A Burning Ring of Fire [III]

Picking up the remaining puzzle pieces from part ii … we find more fire resonating posters featuring Nicholas Cage Coppola. Beyond questioning if cage is the fireman, we have to wonder if there’s a more sinister force behind the shadow puppet.

The Rock was the first of many collaborations with industry insider and accomplished turd-manufacturer, Jerry Bruckheimer, {*1} whose paths with Cage intertwine quite interestingly in the future. As Wise Woman pointed out, there was an odd sync between the “unrelated” Con-Air poster and a scene from The Rock. Though, for me, the Family Man poster is the most ominous of the bunch.

Note how his family forms a red pyramid, as Cage’s shadow self exerts influence [arguably, confluence, from the side]. Blonde consonant-deficient Téa Leoni forms the apex, hence her vacuous brain could be argued as “capstoneless.” The Red Rock West poster, well, it leaves little to the imagination. The word Cage alone implies some kind of infernal holding cell. The act of staring at the below image, produces a few images/symbols, a lot of visual strain, but few solutions:

Ultimately, our quest, is to answer the three big questions we all ask ourselves: who am I, where did I come from, where am I going? The last major series I undertook was an attempt to answer those questions, or at least, better understand them. There are a few ideas we have to accept before this whole jigsaw fits together:

(a) we are immortal spiritual beings,
(b) reincarnation is indisputable (heck, even “the Jesus” spoke of it),
(c) we are trapped in some type of construct that facilitates the process,
(d) we die and repeat the process before we can achieve gnosis,
(e) this prison construct serves a beneficiary outside ourselves,
(f) we have little comprehension of the nature of this/these being[s],
(g) there is some kind of fail-safe system/aetheric barrier that prevents our spirit from leaving should we manage to escape/break the cycle

Taking that into account, one would have to assume this system’s architects are smart enough to comprehend that by manipulating our nature, and hence our “free-will,” they give us the illusion of choice as we repeat this cycle endlessly (e.g., by us seeing and opting to go the light, as we move from one cycle to the next).

logan's run freezinglogan's run box

As I already mentioned while looking at the Logan’s Run movie (which, sadly will be remade, and dumbed-down, probably starring Jessica Alba, and some cute boy toy), Box‘s “job” is to make sure that you, the “free spirit,” rather than evolve/escape, are returned to the system where you’ll reincarnate/renew [note the X and the pyramid he’s sporting]. {*2} Don’t take it personally kids. He’s just doing his job. And that’s fine with me. He can do his job, and I gotta do mine. Build the ark.

Job: I do mean “job” and not “occupation” [i.e., something that keeps one pointlessly occupied] or any other state of perpetual busy-ness. I’m thinking of the apocryphal Testament of Job, he who had 7 sons and 3 daughters [¿3 X 3 holes = 9 pearly gates?]: of whom/which, any other insight is welcome and appreciated.

I would have started this series before I was ready to, while ignorant of the bigger picture. It hit me shortly after I walked into my Bar @ 19, after giving this head-twisting series a rest. I had been contemplating how, with my birthday approaching, I was hoping to avoid an organized “celebration.” Had no interest in marking another trip around the sun, and the inevitable stupid incessant questions [demands] from sheep wanting to know how many loops/revolutions I have made to date. “Holy fucking shit,” I barked out as the below image entered my head.

“What up dog?” “Oh, just thought of something.” “Bro, tell what time it is.” “Never mind.” When you begin to fathom the holographical nature of the construct, technological means used to limit our lifespan (poisons, toxins, “health” care) are but pithy in comparison to the largest, control of the mind through expectations. It’s a programmed feedback loop nested so deeply in us sheep/fools, we reinforce each other’s aging process. {*3} Questioning it, is programmed luna-sea.

We toss each other into that fire every day. Anyone who dares to attempt to buck that system, can rely on being attacked fervently, accused of “hiding” their chronology, called all sorts of names. Your “loved ones” will be the first to make sure you the heretic will burn up in that fire they so eagerly dive into head-first. God forbid you should live out a millennia [or longer] like the wise ones of old. Ignorance must, by all means, be reinforced. The box within the box.

Of course, nary a week passed, and Star Trek: Generations came on (odd how all the movies I contemplate, tend to be available the one night of the week I watch television). While watching, couldn’t help but notice Malcolm McDowell’s head pop up inside that pyramid, reMINDing me that I had seen him placed so before, but that was a long time ago [23 years]. Oddly, the name of the “director” of A “Clock“work Orange, Stanley Kubrik conjures up another cubic puzzle, the Rubik.

Clockwork’s author, Anthony Burgess, as my friend James was to reMind me, wrote another book, The Wanting Seed: another “vision” of a socially engineered world, where homosexuality was instilled as the personal “choice” into the mind of the mAsses [“they do what they want”]. Like father, like son? No! In part i, we learned Cage the father liked to stick his hot dog in his son’s mouth. In part ii, we learned Cage the dad would occasionally substitute his cock for the baby bottle.

So, in the initial spark of this firestorm, Knowing, we the same mAsses are shown how Cage is a [ir]responsible Dad [below left], cause he uses TiVo’s KidZone to “protect” his son from foul media-exposure. Note, the “approved” list contains the Mighty Morphin Murdering Zionist Power Rangers and the Simpsons [which it could be argued, was where Cage got his “famous” hot-dog idea from].

Per the official site: “TiVo KidZone Guides are lists of high-quality kid’s TV shows, recommended by leading national children’s organizations.” Well, thank god that some mysterious “them” is looking out for our kids, so we don’t have to bother parenting anymore. I only bothered looking into one of the “organizations” and their home page stresses the importance of protecting kids from the S and F words. What a bunch of Fucking Shitheads those guys must be. {*4}

There’s a new show on Fox Family Night, following the “approved” Simpsons. Its name is not worthy of mention, except it takes place in a town called Knob Haven, Florida. [Huhu! Hehe! Rebel just said “knob.”] I only watched a few minutes of the pilot until they introduced a character, who by some miraculous coincidence, was a “flaming” homosexual. His “approved words” intro: “I have more woman-pinky in my man-hole, than I’ve ever had man-pinky in my … oh wait.” That’s sooper! Liminal. Note the image’s phrase “you get used to it,” and file it somewhere.

Had you watched the Simpsons a half-hour before, you’d have seen smelled the above little nugget. It makes sense. Already half of all women of club-going age in the USA are open to lesbian encounters. The other half are full-blown lesbians. If Bart has any hopes of ever attracting a girl, he better start becoming one.

In the middle of this, I also caught the first few minutes of Super-Gay Cock-Fest, though I think the official title, per USA release, is 17 Again. It starts off with the below [left] shot of the “star.” His number is 0 [a hole]. His name is O’Donnel [a big O representing his anus after Disney execs got done with him]. The coach yells, “Gather round ladies.” Some little boy come out wearing a dress. “C’mon Boy George.” Team photo, gay pose at freeze frame. It’s the big “must-win” game! Team star uncontrollably breaks from huddle to dance with the cheerleaders.

We’re not even two minutes into the movie yet! Before the third minute is up, Zac holds his “little buddy” in his arms [the little dress-wearing fem-boy], rubbing his head while they both stare strangely for an uncomfortably long time at the cute girl who has walked onto the court. [Oh, no! Was Gilligan the Captain’s “cabin boy?” Ugh!] “Oh, that’s my girlfriend,” realizes Zack, and then parts company with his little boy. Super Fucking Gay Cock Sucking Fest!

Was I surprised to then see the above [right] shot? Considering everything I wrote about anuses and spirits in parts i and ii, no. Not at all. If you read those, I’ll assume I need not explain the significance, or why he has that look on his face.

Yea, I know I’ve harped on this, but am sick and fucking tired of it. Particularly, cause even people numbskulls of a “liberal” nature, who claim to be “awake,” will hem, haw and pussyfoot around this agenda, even as that huge gay cock is being rammed up their developing son’s ass. God forbid someone accuse them of being “right-wing.” I’ll say it again, Jon Stewart is a fuckhead too, another paid whore confusing the public mind, paid to “inform” sheep that the “gay agenda” is about some imaginary vast right-wing crazy-christian conspiracy who are determined to stop homosexuals from leading happy lives. Sorry if I’ve offended those who think a whore with a heart of gold is somehow less whorish than an “evil” whore.

I don’t know how many of you have ever been to Florida, but it does seem to be, more so than most places outside California, a “hot-bed” of mindlessness. The show’s producers picked the right spot. Friends and I have pondered the lethargy the swamp produces in the mind of those with higher aspirations. Yet, every day, you’ll run into some mindless fool/automaton that says, “Another day in paradise.”

I think pretty much everyone knows that SpongeBob SquarePants is gay by now, and accepts it. What I think most parents are completely clueless to, is what a Chocolate Starfish is. It’s an anus. [BTW: Have to thank ViolatoR for making me aware of the slang/moniker.] So, Bob’s “best friend” / roommate is a pink starfish! Coincidence I’m sure. Just another day in sodomistic paradise.

Looking at Patrick, he does seem to have an uncanny resemblance to Karl Rove. If you’ll recall, the fabulous George Bush‘s “pet-name” for Karl was “turd blossom.” You just can’t make this shit up. The above right image disturbs me to no end.

You know what else really bothers me? The Burger King guy. I don’t know why, but every time I see him, it makes my skin crawl. I feel an overwhelming compulsion to take that medieval battle flail down off my wall and smash that fucker’s skull in with it. A weird feeling tells me he is probably modeled after some deviant scum-sucking torture-loving “noble” from the past. Perhaps I had encountered him in a prior life? He is in the business of selling tortured flesh, likely not much different that his previous “occupation.” If he gives you the heebie-jeebies too, or you learn anything about “the king,” please share it.

The Square Pants leading to Square Butts in the latest BK commercial (featuring Patrick the pink anus) seems to address a lot of issues I’ve covered. Trust me, I hate being right. Oh, and lastly, guess what the name of above abandoned cubic cross structure in Alto Pass, Illinois is [found while looking for “knob heaven”]? Nope. Guess again. Oh, just give up. It’s the Bald Knob Cross.

Back to Star Trek, we learn the fate of Picard’s nephews. Is it me, or does the letter R seem to be popping up a lot? [It’s the 18th letter of the alphabet, but other than 3*6/666, can’t think of another significance.] The Captain is played by another Patrick, the Steward, who also plays the role of Professor X, and the voice of a testicle-suggestive gay CIA chief Bullock on the Fox/666’s overt homo-promotion vehicle American Dad. [Ouch! My brain hurts. This puzzle is complex.]

Going back to the Wicker Man, I [intentionally] neglected to tel you which book Nicholas ended up picking out from the voluminous new-age truck-stop assortment. It was “Everything’s OK” by what looks like a Douglas A. Girting. I couldn’t find such a book, so will for now, surmise it was made up, and chosen for a reason.

Despite the new-age guru/whore with the strong solar backing telling Cage everything was just fine, it didn’t quite turn out that way by the end of The Wicker Man, did it? I don’t recall Cage saying “Everything’s OK” while he was being tortured and then burned alive. Incidentally, it’s also exactly what Picard said after making the prior announcement, leading to Deanna Troy’s above summation. The Rebel’s gonna have to go with the empath on this one. I’ll take the advice of one who feels, over one who thinks with their little brain. Any day. Any day. Any day.

Kozmikon, undoubtedly tapping into something, used the phrase “ringmasters of this backwards circus” to describe some of those among us, who are intentionally, or haphazardly, leading some of us clowns nowhere. I had yet another revelation sitting at the 19-bar [it really isn’t anything special, one would be hard-pressed to see, with their eyes, how/why this place inspires me] and seeing a baseball game on one of the screens. Number 11 was on the mound, pitching to number 9, while number 19 was on the batter’s circle, and number 33 was on base.

There’s a certain complexity to the game, and I’m reminded of a [long] joke about a great uncle allegedly named Seamus who came to America and tried to figure out what was going on at a game at Comiskey Park. Explaining that complexity of “truth” to laymen, has been taken up by the alternative media, which a good number of has fallen into the trap of going over news stories, endlessly responding, hence trapped by the same “them” they so vigorously oppose, and some of the new-agey gurus among us, who are telling us, “everything’s gonna be ok.”

A new blogger recently wrote me, asking for advice on a “synchromystic” article. I should try to refrain from adding my vices to others, but: Do your own thing. Don’t follow leaders. Develop your instinct. Put yourself into your words. Take chances. Interpret. Be wrong. Do not become yet another play-by-play announcer for a “new world disorder” you claim to oppose. Express your disgust. Take a stand. How can one not in the face of what’s going on? It is not my intent to throw gasoline in my own community: the jukebox in my skull plays a lot of tunes, “Kumbaya” ain’t one.

By the way, the haphazard compilation of baseball/grid/agenda images above turned into a story unto itself, no? Moving on, another great revelation came to me while watching an excellent video the Accidental Alchemist put together about three themes crucial to this series: fire, dogs and materialism.

Money is a form of energy. We are also forms of energy. But, can spirit burn? And what is that face above Heath’s head? The Cathars, who preached against the evils of materialism, indubitably got their name from the Greek word katharos (καθαρός), which the verb form means to clean/purify, and the Cauldron/vat-i-can made it their mission to purge these purists from the Earth. The Joker, as I’ve written of already, was on his own convoluted yet noble mission to cleanse people of their sin and malaise, to wake up du-mbasses [the masses].

Some may have felt I side-tracked too far from the “Cage” theme by opening pan-dora’s box [¿dora the explorer?] of Star Trek movies [“to explore strange new worlds” : “o brave new world that has such people in it”]. I could not have written this series without Generations, for reasons that will become incontrovertible before this is over. One other reason, is The Fool card of the Tarot deck, which in Generations, was played by Data, the robot who allowed himself to feel, and became quite the comedian. Pancake and powder!” WTF: a headless Data?

The Ferengi, for those unfamiliar with the Star Trek Universe, were super-materialistic creatures, whose whole system of philosophy/religion centered on the buying/selling of goods, and building of wealth. Is humanity the “Ferengi” in the Gorilla suit? What say you Young Nicholass [looking so cute you could just bite him]?

Which reminds me to reinforce something I was contradicted on before, there is no “owl” hidden on the dollar bill, it is a spider. The former is disinfo. The latter makes ubiquitous sense when you consider the implications of the web of deceit Lolth, the Demon Queen, spins to entrap us to her realm [aka the Material World].

The Clown, is of course, welcome to stay. As I’ve said before, humor is something we need more of. We are here to learn and grow, but most importantly, enjoy ourselves in the process. Comedy/humor, implies a certain wit/intelligence. The dumbing down of humanity is making clowns/comedians extinct, while fools rush in and take over. There’s good reason why it’s called “toilet humor” and why we “choose” it, which if it doesn’t make sense yet, will before this is all over.

Another new blogger, Daz, wrote how the Watchmen’s killing the [flame-throwing] Comedian may be an implication that they no longer feel the need to entertain the sheep before they roast them. The viewpoint, in lieu of where this stream is going, does have some frightening validity. The jukebox queues up Graham Parker:

The ringmaster looked a bit pasty and down
dying as he was to get out of town

And after the show that night
the clowns had the makeup wiped from their faces
When somebody pulled a knife
and cut off coco’s bright red braces
They murdered the clown
they wiped that grin right off his face
They murdered the clown
still the world’s not a funnier place

By the way, the “ring-master” was the guilty party. Just like The Wathcmen’s Comedian, Parker’s Clown was quite the unsavory character as well: “Watch out for coco when he’s had a drink … he’ll tickle the children right where they’re pink.” The following images from the Simpsons, are just more proof to me that the Medes, are working in unison. We’ll see more examples before this fire is out.

The smily face is more representative of fools, the idiocratic shit-stream of Dane Cook, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Fox Family Night and so on, the one force-fed down the gullets of the ever-fattening sheep. Those who think the zombiefication process can be reversed, please tell me your “plan.” Note the snake tattoo.

The parallels, as mentioned before, are so uncanny, it’d be foolish not to see them as intentional. America, the land that’s burned more people alive than any other in the past century: half of Dressden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, indiscriminate Napalming in Vietnam and who’ll forget the Iraqi roadways full of the charred remains of fleeing civilians? Americans have also been turned into the dumbest and fattest people on this planet [Also, the second most hated. But, it’s tough to top Israel.] Don’t worry. History never repeats. History never repeats. “Everything’s OK.”

Alas, I finally remembered where I saw that face [the one above the Joker] before. It’s from Sunshine (which, coincidentally, starred Knowing’s Rose Byrns), a movie about taking a journey to the center of the burning sun (up its rear entrance).

If you’re one who does care about the world yourself, and fears whatever fire is coming, take heart. I recall Tsarion mentioning science had found an atom at the center of our hearts, which burns at 6000 degrees Kelvin [the temperature of the sun]. Couldn’t find a source, but while searching, heard him mention the letters I and J were interchangeable, hence we return to another significant JC: Ian Curtis.

Instincts that can still betray us,
A journey that leads to the sun,
Soulless and bent on destruction,
A struggle between right and wrong.
You take my place in the showdown,
Ill observe witha pitiful eye,
Ill humbly ask for forgiveness,
A request well beyond you and i.

Heart and soul, one will burn.

An abyss that laughs at creation,
A circus complete with all fools,
Foundations that lasted the ages,
Then ripped apart at their roots.
Beyond all this good is the terror,
The grip of a mercenary hand,
When savagery turns all good reason,
There’s no turning back, no last stand.

Heart and soul, one will burn.

Existence well what does it matter?
I exist on the best terms I can.
The past is now part of my future,
The present is well out of hand.
The present is well out of hand.

Heart and soul, one will burn.
One will burn, one will burn.

Again, I marvel at how Ian Curtis, who died at 23, could have known so much about this realm and what lies beyond. How/when had he seen “the architects of law face to face?” {*5} I had already goaded others to probe that mystery. Lying on a friend’s couch one night, unable to sleep, I turned on the TV to occupy/dull my restless brain. What the fuck? Someone made a movie called “Control” about the life of Ian?

The movie, was actually just the ticket, because I could not imagine someone making a movie more boring if they tried. It was the perfect sleeping pill. Maybe they were trying to show you his view on the ennui of life, and why he chose to end his. But, one bit of dialogue, allegedly Ian’s “own words,” solved the mystery:

“When I’m up there, singing … they don’t understand how much I give, and how it affects me. It’s like it’s not happening to me, but someone pretending to be me … someone dressed in my skin … I’ve no control anymore.”

While pondering the significance of “blue” people, I neglected noting a prior accidental insight. The etymology of the word genius, implies djinn. In other words, “one possessed by a greater spirit.” A reader commented his view that Djinn are water elemental from Sirius. Do note the aquatic nature of djinn [above right], also known as Marids, and how the ensphered creature [above] looks remarkably like the evacuating cephalopod from DTESS. [Alas, more tentacles!]

It’d be safe to assume, Ian’s wife, who wrote the script, never contemplated this possibility, and took what few lyrics could be misinterpreted as love pangs (same few movie shares), out of proper context. Worth noting: Curtis was an epileptic, a condition still not officially understood/accounted for by modern medicine [the list of famous epileptics may be worth perusal]. Finally, as previously mused, authors with two initials preceding their name, should be paid closer scrutiny.

Moving from spirit to heart, we see the fireman “in action,” a passionate embrace inside a burning heart/vagina. In the second poster, Laura Dern’s crotch does seem to hint that it/she is/are in dire need of a proper dousing. As Tommy reminded me in response to part ii, South Park had Cartman’s Mom educating the boy that a penis is a “fireman:” “When you rub his helmet he spits in your eye”.

Note: It may or may not be of significance, that media indoctrination has instilled us, with the concept [while we are children] that should one wish to summon a Djinn, one needs to rub a lamp, usually of a round base with a long spout, [also representative of “illumination”] until a djinn is spit out the little hole on the end.

Coincidentally, the same year Cage made Wild at Heart, he also starred in Fire Birds, whose poster also makes a phallic reference to “top gun.” He’ll also be starring in another film by another JC, where those who’ve been reading this will have to grimace, as Cage will be in prison “parenting/mentoring” juvenile delinquents. The working title was at one time, ready for this, “Scared Straight.” Has Carpenter atoned for past sins/revelations; been brought back into the fold?

While the “gorilla” image of Cage may imply he bit his pillows and paid his dues, his future suggests he’s graduating from the fire [later]. One sure sign of this to me, was Cage being granted the ultimate controlling/influencing role of Executive Producer of The Dresden Files in 2007 [13 episodes]. Those unfamiliar with ourstory, should look into one of the most sadistic war crimes against humanity, the intentional burning of women and children to the fire-god Ba’al that was.

Though Cage’s “project” was about something else, there’s another little known fact I’d like to point out to all those morons who argue points of indoctrinated history [though, those dumb cunts don’t read this, so what’s the point]. The Dresden fire bombing was carried out on February 14th, also known [by fools] as Valentine’s Day [A hot topic I’ve been meaning to get into … damn, cornered again!].

Here’s one Valentina offering us two/three hearts [the front and rear one, I’d presume, followed by the gaping infernal hole this siren is poisoning our minds with], while decked out in whore diamonds. More M’s and W’s: the Marilyn Monroe resonating Madonna, selling sheep the allure [a-lure] of the Material World. Goddamn it! Nary three weeks have passed since I wrote of how WoMen are willingly reducing their entire self-worth to the hole[s] between their legs and somebody’s already selling/marketing it, as the appropriately entitled, “Hot Box!”

“Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone,” says an old song. Back to Sunshine, their dying sun was restored from its dying ashes by setting off a chain reaction in its core. Below, is a view from inside the cube of cubes device, as each individual cube sparks up, commencing the chain reaction to re-ignite the sun. Lot of hot boxes!

As Stygian Port investigated in Heart-Shaped Coffin, another trait mankind shares, other than “that we all have an asshole,” is that we all crawled out of a vagina.

Thus, I interpolated we all are born out of a hole [aka “a box”] that on average, is six inches deep, then buried in another box, that is, on average, placed six feet deep. [Incidentally, fireman Nick Cage is exactly six feet tall, other measurements not listed on IMDB.] Come to think of it, we’re also born of fire: our own daddy, the fireman, quenching our mom’s burning box [ideally] with his liquid fire-suppressant spraying out of his fire-hose. Should we choose not to return to the aforementioned hole, we are returned to the fire of cremation [adding the M to creation].

I do seem to recall Madonna telling me she was “burning up for my love.” Below, we see her trying like hell to put that fire out all by herself. And who’s that licking her box? None other than Lucifer himself [to all fools conditioned to bark out the word “coincidence:” note the extremely specific placement of the phallic I in the upside-down triangle]. Lastly, here she is lending a hand/tongue to a friend in need, cleaning out her stargate exit. She’s such a saint [literally]!

The song lists alone, are quite indicative that the Whore/Madonna was serving another master, leading us nowhere than other in a methodical circle safely within the confines of the grid. Going from one Queen of the Vulva to the next, I’m reminded of another song, “13 Steps Lead Down,” thanks to a link from Danny regarding women in red. By chance, the next song on the album, is “This is Hell:”

This is hell, this is hell
I am sorry to tell you
It never gets better or worse
But you get used to it after a spell
For heaven is hell in reverse

Randomly, ahem, the very next song on the album is “Clown Strike.” The reigning Steward, Britney, has put out an album called Circus, that is quite fire-resonant too. So, what is she selling us? I don’t think it’s sanctuary. {*6} According to Elvis:

She’ll fix you with an iron cross
And cover you up with petals
And hang you up with some amber beads
And four or five precious metals
And in that black flamingo chair
You’ll sit among her trophies
And pray to be abandoned
Till you don’t know what hope is

Playing with Fire? Flame Thrower? Cold as Fire? If I recall correctly, there’s a also a song called “Pornography.” All manner of distractions for all manners of fools.

That’s what a 3-Ring Circus is for. I do believe Brittney also possesses 3 Holes. Speaking of fools, I’m sure there are many out there who scoff at the notion the stupid heart symbol represents something other than a vagina. Since I still haven’t delivered on my long-promised “Origins of Valentine’s Day” article, I’m now forced to play my hand early. Yes, it’s a suite of hearts. [Are you giddy by now ViolatoR?]

The girls below [left] know exactly what I’m talking about, but fools need “proof.” Those still unconvinced [or those pruriently curious for intellectual satisfaction], feel free to explore the hot wet tiny [i.e., “tight”] “heart-shaped” island below. No, it’s not Lesbos. I must forewarn you, that despite my attempts at color shading, they are extremely graphic, and by clicking on said box, you swear to Sweet Baby Jesus that you are 18, lest your should suffer the fires of eternal damnation.

I had long put off posting/compiling the “suite of hearts” / “box of boxes” image. Seeing that I haven’t been socially engineered to fantasize about firemen and their hoses, I feared undertaking the effort might lead to me being, ahem, distracted, from whatever purpose was in my head. Fortunately, The Ninth Gate, another movie I’ve been meaning to see, was due to start, so had to get my ass to the TV.

I’d been meaning to see it since Stygian Port’s exploration [and comments], especially as it covered a lot of topics this series delves into: Cathars, Fire, Lucifer, and starred Johnny Depth. It also starred Lena Olin, and we get to see her ass:

But, as I saw while looking at the Pope’s image, it is wise to avoid the obvious, lest it distract your from the sublime. Hence, Lena Olin [coincidentally, the star of Chocolat, Queen of the Damned, and Devil You Know], and her ass, while alluring, and endlessly promising, may be another invite into a rabbit hole that goes on and on and on. Lena Olin? Téa Leoni? Hm! Two movies with strong Satanic themes [I’ve already addressed the Satan/Santa subterfuge]. Odd, no? Intersection: I ALONE? The only thing that comes to mind, is a song by Alive called “I Alone” [love you].

The female character to focus on was Polanski’s “wife,” Emmanuelle Seigner. She played the part of the mysterious angel [of light, i.e., “lux”], sent to protect Depp, to show him “the way.” In a scene from a prior movie, Le sourire [below right], she plays a woman who strips in front of worshipful men, while surrounded by a swirl of naked women [one of which is her own naked real-life sister], and then, bleeds from the nose and falls dead [mk/cult students, go ahead and have your field day].

Is she the fire woman? Looking at her heart-suggestive image, I, for some reason, an reminded of Dark [k]Night’s story of the old bandit, a man who could not be compromised, because he placed no value on material trinkets. “Some men just want to watch the world burn.” How did that Mi6 cunt Alfred deal with the bandit? “We burned the forest down.” There’s something burning alright. Can you smell it?

I’m also reminded of another old joke about golf [a game of 18 holes] and a woman screaming “wrong hole.” Olin’s rear may have been placed there to [mis]lead men astray. So close [proximity wise], yet so far away [metaphorically]. Now would be the time to note that The Ninth Gate was directed by Roman Polanski, the same guy chosen to bring forth Rosemary’s Baby [which came up big in part ii]:

Already talked about the forest. Emmanuelle does indeed show Depp “the way,” but requires something from him first, his seed for her womb. Which begs the question, why are we so conditioned to automatically expect that Lucifer would be a man, and not a woman? After all, his/her first name may just be Lucy?

Lucy Fur? Hm. Why was it so damn important that Moses be ALONE when he went off to commune with/pay homage to, or alternately, engage in discourse [inter-course] with, the infamous “burning bush?” Is that what I “believe?” I don’t believe in anything, except for one thing, that I have a job to do.

To my women readers, some of whom may now be wondering, “Did he just say that me and my vagina are the devil?” The answer is … no. The devil, as many have said, is in the details. Different strokes for different folks. But, don’t think for a second that drawing hearts [vaginas] and flowers [vaginas], while emo-bating about Prince Charming coming along and putting out that burning sensation you’ve been conned into believing is “true love,” is somehow any different from the visual stimulation men receive from looking at a/your box. Love is not the chemical signal your vagina sends to your brain as you bathe in the glow of orgasm.

As X said a long time ago, “True love is the devil’s crowbar.” “Romance” is just another form of pornography, and I’m sick of the divisive feminist propaganda that one form is somehow a “higher” form than the other. Though, I will note, that today’s new breed of socially engineered women already display an equal fascination for breasts that men do. It won’t be too long before women spend just as much time thinking about hole [be it their own, or that of others] as men do.

Worth a mention is The Ninth Gate was made in 1999, and, as noted by Stygian Port, featured a book [of 3 X 3 gates/holes] written in 1666 [by an author named Torchia who the church burned to death]. Polanki’s said wife, was born in 1966. That con-junction, sparked me to recall that a lot of the movies I’d been looking into lately were made in 1999. Thus, we’ll look more into the 666 next issue. Just some: Fight Club, 8MM, Dark City, Elizabeth, Alien Resurrection, Lost Highway, Independence Day, 12 Monkeys, 101 Dalmatians [the original was made in 1969].

Somehow, some stripper, hence we can assume [but not a given by any means], most likely not a student of the occult, figured it all out intuitively and had this tattoo put precisely on the most appropriate of spots oh her body. Alas now, after us jointly being in possession of this knowledge, some of us may have to ask ourselves, “How do we sleep while our beds are burning?”

More weirdness: One hour pre-publication, walked in an unnamed friend’s house while they were watching American Idol. The screen read: Text “ALIVE” to 0999.

It will be over when it’s over. I’d surmise we’re at least halfway through. Still remaining: more vaginas, more devils, some yelling at people, some really weird things that happened while writing this, a few more tidbits from Knowing, a look inwards and yes, solution speak…


:: :: :: :: :: :: ::


*1: I intentionally linked to wiki instead of IMDB, even though the former’s been accused of being Zionist controlled. Not helping its own case is how wikilyiingfuckingpedia, under “religion,” instead of saying he’s Jewish, says “his wife BB/88/HH keeps him spiritual.” Rounding out the in-your-face openly-corrupt sack-of-shit person Jerry is: the open admission that this mutli-millionaire’s “foundation” last donation was less that 10K to some school in 1995. [LB]

*2: Allegedly, in the remake, the max age has been lowered from 30 to 21, so it’ll be very 90210’ish. I should probably write the original up on its own, having recently learned that “sanctuary” [what the souls/escapees were seeking], was actually a space station orbiting Earth, which a ANKH [¿Annunaki?] was the symbol of. Importantly, the hokey ending, led most people to not account for how, that even thought they beat “box,” their own need for society, ensured they never achieved freedom. [LB]

*3: Linda Goodman, despite her own failings, was one of those voices trying to tell us of our limitless power to shape ourselves and our lives. Sonia Barrett, in her recent Red Ice Interview, added how, the aging process, begins upon completion of growth / learning, in other words, we are here to learn/grow, but have been conditioned to stop doing so at about 21, when we finish the college side of the indoctrination process. [LB]

*4: I’m sure there are plenty of ignorant, yet well-meaning people involved in those groups, and I’m sure each and every organization has been co-opted. Worrying about kids hearing “swear words” while turning a blind eye to overtly implied facials, fellatio and ass-licking is, well … pretty mother-fucking stupid! Anyone inclined to research the groups and write them up, please feel free. [LB]

*5: While considering the Architects of Law, it occurred to me that LAM, the alien intelligence Aleister Crowley claimed to have been in contact with, using the “spinner,” may just be LAW. After all, Crowley went on to write The Book of the Law. [LB]

*6: Sanctuary, was not only the escape/heaven of Logan’s Run, but something The Cult claimed “she” was pitching: “She Sells Sanctuary.” Elvis Costello, the author of the trinity of songs, was at one time, the pernenial rebel/outsider. Judging by this confluence, and his having developed a “close” relationship with the nefarious Sir Paul McCartney, we can assume the Elvis too has joined the “dark side.” [LB]

~ by celticrebel on May 13, 2009.

41 Responses to “A Burning Ring of Fire [III]”

  1. The band “Winger” had a CD called “In the Heart of the Young”…. Yeah…

    A friend of mine brought up how much he hates Nicolas Cage in an email yesterday. Not sure why, maybe the “Fire man” is making his way through the collective consciousness…

    I brought this up on another blog, but Patrick Stewart in American Dad once sang the song “Little Girls” by Oingo Boingo. Here’s the music video

    Spongebob’s nose is overtly phallic. He is a “holy” man. A walking, talking tablet of destinies. Yellow, blue eyes (ha), red tie, white shirt… yellow+blue and red+white, where have we seen those colors before…?

    The gears of a wretched machine grind on…

  2. This was the best out of the series! I loved it.. I mean I love all of your writings, but this really spoke to me…! Thanks!

  3. Speaking of starfish…

    There was a highly commercialized band in the early part of this decade called Limp Bizkit [ha!]

    The name of their best selling album?

    “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water”

    I imagine the lyrics of some of the songs on this album warrant some delving into now.

  4. Interesting article, Rebel. All this talk of cages and boxes made me think of an obscure film that was written and directed by the puppet master Jim Henson titled ‘The Cube’. Not sure if you are familiar with it but it is definitely worth a look.


  5. Tommy, I’d guess Winger knew exactly what innuendo they were making. Wait, did you just associate a trend-band like Winger to an original like Oingo Boingo? “You have messed with the primal MUSES of nature, Mr. Beal, and you must ATON-E!”

    Actually, Elfman’s song, seems to be a confession of one man’s tormenting obsession. “Isn’t this a nightmare, oooooooh!” Have to give it points for being honest and original, something rarely seen in music these days. In comparison, ANY Brittainy’s Spear of Destiny video seems like hard-core pornography, and any Jonas Brotherhood / Miley Siren video seem like softcore. The only part of the OB’s vid which is suspect, is the closing, the manner the girl scout walks away. Then again, he is big in “the business,” so Elfman likely sold his soul somewhere along the way.

    BTW: Thanks for getting that song in my head. Was just walking the dog and singing it. NOT one to have the neighbors overhear!

    Thank you Leon, appreciated.

    Anesti, was unaware of that. You imagine correctly. A conjured up, um, “band” like Limp Bizkit, is a tool of others. I’d suspect Durst’s “weird nickname” [per wiki] of Chocolate Starfish may tell us the story of specifically how he became famous. Sync-hunters take note: their song “Rollin (Air Raid Vehicle)” was filmed on top of the WTC in 2000, and the vid features a closing shot with the towers fading away.

    christo, yea, that film is a “must-see.” That 1969 project came up when I first seriously got into exploration of the cube meme [LINK]. Worth a view: the “You’ll Never Get Out of the Cube” song. Also another “chance” finding you prompted: The Big Cube (1969), do note the pattern behind the ladies!

  6. Cage’s movies always reminds me of a B movie with A type production. Second hand pop culture, old news made fresh. Entrain ment with a past due date. Deeper into the whole you go Rebel of a celtic nature. The chemical wedding is a necessary part of our species survival. I have, for some time, considered the opposite sex (wo-men) a luciferious transaction. The spark is necessary to start the burn. Those arab men who hide their women behind mountains of cloth are truly afraid/terrified of wo-mans true nature. The western tradition is eager for the game to be played in the open. Two sides of the same coin. Your profanity continues unabated. I look foward to the potential, of using thoughtfull words to replace such tomfoolery. They are essentially non words to me. Call me old and in the way. Keep digging you way into the whole. Dennis

  7. Love it! Amazing, the heart shaped box pic blew my mind. In regards to djinn, it reminds me of zildjian the most popular cym(bal) maker.

  8. Great series. Let us not forget Polanski’s other wife (who it turns out was cheating on him at the time) was savagely murdered (August 9, 1969) by a mind-controlled pseudo hippie cult group, which, I believe, was used to destroy the counterculture movement of the ’60’s.

    This idea of the fire resonates with me because of some recent things I’ve seen and read. Cage in “Fire Birds”, his constant fire associations in his movies/posters, and the fact that he was in “Birdy” draws a Phoenix reference up for me. A rising out of the fire, post conflagration. You wrote of the holo-cost, burnt offering, Israel’s Phoenix-like rise out of the ashes of their saxcrifice to Ba’al. Fire is being pushed. I mean what does supposed global warming lead to? Check the new Dunkin Donuts commercial where there is a fireball sun not more than 20 feet from the 2 con-struction workers (masons?). Also, I read recently on an establishment science website that in late 2012 there may be a solar flare at a time when the Earth’s “shield” will be low (below:hell). Get your sunblock.

    Also, you pondered as to why the devil must always be thought of as a man…Well we are living in a reality construct that emphasizes the primacy of male rulership and has gone to great lengths over these last few millennia to destroy and cover over female-based religion/mytholgy/cults (only to later turn their testosterone vengeance into feminizing the males of the herd). So we always think anyone of importance is a male figure first. But, the planet Venus (a symbol of woman) is also referred to as Lucifer, the Light Bringer. Why wouldn’t Lucifer be Satan (female)? She who brought down paradise by bringing light to Adam in the Garden with her heart-y apple. Venus is also the Morning Star and the Evening Star suggesting the dual/split personality of the feminine that Disney so seems to enjoy supporting in its young mistresses. The star called Venus … when it rises in the morning is given the name Lucifer … but when it shines at sunset it is called Vesper by some (James Bond?). Also, Lucifer was said to be made of “FIRE”. Lucifer(Venus burning)/the Phoenix/Nick Cage all seem to have abodes of fire. I like the way it all ties up. Thanks for the great posts!

  9. Dennis, well said. I’ll probably delve a little more into how plot and storyline, with rare exception are like 4th or 5th on the list behind social engineering when movies are made. Maybe those Arab men really do fear the power of the vagina. I may be cursing because I’m so damn angry at what’s being done to mankind, and how so many just don’t see it. I hear your point, and yes, maybe they are dragging me down to their level…

    Brian, thanks. Hm, good catch. The “company” does have an OZ-resonant logo and the site said “resonating shimmering overtones.”

    Arc, didn’t find the DD commercial, though caught one featuring one of the guys from Kiss [a talentless band shit out of satan’s back hole] playing a flame-colored guitar that spewed fire. Yea, it’s interesting how some in the mainstream are now predicting Solar Flares or “massive” Solar storms at the 2012 date.

    Ah, yes the apple split down the middle. I may expand on how women, especially in the West, were conned into giving away ALL their power by the beast of feminism. Vagina monologues: the “only”-“logos” as spoken by whores.

  10. Celt – I had the same feeling about the Oingo Boingo song, after listening to it a few times (it’s damn catchy, that’s for sure) it’s more like he is acting like an insane person who is attracted to little girls… My intention wasn’t to link OB to Winger at all, lol. Winger sucks, OB isn’t bad, long story short. Just interesting that the themes are similar while one band (OB) is overt and honest, another (Winger) must use “secret” terms and stuff.

    Since spongebob and his friend the anus sometimes go to Atlantis, which I’ve taken to be sort of a representation of the subconscious mind, they are actively taking trips into the minds of children with their innuendos and such. Shit, they already live in “Bikini Bottom” (more anal stuff), and spongebob lives in a giant Pineal gland (pineapple). There was even a recent episode where Squidward joins the Freemasons (the lodge is a giant pyramid!). Chris Knowles had it linked up on his blog somewhere…

  11. Celt,

    First off …thank you…youll know.

    Second, nice flow, again.

    1/3 came down, 2/3 rds remained. This plays .3333 vs. .6666 forever. Father IHVH is 26, Mother as MEM is 40 the trial box, these two make 66, the product of this beast with two backs is 33. 4 must go through 6 to become 5, the base must raise itself past its box to become pentalpha. The first Adam must go through his mother to become the second Adam. Spirit becomes trapped inversely in matter, ie the Hanged Man, and must descend all the way to bottom, top or side of your box, in order to wake up a new day in God-ville. Maurice Cotterell deals with this aspect nicely.

    Being a geni, ie Eugene is ign, I feel possessed and know it to be so. Fun and not so fun.

    Am continually challenged by the words of Lord Krishna that the heroes of God wake up and with feverish love race to slaughter themselves for Krishna.

    R is Ray’sh’ and this is the ONLY letter that ends birthing the one following, ie Shin / Sheen, via Carlo Suares. The series “Qof, Raysh, Shin, Tau” of course make QRST, Christ. The very product of Tsadde, ie 90, ie Sarai to Sarah happens at 90. She is the one who laughs her way to child, ie Isaac is laughter.

    Only this inward condition could drive the heroes of Krishna past the Maya, the box in the box in the box in this vale of tears.

  12. This link might give you a hint to who the burger king guy is…btw if i had to guess i would say it would be Marquis De Sade a well known known perverted noble from which sadomasochism word was coined…i could be wrong though either way the king is a flamer literally as the link suggest.

    Burger King flame-broiled meat cologne flies off the shelves

    PS: There is a movie called Quills about the life of this noble and guess who stars in it! Kate winslet and the fire resonate Joaquin Phoenix, i believe burger king is marquis de sade lol but maybe im reading into it to much?

  13. Heart shaped box by nirvana
    very powerful lyrics and video

  14. Tommy, you are absolved! 😀 They live in a Bikini Bottom? Ew!

    Eugene, QRiST! How did I not see that? I liked this:

    Since the actual self, the soul, is indestructible, why have we built an entire civilization around the temporary material body? This is called ignorance … Everyone is bewildered because they are basing their happiness on the satisfaction of the perishable material body. This is Maya.

    I liked the first part of Maurice’s spiel, will listen to the rest. Neglected to account/see your personal implied dgin, hm:[d]gin[n] = spirits.

    Javier, the Marquis didn’t wear a crown, also he [allegedly] spent a good part of his life in prison, so he upset the balance [but good catch on Phoenix]. Hadn’t considered the King was a “flamer” too. A “charred flesh” cologne? Oh the sweet scarlet scent/stench of death.

    I’m starting to think it is Ivan the Terrible. The profile fits. Was torturing animals by the age of 9. Graduated to people by 10. Began to rape at 11. Loved to torture. Created own methods. Would roast people alive over a fire while cutting off little bits of them and feeding them to his dogs. Oddly, a preview of that coke-sucker Ben Stiller’s latest movie seems to paint this derelict king in a positive light.

    Jeroen, check out Stygian Port’s Heart Shaped Coffin

  15. Ain’t the 19th hole , the bar?


  16. Where are you heading… You write about the sexual undertones in the movies… You do have a moral foundation that lines should be drawn and that young minds should not be poisoned. Most people get their morals from religion but religion is a monster created by the same people who want to pervert our minds… How can the same people make guidelines for morals and ethics and at the same time want to smash every more and ethic their is… We are headed into a perversion that has never been seen before “Or Since Soddom And Gamorah” if you believe in that story. I have started to notice how I have been pevereted by the TV at a very young age…. I thank you for educating me on truth behind the scenes but I feel you are morally corrupted by what you write about… Your like a drug addict explaining the effects and dangers of taking drugs, but continue to take them. I know its important to know what is going on… But TV is out of control… 1000 channels and yet very little if any truth… No one speaks their minds. Its like the movie They Live… Dont think Dont Imagine… Let the TV do it for you… You should tell your audience to Free your mind from the TV. But some things are good to watch. But you need to watch crap just find the good stuff… I am cutting the cable forever. Maybe watch a highly recommened movie… But yes Tv Music Books Internet its all been hit by a tidal wave of crap. I think Sex is to keep are minds occupied not asking or seeing the truth. Just Asleep… If I spent just half the time looking and thinking of girls in volunteering or helping others learning new things I would be a whole new person… I think its time to change… I was created to love one person… I dont want to fall in love and my mind running around looking for sex… The media is getting better and better and what their doing. Learning their new tricks are getting harder and harder… I hope you dont lose in the end…

  17. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/vicki-iovine/is-lesbianism-the-latest_b_203837.html

    funny article. might be a future simpson’s episode.

  18. aferrismoon, yes, usually, on golf courses, after they get done playing 18 holes, they settle in at the 19th, aka the “watering hole.”

    Nick, I hear you. The “medium” of television itself, is not evil, nor are any other mediums of communication [case in point, radio or the internet, which can be used for enlightenment too]. It, for arguably ages now, has been taken over by those who wish to exert control on the masses and used for the degradation of mankind.

    I do recommend that those unaware of the levels by which they are being manipulated avoid at all costs. When I do watch movies, I no longer watch for entertainment value, but keep a close eye on the background for symbols and subtext. Undoubtedly, I am being infected, but I am not being shaped. And, as this series shows, I AM using the medium to synthesize hidden mysteries.

    “True love IS [also] the devil’s crowbar.” So, is anything else where you sacrifice yourself for another … that topic will be explored later in this series.

    Arc, nice find. What a ridiculous article written by a ridiculous media-indoctrinated fool [“as I learned by watching Oprah she says”]:

    Vicki IoVine [66] is the author of the Girlfriends’ Guides [77] series of books, including the Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy [77] and the Girlfriends’ Guide [77] to Getting Your Groove Back.” [77]

    So, is she just another idiot or a sock puppet?

  19. Freedom is also the right to say no. Enough already. Let me live in peace… Why do we do the things we do… I am reminded of a group called Gwar… If the Zionist NWO Satanist ever had a music group to spread their evil to posion the minds of the youth that would be thier group. My girlfriend brought me to one of thier shows “never hearing their music before” and it was a sexual orgy of sex, cum you name it… “remember I was about 14 at the time” the last song the group brings out this anus looking monster that swallows up a person and my girlfriend was lucky “or looking back unlucky” volunteer and she loved it. She loved being sucked up into that anus… Why well everyone was cheering and yelling her to do it. And I dont think I have ever seen her so hyper and happy that after she got sucked up the anus she ran around and did it again… Why? why do young kids like doing stupid things. And why was Gwar given this popularity. Their music lyrics are pure satanic and promote eugenics and the NWO… After google the group I noticed that the group was made famous by overcouse the TV. Jerry springer and Joan Rivers had them on their show. Musicians, actors and actresses that promote the NWO agenda are made famous even though they suck 100% people will still go and see and hear them because its cool. And why is it cool because its on TV… Or the magazine told me so… They Live… We Sleep… Not Me 🙂

    PS: Have you noticed that Every Famous Black Actor or Foreign Actor has starred in a Homosexual role… I guess to make it big in Hollywood you need to prove your willing to do anything to make it… Check out their first Sexually Explicit Movie and then see how thier Careers get launched to High Heaven or better yet NWO Hell… 🙂

  20. What a great read rebel…you sure do stimulate the mind…tena oleni, haha…i hope that you will expand on the “beast of feminism,” you certainly opened my eyes to the male, gay, agenda…
    I no longer purchase magazines, i did for many years, and i promptly went out and bought the products they promoted…after learning about what was in those products and what was behind the “helpful” articles i saw no need for them in my life anymore…although i did miss glossy mind f*&# for a while…recently i was given a complimentary copy of a new men’s magazine called “Vima” which means, step, in greek…the greek letter “V” is actually the letter “B” which is why i was surprised to see a huge V on the cover, with the word BIMA written in small print beside it…the celeb featured on the cover, next to the huge V, was dear mr. timberlake…as i was looking at the photo my macho greek guy friend said, “why is he holding his hands in his front pocket like a pussy?” i said, “this is a men’s magazine.” My friend angrily pulled the magazine from me and started leafing through the fist few pages…EVERY single “male” was shown in the exact same pose, hands timidly tucked in their pants front pockets, while cutely looking into the camera with a coy look…and the only butch photo was of a woman standing over a guy looking as if she were about to urinate…”what kind of a man reads this?” my friend asked….and i find myself talking about your blogs once again…
    Megan Fox, who i think is every STRAIGHT man’s fantasy, cover of Esquire… told The Sun UK, “I think people are born bisexual and they make subconscious choices based on the pressures of society.” You no longer have to be a victim…just be done with it and be gay already…it’s okay, really, 4 out of 5 hot chick agree!
    Now, the age thing is something that i have a real issue with…having worked in hollywood, i know too well about the victims of that game, and luckily i was never one of them because i always LIED, or told the truth about “being” whatever age i felt like on that given day. In fact one time i was sitting right in front of an agent who had specifically told me not to come in if i was over 25 as he was casting for a music video, who ended up giving me a good deal of work because i had assured him that i was “no where near that age,” when I had brazenly walked into his office. I was at least a decade older and like any of it would have made a difference for the few minutes i was on the screen. What did make a difference however, was how upset the producer was when he found out i, unlike the other “girls” was not interested in partaking in the “after hour party” which we were really hired for.
    I was listening to a doctor the other day, who after having an out of body experience is now traveling the world and looking into all kinds of things, but with a new perspective. One of the areas he was looking into is age, the how and the whys of it. He was talking about how he had heard of some village in russia where the average person lived to be 120, a vital 120 that is. When he heard of a person that had died there at the age of 140 while doing something or other, he decided to go and find out what it was that these people were doing to live so long. He said that he spent months there, he took blood samples and tested the water and the food and did all kinds of family history charts. So when asked “why did these people live so long?” He said he could find no common factors except one, “because they expected to.”
    Lastly, i want to comment on something you we had talked about a some time ago, which had to do with city planning and how the front porch was taken away and replaced with a back yard, further detaching us from our neighbor and sequestering us in front of the television set. I am learning about fung-sui right now and about how toxic it is to enter one’s home through a kitchen door and how important it is to use one’s the front door, and as much as possible…which generated wealth as the front door is directly related to money. There is much we can do by learning of such stuff but once again it’s difficult for others to accept these things…even though donald trump would not build anything without having a fung-sui expert on hand, or doing space clearing, and you can bet the front door is a perfect golden section. Like the astrology charts that guide the lives of so many but all that’s passed out to the masses is a “sex horoscope” type of thing. For example, ight now, mercury is in retrograde, not a good time for travel, purchasing electrical items or signing contracts, as mercury rules communication. I tell this to people and watch them learn the hard way that their will is no match to this huge planet that basically comes to a stop three or four times a year. Of course, in hollywood, all the stars know this, as do their agents, so putting off that purchase of a new television, or not signing a contract, till after the retrograde, is not so odd. Now, instead of that bull shit weather on the news every night how about there is a planetary watch kind of thing? Maybe I should put one together…humm? And i lied about the lastly, because i also wanted to tell you this…sitting at a restaurant the other night i heard a little kid scream, “kay, kay, kay.” Now, i had just read part three of your blog and as you know, i am in athens, greece that is. I said to my friend, “what exactly did that kid say?’ he said, “kay, means it’s hot.” It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot…lalan

  21. Nick, I’ve never really listened to GWAR (not my sound at all), so am not familiar enough to comment. Tommy brings up a good counter-point below. However, putting people through the “ritual” of entering an anus/stargate exit, and appearing on big media disinfo/degradation outlets like Jerry and Joan speaks to degeneration and not uplift.

    And yes, there was a good vid a while back that showed how these black stars had to bend over to get their careers started. Let’s not forget that white mega-stars, like Ahnold and Tom Hanks [remember Bosom Buddies?] also took it up the exit.

    lalan, that’s a great story about the people in Russia who lived to 140 because they “expected” to. It’s amazing how people who label themselves as “awake/aware” shut down when you try to point such facts out to them. It’s like they are addicted to the notion that the aging process is inevitable, like “taxes.” Nothing is inevitable, only what CON-ditioning makes us accept.

    Interesting to see the global push. There would be no reason to imprint Greek males with the “V,” other than the obVious agenda. I’ll be going more into the V next issue. Megan, whose last name reduces to 666, is just saying “what she’s programmed to.”

    Ah, that sh*thead Frank Llloyd Wrong, what a detriment to mankind he was…

  22. Nick – I think you’ve got Gwar all wrong. You just have to look at them as a comedy act (they’ve stopped doing the dead baby stuff at least). Their live shows are fun if you don’t mind their music and already know what you’re getting into. I can definitely see how one would view it as the epitome of “backwards”, though!

    Most of their music is anti-zionist/NWO in a way. They kill a fake George W. Bush on stage, as well as The Pope. Their songs are anti-establishment and are creating a parody of the state of things in the world, in the mindset of “if evil aliens invaded the earth, they’d be seen as the new rock stars”. Anyway, they are creative with their stage act and I respect them for that.

  23. …and by the way dennis…i loved how you described cage’s films….”second hand pop culture”…well said…lalan

  24. How ya feeling? Hot. Hot. Hot. (a la the song)

    sorry, but that dumb ass song’s been in me head throughout reading this and the ensuing comments. What can I say.

    Oh and one question, is a bikini bottom akin to a Bikini Atoll? That too’s what sprang to me fiery mind.

    ta 😉

  25. Well, I think you and I both know how much I enjoyed that, so lets leave it at that 😀

  26. i thought you would find this viagra advertisement interesting.

    – alex

  27. annemarie, well an “atoll” is a ring of crusty coral around a hole. Ew, sorry about that. You guys may enjoy this related chance finding: a SpongeBob ™ [phallic] musical [hence vibrating] rectal thermometer for kids (available at Wal-Mart). Too bad the reviewer fails to realize this [sex] toy wasn’t “accidentally” designed.

    ViolatoR, hope it was what you expected and more.

    alex, ugh! So that’s how they con little boys into taking the “V:” coincidentally the “vampire blood” sex drug from HBO’s latest mind-f*ck series of social programming.

  28. Great fiery read Mr Rebel
    I tend to forget what I’m going to say as I follow along on your tangents 🙂 but one thing blazes – I was a fan of Sherlock Holmes growing up.

    Wiki on ‘A Study in Scarlett’ “It is the first story to feature the character of Sherlock Holmes, who would later become one of the most famous and iconic literary detective characters, with long-lasting interest and appeal. The book’s title derives from a speech given by Holmes to his companion Doctor Watson on the nature of his work, in which he describes the story’s murder investigation as his “study in scarlet”: “There’s the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it.”

    Mr Conan Doyle chose as his femme fatale in thats story, one ‘Lucy Ferrier’ – I have long been suspicious of that naming – seeming so close to Lucy-Fer.

    I was going to pick up on the ‘amber’ fire angle in dvd covers but you seem to have it licked 🙂


  29. One Last Question… All this talk of hidden messages and symbols in the Film Carrier of Nicholas Cage has been going on since his earliest films… Is he a poster child for the the Powers that control hollywood. And if all of what you say is true on how he is used to spew NWO hidden messages. Then the Hollywood coporation is as powerful as the pentagon. Predicting the future of television 20 years into the future. So where is Hollywood Headed in the next couple of years. Yes more Sex and More Violence And then More More More of the same… But where is the limit. Where do we draw the line. Is it drawn once the family and society is destroyed that we will finally expect being a slave to the NWO… So owns Hollywood the same people who own the Federal Reserve… How many actors are aware about the NWO… Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and what the French academy award winning actress who questioned 911 and know cant find a job. Dear Celtic Rebel who or what runs this Hollywood… Mabye its this sexual demons of perversion that once released out from its cage cant be put back. I was watching Dancing with the Stars with my family Kids and All and was shocked by the Sexual Jokes and the song by Lady Ga Ga was about having sex with your joy dick I mean joy stick… And this is a Family Show… Even the commericals all have sex hidden in the messages… And in the world of TV nothing is by accident… You have a huge job cut out looking for hidden messages they are everywhere. You should have a class on how to see them. Most people are blind or dont care or sadly both…

  30. The red thread is the only thread. Its “life is in the blood” and its a four fold arrangement that is meant to be “fired” to release Aleph as 1000, not Aleph as 1, ie not the first Adam, red clay, but second Adam, QRST. Qof-Raysh-Sheen-Tau or 100+200+300+400 = 1000.

    This is the single story that is all stories.

    Cain is red, Kainites are red, Rahab is red, QRST at “return” is dressed in red and sets a table of “red” as wedding feast. All wedding feasts are marked by breaking of moon/hymen, ie red.

    Ju’d’as is door/dallet is the D key to aDam, ie “the wilderness of sin”, ie where “manna” is found, is only once passed the “red sea”. Judas as Iscariot, ie the dagger, is the penetrator of the door of darkness, John 13. The only messenger who must be accepted. All other messengers are Peterfied shells mocking the living essence. Peter carries openly the key of the false kingdom and he uses it to cut ears, ie enforce belief, afterall “faith comes by hearing”. Hell is indeed created by a knife with a “b” on it.

    Sew the idea is to live in your skin, rather than be Buffalo Bill, who always preys/prays as programmed. Thus “resistance” is the only creative enterprise amongst the stars. Terence McKenna’s “Time Wave Zero” is repition of forms vs. genius, ie wink, 1 in 1000.

  31. alex “r”, hm, an infernal trinity of 3 alex’s in a row. 👿 Good info. Actually, a certain Scarlet will be coming in this series, while another just came up in my Sex/City, ahem, exploration. The “place of fire” where men are forged, is alleged to produce a scarlet discharge on a regular cycle. Hm!

    “Saliva” is known to extinguish some fires on occasion, or so they tell me. 😉

    Nick, I’d argue the Priests of Holy Wood are far more powerful than the war-mongers at the Pentagram. I think Mel Gibson answers to the priest class (same with Charlie). Don’t forget they are showmen.

    I’ll delve deeper next part. You may want to read my primer, if you haven’t. But, seeing the subtext is a skill developed by learning to disregard the overt ones like plot and sound/color manipulations.

  32. Some additional red mix for the red-one.

    So many I talk to cannot get their head around “resistance”. To not fight back seems entirely opposite of what it means to be human. To stretch forth ones hand to let their blood out, instead of your own, out seems so true. So many will fight for their cuntree (a super meme if ever) their flag, or their dogma, etc. But to not fight back naked murdering tyranny, this is … what? The only counter I have come up with is to know that the maxim “no man may take my life, I lay it down and pick it back up again” is the ultimate statement of 1 becoming 1000. Is it so? To allow the Peterfied dagger to kill you is to be the martyr Mr. 1000 is looking for, depending on? Winston in 1984 was denied being a martyr because Peterfied made him confess his love for big brother. Judas as counter shuts his mouth and lays it down … secret to be revealed on the other side of the door.

    Oh boy…

    The little monkey has been getting all the attention as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’…

    I beg to differ. I found it in the gutter…

    Octomom couldnt be more Celtic Rebel that if Ygsogoth showed up himself!

  33. 1/3 came down, 2/3 rds remained. This plays .3333 vs. .6666 forever. Father IHVH is 26, Mother as MEM is 40 the trial box, these two make 66, the product of this beast with two backs is 33. 4 must go through 6 to become 5, the base must raise itself past its box to become pentalpha. The first Adam must go through his mother to become the second Adam. Spirit becomes trapped inversely in matter, ie the Hanged Man, and must descend all the way to bottom, top or side of your box, in order to wake up a new day in God-ville. Maurice Cotterell deals with this aspect nicely.

    R is Ray’sh’ and this is the ONLY letter that ends birthing the one following, ie Shin / Sheen, via Carlo Suares. The series “Qof, Raysh, Shin, Tau” of course make QRST, Christ. The very product of Tsadde, ie 90, ie Sarai to Sarah happens at 90. She is the one who laughs her way to child, ie Isaac is laughter.

    QRST is the ventricular cardiac sinus wave, ie normal wave, triggered by the atrial P

    (QRST = tin man, heart)

    “Yes QRST immasses heinous L D’s”

    in this quote from Geof, “heinous L D’s” = latter day saints not Mormons lol!

    in part, the 1/3


  34. gene-i, thanks for making my brain hurt (that first link). So, rudra/red is the 11. So, if the eye of horus is the “brown-eye,” then the rudraksha is the “red eye” flight we take while others sleep? Much blood is shed by the “cunt” and a hell of a lot more was shed/sacrificed for the “cuntrees.”

    Thanks for sharing the Octo-MoM-Porn. If anything is screaming for this Rebel’s attention, that dial is set on, hm, 11.

    ray, wow, there’s someone in here that understands gene? I’m adding this image, which really helps illuminate your point. Amazing.

  35. I read your Dark [K]Night post a while back, and am glad to see it revived in this chronicle. Interesting [and not so surprising] that Ledger’s [ritual] death was prior to the release of the film, almost personifying his character and real name: the death of The Joker (any clown attempting to waken up and free the masses of physical, mental, spiritual bondage) and placement of a ledger (see defn.1) over the prolific Ledger or closing the account with a Ledger (see bookkeeping)

    ledger (lej′ər)

    1. a large, flat stone placed over a tomb
    2. a large, horizontal timber in a scaffold
    ledger board (sense )
    3. Etymology: < ME sense “large volume kept in one place in church”;
    4. Bookkeeping the book of final entry, used, in a double-entry system, for recording all debits and credits, as by transfer from a journal, according to the accounts to which they belong

  36. Celt,
    This made me think of Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Caused me to think something was changed in translation and he was really diddling while Rome burned, or perhaps fiddling with something else alone. I haven’t looked into the actual history because I’m a lazy bastard and hoped you know something about it.

  37. I have a strong belief Nicolas Cage’s Wickerman, Ghost Rider, and Knowing interconnect. In Wickerman Cage is sacrifice to the Fire. In Ghost Rider Cage he is a [Hell]Fire Servant. Finally in Knowing Cage leads the world to the Fire.
    Now what “Fire” symbolize is debatable. Is it Satan, Lucifer, Illuminati, Free-Masons, or Black Nobles?
    I was thinking about the 2nd most profitable character of the Dis-Nai empire: Winnie the Pooh.
    Or – Weenie the Poo?
    Or – Weenie the Anus?
    Or – Penis the Anus?
    Or – Penis the Anal? <—THERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!
    No wonder his voice is a bit gayish, and his best friend is a little PINK boy.

  38. raffi, nice dig-up of the “ledger” definition there. Can’t recall anyone else finding that “final entry” sync. Alas, something else makes sense to me, since they couldn’t kill the joker [again], cause he was too important to the franchise. But Heath, having served every agenda, was expendable. Just another entry in a balance book. So, as required, “they murdered the clown, they wiped that grin right off his face.”

    Hm, is it permissible to comment on the back-door cowboy Enis/Anus with a system assigned “brown-heart” monster icon? 😀

    Algiz, Actually, that’s quite an interesting point. Playing the fiddle wouldn’t make a lot of sense unless he was paying homage to Pan. And Pan would rather have some young buck “play” his fiddle than hear some amateur fiddle away. Another possibility: perhaps Nero was fellating a lover while Rome burned?

    I would give you the “no room for lazy people in the ark” spiel, but I’m lazy myself. Hence, why I rely on the sync and chance method, and help from unknown forces.

    yo1dude1man, hopefullly, by the time this puzzle is complete, you and I will have a better idea of exactly WHAT “the fire” is.

    In reference to the Sex up the Shitty “half-time show,” the little pink pig seems too relevant now. Valid points. It is just another weenie [up the] poo[per], which is located right next to the honey-pot half the time. Hm…

  39. Watching “leaving las vegas” yesterday i noticed that the title emphasized the V on vegas making it the biggest letter on the screen.

    My vlc-player failed me so i dont got picture of it. The synchronicity seemed to fit.


    PS I apologize if eye somehow got the ideas mixed. Read a bunch of your writings within 5 hours so..

  40. “The Rebel’s gonna have to go with the empath on this one. I’ll take the advice of one who feels, over one who thinks with their little brain. Any day. Any day. Any day.”

    first off, there is significance in the phrase “OK”. Astronauts (all high lever Freemasons) were said to have coined the phrase. i’ve searched for etymological info and each and every small tidbit i find feels like disinfo at its core. A-OK from my “guestimation” seems to envoke AMON (AMEN) as in the end of prayers (which as we should know does not mean “so be it”) also, OK, in my humble opinion, invokes the phrase “order from chaos” or possibly “Osiris the King”. I’m interested to know what you think, as i am newer to your blog and only reading as fast as my little eyes have the ability to carry me. great job and i appreciate your insight. keep up the good work.

    PS: secondly, the “everything burns” sent my mind immediately to steven king’s clown in ‘it’ played by tim curry in the movie always repeating that ‘everything floats down here’. alright. just food for thought, i’ll let you take it from here and just enjoy the ride where it leads us.

  41. Enjoyed listening to your end of the year show; anyway thinking of some of the words afterwards this came to me, Pink Flamingo as ‘Pink-Flaming-O’, doing a search this page seemed the best place to mention it. Perhaps I’ve already heard it & its not registered, Bye.

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