Lenon and the Three Petes [+]

Am having a hard time coming up with titles for all these posts, but it was better than the adhoc “Honor, I Hardly Know Her,” and as I’ve been informed my using “threepeat” verbatim may lead to legal exposure. Regardless, Lenon Honor was back on my show this Sunday, July 11th:


As sports was one of but many topics we talked about, I figured I’d include the below alleged image of Paul the Psychic Octopus [the one who “predicted” Spain would win]. The beast rising from the deep to prognosticate the future might be a bit of a mind-bender for any who’ve read my tentacular explorations.

After the show was over, it occurred to me there may be an answer to the question as to whether Blamos [black american whores] are dressing more provocatively than Whamos [white american whores]. Now, I’m not saying this is the answer, but I think listening to my Social Engineering 101 podcast may hint as to why.

A conclusion could be derived that Blamos, bereft of media promotion (other than having it drilled into their heads that the lighter their skin and straighter their hair, the more attractive they are) have to go the extra mile to get noticed among an [ever] decreasing crop of heterosexual men, most of whom are allured by the media flavour de’jour: Extra-Slutty Mentally-Disabled Anal-Ready Bi-Sexual Whamos.

The above shot, is I suspect a promo for one of the latest female-degenerating comedies, of which the punchline is, it degrades and debases us all. Ha! That’s some funny shit there, man! Some really funny “shit.”

The below podcast is from when I was on Lenon’s show on Thursday, June 25th [downloadable] and the main topic was Don’t Go West [V2]. If you haven’t seen it [my documentary] yet, then what the fook is your bloody excuse???


One of the areas we go into was how the Pederasts in Power [credits to Eugene again], have very carefully crafted this completely bogus GLBT[P] movement, while hiding themselves behind it [hence, why you don’t see the P at the rallies]. The programmed fear/shame many have to question the obvious is what allows this:

There are about at least 200 things extremely wrong with the above video, and if you didn’t spot at least twelve, you need to have “your vision” examined [but not by a RxOctoPus, they suck ass, in a bad way]. I’m sure it’d surprise few of you that Yogi Okie Dokie hails from Los Angeles, and his wonderful video was promoted to parents by Worst American Idiot-Paper of Record, the Infamous New York Times. Kudos to ImmortallyWounded for bringing the above nugget to my attention.

Alas, we get to the two below on-topic photos culled from one of those mildly amusing, yet cliché “fail” blogs. The most troubling aspect of the first image is the collective grins of amusement to be found in the crowd. It reminds me of a recent Mountain Dew Promotion [thanks mike] which summarized that idiots around the country participating in the slave-master’s game of voting what new flavor would win [DewMocracy], was a great example of “collective intelligence.”

In the latter image [above right], is hard to judge whether the “tramp/slut stamp” is a real or fake tattoo. Regardless, I can make a prediction far beyond that of Paul the Octopus: the girl pictured will grow up to be a whore. No, I’m not psychic, but I can safely guess her parents food and shelter providers are not going to keep her away from the influences of Disney and Viacomm as she, um, “matures.”

There may or may not be a show next week, but my next three guests, in order, are Aferissmoon, Alex from Too Long in this Place, and Dennis from Illuminatus Observer. They [the pips and their supporters/victims] can do whatever they want; we shall move forwards…

The Quartet Collection of Duets of between the Celtic Rebel and Lenon Honor
Mar 2010: The Borg versus The Zombies May 2010: Racial Issues and Distortion
Jul 2010: Borg Agenda & Don’t Go West Aug 2010: BP Oil Spill & DGW (Part II)

Note A: I hosted Live Free or Die [or option c] in lieu of Lee Rogers this past Thursday, and due to what I was feeling at the time, put out a lot of Rebel Ire/Fire [see last article, latter part]. If you enjoy my rants, I’d qualify that one as a must hear.

Note B: I’ll be back on Lenon’s show in early August (8/5), as we only got through about half of the material/questions he had prepared for the Soul Visions show. If any missed it Lenon’s last appearance on The Path, here’s a link

Note C: Though it shouldn’t necessarily bear repeating, I feel compelled to mention, should any idiot out there somehow feel smart than the “dewers” because they voted for Obama or any other useless flavor on the ballot, you are part of the same collective [lack of] intelligence.

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  1. Gotta got to my friend’s Gallery opening, but will be back to the hear the end and will see you in the Archives.

  2. Great! Always look forward to your chats with Lenon. Given the subject (V2) this should be a good one.

  3. good podcast.

    to catch a predator/cougar:
    stephanie rag-USofA
    kim kar-gash-ian

    coincidentally, both these [disturbed hoe-down, throw-down] women expressed their disgust with female genital mutilation… this was while getting their own clits & nipples pierced.

    sacha baron cohen was ali g, borat, & bruno (where he had his black ‘gay’by)… all of which are homo-erotic sketches disguised in “comedy” (barf, barf… excuse me).

    btw, that woman at the bar probably did read that somewhere because it’s chilled monkey brains they eat in ‘temple of doom’.

    also, whorified woman (like steph ragusa) are not happy, fulfilled, or , but homosexual men are happy because they’re gay (clever move by the medes). i’m always happy because i learned from michael jackson & madonna to grab my crotch and feel like a man.

    but celt, you already know all of this as you’re an insider making hand signs to your fraternal brothers 😉

  4. Off topic…Check this out…


    YET AGAIN The FBI complained to YouTube about the second reupload of the original upload which had gone viral. So I have reuploaded for a third time with the Agents ID card and car number plate removed and now their names removed. YouTube were yet again very friendly and helpful.

    1ST Dear 91177info,

    This is to notify you that we have received a privacy complaint from an individual regarding your content.


  5. Right you are concerning Washington DC being “gay” the highly educated and well off just adored hanging out in Georgetown.

  6. I really enjoyed the show, but especially when Lenon gets down and dirty and explains the reasons why butt sex is not beneficial.

    PS: Man, “someone” just couldn’t help it.. Celtic Rebel: a reptilian! I’ve known it all along..

  7. James Ratte, how do you “see someone” in the archives??? 😉

    David, I think it went extremely well.

    raffi, ha! Nice links. The comments following the Kar-gash Beaver article are far scarier to me than this shitty oil spill. Was unaware there was yet another Fl-Hoe-Ride-Ah teacher shagging her mid-schoolers. But, seeing how the media has been training women to like little boys and be repulsed by men for a while now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. I doubt the legion of trained professional psychologists, sociologists and talking heads will ever figure that one out though … one, they haven’t a clue what social engineering is, and two, they are bloody fucking stupid.

    DarkStar888, YouTube was meant for either gender-confused gay-males to whine and cackle like meth-addict heynas about irrelevant issues, or America’s well-trained whore in-heat non-selfrespecting daughters to flaunt their budding assets. Were you under the impression it was meant for anything different?

    butters, funny part is I was actually avoiding Georgetown on purpose while there.

    Ferdinand, I was about to accuse you of violating The Ten Commandments, but it could be argued the extra long center flap could technically be argued to meet the requirements as per Section 4, Subparagraph B.

  8. Thanks Alex great as usual. Keep it coming.

  9. TW, I heard you on Lenon Honor’s show talking about genital mutilation. You said female genital mutilation is illegal in the States, but that appears to be old information. If you’re an MD in this wonderful land of ours, not only is FGM legal, but so is molestation. Have a look:

    ARTICLE: Female Genital Mutilation at Cornell University

  10. Gosh I wish I knew you in real life. I only have two friends who can even operate remotely from this level. I can take solace in that you are a friend in my head, that in some alternate reality we are chilling. Haha. Seriously, I think back to all the mindless memes I myself have willingly participated on in the past few years and I just feel so dumb. Looking at photos of myself and friends throwing gang signs and making nonstop references to anal, its just embarrassing. I am seriously terrified of having kids. Celt, do you want to be a dad someday? Or is it too scary of a concept to think of? Well thanks for all your work here, it really does mean a lot.

  11. this was excellent work. thanks for breaking down “a system of systems” that is so pervasive in this world. also thanks to both of you commenting on the destructive nature of these “terror blogs” out there that are not enlightening anyone but continuing to perpetuate a low level form of thinking and behaving that is based on fear and does not benefit one’s ability to break free from a fear based/manipulative system.

  12. Errr… do you have a license for dispensing that much common sense in one show – is that even legal? 🙂

    ‘Twas a wonderfully upbeat show, brimming with life – Lenon is great & the two of you together … hmmm better not say ‘make beautiful music’, … how about ‘pack a powerful punch’ 🙂

  13. Kim Hamilton, thank you for listening.

    mat, I was about to say I never “said” it was illegal, but listening to the archive, I guess I did. Anyway, I knew there was a push to, but have no idea what ever came of the efforts (or perhaps breeding idiocy and discord by making it an issue was the agenda). I’m sure many [of the medes] had a laugh over how easily people’s buttons could be pushed while same screamers ignoratnly wallow in the muck of their own hypocritical shit. 😛 Oh my, what a dis-turbing article.

    justine, even though I’ve met many aware/growing individuals, they are spread out all over this globe. I seriously rue how few are around for me to have a pint with. Congrats to you on taking the critical self and realizing your own folly, a step many in this “truth” movement will never make, hence never grow. Fear not the future. Fear nothing. Such topics will be addressed as part of this new direction…

    uduak, that was actually a topic that was not on the list, but based on response, am glad we broached it. I know far too many, even some associated indirectly with me … are putting out information that only serves the purpose of demoralizing the audience.

    alex, thank you so much love. Lenon is actually a talented musician, but I too, prefer the latter sentiment. 😮

  14. despite being attracted to woman, i enjoy independent & foreign films. a friend (who i [used to] consider intelligent) recommended i watch 2005’s ‘Me and You and Everyone We Know’ and described it as “provocative and visionary”.

    this film dresses child sexuality, whorification, pedophilia/pederasty, and corpophagia/’fecophilia’ in an artsy, independent film package. of course it was touted as a great film and won numerous awards at festivals around the world. aside from its sexual connotations, social engineering ran rampant while romanticizing dysfunctional relationships, fantastic thinking, adult children (à la will ferrell), and its likes…. perfect fodder for our cute, gay zombies of today.

    an example: robby, who’s 7 or 8 years old, is in a chat room with his older brother, and the older brother asks what he should type. this is the idea of ‘love’ which poops forth from the little boy:

    Robby: Say, “You poop into my butt hole and I poop into your butt hole… back and forth… forever.”

    the symbol he uses for this “back and forth” while chatting is: ))((

    the child went as far to think about a symbol!! the person on the ‘other end’ of the chat is absolutely turned on (a woman), and in a later chat session says she’s turned on and her finger’s in her anus.

    that’s just 2% of the shite in this film.

  15. I like every time you and Lenon talk together, very hearty laughter and a relaxing anti-fear energy in your words. I had forgotten Lenon had a site, so I checked out his videos “The New Breed, Rulers of Humanity” and “WHO IS ORO OYOGOMUNDE”, very interesting material.

    I feel like sharing my view on this, it’s about the three “technologies” Lenon mentions that the Demon Gods use. Worship, Prayer, and Sacrifice; all being part of “The Construct” or “The Cube” to keep us trapped so they continue feeding off us. So I thought 666 = Cube Cube Cube, Construct Construct Construct, Worship, Prayer, Sacrifice, the 3 “boxes” so to speak. In Lenon’s parable, Oro Oyogomunde is deep under the “sea”, and “the number of the beast”, 666, seems to be directly tied to him, as all 3 techs were used to dedicate human energy to him in the parable.

    Thinking back to this video I saw of a spy or something like that, where he is in a village and when he asks what his captors want, “Information”. Someone reveals to him he is Number 6 (Boxed?), or number 1 (first created?) it’s been a while so I’m very fuzzy on the details.. gotta look that up again, but I have a strong gut feeling it will link information somehow.

    My utmost respects to you and Lenon though.
    Keep up this amazing, or rather, un-mazing work!

  16. Great show both.

    I just wanted to add something about what you mentioned, pro sports being tightly controlled. I remember this past super bowl, during the pre game show, there was this eerie banner for New Orleans, a long black banner with a big fleur de lis on it. It looked very occult in nature. I remember saying to myself right then and there, New Orleans is going to win this game. They did indeed go on to win, in spectacular fashion, but I think there may be something to your theory.

  17. raffi, you have a knack for digging up relevant yet obscure gems and turds. That movie sounds like the latter. Interesting how the pimps of fecal cinema always use terms such as that and the flat-out lie “original” to mask the shit force-fed to the consumers of [alleged] independent cinema. Wow, did I say turd? That film sounds like a whole pile.

    Ed, thank you. The series you refer to was the rather enlightening/interesting Prisoner of old. I touched on it once [Death to the New Flesh], and Lenon once said he was a big fan. As you mention Cubes and Constructs, may find my exploration of interest.

    Jon, ah yes good point. I too was particularly sickened by the Fluer de Lis, a symbol of those who have raped and murdered our ancestors for centuries so in the limelight.

  18. Engaging brainstorming feed with Len Honor of Soul Visions Radio & you, Alex. Man, I’m bummed to ever have been cut, but also that there’s still the horrific practice of genitally butchering women’s genitalia, erroneously called female circumcision, in light that it is the wholesale removal of the external female genitals, often even suturing closed the vagina, too, until defloweration occurs. What culture would promote this sadistic treatment of women? One in which female slavery is an economic given. Fire up your favorite search engines, folks.

    Funnily enough, I half facetiously typed in Disney sluts in my search engine, expecting to be immediately directed to your blog. What I did get instead was this. Even manufactured split personality Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus’ strapping Aussie boyfriend has told her she’s an idiot who dresses slutty & to tone it down. Hello?

    Just a teensy tiny morsel that I recently was hipped to by a friend, Tentacles!, a 7 min. sound feed, trades off of both the fascination with the New England Gent’s œuvre of weird fiction, the Cthulhu mythos, but married to the underlying theme from Broadway’s homage to Yiddish culture, Fiddler On The Roof. What dah?

    As you’ll find for yourself, even if one is inclined to equate the Church of Cthulhu with Zionism from that comedic musical respite, I seriously doubt that that’s what Howard Phillips Lovecraft himself had in mind, especially after reading a long out-of-print collection of his pre-horror musings, To Quebec & The Stars, that found its way into my mitts back in the ’70s. As you can ascertain from that book, he’s clearly a racist, a fascist, largely asexual (hence, his later failed marriage to NY-based women’s hatter, Sonia Greene), and anti-Semitic, not to mention a gifted polemicist & burgeoning inquisitive theorist & scientist.

    Funnily enough, HPL was buddies with Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conant the Barbarian, the basic storylines of whose adventures romanticise a pre-technological & antediluvian civilization. Less known is his other created character, the Puritan era vanquisher of evil & vampire-killer, Solomon Kane. Talk about mind control. The film version was not made here in the Colonies. It was French-made. Doesn’t it just figure that Hollywood wouldn’t’ve been the one that generated it? I mean, seeing that it’s a teeming capitol for the evil priestcast & all. Too close to the real deal. Keep fighting the Good Fight, Celty. Adios, muchachos. I’m outtie ~ (•8-D

  19. Great show, the section on sports made me think of a couple of mathew delooze articles i read recently, might help you out figuring what the Beckam deal is all about all about:

    Paint Your Wagon (David Beckham exposed)

    Winner Takes All: the World Cup Scam Exposed

  20. http://hotchickswithdouchebags.com/ (actual website)

  21. I know its wrong, but that yoga video made me laugh so much. especially when the rasta and the teacher were just continually perving on the kids “mmmhhmmm” “nice anvil ;)” and when the teacher had his arse pointed right in the little girls face. I dont know if it does promote paedophilia, i think we may be tainted by our more modern times. Its like the canadian game show host hugging kids and stealing kisses. Having never lived in those times I can’t judge what it was like. Maybe they are paedophiles I just don’t know. I do know in the UK if you so much as glance at a child your considered creepy these days. Its a fantastic distraction to have paedos around the corner rather than paedos on TV and in power.

    I’d also like to just say, theres another aspect to our young girls, whilst alot are being turned into whores, theres another type emerging, the “self empowered man hater”, who having been screwed by her previous emotionally unstable effeminate boyfriends now decides all men are scum. These either become lesbians or gives up and becomes a whore. The demure lady is certainly becoming a rare breed, and sadly there is now no such thing as a gentleman. Even the aware such as myself struggles to be manly (thanks to oestrogen in milk, secret water druggings, cigarette propaganda leading to decreased growth rates.

    sorry that ive done little more than rant but it needed to be said, Whilst I once looked forward to the future, sometimes i despair at what will come next!!

    Im still happy though 😀

    p.s If you wanna see the different types of women that exist in the UK, this years big brother line up says it all.

    -a slightly obese girl
    -a narcisist (sp)
    -a lesbian
    -a bald insecure girl
    -a moron whore (also bisexual)
    -one of the self empowered man haters (new)
    -a moronic black girl (also new)

    not one of them has a brain cell between them

    and most of the men are effeminate weirdos. even the so called christian minister is a bit of a fag.

  22. Anadæ, well, I don’t know about people reclaiming foreskins and labias, but I think I previously said quite a bit on the subject of circumcision [Start @ 1:05:00]. When I first clicked on the Miley link I thought it said Pop on the Poop, which, in hindsight, is technically accurate. Little known fact: that’s also the specific formula to make “gravy.” 😯 Sorry!

    There’s some weird stuff going on in Eurowood productions too, as the consolidation continues, I’m seeing more and more of the same crap coming from the East, and also a subtrend of weird underground European sex deviant romps now mainstream. You’d probably have some interesting stories to share and we’ll need to talk sometime.

    Scotty Stewart, interesting links. I don’t know about a “serpent club,” but it could be another name for the same thing many of us are trying to wrap our minds around. I guess the impression that “no one can bend it like beckham” was sold to us and hence, became knowledge. At the end of the day, the boy of the day did move to Hollywood and marry a woman who made the celebrity herpes lists. Says a lot.

    Adia, on the contrary side [as that link fits days gone by more than today’s engineered society], I recall when a Brasileira came to visit me in this hell (America). One of her first remarks upon observing the public: “What the hell is up with all these halfway decent looking guys going out with girls that are either far fatter or far uglier than they?”

    Chris, there is another side to the equation, the mistrust of all our neighbors and predotarization thereof. However, that’s because the average dumb cunt parent is constantly looking for pedos in their midst while ignoring the obvious ones on television, who are making children’s programs, as they have been for years.

    Nice summation of the “best” the UK has to offer. That speaks directly to my Brasileira’s observation [above]. In a society where those are your options [as in america, but to add one more “the morbidly obese whore”] … heterosexual males have their “choices” severely limited, hence it is as it is.

  23. Every time you two talk some more bullshit dust gets blown away. Thanks for making feeling like an idiot such a pleasure.

    Also, nice to hear the rebel come out in Lenon!

    And thanks CR:)

  24. Hey Celt love your blog, thought you might like this picture of these two idiots that were in my local paper this week.


    It’s the fourth picture on that page of the two with the dildo bong that I thought you’d like.

    Here’s a very interesting commercial too if you haven’t seen it already, that I saw during the UFC man love fest none the less.

    VIDEO: Mickey’s Ad from “The Ultimate Fighter”

  25. (Not on topic though, because I was so angry) (This seemed like a good place to vent my frustration) Tangent: Do Ashkenazi Jews, by virtue of their history, have higher IQs than the rest of society? [THE ANSWER MOVED TO ON-TOPIC ARTICLE FOR THE BENEFIT OF SPECIALLY-ABLED IDIOTS SUFFERING FROM HIGH IQ’S]

    PS: Ironically MENSA, is the Spanish word for stupid in feminine form.

  26. Mel Gibson references the gravy train in his latest rant


  27. mcdonald’s arches [back]

  28. knowglow, thanks and yes, it is fun to see Lenon put out some of the ire and fire.

    andrew, it’s amazing how much gayness beer-swilling idiots will participate in just of the approval of their peers. On the heels of Bro-Icing and butthole bonging, little surprises me. Good news: every idiot can do it. With, of course, full support from the Medes.

    Allie, that wasn’t on topic, but I must say it was an inspired rebel rant brimming with critical thinking. It actually is well-suited (“on topic”) to a prior post and as there was a comment waiting from some dumb cunt who thinks “IQ” reflects anything of actual value. Hence, I moved it there (hope you don’t mind). Hehe, so technically, members of MENSA, are a bunch of “stupid bitches.” 😆 Awesome!

    Kenny G, the poo-choo train reference is subjective. But, I did find it rather interesting that “radaronline.com” get exclusive access to the private tape and this “Hot Photo” accompanying the article (another radaronline “exclusive”). Rather incriminating and suggestive of: the Pedophacracy is angry with Mel and either pissing or him or trying to bring him back under control.

    raffi, someone posted a while back, and these days, the gayvertising is the “primary directive” of the Cult of Anus Worship. I was just relieved the boy didn’t suck “daddy’s” cock.

  29. Yeah, what more is there to say. Eh, Celt? The agenda is going into hyperdrive or so it seems. Especially ’round these parts. There’s soon gonna’ be a mayoral selection here in Toronto and y’all can bet that the gay jew Smitherman –former Ontario Minister of HEALTH. You can’t make this shit up.– is the chosen one. Guaran-fuckin-teed. I am not sure when the selection is but I also heard a while back that in addition to our annual anal-fuck-pride parade/fest/dyke march/lesbo yoga at Queen’s Park (!) that T.O. will be the lucky city to be hosting the World gay pride and anal fuck fest in 2011. Isn’t that just hunky dory! And what great timing, huh? A “world” celebration for the city’s (soon-to-be) most famous queer/jew queen?. I dunno’… anyhow maybe I should go and look it up now and plan a vacation away that week.

    And Eugene seems to be on the money about that “lord o’ the flies” stuff. As much as this subject disgusts me, it needs to be said. So will pederasts too become tolerated, mainstreamed, and then promoted? As was mentioned in an episode of Law & Order that I saw one night in a rerun? One agenda is piggy-backing the other? Or are they synchronized? Or?

    anyhow, I was checking my hotmail today, and the log-in /home page had this little feature item flashing at the top:


    I clicked on it, had a wee chuckle and immediately thought of the Rebel. heh heh

    A Magoogle search of pee and poo plush dolls also turned up this :


    But it really isn’t funny or cute or innocuous is it. Cuddly plush toys of pee drops and turds? wtf Yes Virginia, they really do want us to L.O.V.E. our excrement. ! And it logically follows then, that of others too. Isn’t that special.

    Goes rather nicely with that Yogi Okie dokie mind programming. You only estimated about 200 things wrong with that vid? Hell, just the stereotypes alone amount to that, non? There’s not one redeeming second in that video that I can see. It’s just sick. And when the queer/bi- pederast yogi pokes the young black boy in red, and says something like “mmm yummy tomato, I’ll save that [you] for lunch” Fuuck. And that creepy rasta/rooster? pfffft. I was married to a Rastaman and have met quite a few others. Any one of them’d mash up that bomba freak in a ras second!

    I couldn’t stand to watch the entire vid. I just don’t have the stomach for this shit but it’s seriously, dangerously real. These are crimes against humanity. Anything that degrades any one of us is a crime and this shit certainly fits the bill. I pray that there is a hell (beyond this one) for all of the perps and all of their accomplices involved in all of this.

    I’d say ‘keep up the good fight’ but not having the stomach for it meself, I won’t. It’s just too much at times.

    Ok, keep well. And geezeus, I do hope you take long, healthy, nourishing breaks away from this stuff. I couldn’t do it,and don’t know if I would iffin I could. Either way, take care.

    When I started I wanted to be brief — ‘specially since I’ve not been here in a while — alas I wasn’t. ta,

  30. I just wanted to chime in and piggyack on what annemarie said. While I have been thoroughly undergoing this waking up process, and, with that thoroughly questioning a lot of the themes and memes that I once regarded as truths, I think we must err on the side of cautious tolerance with the gay issue. For example, I attended a women’s college, arguably one of the most overly leftist pro-gay-agenda institutions on the planet, and often felt marginalized questioning the very legitimacy of transgenderism, even so far as being labeled a bigot, or, my favorite, “Transphobic” for being dismayed with the student body’s political agenda. For example, my sophomore year of college, the student senate made the decision to eliminate all female pronouns from our school’s constitution and replace all she/her with the gender netural term “the student” — now before I go off on a tangent here, I just wanted to say that we can quickly go down an antigay road while not really meaning to. In simpler terms, I think the “gay agenda” is succeeding so well because the fabric of the family structure has erroded so severely. Say what you want about Freud and his own agenda, but in my personal opinion, true homosexuality (i.e. one not programmed by the medes, to use celtic’s term) is a neurotic choice. With fathers so often not being present in a child’s life, and with male children not having a father to help shape their gender identity and to help them navigate the Oedpial conflict (say what you want about Freud, but I believe he is correct here), homosexuality inevitably follows. While many people lacking secure fathering may grow up to be straight, with the media influence and overt acceptance of queerness as being cool and counterculture, this ultimately confounds such a neurotic choice. So, with the family structure falling to the wayside, the gay agenda inevitably takes place. My point is, who are we to fault these boys for the secure parental attachment they never had? I do not have a single gay friend who has a good relationship with his father. And if he claims to, he is most certainly in denial. Homosexuality does not develop with a secure gender identity — we eroticize what we lack, what is foreign to us. Feeling estranged from one’s own penis will cause one to eroticize another’s. Being gay is not the problem — but being gay when one is not, is. Did that make any sense? Just wanted to add my $.02 here.

    PS: Um also, love the soundtrack, makes it that much more enjoyable. [condoms] Also this oracle advertisement sounds like a freaking phone sex hotline ad. For serious. “You can reach countless sleeping Americans for just 99 cents a minute!”

  31. Keep up the good work. Some humor?

    Stephen Lynch:Craig


  32. Thanks ‘Scotty Stewart’ great link! Mathew Delooze has some really insightful gear. Amazing how far the harnessing of energy goes. Every time I go back in time and see organised protests they have always been in or around temples or obelisks or the like. From the Russians entering Brandenburg Gates in Berlin after losing Millions of souls to the Vietnam rallies in Washington, wont even mention the St Peters Basilica. I even went to that love parade festival years ago in Berlin and happily gave it up, gadzooks.

    On another note, when he talks about Stadiums and the harnessing of energy through sports etc, and how they are are linked via ley lines, I am curious to know what previous uses had been on the sites.

    In the Sydney 2000 olympic I know that it was a very polluted site and it was used for animal slaughter + the only site remaining of that scale close to the city just like the London site for 2012, that Rik Clay covered so well.

    Keep em coming.

  33. -sweet reminiscence
    -Both sides are useful idiots

  34. annemarie, GAY + JEWISH = UNCRITICIZABLE. Well, lest critics of that stooge get slapped with one of the milieu of utterly meaningless labels. Technically, the Yogirast says “that’s a lovely tomato” [hint: blood/rape] “i’ll save that for a SANDWICH later” [implying the kid will find himself between Okie Dokie and the Big Black Cock]. 😮 No wonder the New Amsterdam Times loved it.

    Those Pee and Poo dolls are quite deviant (sadly, out of stock all ye excrement lovers). Floored me. Of course, they also PUSH (like Jesse Jackson) the rainbow theme, but covered in the appropriate brown/yellow motif. Could it just be a case of idiots hoping to make money? Well, one’s called Kiss and the latter Bajs [lookup]. Hence, reading the box you literally say “kissing shit.”

    justine, the gay issue is definitely more complex than that and seeing that we are now so far into a society were many who grew up under a bombardment of gay programming … the issue of looking at the non-agendized “why’s” is quite complex. The trans-gender issue is been tossed in just to muddle discussion, as honestly we may be talking about 1 in 10 million people, once we leave out all the victims of childhood sexual abuse, or those raised by brainwashed dumb cunts in lieu of parents.

    PS: The condom issue beyond the scope of this article, but much more well-suited to this one or this one (feel free to read and comment there instead).

    Bob, thanks.

    Pavman, interesting point about the Sidney site. We’ll see if the shithole maw of death and misery, Chicago gets the Olympics in 2016 in the post Zion prison-world the merchants of death are planning for the deserving.

    Ally, well all these cunts need someone to point at as being stupid. God forbid, they should ever find out just how stupid they’ve been.

  35. Hey CR.
    No time no write on my behalf. I’ve been off skeasing it with the Lords and Masters.
    Two things:
    1) Just because I don’t write, and have ceased to e-exist, doesn’t mean I don’t send the love.
    2) I recently got in contact with an old friend. Last seen as a 12 yr old girl who was fluent in several languages (including Mayan), knew more mathematics than most folk ten years older and had a keen interest in poltics. I hadn’t been in contact with her for 5 years. Her influences in the meantime have been MTV and Disney. And now? She’s a 17 yr old pseudo-whore with a love of Hannah Montana, “putting on make up and tight clothes so boys will want to fuck her”, and (obviously) no interest in any form of higher education.

    Dude, I hate it when you’re right.

    For what it’s worth, I say keep the faith my friend. Most folk won’t and will never “get it”. But I’m not a sheepdog because I like the sheep; I’m a sheepdog because that means I get to kill wolves.

    – Charles Nemo

    PS: And check this out…



  36. Hey Celt!

    I haven’t heard this yet, but I will in the archives. I know it was probably pretty awesome though…
    have a good one!

  37. I totally agree with resurrected! I have a strong relationship with GOD and i’m also awake now.When this world falls GOD is all we will have left.I enjoy your blog and also your videos, but i don’t agree with you position on GOD. I also enjoy lenon honor’s videos and his stance on life but not his spiritual views also. But it is great to see the great work you guys do.

  38. Whoa! Gay porn star Cal Culver claims he had an affair with Superman star Christopher Reeve

  39. Charles, great to hear from you again. It has indeed been a while. Thanks for sharing that story and I may have to use it in a show, clearly demonstrates exactly what the disney/hannah whore machine was meant to do. You’re a great source of quotes, love the biting closing.

    Emily, nice to hear from you too. Shouldn’t you have saved critique till after? 😛

    Heaven, while we may differ on just exactly which god is god, or what will be left at the end (my thoughts), I think, as said during the show, we are together in spirit/direction. Thanks.

    PS: Hope you don’t mind, moved your comment here where it was more appropriate.

    Brian, well, not much of a surprise to me, seeing how even the original Superman was of the same persuasion … but then again, this documentary has taught me much about Holy Wood. But, thanks for sharing (it supports and may help some readers understand).

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