Prank Call of the Wild

A lot of us [me, those who read this, and those who write/read blogs of such a nature] like to think we are somehow “awake,” and while that may be true to an extent, there are varying degrees of awakeness. As life reminded me recently, “more awake than I was yesterday” may be a much more accurate way of describing any level of awakeness. It’s all relative.

wild coon

One thing that I think is can safely say after contemplating the topic, is that we [our generation] may very well be the dumbest, most ignorant lot to ever walk God’s Green Earth. Yes, world literacy rates may have risen significantly over the past century, but what’s the use of learning to read if most of us choose to watch television instead? What benefit does reading offer, when most of the stuff we read is the utter nonsense one “learns” at the indoctrination centers (aka schools)?

Sure, we are seeing more and more of the population get “advanced degrees,” but in reality, we have more and more fools ready to defend to the death, their belief in the untenable theorems of Evolution, the Big Bang, Fossil Fuels, Pluto’s Demotion, and whatever scientific “gospel” their rulers beat into their heads. How different are they from those they label “religious nuts;” those who cling desperately to the intentionally confounded and nonsensical tenets of every single world religion?

Yes, medieval peasants were an illiterate and superstitious lot. But, would they have spent a good portion of their monthly stipend to wear the logo of some death cult as fashion? Would they have willingly taken their children to the lord’s manor and have them injected with cancer viruses [i.e., vaccinations]? Would they have turned the parenting of their daughters over to Disney/Viacom [whom they’d have perceived as Satanic cults], and idly watch their self-esteem turned inside out?

forced vaccination

It is a rare treat in life, when a truly random experience serves to remind us of our ignorance, helping to keep our vanity in check. As you’ve likely gathered by now, I was recently entreated to such. However, before the rest of you take this journey with me, I want you to say to yourself out loud: “I was ignorant before, I am less ignorant now, and my goal is to be even less ignorant tomorrow.”

Doesn’t that feel better? Wait .. I meant everyone. Yes, you too girl! You know who you are. It’s not the little things, the methodical small peels of the conspiratorial onion, those revealing what “they” are doing to us, that help us make those great leaps forward in awareness, but the big things disguised as little things [e.g., my condom contemplation]; those which help us understand ourselves, and our own consensual nature to control systems. Did you say it yet? Don’t you feel better now?

crazy racoonscary racoon

Oh, the story! Not too long ago, as I was putting out the garbage, a raccoon walked up behind me. There’s a few of them around who eat the food I’ve been putting out for stray cats. I feed the strays to honor the memory of my my stepfather.

Anyway, I shooed the racoon away and when I back turned around, he snuck up right behind me and began poking me in the knees. I kind of freaked out. Made a lot of noise and got him to run away again. Then, he turned back around and started walking for me yet again and once again, I made a big production and got him to turn back and stop sneaking up on me. To sum it up: I acted like a scared little girl.

A few days later, a Russian friend of mine called me up to invite me to some retreat at an Egyptian vacation spot frequented by many a Russian. I told him if I was going to leave this godforsaken place [America], then I’d probably spend my next trip in either Brasil or one of the Greek Isles, but would read up on the place, and at least, consider it as an option. Researching online, I found some random Russian guy’s photo album of his trip there and saw a whole bunch of really cute Russian girls running around, some of them completely naked. Hm! Maybe I’ll go.

topless rooskies

As an aside, it reminds me of a conversation I had with same Russian friend, when I told him that back in the 80’s the American media had painted this image that Russian women resembled husky Grizzly bears in drab gray dresses and were capable of carrying tractors on their backs. He was quite amused/incredulous:

“Did the average person in America seriously think that was true?”

“Um. Look at the crap they believe now. What do you think?”

Since the proverbial “walls” came down, we [Americans] have slowly had to learn that it is the Russian women are slim and “hot,” while our women, on average, are the ones who are fat and oxen-like. The bitterest pill, we now must swallow.

If you’re an American woman reading this and you fall into that 30% that aren’t fat, good for you. Now, please don’t buy the propaganda that you are far from perfect and need strive to look like one of the plastic prostitutes the media puts before you. If you fall into the 70% that are, then I’m sorry. Not for what I said, but for what you’ve done to yourself. Stop eating fast food. Stop eating processed food. Stop microwaving your food. {*1} Throw out all your diet books! Eat healthy and only when you’re hungry. Stop focusing on your weight. You’ll be thin again. Voilà!

What’s really pathetic is the Hegelian falsehood a lot of the feminists have fallen into, now preaching the gospel that this obesity is somehow, “women’s natural shape,” and the chauvinistic patriarchal media gives women unreal expectation of what they’re body shapes should look like. Welcome to the age of fat models.

fat oneporky oneplump one

Some of these brain-washed feminist fat crusaders, even point back to the times thought Rubenesque, when obese women were painted as the objects of sexual desire. Unfortunately, like most of us, they [the crusaders] are merely parroting ideas put forth from the same system of historical distortion disguised as education. They/we learn the “whats,” “whens” and “whos,” but never really take the time [personally] to look into the far more important “hows” and “whys.”

The only reason “portliness” was so desirable during that period is because the ruling class had driven the nutritional content of peasant food to such unsustainable proportions, that obesity was a sign of wealth and status at the time. Period!

Moving on! Not having had my fill of cute naked [and shapely] Rooskies, I looked in this guy’s other albums, hoping to see more. There weren’t, but in the album of his camping trip, were a few photos of this guy feeding, playing with, and even wrestling a wild raccoon! [unfortunately, didn’t bookmark, so can’t share]

Part of me instinctively wanted to yell, “Dude! What the hell are you doing? Don’t you know about rabies?” Then, it slowly occurred to me. This guy may not have been subjected to the same education, aka indoctrination, aka brain-washing that I was in America! I called my Russian friend and my suspicions were confirmed.

the office

The synchronistic world pitched in another clue. My sister had been trying to get me to watch one of her favorite shows, The Office. I finally sat down to view it, and wouldn’t you know, one of the themes of that show was “rabies.” To sum it up, the guy wanted to do some kind of awareness raising/charity event to pad his resume.

So, he chose “rabies.” As everyone gathered around the conference room to see / hear his presentation, he began [I’m paraphrasing from memory]:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m glad you could all make it here today, because I’m going to be talking about a very very serious matter. Rabies. This horrible disease kills between one and two Americans every year.”

ONE to TWO? Heck, 74 die from household cleaner ingestion. 1200 Americans die every year from slipping on tile floors. Why isn’t there a movement to ban tile floors? Why hasn’t Disney made a movie about the cute little bunny wabbit who’s mum slips on the tile floor and dies before his very eyes? Because, presently there is no agenda that would serve. Even a little research bears this out. “Officially:”

“Rabies is an acute and deadly viral infection of the central nervous system. It is one of the most terrifying diseases known to man. [¡BOO!] Although rabies in humans is rare in the United States, as many as 18,000 Americans get rabies shots each year because they have been in contact with animals that may be rabid (rabies-infected). In 1998 according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only one person died of rabies in this country.”

Doesn’t the ratio of shots to deaths seem a little over-reactive? 9100 died from food contamination [a number we’ll see rise significantly as China supplies more food], yet NOTHING is being done about this problem. For the aware, here’s a much more “sobering” statistic: every year, 200,000 Americans die from prescription drug reactions. Hm, so the solution to the insignificant problem [rabies] is to vaccinate as many animals and people as possible? {*2} Far more sobering: 560,000 die of cancer every year, and most fools blame their family’s bad “genes.”

But, rather than get lost down the multiple paths in the rabbit hole of statistics, I have to ask myself, WHAT was it that made me this way (fearful of raccoons)?

old yellerold yellerold yeller

Disney! F’n Disney! Of course! Now I remember. A Young Rebel howling, “No! No! Please don’t shoot Old Yeller! Aaaaaaarghhhh! Mommy! They killed Old Yeller!” What a traumatic memory that is. Crying my eyes out. Gotta get em while they’re young! It’s called trauma-based mind-control. Then, once you got them in your indoctrination center, tap into that memory and further scare the hell out of them.

Do you remember the fear they generated in school telling us that if you got rabies, you’d have to get a series of about 40 shots in the stomach, with the biggest needle ever created? Even back then in my ignorant, yet still somewhat intuitive child-state, I recall me asking [with trembling lip], “Is that the only way? With all the advances medicine has made, can’t they give you a pill or something?”

rabid dograbid nurse

The far-more ignorant, yet well-meaning school nurse, who for all intents and purposes, was a good robot, snarled back, No! It’s the only way!”

What exactly were they doing to us? Making us fear nature! End of story. Nature can hurt you. It’s much safer to be inside watching television, where we can turn your brain into complete mush and you into a “believer” of all this utter nonsense [some of which I’ve already mentioned]. The outdoors is a scary place! {*3}

Nature is bad. Nature will give you intense pain in your belly. 40 shots! Oh, and if you ever get bit by any animal, be sure to tell an adult right away, so we can find that animal and cut its head off [further destroy nature], because that is the only way modern science can perform a rabies test on an animal. It’s the only way!

pirate squirrelangry squirrelbazooka squirrel

A few years later, when I did get bit by a squirrel. I didn’t tell my parents. I didn’t tell anyone. For one, it was the crippled squirrel that I had been watching and rooting for for months, as he would struggle against a milieu of stronger hungry squirrels, and malicious cats. I couldn’t bear the thought of having him beheaded for his minor transgression of confusing my finger for a peanut. Two, there was NO WAY I could even begin to think about getting all those shots in my belly. Chancing death seemed preferable to my young mind.

Which reminds me of another experience that an older (yet younger in perspective) me once had. It was my first trip to New York, right out of college and having landed my first big job. I was looking forward to spending some time with my sister and finally experiencing the Big Apple [whatever the hell that means]. I was feeling a bit under-the-weather before I boarded the plane, and miserable by the time I got off it. When I got to my sisters, my temperature was up to 104 degrees and had a vicious cough. By the early AM hours, I was coughing up blood.

A trip to one of the “village” Emergency Rooms resulted with my being diagnosed with tuberculosis, and then surrounded by doctors and nurses decked out in full protection gear. It was surreal. Had I stepped into the mouth of madness?

biohazard idiots

Well, let me expand. After spending several hours in the emergency room, it seemed abundantly clear to me, despite my coughing blood, that I was one of the healthiest individuals in the place. There were easily 10 to 12 heroin junkies crawling about the place, one of them chasing imaginary butterflies. There was a Greek family in the curtained area besides me, where the alcoholic father was coming in and out of his trance. My speaking the language, allowed me to catch snippets of their conversation, and when he would come to, he’d tell them [us] how “the Elephant was coming to get him.” I am not making any of this up, nor taking artistic license and exaggerating for dramatic effect [but, the above picture may].

Anyway, as my sister recently reminded me, despite my own semi-delirious state, I still had a sense about me to interject some humor into the situation. The family next to us (whom, unaware there was anyone around who could understand them, had been sharing far too much extremely personal information openly), all gathered around, remarking the father was about to speak again. “He wants to say something. Look, he’s going to say something. What is it honey? What is it?”

I, in Greek, loudly enough to be heard by all, said, “Το παιδί θέλει να πει … όπα!” [for the benefit of any Greek reader]. Translation: “He wants to say …. OPA!

biohazard idiots

Anyway, it’s good I still had my wits about me, cause shortly after the results of my test finally came in. I was then visited by the doctor, a few nurses and two armed guards, all of them wearing full surgical masks, goggles and gear:

“You have tuberculosis. We’re going to have to quarantine you here for the next month.”

“I DO NOT have tuberculosis. Are you f’n kidding me? Where would I get tuberculosis?”

“Do you work with indigents? Do you work with hazardous chemicals?”

“No. I work for “the Tiffany’s” of White Collar Services. We don’t audit or service too many indigents.”

Anyway, to make a long story short, they wouldn’t let me leave, so I had to make a fuss. They had to call in the chief of staff, because I insisted they were a bunch of idiots and that I was the least of their problems, emphatically adding, were they to try and detain me against my will, I was sure to become their biggest problem.

Had it not been for the hours spent in the insane conditions there, I likely would not have been so emboldened, perhaps a little more submissive to authority figures. The thought of spending my entire first trip to New York confined to this mental asylum was something I was NOT going to allow. It was NOT in my time-line. After my signing a ton of waiver forms, I was finally allowed to leave.

free at last

Unaware of even a fraction of what I know now, but trusting my own intuition over a slew of overworked and hopelessly indoctrinated doctors, I went to my sisters that night and drank plenty of liquids. As I lay in bed, I visualized my lungs clearing up, I visualized the bile and blood, working it’s way out of my bronchial tubes, up out of my throat and into the awaiting toilet. I envisioned my lungs clearing up and turning from brown, red & green to a healthy pink, and I drifted off to sleep. {*4}

I woke up feeling a hell of a lot better, my temperature having subsided and within 24 hours after that, I was healthy enough to start bar-hopping, an activity I spent a good part of the remaining two-weeks doing. I was too young then to know what I had accomplished, while perceived as some type of miracle by those around me, is but a mere fraction of our own potential. Consciousness IS the root of our reality.

mind body

Anyway, the raccoon I started off this story with was recently injured [pretty badly] in some kind of fight, so I’ve been putting out a lot of food and water directly for him, hoping to help along his recovery. I have to admit, he is a bold little fucker. While he may fear my dog, he barely moves when I come out to replenish his food supply. Even in his injured state, he is still not afraid of me.

The only difference now, is that I am no longer afraid of him.

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*1: I’ve had an article about a synchromystic revelation leading to my learning about the effects of microwaves on our food and our bodies sitting in my draft queue for quite some time. Don’t know when I’ll get to it. [LB]

*2: Someone asked me of dog/cat vaccines. I don’t believe them as harmful as human vaccines (I’ve read of no formal agenda for global dog/cat depopulation), though the Feline Leukimia virus was very likely an intermediary step in developing the AIDS virus.

From what I understand of immunology [I’m not a doctor, even though I played one on television], immunity gets passed from the mother onto the children. Regardless, most states require rabies vaccinations for pets. The idea of booster shots is, of course, a scam (arguably, a necessity designed to keep vets open for when we need them). Why would “immunity” need to be “boosted” every few years? Highly illogical.[LB]

*3: There are many other methods of scaring people into keeping their children indoors: stories of kidnappings, occasionally releasing mind-controlled serial killers into the public, slews of movies about either topic, the LifeTime “mistrust” network, regular “news-type” (i.e., 20/20, Frontline, and such) fear-fests about predators next door (which ignore the protected sex-slave networks), and of course, the now infamous “Amber Alert,” which debatebly, scares the hell out of a disproportionate amount of parents in relation to the number of children it “saves” (arguable statistics considering the high number of inter-family “nappings”). [LB]

*4: To give credit where credit is due, the visualization exercise, while my mind’s craft, would not have been possible at that stage of my development, had it not been for the book given to me by a girl I had gone on a date with before taking the trip. She was the first nonjudgmental vegetarian I had met (I was a carnivore at the time), hence I took it seriously, and even though I never saw her again, should she somehow end up reading this, I would like to say, “Dolly, thank you! You may very well have saved my life.” [LB]

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36 Responses to “Prank Call of the Wild”

  1. Hey man, excellent article, as always. Once again I must relate that in my job as a “teacher” I spend more time giving kids the skills to unlearn what they’ve already been fed more than anything else, while constantly double-checking my own material for falsities. It is utterly despicable having kids accept a system of willful ignorance.

    Also, I worked for an animal clinic for years back in my college years. We gave thousands of inoculations each month. I distinctly remember many of those animals coming back months and years later with cancer already forming in the exact spot that we would poke the needle in. Even immediately after injecting the “vaccine,” the entire area around the shot would swell and become inflamed. We should be more in tune with our bodies, listening to it tell us when things are wrong, i.e. horrible pain when we get a vaccination probably means something is wrong.

    I have also been successful over the past few years of targeting ailments in my body. If I concentrate really hard, I can restrict bloodflow to an extremity enough so that it will turn cold. I’d be interested in reading the book your friend gave you. Do you remember the title?

  2. *** One thing I safely say … very well be the dumbest, most ignorant lot to ever ***

    Not only that, but the majority of people nowadays are lacking real survival skills. Myself included. Growing food. Hunting meat. Making and spinning wool. Sewing clothes. Constructing a house. We don’t know how to do anything because everything is done for us. We’ve become a generation of useless people, at least in the modern developed nations anyway. Can’t even imagine what the proliferation of white collar paper pushers working in all the illusory industries would do if civilization all fell apart. I’ve already gotten a glimpse in mild circumstances, and it’s a bit sad.

    ****Yes, medieval peasants were an illiterate and superstitious lot. But, would they****

    …they could do all of the previously mentioned skills/tasks. So yes, I agree, our generation really is the dumbest to walk the earth. !!

    *****What exactly were they doing to us? Making us fear nature! End of story*****

    Funny to see you coming to this conclusion from a different angle, because closely related to this is how this past summer I was watching various old horror movies on You Tube, and I began to realize something…..So many of these horror movies take place *in the woods.* Over and over and over again the “SCARY!” scenery for so many horror movies is the woods, and/or, the location around a haunted house will be some beautiful nature scenery with “sinister” mood music played on top of it. “The Watcher in the Woods” (disney) “The Blair Witch Project.” “Evil Dead.” “Burnt Offerings.” etc. The list goes on and on. Look at any horror movie. Chances are great that the scenery will be rustic, woods, nature-y, something beautiful…..being twisted around and made to be evil. In “Burnt Offerings” the family goes from living in the city, to moving to this beautiful countryside where of course all hell breaks loose and everybody dies. Implied message – they were safer back in the city. In “Stepford Wives” they leave NYC, for the beautiful small town countryside of Connecticut where of course, all hell breaks loose. In the remake of the “The Ring,” the entire debacle and the source of the evil starts where of all places but a rustic cabin in the woods.

    I was going to do a small write up on my site about it but realized that it didn’t really fit for what my site is all about. But I’m glad to see you noting a similar conclusion, from a different angle. ha, you know I used to work with this guy who’d only ever lived in Hollywood Florida his entire life, and told me that he couldn’t imagine ever living in the woods the way I did growing up in Connecticut. The idea of it scared the shit out of him he said, and he admits it’s because of horror movies. To him, being in a polluted, crowded, high crime urban area such as Hollywood, FL was a million times safer than moving to the country. !!!! Talk about getting things backwards. But he admits, the idea was drilled into him from the movies.

    Makes you wonder.

    ***media had painted image that Russian women resembled husky Grizzly bears***

    Yeah, I view that whole deal as something akin to “yo’ momma.” You know, just something that those in power in this country invented as a way to insult their enemy. Accuse their women of being ugly. Same as firing off a “yo momma!” The cold war U.S. propaganda is just eye rollingly laughable. Two words: Milla Jovovich. (Ukranian born.) She’s what the average women from that part of the world looks like. I’m an American female and even I’ll say that we’ve got some hideous looking loudmouth overweight beasts over here. Luckily I’m 5’3″ and 105 pounds and quiet. (Funny how so many women here have lashed out at me over the years for being thin and quiet, usually “jokingly,” although sometimes accusatory.)

    ***as life reminded me, “more awake than I was yesterday” is much more accurate***

    Definitely agree here. I’ve always said that if any of us were truly “awake,” then none of us would still be here. 😀 Seriously. Petty semantics maybe, but, I don’t like to go around saying “I’m awake!” for that reason. I may be more *aware* then I was, but being that I’m still here means I’m definitely not awake. !!!

    ***too young to know what I had accomplished ..consciousness IS the root of reality***

    🙂 Good for you for having healed yourself. Mind over body, all the way. If only more people could realize this, the doctors would be out of business.

  3. VentCover, thanks for the personal experiences with animal vaccinations. I recall the shudder I felt up my spine when I saw my dog’s flea medication was made by Bayer, the same company that knowingly sold AIDS infected blood to hemophiliacs. Thus, I guess, if they are willing to kill humans, why would they care about animals?

    Argh! I knew someone would ask! It’s Star Signs by Linda Goodman. The reason I didn’t mention it cause it required my adding more text. The book feels a little New Agey, but it’s a good introduction to numerology. The woman writes a lot from intuition, but lacks research of occult subjects. Though, considering that, her grasping the idea of mind over matter is impressive. I agree with her belief in our immortality and the challenge of exercising it against the conspiracy of our friends and family. I haven’t read it in years, but her idea that we must look for a SOUL MATE, is not only flowery, but reverts our energies into seeking a savior external to ourselves. Can’t say if it was her misdirection, or misinterpretation of the old Greek myths.

    CarissaC, actually, I had originally envisioned going into the topic of survival skills, but left it out for brevity. Hence, thank you for doing it for me, along with the other insightful feedback.

    I would agree and add, that I doubt the average teenager today is even aware that you can take the seeds out of a fruit and plant them in the ground. I can’t lay claim to too many survival skills, but how long would today’s average person last if dropped off in the woods, not next to a river?

    I’ll agree about Hollywood’s Horror shlock over-focusing on nature and the woods. However, they’ve gotten pretty adept at what’s under the stairs, under the bed, on the other end of the phone and pretty much anywhere. Fear! Fear life!

    Hollywood, FL for life? That sounds like a prison sentence.

    Every year in Manhattan, I’d try to take an occasional new male friend with me to an annual party attended by mostly Latvian, Lituanian and Estonian women. It was always fun to see how long it took them to lift their mouth back off the floor. 🙂

    5’3″ 105 lb? What’s your number? 😉

  4. Hmmm acted like a scared little ‘girl’ eh? well after that tale I’d better not bite either 🙂

    I had a synch today which really fitted in with your tail, I mean ‘tale’ – a book I’ve been reading suggesting that after an unimaginable catalcysm 11,500 years ago, huamnity has been regressing – “collective degeneration’ is the term the author uses. The whitewash of history creating an illusion of progress based merely on technology.

    In my animal medicine cards book it says that the racoon is the the ‘protector of the underdog’ – not a bad message for you perhaps?

    Oh and, of course… “I was ignorant before, I am less ignorant now, and my goal is to be even less ignorant tomorrow.”


  5. RE: “years later … bit by a squirrel … didn’t tell my parents … didn’t tell anyone.”

    The last time I was bit by a squirrel someone told me they passed on syphilis!! Yikes!! (Sounds even scarier than rabies). I didn’t tell my husband 😉

    ‘Old Yeller’ really scared me too as a kid but somehow I never translated that fear to real life encounters with wild animals. As a kid I also saw ‘My Side of the Mountain’ about a young boy who runs away from his home in the city to live by himself in the woods. It confirmed what I already ‘knew’ about the wild: that it was cleaner, fresher and friendlier than the city.

    RE: “What exactly were they doing to us? Making us fear nature! End of story.”

    Earlier today while doing some research on primeval forests I came across this article about fears surrounding the deep woods
    People have been afraid of going into the woods for ages. Before there was television, I’m sure the Brothers Grimm fairy tales kept kids from wandering off too far from home. The scare tactics aren’t necessary though. Kids (and adults) will intuitively get spooked if they go too far into unknown forest territory. I think people who get lost in the woods dismiss this intuition prior to losing their bearings.

    Greatly enjoyed your thought provoking post as well as CarissaC’s additional insights about forest fears.

  6. Such a nice tale and thoughts, Rebel, hope this raccoon gets fine and you 2 become friends. I love raccoons!, not many around here, pt cos they w´d add to the surrounding intelligence level. but i see symbol indoctrinated people around love doves, hate cats, love dogs, (godog you know) admire lions, envie eagles, and generaly identifie with predators, and despise non predators! and fear all non saintctioned animals… I grew in a farm, where we didnt keep animals in cages. I was playing with animals before knowing how to write, i played even with wild rats i used to call little caws, cos they were of many colors and spots like caws, (never seen one again, and no “save wild rats” campaign ever!)and owls, and lil snakes, and lifted every stone i found to see what was under it… I never had any health problem comming from animals, not i´d say same from humans… When young, i camped in the mountains, under the sky sometimes, slept once over a “coralillo” snake.. bad for her, i wore it in my wrist later. With my team i climbed volcanos, and the most acute memory of it is, that we all hated the time to go back to civilization, and allways talked about ways to one day stay and never go back, so, sorry guys, no fear of nature here, only fear of people, and some nostalgy of the wild…
    I agree to be very skeptical about mind controled “scientists” for hire, the kind that make up big bangs on black holes etc…
    Im not more aware, I wish i was! I am just debugging my mind, neutralizing spells and hypnotic trash… and now, for the sake of clarity, i refrained to play with words 😉 (<puts on mirror lenses, looks cool, and fades in the distance)…

  7. Wise Woman, no, please don’t! I’ve had like two or three random girls bite me over the course of the past year and I’m starting to wonder why.

    Raccoons are the ‘protector of the underdog’??? Wow, that’s AMAZING! I might need to put one up beside me on the chessboard header.

    PS: Thanks for saying it. How did you know YOU were the one I was addressing? 😉

    flandrumhill, I wouldn’t tell him either. 🙂 The “woods,” of course, also serves as a psychological motif, for the shadow self, the side of ourselves most never dare explore.

    DANA, thanks for sharing that unique life-based perspective. I view this disconnectedness from nature systemic of the disconnectedness we feel from each other, and ultimately ourselves. When we realize that what we do to them, hence the great web, we realize we do this to ourselves. Hm, that’s a future topic.

    It is ridiculous what people accept from “scientists” just cause they have a PhD next to their names. Today, the most preposterous story came out saying how they figured out 1.9 billion years ago, a chance encounter of two microbes created life on earth. Science still hasn’t even figured out when dinosaurs stopped and man began or whether they lived side by side (as cave drawings and fossils may indicate), and we’re supposed to accept they figured out how two microbes met that long ago??? Sadly, I’ve already heard people discussing this as a “new fact.”

  8. RE: “we [our generation] may very well be the dumbest, most ignorant lot to ever …”

    All the generations before us were brainwashed and ignorant as fuck too. I think there’s a higher ratio of some decent intelligence now than there ever was. It’s not fun to be alive among this kind of ignorance now… but it’d be hell to be teleported back into ANY time of history where the ignorance, brainwashing and not to mention stench was even more intolerable.

  9. And wasn’t it just a few days ago when the media was showing this bizarre story of a lady who ran to the hospital with a fox latched on her arm.

    And as far as literacy rates being higher, according to John Taylor Gatto, in America anyway, they are lower!

    And those pictures of the squirrels remind me of a recent South Park episode with Guinea Pigs from Peru as villains. It was odd.

  10. I threw my notice for a booster for my cat Freak in the paper basket. My nephew is scared of anything beyond the back fence, too many scary monsters on tv I suppose. I have a strong reverence for all nature, including human nature. Nice story about our urbane (insane) society. Respectfully, Dennis from Oregon.

  11. Richard a few months back, a friend asked me, “Do you think 100 years ago, the system taught people to look back on how ignorant their predecessors were 100 years before them?” So, I wonder has there been an ongoing cycle as mankind, fed by ego, looks back on ignorance, while marching headlong and deeper into it?

    Looking at “flat earth,” I believe that was a round of brain-washing designed to convince the average man, that what he previously believed (round-earth) was now false. Look at how many people actually believe global warming is real now, despite going outside and experiencing record low temperatures.

    On the other hand, as Dedroidify concurs with you below, there does seem to be growing subsection of the population, as I’d like to think this “community” is, who are trying like hell to break out of that damn cube (of stupification).

    Angelo, fox attached to her arm??? Just now occurred to me that the similarity you note with the guinea pigs rings true. There was a lot of other really weird I’d hazard predictive programming in that episode. May need to look at it again.

    I NEED TO read one of Gatto’s books. I’ve heard him interviewed several times and always learn something new from him. Thanks for that link. He may be right considering how via cell-text “lingo,” the “ebonics” movement, and the ever-shrinking vocabulary of the general public… May revisit the topic/explore it deeper…

    Dennis, you are a man of action! 🙂 That was immediate. But, I didn’t tell you to do that! But I’ll confess, I no longer get “booster” shots for any of my animals, as a matter of fact, the only one I let the vet do for most recent one was the rabies shot, just in case some incident happens with a neighbor… and to get that stupid tag in case she gets lost.

  12. I got inspired by your tale, CR, and so went for a wander in the local bushland. It was a shame, in a way, to see the bush so heavily regulated with walking paths. (Then again, the snakes & spiders here [Australia] will fuck you up if you don’t gie them the room and/or time to give you a wide berth.) But to be outside in the sun under a clear blue sky, to wander at will and to call no man ‘master’. These are good things.

    BTW did it make the news in the US at all that Gordon Brown (UK PM) called for a new world order in his recent annual speech at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet?
    “…to lead the global effort to build a stronger and more just international order … we can together seize this moment of change in our world to create a truly global society”.
    They’re not even trying to hide it any more. Cool.

    UK’s Brown: Now is the time to build global society

  13. if u feel in the mood – CZECH POLICE IN ACTION – Hawaii 5-0 version, on Youtube.
    Apparently the 2 cops are in a lot of trouble.
    Do watch it ’til the end


  14. Charles, I like it! How did Whitman put it? “I went into the woods because I wanted to live deliberately.”

    It really is remarkable what i being admitted in the mainstream now. Things are really speeding up, what was the domain of conspiracy theorists a few months ago is mainstream admission now. Did you see “The first barons of banking”: a mainstream admission by the Rothschild’s that they fund both sides of all conflicts?

    aferrismoon, I watched the video. It’s amusing, but am I missing something as to why they got in trouble?

    Howver, its getting 100,000 views speaks to the theme here. My They Live video‘s gotten about 1200 views so far. From random sources, “aware” people find me a bit over-explanatory, yet the “unaware,” for example, acquaintances from the pubs, tell me they “don’t get it.” Now, back to my postulation.

  15. RE: “If you’re an American woman reading this and you fall into the 70% that are”


    I find this irritating.

    Why is it that “conscious” heteromen feel so compelled to tell women how they can better themselves? I get enough of it from “underground” hip hop, but not you, too!

    Here’s the gist of what I hear — not just from you, but from hetero dudes with forums/blogs:

    “Women, what’s wrong with you? You need to respect yourself and get away from that abusive relationship.”

    “Stop starving yourself.”

    “Looks aren’t everything.”

    “Look at the crap you’re eating – no wonder you’re obese.”

    “Stop buying sh*t. But look hot while doing it.”

    “Stop reading those glossy magazines, they’re polluting your self value. And they’re so friggin superficial.”

    “5’3 and 105 – what’s your number? JustKiddingButNotReally.”

    DUDES. Y’all need to look at yourself FIRST. Arrrgh! It’s so friggin patronizing, to be completely honest. Peoples will wake up when they’re ready and/or willing to wake up.

    A Brown person doesn’t need a White person to tell her she’s in bondage in order for her to recognize she’s in bondage. So why does the White person feel compelled to do so?

    A woman doesn’t need a man to tell her she’s in bondage. So why do men (usu heteromen) feel so compelled to do so?

    A question I want to ask: do heteromen ever feel compelled to look at themselves, really look at themselves AS heteromen (not humans, but MEN specifically) first before feeling the urge of telling people outside of themselves or the way in which they identify what to do or what not to do in order to reach a higher state of consciousness or awareness?

    Problematic is when men talk of “man” they tend to talk about “all of human kind” whereas when talking about “woman” they are only addressing one gender, and, for the most part, a very specific fraction of that group.

    That said, I have much respect for your blog and the way in which your mind processes.

    Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  16. Great post CR. Though I agree with commenter Richard that there is more intelligence around now than there ever was, there’s loads of ignorance too but there’s also loads more people now. The ratio of people who know esoteric truth, philosophy, what’s really going on in the world, etc must be way higher now than before. So I guess that’s kinda hopeful. Peace!

  17. bobblebot, hadn’t my detractors told you that I NEVER publish comments critical of myself? 🙂 Then again, most such unpublished comments are simple “you’re crazy” or “you’re an ass” and accuse me of being racist, homophobic, elitist, anti-elitist, right-wing, left-wing or my favorite “anti-semite” (usually said by those who have no idea what the hell a “semite” is). Anywayzzz, don’t know if this is your first visit but I tend to “pull no punches and tell it like it is.” [quoting Michael @ Hidden Agendas] As this article shows, I’ll even expose myself [c’mon “self-loathing” critics, bring it!]

    Please don’t confuse agendas [some of your quotes] with people who are actually hoping to affect change. The “fattening up” of America is definitely an agenda. The question is why? From a conspiratorial metaphor angle, “fattening up” is usually something done to animals [?sheep?] before the slaughter.

    In the bigger picture, the gluttonist consumer culture, the lessening of nutritional content has caused more food intake to be requirement (and even more so as Codex Alimentarus takes further root), mass rollout of microwave ovens, along with the media insisting that “portliness” is natural with one hand, while selling you thin sex appeal and diet books with the other. Now, you’re seeing legislation to tax food intake and even charge passengers by weight, suddenly shifting blame from nature to individuals, and another attack on the dwindling middle-class.

    This isn’t just WOMEN, American Men are actually further overweight by a couple of percentage points. I mention women, as I am male and men do not attract me in any way. In most of the world the rates of overweightness range around 5%, yet in America it’s 70% (with some of Western Europe catching up). Nothing “natural” about such a skew.

    I’ll disagree also with the white/black comment … if ANYONE of any race/creed/gender is being imprisoned, abused, mistreated then it is the duty of ALL humans to not only tell them, but to help bring about an end to it.

    RE: JustKiddingButNotReally
    That was a little mean-spirited, but I understand where it’s coming from…

    Dedroidify, I may seem somewhat pessimistic lately. Perhaps I am. This sudden mass awakening taking place is not a natural process, so there is a hidden hand at work. I will need to expand on that someday.

    What I see from the “community” of bloggers like ourselves is inspiring and educational, sometimes overwhelming considering the volume. Though, I’d like to see us keeping ourselves in check. I feel too many are running around saying “look at me, I can walk” while we thumb disdain at the masses around us still crawling … but, we can do a lot of other stuff too, like run or swim, which we will in time … but what’s so impressive about walking or running, when we are capable of flying and so much more?

  18. Oh I guess you didn’t hear about that fox, here is a very short AP story:

    Sort of funny I guess. Except that the fox is dead now I guess. Strange that she threw the fox in her truck. In the back I guess. I’m surprised it wouldn’t just jump out.

  19. Aloha – if you’ve taken offense to my comments, I apologize. I tend to be direct and blunt, especially when irritated.

    To start – this is in no way to discount your work. Although I am new to your blog, I do find your analysis and breakdown of symbols and narrative structures in films quite brilliant and enlightening. In fact, it was your post(s) on They Live We Sleep that had me DL-ing it immediately so that I could watch and see and process for myself.

    So I hope you don’t group me into the commentators who’re like, “Oh, he’s suuuuuper sexist. Hence he is WRONG and this blog SUCKS!”

    I recognize your intelligence.

    I also recognize that there are issues with the way in which you view women in general that are underscored by your specifically singling out of American women to address them directly on the issues of obesity and consuming empty advertising and standards of beauty — which, coincidentally, followed a reference to hot nekkid Russian women.

    Yes, in your response you say that you were talking about how obesity affects all of human kind and into the agendas behind Codex Alimentarius – which is great, but in your post you didn’t address all of human kind. You addressed women – American women, specifically.

    And I was commenting (however bluntly, I apologize for being rough around the edges) on how it comes off as patronizing.

    To add, the vast majority of the beauty industry does not support the look of obesity, especially the high fashion houses who wield most of the power in the fashion and beauty industrial complex — but that is beside the point. Though I do want to also add that the campaign for “real” women (slightly overweight) juxtaposed with anorexically thin women (girls are literally dropping dead on the catwalk from malnutrition and starvation) are creating schizophrenic standards of beauty for women where in which the picture of health is either non existent or toxic.

    And some of the women it is targeted towards are conscious of it and some of them aren’t. And though solidarity is very much appreciated – as well as support – I do think it’s something that conscious women are to uplift themselves from. It’s not enough to know or have someone else know for them. One must learn in order to know on another level.

    On a wayyyyyyyyy-over-in-left-field analogy, let’s say there was a member of the Illuminati — a conscious one, if you will, who sees how so many sheeple are acting like… sheep.

    And call them on it.

    But it won’t be this dissenter who will “save” the sheep from themselves. The sheep are gonna have to get of their own arses and do their own homework.

    Sorry. I am going off on tangents, aren’t I?

    As for the JustKiddingButNotReally, it wasn’t meant to be snarky. It was meant to be both facetious, but also to point out that you really WERE, when asking for that girl’s number (5’3, 105), just kidding… but not really.

    As for the talking about White and Brown peoples and bondage – let me clarify. Siiiigh! (I tend to get misunderstood a lot.)

    Alrighty – if you see something wrong with the picture, by all means, yeah, speak up. But it would also be helpful to be critical about yourself at the same time, because otherwise it comes off as you, a privileged, heteronormative White male coming in to “save” us from ourselves.

    I’m not saying that’s what you’re doing or that it’s what your intentions are. I’m saying that it’s how you come off when you point fingers at a group you identify as Other while not holding up a mirror to yourself at the same time.

    I know, I know – it’s a lot to ask.

    At the same time, it bugged me and I let it be known.

    Much respect.

    Obviously when I open my mouth, I don’t tend to make a lot of friends in the process. But I do hope you’ll recognize that it’s coming from an honest place and from a mind that holds yours in high esteem.

  20. “Doesn’t that feel better? Wait .. I meant everyone. Yes, you too girl! ”

    He-he, well I am a girl and I´ve read everything you´ve written on this site and I always do what you tell me (within REASON ofcourse)

    Your stepfather was awesome and feeding the strays is a glorius thing to do 🙂

    When I was about 12 the local council where I lived then had all the stray cats killed, I missed them for years 😦

    Now I have 2 cats of my own, one of them is a female kitten who´s a giant. But she´s so sweet. Pets are great.

    Anyways, wonderful article and message, I thank you from the bottom of my little rebel heart!

  21. They got into trouble for playing tennis, while any amount of Police brutality gets brushed ‘neath carpet. That was my angle.
    Still , the transition from the game to stopping the car = amusing. Personally I feel tha cop will be in a more open mood , than if he had been sat in the car, or just standing around doing nothing.


  22. Angelo, thanks for the link. Interesting they both got their vaccination. Without going into specifics, should one have gotten a disease, then giving them a small dose of the same disease by needle, hence bypassing their immune system is supposed to help??? I guess that keeps in theme with my assertion in this article.

    boblebot No problem. The reason I pick on American women specifically, aside from the skewed numbers, is that it impacts my life directly, hence is a source of personal aggravation. What I’m presently writing up, which may or may not be the next release depending on synchronicity, will be squarely aimed at American women again, but this time from the perspectives of culturally-entrained slutiness and stupidity. Your words suggest you won’t take offense from the latter, so I gather slings and arrows will come from others. 🙂

    As for the smily-winky face “exchange” … I would hope you’d gather that I am a direct person. If I wanted to ask someone out, I’d JUST DO IT and not send emoticons their way. Besides, I know this person, but wouldn’t expect you to infer that … so, enough talk about a winky face???

    Halkatla thank you so much for the warm feelings sent this way. Iceland is apparently been misnamed. 🙂

    Of course my “you girl” message was directed at you! 🙂 Oops, I better be careful lest I get accused of flirting again. 🙂 Hehe. “WITHIN REASON” … argh! … small print and stipulations …. small print and stipulations!

    afferismoon, well, that makes sense. It is ridiculous. I watched the video thinking “what’s the big deal?” I’d much rather deal with two cops who just finished a round of paddle-ball than two sitting in their cruiser, aggravated to no end, ready to take out their aggressions on some minor law-bender. No humor allowed in the police department! [by design]

    ALL: RACCOON UPDATE! He’s been back regularly and is eating all the food I’ve been putting out for him, and drinking lots of water. The scar on the side of his neck does not look infected, and the leg, which I suspect was broken, looks like it is healing as well, him now being able to support some of his weight on it. There was a minor run-in with my dog (who is small). She knocked him down a couple of times, but I got her to stop.

  23. Hey CR, thanks for another great post! What are your thoughts on Sean Penn and “Into The Wild”?

  24. In my old house we kept some rabbits in an outside cage/house. There was this other wild rabbit that would come visit, and we would feed him. He was actually the same type of rabbit, but some idiot had just let him go into the wild. We kept him well fed, he was fat and friendly. He lived under my car, during the winter. When we moved nobody else could catch him! In the house we are at now there is this hawk that visits very rarely. Not to long ago, he landed on my back porch and started knocking/scraping on the door. My mom heard it an went to the door, was startled that it was a hawk and not a person. What does this mean? I have no idea, but animals love my mom.
    -Great article..

  25. Rebel, yvw. Glad the raccoon is getting better. 2 microbes (in a global warming conditions for sure) created life in the past to become the principle of future life? 2, allways the recurring 2 “opposites” … big bang – black hole, global warming – sun cooling… hell that is hot, heaven that is cool, mind – body, good – bad, and nothing in between… The divine 2 that becomes 3, tree of life, wow! the 2 ways croSS road, and the Y (ou) attached to it… Meeeeh… and i better stop before the holloy eye (see) notices Meeeee… Dethach, dream, fly! reach for a star!… Alone… Al- one… They work so hard threading madness for dreamland… I prefer to know that a wild (free) raccoon is better, and i am not the only one… I also prefer to watch microbes under the microscope than to hear doc-tora tora-tes talk about ancient microbes, and ancient bs. btw… I can compare about 3 generations by direct experience, and some antique and ancient art, and i wouldnt say they were dumber in the past… I lean quite towards the opposite… (<Holds a murano cristal paper weight in hand, and smells the aroma of real coffee.) Hugs all.

  26. Wow, glad I backtracked here and saw this! Great post and story Celt.

    I feed quite a few wild animals that have no fear of me, mainly I think because I give off no vibrational threat, I even speak softly to them. Avoiding eye contact does help keep them from bolting I think. It always fun to be able to walk right up to wild turkeys and just toss bread down for them.

    Granted, I ended up with 3 stray cats due to my ‘feeding animals’ LOL I agree f**ing Disney huh? Man, if I had known more as a kid, or actually had my mother known.

    Your story of the squirrel reminded me of when I was little, I was at my grandmothers and saw a white mouse in the driveway, so I went over to it and started to pat it and it bit me. Never told anyone. The little S.O.B. held on pretty good too, I had to shake it off, but it didn’t draw blood. Go figure, I didn’t die of rabies–yet. They brainwash people into thinking ALL wild animals have freakin rabies..or all stray animals do. Whatever, right?

    Man, I busted a gut when I read your E.R. story and your “Greek remark”. That was great. So glad to see down to earth stories like this around the blog-o-sphere.

    Be well bro.

  27. KnowNothing, I haven’t seen that yet. A friend had told me about it, but I forgot. Will try to view sooner if I get a chance.

    Brian thanks for sharing your stories. Animals tend to be drawn to certain people. I could speculate several reasons as to why, but I think a calmness of spirit projects outside our own limited visual range.

    Hello again DANA, your comments are definitely always out there, and always interesting. I firmly believe we are dumber now than we were even 20 years ago, and the people from 20 years before that even smarter than their followers, and so on and so on …

    Michael glad you came back and read it too. Funny to know another intuitive child disregarded the disney/school fearmongering and kept their animal bite to themselves. By some MIRACLE (i think it’s called “nature”), we didn’t foam at the mouth and attack others 🙂

    As I said above, just watching your cats perceiving things in the room beyond our visual range, speaks to that “unknown” to our eyes vibrational frequency.

  28. Hey man, I just posted you a photo of my night visitor from last week on your Tom’s Wreck page earlier today. Although mine was of the Ursa Minor kind (from tail to snout she couldn’t’ve been more than four foot in total length, mind you, that is, striding on all fours across my front yard) one of my cousins, Laurinda, had nursed back to maturity several orphaned raccoons in her career as self-appointed neighborhood friend of the wild. We never ever had a problem with pathogens of any kind. Deer come daily here to forage amongst the leaves & whatever’s extending down from treetop level to permit them to savor. A family of arboreal rodents, a.k.a. squirrels, has taken up residence in the ceiling of my studio above the kitchen. A bat found its way in before resuming its hibernation & eventually I returned it safely to the outdoors. I’ve had many pet felines & have proudly called four dogs part of my family, two of them still active participants thereof. My one criterion for friendship? A person who loves & doesn’t fear animals. Take it away. Have a great week, this one & far beyond ~ Anadæ ( :-)}

  29. I’m freaking on this because I have had rabies shots and treated for positive test on TB. I got my shots in the kidneys but my cousin who had to take them also broke out on his back and had to to take them in the stomach. I had to take a regimen of pills for a year for the TB deal. I am educated with every blog and much appreciate it; thanks!

    PS: I should have mentioned that the rabies shots came at 12 yoa and the Tb at 17 so I had no clue nor will to avoid the treatment. I’m now 52 and hope I know better.

  30. Ever read Carlos Castaneda’s “Journey to Ixtlan, The Lessons of Don Juan”? Your raccoon reminds me of Carlos’ spirit animal helper (or whatever the terminology is), who was a coyote I think. Anyways Don Juan described how he met his animal helper spirit by standing on his head. An animal can tell when another animal (human) is acting like a preditor or a prey, but when they act totally different (perhaps like your ‘scared little girl’ production) it keeps the interest of the animal. If the raccoon ever talks to you please let us know 🙂 I really enjoyed the book, and recommend it if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

    (Oh yah I just posted my TB shot experience on part ii of hammer and anvil. I’m working my way backward through your articles which I missed 🙂

  31. Anadae, how are you my elfin friend. What an amazing visitor you had. The most “radical” animal I’ve had stop by was a bobcat. As you may have guessed, I identify with the wolf.

    Was going to contact you as the injured raccoon got attacked by something else and didn’t look like she’d make it (have you seen the guy with the raccoon in his kitchen?). Disappeared for about a week but she turned up again last night, hobbling about.

    Algiz, thanks for dropping in and sharing that. It is a shame, but our parents were just as ignorant as most of us are .. the tv/school/doctor says so, therefore it must be true … rather than trusting our own common sense and intuition. Glad you survived the experience.

    ViolatoR, I haven’t read that one. Read the one about the “see-through” dog a long time ago. As Wise Woman pointed out previously, me and the raccoon, considering my header graphic and reasons for doing this blog, may be kindred “defenders of the underdog.” Maybe I should read that!

  32. Hi again Celt,
    As I said, trying to make my way through your blog… loving your insights and appreciative of all your work.
    I don’t have an animal or fear story to comment with here.
    Above, when you said “However, the Big Apple (whatever the hell that means)” I flashed to another of your entries where you likened Florida to the root chakra and Ohio to the heart. Along that line of thinking, would it be plausible that NY be the throat chakra – the Big (Adam’s) Apple? Just a thought. 🙂
    Thanks again.

  33. Hi Celt,
    Discovered your site yesterday. “Prank Call of the Wild” was the first post I read.

    You aren’t in D.C. are you?

    Hunt for Raccoon Guy Still On

  34. Let us not forget, its not just the foreign women that get a bad rap. Look how foreign men are portrayed? Its like the Arch Type American Man is the end all to be all. Most American Men cannot even start a fire, let alone survive 1 night without his cell phone, or GPS. For every foreign man who’s body was scuplted from an honest days work, there are the American Men who lift weights in a gym, then parade around in speedo tight shorts at Venice beach to “tan” himself pumped up from so much steroid use that those muscles are “non effective” to do anything else but prim and pose. Give me a guy like Bruce Lee any day over Brad Pitt.

    PS-If you’re an American woman reading this and you fall into that 30% that aren’t fat, good for you. Now, please don’t buy the propaganda that you are far from perfect and need strive to look like one of the plastic prostitutes the media puts before you..

    Not to get in a crap throwing contest, but that goes for guys to. I used the muscle head analogy in my paragraph above, But man, man boobs and stretch marks don’t look good on youg guys either. Really. I mean it, Girls see other girls and we can talk about these things, if your a guy and other guys see this on you,, I feel real sorry for you..

  35. VacuumVixen, very good point/insight and now it makes since why the Qabbalist Jews who settled/built New Amsterdam (history is simplified if you substitute the word “Dutch” as code for “Jews” in many events) named the place as you say. For those curious, here’s the article to which you refer.

    single engine not sure if that was meant to take a piss, but that article is a prime example of the type of hysteria spread by the dumb, but well-trained cunts that serve the Medes. That pic is f’n hilarious mate!

    Billie Holiday, good name choice considering Billie Holliday had to go all the way to Europe to be reminded that real men (and real people) existed. I tend to focus more on women, as I being a real “man,” like women and not the sad facsimile of such that the social engineers are producing. Hence, it affects ME directly.

    Men, are by no means off the hook. American Men on average, as you point out, are a bunch of pathetic sods, and are being effeminated [and fattened] on a vast scale. I laugh when women go overseas and come back with sordid tales of how “aggressive” them foreign men are, having been conditioned to the sheepish boys back home.

    To be fair, the Western European um, “Men,” after much engineering, particularly the Britons aren’t much, if any, better…

  36. I think we are dumber only because of the television and movies we watch. We watch so much we never have to think or live our own life. I think also the degradation of our food supply is playing a part in our overall intelligence.

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