The Power Behind the Who [4]

I guess the impact of my show is sometimes more immediate than I had accounted?

the celtic rebel wins

Thanks Kat! 😀 This show continued where the last left off, about the who’s and eventually getting to whom may be the power behind the whos:


While I can present a theory, I can also entertain the notion that there are definitely Powers hiding behind The Whos, as with great reward, may also come great risk. It would seem The Whos have also become quite adept at having one set of victims accept responsibility for crimes that are not their own, while having another set of victims blame someone else entirely for crimes belonging to The Whos themselves.

white guilt travolta

Non-Jewish people, those who should not bother wasting their breath referring to themselves as Goyim or Gentiles, need to drop the burden of White Guilt. Neither they, nor their forefathers bear any of the blame or burden. Yea, I know this doesn’t jive with the story as narrated by male prostitutes who enjoy taking it up the ass.

sean penn this must be the placejewish mafia not italian

White men do seem to be fair game and quite open to derision and abuse. The emphasis being on “men” there and of course, not effeminate derivatives thereof, which mockery of would be explicitly verbotten. Thus I have to ask the question: why are so many people programmed to hate men, and more specifically, real men.

jesuit bashes homosexualbig squirrel testicles

One of the above images is so obviously fake, that only the most mind-controlled of fools would think it plausible. Here’s a hint: it’s got nothing to do with balls.

hannah montana fannahlick balls miley

Speaking of balls and staged photos …. don’t you worry, if your daughter grew up under the influence of Miley Montana. No programs will trigger. She’ll be just fine.

the jewish comedian

As will all the Americans who’ve found themselves infiltrated and taken over by a foreign influence. There is nothing but infinite love. We all are one. You’ll be fine.

miley cyrus ice cream pole dancemiley gay marriage fuck you joke

Despite repeated displays of disdain for the children whose minds have been turned over to prostitutes (some documented), the average moron with children is not up to the task of throwing their child on anything other than the passing whore train. I’m almost to the point where I admire the chutzpah of Miley basically saying “fuck you” rather openly to their victims, while letting other propagandists throw in current politically-correct and friendly terms like “christian” and “gay-marriage.”

bitch bois do not equal orgasm

People are so divided and disconnected from everything that would be natural, or even practical. I shouldn’t have to put together the two above images to show they are in no manner whatsover even remotely connected, much less possible. But, sadly, thanks to media programming many fools still can’t see the disconnection.

mkultra nazi mind control pimp

The alternative media has done its part quite well, programming its own victims to contemplate the most fantastic and in some cases, impossible of scenarios, as well as leading them deep into shit-holes of disinformation (i.e., them “rabbit holes”).

ok ass beluccirose eye buttsexkaty perry vanity fair subliminals

Hence, why even the most obvious admissions of prostitute defiling are lost on the average brainwashed conspindustry victim. Such, may never see the simplicity behind the messages communicated in the above images. If you’re relatively new and have no idea what I’m talking about, Monica is telling you something about the size of her abused asshole (documented in great detail previously). The rest, really?

apocalyptoana pauker jewess

And while it is of interest, to speculate as to the ultimate power structure of the world around us, it is far more practical to focus on the ones screwing you at the moment. Especially so, when the ones screwing are openly boasting of their accomplishments, and even exposing how blatantly false the propaganda of their own victimization has been (e.g., the myth of antisemitism in the Union/Pact).

boardwalk empire gay fisting hbo incest

Next week, I will continue this series and get into what type of world we can all expect to live in if no one does anything practical to stop it. That would be world house slaves and field hands alike will share, and by practical, I do not mean chasing shadows.

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Note A: I just finished updating the last show/post with new images and thoughts (today). Be sure to check it out. I’ve included yet another test to see who’s synthesizing knowledge with reason, so go see how you fare. 😉

Note B: I would like to thank the chat room regulars for the great images they’ve been posting, some of which, have made it into these write-ups; notably: Shannon and Michael.

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  1. Take away Miley and the face she’s making, take away the red sperm, take away the shape and make it a simple round or square cake… that cake still doesn’t look good. It looks like an overgrown vending machine cake. But, maybe I am not imaginative enough to erase all the “ick” out of that picture. Miley’s facial expression makes it look like she’s tranced out over this awful thing.

  2. Speaking of free promotion here’s The Vigilant Citizen getting a nice little write up in the UK’s Guardian “News”paper.

  3. really good show man, (once again)
    you’re putting the pieces of the cube puzzle together very well as it is and has been this sick state of mind that’s been running the show for far too long… but I do think that ‘infinite love’ and ‘unconditional love’ are truly real, and it’s as easy as looking your child in the eyes…

    I know you rag on the big ‘koombaya-ness’ of it all and that’s where churches and ANY organization gets weird and effed up in the end, but at it’s essence, we really are infinite love (that’s where everything created comes from) and our job here is to take care of each other, work together so we can all have the necessities of life, then when the works complete for a time, we need to create beauty…

    it’s just hard to do when the masculine fuck-all force has been / is in power….

    but I think this is what more people are realizing (‘waking up to’), and that is the inner work we all need to do, how to treat each other like we want to be treated and work together… this will and can be everyone’s reality if they make it so, it’s everyone’s personal choice…

    if shite ain’t going right in your day to day, it’s time to check how you do things, because the more ‘self-centered’ you are (that is the basis of Satanism / Jehovaism) and uncaring of your fellow man / creatures, you will destroy yourself, and many are currently in that process….

    peace my brother

  4. Yet, the other mothers are still shocked when I tell them that I don’t allow Hannah Montana (the character OR Miley) in my house. They always explain to me that it is an older sister or cousin who introduced her to their daughter, otherwise, she would be oblivious to such things. So they are admitting to lazy parenting and bad influences. Great!

    I happen to think that Justin Bieber is worse. I see little girls who are encouraged to think of him in a romantic and faux sexual way. Children do not act this way on their own and we really need to look at the motivation behind those promoting him. Of course, the added “bonus” is a group of girls who will have no idea what a real man is and a bunch of boys who think this is the ideal.

  5. fwiw, it is a staged event in every way. Two actors, pretending to have a relationship. One, promoting homosexuality (a cake for your “hetero” boyfriend). The other, promoting whoredom. That’s all.

    Steven UK, and on top of that, if you follow the rabbit [pellet] trail from the author and positive commenters, you inevitable end up knee dip in shit.

    brad, thank you. There is no such thing as “unconditional love,” which I’ve spoken of before in detail. There is much to positivity and getting back what you put out, but as we try to pull ourselves away from this Jehovian-side, we must pull it back to center and make sure the momentum doesn’t pull us to the far opposite side and we find there are no more real men left around should we need them (a huge theme in this series).

    Vigilant Mommy, well said! 😀

  6. as a german, i’m basicially a terrorist for downloading your show. but it was so good to hear, there are people who see it, something stinks, very very badly, about the holo-story. but i’m not supposed to know it (i kind of figured the “protection from the war” camp thing out only recently when i saw a postcard out of auschwitz with rules on it what to do and stuff, it said something about “schutzgefangene”, which are people who are temporarily held prison for whatever reason, i don’t have the vocabulary right now and am too lazy to open another window and look it up [but not writing this haha] to protect them [schutz = protection]).

    i went through the defamation-programming (i recommend everyone see that movie) myself, when i was 15 attending (a christian/catholic) school taking part in a student exchange with israeli kids, broke down in tears at yad vashem (we all did, germans and israelis) – i am really giggeling aloud right now…haha how stupid we were, but dammit, we were so young and fed all the guilt-bullshit back home in germany… and then THIS… funny.

    funny like a joke and funny like a weird thing. one of my eyes is laughing and one is crying i can say. at least, i figured all of this out and i’m not even 30. other ex-classmates of mine are totally mind controlled freaks. germans are bad. we can basicially kill ourselfs because we are evil nazis, as still shown in every movie out of holy wood (if the today modern evil germans are not watching the holy wood shit, they are sitting in front of the tv watching “soccer” [football, if you ask me, what you have over there is neither played with a ball nor by foot, it’s a NLP joke or something i guess] they are so “anti-semitic” they don’t even have the balls to TALK about jews at all…)

    thanks dear rebel, greetings from german female alex

  7. I’m quite new to your work, and have much respect for what you do. I see evidence of your thoughts/theory/philosophy in my daily life, so much so, that it’s becoming hard to ignore. I appreciate your weekly show, and am doing my best to catch up on all the earlier stuff as it has produced positive effects in my life – and I am most grateful.

    I was purchasing some herbal stuff online mand somehow came across this brand ‘Chicken-Poop’ it’s probably been around a while but I don’t watch TV or read any magazines or papers so have never heard of it….couldn’t stop laughing ( not sure if they were tears of sadness!) when I discovered they also make a product “Good Gravy” that “makes everything better”! Check it out! Who buys this shite?

  8. “CBeebies is the brand used by the BBC for programming aimed at children 6 years and under” []

    … and this is what they are programming them with: More BBC Children’s TV filth # Why you should not pay your TV license

  9. Great show, Alex, and thanks for calling the Vigilant Shitizen out on his BS. I have seen your work posted in comments and then censored on his site. I can’t believe how many Christians there are on that site, probably refreshing it all day and all the while thinking they are fighting Satan or whatever. Good grief. Because nothing says, “I’m a follower of Jesus” quite like reading Vigilant Shitizen’s blog all day long and oogling pictures of celebrities and so-called Satanic symbols. Nevermind the actual Satanic activity of pedorapists.

    People must realise at some point what they’re doing when they adopt blogs like Vigilant Shitizen into their life. They think these celebrities are MK ULTRA mind controlled, meanwhile there are an ever increasing amount of people lacking critical thinking faculties who are influenced by the leftist intelligentsia into believing all sorts of cultural Marxist lies.

    Finally, I have a last thought on the whole Christina feces thing. I think this event might herald a kind of awakening of the masses, because the fake tan lie is being questioned en masse. People are realising that they are being lied to.

  10. also alex, well thank you for being a heretic and a rebel. 🙂 At least they didn’t managed to completely demasculate the germans as badly as they did the japanese.

    Bec77, thanks. A few years ago, safe be almost no one would have bought that shite. But, after years of “pro-poop” subliminals in all children’s programming, there will be more and more lining up.

    Sam, not a bad vid. And, it probably just scratches the surface of character names. Brings us back to the question of why are gay men in the know, so glad to participate in the production of such programs aimed at children?

    Greensmoothies, you’re welcome. I shouldn’t have to call them out, but on the other hand, so many have been so brainwashed by this conspindustry for so long now … they only see what they’re told to see. Suddenly, everybody’s an expert on mkultra symbols, which is about as useful as being an expert on Star Wars.

  11. As a regular commenter here, it appears a timely confession is due on my part: I’ve used a lot of ecstacy over the years, particularly around 5-10 years ago, but a supply resurgence in this corner of the globe has seen me using it in the last year as well. I remember hearing ‘back in the day’ that our ecstacy was all coming out of the Netherlands, a fact I filed away and forgot about until recently. After hearing how the European underground was Jewish controlled, and then hearing Alex talk about Jewish control of the ecstacy trade on multiple occasions, I had subsconsciously/dissosciatively ‘decided’ to not research that particular piece of info, as it may have necessitated my not using it anymore.

    So I bit the bullet after this week’s show and did a little digging – it did not take very long to verify that yes, Jews control the ecstacy trade. It’s such an accepted fact that even Jewkipedia can’t pretend otherwise. And a more honest insight into the matter: The Jewish Mafia; An Interview with Hervé Ryssen

    My point is there’s no shortcuts on the right path. I’ve preached the moral high ground on vegetarianism for 10 years while funding the death of Palestinian children and the trafficking of Eastern European women and god knows who else.

    I won’t buy or take ecstacy again, even though it’s a blast and I’ll miss it dearly. There’s some great herbal products out there now and I’ll be sticking to those, at least I won’t feel like shit the next day!

    Great show, Alex.

  12. Of all the observations you’ve made and stories you’ve told, the squirrel vignettes say so much about how far humans have gotten away from their true nature. Here’s another incredible lesson in giving, this time from an orangutan in Borneo:

  13. Again, another fascinating show. Thanks. Its a little shocking to hear you talk of Vigilant in the way you did. Of course, you are absolutely correct. Whoever VC is, they are either deliberately falsifying the ‘codes’ by deciphering the videos incorrectly or they are doing it out of pure ignorance. It is still a fun site though and I think you are being a little harsh on other similar sites that talk of MK and Freemasons.

    There are a lot of sites that ‘appear’ to be genuine young people writing about what they have ‘discovered’ and interpreting the signs and codes in light of what they have learned from others in the field… They, perhaps, are just not as evolved as you are (yet). Then again, perhaps these sites are all part of the agenda, its almost impossible to find out the truth. But as you say often, use your common sense. I am trying believe me.

    I know you don’t want to talk about Whitney but the news is relentless…and since you mention cougars I found it quite hilarious that she ‘allegedly’ had a fight on thurday with an X-factor contestant who said that Whitney called HERSELF a cougar! The ‘blood’ that was spotted on Whitney’s legs was apparently from this fight. And so it’s not gravy? But have you seen this ….

    Headline: Whitney Houston’s Last Meal In Her Death Tub: Gravy?

    Another sick joke?

  14. I most highly recommend the February 8th airing of the Live Free or Die in which you were a guest with Lee Rogers [link]. Being commercial free you were able to keep a good flow going. Aye!

  15. James B, that was very brave for you to come forth and say. I hope the segment wasn’t too brutal on you (and others) to hear. All we can do (myself included) is take those small steps to reduce our contribution to inhumanity. Good point about jewkepedia.

    bitanphoto, that’s an amazing video. Speaks so solidly to so many of the points raised on the apemen show.

    Marty, I hear you [a bit] in regards to being harsh. I too once fell into the trap of that mkultra illuminati shite narrative. Am sure many who promote are doing so only out of ignorance/brainwashing. Vigilant Shitizen is definitely not in that group. This is agenda-driven (and as we see agenda-promoted) shite meant to rile up people, misdirect them, and have them waste their time chasing shadows.

    Hm, insane last meal for whitney. Am’a have to to talk about this one next show.

    WhatsItAllAboutAlphie, thanks, and I do too. 😀

  16. Whit-ney is whit-knee or white-knee
    Dis-ney is death-knee or chaos-knee
    Ney is hinge or bend of the name, as in nee or the name from before

    Whitney died with a gravy boat in the bath tub and probably was pining for her girl friend.

    Once this little blue-bird wouldn’t sing “Over the Rainbow” but would rather defiantly sing “The Way We Were”. Rather telling of her .. this song choice! She was found by one with an eye for talent.

    James B .. great links shared. Back at you .. Juri Lina “Under the Sign of the Scorpion”.

  17. In reference to Greensmoothies post, Vigilant Citizen is heavily promoted in the so called urban media which has a large Black audience. Many people don’t realize that some of this media is not actually African-American owned or controlled. In addition to the end- times Christian posters you will find many who are only concerned about Jay-Z’s role in the Illuminati. Rather than reading Vigilant Citizen, they need to wake up and see what is really being fed to them and who is doing the feeding.

  18. Hey ! Has Metro Bob been moonlighting ? The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall)

    The BBC thinks this show is so good they are repeating it . Lucky goyim !

    I saw as much as I could bear last time , its all toilet , bodily fluids , sex , and swearing . It always makes me laugh when I see the warning for a show like , say , Family Goy : ” Contains Adult Humour ” .

    What this usually means is that it contains juvenile , adolescent or childish humour …

    Old Jews Telling Jokes Episode 1 of 2 DURATION: 30 MINUTES
    ” In the fine tradition of American Jewish humour, a group of pensioners from all walks of life gather together to tell their favourite jokes. Remember, laugh loud – they don’t hear so good. “

  19. State of the Slappy Confederacy Democratic Republic Union of One Address

  20. The film, In Darkness, tells the World War II story of how Jews in Poland hid in sewers to escape the Nazis

  21. eugene, yea that “gravy boat” story feels like a hook. One of your links speaks of “dirty dealings backstage at the oscars” … well, aguilera’s recently revealed exactly what that involves. And Clive Davis looks like the prototypical degenerate kind that plays the “key” role in such kah-rears; complete with bs biography rationalizing goy name and using victim words like “orphan” and “penniless.”

    Vigilant Mommy, good points. I remember at one time, many thinking the alleged guy behind V-Shit was “a black guy.” That would explain why they point fingers at everyone except Jews. 🙄

    GTRman, that was hilarious, I’ll have to ask Metro Bob if he’s cheating on us. 😆 Old Jews telling dirty jokes? Who’d have thunk. I’d guess the reason for repeated airings is to convince (reprogram) the goy that Jews are actually funny.

    Mr. B, somewhat amusing.

    Bill C, what are the odds? 😮 Yea, another jewish made film or jewish written book about the holocaust featuring the theme (fetish) of excrement. 😯 Shocker!

  22. @Sam My Brother texted me about a month ago saying; “Turn on the TV right now, there are kids on a tied to a cross who are getting brown sludge thrown at them by their parents!”

    I don’t have a TV but i can imagine it just fine.. This is becoming standard children’s television.

    VC, the Perez Hilton of the alternative truth media circus. That guardian article smells like stealth advertising under the guise of journalism.

  23. Very curious lyrics in the song “Get Back in Line” by Motorhead, album called “The World is Yours” from 2010.

  24. WHO did 911… better yet WHO did Fukushima or “311” 11=K=kosher PLEASE READ THIS

    Hey Celtic Rebel I was a huge Jeff Rense Fan but after reading of what happened to Henry Makow “like or hate him” he is like an Elder Rebel exposing how the Male is being destoryed by design… But he was axed by rense recently as well as and this is why… Alex what do you think did “WHO” do it? And if they did then this is 100 times more evil then “911”

  25. bitanphoto – that video was interesting. It reminded me of immigrants to western welfare states crowding around until they get something. And the generosity of the western state usually never fails to satisfy them. That orangutan was just behaving like a taxpayer – paying enough of his wealth to appease and pacify the have-nots. Less resources for all animals involved would change the dynamic, I’m sure.

  26. Had a little run in with the Shitizen back in November of last year, I asked him why my comments were consistently being deleted and he informed me, that by alluding that he was purposefully fooling dem asses he saw it necessary to stop my comments from getting through. I then asked The One Eyed Wonder to do one of his fancy deciphering tricks on Thrive:What on earth will it take? and I haven’t heard from him since. Surprise.

    As for the power behind the who, Jim Stone has a few things to offer:

  27. If I had any doubt about the peace symbol actually being a symbol for sex, bitch boy Pete Doherty just cleared that one up for me.
    I have to admit I kinda like the song.

  28. Aszeran, ha, “V-Shit is the Perez Hilton of alt media.” 😆 Well said, accurate and hilarious.

    Ed, hm, wasn’t aware they addressed the who’s.

    Nico, honestly, I don’t know what to make of Fuck-u-Shima. There are so many fearmongers pushing it and so many scam-artists profiteering of it, I remain highly skeptical. Sure, it could be the “cry wolf” syndrome, or once again, the alt media “scare d’jour.”

    James T, one thing to remember though, in terms of nature, those things are calculable. However, most of our human brethren are so hopelessly programmed, even in times of plenty, they can never hope to exhibit the degree of intelligence/humanity this orangutan has.

    IAmLonefrog, hm, V-Shit wouldn’t elaborate on the “eye of lucifer” 🙄 being located on a mega-production who’s main push is “it’s not the jews?” I’m done being sarcastic, it should start adding up for everyone. Good article link.

    chris, yea, forgot to add “fame-ass bitch-boys” to the list of only people who seem to know the real meaning of everyday gestures (the others being the celtic rebel and stoopid whores). 😀

  29. The trick is we live with infinite resources and very limited needs.
    Hope you get Ed on to discuss Whitney, I think this is a botched fake event. Look into Gayle King, a 5’10 woman usually is easy to notice.

  30. Thank you for another informative and entertaining show, Alex. I haven’t been studying your work for long, but have already started to deprogram from so many lies!

    I want to thank you, also, for distinguishing between the two schools of “freemasonry”, and for calling out the Scottish Rite for what they really are. Snaky satanic pederasts. And while there may not be MKUltra going on as many speak of, those practices are used by the SR’s. I know, unfortunately, all too well.

    Also many thanks for calling out VC. I got wrapped up in that game for a bit, but caught on that it’s just some kind of slow initiation tactics and a huge diversion from the truth. I found a site where many of his past “fans” are in mutiny over his practices. They say that it’s been taken over by kids. Maybe that’s why they have to work harder at publicity? I saw it for the joke it is, and i was glad to hear how you call them out.

    Have as fun a week as possible! That goes for your posters, too. They bring a lot to the table.

  31. The UK is swamped in homo-promo . All the main TV chat people are “outrageous ” faggy gays : Graham Norton , Steven Fry , Paul O Grady , Alan Carr . Occasionally they are scheduled all against each other ! Such choice !

    It seems every TV show has to have a prominent gay theme or character . The Brits are in a stupor of TV , booze , football and homosex .

    Vigilant Shitizen is just stupid . Has it not occured to anyone that these hip-hop people , and video directors have been getting into all the first – and -second – level “conspiracy ” stuff ?

    VERY interesting that it is getting publicity in the Guardian . They’re probably just testing the waters .

    Me , I used to be very Icke . He was I suppose my stepping stone to the jew-factor . However , I couldnt even get through half of his last book .

    And now he’s got ANOTHER one out !!!!

  32. Hey Rebel, The Briton Trojan connection theory comes from a historian from Normandy who had access to sources in Whales. Geoffrey of Monmouth was a Norman Welsh historian if that means anything. I have no idea how the empire of England suddenly becomes British or what that even means. The only remnants of what was ancient Brittania are Whales, Cornwall, Brittany, and Galicia as far as I know. The location of these areas seems to lend support to Geoffrey’s tale and I like the story at least. The Romans conquered the Britons with Julius Ceasar and ruled for about 400 years and a power vacuum aided the Germanic tribes that managed to setup there Anglo-Saxon-Frisian-Jutish settlements until the Norman invasion circa 1000 AD with Duke William the Conqueror establishing what we know as England. Cornwall seems to have been a stronghold for the Britons (Brythonic Celtic culture) and the only evidence of Romans were three forts on their border. So I like to believe they were successful in limiting Roman rule. During the Viking invasion era in Ireland there was a mass migration to Cornwall. This is all off the top of my head and I just want to stress that I don’t believe being British has anything to do with any German-Jew whatever. At least linguistically. History is hard to sort through. The Geoffrey story seems to parallel the Moses story somehow relating to the legendary founder of Britain named Brutus. So that does seem to have some Jewish influence perhaps. By way of this historian being of Germanic descent. Anglos, Saxons, Vikings, Normans and whoever. There all Germanic. Same with Nazis and Jews. There the same and putting on some cultural ritualistic thing they do. Meaning holocaust. Human sacrafice. It doesn’t matter if it’s there perceived enemy or their own ethnic group. They just need blood and smoke evidently. Love your show and you are a lone voice crying in the wilderness. PEACE.

  33. “Board Walk Empire” is really a damn creepy series.
    Especially the demonization of Germans made me, as a German, angry.
    Also, the incest implications creept me out.

    @also alex: Alex the Germanic Heretic! 😛

  34. Dear Celtic Rebel,

    In order to grow, man must first recognize his own ignorance and incompleteness. In the world of “alternative media,” no one is better at reminding me of how stupid I really am than you. And for that, I am truly grateful. You are truly one of a kind and I love your work.

    All the best.

  35. London calling, Mongoose here.
    Three points for the community.

    First: William the Conqueror
    The laws against usury in England before the arrival of William the Conqueror in 1066 were very strict. This changed once William managed to defeat, terrorise, rape and pillage his way through the country. There are indications that Sephardic Jewish bankers financed the invasion, which required nation-wide castle building and 10,000 armed men to succeed.
    Obviously the Conqueror had a big debt to pay and hence we have his need to ascertain the wealth of the country, the Domesday Book followed. He also needed a system to collect the wealth, hence the introduction/imposition of Feudalism and the bringing in of Norman, ie. Non-native, tenants in chief/barons to ensure loyalty.
    This modus operandi is as old as the hills, the results for the “normal” people always the same – no rights, no freedom, no land, tax and foreigners telling you what to do. Sounds familiar….

    Second: Christina Aguilera
    This one is weird, had just posted “Moves like Jagger” and this happens. Aguilera features in the song with Maroon 5 and her lyrics are:
    You wanna know how to make me smile
    Take control, own me just for the night
    And if I share my secret
    You’re gonna have to keep it
    Nobody else can see this

    So watch and learn
    I won’t show you twice
    Head to toe, ooh baby, roll me right
    And if I share my secret
    You’re gonna have to keep it
    Nobody else can see this

    Maroon 5 – lead singer is………jewish.

    Maroon….the bisexual gay code flag.

    Third: The Vatican
    When in 1978 Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani) began making plans to throw out the masons in the Vatican, especially the members of the ultra-conservative P2 cabal, he lasted just over a month. The smiling Pope was smiling no more, dead after ….33 days. Coincidence?

    Mongoose out.

  36. I know I’m late to the party, but I discovered your site a few days ago and I have to tell you, Celtic, you are a god send – though hopefully not from Yahweh 😉 I had considered myself pretty free-minded, but you have awakened me to the endless shit that’s been hammered into my brain, and how much I’ve stupidly defined myself by it. You’ve also awakened me to how to release it. So, thank you! I can’t even believe how brainwashed I was, and still am, but I’m fighting it every moment.

    I also really appreciate reading a man’s blog who attempts positive gender relations. Women and men have been equally degraded and sullied by the Elite, and it’s about time we remember who we are and what we like about each other! I appreciate all you good men out there, but I must say, I am just repulsed by the passivity of most of the males I’ve encountered. I feel pressured to be more aggressive because every guy I meet is so damn passive, and I hate that, because I’m a woman, damnit! Men: we love your active nature, your forthrightness, your bravery, your aggression! It all goes hand in hand: if men are allowed to be men, women are allowed to be women – then we’re all using our own Creator-given, natural power. But until then, it’s a sad fucking state of affairs.

    Also, when contemplating our box-like entrapment, I was reminded of this old No Doubt song – “Trapped in a Box” – “Trapped in a box of tremendous size, it distorts my vision, it closes my eyes, attracts filthy flies and pollutes the skies, it sucks up our lives and proliferates lies” Gwen Stefani’s brother, Eric, wrote most of their songs, and also did animation on 36 (hmm…) episodes of The Simpsons, plus the opening sequences of Troop Beverly Hills and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids with Rick More-anus. The Stefani family is from Anaheim, home of Disneyland. HMMMM. ‘Member when every crappy band on MTV in 1996 was from Anaheim? And now Gwen’s partying with Angelina, Madonna, Aniston, the whole cabal. Yuck.

  37. There is little evidence for the complexities of consensual interspecies sex. Unless of course Ricky Gervais goes into detail on the Jon Stewart Show.

    Good timing seeing the Hussein administration changing the laws on sodomy and relations with “consensual interspecies”.

    Its a good example that all UK enter tainers are not.. “outrageous ” faggy gays………. but rather inter species fking whore


  39. Alex, everything is spun so many different ways, I don’t know what to think-Is VC trully controlled opposition? I think that occult symbolism is open to interpetation so these symbols can have multitude of meanings. Alex,me thinks you are TOO distrusting of almost any “alternative, truther” websites. While some spit out disinfo, others might have more credability. I suggest you research Fritz Springmeier-he wrote about MK Ultra/mind control and was impriosoned on trumped up charges-I think right now he’s in a halfway house or something-I think he has way more creditability than shysters like Rense or Alex Jones. Alex,you also confuse me-even if the “Illuminatti” don’t exist-isnt it just another word for “pederast priest class”? Also, your blog is very confusing to me sometimes, I wish you would be a little less cryptic.Keep up the good work!

  40. This excerpt from the Children’s BBC channel is quite revealing.

    And what about this radio interview with James WESTon entitled ‘Satanic Protocol of Hollywood’, dated January 21st, 2012, that can be downloaded here:

    I’m not sure if this is a parody of Celtic Rebel’s work, an attempt to put some true info out there via zanyness, or whether it’s all true on some nightmare parallel dimension or something.

  41. Although youre right about WhiteKnee Houston being a whore and a temple entertainer [and clive Davies IS a seedy looking bastard!] i still have some sympathies for the course of her life which was directed by others behind the scenes [Joo’s ahem] I do think she was a different persona to what we were fed,it would be like leading a double life, although unfortunately you have to ask: did she Buy the lie, or was she sold it? … here she demonstrates she has bought into the material lie:

    She is of the classic “sold her soul” variety, and bar any ritual aspects to her death, it was this fakery fuckery of selling out her own heritage and being a whore and a Jews shiksa. This was manifested when she was booed in 1989 by a largely African american crowd at the soulTrain awards-who werent happy she had “sanitized” herself for a white record buying public and had “no soul”. -@30secs

    Write up on the soulTrain awards incident:

    And unrelated, my daughter asked me to get her this DVD, ps i love you, starring Gerard “was a ” Butler and Hilary s-Wank. I looked at the cover and immediately thought of rebels “Pushing the envelope”…in the ‘back pocket’ naturally:

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