My Dinner with Stygian Port [2]

Here’s the next podcast of the Celtic Rebel v/w Stygian Port “Dinner With Andros” series [in stereo]. Technically, it is the show prior to the last, so when we say things like “last time,” we are referring to a podcast that you’ve yet to hear. Clear as mud? Don’t worry, it will get even more confusing after we release the next one.

parental advisory

This one doesn’t require as much of a “warning” as the last, and should offend far fewer people. Still, I wouldn’t recommend cranking it out of your car stereo, as it will undoubtedly result in the cool kids not inviting you to their parties anymore.

Here’s the download link. Fans of Stygian Port expecting more Ed McMahon’ish color commentator to my Johnny Carson, are in for a pleasant surprise. He really comes out of his shell in this one, getting dangerously close to full-blown “Chatty Cathy” mode. Note what follows him saying, “I don’t really have anything add about the anus.” 😆 Anyway, it was nice to see/hear. Feel free to encourage him.

If you haven’t heard my fellow Jesuit Coadjutor Jordan Maxwell’s Project Camelot interview, well it’s worth a listen. {*1} As for Jones, I think the below image pretty much sums him up. I’ve spoken my peace regarding Bermas & The Infowarriors.

alex jones off air safe

Didn’t realize Danny Boyle (of 28 Days) was involved in this “independent” foreign film “phenomenon” Slumdog Millionaire. Where’s that vomit emoticon when you need it? The Luciferean promotion business is old hat for Danny. Discussed clip:

Lucifer Dance Scene

Condoms came up last issue too [relevant/important enough to link the image again]. Sorry, it’s beyond irritating for me to hear fools repeat and propagate the slave wisdom of their indoctrination. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you learned it, were taught it, or heard it, without researching it for yourself, it’s bullshit.

fart polar bear mythtrojan lubricated

The above [right] shot is from Wanted (2008), and coincidentally, the guy buying them is the complete idiot the protagonist tires of early on. Probably for the best I didn’t see “hippie chick” again. Inevitably, we’d have had to have the dreaded “condom” conversation. Idiots who’ve been conditioned to believe they’re aware and intelligent tend to cling dearly to their indoctrinated belief systems [B.S.]. Thus, I’d very likely have ended up violating her rear entrance, just out of spite (think of it as a “poor man’s life extension technology”).

The referred to Futurama “Godfellas” episode is also worth a view. Just don’t fall into the [programmed] trap of assuming Groenig and company are talking about this nebulous white-bearded God/Dog character and it will make a lot more sense.

bender godgod and bender

For those who haven’t read my entire body of work, the idea of who/what Lucy Fur is, starts here. The discussed mysterious e-mail, arrived in my inbox two hours before publication of my conclusion regarding the lady in question. As for the “fear” tactic, it was a really weird drop during an interview as soon as I mentioned Lucy, followed by some faint far-off sound of a dungeon door closing. Yea, [more] weird/spooky shit. Nothing “new.”

I can’t recall the name of she who spoke of a “fractal fence,” nor the commenter who appraised me of her lecture series. Chime in if you’re here. Speaking of cubing the cube, that Futurama episode (The Farnsworth Parabox) is also amazing:

blank blind boxesUni Verse 17

My first exploration into the meaning of cubes is still relevant, and worth a read for any unfamiliar. I could do a whole analysis of the episode based on my personal growth and wisdom sense, but there’s more important things pending. {*2}

Of [extreme] interest, Matt Groening’s middle-name is “Abram.” The safe bet: not a coincidence. Farnsworth’s statement [below], pretty much cuts to the crux of our reality. For most of us, that god-damned box IS all that ever was or will be.

box is everything

The Church plays it’s crucial role in the process, getting fools down on their knees to pray to the box that is their prison [contemplated/expanded]. The priest class has long laughed at the expense of the fools they indoctrinate with horse-crap disguised as religion. Relevant: Elvis Costello’s [included] “God’s Comic.”

“Deliver us from evil,” we pray/plead, ever-ignorant of just whom (or what) we are addressing, nor exactly what the hell we’re even asking for. Considering that religion IS ass-backwards and “evil” is the reverse of “live,” perhaps, we are begging to die ignorant and come right back into the box. Repeat.

free thinker satan's slavejesus saves holes

Speaking of religion, got a good laugh out of the former [Godfellas] episode, when in his quest to find his lost friend, Frye went into the Amalgamated Church and asked, “Is there anything religion can do to help me find my friend?” By the way, the priest’s answer to the below conversation, was “No.” But laugh not too hard ye atheists, for the only person more ignorant than a “believer,” might be you.

I liked what Lenon Honor had to say on the subject of prayer in one of his video series. He views it as an “energy transference.” By “praying” to some gods we know little of, we feed them, and give them our power. As I’ve been saying, I’m done giving away my power to gods and men. I’m getting the fuck out of this box, and when I do, I’m gonna start taking some of that power back. The Gods better start praying they don’t meet me in the great beyond, lest I sodomize them.

prayer not useful

Well, at least they, the hand-maidens of the gods, have a sense of humor; a sick twisted sense of humor, but funny nonetheless. It’s not a coincidence that the church below used the word Deliverance in their title [a movie about men fucking men up the ass]. Metaphorically, the priest class has long fucked their flock up the ass, while in some cases, literally fucking their children in said manner.

I thank Carolyn from Iconoclast Report and Dallas Fat Boy for the “church bulletin” pics that I “borrowed.” Worth a laugh: an old [as the internet] list.

powerful position on kneeseasier to spellbring me that ass

Speaking of ass-fucking, I had begun to wonder, some time ago, why Arnold grunts like a “stuck pig,” in EVERY SINGLE ONE of his early movies. Every single one. And it always seems to go on for an unbearably, and uncomfortably, long time.

Listening to the included [podcast] clip from commando, free from the distraction of the hypnotizing and lying moving pictures on the screen, I think, makes it abundantly clear as to why. Again, as I surmised oh many times now, every element of cinematic craft/wizardry is scripted precisely, methodically and intentionally.

gay commando arnold leather man

Based on his past, and my ventures into territory few dare venture [hence, why morons tend to dismiss me as “anally” obsessed], the questions yield answers. For one, the priest class chuckle as it reminds them of the time they spent with little Arnold. Two, they laugh their ass off at the dumb beer-swilling fag-bashing macho dudes in the audience who haven’t the slightest clue as to what they’re watching and eagerly submit/consent to the reprogramming of their mind.

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” — J. Edgar Hoover

That’s the quote Stygian Port referred to. Of relevance, in why most who call themselves “truthers will never ever understand the gay agenda, or even why they are who they are [cause, they “do what they want“]. Just this week, my sister reminded me of the South Park episode (“Goobacks“) where in order to change the future (the shape of things to come), the men choose to become gay en masse. Matter of factly, one character states, “We are trying to turn everyone gay so there are no future humans.” In the face of revelation, our laughter is our consent.

south park gay pilesouth park gay pyle

Adding to the musical train theme, from my youth, I recall all the media-fed zombie boys who boasted of “running the train” on some girl. Oh you silly boys: to properly form a train, each boxcar needs to be able to couple with the car in front of and behind it. If you don’t understand that yet, don’t worry, you will soon enough.

Stygian after previewing this asked about all the Train songs, and how many more I had. Answer: plenty more where those came from [and none are from the imbecile “run the train” genre]. For example: the Clash’s “Train in Vain” would now be relevant. Oh, and pay close attention to the “Jumping Someone Else’s Train” lyrics; they are equivalent to Howard Biel’s speech from the last podcast [3].

bridget jones gravy slip

Hm, so train, outside of the last one bound for heaven, the one all you need is [blind] faith to board, also has multiple meanings. Aside from the rear-entry position favored by dogs, and the back-door method, favored by nearly everyone now, it also suggests to “indoctrinate/teach” as one might a pet, or a slave.

Formally defined: “to develop or form the habits, thoughts, or behavior of (a child or other person) by discipline and instruction.”

Thanks to B.L.Donnelly, who raised a good point about the propagation of mind-limiting propaganda, I feel I should start using the phrase “body energy field” instead of “Chakra System.” Who fathoms the potential of the hand? Indubitably, all general knowledge has been corrupted by the priest class, the servants of the vampiric overlords who’s very existence relies on keeping us forever in the box.

rebel in parisjim morrisonback door man

Likely not needing mention, if you haven’t already, please drop Jim Morrison, the one with a taste for the back doors of little boys from your list of idols humans. Next time you visit Paris, feel free to stomp on his grave. Wish I had. {*3}

Speaking of “chicken,” The Truman Show may just be worthy of an intimate exploration at some point. For now I’ll just point out a scene that someone really wanted the audience to notice. Carey runs into the twins and twice, they push his shoulder against the advertisement behind him, the camera focused on it.

free range human

Who’s the chicken in this situation? We are the chicken. We are the free-range slaves they are addressing (disuccsed in prior article, Statism is Dead vid reaches same conclusion). Just because we’re too blind [via conditioning] to see the chicken-wire, and too ignorant to know it exists, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

From our chicken cage, we go to Nick Cage (as I surmised before, he’s the new Kevin Bacon, connecting every actor to every movie). Though I wrote of National Treasure long ago, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the article, I was but an infant then [in comparison to now]. Speaking of another Nick, the song “Oh Lucy” was done by none other than Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. WTF! Synchronicity?

angelina veecan you guess my name

There’s our dear [¿hm, deer-hoof?] little Angelina Jolie making the V for Vagina sign. Alternately, the Luciferan gesture can be interpreted as “fuck me” or you’re welcome to come get a “piece.” Hm, now the jukebox is playing Elvis Costello crooning, “Get your mind off the sweet behind, of our little angel” [not included].

Further supporting the theory logical fact regarding the gender of “the adversary” is how the temptation of the Jesus is even by Church, ahem, Scholars, called the “Temptation of the Flesh.” Well, unless Jesus was a poofer [which he wasn’t, another article in the queue], it’s a safe bet there was vagina and titties involved.

ninth gate carwanted car

After hearing the Vaganally obsessed Prince sing his praise to “Little Nikki,” I can assume he had some inkling as to, at least, what color car she might drive and why she might “park her car sideways, cause it wouldn’t last” [more on that soon].

Speaking of Religion, has it occured to you this whole “Global Warming” hooplah is really just another Religion? Without any evidence, millions now believe something, on nothing other than faith (and some spurious parables/data) alone. Worth a laugh, Park’s “Goobacks” episode featured some idiot bringing up the topic and some “uneducated” redneck smashing his rhetoric with logic a [unindoctinated] child might use, closing with “Fucking Retard!” Here’s a few that fit that bill:

global warming fools

Speaking of “warming,” there does seem to be some heat rising from down under. Yea, inevitably Nicole Kidman came up again. I know I’ve shared her lovely rear with you guys before, but that’s no reason not to share it again. Sorry Elvis!

However, the image annemarie shared with us in prior post does make me reflect and reconsider what I might do to Nicole. That’s one scary fucking cover, man.

nicole kidman nakednicole kidman naughty

The cover also speaks synchronistic volumes of the connection between NIC[k]OLE [¿nice-hole?] and OLE’NICK. So, what exactly to you think, having listened to the clips from Prince’s “tribute,” happens when Little Nicki “starts to grind?” Would that be as in “grind” flesh? Go back and look at the images from last podcast dealing with the meat-grinding Cattle-Barenness from someplace faraway down.

Listen closely to the sections where Prince is screaming and tell me if that sounds like “pleasure” to you. Here’s the other related pics I said I was saving. There are no coincidences folks. But, there is good reason why it’s all becoming so evident.

old nicksatan vs santa

The Diamond Dogs are just the female variant of whores of the priest class. They are the starlettes that indoctrinate our kids into idol worship, and idleness [as in stunted brain development]. One day, I’ll get around to writing the long overdue article entitled Diamonds are a Whore’s Best Friend, but here’s another image [below] I’ve been looking to offload somewhere. Another bit of “truth.”

That may offend someone, and I guess I need not explain how little I care at this stage. But, many on this quest for truth wear diamonds, thus many “truthers” are whores who’ll never ever look into that mirror of truth. The first [real] step on the quest for truth is to admit you’re a whore. The second, is to stop being one.

boobs hanging on a leash

Do I even need to get into the lunacy of going [submitting] to the church/state to get “married?” Cap in hand, begging the same “daddy” who despises and mocks you, to bequeath his blessing upon your union [¿would that be “foul union,” or “fowl union”?]. The same slave privilege for which homosexuals are presently beating the drums of injustice at the plantation. Surely, the Master is rather amused.

Hm, so Oliver Stone (directed The Doors), Nick Cage [the illuminated seeker], Martin Scorcese (directed The Last Temptation of Christ), and Tom Hanks [symbologist hero extraordinnaire] are all intimately connected to the Vatican. Another coincidence, shirley. Here’s the flying x-box of death we talked about.

flying xbox of death

Which reminds me, I’m flabbergasted why people are so convinced that “Angels” are good, and “Demons” are bad, or that there’s even the slightest difference between the two. As if before the dawn of time, someone said, OK, all you guys that drink Coke are gonna be on the Devils Team and wear Red, while all you guys that drink Pepsi are gonna play for the Angels and wear White, forever. I guess it was better that than shirts versus skins? Which reminds me, I should probably sodomize a couple of those archangels once I get the hell out of this place.

Now the cabaret is frozen and the laughter comes in cans, and
The lonely hearts club clientele don’t know what to do with their hands

You swear you’ll never go back again, once you’re inside
You’re never the bridegroom, she’s always the bride
You’re not going to do a thing, to our little angel

You’ll come in a sweetheart and you’ll go out a stranger
Well, you try to love her, but she’s so contrary
Like a chainsaw running through a dictionary
So get your mind off the sweet behind of our little angel

Of note, in the mindfuck officially entitled Angels & Demons, said x-box flew into the vortex, while our deer Little Nicole spoke emphatically of “twisters” in Oz. {*4} There’s a lot more on that coming, and at the risk of giving away too much, let’s just say we’ll be “twisting the night away.”


:: :: :: :: ::


*1: Here’s a link. I can’t comment on aliens, cause I’ve yet to meet one. The main area I got uneasy is when Jordan’s comments regarding lying sack-of-shit history-distorting social-engineering chicken-hawk Steven-Spielberg came close to praise. [LB]

*2: Michael over at Hidden Agendas did a full-write up of said episode aeons ago, and included oodles of screen shots. For the unfamiliar, here’s my video featuring the movie segment Stygian and I joke about [08:08]. [LB]

*3: I’d guess, that nurture overrides nature, especially when you’re a victim of mind control. Safe to assume Jimmy spent a lot of time being eaten (as pic suggests), before he developed his own taste for “chicken”. [LB]

*4: Last-minute additions. My draft of “Diamonds” talks about how these over-abundant stones are pretty much worthless, unless you’re drilling through/for something. Thus, I can’t help but think this [kk] image is synchromystically related. The “uncomfortable statement” in regards to “twisting” that SP and I laugh about, occurred during the first Dark Knight interview. [LB]

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  1. The dance scene of Slum(diamond)dog makes me think of the destructive Dance of Shiva which destroys the world. All the dancers except the main two board the trains and head towards the camera. The two left behind walk towards the light in the opposite direction. Did they make it out while the rest of the people went back to re-create/populate the world again?

    Hehe, “goobacks,” as opposed to wet-backs who are wet from swiming thru the Rio Grande into this country, the Goo-backs come in covered in a sticky goo… Even in Poltergeist, travel from the Otherworld into this one involved some type of goo (and a portal that looked like a massive vagina or rectum…). I, for one, plan on never having goo sprayed onto my back (that’s what those “tramp stamp” tattoos are for), because I’m not coming back into this world when I get out!

  2. Speaking of sodomy, a couple years ago I worked in a parish house counting collection money, cleaning and setting up the church. One day I was doing some cleaning and found the priests stash of gay pornos. “Sizzlin on the Slopes”. No joke. today,my first day back to church in about 3 months, said priest gave his homily and repeated “Jesus needs weak people” several times. I wanted to get up and say “do not listen to this bullshit” And the readings were filled with the sacrifice of Jesus, forgiveness of our sins with his blood, universal kingdom. I could go on but you get the point.

  3. Great stuff… I think all Maxwell said about Spielberg was that he’s “very smart”, or something like that. It’s kind of the same deal as when that hunter in Jurassic Park knows a velociraptor is about to devour him, and he looks it in the eye and says “clever girl”. He still hates them, but knows that they are intelligent, and they’re consciously planning things. That’s just the way I interpreted it, at least.

    Wow, I didn’t even make the conscious connection that Jurassic Park was directed by Spielberg as I was typing that. Strange!

    About the “vomiting” theme- The new Star Trek movie (which I watched earlier today) has a scene where Kirk is intentionally injected with something by McCoy that makes him sick, and he says “I might throw up on you”. This is a running ‘joke’, because later in the movie McCoy says the same thing to Kirk, under different circumstances of course.

  4. ViolatoR, good observation about the Shiva dance. If you “sync” watching the clip with us talking about it, “Last Train to Heaven” comes into play to. Judging how the priest class are the ones advising us to “get onboard,” the smart “money” is that train is bound for HELL.

    Nice addition on “goobacks” to. Hm, is the MONEY SHOT the price of admission into the MATERIAL world? Damn, my priest told me it would help me get to heaven. I was only 8 at the time. Why would he lie to me??? 😀

    J, I think we get the point. Though, I’m sure some would be interested in the plot of that episode of “sizzlin on the slopes.” 👿 Yep, that fool is reading right out the King James version.

    Tommy, yes it could well be that way. Spielberg the clever [child] predator? Hopefully, for Maxwell, who I’ve learned much from, synchronicity, this time, won’t turn up some vid of him talking about sex and children two days from now [yes, Larry the Molester made it into the newest podcast].

  5. Came across this album cover recently:

    Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars

    Not sure why, but I immediately thought of the Celtic Rebel. heheh


  6. just for the record: Lucy’s car is a Dodge Viper

  7. Hello Celtic Rebel, I like your blog an wanted to ask why you changed the picture at the top. The villains on the left have grown in numbers while one white peasant has been slain, what’s up with that? 🙂

    Take care!

  8. This will probably make me forget the bs that ive been through lately.

    So thanks in advance.


  9. Seeing red and blue dualities and x-boxes in almost all modern films. Watched “Pandorum” last night, boring as fuck, but very clever in its characters’ use of light sticks to denote emotional content. We have one scene where the hero dude decides to “man-up” and save everyone, and he cracks a blue light stick and he’s off into the breach dear friends. The final scene has him birthing out into a “new world” in a metal coffin/escape pod inscribed with a big x, so he cracks a red light stick just for the sheer fuck of it.

  10. annemarie, that image confuses me. Cause would the front hole be the new gutter or the new star in this scenario???

    c, ah thanks. That (a “viper”) would make a lot of sense.

    PlantATreein2012, fair question. I changed the “villains” around from the front groups to the true forces destroying humanity. As for the pawns, since I don’t know how to create a moving graphic, it’s my way of expressing frustration, cause while I’m busy fighting/attacking the forces of Dis, my back’s to them, a few of the pawns have headlongingly run around me into the waiting arms of the enemy.

    Corbeau, I hope it helped.

    B.L.Donnelly, yea, it’s like a checklist now. X-box: check. Grid: check. Anus reference: check. Dialectic: check.

  11. Hey J, why does not the church of the Romans just state the obvious? All priests are gay? Why in the hell would any one want such a vocation? Drunks and buggers all! This black iron prison is a lesson to be learned. Why are we here? Where is the exit? What is next? Dennis

  12. Surprised, but not surprised to hear danny boyle was involved with that scary “indie” slumloard millionare, although the name alone tell us everything….i hear mr. boyle owns a good deal of property in downtown l.a.

  13. Of x-boxes and death cults? Well, look-see what the els served up as some of Amerika’s bestest enter-taint-ment {sic} only last nite: Rihanna wins the battle of the body suits with Lady GaGa at the American Music Awards

    Oh what fools we {im}mortals bee. I, for one, am not a-mused. This is such steep shit. Tsk, tsk. Too bad about their “fortune” though. Life is not a game. No matter… they still play it. Joke’s on them. pity…

    PS: Celt, Confusion and ambiguity are the *order* of the day, n’est-ce pas. That could certainly be the intent of that image.

    However, imo, real and true humans are star gazers not gutter snipes. Are not confused about our essential identity. Know or sense from whence we come, as well as where we belong. And cannot be perpetually fooled.

    Though, I could be wrong.

    ta, ciao

  14. Fuckin great. Really. You belong on T.V. man dinga. No Doubt. Or on satellite radio.

    Gonna burn this one for the trip up to work.

    Looking forward to videos and more audio amigo.

  15. dennis, on the just-recorded show we took up the topic of why the priests are reprogramming the even WHAT, much less, where, “the exit” is. I think there are some genuine well-meaning, brain-washed low-level ministers, but if they don’t develop a taste for chicken, they get nowhere.

    lalan, and it would appear Senor “boil” is working hard on turning LA into the first distopic visionized city of anals, ala Blade Runner/Minority Report.

    annemarie, argh, you really are trying to talk me out of sexual congress with NicHole Kidman aren’t you? Well, it’s working. Yet, Lucy has other vessels to choose from.

    Oh my, to sum up the American Music Awards: Dumb cunts on stage. Dumb cunts in the audience. Dumb cunts watching it on TV. Dumb cunts all. I guess I could have just said, “Dumb Cunts!”

    Jon, I appreciate the sentiment and think I’d do much good on the box, but to date, I’ve never crapped myself and would like to keep that mundane claim going. 👿 Appreciate the feedback though.

  16. The Fractal Fence is pure World Brain Masonic Utopia, the Elite’s Matrix Plan, one They are steadily progressing with to Borg those who can not or do not resist. Take heart in that we here are fighting for freedom from the Fear Machine.
    The Actual Matrix Plan courtesy of the Luciferian “J.D.” Rockefellers’ UN. Don’t mind the author, Drew Hempel. He’s a radical yogic freak but he has excellent structural critique and profound understandings. Note the Patriarchal Platonic Basis of The Civilised/City/Capitalist Crap. It’s an Aryan thing. He asserts we are actually facing a conversion of Carbon Organic “Natural” Life into Silicon Crystal “Artifically” Intelligent Life
    He can be hard to grasp as he writes very right-brain and presumptiously condensed. New blog is:
    He says Satan is the Masonic Cubic 666 based on the Lie of the Absurd (Square Root of Two) as opposed to the Open Harmonic Healing INfinite 2:3 i.e. 0.666666666recurring, which he argues is Electromagnetic Yang Energy, All Sourced in Absolutely Nothing Naturally! (paraphrasing)
    Seriously. Don’t laugh 😉
    It makes sense when you look into it.

    The Horned Dualistic Rebel Hel/Venus likes to pretend to be the Unknowable One. All the gods do.
    Lila of the Maya.
    On synchronicity: I find it a great help in life but do credit the bastards with arranging an almost overwhelming confusion of deceit and clever cons and pressures. Just got to keep your eyes open for their every ruthless depravity, read more and learn to break them codes. And work the Infowar! We can network and propagandise a solution. Mutual support would be a start.

    Celtic Rebel, can we have more fresh rebelling and less “realistic” pessimism, please? Readers not hopelessly morbid probably want pro-freedom information not doom-mongering, even free as it is. We have Alex Jones for that. There’s plenty of commonly agreed human values that could unite us in emancipation if fought for. It’s a question of consciousness and Information Technology can deliver the connectivity. Of course we have but a couple of years left to sort our shit out, at best.

  17. Check out these nikki definitions:

    Quite possibly the cutest, sweetest, and most attractive girl you’ll ever meet. Not only is she pretty and hot, but she has great intellectual insight and is all around a perfect person. No matter what she does, you could never get mad at her. When you see her pictures, her smile, her eyes, you feel not only turned on, but content. Content because you know that she is everything you could ask for.

    Nikki needs no example, she is the example.


    and of course next door nikki

  18. If you can understand Gnosticism, you can understand everything. Or at least start to. From

    “Lucifer, or Luciferus, is the name of the angelic Entity presiding over the light of truth as over the light of the day. In the great Valentinian gospel Pistis Sophia (§ 361) it is taught that of the three Powers emanating from the Holy names of the Three [[Tridunameis]], that of Sophia (the Holy Ghost according to these gnostics — the most cultured of all), resides in the planet Venus or Lucifer.”

    I apologize if this has been said before—but it just struck me that in Star Wars, Luke Skywalker (Red 5) defeats the Death Star by targeting the exhaust port.

  19. Skippy, that’s an interesting read. As you may be aware, I’m one of the few [i know of] that views the WB “Matrix” as a mind-fuck of epic scalar proportions. His note remind me to do an article or podcast, on the Hellenics, and their demonization [ala “hell”] and denigration [the fabricated homoerotic BS ass-ociated with them].

    Did you say the “infowar?” 😯 I hear your last sentiment, but am at a loss for a solution. The boxcars to hell are at the platform and waiting. I can think of little to stop most of humanity’s remnants from jumping aboard the “last train to heaven” willingly and eagerly.

    Danny Diaz, was unaware that “nikki” was now a colloquialism. The last Nikki that comes to mind was cute and dumb as a rock. But, I guess that’s “normal” now. My Australian readers may get a kick out of a story of how I failed to bed one Aussie girl I brought home. “Do you remember my name,” she asked. My absent-minder reply: was it Sheila?

    I couldn’t make it through more than a minute of that “j-kwon” song. Were I to take 20 feral cats, attach bells to their necks and put them in confined space together … THAT would produce a more listenable harmony than said crap video.

    Eleleth, no need to apologize at all. No one has brought that up to ME before. Wow! Of course, it’s most vulnerable spot was a tight little rear exhaust port. Ugh! Touche Mr. Lucass, touche!

    Hm, that was from the Valentinian/Vagina gospels…

  20. Audio of the Schwartz’s ‘John Matrix’ is sooooo gay!

    from IMDB: “Arius (Dan Hedaya) is said to be a deposed dictator from the country of Val Verde. Val Verde was a fictionalized South/Central American country used by Hollywood from the 1980s to early 1990s to depict a Spanish speaking country similar to Cuba or Nicaragua without getting encountering diplomatic problems. It is also referenced in the films Predator (1987), Die Hard 2 (1990), and the made for TV movie Supercarrier (1988) (TV).

    The introduction to Matrix as he comes out of the forest, with close ups on his boots, chest, biceps etc was shot and edited in a similar fashion as Leni Riefenstahl’s Nazi propaganda movies. According to director Mark L. Lester this was done to represent the notion of the invincible man of the earth emerging from the forest.”

  21. Hey CR, wow this was a lot better than the 1st(or 3rd?) dinner w/ SP, not to belittle that one but you touched on a lot more important subjects on this podcast. There’s a theme I’ve been noticing in the propaganda marketed at the ever popular 18-30 demographic, suicide and man-on-man money shots. In this episode of Metalocalypse on AS it is very literal: Metalocalypse Deth Health (Tip: it will be more entertaining the more inebriated you are, kinda like sex with an ugly and/or obese girl)

    In this episode of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia (wasn’t that a film about a gay Tom Hanks w/ AIDS?) it’s more subversive, but feel free to call me on my bullshit if I’m reaching. “Paddy’s Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens”

  22. Tankmen 5:

  23. Great stuff fellas!

    The X Box is a “double cross” and is seen earlier in the window advertisment during drive on path of illumination as “sephora, sephora”, ie “cipher, cipher”, a “brand” of make-up.

    The “double cross” of the film is on the masses who now have a Fish King who is “born of water and an (unwilling) spirit”, ie the donkey professor.

  24. Shumi, hm, Val Verde would also be 66, and the GREEN valley. I recall watching something about Leni and how they wouldn’t let her make more films. Fairly ironic, considering propagandists like Tarantino and Spielberg have put out propaganda that makes her work look pathetically tame.

    Immortallywounded, well, that may be cause we spent a good part of the “3” talking about nothing before we got rolling. 😀 There’s some weird shit going on with Metalpocalypse (once discussed) as far as programming, subliminal and overt.

    Interesting, considering the “grind” section herein, the band, in lie of the word “death,” used the phrase “hamburger meat.” The latter link required a sign-in. Oh, and I wouldn’t have the slightest inkling of what “sex with an obese girl” might be like.

    c, well, that was gay.

    eugene, your last two comments, here and at Stygian Port, have been pushing me to undertake and roll out a long overdue, super-secret revelatory controversial piece about the Jesus.

  25. Thanks, i enjoyed this one.
    No surprise there.

    The ahnold bit made me [laugh] hard;)

    Hah hah

    Be blessed.


  26. So we should drop Jim Morrison altogether because of one song he’s covered? Somehow you (now in your second post) fail to mention that “Back Door Man” is not a song written by him, but by Willie Dixon, who was a fairly prominent (Chicago) Blues musician. If you know about this style of music it’s clear that lyrics of such kind are nothing unusual. Although I don’t like wikipedia: “In southern culture, the phrase “back-door man” refers to a man having an affair with a married woman, using the back door as an exit before the husband comes home. “When everybody trying to sleep, I’m somewhere making my midnight creep. / Every morning the rooster crow, something tell me I got to go / I am a back door man”, Wolf sings. The promiscuous “back-door man” is a standard theme found in many blues, including those by Charley Patton, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Blind Willie McTell and Sara Martin”

    “Speaking of Religion, has it occured to you this whole “Global Warming” hooplah is really just another Religion?” – Although you may not share his conclusion, you might listen to Ian Plimer’s speech in which he is eloqently adressing this very issue.

    For some reason the link is not being displayed. If it doesn’t work again, it’s named “Environmentalism Is the New Religion”

  27. In Japan, ‘Herbivore’ Boys Subvert Ideas Of Manhood

    The sensitive New Age man has finally arrived in the land of the salaryman. But there is a catch — a particularly important one in Japan, where the declining birthrate has caused alarm: The new Japanese man doesn’t appear to be interested in women or sex.

  28. Sure they have a .44 Bockscar to our temple but that gives us contact and so enables a disarm and reversal…
    it’s a shame the Matrix and its Death Stars are a little more complex than turning a shooting iron.

    Victory is a state of mind. We will win.
    it is just a question of how many casualties we take…

    I look forward to your tales of not loving boys in Hellenic times and the words of Plato, the cunt.

  29. Thanks Corbeau. Pretty damn blatant wasn’t it.

    mumei, I expect nothing. How about because their fame far exceeded their talent? Or, due to the Doors being another Tavistock social enginering experiment. Or, perhaps cause JM was as mind-controlled as Elvis or MJ [michael jackson]?

    Whatever the case of the original, listen to Jim croon that number. He is talking about EXACTLY what I suggest. As I pointed out in my Iconoclast interview in regards to that douche-bag Marilyn Manson and his concubine reframing the context of a Joy Division [to be posted soon], same can be said for this little ditty.

    Antares, the Japanese, long victims of a top-down culture, have “subjected” to all sorts of social engineering experiments. From kamikaze pilots, to accepted schoolgirl prostitution for electrical gadgets and purses, to femboy glamour.

    As “C” below chimed in though, diet [as this mainstream news piece suggests] isn’t necessarily a factor. I’m a herbivore and have been accused/praised by countless females that I’m a brute quite like Conan the Barbarian [howard’s not arnold’s].

    DPS, I’ll assume you’re also counting the countless zombies that are beyond salvation. The story of how the hellenics and gaels were screwed by the english is a coming, one day.

  30. Antares, damn, I’m a herbivore… I LOVE desserts! 😀 Nah… I don’t know – in Japan they always had cultural extremes. I mean, what do you expect from a culture in which suicide was a thing that happened all the time, because of honor, duty and compliance! And now they tend to the other extreme, presumably to compensate centuries of suppression.

    About the gay agenda: Here in germany there – for many years now – is at least one gay character in every damn tv-show or soap opera. Okay, but in my “REAL LIFE” there are too gays in my circle of friends. I don’t have a problem with them and it’s not contagious.

    Oh and one more thing; about the ASS. I love (as many men) a perfect lady’s ass. This does absolutely NOT mean that I want to f*** her asshole. I think as everyone knows one can have “sex from behind” and still putting the cock in the right hole (omg… what a strange topic).

    I even once heard that the most popular sex position of men is doggy style… I don’t know, but somehow I have the feeling that of course the porno-industry promotes anal sex all the time but the same time fewest people want to fuck or be fucked in the ass!

    More worse than some stupid anal-agendas I think are those unrealistic, high performance representations of those porn-actors with their “perfect” bodies having “steam-hammer-sex”. SOOO IDIOTIC. But stupid people buy crap!

    Yes, some “brave new world” is coming; that is true – but I still can’t imagine that you can take the most inner, most natural urges away from people. I mean, even if anal-sex would be the indoctrinated and socially engineered way of having sex… how stupid would people have to be to no more know that one has to put the genitals together in the RIGHT WAY (TM) to procreate… ???

  31. Yep, rented a porno a once (it happens), but it’s been my last for quite awhile. Why? The setting was a classroom (no I’m not a teacher), and as my attention waned during the anal (why is it always the cutest one- dammit!), I noticed the blackboard had a drawing that I first thought to be a molecule. Instead, it was an EXACT copy of the drawing made by Betty and Barney Hill of the starmap they saw inside the UFO that abducted them, later “identified” as Zeta Reticuli. This was not part of the “plot”.

    You know those moments of truth where you realize you were such a jackass for doing/saying/believing/drinking something you shouldn’t have? Seeing that gave me the same exact feeling (aside, of course, from giving Jews money for my thrill instead of buying a drink for a comely lass at the local pub). However, with your blog I’m now finally beginning to understand why.

    invisible sun

  32. You had some nice music there also.

    Probably hit you with
    interesting X-box picture

    Thank you.


  33. Some things you two talked about on the podcast has helped me string together some thoughts I’ve been having.

    Back before I knew better I had a celebrity gossip blog. Even though my angle was to point out the heavily orchestrated/manipulated PR that goes on even with the most “candid” moments of your fav celebs, I finally realized I had a magnifying glass on an ant hill and I stepped back to find I was at the bottom of the Grand Canyon of bullshit called the entertainment industry. I watched the emergence of “synchro-mystics” who seem to never run out of material by looking at TV, movies and print media. But I, like you CR, wonder more about the proverbial ship that’s leaving the wake of syncs for the “awakened” ones to play with. I think you’re onto something – that syncs are a rabbit hole and there’s an even bigger doo doo trail to follow.

    Another thing I wondered is how you can stand watching the movies/TV that you do to do this. I used to be a movie freak, but my tolerance for it all is just shot. I have such a visceral reaction (“I’m melting!”) when watching anything now. I haven’t been able to watch a movie from beginning to end in almost a year. (How you made it through The House Bunny is something I cannot comprehend.) I did go see Good Hair – viewing auto updates my black card or something – but documentaries are much less of an assault on my senses. My perception feels so fucked with when I watch anything else that I have become something of a current movie retard. You both obviously get that there’s nothing good for you in this stuff, so how do you stand it??

    And word to Invisible Sun. Sad farewell to porn recently…Sigh.

  34. Hmm, knowglow, you got me thinking. In computer RPG “Fallout” a hero wanders the post-apocalyptic waste lands for a technology to save his “Vault” (nuclear shelter). When he does so, he is thrown out instead of being made their leader – he has been changed by his exposure to the brutal world and is no longer one of them. Then in Serentiy, the assasin explains to “Mel” that he isn’t trying to help the government so he can live in their “perfect world,” because he “is a monster” and has no place there. Alex and I are taking bullets for you guys, but hopefully our intuition-vests deflect most of the damage! I’m hoping to transmute the muck into gold at some point in the future, but for now, I’m waist deep in the sticky goo of this world.

    Re: the Japanese. Yes, the Japanese guys are girls. Even before this current fad, they were pretty much one circle-jerk away from full blown gayness. I went to a small bar/club in Northern Japan to see a punk show (which was really good!) and the mosh-pit, if you can call it that, consisted of young Japanese boys thrusting their crotches at one-another, getting on the floor below their friend while the guy ‘on top’ pretended to hump him, and other stuff I have tried to forget.

  35. C, if you’re under the impression my my blog has an issue with gay people, and not the gay agenda (forcing homosexuality on children), then you’ve either not understood the totality, or I’ve not conveyed myself properly. The wHore Box Orofice set addresses specifically the steam-shovel sex you mention.

    Among the young, anal is as common, if not more common than vaginal now. If you think people can’t have their “nature” reprogrammed, how do you account for this rubble of zombies mislabeled as “humanity?” I’d suggest listening to my Social Engineering podcast again.

    invisible sun, I get the feeling that “industry” has it’s embedded operatives as well. I’ve got an image from some “amateur” offering that rubs master symbology in our face [saving for BRoF extras].

    Corbeau, ok. Thanks for the tunes sentiment. I personally love them. 😀

    knowglow, oh what was it that Jesus guy about “he without sin and tossing rocks?” 👿 A “gossip” blog? No worries, we’re all guilty of having wasted time/energy reinforcing the system in one way or another.

    As I parlayed last article [3], watching some of these films, detached with my checklist in hand, is morbid, yet sometimes fun. Plus, it helps me understand the average person out there, understanding the reality-shaping programming they’ve been subjected to. Does it help ME get closer to understanding the boat-driver? As long as I don’t get mired in the ripples, and take a long view oh how/why the ripples arrived, perhaps.

    ViolatoR, this “sticky goo” is starting to smell like shit. 😀 Dude, that was classic: “one circle-jerk away from full-blown gayness.” Thanks for chiming in on topic.

  36. Speaking of humping may I turn the gender back to Nicole Kidman and her ass? That’s better. Australia gets a notice from The Healing Chamber connecting 2012 to OZ and JUPITER. JO/IO. Edenic Bliss. Important to know your Astrology. Fascinating spiel with pics on the ramifications of The Red Eye, The Aryan/Iron EGO Macho Machine and Mars. It’s at the blog’s bottom (crikey, I didn’t expect that butt of a pun!!) but his stuff is great, well worth a read to remind us who we really are.

    Damn those Japboys are gay! Are we not in danger of exaggerating the prevalence of poofy tendencies a bit though? I agree lack of manly behaviour and a rise in buggery is pandemic but surely most guys still try to nails girls? And girls guys… but I guess another 20 years of phthalates and bisphenol will sort that for good unless we claim our power back from the Elite.

    Aaah.. you’re right. The natural response to become violent with those who imposed this sexual degradation has been utterly repressed. Most of the concerned intelligensia are too weak of heart or mind to orchestrate an effective infowar rebellion. The noise from the discredited Christians is a rearguard action. The minority of real masculine minded men left are going to have a horrible fight preserving any knowledge of manhood other than fighting and slaving for the State.My beard says we could win…

    Hey, let’s look at the positive. If we survive the next 10 years there are only two outcomes: total enslavement or a failure of the Elite to gain total control and the reversal of power as the masses wake up. Since the Luciferians and Satanists and other supercriminal masons and mafia are not going to go from their pedestals to prison without a fight to the death we can expect their resistance have removed a great number of the pain-in-the-ass idiots. Unfortunately they will focus on the smart opposition (us) but what would life be without challenges!?

    That is “if” we survive! So we ought to work on that. Make sure your anti-zombie kit has appropriate tools.

  37. Just a quick note, but look at how many pornstars have weird occult symbols tattooed on their bodies. Either full on lifted from books or just strange sigils and shit. Who knows what that’s doing to the faithful jerkers at home?

  38. Corbeau’s Slide Show

    The snapshots are from the movie ” Short Cuts” by Robert Altman.

    Thank you.


  39. Knowglow, thanks for the condolences. Sadly, I wish I could say farewell, but porn keeps ‘penetrating’ my reality in its many forms. It is an X box (MPAA rating). YouTube “German Sprite Commercial” to see a perfect example of the American ads we can look forward to.

    It actually makes me long for the more ‘conservative’ days of things like “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

    invisible sun

  40. Skippy, thanks for the article link. Fits right in with the discussed video I’m [slowly] assembling about ZION, IN OZ, and now 2012 (ZIOZ). Yes, today’s “intelligensia” are literally, a bunch of dumb cunts.

    B.L.Donnelly, argh, that’s specifically what I was discussing above. I guess I’ll now have to share/preview it [temporarily]. Also, the coincidental timing of Megan 666 [half-a-pi] and her new tattoo, the name of her 36 yo lover, next to her “pie” (according to her), from last discussion thread, came to mind.

    Corbeau, very very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    invisible sun, heh! Funny how Frankie’s overtly gay semen-fest seems tame in comparison to today’s average Disney program. Those curious, do a search for “banned german sprite commercial.”

  41. I didn’t realize there was anyone reading this blog who still bought into “the lizard king’s” B.S. How naive of me. Here’s a guy that exposes Morrison, his father’s role in the Gulf of Tonkin, and the whole Laural Canyon/Hippie movement psyop:

    It’s a long, creepy tale, but worth a read.

  42. A slow moving but worthy clip on Venus and the timing of the Luciferian NWO for 2012; Rome, Berlin and Paris are looking to get a dose of the clap.

    Lucifer/Venus is Goddess of “Love” (Lust) and WAR in both Norse and Hellenic Athenian culture… Freya and Pallas Athena.

    In trad.Western Astrology Venus governs not just Lust for sex but Lucre and indeed the W-HOLE MATERial World. A domestic Goddess… for the pleasures of that fake safe home with the comfy sofa. You know you want to… She is Hot! Hot! Hot! and She sooo horny (for your Mind, Body and Spirit)!

    On second thought we know where the whore has been and it’s all smelling kinda ripe. I’ll pass on Lucy and go for Harmonia, She is my kind of WHole.

  43. About all those “X-BOXES” – well, do you know the futhark; the runic alphabet? There, the “X” or GEBO rune has quite a different meaning…

  44. So I went to get my corrupt on with the banned German ad and well, shit. I knew they’d find a way to keep people from fast forwarding through the commercials.

    Thanks for the replies Celtic Rebel and ViolatoR. Your interaction here is really appreciated. And thanks CR for not holding my sordid blog past against me:)

  45. Mat, the readers tend to be more varied than one might think. I myself put up some resistance to accepting the Pistols as a fraud. Good article. That Laurel Canyon place, to date, is full of deviants and miscreants. It’s a safe bet that ANYONE who comes out of there is a “mother-fucker” [metaphorically, and maybe literally].

    Peter, you provide much good info, but your word total here in the comments is approaching that of the article. Nothing personal mate … I do realize, judging by the volume of comments in the last few articles, the structure of article/comments may need to change/adapt at some point. But, reply on next article! 😦

    That all said, I liked what you shared about the the holee one. I would bet the our darling little sex “fiend” has been to Chicago, among other places.

    C, and another interpretation/layer for the x-box to add to the mix. Um, thanks. 😉

    knowglow, de nadah!

  46. i agree – i don’t buy that the synchromystic movement or observation is all that arbitrary, but more so planted and “a ripple” to falsely perceive serendipity. even all the hoopla over illuminati, nwo, mk/sexual slavery, gay/whoring agenda, etc. is too overt for me not to consider a well-executed plan in effect to raise consciousness of these subjects… maybe even the celticrebel could be in on it? 🙂

    as for the british empire, have you read “the union jack”. it describes the united states as being an annex of the colluded british-israel system… a system based on bastardizing christianity to the belief of “heaven on earth” punctuated with ‘end times’ fear mongering [watch for 2012 at a theatre near you]. no wonder all the douche bags say, “bring on armageddon cus this place sucks and we need jesus to come again now!!” guess the same idea for the brits can apply to the nazis… the never really were exterminated, they just relocated and continued their agenda as crypto-nazis.

    slumdog millionaire = marketing (i.e. indoctrinating) guru/genius. glamorizing self-sacrifice, pedophilia, slave trade, outsourcing of enterprise to poor countries from us/uk, among other things. no wonder it won so many awards [they’re all fuckers].

    then (i wish you never brought it up) there was “bridget jones’ diary”. never noticed the sodomy scene (thanks for that btw), but the film sums up our current affairs well – 2 effeminate males fighting over a fat cow whore. and hugh grant, who needs to fuck with dirty whores off the street to get it up, is one notch above ben stiller (imo), but one notch below jerry seinfeld.

    another great master piece. quit seizing my energies though 🙂

  47. Twins! Left, Right.
    Dew eye look good…
    from behind? Behold.
    Miss-made knew…
    Ass-fix-i-ation is
    the new wind bag.

    Trim wicked wick.
    Needle needle on
    the wall, witch
    knife is the PHattest
    of them all?
    The seven years one.
    What cut buns ewe have!
    Seen m on TAV!

  48. FYI, I thought I would share some like-minded (I think) websites. Some of the people involved with CR’s “Other Resources” section are often interviewed at these websites:

    Conscious Media Network
    Dangerous Minds
    MK Culture

    Hope this helps for any newbies.

  49. raffi, in on it? Perhaps, conned into serving some interests indirectly. Perenially, I am, as always, on the outside looking in:

    “I’m on the outside, I’m on the outside now
    This is where it all begins on the outside looking in
    Looking in. At you
    I’m just an alien through and through
    Tryin’ to make believe I’m you. Tryin’ to fit
    Just a stranger on the outside looking in”
    Oingo Boingo, “On the Outside”

    Hm, that was synchromystically suspect. I always thought the Britons were the Nazis and now just call themselves “liberals” and “neocons.” 😯 And good point/additon about BJD, a female robbed of her femininity, trying to choose from two males who are more feminine than her.

    eugene, just the other night, after reading your comment I had to laugh (while slapping my forehead violently) as I overheard one woman with a lovely small rear on her bemoan how she wanted to get her butt enhanced (made bigger). These dumb monkeys will do/say whatever the Medes tell them. As another song used within one of these casts bemoans, “Everybody wants prosthetic foreheads on their real heads. [If I could afford it] I’d buy a big prosthetic forehead, and wear it on my real head.”

    Antares, not sure how this connects directly to this article, but I’ll allow it (it, due to the amount of links had been relegated to the spam folder).

  50. I did a lot of Architecture Design work … I got really interested in fields and how they hide copies inside themselves … I called it a hexametric field.

    I get you two confused and am not sure exactly who is who still … but I thought it was hilarious when the roudier guy said she told him he has a “small carbon foot print” kinda means she also said you have a small penis … lol

    Talking about the grid again, when it’s aligned with zenith, upright, it’s a fence and blocks. When it is horizontal then it syncs with train tracks and dna and does the opposite of block.

    After all my field work in Design my Professor said something smart, it’s not about the field but the frame … just a thought

    I really love the shows you guys are doing … so entertaining and I’m glad you don’t pull punches

    oh on the ass stargate, Michael at Gosporn and I have talked about that before. My example was an image of the stargate overlapped on a Goatse image I found on

  51. Does anyone here know anything I might not about G Edward Griffin and Freedom Force International. His idea for a solution seems very good to me, even as I continue to learn more and more. Any thoughts?

    PS: I should mention that he submits an idea of a holographic structure of social order, based on the ideals of individualism and the creed of freedom versus the pyramidal structure of society. (I know some will not like the idea of a creed, but check it out.)

    When you talk about song and dance, I think about how Alan Watt said his family would spend time together and his Grandpa would start breaking into song and dance and Watt thinks this is something that happened organically. This is without any tv or movie influence, so maybe it is something that happens when families spend time together without tv and movies. Think about how history was passed down through dance and verbal stories way back when.

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