Nazi Jews? Yes, Nazi Jews

This may be one of the more controversial articles I’ve written [to date], and I suspect it will make a few readers uncomfortable. But, we all need to look at topics that make us uncomfortable. Comfort and safety are polar opposites. To secure our future, we must listen to those unsavory rebels who are trying to tell us the truth:

“Controversy is only dreaded by the advocates of error.”

— Benjamin Rush (1746-1813) American physician, writer, educator

A subject that has been taboo to many researchers over the years is the Holocaust. There are three reasons for the natural aversion society feels to questioning the topic. One of them, is the “thought crime” laws passed in various parts of this world, notably Canada and about ten European [Union] countries, threatening those who choose to question what may have happened with jail time. This has been compounded with the all too convenient and all too loaded charge of “Holocaust denier,” which has ruined many an academic career.

holocampanne frank fraud

The second reason, is the mental conditioning the American public, and a good part of the Western world, has gone through. The joke of a simplified politically correct, as written by the winners, system of historical education aside, we’ve also been programmed via scores of Hollywood movies depicting the Holocaust; one-dimensional evil Germans and equally one-dimensional happenstance poor Jews. {*1} The third and [likely] final reason, is collective guilt instilled by Western education for allowing it to happen, or not doing enough to stop it.

Now, that all said, I wish to re-examine what we know of the Holocaust, and invite you to do it along with me. No, this is not “Holocaust Denial.” The Holocaust was quite real and very tragic. The over-used and slanderous Holocaust Denier label has been carefully crafted, to focus the debate on what happened, and prevent those who are prone to ask questions, from ever finding out who was behind the Holocaust, and their reasons for carrying it out.

“The dust of controversy is merely the falsehood flying off.”

— Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881) British historian and essayist.

This video may be long, and it may make some uncomfortable (it did me the first time I saw this). But, we all need to watch it, and more importantly, ask the questions that need to be asked, starting with “Qui Bono?”

Jim Condit Jr.

Norman Finkelstein, a Jew, and the son of a Holocaust survivor, dared to write an excellent concise book, The Holocaust Industry, which while not going as far as the above video, dared to ask the question, “Who has benefited from all these Holocaust settlements?” He pointed out that his mother, had, to date, received approximately $250, while the super-rich front-men of the extortion operation like Edgar Bronfman [of Seagram & Sons] and Abe Foxman, the current head of the nefarious ADL organization, have made untold millions. Finkelstein’s reward? A smear campaign by the ADL to deny him tenure.

Undoubtedly, some, due to either brainwashing or lacking the ability to think critically, will Pavlovianly label Jim Condit and perhaps myself as antisemites, and then, apply the Woody Allenesque label of “Self-Loathing Jew” to Normal Finkelstein. Those old labels are tired and over-used. Don’t fall into the trap of using them. Stop being a victim of media mind manipulation.

holocause industrydishonest abehitler's jewish soldiers

“Antisemitism” itself is a superfluous phrase. {*2} Racism is racism. Why is there a special label for some particular brand of it. Why is there no such thing as anti-blackism, anti-asianism or anti-arabism? A Semite is basically a person allegedly descended from one of Noah’s sons, Shem. As there is no way to ascertain Shem’s DNA, the label Semite is generally applied to peoples who speak any of the Semitic languages, like Hebrew or Arabic [so, yes the Palestinians are Semites].

The issue has got absolutely nothing to do with Judaism. This is about Zionism. It is not a religion. It is a political movement. Equating Jews with Zionism is akin to equating Christians with Neoconservatism.

“The Zionists brought us to the Holocaust. It is well known that it was possible to redeem Jews from the Nazis with money, and save many … all hundreds of thousands of Jews in Hungary…THE ZIONIST LEADERS WHO NOW SIT IN GOVERNMENT PREVENTED IT!”

— Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich (circa 1954)

The most telling sign that there may be something to Conduit’s intelligent analysis, is one he did not elaborate on. We need to break down the word Holocaust etymologically. It is a Hebrew word. {*3} What does it mean? Ready for this? “Burnt offering.” No, it doesn’t mean tragedy, genocide, or mass-murder. It is a sacrificial burnt offering. The word didn’t even come into mass use until 1968. Who would use a Hebrew word to describe the event that would imply sacrifice to some “gods” somewhere? Use your critical thinking ability. No, not the Germans. The Zionists!

theft of palestine

The Zionists needed European Jewry to move to this plot of land they would call Israel. The Jews of Europe were, as one would expect, not into the idea. And, who could blame them? They had done well for themselves in Europe and had become part of the communities where they lived. So, why on earth would they leave everything they’d built behind and go fight to take over someone else’s land in the middle of the dessert?

Well, logic would dictate they wouldn’t. Unless, of course, someone could engineer an event that would force them to leave. Creating the state, however, was in violation of the teachings of the Torah; that only God could bring about a Jewish homeland. However, those who follow weird occult Talmudic beliefs, might justify a man-made IsRaEl, by offering a great sacrifice [i.e., burnt offering] to appease the vengeful and blood-thirsty Gods of old. {*4}

And note, as the video points out, after that puppet Hitler rose to power and began anti-Jewish measures, the USA was all too willing to bar Jewish immigration.


Another very important piece of supporting evidence to this new paradigm of thinking are the origins of the current ethnic make-up of Israel. Most of the Jews in the world today [roughly 90%] are of Ashkenazi descent. The Ashkenazi Jews are the Khazars, which consisted mainly of ethnic Turks [some argue Huns or Mongols] who adopted Judaism as their religion. Today, in Israel, the most repressed minority is surprisingly, not the Palestinians, nor the Arab Israelis, but the Sephardic Jews.

And finally, for those with more esoteric awareness, there is one more tell-tale sign: Ashkenazi. Just stop and think about it. {*5}

ashkenazi ask a nazi

Yes. This is Holocaust Truth. The Holocaust Denial game is a statistics trap used to lure progressive thinkers, and either toss them in jail or otherwise dissuade them from their quest, before they get to the core of the truth. The people presently in charge of Israel are the great betrayers of their own people. Should the Jews of the world ever wake up to this truth, the worst massacres of the Old Testament may look tame compared to what they will do to their Zionist overlords. {*6}

“There is nothing to fear except the persistent refusal to find out the truth, the persistent refusal to analyze the causes of happenings.”

— Dorothy Thompson (1893-1961) American journalist.

This is the truth. The truth can be scary. The truth is not politically correct. The truth does not fit into the black and white world your momma and daddy raised you in. Grow up. Wake up. Face the truth.

Disclaimer: This article was written at an earlier stage of my development, thus it may contain some key points which do not necessarily reflect my present belief set.

*1: You need look no further than Hollywood to see the impact/domination of Jews in American culture [see “Empire of their Own”]. As I had pointed out before, we are repeatedly told stories of how actors changed their Jewish-sounding names in order to advance their career, free of antisemitic limits. If you look at Hollywood’s history, from inception to present, any rational person would obviously surmise that embracing one’s Judaism would be a boon, and not a hindrance. One could go so far, as to argue the reason so many Jews in Hollywood changed their names, was to prevent the average ignorant middle American from realizing there was an over-representation of an outsider in their main mind-control medium. [LB]

*2: Another scepter I’d like to raise, would be one to further dispel all this paranoid antisemitic business. In America, Jewish organizations like the ADL claim “antisemitism” is a real factor of repression to their peoples. However, statistics paint quite a different story. I think American blacks and Hispanics would pay for the privilege of experiencing such harsh racism. The propaganda is simply a tool used to hide truth. [LB]

*3: The word also has Greek origins. For the sake of this discussion, I focus on the Hebrew ones. Many etymologists are now pointing out that both Greek and Hebrew stem from Gaelic, but that topic is outside the scope of this article. [LB]

*4: What is the origing of the word “Israel?” Or, better yet, should we say the etymology of IsRaEl. It is an occult trinity of ancient astological deities. There’s Isis (Moon), amen-Ra (Sun) and El (Saturn). [LB]

*5: Another more controversial, yet speculative idea. We hear stories of how Hitler was planning to create a “master race.” Once you start seeking truth, you inevitably realize that anything were taught over your entire life is suspect. We saw what happened to the Aryan race during World War II. The battlefield horrors and carpet bombings of civilian centers indiscriminately wiped out entire bloodlines. The tools of war spared not strongest and smartest; differentiated not between Britton, German or Nordic.

Yet, what happened to the Jewish “race?” Or, should I say the Semites of Europe? The smarter ones, like Einstein, Szilard, Wigner and others, seeing the writing on the wall, got the hell out of Nazi Germany. The dumber ones, stayed behind, reasoning, even as laws against them grew more repressive (eerily, as many an American is presently), that “it can’t happen here.” End result: the smarter ones dispersed throughout the world; the rest, well, we have a pretty good idea of what happened. Some speculate, that on average, Ashkenazic Jews tend to be 10 IQ points smarter than non-Jews. A pretty simple Darwinian formula for creating a smarter race, no? Complicated genetic study and gene-splicing not required. [LB]

*6: Recommended books for those who prefer to go through life with their eyes wide open: Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, The Transfer Agreement: the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine. [LB]

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  1. The book to read is called “The Seventh Million” by Tom Segev (translated from the Hebrew). I am a sephardic Jewess living in New York and am now learning some of the horrors which preceded the creation of the land of Israel.
    One must always question, always question.
    Aimee Kligman

  2. Very nice post.

    You forgot the tin foil yamaka joke though, haha!

  3. Ah yes, Anesti. Was tempted to re-edit the article to include that, but will just add it here.

    In reference to what was happening in Germany (*5) while laws against Jewry were getting more and more restrictive:

    I imagine some of the smarter Jews could see the end-game and probably expressed their concern. In response, some of the more sheep-like ones likely ridiculed them:

    “Ah, Moishe! There you go with your crazy conspiracy theories. You probably think they’re gonna start rounding us up in camps. You tin-foil yamaka wearing guys are so paranoid!”

  4. Amazing article…

    Aren’t you scared of the Anti-defamation league, the AIPAC and the Mossad?

    But again, I should applaud your research, and thank you for a wonderful post…

  5. No Gauhar. Fear is a crippling emotion that not only prevents us from living out our life as we should, but disables our ability to reason. I would also assume these organizations have bigger fish to go after than this Celtic Rebel.

    We ALL have our part to play in the big game of life. As Edmund Burke said, “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.”

    Also, keep an eye out for my upcoming “Stop Being Afraid” article.

  6. Zionists are Not Jews… Here’s one more blog in support of Jack Bernstein. Zionists will soon become isolated, thanks to the power of Internet.

    Thank you, Celtic Rebel, for an excellent article. 🙂

  7. wow! this is indeed very enlightening, thank you celtic rebel

  8. Yay! Somebody pointing out the false dichotomy of A) either the Holocaust happened the way we’ve all been taught, and the world was a random victim of Hitler’s madness, or B) It never happened at all and nobody died and it’s all a lie. Finally, the third choice: C) It happened………but the who’s and why’s behind it aren’t what we’ve been taught. Holocaust Deniers annoy me to no end because they’re tools, playing into the dichotomy manipulation and leading people astray.

    From David Icke’s latest, “Guide to the Global Conspiracy and How to End it” (which you’re probably familiar with, but for readers who still may be new to this subject I excerpt the following interesting tidbits, from Chapter 6, “The Cruelest Hoax,” pages 150-151):

    “In this period, the people formerly known for centuries as the Khazars became known as ‘Jews’ and their true origin was lost, but not to their elite families who sold a false history to the Jewish masses and the rest of the world. This was the belief that they were the biblical Jews and the fallacy continues to this day with devastating consequences for peace in the Middle East.

    Koestler, who was himself born in Budapest, says of ‘Jews’ and the Khazar revelation:

    “…[It] would mean that their ancestors came not from the Jordan, but from the Volga, not from Canaan but from the Caucasus, once believed to be the cradle of the Aryan race; and that genetically they are more closely connected to the Hun, Uigur and Magyar tribes than to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Should this turn out to be the case, then the term “anti-Semitism’ would be void of meaning, based on a misapprehension shared by both the killers and their victims. The story of the Khazar Empire, as it slowly emerges from the past, begins to look like the most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated.”

    Benjamin H. Freedman was a one-time Jewish businessman in New York and a long-time ‘insider’ before speaking out vociferously against Zionism after World War Two. He was personally acquainted with leading American political figures like Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy, John F. Kennedy and Bernard Baruch. Freedman went much further in his assessment of the Khazar revelation:

    “What are the facts about the Jews? (I call them Jews to you, because they are known as Jews. I don’t call them Jews myself. I refer to them as so-called Jews, because I know what they are)…There wasn’t one of them [the Khazars] who had an ancestor who ever put a toe in the Holy Land. Not only in the Old Testament history, but back to the beginning of time. Not one of them! And yet they come to the Christians and ask us to support their armed insurrections in Palestine by saying, ‘You want to help repatriate God’s Chosen People to their Promised Land, their ancestral home, don’t you? It’s your Christian duty. We gave you one of our boys as your Lord and Saviour…it is as ridiculous to call them ‘people of the Holy Land’, as it would be to call the 54 million Chinese Moslems ‘Arabs.'”

    In one of Icke’s previous outings, “Tales From the Time Loop” I recall him going further, saying that the Khazars converted to Judaism way back when due to invasions and whatnot, and this is how they became Jewish by religion……but not by race, with ancestral roots in the biblical Holy Land.

    Any observant person can see that there are generally about two different distinct groups when it comes to the “Jews”: The ones with last names like Cohen, Roth, and so on, with the stereotypical “Jewish nose” who are in actuality of Khazar/Ashkenazi origins, and then there are the ones who are indistinguishable from the Palestinians they’re often times warring against: Black hair, brown skin, brown eyes, facial features the same as Palestinians, and of true Holy Land Sephardic/Semitic descent, (and who often times have ancestors who were driven out of Spain back in the late 1400s) etc.

    It would be amazing if more of the world became aware of this deception. And I don’t mean to persecute the Jews some more, because many are truly in the dark, and have been lied to as well. But just to stop the madness going on in Israel, Palestinian, and the Gaza Strip. If their whole claim to the land is one founded on lies/misperceptions, then it means they need to leave.

    And yes, isn’t that amazing….Ashke*nazi.* 😉

  9. rsenic and Jews Vs Zionists, thanks for the moral support. Seeing the indiscriminate racially motivated killing taking place in Gaza now, it really looks like the Zionists are hell-bent on dragging all Jews over the cliff’s edge along with them. btw: nice site, noble cause.

    Carissa, always appreciate your feedback. I think some of the deniers are obvious “intel” assets meant to discredit those who question, and some are just following the logical obvious trail that starts with the “6 Million” number originating at the end of WWI. But, yes, as I summarized, it can be a “trap.”

    It was sad to hear the Ashkenazi Adam Sandler, playing an Ashkenazi in Zohan admit “none of my ancestors ever stepped foot in this land,” and in the meantime anyone who brings up or traces the footsteps of the Khazars is dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist.” [see PoM’s They’ve Messed With The Zohan’s Head] Yet, it’s all right out in the open [see pic], of course.

    I’d be willing to bet a good number of Jews the SS marked for death were of Sephardic roots. At some point, I hope to do an expose on another group intentionally targeted for extermination during the “holocaust” [and obviously, far more successfully carried out than that of European Jewry] the Romani/Gypsies.

    Yea, kind of obvious, huh? Nazi. Of course, the programmed mAsses will dismiss that [along with everything else under their nose] as coincidence. Hope you don’t mind the formatting changes to your comment 🙂

  10. everyone should look into the ringworm children
    pretty interesting stuff

  11. Is the Gay agenda a Zionist NeoCon one?

  12. Greetings,

    I was wondering if you think maybe the Jewish targets for the holocaust were the Sephardic Jewish people. I mean, some Ashkenazis were murdered off too but something just doesn’t sound right. I saw your video, and taking things at face value I believe you are right about everything except that maybe it was Sephardic Jewish Murdered?

    This is so messed up. I believe that I might be attacked because I believe this. What got me started on all this is the banking system. I just couldn’t understand why or how A Jewish Bank, the Bank of International Settlements could allow the Nazis store loot that was stolen from Jewish people. It kept on bothering me until I researched it and found out that the Rothschilds are Ashkenazi! I flipped. Many years ago I remember reading that Hitler was part Jewish but I never knew what to make of it. If I am wrong about this than well okay fine. I move on with life. But it makes sense to me. What you had to say also makes sense. I am just saying that it is possible that it was in a very big way that the Sephardic Jewish people were targeted for murder. This part is yours: The local Ashkenazis that didn’t want to go to the holy land meet hardship and possible death. I believe you are right. Couldn’t both of these events have taken place at the same time? Now it could be said that Hitler really did hate the Jews, he hated the Sephardic Jewish people! Maybe now the whole race thing makes a bit more sense? This could be why the “Nazi” Party hid Hitler’s genealogy. They weren’t worried about him being Ashkenazi Jew because a lot of the Nazi Party was Ashkenazi. If he would have been Sephardic Jewish maybe it would have been a differant story. So the Bank of England is owned by Ashkenazi-Brits. The Bank of International Settlements = Rothschilds = Ashkenazi-German. Maybe England, “The Ashkenazi-British Royal Family and Germany or Ashkenazi-Germany planned out the whole thing. The Sephardic Holocaust, and the Ashkenazi Zionist move to the Holy Land? Thank you for your time.

    -Gary (

  13. sam, yes, that’s a pretty sad story and highlights how the Ashenazim leaders of Israel have no qualms practicing Eugenics against the darker Sephardi.

    morris, the author presents some good points, and the “gay agenda” is undeniable (see Shape of Things to Come article). However, I don’t think he necessarily makes enough connections to suggest it is a Zionist agenda.

    While Mossad may be rife with homosexuals, so is the CIA, so were Hitler’s brown-shirts, and English “Lords” have been notorious sodomites for ages. Talmudic rabbis, like Catholic priests, have long been fans of little boys, and I know not why. But, what I do know, is that it disgusts me, how if you’re a pedophile, you can become a Mohel, and then instead of locking you up, people pay you money [under the guise of religion] to fondle, mutilate and suck on little boy’s penises.

    Gary S., in my follow-up article to this (The Cross the Crown & the Jew), I make exactly that hypothesis regarding the Holocaust (in terms of “death”) being aimed at primarily the Sephardi, and anti-Zionist Ashkenazis.

    If I recall correctly, it was recently discovered several Tel Aviv banks have been among the biggest hoarders of murdered Holocaust victim accounts. The hidden-agenda, under the “Hitlerean” agenda, was the same of Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood), whom the SS took a lot of its ideology from (there are plenty of links between the the Eugenics writings both preached) was extremely racist … in terms of skin-tone, hence yes, the darker Sephardi were, with the help of IBM, sought out, isolated, and exterminated.

  14. I’m puzzled. It seems that some people who have the surname, “Bayer” are Jewish.

    “During World War I Bayer was a key manufacturer of munitions and explosives for the German government, responsible for much of that country”s trinitrotoluene (TNT), mustard gas, phosgene, and military grade chlorine. During the post-WWI era, and because of its war related activities, Bayer was stripped of its right to trademark “aspirin” in many countries including the US.”
    Big Pharma’s ties to Nazi Germany

    “In remembering the endorsement by the AMA of heroin treatments for children, it’s helpful to consider a bit more of the history of Big Pharma:”

    “The name Heroin comes from the German word heroisch, which means “heroic.” Take enough heroin, and you might feel heroic, too. (At least until the high is gone.)”

    “Bayer, of course, is a German pharmaceutical company with all sorts of interesting ties to Nazi Germany and the medical experiments conducted on Jewish prisoners during World War II. In 1956, for example, Fritz ter Meer became the chairman of Bayer. What’s so interesting about that? This was after he served seven years in prison for carrying out experiments on Jewish prisoners at Auschwitz.”

    Bayer gives childern drugs laced with AIDS disease!

    Thank You.
    -Gary S.

  15. You’re Catholic; that explains everything. Your animosity to Israel is religious. The Vatican considers itself the “true Israel.” The Jews are, in this bizarre point of view, considered “cursed” for killing the Christian-“god.” … [official “oxford press” version of history edited out] … Lastly, you appear to have some factual background of these matters. So instead of deleting this message, how do you reply to it?

  16. Hey lance- its got nothing to do wtih being catholic/christian or whatever. the facts speak for themselves. the khazar joos are imposters and the falsicaust was used to dupe the world into sympathy for these evil people- to allow the theft of palestine from the native-semites and deliver it to the imposters. as to your comment to the point of view that this ideaology causes them to be considered “cursed” is just more bullshit from brainwashed patsies like you who love these murderers called ashenazi jews. in the Bible the pharisees(sandhedron/old school talmudists) said of Jesus crucifiction” let his blood be on our children and our childrens children…they cursed themselves/thats why they worship the dajjal/devil and the talmud refers to their god as the god of the morning(lucifer). grow up and accept the fact that more and more people are finally learning the fraud of the epoch which was played upon humanity.

  17. Don’t say that Ashkenazi Jews are mostly Khazar converts. Some of them are, but not all of them. Jews were living in colonies on the Black Sea that were founded by Greece for centuries before the region became Jewish. Khazaria started out as a very religiously tolerant place, which resulted in a lot of Jews immigrating. Then, later, the country officially converted. While some of the Ashkenazi Jews may very well be Turkick, there were quite a few descendants of the Israelis living in Khazaria at the time of the mass conversion. Also, there were many Jews unrelated to the Khazars living places like Germany and Bohemia, and many of them migrated eastward long after the Jewish State of Khazaria ceased to be. On top of that, many Sephardic Jews moved to places like Poland and Lithuania and intermarried with the local Jews. Quite a few Ashkenazi Jews do have Turkic blood, but the majority are also genetically linked to Israel. DNA testing has proved this.

  18. and another FACT that still remains as a blur to me is why did hitler not plainly kill with bullets the jews from their “concentrations camps”and do not tell me again that he used them for labor that is stupid if he wanted to literally kill the jews he could have done it instead he went to africa and rusia ahh everybody knows the rest ,if you really want to do something you just do that and leave everything else aside ,so what can we do we live and learned the so called history but are there any real “heroes” in this world or were they ?someone who fought jewish way of thinking and their awesome power over the tv/radio/internet even games everything goes with their approval anyway..

  19. jewish bankers handle royal money,always have. nothing scares royalty worse than russian communism,because the solution to a monarchial dictatorship is to assasinate the royal line completely. countries that have rid of themselves of their monarchy have only succeeded when the members of the family were all killed. The german royal family was instrumental in arranging the assendency of hitler to power. They were helped by the other royal families to violate the treaty of versailles and build the pre-war german military industrial complex,I.G. farben,thyssen-krupp,etc. The u.s. federal reserve banks also contributed to the financial aid of nazi germany. The type 7 submarine was developed and 2 prototypes built in holland in 1923 in violation of the treaty of versailles, a war crime . Admiral donitz was brought from germany by the keizer with the help of dutch prinse hendrik to build this weapon for the next war, WW 2. The planning for the next world war was well under way while hitler and goring were being groomed to take power. SS zunder commandos that survived the war helped ben gurion blackmail rockefeller into supporting the U.N. resolution recognising Israel as a seperate state within palistine in 1948. The jewish commandos had the financial and shipping records as well as contractual agreements between the third reich and standard oil before and during WW 2 , apparently with rockefella’s signatures all over them. Look at the facts , forget about gossip and voodoo. Like in vietnam, follow the money , and you find the fool. Wars have always been fought to make money for someone. No one race,country, or religion has a monopoly on greed.

  20. Khazars are not Jews.
    Khazars no longer exist- those who weren’t killed off when Jews came to Europe, were killed in the Hallow-cause . When you see pictures, stills, black and white shots of deathly thin people in concentration camps know that those were the remainder of the Khazars, Roma, and Orthodox Christians (mostly Serbs- who funny enough recently went though a genocide and were branded terrorists because they wouldn’t take American $ for a military base/ which the states took anyway/ now it’s called Kosovo, and it’s the biggest drug smuggling, organ smuggling hub on the planet..nice and legal too).
    It is well known in Slavic history that the Jews killed off the Khazars and now call themselves by their name.
    History’s a f**king joke.

  21. “You’re Catholic; that explains everything. Your animosity to Israel is religious. The Vatican considers itself the “true Israel.” The Jews are, in this bizarre point of view, considered “cursed” for killing the Christian-”god.” … [official “oxford press” version of history edited out] … Lastly, you appear to have some factual background of these matters. So instead of deleting this message, how do you reply to it?
    Lance said this on April 3, 2010 at 5:25 pm”
    Reply to what? What message? It’s more inability to address the information presented but instead a weak emotional response stabbing at imagined irrelevant bogey men.

    No-one is interested in jumbled re-purposed scriptures or what the Vatican, capstone in the pyramid scheme of collected religions considers itself. The situation is a group of well off people are posing as something they are not, recruiting and brainwashing people instilling a false reality in them in order to eradicate another group of people while calling them-self the victim all the while profiting from those sacrificed.
    It is the same MO of all red vs blue parasitic ventures.

    What does it have to do with you? what is your dog in this fight? Because those objective and neutral can see exactly what is what. Us at the fulcrum of balance see your insanity. Transference is juvenile, this is the cause you back and why? because you think they have your interest? No-one has your interest, only their own. The control obsessed narcissists you put your faith in will ride you till your legs give out then sacrifice you as the many before you. I hope your selling out your humanity for something at least.

    Let’s make this simple.

    You create the arch upon which genocide stands.

    To that which you tie your-self so shall you sink with.

  22. Its truly startling, the level of deception, and brutality visited upon all peoples, all humans of all nations by these elite few. And as Condit points out, the “death camps” were supposed to be ‘transfer points’ to get the Jews back to Palestine. It had been tried before by joseph Nasi (Statesman, Leader of international Jewry- from the book “Secet Govt, Hidden hand” , here in pdf: ) but unsuccessfully. Joseph Nasi

    More evidence for the “Holocaust Cloak” of deception laid upon us is the video by David cole who questioned the veracity of the Gas chambers when he visited Auschwitz (also mentioned by Condit)

    I dont know if youve mentioned this before Rebel, but the wordsmithing in Jewry and Jewellery? ;0

    Great post.

    Because JEWEL, would be Jew El (elohim the gods, so THE) , Jew el lery , and Lery may of Leery, which (adj.) openly distrustful and unwilling to confide

    So Jewellery, “the distrustful Jew”!

  23. @girlyface seeing how the Ashkanzi* Jews’ were Khazars became converted Hebrews, maybe ONE of the reasons for this may have been to cut off all ties to their ethnic roots so that it would be harder to find out that they are not of true Hebrew lineage….. just a thought

  24. cohens, kuhns (cohen meant priest) etc are said,due to a 1997 study, have the genetic ‘marker’ on the y chromosome that relates them back to Aaron..they cannot therefore, if this is true, be khazars, who converted to judaism circa 740 ad..?

    Is it possible ,as Rabbi Ehrenreich said in 1954,that these zionists collaborated to bring about the holocaust,and thereby,israel etc.. but this is only a suspicion..I have much to learn in this area..

    like-who funded the nazis? i think we all know the answer to that one

  25. Any American needs to reread through what the Founding Fathers had to say about the Jews, but also what Thomas Paine in “Common Sense” had to say about the Jews and how throughout the Bible and history they had always tried to manipulate the “Israelites” into a Monarchy so that they could be like other countries that surrounded them – Especially because the Founding Fathers used his literature and ideas when debating and constructing the Constitution.

    Anyone who has studied what the Talmud has to say about the rest of us knows how disgusting their “doctrine” is.
    I’m thankful for the “Jews” that have come out against what has taken place, but it’s really hard NOT to be angry.

    We have been lied to about a whole lot more than just the holohoax. I don’t think Hitler was a “savior” to his country – but there is even more we’ve been lied to than what this article states.

    Even slavery wasn’t a “white” en devour, but a Jewish – we’ve been lied to about a WHOLE LOT.

  26. What was the movie embedded in the article? Has it been removed?

  27. So one last question: Hitler was a Rothschild agent so his only function was to get Jews to want to leave Germany? Or was he just another useful idiot?

    So the Great Deception was to drive Semitic Jews from their Homeland, install Khazarian Jews as the chosen people? The Holocaust was a marketing tool to rally Jews to get them to occupy Israel? Someone please explain in a nutshell for me.

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