Death to the New Flesh!

This past Sunday, my guest/cohost on the Rebel Path, was one who goes by the name of The Stygian Port. If you’ve listened to the old[er] podcasts, then he’ll need little introduction. Yes, I/we finally got around to covering Rollerball (1975).


As discussed [and implied by the above image] the narrative is about the individual overcoming great odds and crushing the [dark/light] forces of collectivism. {*1}

I gather many of you celebrated Saint Patricia’s annual beer douche this week. I’ve already shared my views on that old Roman whore. While I strongly disapprove of reveling in [hence, honoring] their Holy Days, there will be loads of drunk women out, hence you [males] can get out and chase hole [alternately, “love,” as I once overheard an aspiring prostitute promote her services as]. The point is, you can participate, without revering, as long as you don’t honor the wrong cunt [Patty].

beer douche

Now is the time, while there are still a few womanimals left that “think” they are heterosexual. “Chasing hole,” by the way, is an expression I picked up in the Land of Ire. For some reason, the Amreplicans took great offense to my using it after I carried it across the Atlantic. Yet, here in the crown colonies, the phrase is the most appropriate one: it carries an inherent double entendre relating to the [now] equal opportunity lower region of the females of our species.

celtic rebel hole power

Speaking of hole, when I said that I was half-tempted to just go ahead and dedicate my entire show/blog to the topic of “how” to have proper/safer butt-sex, seeing how most of you guys our brethren have been programmed to be so singularly focused on butt-sex now, I was only half-kidding. No doubt, many bar graphs, studies, and “focus” groups [“eye,” aye?], would support such a “business model.”

“when i said that i was lying, i might have been lying”
–declan patrick macmanus

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synchromystic news flash

I’m sure some were lost by a few of the references to the synchromystic bonfire. Hint: it’s a place you go sing Kumbaya, the diametric dialectic to Rome’s merge with god bullshit they’ve been stuffing into the mouths of men, women, and particularly altar boys, for aeons. “Long live the new flesh?” Collectivism is death.

Some may view it [our bonfire] as “burning down the house,” but there are other perspectives, all equally valid. Right, Peter? Collectivism, in any form, is spiritual suicide. Whether we merge with the dog/god, or the great beyond, the spirit dies. Death to the new flesh! Death to collectivism! All truth lies within the individual.

Apparently, much has happened since the day of the broadcast. James, a blogger, reader and chat-room participant … after daring to express his own opinion (and associate himself with this fiercely individualistic Rebel), found himself no longer welcome by the [syncromystic] collective. Much like Hugh [of the Borg] felt after being unplugged, James is probably also feeling a bit lonely right now, so do try to send some love/emotional support his way.

Yes, of course the creators of Star Trek chose they name Hugh as a metaphor for “you.” But, oddly enough, that’s also the name of one syncrorrific Jackass, who’s name has been popping up a lot lately. Should you reach out to our [new] Hugh, reMind him the collective route inevitably ends one way [above right].

Apparently, words are the wind that can cause a little bonfire to rage out of control. Since my broadcast, one listener took it upon himself to throw some gasoline into the mix [basically, he created a now defunct site, making fun of the synchromystic kumbaya endless wanking collective]. I neither condone or condemn his action, but have to admit, it is pretty fucking funny.

I’d gather my linking is an endorsement of sorts, and that some egos may get bruised and feathers ruffled, but the old wisdom says: fuck them if they can’t take a joke. Oops, and I almost forgot. The Kampa Kumbaya [11:11] sign brought to my attention, is actually real [no, the above image is slightly modified]. Synchronicity tells us that not only is it a real place, but of all things, fittingly, a grave yard.

There was a strong common thread running binding the movies selected [Rollerball, Revolver, The Prisoner], and that is the grave threat that a free-thinking individual poses to any system. {*2} “They are afraid of you,” was informed on Jonathan E in Rollerball. And, going back to Hugh, what was the final solution to how to send him back to the Borg? Not infected with a virus, but with the far more dangerous spirit of the self. Hm, the “telephone” as a way to communicate off-world? [wait for it]

Argh! I guess the jukebox queued in the above song for a reason. I think many are confused that the extreme forces of law and chaos are working towards the same goal, the destruction of the spirit [of the individual]. Anyone telling you that you should surrender “any” aspect of your self [aside from the artificial programmed ego, of course] for some greater universal good is not your friend. The “Q:”

he’s not the man you’d think that he can be
i just don’t know why you can’t see
that he is only the imposter

you’ve never been this far
you’ve always been too smart
and you know all our boys
are really girls at heart

when I said that I was lying I might have been lying
never let me hear you say you’re not trying

this is your big decision
hope you’re not disappointed

he’ll only bring you souvenirs
it’s only gonna end in tears
And he is only the imposter

I don’t care “who” it is .. be it your preacher, some self-appointed arbiter of truth, a blog collective [¡hm, the Japanese might say “BROG”!], Edgar Caye’s latest reincarnate, or that big “fag” Jehovah himself, if the message promoted is giving up even one iota of yourself [aside from the artificial ego construct] along the way, then said person either doesn’t get it, or knows exactly what they are doing.

jesus the rebeltexe marrs does not approve

On the following Thursday, I returned to the Lee Rogers show: Live Free or Die (Guest Spot 02). That post relates intimately with this one [and was at one time part of this write up]. One of the main areas of discussion was Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” Video. Of interest here, is that the humans who were exterminated in the Diner scene of said video consented to their END beforehand, by willingly stuffing death into the opening of their transformative Human Stargate.

revolver blood spray

But, my harping on the topic equates to flogging a dead horse. Perhaps literally? It is truly remarkable that so many wonder why the world is covered in blood, while incapable of seeing the blood they are covering themselves in while asking.

Fellow mystic Javier [the winner of our “secret word” contest] accompanied the broadcast with a video: In the End Everything Burns for Evol [since-deleted]. It showed how Lucy, burning, di[e]ners, and die[t]ing, all sync so “hand in hand.”

grid fence hose gaga

The [GaGa] video, is about a woman who finds herself in prison, and there are grid patterns ALL OVER the place. The breakout occurs after she receives her [¿off-world?] telephone communique. Diamonds at the extremeties of “the world,” also appeared in Revolver [if you haven’t seen it yet, well you bloody need to].

diamonds on the roof revolver

Hm, Blood Diamonds? Again, consent is freely given. The Whorification of women as a de facto way of life was another Rollerball theme [discussed]. Again, I have to laugh at how so many women are programmed to take offense to the “whore” label, while flaunting the whore diamonds on their fingers designating them as such.

rollerball gladiators pyramid

The name of the game is consent. Little has changed for thousands of years. See the elite at the top of they pyramid [as seen before]? See the best of the masses down below them, willingly taking part in a sacrificial ritual they do not understand, but have been conned into [as I’ve said on numerous occasions, our indoctrination was a lie, only the suckers believed it was an honor to be sacrificed and suicided].

As “Energy” was a big theme in this movie, it occurred to me that “E” also represents Energy, hence Jonathan “E.” I know some people don’t like bequeathing the title of elites to our derelict masters, but if you think of it as e-lites, as in energy lites, it is not necessarily complimentary. What’s the difference between me and an e-lite? They’re less filling and leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth.


Another point Revolver demonstrated, was that the only way we can succeed in the game, is not only to overcome our ego, but use the same trick the elites have used for us on years against them. Feed their ego, until they commit virtual suicide.

That’s how you play the game. There was definitely something going on with the number 13 in both Rollerball and Revolver. The 13th Century. The 13th Floor.

“The greatest number of players put out of action by a single player in a game – 13. A world record, courtesy of your dear self.”

Thirteen was also a magical age in They Live, coincidentally also the specific point some random idiot on YouTube recently chose to tell me I was “over-analyzing.”

they live in poverty

Sometimes, I do wonder, if this is all really “a game.” Well, according to Rollerball:

“No player is greater than the game itself. It’s a significant game in a number of ways. The velocities of the ball, the awful physics of the track. And in the middle of it all, men playing by an odd set of rules. It’s not a game a man is supposed to grow strong in, Jonathan.”

“The game was created to demonstrate the futility of individual effort. Let the game do its work.”

The above, as said [first show], reminded me of a scene from They Live:

“The whole deal is some kind of crazy game. The name of the game is: Make it through life. Only everyone is out for themselves and looking to do you in. You do what you can, but I’m going to do my best to blow your ass away.”

I’m guessing it was also intentional that the background scene, now becoming more commonplace through America, was not taken into consideration by [the still sleeping] Keith when he added, “I believe in America. I follow the rules.”

comfort over freedom

Note that even as the greatest player ever, Jonathan [a rebel] did not become a lethal viral threat to the game while he was still sleeping. One of the best moments in the movie was his awakening, “I’ve been so stupid for so long. I’ve been so stubborn. I don’t even know why. It scares me.” The sleeper has awakened!

i delete you

And, he could not have made that journey had he not done the above. As I said in my last Ring of Fire, “we must let go of our attachment to the dead.” She [her frozen memory] was “like a God” to him, but now she’s erased. He can move on.

the box

I probably shouldn’t have thrown The Box into the mix, as I didn’t have time to properly probe the ins/outs of that film. Hence, I just grabbed the core central theme of responsibility and consent. Perhaps, it will come up again.

Your friend and occasional navigator, Alex.



*1: Coincidentally, this part Thursday night, out of the “blue” both Stygian and myself faced with boredom, decided to give Apocalypse Now a reView [and oddly enough, Mace556, per his below comment]. Does that mean anything? Apocalypse Agora? That final Dinner of Andros podcast may one day surface. [LB]

*2: I’d like to thank one Anadæ Effro, for passing a decent movie recommendation my way, a little known film named Agora. While it’s no Rollerball, and not free from Zionist disinformation propaganda [never drop your critical guard], it is a decent movie; especially in regards to the Cult of Christianity [or whenever people trade in thought for faith]. The title coincidentally, means two things in Greek. One, a place, such as central market, where people gather, and two, “now.” [LB]

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32 Responses to “Death to the New Flesh!”

  1. Here’s an article that may help (partially) explain why inane videos can get 16 million hits, and much better videos can go virtually unseen:

    The Secret Strategies Behind Many “Viral” Videos

    I found this article after someone sent me that stupid wedding entrance dance video. It left me scratching my head over how someone’s insufferably cutsie home video could have possibly racked up 2-3 million views in a week.

  2. you gotta be fuckin kiddin me guys…I have a HUGE stack of old DVDs laying around and out of all of em I also decided to watch “APOCALYPSE NOW” the same evening…oh man…

    probably my most favorite movie line ever:

    “I used to think if I died in an evil place, then my soul wouldn’t be able to make it to Heaven. But now? Fuck! I mean, I don’t care where it goes, as long as it ain’t here.”

    all this synchronicity is getting weirder and weirder…

  3. Thanks for the link – if its not a marketing faux report then it is pretty disgusting but probably what a lot of people have thought anyway…there just has to be some kind of ‘corporate control’ to get so many hits on a video. I’m thinking of a recent case of a 14 year old British girl who dresses up as her favourite Manga character and videos herself dancing (very nice stuff for the pedos) and supposedly she had so many hits that she ended up with a contract to work in Japan!!!!!

  4. A starting young entrepreneur gets free advertisement on mainstream media… Greenberg must be very talented. I believe in fair play.

    Article didn’t reveal how anyone can spend years peddling useless shit.

    Article was talking about only ‘outsiders’ and ‘independent’ operators. Of course Google itself has control over what is shown on frontpage, how the hits are counted and with whom it co-operates. I’m always trying to hint people that for example real-tvs and viewer votings are in total control of their owners. People chose to watch tv and don’t realise it being artificially created.

    What Makes Song a Hit? The Science of Hit Songs

  5. mat, the Greenburg boy raises some good points about the “formula” … but, it reminds me of modern medicine. This is how we deal with the symptoms. As Lenon and I were talking about in regards to today’s youth, I guess the numbers support a population of dumbed-down replicants with ever-shortening attention spans, who will spend hours on the internet … but, as a means of avoiding “thinking.”

    Marty, nice addition/story there. I guess at some point [as hinted at once], the new economic reality will meet the rapidly decelerating morality of the natives.

    mace556, wow. Not if I could only figure out the significance. Great quote. Just a guess, but perhaps this message, about the individual had to get out [the “un”-dividable/digestible] to some considering the kumbaya/we all are one con.

    Kurt, if I had to guess, and as hinted at during second Lenon interview, Greenberg, like anyone wishing to stand above his peers, probably bent over at some point in his kah-rear. What makes a song a hit? The Medes telling the replicants it is. That’s what.

  6. So glad you are going to be talking about “Telephone”. I emailed you about this! I thought of you immediately. Creepiest music video I have ever seen.

  7. I wish I did not see that phone video, it was to too fast paced and disorienting that thing was probably jam packed with subliminal messages…numerous occult spell techniques where used mostly sigil overload, the Egyptian dancing, robotic movements and blatant evil eye casting, even with the volume off the vid managed to give me a headache so i know it was just full of negative vibes. My advice if ur going to see it be prepared for the psychic attack on your consciousness…that pussywagon is loaded

  8. Guess what movie i watched yesterday.
    Am I sychronizing?

  9. The person who directed the “Telephone” video is Jonas Åkerlund who is a former member of the “Black” metal band Bathory. He has had a lot of practice.

  10. Rebel, the only one who can redeem myself is MY-SELF! THAT IS the way of an individual. And by the way: I alredy said that I too have a smoke with a hubble bubble frome time to time.

    …the Ash experiment is one possible exlanation why social engineering works so very well on people…

  11. Ashley, it seems a few of you wanted [conspired to get?] the Rebel to probe this sorcerous production. 😈 Done!

    javier, you raise some great points. That cavernouse pussy should have a sign hung over it’s orifice that says, “Keep Out!”

    Moebius, yes you are! 😛

    Pomer Gyle, ah thanks for noting! The name was a mental note I neglected to follow up on. That would explain much. Bathory!

    C, fair enough. Thanks for sharing the “Ash Experiment” vid. On a personal note, again a reminder to pace yourself, this is not the place for everything.

  12. I always loved that quote for some strange reason since Ive seen the movie for the first time many many years ago, and nowadays such things in movies and songs make much more sense to me, not to mention all the synchronicity and programming etc…

    I also just finished “(r)Evolver”…wow man I’m really stunned! what a movie! thanks for recommending it, I didnt even know this movie exists…

    btw, do you remember the picture of “Angels & Airwaves” I linked you a few months ago? well these guys have a big fat compass & square as their official “AVA” logo and TONS of other masonic/esoteric symbolism all over their lyrics, videos and pictures etc. for example songs like “the ARCHITECT” or even “Soul Survivor (…2012)”…

    and this spring there will be a “AVA” feature film called “LOVE”, based on one of their songs or something…check out the trailer and story, sounds and looks very interesting:



    hmmm Zoic Studios…Oz I(eye) see? 😉

  13. What a sickining video Tele-phone. How did it come to this? It is as if tptb want us all to be duped into drinking the cool-aid. This GaGa monster must be awakened from her night mare. Who on earth produces such insanity? Just freaking trash. Shine forth brave souls. Dennis

  14. My comment concerns the grid, and the box you speak of (like the grid pattern in Telephone, which is in the movies you talk about). There’s a song by No Doubt that made me wonder. It’s called “trapped in a box” supposed to be talking of TV but I think it has a couple layers, read the lyrics!

    Trapped in a box of tremendous size
    It distorts my vision, it closes my eyes
    Attracts filthy flies and pollutes in the skies
    It sucks up our lives and proliferates lies

    Trapped in a box, four walls as sky
    Got a screen for a window about two feet wide
    My mind rides and slides as my circuits are fried

    No room for thought, use the box as my guide

    Ooh trapped in a box
    Watch the world as it flocks
    To life’s paradox
    And we’re all trapped in a box

    Oh trapped in a box I’m not alone
    I know of others with a box as their home
    Light only enters from a crack or a hole
    Oh this is not enough for a human to grow

    Always wanting a different view
    Instant gratification for you
    Reality gone with a single click
    Just hope that that switch won’t stick

    Ah trapped in a box my life becomes void
    And all of the thought for myself’s now destroyed
    Controlling my mind, what to eat, what to buy
    Subliminal rules: how to live, how to die

    Ooh ooh ooh ooh
    We’re all trapped in a box

  15. mace556, yes, I’ve been holding on to that Angels/Airwaves/Cube pic, waiting for a the sync to incorporate it into my body of work. Wow! Amazing trailer! 130 Minutes of something very intersting is a’coming.

    “If you guys are running some kind of isolation test or stress experiment, well you can stop it now, cause I’m feeling very isolated and very stressed!”

    dennis igou trash indeed. But, trash so readily consumed by today’s youth, without so much as a flinch. They’ve so supressed the natural GAG reaction. Say AH!

    ShatteredButterfly, interesting lyrics. Seeing that the band “No Doubt” archived almost instant stardom, it would, in my opinion, be a safe guess that song was written for them.

  16. Hi there all. Great post Celtic. I always like coming to your blog because I usually find something interestingto read here.

    This is a post I did in Jan 2010.

    It is the symbolism behind a song by the Eagles…”Hotel California”. If you haven’t seen this, check it out. I think you will find it interesting.

  17. Saying all letters leaves you with mouth open, except M, it leaves you with mouth closed. A silence that equals consent. Mem is the waters. They come bitter or they come sweet. To hold the dead is to hold your old mother. To strive for a real future of freedom is see to tower of Magdola. The city where virgin is untouchable, not untouched. Touche.

    As TPTB say “sin equals death” as codified in the book “Romans”. The more laws you speak or write into existence the more cops, courts, judges and prisons you need to enforce the laws. Dont touch.

    The carrot of eternal life and the threat of eternal death are dangled to make the system worth the labryntine walking of it. Lots of tolls and trolls in this winding way. Sheep to fleece. Kids to milk. Assess to money honey. Lord of the Flies.

    The eradication of the ancient world by the present impostors (the gang of oligarchs, the vatican and the bankers) was the way. Tsarion as guest will make this most plain. What realy has been captured is the mind of man by symbol. The ancient language was symbol living. It was rooted in speaking nature as nature spoke, see Lachlan Mclean. Our minds are hard wired to this. The imps know this and have hijack mankind to their reaping of raving.

    Soon, so soon. Can you feel it in your Celtic bones? You know it! The struggle for the very mind of man. A fight so long brewing it surely must crack the container of the world. Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

  18. SB, That box sounds more like a computer.

  19. For crying out loud, people. Paying attention to music videos, movies, porn, cartoons and tv shows are not going to benefit you. Go outside already. I guess I can understand if Reb is trying to deprogram folks, but really you’re probably better off if you don’t even recognize these media examples.

    It’s like saying “This is a piece of corn right HERE, and here is a peanut! Exactly as I presumed!” Of course you will find what you should when you’re studying shite. What’s the use?

    Still, this blog is better than any other electronic media.

  20. Lois Lane’s box gets super harassed: VIDEO

    Faster than you can say “subliminal”. Henry Kissinger and Arnold Schwartzenegger attended the premiere of Superuberman in NYC.

  21. DarkStar888, great post there. I’d recommend all who’ve followed my thoughts on Lucy and her cutting truths, check it out.

    eugene, great point about M. Had never considered it. Appreciate you sharing your sentiments as always. Something BIG is indeed afoot. But, will most hear it over the din of their own teeth chewing and eating their way to destin/assassin-ation?

    eugene, a human computer? Early to sync to the show that followed?

    Ryan McAlister, I understand the sentiment you are expressing there, but seeing what followes below … I’m guessing some might not. Even for me, I tire of wading through shit so often. It’s [usually] a thankless job.

    ZHP, that Superman’s hands sure are nimble, huh? What’s the use of superpowers, if most ofus will just use them to get more hole? Thanks for sharing!

  22. ryan…paying attention of the eternal present is the only way to remain consciously alive…to be aware of your surroundings by controlling your breathing…as morpheus told us in the matrix there is no such thing as coincidence only providence…to dismiss causality and those who control its expression in this illusion with sophisticated sorcery is to self censor and willingly go back to zombie consciousness…also animai cartoons are the most important media of revelation imo…dont believe me…see for yourself the demimurge has a message for you about the end…that is already here..sleep well

    Tearless Ending:

  23. @Celt– sorry to overrun your blog, I got a little carried away with my comment.

    @C– followed your link and saw Darren Brown’s Milgram experiment from one of his shows…

    In the show, Darren Brown creates a microcosm of our (American) mediated state by persuading a few (relatively normal) people to steal money from a fake security guard in the streets of London. It’s called The Heist [video]

    And here it is– the grid in action. It’s not inconceivable that Darren, the master manipulator, is simply exposing what is already happening in our society. At the end of his show, he deprograms his victims and instructs them to take only the positive effects from the programming and leave the negative stuff behind. So how do we deprogram ourselves from the persuasive mess we’re in? Don’t watch their shows, listen to their music, celebrate their holidays, or eat their food? Or just go along with it? It looks like we’re already programmed to do who knows what… we won’t know what until we’ve done it… we’re being primed emotionally to buy… McDonald’s food and Coke, poison our loved ones through Lady Gaga videos… and what else? Short of going off the grid and planting our own food, what else is there to do?

    Another aspect of this show that I found interesting is that he is watching everything through hidden cameras, which give him more information about who is a prime candidate for persuasion/manipulation. With all the cameras now in London I wonder who else is persuading people to “just do it, steal yourself…” or commit other nefarious crimes? Now cameras are being used more in the U.S. How many more of these “shows” are being recorded that will never air?

    Celt wrote: Either “they” [the forces behind the forces that made this] are reading my blog, or I’ve figured out the nature of the construct.

    I think the latter is true. I just watched the pilot of “Nurse Jackie”, mainly because the first show of the second season has been jammed down my throat whenever I went to IMDB today. I counted two Oz references, “wicked witch of the West” and “witch”, several Bible references, including two main characters musing over what side dish would be served with John the Baptist’s severed head on a plate, and a jab at God– He’s stupid if He created a limited amount of pain in the world for the humans to dole out amongst ourselves.

    It makes me wonder if the only notes these shows get from the networks is “put a checkerboard floor in here and get an Oz reference in the first 10 minutes.” I’m guessing that it’s much more than that– Mad Men offers a clue with the guy who runs the media department– at one point he explains his job– advertisers don’t want a bloody murder before a ketchup ad, for example (or something like that– I don’t remember the example and I can’t be bothered to look it up right now). I think that these shows are all designed by now, especially the ones that are heavily pushed as “instant classics”. At this point, I have to agree with Ryan McAlister– at what point are we just saying: “This is a piece of corn right HERE, and here is a peanut!” All this we know. What good is it to keep pointing it out?

    I took a media holiday for a week where I did not listen to music, watch any movies or television shows, and limited my Web surfing to the New York Times and e-mail. I slept better, had a lot more time to read and listen to books on tape, and was able to think for more than two seconds at a time. I highly recommend it to anyone feeling overwhelmed by the state of our current entertainment-military-industrial complex.

    At the end of the holiday, I wrote down my experiences about visiting the first website I allowed myself to go, and like a kid [baby goat] who has given up candy for Lent [Satanic Catholic church holiday], I chose a gossip site. I was shocked at what I saw, because while I thought my week-long break from the media would convince me that the Celtic Rebel’s wild assertions about the anal agenda were the crazy meanderings of a madman, I was wrong.

    The website: Gawker. The first image: a large orange advertisement for Ugly Americans, an animated show on Comedy Central displaying three main characters: a Frat boy Frankenstein [monster], a Rob Lowe lookalike [human being/us] thumbing through papers in a file folder, and a red woman with horns and fiery red hair [she-devil whore], with a flying cupid-like chimera with the head of a bald eagle, wings, a prominently-displayed human ass, legs, blue socks, and what looked like men’s brown loafers featuring a sign that alternatively displayed “one nation… overrun” and “new series starts tonight”. “The Celtic-Rebel would be proud,” I wrote.

  24. Javier..The graphic you posted is not showing up on this computer. It’s just a white box under your words. I’ll check it out when I’m at another computer, but maybe it is fittingly appropriate for this issue. No coincidences, no accidents.

    I can’t agree more that paying attention to/ being aware of the eternal present IS the way to be consciously alive. I do believe that there are no accidents.

    I definitely do not dismiss casuality. I realize the fact that nearly EVERYONE around me focuses ONLY on the effects of things. It may be rudimentary, but I like to submit the ‘cats or dogs’ analogy Ed Griffin uses.

    The basic idea is that generally one of the most profound differences between dogs and cats is that cats focus on effects while dogs focus on causes. If you toss a pebble at a cat, it will look at the pebble. If you toss it at a dog, it will look at YOU.

    Javier, be assured that *I* do not dismiss casuality. I DO believe you when you tell me there is abundant revelation in electronic media. But in addition to that, I think that there is revelation everywhere you turn right now! Even in nature, space and time, matter, and even in the very air that we have ALL been breathing.

    That said, I suspect that you may have taken my comment as an expression of disregard for Rebel’s entire creation here. That is not the case, but I am at fault because the way I wrote the comment could easily come across that way. Sosolly.

    In fact, I am very appreciative of the Celtic Rebel’s thoughts and observations.

    I was wrong to say that paying attention to electronic media won’t help you. It can. However, it is not accurate to say that a person who may have grown up WITHOUT the T.V. and cartoons and Viacom and internet can’t possibly see what is happening right now.

    What use is surrounding yourself with sophisticated sorcery once you have understood the revelation it offers? If demimurge has a message for you about the end and you receive the message and comprehend it, is there any reason to “stay tuned” for future messages? Surely there are other mediums with which to be aware of and receive messages from that do not require plugging into a wall.

    If a person recognizes a tool of sophisticated sorcery for exactly what it is and uses his will to choose not to be subjected to such sorcery, this choice does not mandate a regression of consciousness.

    I can not afford cable T.V. or magazines and the like, and I am still quite aware of my surroundings.

    At least with electronic media like anime you can CHOOSE to be surrounded by it. I had NO CHOICE but to be surrounded by the grids in the sky on Thursday, when I witnessed the largest volume of, how do you say,? “prolonged atmospheric aerosol depositing” that I have ever experienced. Maybe that is why I was obnoxious in my previous comment, because unfortunately I was reacting to the zombies around me and their completely oblivious state. Clear and sunny skies, to completely
    “cloud” covered within three hours. I mean c’mon, finally a fucking beautiful day here and then against my will I am surrounded with darkness so to speak. Believe me, I am aware of my surroundings whether I like it or not. Side note–(I spoke with somebody at Carnicom Institute and would appreciate any information anybody has about them. The things they claim are unsettling, and I want to know if perhaps that is the intended goal when a stranger over the phone tells me that we are all now fused with biological nano-tech from another place. I picked up hints of implanted mind control that Jim Keith wrote about from this guy at Carnicom. And if anyone can share info on Jim Keith I would appreciate your insights on that as well.

    Have you heard the expression that “knowledge is power?” Bullshit. Knowledge alone is completely USELESS without power. “Knowledge is Power,” is another useful myth used by deceivers. In reality, knowledge of all this can only lead to frustration and despair WITHOUT power. And now, here we are today, where the knowledge is guarded by those who hold the power. I will always remain skeptical of “secret” knowledge being offered to me by somebody in power.

    A little boy with the mind of a child was the one who revealed that the emperor was naked.

  25. Javier, technically, you are both right. Morpheus told us a bunch of truths, but a bunch of lies as well. Perhaps, all he was really interested in was to be derived from “key-anus” ??? For every bit of truth “unfolded,” there are dozens of pederast tentacle porn promotions [i.e., foldings].

    onehundredyearsold, your cup does runneth over, but there was plenty of drinkable drops in there [¿the water of life?]. I, possibly further isolating myself, have often expressed that much of the “synchronicity” blogsturbators are doing little more than holding up every nugget of corn or peanut they find, and saying, “BEHOLD THIS [peanut/corn]! I AM AMAZING!”

    Well, except for these guys that is. 👿

    Ryan McAlister, I think I’ve expressed sentiments herein [immediately preceding] and above that address just that. The chemtrails themselves are particularly infuriating as most of our brethren still don’t see them! 😡 As Jeremy (Stygian Port) said in one of our podcasts, “Knowledge without Wisdom” is meaningless. And I’ll add, it is but the circular game of Trivial Pursuit.

  26. Have a laugh! Go to STATCOUNTER.COM and check their logo


  27. Some really interesting comments on here – thanks for the link to ‘The Heist’ and Darren’s show.

    I get news alerts for a site called ‘Natural News’ which is full of interesting info. also (plus a lot of advertising) but there is a funny article on there today about ‘cola’ advertising from the 1950s targeting babies! Here’s the link…

    For the Celtic Rebel…there is a fantastic billboard advertisement here, for a sports betting company…I tried to find a pic for you but there’s nothing online – I might take a pic myself and mail you…it’s basically the backside of a girl in a black bikini lying next to a pool, in the pool is some fat, hairy guy, with a gold chain around his neck, staring at the girl and he has a shocked expression on his face (you don’t see the girls face or front for that matter) …the words above the pic are something like ‘the best choice’…I IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT OF YOU! How’s that for a little bit of suggestion?!!

  28. Ah yes, it was called a game in They Live too. Great post by the way; lots of stuff going on here. 😉

  29. aferrismoon, should I ass-ume it was a reference to the cunter, aka the “pie?” 😯

    Marty, that’s a good find. Love the advert. Didn’t realize that soda was also an important tool for collectivization. Had to include:

    Laboratory tests over the last few years have proven that babies who start drinking soda during that early formative period have a much higher chance of gaining acceptance and “fitting in” during those awkward pre-teen and teen years.

    So, do yourself a favor. Do your child a favor. Start them on a strict regimen of sodas and other sugary carbonated beverages right now, for a lifetime of guaranteed happiness.

    Ha! One of my friends was recently shocked/disgusted because her car wouldn’t start and I poured coca-cola on her terminals to get rid of the corrosion. “I put that in my stomach?” She was literally dumbfounded.

    ViolatoR, thanks ViolatoR, for you comment and contribution to this un-collective effort. 😉

  30. Where/ when is that soda “laboratory test” from!?!?!?

  31. the crocodile, probably means assassination, by a randomly hired thug, possibly a ‘biker’ assassin reference? A lot of real gang-bikers’ in Australia, use the crocodile as an idol and decal.

  32. Like the french have been called frogs, so the leaders of the catholic church may be called croccodiles. This would correspond to the loss of data from all of the 13th century. “Misplacement” could however mean that they have pushed the ultra control that was at that time by the catholic church forward to 2018. Although now it is corporate control. Also, the executive of Energy Corp is Mr. Bartholomew. On Saint Bartholomews Day, 1572 there was a huge massacre that took place perpetrated by the catholic church and the newly created order of jesuits.

    I am not catholic bashing. This is just facts mixed with conjecture.

    PS: By the way Jonathan said her had been in Rome and before the final game in NY they showed briefly the Vatican.

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