The Dark Night in Retrospect [1]

To make a long boring story short, yet equally as boring, the alignment of stars commencing on September 1st, led to an unexplained system crash, and a few other events depriving me of a single computer working among three, that left me bereft of online access, hence “communication,” which is allegedly ruled by Mercury.

Rather than bitch about it, I’ve taken the time to get my own house in order [literally], yet am hopelessly behind on any online matters, notably writing anything new, responding to e-mails and reading anyone’s material [forget video].

Though not back to full [technical] strength yet, I was back on Mystic Politics this Sunday [September 20, 2009] to discuss the Dark [k]Night movie. In respect to the Chaos and Madness investigated last issue, along with some other events, I looked at the movie [yet] again from a deeper perspective and even found a few rather interesting tidbits that I overlooked the first few times I saw the film.


The above is the archive of the broadcast for those who missed the show [no longer on site]. There were some technical difficulties which deprived us of between 10 to 15 minutes, so at some point I may edit and reupload. I guess I should have scheduled the interview for after the Mercury Retrograde. 😡

Some of the topics discussed during the show (but, by not means limited to): predictive programming, heroes and villains, Alex [ca]Jones, social engineering, archetypes, gOds, planets, Heath Ledger, butt sex, Ordo ab Chao, materialism, in-sanity, disorder, revelation, and oh, did I mention, butt sex? {*1}

One of the most controversial aspects of my analysis, was likely that of the “rape scene” at the end, where Heath Ledger takes advantage of the Batman who’s pinned down and helpless and “twists it in him” [so to speak]. {*2} I know many out there will refuse to acknowledge it, but you have to watch the segments in sequence. What’s that Batman? Methinks the lady doth protest too much:

If you’ll recall, back when television was more restricted and parents actually knew what the fuck “parenting” meant, “fireworks” were used in place of grunts and groans. Heck, I think even the Brady Bunch showed them in lieu of kisses.

This [homosexual undercurrent] has been going on movies for a very long time. Thanks to a comment left by a reader, I was able to add this quote to the mix: it’s one of Arnold’s numerous homoerotic blockbusters [Thanks Julius!]:

Matrix [Arnold]: “You can beat me… You want to put a knife in me. Look me in the eyes. See what’s going on in there while you turn it. That’s what you want to do to me, right? Come on, let the girl go. You and me. Don’t deprive yourself of some pleasure. Come on Bennett; let’s party.”

Bennett [Leatherman]: “I don’t need the girl — I don’t need the girl!!”

Same reader also sent in this great clip, where Quentin Tarantino talks about the [ultra] “subversive homosexual party-fest known as Top Gun. If anyone knows what movie this [QT] scene is from, please chime in:

Funny to see this little bit of truth come out of the mouth of one of THE most subversive homosexual directors in Hollywood. Truth is a strange thing. Same reader also sent me this link: Most Unintentionally Gay Movies Ever Made. In this day and age, I grimace to see the sheep still think it’s “unintentional.”

There’s a reason why Christian Bale was “cast” to play the schizophrenic knight, and very good reason why even the villains in the film [i.e., both the Joker and the Scarecrow] were naturally questioning Bruce Wayne’s sanity [images from].

Batman’s move towards total surveillance of the citizenry, of course, parallels our ignorant steady [fully-consented to] walk towards same. {*3} Heck, even Lucifer’s faithful servant Luscious Fox has a problem with it. That is significant:

Bruce/Batman, the elitist scumbag son of a drug dealer (discussed within), of course, serves the Queen. The Wayne family obviously made their inexplicable blue-blood fortune trafficking Opium under the service of The Crown.

If you blink, you might miss it. Something for the “Jew World Order” crowd:

hyams slaughter

Here are some images that go along with the discussion regarding the archetypal retelling of the Ouranos (Ur-Anus), Kronos, Janus and Hypnos storylines:

The two image below were stolen from Dedroidify’s excellent write-up, Heath Ledger Syncfest: Crows, Ravens & Bats. Discussed within, Heath Ledger and Brendan Lee both dying at 28 in the middle of their most significant movie, and after donning the clown mask [Anna Nicole and Marilyn Monroe figure in too].

By now, everyone in the synchrosphere has talked about the special “headless” calling card selected by Uranus for the movie. Note the image of Kronos eating one of his sons above. Since the psychomemes continue to keep repeating, how could I not talk about the weirdness that followed this movie’s wake?

Below, are some images from the true craziness that followed the movie’s release. Todd Campbell and Loren Coleman have written some good pieces on this.

Above, the Batman ride that beheaded 17 year old Asia LeeShawn Ferguson IV. Below, the victim of the random madman on a bus, Tim McLean, aka “Jokawild.”

Correction: I screwed up in the show and flipped victim/assailant [see his “official” memorial page]. Worth noting in regards to my suggestion mankind strip layers of social engineering: he is remembered for being a huge Insane Clown Posse fan.

Alas, below is the “unsane” Belgian child-murderer Kim de Gelder, aka the ‘Dendermonde Joker killer,” who completes our sordid tale and does so quite neatly. Because, he reconnects us back to the Batman/Joker=Saturn/Uranus archetypal storyline. In English, his name literally means “to castrate.”

Speaking to the eternal struggle between father/son, did the Joker not say to Batman [near the end of the movie]: “I think you and I are destined to do this forever?” Finally, a few words shared by Uranus and Kronos, both habitual murderers of [their own] children: “We’re not so different you and I.”

In other news, I’ve drafted am forging the sixth installment of The Burning Ring, and it will be yet another scorching addition. It’s gonna get a lot hotter in here!

But please, do not take off all, or for that matter, any of your clothes, unless of course, you are female, have Lucy Fur’s red hair, have a body worth showing, are free of herpes, and are located somewhere in my vicinity. Oh wait, I’ve given away too much of the forthcoming article already. I’m done teasing now.

Unfortunately, there was way too much material and we ran out of time. Hence, I’ll be back on Mystic Politics next week to finish out the show [a full two hours]. So, be sure to tune in next week. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

Disclaimer: A Few Points Raised in the Below Set May Not Reflect My Present Views
Aug 2008: Black Hunter White Heart [1] Sep 2009: Dark Night in Retrospect [1]
Sep 2008: Black Hunter White Heart [2] Oct 2009: Dark Night in Retrospect [2]

*1: I had promised the show was gonna be a real humdinger, hence lest my detractors should accuse me of false advertising, I will state, for the record, that I really have no idea what the fuck a “hum-dinger” actually is. I’m assuming it’s got something to do with either humming, dinging, or a little of both. So, did it? [LB]

*2: For those who missed the preview, I am including the audio recording below [downloadable]. It’s also worth a listen, as we get into Lana Cantrell, someone who figures in the Burning Ring of Fire and I’ll likely devote an entire article to: [LB]

*3: Referenced articles: Black Hunter White Heart (I), Black Hunter White Heart (II), The Shape of Things to Come [IV], A New Dawn Fades [V] Xmas, Ha! A Cosmic Joke. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on September 16, 2009.

30 Responses to “The Dark Night in Retrospect [1]”

  1. So… will you be talking about butt sex?

    PS: Know what Celt, I always thought that (Joker) image was of an X-Box, but it’s actually the Double-X which seems to be even more intnetional (the second X is covered by the smoke). Truman’s door to his house has two vertical X’s.

  2. I never noticed “the jokers” hand making that upside-down devil sign, interesting screen cap.

  3. I was just watching a video that showed a freeze frame of one of the “aliens” from “They Live” and the resemblance to the left side of Harvey “Two-Face” suddenly struck me. Funny how I never noticed it before, but now the symbolism seems so obvious.

  4. The ego epidemic: How more and more of us women have an inflated sense of our own fabulousness

    No shit?

    Little sidenote. Pardon me.

  5. They’re currently making Sex and the City 2, so get your barf bag ready…

  6. ViolatoR, there’s a fair to good chance I will be talking about butt sex. Yea, I caught the first X as he passed under it. I just used that shot cause of the “diablo” horns.

    Quantum Observer, I had actually tried to go through my dvd-quality copy to get a better shot of that, and it was so subtle and quick, my attempts have been in vain. I’ve reposted the image to draw [more] attention to it.

    Mat, come to think of it, the Obama Two-Face “Hope” poster looks remarkably like one of the “They” in the They Live.

    Corbeau, though unrelated (the S&S series methinks), that article is “gold.” It actually addresses one of the points I’ll bring up when I do the Romance is Dead post: “One woman said she would not share time with a man unless he was her ideal of Mr Perfect.” Exactly! That is why the fuck she will live out her life in misery.

  7. Ha, that is a fantastic quote in first image, Celt!

    What does Heath/Joker showing the “devil sign” mean though? I think it is safe to say this was intentional. But is it saying that Heath is in cohoots with those working behind the scenes (and I mean the powers-that-be)? I just do not understand the deeper symbolism of that shot, especially that hand sign. And yes I did read the previous Dark Knight articles. A little boost someone, please?

  8. Listened to the teaser. Oh, I emailed you too.

    I’m surprised the Joker didn’t use the other quote from Jerry Maguire: “Show me the money!”, in addition to his “you complete me” line.

    I’ve got some bad fung shui going on in my room: a bookcase facing my bed! It’s like a wall of knives!

  9. You lost me with this one. Score is still about 20-1, lol. Batman and Joker are not gay IMO. I think your read to much into that one, knives=penises LOL. I can’t follow you there my friend. Will still be interested in hearing the full interview.

  10. Tommy, I actually look forward to seeing it. Wonder if they will mix in as much hidden truth [like last time] along with the whore programming.

    John C, I like it too! 😀 It’s hard to say “why” Ledger made the sign. He could have been instructed to against his will or awareness of the significance (and in consideration of BRFVI, coming soon … would be apropo for a sacrificial victim to be). Or, he could have done it out of repetition of embedded memes (like 90% of fools). No way to know for sure. Dead men tell no tales.

    ViolatoR, but the joker didn’t care about money, right? “Show me the fire-wood?” Hm, jagged knives … in retrospect … not good for a straight man 😀

    Quantum Observer, well, I wouldn’t expect everyone to agree with something that just occured to me. Hopefully, my case after the show will be a [w]hole lot more convincing.

  11. Great show tonight even if you did lose some time. I don’t know if you’re familiar with a guy named Lenon Honor, but it looks like you guys are on a similar path (except I think he’s more of an optimist). Here’s the youtube site

    This guy had me hooked with his analysis of Rhianna’s “Umbrella”.

  12. So when is it gonna be up for eveyone to hear? question now in the movie the Joker has a boot knife, is it a gay male penis boot knife, lol. Just fucking with you, looking forward to listening.

  13. The knife is a very intimate weapon.

    The Joker: “You know why I use a knife, Detective? Guns are too quick. You don’t get to savor all the little emotions. See, in their last moments, people show you who they really are…”

    I believe in The Da Vinci Code the male symbol was called “the blade” and was an upward pointing object. This can be seen in obelisks (“the shaft of Bal”), and modern buildings like the Space Needle or really any upward thrusting building which has been erected in every major city.

  14. Great show tonight! I’ll have to check this movie out.

  15. vid:

  16. The “top gun scene” movie is called “sleep with me”.

  17. Celtic, you gotta get on some better shows. I want to hear more of what YOU have to say, not some idiot flapping head trying to use big words rather than LISTEN to the guest of the show.
    rant over

  18. Mat, yes I started getting caught up with Lenon’s work about a month ago. I was particularly impressed with the Umbrealla series. He’s also one of the few I’ve seen out there, who agrees with my premise that the “casting” and career development of actors, is methodical and deliberate, not just synchronicity/chance.

    Quantum Observer, now! 🙂 Well, a boot knife is not something one holds with the hand in the same manner they hold their cock is it? You con-vinced yet?

    ViolatoR, we’re definitely on the same wave lenght. You left out “Would you like to know which of them were cowards?” Translation: “Would you like to know which of them took it like a man?” Ah, yes!!! The DaVinci code. Great addition. The blade. Gonna have to add that to “The Gay Blade” next week…

    Karl, I’m gonna assume you mean The Dark Knight and not Brokeback Mountain … oh, wait 😉

    C, I was going to ask you what the heck this had to do with anything, then I saw the Jesuses under the vagina and am like, “I could use that!” Some good stuff in there though.

    Corbeau, thank you!

    r, well, my booking agent’s phone hasn’t really been ringing off the hook, so to speak. I think I [the potential arcs of my content] scare off a lot of hosts. You’re not the first person to express similar frustration to me, and I tried to keep the show focused on the theme. From an alternate viewpoint, I take advantage of the host talking to organize my notes and next points…

  19. I’m not sure if you previously mentioned it, but check out Christian Bale (Batman) playing Arthur Stuart, a gay journalist in the movie Velvet Goldmine (1998). (Damn that shit is gay!) [VELVET GOLDMINE IMAGE]

    Plot Summary from :

    1971: Glamrock explodes all over the world and challenges the seriousness within the flowerpower generation by means of glitter and brutal music. Brian Slade, a young rockstar, inspires numerous teenage boys and girls to paint their nails and explore their own sexuality. In the end Slade destroys himself. Unable to escape the role he created for himself, he plots his own murder. When his fans discovers that the murder is a fake, his star falls and he is forgotten about. 1984: Arthur, a journalist working for a New York newspaper, gets assigned the story about the fake murder of Brian Slade. When Arthur was young and grew up in Manchester, he was more than a fan of Slade. Reluctantly he accepts the assignment and starts to investigate what happened his old glamrock hero.


    Curt Wild: We set out to change the world… ended up just changing ourselves.
    Arthur Stuart: What’s wrong with that?
    Curt Wild: Nothing, if you don’t look at the world.

    Also Tarantino Top Gun lines is from the movie “Sleep with me. ”

    Peace Rebel

  20. Hey Celt, I’ve been reading your blog now for a short while. It’s been nice to find someone in this hemisphere with a sense of humor, thank you. I’m sure you already know this about Dark Knight, but just in case. I spent the late 80’s delivering things to most of the buildings in the movie. I always used to think it was funny the area code for most of downtown Chicago was 60606. Now it just makes my skin crawl whenever I go home to visit. Here’s a site with a lot of creepy architecture stuff to check out, especially the Chicago part.

    Antichrist Architecture Spreads Across The Globe

    That Tarentino clip is a riot, usually it’s so hard to understand him with all the dick in his mouth, but not there.


  21. Speaking of that Tarentino clip, I was reading the script for Top Gun, but I had to stop, there was a gayness overload.

    That’s missile lock!

    He better be kidding!

    Lordy! Eyeball to Asshole. Hope nobody burps!

    ROGER, COUGAR. (to himself and his RIO)
    Okay boys, pull out with your hands up and nobody’ll get hurt.



    You’ll have mine, Cougar. It’ll be where your head used to be.

    (I can’t even begin to decode that last line…)

    I had to leave some stuff out, because there’s just too much;, but they haven’t even landed the planes from the opening scene and it’s already too much!

    PS: I was just reminded of the Navy slogan:

    “We never leave our buddies behind.”

    ’nuff said.

  22. deciph, thanks for apprising me of that movie. As you saw/heard, it made it into the Ba’al exploration of part ii [posting shortly].

    beeret, that’s a really in-depth article. It is a “They Live” world in so MANY ways. And, hehe, yeah, I wanna shout at him, “Enunciate, man! Take that dick out of your mouth so I can understand you!”

    ViolatoR, nice addition. Homophobic tirades as subterfuge to mask the real agenda. Man, I hope this butt-grabbing trend stops, but it’s just gonna get worse.

  23. Greetings Rebel!

    Now that I’m finally able to hear your voice, I’m surprised nobody has commented that it occasionally sounds very similar to Heath Ledger’s Joker. Well, at least to me. Even the cadence.

    Cue the jukebox in MY head (Don McLean’s American Pie):

    “And the Jester sang for the King and Queen,
    in a coat he borrowed from James Dean,
    with a voice that came from you and me”


  24. I really had a good laugh, even rarer than a grin for me, at your Brokeback Joker Obama Batman joke apology for Buttpiracy.

    Brilliant show from you.

    BTW Batman is in Melbourne, OZ/AUSTRALIA.

    Ledger connects all that shit cos he is The Anally retentive Accountant.

    Cheers, Rebel Lion!

  25. Ok, so far I see CHRISTIAN BAAL & na na na na na na na na BUTTMAN. Apologies if this has been covered previously. I’m swamped avoiding gay feelings these days ha ha.


    PS: Sorry, I got a little more on this….just watched the Most Unintentionally Gay Movies Ever Made. There’s obviously a couple missing. Notably, “I love You Ma(m)”. There’s some great near kiss scenes, Jason (Sigil) & his lilting, coercive voice assuring Paul Rudd that “It’s ok man” you now, to be close ‘friends’ with another guy. A beautiful scene in front of a fountain where the 2 ‘dudes’ hug. (The water resonating the Moon which in turn resonates Antinous, the gay Roman deity). Oh & here’s my personal fave; Rush (the band) are a big theme in the movie resonating Rush (the drug)!!!! No one who watches this could dare say it doesn’t smack of gayness.


  26. Great shows celtic, shame u didn’t have time to get to the GCN references in part 2, are you gonna do part 3 and conclude the dark Knight?

  27. invisible sun, you’re actually the first to mention that. Very very interesting. It’s hard to hear one’s own voice, as I hear it echo in my head a lot. You’ve got a jukebox too, huh? That sings to Ledger’s Joker screaming at us to “start living.”

    Daniel Peter Skipp, it took me a while to figure out what you meant by “Batman” is in Melbourne. Now, I’m reminded of another “hero” from Oz, Bradman. The jukebox [in my skull plays]:

    Sydney, 1926, this is the story of a man
    Just a kid in from the sticks, just a kid with a plan
    St George took a gamble, played him in first grade
    Pretty soon that young man showed them how to flash the blade

    He was more than just a batsman
    He was something like a tide
    He was more than just one man
    He could take on any side

    They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn
    And in the hour of greatest slaughter the great avenger is being born

    But there’s one crack that won’t stop ringing in his ears
    “Hey Whitey, that’s my rabbit” … Bradman never forgot it

    The critics could not comprehend this nonchalant phenomenon
    “Why this man is a machine,” they said. “Even his friends say he isn’t human”

    Now the players all wear colours, the circus is in town
    I can no longer go down there, down to that sacred ground

    They always came for Bradman ’cause fortune used to hide in the palm of his hand

    As one listener/reader commented to me personally, the shows brought out my humor/lightness/levity, which I guess, those reading somehow fall under the impression I am deathly serious cause of the subject matter.

    David, well the super homo-erotic Batman & Robin with Chris O’Donnell and George Clooney should be in the Top 10 Most Intentionally Gay Films Ever Made. All the crotch and butt shots! I addressed the Gay Agenda serving I Wuv You, “Man” some time back.

    Nemesis, thanks! I’ll have part ii out tomorrow [30th], but fortunately/unfortunately, there won’t be a part iii. Gotta move on to other projects.

  28. Your insight into Batman and Joker being Kronos and Ouranos made me watch the movie again, but this time from the perspective of it being a kabuki theater of sorts illustrating a war between these two gods. This caused me to notice how all the “human” characters reacted to this war, i.e. choosing a side or getting out of the way.

    I then noticed that the blackmailing accountant character, Coleman (Coal-man?) Reese, was always wearing a purple tie and the significance of that side story hit me: First, Reese showed concern about alligning himself with Kronos and wore a purple tie to display he has been influenced by Ouranos. Then, he confronts the servant of Kronos, Luscious 666 (wearing a black sweater vest), and while blatantly flicking his tie to show his new allegiance to Ouranos (which he did again on television) he decides to blackmail Kronos whereupon Luscious reminds him not to go against his master, even with the potential backing of another god. Later, Ouranos also reminds Coal-man that one shouldn’t use allegiance for personal gain, especially when you’re dealing with the god of chaos and “everything burns”. Finally, Reese is saved by Kronos (awww…he’s just a big softie at heart) and displays his regret and redemption by covering up the purple tie with a weird thumbs up gesture.

    By the way, check out the cover illustration for Joker brand cigarette rolling paper. It’s right up your alley….um, so to speak.

    Thanks for the good work so far. Wishing you all your (favorite) familiar places.

  29. Google works Ok I find!

    Of course a Bat is a Club… a Phallus.
    Check the (bat)suit of Batons, PhiRe of Inspiration.

    Bradbury… some shitty author from the Caves of OZ (see THE THREAD, that BTW I have abandoned to it’s pollution), his fiction was displayed pride o place in the local Library here in Guildford, GOLDEN ROYAL RIVER CROSSING site of THE OMEN.
    Check it out while remembering:

    1 This is but a dream
    2 to focus on YOUR DREAM


  30. haha very interesting analysis

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