A Burning Ring of Fire [II]

A long time ago, when I was into my Reggae phase, and everything that such would entail, one of my absolute favourite stanzas was from “Lessons in my Life” by Peter Tosh. Peter was in my opinion, the greatest force of positivity to come out of the whole movement. He was also an amazing source of lightness [as in the opposite of heavy], “and for that,” as Bill Hicks might say, “we killed him.”

“I’m an honest man and I love honest people
I’m an intelligent man, and I love intelligent people
I’m a fire man, and I love the f”a ire people”

On September 11 [1987], three unworthy craftsmen were sent to Peter’s house, and they snuffed out [extinguished] his great voice [from this realm]. Peter was a visionary, who some say saw into the aether. Tosh, who was declared “public enemy number one” by the powers-that-be in Jamaica, had already endured three physical attacks to where he had been beaten near death [¿bad things come in 3’s?].

Despite the attacks, Peter remained optimistic, saying they were nothing compared to the spiritual attacks he endured. “Vampires don’t come out and bite your neck anymore. They cause … something destructive to happen that blood will spill and those invisible vampires will get their meals.” My apocalypse [uncovering these facts] led to a brutal attack on my mind/spirit, but we’ll discuss that later.

Coincidentally, the day before I learned of Peter’s tale/fate, a story came out that Yahoo will pull the plug on GeoCities, and lots of great info might be lost. At the time, I thought it minor, but the source page on Peter may disappear. Cycling back to close of part i is Tosh’s reply as to who the lead vampire was: “Lucifer.”

Is the Luciferan Cage a fireman, or one of the “fire people?” He did play the part of a fireman in Oliver Stone’s religious narrative of the September 11 Mega-Ritual. Those who remember Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 may recall that fire-men were actually those who made fires, and not ones expected to snuff them out.

Those who scoff at the notion of Bradbury’s vision of fire-starting firemen, would do well to remember that, (a) Bradbury’s vision of architects destroying communities, long ago established itself right under the radar of our ignorant observance, and (b) the notion of modern day firemen, leads us back to Rome, where firemen, were in fact, those who went about setting fires. Ominously [or as the aware may expect], in Paris, the firemen may be moving towards the dark side.

Cage also starred in the remake of The Wicker Man, a film about burning people alive, where he found himself the sacrificee, and burning to death. As synchronicity would dictate, this movie came on within two days of my beginning to piece this together, so I watched the first twenty minutes or so before going out.

I knew the film would be worth devoting a little time to, even before the first scene entered my field of vision. In short order, we’re shown the credits/logos of every deeply occult studio involved in this “production.” The yet undefined Warner Bros, All-Con Entertainment, Millennium Pictures [¿Scorpio resonant?], Saturn Films and alas Equity Pictures [which also has a Saturnian logo].

The credits not even done yet, we see the name Ellen Burstyn, further connecting us to both the Saturnian [double] El and the fire theme. If I recall correctly [from prior viewing], bees played a large part in this film (a scene of a naked woman covered with bees and Nick’s head being Caged with some angry stinging bees). It would also sync with the Simpsons “The Burns and the Bees” episode from part i. Phew!

While looking for images from the Wicker Man, oddly, the very first photo Google-search turned up was that of Brit Ekland’s ass from the first Wicker Man. However, according to reports, Ekland refused to show her ass for the film, despite the fact she was walking around completely naked on the set (hence, we can assume she didn’t mind full exposure), and her claim that her derrière is “much smaller and much nicer” than the one below (a “Scottish” stripper they hired as a body double).

What’s the significance? I really don’t know. Found it kind of odd. She had already shown her ass a couple of years before [though, as a dead girl, hence one neither possessable or energy deprivable]. Image found [below], so you can judge the validity of her prior statement for yourself. According to other reports, the reason for the body-double, was that Ekland was pregnant at the time, hence “too fat” for the [pyramidal] rear shot [yet, the above right image suggests otherwise].

From a “moral” viewpoint, Ekland had already even posed naked alongside her [also naked] five-year-old daughter Victoria. {*1} I get a weird feeling that Britt’s ass was off limits to our eyes. At the time, she was pregnant with “Nikolaj,” alleged to be the son of record producer Lou Adler [born in ’33]. Maybe some Rosemary’s Baby scenario? Aside from Wicker Man, Britt was also a Bond girl, and did play in Satan’s Mistress. Scant information, other than parentage, is available on Nikolaj Adler.

What the hell does Ekland’s anus, have to do with fire (aside from the obvious)? Well, you may recall a colloquialism you’ve indubitably heard a few million times: “Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one.” The origins of the expression’s popularity [insertion] trace back to Hollywood Icon [¿eye-con?], Clint Eastwood. Blame Dirty Harry for this nugget of nonsense programming disguised as “wisdom.”

If you meet anyone with an opinion, you’ve found a rare gem of a person, and should befriend them immediately. In all my life, I’ve found relatively few people that have opinions of their own, most just spout out trivialized crap considered as “opinion,” like above phrase. But, everybody does have an asshole. I can’t stress enough, it is the height of hypocrisy to complain about the rising pile of shit we find ourselves living in, without acknowledging one’s own contribution to the shit-pile.

The Cathars (previously discussed), whom most of were burned alive by the demon known as Pope Innocent X, were vegetarians. What grave “threat” did these pacifists pose to world order, that Rome hunted them down more ruthlessly and mercilessly than anyone before or since? For what it’s worth, the Essenes were also vegetarians, which would imply Jesus was as well [Bible readers, please do not cite any of the post-Romanic revisions to the Bible as a source for counter-argument].

An undeniable proof of the unimaginable depths of stupidity at which mankind wallows is how many Christians will speak at great length of the horrors the early practitioners of their faith had to endure, being burned alive in the Colosseum. Yet, the same center of world Christianity, the Vatican, is responsible for burning more people alive than any single group before or since. Oh, they were witches and heretics! Bah! Baaaah! “Um, excuse me, but the Modus Operandi is the exact same.” What was that? Lalala lala lala! I can’t hear you [covering ears]. Baaah!

I’m sure all the dumb hippies in the Nevada desert really don’t have a clue what the fuck they are doing. It’s probably a great place to go get laid, get high, and run around naked. I do forgive them, for they know not what they do. They are taking part in a ritual, which behind their glazed eyes, exists not the slightest idea of.

Yet, you can rest assured, just by looking at the symbology, were Pope Innocent alive today, he’d be there at Black Rock annually, naked and having a wank or two (or a few million). Then again, for all we know, the demon/spirit who possessed that vessel may, in fact, be there, if not in a wanking body, hovering about.

That’s how ritual works. It’s not remotely important the practitioners [or “victims”] “understand,” just stand under whatever authority and mindlessly perform the specific steps designed to deprive them of their power and freedom, while granting the architect/beneficiary of said ritual their consent to “lord it” over them. This would include all the ignorant Christians out there who attended Easter Services (whether on the Western Vernal Equinox or the Eastern Passover conjunction) and bound themselves to this spiritual prison, by making the sign of the cross. Yes!

I’ll have to thank Michael at Hidden Agendas for apprising me of a site dedicated to Enochian magic, after my initial article delving into the cube[s] that is/are our spiritual prison. The [1000+ words] picture below [right], was a definite eye opener.

The act/ritual of focusing/devoting energy to the cube, is a dead giveaway that whoever does so isn’t at the top of any hierarchy, hence doesn’t control shit (though, may control “shit,” literally speaking). Those who think “the Jews” run the world, will need to look beyond those cubists. Ain’t the “Islamofascists” either. {*2}

I can’t say for sure whether Jesus was real or not, but I am getting rather sick of every robot who watched Zeitgeist running around en mass suddenly all “experts” on the topic. Yes, you mutts: he’s Horus, he’s Mithra, he’s also Conan the Barbarian and Alexander the Great. However, the miraculously popular documentary failed to ask the most important questions: (a) was Jesus Christ even his name, (b) what part of the Jesus fable is Roman manipulation/fabrication, and (c) what are the origins of the Christ’s [own] liberating, loving, anti-establishment teachings?

Bill Maher’s Religulous, released by Lion’s Gate (where Jesus walked through prior to his execution), is a pure snowjob pair of sweaty balls slapped against the terminally shut eyelids of its viewers. Yea, I know the above image may offend some, but you have no idea how offensive it is for me every time I hear some idiot cite any part of that shit-bag excuse for a human being‘s “film” as knowledge. {*3}

It’s the dialectic, and I’d be willing to bet Bill got the Vatican’s seal of approval. The Church wants two kinds of dumb cunts: those who sit in the pews and swallow every fairy tale, and those who call themselves atheists, dismissing everything as pure fantasy, forever securing their ignorance to their own origins. Dumb cunts on one side thinking they’re somehow smarter than the dumb cunts on the other. A beautiful dialectic that assures only one result: sweet sweet ignorance!

I don’t have the answers, just the questions. The few teachings of Jesus hold the highest wisdom [not the rantings of that lunatic Paul, and any of the other cyples of Dis]. I also find it highly suspect that his name in Greek is Iousus Xristos, in other words Jesus Cross (alternately, Jesus of the Cross)? Hey Mary Magdalene [¡MM!], next time you get your holy hole artificially inseminated, do us a favor and avoid naming your future prodigy something like Harry Flaming Car-Accident.

Speaking of the Greeks, based on my own discoveries, I told a friend that since Michael Tsarion has already rewritten Irish history, it may now fall upon me to rewrite Greek Hellenic history, and how I hope to arrange some small lectures in Greece by the end of the year. She asked, “Have you learned Ancient Greek yet?” Why would I need to do that? That’s for scholars and academics. All I need to do is wipe all the horse-shit off the windshield so those dumb fucks can finally see better. After that, the challenge will be getting them to open their eyes.

When I was growing up, I’d hear tales of Greek heroes, who fought for Greek Independence from the Ottomans. During the 1000+ year occupation, each of these heroes met the same grisly fate: getting skewered and roasted over the fire by the “barbarians.” Every Easter, the biggest of HoleDays in Ellas Greece, the tradition is to skewer a lamb and roast it over a fire. Is the hypocrisy so dissociated? Have my Greeks mastered the art of always standing upwind from their own shit-pile?

Back to roasting people/saviors/lambs, though I watched about 20 minutes of the Wicker Man remake, the first five were more than plenty. Above, we meet Cage waving back to Krista Kampbell (who is waiting to put food in his stargate). He’s busy looking for a book. Let’s see: a pair of “snake eyes” (also dice representing chance/fate), two “magic” eight-balls [HH], a woman’s uterus/tubes (aka the “long-horn” symbol), and a couple of model trucks, one with a flaming paint-job.

A truck passes in the background, and we also get to see it close up (along with half a pi). WM? Alas, the mystery of what the Brothers Warner were repeatedly shoving into our orifice [anus/throat/vagina: you decide] has been solved (Stygian Port and I had previously banged our heads over this mystery, yet were unable to reach a conclusion). MM, WW, and any variation of tthe WM/MW (in this case, the apropo Waste Management conglomerate) is part of the grid of spiritual imprisonment I spoke of previously. WB consists of two W Brothers, hence WW. The B is interchangeable with 8/infinity/eternity [¡and also “ate,” bon apetit!]

Just look at the shelves cage shifts through while looking for “the right book.” We’ve got sunglasses, connecting us to the sun/fire and They Live/the Matrix. We’ve got a rather “hot” 101 book [that damn “heat miser” song is creeping into my brain], a rainbow vagina, a mind-control butterfly, and a bunch of other books I’d be curious to know the names of if anyone’s got a high-def copy.

The most interesting book for me, was one I really had to zoom in for [above right]: “Burning to Succeed.” What did I say before? Wealth and Death. Suck seed! [yes] You can be rich beyond your wildest dreams! You could even “blaze” your own trail!

Foreshadowing complete, Cage hops on his motorcycle and pulls over a woman and her daughter (what we used to call “protect and serve,” before most local cops were officially converted to the new Pinkertons, and used by the ruling class to beat / keep down the pesky middle-class peasants). The MW/WM truck comes along and slams into the car, burning up the little girl inside (who, by chance, happens to be wearing red). Cage tries to save her from the flames, but fails.

Cage, a motorcycle and fire: where have we seen that before? A couple of readers pointed it out after part i, but Ghost Rider was already on the plate. There’s a hell of a lot more Cage/Fire syncs a’comin (do comment, no way I’ve caught them all).

Cage plays Johnny Blaze, who sold his soul to Mephistopheles. It’s a lame movie, and I never cared much for the cartoon, which seemed like a blatant attempt to lure bikers over to Marvel Comics. I found it particularly interesting that Cage’s co-star was Eve Mendes (as in Baphomet/the goat of Mendes). The only other aspect of the movie relevant to the train we’re presently riding (as far as I’m aware), is the intent of the anti-hero was to bring Hell to Earth.

A later addition to the syncromystic mix was Event Horizon a sci-fi flick[¿er?], that I, a fan of the genre, had somehow missed. Even though it features Sam Neil [below left], who once starred next to Nicole Kidman’s bare ass, don’t waste your time. It’s proof positive the “brain-drain” in society is affecting Hollywood too. Plot in a nutshell: a space-ship is built that can travel faster than light by bending space; (via a technology that creates miniature black holes). The ship is lost, but turns up again. Those sent to find out what happened discover … tun tun tun … the ship went TO HELL! Aaaaaargh! Are you scared yet children?

Every turd, should one take the time to sift through it, may contain an undigested peanut or two: the one EH aspect worthy of our consideration is using technology to create Hell on Earth (obviously, it’s nothing we, including those who watched King’s The Mist, should be too con-CERN-ed about). Anyway, since light can’t escape black holes, all I could find was the above image, which kinds of looks like an eye. The eye of Horus. An anus? Satan’s anus? I should stick my cock in it.

Anyone recall that movie, Knowing, the one I started talking about a long long time ago? Well, one of the “random” numbers that appeared on the Lucinda’s “this is your future” disaster prognostication was 666. Boo! It’d be safe to assume someone wanted us to notice it, since no other numbers repeat in the screen shot.

I still can’t claim to know exactly what the number 666 represents, or how it can be used to our detriment or betterment. There are multiple interpretations, including the possibility it is somehow the number of man [¿though, image does seem a bit CONdescending, no?] Thanks to Michael Tsarion, I was to recently learn of one more [below right]. Looking up the word vicar, we get “one serving as a substitute or agent.” So, the question is agent/substitute for whom?

Don’t forget, the Cathars believed the Catholic church was the Church of Satan. Judging by its proven propensity to burn people alive, and rape innocents, those Cathars may have had a better clue as what was going on than us dumb cunts.

The Time cover is amazing. The horns, as usual, exactly where they need to be [and a little too obvious in retrospect]. The reflection below, strongly implying the whole black pope/white pope Jesuit angle. Most importantly, an unidentified shadowy [underworld] figure, to whom the pope is raising his hand in salute or deference to. Strategically beautiful, yet fools will still dis-miss as “coincidence.”

Much ado has been made by many about Disney containing a 666. And, a lot has been made over the stories of Walt Disney. Was he a Jew-hating artist who loved children, and then, after he died, “the Jews” took over Disney and made it the destructive force it is today? Was he a 33rd degree Freemason, who abhorred children and merely a front man? Was he a pedophile troglodyte who never surfaced from underneath the Disneyworld tunnels [¿sound kind of like Gollum?]?

Alas, with a little help from my friends (namely yo1dude1man), all the horse-crap disinfo was removed from the windsheild, and the Disney mystery was finally solved. Dis, aka Pluto, is the Roman name for Hades, the Hellenic god of the Underworld. The god of Wealth and Death. Ney [Nai] is a panflute, named after the [musical] instrument the Hellenic god Pan would play; one he’d used to lure innocents into the woods and rape them; the origins of the pied piper tail.

There’s good reason why these Gods are always displayed with their cocks out, and there’s good reason why Disney is doing exactly what it was set up to do from go. The image below [left] is from a club/disco in France called Le Paris Paris. I guess Disney’s lawyers have been too busy to have the Pan-like statue removed. 🙄

Oh, what a wonderful world we could be living in right now, if only parents would stop discouraging children from following their instincts [as the little girl above is doing]. In actuality, we can surmise her folks were embarrassed by the above scene, and reprimanded this girl to no end. Parents with a slight clue would teach, “If you ever see Mickey Mouse coming your way, kick him in the nuts and run!”

As already discussed, Disney’s brainwashing runs too deep. The same dumb cunts who’d know better than to let Mickey Rourke babysit their children, gladly consent to having the Mouse twists his tendricles inside the tender malleable minds of their offspring [hell, they “welcome” the break from parenting he “grants” them].

To give kudos where kudos are due, the subtle knife has worked its magic on the psyche all too well. You put the “other” Mickey in a ring-of-fire along with a guy in a beard named Louis Cypher [not very cryptic], and your audience shits themselves. You put a MouseKeteer [mk victim] in the same ring of fire and, should they get good seats, the mAsses are “so happy they could shit bricks.” Hm: Angel Heart, the Heart/Vagina and a “hot” Queen of the Vulva. We’ll revisit.

Time to move out of the frying “Pan” and back into the fire. This old Disney cartoon is just the ticket. What’s that Pluto? What’s got you so aroused boy? What’s that you smell? Is it the sweet charcoal scent of human flesh burning?

fying panpluto star

We’ll see Pluto again after he’s done feeding. This sojourn makes the “rabbit hole” feel a lot more like a fire pit. I think I’ve been asking the wrong question. It’s not “is Nicholas Cage a fireman?” Is Nicholas Cage THE fireman? Is Old Nick aka Saint Nicholas the fireman? Almost every single movie poster of Cage has fire in it.

You’d expect it from Next, which is about the nuclear destruction of the City of Angels (featuring Cage returning to Las Vegas, which he last “departed” highly intoxicated). But why is there fire in Bang-Cock Dangerous? It’s [yet] another movie which glorifies assassins, hence, I don’t know if I’ll ever have the moral patience to sit/sift through this stinking predictive programming turd.

I had to travel to the Far East to find a poster for that steaming turd called Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Was worth the journey. The oblivious Cage/Pan/Nero, giving his horrible Italian accent a rest, plays his Mandolin/Flute/Fiddle, while Rome burns behind him. Mind-controlled fembot Penelope Cruz, giving her even more painful [to the ears] Greek accent a rest, mindlessly stares out, awaiting instruction.

Even posters where there is no “fire” per se, feature strong fire-resonant colors. I have absolutely no interest in ever seeing Gone in 60 Seconds, but will explore later how units of time entrap us. 8MM, co-staring Joaquin Phoenix, a movie about murder and pedophilia, likely catered to some e-lites, and included a double-dose of Aphex Twin’s cage-rattling “Come to Daddy” [“i need your soul”]. If we flip/mirror the title, we’re right back to our mind-fucking friends, the Bros Warner [WW8].

The lettering on Raising Arizona, which took place in the city of fire, Phoenix, should raise the temperature a tad, as should Cage’s shirt, which we can safely deduce one of the wardrobe people did not chance upon at a local yard sale. Worth a note is co-star Holly Hunter [88] and Cage being directed by the Coen “brothers.”

“I’ve got a feeling, I’m going to get a lot of grief
Once this seemed so appealing, now I am beyond belief”

–Elvis Costello

For those who’ve seen this old [1987] film starring Young Nick, you may remember the Angel of Death/Biker from Hell character, who appears out of the fire and was in the end, consumed by it. Various sites reference him as “lives in the underworld” and “lone biker of the Apocalypse.” Some really weird shit, huh?

Did you notice anything else about the Raising Arizona poster I hadn’t mentioned yet? If you didn’t, well then, shame on you, you numskull! [BTW: I missed it too, at least a dozen times.]. See where Daddy Cage is holding the baby bottle? So, a full 22 years before Nicholas was to star in Knowing, raising his son on a steady fellatial “diet,” the same implication was made? Sick nasty shit! {*4}

Snaking away from the serpent brothers, the Coens, back to the serpent airline for convicts, ConAir, we see Cage running away from the fire. In Knowing, we see him trying to run away from the burning Earth. Well, in this movie, the fire catches up with Nick. The final number is … tun tun tun33! Cage is informed that he needs to mirror the “final” number to understand it. It’s EE. In other words, Everyone Else is gonna die. Cage burns [again]. The Earth burns. Everyone burns.

Do note that the year is now 2009, which reduces to 11. Hence, on 11/11 of this year, we have got a significant 33 producing 11:11:11 alignment coming.

After I [finally] wrote The Cross the Crown & the Jew, I had a startling moment of synchronicity while catching up with Michael Tsarion’s latest Red Ice interviews [first image from hour two]. Hearing Michael arrive at some strikingly similar conclusions was, for me, an affirmation that my methodology of intuition, synchronicity and deduction can arrive at findings as valid as that of [what I assume is] extensive research. Hooray for “wipe the crap off the windshield!” 😀

Recall Tsarion’s thesis that our alien masters, who’ve been trying to unlock their own stargate/prison which binds them to this “pit” [“this place is terrible”], are damn close? Michael extrapolates 4 possible outcomes to the awakening us versus departing them conflict, one of which is “Burn and Rise No More” [above right].

Knowing presents [¿programs?] us with the scenario that a huge solar flare would overload and destroy the ozone layer, thereby leaving the earth defenseless to the sun’s rays, ensuring it/us a fiery end. Well, that is bunk! To me, these “random” cataclysms happening, be it such, or a Nibiru coming along occasionally colliding with this planet or that, fly against the order I see in the microcosmos. My cells do not randomly attack one another, unless instigated by some external agent.

I remember when I was a child, my grandmother telling me that the first time God was to destroy the world, he did it with water. The next time, he’d do it with fire.

My grandmother wasn’t a learned woman, but she was a mystic, and feared by neighbors, due to her ability to peer into their future [something she learned from the Gypsies], and will random accidents on those she cared for not. The older she got, and the more her mind dwindled, she developed a habit of repeating a phrase I, at the time, thought was kind of cute: “Dogs are afraid of fire, but cats are afraid of water” [a certain Accidental Alchemist may find that of interest].

Looking at how every mythology on this planet, well beyond the well-known dominant mythologies of the unholy Abrahamic cubic trio, has a story of the great deluge, and that unauthorized [i.e., unfettered] scientific research supports it, we have accept the great flood as fact. We can’t assign it to the wrath of some “god,” be it Poseidon or Jehovah, because neither of those guys had the power/technology to cause/create such an event. Oh Tiamat/Lucifer, how is it that you fell from the sky and filled this Earth with your tears and shattered corporal [H2O] being?

The only possible explanation for our prior experience with a hole in the ozone layer [beyond all of Dis’s info] would be the HAARP facility in Alaska. That would imply “the gods,” should they so choose, could crank up HAARP and make Knowing’s predictive programming our reality. Why would they do so? Because they hate us.

I’ll expand on why later. For now, I’d like to turn back to a prior article delving into the plans for a second Earth (The Lucifer Project). I had compiled a series of overtly solar movie posters and one in particular [left], didn’t really seem to fit in, then.

The connections now made, it fits in a little too well. The 5th Resident Evil video game will soon be released for the X-Box 360, and it does seem to show fire is coming in through the cracks, from somewhere beyond. Is Hell coming to Earth?

“Joseph Johnson, aged 28, from Chicago, is facing first-degree murder charges for allegedly killing a man while they played games together on an Xbox 360.

Johnson and Danny Taylor, aged 24, were allegedly playing video games at an apartment when tension escalated and they got into a fight. This led to Johnson allegedly shooting Taylor in the back of the head.”

Coming? The star of the series, Mila “the Messenger[¡of arc/ark, who was burned alive!], is shown wearing that damn red dress in first installment [above right]. But, I’m more interested in the last one: Extinction. In particular, the scene below:

Do note the symbols. We’ll be taking another look at all of them before this is over. Yes, I know. It is kind of scary. But, I’m not prognosticating anything. I’ve given up on doing that. Whether mankind dies via fire or via stagnation; the present meticulous slow path where man is deprived of every single trace of his humanity on a daily basis, is utterly inconsequential to me.

Even though I know many of you feel a strong attachment to it, don’t waste your precious mental energies worrying about humanity. By the time the Earth starts burning, half of them will be singing “the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire, burn mother-fucker, watch the mother-fucker burn.” The other half will be singing, “it’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.” Aside from the fire, burning, screaming and yelling, the extent of the chaos will consist of the a few members of the two dialectical camps killing each other for singing the wrong tune.

“Great fire burning
You supplied the spark
Fires burning
Spreading through the ark
Animals are panicking
I’m animal and panicking”

— Andy Partridge/XTC

Those who haven’t devolved into such a state will hopefully have either evolved, or chosen to get on the metaphoric ark, bound for new beginnings. To those still with me after bearing enough insults, we’ll get through this series. It will be as long as it needs to be. I hope I delivered on my promise from part i, to at least give everyone a general idea of what this puzzle might look like.


:: :: :: :: :: :: ::


*1: She was married to Peter Sellers, who was very likely MK’d [and, reconnecting us back to the “pink pussy” from part i]. I’m reminded of a comment by Carissa, of how she read the e-lites consider sex with mother/daughter teams a desirable height of depravity, and I can’t help but think of the mom/daughter spread as anything other than promotion of the duo’s availability. Victoria’s life story following those days does seem to “scream” of a DIS-function-all upbringing. [LB]

*2: I was recently asked for an opinion on the voluminous Antichrist Dahr Jamail series on YouTube. I’ve caught a few of the vids and give the Muslim narrative kudos for exposing a lot of interesting facts, but, am speculative of the conclusions, because ultimately, a follower of a religion that dictates they make a pilgrimage to circle a cube, has been conned and misled somewhere along the way. [LB]

*3: Have to give some credit for the “bill-sack” image idea to an old “lampoon” story about some Italian boy who had a Saint’s face miraculously appear on his nut-sack. Hence, people would make pilgrimages to the boy’s village to marvel at, and kiss his testicles in hopes of “healing.” Also, the mainstream media barrage about “tea-bagging,” undoubtedly, entered the mind as well. Don’t even get me started on all the numbskulls who think tea-bag parties were ever an act meant to liberate anyone. [LB]

*4: Those who’ve read deprogrammed MK-Ultra survivor Cathy O’Brien’s Trance-Formation of America, may be “forced” now to recall her disturbing childhood memories. For those unfamiliar, she claims one of her first memories is her dad substituting his penis for the baby bottle, you can assume the rest. [LB]

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  1. On the Warner Brothers thing… WW can also be 33 if rotated to the left. Same with the WM truck from Wicker Man. AFerrisMoon mentioned that the 3/E/W/M spinner, when seen in doubles, can represent the wavy lines of Aquarius (or of water, for Isis/Sirian influence), and of course a W placed on top of an M makes a square and compass design. Warner Bros logo is a blue and gold shield (usually seen floating in the heavens), to strengthen the Masonry ties there.

    Fire = energy, so all these “fire BAD!” themes are probably pointing to the Elite’s fear of free energy for all. First it was Water which replaced hard manual labor with water mills and such, next it will be Fire or limitless energy which will replace the system currently set in place. Of course, that could simply be an allusion to electricity, and we all know there is a way to produce unlimited electrical energy (see Tesla).

    In an episode of South Park, Cartman’s mom tells him to refer to the penis as a “fireman”. “When you rub his helmet he spits in your eye”. Ah, priceless.

    The cross in the circle seen in the second-to-last image is known as a Masonic Cross, or even a Zodiac Cross. The girl in RE5 is named “Sheva”, and the dude is Chris (Christ).

  2. Hey Celt,
    Of those book titles which Cage is browsing, the rainbow one, is an earlier cover of “You can heal your life” by Lousie L. Hay (straw, wicker, hay?) . It falls within the New Age genre btw. Also the title above it and to the left is titled “something Inner Child” which leads me to think that they all may be new age-y. fwiw

    Well whaddya know, that first book in the upper left shelf is “The power of intentions” by Dr. Wayne M. Dyer (probably also an earlier book cover), and a search of his site reveals that he also recommends Hay’s work and vice-versa. Here’s a link I found :


    What a small circle that bizarro community is.

    And btw, do you know that the Chinese consider the number 666 to be lucky? A Chinese woman told me years ago that this number is supposed to bring good fortune, usually involving money.

    A really great read, this one. Thanks,

  3. Tommy, good info. As with the mutli-layered sunglass metaphor, there would appear to be more valid ways of looking at it. In regards to the Warn Bros violating our orifice however, the orifice violation, for me, would lean towards forever entrapping us, and not, pushing ascension into us.

    This “grid” I refer to, is ultimately, a way of trapping us (our energy) in this con-struct, to serve/feed others. So, yes, “free energy” scares the crap out of those who rely on us staying in this prison space.

    Hehe. Actually, one of the related SP episodes that will be making it in this series, does feature firemen’s hoses. So, you saying the player chooses between the Destroyer and the Redeemer in RE5? That’s significant!

    annemarie, those shelves at some desert truck-stop, do seem to be limited to only new-age books, huh? That should have been a red flag on its own. Good eye. Found an image of the Hay book. Sexual healing maybe?

  4. A truly sensational read, marred only by the many images of cage wearing that “take charge,” expression filled with determination and irritation (which probably comes from having to wear all those hair extensions, which in fact make his own big head highly flammable.) Really, think about it, why would one who requires so much fake/real hair, attached by copious amounts of glue, and a variety of styling products, work with fire so much? I bet you at all times there is someone next to him with a fire extinguisher on those sets…

    Kudos to the little girl for kicking the pervy mouse…and kudos to you for another amazing post!

  5. Just found some nice red dress 5 syncs — apparently Chanel celebrated its number 5 perfume anniversary today


    Audrey Tatou is the ‘face’ of this campaign. She was the lead in Amelie (nominated for 5 Academy Awards) and was Sophie Neveu Saint-Clair, the living decedent of Jesus, in Da Vinci Code.


    vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZtNaHEtLvI&feature=related


    Happy Synco de mayo

  6. I do not like your use of the C word. I expect you to express yourself, without degrading female’s. The wicker men of old were used to purge their celtic society theives and murderers and other criminals. Burning man in Gerlach Nevada is a similar catharsis. It was a trip to witness last year. The rave culture downe there was a bit to much for me, long live Tom Waits. This latest installment of syncros about Mr. Cage is truly something to reflect on. He seems to be the point man for something big. I truly appreciate the Dis-ney synchs. How obvious and de-humanizing. I have this sister-in-law who is blinded by the whole Dis-ney matrix. No need to shock your readers with profanity, we are hearing you loud and clear. Dennis from Oregon.

  7. lalan, thanks for the perspective. Hadn’t considered Cage’s flammable hair-do. Wonder if “personal fireman” is a standard contract rider whenever Old Nick is signed.

    Danny, those RED/5 syncs are a nice addition. That advert shows just how seriously “they” take screen/eye time. It also ties into the “X’-men which will pop up in this series before it’s over.

    Dennis, I’m sorry if I have offended you. I do value your input. My diatribe comes from being frustrated to no end that even “the truth community” can’t/won’t move away from their own ego construct. It would seem on this side [US] of the Atlanticle, “cunt” takes on a different tone. Then again, that’s probably cause of the divisive liberation agenda combined with political correctness (and you know how I feel about that). Which IMO, it shouldn’t, cause one can say “evil prick” and not be accused of being sexist. If anyone else is truly offended, do let me know.

    Interesting you chose the word “catharsis,” as I neglected to expand on the obfuscated [and I feel “in-your-face” derogatory] origins of the word being “placed” in the English language. Were I around when the druids chose to burn anyone, we’d have had some issues.

  8. “We didn’t start the fire. It was always burning since the world’s been turning…”

    Maybe I’m getting used to music quotes being part of your posts, but I kept singing the above while reading.

    Prometheus is chained to a stone and vultures peck at his liver for all time for the crime of giving the Fire of the Gods to Men. The Evil Resident (Lucifer) is bound to this material prison. Satan/Lucifer was cast into the lowest (and frozen) level of hell, and the Catholic Church dominated the West coincidentally at the time of the “Little Ice Age.” “Who is John Galt?” He is Prometheus, only he packed up his fire(Truth) and left, not to return until the day that Men pack up their vultures. He is the Cathars and Gnostics, (soon to be) returning after a much deserved vacation. In The Ninth Gate, Lucifer is summoned by gathering the nine gates and entering an old Cathar castle (Chateau Puivert). (from my post: Journey Back Home) The extinction is of the fires and/or the fire starters perhaps?

    “Its the end of the world as we know it. Its the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.”

    Extinction: Originally of fires; the sense of “dying out”

    Nirvana: “extinction, disappearance” (of the individual soul into the universal), lit. “to blow out, a blowing out” (“not transitively, but as a fire ceases to draw;”

    “How can we dance while the world is turning? How can we sleep while our beds are burning?”

    P.S. Thanks for connecting the WE3 Spinner to the “grid,” I knew it fit, but couldn’t find the right way to express it. Funny how those X’s seem to form a chain-link fence!

  9. Re: the Pope photo . It reminds me of a painting , a Master perhaps, of a skull painted flat and distorted proportions. Its a well known painting but can’t recall the title.
    Is the Catholic Church just ‘Peter’ sellers?


  10. Quote:’ ‘I hope to arrange some small lectures in Greece by the end of the year”

    No Meister Celtic please dont do this , we ve got a lot of weirdos in Greece …

  11. You´ve never managed to offend me, not even once 🙂

  12. I love you.

  13. ViolatoR, nice John Galt reference. I sometimes do wonder, it the other side to what we sse, it that those “worthy,” will be the ones to merit. It would seem stupid that all the idiots would be kept around, but history has dictated otherwise.

    Singing is, of course, welcome. Except for your last line, as it steps on the toes of my next closing. 😉

    aferrismoon, would be curious if you could dig that up.

    German, yea, but there seem to be a lot more of them in the USA. Out of curiosity, do they call you “o germanos” in lieu of your name?

    Thanks halkatla, nice to hear from you again.

    anonymous, not quite sure how to respond to that. Um, thank you?

  14. Upon watching Knowing on opening weekend I was convinced [elite controlled] Hollywood was having one big laugh at the expense of us “man-made-gases-is-cause-of-global-warming” masses. What better way to gauge their mind shifting MEDIA bombardment of: polar ice melts, water droughts, and forest fires; a stress test is you will. See if they reach desired effect with stage-1: MEDIA mind conditioning. Now they have the GREEN light for next level, stage-2: National [even Global] Green Taxes? And whose wallets and GREENbacks will “BURN BURN BURN”? 33
    My point – governments want all these GREEN projects payed through the teeth by us tax-payers, once we foot the bill on major works, do a corporation/privatiztion “Hand-Off!”
    Socialize Green Energy Projects.
    Privatize Green Energy Profits.
    They use this same mind-bending system for the computer industry, and probably every other industry in the modern industrial age.

  15. I didn’t even notice the word cunt was used until I went back and checked! Looks like 5 times. I feel the language was appropriate given the context. Oh yeah I forgot I had a funny disney-related picture to show you, I’ll email it.

  16. So much great information I have to look into. Thanks for this wonderful series. So much stuff here, it’s to much to comprehend. Amazing that all of the stuff we have been told since being in the womb, were lies… How scary and fucked up is that… Thanks again!

  17. yo1dude1man, as you’ve probably inferred from my writings, I’m sick of this green agenda too. We should be wary of all those asking us to SERVE KAHN, though they say “con-serve.”

    ViolatoR, thanks for the support. I thought it was a fitting word to use in said areas too. Five? Obviously, the perfect number of times for this article.

    Leon, yeah, we have been living in a web of deceit, and the ego-construct will stop most of us fools from ever fathoming that, cause everyone likes to think they’re smart and associates the knowledge they hold in their tiny brain as part of their “intelligence.” A beautiful system. You may like my own admission, had you not read it yet.

  18. Nice scoop Rebel! After reading this, and seeing Clint Eastwood’s pic, my mind immediately reflected to an image of Hugh Jackman just recently saw on his opening night of Wolverine…His profile smile resembles Clint’s highly! Strange…but then again, we know how Hollywood works…bloodlines too.

    Cage has been involved in a long sorted symbolic career! I wonder if there is an “archetypal balance” actor/actress for him? In a sense, like Batman v.s Joker. Not surprising on the WB, but man, those subliminals are good spots. That seems like a really strange reading rack for a bus stop! LOL You’d expect comic books and Girly mags instead. Hmmm.

    I didn’t care for Ghost Rider at all, just has the “ewww” feel to it while you ‘absorb’ it. The CONAir movie too in retrospect, glorifying the convicts, ummm, o.k., makes you think of the glorification of Gangsta/Rap from the Music Industry.

    Wonder if that Disney/Mickey statue had been at an “American” disco it would have been pulled and that disco would have been sued already? With help from the Medes I am sure it would have been “blown out of proportion”.

    Glad you found use for the Enochian site! By the way, I had a massive hard drive issue [2 bad drives right in a row!], so I lost the screenie you wanted of “Escape Artists” logo for Knowing, and the ‘means of producing it’. But the obvious giant eye with the man running in front of it, is symbolic in itself. Of course, the “eye is the window to the soul” so perhaps it’s meant to represent “watching this crap will separate you from your soul” or something. But then again, the eyes have “mirror like” lens’ in them too, so I guess its open to interpretation.

    Look forward to your next piece!
    Be well.

  19. Hey CR. Reading your blog made me recall a poem I had scrawled some 17 years ago…

    God appears and God is light
    To those who dwell in realms of night
    But does a human form display
    To those that dwell in realms of day.

  20. Michael, I’d be interested in seeing a comparison image (hm, sounds right up Wise Woman’s alley). Yea, I can’t imagine a “truck stop” reading rack that doesn’t include Juggs, Hustler and High Times, much less New Age Central. I’ll be getting more into the pyramid/eye in part iv, or maybe v…

    Charles, seventeen years? 😕 I like it. It’s very relevant to the argument that some suggest, where if we dwell in the light, we don’t need balance (a point contrary to my current belief system)…

  21. Why the black background? Sheesh!

  22. hi alex, figured i’d post this here as this was the most prominent peter tosh related article of yours i’ve read so far. i’ve just heard of peter tosh through your work, which i also just happened upon this previous saturday during “iconoclast report”. all that being said, it’s a pleasure “meeting you”, sir.

    ringo starr apparently has a new album out called “y not”. if you have itunes, and can access the music store there, you can see a ringo starr-specific page there. there’s a picture of ringer starr there that looks like he’s wearing a masonic double-headed eagle/phoenix/bird beneath his mostly closed jacket. my mouth dropped when i realized what it was! it’s mostly obscured except for the necks of the birds, but i’ve sworn i’ve seen that image before. also, about the peter tosh reference, there’s a free audio in which starr talks about some of his favorite songs, and one of the earliest mentions happens to be peter tosh. how about that, eh?

    i’m going to do some screen grabs and post them up on the journal i keep here online. if you’re curious, i’ll definitely send them over to you. i would post them here in the comment but i have no idea if that would work or if it works.

    anyway man, thanks for reading. i’ve been reading your work since saturday, and while i feel like my path is strongly different from your own, and i should continue going in my own direction, yours was such a strong presence i have since felt delighted to come across. thanks for what you do.

  23. Why should we believe the likes of Springmeier and O’Brien. It seems like everybody takes anything said about MK by these two as absolute gospel. I do not doubt that things happened to her as she said, but so much from O’Brien and Springmeier is suspicious. MK victims are supposed to have their sense of time messed up, yet O’Brien can recite verbatum discussions between high ranking dignitaries. She talks about two high level people together in a room, and there are no assistants or sycophants tagging along? Take a second look at O’Brien and Springmeier.

  24. Nice blog. I think the term you are looking for when you say ‘dialectic’ is ‘false dichotomy’. A false dichotomy paints reality as comprising two opposing viewpoints, arbitrarily dividing people into two camps, and preventing them from seeing alternate options – ie. christianity – atheism is a false dichotomy. A dialectic is the PRS paradigm. The elite use this by creating a radical position that they know we won’t accept, what we do accept is the compromise (the synthesis), and we move a little closer to the radical position. We’ve been dragged by our collective hair in this way by elites for, well, ever 🙂

  25. Oarwell, why not? But, to not be snyde, the readers voted it stay this way.

    juan, I know this response is a long time comig, but I appreciate you sharing your thoughts here. Looks like you’re experiencing a bit of synchronicity with the topic, so I hope you ran with it. Feel free to follow up, just know I respond to comments on newer posts prior to old ones…

    Ryan McAlister, I’ve spent some time thinking about this exact topic, as it seems that all of the people in question have been regulars on The Prophecy Club, and I have heard some seriously ridiculous bullshit from that organization’s lectures. Am seriously reevaluation the ratio of revelation to obfuscation in their material.

    Dicho, I would concur with that summary, and add .. for a long fucking time!

  26. Hi Celtic the human rebel…maybe when you´re about to read this it´s already 2013, hey the world didn´t end!! “Woooow, no way dude!”
    My friend there are a few “movies” i watched at a younger age, such as Arizona Junior. Somehow inside in our path we are able to see and reach truth, but people around “like friends and stuff”, label us as odd…” Why so serious?” – they say. That picture off the baby bottle tells it all. It´s up to each one of us to look for our individuality, although there´s a same goal:To be free from the shackles imposed in our gene-mind. You´re a great help. Thank YOU.

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