Ha! A Cosmic Joke on Us

Anyone subjected to the movie Independence Day (1996), had to deal with a blatant violation of the laws of time and space. Jeff Goldblum’s father, despite being a slow-driving old codger, somehow managed to drive from New York to Washington DC [while both cities were under evacuation], in less time than one could make the trip under ideal conditions. Critics of the surface story pointed this out as a gaffe/inconsistency, but those who understand the ritual act of revealing, know the whole point was inform the subconscious of future victims that these two cities would be attacked on 09:11:01 [via Goldblum’s laptop]. {*1}

The subsequent picture, of Lisa Simpson coaxing the family into taking a trip to New York (1997’s “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson”), however, may simply fall under what some are now calling “synchromysticism,” a chance foreshadowing of what Kotze’s been referring to as “The 911 Mega-Ritual.” {*2}

Independence Day ClockSimpson 9/11

Under the guise of comedy though? What is going on? Surprisingly, the death [likely “ritual sacrifice”] of Heath Ledger took me on unexpected path. {*3} His upcoming postmortem Batman movie, based on the “Killing Joke” storyline from the Dark Knight series, pauses one to reflect on Meta-Logic Cafe’s startling discovery. Now, I’m finally beginning to understand why the mass media has insisted on putting the phrase “9/11” into our psyche [as opposed to “September 11” or “09/11/01”]:

“I’ve just realized something relatively mind-blowing:
The letter A is the 1st letter of the alphabet, and H is the 8th.
9/11 (9 divided by 11) = 0.81 81 81 81 infinity = ha ha ha ha …”

I had always been a fan of the band Killing Joke. Their music was a hard-edge fusion between punk and avant-garde, that was angry, inspiring and above all, something lacking in most bands that have come out in the last 30 years, original.

While my mind had forgotten, a comment on a related article [left by AstroSphynx) reminded me that the name of Killing Joke’s “live” album was Ha! The two pictures below can only stir the mind that, mathematically speaking, as the chance of repetition approaches infinity, then, the chance of “coincidence” approaches zero.

Joker Killing JokeHa! Live Album

I’m sure, at first, to many, except for the most die-hard of synchronauts, the idea of 9/11 as some kind of cosmic joke may sound quite “insane.” Speaking of insane, didn’t Jack Nicholson say that playing the Joker “almost killed him?” Ledger took on the role, could then barely sleep, locked himself in a hotel room for a month to prepare, and was found laying prostate in a manner similar to Marilyn Monroe [¿another sacrificial lamb?]. Here’s Nicholson’s response to not being “chosen:”

“No. It’s like, in any area, you can’t believe the reasons things do or don’t happen. Not asking me how to do the sequel is that kind of thing. Maybe it’s not a mistake. Maybe it was the right thing, but to be candid, I’m furious.”

Do these words remind you of how in ancient times, it was allegedly considered an honor to be sacrificed? If mankind hopes to advance, then the joker/fool must die? I’m forced to ponder Mercurial Talisman’s reminder that in Tarot, the Fool [card zero] strives to return us to [ground] Zero [Fight Club Revisited, Butterfly Legend.]. Still, I’m hard pressed to explain away the following synchromystic cookies:

Cookie Monster TowersGrouchy Towers Eleven

I discussed the syncs between the towers and the number eleven in my review of Oliver Stone’s WTC, but will will reMind that 9+1+1=11. The cartoon images above, may appeal to my inner child, but “understanding” remained elusive.

Despite Kotze’s series of articles/videos on the 9/11 “Pillarmids” and the schematic support showing the how the layout of the Giza pyramids matched the three towers in lower Manhattan, the pylarmid concept failed to become clear in my own mind, until I happened upon these ashtrays in a catalog [below left]:

Pylarmid AshtraysRainbow Pyraputers

“Ash” reminds me of the ash that tons of steel, concrete and human remains were miraculously turned into on 9/11, and of pyroclastic flows and such. Thus, the pylarmid ashtrays may be more than” appropriate.”

Perusing the same catalog, I came across the pyramid shaped computers. I doubt the marketeer was trying to match a Giza layout, but the rainbow offering was too much to casually flip past. A mental connection is made to The Food Pyramid. Remember when The 4 Basic Food Groups [nonsense created by and lobbied for by various agricultural concerns] became The Food Pyramid? {*4}

So, when did it [the food pyramid] also come with a Rainbow option? Up until I undertook my last article (The Butterfly Legend), I hadn’t delved into the meaning of rainbows, but now “The Rainbow Connection” seems very relevant and revelant:

I literally stumbled across the Myspace page of the Rainbow Connection Day Care Center, hence the bears on the above right. And, what are the odds of the woman running the place would be exactly 33 years old at this point in time [May 2008; the day I looked], and why the bears? And what of Ursa Majors and Golden Compasses [back-linked]? This joke must be of MonuMental proportions.

I can’t help but reflect on another prior article discussing Eyes Wide Shut [yet another movie featuring the water nymph named Nicole Kid-Man], which in my present state, makes me think that my own eyes were still far from “wide open” when I wrote it. Hm, so would that be kid as in “child” or as in “haha?” {*5}

rainbow girlsunder the rainbow

Note how when The Rainbow Girls present Tom Cruise with a golden opportunity to accompany them to the end of the rainbow, he opts instead for the seedier conspiratorial path under it. Was he following his conditioning from societal mores and programmed perceptions of right and wrong? And, ultimately, isn’t that the same path we are drawn to when we first begin to awaken as well? I am reminded of another song from another band, Golden Earring, but that can wait [¿though, the name does seem rather Saturnalian, no?]

Pyramids and Rainbows? Where is this going? A KooKie monster and King Kong at the twin towers? The K2 resonant Giza and the layout of the pylarmids. Kublai Khan and Xanadu. Kaptain Kirk and Krispy Kreme. niKole Kidman and her scrumptious read end? [Oops! Opened the sweet candy synch.] I was growing skeptical of this Rosebud KK connection, and then I stumbled across this:

So, Homer Simpson went to meet street vendor Khav Kalash at the base of the pylarmids? Now, I’ve seen it all [I jest]! Wait … Kalash is food vendor? I had just started considering how our body is a stargate of sorts, with our mouths being the entrance. Well then, it would seem that the path “under the rainbow” inevitably must lead to shit, while the path “across it” to absorption and transmogrification?

I seem to recall a movie scene where a stargate/wormhole experiment resulted in some being turned into a literal pile of poo [¿I did say “rear end” earlier, didn’t I?]. So, it came of little surprise to me to subsequently learn that the etymology of our exit hole may lead back to the Egyptian Anu, “the seat of the cult of the Sun-god.”

rainbow gestionin digestion

Notice the serpentine path, particularly the head of the snake. Wormholes and multicolored spiraling circular paths? And now, “real” pyramids painted as rainbows [below center]? Perhaps, if we follow the school of thought suggesting that the pyramids were places of transcendence to the next world/dimension, then the Rainbow [bridge] colors are correct?

Even the business world is using the pyramids [below left]. And it should: if you look at the word “business”, one which has been hidden under our nose for so long, it should become plain to see that word is actually “busyness.” In other words, it is the state of being perpetually “busy;” busy under the impression that you are “making” money, while you are actually spinning your wheels, going nowhere. In the meantime, those above you on the pyramid laugh all day [yes, at you].

busynessrainbowmydssnake infiltration

The last image above, while pilfered from some “Pyramid Scheme” site, invokes the serpent lore, and speaks strongly of influence and control. Michael Tsarion’s Sons of the Serpent and William Bramley’s Brotherhood of the Snake come immediately to mind. I will avoid the tangent of flying feathered snakes, yet try to get back to the beginning [is that an Ouroboros impulse or a Fool’s quest?], dare I say back to “ground zero”???

Odd how I have to go back to the beginning [911], in order to get to the end? Wonder where else 911’s been hidden right under our very noses? Oh, never mind.

911 EmergencyCode RedRing Bell

So, the number 911 is intimately associated with death, mayhem and above all, blood. If you follow Tsarion’s theory of the sacrificial deal our masters made with the macro-organisms, then the association should seem natural. Blood. Red carpets. Bloodlines. Flashing red lights. Trauma. Fear!

The “Code Red” image also synchs with a movie I just saw this weekend, 28 Weeks Later, where the phrase translated to “annihilating the human population.” The movie, on the surface, was yet another mindless remake of 28 Days, yet it starred Oz-resonant Matrix-navigator Harold Perrineau as the helicopter pilot.

I will have to [in the interests of not spinning too far away and losing focus] refrain from going into Oz, helicopters, or any of the innumerable avenues these syncs could take us. {*6} Pause. Wonder. Is that the whole point? And why is it that all these elements, which seemed so innocuous to us at one time, are so ever-present and obvious to me now? Is it my continued awakening, or is that my ego’s answer?

Doplhins 911Red Pyramids

Are we, all mankind, being hurtled towards the end of a funnel as projected by mathematician Marko Rodin [vortext based mathematics] ? Per Rodin, as we approach the vortex, time and space are pushed closer and closer together? Oddly enough: heard on a slippery [bloody] slope called “Red Ice.”

Maybe we now understand why it was so important that so many firefighters and policemen were sacrificed on 9/11. They were already dressed and marked for slaughter when they arrived on the scene.

But, now I see a trend of us [and I’m no longer sure if I, or eye, can claim I was the one guiding this journey], moving further away from the scintillating rainbow towards the exclusive domain of the color red. Am I now also leading us under the rainbow instead of across it [¿fool’s gold?]? Well, thanks to this last pyramid [above right], I finally have a way out. Now would be the time for the aforementioned lyric from Golden Earring: “Where am I to go now that I’ve gone too far?”

Porsche 911rabbit hole

“So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night, I hate to go and leave this pretty sight.” The rabbit hole may run very deep, and it may be leading us in [concentric?] circles and what form will we take if we come out the other side? “I’m glad to go, I cannot tell a lie. I flit, I float, I fleetly flee, I fly.” [¿KK’s Falafel?] “The son has gone to bed and so must I.”

This article may not necessarily reflect the present views of The Celtic Rebel, and has been left in the archive to show stages in growth and development of The Rebel Path.

*1: The film also features Will Smith, who last movie was covered in my last article. Makes me wonder if the terms “freedom” [as in Freedom Tower] and “independence” [as in Independence Day] refer to our or their liberation [Tsarion’s trapped Atlanteans]. The movie in question, also featured the sickening “I’m not Jewish,” “Not everyone’s perfect” exchange of dialogue, which leads me back to the Zionist angle discussed in Oliver Stone 911 Truther. [LB]

*2: As luck would dictate, I found the Simpsons clip online, but by the time I got around to writing this, 20th Century Fox corporation had it pulled from YouTube, claiming copyright. Excuse me! How can you copyright something you transmit over the airwaves?

Fascist states dictate through their kangaroo kourts that we have no right to privacy when we transmit our voice through the aether, yet corporations can hold on to the rights of the very material they transmit through our common air, the houses we “own” and even our bodies? Don’t expect the Saturnalian judges to grant us justice [“Just ice?” How temporary and fleeting. Perhaps they grant us exactly that?]. [LB]

*3: Atlantean Times has done a few posts delving further into the Heath Ledger mystery. The Secret Sun has gone deep into the rabbit hole of the Killing Joke sync. Many others can be found at the Synchromystic Blogspotters site.

When I began my own personal journey down this path (The Art of Revealing), expressed my wish “that other inspired individuals will do their part, and that we, as a group, could “bring all this hidden subterfuge [embedded cinema] to light.” Little did I know, such a group of people were already out there, doing just that. From a linear perspective of time, it’s hard to argue whether my wish or the realization came first.

[Ecclesiastes 1:9] What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one can say, “Look! This is something new”? It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time. There is no remembrance of men of old, and even those who are yet to come will not be remembered by those who follow. I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

But, I think back to the Wizard of Oz, and how Dorothy was told she always had the power to alter her reality simply by clicking her ruby red slippers together. {*7} What the ego perceived as “new,” has likely always been: [LB]

*4: John Robbins does an excellent job of elucidating the idea of how very little understanding of nutrition, and a whole lot of industry pressure from various big business concerns shaped the fiction we were taught as children in Diet for a New America. [LB]

*5: Nicole’s big screen debut (of substance) was in the water thriller Dead Calm. Most nude scenes of her I recall, have a water source nearby. “Water Nymph” may apply. As for Eyes Wide Shut, The Wrong Way Wizard has since written a more recent and meticulously thorough analysis of that movie. [LB]

*6: Recommend this video for the helicopter/stargate explanation. Did want to note that two of the characters pictured above, and the “rainbow connection” singing Kermit/Osiris were all created by Frank Oz [LB]

*7: “But, I think back to the Wizard of [Lee Harvey] Oz [wald], and how Dorothy [Kilgallen] was told she always had the power to alter her reality simply by clicking her [Jack] Ruby [‘s] Red slippers together.” [LB]

~ by celticrebel on May 6, 2008.

13 Responses to “Ha! A Cosmic Joke on Us”

  1. Hi great post..

    I cant believe i forgot about the independance day 911 screen shot…when I wrote time moving masons i mentioned this film but forgot all about that shot…I loved the octogon on the missile that the fired into the mothership but i especially loved the destruction creaion theme that comes out of the joining of the christ resonaton quaid with his f14 penis and the vaginal mothership..

    what about the mel gibson/ledger 911 synch where he says 9lb 11oz thats just perfect in The Patriot filmed before 911 and also a monster resonator with independance day as An American theme..mel fights against the brits for the declaration of independance..

    I just wrote a piece which includes a big 911 synch and checkerboards..yet again predictive in nature when the stargate theme is taken into account..

    ttfn gav

  2. On the money!

    “Now, I’m finally beginning to understand why the mass media has insisted on putting the phrase “9/11″ into our psyche (as opposed to “September 11″ or “09/11/01″):

    “I’ve just realized something relatively mind-blowing:
    The letter A is the 1st letter of the alphabet, and H is the 8th.
    9/11 (9 divided by 11) = 0.81 81 81 81 infinity = ha ha ha ha …”

    Just a note on the your above observation. like a mobius strip (Time Loop) everything ties back into itself on an archetypal level. As numbers have a vibratory component in magical rites the 8 card (Strength/Teth/Serpent and the 1 card (Magician/Beth/House) means serpent magicians/Sons of the serpent. Controlling time/world through the 4 worlds (Qabalah)/food groups/magical tools on the of the magician or the wand/cup/sword and pentacle. Also known as the Spades, Diamonds, Hearts and Clubs of the ordinary playing cards. This to me, implies the gambling that took place on 9/11 with the put options on airline stocks.

    Also in Crowley’s thoth deck he switched the 8th and 11th card. So in his deck the 8th card is adjustment/justice. The card is described, “as scales holding the bubbles of Maya or illusion, typifying the transitory quality of human justice.” So the idea of our justice system not giving justice to the victims of 9/11 is implied. However,as with all things the (truth/Justice/Maat) comes out and consciousness needs balance. That is why as you say, “that in Tarot, the Fool (card zero) strives to return us to [ground] Zero.” Reintroducing 9/11 in movies and ceremonies sends our spirit, the Fool (0) back to that fearful place. However, ironically it is also the place to begin to awaken from the illusion. From the Serpent come venom and anti-venom.

  3. Excellent! Thanks for doing this…it’s really nice to know that I’m not alone on a lot of these things.

  4. Khav Kalash, groovy find! Be well

  5. Nice post! Great points!

    Peace bro!

  6. gav, WorldBusinessGuy, michael skaggs, and Jake Kotze, thank you for stopping by and the comments.

    MercurialT, I really like that part about the fool returning to ground zero/the bottom of the deck.

  7. I’ve been doing alot of research in alot of areas since 9/11. I was 33 years of age at this time and have noticed many synchronistic things. Many avenues of perception (psychic) have occured since. Those numbers 9/11 are hidden in so many places. The Bible in the first and last pages is 11/9 if you reference the use of God in continuity (and backwards, or mirror view it is 9/11)! The name of the (Bible) Bi (2/9 (11 or 2) <— numerical reduction) Bi (2/9) Le (12/5) implies a mirroring effect aswell. Allah (AL-AL/H, H implying the connector ( I – I = H), or mirror connection between two), Muhammed (Mu ‘ha’ (M-M) ed), Jesus (or as some claim originally Issa/Emmanuel (I S-S a/E M-M anuel). Or, sssshhhh Jesus (Jue S-S… hehe!!!). Eleven (11) is two (2) in Reduction math/Pythagorean (11 – 2)! Rodin’s fingerprint of God has at it’s central core the 9 (axial point of the 1-9 integer basis, mirroring in the mathematical grid, explaining the universes cyclical/spiralling inifinitely connected sequences) beginning at +1, and -1!… On a tangent but connected…. If you go to your periodic table and look through the naming of the elements only 10 elements fall out of range in their names and Accronyms, or letter symbols and form a Pyramid (Sodium-Na, Potassium-K, Iron-Fe, Silver-Ag, Tin-Sn, Antimony-Sb, Tungsten-W, Gold-Au, Mercury-Hg, Lead-Pb). If you do some work recording the numbers and mixing up the letter variables… hhhhhmmmmm… some of the information you get Light/Sound/Math and King Serpent within the Pyramid when you connect the dots in letter and geometric symbolism. You actually get KSRC in the Pyramid to its basic letter variables from summation (take whatever you get from KSRC, everyone will have a differing reference point)… King Serpent Reptilian Cult, or King Serpent Red Christ, or in reverse Christ Red Serpent King! Cult Red Serpent King! To much to discuss here in all the different codes. But if you break codes in Chess, Cards, Giza Pyramids certain computer programs, and others you’ll be surprised that there is corresponding numbers/names/sequences and etcetera relating to esoteric stuff (as most reading this stuff already know). The term “HA” comes up in this stuff too… it’s in my paperwork somewhere. They’ve hidden something (maybe big) in one of the most important and widely used computer programs used on the planet… can you decipher it!!! (with me)!

  8. These things are hard-wired into the substance of reality. Everything is a matter of frequency and rhythm. Either we learn to climb up the endlessly convoluted folds of the fractal/spiral, or we fall into the rabbit hole and are digested, becoming more grist for the endlessly churning mill. Can we choose without becoming aware? Does unawareness relieve us of our responsibility for making conscious choices, exercising what is supposed to be our free will?
    Is there such a thing as free will?
    Anyone who isn’t paranoid, isn’t paying attention. If you talk about any of this with John and Jane Q. Citizen, they react with hostility and sometimes violence. They hate you, as if you were the originator of the horrors you warn them of, with all the rationality of the sleeper who wakes up to throw the alarm clock against the wall.
    I am reminded that sheep wind up as mutton chops, and roast leg of lamb, after they’ve been shorn. They are not treasured as children, they are not nurtured as pets, they are certainly not respected as individuals. They are dinner. They are resources, to be used. That is their considered function and destiny.
    We are like bugs being slowly digested in the deceptively sweet, warm juices at the bottom of a pitcher plant, while watching pretty pictures dance on the screen, and worrying about the neighbors having a newer set of radial tires, and a better rate on their 401K.
    I worry most about how to maneuver past the spiky hairs meant to prevent us from escaping the digestive pool, and keeping myself alive long enough to survive the climb. But what happens when I find myself standing on the lip of the calyx? I fear I will find the plant itself inside another digesting maw, and outside that, another, and another and another…

  9. I loved what you wrote:

    And it should, cause if you look at the word “business” which has been hidden under our nose for so long, it becomes plain to see that word is actually “busyness,” the state of being perpetually “busy;” busy under the impression that you are “making” money, while you are actually spinning your wheels, going nowhere, as those above you on the pyramid laugh all day.

    How true is that… Funny I did not see it, until you put it next to my nose. Thank You!

  10. Greg, some nice thoughts in there. I stated in another piece that I feel the H is the bridge between the two I’s [selves]. Not sure what computer program, but I don’t feel this is hidden. We’re just now starting to unravel the mathematical construct that is our holographic universe/matrix. We are now looking at the building blocks.

    spirallogic, that was quite poetic. Well said. I do feel we have free will though. That is a gift. The fact that most humanity traded it in for the illusion of comfort long ago is their problem … not ours!

    Leon, I was recently thinking of touching on the subject again recently. Was “trying” to engage in a relationship with some girl, but I told her I could not be the person she vented all the vile stories of [what happened/who did what] work crap to. That was the end of that. She felt [i.e., was programmed to feel] her busyness was too important not to talk about.

  11. I tried watching the film “Independence Day” and did not notice that Jeff Goldblum’s character looked down just as the screen hit 9:11:01… but, rather, it seemed to have been several seconds before that. I haven’t slowed it down at all to see it, but just wanted to take a look & see what you were talking about…

  12. don’t forget public enemy’s 1990 song “911 is a joke”.

  13. Hi!
    Incredible! Same conclusions I have got for years… I came into you page looking for a relationship between The Fool tarot card, and ground Zero…
    Just amazing. But I feel better now. Being a minority of one is not being crazy!

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