A Change in the Weather [D4]

Well, I came very close to putting on a rebroadcast this week, but somehow, my body and mind cooperated, and with the help of a little [unmentionable] bottle of wine, I was able to get through the whole show. The gods of technology were far kinder this week than last too, even foiling the hijack efforts of one Truther Bob.

katy semen piss

This was the first week [here in the Queen’s colonies of the Northern Hemisphere] of daylight savings time, and hence the first show since the biannual period of intentional mass confusion has set in. Here’s the spectacle:


One of the major proponents of Daylight Savings Times, was one of the Founding Fatherbears, known as Bonnie Prince Benita Franklin. That guy was hence due for a proper Rebel reevaluation, one not so tied to the historical bullcrapola we are fed:

franklin likes boysfrank means dickfranklin pederast

I was rather surprised, after the show was over, to run into the two images above, and then subsequently, a little less surprised to find the two images below. Ah, yes “the key” attached to The Kite, and then subjected to electricity [as in the type Zues like to inject into young boys, or the spark sent up the spine from eye to eye when being sodomized]. How obvious the codified fable seems now, and oh how damn stupid we once were to ever have believed that load of crap in the first place.

“Games lubricate the body and the mind.”
— Benjamin Franklin

I’d like to thank the chat room for the above insightful quote, and thank Eugene for sharing his take from Graham Lowry’s “How the Nation was Won.” Per said book, Franklin was sent to the Hellfire club initially as a spy. We can presume it was in that pederast den that he discovered the key. His name does resonate debauchery.

franklinsteingay frank

From the Franklin Case of Boys Town” to the flower/vagina rejecting monster created by an insane phallus-obsessed Jewish golum maker (discussed previously), the meme’s obviously made it’s way through many media outlets [and into some].

dresden fireatta whore

The above images are but two examples of how noncritical we were back in that , when our teachers, courtesy of the Oxford Press, instructed us as to whom “the Orcs” were and just whom the “good guys” were.

During the show I referenced a few prior articles including The Crown The Cross and the Jews, Nazi Jews, and even one that demonstrates my own prior gullibility in regards to swallowing the crap put out by one suspicious [knowing what I know now] character coincidentally named “Hankey:” Poppy, JFK and Zion. It’s a safe bet that anyone who uses the term “holocaust denier” to denounce others, is full of shit.

gay nazisstupid yuppies

Back to “monsters,” its amazing how the former [above left], one who’s murder total pales in comparison to the latter [above right], has become so thoroughly monsterized by the Media that to even dress like him for Halloween will offend countless numbers of morons. The latter murderer can be found on shirts worn by the trendiest of younger yokels. Has thinking itself gone out of fashion?

The first pic may also contain some embedded truth, because Hitler would never have gotten into power, were it not for a small group of well-organized closet homosexuals, which in retrospect, were probably not called the “brown“shirts haphazardly. This idea and that of the manipulation of people who will identify themselves with whatever program caters to their persona, was put forth along with the relevant idea as to how “Gays are the New Jews” in one of the old podcasts.

semen gravyshit gravy

It really is amazing what we accept as normal through incrementalism. As I said tonight, it is dumbfoundingly remarkable to me that the several people in my social circles think I’m completely insane, because I dared to suggest that Sponge Bob is Gay. Looking at the above you’d have to wonder how they “can’t” see it, and I’m gonna have to deduce is because they are making a conscious choice not to.

It’s been going on for a long time. Before there was SpongeBob and Patrick, there was Asterisk and Obelisk [basically, another way of saying butthole and penis].

patrick assholeshow your starfishgay patrick

Above is the pic from the site catering to the tastes of those that like looking at stars and flowers. So, how can your average pervert know what the average dumb cunt pretending to be a parent can’t/cun’t acknowledge? It comes down to choice.

sluts in traininganus asun

Who wants to admit to themselves that they have failed as a parent, and are the victim of long-running joke to turn their children into a bunch of degenerates; much less that they have consented to it, or are powerless to stop it?

It was nice to receive a call from Ryan McAlister, one parent who has made a stand and will not allow the Medes to turn his children inside out. Could you imagine the future world if more parents exhibited such courage? The timing of the call was a blessing, one of those that reminds me that, even though most of the people on this planet have no idea what the point of my work is, I’m doing a good thing here.


The results if no one does anything to stop it are fairly predictable. This anal fixation being programmed into kids, will lead to something far different from an Aquarian Utopia as imagined by some dreaming idiots. Be it the Simpsons Intro [referenced] and other concurrent programs mentioned herein, or the evil bacterial trifecta that thongs, toilet habits [prior show] and fashionable pedophilic pubic hairstyles will culminate, the future will, left to its/their own devices, well stink.

bowie zueshard open wide

Do we really know, or better yet, even have the slightest fucking clue what the “eye in the pyramid” actually represents? Honestly! Look at how many disinformative theories are out there about its “true meaning.” It has become quite similar to looking into the JFK Assassination; a bunch of rabbit holes leading nowhere, and a countless number of researchers/enthusiasts, whom to this day, are still arguing over who, what and why. The theory I put forth in the show is no less speculative than any other “eye” interpretation, and very likely, far more valid than most.

elvis was a fag

With Raffi adding some meaningful personal insight during his call, ended up with two great calls this week. It is a pleasure to receive such. As to the last caller, perhaps Ryan was right and I was far too patient and kind. Honestly, when it comes down to it, why would you call and complain about the content of a show that no one puts a gun to your head and forces you to listen to? There are an obscene amount of options out there for people to spend three hours of their life focused on and to try to shape the content of what others choose to do is frankly speaking … asinine.

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Note: This coming Sunday [November 14th], Dennis Fetcho from The Illuminatus Observor will be making his second appearance on the Rebel Path. Here’s a link to our last effort.

~ by celticrebel on November 8, 2010.

18 Responses to “A Change in the Weather [D4]”

  1. Yay, I got a shout out during the show. It was I that posted the video of the little girl dancing suggestively that was mentioned, whoohooo first semi shout out ever

    PS: OMG, watch the latest family guy, hulu.com, about 5:50 in!!!!

  2. phil collins is gonna’ help us out

  3. Listening now, Alex, & it’s the eighth of November. I had had an amazing New Moon ritual over the weekend to help a faery-witch sister & mom, whose petition to protect & relocate her new family (she’s divorced from a now Born-Again Christian Funny-mentalist ex-hubbie who, despite his reborn status, has never, ever, ever apologised to her for his abysmal mistreatment of her when they were married) was to the Goddess HekatΓ©, & ya Gno what? Even her pointy-eared 10-month-old elf son chanted in unison along with us. Awesome, innit?

    Colon ain’t the Queen’s English, though. It’s Spanish. It means dove. Ever see the emblem of Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis? Have a look right here. Now it totally makes sense.

    Good points on Benina Frankenstein. He substituted his having left the Hellfire Club with his “nephew”, well-known as an effeminate sissy-boy given to wearing sailor’s attire. Keep on fighting the Good Fight. Lookin’ forward to doing a podcast with you one of these years.

    Best wishes, awe ways,
    A.Q.E. von Th.

  4. Great show rebel. In reference to bankers being descendants of pirates i found the following lyrics interesting. “Post Hypnotic suggestions” by System of A Down

    From a post up high,
    From where you see the ships afar,
    From a well trained eye,
    The waves all keep on crashing by,
    If you are the light post,
    Then you own the working class,
    But if you want the answers,
    You better give a piece of ass,
    Give a piece of your ass,

    The ships are multiplying day after day sir,
    And they’re coming close to the shore sir, shore sir,
    We need to evacuate the light post,
    It’s all over,OVER!
    It’s all over
    woaoaoaoaoa woaoaoaoaoa
    woaoaoaoaoa (scream)

    Although the song could be interpreted in multiple ways, i couldn’t help but think of pirates coming to shore. And of course, ” If you want the answers, you better give a piece of your ass”

  5. Jon, ah yes that was you. Here’s that link for any who haven’t seen it. If you have youtube accounts feel free to spread some none-lunacy to the zombies. Oh, never mind, that may not work. πŸ˜† Just read the comments and laugh/cry as apropo.

    Duke Westfold, hehe. I can feel him coming in the air tonight. Ugh, maybe not….

    A.Q.E. von Th., there seems to be some dispute over when and how the term was put into use. Regardless, the effect of the spell and double-enterdres is/are the same, no? Nice link and info on Ben’s “cabin boy.”

    Dion Duffield, wow, those are some telling lyrics, written by someone who likely realized that the “key” to knowledge/immortality has a very specific price.

  6. Daylight savings time is as pathetic and useless as diesel trucks can transporting compost. Millions of people do it. Todays society can’t set their clocks right, yet the ancients had it figured out.

    I have always disliked all the crap that is rock and roll. Nevertheless, there is much more creativity in the music produced when people were on drugs.

    Don’t have time to listen to it all today, great show.

  7. Just ordered a hand-held bidet. You can get them online. Easy hook up.

  8. Dear Rebelmeister,

    Great show this week.

    Lately your show brings up many interesting subjects. Why even discuss UFO’s, NWO and multidimensional realities when we don’t even know how to clean out butts.

    It’s pretty funny that people do wash their hands after pooping, especially when the toilet paper breaks and their fingers get smudged. They must think their ass is made out of teflon.

    I just step into the shower and hose down my buttcheeks, soap it up and rinse it off. I don’t want some cold spritz in that area. Why even bother with a spritzer if you got a whole shower for convenience.

    I also noticed that a lot of people aren’t aware that “brushing your teeth” also involves cleaning your nasty corroded tongue for fresh breath. The commercials keep telling the peasants the expensive mouthwash will fix that, what a rip-off.

    I got one question, was metro Bob sabotaging your bumpermusic? The Venga Boys aren’t Brazilian but Dutch, they fooled the whole world. It’s produced by a millionaire white guy and all the male dancers are gay. This stuff comes straight out of Willy Wanker’s chocolate factory.

    I can’t believe you played this, it’s just wrong!!! Next week Rick Asstley? Come on Rebel, delete it quickly πŸ˜›

  9. Happened upon this random blog:

    A woman is wondering if her FIVE year old son is gay, but goes ahead and helps him with his Halloween costume: Daphne from Scooby Doo (Photo is worth checking out). If people have a problem with that she will tell them to “suck it”, because she’s defending his right to choose what HE wants to be.


  10. Myles O’Howe, the point about drugs, could be debatable, but could also suggest that the state one enters based on the drugs taken, could lend one easily to being spoken to or even controlled by outside entities. Many have state this to be the case.

    Mat, good for you, and I guess, by default, those who may share your bed. πŸ˜€

    Alex, yes, I know the Vengaboys serve the agendas, and do suck, in more ways than we’d want to imagine. But, dammit, I like the song. πŸ‘Ώ It’s just stuck with me since my days below the equator.

    the living tiki, yea, that is f’n horrible. Really really disgusting from every conceivable manner, but particularly that a woman this ignorant, which may be normal now, is “mothering” this poor boy. Coincidentally, Aferrismoon touched on this in his latest post.

  11. Agreed, your topics are not good in order to speak to the ladies – I worked this out on a flight from Sydney to Honkers. Apparently when you mention California could be the exit hole of the US+A, people do get turned off.

    PS: On another note – I have been living in a house while renovating with no connected toilet or shower. Sooo to cut to the chase , when creating a number 2 using a bucket with little comfort – the best bet is to use moisturiser with the help of water. Makes for a supple behind -also i think the asian countries with their squat/stand pan option is probably better for the natural body process – seems sitting migt not allow the right elongation – alos, as above so below – if this quote is correct then the treatment of the rear is as important as oral care – just a thought

  12. That was a good, smooth, relaxed show, nice…!
    In a point to your ‘not knowing how anyone would be able to not cringe when being sodomized’ and the bodies’ natural reaction to the act which was pointed out,
    I think the whole point that the receiver is COMPLETELY SUBMITTING to the agitator,
    and I bet it is sick rush of energy for those sick people…

    Exit Only Folks…!

  13. http://frankensteinia.blogspot.com/2009/06/franklinstein.html

  14. You know the western toilet doesn’t make a lot of sense too.

    It’s impossible to do a poop without staining the whole white bowl. The urine splashes up your butthole when the turd drops. Your penis is hanging inside the bowl, not a very hygienic design.

    When you take a pee the urine will always splash out of the bowl. Of course the feminist movement has taught women to demand from their man to sit on the toilet to pee or sit on their knees πŸ˜† I saw this on TV once, the idiot even showed how in front of the camera…

    The design of the western toilet is clearly flawed on every level.

    I propose a deep hole and 2 handles as a new design, it makes much more sense. You just grab the handles, squat and do your business.

    No stains, no splatter, just down a wide deep hole.

  15. Sorry to upset you dude, but that same girl that you were on about was actually on The Ellen Show as well.

    Bad times, and the same retarded comments as well.

  16. yea chris, saw that video too, but it was just too sick to post…i mean ellen degenerate ugh

    but seriously everyone, download the latest south park called “coon vs coon and friends”…

    one of the most pertinent parts, if you dont have time to watch it is, kyle is the jewish character, theyre all pretending to be superheroes and kyles is “the human kite” well when cartman sees him in this episode, he clearly calls him “the human kike” and i mean he REALLY enunciates the 2nd k sound, there is like no doubt.

    “kike plane must hit steel” eh?

  17. British Newscaster Admits to Murder on BBC Television. He says his gay lover contracted “AIDS” and there was nothing that could be done, so he smothered him with a pillow..


  18. “Im no Prude”
    “Im Totally Heterosexual”
    “Ass Sex, Ass Sex, over and over again”…
    “…on A Sunday Evening?”

    Is it Necessary? Fuck Yeah it is!!

    Classic Phonecall!

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