The Return to Honor

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our mind.”

battle of sexes

I was back on Lenon Honor’s Artistic Expressions this past Thursday, April 22nd [download]. The show connected deeply with the recent topic, the ongoing destruction of male/female relationships, the same as my last two shows.

I recently received an inspirational comment from someone [in response to my last show], saying something to the effect of that I once showed so much promise, but am now “as Hollow as that Lenon guy.” Methinks that puts me in good company.

battle of sexes

The direction my shows/articles have taken is the correct one. The whole fucking reason we are in the fine mess we are in, is we [by programming] are far too busy running around pointing fingers and never stopping to look within (as I already formally declared). Oh yes, the “truth” does indeed hurt. It is supposed to.

tsa perverts

Below, are the two quotes which I couldn’t quite remember when Lenon asked me about my travels. They should illustrate exactly why the powers that be have made the process even more difficult and turned over controls to The Gestapo [the TSA] to intimidate open-minded people (those not fond of being fondled by pervs):

“Better far off to leave half the ruins and nine-tenths of the churches unseen and to see well the rest [the people]: to see them not once, but again and often again; to watch them, to learn them, to live with them, to love them, till they have become part of life and life’s recollections.” –Augustus Hare

“”Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” — Miriam Beard

We can’t have that taking place in the collectivist brave new world. God forbid people should realize life can be better and meaningful. {*1} Actually, Brazil and the corporation known as the USA have a lot more in common than most would think. They were the two major slave ports during the sugar-fueled slavery industry.

civil rightscivil rightscivil rights

The differences stop there, as their post-slavery history shows what happens when the hand of social engineering is busy instead of people being left [relatively] to natural courses. The latter High Brasil, ended slavery without a civil war and no civil rights movement was ever necessary [and by necessary, I mean engineered].


The above, was but one of many topics Lenon and I discussed when he returned back to my show this past Sunday []. For some reason, the stream went down shortly after we discussed what a fraud the civil rights movement was and compared it to the equally engineered “truth movement.”

bill deagle

It could have of course, been merely coincidence, but it is remarkable how often my show goes down when I get into controversial topics. Self-proclaimed “info warriors” who remind us daily how they are risking life and limb to share how they are “going to kill you and your family” with us, seem relatively immune from these problems.

Speaking of, I stand by everything I said about the above person when we were being recorded unawares. According to “doctor” Deagle, the army of cybernetically enhanced attack baboons was supposed to have been unleashed on humanity and rained destruction upon us over two years ago. I’m reminded of a program that once ran through my neural construct. “Release the Marmasets!” followed by, “Don’t worry my pretty one, I’ll save you.” [Source: Ren & Stimpy]

color purplecolor purplecolor purple

The above shirt, is actually a “real” shirt available to fans of The Color Purple. For those unawares, that is the color a phallus turns as it grows aroused and ready to do whatever to whomever. Need I really say more about the sad sack of degenerates any of the above people are, or how any of the products they put out should be treated with the utmost suspicion? Yes, Steven’s been initiated.

Oh, and I was in no way implying that Lenon and I were in any way, doing some cheesy artificial “hollow” public relations race unity duet like Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. We are far cooler than those two house negroes [for those still sleeping, sir Paul received the House Negro medal of servitude, known as being “knighted” by the master, hence he’s better than all of us petty field hands].

black manfuckface

The opening lines [of this article] are from Bob Marley, and I delved into him and the idea of “who” brought the slaves from Africa when I put out the Social Engineering 101 podcast Lenon referred to. {*2}

The above right picture, is another of little coincidence or conjecture. Yes, Sasha Baron-ness Cohen is an Ashkenazi. No, there is no “humor” in his above joke, until you realize he is revealing truth, while making fun of “you” [his dumb audience].

grace assobama ass

I neglected to mention, on topic, how at one time, I found “black” people to generally be a lot more receptive to discussions of how the world really works, but that was before a surreptitious event took place known as the “election” of Black Jesus to the office of Her Majesties Presiding Governor.

No doubt the timing of said event was planned well ahead of time, to address the “problem” I observed, and put a lot of suckers right back to sleep. The powers that be are smart, they know they occasionally need to stroke those they are screwing.

tamponswhore tat

A variety of other topics were addressed, including the trauma based mind-control, we “good people” subject our kids to by beating them over the head with the “officlal version” of the story of White Jesus. I don’t have much more to say here other than they’ve successfully packaged the whole notion of spirituality into slogans and symbols, something easy to repackage and resell.

What’s the story the images are telling me? Well, aside from the [programmed] lunacy of marking your body at the age of 18 with anything you might actually even be able to relate to 10 years down the road, I find it intriguing that the above young lady [right], who it would be a safe assumption to guess she’s also been programmed to offer up her anus as a route of [non]intimacy, gives her partners the option of reading while engaged in such. Jesus Fucking Christ!

reap sow

We also spent a little time discussing everyone’s favorite topic, our collusion in bringing deserved suffering upon ourselves. Hence, no point in flogging a dead pig here. {*3} As said at the end of the show, we’ll keep these collaborations and talks going regularly, and hopefully, come up with some solutions for dealing with the shit we’re so deeply immersed in, and allowing ourselves and our families to rise above this ignoble servitude.

None but “ourselves” can free our mind.

The Quartet Collection of Duets of between the Celtic Rebel and Lenon Honor
Mar 2010: The Borg versus The Zombies May 2010: Racial Issues and Distortion
Jul 2010: Borg Agenda & Don’t Go West Aug 2010: BP Oil Spill & DGW (Part II)

*1: As promised to last week’s audience, I recently shared a personal story on the wonders that can happen when we open ourselves to taking risks. [LB]

*2: I look forward to Lenin’s next installment of The Borg Agenda [available on his site]. I’m now curious as to whom the slave ships that went by the name of Enterprise were registered to. I’d ask Herr Spielberg, but intuition tells me he might lie. [LB]

*3: I filled in for Lee Rogers this past Thursday, April 28th. I didn’t have an outline and did a bit of an impromptu show based on news. For those who missed it and are curious, not available for the show. [LB]

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31 Responses to “The Return to Honor”

    Your last show talking about Friends… Is so dead on… Just watch the opening clip and this is just like a remake of FRIENDS…

    The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Mistakes were Made

    This show on ABC Family “A New Kind Of Family” Perverted Family… Busy thinking about sex and not the Zionist take over of america…

    Alex if you ever have one hour to spend listen to this radio interview it will Blow you away… This is why are minds are being perverted so when the truth comes across the american people they will be so demoralized that they wont care… ZOMBIE BORG AGENDA AT WORK

    The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Born Free

    This show is on ABC Family… The word Sex is mentioned at least 100 times in less then hour… The Zionist Media goal is to get americans addicted to Sex and pervert the mind… Celtic Rebel do you agree… Have you seen Kick Ass… Nicolas Cage is the sick and evil Dad… This Movie is targeted Kids…
    Its almost criminal to pervert the minds of kids… Nicolas Cage has lost any recpect I once had… You are right he is evil…

  2. Arizona calling:

    ‘April 21, 2010 – University of Arizona (UA) News: A new instrument for the world’s largest optical telescope, the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) on Mount Graham, allows astronomers to observe the faintest and most distant objects in the universe.

    LBT partners in the U.S, Germany and Italy announced April 21 that the first of two new innovative near-infrared cameras/spectrographs for the LBT is now available to astronomers for scientific observations at the telescope on Mount Graham in southeastern Arizona. After more than a decade of design, manufacturing and testing, the new instrument – dubbed LUCIFER 1 – provides a powerful tool to gain spectacular insights into the universe – from the Milky Way to extremely distant galaxies.”

    Lucifer provides a powerful tool ……

    Loooks like there’ll be twins – Lou Sucky Fur and Looser Fucker


  3. The finger pointing thing is worse than ever in my workplace (a health-food store where a biometric thumbprint scan is required to get into work before the store opens…). I have long since stopped talking about anything of importance unless someone brings it up. There’s no winning on this front.

    This statement from Bertrand Russell comes to mind:

    “Through diet, injections and injunctions, to argue against the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.”

    The only good thing that comes out of work is observing what propaganda is working its way through the culture. UFO’s seem to be stronger than ever and all the homo talk (an apparently straight father was asking if we thought another male co-worker had ever sucked another guy’s cock, just out of nowhere!) . I can’t believe I’m living to see this go down.

    Smokers have to walk way off property on their precious, time-constrained break, just to puff…the bs is endless, as you know.

  4. Great show, I see this programming in most people I know. Another trend I’m noticing is on the you tube styled porn sites. People are uploading quite a bit of “she-male” videos. “she-males” are men who have breasts implants and take female hormone pills but still have a penis. The comments people post under the video are very telling, stuff like “I cant believe this is a man! She is so hot.” & “I would totally suck this chicks cock.” These same guys leaving the comments on those videos would probably claim that they are heterosexual but I’m sorry, the penis is a masculine sex organ. If you are male attracted to a penis then you are a homosexual. It doesnt matter if that penis is attached to the hottest woman ever born.

    Another strange phenomenon I noticed about these sites is the way these videos are promoted. You can filter the uploaded videos by viewer rating and the highest rated videos appear at the top. A couple of times Ive seen “she-male” videos that say they have been posted there for 8-9 months and all of a sudden at number one when every another day they were not there, then disappearing the next day. Almost like someone is hacking the database or the people running the site are doing it intentionally.
    BTW, all the other top rated “heterosexual” videos are 95% anal.

  5. Nicolas, I watched about as much of those clips as I could take. They pretty much let you know up front: “a new kind of family.” In other words, a collective bunch of mindless drones who have sex by compulsion and not passion. They only fuck friends within their friend/family circle, it’s almost incestouous. I’m sure casting big fat “Pussy” as the dad was for a reason. As for it being a “zionist” plan, remember that word means “to make hell,” and most of the Jews in the H-Wood system, IMO, are just a bunch of stupid materialistic whores who can’t see the end game (in other words, like parasistes who don’t realize they are fucking themselves over as well in the process of destroying their host).

    You actually once had respect for Nicholas Cage??? KickAss is f’n degenerate evil shite, and will no doubt, do for the word “ass” what the Sopranos did for “pussy.”

    aferrismoon, Lucy occasionally needs to be reminded that she’s important and special and beautiful. They know she’s insatiable, hence this was a good op to placate the Queen/Warden.

    David, thank you for sharing that “slice of life” report from the field. Everything you said rings trued and resonates with what many here are feeling/experiencing.

    Ryan, but what if it was Nicole Kidman’s? 👿 Undoubtedly, the promotion of a cock on ever-more effeminate men coincides with all the top models selected/promoted ALL having very masculine features. The comments from the peanut gallery, I’m sure, are used by the engineers to see if their incremental propaganda is working. I’ve seen the future and it involves a LOT of man on man butt-sex.

  6. Yes, it’s very obvious that pornography is programming the masses. On every front page of porn websites it’s about anal, threesomes and of course lesbians. The all-time most viewed videos are about lesbians – and anal-sex is a common practice in almost every porn-video anyway… but what am I talking about? Everyone knows someone who has heard of someones neighbour’s cousin who visited one of those nasty porn-sites… 😀 The Internet is for porn avenue Q original – Video

    Rebel, why being ashamed of watching (normal) porn? Men ARE visually oriented, that’s a fact I always recognized by myself. Okay, I know what you mean: Why watch porn if you could have real sex with a woman…? Well, good luck in a world of pseudo-emancipated “women”

    About relationships: The truth is – everyone attracts the things and people which resonate with his inner world and thinking. There are no accidents in this world.
    So if I attract a materialistic, whorified, stupid woman who wants anal-sex, I should look inside myself and find out what’s wrong with ME!!!

    There are not many real, awakened humans left, but to quote Diogenes of Sinope: “I am just looking for an honest man.” Diogenes looked for a human being but reputedly found nothing but rascals and scoundrels.

    Yes, our spiritual potential is endless – but it seems most of mankind prefer to be asleep and being a slave. I believe these are decisions everyone makes even before he was born, so I think we all live in this kind of world, because we WANT it! You can only free Your-SELF and those who would have woken up anyways. We make decisions long before we know it…

  7. Your chess board shows your royal power as being Marine in nature.

    “Semper Fidelis; Always Faithful. The Few. The Proud. The Marines.”

    You and your fight show this quality. All who aspire to showing it as it is will be in the super minority.

    Only death in mass scale has the power to wake up the fools to mass folly.

    Ring, ring, ring … this is not Cthulu calling.

  8. mind over matrix/body

    as always, great work, alex

    bom dia

  9. After several sessions in the chatrooms, I can only conclude that most of the people reading this don’t get the fact that they’re the dumb cunts being referred to in these blogs.

    I’ve spoken to you. I’ve read your messages. There’s nothing in my my estimation that separates you from what you think you’re being separated from. You don’t care what Alex says. You don’t care what Lenon says. You only care about the chatroom and how people respond to you. Good luck with that.

  10. C, I don’t know if I ever said “don’t watch porn,” as much as I suggested that when you allow the same social engineers [disney and porn ruled by same] access to your mind, be wary what follows.

    eugene, thanks for the words. Someone had chimed in on that vid before, and it’s gonna make it into the forthcoming documentary.

    raffi, hm, interesting to see some coverage of the phenomena. Syncs back to an old podcast.

    matshanley, the chat room is its own beast, and many find it as more of a distraction than an interactive part of the show. I try to stay agnostic to it during the show. If you felt the need to say, glad you shared it, as others may feel same.

  11. I don’t know if u mentioned it but Kate Mulgrew and LeVar Burton were both in ROOTS:THE GIFT

    Hollowness allows musical instruments to resonate and thus be heard.
    Hollow vessels accept new ‘information’

    2 years ago Chinese in South Africa were reclassified as ‘Black’, this is supposed to help give greater opportunity for ‘blacks’ to get better jobs.

    The original Skinhead movement was Black and White working class together , both shared the love for SKA music. This got overturned politically and skinheads became ‘racist hooligans’ while the Slavery meme got revived via commercial reggae.

    911 Accuracy might be an improvement

    or perhaps just ‘accurate refinement’ instead of ‘truth’.

    The ‘MOUNTIES’ – to mount

    Passion of the Christ – Victim/Holocaust programming for Xtians

    The Bible was printed , and people called printing the ‘Devil’s work'[can’t find any back-up on net for that though]

    From R. Buckminster-Fuller’s NO MORE 2ndHAND GOD

    “My philosophy further requires that I at least attempt to solve the problems by inanimate invention of comprehensive anticipatory design science rather than yielding to the easier behaviour of problem discovery and the exhortation of others to solve these problems. Ideas come readily to all”


  12. People must watch the latest family guy episode.

    Stewie (the baby) convinced Brian (an adult dog) to eat his crap and lick his assholegate clean

    truly disgusting stuff.
    a new low

  13. along the lines of UFC/WWE/WWF & sex in the shitty programs, lately there has been an onslaught of cheerleading films full of homoerotic innuendos… even as far as lesbian love affairs blooming and flamboyant gay dudes aggressively flirting with “hetero” (effeminate) males (ie. fired up).

    as for bill kaullitz, the other douche bag girlie-man minus the make-up who’s been getting much attention has been michael cera (did i mention he’s a douche bag girlie-man). also, justin bieber telling girls that he loves them in his songs… leading to little 3 year old girls crying over them.

  14. Hi Celtic R, I was listening to the Lenon Honor podcast about the femininization of man and i remembered this quote i read years ago – maybe you might like it:

    “…many a field will become a meadow, and many a home will be abandoned, but then those who have left will come back to heal themselves by breathing fresh air. In Serbia it will not be possible to distinguish a man from a woman. Everybody will dress the same. This calamity will come to us from abroad but it will stay with us the longest. A groom will take a bride, but nobody will know who is who. People will be lost and more and more senseless day by day. Men will be born not knowing who was their grandfather and great-grandfather. People will think that they know everything, but not a thing they will know.” — Mitar Tarabich, (1829-1899)

    cheers Pav

  15. Hey Celt, there is this french movie that is really creepy but telling at the same time. Its called the city of lost children.

    Creeped me out a lot!

  16. aferrismoon, good stuff as usual. I think Lenon got the the clips from that series. On this side of the ocean, the ADL & SPLC funded ashkenazi-led “racists” to grab headlines and subvert public perception of the positive rebellious nature of punk’s remnants.

    happysplinters, that may make it into the documentary…

    raffi, I had to fix your link there. God, how fucking clueless that little girl’s mother is. I just wanna grab her by the neck and scream “you stupid fucking cunt, YOU are the reason you daughter’s gonna turn into a worthless whore one day.”

    Pavman, that is a great quote! Thanks for sharing it.

    Emily, I saw that a long time ago. If I recall correctly, it had some pedophilic undertones. Am sure were I to watch it now, it would be blatantly pedophilic and maybe worse…

  17. I watched the movie, “The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things” last night, and even with/especially with my eyes wide open I was affected deeply. Truly, a film made for pedos disguised as art, and serving so many different agendas that it left my head spinning. I kept thinking about what the child actors had most likely gone through to be in the movie–to be able to play those parts. Looking to ease my disgust for a moment my husband and I went to youtube to hopefully find something funny (I know, I know).

    Well Rebel, I must admit that I try to keep my head in the sand a little bit–since I already know what’s out there I try to avoid immersing myself in the crap too much–last night being an exception to this rule. I truly don’t know how you can read and research this stuff every day without losing your mind. I really commend you for being able to keep a fresh outlook and for maintaining your inner peace–it can’t be easy. I have an eight year old daughter that I’m trying to raise to have a normal childhood (what I consider normal) — finally, she seems to be understanding that all is not always what it seems, that mostly they just want to sell you something — but I tell you it’s been hard — very hard. All her friends seem to be able to watch basically whatever they want on television and are allowed unlimited acccess to youtube. Unfortunatly I’ve sort of become the typified “hippie” mom I supppose in some of the parents eyes–oh, well screw them–the joke is on them I guess (sigh).

    Anyway, last night one thing led to another on youtube and I tell you I was mortified — I had no idea things had gotten so bad. At one point we were confronted with some girls ass in our face — farting at the camera while moaning seductively. There were tons of videos for this, tons of videos of pre-pubescent girls dancing sexily with barely any clothes on, and just about any kind of fetish you could think of. And the comments — wow, straight out of the Rebel’s files. My husband was in shock — seriously, his mouth was wide open, and I was floored also. One good thing that came out of it was that I think my husband is finally starting to truly understand where I’m coming from. I know this much, he’s seen the future (so to speak) and he’s scared.

    I’ve been reading your blog for about two years, I try to catch your radio shows now, and I’ve sat in on some chat rooms even — with all that you think I would have been prepared. But no, nothing is preparing me enough for what is clearly coming down the pipe. I’m terrified at the desensitization that we are subjected to day in and day out. If I had known then what I know now I probably wouldn’t have even had a child (sad to say, but damn this world is getting ugly). I know how to protect her at home, but that doesn’t change how my daughter has to deal with the outside world any. Already her friends are trying to be “hot” and they just love Beyonce and Jay-Z — love to shake their little non-existant asses.

    My husband and I aren’t prudes–no, we’ve been around. In fact, your music always makes me smile–brings back some awesome memories — I too have my old XTC tapes upstairs. I have nothing against personal expression and dance and music in general. Shit, my husband is an artist. It’s not that I’m even worried about “offensive” things, it’s just that these kids do exactly what the media tells them to do. Whatever they are told is cool, well, that’s what is cool. And the parents just buy the shit up and hand it over to them without questioning any of it. I know you know all this already, as do all your readers, but I guess where my anger stems from is the position I’m put in on a daily basis.

    It’s so hard as a parent to have to constantly explain why so-and-so isn’t a good influence — it is never ending, in fact. I find myself almost trapped in a negative state of being — in defense mode, so to speak — not at all how I want to live my life. I want to show my daughter all that is wonderful in the world (and I do get this opportunity sometimes), not explain the her that we don’t eat at McDonald’s because (too many reasons to list)….over and over again while everyone else she knows goes there. It almost puts me in the position of being the one who sucks the joy out of things for her. I get the priviledge of shattering her illusions of Hannah Montana, of explaining why asking some guy to “put a ring on it” is degrading to women in general, not to mention, just kind of stupid. It pisses me off, to be honest with you. Just once I would like to be able to say — “Yeah, that song you and your friends like has a great message for girls–it’s awesome, it rocks!” But it never happens — we are literally being overwhelmed with just shit being thrown at us.

    It’s just weird. I’ll be talking to other parents and something will come up. Like how Disney always kills off the mom in their movies — or how parents are never present in their shows, and why is that — isn’t that funny, etc? I’m very careful not to preach, I keep it “casual.” I can see a light come on in their heads — literally they flash with an understanding, they agree, and then just as quickly the shine goes out and they nod their heads politely and look at me strangely. I’m not even saying one tenth of what I really want to say, but they are suddenly unresponsive and wary. Same with Chemtrails and anything else you can think of. I’m always open to a discussion about anything, so it never ceases to amaze me how shut down most people are. It saddens me greatly, actually.

    So what do I do? We can’t just live in our little bubble of three — it isn’t fair to keep my daughter from having friends her own age. Meanwhile, I get the feeling that my daughter is starting to think of me as a major downer — not something I want at all. In order to protect her I have to be the bad guy, so to speak. I know there aren’t any easy solutions, it’s just the way it is. I won’t give up and give in — I just wanted you to know that yes, everything you write and speak about here is being played out right in front of my eyes every day. Also, I guess I just wanted you to know how pissed off I am about it. Take care, Sherri

  18. Did you hear about the latest thing on youtube?
    Haul video’s !!!
    Showing off stuff you buy.
    Since when is it feminine to shop till you drop.

  19. this recent celt/lenon podcast was excellent. i truly enjoyed the flow of ideas and their depth. i especially appreciated the head-on exposing and dismantling of the race programs… it’s refreshing to see the human spirit shine with two different people who really aren’t different.

    when in brazil, i noticed the favelas had no distinction in color for those who are poor. however, there was a predominant white upper class (no surprise). the locals also explained how they view the era of slavery as a black and evil part of brazil. though, today there still seems to be slavery running rampant.

    i hope you make your own jesus passion flick… what better way to exemplify the elite mindset than show a threatened roman royalty order the murder of someone emphasizing the simple golden rule.

  20. Sherri, Haven’t seen the movie, but Asia Argento has quite a resume. I appreciate you sharing your sentiments (venting) here, as I’m sure many readers are in a similar position.

    The joke is on them [those who turn a blind eye], yes, but sadly, more so on their children, who will outlive them, but likely never achieve “human.” Your daughter may lack friends now, but 15 years from now, she may be able to “think” for herself. As I’ve been saying, I, going forward, will try focus on improving the quality of life for those of us who don’t wanna become part of the degenerative collective and especially focus our children…

    I have to admit, even as jaded as I am, deep into this documentary, the level of depravity aimed at children really hit me hard and I felt crushed for a while. It’s even worse and more pre-meditated than I had assumed. Thus, we must endure and persevere.

    Moebius, sad, but sadly, of little surprise. “Look what an awesome mindless slave I am! Worship me! Please! Approve me!” 😥

    raffi, I actually got a negative comment from someone about me bringing Lenon to discuss issues that were “racial and stuff.” Hence, that opinion was automatically dismissed. 😀 I too feel that he and I have a good radio chemistry.

    I concur with your sentiment, among the poor color tends to wash out. I was at a “society” function in Rio, where, cause of my tan, I was probably the darkest person there. Maybe I’ll tell that story on the show if someone reMinds me…

    I’m still opening my consciousness to alot of this thinking and trying to figure what the hell to do with it or where to “file” it. What lead you down this path of thought?

    Are you concerned that these wordpress motherfuckers will bump you? Are you just a thinker/artist or do you believe in any other forms of activism?

    oh, and by the way… “CP” most certainly means CHILD PORNO if you were unawares. Although I’m sure a purple cock may also apply.

  22. Captain Picard is also used as a codename for child porn. I think Lenon would love to hear that one. On a image board i sometimes visit they have many cades to ask for CP. Most people react by saying pedobear will be happy or just give links to it. Come on people child porn is now cool?

  23. Fantastic stuff Rebel & great commentary here too people! But oh dear! Look what confronted me when I loaded this page –

    Is that “Gay Asian Dating” ~ by celticrebel on May 1, 2010? LOL! Google has a very sick sense of humour no doubt!!!

    Keep up the great work dude 😉

  24. Alex,

    Even with the interruption it was another great 3 hours of radio (2 hours if you cut out the ads). I particularly enjoy all your the shows when Lenon guests and when your on Lenon’s show. I’m pleased to hear this is going to become a regular feature. Ever thought about getting Stygian and Lenon on your show? A three way conversation between yourselves could make for a fascinating show. (Although I would imagine it has the potential to be a bit of a technical nightmare)

    Whilst I’m handing out the plaudits, like Lenon I recently listened to your podcast Social Engineering 101. Its probably the best podcast I’ve heard. I say “probably” not as a back handed compliment but simply because its rather difficult to gage these sort of things. All I know is that I can’t recall re-listening to a podcast or a similar length radio programme the very next day. I just wondered if you have since reconsidered your thoughts about Tibet. I know the Chinese were bastards but its not as if Tibet was the utopian beacon of freedom painted by the Rage Against the Machines of this planet. Tibet was a feudal society.

    To quote Webster Tarpley, “The current Dalai Lama attempted to lead an insurrection against Chinese rule in 1959, which was supported by the oppressive feudal nobility of Tibet, but failed because it had little appeal to the former serfs and slaves who made up about 80% of Tibetan society. Tibet under the Dalai Lama was a country where 200 wealthy families held 93% of the wealth, while the masses were so poor and downtrodden that the population was declining.”

    The Free Tibet campaign seems to be funded and fuelled by the usual sorcerers. I think at that time the hamster man was just doing his job.

    The depiction of Tibet under the Dalai Lama could just as easily describe the countries/corporations in which we reside. A conjured form of scientific feudal collectivism… Those zombies have a lot going against them.

    Thanks for your fantastic work!

  25. Franklin, well, that’s a broad question (may have answered the first part in an old interview). As for WP, no, I bring them too much free traffic. 😉 And I have to say, they’ve been really responsive and helpful when I’ve had problems. There are other forms of exPression, but this is MY calling.

    Yea, I figured the CP t-shirt printers were fully aware of that interpretation when they printed that lunacy.

    Moebius, really? I didn’t know that. As if him getting his ass-immolated wasn’t bad enough. 😯 It’s not cool yet, those into it are just trend-setters in the [planned] new world to come I guess. 😥

    Crakka, it seems that ads were popping up on my site for a bit there (I usually use AdBlock, hence don’t see them), but it seems to have stopped. Thanks for saving the image. If others find this “shit” again, I may have to consider a move…

    Steven UK, thank you. I tried a round-table one night of four hosts, and IMO, it was two too many. 😐 As for Tibet, I haven’t changed my mind, but that does not mean I ever thought Tibet was some Shangri-La. Webster is a bit suspect by association, but still, the issue is not so simple. As you point out, I may be projectig some “goodness” onto the gigolo. Regardless, the chinese/borg collective came in cruelly, and surely, wisdom of old will be lost … by intent.

  26. I really enjoyed the show. I’m glad I listened to the last hour.

    Matshanley, why don’t you love us? Let’s talk about it. What do you say? Sunday night?

  27. Sherri, I empathize with you. Hang in there. You are protecting your child like all parents should. Know that you are not alone on that front. I’m sure that one day your daughter will thank you.
    The word “pornography” translates literally from the Greek as “devil’s pictures.” Just sayin’. Please don’t anyone tell me I have “devil programming”, this is just what two greek words put together means.

  28. Dr. Deagle = Lulz

  29. Fantastic colloboration between 2 different flavors! It was very informative and entertaining.
    This is what it feels like when I am talking with zombies In Real Life. They just regurgitate random stuff that they saw on tv or in a movie. They don’t really listen too well or have critical analysis skills, for the most part. Is this what we’ve become?

    VIDEO: Bing Search Overload Syndrome: Hawaii

    Women have been programmed to buy more junk than we have ever dreamed of needing. We are being programmed to consume incessantly and fit in with society by the material possessions we have. Zombies also participate in “retail therapy” shopping. For some reason, women’s most favorite thing to buy are shoes. My guess is that you can be any weight and still wear them and the same applies to purses, which can cost ridiculous amounts of money. Guys don’t care if you have an expensive purse or shoes. Rather these things are bought in order to impress other women and be accepted into their materialistic/superficial cult and accept compliments on your goods.

    In the Sex and the City shows, over the course of 20 yrs., SJP spent all of her disposible income on shoes, which was enough to buy a house. This is supposed to be funny and cute. Her bf comes to the rescue (of course) and buys her a condo. However, fairy tales only happen in fiction and most idiots end up in the debt-slave relationship with their banker masters.

    Here’s a parody of how nuts women are about shoes.

  30. Ferdinand, thanks man!

    Ryan McAlister, not sure who’d be accusing you here 😐

    pythagoras717, I think he does a good enough job himself … all I had to do was point out what he said. 👿

    Christy O, geez, that first video is scary. I get the feeling the ad really just makes fun of people and has NOTHING to do with the product/concept allegedly promoted. To add more to the irony, the most popular styles of women’s shoes, upon reflection, were in all probably probably designed by gay men, so that hetero/normal men would equate women’s feet with the world “gnarly.”

  31. The prescription drug topic is definitely true. I know a cute 24 year old woman who takes “happy pills” due to her being in a blank/depressed state. The way I look at it though she is in a depressed state due to the fact that she dated some worthless jerk and became a single mom (among other bad decisions) due to what society (social engineering) told her to do not because of some “mystery mental disease” paid of “scientists” cannot find the cure of for whatever reason. I asked her “did you even see if your depression is a chemical imbalance or perhaps something that traumatized you in your past life? You know, you shouldn’t throw drugs at symptoms and actually find the root of the problem”. She replied ” I dunno but I’m gonna find what’s wrong”, I thought out but did not actually say “Yeah right you have the mentality of a teenage girl plus you are on prescription poisons, you are not going to accomplish anything at that rate”. Lastly, I said to her “you know I REALLY do not think anything is wrong with you and that the media/society just told you to take these drugs because you do not fit in and I think you are perfectly fine, a nice girl etc.”, she replied “if I don’t take them I will be in a blank state”. Very sad, it is like talking to a brick wall. The only thing keeping her in a “blank state” is the toxic drugs she is on and the bad decisions the media influenced her to make during her lifetime. I cannot help but feel sorry for women like this (most women in America today) I firmly believe they are capable of much more but their minds are destroyed. The first time I talked to her I asked “what talents do you have or what things do you enjoy doing in life? I like learning new things from people” She replied “Well sure I can work a pole, my friend taught really taught me well”, I replied “Uh ok no thanks”… I must say I am very disappointed of the state of today’s American woman. So simple and predictable, it is like talking to a machine sometimes. 😦

    Speaking of romance, try going to the Craigslist women seeking men section. It is impossible to find an ad that does not ask “must have job or car” or boast about how many “unique tattoos” she has, some of the requirements even look like applications. Nonsense like this really make coupling really difficult for an early 20’s male such as myself. Another point that was brought up during the show I definitely agreed with was with how the media paints people. I will be flat out honest and say I really have a soft spot for Caucasian women and have always found them attractive. I am half Black/Asian and the fact there are these “gangster rappers” (ignorant rappers are what I like to call them) out there that paint the pictures that all Blacks/Moorish/or whatever (I hate labels quite frankly, we are all human beings) are all dumb, cannot speak properly, wear ridiculous clothing, etc. does not help my case to pursue a intelligent (non “ghetto-fied” or whatever term they come up with) Caucasian woman when in reality I despise today’s garbage music (I too also believe the 80’s and maybe some 90’s music was the last bit of uplifting/creative music without digging to find it) and do not dress like a buffoon whatsoever. I have had intelligent conversations with one girl who never really spoken to guys outside of her race because they all emulated like those “ignorant” people the media portrayed and she was very surprised how different I was.

    On a last note, one thing I do not think anyone has covered (at least to my knowledge although I could be wrong) that I almost wanted to write a whole blog on myself (even though I am not much of a blogger) was the topic of women (the one’s who weren’t engineered to be lesbians) preferring a “man in uniform”. I mean, I totally do not get that. A man in uniform gets told what to do and does not make his own decisions, and is basically a b*tch. How in the world is that “manly” versus the free willed lets say “badass outlaw” of some sort who does not like being told what to do, is confident, and takes control of his situations by himself. If you ask me that is way more tougher than any “man in uniform”. I guess you can blame shows like “Army Wives” for programming women to prefer those men over the “free spirited wild man”. Seriously, why would a woman want someone who she would hardly ever get to see, never be there to raise the children, usually cocky (since these guys are trained not to show compassion). To me that falls in with the saying “False pride leads to ignorance” statement. Anyways thought I would bring that out there as well. I know I had a long-winded comment there lol. Good broadcast though, really touched on some great topics.

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