Fools Love Being In Dependence [+]

The original title of this pre-show mash-up was “I Pity All the Fools That are Celebrating Being In Dependence Today,” but I back-pedaled and chose to avoid a cliché reference to The Ass Team’s token black [hard-ass-whipping] boy. However, after [my] show I was sorely tempted to change the title to “Bronx Zoo #1, Baby!’

Speaking of said “team,” truly remarkable how many of us were so programmed not to recognize it for little more than an inside joke for nonstop man-on-man butt-sex.

the ass team

Some may wonder why many posters feature five um, “black holes,” rather than the correlating four and that’s because there was actually a woman on the show, Amy Allen, but one would be hard pressed to recall that from the promos. {*1} Yes boys, women also have an anus, but as the übergay Sherlock Holmes recently reminded us, for men so inclined, that’s just “a dead end.”

Moving past that topic to the day at hand, let’s get back to my original rant about “America In Dependence” Day. In retrospect, I will in advance elucidate that “Sky-Flowers” were zombie-distracting fireworks in The Land of the Dead.

color purple

The masster’s given all us field-hands a couple days of rest, so we best get busy and relax, drink it up and stuff our pie-hole. We be celebrating his Holy Day. He be good to us slaves. We love the masster! He fire up many of them bright pretty sky-flowers that go “boom” all for us today. Lordy! Lordy! He is righteous!


To commemorate this great Slave Holy Day, Eugene from Underground Stream made a return appearance to The Rebel Path this July 4, 2010. We touched on some topics related to this article, expanded on petrification and the event horizon, among other things.


Of course, the most important part of the holiday is that us idiots justify the masster’s treatment of us lesser beings by proving we deserve nothing better.

suck more cockeat more meat

Undoubtedly, mass amounts of tortured flesh will be burning away on grills across the USA today, and then far more importantly in the big scheme of things consumed. Oh joyous holocaust. Do we the buffoons deserve much better than the masster allows us? Hence, we shall remain “in dependence” and celebrate the fact.

No doubt, a great many dumbAricans will be feeding a great many a hot dog to their the state’s little ones today, which will bring a great big smile and perhaps a few wanks from the Pederast Priest Class [the PiPs, i.e., Pederasts in Power that Eugene refers to]. The scene below is from a recent piece of Gay Porn (sans sex and nudity) called The Losers (2010): a cute hot little story about “a five-man crack black-ops team that’s been targeted for ass-ass-in’ation.” {*2} Someone’s fapping.

suck the weiner

Free men need not be told when/what to celebrate. I’ve said it before (in relation to another accursed holy day), so allow me the luxury of quoting myself:

Free-men of free-will, meet at times of their choosing, honoring their own gods, or themselves should they so “choose.” The [free-range] slaves on the plantation worship whatever and celebrate whenever master commands, feigning freedom and faking free-will via rationalization, justification and nonchalant participation.

I know many will disagree with some of the above sentiments. But, if you really are tired of living in the shit, then how about instead of complaining, you lend a hand and (1) stop eating it [shit] and (2) stop shitting all over the goddamned place.

eat shit

As said during the show, the two visible orifices that comprise our two extreme ends of The Human Stargate while comprising less than 0.1% of the entire system, receive about 99.9% of the attention. We’re just so wholly/holee fixated. Hence, why the PiPs and the Medes are spending copious amount of energy alternately instructing us to stuff one end or the other.

Whatever change us spiritual warriors wanna bring about will require copious amounts of energy, a non encumbering core/heart/source of purity [see above], and perhaps a little friction [or maybe a lot]. Beyond “doing it wrong” in terms of what end of your stargate serves the in function and which end serves the out, there may be an energy-conserving reason to heed the below advice, and at least, exercise some caution as to how much abuse you subject your “exit” to.

titan uranus

Speaking of, someone may want to [promptly] advise Saturn to tighten it’s anus, because if the madmen follow through with their plans, it’s gonna get it’s south polar opening stuffed in only a few days [2010/07/07]. {*3 Come to the think of it, the Christian-indoctrinated phrase, “Get thee behind me Satan,” may just be the worst possible fucking idea ever. Unless your name is Jehovah, this Rebel might be a better choice to “watch your back.”

I was unable to do my “Live from the Edge of the Abyss” show on Wednesday, 7/7, but I managed to contain my bitchiness for another day and let it all out the following day. The show, in my opinion was a hoot, a must hear:


On this Sunday, 7/11, Lenon Honor will be back, and sometime before the show commences, I’ll repost the “in-limbo” article which includes my recent visit to his show…

A Few Other Arbitrary Celtic Rebel Posts on Related or Similar Subject Matter
Jul 2010: Fools Love Being in Depend[s] Feb 2010: Vagina Day is Over, So Over
Mar 2009: Saint Patricia is on Fire! Mar 2008: Saints of the Vernal Equinox

*1: I am speaking of the old TV show. I haven’t bothered to look too much into the new Ass Team Movie, but seeing that it will be starring the shit-sucking disgrace to his heritage, Liam Neeson, the man who did such a splendid job helping paint Alfred Kinsey, one of American’s most deviant pederasts as a lovable misunderstood oaf that wanted to “help” people. It might be a safe assumption, considering trends, that the new version will suggest more man-on-boy butt-sex. [LB]

*2: As with many a porno, once you take out the sex [or in this movie’s case all the codes that Don’t Go West reveals], you’ll find almost no story left. It could simply be summed up as Hot Muscular Pizza Guy makes a delivery to a “Straight” Fraternity House, and since they spent all their money on beer, he demands a group massage as payment. BTW: I’ve discussed the Hot Dog-Phallus Mind-Fuck before. [LB]

*3: The closing image of this piece was sent to me by Alex Robinson. If you chanced on such an image, who the hell else would you send it to? Have to admit, there was a reason I’ve been [no pun intended] sitting on it for a while … synchronicity mandated its use today. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on July 4, 2010.

22 Responses to “Fools Love Being In Dependence [+]”

  1. As a British person, and never knowing of freedom (As most Americans believe they do) I find it amazing that a specific day has been allotted (by law) and no-one thinks that its distasteful. A LAW set up to celebrate freedom, is that not hypocrisy.

    On another note, I would love it if you could watch the film Dragonfly, I’ve looked everywhere for an analysis of it and nobody has. But its an extremely gay and satanic film (not that you would know from the surface).

  2. I believe the image mcdonalds and the media truly wished to use to go with the phrase of the billboard you posted is this:

    Cheap fireworks impregnate the skies over advertising signs. Just coming back from the city, I can tell you that finding a straight woman there is an ever growing challenge and the amount of ass-ads just become boring after a while.

  3. I do not celebrate anything for quite some time, people around you do not even want to get that, but it is okay.
    Oh btw did you see the cover of the latest album of scissor sisters? a nice peace of ass, its title “”nightwork””. lol. between 8 and 12 sec you see the cover of the album.

  4. Thinking of THE COLOR PURPLE – THE musical about LOVE.

    First off I thought of HITGIRL from KICKASS, a vigilante girl who wears purple.

    Then read this at Wiki concerning the choice of title for the book –

    The title of the book is a very important symbol. Celie goes through life having a hard time noticing the beautiful aspects and appreciating them. She had a difficult life and was abused as an adolescent. The color purple is continually equated with suffering and pain. Sofia’s swollen, beaten face is described as the color of “eggplant”. Purple is the color of Celie’s private parts: the site of her sexual violation.[4] However, later Shug points out to her that you have to enjoy life. When they were in a field of purple flowers, Shug tells Celie to look at the flowers and embrace their beauty. “You must look at all the good and acknowledge them because God placed them all on earth”. After learning this, Celie has a better respect for life and everything it has to offer.”

    So purple = bruising, genitalia and pretty flowers

    HitGirl is a ‘pretty flower’, is violent , bruises and gets bruised.

    listening to the show now – cheers

  5. Chris, you definitely stand out then among Britons. Great point! Most I’ve met think they don’t live under a monarchy. I haven’t seen that film, but the presence of Kathy Bates is a red flag for me.

    Lee, it is becoming quite a challenge in some areas to find a female zombie who doesn’t think that only female um, “brains,” are edible. Ferris Moon had sent me that Scissor Sisters poster a while back and I underestimated it. Didn’t realize this shitty band I’d never heard of was being plastered about towns.

    somali, guess I’m behind on this one [no pun … um, yes pun]. Connecting us to the comment above yours, is my conversation with Ferris about how “scissoring” is the ridiculous act two women engage in as they try to rub/stimulate their vaginas faca-to-face (so to speak) when they ain’t got no man around.

    aferrismoon, speaking of the devil. I wonder if a feverish scissoring session leads to a purplish labia, discounting the purple bruises on thighs and other areas kicked in process? For any curious, here’s a link to your related “peace.”

  6. Being an American from the hills of Oregon, I am glad us Americans celebrate our break with King George. I agree it is a blood ritual of epic proportions. Many Americans know little of the effort it took to break the chains England/Empire had on us. But hey, we are the richest economy on earth our military force structure has no equal and I am privilaged to be an American. Do not tread on me. Hell yes, let’s celebrate our sucess. That said, much needs to be done to build a sustainable future. (PS you Europeons have benifited by our sacrifice in ww1 and ww2 and the Cold war and now with our involvement in Nato). The world view as seen thru the Celtic Rebel’s I’s is much too bleak for my psyche most of the time. Every moment on earth should be celebration/search of the Sacred. Hail Isis. Dennis

  7. good show, alex & eugene. hearing all this critical thinking left me saying, “the spirit of christ compels you” & “get back from me satan!” reminds me of (a now defunct) link you provided a while back about geocities & peter tosh – that when he felt attacked (mental/physical/spiritual) by jumbys or duppys he would yell “dem bumbo klaat” which would scare them away. but, of course, peter tosh was just a pothead rasta that knew nothing… that’s why he needed to be extinguished like the cathars.

    anyways, happily in dependence & pretty soon it will have another meaning… in depends (undergarments) day for all those buttwhore zombies.

  8. Hiya Mr Rebel
    I am finding a tremendous healing in these shows.

    I live at the (seeming) end of the world, & have so often felt isolated from the rest of my ‘family’ of questioners. It is SO very good to hear seriously committed people discussing seriously important topics, with mutual respect – sadly lacking in the ‘reel’ world.
    Being able to tune in & hear live is ‘extra’ healing.
    Great work, big thanks 🙂

  9. On a lighter note, great opening song choice on your last show “Making Plans For Nigel” a really nice sound. Great female solo cover of that by Nouvelle Vague also. cheers

  10. Dennis, did you read WHAT you wrote? My thoughts on “the revolution” aside, you speak of “sacrifice,” which is exactly what was done to the countless American fools who died for NO REASON (other than as meat/blood to some vile god). Incidentally, this specific point discussed last show.

    Now here is a fact: the Europeans would ALL be far better off, and countless more alive today had the Americans staid clear of WWI (which they only prolonged). Now, God forbid, had American commanders done the smart thing and invaded England, they’d have ensured there never would have ever even been a WWII.

    I’d think you’d have gathered by now this is not the place for regurgitation of textbook history lies.

    raffi, again, some great points you raise. Oh man, hadn’t even conisdered the play on “in deepends!” 😆 Thanks for that!

    alex, hadn’t considered the “healing” aspect, but that’s probably due to my warrior nature, and perhaps my sword, that has of late, tasted blood, is partly to blame. There is so much to be done by combining aspects and directions suggestions from people of strength.

    Pavman, thanks pav. Will give the alternate a listen.

  11. Digging your podcast with Eugene of The Undergound Stream. Yeah, man, this whole thing reminds me of the Pinkster Festival, an indulgence permitted the largely Dutch settler owned African slaves of NY’s Hudson River Valley back in the 18th century, still pantomimed as a tourist attraction today. One of these days I’ll have to tell y’all about my late father, born the very day prior to Independence Day, who was twice abducted by Visitors, whom I believe to be in direct complicity with the evil yet much-revered Military/Industrial Complex, if not an actual secret black ops project OF it themselves. Once he was alone, once he was with the girlfriend who later became his wife & my mother. This occurred years before the world renowned Betty & Barney Hill case. My parents’ experience was in Plattsburgh, NY. It was near the defunct S.U.N.Y. Champlain, once devised for returning troops from WW II & now an Air Force installation (my father was a communications officer in the 5th Airborne). Keep doing what you’re doing, Celty. One of these days I’ll have to get the gumption & I’ll have to bee a guest on you podcast. We like so many of the same bands. Laters ~ (•8-D

  12. Like Dennis, I too am from the ‘hills of Oregon’ (now, anyway) but I am in complete agreement with CR. The State sets aside certain days (only a few now… had to get rid of Washington’s birthday and Lincoln’s birthday as national holidays – soon they would have us up to one 3 day weekend a month!! Where’s the productivity?). Our masters though, have done a good job raising our expectations for holidays. Grocery stores? Gosh, have to have at least a few open on July 4. Ditto gas stations, restaurants and fast food. Sorry, minimum wage employees – you must serve your master on holidays… though we will give you a 6 hour day rather than an 8 hour day… if you have been good.
    Of course, police MUST work all holidays. Plebians tend to get drunk and drugged up on these big holidays and need to wake up the following day hung over and behind bars.
    So… thank you Master. Thank you for the rather ok July 4 when I celebrated Your independence from Your King. Hope You enjoyed it.

  13. we’re all just subjects

    “Jefferson originally had written the phrase “our fellow subjects.” But he apparently changed his mind. Heavily scrawled over the word “subjects” was an alternative, the word “citizens.”


  14. I’ve only had a chance to hear the first 20 miutes or so of the show. In regards to the “Nigel/voice-over ala monster truck rally” I had a thought.

    I just watched a movie trailer posted by a friendly on ye ‘ole fecesbook page when I realized that so many HoleyWood movie trailers begin with the words,”One Man..” in an ominous voice. How ’bout a monster truck rally/ movie trailer voice for a mate to “Making Plans?” It’s a great song and I think that a hybrid of this sort may be suiting considering your social engineering discoveries and spelunking adventures out west recently, so to speak, regardless of which direction the show takes. Think about it, and let me know if you don’t find a voice.

  15. Magus Anadæ, in that area, wasn’t “dutch” really just code for Jewish? Thanks for the tidbit and reminder you still come out this way. Since early on, you’ve provided me with quite of interesting links and [particularly, elven] factoids, which would suggest a fun conversation… I”ll be contacting you.

    KPRyan, I’m sure some fellow undependent-minded Oregonians are lauding you. Nice narrative on the frivolity and triviality of the state-sanctioned festival.

    Greg Tramel, nice addition. Subject => Citizen => Property => Fool.

    Ryan McAlister, if you have “the voice” mate, feel free to throw something together and send to me. Ideally it should be between one and two mins long.

  16. I was catching up w/a long-time friend & he started the conversation with, “I miss your ass, bro”. I referred him to your website for immediate re-education.

  17. Dennis,

    I too hail from the USA. I too share the sentiment of what is embodied in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The men who fight against tyranny are to be commended, everywhere.

    The sentiment wore out when the Patriot Act was passed. When the Enemy Belligerent Act passed. When the President said American citizens can be assassinated as enemies of the State. No trial, no jury, no due process, just some Star Chamber saying “he/she is an enemy of the State” and bang, the end of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.

    It died along time ago. Many times over.

    The men who crafted these were pining, dreaming of personal, non-irrevocable SOVEREIGNTY. Even though some of them were hypocrites to a degree, ie slave owners, etc., it doesn’t undo the fact that they chose to die in struggle rather than live under tyranny.

    The problem is what grew after, what happened after, the history that has undone the dream of freedom.

    This freedom can only be real when its not a corporate freedom or a socially accepted freedom. No real freedom is something mankind has not yet held. We have dreamed of it, but it has not yet come. Not one little bitty bit.

    Only the great struggle ahead and the world wide pain of escaping this mother, ie world wide tyranny, will open the hearts, the minds, the in-ward eyes of the being who is worthy of this freedom.

    “When they beheld Him the in the clouds, the tribes of the earth weep and mourn for Him whom they had pierced.”

    He is US. We are him. E Pluribus Unum is the formula. Tyrrany or the adversarial resistance is the ONLY fire, the only mother, that can birth this one. It happens in your mind, the clouds.

    Hence what you really want is not some passing country, its the world of real freedom. This freedom is a one on one deal. A union with God, the supreme adversary. Once upon a time, the mind after wanting it so badly, wove magic back into the seeming lifeless fabric of time and a new world was sung into being.

    Thomas Covenant may be the white gold wielder, the Savior, the President, but it is Linden Avery that sings the new world into being. When all that is vain, and all that which is thought to be law, falls away from every single eye. Then the real law will be written on each heart and all the dead bones of all the freedom fighters will rise into the new world. A spring-time of consciousness is coming.

    The wintertime of Pluribus is coming to an end.

    Hail Horus!

  18. Hi Alex. You often illustrate your points with pictures of people eating hot dogs. I did a couple of quick google searches and found that there are lots of pictures of politicians chowing down on tube steaks, the devouring of which almost seems to be a kind of public ritual.

    The gold mine of images and info, though, is a blog called The Presidential Weiner. Right at the top of the blog is a quote from Nelson Rockefeller:

    “No candidate for any office can hope to get elected in this country without being photographed eating a hot dog.”

    There are some great photos, including one of Hillary Clinton working something that is not a hot dog — though it is frankfurter-esque — and it is HUGE! You might want to have a look at the blog. It offers a lot of food for your highly original brand of thought.

  19. Ass-ass-in? or ass-as-sin ? Butt sex has always been considered as an unatural union so perhaps – An ass made for sin.

    Proctor! man I just had a flash back to the character ‘Proctor’ from police academy lol- did he ever enter the blue oyster bar? da da da da da da He was also stuck on that portable toilet in the middle of a stadium –

  20. Yo ‘Dawg’, Nelson Rock-feltcher allegedly died of a heart attack while his mistress was giving him a blow job. Now when has anything accurate ever been published in the mainstream about the Rockefellers? How sure are we that it wasn’t a Mr.S.? (Mr.Sodomy) Who was “giving” something less innocent than a blowy. Or that maybe Nelson wasn’t the one receiving rather he was the one doing the ‘giving’? Could he have died choking on a ‘hot dawg’?

  21. raffi, I hope he dealt with the info appropriately instead of turning back to a source where “bros” aren’t taught to cry like bitches and then hug it out afterwards.

    eugene, thanks for chiming in. Only one thing I’d like to add to your diatribe is that Freedom Fries Aren’t Free either.

    Moira, very apropo link there. I would have to guess old Nelson was trying to say something to the effect of, “if you don’t suck the rock’s cock, you ain’t gonna be da prez.” Fitting why they put their [s]elected bitches in the oval office after. Ha, this trophy is awasome, and a far more honest design than the oscar.

    Pavman, another quite valid interpretation of ass-as-sin! Interesting you should mention the “blue” “oyster” Kult. Just came up yesterday in relation to why these whores [actors/politicos] do what they do … “living for giving the devil his due.”

    PhilDeGrave, good point. Even those that dole out the frankies, such as the Rocks and Roths have to turn back around and suck their own master’s cock when called upon.

  22. Really good show – sorry I missed the previous ones – life’s necessities taking over my personal time. Look forward to more! BTW – while out shopping at the ‘mall’, I spotted a few SpongeBob Squarepants bath sponges for children, and some nice T-shirts in a fashion store, with stills from The Wizard of Oz…I have a picture to send you!

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