My Dinner with Stygian Port [1]

This will/may be the last of the Chaos mix, by that meaning the Dinner with/of Andros series released in such fashion. Perhaps the next few will be released with some semblance of order. Then again, recalling my own words, perhaps not. 😉


Here’s the downloadable file. As usual, Stygian Port has released this “in stereo.” I was a bit angry at humanity when this was recorded, so deal with it.

The whorification, degradation, and discombobulation of womankind comes up early and often in this one. Some may find the below spoof to be much more honest than the crap entertainment Girls Gone Wild puts out. Any following me [or who leave the house on occasion] should know full well by now that there is little difference between dead and undead [well, on occasion, they smell somewhat different]:

Zombie Girls Comedy Skit

Stygian Port: “Theres seems to be some kind of post-apocalyptic sausage-fest theme going on.” Oh, yes, in more ways than you/we could imagine. Whether it’s man on man boy, or the “regular” [i.e., “normal”] kind, it’s agendarific .

We’ll revisit the [hot dog] topic as it relates to death, carnage and Shitcago over an upcoming “dinner.” As expressed in podcast, the programmed/promoted female oral fixation, was a critical step leading to the doubly-suggestive image below:


In a related matter, some relevant clips from “Relax,” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood made it in to the audio. Until the jukebox [in my skull] kicked in, I had forgotten it [the song], and now, with eyes open, realize it, like Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” [which Lenon Cover explains], is about a male homosexual orgy game.

Wonder how many dumb cunts danced to it unawares back during its “chance” release/assault on the public? The below image of the man-servant in the five-pointed star [anus], holding his cock in one hand, hoisting the derelict “crown” with the other, tells you exactly why this “boy band” was so heavily promoted.


This podcast was recorded on October 11th, shortly after I put out my Bring Out Your Dead post and Stygian had released his [unrelated] Land of the Dead. The clip/discussion [about being an individual] referred to can be found in the former.


The above South Park episode not only ties in to the referred Bring Out Your Dead post, but the last post and, I guess, the one about Seventeen Magazine, which will probably be next. Yea, I know Rollerball is long overdue, as is some positive energy, but my memory is rusty and my barely legible notes make little sense now.


Sayeth the jukebox: “They keep calling me. Keep on calling me.” Thy will be done. In the interim, discussed incest-suggestive screen shots from The Simspsons:


They are from the “Duffless” episode from the 1993 season. Note the very specific range/cycle of faces/emotions on Lisa [the sister]. Unless you are one completely daft bastard, it’s ubiquitously clear they were drawn/put in with intent.


Hence, kudos to Videodactyl for his video [no longer available on youtube], honesty and motivation; the viewing of which led to my discovering the depravity detailed. At one point in the video, the author said, “I’m a little gay, too. I love wearing high heels while hearing Tina Turner.” To sum it up folks, when Tranies start to complain the gay agenda has gone too far, the gay agenda has gone too far!


They definitely got the requisite number of butt/anus shots in for Gamer (2009), and tossed in a few more just in case [no, i have not included all of them]. I had forgotten, the movie also specifically addressed our discussion in regards to how yet another layer of disconnectedness, may lead to to rampant rape becoming morally acceptable. As a matter of fact, one character’s name was Rick Rape, and he was about to make sweet love to [“rape”] the back side of the waiting girl above [center] before he was “taken out of the game” [¿a future euphemism for “killed”?].


If you’ll recall in my Social Engineering podcast, I mentioned how wackipedia said that “thanks to social engineering,” people have been discouraged from “raping,” which is utter fucking bullshit. People need to be socially engineered to rape.

The characters being raped, are in fact real people, but in the scenario presented, the person being controlled, is “raped” regardless of whether their controller permits it [consent] or reists [rape]. I feel the Society game is meant to be taken philosophically, as in today’s “real/reel” world, the same scenario is taking place. Can a woman who’s mind is being controlled by the media actually give “consent?”


Above, is the character set-up screen, where the person you control puts on the clothes you select. Of course, the task of outfit selection would be near impossible, unless the all-important question, “How inviting will my anus look in this getup,” could be approximated. PS: I know you guys up on the moon base are probably having a good laugh over the “chance” name of the perfect woman.


Both of the near-simultaneously released movies, by chance, featured a hot chick being controlled by a fat dude. The images starting with above left, leading to below right, are in sequence. Yes, the fat dude is the one controlling the woman being felt up [handled]. Interesting necklace, no? Again, the bloody derelict crown.


As discussed, Surrogates (2009) is slightly different, as [almost] everyone is controlling a robot and not a real person. Real people, however, are directly connected to the robots that they control, hence one feels the physical sensations that one’s robot/android would “feel” as it is out living your life. Again, coincidentally, it paints the scenario where a guy [possibly you] has just scored a babe and is getting intimate.

But, now that takes on a different “twist.” Is he checking her temperature? Looks like it. Out of curiosity, what temperature range should a robot run at optimally?


Thus, the person “feeling” your finger up his/her ass, is the fat dude below [left]. Surrogates also features the discussed football promo, pictured below [right].


Which brings us to John Elway. Had I found the appropriate shots, I’d have made the image: “Hi! I’m John Elway, and when I’m not rubbing my hands up against another man’s rectum, there’s nothing I enjoy more than having my own hole probed by strangers, just to protect your dumb-ass from imaginary terrorists.”


Is it that much of “a reach?” The GayNeFeL came up before and Elway’s promo makes me wonder whether the phrase “The Drive” [John”s most-heralded moment], means something else entirely to John-Boy personally. Harsh? Perhaps, he is just really stupid or was in dire need of the money? Go fuck yourself Johnny!!


Back to Zombies, here are those two mentioned shots from Dead Set (2008). By the way, I highly recommend the series; it’s fairly well done and quite revelant. By chance, the screen capture [right] shows digital artifacts, hence due to either poor-planning or limited set resources, the “G” had to be added in post-production.


The mentioned scene of the freshly-dead guy being “prepared,” undoubtedly was also intentional. As the guy carving off a few bits of flesh off here and there looks at the fingers, he wonders, “Do you really think they’ll even trouble themselves for these bits?” Think about “Buffalo Wings,” a popular restaurant/bar “meal” choice in the United fat States of America. {*1}

Have you ever seen how people order mass quantities of them, and the trouble they go through (and mess they make) in order to nibble every tiny bit of flesh off the bones? To Answer his Question: “Yes. Zombies will go through the trouble.”


At one point, Stygian asked about getting us away from the red blue dichotomy [building/finding Tanerlorn], while I have no answer for that, yet, I found this extremely bizarre shot [above right] from Gamer. Note the Blue Heart/Red Heart. Front door/back door? Who knows, but rebellion is [a big part of] the answer.


I gather material related to the above image was probably not what followers of either of our blogs were expecting, but IMO, some “good stuff” came out of it. Here’s the link to Judy Wood’s page (lots of interesting “stuff” there). Perhaps, my intitial dismisal of said researcher was cause her voice reminds me of Sunny and Bunny, an infernal duo of “yenta” overlords from a job I held as a teenager?


I’ve since happened to catch part of the 911 segment of the highly suspect Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” show on the sorely misnamed “True TV” channel. My suspicions were confirmed by the closing shot [above left]. Note his hands, his supplicant posture and his placement within the pyramid. Is he letting TPTB know his show is “on the level,” or pleading for admittance into the higher degrees?

Even had I not seen someone from South Park in the exact same spot/position [see From Lucy Fur to Looser Change], my summation as to whether the show was disinfo or not, would have been the same. {*2} Yet, it is remarkable, how deeply the synchromystic knife, when wielded properly, can cut right through the bullshit.

Aside from the placement there’s the significant 3C/33 sign that “somehow” made it into the shot. Beyond that [technically, in front of that is the Road Closed sign]. For that which lies beyond the 33rd degree [on multiple levels] seems inaccessible. Could that be because of the grid? Speaking of, here’s one shot of the “human sanctuary” from Surrogates, note the double-grid [¿fractal fence?] gateway, which while allegedly keeps non-humans out, does keep those pesky humans safely “in.”


Note: the above is not the actual bulletin board from my fraternity. 😆 I was to recently hear from one of my few close friends from those days, Mark, and hence was reminded of something he once said as we watched the below gaggle of females pass: “Pink Clad Lesbian Whores from Hell.” Wrong, yet amusing.


However, he may have been ahead of his time. Since then, the media has made most of them [women] whores. At least half of them actually do think they are lesbian now. He’d have been scarily prescient had he added the phrase “fat” to it. Alas, the “from hell” part is right on the money, as the dehumanization agenda will give that perception. Yet those who fail to figure out a way to board the arc, will soon realize the reason they are “from hell,” is because that’s where we live.


The above are from the discussed Dead Set, and seem relevant to the very points raised in this podcast. They’re from the alleged audience outside the fabulously popular Big Brother house/set. How many [wo]men do have their own minds?

I’m a blond bimbo girl, in the fantasy world
Dress me up, make it tight, I’m your dolly

Make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please
I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees

I had already used clips from “Barbie Girl” in another podcast, but the lyrics do sync extremely well to the vision presented by Surrogates, and frighteningly well to that from Gamer’s “society.” Metaphorically, however, they speak directly in regards to this degenerate collective of creatures presently masquerading themselves as womankind. In other words, “they” are doing exactly what “THEY” want. {*3}


The closing ones that follow are from said “futuristic world” as presented by Gamer. Note the “screen names” chosen by the girls within (representatives of your average girl, those one notch above the poor “sluts” who have little choice but to take the implant and let themselves be “played”). Is it really that futuristic?

Oddly enough, just last night, I was out and entreated to some women flashing her boobs to the bar’s security camera. For what it’s worth, they were quite nice. Until next time….


:: :: :: :: ::


*1: Not included in this podcast (due to recorder expiring), was a story I relayed to Stygian Port about 3 Girls who had allegedly just polished off a bunch of wings. It’s pretty funny and relevant to several points made within. Remind me next time we meet over a pint. [LB]

*2: On the same show, Jesse’s sought out the “heavily-gaurded” and “top-secret” place at JFK Airport, where steel girders from the towers are kept. That would be Tower Air’s hangar #17. Conveniently, they are located behind an open door, viewable from the only window into the building, from where Jesse’s crew filmed them. Man, I nearly pissed myself. [LB]

*3: Worth a giggle, just a couple of days ago, per my site stats, someone googled “celtic rebel is a sexist” to find my site. I’ve heard that criticism before from many an idiot who’s been programmed to think exactly that. I guess I’m a relic, as in the future world, walking around with a lava-lamp shoved up one’s vagina will be a form of ahem, “self-expression,” but suggesting that it’s somehow wrong or self-destructive, will get one tossed into a reeducation camp for “sexists.” My gawd, google is not your friend. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on December 17, 2009.

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  1. i love you celt…and i agree with you – the madness is evident and everywhere…but this being the holiday’s and all…you should listen to your sister and give us something light…it’s stressful enough and what with mercury retrograde and all…i need to go and look at some flowers…

  2. The Jesse Ventura/Southpark image reminds me of this

    Da Vinci’s Last Supper: Where is the Holy Grail?

    There’s the hands obviously, Jesus forming the pyramid with his arms & interestingly, the colors red & blue in both the painting & the Ventura image, amongst other more tenuous links.

  3. i love you too celt …and i agree with you! More programming crazy – Jude Law Wishes Robert Downey Jr. Were Less Heterosexual

  4. Jesse Ventura (Doctor Venture?), standing before the Third Gate. It’s amazing how everything fits together.

  5. I love the Ventura South Park connection! A lot of people were wondering if his show would be programming or legit, now we have the answer. They just had to slip their symbolism in there again.

    Great blog!

  6. lalan, sorry to cause you a night of stressful consternation. However, it is apropo for the nature of the holidays, when one looks up the origins of Old Saint Nick. 👿

    David, well, it should [incontrovertible]. Thus, we can deduce intent. Here’s a specific link to said article.

    Antares, ugh! Though it pauses one to wonder just HOW could Jude be LESS heterosexual???

    Eleleth, ah the doctor of the Ventures slipped my mind. Also, that “doctor” rearranges to DR. OCTO, hence contains itself within.

    Charles Manson? Reads my blog? Yea, that one pretty much nails it for me, along with the synchronicity of specifically what the “Truther” says at the gate[s]. I’m sure Jesse is just reading from master’s script.

  7. Eleleth said:

    Jesse Ventura (Doctor Venture?), standing before the Third Gate. It’s amazing how everything fits together.

    Yeah, the 3C or 3-3 Gate makes me think of the “thrice three gates of hell,” or, The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows.

    Hey Alexstein, now you have to do the Rollerball post since you’ve posted a teaser picture! From what I remember, “Johnathan E” is number 6 and his best friend “Moonpie” is number 9 (or vice versa?); together forming the Gate of Man Cancer symbol. The 1,01:09 didn’t make you think of 9-11?

  8. James Caan’s Character does NOT wear the #8 Celt. It’s a 6 as in the number of man. The constant ass blogging has become very tiresome; if you haven’t got it already, people do what they do because they choose to do so. To claim it’s all because of social engineering and brainwashing is tiresome as well. People are people. Those that will go along will, and those that won’t won’t. You are not exposing shit man, sorry but you just are not. You have been coming across as very spiteful, bitter and jaded for some time now. I been patiently waiting for a turn around but sadly you seem hell bent and determined to go further and further down the spiral to Nihilism. Take a break, get out into nature seek a partner that can sooth your angst. P.S. leave the Jesse Ventura bashing alone. It’s a TV show, it’s gonna be sensationalized and scripted. But if it can awaken just one more soul that’s a good thing. Being knowledgeable about the info we are does not make us in anyway better than those without it. You and that Lee Rodgers guy on Oracle are coming across as extremely jealous. Should the two of you have a TV show? is that it? You’d do better? You’d have larger audience? Just be glad that the info is getting out for xris sake!

  9. Hey just wanted to let you know my blog is back up. Just catching up on your site. Can’t believe you are still on that gay shit, lol. I know we yapped about this before ,but still kinda hard for me to understand how someone like you would care about that kinda shit. Gays, buttsex, lesbians, fat people, whores & ignorant masses have been around since the beginning of time. We all share the same planet.

    I can’t stand most people either, but putting wedges in between people for their preferences and life styles/choices seems kinda anti productive and negative. And IMO this [negativity] will be our downfall if we ever have one.

    “Learn to look with an equal eye upon all beings, seeing the one Self in all” ~ Srimad Bhagavatam

    May the Great Mother Goddess help you get your mind off of manholes, lol. Or at least bless you with some sluts sweet pussy.

  10. ViolatoR, the three gates and thrice times the three holes … god it’s right around/within us somewhere. And, ah yes, now looking back on my chicken-scratch notes, 8 was the number of “the nemesis.” It did make me think of 911, of course, but I like to leave “some” things up the readers. 😐

    Joshua, are you fucking kidding me? It takes some chutzpah [best word I can think of] to come somewhere where you get free content [as invisible sun already points out] and complain about the content or ask for a change. My job [which I receive little to no pay for] is not to “expose” anything, but to hold the mirror up to those brave enough to look within and strip away those engineered layers of themselves. There’s plenty of other blogs for those not up to the task.

    Jealous? No thanks, man. And what the heck does Lee have to do with this post? I gather you didn’t listen to the podcast, Venture’s just taking people for a ride, sharing what “they” want. But, to suggest that people lab rats and “choice” are anything but a joke, is well … naive.

    Mercuries Messenger, two in a row???? One can’t attack the gay agenda without attacking gay people? That politically correct association is an engineered perception programmed to stop far too many from expressing their disgust at what’s being done to mankind. And, that is, extermination. My blog is long past putting up a disclaimer every single time I bring it up, lest I ruffle some feelings. As to your last statement, I’ll agree with Ebony below. The veil of Isis serves a function, and a modicum of modesty only enhances the mystery and eroticism.

  11. In response to: lalan said this on December 18, 2009 at 1:59 am

    I mean no disrespect in saying this so I hope it’s not offensive BUT who cares if it’s the holidays? That doesn’t mean the content of this site should go soft. Personally speaking, I’ve had 25 years of holidays and the ideas exchanged here by ‘Celt’ are invaluable and I don’t think they need to be lightened to match the season. The PTB don’t take a second off from saturating the masses with their brand of madness.. I think each of Celtic Rebel’s articles offer a good mixture of humor (both tongue-in-cheek and not), knowledge and revelatory rumination.

    When I think of the holidays and people wanting to lighten things up I think of this article: It makes me want to ask, what are we celebrating again/for??

    In response to: Joshua said this on December 18, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    I’m not trying to be rude or condescending so I hope it’s not taken that way…. I don’t see the “constant ass blogging” you mention but to each their own. I can’t help but think that Celtic Rebel’s research leads him to the conclusions and concrete examples he shows us, whereas our programming can and does guide us to complacency, ignorance or denial and a willingness to give in and say “people are people” or “….Those who will go along will or those that won’t won’t. Etc, etc.” but despite what seems like rehashing of the same stuff on Celtic’s part, it’s stating the obvious and the more he points it out the more it is evident (to me..) I don’t see how it can be put on Celtic like he over does it or comes up with it all on his own. How many “coincidences” is enough for people to see the connections… I don’t think Celtic is saying that it’s all because of social engineering and brainwashing, to me he’s simply showing how certain trends like anal worship are permeating the mass media and in turn permeating our consciousness due to the programming outlets offered to us by the same media/TPTB…. he is showing us the who, how and WHY (which is most important I think). The tone of Celtic’s blogs may be changing because the subjects he’s covered at length aren’t all sweetness and light and he takes that on with vigor and conviction and thoroughness for our benefit and I respect him for it. Take it or leave it. If you are happy just barely scratching the surface then go on giving a pass to shows like Jesse Ventura’s. It isn’t as simple as “sensationalized and scripted” but like I said to each their own. Not everything out there with the guise of “waking up one more soul” is designed to do just that, it sometimes is just the opposite… When watching the first episode of that crap I could easily see the points designed to affirm those who are still steadily and happily in denial of all that was supposedly being “exposed”. To me that is what shows like his are designed to do, and/or create an even bigger wedge between individuals otherwise they would not be on TV.. If they do wake up one more soul I welcome it, I just hope the newly awakened are open-minded enough to do the independent research themselves so they can make a decision based on their own analysis.

    In response to: Mercuries Messenger said this on December 19, 2009 at 12:52 am

    Personally I don’t think that these blogs are driving a wedge between people. As human beings you would think by now that we could’ve/would’ve/should’ve evolved to where we’d be able to dissect, disseminate and/or disagree with some things without the notion of the results being fundamentally divisive. Celtic is not attacking a lifestyle or any one individual directly, he’s basically just showing us another side of things with a anti-bullshit delivery. He’s not blaming people or women, I think in this instance he is showing the cause and effect of the fictitious ways in which women have been lead to believe we are liberated per say. I still care about humanity in a way that is all-consuming and it drove me to want to understand where we are going and wtf is going on around me because the feeling is palpable and strange to say the least… P.S. ‘Slut’s sweet pussy’ is an oxymoron. Haha.

    PS: Sorry this comment is so long.

  12. In the movie “Twins” there’s a scene where Arnold arrives in hollywood, and he goes to the walk of fame, and the only star they show is Lassie (temple dog, Arnold takes it up the bum) The very next shot is a hungry Arnold wolfing down a hot dog. I pointed this out to the other people watching the film and they had to agree with the subliminal gayness. You have ruined movies and TV forever. But in a good way.

  13. Ebony, that’s the “spirit!” 😛 Hopefully, Stygian and I will record, and more importantly, release in due time, a show dealing with the hypocrisy [and worse “consent”] to/of the Holy Days. But, I think lalan spoke in regards to [her personal dread] raised by the scepter of our degeneration.

    While your words may be many, they [to me at least] seem righteous. If I could spend 10 minutes looking at a modern movie without either some whorish, gay or anal reference, I’d be a happy [er] camper. I guess some would rather just not know or turn a blind eye to it. Same for those who’d rather follow the pied pipers leading the West down the same path the Bolsheviks led those unhappy with their government a century ago.

    Lastly, while I agree with your “oxymoron” comment metaphorically, I think Messenger took it literally and is likely upset I deleted his rebuttal specifically addressing the latter. Hopefully, he’ll be back.

    B.L.Donnelly, it is remarkable how once you open your eyes to the agenda, it’s omnipresent. It’s like said scene in Commando [previous], where they play an audio of two men having rough sweaty anal sex, but mask it with a different visual. I guess some would rather I not point out the obvious and “rather anjoy” [per Huxley] being the butt of the joke played on them? 😆

  14. “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized.” – Edward Bernays, Walter Bernays, Propaganda, 1928

    “It is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it.” – Edward Bernays

    Bob Pittman, Founder and former President of MTV, made a startling admission. Pittman outlined a simple two-point plan whereby MTV would be able to accomplish its objective in the ownership of your children. The plan was basic,
    (1) “Get their emotions going”.
    (2) “Make them forget their logic”.

    “The strongest appeal you can make is emotionally. If you can get their emotions going, make them forget their logic, you’ve got them. AT MTV, WE DON’T SHOOT FOR THE 14-YEAR OLDS, WE OWN THEM”. (MTV is Rock Around the Clock, Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 3, 1982)

    Logo can make you ‘think different’:

    “This is the first clear evidence that subliminal brand exposures can cause people to act in very specific ways,” said Gráinne Fitzsimons. “We’ve performed tests where we’ve offered people $100 to tell us what logo was being flashed on screen, and none of them could do it. But even this imperceptible exposure is enough to spark changes in behavior.” […] “These experiments demonstrate that most any brand that has strong associations with particular traits could have the capacity to influence how we act,”

    How television controls and programs minds from, By L. Wolfe

    It works on a principle of tension and release. Create tension, in a controlled environment, increasing the level of stress. Then provide a series of choices that provide release from the tension. As long as the victim believes that the choices presented are the only choices available, even if they are at first glance unacceptable, he will nevertheless, ultimately seek release by choosing one of these unacceptable choices. Under these circumstances, in a brainwashing, controlled environment, such choice-making is not a “rational” experience. It does not involve the use of man’s creative mental powers; instead man is conditioned, like an animal, to respond to the tension, by seeking release.

    The key to the success of this brainwashing process is the regulation of both the tension and the perceived choices. As long as both are controlled, then the range of outcomes is also controlled. The victim is induced to walk down one of several pathways acceptable for his controllers.

    Adrift and confused, people seek release from the tension, following paths that appear to lead to a simpler, less tension-filled life. There is no time in such a process for rational consideration of complicated problems. Television is the key vehicle for presenting both the tension and the choices. It brings you the images of the tension, and serves up simple answers. Television, in its world of semi-reality, of illusion, of escape from reality, is itself the single most important release from our tension-wracked existence. Eight hours a day, every day, through its programming, you are being programmed.

    Hal Becker had spent more than 20 years of his life manipulating the minds of the leaders of our society. Listen to what he said: “I know the secret of making the average American believe anything I want him to. Just let me control television. Americans are wired into their television sets. Over the last 30 years, they have come to look at their television sets and the images on the screen as reality. You put something on television and it becomes reality. If the world outside the television set contradicts the images, people start changing the world to make it more like the images and sounds of their television. Because its influence is so great, so pervasive, it has become part of our lives. You lose your sense of what is being done to you, but your mind is being shaped and molded.”

    Like his fellow brainwashers, Becker prides himself in knowing the minds of his victims. He calls them “saps.” Man, he told an interviewer, should be called “homo the sap.” “Soft” brainwashing by television works through power of suggestion. Television watching creates a state of drugged-like oblivion to outside reality. The mind, its perceptions dulled by habituated viewing, is ready to accept any new illusion of reality as presented on the tube. The mind, in its drugged-like stupor of television watching, is prepared to accept that the images that television {suggests} as reality {are} reality. It will then struggle to form fit a contradictory reality into television image, just as Becker claims. Another Tavistock brainwasher, Fred Emery, who studied television for 25 years, confirms this.

    The television signal itself, he found, puts the viewer in this state of drugged-like oblivion. Emery writes: “Television as a media consists of a constant visual signal of 50 half-frames per second. Our hypotheses regarding this essential nature of the medium itself are:

    1) The constant visual stimulus fixates the viewer and causes the habituation of response. The prefrontal and association areas of the cortex are effectively dominated by the signal, the screen.

    2) The left cortical hemisphere–the center of visual and analytical calculating processes–is effectively reduced in its functioning to tracking changing images on the screen.

    3) Therefore, provided, the viewer keeps looking, he is unlikely to reflect on what he is doing and what he is viewing. That is, he will be aware, but unaware of his awareness…. “In other words, television can be seen partly as the technological analogue of the hypnotist.”

    As Emery explains: “We are proposing that television as a simple constant and repetitive and ambiguous visual stimulus, gradually closes down the central nervous system of man.” Becker holds a similar view of the effect of television on American’s ability to think: “Americans don’t really think–they have opinions and feelings. Television creates the opinion and then validates it.”

    Sorry, I save stuff like this to my harddrive incase it comes up someday… :p~

  15. “Running Man”:

    Ahnold grunting like a stuck pig? Check.
    Butt shots? Check.
    Subliminal symbolism? Check.
    Gay references? Check.
    Dissassociative stargate passage? Check.
    Jesse Ventura as “Captain Freedom”? Check.
    Predictive programming? Check.

    Rebel, you go right on being yo angry self. I think you’re doing a fine job (Personally I don’t sense your “negativity”… you even laugh quite often). And it’s free…. Holy crap, people are complaining and it’s freakin’ FREE! (Sorry to downplay your quest for donations….I happen to be poor myself but am very appreciative.)

    For now, all I can offer you is this 9/11 oddity: Did you know there was a massive hurricane off the coast of New York while 9/11 was happening? Check out the pentagonal eye.

    I saw on the news this morning that a Japanese man legally married a character from a Japanese video game. If you feel unappreciated here, Rebel, I’m sure there’s millions of lonely Japanese women who are desperate for you to start translating your blog! To all the Rebel naysayers, I offer this:

    “Every man has within him his own Pathmos. He is free to venture, or not to venture, upon that terrifying promontory of thought from which one can see into the shadows. If he refrains from doing so, he continues to live an ordinary life, with ordinary thoughts, ordinary virtues, ordinary beliefs and ordinary doubts – and it is well that he should. It is clearly best for his internal peace of mind. For if he ventures on to this summit, he is lost. He will have glimpsed the mighty waves of the Marvelous – and no one can look upon that ocean with impunity… He persists in contemplating this alluring abyss, in exploring the unexplored, in remaining detached from life on the Earth, and in his efforts to penetrate a forbidden world, to touch the untouchable, to gaze on the invisible he returns again and again to the edge of the precipice, leans over, takes one step down and then another – and that is how one penetrates the impenetrable and loses oneself in a limitless extension of infinity.” — Victor Hugo (Quoted in “The Morning of the Magicians”)

    invisible sun

  16. ViolatoR, I think your response here is longe than your “stereo” post. 😛 That MTV quote is priceless, yet sadly, I guess, meaningless to those so programmed to believe they have “taste” and “choice.”

    invisible sun, actually Running Man figures in an upcoming dinner/podcast and also in the Burning Ring before that closes. Watched part of that recently and was overwhelmed with how over the top it was. Though, had failed to realize that it was Jesse V under Captain Freedom’s toupe.

    You raise a good point about the complainers, as noted in my prior comment. Love the Victor Hugo quote!!!

  17. I still come here and randomly check in from time to time, as I find the coverage of society’s descent into degradation to be curiously fascinating. You know, that cliche phrase about a train wreck you can’t look away from and all that.

    I wanted to expand on this comment from Joshua:

    “People are people. Those that will go along will, and those that won’t won’t….

    This isn’t directed to Joshua specifically, just adding some 2 cents to the idea itself. But what if the people who “go along” aren’t actually people? At least, not in the way you think they are?

    Seriously, who are these people in all these crazy pics that Celt manages to dig up? (and on a side note, seriously, where the hell do you find these pics?? I think I’ve joked about that before. They’re probably half the reason I still check in to this site. 😀 They’re always so perfectly matched to whatever point you’re making, while being whacked on top of it. Very entertaining, in a depraved sort of way….)

    “Those that will go along will.” Well, I question the entire nature of those who would go along. I’ve seen and heard about some nutty woo-woo in my time, so as a result I don’t trust things enough to take anything at face value anymore. I don’t think things in this reality are what most people think they are, lets just put it that way. And I don’t think that a person who’s all there soul-wise, or who is actually a person in general, is going to be able to get on board with any of this to the level that we’re seeing covered here in this blog. So those who would…what is that saying about them? Who are these so-called people posing in these pics? It may not be what many think it is. What it actually is, I’m not going to definitely say, but I definitely have some theories. But ultimately it means don’t worry about them or expend energy hating on them. They’re probably not real anyway. At least, not in the way most would assume.

    At what point do we turn and walk away from all of it, and leave the mess to sort itself out?

  18. The Veil of Isis was originally the Veil of Neith, or NET. Neith is simply another name for what you’ve called the “grid”—the Net is the Matrix. She was associated with the owl and the primordial waters of the abyss. It was said that Osiris “drowned in his water.” According to another legend, Osiris was buried in Sais, the city of Neith.

    ΝΘ spelled backwards is ΘΝ, from whence the Greeks got Athena. Does ΝΘ look like OZ with a little lingam (the phallus of Osiris/Dionysus) submerged inside of the O?

    “Cursing at the Astro-nette/Who stands in steel by his cabinet…” (David Bowie)

  19. Since “the holidays” were brought up, I have an observation. Every year, around this time, we are inundated with songs extolling the virtues of peace and love. And, yet, every year we sink deeper into the muck and mire of war and hate. Now, while I’m sure the negative energy generated by “the holidays” is a HUGE factor, I can’t help but wonder if the songs themselves are placing a spell upon humanity, perhaps through backmasking. I mean every year we hear John Lennon and David Bowie (hint) singing “war is over” and “peace on Earth” and yet…

  20. Mat: David Bowie (Zardust) and Bing Crosby recorded “Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy” on September 11, 1977.

    The other song played on Bing’s Christmas special was “Heroes,” which is about two lovers meeting at the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989. (That’s 9/11 in European dating.)

    “Years from now … perhaps we’ll see.”

  21. Carissa, good to hear you’re still dropping in. I guess there’s some debate as to whether they’re “real” or just so hopelessly brainwashed [“dead”] that finding their humanity, or speaking to their soul is beyond hope. And, that is the issue I’m grappling over in these last few posts. Your last question is a good one!

    Eleleth, as usual, good insight. Had not considered the reduction of Athena/Neith/Nuth. It sure does connect us on the road to Oz/Hell. That addition about Bowie is truly wacky as well. Thanks!

    Mat, since I was young, I always hated Christmas carols/music. That was probably an instinctual response. I do my best around this time to avoid places where such may figure. My best Christmas ever was in some remote corner of the world where I knew no one, and there I heard not one jingle … spent “the x-day” in the company of three ladies who took pity on this solitary traveler and had me over for dinner, we exchanged no gifts and then we went clubbing. God Bless us Everyone! 😀

  22. Marry Chrismiss. Ho ho ho.

    Happy new man-ger meat will soon be ishtar kabobs.

    One little lesson all in one. The layers on this cake are lucidly asinine. If you look deep into hell’s behind you get it. 99 Luft balloons everywhere! This same clear vision is in this little pie-hole. One artist possessed two different visionaries with the same light! Who da thunk it?

    Tophet is calling, gotta go on a bun run!

    PSy – Got you some perfume! To cover the stench.

  23. Social Engineers: 0
    Celtic Rebel: 1

    You beat them at their own game, keep it up! 😉

  24. Social Engineers: 6,8 Billion

    Celtic Rebel: 50

  25. eugene, a nice short little article within a comment there. Somewhat poetic. Love the closing image. How does one mask the stench of shit? Well, humanity’s been pretty good at ignoring it.

    Now, not just to you, but to all, how can you claim to fight the system while reveling in the holy days they grant you? Ah, perhaps in the next [to next] podcast?

    katharina94, that got a smile out of me. When it comes down to the personal level, for example, if I reached you, then that is the true score. If your name suggests linear time, then I’m impressed one your age visits here.

    C, bad place to follow up the above. However, I can’t reprimand you too much for the pessimism as to the war over all (a sentiment this podcast shared). However, I’d [like to] think I’ve reached a few more people than that. 😕

  26. Of course, we have to bear in mind that these programs are generally reserved for the “Western World”. Humanity’s hope, if any, could lie in Africa, which is why the world odor chose to hit them with the old timey direct approach (war, plague, famine, etc).

  27. While doing a quick metacrawl for “controlled opposition” I found this guy who lists a hell of a lot of shills… Alex ain’t on it, folks. Tsarion is, of course.
    Shayler is too. He writes a piece on that David.

    NB Alan Watt, called “the ultimate gatekeeper”, is on it and rightly so… as is drivelling “Doctor NanoVirus” Bill Deagle. Aaah, it is good to see naming and shaming.

  28. another great podcast and complimentary post. my friend said your blog is “too intense”… instantly reminded me of your “they live” metaphor of programees being repulsed or sickened by these realities.

    Both of the near-simultaneously released movies, by chance, featured a hot chick being controlled by a fat dude.

    btw, not that celeb gossip really matters to me, but did you see brittany murphy’s fat-slob-of-a-husband (at pseudocc.)? i am for the idea “it’s what inside that counts”, but this guy looks slimy. apparently all of murphy’s close friends said she disconnected & isolated (unlike her usual nature) after meeting and marrying him.

    oh well, slavery is bliss.

    merry christmas, celt!

  29. Mat, I get the feeling that Africa still with it’s diverse and unrelated tribal legacy is one of the few places in this world where they’ve yet to wipe out all shamanistic wisdom. As I’ve said many times, the casinos are the final nail in the wisdom that was once held by native americans.

    Daniel Peter Skipp, good article. By “Alex,” did you mean me or caJones? Ah, Deagle, the one who told us of the imminent onslaught of cybernetically enhanced attack baboons. Twelve bushels of bananas are rotting in my garage. 😆

    raffi, thanks for sharing that Raffi. I will say, that it is rare (if ever) I encounter a person who has a neutral reaction to my blog, or heck, me in general. No, I hadn’t seen Ben’s post yet, but too on the mark. “Art” [for lack of better term] imitating reality programmed mind might rationalize? But, we know better. Happy solstice man!

  30. omg rebel I found a synchromovie that will prove u completely sane if you doubted urself this is the proof you have been waiting for, infact it deserves a write up on its own… you have to see this for yourself…lol talk about crazy the trailer alone will make amaze you, ive been reading ur stuff to long now im seeing it everywhere! Here is is “(Ass) (Ass)(in)ation of a highschool president”

    First the movie cover. Now trailer ull pick up alot of things like the Mary vagina lucy connection, fem boy gum mouth reference…and so many things in just the trailer alone look at it real well lol rebel this movie is 2008-2009 imagine the blatant programming guard ur mind on this one [VIDEO]…

    btw be very aware at 1:14 she is casting the illusion eye of horus mem with her right eye usually associated with the sun… want to make sure u notice so that yer not blinded by the illuminating rays…its probably the most subtle mind fuck occult technique ever.

  31. well, I just estimated a number of possible awakened people… I too hope you reach more than just 50 people… we would have quite an Utopia if you reached say 1 Million People…

    PS: oh, and PLEASE get rid of that stupid “thumbs up / thumbs down” thing – it’s just wrong!

  32. Christmas is Nimrod’s birthday.

    A tradition carried on from Ancient Babylon.

    The end game is a global babylon, it may take another few hundred or thousands years to achieve, or it may be much sooner.

    2012 i sense is an oppertunity to escape(perhaps only spiritually), however i also sense it is a dawn of a new age, one that will probably not benefit the spirit of mankind.

    The ultimate result of humanity following this path may be consumption by sexual energy, so intence it feels as if a fire is burning inside a persons soul, from which no relieve can be gained from acts of sex or violence.

    Probably occuring in some (more) abstract dimension possibly after our sun goes supernova:

    Maybe lasting all eternity…

    This babylon may have to be very mixed raced, to bring humans to a desired level of thought.

  33. Javier, looks interesting. Knowing what we know of the “Bruce,” the scene of him jamming his finger into that boy’s mouth was overkill. I guess I’m gonna have to see that.

    C, haven’t we been through this? Puppy dogs and kitty cats won the poll. 👿

    someguy, hard to say if Nimrod was simply yet another being who’s birthday was moved to the solctice after his time. As for 2012, I agree about the opportunity, as that’s what my Burning Ring suggests. On the other end, maybe “last chance” before the gate/grid closes is more accurate. I’ll answer your additional notes via e-mail, time permitting.

  34. Nice podcast. I’ll try to keep it brief I’ve had a couple run ins with the grid pattern this past week. You talked football and I noticed they use the term “grid iron” to describe the field they play on. Obviously the “grid” and then I know violator wrote something on how iron is used to keep souls trapped in the grid, correct me if im wrong. Then I noticed how some mattresses have the grid pattern sewn into them as well. There’s also a commercial that the church I went to helped fund i think called “catholics come home” and they have these people who’ve supposedly left the church walking into this airport hangar looking thing with huge xbox grid patterns everywhere. Catch the lady walking into the light at the end.

    Aahh thats all. looking forward to the relationships are dead post haha

  35. I am very grateful for having “Stumbled” upon your blog, it is refreshing to find someone else out there in the vastness of cyberspace that thinks as I do. Great work keep it coming!!

    One thing I feel that we [all of us awake enough to see the “reality” placed before us] need to do is work on more “Simpleton” ways to explain and or show this to the partially-awake. I absolutely hear your frustration with the “Zombie Masses”, and share the desire to run away from them as fast as I can. But I also realize, as the movies imply, that those of us who are “Survivors” need to deal with them some how or they very well may over-run us. It is a difficult issue to address, for me I guess the best I can do is prepare myself for any eventuality, and do my best [within my tolerance for the “Brain-Washed” Masses] to reach out to as many people as I can, helping them along in their waking process. As much as some of us would love to be on a deserted island enjoying the life we wish we could have, we have to deal with what life has in store for us and do not see how we can do this alone?

    Thank you and Be Well,


    PS “People do not change simply because they “See The Light”, first they have to fell the HEAT!!!”

  36. “Pink clad lesbian whores from Hell”? I said that? I’m sure I did! Playing guitar in bar bands the past twenty years has allowed me to witness a big change in our society. Women have completely lost their minds and the guys are not far behind. Behind, get it? Ha ha kill me now…..

  37. Enjoyed the podcast. Especially the parts after first horus.

    Thank you both.


  38. J, wow! The “grid iron.” 😯 Of course! That commercial is something else too. Obviously made by someone in the know and someone who holds a different belief structure than the ignorant masses. Cause “you are his faithful servant.”

    Nemo DeNovo, should I gather by “Stumble,” you are referring to the website bearing such a name? I am still struggling with what to do with/about the masses and perhaps, I have taken a step back/down in the past few since “the ring” to try and reach some more (via the back door method). 👿 It is a struggle.

    Mark, good to hear from you mate! Hehe! I had to use on of your quotes at some point and the other about “white trash” and dumpsters wouldn’t have fit here. 😆 Cheers man!

    Corbeau, appreciate you letting us know. Still, wouldn’t have minded you being a tad more specific. 😛

  39. I was listening to this broadcast again and the part about “desensitization” and “it’s all part of the plan” links with the newest game the kids are playing: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I’m including a link to the video. The message here is that it’s ok to slaughter an airport full of civilians because it’s for the greater good (i.e: “it’s all part of the plan”): “CoD – Moder…t Mission)”

    Of course, the scariest part isn’t the video, but the comments. They leave no doubt we truly live in the “Land of the Dead”!

    “My best Christmas ever was in some remote corner of the world where I knew no one, and there I heard not one jingle … spent “the x-day” in the company of three ladies who took pity on this solitary traveler and had me over for dinner, we exchanged no gifts and then we went clubbing. God Bless us Everyone!”

    Now THAT’S what I call a Merry Christmas!

  40. Hislop’s Nimrod-theory is nonsense. Simply turn to the Bible where the name Enoch = “Man,” and lived for 365 years. Mankind is the sun, symbolically.

    Tammuz is the Sol/Soul, the Good Shepherd and Son of God, who loved Inanna (the Matrix) and died, only to be reborn each year.

    “… man that hath Mind in him, let him learn to know that he himself is deathless, and that the cause of death is love, though Love is all.” (Poemandres, 18)

  41. Three sisters the sun moon and Mother earth. Figure that one out!!!

    333,333,333,333,333,333,333,333,33 and just keep adding, this could go on forever!

    ISIS is 1515 if you think about it hard enough.

    I’ll be there if you need me!

  42. Minors in R.I. can be strippers

    Can’t vote but can strip.

  43. Mat, yea, some of those video games do seem to be mass “SS Shock Troop” training tools. This one’s over the top. We killed everybody, but we nailed the “terrorist.” The comments, as usual on odd mainstream links, are always far scarier.

    Eleleth, thanks for addressing that.

    CHM, on the most recent podcast recorded, we get into Trinity as the Holee mother/whore. I guess that’s a preview for [5].

    Antares, cool! They’ll be able to give strangers unobstructed views of all their orifices, but won’t be able to drink legally for another 5 years. Oddly, barely noticeable in the article is how a 12 year old was found working at one club, speaking to the theme of “12 is the new 20” and the physical manifestation discussed in [the under-appreciated] Dinner [0].

  44. This post is missing an anus. With a twinkie shoved in it.

    Its hard to think of an argument to what you two are saying. Dare I say your getting sharper with your observations? I mean, your not stretching this shit at all. No multiplying layers of details. Just one or two steps to your equations. I hope you guys don’t get bored of this podcast stuff.

    I can’t handle malls anymore. I think it would make more sense for great groups of people to get together for other things rather than mass consumption. But people want to be stupid. Its so easy. I should talk. When I get in line at a drive thru I feel like a cow at the trough.

  45. Hey Celt, Have you heard of Les Visible’s blog? “Reflections in a Petri Dish”? If not you might like it, not sure. The latest entry is called “Fisting in the Name of Love.” Seems kind of like a companion piece to many of your recent write ups. He has a different writing style and voice, no o_O pics, but it’s well written social commentary about all sorts of things going on in the world by an ex-pat. The reader comments are usually always pretty good too, surprisingly.

  46. There are suggested Mickey Mouse ears on the dead girl, and one of the South Park judges.

  47. Those outbursts of NFL music are HILARIOUS!!!

  48. John Kidd, I gather one would not need look far away from this post too long these days, without seeing just that. Appreciate your words, sincerely.

    Ah, we shoulda listened to Mojo back in the 80’s and burned down all the malls as they popping up everywhere. Now it’s too late. The resultant zombies would just find somewhere else to congregate.

    Carissa, I was unfamiliar with it. A few people had tried to get me to look into that “school fisting workshop,” but I declined. Though, in an upcoming [one day to release] podcast, SP & I explore how every perversion in the book is now giving way to acceptance. What ever happened to good old “shunning?”

    Did note your author there, seems to be yet another soul looking for Tanerlorn, whether he knows it or not.

    nyota, ah yes. Good catch on the judge.

    Ryan, well, I certainly liked ’em. Thank you!

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