Resurrecting Lucifer

Excuse my colloquialism, but just what the hell is the Lucifer Project?

According to unofficial sources, {*1} a plan by NASA to plunge the Cassini spacecraft into Saturn’s hollow core and ignite its payload of 72 pounds of Plutonium 238, thereby causing a fusion reaction that would ignite the entire planet. The result: the creation of second sun in our solar system. {*2} This video contains some interesting details on the project and its history:

I assume the first thing that will raise the scepter of speculation in people’s minds is the thought, “Is Saturn hollow?” And, the same people who ask this will do so as they stand on the surface of the Earth, ignorant it itself is hollow. I myself was ignorant of this fact once, but you can’t blame me, I am the product of an education/indoctrination system which has done nothing but confuse me about history and science. 12 years of priming, and then having the pleasure of paying for an additional 4 years of advanced “indoctrination,” so that I could make more money, and go on to teach/regurgitate allegedly refined courses, and earn the privilege of boasting of my ignorance at cocktail parties.

The second air of incredulity will probably be due to the natural aversion anyone who’s been raised under any of the Abrahamic religions has to the word “Lucifer.” You, I’ll come back to. Suffice to say for now, that the potential star’s name was first dubbed “Lucifer” by Arthur C. Clarke in his novel “2010.” Anyone who recalls that movie, will note the creation of a second sun is exactly what happened (albeit it was Jupiter, culminating from a black hole similar to the Galileo imprint), and that it was attributed to some celestial overseers, and not to our human masters who reside among us.

Here’s another informative video on the mission, set to Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun.” Do note the strange hexagonal pattern over Saturn’s south pole:

Black Hole Sun

What got me started researching this topic is a combination of watching the movie Sunshine , and then randomly hearing a radio host mention The Lucifer Project a few days later. I no longer view synchronicity as sheer chance, but a subtle hint from the universe that some events may be connected. Coincidentally, while I was writing this, a major media outlet announced Saturn’s moon Titan may be “a potential Earth.”

For those who haven’t seen the movie, it’s about mankind’s effort to save itself after being faced with extinction due to our dying sun. The plan is to fly a craft appropriately named Icarus near the sun and then drop a massive hexagonal nuclear payload into the sun’s South Polar opening, thereby causing a fusion reaction in the sun’s core, which would in-effect, “jump-start” the sun. Of course, during the scene where they go over the mission with the crew, none raised their hand and asked, “What? The Sun is hollow?”

One of the main characters, is by chance, called Cassie, and she says, “Only dream I ever have… is the surface of the sun… every time I shut my eyes… it’s always the same.” She is the pilot of the Icarus. At the end of the movie, Cassie places herself inside the payload, before it is released into the Sun. Her dream is realized.

If you watched the first video, you saw that it said that the radiation from the Saturn fusion would hit the Earth until 28 days later. And, shortly after pondering that ding in the memory bank, I looked on IMDB to not so surprisingly learn that Sunshine was directed by none other than Danny Boyle, the director of 28 Days Later. OK, now that is highly synchromystic, so it’s time to turn it over to one of the gurus of that arena: {*3}

One of the other very interesting characters is the villain, Pinbacker. I’ve pondered the significance of the choice of names, but have found none. His words, however, turn this film’s Gnostic undertones into overtones: {*4}

  • “All our hopes, our… our dreams, are foolish! In the face of this, we are dust, nothing more. Unto this dust, we return. When he chooses for us to die, it is not our place to challenge God.”
  • “Are you an angel? Has the time come? I’ve been waiting so long.”
  • “At the end of time, a moment will come when just one man remains. Then the moment will pass. Man will be gone. There will be nothing to show that we were ever here… but stardust.” [Note to self: see The Golden Compass]
  • “For seven years I spoke with God. He told me to take us all to Heaven.”
  • Not your God. Mine!(response to: “My God… my God. Pinbacker!”)

Reflecting back on the teachings of one of my other gurus, Michael Tsarion, I recall his theory that at one time, we had something reminiscent of a second sun. That planet used to lie between Mars and Jupiter, where its remnants now lie scattered in the form of an asteroid belt . This water planet allegedly had a rather luminous atmosphere, so from Earth, it appeared to man as a second sun. The Greeks called this planet Phaethon. {*5} Others called it Luna. And some, called it Lucifer.

What does the Bible say of Lucifer? “How are you fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning.” OK, now it’s all starting to make sense. If we look at the name’s Latin roots, we get lux (light) + ferous (to bear or carry). The light-bearer. Prometheus? He who the gods punished for all eternity for daring to bring fire (i.e., wisdom, enlightenment) to mankind. From the Christian perspective, he was the one “cast out of heaven.” O, Son/Sun of the Morning Star.

Note in the above image, Prometheus/Lucifer is stealing the fire/light of wisdom from the Gods before the dawn breaks, implying a solar resonance to the Gods. In the second, as the sun rises, the eagle comes to torture Prometheus at the behest of “the gods.” Did Americans ever trace the eagle they were programmed to venerate, through prior solar empires, or wonder exactly who it represents?

The Mormons teach that Jesus and Lucifer were brothers. That seems to fall into line also. Jesus, the Sun God, {*6} radiating brilliantly upon us, and his lesser brother, Lucifer, sharing the heavens with him.

I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most high” [Isaiah 14:13-14].

Ignorant we were then, and in many ways, ignorant we remain. How many of us, conditioned by up-bringing in Judeo-Christian indoctrination centers (i.e., churches) were taught to keep far from Lucifer. Don’t even contemplate him, lest he work his way into your brain. Our hidden masters, treating us like children.

A rather effective means of keeping us ignorant of their plans, no? What do our parents tell us to keep us out of their secret stash of pornos and dildos? Don’t look in there! That’s where the boogey-man lies. If you dare look around there, he’s gonna get you!

It’s time for us to stop being children and stop being afraid. While we fear, they play. The Sons of Light (Egyptian translation of phre (sun) and mas (child), i.e., FreeMasons) know something about what’s going on. And, their core teachings, would indicate that men can become Gods. But, so do the teachings of Nikola Tesla. {*7} Now, whoever they may be, it would seem they are trying to take a technological shortcut.

The “Children of the Sun” are playing God.

This article may not necessarily reflect the present views of The Celtic Rebel, and has been left in the archive to show stages in growth and development of The Rebel Path.

*1: I say unofficial, as official documentation on classified projects from NASA is hard to come by. The existence of a dual space program has been well-researched by many now; one for public consumption, the other the “real” space program. “Officially,” all I could find was a presentation on enLIGHTened computing, featuring the terminology Lucifer, Phosphorous, and Project Spice. [LB]

*2: Interesting they’ve chosen Saturn. This may indicate the Saturnian Cult holds the reigns of the mission. What is the Cult of Saturn? [LB]

*3: If you enjoyed the Steve Willner video blog, I’d highly recommend listening to the following interview. The Sunshine movie is but one of many topics discussed. [LB]

*4: The choice of words used by Pinbacker are illuminating, to say the least. Blavatsky’s interpretation of the petty vengeful Yahweh/Jehovah is supported. I could write much more, but this rabbit hole of exploration goes deep, so for the sake of brevity, I’ll save the topic for later. The synchromystic treasure-trove of related movie posters is also left for the curious. Interestingly enough, I found one of them on the “lucifer” subdirectory on one of the University of Heidelberg’s servers. [LB]

*5: Phaethon in Greek Mythology, was the son of the Sun God. The Son of the Morning Star? He had a daughter name Phosphorous, which etymologically from Greek, breaks down into “light-bringer.” The destruction of this “water planet,” may also be the root of all the mythical great flood catastrophe stories.[LB]

*6: I imagine many will take affront to Jesus being the Sun God. Why is he always presented with the halo of light emanating from him? He is simply yet another incarnation of the Solar Cult’s sun god mythos. Read more. [LB]

*7: Nikola Tesla is the most suppressed scientist, philosopher, physicist in modern history. Even today, much of his work remains confiscated and classified. In my opinion, he made Einstein look like a child. His physics was a threat to the powers that be, as it would indicate the we, men, are capable of creating and destroying worlds with our minds. Didn’t Jesus say something about the miracles he performed being nothing in comparison to what we could accomplish? [LB]

~ by celticrebel on February 18, 2008.

10 Responses to “Resurrecting Lucifer”

  1. Fairly ironic choice of song, Black Hole Sun, for the second video.

    Among many changes of the band Soundgarden, one of them was when their bass guitarist Hiro Yamamoto left the band to pursue completing his masters degree.

    His major: astrophysics

  2. This theory (that NASA is going to try create a second sun) has been floating around conspiracy circles for decades. Bill Cooper announced that it was going to happen in the 90’s. I suppose it’s possible that there are hardcore Freemasons who would like to make this happen, and perhaps Hollywood is trying to soften people up to such a thing (or perhaps Hollywood scriptwriters simply borrow a lot of their ideas from the conspiracy subculture), but I doubt it’s going to happen in our lifetimes.

  3. Igor, I too share your sentiment because I hope it does not happen in our lifetimes. I would rather not be around this Earth when the cosmic radiation from the blast hits us.

    Bill Cooper admitted that a lot of the information he was exposed to may have just been planted there to mislead him. If he was talking about the Galileo project than he wasn’t that far off. I feel his suspicious death kind of confirms that he was seeing part of the bigger picture.

  4. Lord of the Flies
    [Excerpted: see full text online]

    I am the Lord of the Flies,
    Losing my Morning Star wings,
    on the crash site,

    Who am I in this exile to question,
    What I was left to suffer,!
    I cried out, Deliver me from evil !
    I would rather live in your Kingdom !
    Frightened, I protected her,
    I made weapons of sorts,
    I became an archer, a man,
    And told her that demons roamed
    Demons roamed to devour the Lilith,
    We were stranded here in fear

    my wings taken from me,
    No longer could I soar
    no longer was I free.

    Father Jah, come rescue me!
    I have a woman that can not give birth to my seed,
    Her hips are too small, this wife of me,
    And I am lost in this jungle, this jungle of Bee-mee-nee.
    Come stars, come rescue me,
    Let me make this pact,
    Develop me what I lost,
    And I will give you what I knack,
    We can trade and build wonders,
    That the world has never seen,

    Come rise this temple of Crystal wonder,
    Silicon cools, facilitate my energy source,

    Technology advanced,
    Ended with explosions and waves
    The sky falling with a slapping rain,
    Weapons insane,

    Representatives of seven galaxies on earth
    They will all call my name.

    Dogons look at Siruis
    Hopi, the Pleaides are up ahead,
    This jungle man, this lord of the flies,
    He will be Remembered in the End.

    Daystar Aldebaran, OV.

  5. I just put together a post somewhat related to this, over at my blog. I don’t go into great detail, but the overall idea of what we are trying to say seems to be somewhat similar. Take a sec to check it out, if you please. Where you used movie posters, I used photos of political and entertainment figures. I use very few words, and instead let the pics and one link do the talking.

    Anyway, thanks for the information. I arrived at my theories without knowing much of anything listed here.

    I do know that when I was little, I had a few dreams about “Lucifer” and I was never afraid. It was the big scary Devil with horns, but all I did was flick his thumb and I won.

  6. Interesting post.
    I made a poem a while ago and a drawing wich seem to resonate. i put them on my blog :

    It’s Title :

    From Hermes to Satan’s example ;

  7. And what of the Toynbee Tiles? I keep returning to them with their cryptic message:


  8. Daystar, that’s an interesting, to say the least poem. I tried e-mailing you, but that equaled fail. I went ahead and excerpted your poem.

    Bigfeets, looks like your blog went off-line. If you’ve moved it, I’ll be happy to repoint.

    brainshadow, I liked your ode, in particular the “the gods you accept and live for, are psychic parasites leeching you” part. The only part I would take exception too is mixing the teachings of Jesus (whether mythical or not), which were actually quite heretical and “liberating” with the bastardization of those words to by the church to serve them. Not that most “followers” can/will ever see the difference.

    Jonathan, thanks for bringing that up. Had never heard of them. They make for a rather intriguing mystery (wiki page)…

    ALL, I recently moved the pics for this article over to wordpress, hence added four more. Oh, and had to change the first vid as it disappeared. Hope you like.

  9. You stated in this article that not only Saturn was hollow but earth was too. While there be some truth to Saturn being hollow ( in the common scence one would think a planet called a ‘Gas Giant’ would be hollow, Saturn is composed mostly of hydroden and helium, hydrogen on Saturn at a certain depth on Saturn actually becomes a condensate known as liquid metalic hydrogen, and as you go deaper into the planet, the liquid metalic hydrogen becomes solid, like Tungsten Chrome or Steel does here on earth. So in reality Saturn is not totally composed of gas, but of something we mostly as a gas. Plunging a space crft into Saturn that contained 92 ib’s of PU 238 or 235 would only result in a nuclear fissle reaction not a full fusion reation. It is in fact likley the when the probe crashes it will not even detonate due to 2 laking things, a nuetron reflector, wich is required to start even the smallest fissile reactions, and its also missing a HE fissile compreser which would compress the Plutonium until it reaches critical mass, ie a nuclear explosion. Bottom line, any attempt to reach Saturn’s extremly hot and dense core would involve smashing though a material that is 11 times harder than steel at it most dense state. So Project Lucifer would at best result in, well……. Nothing. ) As far as the hollow Earth subject goes, the eruption of liquid basaltic rock ( Lava ) from volcano’s like Pinatubo’s eruption which erupted with presures greater than that of a nuclear fissile reaction, ie a nuclear explosion, are accurate sentimental evaluations that the earth is in fact not hollow, dispite the hollow that earth theory was believed by many in the 19th century to be true. Do not get me wrong, I myself know quite well of the occult and globalist’ zionist’ activities over the past 12 century’s there is a fine line between the truth and simple down right debotchery and common scence.

  10. Doctor Sieter have you mixed cement before? have you mixed it at 360 miles per hour around an intense heat source? At what point is it drawn in from the cylinder walls while the vortex continues? Have you spun all elements of known matter around a nucleus that expels a magnetosphere? Do you think that a hollow object is not hollow due to internal pressure? your alleged proof is not.

    By all means though journey to the core or for starters the pole and take pictures, your assumed fact theory is as good the margarita excreting monkey with no evidence.
    That as a doctor you capitalize randomly and incorrectly spell even the shortest of words when spell check is readily available in new OS and browser software leaves me quite bemused with your take.
    Hell even a luciferian in an open questioning suggested the planets hollow after which the good will he’d shown apparently had to be counterbalanced to live up to his adversarial quotas, perhaps he was having a laugh but he seemed quite legitimate and answered several questions over quite some time.
    Really if they wanted to get this done they wouldn’t be haphazardly using redundant vehicles the apparatus would be set up to do exactly as intended it is not as though funding is lacking, worshipers of the dark sun simply wanting to relight its fire, so baby they can get much higher.
    It is unlikely the craft is void of a neutron reflector in its make-up.

    Either way though if it’s truly in the works there really is nothing to be done about it, there does seem to be a great effort in underground bunker creation.

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