My Dinner with Stygian Port [4]

As some may have noticed, I took some time off after my last post, to where I wasn’t even monitoring/approving the comments for a while. Actually, I even disconnected from all forms of media. The realization that we, mankind are looking for “the truth,” while most of us still haven’t figured out how to wipe our own ass properly was a bit, um, depressing, to say the least. Heck, this “genius,” had I not had the luxury of traveling extensively, may have still not figured it out.

In all honesty, the direction my last few posts took was the correct one. There is more “truth” in the daily “truth movement” expunged from my bowels than there is in all of the alternative and mainstream media. But, as I keep repeating, most in search of “the truth” will never come to this realization, and never look within, instead perpetually focusing on the latest round of herOes and Villains.

But, now have a major [and now somewhat contradictory] announcement to make, you’re about to start getting a lot more of, and not less of The Celtic Rebel. Starting this coming Sunday, February 14th, a day most fools refer to as Valentine’s Day, I will be doing a live weekly show on Oracle Broadcasting. I gather, for those who’ve been following my blog, I need not announce what the topic will be? {#1}

In the meantime, I [finally] edited together a marathon podcast Stygian Port and I did back in November. I think it’s a damn good one, if not the best yet:

As usual, Stygian Port will be posting “in stereo” on his site (false rumors had it that he’d have more to add). You can download the file, and later listen to it on your “portable entertainment center” [assuming you live on Respectable Street].


If you’ve heard the podcast, then I need not explain the significance of the above pictures of Noah Cyrus and her programmed lesbian playmate Emily Grace Reeves Mellencamp Itchibumganwe. The word “twist” means exactly what you think it means and if you would care to do “the twist” with the above pair, contact Disney Corporation, and be prepared to shell out some serious money. If you’re gonna request the song “Twist and Shout,” it’s gonna cost extra [services implicitly suggested in above photos are included].

In the meantime, a story has been making the rounds of both the alternative and mainstream media about a [possibly] nonexistent lingerie line from Noah. I feel such a story, was planted to distract, discredit and test the waters.

Here’s a hint: it was put out via mainstream channels and in lieu of promotional pictures of said [and alleged] lingerie line, it features the same (yet unrelated) salacious pictures of the merchandise (Emily/Noah) that those in the alternative stream (such as myself) had long since posted. And, as my sister said, “Noah wearing lingerie would be a step-up from what we’ve seen her paraded about in.”


Need I remind you, as whoever put Zardoz together did, that “the mother fucker that’s pointing a gun at you” is your enemy? I’ve started watching the original Prisoner series and have to add the [discussed] Jack-in-the- Box theme music plays frequently. Probably something to the “jack” in the dumbed-down Tarot of royalty, vaginas, butt-sex, prison bars and phalli/tools of oppression the mAsses are familiar with too [the sweets/suites mentioned on a few occasions before].

Also worth a mention is how Sean Connery, in the above scene, looks right out of his role as the immortal in Highlander. You may also recall, that in a prior podcast, we joked how Connery represents the physical manifestation of our future self in the mirror, men and women alike [and, per one “lalan,” the 30 year old version of this new crop of overstimulated hypersexual manically-materialistic 12 year olds].


As suggested [and supported] in said podcast her statement may not be such a reach, there is an undeniable physical toll those adjectives all take [accelerated aging]. Logan’s Run, another film from that era (1976), may no longer be so “futuristic.” Thus, kind of strange that in the presented [fictional] chart of evolution … Sean is also used to suggest our past too. Beyond coincidence no?

The lexicon tells us that REVOLUTION is equal to EVOLUTION plus R. Expanding on that, the R is the “beast” resonant Connery in this case. R [18] as I’ve pointed out before, breaks down into 666, and also the circle [i.e., three sixes aka 36(0) degrees], hence the “hole,” and that Evolution, much like Revolution, is surely cyclical. Hence, it’s a good thing [as said in this podcast] that Sean can still get an erection [and complete the circle] … cause we’re surely due to get fucked … hard.


This joke is not so funny anymore. In “the new light” [¿or shade?] of revelation, seeing the vortexy image above, have to wonder what the blood represents? Did that bastard just butt-rape us before we managed to shoot/shit him?

PS: While speaking of WoodCock, I forgot to bring up Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead (1995). In the movie, people are condemned to get executed by being “shot up the ass,” which the film stresses is not only very painful, but also takes a long time to die. Which, even a basic understanding of physics and biology suggests is BULLSHIT. The film was an “insider” joke for some hOlyWOOD butt-sex ritual.

Reminds me of another old joke, who’s punchline is “Rectum? I nearly killed him!” Perhaps we can take some slight comfort knowing that our rapist was not excluded from the process known as “star-making.” Those in doubt, are obviously not in possession of the subsequent special autographed image from the manly one.


Yes, I was wrong about the actress. It’s not Faye Dunaway, it’s Charlotte Rampling. I may have also lied about my inclinations. On second thought, I’d probably do her. Well, would have done her (keep in mind she’s 40 years older now).

Even though Sean Connery’s not getting turned on by two mud covered bottoms, it’d be safe to surmise that’s because asses covered in brown substance were not promoted to him as desirable. He may have responded differently in this day and age, having grown up indoctrinated by heart-warming films like She’s All That:


What a lovely “boy meets girl” moment! And I know there are a whole bunch of mental invalids out there who are still convinced programmed to believe this societal fascination is instead, peculiar to myself. I really could care less what such people might think. Their need to deny the obvious is deeply ingrained.

Heck, even my “anally fixated” mind missed the not-so-subtle intro of the main character getting out of her dad’s oddly named truck [below left]. Yep, it’s just me. Move along folks, nothing to see here. Please disregard those x-boxes Zackie!


Now, where the rubber meets the road, or I guess, in this case, where the shit hits the fan, is when you start connecting all the dots and see that behind the methodically precise manner of control, the truth is put before us. This ad pretty much is as honest a one as you will find (thanks to Daniel Peter Skipp for sending):


If the numerology is lost on you, then you need to go back and read this. The Faye Dunaway movie I mentioined is worth a look (it came up long ago too). Below, is the [discussed] intro scene which pretty much tells you right up front [for those with eyes to see] that she’s got multiple [controlled] personalities.

Neglected mention in the podcast, is how most who watch this movie, will never realize that “the killer” is actually her, one of the “I’s” of Laura Mars (in another life, I didn’t). So, even back in the 70’s, substories were taking place in cinema.


For what it’s worth Happiness can basically be broken down into two words: “Ha!” and “Penis.” Mathematically speaking, that would be 81 (9/11, sans repetition) + 63 [hence, either 666 or 1 depending on how you look at it]. Adding them together gives you 144, which is the number used via both Mayan and Christian doctrines to suggest how many thousands of mankind will survive the chaos [or evolve beyond it]. What that means, I have no fucking idea.

And yes, the Beatles sang of “Revolution” as well did they not? “Give fools their symbols and the rest takes care of itself.” You can quote me on that! 👿 No need for busy hands to manipulate the gears of the system. The gullible are the proverbial “Army of Darkness.”


Which reminds me, I neglected to mention there was this weird thing going on in the season finale of Larry David [one after the pedophilic exploration), where he kept asking people why they don’t “love the wood.” That reconnects us to the above and perhaps the whole idea of the “pink spray” (during dinner said girl was wearing pink), the gun used to inseminate JFK’s brain [a Man-Licker Carca(ss)No], and how this podcast was recorded on the anniversary [11/22] of the day the king was killed (note the painting Laney is introduced with in the “Dr. Poo” scene).


Speaking of that fuckhead, his show is a virtual panopticon of derelicts and shit-suckers. The oft-mentioned Ben Stiller was a regular, and so was Jew Sweetheart Mary Steenburgen, the star of pedophilic promotion comedy Back to the Future III.

Yes, I’ve got a penchant for using strong words. But as one reader, Sean, recently reMinded me [via below vid], I’m not far off target. The pedophiles [a word which literally translates into “effeminate friends of children”] swim in small circles:

It also occurred to me that on the LMFD/Seinfeld finale, the “black guy” who “wronged” Michael Richards (Kramer) was guilty of pretending to be Jewish. While looking up info on the [mentioned] book about the injustices of racism that blacks and jews had to endure, I came across this hilarious quote: “As a Jew, I naturally have no tolerance in my heart for racial prejudice.” I have a hard time believing that this person actually managed to keep a straight face while saying it. {*2}

Which reminds me, I forgot to mention how many dumb cunts gave money to wikipedia during their last marathon (millions). I was about to link their page on Bronxville, and am laughing myself now, as it has been completely overhauled and changed [as facetiously suggested in the podcast]. “Someone” is indeed listening.


Perhaps the lads from Norway would have called the #2 hole the #1 hole had they seen the above pic of Katy Perry (thanks to annemarie for sending). What the fuck is up with that? Like I’ve been saying, there is a very copious amount of weird energy being directed towards that orifice. Perhaps, people will need anus lips to eat the new chocolate anus candies (credits to yet another alex)?

Not accidental: the words “KaKa Club” appearing to Katy’s left, or the last image [above right], where Kary reminds prospective clients whom are not yet anally fixated that her other [w]holes are all wide open too [and available]. I can’t claim an ability to predict the future [well, at least beyond a few moves on the intergalactic chessboard], but whether you like it or not, the butthole seems to yield all sorts of answers as to what’s coming. It’s not jsut a “random” roll of the dice.


I know some, if not many, are turned off by my language (herein and in podcast), and I will no longer be apologetic for it. The words I have selected are the most appropriate for dealing with the subject matter. Frankly, the more I look at the state of the human race right now, the more disgusted I become.

I have this weird feeling that far too many of those who complain about the anal references would sooner lick the crusty feces remnants leftover on an anus rather than spend mental energy focusing on the thoughts raised by mentally exploring the region. Oh, in case you elected not to read my last post, you’ll find such remnants on pretty much every American, and any other country on this planet which has been modernized/westernized/americanized to forget how to clean themselves.


I had actually written about circumcision before and I think we did a real good job covering the topic in the podcast. The only thing I neglected to mention was yet another argument where religious justification falls apart, about “God making man in his own image.” Don’t recall an “except for” in the passage.

It really is amazing how people can have really strong opinions about something they know jack-shit about, based solely on societal mores, which, in this day and age, are really nothing more than software instructions driven into the [artificially intelligent] human brain by the media. Specifically what the included convo above is doing, while also crafted to resonate both a Double-V (66) and [mental] handcuffs.

The scene is from Jennifer’s Body, by far the best movie of 2009. If you haven’t seen it, do (and then read all about it). After the girls finish programming the receptive idiot mind (the audience), Megan methodically fellates her cigarette. Here’s one article about the webbed/trapped/micro-penis syndrome for those whose ego is not so attached to their programming they can’t look past themselves.


Speaking of such people (i.e., I’ve settled on the term “sea monkeys”) … if you run into anyone who says “as you get older, time moves faster,” pelase feel free to kick them in the balls. Slapping them is fruitless as there’s obviously not a single fucking [useful] brain cell left above their waist.

Moving on to other parts of the anatomy, here’s that scene from Teeth (2007), the discussed movie featuring a, stop the presses, “girl who has a vagina.” 😉

Teeth Video Pulled

Re-telling an old joke in the new light: A girl goes to her first proctologist exam and bends over. From his end, the proctologist says: “Damn you’ve got a large anus. Damn you’ve got a large anus.” She says, “You think I don’t know that already? For Christ’s sake, you didn’t have to say it twice!” And he says, “I didn’t. I didn’t.”

You think I’m kidding? I recently saw a “prime time” promo for the new “guy” show on Spike TV, Blue Mountain State where some Hispanic girl turns to a jock and says, “You know why they call me Dirty Sanchez?” For those whose mind is semi-pristine: defined. Sorry to have contributed to the pollution of your mind, but even my own was apparently too pure to contemplate that the “pink sock” may become blasé long before dog sex becomes the norm. I give you the option of not seeing the following.


As for the “severed penis” trend, you can read about that in my write-up of that twisted cock-sucker Quentin Tarantino. It also features a cameo by androgyny [i.e., end of the species] poster-child Ellen Page, who may be making a reappearance come Vagina Day, the next “Holey” Day you’ll be hearing from me on.


The English language, once crafted specifically for the purpose of putting us in our present state of discombobulation, doesn’t lie [per Dennis Fetcho at Illuminatus observer, the tongue was crafted by Benedictine Monks]. Her “O” is just what I said and you [most likely] now think it is. Odd then, the O in the show promo above is a black hole, no? {*3}

I tried watching The 4th Kind, but couldn’t make it through more than a few minutes (boredom and annoyance). Yet, long enough to grab this [otherwise unexplainable] supporting shot from it [below left]. The advert for discussed liquor pretty much wraps it up; showing us the couple joining up inside her “O,” along with a little Oz/Hell resonance, and how the V and the O are intimately connected.


Back to willing ignorance for a second, you’d be surprised how many people at my local bar just could not see [or, didn’t want to] what’s actually being said by the below [left] Corona poster. My frustration led to my tearing it down off the wall and scanning it. You’re welcome! The following image, is the discussed closing scene from The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009) which strongly suggests the grid/cage surrounding us, reSyncing us to both the South Park image and that of [¿hero in the making?] Jesse Ventura [in many ways].

Oddly, just before the shot, Denzel had to wait for the “O” train to pass. The movie is full of numerology and symbolism, and though I could expand endlessly on it, you really don’t need us to decipher all these movies for you. If anyone opts to explore it, look for the overt, consistent, yet somewhat codified homosexual storyline.


And yes, not stressed enough, the “goobacks” episode of South Park (previously covered) featuring the “back taco” stargate exit, was also the one where the men were piled on top of each other twisting away the future of mankind.

Upon review I noted instead of saying linking the black taco, I said “licking the black taco” … epic Freudean slip there. 🙂 And then later, Jeremy mistakenly says “We are change,” in lieu of “Yes we can” … which forces one to wonder too.


Come to think of it, and I know most reading this would rather not hear it, but most cattle in the West aren’t given a colonic before they are slaughtered, so the stuffing inside Taco Bell’s “black taco,” as well as most meat-based foods that make it on the average plate, do contain a generous helping of feces.

Alas, we get back to “ground round” and the area which led to my overuse of the word “spooky” in the podcast. Above, are a set of pics of Wanted’s Lucy-resonant Angel. That’s her ass (per movie) and her posing in a place where it might make a deposit. The last, is one of those pics which just makes you go “what?”


The related movie [about human’s being “ground up”] is Prime Cut (1972) (oddly, also from same time frame of focus). Aferissmoon wrote up some observations in his blog. I contemplated delving into it myself, but the name Mary Ann in relation to that city makes me take a massive step back. The synchronistic knife is cutting far too close to the bone. {*4} So sorry Lucy.

As for the rest of “us:” Chicago. The slaughterhouse. Grinding. Meat. Feces. Lucifer. 666. Wanted. The Lord of the Flies. Prince. Darling Nikki. The Castle. Flesh. Death. Sausages. Carnage. Old Nick. What more needs be said? Really.


The above pic, for the unfamiliar, is actually from The Dark Knight. Keep in mind in the film Prime Cut, the cattle were treated very similarly to the way humans are treated, even getting vaccinated. So, form your own opinions.

I apologize for the Brazilian song included by one Kelly Key, the Brazilian Britney Spears, in relation to messages from Lucy. There were undoubtedly, far better songs I could have chosen. But, Lucy sent her minion Brittney to me one night, so I figured it was appropriate. “Do meu jeito,” by the way, translates to “of my way,” but it would seem she’s promoting her hole if anything below. Yes, I know, 11:11.


There’s much more in this shitpile, and it would seem that in the Joker’s recent Imaginarium de Parnasus, the devil’s name was the most obvious choice … Nick. Back to the realm of the “spooky,” editing the Darling Nikki song, the ending even forms a weird devilish horns and a tail whisp at the end, something else I’d yet to see since I’ve been working with audio-editing software (a long time).

There was a segment of some length called We Get Hate Mail, were I took the time to address some of the otherwise unprintable comments I regularly receive (you’d be surprised, or not, at the volume of “hate mail” I receive). But, upon review, the segment, while funny, just came off as kind of mean. I realize now that nothing good can come out of me beating the crap out of mental invalids.

As I said in the podcast, I’m done with violence, and that includes the metaphoric battle of wits with unarmed people. Hence, a few dumb cunts have been granted a pass to revel in their ignorance, namely [your 15 secs here] [#1 Rush Fan Tom “Mix-a-Lot” Sawyer from Maryland and Breeder of Whores Happy NonSmoker from the Fiery Abyss. However, I will entreat you readers to one [unedited] gem of late:

Donna Finnegn of Palm Springs California writes: “leave people alone mother fucker and animals of gods planet leave pople alone that do not belive in your attempt to get a blow job form satan just look hard out your window after doing your natural thing of drugs and porn die die die aids aids and dont blame americans nor animals of mamas farting you the wet fuck out!!”

You see my point? I will close instead, on a lighter note, with the below “chance” images which turned up while I was digging around the net for images to use on the last post about Seventeen magazine. Have some fun with interpreting the covers (they are chock-full of intentional double-entrendes and coded truths).


Yes, the phrases “JB opens up,” and “love behind the scenes” imply exactly what you’d suspect after having listened to this. Honestly, I have to wonder if there’s actually a single sane person on this planet who would still think [i.e., regurgitate their I/O programming] that the magazine was called “Twist” due to happenstance?

Far more disturbing than the subsurface, to me, is how many kids that the surface stories (the ones many are conditioned to think is “harmless”) are aimed at, actually care/obsess about such things. Because, if they do, it means it’s too late for them, cause they are already “dead.”


:: :: :: :: ::


*1: Furthermore, this Friday night from 10 PM to 1 AM [Eastern], I will be a guest on Lee Rogers show on Oracle for the full duration [now available]. Lee’s the persistent bastard that dragged me back in, just when I thought I was out. Hence, my own show which will be on EVERY Sunday from 11 PM until 2:00 AM [Eastern]. That will be continuing until either I get tired of doing it, or they get rid of me. [LB]

*2: Judaism is a religion whose congregation is determined by what womb they come out of, and Israel, is the one country on this planet, where skin color, more than any other factor, determines one’s social standing. I’m not saying Jews are evil or malicious, but to say they are “not” racist is asinine. Now, were I Jewish, I’d be pissed off at how, anyone with their eyes partially open is exposed to two infuriating stereotypes.

On one hand, Hollywood consists of the most lecherous and morally bankrupt people you’ll find on this planet, hence the Jews we see daily are the worst of the bunch. On the other, you have the religiously brainwashed nutjobs who they brought to Israel to carry out the methodical program of ethnic cleansing against the Semites of the region. The silent majority, like most of us, are just dupes and morons [useful unwitting servants/victims]. [LB]

*3: Lee sent me the Danica Patrick Super Bowl Ad. To sum it up, when the girl tells Danica that she’s “tight,” she is behind her. My slant? Check out the frame, the black hole behind her with stars in it [implied stargate], the penis candle layout, suggested roasting/grilling of flesh. So, which “hole” do you think they’re talking about? [LB]

*4: As mentioned before, it’s very very strange how so many synchs to this “spooky” topic/theme via Chi[t]cagO reconnect to me. Earth to Moonbase: are you amused? [LB]

~ by celticrebel on February 8, 2010.

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  1. I agree with Dr. Maurice Cotterell, “we’re all The Beast”. His simple explanation is humans are carbon-based creators; Carbon is number 6 on the Element chart; each element is composed of electrons (6), neutrons (6), and protons (6); Man = 6-6-6. There you go!
    Having said that, I can’t help but recall my 9th grade high school science chart [that starts with a fish crawling out of the ocean showing evolutionarily progression from fish through apes to man] when reading Revelation 13:2 – “And I saw a beast coming out of the sea.”

    Great podcast Rebel.

  2. Welcome back!! its coincidental that I thought about you today because of the bombardment of Valentines day with the HEARTS (and you taught me what that REALLY means lol) and was reading another blog and this poster posted up lingerie and the breasts and vagina areas were covered in….HEARTS

    *sigh* I dont celebrate these pagan holidays but its hilarious what women go through just for ONE night!

    I also came to the conclusion that some men use this day to ‘redeem’ himself to the woman if he’s been cheating, ect… so she’ll ‘forget’ and he’s in the house!! yeah!

    its just like Halloween again where the women go around dressing slut like because of this; but a REAL slut does it 24/7 lol don’t need to wait on a holiday to do it and to get some stupid fucking flowers, candy and dinner [consumerism at its best; conditioned to spend lots of money but hey SOMEBODY is making money off these idiots and I wish it was me LOL!)

    IMO if a man really loves you he wouldn’t have to wait until a HOLIDAY to show his love or for him to dine and fuck you. Ohh and the girl who blog I was talking about said if she has a good “V-Day”, she will give her dude the best BLOWJOB ever…

    *sigh* makes me shamed to be a woman LOL (halfway kidding!)

    again, welcome back ! I’m up catching up on Stygian’s blog 😀


  3. I cant wait to hear your new show, 🙂 Im looking forward to hearing it. Im wondering will you have an archive page? (because of the time difference for people outside of the US)
    Thanks 😉

  4. Kudos for the Rebel Path banner.


  5. yo1dude1man, that had come up before, was unaware Maurice was the source or also saying it. Nice tie-in to the passage there. Thanks!

    thehoustongirl, it’s gonna be a vagina-tastic day? And I agree, and will be saying, why even celebrate your love (or flowery name you give for your contract to fuck one another) on the same day as everyone else? Cause “you” [not personally] are special and unique … just like everybody else. 👿

    Anna, yes, there will be an archive of me available shortly after the first show, and from then on. And thanks for all the randoms little bits here and there.

    Corbeau, thanks. Me likes it too. Disney, not so much. 😆

  6. Great show!
    Just want to ask you did you see some movies of Todd Solondz and what did you think of them. They are very disturbing yet entertaining.

  7. Hello Alex, I have not seen you in the chats recently, I hope you are not Butt Hurt lol.

    Some nice ideas about zardoz and the Larry David stuff etc.

    Looking forward to the show on the 14th, Do Oracle know what they are in for??? have they checked out your themes lol

    All the best


  8. Great podcast, you weren’t kidding about it being a marathon. I’ve got a couple of random related things to point out to you. I’m a young man, I was born in 1990, so I have the misfortune of claiming these new breed of asexual zombie sodomites as my “peers”. I have a short story to tell of the last time I saw 2 of my friends from school. This was not too long after your last post was put up, so most of the points were still fresh in my mind. Through a horrid case of synchronicity, I realized, you are right on the money with the anal sex theme your blog has taken. One of my friends, the one I have known longer was talking about how good the sex with his new girlfriend was. Then he said something that I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at, “I need to get some condoms, so I can get some anal, so I don’t get shit on my dick of course”. *sighs* Then we met up with another friend who had a very graphic story that I don’t need to go fully into, just know it started with “So there I was fingering my girls asshole…”.

    That’s all the clarification I need right there. I realized, this is a common occurrence in the youth today, my chums were merely going with the flow, up shits creek. I have concluded, the homosexual agenda isn’t about population control, it’s about getting as many people to have anal sex as possible. They got there through the women of course. The female youth are get more adventurous, or rather “exploratory” with their sexual proclivities. One more quick quote from the 1st friend mentioned “I knew a girl who anally masturbated, it was awesome!”. *sighs*

    While we’re on the subject, I recall on last seasons finale of the Larry David jews-only show, he was at a gastrointestinal specialist because he had an “itch” inside his anus. After reading your blog one has to wonder, was that implying a spirit was trying to escape the bowels of its hell known as Larry David?

    Also I recall a non anal fixated friend telling me about one of the worst shows he ever saw, Crash: The Series. I don’t know what episode it was but a sex scene between a cop and a woman was happening in the back seat of his car and she wanted him to do guess what? Anal. When he inquired about lube, her retort was “Spit on it”. How romantic.

  9. Someone share this video with me through the synchro forum, but I thought everyone would/should see it:

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

  10. Moebius, I had to look him up. Found some pictures of him and Ellen Barkin and eerily, she’s got way more male genes in her than he does. Kind of funny you mention him, as the only film of his I’ve seen Hapiness, closes with a little boy masturbating, shooting his um, seed and then smiling. Ha, penis!

    Djaybeetoo, nice to hear from you. No, the reasons for the step back were as stated, and I get enough “shit” from people daily, where I don’t take it personally.

    I think Oracle (I’m guessing) appreciates there’s more and more people clamoring for this type of information.

    immortallywounded, I’m glad you cam in and shared those stories. I think people (especially women over 30) are in disbelief [or denial] that “anus obsession” is meteorically becoming manic among the young.

    Nice connection to the prior Larry MFD episode. Perhaps? 👿 Perhaps. Oh, and probably would referred to that Crash episode had I seen it.

    ViolatoR, thanks for sharing that here. It’s a beyond “interesting” find.

  11. Enjoyed the podcast greatly, especially the part on Larry Motherfucking David & the backmasking!

    Also, you didn’t scare away all the Christians, for I am still here! Although in the beginning I was completely lost when I stumbled upon your website not having a clue what you were talking about, I get most of it now, but get lost at times.

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to your Sunday shows as well!

  12. excellent write up rebel, was looking forward to your next string of synchs…im glad you took at look at the imaginarium, however i was hoping you’d notice something more in that movie than just Nick he himself has a top hat and one glove synching to metropolis… there is a ton of symbolisms with Parnassus red headed daughter, the effeminate boy even a oral phalic scene, the role of ledger in particular as what seems to be the fool…oh the movie has tons of gems in it even a broken mirror scene…it really deserves a closer look…hard to understand but illuminating in the over all picture…btw look forward to your show on sunday 🙂

    correction i mean ledger as hanged man

  13. Oh my god, I’m going to have to break a cardinal rule for myself and actually use the acronym “LOL” after seeing those TWIST magazine covers! I LOL’d until I was roflmfao!

  14. Oh my goodness, Immortally wounded! I had no idea that it was like that! I am a girl, born in 1989, and I was completely clueless how prevalent anal sex is now. Ewwwww…..

    By the way Celt, I am forever damaged because I learned what “Dirty Sanchez” meant! I swear this world is so fucking bacwards! Literally!

  15. Ed, thanks for (a) letting me know, and (b) helping me win my bet with SP. 😆 Yea, I could see what you mention, most have a hard time separating “the message” from all the shit Rome piled on top of it.

    javier, thanks. I could, of course, go on and on about Imaginarium or the things I might do to Lily Cole. But, like I said earlier, these write-ups could go on and on endlessly.

    ViolatoR, hehe thought you’d like. So, whom do you think “keeps Nick up at night?” Steven Spielberg?

    Emily, actually, up until I linked it, I thought a “Dirty Sanchez” was something slightly less disgusting than the average contributor to the Urban DICKtionary. 😯 You might get a giggle out of this old article.

  16. braVO rebEL 🙂 great avatar/titanic length production… enough time to indoctrinate anyone in one sitting 😉 just some points of interest:

    * 007/zardoz – both brandishing their “six shooters” towards the viewer
    * humans being the beast – humans are carbon-based (hence annihilating the carbon footprint, or batman’s “slaughter is the best medicine”) – carbon element 6 with 6neutrons/protons/electrons (666). also just noticed “shift+6” is an inverted “V” (^^^) which is used for what exactly?
    * twister – colors are red, blue, yellow, & green – colors seen for many major corporate logos (microsoft, google, olympic rings, etc.).
    * jack in the box – you twist/crank the handle/shaft to pop out the “jack” which is also defined as a devil (according to the utmost truth of wikipedia)
    * and more twisting, in “ferris bueller’s day off” from 1986, ferris sings the beattles “twist & shout” in, BUTT of course, downtown chi(t)cago, and also impersonates the “sausage king of chicago” to get VIP access to a restaurant. after more investigation, i realized the ferrari’s mileage before and after it being driven are respectively 126 & 301.7, or 9 & 11 (such FKRS)
    * quiznos – a follow-up to the gay torpedo drill, a sexually-hyped commercial with two whores and a sub… possibly relating to that “two girls one cup” video with feces-monching femmebots
    * effeminate boys/men – the greatest example i’ve seen of this is michael cera (who always gets the girl, not to mention all those douches on “twist” magazine)
    * katy perry’s back door – almost looks like her shoes have anal beads strung on their sides
    * speaking of the word nigger, recently the white-as-snow john mayer apologized for saying his penis discriminated and didn’t attract to black women. of course, the media made a frenzy of this shit and i’m waiting for rev. sharpton to step up
    * larry motherfucking david – yes, exactly

    anyways, off to see the wizard with the new star’s show “spartacus” which is absolute gayness predictive programming… girls on girls, guys on guys, eunuchs, endless sword fighting, etc. with a language very today (saying cunt, cock, fuck, etc.). just a perfect mix for even more retardation.

  17. When I first started readng your blog it was more than a little difficult to understand. However, I’ve started to really get the hang of it. No doubt, I am freaked out by this stuff and other ‘truths’ I’m discovering on similar topics at other blogs. I feel kind of violated…let me explain…have you seen that obscure JOhn Carpenter sci-fi movie ‘They Lived’? Well, now, whenever I go out to the store for some milk and a newspaper, or go to the supermarket or mall, or visit the cinema, or turn on the radio…everything looks and sounds different now…I am actually looking at a ‘new reality’…I can see the subliminals…I start laughing at the teen magazines at the stall, I’m offended by innocent movie conversations.., life will never be the same…I know I’m sounding ironic but it’s a serious condition…I’m laughing as I’m typing this…but I’m being serious at the same time. Your ‘revelations’ are insane but they appear true to me. I just wish you would stop using the ‘C’ word so much…ah…perhaps its my conditioning!!

  18. As for androgeny and Satanism how about the eyecatching poof “Bill Kaulitz” from German Satanic Rockers “Tokio Hotel” (previously named Devilish).
    Favourite T-shirt of that most gay hedonist simply reads “SATAN”. As per normal for this type of evil, the Egyptian symbols are in your face.

    Enjoyed the show. Superglad you now have a regular radio spot: bring on the music!

    I’ve read all Maurice’s stuff. Some is good but mainly… sorry but FAIL. His claim of explaining astrology was stastically bogus for a start. Why bother anyway. The Royal Art works rockingly. Just use it to know thyself/others/the world/past/future.

    666 as Carbon-based MAN has merit but here’s a better definition of this pernicious number: it is the Mad Masonic’s Standard Modus Operandi attempt to confine The Infinite, as the fundamental ratio of 2:3, into The Utopian Cube (6 faces). 666 is an Occult approximation (i.e. absolute LIE) for 0.666666…, the reality of Electromagnetic Power, the natural force not inherently anymore evil than anything else, that they have cleverly demonised so to secrete the power away from us “profane”. It is like the squaring of the circle or the “circle of fifths” rounding error in music, all excitingly clever but Insane Illuminati tricks to imprison us and engineer better Death Tek. Where are the Jedi when you need them?

    BTW Jeremy said that the Sephardim are the most AshkeNazi-repressed Jews but actually it is the Ethiopians and other Black Jews. I don’t expect a Chinese Jew would be treated as well as Sephardim in Israel either. Just being pedantic.

    Celtic, I see you still have a link to Michael Tsarion as a resource. “sigh”. Just because he woke you up alot doesn’t make him other than an evil gatekeeper and cult guru. He’s Luciferian bloodline, Ro(man)sicrucian, Jesuit-protecting and full of shit. He makes us look bad with unproven and disproven nonsense. His bosom buddies like Hurtak are CIA MK Nazis. Pleeeeeeasse sort it out! Just seeing his name turns my stomach and boils my liver! Okaaaay… I better shut up now!

    As for pedos or paedophiles, yes, it is THEIR WORD. They want you to call them pedophiles, not the traditional and accurate terms “pederasts” (child fuckers) and “molestors” (in fact the word originally meant exclusively a child sex abuser, even sacrificer, for MOLECH, the Lord Bull). Let’s abandon and decry every use of their self-label.

    The Kelly Key wench is not just whoring her holes… squint and that pink skirt becomes a giant (subliminal) penis! No? I think so. More confusion.

  19. raffi, good catch on the “little hat” [iniverted v] which I guess is called a circumflex. Oddly enough, I’ve seen it placed over the “O” on a few occasions. Beyond butt-sex, Quiznos now pushing fecalfelia? Lovely! Yea, and Cera was also the one who told us how “horrible it was to be straight.” Just one correction to your post … you forgot to put quotes around “sword fighting.” 😆

    Lastly, Ferris Fucking Bueller! OMG! 👿 What a “dead ringer” to connect to all the syncs here. Thank you!

    Marty, well, technically, you were violated. “Mental buggery” is what the media does. Unlike most, you’ve made the critical step to admit you were victimized and can now go about overcoming. I too, at one time (not too long ago), was “O-fended” by the “C” word … it IS conditioning. Thanks for sharing.

    Skipper, tempted to share that vid with my Christian friends whose daughters loves the tokio girl, but frankly … what’s the point? Please refrain from being “pedantic” here at CR. 😉 Agh, you may be right on the kelY Ylek image. Good observation.

    As for Tsarion, while my research on the roots/origins is differing from his, and a few of the others he promotes are shitheads, I haven’t seen anything coming from him to suggest maliciousness.

  20. The NET Bible also identifies the Beast with mankind:

    Let the one who has insight calculate the beast’s number, for it is man’s number, 54 and his number is 666.


    54 tn Grk “it is man’s number.” ExSyn 254 states “if ἀνθρώπου is generic, then the sense is, ‘It is [the] number of humankind.’ It is significant that this construction fits Apollonius’ Canon (i.e., both the head noun and the genitive are anarthrous), suggesting that if one of these nouns is definite, then the other is, too. Grammatically, those who contend that the sense is ‘it is [the] number of a man’ have the burden of proof on them (for they treat the head noun, ἀριθμός, as definite and the genitive, ἀνθρώπου, as indefinite – the rarest of all possibilities). In light of Johannine usage, we might also add Rev 16:18, where the Seer clearly uses the anarthrous ἄνθρωπος in a generic sense, meaning ‘humankind.’ The implications of this grammatical possibility, exegetically speaking, are simply that the number ‘666’ is the number that represents humankind.

    The problem is that people are too fucking stupid to read what the Church Fathers actually wrote about their own fucking religion. If they had actually done so, this passage from Clement of Alexandria would have solved the mystery of 666 (616?) once and for all:

    For the creation of the world was concluded in six days. For the motion of the sun from solstice to solstice is completed in six months—in the course of which, at one time the leaves fall, and at another plants bud and seeds come to maturity. And they say that the embryo is perfected exactly in the sixth month, that is, in one hundred and eighty days in addition to the two and a half . . . . Hence the Pythagoreans, as I think, reckon six the perfect number, from the creation of the world, according to the prophet, and call it Meseuthys and Marriage, from its being the middle of the even numbers, that is, of ten and two. For it is manifestly at an equal distance from both.

    And as marriage generates from male and female, so six is generated from the odd number three, which is called the masculine number, and the even number two, which is considered the feminine. For twice three are six.

    So clearly six is sex, as the number of generation and regeneration. Simple as that.

    The Jack-in-the-Box is Iacchus-in-the-Box, according to Gerald Massey. Iacchus being one of the mystical names for Dionysus. The cube is the form of the element Earth, according to Plato, while the World Soul revealed itself in the form of an X. As in an X-Box. Why, then, are we told that Plato was such a profound genius when the amount of people who have actually read his Timaeus is infinitesimal?

    On the subject of backwards-masking, check out this post on my blog about everything in this world being both upside-down and backwards. “Unless ye make the things of the right hand as those of the left, and those of the left as those of the right, . . . ye shall not have knowedge of the kingdom,” sayeth the Lord.

  21. I just started reading From Eternity to Here: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time by Sean Carroll and came up with a possible solution to your speeding time problem: a quartz crystal oscillates over 2 billion times a day at regular intervals. If time were speeding up, the oscillations might increase. If they did, you would be able to calculate the new amount mathematically from a small sample. The human body experiences time because it has periodic systems, chemical, electrical, and biological, that help it to keep track of time. As we age, our metabolism slows down, causing us to experience time as moving quicker. Think of a hibernating bear, since it’s metabolism is so slow, it experiences winter quicker than a mockingbird, who has a high metabolism. At least, that’s what I think is happening. Time isn’t speeding up, you’re just slowing down… with age, sorry to say…

    Also, the backmasking Hello How Are you bit was exponentially freaky. I’ve found myself in grocery stores in eastbumfuckville where I work and the quietly playing musak always sounds like it could be hiding some backmasking gems. It’s usually R&B and the way it’s being sung sounds backwards already… maybe there is something to singers being taught to sing backwards lyrics forwardly…

    All of this backmasking reminds me of the end of Twin Peaks, with Cooper in the black lodge. It’s all on YouTube if you want to see it again or haven’t seen it:

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

  22. After work I could think of nothing except getting home, but I needed to stop off at Target first. I took note of all the V’s on the tail-end of cars. V6, V8, LV, CRV, RAV4, Versa and Vulva…excuse me…Volvo. I parked and entered the box store. Passing under the giant red ANUS/SUN symbol, I mouthed an apology to the creator, “But I need kitty litter and laundry detergent!”

    Passing the aisles, I spied a can of Alberto VO5. Missed one, Rebel. I then caught a glimpse of Larry David on a DVD cover in the same submission pose as Jesse Ventura. “Whatever Works.” Yeah, whatever Larry, you fucking cunt.

    With merchandise in hand, I headed to the registers but was magnetically pulled toward a T-shirt rack. My subconscious had seen it: The coolest old skool Star Wars T-shirt if there ever was one. Needing to touch it, I still resisted mentally. “You have betrayed me for the last time, Admiral Lucas.” Actually, Han Solo and Paddleme I’madolla did the last betrayal by signing the petition to release Polanski so he can continue to rape 13 year olds. I still couldn’t let go and needed something to fight the powerful nostalgia.
    “Where is it, Lucas?” People stared. “Where is the evil on your officially licensed Lucasfilm LTD merchandise?!” In response, the manufacturer’s tag popped out: “Made in Haiti”

    Arriving home, I opened the blinds to my window. The Subway billboard with its not-so-subliminal penis was long gone, only to be replaced by the new permanent logo of Union Bank, one block away.
    Sure, it’s a pretty, red, tulip-looking “U” on a
    white background, but all I see is the negative space: a penis inserted into a vagina complete with
    semen shooting out the tip. Happy Penis Day!

    I started dinner and turned on distraction # 1, the radio. “Every little thing she does is magic.”
    The 80’s pussification of men meme programming in that song is probably responsible for more than one failed relationship in my life. Damn you Sting and your 666 album cover! (I still like the song “invisible sun”, however ;)) The Offspring
    had to snap me out of it: “The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care… yeah, right.”
    No sacrifice for you, Semiramis! At least I wasn’t my brief co-worker Tom, whose girlfriend put him 40 grand in debt and called threatening suicide daily.

    I turned off the radio, and turned on the TV….
    I needed white noise, maybe the news. I got the last second of a Jack-in-the-Box ad. Was it the ad with the butt-shot punchline, or the one where people rip their clothes off in front of Jack? The melody begins in my head, “Da da, da da, da da de lee da, …damn you Celtic Rebel!” Jack’s head started looking like a VO combo. Actually, it looked like a sperm inserting into an egg. I rolled my eyes in disgust and then saw something for the first time on top of my TV: I don’t have cable, I have rabbit ears. Specificaly, I have an “O” antenna over a “V” antenna. Rebel’s voice popped into my mind: Missed one, invisible sun.

    I had a couple more minutes before the spaghetti was done, so I sat outside on my front stairs, drinking a beer and petting my cat. Just enough time to watch the glowing highlights fade on the chemtrails with the darkening twilight.

    invisible sun

  23. Eleleth, you could have just stopped at “the problem is that paople are too fucking stupid.” 😉 Six is also the perfect number to “make sweet love” to, as it has a little handle you can hold on to while you do it. 😆

    I had brought up Timaeus once before, but now see it was written “circa” 360. Hm!!! Good info. Interestingly, when I do get back to the Arc and Burning-Ring [currently drafted], the inversion of the times will be addressed.

    onehundredyearsold, intersting info. But, I think that theory by “Sean Carroll” [oddly, syncing to BOTH sean the beast AND the anus/oz rabbi hole] may, in regards to humans, explain a gradual process, but cannot account for the enormity of what is happening at this juncture of time/space.

    Your vid links are to “private” videos, so if you wish send/recomment and I’ll update them. Been watching “The Prisoner” series and the end of that seems to connect to Twin Peaks too.

    invisible sun, thanks for the lovely rambling yet coherent “slice of life” there. Great comment! Of course, VO5 … couldn’t imagine a better product to clean your mound, hole and back hole with. 😀 Oddly, the bee’s “sting” visited me whilst in the burning ring. Much like Gandolf said of Gollum in LOTR, no need to kill him or toss him aside … [paraphrasing] he may still have some useful or “good” role to play before this game is over.

  24. Your ongoing coverage of this subject is worthy work Mr Rebel. I wonder if the image that wonderworld originally created i.e. that no one in Hollywood shits, was part of this agenda – a sort of a mind fuck moving from complete denial to utterly ‘in your face’ (so to speak).
    I must admit that originally I could not see why you .. ahem ‘probed’ so much, & I still don’t know why this area is such a media goldmine (apart from trauma imapct), but somewhere on the egdes of my mind ideas are stirring & I’m sure I’m not alone. Walk tall Mr Rebel your work is working 🙂

  25. I just heard about a new motion controller made by sony called “The Arc”, no comment on the appearance of it. Arc Motion Controller

    I thought the names of this album and song, along with the art kind of coincides with the theme your blog has took.

    The same artist made a collaboration ep with the group The Mountain Goats. What is this called? Oh, just “Lucifer Rising”.

    So, who or what was that black thing rising from the cellar door? Lucifer? Beelzebub?

    This could just be synchronicity or maybe intentional. John Vanderslice used to be in a band called “MK Ultra” and he made a cd called “Emerald City”. That cd was about the green zone in Iraq and had a lot of songs about 9/11 being a farce, even called it a “ritual” on one song. So I’m not sure what to think of this guy anymore. Notice on this song its length is 4:27, a combo of 42 and 27?

    We know indie movies are a part of the same machine as major ones, so why not indie music as well?

  26. In honor of your 4th, I noticed a 4th.
    Please read and give feedback as you will.

  27. Dude, your momentum with this is formidable, everytime you blow torch the facade off the worlds fake surface, you leave a phenomenal wake. You really are changing the game, everytime you point out things (i’m ashamed I missed) the spell cracks and frays. Reminds me of Weaveworld – Clive Barker, the weave here is stretched taught, and you’re stretching it, where it frays it can no longer hold. Kudo’s Rebel, that Ark you’ve built/building, its getting bigger, the language of men is dividing, you’ve help, I take it there are no parrots on this Ark. Anyhow Dude, massive respect, thanks for breaking the spell.

  28. alex, interesting subject you mention there Woman. Had forgotten the adage. I’ve been meaning to compile the sordid history of “tinsel” town, separating the propoganda from the truth. If they weren’t shitting … it probably had something to do with having a cylindrical fleshy object always blocking up their rectum. 👿 Do appreciate the note and moral support as I walk this road less traveled.

    Immortallywounded, funny that it looks more like a cock than anything else then, huh? Interesting the old boy (JVDS) then proceeds to sing “tearing at your skin” and “let me in” then. Definitely some weird stuff going on around that guy (who i wasn’t familiar with) … it would stand to reason, that just like they did with movies, at some point they’ll give us what they think “indie” music should be like. And sometimes, as is the case with some Robyn Hitchcock syncs that have come up lately … we must not misinterpret the muses with malice.

    eugene, I’m wondering if Adams manage to recite “as far as her necessary intercourse with the rest of mankind would permit, her practice” while keeping a straight face.

    Fitzy, much appreciated. You’d be welcome on the first/last sailing on to greener better shores. If there are, they will be only of the feathered variety.

  29. Time is so obviously speeding up, it’s no wonder the zombies don’t notice, as this past “Groundhog Day” (I keep meaning to look into that one) reminded me. I can still remember when the idea of “six more weeks of Winter” seemed like forever. Now, all I can think is “didn’t Winter just start?” Of course this phenomenon also partially explains why the average 2010 21 year old acts like a 1980’s 12 year old.

  30. Ever considered that the gay agenda is an attempt to redress the balance and oppress male energy as much as the female has been opressed for so long? Seems to me like it is a good way to open up the entire population to the “fuck or be fucked” routine. Everyone is eating on each other when we can all be abused and buggered. Like you said in a previous its the uni-sex all purpose gateway to “love”. Good news about the weekly show, I think it will provide a stable platform for continuation of themes and ideas, and of course more listeners!

  31. rebel…rebel…malice has alice in it and when such sinks do ring they ask you too look further into the rabbit hole…

    PS: btw the post above this is #33… this one being #34 of course…if u need more proof..dont get to zealous in your quests though eventually ull get unwanted attention 😦

  32. Hear! Hear! Good one, Javier. Tsarion is clearly a Jesuit loving Luciferian as well as spewing BS. Flush him away already, Alex!

    PS: BTW Volvo is no doubt also an allusion to or perhaps a male version of the Volva (Vulva), the Norse WitchSeers: Male Norse mystics were persecuted.

    PS: South Park is OZ. The anal connection? Maybe they should be saying whether they want to park the pink porsche in the North or the South Hole?

  33. mat, so glad you mentioned Groundhog Day, as it is something I had almost neglected to bring up in the next arc-building installment. A few “critical” ideas lie therin. Tune in Sunday [the 28th].

    B.L.Donnelly, it does seem to serve the purpose you suggest as well. Without doubt, it has led to some “men” becoming more like devolved women in the Nietzsche’an sense, craving to have the void filled, and thinking the temporary cock will alleviate their spiritual dilemma. So far, the response to the show [from those unfamiliar] has been extremely positive. Perhaps, I’m doing something wrong???? 👿

    Peter and Javier, for one, that pic is highly subjective. Two, what the heck does Michael Tsarion have to do with this post? If I recall he was mentioned one time in the podcast. Lastly, I’m not sure if this is aimed at “square” at me … but I think I addressed the topic long ago.

    Aside: good points on malice alice, the volvo and south park, which would be found Faraway and Down.

  34. It’s important to remember that Plato wasn’t just making shit up, he was setting the esoteric doctrine of the Orphics and Pythagoreans (which are originally Egyptian, according to Herodotus) about how the world actually works into a dialogue format that would, with a certain amount of effort, be understandable to the literate reading audience.

    I like what you said in the previous article, where Timaeus was mentioned:

    NOTHING is hidden from us, or “hidden right under our nose” as insider Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code informed programmed us. You don’t have to hide anything from the ignorant.

    It’s all out there—but as Steve Jobs said, “People Don’t Read Anymore.” My college doesn’t even offer classes on classical Greek. We talk about the “wisdom” of the ancients, without actually knowing what we are talking about.

    Plato fully details the imprisonment of the soul in the body and secured by a guard (Phaedo); the crucified World-Soul; the impressions of Forms into matter and, ultimately, the utter illusion of it all. But I don’t think that Plato was entirely on “our” side. He clearly sets forth all of the details of what we would call the New World Order in his Republic and Laws, going so far in the latter as to speak of founding a secretly society of enlightened philosophical elites who would guide the course of politics. His whole purpose with the allegory of the cave was to say that only those who could see the light of the sun, and not the shadows flickering against the wall of the cave, were qualified to rule.

    Virtually all of the early Church Fathers were Platonists, and yet few stop to think about why this was so. Even the Romans often failed to distinguish between Greek philosophers and Christians. Clement of Alexandria openly declares that Christianity is just as much a product of Greek philosophy as Judaism.

  35. Hey Celt, just wanted to ask you to FLAG this youtube vid so it’ll be taken down. It is truly disturbing, and I am surprised it has been kept up so long.

    I is supposed to be a comedy act mocking pedophiles, but it does the opposite! Sorry if this is in the wrong section! Very disturbing

    VIDEO: Sick Dutch creep molests kid in front of audience

  36. I’m new here, but read your blog frequently. The following doesn’t have to do with the “anal” angle per se, but I cross-posted it to the POM blog. Wonder what you think of this observation?

    For the February 22 issue of In Touch magazine, their “stars and their pets” feature is about Playboy Monarch Next Door Bridget Marquardt. It’s about her dog and cat, and is called “Bridget’s little ladies” (p.54). She’s got yellow Lolita sunglasses on her head, but more disturbingly is posed with a pink little girl’s bike. It is so blatant, it even has a wicker basket in the front and cutesy tassels coming out the ends of the handlebars (again, child-styled as opposed to 10-speed handlebars). Also, in the picture, the cat has a thought bubble by its head saying, “I’m better than a bunny!”

  37. Eleleth, as always, sincerely appreciate you taking the time to share some wisdom and insight into such matters here. My thoughts have been when Plato envisioned those enlightened and hence, qualified to rule, he could foresee the present, where a bunch of inbred degenerate ass-worshipers had seized control of the keys?

    Emily, I knew there was something I forgot while compiling Don’t Go West. Funny [bizarre] though, in comparison to Sacha PedoBaron Cohen, Larry Mother-Fucking David, or Yogi Okie Dokie, this seems somewhat tame.

    C P, Playboy and pretty much all mainstream magazines, are no doubt part of the media brain-degenerating machine, hence work in sync. That sounds just like the bike they shoved up Homer’s Rectum.

  38. Fucking awsome xxx

  39. Friend. Here is a video of Zion blatently altering the truth.

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