A Burning Ring of Fire [VII]

Taking everything that you’ve read on The Burning Ring into consideration, {*1} it is time to pause and reflect. Where are we, humanity, as a [w]hole, marching headlong right now? You have to admit, the answer is pretty fucking funny [thanks to Marty for sending below image]. C’mon pilgrims! Follow your leaders! March!

walk into the ass

As one commenter recently expressed (a sentiment, no doubt, shared by many), “You know you’ll never be able to shake this anal thing/label.” That’s probably true, and I really don’t care. This route has been alchemical in some ways. I’ve literally transformed shit into gold [much like was done in the Holy Mountain] and gained a far deeper understanding of humanity and far more importantly, myself.

Throw the crib door wide
Let the people crawl inside
Someone in this town
Is trying to burn the playhouse down

They Might Be Giants, “We Want a Rock”

To question whether the below poster is actually a “real” advertisement for “i-scream” would be dismissively short-sighted. For debating whether it is or not, might lead one to miss the most troubling angle; that someone intentionally posed the two below gymnasts children in such a manner, and did so in a professional studio [with the consent of, and likely in full view of their, um, “parental units”].

byers lickables

Oh, and if you don’t think the media’s overt push over recent years, that has resulted in the new “norm” for women’s pubic areas being that which emulates a prepubescent girl is not part and parcel of the agenda [speculated on before, and addressed in unreleased DWSP5], it is because you don’t.

The Medes, as much of my work has and continues to point out, are on a mission to degenerate humanity as much as possible. They are methodical and meticulous in pursuit of that goal. The below [left] shot is an actual opening “gag” from one of the most recent Simpsons [note the erection-suggestive beer on homer]. A mere few years ago, you’d have had to scour the internet porn sites to find such.

simpsons programming and its resultssimpsons incest

Pedophilia. Incest. Whorishness. Anus worship. Immorality. Fecafelia. Bestiality [yes, dog-sex]. Those are but a few of the perversions that will be more commonplace in a world where the number one arbiter of “personality” is the media. You can’t say “they didn’t warn us.” The Medes, have earned my derision, and my respect, because they tell us precisely what they are doing!

hulu disinformation

Which begets the question “why?” Well, it’s because they hate us. And when I say they, I’m not talking about the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, or the secret cabal of Talmudic rabbis whom eat small children, or the Black/White Papacy, or even the inbred descendants of the royal lineages. I’m speaking of the masters they all bow to and serve without question. I’m speaking of “the gods” [not necessarily the gods that even the gods fear, as they are beyond my comprehension]. So, why do they hate us? They hate us because we are infinitely more capable than they.

mirror selfhuman face meat reflection

But, most of us, will never realize this, because we fear the mirror [fear what we might find]. Hence, we will never comprehend we were imbued with the ability to create, thus why they’ve strived for millennia to keep us ignorant and fearful. We [as the Apocalypse of Adam conveys] are beings of infinite potential, forged with the creative energies of the creator mankind has long forgotten. Our makers dread the creative/destructive potential that even their high technology and magick can never achieve; that which we hold inside of us. They hate us because they fear us.

Neo: “I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid… you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.”

On one hand, I can kind of see [empathize with] their side of the equation and why their modus operandi is so. Could you imagine your average MTV-fed emotionally-unbalanced deeply-manic self-loathing spiritually-empty teenage girl having the power to create and destroy galaxies at whim? Even the most unsane and unbalanced of the Lords of Chaos would shudder at such a thought.


Hence, their servants are working overtime to ensure such a scenario does not take place. Perhaps, before some awakening they know is overdue can take place?


Yes, 2012 is Zion; all it takes is a little “twist.” It makes more sense than anything else at this juncture in time. The Dinner Series of Podcasts, in my opinion, builds a solid case that Oz is in fact, Hell (on Earth). The Matrix made that pretty clear too. Trust me, “In Oz,” is not someplace you wanna spend eternity.

In Oz

Alas, my converting the words into sigils, reveals to us the exact intents of The Wizards, left behind on near every spell crafted on the silvery screen. THE XBOX ENCIRCLED BY THE GRID, I.E. YOUR PRISON. Time confined to repeat: infinity.

the prison box sygil spell

That would seem like one way of ensuring we never escape, and thus never rise to the occasion and surpass [SUP-R-ASS] the Olympians. Oddly enough, the second of the Cube movies, Hypercube, proposed such a system of cubes with cubes, using time as but one vector [I previously contemplated such a “perfect” system]. Worth noting: in said film, the prison was run by Izon Corp. Yes, PR + IZON = PRISON.

“From now on you will not be able to ascent into heaven unto all eternity, but you shall remain inside the earth, imprisoned all the days of eternity.” The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrpha for the Old Testament

There are many possibilities as to what the hell they are planning for a pre-Oz exodus … but if they’re trying to get out through the stargate’s asshole [as speculated at end of last radio show], they must be in an awful hurry. Perhaps they know what’s coming, or perhaps, they’re trying like hell to avoid the wheel of karma. The images below, will obviously now need to be fully anal-eyes‘d.

open the stargate widekatie couric colonoscopy

I tried to find a semi-palatable image of the seriously demented “post-coitus anal stretch and peer” fad/phenomenon but gave up after a few minutes of revulsion [credits to James for above left queue]. Personally, I have never felt even a slight compulsion to look up anyone’s anus, regardless of how cute she was, be it for “shits and giggles,” or golden nuggets of undigested peanuts and corn.

oh, my head is spinning like the world, it’s filled with beasts I’ve seen,
let me put my bag down and I’ll tell you it all right from the start.
I was in a land where men forced women to hide their facial features,
and here in the west it’s just the same, but they’re using make-up veils.

I have watched the manimals go buy
buying shoes, buying sweets, buying knives.
I have watched the manimals and cried
buying time, buying ends to other peoples lives.

there may be no golden fleece, but human riches I’ll release.
XTC, “Jason and the Argonauts”

I honestly doubt there are too many manimals who really want to see that [the trail]. But, they will, and your children will, because pornography has always been an extension of the society-shaping Medes of the Holy Wood. And everything they’ve put out so far, the mAsses have emulated. It’s called Social Engineering.

nick cavedig lazurus diguntil the end of the world

Is it truly the end of our world [as we know it]? The [uncanny] jukebox in my skull hence recalled a song by one Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Yea, there’s wHole mess of syncs from the oddly named one. Need I even enumerate them?

and me, if you can believe this,
at the wheel of the of the car
closing my eyes and actually praying;
not to God above but to you, saying:
Help me, girl; help me, girl
I’ll love you till the end of the world

With your eyes black as coal
and your long dark curls

Nick Cave, “Until the End of the World”

The cross is a cube (as I and others have often repeated into and out of unreceptive ears), hence it would seem really important to those who seek to imprison man, that any great soul who dares suggest that the flocks free their minds, would have to die on the cross [in the cube]. As I’ve also said before, I’ve got a sneaky suspicion Zeitgeist was made to please the same fuckers who had him crucified.

eye of christcrucifiction porn

Of late, I am forced to reason this man we call the Jesus, may have, in fact, been quite real [article/show in the works]. By the way, the “fuckers” I refer to, are the priest class of Rome, the same whom Mel Gibson made the above snuff film for.

apocaplypto fireapocalypto fear

The above [right] image basically espouses the same sound wisdom included in Frank Herbert’s Dune, the screen adaptation of which, included two personas who’ve played rather prominent roles in this Burning Ring series. Worth noting: fear and fire are remarkably similar in weight, phonetics and emotional stimuli.

fear is the mind killer

So, why would the same “shit,” Gibson, also make the amazingly enlightening film Apocalypto [once discussed]? Adding to the discussion, here I am thee years later still pondering the same question as to the reasons beyond the observable. Well, I still have no idea, but do know this: NOTHING IS SIMPLE BUT EVERYTHING BURNS!

braveheartapocalypto runpassion of the christ

Perhaps I was too hard on “truthers” in a prior blog (oddly, called Patricia’s Burning Hangover), but I am so tired of seeing so many misled (i.e., conned). The fiery pyre of 9/11 should have, by now, led most of you away from screaming “9/11 was an inside job,” to guffawing, “My whole life has been an inside job!” Even I myself am guilty of having at one time displayed the silly “no pyramid” symbol; of failing to understand that the symbols are not the enemy. They are but tools, applicable in the same manner guns or words can be used. There is no “evil” in any of them.

rescue me fire themes

I was unfamiliar with the above show, but could the ads be any more overt? I do recall one cast member joined the Phear Phantom [aka The Dark Horse General] to promote how Rescue Me was going to address the 9/11 Truth “taboo.” I’d be willing to bet the episode didn’t explore “why” the firefighters killed on that day were made “heroes,” but wasn’t surprised to find a screenshot promoting/suggesting a little back door action .. every movie/show made these days is required to. No ifs, ands, or, and I apologize sincerely for the lame yet accurate pun, butts.

rescue my ass please with sex

That’s not a joke. As said in the podcasts, it would be a challenge to find even one Holy Wood film [of late] that didn’t include the xbox, the grid and the anus. Try to!

my ass is on fire

I could probably wax philosophical on the above um, “movies,” but am laughing too hard to contemplate. As my friend is now unreachable for six weeks, all I remember about the Fire Yogi, is that he claimed some kind of natural event was going to leave the world smoldering in ashes. By the way, this is also the same guy who pulls two-ton trucks with his penis. Does it have anything to do with the prophecy? No, but it’s damn impressive! Oh wait a minute … ass-immolation! Fuck me! No, don’t!

naked in ashesthe fire yogithe poseidon adventure

Anyway, thanks to the Yogi’s posters, I recalled an old movie supporting my notion the world is seriously upside-down, The Poseidon Adventure. The other thing [not mentioned during show] the Poseidon narrative also featured, was having to find a way through the fire. The fire does seem to be an unavoidable obstacle/gate:

Walk through the fire
Through the dust and ashes
While the building crashes
Walk through the flame
No trace of indecision
Lion keep his vision clear

Peter Gabriel, “Walk Through the Fire”

The Running Man comes up in Stygian Port and I’s yet to be released [and possibly last for a while] podcast. But, how could I not include the dramatic ending which featured SUICIDE OF THE ARTIFICIAL EGO? And, in phoenix-like flames no less.

running man winning team

I really don’t know what happened to the actual Titanic, so I can’t say if JC’s film promoted yet another bullshit historical inaccuracy. I could go through the film and find endless obvious intentional human degeneration engineering put in [e.g., the value of shit-rocks, aka “whore diamonds”]. But for the very few with their eyes and ears somewhat open, one message was clear. We Have to Let Go of [earthly] Attachments, lest they drag us down.

As has also come up before [BRF3], “frozen” is really just another metaphor for dead or “zombified.” Our attachment to loved ones that have been long dead, yet still walk among us cycling through software instructions, is but one of the chains that will only serve to drag us down when and if a “time” comes. I know that may seem harsh, but life is for the living. Take that information in as you will.

titanic lovefrozen like logan's run

Argh! When I talk to people sometimes, I do see that glimmer of humanity behind their dull eyes. It does so struggle to get out. But, with most people, this only comes when I get them one on one. Few dare to express an interest in unusual / unapproved topics within earshot of their friends. God forbid they get kicked out of the “clique of death” (may do an article on that one day)! Shekels are no longer required; we sell out our soul so the herd won’t turn their back to our fragile ego.

knowing paradise

Whether it’s a predetermined colonization of a new world [one to come on Lucy’s anniversary], an exodus of evolved souls via the arc/ark, or an anal expulsion of the indigestible individuals from the hell that devolves into the new collective of deserving soulless robotic zombies/replicants … a new world awaits. As Knowing [¿remember that film that kicked off this whole series?] clearly stipulated, only those whose ears/minds are open enough to hear/see, and those whose karmic weight will allow for their ascension can make the journey. Syncromysticism suggests everyone else [those left behind], are in for the hottest ass-fuck ever!

bunnies fuckwhite bunnies knowing

The shot of the little girl on the right is a little too suggestive for my taste, but in this case, I feel the choice of children was metaphoric. If you’ll recall, Arthur C. Clarke’s 2010 mused, “I wonder if one day the children of the new sun will meet the children of the old sun.” Despite the implicit suggestion that colonization carries, it’s a safe bet the new world will require going back to the more traditional coital route. “Be fruitful and multiply children!” Hm, a world where women would select mates based on intelligence, heart, and individuality over the present shallow materialistic media-driven agenda-serving reasons instructions? Sounds great!


I probably won’t waste too much of my time worrying about the fate of children of the old sun. They’ve been made willing accomplices in their own destruction. The human stargate is the most appropriate metaphor. We do become what we eat.

eat shittogolden gaytimejustice is coming for all of us

Speaking of, “my ass is on fire” is a sentiment often expressed by people after eating something that runs through their digestive tract [notably, bad mexican food]. I still can’t recall who said “We aren’t what we eat, we are what we don’t shit,” but aside from tortured flesh, we consume a bunch of indigestible processed toxic sludge. Did you note how the aforementioned, um, videos, were made by a company called “Toxic.” We take in/digest things mentally too. Little is hidden. They are required to tell you right up front what they are doing to you.

watchmen time

Just like they felt the need to tell us we are to be sacrificed for the greater good, the makers craftsmen of Watchmen apparently also felt the need to impress the reasons so many of us [vicious] sheep “deserve” to die, several times. Every tiny detail was was chosen and put in rather meticulously. Like clockwork.

Now, let’s got to Lucy’s needs: Thanks to Javier, I’ve seen the second best movie of 2009, Nine Miles Down [all need to]. {*2} What’s Lucy got to do with the Human Stargate© and why is she so concerned about our DIE-T [as if the lexicon alone doesn’t make arguing superfluous]? How do the two intimately relate to The Arc?

about fucking timelucifer's sweet ass

The above [left] words, are the first to leave Lucy’s lips upon her introduction in the film. That’s one HOT outfit! The second image [right] is our first view of the lithe one right before the supporting scene of scenes. It is also for my personal benefit and AnalIsis. As for the rest of you gents, as one Elvis Lives once crooned, do please proceed to “get your mind off the sweet behind of our my little angel.”

all men are killerseat meat you bastard

While the above [right] scene, may sync right along with Eliza Dushku’s informative contract for Hulu, I’m a bit taken back that Lucy Fur would do so in such a blatant manner, that even the most die[t]hard of blood-addicted carnivores would be hard-pressed to overlook/dismiss. I began to wonder if there’s another side to Lucy which I had yet to consider, and hence, recalled something I once read:

And the serpent makes answer: “Behold, O Adam, the nature of thy Adversary!” The serpent disappears in a blinding sunburst of radiance and in its place stands an angel resplendent in shining, golden garments with great scarlet wings that spread from one corner of the heavens to the other. Dismayed and awestruck, the Adam falls before the divine creature.

“I am the Lord who is against thee and thus accomplishes thy salvation, ” continues the voice. “Thou hast hated me, but through the ages yet to be thou shalt bless me, for I have led thee our of the sphere of the Demiurgus; I have turned thee against the illusion of worldliness; I have weaned thee of desire; I have awakened in thy soul the immortality of which I myself partake. Follow me, O Adam, for I am the Way, the Life, and the Truth!”

The above is from “The Secret Teachings of All Ages,” written by one Manly Phallus [kudos to aferrismoon for namalysis]. Now, I’m not saying that Lucy is either good or bad, and am not quite sure just how seriously you guys would take my work, if in lieu of The Celtic Rebel, my name pen-name was Will N. Dowd. On the other hand, seeing that Lucy’s round little rear speaks directly to that part of my anatomy, perhaps there is some valid reason why Manly chose or was given such a name.

two mirrors make infinity

Stygian Port recently wrote the final part of his Holy Mountain series, and this stream of thought, along with the above image sync remarkably well into and through it. I am going to suggest one needs to take both in fully [sorry class, I know that’s gonna eat up your weekend]. The reason there are quotes on the above, is that they are both from a song my jukebox queued while watching the movie:

Two mirrors make infinity,
In the mirror you and me.
Find out just what love could be,
Queen Elvis.

Oh and I’ll sculpt you,
So very hard.
Oh and I’ll sculpt you,
’til you breath.

People get what they deserve,
Time is round and space is curved.
Honey, have you got the nerve,
To be Queen Elvis?

Robyn Hitchcock, “Queen Elvis”

Yes, there is also a mirror in front of the character. So, I think the lyrics combined with the image say enough. At one time, I had thought, on a shallower level, that Queen Elvis was about a repressed homosexual teenager, but that was then. ELVIS is an anagram of LIVES, and of course, EVIL-S [as in S, on it’s own, representing the Serpent, and the key, 19]. Keep this in mind ’til we learn more of Lucy in a bit.

help the world

One fan later shared the above cartoon with me, and it fits herein all too well. It’s the 03/03/2010 edition, in other words 3/3/3, which makes for 9 Gates or 9 Miles (or a trinity of triple-hole entities, as once mused in jest, but now sans humor). The significance, led to my inspiration to rewrite my [dated] “About” page.

gangs butcher ass new york meat

In all honesty, that’s the reason I have had quite enough of this bullshit truth movement. When most people say they wanna change the world, what they mean is “What can I do that doesn’t require changing myself?” That was yet another item I forgot to mention during both of the shows (the cartoon reMinded me). My failing memory now recalls that another movie from this Burning Ring series (Gangs of New York), stressed the disconnect most of us have between “flesh” and “flesh.”

square onegrid box curtains

Nine Miles Down, of course, had all the appropriate symbols. The above [right] shot, I guess, has to be included as it pretty much says the exact same thing the final combination of the 2012 sigil does [oh, and btw, his name is “jack”].

triple x-box downtriple x-box eli

From double xboxes to triple-xboxes, it is probably about time that I stop feeling the need to keep pointing them out, and let you guys take over [just give me a little credit please]. Most watching this “horror” movie [per billing], I”d hazard, are going to seriously misinterpret the message on the wall as “save yourselves” from the evil of the pit, or something equally pointless, meaningless and fruitless.

save yourself

By taking a step back and interpreting [versus reading] the message, you should be able to see there is little difference between that of the film and my own. There is no savior coming: you need to save yourselves!. That is the only way. I’m no Messiah, and neither is anyone who claims to be. So, save yourself. And perhaps, by doing so, you can save your s-elve, your serpent elf, your soul, in the process.

knowing biblical time

Back to Knowing for a second, I had caught a scene which seemed significant, hence filed the images [above] for later reflection. While looking into Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center, I noticed he was embedding references to Bible passages and that some of the clues required a bit of an interpretive dance to decipher.

star trek mark wtc time

I knew that 3:29 was a reference to a Bible passage, but was unable to figure out which one. Alas, synchronicity kicked in, cause when you’re in doubt, due to the pollution your eyes have taken, you should turn to the blind man for advice. Now, do you “see” why Generations was so important to my our Burning Ring?

Mark 3:28 “I tell you the truth, all the sins and blasphemies of men will be forgiven them.”

Mark 3:28 “But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin.”

I recall Michael Tsarion once saying the “holy spirit” was our soul, and on that, he may be indubitably correct. We, the extension of our soul, are here in this realm to reward it [our higher self] with the experience of life. But we, [far] too readily, turn our back to it; deprive it of the joys it sent us here to experience. Conformity is a soul-killer, and so is spending your life on the hamster wheel of busi-ness, or even your knees praying to some fable spun in honorarium of your slave master.

cross box protectionit's you idiot

The absurdity of the above [left] scene, led to Lucy’s uncontainable laughter. Why would one be so stupid as to hold up a Box to keep the Vampire Queen of Boxes at bay? {*3} It’s called “programming.” “What would you be doing if they’d hung him,” she quips? This exchange was preceded by the following revelation (Lucy preparing his meal in her blood apron, while he remains OBLIVIOUS to the OBVIOUS):

“God? His very existence defines mine. We have a lot in common. We’re glad when people just accept what we lead them to believe. No sheppard wants sheep that think for themselves.” –Lucy Für

Some may wonder if I’d have tied this all together had I not watched Star Trek Generations. Who knows? I’m falling under the impression that synchronicity consists of my mind finding clues in whatever “medium” is present. Perhaps, I’d have pulled/gathered/retreived it from the opening credits of Nine Miles [below]?

mark productions

Speaking to the shattered mirror, and how we, via our teeth and distorted morality (which borders on hypocrisy, if not defines it), Lucy tells the damned one, “What’s the point of wearing thick armor on the outside if your worst enemy lies within.” The Ten Commandments were obviously written by some asshole who’s biggest concern was that one of his slaves might try to fuck his wife. I propose dropping that load of convoluted orders from Herr Lord General for something far simpler.


1.0 Enjoy yourself and strive to make your life rewarding in terms of [new] experiences.

2.0 Do not deprive other souls from their quest to do same (that would include lesser souls, e.g., our animal brethren).

2.5 Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (basically a clarification/addendum of/to law two, hence not a full law).

–The Book of Alex

Oh what a wonderful world it could have been. I guess now I am starting to sound a bit like the guy in my intro song. At risk of ridicule, I’ll go ahead and tell you that I indeed Am The Way. It’s really just another way of saying, “The Way I Am.” That’s how Yoda would say it. On the other hand, this “torch-bearer” now illuminating the path to the ark, could just as well be “the beast,” tossing that same torch out of the ark at departure, to ignite the toxic stinking remnants of humanity left behind.

truth rising cthulhu alex jones squid watchmen

Note that I began the prior paragraph with the phrase “could have.” That should come as no surprise if you listened to the broadcast. I have this weird feeling The Beast has already awoken from its deep slumber and that may be [but] one explanation for all the insane events taking place in the world at this time.

This “Truth” Movement, as I’ve said numerous times, was brought about for a purpose. Does anyone think that it’s merely coincidence why the term resonates so strongly with the phrase “bowel movement” [our true composition process, ala “we are what we don’t shit”]? The lady below [left] “knows,” regardless of if she knows it or not. The “inside job” she suggests is just the second layer: the real “inside job” lies somewhere beyond that. You can’t stop the shit folks. It’s coming!

inside anal jobstop the shit kid

To answer a question that came up, the stargate/anus/rabbit-hole explorer Jodie “Alice Christ” Foster, already told us that were we to encase ourselves in some indigestible material, we could enter whatever stargate we choose, through the proper entrance. {*4} I am of the belief, that such a shielding is possible using mental projection [i.e., “creation”], rather than relying on the technological crutches our usurpers trained us to rely upon (after they pummeled us over the head repeatedly via marketing them).

jodie foster stargate explorerinner cavity view

The image on the right is the ending from Nine Miles, as we navigate the [rear] door/stargate/portal to Hell. Earlier in the movie, Lucy had thrown out this nugget: “Well, after we penetrated the cavity, we were very keen to find out what was down there.” First, go back and take a look at the images I used in one of my first posts regarding the anal trend. Two, reflect on what she said, in consideration of all the butt-sex the media is pushing on us and we are having. So, what’s next [hint]?

the ark out helicopterescape the burning hell

The timing of this movie was uncanny. At the end of My Dinner with Adros [4], Stygian Port floated the idea that Lucy may also want to get the hell out of here too. At the beginning of Nine Miles Down, Lucy makes it clear she wants to get out as soon as possible. Yet, the damned one [the “Jack” in the Box] is determined to stay with the dead, and is even frozen in place by his attachment to his dead wife.

At one point, Lucy revealed, “I couldn’t bear the thought of being left here again [which would have fuck all to do with the plot]. Alas, after Lucy acquires the rights to Jack’s soul [be it for herself, or may we infer, someone that she fears and serves], and steals the keys to his transport/ark, hence acquiring her freedom, she out of “love,” turns back to come save him. Hm, interesting. Alas, when they do leave (get rescued), we see their home/world ignite in flames behind them.

300 sacrifice america for israel

Again, Watchmen lets the audience know that the deserving will get exactly what’s coming to them and why. Interestingly enough, the Mayan hieroglyphs interpreter I mentioned said that there would be 144,000 who would survive the coming fire.

That syncs up with the number the Bible says would be saved, aka “the remnant.” Yes, the Jews who are seeking Zion have been conned, as have the dumb Zionist Christians who support a cause they know fuck all about. Alas, to answer a question from the chat room, anyone out there mixing crap about “chosen people” and “Zion” along with their message of “truth” is not to be trusted, at all. Needless to say, that would go for any fucker suggesting you give up your free-will as well.

lucifer's hammersheen's twisted marriagehammer of godfire and fame

I didn’t have time to get into the countless [¿cuntless?] theories now circulating about cataclysmic events or cycles that will bring about the end times, and to be honest I’d prefer not too. How many theories now? More than could obviously be remotely true. I’m not really worried about some big bang’ish explosive finale, it seems preferable to the other means of slowly burning up, including the ongoing humanity implosion or the rapid ass-imolation of all mankind. I know it’s kind of scary, but don’t be afraid kitten. Leave the shit behind and come with me.

covered in mud or shitcome kitty trek

I feel that my task of ark building, one given to me by forces I can barely even comprehend, is nearing completion. As for getting on it, I may be “the way,” but as I have said already, I ain’t the ticket-master. Ultimately, only you can save yourself, but that would mean actually doing something. It is your choice!

sink or float

After the show, another fan commented “Just let me get high. I know I’ll remember if I get high.” Perhaps, if we focus on the higher aspects of ourselves, we will remember who we were and what we were once capable of. And, alas, so “arc” the fuck out. I could go on, but why do so when someone already has?

Well a [wo]man has two reasons for things that [s]he does
The first one is pride and the second one is love
All understandings must come by this way
She lifted her arms and she floated away

She don’t give a damn what the other girls say
She lifted her arms and she floated away
Hüsker Du, “She Floated Away”

And that’s about all I have for you. I hope I delivered the goods. Those of you, who feel that I, in any way have not, please address all complaints to the Dark Horse General. The convoluted mental jigsaw that lay scattered on the floor at the beginning of Part I, should be forming a very solid mental picture by now.

more of the celtic rebel coming

Part VIII, as said before, is really just adding the finishing touches and tying up those [abused] loose ends; patching a few holes and polishing the deck, so to speak. Be sure to tune in this Sunday, when my guest will be Lenon Honor.

Much love to all! Your friend and arkitekt, heretofore known as The Celtic Rebel, but hereafter just “Will.” 😉 Did you catch that Lucy? G’nite!


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*1: There were a couple of broadcasts related directly to the material covered in this post. They have since been moved out of this post and into their own at IN2012ZIONOZ (BRF Companion). [LB]

*2: I have since (long after) done a five plus house full detailed review of Nine Miles Down in broadcast format. I plan to make that show available and backlink here when it is posted. [LB]

*3: Per the movie, her name is Jennie Christianson, but she actually goes so far as to refer to herself as Lucifer [the protagonist, Jack, calls her “JC”]. The actress playing Lucy is Kate Nauta, who, with little baggage from prior castings, was a great choice in my opinion. The character was supposed to have been played by one [somewhat encumbered] Radha Mitchell, who already made an appearance during the Burning Ring [and quite a revealing one]. [LB]

*4: Had neglected to mention, in that Jodie “Alice Christian” Foster composite, the sheet image is a publicity shot of Jodie at the age of 14. Not that anyone ever listens to me, but back when everyone was getting [predictably] worked up about the similar shot of [an older] Miley Cyrus, I suggested it was (a) nothing new, and (b) merely a “feeler” Disney put out to gauge public reaction and distract. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on March 5, 2010.

42 Responses to “A Burning Ring of Fire [VII]”

  1. Are you getting Vajazzled, because Jennifer Love Hewitt does it?

  2. Brian, that’s so fucking sick. Is that ancient Rome style? I hope this “civilication” is soon gone – I shouldn’t watch videos like that because I wish for storms, tsunamis, eathquakes and meteorites destroying all the decadent cities… oh and a EMP that kills all technology.

    And by the way: It’s not the vagina… it’s the vulva!

  3. Just let me get high. I know I’ll remember if I get high.

  4. Hi CR:

    Another great show;

    Re: 300,000 and 300. Have you seen these stories?

    Haiti death toll could reach 300,000

    “More than 300 people have been killed in Chile after a 8.8-magnitude megaquake hit the country on Saturday, the national emergency office said.” [SOURCE]

  5. Whats the vajazzled thing? I didn’t feel like signing in to see it, and “C” didn’t give the rave reviews that would interest me in watching it. 😀

    Well I’ll have to come back and read this when it’s completed. Not sure why I’m leaving a post, oh yeah, now I remember – vogueness. 😀

  6. Brian, hehe. Is that what they’re calling it now. I’ve “vajazzled” a few women in my life time, but never thought to charge them for it. $9.99 sounds about right, huh?

    C, don’t get bogged down in details. Technically, the “vagina” is whatever the media decides to tell women it is. Oh, and I’m not including the unrelated follow-up comments. One thing at a time, mate.

    Ferdinand, ah yes. Very nice. Incorporated above.

    Steven UK, no I hadn’t. But, I guess little surprise there right? Thanks for posting.

    ViolatoR, well, according the the Bible, vajazzling is a sin. Well, at least, when you’re shagging your dead brother’s wife. I guess, at other times, it’s OK as long as you don’t charge an exorbitant amount for it (that’s probably in the Talmud).

  7. I enjoyed the latest program. Just want to point something out. The idea of the world being destroyed (the next time around) by fire comes directly from the New Testament bible (specifically II Peter 2-8) It’s mentioned in a few other paragraphs scattered throughout the bible. SO your Grandmother probably ‘learned’ it from this! Also, made mention that ‘fear is bad’. But it’s like anything – there are two sides to it – Fear can be a protecting mechanism also.

  8. Confronting stuff, as always CR.
    Stay the course.
    – Charles

  9. Great Show. There are days that I wish I was still blind, but thanks to You, Lenon Honor, Freeman, and a bunch of others, that has all changed. Rabbit holes are extremely dangerous to go down in. I cannot even read an article about the upcoming financial crisis in Europe without reference to “Stargate exit” and SpongeBob: “Hair stylist Koufakis, a mother of three, says she and her husband now take the kids to the theater and the movies only once a month, compared to as many as five times in the past — and they now enjoy dinners out once a month as opposed to every weekend like they used to. She’s even cut back on toiletries. While she used to buy special SpongeBob SquarePants toilet paper for her children, she doesn’t any more. “Now I buy just what I need,” she says.” (quoted from). You mentioned Americans cant clean themselves properly, is there anybody in the world that can?

  10. ‘Dark Horse General’…Oh! how I chuckled. (O__o)

    Love it!

  11. vajazzled…wtf i know i wont get over that lol… im going to peer into the future and guess that vajizzled will be the next fad… walk around with a load on yer tummy.

  12. Marty, thanks for the citation. Actually though, I probably should have mentioned that my grandma never read the Bible and wasn’t much of the church-going type. She was more of a mystic and seer, but who knows where she picked that up. She’d occasionally throw out odd things.

    Charles, nice to hear from you again mate. It’s been too long.

    Ceo Morgan, thank you and sorry! 😀 The story’s interesting. SpongeBob toilet paper? 😯 The Greeks, sadly, like many Europeans gave up water for commercial paper over the years. And now, they are getting fucked.

    Rebel4E, everything the trail-blazer does, he does for us. 😆

    javier, perhaps. Likely! On the other hand, buttjazzled would have double the number of potential consumers. 😈

  13. Rebel, entertaining piece as always. I feel honored to be featured on such a fine blog as this.

    Funny thing is that my two most popular nicknames in college were Hammer and Killer. Hammer was actually short for my pledge name, FudgeHammer.

    We both address the idea of labels a lot in our writing. They are important, as is evident in your analysis of Hyle Kunt. They are basically symbols, which can be used for a variety of different purposes. They influence how we think about the ideas they are supposed to represent.

    But outward appearances can deceive – think of the iceberg analog. I’m sure you’ve considered that perhaps Lucy could be whatever sex she desired and go by whatever name she chose.

    I say this because I have always considered myself the Promethean Lucifer, taking fire from the gods so as to give to mankind. If I am Lucifer, does that make you gay? Maybe that’s why you’re so mad at the media.. because it turned you gay!

    I jest.

    I am a lucifer – material being consumed by flame, illuminating the darkness.

    You are too. Lucy would be proud.

  14. Zion , also = NOIZ

    Did a post noting the Tarot cards of teh new ZYON, they make a pretty sunrise pattern

    Its called IN-4-STRUCTURE

    Also latest post wrote that TxYVN [ Zion writ proper] and BABALON enumerate to 156



  15. Interesting rebel i felt i had missed something in your blog but now that you have revised it I noticed that as you alluded to… our master do hate us and what we could become…funny thing is i was reminded while reading that..about professor X in x-men and how he used his mental powers to suppress Jean Greys subconsciouse inner phoenix from rising…could it be that Jean Grey resonated with the fires of Lucyfur and that Professor X was just trying to box in her consciousness… of course in the end Lucyfur overcomes the mind fuck and well the rest of the movie is worth “analisis” but to much to go into here.

  16. I stumbled upon the “fireman” Dennis Leary today filming in Brooklyn. Not a good vibe was coming off him, def. a giant douche. They close down a whole street, and kept out the real people from walking by. Then they replaced the real people with these ridiculous whore extras. I laughed when a Chinese delivery man rode through the shot on the street, that was a little to “real” for them.
    Why do you think the Male “G” spot is in the anus? Is that a ploy, not sure if you explored this already..

  17. “Man in a Box” by Alice in Chains

    “I’m the man in the box
    Buried in my shit
    Won’t you come and save me?
    Save me

    Feed my eyes, can you sew them shut?
    Jesus Christ, deny your maker
    He who tries, will be wasted
    Feed my eyes, now you’ve sewn them shut

    I’m the dog who gets beat
    Shove my nose in shit
    Won’t you come and save me?
    Save me”

    invisible sun

  18. Ferdinand, synchronicity dictated you had a part to play in this. Even now, you force me to recall another relevant/revelant HitchCock song:

    “all men are killers, or they’re killer’s brothers, i’m gonna die for my transparent lover.”

    Though, speaking for myself, I have no plans to die for Lucy. Are we still gonna fight over her? 😀

    aferrismoon, what LunaSea you bring in and add. Always a new twist. Always welcome.

    javier, lots of relevant add-ons to that came from your call to the follow-up [Lenon Honor] show. Especially interesting that the warden of the xbox is also the bitch of the borg collective.

    Brian, hehe, yes, he is. Yea, I think that male “sweet-spot” is a bunch of bullshit, just like the female “G” point was [as if the choice of letters doesn’t give it away]. Obviously, we can be [re]programmed to at will in search of new physicalities. Today’s younger female replicants thrive on anal man-ipulation.

    invisible sun, all I gotta say is “Wow.” Obviously written by someone in tune and ex[t/c-reMe]ent-ly relevant…

  19. hm that helicopter scene reminded me of Oliver Stone’s Platoon…after the last intense battle sheens character “Chris” is wounded and being flown out by a medevac helicopter, the character named “RAH” bids him farewell and during the flight he is crying and says:

    [voiceover] “I think now, looking back, we did not fight the enemy; we fought ourselves. The enemy was in us. The war is over for me now, but it will always be there, the rest of my days. As I’m sure Elias will be, fighting with Barnes for what Rhah called “possession of my soul.” There are times since, I’ve felt like a child, born of those two fathers. But be that as it may, those of us who did make it have an obligation to build again. To teach to others what we know, and to try with what’s left of our lives to find a goodness and a meaning to this life.”

    then the scene also fades out into white light…

  20. Down Under in the Land of OZ there are more holes to fall into!

    Is this place crazy beyond repair or is it broken?

  21. Excellent article… A slam dunk one might say… NBA Jam on Fire

    ALSO: “Rapper Lil Wayne’s sentencing for gun possession has been postponed for a second time after a courtroom fire.”

    lil wayne’s songs “on fire” “playing with fire” and “fireman” might be worth visiting as his jail time / illuminati hazing ritual begins.

  22. This is really a profound journey we are being taken on by the cosmos, I’m glad you took the role of mediating this with the masses. That bunny image along with the jack in the box reference reminded of a show one of the gays from that hbo commercial called entourage used to be on. [Unhappily Ever After]

    Here’s something I feel syncs to your work as well.
    Brotha Lynch Hung “Meat” Official Music Video
    Brotha Lynch Hung “I Plotted” Official Music Video

  23. mace556, ah yes! The Helicopter, in my mind, beyond doubt now, represents the Ark. And, of course, in the grand finale, they burn the whole place up, [the now too relevant] Sheen hiding in Lucy’s vagina [FOX/666-hole]. “Throw the crib doors wide!” Great addition!

    eugene, they showed vagina mutilation on a show called Hungry Beast? Are you fucking kidding me? An old image comes to mind [from this very series]. It’s beyond repair … the proof is in that idiot’s video has 2.4 million views.

    Danny Diaz, there’s a mOral somewhere in there like “those who play with fire” ala cage, but at present it escapes me.

    Immortallywounded, did that idiot sing “i’m fucking them bitches while they’re on their period?” Must have meat and blood! This is exactly why they took over the music industry with such fervor so long back. Let the degeneration proceed unabated. Glad to have you along on this journey [up and] out of the shit-pile.

  24. As Manly Phallus himself points out somewhere or other, the crucifixion is the fifth element, Love, crucified on the Cross of the Four Elements. (And “God,” we are told, “is love.”) Plato also said, with deceptive simplicity, that the two perpendicular bars of the X were sameness and difference.

    Rev. Taylor preserves an interesting passage attributed to Beausobre, which may elucidate the identity of the Holy Spirit:

    In one word, the suffering
    Jesus is nothing else than what
    the Manichæans called the members
    of God; that is to say, the
    celestial substance, or the souls
    which have descended from heaven.
    The earth is the Virgin; the
    heavenly substance which is in
    the earth, is the substance of the
    Virgin, of which Jesus Christ
    was formed; the Holy Ghost
    is the natural heat, by whose
    virtue the earth conceived him
    and he becomes an infant in
    being made to pass through the
    plants, and from thence again into heaven.

    Ice melts at 33º F—just add (generative) heat.

    Lucifer, as I have mentioned, is also the Gnostic Sophia, who is herself identified with both the Holy Spirit and the soul. Thus the aptitude of Christ saying in Matthew 5, “Ye are the light of the world.”

  25. 300 by hebrew letter numbers famously = RVCh ALHYM – ‘ruach eloheem’, The spirit of God,[214 + 86]1 which appears in genesis.

    300 in binary = XXOXOXXO or 11010110

    if u take off the initial X [ or 1] then u r left with
    XOXOXXO which = 86.

    An odd synch.

    Binary written XO for the XbOX meme


  26. Hey Alex,

    when I was thinking about your claim that butt holes are used to symbolize stargates (or the other way around?), a segment of the MTV2 show “Wonder Showzen” came to my mind.

    MTV: Yuck Yuck Goose and His Sidekick, His Butt

    So can one use stargates also for time travel?

    By the way, “Wonder Showzen” is the creation of a crew by the name PFFR. They also produce some kind of crazy psychedelic music.
    I wonder if they are into synchromysticism. 😉

  27. I’m new to your blog since the first of the year. I really enjoy it and your new radio show. Back in 2001 I thought I was awake to a new reality when I discovered the Dark Horse General, but looking back I see I was just beginning my journey. I think that as a whole we just might be screwed when I look around at my fellow man. WTF? I just have to be content living inside my own head, I can’t even really talk to most friends and family. Anyway, keep up the good work and know that you’ve got this meat eater really thinking about your views on going vegetarian.

  28. Eleleth, thought-provoking take as usual. I like the “we are told” bit, whether intentional or not.

    aferrismoon, I think I”m going to have to get you and Eugene together [¿on the show perhaps?] and maybe I can [try to] be the translator/gHost for some of what you guys are trying to convey.

    The Keyser, holie shit! Was completely unaware this particular meme was being programmed into the [receptive] teenage mind. I don’t know what to make of that. A stargate, naturally, could be a time-travel device, as it reaches beyond the dimensions of both time and space.

    Mike, I so appreciate you sharing that and allowing me to post it here. There are, likely, many people who come hear via a similar circuitous path and “feeling” similar sentiments.

  29. Hi celt, just listened to this podcast over the weekend (I usually have to hold off on listening to them right away), and I enjoyed it.

    I was reading this book on forbidden history (can’t remember author’s name at the present moment) but I think I bought it after I saw it mentioned on here. At any rate, I was reading about how advanced civilizations have existed and have passed away, and I was think that what if we are in OZ (hell) right now?

    What if people in those advanced civilizations hand been trapped by the x-boxes a long time ago, and we are now just completing another rotation that is about to expire?

    What if we are the ones who are to propogate when the next de-evolution to evolution cycle begins?

    Sorry if I am not being clear, as I am still trying to wrap my own mind around the concepts you speak and some other concepts that I have been introduced to.

    Any lemme know if this is a dumb question or not.

  30. google: the neuralyzer from MIB.

    A stainless steel dildo looking device with a flashing red light, which makes you forget your immediate memories.

    anal reference and mind control?

  31. great show with lenon honor Celtic, just wanted to drop few words regarding lucy, jc and 9 miles down movie

    interesting how they put JC as her name in that film – jesus christ? bringer of the light, ..lucifer?

    Imho lucifer entity it is far beyond duality and this 3d materialistic world, and very different from the religious ConCept that are around…, I think it depends on the person who is operating with the entity (and/or the other way around), as the guy was going delirious, jc was gettin’ demonic as well, at least looking through his eyes

    and to associate lucy with satan(satan with devil?) is the fabrication of the priest class, and what they did in the movie towards the end, they tried to push the lucifer – satan – baphomet connection, on the other hand there were a lot of wise and deep thoughts throughout the movie coming from jc thats for sure, and cant forget the eye candy 😉

    When watching 9 miles few times occurred to me that maybe guy was confronting his inner dark forces, angels and demons or whatever you wanna call it, but then they showed proof that there really was a female scientist on the project and that kinda blow that idea 😦

    for the end I’ll drop a link, it is a very thought provoking and interesting vid I found on red ice not a long time ago concerning Rosicrucian order, Lucy and so on)


    stay well everyone! I send 3eL, love light & life 🙂

  32. Interesting, today I saw something on campus that reminded me of you

    Theres loads of posters that are advertising a gig and the letter ‘b’ is modified so that to anyone glancing the posters read ‘EAT ASS’

    expected, I guess lol

  33. Excellent work on the Queen Elvis analysis. I always thought that song was very mystical. Two mirrors create an infinite corridor, an ass-tral gateway.

    Queen Evils? Queen Lives?

    You know this also makes me think of “Love and Rockets” and their music videos with a black and white bumble bee dancing on black and white chessboard floor. I remember looking at that when I much younger and thinking that this “meant” something much deeper than the LSD cover story.

  34. ‘That’s how we roll’ is a groupmind thing and ‘bitch’ is both degrading of women and homosexual subjugation of bitchmen.

    Reading about UFOs, fairies etc. I have sometimes pondered about inhabitants of our subconscious landscape and the guiding of our creating powers to turn it into a gruesome world. I have no direct experience of this but I’m pretty convinced that those teenagers are activelly imagining into existence a whole dimension.

    About the ring around the sun…

    Nuclear science is jewish kabbalism. Werner Heisenberg said that even whole of Newtonian science from the beginning is anti-life and from satan. We all know about Newton’s hobbies and interests.

    60+ years of nuclearpower means 60+ revolutions around the sun. Neutronflux from the nuclear reactors (official numbers are official numbers) transmutes the hydrogen in space, leaving a trail of tritium and deuterium – nuclearbomb fuel. Both the Manhattan kabbalists and Nazis feared that nukes would ignite athmosphere. Soon we will know for sure. Even the nuclearcryptocracy is starting to panic.

    Radiation turns all matter into radioactive sources – even gases.

    [quote]Because of the large absorption of x-rays by barium…[/quote]

    There are lot easier and hidden ways to poison population than using huge fleets of commercial planes. They’re trying to control the beast they have birthed and save their own skins.

  35. Emily, there are no stupid questions, well … I’m sure there are some. What our biggest problem is that there are too few people willing to ask questions. Your point is valid. The Zion date/goal may be the recreation, or fractal layering of a hell on top of a hell. In one of the podcasts with Stygian Port, he raised the point of how in the Matrix, if you read between the lines, Neo is trapped in a matrix, wihtin a matrix and so on.

    happysplinters, could very well be. Also, perhaps and inside joke. Some have written of how in MK programming, children are sodomized at 3 years old to enable 3rd-eye activation and then traumatized to make them forget the experiences.

    barley33, safe to assume if they called her “JC” in this movie, there was a damn good reason for it. I”ve dated a few women that were very chameleon like, becoming whomever/whatever their potential mate desired. Lucy, after all, IMO, is a woman. Hard to judge the ending there. They put out mixed messages, perhaps aimed at different audiences, because they do show him going down/up the asshole of hell.

    The “eye candy” was just that. Sweeeeeeeeeeet! 😈

    kwazy, did it say “bat ass” before that?

    Mike Connor, a long time ago I had wanted to to a syncromystic analysis of the entire “Eye” album, but never got around to it [first musing]. I guess it had to find its own way in.

    Kurt, yes it is and was meant to be facetious. I gather, judging by your recent comment binge you are new here. Interesting perspective and additional info there. Could very well fit in that this new Hell/Zion, seeing that the material world is holographic, is being facilitated by the media programming the minds of the masses to create it. You are welcome here lad.

  36. I’m a little late to the party, but, did you C where they have not yet buried James B rown?

    What’s that shit all about? Do they Eggs peck him to
    git up offa (l) dat thang?

  37. A picture is worth a thousand words, eh?

    Hidden Symbology (7) THEY LIVE...we sleep.
    In The House of the Lizard King-a little clay goes a long way

  38. I made a clip of the phone call with the Dark Horse General, if anyone wants a copy of that bit DIRECT DOWNLOAD/PLAY LINK ON ARCHIVE


  39. I’ve got a sneaky suspicion Zeitgeist was made to please the same fuckers who had him crucified.

    You’re right it is. I could go in detail why if you wanna, but I guess you allready know most of it seeing you even made me spot the Cube thing (Damn I never saw it like that ty for that).

  40. bull dozer, well it looks like the finally laid the fucker to rest. In a gold coffin and presided by Al Sharpton no less.

    j miri, nice pics. They say a lot.

    Fritzie Jones, thanks for doing that. I had slightly modified the convo since airing, adding one precious exchange. Someone was doing an animation, but never delivered. Coming back and seeing your note reminded me it’s not been heard, so here’s a link to latest/greatest exchange.

    If anyone knows an animator who’d like to tackle this, please contact me.

    Unomojo, you’re welcome. But, yea, no need to … I [like many] fell for the ZeitShit at first, before the bigger picture started coming together.

  41. Are you familiar with MK Ultra? Specifically Monarch programming?
    I live near holy wood and am de-programming from the absurdities that attracted me here.
    Thanks for your visuals.

  42. Man, this is such an amazing series. I figured you’d get a kick out of this pic:

    Just to add something regarding the x boxes – Roman numerals nine and eleven overlap to form the design.

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