Cougars Whores and Fools [1]

Today’s show was about the reason advertisements like this [found by Shannon] are and have long been acceptable. It’s the slight of hand, the programming that leads to mental disassociation and the programs that make such a mental rift possible.

coffee boy bumtrauma abuse soapfor particular people

A good part of the reasons, as discussed via the show [unavailable], is the engineering. We can’t grow unless we identify it, pull it out, recognize those responsible, and then, cut-off their access to the mind of our future.


The below [left] film, may just herald a new knife-twist into the mind of our female populace. I felt it relevant enough to address this program myself. Note the choice of colors and where they are standing (in front of a large vaginal area). Perhaps it also answers my question as to what constitutes a “count” in the crafter’s minds.

what's your number buckythe baby shitter

Yes, the image has been slightly modified upon my learning the happy ending choice was coincidentally the same actor who plays the Gay Pederast Captain of America. As to the latter film, that was best left to Metro Bob [V2.0]. 👿 Upon hearing the reView, you should be able to see that everything in the image (person, pose, etc.) was meticulously staged, and not only why the name The S[h]itter was chosen, but exactly what the mysterious “eye” of the pyramid is supposed to represent.

cougars extinctpoop sex idiocracy

The above [left] image may be a mockery (of the cougar motif), yet may produce a chuckle, albeit a nervous one, since it likely has far more underlying truth to it than the discussed films. Such is possible when the programs/virus can infect such a range of people and [al]most literally, change our reality overnight.

Sadly, however, the image on the right has not been manipulated or doctored in any way whatsoever. Welcome to the Brave New World, that hath, oh, such people in it.

meg giffithbarney penis growing

So, Family Guy is gonna help us redefine what the term “pedophilia” is supposed to mean? Sadly, it just might. Never mind the constant pederast references throughout the show, or that the family was quite happy to humiliate and whore-out their daughter before she turned 18. By all means, do not trust your own lying eyes!

infant sorrow russel brandinfinite love bar

I had also forgotten that the latest Consciousness-Raising Truther de Jour, the diminutive Brand[i], had a not-so coincidental choice of names for his band/tour in Get Him to the Greek. Welcome to The Truth Cantina. Do enjoy the [extremely] limited menu; the hangover may be real pain in the ass!

luke skywalker rainbow rosechewbacca scary vaginabatman robin terrified

Why have we failed to notice, that in most of the tails we are subjected to, it’s always an older stranger who finds the remarkable untapped potential in a lonely misunderstood young man [hint]? Why have we also failed to see that fear of the vagina is rooted in something that is based far way from masculinity?

[Not so] Coincidentally, most of today’s hopelessly-programmed young men in their twenties would express great disgust/loathing upon seeing an unkempt/natural vagina. They are exactly where the engineers want them at this stage; almost gay.

mind control cinema

Had mistimed the end of the show, hence didn’t play as much of the song as I wanted, and didn’t completely get out the question I planned closing with. Hence, I write it herein: I think we know who The Geisha Boys are, as well as The Temple Girls. Next week, we will be discussing The Chosen Ones.

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Note: On Monday, January 16th, I guest-hosted Blacklisted News in place of Doug Owen. The show was basically “prime-time” and hence, somewhat watered-down version of the regular broadcast [now available]. However, I did do a little set-up for tonight’s show, so regular listeners may find it of interest.

~ by celticrebel on January 23, 2012.

18 Responses to “Cougars Whores and Fools [1]”

  1. Thanks again Alex. I was particularly interested by your story about your younger female friend (the one who was ‘terrified’ of you – that was a great line, I can’t believe it didn’t get you any action!). I recently had a fling with someone 9 years my junior (I’m 28). She was never concerned about my age; in fact it was me who was vainly concerned with what other people would think, to the point where I simply didn’t tell certain people about it, I didn’t want people close to me (or her) thinking I was some kind of predator.
    Although we’re no longer having sex, we’re still good friends, and I give her advice on life, guys, and even gave her the run down on your work (she was very interested). And now she knows that sex doesn’t have to involve getting reptetetively jackhammered by some porn-addicted moron. I guess my point here is that it was a mutually benefical experience we’ll both look back on fondly, not some creepy older guy taking advantage of a young girl.

    I also enjoyed your point about vivsection. A sentence immediately popped into my head – dissociation is the tool used to get ‘normal’ people to commit psychopathic acts (Israeli females remote-controlling machine guns, anyone?) . More gradualism, slowly re-moulding us in ‘their’ image.

    Also, twice in the last week my housemate has knocked on the toilet door and referred to the fact that I was ‘pooping’. I have informed her that such talk is both disgusting and unnecessary… didn’t that use to go without saying? Aaron (regular listener/commenter here) and I have recently joked about getting ’21st Century Prude’ t-shirts made up. Perhaps it’s time that we actually do that.

  2. Excuse me if perhaps this may be off-topic:

    VID: Raiders of the Lost Archives

    Ready to download the show :>

    ps- Celtic, nice bench’s on the Truth cantina, guess one must do a “stand up”…or just leave.

    ALL the best and have a nice week (dedicated to all listeners, Kyle, Alex, and Jeremy). Thank YOU.

    I suggest an idea for a show about the incorporated ranking system called job?

  3. Just wanted to provide an example of how cartoons (i.e. Family Guy) can affect your brain in ways you wouldn’t even consider:

    Back when I was watching Family Guy on almost a daily basis (it was syndicated and aired every night at 11pm), I had a coworker who watched it regularly as well. Occasionally, we would joke around by referencing a certain scene from FG that applied to whatever we were talking about (i.e. “Hey, remember when Quagmire blah blah blah…”).

    Oddly enough, I would [completely randomly] reference a scene at work, then watch the show that night, and that same exact scene would be in the episode aired (without me knowing in advance what episode it was). This started happening so frequently, I started thinking I was psychic – being able to predict what episode was going to be on that night by whatever reference popped into my brain. Nope… what I realized was happening was that the network was airing the episodes in their seasonal order (i.e. Season 4 episode 1, S4 episode 2, S4 episode 3, etc.) and since I was watching them almost daily, I watched all the seasons in numeric order and then they would start all over again at Season 1 and repeat the order. In other words, my brain subconsciously locked in ALL the scenes from ALL the episodes and would “remind” me of what episode is coming up next by making me reference a scene from that episode.

    When I realized this, it made my head spin considering I still can’t [consciously] remember what scenes are found in what particular episodes (unless it’s part of the plot – which is still difficult because most of Family Guy’s joke scenes are randomly unrelated to the plot.)

    If this was just how the numeric order of episodes subconsciously affected my brain, it makes me wonder what effect the CONTENT had. Imagine how this would affect a child who isn’t CONSCIOUSLY thinking about the content being implanted in their brain.

  4. VID: ‘My First Hardcore Song’ by 8 yr old Juliet [SFW]

    12 million views?

  5. James B, thanks! It is a shame how they’ve engineered us away from anything that might be mutually beneficial or rewarding, and towards an endless cycle of repeating destructive relationships. I’m sure the disassociation prevents most from recognizing they are engaged in the latter.

    Bruno, that’s a well-made video. Good point about “leaving” being the best option at the cantina.

    the living tiki, good point about the cartoon programming. Amusingly, some have criticized Family Guy as so random, that animals assemble through chance. As your point, and the episode I discussed suggest, this is meticulous and calculated.

    pavman, that’s actually one of the vids I referenced. Guess it’s gotten 3 million more views since I saw it. Her use-less/full mother/madam must be so proud of the [¿future?] whore she’s raising.

  6. Celtic,
    Thank you for your information.
    The women who listen to your show are not whores, you mentioned it but it didn’t sound truly sincere. You make it sound like we all are. I guess there is this programming for the men to get a virgin but act like a whore in bed.
    So for us it’s like to get back to the three “K’s”: Kinder, Kueche, Kirche. In English it’s two “c’s” and one “k”: children, kitchen, church. Which I did for some time and I enjoyed it.
    All the best and if we all use our common sense everything will be fine.

  7. About 6 months ago I got rid of cable tv service. Though I still occasionally watch content online, the process is now deliberate. I can’t just flop on the couch. I must decide what to watch. My children must consult me before putting on a dvd or using my computer and I often deny them access. Predictably, my children go outside more and they are content to do crafts or play board games.

    For me, the decision making has been significant. Sometimes finding something to watch is more trouble than it’s worth and I read a book instead. Other times, I have to ask why I want to watch this movie and what it is really trying to tell me. I can’t say that I am truly unplugged or uncorrupted but I am more aware. I am also less frightened. I seek out news and truth instead of having it fed to me with an agenda.

  8. reminds my on an old german joke.

    How do you know a lesbian is single?

    On the length of her fingernails.

    the youth of today won’t even get it, i guess

  9. Thank you for putting yourself on the frontlines in exposing truths, grisly as it all is. I could never really put it all together, and am truly still in shock from learning how prevalent all of this is. I would also like to thank “biggi” for the above comment, as i am a woman, and have been a good wife and mother, and am not by any means a “whore”, though i have had problems with men who have tried to treat me like one… (heavy sigh)…now i’m getting more of an understanding as to “why”.

  10. Biggi, nowhere in the show did I claim that all women are whores. I know a lot of the negative reaction to the topic is via clever deep-seated anchors (programs) triggered by me (a male) addressing them. It would be nice to rely on common sense, and as this show’s been long revealing, the programmers have stamped that out far and wide.

    Vigilant Mommy, I’m assuming your children may experience peer backlash for being out of touch with the latest programs, but in the long run they will, in every way, stand head and shoulders above the derelicts around them.

    Robert, ha! 😆 That’s a good joke! Sadly, yea, most of today’s [self] 🙄 proclaimed “lesbians” won’t get it…

    capax, thank you! It’s good to know women can hear me. And, I do sympathize with the challenge of a woman trying to “be” while avoiding labels, the women around you and the reactive men [mindlessly] conspiring to classify you or force you to choose an extreme stance.

  11. Hey Pavman, did you happen to see the t-shirt the girl is wearing in the video?

    “I ‘heart’ Phuket” – As in Phuket, Thailand, known for it’s sex tourism which I’m sure specializes in ladyboys and children.

    Saw someone wearing a t-shirt today, Rebel – Don’t know if the front had anything, but the back had an image of a hand with two fingers and thumb extended. The caption below read: “Two in the pink, one in the stink.” A guy was wearing it in a supermarket around noon. Yeah… that’s what I need to see when I’m buying food.

  12. Alex,
    Enjoyed your rant and look forward to part 2.
    Have you made any recent attempts to get Lenon Honor back on the show? He seems to be releasing new material, albeit of a different character than his early material. Just curious…

  13. Yes, i have been to “phukett” 3 times So i know what goes on there.. But the place is not nearly as blatant as the pronunciation of the word “ph”as “f”. So to f$#k it. With the love heart as alex has pointed out is the V. well then its a sellout + co ordinated to the point of disgusting and filthy. Yet to comment this on the comments section will see you berated for an eon.

    Society have been convinced to be retarded chimps and anyone who speaks out will get a banana in the back of the head, or worse… >>

  14. I’m sad to see controversy over the whole whore thing. I remember when Rebel talked about everybody’s moms who had their sons circumcised… that they in fact were whores too… and I remember thinking that was really heavy, because had I been a boy, my mom would have been a whore in Rebel’s book. But yeah, even then I would find it hard to take it personally. It’s not exactly coming over to your house and saying it to your face. Or to your mom’s face. It’s a generalized statement. Don’t take it personally.

    During the What’s your number discussion, I was considering my number… then the rules changed, and I stopped counting. Haha.

    Now… I’m not sure if that makes me a whore or not… but we ARE talking about the most difficult forms of self-recognition here… and as a woman going through BOTH the processes of healing and personal refinement simultaneously… I think it’s important to recognize that whore archetype residing within me.

    Some of that archetype is programming… some of that is innate.

    I’ll explain: As a woman, if you have ANY flame of sexual desire residing ANYWHERE within you, that automatically makes you a whore to somebody.

    Namely, these people creating the programming. So… as women who have innate passions… which are NATURAL… We can’t win. We lose.

    That’s what this whore programming is saying. That’s what a movie like What’s Your Number saying. Another example is Pretty Woman. The movies try to tell you that the whore will always win herself a Prince Charming. The reality is more like The Scarlet Letter. Yet another bullshit woman-hating story force-fed to us way too early, for no good reason.

    Either way, we’re whores. That’s the programming.

    Unfortunately, because Alex is so often the bringer of bad news & harsh truths, sometimes we take the revealing of the program personally.

    For me, there is FAR more than an inkling of sexual desire residing within me – and so I try to negotiate that, with dignity, while developing myself in a world that trains men and women to abuse one another perpetually. That’s the best I can do to create a better world – one that operates differently.

    And I agree with the previous statement that Lenon Honor should come back to The Rebel Path for a chat. I highly recommend Lenon’s lecture series for women, as well – especially to the ladies who did the previous broadcast. It has helped me immeasurably. He let out a series for men as well, so there’s no excuses for anybody :]

    Best to you all and please let us try our best to be supportive and respectful of one another

  15. Rebel you might be interested in a package called the pandoras box detailing the 8 types of women based them being Testers or Investors as how much time they spend on a relationship, Justifiers or Deniers as in how they define sex for them self, liberal or traditionally. And Realists vs Idealists, basically contemporary deranged gender roles vs traditional. This tester is someone who has either been traumatized by investing in a relationship and being abandoned or have been taught to diversify likely through films like “This Means War” with the female actress from another film with Josh Franco about ranking yourself by a number. Testers are what this “What’s your number film?” is attacking women that have already been traumatized.

    I disliked the girls show though there was something to it in the female body dissociation though in the maturity change and body disgust.

    The situation with girls on any social network is the constant re-telling of, “I’m so sick of guys, girls hit me up” and they will approach the females then in the same manner of which they complain about, see now it’s fine for a girl to want to whore out to another girl there is absolutely no reaction but if they behave sexually towards guys all of a sudden the priests of virtue attack. The girls have less respect for their gender then the males they complain about.

    As well they dress and advertise them self in a manner to be arousing and react conflicting to their dress unless it’s a female or gay saying something, but this is something that’s very vocally supported….They seek disharmony. They of course constantly call anyone slightly older a “pedo” or creepy for even talking to them. And this is every single one of them with very few exceptions.

  16. Are you working for the Onion now ? LOL,27266/

  17. Part of the reason the Creepy Old Guy meme takes so well (besides the media programming) is because it is building on the initial programming children are subjected to when they are separated from their parents and other family members, sorted by age and herded into holding pens where they are kept for 13+years (yes, school). I’m sure everyone remembers how extraordinary it would seem if kids from different grades would socialize together. cCompulsory schooling is the reason why peer pressure and cliques exist.

    Males mature more slowly than females physically and otherwise. Historically, men would not marry until they were financially established and capable of supporting a family. And it made sense that when they were ready to marry they would choose a woman younger than themselves as this allowed for more baby making years. In our home, we are encouraging our daughter , who is of the age where she is starting to think about these realities, to look for a mate who is at least 5 years older than she.

    Agreed – perfume stinks! I stopped using it a long time ago, before my first baby was born. Babies rely partly on scent to identify mother, and perfume can interfere with the successful establishment of breastfeeding (and therefore bonding as well). I think the same goes for husbands. Since we use no scented products for personal care or laundering, my husband knows and enjoys my own personal scent (not referring to any one particular body part!).

    On a similar note, I recently read of a study which compared the relative success of different scents to create the strongest erection. Pumpkin pie spice and lavendar combined was number one at getting the blood pumping. So I guess that old adage is true – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

  18. I suppose these new LEGO friends commercials also count, as they typically start with a headshot of two smiling girls to make a heartsign with their right hands before the camera view zooms in through it.

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