What Have the Chosen Done? [3]

At the moment, I can’t think of a better example of how “awake” yet completely ignorant to the most obvious the conspindustry has made its victims than this:

Christina Aguilera Rectal Blowout

Started off the show connecting to where we left off last week, eventually making our way to the long-promised discussion of “the whos”:


At risk of overestimating my own reach, I do believe there is great value in tossing out all the conspiratorial garbage we were fed, especially the nonsense about the mind-control of prostitute celebrities, while neglecting that they are promoting repeated viewing of the real mind control, that aimed at the fools watching.

ready for my facialhi my name is whore

The two girls/whores above are obviously both the victims of mind-control, but here’s a question to test your mental acumen: Which one is smarter?

The one on the left has been set up to become a perpetual victim, an easy mark for those in the entertainment/prostitution industry. She will pursue her “dream” of having the world recognize her “amazing talents.” In the end, she, like most who pursue that programmed dream, will receive many [close-up] semen deposits, but little else in pursuit of her career (while giving away her kah-rear).

The one on the right, however, has demonstrated true ingenuity. Regardless of how much she is used over her lifetime, and regardless of which end she services others through, unlike the girl on the left, they will at least remember her name.

the grabblerariel toaff

The above left image may be comical, and perhaps [as per the video] quite a clever way to talk about something very substantive and real under the guise of comedy. But the crimes of those who subscribe to the mindset are very “real,” and beyond debate: I went through an extensive list of [undeniable] facts during the show.

the pope is an actorchabad jews own bush

Hopefully, some will listen [and hear], and the spurious debate about The Vatican versus The Jews may end. It is pointless and based on dated, hence now false arguments [yes, I once fell for it too]. Yes, The Vatican was once very powerful, and held great sway on the public mind, but times change. We are in new age.

The psychopathic mindset of Chabad Lubavism (pictured around their boy d’jour Bush), has spewed out some of the most vile and racist rhetoric ever put forth in the history of mankind (no, that is not a hyperbole, look into it). Remarkably few are ware of this; for some strange reason, no one’s ever made a movie about it.

madagascar jewish actorsmadagascar war by deception

The two images above both speak to the idea that the Priests of Wood know there is much more to the [media-ridiculed] notion that Madagascar may have actually been a considered post-detention plan for Jews by many in Germany (those whom were not part of the Zionist Nazi hierarchy leading by way of deception).

Poster Says: “Cute and cuddly boys, cute and cuddly.”
Poster Means: “No, we’re not trying to infiltrate your country! We’re victims of the Holocaust! 3000 years of oppression we have suffered!”

Mind Control: The Power to Program Your Victims to Ignore Their Own Senses and Chase Imaginary Shadows, while you Openly Mock Them.

Cast-off the programming. The content of each and every book below (many of which were in school curriculum and used to program Jews and Gentiles alike) has been unequivocally proven as false. Further “debate” about the scripted fiction [¡The Show-ah!] ultimately reduces to one lowest common denominator: shit.

Holocaust Library of Shame

Tonight was also the world premiere of the latest addition to our growing list of experts, English Bob, live at The Super Bowl. Who else is gonna give you that extra inch when you’re so desperate that you’ll crawl on your knees and scratch for it? 😉

super hand jobbrotherly prostate exam

Holy Wood has long been associated with anal fixation. Hopefully, everyone can see that (and smell it) clearly now. The sports world is just being cemented into the mix along with all forms of entertainment (the real mind control). Hence, why we are also seeing the same tell-tale fecal signs in the scripted news stories we are fed.

stroker aceone whore for the moneyeverybody gets it in the end

For those who haven’t been keeping up: “ace” as in spade card which translates to “buttsex.” Alternately: “Stoke her Ass.” Burt Reynolds never really cared for vagina anyway. The second image [thanks Peter for posting] is pretty straightforward as to what Katherine “thinks” she is looking for quite overt as to the specific physical result of such activity. It may also indirectly address why Christina Aguilera could not contain herself [“wide open”]. The last of the above images pretty much spells out what inevitably happens to all the fools with stars in their eyes [no doubt].

leonardo dicaprio ass poundedbaby squirrel girl

Oh no! I sure hope that Leonardo hasn’t already slept with more than seven other producers, cause according the new logic, that would make him a “whore” and he’ll never get married. 🙄 It’s true! It was in Elle Magazine and written by a female Jewish psychologist who graduated from Haarfvaard! 😀 This series will continue until it’s done.

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Sep 2010: Peasants are Revolting [4] Feb 2012: What the Chosen Did [4]

Note A: I was a guest on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers on Wednesday night, February 8th [no longer available]. The show was commercial-free and contains a few points that may be of interest even to regular listeners, a few of which apply to this current series and will be expanded upon. There may be a Part II coming.

Note B: The mystery of exactly “what” is dripping down Christina Aguilerra’s legs has finally been solved (thanks to all the great commenters below). It is now official and undeniable: it’s “gravy!” For an explanation as to how I know, listen to the following show. If you’re not an actor and don’t know what that is: get caught up.

~ by celticrebel on February 7, 2012.

36 Responses to “What Have the Chosen Done? [3]”

  1. There is Hope on the Horizon! I can totally relate to that since mid of last week I can’t get the line: “the darkest hour is right before the dawn” from paul kelly out of my head.

    I don’t know if you already covered this up.( I’m no casual listener to your show) But I have a theory why many of us males pretend like little bitches and gloating when a friend got rejected by a woman. When we are young children we have a best friend, this can be viewed as I first deep connection outside of the family which is healthy and a great experience. A theme which you can see in many Children Cartoons, with adult faggot characters instead of young boys. Cartoons like :

    Asterix and Obelix including small white Dog
    Rocco and Heffa including small white Dog
    Adventures of Tintin (big in Europe don’t know about USA)
    a Romance between a young Reporter and an Old Seaman (Buttpirate)
    including small white Dog
    Ren and Stimpy
    Bart and Milhouse
    Spongebob and Patrick including slimy little pet
    Terence Hill (Penis?) and Bud (Butt?) Spencer

    and i guess many more…
    these are just a few characters which i recognize out of the blue.

    A commonly topic of these shows are: One is in love with a chick and his friend get jealous and tries everything to brake the relationship. So when we grow up you or your Best Friend gets his first crush and the other one will react in the same way like the Heroes from his favourite television show and so the thought of being resent even to close friends is implemented in the human brain.

    Good Week to you and all your listeners

  2. Good write up on the Priestess Madonna and the half time show. Have a feeling we are dealing with a bunch of Nazi’s here.


    Liked the show opening with that fellow who sounded like Russell Brand explaining the finer point of “football” to us folks here in the colonies.

  3. Did a bit of looking into this Christina debacle and found this report. It starts off with a few paragraphs saying how it was rumored to be the result of her period but was then found out to be “fake tan” running down her leg due to the wrong application of the product. The bulk of the article then goes on to explain some handy tips on how to properly apply it in order to stop you having the same embarrassing problem. Sounds like serious damage control to me. Thankfully those of us now walking the rebel path can see through the literal shit that the media is now spoon feeding us. It makes me sick. It makes me even sicker that children are mind fucked into viewing her as some kind of i-doll that they should be emulating. Keep up the great series of shows. I think you have revealed some real important truths.

  4. Your self proclaimed “wing man” friend should stop lurking PUA forums and instead grow himself a pair of balls.

  5. Dear Alex I recently saw an Awesome Documentory that brought back horrific memories of school life… the only happy times were after school…

    “THE WAR ON KIDS” http://www.tagtele.com/videos/voir/47708 And this one too…
    DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZJoCfgAEuE

    Looking back it did feel like a prison… My mother told me that in first grade
    the my overwieght techer said I had ADD and I needed to go on meds thank God my Mom told that her to FUCK OFF…

    PS: You should make a list of movies that are Great Movies that don’t have any hidden Gay/Jew agenda programming… My top 3 favorite Movies are
    1. The Patriot
    2. All PIxar Moives so far “BRAVE” looks awesome
    3. The Beautiful Green “French Film” very inspiring…

    I can’t believe that Picture is real of Christina Aguliera leaking from having to much butt sex “the exuse used is that it was tanning lotion that never dried… BS

    Hey Alex do you believe that the Madonna SuperBowl show was just pure enterainment or a satanic ritual… Do you think the ending with the words “WORLD PEACE” was sincere or a joke… I really want to believe that the NFL and Stars like madonna are fighter for peace… but If you equate the show 99.9% sexually charged entertainment and only .1% World Peace shown at the end for a 2 seconds why bother… at least Michael Jackson song a whole song about World Peace… 60% enterainment 40% World Peace


  6. Robert, yea, that songs been playing inside the jukebox in my skull as well. It’s been a very very long night. You may have a point about the subtle homosexual association to friendship made in these cartoons.

    WhatsItAllAboutAlphie, you didn’t just say the “N” word, did you? 🙄 Hehe, Russell’s the expert on EVERYTHING these days.

    Aaron, yes, I agree, they are trying to hard to spin this away from what might expose their global prostitution racket disguised as celebredom.

    Max, agreed. Unfortunately, I think many who grew up under years of call it “bitch” or second-rate male programming have no idea what a pair of balls is, much less how to grow a pair.

    Nico, I gather you’re somewhat new to The Path? Pixar films are extremely subversive and loaded with social engineering, and the Patriot? A little too homoerotic for my taste. Haven’t seen the Green yet, but keep hearing good things about it. On the positive side, the schooling curriculum is seriously f’d, but working as it should.

  7. Hum! What Have the Chosen Done? or What Have they Chosen? 😯

  8. “The stone which the builder rejected has become the cornerstone of the temple.”

    We reject entoto that it could be the “the people who will not be blamed” (as Jack the Ripper wrote) and thus we fulfill the above scripture. The inability to pin the tail on the donkey makes one a donkey. Hee Haw! This is the lesson of the “bad shepherd” as shown by Robert Graves in “King Jesus” and by Carlo Suares in revealing what Judas is.

    Wood for the fire. Some un-kosher mind food while we sit around the fire. While we chat about this most taboo subject we might as well watch some porn.

  9. Hmm, the Madagascar Plan seems to be partly what this CGI Madagascar movie was about. Just check the names of the actors and the imagery they used. Good show, Alex.

  10. I also loved the quote by the commenter who thought the alien guy’s information was helpful and that he would try to remember it while his skull was being crushed by a boot.

    Perhaps we will be lucky enough to be squashed by the same boots as these survivors: Holohoax Survivors who Tell the Truth [VIDEO]

    PS – I still have an ax to gring with that “cat harpy chic” who booted me from the chat room.

  11. Touching story about the baby squirrel, at least you tried. Have you considered getting a collar with a bell for your cat? It would reduce her kill count. And Alex, much as I respect you, I’m afraid that was the worst English accent since Dick van Dyke in ‘Mary Poppins’. Hang on, ‘Dick’, hmm, ‘van Dyke’, hmm again, ‘Mary Poppins’, oh dear.

  12. effel, fair point.

    eugene, great quote and points. I’m sure the conspindustry will tell us “who cannot be blamed” are reptiles or grays. 😮

    Ferdinand, ah yes, you are correct sir. Thanks for also providing the above left Madagascar image used in current write-up.

    IAmLonefrog, yea, it was a real good quote from “anon.” We should be so lucky to whine about such annoying conditions at a “death camp.” Thanks for the vid. Hehe, it’s been flagged as “offensive or inappropriate”! 😡 Jewtube sure does hate survivors.

    Ross, yea, I tried but she keeps losing it in the briar patch. Perhaps on purpose? 😀 Dick van Cock, the Who?

  13. this picture is relevant to this topic.

  14. The Magic war has begun-better get with the flow

    VID: The Terrible Spectre of the Dreadful Few

  15. Regarding Aguilera – She recently had a baby and perhaps, I am not disputing your comments, the doctor performed a cutting procedure to remove the baby, this does cause major problems down-the-line and could be one reason why she can no longer ‘hold her own’, which is always a consequence of having your nether-regions sliced up!

    Regarding the ‘mysticism’ that you have discredited. I have to say that I always find it unsual to link movies with this area of research, especially when the very idea of Holy-wood indoctrinating us means that we should not even be viewing this stuff. However, I believe there is something very strange about the connection between what the media creates with what we view and then believe… I don’t think it is ‘mystic’ but there appears to be an underlining ‘message’ that comes across which doesn’t necessarily mean that it was ‘formulated’ to give this message that we are seeing.

    Regarding the whole MK ultra ‘How to create a mind-control slave’, which again is a creation of more propaganda and is part of the whole ‘control’ agenda…I am amazed that people are falling for these ‘Millab’ stories…Montauk et al…

    Obviously this ‘illuminati’ in-your-face imagery is in place to mask something much more sinister and disturbing, if that’s possible.

    It continues to be very disturbing that the ‘Jewish conspiracy’ is one of those true-but false- but actually true – realities that people have a huge problem believing…as you being to read up on the subject and realise that they really ARE ALL Jewish you start to question your understanding of everything else you’ve been told is a conspiracy. If it’s true then, WHAT ELSE is true?
    P.S. I really liked the Irish accent!

  16. Christina isn’t wearing stockings. She is wearing little more than can be seen in the photo. It is possible she isn’t even wearing underwear of any kind. Which is pretty strange for a funeral. So, what I immediately wondered was if this was really how she dressed herself to come to a funeral or did someone divert her for their own purposes before she went up to sing. Because if she thought there was any possibility of this happening, why wouldn’t she always wear something under her clothes to catch it? Also, her skirt looks like it was pulled up at some point when her legs were damp because it is not hanging properly. A lined skirt won’t bunch up at the hem like that without reason.

    PS: When Bionic came out, she was slimmer and all the videos were pretty gross. She was pictured bound in an elaborate fashion. It was far past something racy for a video. (I am sure you probably saw at least a photo). She may have been injured by something someone did to her. That would account for her weight gain and strange behavior.

  17. And what does the most talked about NFL star do with his off season time?

  18. The above video from petri starts off with the “eye” and then proceeds to take a one minute and thirty-five second ride through the colon, yee haw bitches!!!

  19. stanb, since when does Justin Timberlake even begin to remotely qualify as a “man,” much less a real one? 😆

    Marty, good points to consider and thank you.

    fwiw, good points about her skirt behing bunched up, kinda supports the most recent theorem that she was backstage er, “making gravy” right before she got on stage. As for “injury” isn’t that an occupational hazard in her the world’s oldest profession?

    Chris, yea, this had come up once before. Perhaps the NFL’s getting paid to promote the foreskin industry as well?

    IAmLonefrog, interesting observation. Repitition of meme (e.g. Contact), or something more dire?

  20. Yup… that is shit running down that whores leg…

    Working in aged care, I am used to seeing that… it spells a Depends failure and a really big mess. She most likely had it right up her back and certainly in her vagina and down her legs… would have required a shower and much scrubing to fix it.

    Such cases of incontinence are usually the result of bowel overflow. If you are unaware of what overflow is, it is when a person is constipated and a blockage occurs in the last bend of the large intestine and then takes too much laxative. This causes a hard blockage with alot of pressurised liquid behind it. Eventually the liquid overflows the blockage and causes… well… that!)

    I have also witnessed one case where such a problem has resulted in death. What happened was the persons bowels were impacted so badly that the liquid faeces backflowed into the stomach and were vomited up, the sufferer got faecal matter in their lungs and pneumonia and death soon followed.

    I have a childhood family friend who it a fag (the umbituous ultra-feminised type). He has admitted that he has had his ass banged so hard now by old men that his bowels no longer peristalsis properly and now takes laxatives to ‘help’ things along. He has traumatised himself so badly that the very inherent rythmn of his body, the very universe within has forever been sent into discord.

  21. Christina makes me sad.

  22. fwiw, okay, well I didn’t know she had a C-section in 2008, so it can’t be the sutures then! (I learned a bit about this stuff when I worked for a gynecologist clinic) So, if it looks like sh*t, smells like sh*t, then its…..
    what can I say… the Rebel is right again!

    PS: Have you seen these pictures … odd to see Whitney (two nights before she dies) with Christina’s ‘fake tan problem’ ?… Unbelieveable!

  23. Was at Star Bucks today and saw the new Paul McCartney disc right up front. The oh so very original title ” Kisses on the Bottom”.
    And this week I hear he got his Star on the Holywood walk of fame.

  24. This is a video showing her wiping her legs off a few times before even starting to sing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TO7XywZSZdc

  25. Matt, “we’ve got one that cane see!” 👿 That is the sad truth behind repeated anal abuse, which I guess makes one a “evil homophobe” to dare even suggest correlation.

    Nami, sad because someone who sold their sole/ass long ago is humiliated? Then again, Christina’s carear started at 10, suggesting her ass was sold without much input from her on the topic. And, that is sad.

    Marty, yep, but as we’ve just learned and a little something else. In Whitney’s case, that’s definitely blood and I don’t think period blood. Perhaps, some deviant customer.

    Kitty, a friend had just mentioned that to me the night before and I thought they might be kidding. The album cover tells you the reinvigorated McCartney knows some “secrets.”

    Mother, thank you very much. This video was the final piece of the puzzle we needed to figure out exactly what the substance running down her leg is. It’s “gravy.” Case closed.

  26. Hey Alex, thanks for the past few shows. Excellent stuff. One thing I’d like to say is how can I donate to your site without a credit card or pay pal account (I’m weary of paying for things on line due to certain frauds, etc)? Just curious, because I’d love to help out. Also, this one’s directed @ Kitty: I saw the video for one of the songs on that new bitch-boy’s album (Paul M.), “Kisses on the bottom”, anyway it’s in black and white and features Mr. McCartney smelling a red rose throughout the video. Hmm, I wonder what that could mean?!? haha..

    Oh yea, I just ran into this commercial featuring a “Valentine’s Bears” for the lucky lady in your life.. Just watch the add, I need not say any more: Vermont Teddy Bear 120 Second Valentine’s Day Commercial 2012

    Ok, I can’t NOT comment, hahaha. So the video above seems like a pretty subtle way to introduce da’ masses to Beastiality, does it not?

    One more thing, I’ve been noticing that you’ve really been learning the ropes when it comes to something called “Word magick”, for example; words that sound alike and are ambiguous in nature (we have a Chiropractor in our city that’s named Dr. Hardick for instance, and an assistant with the name B.J. Johnson. I’m NOT kidding btw…) Anyway, you’re right when you refer to the English language being designed to be this way on purpose, for the purpose of mind control. The subconscious takes suggestions via ambiguity and negative suggestions the strongest, and that’s what we’re presently experiencing via the controlled media. Keep on this track, it’ll only make your smarter 🙂


  27. As far as Christina, this is tampon period overflow. This is exactly what happens when a tampon become too full, Many times the fluid WILL appear a darker, reddish tan to almost brown. The color depends on:
    1- how long the tampon is in as much of the blood turns darker with time
    2- what the initial flow looks like (bright red to a medium brown

    I’m talking from experience. It happens to many ladies.
    This time, I don’t think it’s anything sinister….. this time.

    * Keep on rockin’ Rebel. Thanks for taking the time to try to inform the masses.

    We keep our young son in our sight. We home school.(right now) because the schools are full of perverts & pedophiles. Look what was going on in that CA school.

  28. It’s true that menses can be bright red to medium brown in colour, but there’s also mucous content, so it wouldn’t necessarily be running down your legs as readily as sweat or liquid feces. I would say that even semen (or gravy) can be more runny than menses, but this all varies between women and flow amount.
    Christina has received a lot of criticism regarding her weight gain, so perhaps she has been taking diet pills such as Xenical, which have the common side effect of loose stools that are orangey-brown in colour and uncontrollable bowels. At any rate, seems like it’s shit on so many levels, and does it ever reek.

  29. Marty, yes I did just see Whitney’s photo. In her case, it did look like blood. Someone said she was scratched or cut?

    Another odd thing, is some people report Whitney going about whatever she was doing in a normal manner. Other people report her acting really weird. Although one “alarming” thing was wet hair (at her hotel). And another thing was she did a handstand beside the pool. I am having a hard time understanding, without more information, why wet hair (at a hotel) and a handstand freaked people out so much. They speculate her hair may have been wet “due to sweat or water” well, she was at the pool.

    Trixie, I thought about that. But, in my experience, if it is that runny it looks like blood. Maybe I am weird. (I am not being sarcastic, I have no way to know for certain how common my experiences are in this area.)

    In light of the situation with Whitney having blood on her legs, I don’t know what to think about Christina. It really doesn’t look like blood to me, but it could be mixed with something else… other bodily fluids and/or waste, and possibly even a dash of spray tan.

    I can understand Whitney’s problem. Her legs looked nicked as if she’d bumped into something and cut them. And she was at a club where it’s dark. Christina is at a brightly lit, televised funeral. If she’d been having a bad period or some sort of liquid feces issue, why wouldn’t she wear extra protection? Or black tights at least. This makes me wonder if something happened between her arrival and performance that undid her preparations and left her no time to think about tending to herself.

    In her case, I can actually understand why people would think mind control. I am not trying to say it is, but just that it seems so strange this happened to her seemingly right when she walked on stage.

  30. That teddy bear valentine ad is so over the top blatant I more than once had the distinct sensation I was watching a parody a la SCTV. It’s like it’s all a big joke, only we are the ones the joke is on. Are they that confident of their programming, so well advanced with the anal agenda, that they are speeding ahead with the next meme? And what better way to introduce it with a bang than to use a holyday of obligation (St. Valentine’s) to tie it into the many layers of programming already in place.

    Here is Oprah doing her part to lead all towards the ass, with her Valentine’s issue, of course. http://tbtpr.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/art-of-henri-bangle-in-o-the-oprah-winfrey-magazine-feb-2012/

  31. Pixar…. Well, I lived with a guy in China for a few weeks. He used to work in Pixar … I really wouldnt show pixar movies to your kids folks. I would not be suitable enough to make a kids film let alone these guys. They get scripts loaded with all our favourites and sprinkle some of their own creative gravy.

    Your bang on about the model industry being international prostitution. One friends, when she was 14 when her parents allowed her to be pimped out though fashion…Tokyo, for starters where the likes of de caprio who might of been at least bi at the time, tried their hand.

    Also a few months ago another female aquaintance was drugged at a Fashion tv party in bali. Fortunately she was with friends – but the next day she could not remember a thing. SO the next time they ask to hold your fkn alcoholic beverage while you shout “i love fashion tv” think again numbnuts, those drinks be spiked by their entourage.

  32. @ Greensmoothie- just an FYI & just regarding my experiences – no mucus. That comes @ ovulation & that even has different consistencies. My point was if menses flow was that heavy…. it’s mostly blood.
    If it was the poop juice… well if she had the runs earlier for “whatever reason” (LOL) … sure. It looks like she was belting out a note.


    I think many of our stars start out innocent enough but something happens around teen yrs,,,

    McCartney is looking look an old tranny or queen. Sorry dude Elton J is playing the old, cranky queen role & quite well. I men no disrespect to told trannies & queens our there.

    The giant bear TV adverts are just wrong on so many levels.

    Mr Celt Rep, something my hubby & I noticed in all the tween/teen kid shows on Dick…er Nick & Disney was a lot of butt function humor: farts, stink, bathroom habits.. now I’m NO prissy type of gal but it seem to have quadrupled in the last few year. Controlled exposure to all things butt related?

  33. Err! wondering after watching a little of the video. Is it a proper way to dress at a funeral in the US? (and my mind says it looks staged)

  34. Alright, I see others have mentioned the similar pictures of Whitney. But how’s this for a headline?!: “Whitney Houston’s Last Meal In Her Death Tub: Gravy?” http://gawker.com/5884950/whitney-houstons-last-meal-in-her-death-tub-gravy

    P.S. from one of the commenters on the Whitney/gravy article:

    TMZ.com crashed in the hours after Whitney’s death, because they were the first to confirm it….I read two things on TMZ that did not sit right with me. First, Clive Davis’s grammy party went on in the same hotel where they were upstairs investigating Whitney’s death, later removing the body. Given her close professional relationship with Clive Davis, that felt a little ghoulish. It didn’t strike me like they had turned the event into a wake or anything.
    Even worse, there’s already someone staying in the hotel where Whitney died. And the Hilton says its booked for the foreseeable future. They’ve been inundated with requests for that very room.

  35. Evil Homophobe? Cool! I will happily wear that.

    Football… hmm. In school I was obliged to read a fine piece of Australian ‘literature’ (what we all know as ‘shit’) that was adapted into a film (which I was also required to watch) called ‘The Club’. In this piece of fine work (Job is an old Australian slang word for defecation, yet we all wall work job… “work is worship”, no?) an elder character tells one of the new recruits about the big secret… you can gain a huge strategic advantage on the field by jamming your thumb up their arse while nobody is looking.

    In the 90’s… John Hopoati… football and anal penetration have history together. (sorry I don’t know how to embed videos) .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ata8F7liAx0

  36. Greetings Alex. the last time you mentioned saving the fly in the pub urinal , i said in comment i make rescues myself when i can. When you mentioned the squirrel it reminded me of the baby hedgebeast [hog? nah] i found in the summer, the fellows had been out with the strimmers and mowers trimming the public area fauna, i walked past and found this baby hedgehog wandering near the road with big cuts on his head. I took him back to my house and fed and watered., and gave one of my tee shirts to keep warm. I was concerned as he didnt eat or drink, or move, although he breathed. so i took him to the vets. I heard nothing back from them, so i went there, asked about the animal, and i was told it had died . Sad hey, my heart sank, as he was to be released back to the woodland from near where i found him. Here he …was:

    Its not hopeless, and it is nature talking to us. Put me in mind of these words from a book im reading now [from the corner of his eye-Dean koontz]
    “…in every day of your life there are opportunities to perform little kindnesses for others, both by conscious acts of will and unconscious example.Each smallest act of kindness -even just words of hope when they are needed, the remembrance of a birthday,a compliment that engenders a smile- reverberates across distances and great spans of time, affecting lives unknown to the one whose generous spirit was the source of this good echo, because kindness is passed on and grows each time its passed, until a simple courtesy becomes an act of selfless courage years later and far away. Likewise, each small meanness, each thoughtless expression of hatred, each bitter and envious act, regardless of how petty, can inspire others and is therefore the seed that ultimately produces bad fruit, poisoning people you have never met and never will. All life is profoundly and intricately entwined, those dead, those living, those yet to come, the fate of all is the fate of each…critical to the strength- to the very survival- of the human tapestry. Every hour in every life contains such often unrecognised potential to affect the world that the great days for which we, in our dissatisfaction, so often yearn are already with us; all great days and thrilling possibilities are combined always in THIS momentous day”.

    Sorry for your recent loss alex

    PS: Cat vs Pigeon [http://youtu.be/WQd9kuXpUYU]

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