Lenon Honor Interview[s]

This past Sunday night [March 7th], I had a damn good show, IMO, with my guest Lenon Honor. For those unfamiliar with Lenon, that’s him below. And no, his claim to fame is not having served a term as president of the Southern California Star Trek Convention [ 😆 ] but being a thinking feeling human individual.

borg lenon zombies

The potcast entitled The Borg Agenda versus the Zombie Agenda, was to be the first of many “sandwich shows” of Lenon and myself reciprocating guest spots on each others programs. It is now available [Commercial-Free 128K HQ Version]:

One of the areas where our work intersects, is exposing the constant promotion of pedophilia by the media [from Disney to well beyond]. Said agenda has been going on for a lot longer than most realize, and the reason it continues to, is because far too many people of us turn a willing [hence, consenting] blind eye to it.

lot incest two daughters

The above image is an artist’s rendering of the lurid Biblical tale concerning some lecher named Lot, who had a habit of fornicating his two daughters. Included, are my additions connecting it to HBO’s retelling of the sordid, yet timeless incestuous tale, via its flag-ship Sex in the Shitter movie [written, analyzed, proven]. The actor handler Evan, is also rather effeminate, hence as previously mentioned, true to the literal translation of the word pedophile: “an effeminate friend of children.”

According to mainstream Christian Dogma, we should not judge old Lot too harshly. He tried to resist his wicked seductive daughters, but in the end, their guiles, and [derelict] Jehovah’s [eager] “blessing” made it all “OK.” Amazing what the pews will rationalize. I guess old wrinkled Lot was just too hard to resist. 🙄

jungle book buttsexlittle lulu buttsexkildavara buttsex

The above and below images (some pilfered/borrowed from Lenon’s site), aside from supporting the theme, also accent how omnipresent it has been. Yes, the face and caption on the last image [below] were added by yours truly. It would be a safe assumption, considering the extent of Sir Paul’s fame and fortune, he’d seen a few warm guns [up close and personal], hence knew precisely what he was crooning.

rifleman penisjesus penisrifleman tease

Now, this has nothing to do with anything, but these images made me recall the time I spent looking over my site’s referral report today [what people are typing into google to find my site]. Below, are but some of the weirdest phrases:

“find a movie that’s called i’ll eat your shit” – any luck there buddy?
“tentacles and male rectal probing” – sadly, am already jaded by such
“why did my daughter end up in the hospital” – cuz you’re a lousy parent
“celtic rebel you sick fbi agent i know you are” – i know you are but what am i
“penis size before and after weight loss” – you can’t be that stupid?
“shitty back door and fishy front bottom” – oh my god, i hate being right
“what is the largest penis you can put in a 12 yo girl” – gee zeus! i sincerely hope that was typed in by a well-meaning, yet well endowed, little boy. in all likelihood however, i would reckon not

I realize that by including these terms herein, it will probably drive more such people to this site. Perhaps, this one time, judging by above and below, they might leave partially satisfied? Regardless, the socially engineered deviants above, are a reflection of ourselves [and very likely, your friends and neighbors]. Ugh!

arlington pedophilic centerkid sex change

It really amazes me, how dumbed down the general public has become, that a good number of them attack people like Lenon and myself, for pointing out what should be so obvious, that even a [blind] child could see it. Perhaps, I was a bit harsh in my condemnation of those who review movies, while neglecting such elements?

“A civilization in which there is not a continuous controversy about important issues is on the way to totalitarianism and death.”
— Robert Maynard Hutchins

Or, perhaps not? There are only 3 excuses for such neglect: ignorance, cowardice or complicity. More super market [synchromystic] gold: catching a headline about Angel[ina] Holie “turning” her little girl into a little boy. Well, of course she is! You think either of her holes are still tight enough to secure her a seat on the CFR?

tighter than a twelve year oldwolverine fellatio

Yes, the Priests of the Holy Wood have been into this “shit” for a very long time. Of little coincidence, that Wolverine is played by one Hug[e] Jackass [write-up].

australia handjob in oz

Perhaps, the insane Donnie Darko had the right idea as to what to do about the problem? Had been meaning to [and still may] work Donnie and his [fire-resonant] sister into the Burning Ring, for reasons that should now be abundantly clear.

donnie darko burn pedophile

From Donnie’s insight, we move on to [anal-resonant] South Park [the playground down under], flaunting the consent we so readily give away [even its own viewers] and the resulting powerlessness that ensues. The story shared with Lenon [second show] aside, historically, people have always allowed Disney back into their house, regardless of how many times they’ve been caught promoting pedophilia. “After a while,” the kids of the mAsses are hooked right back up to the programming.

no more disney south park

Personally, though jaded, I’m sick of the way children are being [re]presented, and even worse, what our children are turning into. Hence, I have to [re]craft a positive image [from where I addressed the process of removing the creative/divine]:

girl creates god

Back to Donnie Darko for just a second, what an odd double-header was playing at the theater [below] while Donnie slithered off to burn down the holy house of the righteous, yet powerful, effeminate friend of small children [“JC”]. It also connects a couple of the main central themes here. I guess that’d be called “synchronicity.”

evil dead christ temptation

Whether borg, zombies or even “agents,” the loss of individuality is sacrosanct. For those unfamiliar with my take/angle on the zombies/replicants: the article.

octopus zombieszombies run

On Thursday, March 11, Lenon reciprocated my invite and I was a guest on Lenon’s “Artistic Expressions.” That podcast can be downloaded for free] or played below:

During the show, Lenon mentioned that he was raising his sons to be “men,” not boys, which runs counter to the agenda d’jour: male effeminization. In a related matter, one discussion tangent happened to be one I am still not quite prepared to grasp the depths it reaches [and honestly, can’t say if/when I ever will]. As with most occult matters, the forces behind South Park, are already inside the loop:


Oddly enough, before the episode was over, the genuine homosexuals, tired of having their image sullied, confronted [went to war with] the closet bi-kers [men, who are were not gay, but assumed whatever position was required, in order to gain fortune and power, i.e., were “turned”]. By “chance,” the latter group kept a young boy in their company. Like I said, the show goes deep, really deep.

Speaking of “fags,” as in guys that like to ride “Bi,” Eminem got dragged into the first show. Unlike myself, Lenon was able to enunciate said person’s name sans prefacing it with the colorful adjectives I might have added, such as “that little shit-eating cock-sucker.” But, that’s my style/way. Not hidden however, is the frontmanboy that serves as the facade for someone else’s musical stylings.

i am the eminem wayeminem abusedeminem roman penis

Does the above man child, look like he is “in control” of anything to you anyone? I suspect a few reading this, already absorbed the above and below implications as to what the heck our mASSters are using their boy-toy to communicate. Had been saving these images for the Burning Ring, but now that the secret [that “i am the way”] is out, am sharing. Yes, he is “the way” too .. the way to [this] hell that is.

eminem grideminem ancient alienseminem infinity

Apparently, the forces behind MeInMe [metaphorically, and in this case, quite literally] are also flaunting/projecting a bit of truth behind the shallow facade of the notorious “wanksta,” particularly their bold statement in red [center]. It should be of little surprise, after a few “twists,” that even his name forms boxes and grids. Yes, “for ever and ever” [infinite]. One caller added a rather valid point of how even the cocaine we snort up our nose, among other things, is measured in OZ’s.

nine eleven prison

Fifteen minutes left on the show, was obviously about six hours too little time to explain the entire concept, but for those curious, start at my last post, and go backwards [or alternately, start with this post, and bounce around the links until it makes sense]. I would however, like to add the above, which shows that whatever [spell/wizardry] began on September 11, can form the same Hell-resonant sigils.

666 is 999rihanna demon

Couldn’t find the [discussed] image of Satan [Old Nick] possessing Gabriel Byrne via his Hell Hole [his back door], but the above promotional image from End of Days (1999) does support my thoughts on the 3 holes that 666 [can] also represent. Above right is a better/closer image of the face Rihanna’s contorted body makes, and do note, the position she assumes, would be an optimal one, leaving her own back door/portal wide fucking open. “Ooh baby, come in to me. Come into me.”

keanu reeves bad actorinstituto de fisting

Didn’t realize [during the first interview], that while we were talking about what a joke the Oscars are, the ceremony was actually being broadcast. Safe bet: the mAsses were tuned in to that [dehumanizing] ritual instead of our [uplifting] show. Keanu’s um, “talents,” speak for themselves, but why do I get the feeling [looking at above image] Keanu has been in [a few] situations where he was surrounded by rigid members before?

If Al Gore can um, “win” an Oscar, I can’t understand why Key Anu [yes, cosmic key, anus, stargate, the “shit of the gods,” etc.] has yet to receive one. Perhaps, HE’LL be awarded his very own trophy one day? After all, considering the social engineering he has participated in, he should. He deserves it. In the meantime, I think whomever controls/doles out the Oscars ought to be a little more honest and replace their gold phallus, with the far more honest award [above right].

celtic rebel and steven hawkinglittle cute ass of borg

Above [left], is an image created by one James over at the Sink Hole, but judge him not. 😉 I’d like to thank James for his help in arranging the call from London. Unfortunately for Lenon, he had family matters to attend to and missed out on the opportunity to talk with Stephen Hawking in regards to the Borg Collective.

ghetto wigger talk universal translator

Then again, maybe he lucked out. 😀 Seeing that we started this post with a Star Trek theme, we may as well close on the same [especially considering the key/anus role it played in the ring of fire]. I had hoped to engage Lenon on the episode [Darmak] that I brought up at the very end of the show. It slipped my mind, but I’ll probably have him on again in the near future [chime in you sentiments below]. In the meantime, I feel the above image, says plenty.

The Quartet Collection of Duets of between the Celtic Rebel and Lenon Honor
Mar 2010: The Borg versus The Zombies May 2010: Racial Issues and Distortion
Jul 2010: Borg Agenda & Don’t Go West Aug 2010: BP Oil Spill & DGW (Part II)

Addendum: Next week’s guest, will be my partner in rhyme, Jeremy, aka Violator from The Stygian Port. We’ll finally tackle Rollerball, and a bunch of other “shit,” sans the colorful language a good number of you have grown to expect and love.

Kudos: Thanks to Alex Robinson for sending a couple of the above images my way. And, whoever sent the priceless “Octopus Zombies,” please reMind me and I’ll note your name here too.

~ by celticrebel on March 11, 2010.

25 Responses to “Lenon Honor Interview[s]”

  1. Keanu Reeves: many of many faces

    As I told before, I’m a huge Star Trek fan, always was… I don’t know, but we have this “borg agenda” (like so many agendas) on the one side… but on the other side we have an utopian futureworld where mankind has not evolved at all. They are even that advanced that they don’t care if someone is bald for example (Captain Picard)

    But before you think I don’t get the point or am blind to such topics: I always seem to be the exception… Star Trek neither made me gay nor horny for cyborg women… and I am not a socialist too. But when someone
    is awakened he or she can watch everything without affecting him or her…

    I don’t know… what’s the point of being awakended if the whole world around turns into a big pyle of zombie-shit? I can’t and won’t fight against windmills… so the only thing that is left is watching the dusk of man from a box seat… 😀


  2. This was a great show Alex. On the subject of the “Rainman” he gets a mention in Bob Dylans “Stuck Inside Of Mobil With The Memphis Blues again.” In the 7th Stanza.

    “Now the rainman gave me two cures,
    Then he said, “Jump right in.”
    The one was Texas medicine,
    The other was just railroad gin.
    An’ like a fool I mixed them
    An’ it strangled up my mind,
    An’ now people just get uglier
    An’ I have no sense of time.
    Oh, Mama, can this really be the end,
    To be stuck inside of Mobile
    With the Memphis blues again.”

    Thanks again mate, you Lennon and others are doing some great work.

    PS Billy Bob and the Dark Horse General should have a weekly spot on the show!

  3. Just listened to the March 7 show, and it was really good! I really enjoyed it!

    I kind of think this was the best show to date! I wanted to note to you on a previous show how in Sex and the City, there is this pack mentality that a woman’s group of friends must approve of the person she’s dating, its really weird. For some reason or the other, I didn’t mention it, but I was glad you brought it up on Sunday’s show.

    Also, I wanted to note that I see a trend of women who don’t really mother anymore. I mean, you have women who will hear all the facts about circumcision (how it is uneccessary pain, harmful, etc.), about the dangers of not eating well during pregnancy, not smoking during pregnancy, all about vaccines etc. and they just wantonly ignore it. I mean, it is not as if they never hear the risks, they just don’t care.

    I mean, I am 20, and I am doing everything I can to prepare my body for child birth, my sons will not be circumcised and I plan on doing the best for my kids.

    I mean, I watched this video a few weeks ago http://tinyurl.com/yzknybp of a woman throwing her baby to the ground after an argument with someone over the phone!

    I think there is some definite social engineering program that is making women less concerned about their children!
    Just thought I’d add my two cents!

  4. Immortallywounded, um I gather that’s from an art gallery somewhere? Kind of puts a new “twist” on Avatar’s “I see [into] you” line.

    C, you partially redeemed yourself with the Keanu image and then blew it by praising the one-world one-government one-federation military distopia of Star Trek. You are, after all laddie, still on “double-secret probation” for having been a supporter of prior measures [anti-smoking laws] used to chip away at human freedom.

    RangersRebel, hm interesting role Rah’s spirit played in Dylan’s song there. There’s a moral hidden in those lines somewhere. Expect repeat appearance from both, especially the General.

    Emily, this pack mentality is all part of this collectivization [“death”] process we are being conditioned for [hence, readdressed on 14th]. Your $0.02 are greatly appreciated. It’s nice to see an individual resist having all her femininity programmed out of her.

  5. Has anyone else noticed “glitches in the matrix” since the Chilean quake? Apparently, a Pixar movie called “Up” was the third biggest movie of the Summer, yet I’ve never even heard of it until last Sunday.

  6. The Box = a pyramid from above, thus tying it in with the whole shebang from them times to 9/11 and on … perhaps u have already written about it.

    9 and 11 make 20 = XX

    Check the butthole – stargate that nestles between the 2 Xs

    Also in Prague are posters of film I LOVE U PHILIP MORRIS with Carrey and MacGregor. They are obviously ‘gay’ , yet Philip Morris makes cigarettes which in UK English are called ‘fags’ … Odd title then.

    Also it the film title sort of melded with the woman sucking the ‘fag’ picture in your last post


  7. Celt, seriously, you have to watch the new lady gaga/ beyonce vid,

    There were so many social engineering points in it, I felt overloaded by programming. This is what people let their kids watch: Telephone

  8. I do follow what you’re sayin’, Alex, and everything that you’ve pinpointed in such an exacting, erudite, if (k)NOT(work) harrowing style here ought to be offered as a college course somewhere, say, Sarah Lawrence College, and the underlying manipulation of society in the decadent West so shockingly documented by you is probably the very reason that none of us here in the Colonies ever got to see this gem of a film. Sad, and as tragic as that story itself. Well, those who forget the past are doomed to relive it, aren’t they? Carry on defiantly leading the Rebel Path, son. Ya make me think that there really is hope for the human race after all, what w/ people like you taking no fooking shite from TPTB.

    Namaste & keep fighting the Good Fight,
    Anadæ Quenyan effro Von Thüringen

  9. mat, I see them reprogramming the virtual matrix on the fly now. Personally, can’t say the quake left a wake in my world.

    aferrismoon, yea, the top view’s bee mentioned, but a lot of the xbox’s are missing two side (hence, why I drew them in dif color). Great point about the addition forming the [now] notorious double-xbox. Yea, that “love story” had come up before, demanding an image be crafted.

    Emily, oddly, you were one of three people who contacted me at approximately the same time Friday morning [all via different means] to tell me I “need to” see that video. That video really disturbed me, especially the closing which is a twisted narrative right out of my BRFVII. I’ll be talking about on Lee Roger’s LFoD show [Thursday the 18th @ 10 PM].

    Anadæ Effro, always appreciate your input. It appeals to my tranquil inner elf [yes, for those unaware, he exists]. I will be renting that film soonest. Sounds great.

  10. The earthquakes of late – many are located on the Pacific ‘ Ring of Fire’

    Lenon Honor talks about Denzel Washington winning an award for Training Day ; getting shot in the arse.

    Check the film RICOCHET with John Lithgow. He’s taken prisoner and given drugs and gets totally humiliated. He and his family seem almost like a template of an Obama style family. At wiki the poster for the film has a bullet-hole in the O , that’d be the O between 2Cs … RI COC HET


    PS: The pic with ZOMBIES IN AREA RUN, the word placement gives

  11. my favorite part of the shows is when you get Lenon laughing and then he just says “..yes.” Good times.

  12. Great show with Lenon. I used to be a fan of Sex in the cSHity many aeons ago, I watched the film while still asleep regarding many subjects, and found it completely empty and devoid of everything, which left me disappointed yet not knowing why. But BEFORE coming across your amazing blog, I remember feeling something really strange about the scene in which Evan Handler is left at the table with his stepdaughter, the scene lasted longer than was necessary and I picked up on the little girl’s profound loneliness and sadness when he touched her, and I could not for the life of me understand why; until I saw your blog and everything snapped into place. Thank you for that although it was a sickening moment at the time. Also in the moving/packing from apartment scene where they’re drinking and trying on outfits, and the little girl comes out in her underwear with lots of handbags, just seemed so odd at the time that she should not be dressed, especially when little girls love to dress up so much. And a few other scenes that just seemed too strange and un-entertaining to me, and thanks to your blog I understood them.

  13. I had to laugh the other day listening to an old Vyzygoth show called “The Jesuit and the Bomb”. In the days of British rule in India, the Jesuit in question had been busy converting the locals to Catholicism for a couple of months when he began instructing them in the proper use of toilet paper. Shortly after, the locals asked for a meeting with him, insisting that if the toilet paper idea wasn’t dropped, then the whole deal was off.

  14. Not read the above or listened to the show yet, though I will imminently, so I will be brief:

    as I have said here before, we should be spearheading the abandonment [and thus exposing the true meaning of] THEIR label “pedophile” [or for non-linguistically challenged Euros “paedophile”] and instead use the earlier term “pederast” [“child-doer”] and/or “molestor” [as in evil-doer or sacrificer of children by sexual abuse and/or murder to demon god Molech/MLK/”The Lord”].

    The use of pederast instead would alone make people think and question the pedophile word and the whole Harriet Harman run [HH] pederats protection tradition.

  15. aferrismoon, ah yes! The “Ring of Fire.” O[h]! Bam! Ah! Great catch on the Zombie sign.

    Ferdinand, yes 😆

    Glad, thanks for chiming in and sharing. Yea, whenever you watch a scene and it “feels” weird or wrong, there’s probably a good reason for it. And, as I’ve said before, there is a select audience out there [not the masses] who enjoy/get-off on this type of material.

    33_hertz , ha! That’s hilarious.

    Daniel Peter Skipp, you may have a point there. Technically, the people of Handler’s ilk, are the furthest thing to “friends” of children.

  16. I managed to listen to about half the show on my PC, but i couldn’t get through it all for one reason or another. I checked out Lenon Honors video series on Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’…I could see what he’s saying…Lenon that is…I get where he is coming from…but this time I just CAN’T accept his interpretation – I’m sorry! I’ve said a few times here that I agree with ‘practically’ everything you (Celtic Rebel) are saying, and I ‘get’ where you are coming from (I believe I do anyway as I’ve seen a lot of what you are noticing) but Lenon’s ‘assumptions’ go too far for me… Perhaps I’ll change my view in the future – who knows?
    Regarding film reviews – I do this – on and off – and ever since ‘discovering’ your site and other similar sites, I’ve been toying with the idea and wondering as I view a new movie – what I can say about its ‘MK cultural/social engineering’ aspect…But I really can’t say it as good as you, so I just stick to what I know and like about a movie and talking about that instead! I tried to start my own ‘MK’ related blog but got side-tracked. I prefer to keep film reviews separate. Keanu maybe wooden (no pun intended) but I still think he does what he does very well – he’s brilliant in ‘Constantine’…He’s had a difficult life, but I can’t say I know anything about his ‘handlers’ or what he’s had to do to get where he is. You upset me when you make fun of him!! 😉
    Alex Jones…I sort of lost interest…so I re-viewed his ‘documentary’ on Bohemian Grove and remembered why he ‘use’ to be someone to listen to…Obviously, something happened to him on the way back from there to here…
    I will try and listen to your newest show tomorrow via the Net… I’d like to listen live and be in the chat room but what time is it in Europe when you’re live?- I still haven’t figured it out.
    Can someone translate ‘Namaste’ for me? I came across this term when I watch a video by the hilarious (but possibly engineered) ‘Love Police’ on YouTube…should I know what this word means?

  17. Namaste (Sanskrit: नमस्ते, Hindustani pronunciation: [nʌmʌsˈteː], from external Sandhi between namaḥ and te) is a common spoken greeting or salutation used in Nepal and India. It has multi-religious or else common usage where it may simply mean “I bow to you”. The word is derived from Sanskrit namas, to bow, obeisance, reverential salutation, and te, “to you”.[1]

    When spoken to another person, it is commonly accompanied by a slight bow made with hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointed upwards, in front of the chest. This gesture, called Añjali Mudrā, can also be performed wordlessly and carries the same meaning.

  18. I liked the shows. You guys had a lot to talk about with too little time. I think it’s quite easy to see Lenon’s assumptions with the MJ video mainly because you have a group of dudes leaving their girl friends, or already hanging out with their boyfriends, going to a secret location, and dancing with each other or I guess beating it with each other. And if you do beat it too much you lose a good amount of Zinc which is essential for the production of Testosterone. And what do you have in the video? A bunch of effeminate males. It reminds me of the movie “Warriors” which was clearly a homosexual film passed off as gang culture. To sum it all up I figured i’d try to see what I got when I searched Warriors and bikes and this is what I found. Might be innocent but interesting at the same time. Looking forward to the next show

  19. Thanks for the clarifiation C !

  20. In Russia some still use ‘pederast’. Those backward Eastern Europeans are always stopping gayprides. Luckily it only takes a generation of MTV and entertainment…

    You are wondering what it does to children, when most adults are nothing but children themselves. If you’re playing games when over 13, then you’re retarded. Domesticated species show signs of regression. Wild ones are separated from the herd and put to death. I’m very inclined to think civilizations being nothing but domesticating machines.

    And the Borg is already here. It’s of course the Internet and especially social networks and such. Hivemind with digital nervestructure. Flesh and silicon. Many people have digital shadow personas on the hardrives of some company they don’t know nothing about. They have just enough personality and neurocírcuits to respond to signals from widgets as trained by these same gadgets. It’s spreading to mobile devices has begun and in near future all human interactions will be over the net and mobile devices will send continous data (location, biorythm, bodily functions and emotional states of brain) to the global dynamic database. In UK they recently published a government report, which says that anyone leaving outside of the network is automatically suspect. Shutting cellurar signal will in a few years send police to the last known locations of the signal.

    When all behavior moves to the Internet, then the emerging virtualworld will display properties familiar from various eastern religious. For example telepathy and ‘oneness’.

    Internet is timeless, omnipresent and omniknowing. Inside the Internet, that is and providing no one reads real books.

    One giant organism, whose fysical extremities, manipulators and interface to the surrounding world are the zombified youtubers and tweeters twitching and moaning like Pavlov’s dogs.

  21. Great show with Lenon Honor 🙂

  22. Marty, for “one reason or another?” Anyway, speaking for myself (and I can only assume Lenon too), the point is to consider and evaluate the information we present. A big part of what I “preach” is the need to idolize all celebrities. Their path is not one to emulate or aspire [hm, ass-pyre] to. Perhaps, “something” did happen to Jones. Who knows. Thanks for the feedback.

    J, I’m gonna have to get Lenon back on sooner rather than later. Personally, I agree with the viewpoints you raise regarding Beat It. And yes, thanks for reaching way back to The Warriors. I’m sure were I to look upon that with new eyes, it would be a totally different movie than I remember.

    Kurt, yea, one of the summer locales I used to visit, was a place to shag vacationing Western europeans, but the local girls were too “good” to put out for horny visitors. Within a few years of MTV, local morality went out the window. You raise some great additional points. I too, have complained on occasion, that most “adults” I run into are perpetual teenagers mentally.

    Petra, thank you. I thought it was too. 😉

  23. hey just wanted to let you know that not all music these days sucks… Check out the indie band Broken Bells

  24. Just fount your site and I have been blown away by the info.Thank you. The 2010 Nickelodeon kids choice awards are this weekend. I’ve never seen them before but saw a couple of youtube videos from last years awards and this gay shit is all over the place, Dwayne Johnson the Rock dressed as Miley. Would like your input on that.

    Vid 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpiC3OGvsm8
    Vid 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPMkeYxM10M
    Vid 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhkDcEiKicw

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