Don’t Go West [Version 2.0]

Alas, it is here folks. “Can I cook, or can I cook?” Yea, that’s a line from Star Trek the Wrath of Khan. Deprogramming is an ongoing process for ALL of us. A preview:

After a long period of trying to put out copieson various services and repeated problems, I am finally making Part I of the video available on this site in HQ:

If you enjoyed Part I, then Part II is available for sale below. I have allowed multiple copies of this to be distributed on various torrents and alternative services free for years now (many of which are still available). All I ask for is a minimal contribution:

Enjoy. Promote. Tie your best friend to a chair and make them watch this. I can’t [try to] save humanity all by myself 😈 Do try and help me out people! 😀

Don't Go West (V2.0)

The below schematic should answer most questions regarding where I’m going with the final product, I think. One, we [most definitely] still need to put a penis on it.

don't go west future release

Two, the final result is still up for grabs, depending on how much work I want to do for it and what type of message I try to convey. Yes, I’m already aware of the Fat Albert error and that will be corrected by the time Version 3 rolls out [actually, replace with a far more interesting song factoid thanks to jeff].

May 2010: Don’t Go West [Release 1.0]

Note: The original posting of this document contained a few related and unrelated links to podcasts and shows. Those have since been removed and migrated to their own posts: Release Party [DGW 2.0], A Night with Lee Rogers [#01].

~ by celticrebel on June 11, 2010.

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  1. enjoyed version 2.0 of “don’t go west”. but, in explaining this to enquiring minds, i did ponder what is the solution or at least a place of sanctuary? obviously, knowledge is power, and understanding the implications of androgyny/castration, homosexuality, whorification, and over all moral turpitude has its degree of protection. but, i worry that this still doesn’t “heal” or “immunize” us from these attacks. there is much work to be undone as the west has hijacked the minds of the world… tanerlorn has been taken, fkt every which way, and left torn and bloody.

    sometimes, especially after listening to your last podcast with styg-port, i get the impression being of luciferian persuasion might not be that bad (and that possibly could be a celticrebel agenda 🙂 )… being “illuminated” to see the limits of knowledge and wisdom, and ultimately converge with your higher self seems pretty tempting. could it be these sodomite priests of the vatican are pushing this filistinisation of the mASSES in order for a great divide… the illumination of the more aware, those in touch with their crown, or those ascending?

    anyways, enough connecting these coincidences 😉 for blatant pedophilia, homosexuality, and raw hollywood action, please make sure to watch the “roast of bob saget”. the nonstop references to homo-ness & olsen twin banging (not to mention, only the presence of jodie sweetin {sweet one} who later became a meth whore, minus the twins and religious zealot candace cameron whose brother kirk is definitely a puff) left the audience laughing, and left the hollywood insiders (like producer bitch sarah silverman) cackling and craving their gravy train.

  2. Hey, the documentary is looking good! A whole section on the “bob” ‘eh? It’s probably a hair cut more associated with little girls, though I still think it’s suggestive that the outline of a person with such a haircut (Lois Griffin) looks quite phallic, like a uncapped beer bottle top (circumcised penis, or beer bottle?).

    I saw a girl today who looks just like Ellen Page in Hard Candy. I kinda have a hard time believing someone who looks like that prefers hotdogs to taco, y’know?

  3. Very good version 2. I look forward to the next part.

    A few quick connections:
    -Kubrick has old ladies wearing the pink wigs in A Clockwork Orange. And milk+
    -Bob, Silent Bob, B(arack)O B(ama), Bobbing for apples, Bobcat, Bobby Brown, boob.
    -BYOB = bring your own boys?
    -Nesquik rabbit, Trix are for kids, Cadbury cream eggs, Ra-bit.
    -If oil catches Gulf stream and comes up Atlantic w/ dispersant, there could be forced evacs West. Don’t go! Well, not w/ the blue boys at least.
    -Red Rain by Peter Gabriel.
    -Alice-tear Crow-ley(lines).

    This morning I was dreaming that I was talking to someone who seemed to be in the industry and they were telling me how much your work was pissing them off. Then I awoke to find V2 on my Facebook wall. Good for you. You are in something of a power-position right now. This w-hole area of research has been opened abruptly and the amount of people who know about this subject is expanding rapidly. (Opening the stargate..)

  4. Is it just my PC or is it impossible to play a vimeo movie from half way through? I don’t want to wait an hour to get to where I was.

  5. Thank you so much, Alex!

  6. raffi, Tanerlorn is the eternal city. It may come under attack, but it will never fall. Because when it comes under attack, sleeping warriors across the multiverse are awakened from their slumber and they shall rise and join our ranks. The harder “they” push, the more will see their lies and then through them. This documentary is the result of “their” actions.

    Shhhh! 😉 Don’t scare people away! Seeing what the forces of Jehovah/Zues have wrought, I’ll take Lucy over those “boys” any day. Hm, that roast came up during the show, may have to watch the truth-fest…

    ViolatoR, “there is only one Bob, one Bob, one Bob … Marley!” At least, that’s what the jukebox in my skull says. Maybe there’s a reason you see a penis there? Gonna have to talk to your parents about taking phallic shaped foods out of your diet. 😆 Yea, I’d guess Ellen’s only taken phalli in her holes before because she was forced to as part of her meteoric rise.

    Ferdinand, you didn’t just say “Bobby Brown,” did you? Well, I guess that’s your prerogative. 🙄 Some nice thoughts. The “alice-tear” one is gonna raise an eyebrow or two when we get to the “anal prolapse” section of Part II. Thanks for all the nudges mate!

    James, on this release there is a “download” option available for both parts on Vimeo [but it’s only available to those logged/signed in to vimeo].

  7. Excellent documentary. And thanks for the credit.

    It’s funny you brought up Natalie Portman. I once saw her interviewed on “Inside the Actors’ Studio.” She admitted that she can’t remember much of her life before the age of eleven. This is a classic sign that someone’s been MK’d (big surprise there).

  8. Bravo Mr Rebel.

    Perhaps the ‘page boy hair look’ is part of the effeminising message;- “In medieval times, a page {boy} was an attendant to a knight; an apprentice squire. A young boy served as a page for seven years, serving, cleaning, and even learning the basics of combat, and the lord he was working for would usually treat him fairly. The lord sometimes gave the page private combat training from the age of seven (after starting cutting hair) until he was fourteen” (wiki)- that mention of combat training rather went with some of the ‘bobbed’ clips you showed.

    The James Bond bits reminded me of the first one with Diablo Craig where he gets his bottom smacked – maybe he was very manly to ‘take the pain’, but it just seemed such an un-macho, weapon of Bondian-bashing that I couldn’t take it seriously.

    It was on YOUR earlier version that I first heard your president speak – amazing how little he seems without his voice.

    Don’t forget to go outside & play with the squirrels 🙂

  9. supreme quality

  10. Just watched version 2. It does make somethings a lot clearer I have to admit. Looking forward to part 2. (Is that a pic of Russell Crowe above?) Anyway,while watching the documentary I remembered a favourite oldish (1984) movie called ‘Starman’ starring Jeff Bridges as an alien taking on the form of a human. He needs to meet up with the mothership so drives across country with Karen Allen, from Wisconsin to the giant crater in Arizona. There are a lot of scenes that take place in bathrooms and toilets, and toilet jokes in the movie…and it climaxes in the middle of a giant hole in the ground! I don’t remember the whole movie but I’m sure that was one huge reference to …holes! I’m kind of sad now, because I love my Hollywood movies, all my favourite films have now lost their appeal after these revelations! 😦
    I say thank you, but with a tinge of melancholy.

    On a side note, I am not a bimbo, (lol) I know that ‘I’ can’t go west, that’s for the guys, but what I meant was ‘I’ am not interested in holes!
    The double-entendres that you speak of, I believe, are absolutely intentional, in-jokes aimed at the select few, they are ‘signals’, or ‘code’, to those able to read the language. ‘Hints’ if you like. Thus, these ‘codes’ are also a form of ‘control of information’…right?

    Regarding the ‘Oz’ factor, you’ll laugh at this… today there’s a news story about a member of the Glee cast going down-under!

    We could start waging bets on this stuff, predict the future of the latest media ‘Sensation’ (now there’s a word that could have several conotations)!

  11. matshanley, good point. Also, a good sign that someone’s been either sexually, physically or emotionally abused. Guess by 11, she was “too old” for them.

    alex, hm, interesting connection to the “pages” held by the knights/servants of old, and I guess, in modern times, those strapping young lads who so easily find summer jobs in legislative bodies. And “page” (as in ellen) would certainly fill that boyish role. The latter hair cut does seem to shout “prince valiant” too, hm…

    That exhange between the shitsucker craig and the bond girl de jour is priceless. Remarkable how the seem so serious and emotional as they talk of probing each other’s buttholes.

    chuck, thank you. I”d recommend removing socks before watching Part II. 😀

    Marty, no, that’s a pic of alex something-or-another. 😉 I’m sure some idiot could point to the hand placement and shout nonsense loudly should they wish. I vaguely recall watchin Starman as a kid, but do seem to recall feeling somewhat uncomfortable by all the poop references.

    She’s going down under with known lechers Akryd and Grammer? Poor girl. Bryan Adams is doing the score? Oh man, they’ll be testing that movie out at G’itmo before they unleash it on us.


    That is the true name of system ruling whole western world.

    You just touched stadium religion in US is. Unfortunately that is truth, everywhere there are wolves in sheep clothing. But media wants you to condemn idea of Christianity because of those false Christians. You have brain, don’t fall on that.

    But, there’s hope. God sent you many bright man in XX century. Two of them St Nikolaj Velimirovic and st Seraphim Rose. They are in the Church that never had crusades, inquisition, Popes. Church that was always prosecuted by both false Catholic Church and secular kings. Church that shines bright through all ages.

    Here’s link. Follow the light:

  13. There’s alot going on here. I wish I had taken notes throughout the viewing.
    Clearly, the social engineers have been busy for decades. It is also obvious how the “pace” quickens. Are they,the high preiests/social engineers, running out of time or is this quickening a part of the plan?
    I should wait for part 2 to make any conclusive statement. I will say this however, the severity of their lies, thievery, and murder, was really not touched upon adequately. Maybe part 2, huh?
    You did reveal many secrets and for that I am somewhat grateful.
    To any high priests observing this, the cosmic inbalance at the top, will be your ultimate undoing. the deepest pits of hell await your devious arses. Pay backs a bitch, ticcck tock ticcck tock.

  14. Bunnies have BOB- tails so named from them , uhhh, bobbin’ up and bobbin’ down.
    Also Buoys [ pron. boys in Britain] bob up and down on the briny sea.
    I guess the hairstyle also bobs up and down as one walks.

    From the Daily Mail Online, ” More Girls are Starting puberty at the age of nine” – “Increasing numbers of girls are reaching puberty before the age of 10, leading to fears of more sexual activity in that age group. The trend is thought to be linked to obesity or exposure to certain chemicals in food. “

    Lowering the age of sexual consent via food and Media programming


  15. Hey celt, its been a little while but I love the documentary and I hope all is well!!!

  16. Nice job brutha,
    here’s a quick one from the new trailer from the upcoming pile of crap “Alpha and Omega” which I caught this weekend, check out around :25 for the ass reference and note the black/brown ‘spit’ the dude spits out…

  17. Bogdan, appreciate the input. Some interesting information there. However, I’m a bit skeptical of the Orthodox Church, which I am quite familiar with, mainly due to their adherence to ritual (which I don’t believe is how any god would want to have his creations spending/wasting their time), their reverence of the cross/box, and their role in suppressing/exterminating the Bogomils in Bulgaria.

    Peter, the question regarding time and the reasons behind the exponential push will be addressed on the show in the next couple of weeks. I like their closing message, their time will come and the documentary I feel, is a part of that returning boomerang dipped in shit.

    aferrismoon, great point about the rabbit tail a “bobbing.” Oddly, while I wes filling in for Lee a couple of weeks ago, a random caller shared this tidbit:

    Sanhedrin 54b . A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

    So, Larry David may not be a Talmudic Jew, cause if he paid attention he’d know the object of his affections is “too old.” As said in this week’s show, I feel the Medes are focused shifting the focus and definition of pedophilia away from little boys/girls to young women…

    Emily, nice to know you’re still out there and still tuning in…

    Transcend, judging by The Name and that’s it’s made by Lionsgate (which connects to the name deeply), and that it has perennial pederast Danny Glover in it, I gather it will be full of stynks/shit.

    Geez, how many butt/shit refs can you put in one trailer? Here’s a link for those who don’t want to install quick-time.

  18. pseudooccult has done lots of work on the pink wig, basically said that the pink bob wig was used for alternate persona programming, either sex kitten or psycho ninja depending on situation. Fits well when you see kick-ass (which is a loathsome piece of shit movie if ever I saw one, but very revealing). Good work on version two, using your own selection of music kind of hits home the message, you see these puppets gyrating and miming out of sync and I felt kind of sorry for them, they really are just mannequins. God help anyone who produces art for the purpose of fame, and if you are a talentless scumbag who just wants to be famous then I think the media machine is even more willing to endorse and drive your career. I would like to see a new generation throwing all this Hollywood EMI Sony bullshit in the bin and making a proper counter culture. We have the ability to use all this old dirty media in the most positive way, just break it apart and reassemble to spread a new message, just like you have done Rebel. Thank you for the hard work.

  19. The milk is full of hormones to speed up development of natural processes unnaturally. Very twisted agenda exposed here; I would say eye-opening but now that makes me cringe. Make a list of all the actresses that have played pole dancers/strippers or prostitutes/whores and you’ll have a veritable whose who of “stars”. I would almost wager that their histories would be similar over the career span from start to whenever. I do not know how to ferret out that info so I can’t be sure.

  20. I thought you might be interested in a headline on Drudge today.
    HELLO, ALEX: Tropical storm could form in Atlantic…

    Nowhere in the article (at least that I could find) is the name Alex even mentioned. Mr. Drudge likes to take some important liberties with how he phrases things to indicate a deeper story to those “in the know.” Methinks he is a Stynkromystic..

    Also, let’s hope my thoughts about forcing people West does not come true.

    A message from Gabriel:

    Red rain-
    Putting the pressure on much harder now
    To return again and again
    Just let the red rain splash you
    Let the rain fall on your skin
    I come to you defences down
    With the trust of a child

    Strange days indeed.

  21. Rebel, download option where? How? Would have been nice to watch it.

  22. During that last puh ups scene on part 1, isn’t that the same actor from that “Run Ronnie Run” clip I posted on version 1? The representative of the gay agenda?

    *Note* It said part 2 isn’t available for download and my pc kept crashing trying to stream part 1. Well this sucks.

  23. bldonnelly, ah yes, I found one of Ben’s articles on the topic. Had forgotten about Pixie Geldoff, who’s father is not only a scumbag, but a Knight of Malta as well, and Kelly Osbourne, who may also share this pattern of what semi-normal people might call inappropriate father/daughter relationships. Though, I think elex’s comment in regards to knights and their squires adds a lot to the bigger picture. I hear from friends in the Rectum of America, that “rebel” media is experiencing an uprise. Let’s hope!

    MaverickPawn, my fellow rebel-in-spirit, Stygian Port made a good vid on the mikl theme. And as came up on the show, prematurely developed girls combined with programming societal mores towards young adults instead of the problem of children, will lead to more money for the prison-industrial complex.

    Ferdinand, are you suggesting that “Alex” might be the one to come to the stargate exit and clean all the shit out??? That would be uncanny. 👿 Who knows, were I to take mystic queues as you might, I might deduce this freak event coinciding with the release of Part II may be connected 😀

    Turk, first you click on the text in the vids that says “vimeo” and then if you sign in to it, you have the option of downloading the video.

    Immortallywounded, good eye! 🙄 Yes, that is Scott Thompson playing “himself” in RRR. Hm! Part II will be downloadable too as soon as the revised cut is out.

  24. Loved it, love u, and love aferrismoon too!

  25. Excellent work! When I watched the end with the “aliens” a thought jumped to mind. Perhaps they are actually twisting the “inalienable”. After all they would have to be alienable to do what they do. What do you think?

  26. I’m hesitant to watch this again…I had that fucking Pet Shop Boys version of Go West competing against Lady GodAwful in my head for like 2 weeks in the mashup from hell….

    PS: Wasn’t there also a pink wig in Lost In Translation?

    PSS: that one was slightly easier to digest than the first one. I also read a quote recently saying how Megan Fox has some slight obsession with Mickey Rourke after a film they did together and got a quote “honoring” him tattooed on her ribcage… hmmm…

  27. offtopic a must watch Why pedophelia was made ok, and how…………..

  28. They may not be aliens/reptilians, but we do know that psychopathy is very real. Maybe that’s also why they are so obsessed with selective (in)breeding, to keep these psychopathic traits in the family (bloodlines)? (every politician should be tested for psychopathy)

    anyway, outstanding videos Celtic! Thank you! I hope my sister and my brother in law will watch it along with Lenons material so that my 2 year old nephew might not be exposed to all this garbage in the future.

  29. Outstanding work CR – one addition to the Natalie Portman-as-eternal-girlchild saga (though without the bob haircut) might be her appearance as Evey turned kinderwhore tempting Bishop Lilliman(what?) in ‘V For Vendetta’

  30. Antares, thank you and sending love back your way.

    Bob, interesting thought. As I’m learning it’s good to look at the craft from all angles.

    elizalegs, I would reprimand you to go ahead and brave it … and also coax by saying I’ve balanced some of the pop/poop music with some good tunes this go around, but it looks like you went ahead. Yea, there’s an image in the mix of Herpes-Spreader Johanson from that film. Hnnn indeed.

    somalis, hm, another film about that derelict Kinsey (someone suggested another after the first cut)? But, as came up in the show, it’s not so much that they made it “OK” … but redefined it, in order to divert attention away from themselves.

    mace556, I gather you like the scene from Society, where the guy summarizes who “they” are, then? Good luck on the nephew, I realize saving our children (who are our future) is THE WAR.

    Rubber John, ah yes, had forgotten her getting dressed up as a little girl in that one. In hindsight, I find it interesting the [derelict] Wachowskis would swap a girl for a boy, again misdirecting us from what a bishop might like.

  31. Celt , the 8 and one days is for boys and the 3yrs and one ays for da girls. Where ‘they’ got the measure , shit , I’ll never know.

    Sanhedrin is a bitch
    No fuckr come closer dan itch


    By the way , great radio show – land scape and names for places . Some call it TOPONOMY


  32. “Holy Shit, it’s Lance Bass from The Stynk Hole!”

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  33. Alex, your doc and work is on another level. It has allowed me to peel back even more layers of propaganda and programming. Keep up the great work. Now if we can just wake up all the truth tards.

    Checkout this song by the founding member of NWA after he left the rap group. It is quite telling. VID: Ice Cube – No Vaseline Here’s a some excerpts from the song:

    Eazy E saw your ass and went in it quick.

    Eazy’s dick, is smellin’ like MC Ren’s shit

    cuz the broomstick fit your ass so perfect

    Gang-banged by your manager fella

    and they rippin’ your asshole apart

    You little maggot; Eazy E turned faggot

    gettin’ fucked at night.

    By Mista Shitpacker, bend over for the gotdamn cracker, no vaseline…

    I’m sure this all applies to Ice Cube as he has appeared in numerous Hollywood movies.

    a bitch is a bitch!

  34. Hey, great stuff! You should be really proud with what you’ve accomplished here. There are so many unique insights brought together for the first time. I’m not sure when you’re going to start working on the final version, but you’ve definitely earned a bit of celebration time here for a while.

    I actually haven’t watched the last hour of part two (only have unlimited bandwidth after 2am…), but tf you want some opinions on how to make it better:

    As others have probably said, you need to come right out and explain some things and point some things out. The second half of the documentary lays things out and explains them much more than the first half…which is kind of backwards. I can see throwing the viewer into this craziness at first without much of an explanation, just to shock the viewer and incite the viewer’s own mind to start thinking for an explanation to the connections between scenes that you’re showing. But some of the information in part two…that definitely needs to get to the viewer before 2 or 3 HOURS into the project. You also need to point out SOME of the things that the viewer is supposed to be looking at. Like the scene with the girl looking through the manhole and getting jizz on her face…you should point out what the viewer should be noticing, because the connection isn’t clear (because the video quality isn’t the best and the jizz doesn’t show up prominently enough in the shot–at least not prominently enough for a viewer 3 minutes into the documentary to be looking for it.)

    You also should leave your own messages on the screen longer. Whenever you put up some text of your own, I have to race through to read it. Your text pieces should be on-screen for like 2-3 times longer than they are. No documentary I’ve ever seen races thru text so fast!

    One of the biggest pieces of information that I think needs to come earlier is your disclaimer that this film isn’t “anti-gay” or even “anti-slut”. You’re just pointing out how things are. But, honestly man, in a view years time I could see a movie like this being flagged as hate-speech unless you put the disclaimer much sooner. Just for pragmatic reasons today, I think a lot of people who haven’t heard from the Celtic Rebel before might easily start to think that what you’re “homophobic”. I’m not saying your disclaimer should be the first thing the viewers hear (although maybe a text disclaimer could come after the title screen and legal info?), but it definitely needs to come before the half-hour mark on part two.

    Like I said, I’ve yet to finish part two, but as it is, I really hope that you get a little more into what the POINT of the homosexual/omnisexual propaganda is. Unlike what the Pet Shop Boys video shows, the goal is not a permanent gay utopia; the eventual goal, of course, is massive depopulation. Gays do not (usually) produce biological children. More homosexuality = fewer children. There’s also the whole angle of how an effeminate and/or sex-obsessed population is less likely to revolt, making them easier to rule over and slowly exterminate. At the moment, I think the majority of the “point” of all this stuff is just to cause turbulence within society, but the end goal (not that everyone in the future is going to be gay) is not a gay/hypersexual utopia but a massively depopulated world of nu-serfdom. I think that point should be made very clear–otherwise it might seem like you’re trying to rain on their parade, erm, of raining men. What any and all of these “revolutionary” groups (those fighting for civil rights, those caught up in Hollywood, those who want communism or pure socialism or even a “New American Century”) don’t realize is that the utopia the elite have dangled in front of them will NEVER become a reality. (I gotta admit that the Pet Shop Boys video is pretty awesome, in a very creepy way!)

    So, there ya have my thoughts. But even if you don’t change a thing, you’ve produced an awesome, awesome piece of work. Keep your head up and keep going.

    P.S. I can see the attraction of “Lucy”, but as for choosing her over Jehovah/Zeus…Don’t you think that pretty much all the awful stuff you showed in this video comes more from pseudo-Luci-ferrying worship or romanticizing more than it does from Jehovah/Zeus? Or maybe this digital deceit is a product of God’s lightning as appropriated by Lucy’s craftiness? I just don’t see how you can turn to Lucy so much after this. As I understand it, this stuff is exactly the worst that Lucy has to offer (whereas things like wars and prejudice are where Jehovah might get his kicks in).

  35. Sick shit.

  36. aferrismoon, “top on!” Oh my? The only thing more deviant that the incomprehensible [to sane individuals] tracts of the Sanhedrin are the legion of nitwits on the net arguing they’re misinterpreted by, here we go, “antisemites.”

    ViolatoR, I figured the ref would be lost on most watching the video, but it was too precious to leave out.

    JYDEE, thank you, all we can do is try, but I think most are quite content to stay at the level of awakening where Morpheus’s cock is in their rectum and convincing themselves that his raping them is a fatherly act of affection. Hm, interesting, especially considering the look Ice Cube gives Clooney upon hearing the lines about Truth and Shit [early in the film]. Wonder if he ended up seeing “the light?”

    Delilah, thank you for the detailed feedback. Yea, the breakdown into two parts came out of necessity as it grew well beyond 2 hours, so I see the point in making the first part stronger. And I’d gather what you express here {e.g., need for more and longer texts) is shared by others.

    I had considered breaking down the word “homophobe” as I”ve done on the show, and maybe I could put that in early and squeeze in a disclaimer for the reactionary elements. And, I’m not saying “Lucy” is good, as I do suspect that even though she’s trapped here too, she’s sometimes relished her role of doling out punishment with a little too much zeal. But, I’ll take her over Jehovah and his Butt-sex Brigade anyday, anyday, anyday…

    David, I will have to assume that you are addressing the “shit” the media puts out and not the message [this doc] which reveals that to the ignorant?

  37. “I don’t know exactly what it means, but I know its not good!”

    PS: This just occured to me so I thought I’d post (maybe you’ve already mentioned it) The recent earthquakes in the Indonesian region…the Ring of Fire…isn’t it a weird coincidence that this far east region is where a lot of pedophiles (especially British ‘sex tourists’) spend a lot of time!! Fire doesn’t usually associate with earthquakes, so it makes you wonder how it got its name!

  38. I echo some of Delilah’s sentiments about the second part’s general tone being a little more suitable for the first part.

    Also I was beyond baffled at the clip of the girl (I think?) talking into the camera about being a pimp… I know I’m a hermit and out of touch with pop-culture but was that someone I should have known? Or perhaps a random you-tube?

    Which got me to thinking that maybe there should be a little caption of the source and date retrieved under those? My first thought was wondering if it was a spoof of something I’d never seen. Either way, puzzling.

  39. Rebel… THANK YOU brother !

  40. Just a note. The music playing at 1:36:28 in Part II of Version 2 during the scene from “Hancock” is the theme from “Sanford and Son” not “Fat Albert”.

  41. Also on the “Bob” stuff: Add Spongebob to the list of all the other ones mentioned. Maybe y’all realized that already, since Spongebob was featured in the documentary, but I haven’t seen someone draw the correspondence (if there is MUCH of one).

    What BOB reminds me of, though, is “BOB” the evil spirit from Twin Peaks. “BOB” inhabits people and causes them to become killers. Sort of like how Hit-Girl (god I wish I could erase Kick-Ass from existence) has a “bob” haircut and kills people? Not necessarily all girls with that haircut kill people, though, not even metaphorically, really. But still, I think it’s a connection.

  42. Oh, god! The whore in training part doesn’t even show the worst case scenarios, no matter how extremely fucked this is.

  43. Great Job on the video documentary! I enjoyed watching it and learning more than I knew to begin with. Thanks!

  44. Marty, glad to see someone else appreciated one of my favorite lines [struggled to make it fit]. The Ring of Fire is something I had at one time meant to “probe” in my Burning Ring Series, but that is an odd connection/suggestion/sync you make… Hm, the Brits again.

    elizalegs, no, she’s just some random girl who put out a video of herself being all so clever and a golden example of why my phrase of choice “dumb cunt” would so eloquently describe either that programmed replicant or her failed excuse for a mother. Perhaps though, I should put a frame saying something to that effect around her, with hearts and flowers, of course.

    child of dragons, thanks for noting. Someone else wrote me shortly after to tell me I am “obviously in need of more black friends,” as demonstrated by that flagrant error. 😀 Alas, I justify the intermediary step of V2. 😳

    Delilah, on a semi-related note, “hit girl” also translates to “little ass-ass-in” … which is an image from a film I had once contemplated using. Now, reMinded. Yea, that movie is, as AJ might say, “puuuure eeeevil!”

    The Fourth Initiate, oh yeah, I could have shown far worse emulations of media memes by the Whores in Training collective [aka our daughters], but tried to keep out the stuff bordering on pornographic…

    Miah, thank you as well!

  45. Can I ask why it is this blog (and others) have recently changed from posts that included long, well-written arguments, musings and observations, to short posts that mostly include videos? Most of these videos include clips from tv and movies. I thought it was well established that these two mediums of communication are controlled by the elite and are of extremely high programming and propagandic nature…

  46. vimeo video player sucks, your video does not make since sometimes. I think the oil volcano in the gulf is much more of a threat than the gay agenda will ever be, and everyone should already know about the agenda by now… if you have no kids or dont watch TV or movies then who cares? we under attack on every level on this prison fucked planet…but nice work rebel.

  47. “Hit girl” = “It-girl”?

    I am quite excited about what scale your work has reached now and may will, Alex. I would also appreciate it when you would turn away for at least a moment from the gaylites’ evil-doing and hand over some advice of how to become more human (I personally have in my mind leaving the state of shyness which you already mentioned, for example).

    By the way, your internet meme savvyness and your use of certain graphic elements and images leaves room for speculation, whether you are a frequent visitor of or not. 😉

    After you pointed out the “gay hanky code” and showed an example of entrainment in video games, “Red Faction” came to my mind.
    Here is the most blatant cover of this series, in my opinion: Red Faction

    Here is another one: Red Faction

    I have cursory played this video game many years ago. Back then, it occured to me like an average first-person shooter.

  48. iIris_Dream, well, I can’t speak for other bloggers, obviously, but when I began doing the show, I made a choice to put as much of the blog into the verbal content of the show instead. It stands to reason one would suffer, but I feel the number of people I’m reaching now has increased via the medium.

    As for your latter question, again speaking for myself, as said on the show, I have taken the programs the media’s hurling our way, and catapulting them back in their direction.

    dave, well, still, it’s better than JoogleTube. And I also disagree about “everyone” knowing about jack-shit. Everyone, for the most part, hasn’t the slightest clue what the gay agenda is, because the only perspectives on it they get, by and large, are the extreme dialectic views presented by the mainstream and alternative media. If the agenda to dehumanize us proceeds, personally I’d find a major cataclysm preferable to the slow degradation.

    The Keyser, are you suggesting I talk more of how to be a man and talk to women? I mean, I could, but I guess, first, I’d have to modify the old wisdom/methodology on how to “find” a human being. 😀

    Encyclopedia Dramatica is a riot. It’s kind of funny/sad that some of those who write it, obviously have found a bizarre outlet for their writing skills and sense of humor. Been meaning to suggest ALL MOTHERS read their page on today’s whores in training. Hm, remarkable how many fisting memes are blatantly put out in all forms of media.

  49. perfekt documentation, thank you

  50. The film “Go West” is rated 5 stars. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean in the pink veriety. Just very informative.

  51. Great doc.

    Nicholas Cage goes on about Daddy’s Hot Dogs – he’s fatehr of a boy. Then he becomes BIG DADDY in that film and is ‘father’ of a girl who has been masculinized

    Also Ewan McGregor , in TRAINSPOTTING, swims in a toilet bowl to get the suppository [ I think] that he dropped in there. Also there’s a scene where another one shits the bed. Also McGregor has a 15-yr old girlfriend.

    RANDY in British slang means ‘ always wanting sex’. Its written on a restaurant roof in one of the clips


  52. “David, I will have to assume that you are addressing the “shit” the media puts out and not the message [this doc] which reveals that to the ignorant?”

    Yep, and it appears that it is quite literally “shit“ that the medes are pushing on us.

    Great job as usual, celt. I actually had Wrath of Khan queued up to watch when I first opened up this page. I`ll interpret that synchronicity as another reason to keep my eyes WIDE open when I do go ahead and decide to watch it.

  53. VIDEO: MachoManRANDYSavage lol!:

    I don’t know how many of you already stumbled upon this, since it is kind of “old”. But I find this video caused some kind of heavy impact on me. It is a Parody of Disney’s “Duck Tales” and whether intentionallly or not, the creators of this video certainly reveal what Disney is really about.

    VIDEO: Duck Tales Parody

  54. Just finished watching Part II – ‘The Rebel’s Revenge’ 🙂 – Phenomenal ‘de-greasing’ of Olé Wood!
    Am re-energised by your dedication.

    I thought it was interesting that Ian McShane who you showed selling his soulhole by reverse thrust (sorry can’t remember the name of the movie’) made ‘his name’ as a character called ‘Lovejoy’.

    Great work

  55. Devilshand, thank you.

    butters, hehe. Not taken in that manner! 😆

    aferrismoon, probably should have noted the “randy,” as perhaps most Americans aren’t familiar with the vernacular. Oh yeah, forgot the “mud” to the mum’s face scene from Trainspotting.

    David, thanks for clarifying, as I wasn’t sure. For some reason, your comment ended up in the wordpress spam queue…

    The Keyser, wow, that Duck Tales parody is very disturbing indeed, especially considering this wave popping up of revelation of deviant behavior as humor.

    alex, thank you and appreciate you chiming in. Ah, you’re talking about the [smart] guy from Sexy Beast!

  56. Ok, so I’ve watched the videos out of order now, but it doesn’t make a difference. The message is still there! If you take a look at Ian Mcshane’s filmography you’ll notice a pattern weaved in there, some of the movies/programs he’s been involved in, do have a shade of ‘brown’ to them!
    Today, on Drudge Report, there are more ‘interesting’ pictures..especially one of Tiger Woods pooping a golf club!

    P.S. I would promote your videos Alex…but as I am in the middle of my own personal ‘revealing’ of sorts, I cannot go out exposing it all to my friends, and strangers, just yet…timing, as you know, is everything!

  57. Just briefly on the Lucy v. Jehovah stuff: I’m not sure why you think butt-sex necessarily has anything more to do with Jehovah’s will than it does Lucy’s. Personally I don’t believe in that much of a strict dichotomy between the two (and maybe Lucy isn’t SO different from Satan after all; maybe she’s actually working for God too, the more she struggles against his control). The way I conceive it, the bad affect of Jehovah mostly takes the blunt forms of stupidity, prejudice and violence. But anything involving deceptive TRICKERY used by someone with knowledge against people who think it’s fun to be naughty, that’s more like Lucy’s doing. In short, it might be Jehovah who indoctrinates man to believe that most/all fun = “SIN”. But it’s Lucy who provides people with deceit-filled arguments for going too far in the other direction (“EVERYTHING that’s ‘sinful’ is really good.”) Again, I don’t really believe in these two forces as coherent deities, but this is just the impression I get. For what it’s worth, I think the positive aspects associated with Lucy-as-Prometheus are fantastic. And when Zeus becomes Jesus–though of course the message got co-opted–there are positive aspects there as well. But, I mean, it’s almost like Madonna basically IS Lucy-on-Earth…yet you see all the bad stuff in your film as being from Jehovah?

    Maybe you disagree with the following as well, but I’m just going to throw it out there: I don’t believe that people like Jon Stewart even know what they’re serving. As brainwashed as their audience is, I think they’re even more brainwashed and oblivious, even when the agenda is all around them. Even when they themselves actually receive parts of the agenda to carry out (in the form of memos about what to do on tv), I don’t think they even realize “WOW THIS IS A REAL AGENDA THAT WILL REALLY AFFECT WORLD HISTORY”. I don’t think their minds can really fathom the extent or importance of their own media influence. These are people who can’t stay serious long enough, or concentrate long enough, to ever arrive at much insight or depth of thought. Sure, some higher-ups in the media obviously know what they’re doing, but the more telegenic pitchmen…they earn their jobs because they’re actually the MOST brainwashed par excellence. If they actually knew much of what purposes they REALLY served, I think they would become too self-conscious to function very well at what they do. It’s better for them to be the OPPOSITE of SELF-conscious. The enlightened don’t want to even interact with the masses to brainwash them; they’d rather hire someone really gullible like Jon Stewart, and have the super-brainwashed lead the brainwashed. The most brainwashed of the brainwashed (the guys who really love the slavery and think it’s really fun, and who can profess to have achieved “success” from it) that’s who you want guiding the people directly. Think of it this way: In a war you want the soldiers to believe the propaganda they’re fed (about why the war is going on, about how they’re doing the right thing, etc). The soldiers themselves have to be brainwashed, even though the higher generals know what the reality of the situation is and what lies would be most useful to tell in order to motivate the soldiers. Someone like Jon Stewart is like a sergeant in the army; sergeants aren’t initiated, rather sergeants earn their somewhat elevated spot because they’ve proven themselves to be the MOST susceptible to propaganda and the most zealous about motivating those under them to think and act in the prescribed fashions.

    Last note: It’s probably too late, but if you ever get a chance watch the movie The Edge Of Love with Keira Knightley. The movie is filled with lots of pseudo-lesbianism (something which happens in a few of Keira’s movies) and at one point one of the females turns to the other one says something like “The world would be so much better if there were no MEN in it!” The movie is a real showcase of how heterosexual love and jealousy apparently ruins people’s lives. The “friendship” between the two main female characters is the only successful bond in the whole movie. Every other bond (man-woman love and man-man friendship) leads to disaster. The femmy guy who played the Scarecrow in Batman is also in this movie, but in The Edge Of Love he actually functions as the manly-man(!), compared to the other lead man. The movie’s set in England during World War I, and there’s a ton of glamorization designed to make the moviegoer romanticize living in fear and danger, and having to sacrifice and live in austerity for the “good” of “society”.

  58. thanks for bringing hetro back !!!

  59. Isn’t rampant homophobic paranoia part of the same programming you attempt to assassinate time after time?

  60. I dislike hollywood as much as you, but to go as far as to claim that all gays (I am one, which probably means this comment won’t ever be approved here) are a monolithic entity intent on raeping your manliness and spreading the agenda of cthulhu is hysterical to say the least.

    I cringe just as much to the hollywood pandering to our minority. It’s like we’ve suddenly become their cashcows. We had been the victims of another form of propaganda not too long ago for thousands of years that resulted in our death and torture for NO REASON AT ALL.

    And it seems like we’ve become the propaganda now. Hooray? Hell no. Hollywood may be ghey in the worst way possible, but hollywood does NOT represent us.

    And you think we have the power to actually stage a massive brainwashing campaign? LOLOLOL

  61. Marty, I missed Drudge Report on the day you mentioned it, but the following day, once again, it was full of allusions to buttholes and shit. I have to say, I am a bit disappointed in how relatively few readers/bloggers have promoted this, but as came up in the show, I can begrudgingly, understand.

    Delilah, you will have to focus on conciseness to get your point across, especially in this article where there are so many comments, and yours are longer than the article itself. To me the priesthood of Jehovah/Zues are the anally fixated ones, and they leave their code/stamp (24/42) all over the shit the Medes put out. I never said Lucy was good, but she’s better than that lot of boy-loving sodomites.

    You do not get to sit in Jon Stewart’s chair without bending over A LOT. Basically, your argument is that Jon is a whole lot stupider than even I’d imagine, which I doubt. Look at the guests on his show (e.g., former head of Mossad). Heck, he HOSTED the Oscars. Case closed! Had been meaning to look at Edge of Love during the Valentine’s research, but didn’t get to it.

    chad, have I done that? 😀 Then, you’re welcome!

    mitch, your comment came close to receiving the axe, but your use of the word “assassinate” implies some process of thought. A “homophobe” is a heterosexual man who refuses to participate in homosexual party games. Any other definition, is basically just media spin/recrafting.

    Borg Representative B, you are partly right … I deleted a good part of your comment, as it is obvious that you either did not watch, or completely failed to understand the film. Problem one is you keep referring to “us,” hence it shows that by grouping yourself apart from the human race, you are being victimized by the media. Problem two is that while you claim to be against the perversion and degeneration that Holy Wood spews out, you chose to attack/vilify me and not them, those responsible for putting out the shite I am exposing.

  62. How weird Delilah – I was talking about Keira KNightley yesterday and her role in ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ (the teen football movie for girls).
    On movies (my favourite subject) I caught ‘Demolition Man’ yesterday…and boy-o-boy is that one big ass joke too! I can’t believe it! Just a taste….Wesley Snipes opens up a secret manhole cover to the ‘underground’ and smells the aroma eminating from the hole and says…’reminds me of biscuits and gravy!’ then jumps in!!!!!!!!!
    The whole film is some kind of strange prediction of the future and, get this, there is going to be a major earthquake on Sept. 26th 2010 according to the script, and Arnold Swartzneggar is going to be President of the United States of America, which Sly Stallone thought was ridiculous at the time…;-)
    The movie dates from 1996!
    Could this be one of those strange precursor movies indicating an event of some type about to take place?

    P.S. Also in Demolition Man, there is this weird link to Sly Stallone being the father of Sandra Bullock’s character..although he wants to have sex with her and eventually does by the end of the movie…

    Alex – what have you done? I cannot watch a movie now without looking for ass references…it IS the end of the world as we know it!!!!

  63. “iIris_Dream, well, I can’t speak for other bloggers, obviously, but when I began doing the show, I made a choice to put as much of the blog into the verbal content of the show instead. It stands to reason one would suffer, but I feel the number of people I’m reaching now has increased via the medium.”

    Don’t get me wrong I really appreciate all you’re doing and have great faith in you.

    I’m just wondering whether there are blogs/sites similar to this set up with sinister intentions, maybe to spread disinformation? For example (I know that site isn’t run by the same Wes Penre that runs Anyway, keep up the good work.

    Peace & Love

  64. What you’ve gathered in this documentary are enough pieces of evidence to show that holywood and the sorcerers of the entertainment industry are and have been crafting the public into both ritual participation and servitude/distraction of self empowerment. It is slightly effective to mention or gather multiple examples when trying to explain in words to somebody else these fundamentals of the media but usually most people will be afraid to face it or scoff it off as bullshit. With the many blueprints of social engineering put clearly and back to back in this film I really think it does an excellent job to the point where somebody curious and not completely mindless will have to face it, that hollywood is a plastic piece of crap,that the base of majority perception and views are crafted reenactments. Only somebody completely zombified and tucked away into the helm of materialism would be able to watch this and not be able to conjure up a connection between entertainment and entrainment. Maybe soon we can all stop participating in the spell.

  65. In the movie “Yes Man” Jim Carrie’s best friends fiance is named, check it, Lucy Burns. I would have never caught that before.

    Oh btw Alex this is Victoria and I called into your show this Sunday. Keep up the good work!
    I think I may have found a guy but he’s hundreds of miles away. No diamond ring ‘baby’ all I ask for is love.

  66. enjoyed the latest podcasts with you & lee. never knew about scene kids. pretty much looks like a hybrid of 80s punk & glam repackaged, but with more directionless, gay music. here’s a great example of a modern “man” with an excellent ‘idiocracy’ style argument. i can almost visualize the grid surrounding this kid.

  67. VIDEO: Is this the world of tomorrow?

  68. Marty, ah, thanks for reMinding me of Demolition Man. I skimmed through it and the movie is basically one of the longest running jokes loaded with coded [and blatant] homosexuality and anal/poop references. May have to use a couple clips in V3. No, it’s not you, it’s them!

    iIris_Dream, no doubt there are a few disinfo sites out there, but there are far more sites not run by agents, just your smarter bumbling buffoons, afraid to take chances hence confining themselves [and their audience] to the same box they claim to be above (a topic that has come up before).

    Lee, much appreciated Lee. I tried to make this in such a way as to let the shit the Medes put out speak for itself, with me just explaining some of the deeper esoteric/codified concepts. Yet, it’s funny to see how many either “don’t get it,” or as I suspect, “refuse to.” Acknowledging the reality/totality would involve changing one’s habits … and few people (or even truthers) want to do that.

    Shattered Butterfly, yet another Lucy Burns??? [here’s but another] Oh my, it’s getting hot in here.

    raffi, yea those scene kids are a scary fucking lot. As I once bemused, their music is like a testicle-less version of the second gen testicle-less new wave (which followed testicle-less new wave). Oh my god, did that little bitch just slam someone by saying “you are such a man.” 😥

    C, I’m not particularly fond of the site that hosts the vid, but that is definitely an excellent production.

  69. Great work – Although I have to say I felt physically sick after watching it.

    I just wanted to say I am so excited that you have Alex of ‘too long in this place’ on your show on sunday – I love her blog so much! It will be good to have a more female perspective…I really enjoyed hearing the lady who called in last week…

  70. btw I saw “Valhalla Rising” the other day…and guess what happens shortly after they arrive in “Hell”? Yep, Butt rape time!

    and I finally watched “Shutter Island”, what a mind fuck! This warden (Ted Levine) and his chilling speech about god and violence gave me the fucking creeps man…

    “We’ve Known Each Other For Centuries” -Warden

    yeah, I guess we do…

  71. As good as version 1 or better. I would suggest that you go into at least a little more depth explaining the stargate theory because it sounds very esoteric, it’s just mentioned once right at the beginning and then you move into this long, disturbing presentation. I also think it might help to put it on the other side of the narration which begins around 9:50 to give viewers a better chance to become interested in watching before talking about something that unusual. I would also suggest that you might consider going including some discussion of how much detail goes into screenplays and storyboarding and how shots are often deliberately conceived and scripted by movie makers long before a set is even constructed to help people recognize that all of that is part of the craft and the message. I think those elements might be taken for granted by moviegoers who haven’t taken a film appreciation course or something more often than not, just as our own first-person perspective in real life situations sometimes is taken for granted.

    David Duchovny on Larry Sanders:

    VID: Duchovny has a crush on Larry
    VID: David and Gary at Larry Sanders

    PS: Part two of DGW has a much more engaging narrative than the older part one, which drags a bit by comparison.

  72. probably the gayest music video, all the way back from the 1950s. the lyrics alone should’ve started a celtic rebellion back then.

  73. “Alex Becomes First Named Tropical Storm Of Atlantic Hurricane Season”

    god rebel you are everywhere!

  74. Thought I’d point something out that coincides with everything talked about in case people didn’t notice…take a look at the cover of the latest Rolling Stone with Lady Gaga in her hmm ‘military’ bra…the letters BP are directly placed next to her bare ass cheeks! Coincidence? Purposeful joke? Sadistic vibration of the true nature of the hole?

  75. Linnet, disgust and nausea is a perfectly normal reaction. That’s exactly why they [the medes/priests of wood] feed us this shit in small increments with constant distractions … so that we can digest it, absorb it and hence, be modified by it. Hope you liked the show.

    mace556, I may just have to watch/stomach “one-eye” go down to hell and get butt-raped. It’s all so fucking obvious now.

    Evan Long, good feedback … will consider as I move forward with V3. I definitely need to add quite a bit more narrative to Part I it would seem. Larry Sanders. Ugh! Ugly as fuck. Not even remotely funny. And only one possible reason he has a show, but we’d have to Ask a Nazi what that might be.

    raffi, ah with the gift of hindsight, clearly übergay. I figured that Elvis had his ass pounded a plenty to become such a big “star” [fitting]. But the boys singing “One Two One Two Choo-Choo!” Well, that’s just “Gravy!”

    Jon, should Alex come up Miss Isis Pipi’s backside and help her solve the serious anal leakage problem she’s having and clear away all the shit … well, that might make some sense…

    Marty, this is about the only link I could find showing the BP [butt penetration] logo on her/his ass. Oh yeah, I am still far from convinced she wasn’t born a man.

  76. UGH I was just remember demolition man as well. The only other part I remember except for poop jokes is that stupid bit about using shells instead of toilet paper. And they never explained it! Must be the same writers of the LOST finale

  77. bruce spring-stein‘s “born in the usa” album cover was photographed by none other than annie lesbovitz… the same “woman” who shot lil’ miley’s pornographic vanity fair cover.

    on digging deeper into lesbovitz’s photo gallery, i found this one of sting… no explanation necessary.

  78. From Italy, saw this commercial on a children’s tv channel


  79. The ‘wig’ element is most definately to do with sexual programming and alters. Just watched part 65 at and it shows examples of the memory loss with britney spears as a prime example. By wearing a wig it would allow someone to detach themselves more easily , the colour of the wig might then be code for what that person MIGHT be programmed to do just like the wearing of diff coloured bandanas.
    In the movie Psycho i always remember the image ofBates running with the knife while dressed up as his alter , his mother….

  80. Here’s a Talmud search for that nine years old limit.
    According to Talmud one cannot be passive (violating the penetrator) while not old enough to be capable of full intercourse.
    Bottom of the page. You need at least two hairs on your balls and thick milky semen to be regarded as victim of male rape and attribute guilt on the penetrator. No wonder they make great lawyers and leaders of ideologies.

    And Arnie knows which side the bread is buttered.

    I’m just so confused. All the Leftist figureheads tell me Arnie is a Nazi.

  81. Hey Alex,
    just finished watching Part 1 of Version 2. Wow. To use Lennon Honor’s words: “This guy really breaks it down!” Gonna have to watch it again though, still got some catching up to do on some of these topics. I took your advise and have posted your Video on my blog. I think it will go way over the heads of most here (I currently reside in Germany and blog both in German and English, hence there may be somewhat of a language barrier) but I still thought it well worth promoting. Looking forward to part 2. Thanks for all the work you put into your blog and your films.

  82. elizalegs, well, if you consider the venus/vaginal resonance of the shells and consider that 3 of them is a trinity, you could see it as the embodiement of the unisexual anus as the new vagina in the future. Judging by the demeanor of the males in Demolition Man, it was indeed [near] futuristic in that regard.

    raffi, as mentioned on the show that followed, that’s a great scoop/add. What a useful shit-sucking whore Annie has been.

    Gypsyrock, interesting array of chocolate/brown hearts. Of course, subjective until one’s spots the prerequisite [for anal] “twist” inside the logo.

    Pavman, that’s definitely a possibility and supported by many, an element that helps allow one to act outside one’s self. However, I for lack of better terms, feel,, there is a deeper underlying meaning, some related to the page/squier relationship and perhaps far more.

    Kurt, the Babylonian Talmud is obviously a degenerate handbook on how to fuck children/people over and by attaching it to religion/god, its practitioners/acolytes hide behind the ever-expansive concept known as “The Jews” for shelter.

    In an unrelated issue, for some reason, your IP address range is the same as that of one nutter who’s been posting shite of late, hence you may experience some comment loss due to your non-use of e-mail address.

    wolkenwatcher, thank you very much. And, I do sincerely appreciate all your support!

  83. amazing work, top notch symbolism in those 4 hours.

    for the final edition you must add something from the recent Boondocks Season 3 episode “Pause”. Its mocks Tyler Perry and the term “no homo”. (epic)

    this bit with sarah silverman and lost producers is also right up your alley, pun unintended. lol (2:50)

    there was another example i had but i forgot it atm, i will get back with it though.

  84. You might consider including some reference the Franklin Coverup/Franklin Scandal material and some of the issues raised in works such as Dave McGowan’s “The Pedophocracy”, which give another angle into this phenomenon:

    Here’s a video of Paul Bonacci from the Franklin Coverup being interviewed by Ted Gunderson. There is more of this footage in existence but I’m not sure if it’s still available on the internet at the moment.

    In other videos, Bonacci talks about officials from a pederast organization called NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) being involved in the sex slave trade of which he was a victim-accomplice. He also displays diagrams he has drawn of the elaborate hierarchies of his multiple personalities which were created by the repeated abuse and mind control he was subjected to. His description of hierarchies of personalities, some of which were confined to a single skill-set or even a single task and others of which had command over others, sound very similar to the hierarchies of spirits which are described in magical grimoires. Perhaps that is what the occult is all about.

    The attempted regression of the male psyche toward a permanent state of confused quasi-adolescence is quite evident in Jimmy Kimmel’s and Adam Carolla’s “The Man Show”.

  85. Celtic Rebel this is an amazing piece of work. I have to watch first part a few more times to catch all the details you have put into the film. I watched the show,”Lazy Town,” in passing about 2 years ago. I thought to myself what piece of trash is this? As a supposed kids show it made no sense to me. I also thought it was totally weird that the young girl dressed and acted in an odd sort of adult way.

    I see this theme of what I call the “preteen adult woman” seems to be popping up in Hollywood films. I think the most recent examples are Abigail Breslin in “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Zombieland.” Ellen Page in “Hard Candy” who by the way had a magazine shoot and make out session with Drew Barrymore recently. “Kick Ass” brings Chloe Moretz as the newest “preteen woman” to be big in Hollywood. I think it is twisted of the Hollywood priest class that these young women stare in explicit films that could never legally see in a theatre without adult supervision. So here is that theme of prostitution again, a young woman can do just about anything on screen just a long as she gets paid well for it.

    I have a theory that ties all of this with the main theme of your documentary. When I look at the wig and haircut that these young women have, that has been called a “page boy” cut. The page boy was the young preteen male servant of a medieval knight. Supposedly in the middle ages knights would have secret affairs with preteen girls, but since they could be punished for these affairs they would have the girls wear a disguise called a “mirkin.” The mirkin was a wig that would cover the young girl’s pubic area to prove she was of the age of consent.

    Maybe these young girls act as wigs to cover up the real theme of these films. If you change the female characters to young boys or pages it becomes clear. We are looking at older men enticing and teaching preteen boys how to “Go West.” That is why films like “Zombieland” and “Kick Ass” have the young women using guns and being adult in a way. So instead of doing the obvious and placing a preteen young man in these roles, the priest class of Hollywood use a young female “Mirkin” or wig to play the role of young man.

  86. Hey Celtic; Great Documentary!! Say…have you heard the following two popular music songs?? I linked them via YouTube so that you can listen to them and included the lyrics. One is “Alternative” the other is “Rap”. The “Rap” one really reads / sings like a brief “synopsis” of your recent work.

    Natalie Merchant “San Andreas Fault”

    Go west
    Paradise is there
    You’ll have all that you can eat
    Of milk & honey over there

    You’ll be the brightest star
    The world has ever seen
    Sun-baked slender heroine
    Of film & magazine

    You’ll be the brightest light
    The world has ever seen
    The dizzy height of a jet-set life
    You could never dream

    Your pale blue eyes
    Strawberry hair
    Lips so sweet
    Skin so fair

    Your future bright
    Beyond compare
    It’s rags to riches
    Over there

    O, promised land
    What a wicked ground
    Build a dream
    Watch it all fall down

    Mos Def “The Rape Over”

    All white men is runnin this rap shit
    Corporate force’s runnin this rap shit
    Setae israli is runnin this rap shit
    We poke out the asses for a chance to cash in
    Cocaine, is runnin this rap shit
    ‘Dro, ‘yac and E-pills is runnin this rap shit

    The rape over, turn your face over nigga
    No god in disguise it’s me, game over
    Hey lil souljahs you’re ready for more?
    But don’t ask what you’re fighting for
    They thought that you sur–vived the gunfight, the drama, the stress
    You get in the line of fire we get the big ass cheques
    You gettin your choice to pimp
    Make your choice and fall in
    This is austral B I, take that cock in your behind, Beatch
    Hit the streets and perform for us
    Hold hard and bring it on to us, fucker
    I let you sip, comes an army, get a Mercedes
    And kick back and let you pay me, my Mack is crazy
    I leave the, knife and fist fight filled with glamour
    Yeah, take a picture what this platinum-plated the sledgehammer
    We over-do it add the fire and explosion to it
    We’re so confused with one rap music

    Mtv, is runnin this rap shit
    Viacom is runnin this rap shit
    AOL and Time Warner runnin this rap shit
    We poke out the asses for a chance to cash in
    Cocaine, is runnin this rap shit
    Hennessey, is runnin this rap shit
    Quasi-homosexuals is runnin this rap shit

    Watch out we run the world

    That’s it

  87. Terry, ah looks like the junio seasoned fascists at GooTube pulled the first vid. For any interested, here’s an alternate link. Honestly, I doubt the audience of the show realizes it is making fun of them, but the “others,” of course. Gotta admit though, the Jesus bit may prove useful.

    Argh! Sarah Silverman, not only is she fugly, but she’s also not even remotely funny and bloody annoying. Wait, why’s she on TV? Oh, she’s Jewish.

    Evan Long, was unaware McGowan also wrote a book called The Pedophocracy. Thanks for the link, his Politics of Serial Killing shows he’s got some true insight. I’m a little weary of Gunderson because of his associations, but no doubt that Franklin case was the tip of a massive iceberg (or just the rim of a long shit-filled rabbit-hole, to stay in context).

    N in Van, thank you. Yea, that lazy town is bizarre to say the least, and filmed entirely in Iceland, yet made for worldwide consumption, particularly by Latin Americans. WTF? The trend is undeniable and I’m guessing they’re taking the European underground art-house sex-romps starring underage acresses of yesteryear and seeing that everyone’s a fucking moron now, putting the same shit out as Hollywood A-List MegaFare.

    The merkin/page view seems to ring close to the truth and heck a preadolescenct little boy could cleverly be disguised as an adolescent girl with a um, proper merkin.

    Nicholas, no I was unfamiliar with the two songs. They do both seem to be quite relevant, written by those in the know and speaking directly to the theme of this documentary.

  88. By the power invested me by pruerient wishfull thinking! I found this amusing.

    VID: Monkey Dust: Paedofinder General

    Thanks Alex once again for sharing your unpleasant, but undeniable conclusions

  89. Perhaps when you get tired of XTC for your intro music, you might consider a tune by a fellow Celt to match your current interests –
    Van Morrison’s ‘Brown Eyed Girl’, LOL

  90. That song was originally written “Brown Skinned Girl”, FYI. The label made Van M. change it.

    VIDEO: Mini Pet Shop Boys in Mini Playback Show

  91. I was watching tv today and came across this creepy kids television show
    the donut man

    jesus died for your donuts…

    donuts for jesus?

  92. Just found this, thought you might like it, Alex:


  93. Where can I get the highest resolution version of this video? Or should I wait for 3.0?

  94. RangersRebel, that was indeed quite bizarre.

    Rubber John, haha, but no.

    elizalegs, thanks for the factoid. And, amazing find on that video. That one pretty much spells it [the plan] right out in the open. I foresee a credit in V3.

    marie, wow! Was completely unaware of the Donut Repair Shop. That is one twisted pervert and the symbology and terminology proves that fucker knows exactly what he’s doing. Amazing what you can get away with if you throw the word “jesus” into your pederast playhouse once in a while.

    That “rabbi hole/donut hole” led to a some bizarre, um, shit. Most disturbing were the comments on the videos defending it. It’s like the victims have been brainwashed to defend their childhood mind-rapists.

    wolkenwatcher, quite a bizarre “chance” t-shirt.

    William Hill, the highest resolution available is the one out on Vimeo, V2, which is 853 X 480. V3, is gonna take some reworking and planning (and a mental break for yours truly), so it may be a while. If you sign up/in to Vimeo you could download P1 & P2 and press a DVD for sharing in the meantime (please feel free).

  95. Hey, just wanted to say great work on the video! I just finished watching the first part and found it pretty exhausting to get through (through no fault of your own, but because of the sheer amount of Hollywood programming we are exposed to). Anyway, I’ll have to take a break and watch the second part later, but so far so good. After watching, it’s pretty hard for anybody to dismiss this stuff as “coincidence”, though I’m sure many will try.

    I didn’t know that “blue” was gay slang, so thanks for bringing that to my attention. I found this online, which explains it more:

    blue –a reference to the notion that all homophobia would end if everyone who was gay or bisexual would turn blue (or wear a blue dot on their forehead) for just one day. This idea is discussed in the short story “Am I Blue?” by Bruce Coville, where it is referred to as the Third Great Gay Fantasy (Am I Blue? Coming Out from the Silence, ed. Marion Dane Bauer, HarperTrophy, a short story collection for LGB youth), and in Bingo by Rita Mae Brown. Musician Tori Amos also used this reference in the song “Hey Jupiter” on Boys for Pele when she asked, “So are you gay? Are you blue?”

    Tori Amos, while straight, is a great friend to the gay community and has been since she started playing in gay bars at the age of 12.
    [Submitted by Rebecca Scott, A Brief Dictionary of Queer Slang and Culture]
    [Submitted from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Gay Slang]

    Oh, I also left a link to your video in my comment on this (rather clueless) article:
    “Is Sherlock Holmes Gay?”

  96. Another indication that the Franklin case was, indeed, the tip of a massive iceberg may be that John DeCamp of the CIA’s Phoenix assassination program in Vietnam was the one to handle it.

  97. Alex you did a great job combining the essentials ingredients for this revolutionary pizza…I’m hunger for the 3rd slice.
    Today the hipnotelieavision was playing a song of Lionel Richie called “Hello”. On that video clip a blind eyed girl was having a role playing game instructed by the professor Lion-El Reach were she states: “bla bla bla we could Go West”.
    Good luck for today show with Lenon

    Thank you for helping me to understand how to use the BS goggles.

  98. hey rebel man check out this shite

    “Due to his sexual problems, Walt at one point permitted himself to be subjected to the packing of his genitals in ice for hours at a time. (Elliot, Walt Disney Hollywood’s Dark Prince, p. 83.) Children were instructed to call Walt “Uncle Walt.” An example of this were the Mouseketeers. For those who know how mind-control programmers have traditionally liked to be called “uncle” by their child victims, the insistence by Walt to be known as “uncle” is distasteful. From what this author has learned from some sources about Walt’s non-public life as a hidden sadistic porn king, it raises questions about other parts of his life. For instance, Kenneth Anger in his book Hollywood Babylon II, p. 192, “Some animators stated that the boss [Walt Disney] seemed to have fallen in love with the boy. There may be some truth in this…” The boy, who Walt fell in love with, was a small young attractive boy actor named Bobby Driscoll who signed up in 1946 with Disney. He acted in Song of the South, Treasure Island and Bobby’s voice was used in Peter Pan. Bobby Driscoll was very intelligent and attractive. Did Disney help or abuse him? If Disney was such an upbuilding wholesome atmosphere, & this child actor had everything going for him, why did Bobby become a methamphetamine addict at 17 & die within just a few years? Why didn’t his talent & early career lead to something positive in his life? From those who knew Walt personally one learns that he had an obsession with the buttock part of anatomy. He enjoyed jokes about this part of the anatomy, which he told to his staff quite frequently. The staff edited out many of his crude posterior jokes from cartoon scripts. Two examples that got by the editors are a Christmas special where a little boy is unable to button the drop seat of his pajamas. The little boy’s problem in maintaining his modesty is the running gag of the cartoon. In the end, Santa gives him a champer pot. The 2nd example is the paddling machine used on the wolf in The Three Little Pigs. Numerous Disney cartoons feature buttocks of characters provocatively twitching.”

    from sprizmeyer’s illuminati bloodlines under “disney”

  99. One can’t forget Blackadder’s “manservant” Bob. Bob’s really a girl dressed as a man but Blackadder thinks she’s a boy and though he feels ashamed of it he is sexually attracted.

  100. EXCELLENT rocumentary! I’m supposed to be cooking dinner for my husband, but I got caught up in your damn good video and may be in trouble-hehehe.

    I have passed quite a few tid bits you have so graciously given, but I would like an elaboration on the STARFISH code. That is the ONLY code word I have trouble verifying in a satisfactory manner. For all intents and purposes, I believe you (trust my gut), but I would love something you may have that sites the Starfish phenomena.


  101. Andy, thanks and I understand that a break is not a bad idea. As I may have expressed, that’s why hollywood feeds us this sick shit in increments, else we’d throw it up in their face.

    The example you provide is somewhat suspect, as it is written by people who know the “cover story,” but aren’t in on the joke. I may add “Am I Blue” in V3. Thanks for promoting, would be curious if you got any harsh responses…

    Evan Long, hm, interesting observation about having a “company man” run the investigation. It occurred to me now that whole Swift Boat bullshit may have been counterintel to downplay how active Kerry was in Vietnam too.

    Bruno, haha, a bling girl saying “we could go west.” It just doesn’t stop. Dare I say the well is “bottomless?” 😥

    jason, yea too say Walt was “obsessed with asses” is the definition of an understatement.

    Linda, thanks for sharing. That would make sense. May have to look back at some of the old roles of women pretending to be men for various [surface] reasons and the subtext is all about boy love…

    Gretchen, well, I hope your husband didn’t go hungry! 😆 As for the Starfish “code,” I didn’t elaborate within the video, as I devoted a [w]hole article to it before: Starfish to Stardom.

  102. peace celtic rebel. this film is awesome, i’m learning a lot. you are now on my donations list to support further productions 😉 be well and if you haven’t, check this movie out: “But I’m a Cheerleader”. very confusing stuff in my opinion.

  103. New Ho Down Thrown Down Video with Miley Cyrus, notice the lyrics :

    Stick It and Glide
    Zig Zag Touch
    Across The Floor
    Shuffle in Diagonal
    HIT the DRUM
    180 Twist

    speaking of hitting the drum :

    notice how bugs bunny is pointing the carrot to his LEFT EYE, brown eyed.

    Still on the topic :

    This is a classic Simpsons with a Freemasons spoof, but notice at 6:20 in the episode, grandpa is looking in his wallet for contact cards, while doing a brotherhood hand sign and says : “a communist, a Freemason, the president of the gays and lesbian’s association for some reason, ah here it is … the stone cutters”

    PS: I just saw that and I had to share : SATISFACTION

    The west agenda is big in Asia too. He is trying to copy : Jolin Tsai – Badger Game/Honey Trap


    not sure if you heard of rumpology before, but this is slyvester stallones mothers profession in which she performs psychic readings on peoples ass’s

    “Though Sylvester Stallone does not hold the influence in Hollywood he once did, he is apparently a devoted practitioner of Rumpology and has shared his mother’s wisdom with his celebrity pals.”

    also theres a childrens television program in the uk called “blue peter” and their logo is a pirate ship

  105. I personally hate the Grammy’s too, however to state that Paul Kelly is more talented than all of them combined is a little bit much. Not all Grammy winner’s want to be there, and many are FAR more talented than Paul Kelly, Herbie Hancock for example. But notice he received a Grammy for his WORST SONG [Rock It]. ‘Nuff said.

    PS: Hey Ya’ll, the Cure DOES suck. Anyway, “Don’t Go West” is around as a torrent with a few seeds, just google it. Delete this post if u have to Alex 🙂

  106. Can’t wait for DGW 3.0!

    I downloaded Don’t Go West 2.0 on (it’s a torrent and there’s only 1 seed)

    I’m going to upload it to some some direct download sites as well as some eastern-europe video streaming sites like “Smotri” (which is good place to find perverted cartoons like family guy & simpsons to analeyez btw).

    If you can’t find DGW contact me on my youtube page (click name below) or ask people like old krypton (now where to get it.

  107. please provide info on on how to get a copy of this movie. I’ve wanted to revisit may time since viewing it, but understand why it’s impossible to keep online.

  108. Any updates on DGW 3.0? I’m really looking forward to you finishing this.

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