book is well worth reading; I find a certain delicious irony in it being freely accessible from a Catholic site

    Wiki: Naassenes

  15. woke up to find this linked on the internet

  16. seems I started something with the number 47… by the way: Earlier today I was shopping in the supermarket… guess what the bill was? Yeah: 7 Euros, 47 cents… what else… 😛

    Shit Happens

    Coming Out of the Closet

  17. Hoffman has been read here. He was a disciple/follower/friend of James Shelby Downard, King Kill 33 as you know. Downard’s mystical toponomy set me on my own journey of digging up synchs on 33. Found Albuquerque as 66 crossing, Sunshine Hotel, Scaramouche, Christy Bomb all on my lonesome. Trinity site, Kern gate, LA as terminus of 66 was of course Downard. Hell in reading American Political Witchcraft by Lavenda was struck by Death Valley his masterful fact digging on “No Name Maddox” and the ties to 66. He didnt make the tie, I did becuase others had seeded me…

    “I stand on the shoulders of giants.” – Newton

    “Follow the heretics.” – Eugene

    We all eat, assimilate and defecate. We are all the others who have gone before. To even speak language is to be possessed of mercurial waters.

    Here are scoops of goo Ign’s fountain…

    They come down.

    On Square of Saturn, they sit and sing a song.

    This little man in its box.

    Am working on how the temple of man is the a three brain composite based upon the event horizon. This of course is 22/7, the container who is a fish, the fish who is the container. Our language and its written law is the petrefication of a once magical world. As it petrefied the world become more dense and more hellish.

    The good news is Pisces has an opposite. We are presently choking to death on fish bones.

  18. Eleleth, for future reference any references to wiki need/oughta be prefaced with “utterly suspect” or “israeli run,” though wacki or icki will do. 😀 Wasn’t Paul the one who went to Rome? Well, when in Rome. No doubt he was a sodomite [“Peter” too]. More fuel for an [incendiary] upcoming post.

    alex, so we have a masculate lesbian Maddow “arguing” over a likely made-up fear story aimed at gays with an effeminate homosexual man. That guy can pretend to be whoever he wants, but trips gaydars from miles away. Staged theater. Black comedy. In an upcoming show: “Gays are the New Jews.”

    eugene, good stuff. I will try to understand comprehend it. Damn you foul medium that is English! But, I like the petrification idea. Frozen. Stones.

  19. The Daily Mail (UK newsrag) today had a list of the top 50 films of the “noughties”. Number 12 is “Little Miss Sunshine.” Described as an “Uproarious, marvellously acted, low budget road movie which recognizes the true glory of humanity as lying in resilience and good humour in the face of inevitable defeats.” I thought it was a piece of double-bind trash that very obviously showed its contempt for humanity as a whole. Probably why I don’t write film reviews for a national paper. p.s. please get a weekly radio show going

  20. Amazing how much an anus can look like a belly button. But the umbrellicord has been cut and we’re left here to fend for ourselves.. unless of course we kneel down before the powers of this world.

    I couldn’t find an image for it, but the Blue Streak symbol is also used in City of Ember for “the Builders.”

    By the way, you should stop putting up such a fuss and start calling yourself a synchromystic.. “the lady doth protest too much”?

    I kid. Good stuff.

  21. The nexttarget marketfor the Disney princess program!

  22. I’m wondering when ‘anal retentive’ became part of our lexicon. And when it got shortened to ‘anal’.

    Aaron Eckhart’s head blocking made me briefly think the magazine was called “Menstrual”. (Men’s Urinal?) That Golf Digest cover is priceless. Emasculating the President with just one image. I can’t see any other President allowing being photographed ASSuming the position in front of Tiger. Even Bush.

    Your first parting image instantly reminded me of the ‘people grabbing aparatus’ on the tripods from “War of the Worlds”. I’m sure Tom Cruise’s dream came true being inserted into that VERY anus looking thing. Before I shambled across your blog, I actually remember watching that and thinking: “And you approved this, Speilberg? Really?” Now I know better.

    The back to back blogs of beef and anus (ANgUS beef?) also reminded me of cattle mutilations.
    You’d think that after hundreds of cattle the “aliens” would have all the info they need. Drained blood and specific body parts removed says occult ritual to me. Plus, it bugs me that “aliens” would be so callus as to drop the carcas back on the ranch. Why don’t they carve a big “F.U.” on the side while they’re at it?

    I couldn’t resist throwing out another ’47’:

    invisible sun

  23. B.L.Donnelly, wow, that review is both hilarious and morbid. But, obviously many a dumb cunt, properly advised with big words on what to think, will share similar sentiments after watching that pedophile wankfest.

    Ferdinand, hm, I’ll have to look for that as that image popped up randomly. The “lady” shall not be “labelled.” 😆

    brian, no doubt many a black spokeswoman will be on the air, talking about how “their time has come,” implying some type of elevation but honestly reflecting on the medes giving their daughters equal access to whorification and degradation.

    invisible sun, obviously, much of our lexicon is a joke played on us, for example, we drink and speak of “painting the town red,” ignorant we speak of mass murder and genocide.

    There may be something to your “G Anus” beef tangent and “carving” tangent. Just last night, caught part of Pussy/Cat Holic Scorcese’s Casino (cAssInO or casini) and on the tv (the box within the box), they showed a sequence of beef being carved immediately followed by a close-up of the rumps of two females as one guy eyes their eyes of horus. The An[g]us beef, well most of it [sans negative ions], eventually makes its way to the anus doesn’t it?

  24. In the Greek alphabet, the Y is pronounced as a U. Ελληνικό και κυριλλικό

    ‽ 33 = 156+196+230 = CAZZA = GAAP (Thirty-third Spirit ↔ appeareth when the Sun is in some of the Southern Signs, in a Human Shape, going before Four Great and Mighty Kings, as if lie were a Guide to conduct them along on their way. His Office is to make men Insensible or Ignorant).



    ‽ 562 = where reality is transcended through sexual excess = the law of simultaneous contrast of colors = the qabbalistic heartland = where a mysterious metal box creates organic hallucinations = the starting point of a huge odometer of time = declares openly the magical formulae of the new aeon

    ‽ 666 = baphomet = bet-nun = miley cyrus = her music always retained its own very characteristic ethos = she was there to be examined, and possibly fucked by, the elders = the unfucked lesb’an = the contemporary artist dreaming of being self-transcending fiction

  25. Re: Tiger Woods.
    On p.35 of FINNEGANS WAKE are the words –
    ‘tigerwoods roadstaff’


    And quinceydentally u have a picture of a small furry creature with caption ‘call of the Wild’


  26. Invisible Sun: Adam Kadmon, say the Kabbalists, is male and the front and female in the back. The navel connects to the womb; the asshole connects to the stomach. Think about that.

    Did you know that Isis’ name was written both as Ast and As? Her name literally means “seat”. Yes, “ass” is an ancient Egyptian word, just like their “Tuat” (“Underworld”) is our word “twat”. The Twat is where souls go when they “die” (i.e., are born into the Matrix).

    aferrismoon: “Our teachings are not, need I remind you, available for publication. No harm, though, in admitting that some of them can be found disguised in Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, Burroughs Nova Express, the King James translation of the Holy Bible (though not the Latin or Hebrew), and The Blue Book. Not to speak of Ben Franklin’s private papers (!), but we are still suppressing those.”
    — Mad Malik, Principia Discordia

  27. I had to share a (stupid/unimportant) memory that recently resurfaced due to your insights because it nicely sums up everything you’ve been saying in one simple quote (and it happened nearly a decade ago!).

    I once worked in a retail store on the fringes of a newly developed suburbia (it’s one of the circles of hell, I just forget which). One of our products was a picture frame where you could record a message and play it back. Not suprisingly, all the messages left on the display model by customers were forgettably moronic… except for one, left by what was estimated (by the female employees) to be a twelve year old girl. Speaking (or at least trying to) in a seductive, southern belle-ish voice she said:

    “Do you want to lick my ass, Eminem?”

    invisible sun

  28. ΘΥΡΑ VI, did you read what I wrote you above? I, out of courtesy, published 2 of your now 30+ comments to this article. Some of what you share seems relevant … should you wish to include ANY in the future, I recommend “pacing” yourself.

    aferrismoon, that is truly amazing and somewhat mind-bending. Thanks for noting. Oddly enough, shortly after this, I was paid a random visit by 3 baby racoons.

    Per your other note, it would seem the “urinal” suggestion, as someone else noted too, was on the mark. It is after all, a place where “men” so inclined gather, a place of “glory” holes and the like.

    invisible sun, that is both hilarious and frighteningly predictable to any who know of the agenda. Thank you so much for sharing that here!

  29. Your rants keep me eye-wake.

    Thank you both.


  30. There is just something so wrong with girls getting bashed by dogs but then that’s nothing compared to this rebel, im afraid the hour is later than you think…apparently a man bled to death anally for being penetrated by a horse…


    It think the whole bestial aspect should be explored more rebel, with caution of course..you don’t want to lose your mind journeying down that rabbit hole….if that isn’t the peak of human degeneration i don’t know what is

  31. Nice segment on Global Reality, I heard the Iconoclast show a while ago, I was also jarred by the amount of commercial breaks. Two things of note, the guy with the facial hair on the GQ cover is Zach Galifianakis, he’s a comedian and actor, he was recently in the incredibly gay agenda laden “Bored To Death” on hbo, I don’t know if its supposed to be a gag or not, but out of the three emasculated effeminate male costars he plays the only one with a girlfriend as well as the only one with a beard. Another sync to this is in the show Ted Dansons rival is a editor at GQ magazine.

    Now regarding that doomed little girl Noah Cyrus, have you seen this video of her literally dancing around a stripper pole the same day her big sister performed on a ice cream cart stripper pole?

    Earlier in the year I saw the future of the poor little girls growing up, I saw it at the kids choice awards when they had the fucking pussy cat dolls performing. Whats with all the poles? This video seems to shed some light on it, the pole worship that is.

    vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6yjTBlrSiI

  32. alex, oddly, that image to me says they haven’t managed to find a way to socially engineer dogs to enjoy having their rectum probed. We need MTV for doggies! 👿

    Corbeau, thank you! We try.

    Javier, I think we’re still far from the peak [or trough] of human degeneration. I think I’ve contributed more than enough to the task. 👿

    Immortallywounded, that’s funny he works at “GQ: A Magazine Aimed at Gay Men Who Don’t Know They’re Gay” (even though everybody else does).

    Well, “pole” is the opposite of “hole,” though I guess a pole can also be a hole is in opening leading/exiting the stargate whether in the macro or microcosm. Had seen that video of Noah, and thought of including it. It may as well be called “club whores in training,” which is sad, cause I’m so jaded it didn’t shock me enough to include it. The biggest mockery is they call it “kid’s choice.” As a matter of fact, whether it’s “people’s” or “teen’s” … they’re taking a piss out of the zombies watching. Hard to say if the participants or the viewers are more pathetic.

    Oh, and kudos for using the appropriate words to describe this degeneration!

  33. Here’s a starfish sync that is really late and probably irrelevant now but it made me think of you when I was reminded of it recently…. Before the stupid Tiger Woods “scandal” broke… back in August there was a little bit of hoopla about whether Tiger farted on the green. They even had videos of it, asking the viewer to listen for the fart noise and determine if it was him or his caddy……

    Tiger Woods’ fart on live television overshadows championship win + [VIDEO]

  34. Ha! As I was reading this i looked at the TV and the scene from “Year One” was on where the dude from Juno is rubbing oil on some old hairy bastard…and he’s body painted in gold…Holly wood is creepy

  35. That triple on GQ from the homomovie. It looks like the chubby one is the mother figure, as in Fight Club. Keep your eyes open.

    First I thought that Disneycrap was a case of ‘creature rising against the creator’, but it seems to be total mindfuck on multiple angels.

    250000 educated women supporting a cartoon! A real battle to be proud of.

    Our hope is that by showing [that], Disney and other companies will continue to create positive and uplifting projects that accurately portray African-Americans and the African-American experience,” the organization’s president, Cynthia M. A. Butler-McIntyre, said.

    You have to be really fucking dumb to believe in the propaganda you peddle. I guess she’s in it fo power and money.

    The movie’s Prince Naveen character has also drawn criticism. His skin is brown, but he isn’t African-American.

    “A lot of moms had issues with that,” Coleman said. “It felt like it was a slap in the face to black men.”

    hmmm… How about the regular racemixing-propaganda?

    Blacks (mixedrace) are the new White in Consumerica. And also in Europa.

    As mentioned, poles were erected to Baal and it can also represent Ashera tree, from where we get this global treeplanting-cult, into which schoolchildren are beeing guided. I was planting trees for charity when I was nine but didn’t get Nobel.

    Don’t confuse hermafrodites and animalistic homosex with androgyne. When talking about ‘kingdom of god within you’, then it is not about assfucking between guys.

    For fun: hermaphrodite like lady ga ga. Coming soon through the shitbox in your living room. First they take your children.

  36. today i look at the movie pulpfiction again. it was a while back that i watched it and somehow i was drawn to do this just today.

    now, later i though i drop by your blog today and read some blogs i didnt read before to catch up, and so i landed here, on this blog, where you mention pulpfiction, right after i saw the film.

    now, you also mention about tiger woods and obama here, well, obama is the 44th precident of the US, and its also the 44th day after you posted this blog entree (the one i am responding to right now) and i have read somewhere that tiger woods had 11 girlfriends where he cheated his wife with, and i am born on the 11th (june).

    I am 36 years old, and this is the 36 comment on this blog entree.

    And belief it or not, but my 2 kids where visiting my parents (their grandparents) today and they went to the woods this afternoon.

    dont know what to make of this, but I thought i share this with you…

    thanks for all the time you put into this blog, for what its worth, i enjoy your writings very much, thanks…

  37. Ebony, wow, an egregious amount of time and energy was devoted there to whether a celeb passed gas. Figures, huh?

    Brett, the gold-encrusted twinkie giving daddy a rub-down. Lovely!

    acer, they got 25K women to basically support a company responsible for their daughters all being a bunch of whores. Today’s “marketing” is yesterday’s “forced sodomy.” What a wonderful world it could be, if only a black whore were allowed on the Disney whore parade. Free at last. Free at last. Free [to be a whore] at last.

    Erwin, some interesting personal syncs there. You’d be surprised [or not] at how many I encounter on a day-to-day basis. Tarantino’s Pulp of Crap fresh in your mind, you might find my prior thoughts interesting.

    Thanks for taking the time to let me know. Sometimes, I wonder.

  38. I just watched Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson’s Soul Men movie and it was horrible ( as expected), but I watched to see if some of the goodies I learned while reading (and verifying with outside sources) your site. This movie, Soul Men, is so homoerotic and strange (I can only figure clues like the RIM JOB offered in the first 10 minutes of the movie, the “Lady in the Red Dress” and a few other gang signs). I am disturbed that I have been so dumb for so long. I guess when you DON’T have an agenda to manipulate and control, if you don’t watch out, you will be manipulated and controlled. I am still trying to excuse myself from not acknowledging “Bikini Bottom” in the Sponge Bob Squarepants cartoon I allowed my only daughter to feast on in ignorance and negligence. I am such a fawking genius!

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