Barrack Mohammed Hussein Obama

I remember the first time I heard of this “Obama” person. A couple of friends were talking about the possibility that a black man might have an outside shot at becoming President of the United States. I had never heard of Barrack, so I thought they were kidding. Knowing the mainstream media was already feeding the most preposterous of nonsense to the general public, I honestly assumed they were now suggesting that Osama (bin Laden) was considering a run for the Presidency.

HopenotyzedOsama bin JesusEvil I Tell Ya!

Having had some time to take in the odor of this campaign of hope and change (found the first image on Dedroidify’s blog, recommend the entire article as an intro to some things I’ll touch on later), the most surprising aspect to me is how many somewhat intelligent people are buying into this whole pile of crap. For those people: let me make it really simple: his name is Barrack Mohammed Hussein Obama! He is a psyop on the American mind.

To summarize: they [the media] have devoted years of media time to demonizing Osama, Saddam and Muslims in general. And now they’re running a guy with this name? On occasion, I’ve even heard various media whores [I think you call them anchor-rmen/women] slip-up and say “Osama” instead. It’s a mind-fuck people!

Change MessageWhat Change?

Didn’t you “Obamans” learn anything about what a sham the entire election process is during the whole John Kerry hope/change fiasco? Wasn’t it enough that Bush and Kerry were cousins? Yes, they created some drama in Ohio and then the alternative media focused in on stolen votes again, but isn’t the real scam that we have little to no say in who our options are? Then again, I can’t believe how many Americans still believe there is an actual difference between their two parties:

DonkeyElephantSex Partners

It’s time for all of us to stop behaving like children and grow up. We need to stop looking with awe as the “fierce puppets” dance around the stage. {*1} We all need to focus our eyes at the puppeteer. When the day’s drama is done, Punch and Judy (Republican and Democrat) lay in bed at night; talking, cavorting and preparing for the next show. The puppeteer, relaxes in his study, and writes the next script.

Looking at this upcoming “election,” we are down to three “choices.” Ron Paul had a run, but he’s out (breaking the spirit of many a patriot, I’m beginning to suspect by design). The Republican primary, after the media crucified Paul, and face-man Mitt Romney dropped out, leaving Republicans with the least electable stooge:

Angry McCainLoving McCainPuppet McCain

Talk about picking a loser. Talk about baggage. Remember the S&L Bailout? Remember the “Keating 5?” This man wasn’t just connected to one of the biggest scams ever run on American tax-payers, he was one of the Keating Five. His bogus “war hero” image will collapse the moment someone bothers looking at how he sold out his fellow POW’s [a preview]. Even though Bush “loves” him, I would truly be shocked if this codgy old war-mongering traitor is somehow selected.

Lastly, let’s not count out Hillary Clinton just yet. Obama still hasn’t announced who his running mate will be, and I’m betting on Big Bada Mama. Remember, since the day Poppy Bush let Reagan know “who” was in charge, we’ve had 37 years of the Bush -> Clinton -> Bush dynasty. So naturally, it might be her turn.

HitlaryWitchSieg Heil

Regardless, of who “wins,” there is only one end result Americans [and, by default, a good part of the rest of the world] are guaranteed come November. As George Carlin [R.I.P.] used to say, that they’ll get “a big red white and blue cock jammed up their asshole.” {*2} Here’s a little something to prepare you for the experience:

Red White & Blue

Oh, wait! Throw those condoms away! You’re actually better off going bareback. A side question to those who believe America somehow gained her independence on 07/04/1776: ever wonder why we kept the red/white/blue motif for “our” flag the same colors as that of queen and cuntry? Again, George Carlin offers a lucid explanation of how our masters operate (and why we bend over every time):

george carlin youtube

While the American people are assured of a loss regardless of who “wins” … the guys behind these puppets will profit. And the guys behind the guys? They’ll profit even more. {*3} So, whose “votes” exactly are the candidates stumping for?


All one has to do is listen to these whores talk. Just count up how many times they say the word “Israel.” McCain, may be the most delusional of the candidates, because he can’t seem to understand he has no shot of winning. Still, here he is trying extra hard to please the Israelis, even “bringing his own Jew along!”

Personal JewMcCain Wailing

Oh, and as if McCain hadn’t already clearly demonstrated he’s more pro-Israel than pro-America, he was involved in covering up what happened on the USS Liberty. Isn’t this the same John McCain who thinks we’ll need to sacrifice Americans in the Middle East for the next gajillion years? I doubt his children will be going there. {*4}

Those coffins are reserved for the poor American schmoes whose economic prospects are dim. Conveniently, with a plummeting dollar and an imploding domestic economy, there should be no shortage of “volunteers” (though, that term may be highly subjective at this point). Excuse my glibness, but I assure you, I find little humor in the old joke about Americans dying for Israel’s benefit.

Die for IsraelDead AmericansAll for Israel

Whether the agenda is a Greater Israel, or the strategy to balkanize all of Israel’s neighbors (securing its place as the de-facto super-power of the Middle East), the Zionists’ smartest strategy is to fight the war with money instead of troops. What’s even more clever, is that it’s not even their money; be it funds extorted out of Germany and Switzerland, or the annual stipend dumb Americans send their way, which they in turn used to buy up our politicians and expand their sphere of influence on the American stage (i.e., AIPAC).

You have to concede, it’s sound strategy to let others die fighting [hence, killing] your enemies, even if it occasionly requires shooting your friends (while pointing the blame back at your enemies) [“by way of deception, thou shalt do war”]. Anyone really think Israel cares about dead Americans? I, among many others, feel they do not. [Credits to ProThink for the video.] They’ve even got a term of endearment for these gentiles who die for their cause, “goyim.” It means “cattle.”

Goy Means CattleGoyim Partying

In some ways, sadly, they may be right. “Let’s party! It’s the 4th of July!” Oh, if I had a dollar euro for every oblivious idiot I heard shout “USA #1!” a couple of years ago while attending a fireworks display at the beach. No, I didn’t bother stopping them and asking, “Do you have any idea what is being done to your country right now?” How does one reach a person who has no idea what the hell the word “democracy” even means [or that America isn’t supposed to be one]?

That’s the media’s job (arguably, a Zionist media). Why frustrate yourself trying to reach the average person rationally? The “goyim” suffer from [programmed] attention deficit disorder, they only understand MTV-like sound-bites and catch phrases. The American media, hence caters. Trust our talking heads. Listen to your daddy! Daddy says: “We are in Iraq fighting for freedom!” Don’t question Daddy!

Big DaddyFreedom Fries Aren't Free

“Terrorists hate freedom!” Watch the television, instead of looking around to you to see your own freedoms disappearing day by day. Daddy says: “It’s cause terrorists hate freedom, that’s why we’re taking them away, understand?” Look, boobs! Oh, you’re a woman. Look, shoes! The new jack boots of freedom may be stylish and expensive, but the end results are same as they ever were:

Jack BootsDead ChildDead Iraqi

Those with a longer attention span may want to read this perspective on the main reason why America is in Iraq: The Israeli origins of Bush II’s war. Sure, there may be several other motives for the war. There is also a lot of disinformation and counter-intelligence used to keep people busy and off the scent (e.g., oil). Like any mafia “bust-out” (recall the one in Goodfellas?), all the individual capos wants a cut, so they squeeze their personal agenda into the mix.

But, let’s come back to the topic of who’s going to be the next president for Israel of America. Remember the ferocious battle between Punch and Judy, I mean Obama and Hillary, for the Democratic nomination. What a nasty knock-down drag-out bloody feud that was! Does sarcasm not suit me? I’m so sick of the soap opera.

Boxing DayHighlander TimeHillary Loves Obama

The media played up the [mock] battle. For a while, it was a challenge to go out without hearing some numbskull talk about the “war” between the two lovers actors. This image from Time magazine, however, really floored me: “There can be only one!” That invokes the meme from the movie Highlander. Synchromystically, that would mean, in the end, one of them has to die! 😉

Another way of looking at the cover, would be the visual implication that all our choices are related by blood. And, if Jesse Jackson ever makes good on his threat [the “I’ll rip out his balls” video, has been removed by youtube], there may be even less of a difference between Obama and Hillary than there is already.

Regardless, as I implied earlier, you can be assured of one fact (if you ignore the media talk of enmity and battles): they are all in bed together. ALL OF THEM.

Obama Loves HillarySaddam Loves Hillary Loves Osama

But, still if there can be only one, whom will it be? The way I see it playing out, is that first, Hillary and Obama will make up. The media will paint it as the perfect union, and that it’s best to set aside differences, because the worst thing that could happen, is to let another Republican in the White House. And then sometime before or after the staged election, some unfortunate accident may befall Obama.

Now, I could give a whole number of reasons why this scenario seems the most feasible, but I prefer using the synchromystic tool. One, I heard the aforementioned Joh Stewart commence his June 12th broadcast with, “It’s seven months now until Hillary Clinton is sworn in as our next president.” Two, in the Time image, Hillary’s mouth is edging up, while Obama’s points downwards. And three, there’s what can best be surmised as “the look” when comparing the following images:

Johnson Glares KennedyHillary Glares Obama

I know I’m far from the first person to discuss this scenario, and I won’t be the last. Hearing that Ted Kennedy said “Obama reminds me of Jack,” was distressing enough, then the public mind was assaulted further:

Gosporn even caught Hillary getting in on the act with “The Meme Escapes.” Will it happen? I don’t know. I’ve never claimed to be psychic. I just look at patterns and interpret them. Sometime last year, I overheard these charlatans [¿The Psychic Sisters?] stun George Noory (Coast to Coast) with their “prediction” that Hillary would be the next president. Driving down the road listening, I grimaced: “I know dozens of people who could have told you that years ago George, and they wouldn’t even have charged anyone a reading fee for the amazing insight.”

Jacque & JacquelineLady Hillary

The scripted scenario is definitely within the realm of possibilities. But, I learned my lesson with my prior prognostication: unless it happens, people are going to jump all over you [¿by design?]. On one hand, the more people that figure out the plan, the less likely any conspiracy is likely to be proceed. On the other, even back on that November afternoon in 1963, JFK being assassinated by his enemies was but one potential outcome. Regardless of what happens, Hillary has played Lady MacBeth enough times, to where her conscience’s need to wash the blood off its hands won’t have her roaming the halls shouting “out damn spot” all night.

As George Carlin said before: “The reason they call it the American dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it.” I know many who accidentally stumble across this, will do just that: turn out the lights, pull up the covers and return to the televised America of love, fun, ignorance masquerading as innocence, celebration and sex. Of course, lots and lots and lots of sex to keep the public distracted:

RWB HeartInnocenceRachel Bilson

There’s that damn heart symbol again! One of these days (I promise), I will write up something explaining it fully. For those tired of waiting, I’ll drop a hint. Look at the symbol closely. Now, look lower. No, lower. As for the image on the right, two items to note. One, you’d have to be blind not to note the conspicuous pentagram laying in front of her crotch. Two, the All American Beauty on the cover is (and I didn’t realize it until after I was about to finish this article), Jewish. [¿Are my EYES playing a trick on me or do her breasts form the face of an owl?]

So, while Americans dream of happy times (while Cthulhu dreams alongside them, awaiting his day to arise), refusing to wake up to the truth beating down upon them, and focus more on getting a piece [of ass], instead of making peace, the only thing for sure is that the architects and engineers of change do, in fact, have designs for a peaceful future in store for America. A very peaceful one!

Rest in Peace

To some, I suspect, this sounds preposterous. Unlike my experiences as of late, a recent weekend gathering, found me in the company of some Russians. Despite a lifetime of propaganda, they instincitively knew the Tsar was trying to build up their country before the “revolution.” They knew that Zionist Jews, posing as people’s champions, were the ones who took over, wiping out their intelligentsia, destroying their communities and raping their land of its natural resources. They knew who was responsible for the gulags and millions of them being exterminated.

History repeats the old conceits
The glib replies the same defeats
Keep your finger on important issues
With crocodile tears and a pocketful of tissues

— Elvis Costello, “Beyond Belief”

And, I can infer some similarities to the Russian model, with what I see in the “patriot movement” and all the “alternative media” pointing to the nebulous entity we call “the government” as being responsible for all our ills (rather than outsiders acting on the behalf of their hidden masters). Let’s not see history repeat.

Have a few more word words to say about the next President: Brother “O,” Where Art Thou (From)?

This article may not necessarily reflect the present views of The Celtic Rebel, and has been left in the archive to show stages in growth and development of The Rebel Path.

*1: When William Shakespeare Francis Bacon wrote: “We are but actors, and all the world’s a stage,” many a romantic fool (yes, fool) thought he was talking about us, the commoners. No! Sir Francis Bacon was speaking to those personalities in the know, those who run the world. They are the actors, we are the audience! [LB]

*2: The condom image originally appeared on my “If the Glove Doesn’t Fit” article, but I moved it. Since it fell on 4th of July weekend, I had added: “Happy Birthday America! Here’s a little gift from the rest of the world to express their gratitude for your present policies of aggression, imperialism, torture and mass murder. I think their message is: ‘Feel free to go fuck yourself.” Americans upset by the “message” should ask themselves why over the last thirty years, America has gone from the most loved country in the world, to the most despised (Israel excluded)? [LB]

*3: I’m not of the mind that “Jews run the world.” I may expand my personal views in an upcoming blog. What I do see, is that “god’s chosen people,” are essentially, people chosen by those who would consider themselves our gods (i.e., our rulers), to push their agendas. While they [the Zionists, who control the Jews, and aren’t beyond sacrificing Jews when it suits them] may profit immensely from it, they will be the ones that eat the consequences from mankind, should it even partially awaken. Think of them as a series of buffers. The Jews to the Zionists. The Zionists to the hidden “gods.” [LB]

4: Oddly, his daughter, Meghan McCain [MM] has a blog (McCain Blogette). It’s mostly photos and fluff pieces, but synchronauts may dig up something useful from it (e.g., I found some pics of Henry Killinger hanging out at the house, and one photo with the tagline: “Because I love shoes, and who doesn’t want to know what kind of shoes Dr. Kissinger wears?” Unrelated (not from her blog), I found an article saying her dad “hates condoms“? Were it not a a divisive false paradigm Hegelian hit-piece, I’d have actually been tempted to label McCain an occasional truther. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on July 17, 2008.

9 Responses to “Barrack Mohammed Hussein Obama”

  1. I imagine that the genocidal Kiss[ass]inger wears ruby red slippers, befitting a prick/impostor behind the curtain.

    And yeah, that hitlary as next prez scenario is not hard to imagine…She’s a revolting cunt with much blood on her filthy hands.

    Nice blog. A friend recommended and the very next day I noticed it linked at wise woman’s site. hmm


  2. What makes this even more interesting is that none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski has come out to advise Obama. At first the Israel lobbies were “up in arms,” (yeah, you know the drill), but Obama seems to have “smoothed things over” between Brzezinski and ADL/AIPAC.

    Obama’s been making very creepy “national service” speeches now, about ramping up the civilian corps, including for “national security” purposes. The Fasci is comin’ out.

    A while back in the early days of this campaign (no source atm, sorry), I read that the nuclear power industry was funding Obama to the hilt. The only heads or tails that I can make of that is that he will be the man to sign us on to Kyoto, so we can meet Al Gore’s new global warming triple dog dare (just don’t look behind the curtain). It’s not lost on me that Green Europe is mostly powered by nuke.

  3. Great post man,

    Nobama! In Hancock, another Obama syncfest jfk is specifically mentioned at the end of the movie. Here, leave the theater with that :p

  4. Brilliant piece Celt! Talk about running with it and scoring, wow! Yup, our Jewish covergirl does have owls eyes on her breasts, good call.

    I remember either Tsarion or Icke mentioned Billary being an Illuminati grand dame, even higher up the ladder/pilliarmid then Chenney, somewhere along the lines of Daddy Bush status. So good call on the Bush/Clinton/Bush…fill in the blank regime’ going back into power. I figured on the uniting the party awhile back before they even started to mention it, and said a Obama/Clinton ticket OR if he chose a different V.P., appointing her to his White House staff, so she has the foot in the door, dispelling conspiracies, and she’ll run the show behind the scenes. Either way, there are multiple scenarios that could play out. Personally, I am sick of the shit and have no more pity for the masses, you try and discuss the b.s. of politics and they just ignore you, and continue right on with the brain wash conversation.

    I watched the George Carlin clip, man he told the audience the absolute truth, and you still heard laughter and applause…I was just like “it’s not funny people, he is telling you the truth”, guess it’s o.k. to laugh if it comes from a comedian. I know George meant well, may he go in love and not be recycled here for more b.s.

    A very insightful think piece as well as some great rant. Thanks for sharing my friend!

    Be well!

  5. Telling it like it is – I do love this straight talk.
    I had the same ‘Osama’ thing for ages when I heard his name – it was like wtf.
    For some strange reason (possibly connected with mywork)I always translated the name Bin Laden to ‘Bin Liner’- this was well before I realised the story was a load of ‘rubbish’.

  6. It’s actually Buraq.


  7. Amazing! Like Wise woman says, “telling it like it is”, doesn’t get more real than what you’ve said in this post imo. Had similar thoughts on Obama and the media in general (like most “awake” people), all these media pawns are just puppets, nothing more (acting on Francis Bacon’s worldstage, his [“Shakespeare’s”] theatre is called “The Globe” after all). His name will be extremely helpful (Hussein triggers emotion because of the wars against Saddam, Ob(s)ama’s too), if one took the time to listen to FOX News (and others) saying “Obama” you would probably find (if you broke it down) a few “Osama”‘s hidden underneath it (at the same time, at a lower level/frequency so only the subconscious mind picks it up), which would instil an emotional trigger (because they’ve programmed “Osama” so deep into the minds of the masses). So when they eventually assassinate him, all that triggered emotion will come spilling out. [If any of that makes sense, or like you say; just come right out and say ‘Osama’ “by accident”] I saw on the Daily Show, this guy at some kind of republican rally who was constantly saying “Barack HUSSEIN Obama”, like really emphasizing the Hussein, showing him using this emotional trigger (think it was Bill Cunningham). I won’t start ranting about Israel’s hypocrisy and the media’s constant barraging us with propaganda and programming, I watched that AIPAC conference by the way (see my comment in dedroidify daily show post).

    So yeah, Great one! Keep it up. (usual excellent use of images & video, hadn’t seen that Carlin vid, are there any Bill Hicks or Carlins (R.I.P them both) around today? I don’t see them.)

  8. annemarie, thanks for the feedback. But, I’ve imagined the “red slippers” are one of the items we’d find in Killinger’s “Magic Murder Bag” [per Venture Bros].

    Noble, yes, those “national stassi” speeches are quite spooky, considering Mussolini’s prognostication [?warning?] that fascism would come from the left. Your link contains an eerie synch quote from Israeli senator Boxer: “mobilize the American people behind meaningful action.”

    I had considered also looking at his new fascist standard, but the article had to end somewhere.

    Dedroidify, I’m gonna have to watch THE END of that movie.
    Btw: “Nobama” — I like it!

    Michael, thanks and regarding that Carlin video, I’ve been thinking of addressing the topic of how we’re so programmed to laugh [at the “others”], while we ourselves are the ones being made fun of.

    Blissed, you raised some rather interesting synchs. Buraq means lighting (hence, link to fasci), and this passage from the Q’ran: “I was brought by the Buraq, which is an animal white and long, larger than a donkey but smaller than a mule.”

    Wise Woman, thanks as always. I’ll gather in contrast to McCains “straight bullshit talk express”

    Ben, thank you and thanks for the new [to me] synchs on “The Globe” and they shouting guy from Daily [?Dealay?] Show.

  9. Hillary at State… Sideways but still there, able to do deals with the Chinese and keep an eye on their houseboy until the black sheep clothing on the wolf is dropped and Obama / Mabus makes way for Chyren Selin…

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