The Peasants are Revolting [4]

If you missed the weekend’s last-minute write-up of the prior show, you’ll need to go back. I think the images provide a lot of further insight into last week’s show.

houston oilers robbed

The above image relates to but one [of many] topics that were covered assaulted this week. That’s the show below:


Early on, we got started with what I guess many would consider on of the show’s more controversial aspects. Perhaps, I am jaded by my research, I’m having a hard time seeing how something that’s super bloody-obvious can also be controversial.


There’s an old tasteless joke about why pederasts may find a nine year old girl so appealing, whose twisted punchline surmises that if you flip her around 180 degrees, you then end up with a young boy. Well, with Willow Smith’s odd haircut, I guess 90 degrees would do the trick. That should up her price.

The entertainment industry is, aside from the social engineering aspects, really just the world’s largest high-end prostitution racket. The below images are from a prior article, which contains even more covers, and quite a few other relevant goodies.


The segment where I talk about the the disgusting campaign/auction of um, “promotion,” was put out on YouTube recently [video link]. I encourage those of you with YouTube accounts to support the creator with anti-zombie feedback.


The above, while serving the elite’s global prostitution ring, is also just yet another step down [into the abyss], which turns humans into something less than that.

True Mud Katy Perry

Forget the appearance of Petty Kerry’s cleavage. The above Sesame Street segment was far craftier and far more insidious than her tits. Aside from the obvious alarm bells that should go off by marketing a semi-pornographic adult program to children, the choice of “mud” was by no means incidental. It goes right along with my research, and the show’s own [previously mentioned] admission of same:

vampires eat shit

Coincidentally, in the new season of True Blood [i.e., above show/program], they have removed the baby-bottle penis suggestive opening scene that Stygian Port and I discussed over a year ago, and has since been included in my documentary.

pederast: the movie

As you, and I, have been learning, we sometimes need to unscramble words to figure out what they are used to communicate. Keep in mind where a Talmudic Rabbi reading the word WAR, he’d be reading it from right to left, hence RAW [as in the state a young boy’s anus might be left in after his, um, “illumination”].

boy meats man

I guess that would illumination/initiation via Ungreased Lightning? Coincidentally, two days after the show, an old U2 song from their first album, floating around somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, resurfaced. That song was “Twilight,” from Boy: “In the shadows, boy meets man, in the shadow, boy meets man.”

bone takes it up the assbono likes cock

Case closed. Bono, as in “bone the little o” was in on it from the start. I’d even guess he’s one of these guys who one could find interesting links were they try to trace his true bloodline. Question: why is that fucker still in your music collection?


In this series, I think I’ve managed to cast aside a tremendous amount of bullshit [of the mainstream and alternative variety] we’ve been fed. Hm, maybe I should have called it the “bullshit detector” or “bullshit vaporizing ray-gun” series?

Maybe not! But, what do all of the above eye-cons have in common, aside from how they’ve been used to con our eyes? Hm, so how was Madonna temporarily deprived of the use of one of her eyes above? Perhaps, fisting [as the image suggests]?

girl into anusjesus butt sex

I’ve already written of how Jesus was, most likely sodomized [i.e., hammered] while he lay dying, on [or perhaps, off] the cross. Thanks to you, my readers [or listeners], I am regularly appraised of all sorts of, appropriately said, “shit,” such as the previous [true bloodlines] clip and the following “revelation:”

[original, except my notes in red]: “The teachings of The Way were/are a spiritual revelation that instructs the disciple how to apply the Key [¿key-anus?] of Knowledge and turn [¿twist/wiggle?] the scriptures within himself in the endeavor to journey along the Narrow Way, unlock and open the Strait Gate, and enter the Temple made without the hands of man that exists in the inner Kingdom of the Father.”

The above bit of, um, elimination/illumination was taken directly from this Holy Source. Hm, so the “strait” gate, as in that which has not [yet] been opened [i.e., violated or effeminated] is also known as “the narrow way?” Well, that does make sense. Hm, wonder where the phrase “on the straight and narrow” stems from?

credodinner at anuspliant foreskin

Again, fuck all that requrgitated nonsense/bullshit about satan and mk-ultra, when you see the “one eye” metaphor used in cinema, it is a reference to sodomy.

Hm, I can imagine that it would be quite a challenge to get the hell out of Los Angeles without having had at least one “eye” violated along the way [a kah-rear hazard]. It “takes one to know one?” Oh, how much more obvious can they be?

yes, they're gayeat the chocolate bunny

Well, that would seem to apply to The Yes Men, who it turns out [thanks to one James Ratte in the “cat” room], gave credit to one super-adventurer David de Rothschild in their first “film” [which may have been a bit of revelation of the method]. The scene of the guy [above left] looking like he didn’t have time to put his clothes quite back on, is for the benefit of the cult [of sodomy]. Yes, he is one of them. The latter photo, of one of the Yes Men, eating “bunny rabbits” with some random gay fanboy, is just syncromystic icing/frosting on the [chocolate] cake.

thor bisexualthor assgod

Another layer of bullshit was cast off in regards to Thor’s Children. Speaking of the one they lay claim to descent from, a movie about said “god” is being made as we speak. It will “star” the supergay vampire from True Blood [above left], who not only looks like he just raided Metro Bob’s wardrobe, but is the same um, “vampire” [i.e., fecalpheliac] that ass-ass-in-ated a fellow vampire by staking him in the heart while his cock was up said fellow’s ass.

Bonus Gravy: It will be directed by one Kenneth Branaugh, the same who directed the superhomoerotic version of Frankenstein [starring supergay Robert Deniro]. You better get gay right now in preparation for all this gayness coming our way.

androgyny equals death

Yea, I know some may get offended by the prior paragraph. It’s fine to be gay, but socially engineering gender confusion into a majority of the populace is the formula for destruction of the human race. That’s not my “opinion.” That’s mathematics.

The above image is an [embedded] admission of that, and is from a show I once misunderstood [linked], because I did not understand back then how the system of initiation into the um, industry, worked. I’ve since learned much, and grown plenty.

wash your junkhoward astern

So, as said in the show, one mentally-challenged talentless ugly mother-fucker by the name of Howard Stern wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in “the business” had he not (a) been Jewish, and (b) agreed to serve whatever the agenda de jour was.

Though, judging by the two above [right] pics, it looks like he’s practically begging to be sodomized. I guess even the most deviant of priests have some standards. 😆 At least, he was appropriate named: “Stern,” as in the rear part of the ship.

how's my anus

A little subterfuge, and a lot of bullshit later: mission accomplished! I’ve already written of how anal curiosity is being instilled into men and women, and covered circumcision pretty damn thoroughly in one of the Dinner of Andros podcasts.

charly one-eyeevil anusbutt-rape revenge

The above images are just more “proof” of concept stills, and maybe a side joke [from yours truly] to be wary of looking too deeply into the “evil eye.” You should, by now, have pretty good idea of what you may find there. Twilight [again]. The spirit hole. Mandingo. Native humiliation. Oral rape. Anal rape. Repeat, repeat.

pauly pederastpedo cup

I close with two more “in our face” images that demonstrate precisely how fucking naive we have been, and how they continue to operate so openly. One is of yet another mentally-challenged talentless ugly mother-fucker, who goes by the name of Pauly Shore [also, coincidentally, Jewish] washing a naked black boy. Maybe I judge too harshly? Perhaps Pauly is just a victim of the [discussed] propaganda and felt compelled to help out by washing the boy’s penis? 🙄 Maybe not.

The other, is a “coincidental” advert for the most recent World Cup. Oh, how bloody fucking cute!


:: :: :: :: ::


Note A: I was supposed to be on Solution Revolution with Nemo DeNovo tomorrow, but something came up that I have to attend [yes, it’s a secret illuminati meeting, I am so busted]. We’re rescheduling for next week.

Note B: The name Snake Plissken [from John Carpenter’s Escape from NY/LA movies] may be a play on PLIant SKIN and perhaps reference to a man who avoided the butchers and was left with his foreskin intact? Bit. that may be a reach.

~ by celticrebel on September 26, 2010.

41 Responses to “The Peasants are Revolting [4]”

  1. Hey Alex, dont know if you already know or not, but willow smith signed with jay-z’s roc nation label a week ago….

  2. I will analyse those magezines of seventeen when I get back home. I’m bound to find some strange things :p.

    I allready have one:.

    The one with Fun on it(yep greatplacement for that word).

    Also 936. What ya mean? 9-3 = 6? Or do they mean. 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 and so does 9+3+6. Yeah the certainly love their number jokes. It’s funny how almost all those numbers become 9 or 6 when you do some math around it :D.

  3. Yo! I’m the one who mentioned the “have a cigar” lyric last week… what about this vid? Gravy Train Commercial 1975

  4. Great show Alex, you topped the other Fire & Ire shows by far with it. I for one would love to see the show to a more metaphysical approach to the coverage. I feel like we’ve been looking at what this 3rd dimensional reality forced upon us id doing, and not enough on the spiritual side which you used to cover more in the past.

  5. Dion Duffield, yea, I had heard. It [her getting a record deal based on only having one horrible song written for her so far], was likely done to increase her fame, and hence the price she’ll fetch on the upcoming sex auction.

    Unomojo, it’s possible, though I’m feeling that in THIS case, it’s a coded price for one night with whatever prostitute appears on the cover.

    LDC, hard to say. My gut feeling is that this commercial was actually about dogs and marketing the product to their owners. On the other, “dogs” could be a veiled reference to reference temple dogs, and commercials couldn’t clearly promote man-on-man coprophilia as openly as they do now.

    Immortallywounded, yea, appreciate it man. I need to get back on higher ground, like substantially higher ground. 😥 No more Stern clips! 😉

  6. So you finaly turned crazy.

    Anyway, great show again, Alex. The new intro is effing nice, too. It kind of upset me, when you were considering beating as method for raising children, but as you stated in previous shows, you dont want to be taken seriously.
    Even if you were or are serious about that, it is still not enough for stopping me to listen to your show. Digging through this shit with you has become too much fun.

    In regards to this banging married women story, I have to admit that I was for a moment a bit shocked. Damn this freaking old program!

    By the way, I’m waiting for the day when you and Lenon Honor have a nice intellectual fight about this chasing-whore-activity. This seems to be one of those points where your opinions differ from each other for a very large degree.

  7. Please excuse this rather long comment…I enjoyed all 4 episodes of ‘The Peasants are Revolting’, and this last installment the most, even though you do insert a few annoying things here and there, and sometimes you giggle like a girl.(I am sorry, but no one else has dared to say this to you so I will!) The intro. music to this week’s episode was an excellent ‘mash’ – I believe that’s what they call it on radio(?) but your ‘calculating’ advice to ‘sleep with married woman (whores)’ in the last minute, I cannot condone (con-done).
    That being said, I have been thinking lately about your earlier comments on what to do with yourself, to move along a more positive path. It’s my opinion that YOU are the leading authority on this ‘Social Engineering gay/anal/fecal/whatever-you-want-to-label-it’ Agenda, and that you should be aiming,if not to teach those people that are having difficulty in ‘awakening’ to it, then to be a sort of…’knowledge base’…where people can ask for information on what it is they are seeing and experiencing. Its sort of what you are already doing with your blog, only more blatant…I doubt I have explained my idea properly. Like a wiki – but not. Sort of guiding people about how to find the information they need to understand things better – not ‘telling them’…
    Anway, if I can make a clearer statement explaining what I mean then I will post again.
    I have a few comments (from the female perspective) that tie in with the social engineering stuff. From my experiences at the ‘beautician/hair salon’ where I hear that the ‘main reason why women are having lazer WHOLE BODY hair removal’ is because it is cleaner and healthier – which is a myth and obviously a socially engineered idea – as any gynecologist will tell you (me) – hair is there to protect and prevent disease (fact), not to mention the long-term affects of lazer treatment on sensitive areas of the anatomy. I have recently started working at a gynecological (abortion) clinic, and just this week a new leaflet was released, aimed at under-16s. The doctors agreed with the advertisers/promoters, that the leaflet should be given to all schools in the area. I picked one up to find out what it was about.
    It’s called ‘Nelle Says’ and it’s about a girl’s first sexual encounter and getting on ‘the pill’.
    As I read through the leaflet I started to clearly see a whole social engineering agenda laid out in front of me. There is some info. about reproductive organs of male and female which might be useful to under 16s. However, I was amazed, as I am sure you WON’T BE, that throughout the leaflet, there are drawings of girls that look like barbie, sitting on ‘lips’ shaped sofas talking to each other and saying things like ‘join our circle’, ‘be a woman’, ‘love is beautiful’,’I love safe sex’, ‘no stress for sex’, and ‘no smoking’. On page 25 it tells girls the following: Contraception is not taboo, it is the only road that leads to true enjoyment of sex! It goes on to explain what the pill is and does. on the last page it gives 2 links for further info. 1. (a site which has ‘true stories’ – I read them,they sound like some clueless execs made them up after watching Hannah Montana or something.) 2. – when you click this the link redirects you to the BAYER pharmaceutical company website and info on the pill and Gardasil vaccine etc.
    P.S. Yes, you are absolutely right, if women continue to stick plastic and non-natural objects into their body cavities, they will get diseases (fact).
    P.P.S. I like your use of the Carmina Burana music and wish more movies and programmes would use it!!
    P.P.P.S Looking forward to hearing what you have on the tech-revolution of social networking and the stealing of our personal lives!

  8. True Mud very sick, they ate mud in True Blood when they where possessed know that I think about it.
    Didn’t watch beyond series 2 not after reading what was coming.
    Don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this before but there are magic rings & water doors in the first Narnia book “The Magician’s Nephew”.
    On a different note I’ve disposed of my last game fallout 3. I took my current character to a place called “lamplight caverns”, I was in dialog with the various child characters (known as little lamplighters) there when most of their names & what they where saying suddenly took on a very ill new meaning (all butt related).
    I’m quite certain now that there are child molesters at Bethseda.

  9. Tini Puppinies Toffee Dog Available at Toys “R” Us–look it up on youtube. Be sure to notice the cock mirrors, and the superliminal(?) “Oh, you’re such a hoe,” and of course, don’t forget Tutu. It’s funny, in a crying clown kind of way.

  10. Sorry for adding a link from prison planet, but this article touches on so many elements that you have been talking about recently. The William Burroughs and Kurt Cobain association is so bizzare. This is especially so as Nirvana had such an infleunce over a whole generation while being influenced by the freak Burroughs.

  11. Check it out Alex.

  12. Dear Mr. Rebel

    I used to think you were exaggerating a bit or reading too much into this and that. Now I know it’s all true. It’s gone this far.

    This celebrated new line had a promotional booth at the Folsom Street Fair and was admired openly by members of the press. Possibly inspired by photos of the actual children in attendance last year. 😦

  13. nice bit of homosexual social engineering here old bean.

    PS: sorry to make another reply!

    but i had an idea, perhaps those numbers on magazines aren’t prices, what if they’re lot numbers? like when you bid at an auction you get a number, what if its the same process, you literally walk in a shop, browse the magazines, choose who you want and then bid?

    it just seems a more convenient way of doing it than having the prices there. sorry about double posting but it literally just occured to me when looking at the 17 images you have there. again great show dude, as always.

  14. Watched Hot Fuzz (heh!) last night starring Simon Pegg (heh, heh!.) It went way past cop buddy territory into bROMANCE. The women are all sexless crones except for one who ends up dead and I half expected a full on sex scene with his (domestic?) partner. They even fall asleep snuggled up on the couch watching Bad Boys and Point Break. At one point Simon buys his friend a houseplant and flowers for his dead mother’s grave (mother in law?.) That’s too much time at the florist for most men.

    If you’re gonna be gay, be gay, but don’t try to tell us that this is regular behavior for your average straight guy.

  15. Just found this poster for “Get em to the Greek” .. WOW! I’m seeing a HUGE-ASS pattern here, pun intended..

  16. It seems Mel Gibson has learned to love his gravy through time. This must be the most obvious example there is. Apparently a rape scene starting at 7:08-

    I felt it was necessary to test your hypothesis of hollywood, and viewed some childhood movies. I was shocked to say the least. There are references in EVERY film.

    The Wizard; young boys obsessed with traveling west to California(LA of course).

    (3:05-3:15/4:18-4:26/Worst at 9:20)-

    Little Monsters(Blue clothing, blue bed sheets, blue walls, blue monsters, ughhhh). I wonder what specific life he is talking about(1:45)?

    (UNBELIEVABLE 6:40 and on)

    For redundancy sake, I’ll just stop here. There is no question anymore. I enjoy the show. Your contribution is appreciated. My apologies if the embedding works incorrectly.

  17. Morning Celtic Rebel,

    great show as per usual. I found it shocking and sad the tale about Willow Smith and how her parents are pimping her out. I watched her promo with the sound down. Dismay was not the word. To see a 9 year girl portrayed in these outfits and poses made sick with sadness. The truth is hard to swallow I guess hollywood types have the money to produce such vile to pimp their wares. I don’t know what to say on the subject, ‘cept I know sexual abuse of children happens. The degree of this abuse shuns me, it’s out there in the open, I have no words, for the way humanity was fallen ( no, I’m not into the bible – figure of speech).

    Your analogy of the movie actors and actresses as prostitutes makes sense. I can see their set-up more clearly. Thank you for the clarity of sight, thought and analysis.

    Keep up the brillant work Celtic Rebel.



  18. I re-read some of your older entries yesterday and woke up in the middle of the night and remembered that Bush’s nickname for Karl Rove is Turd Blossom.

  19. More chocolate “pleasures”

  20. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

    — R. Buckminster Fuller

    More positive and metaphysical material please.

    How many of us would be listening to CR if not for Alex(swat team fema camp)Jones?
    Nobody likes an alarm clock but is is a useful tool for waking up people,an annoying tool that that no one really likes to hear too much of.

    To rebel is to react at what is put forth in front of you,a necessary step but ultimately action is superior to reaction.

  21. more liquid “”chocolate”” on msm.

    PS: This actually makes sense for a big part.

    For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim”

    –Aleister Crowley

  22. “trimming the bush to make the tree look taller“. you can youtube search ‘ass waxing’ and will be surprised to the results. but the most telling… “two years later he got his own show” and “i’ve done this to sandra bullock”.

  23. Hi Celtic Rebel,

    I want your opinion on a situation. I have a hetro female friend who is a dominatrix. she services hetro man by performing anal sex on them with a dildo or want-ever. I’ve been concerned about her “job” for ages. I know she does it for the money. But I cant help feeling she dehumanising her self and totally messing up her relation/relationships with men. What do you think on this subject Celtic and listeners/readers? She’s still a friend but I think she warped in this regard.


  24. Some more gravy

    Hollywood sex contracts

    Great show.

  25. I saw a movie based on the Tekken video game, I saw it right after I watched Rollerball and found the two to be in sync a little. You had a map of the world in Tekken that showed the globe divided into corporations, which all looked like the Unions currently in place. Also the name of the fighting tournament was ‘Iron Fist’, with a logo that had a octagon (human stargate) with a fist punching through it.

    I’ve also been watching some of the Romero films again and I am just amazed at the depth of the social commentery. I’m looking forward to seeing your take on it.

  26. Hey Alex. Long-time listener first-time commenter. I know you don’t like it when other people take your radio show and post it on YouTube, but I took your anal-ysis of Willow Smith’s promo video and posted it on YT along with the relevant clip. Sadly, as one poster has so eloquently demonstrated, fans of WS will defend their programming when confronted with the evidence.

  27. Hi Kim Love,
    I just watched a twisted little film called Shortbus. In it, a dominatrix has trouble with having relationships with men and everyone else! The answer in the film was to get it on with a female. Anyway that’s prob not much help! It seems to be a pretty depraved way of making a living…

  28. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but there’s this new show on Much Music where people dance to one of their favorite songs and strip down to their underwear.

    True Mud? What’s next, mimicking Playboys “girls next door”?

    Seriously, I don’t want to know what’s next.

  29. btw poop and ass referal can be found at alannah myles facebook, and this was really interesting:

    At that crucial time in my life when I knew I had to focus every ounce of my energy, I set my mind on success and switched off all emotion. My head was spinning from a plethora of responsibilities, requiring a single mindedness that created enmity, even among family and ‘friends’. There was no time for emotional baggage or for those who attempted to hold me back with their’s. After 500 consecutive shows with both genders chasing after my butt I became isolated, detached, lonely, misunderstood and unhappy. Behind the scenes I was exposed to many controlling machinations of those whose minds had been bamboozled by the Gods of sex. Having just ended an 8 year monogamous relationship and no time to date in the classic sense, I wound up taking a male lover to ward off the advances of a female one who jeopardized her position of power at my record company to pursuit me. No, to her meant ‘maybe later’ and I caved by hooking up with the nearest male to save my heterosexual ass. He fell hard, but not for my heart.

    Then there was a rock god who was sure all that glittered was gold and was buying the stairway to Heaven…

    Robert plant??

  30. CNN News Anchor fired for calling Jon Stewart a Bigot, and claims “Jews run TV”

    PS: Doll Face – Cosmetic Deception. This 4 min video sums up what the media is programming women to do to themselves. Well done, but rather sad..

  31. Hey Alex,

    You dont know me but iv been following your blog for around a month now. and i must say im programmed! i fell for almost all if not all social engenering they trew at me.

    1 thing i wanna share though, give woman your phone number instead of you asking for theres.

    not my idea but from an other person that is now trying to leave this realm of existence trough meditation. stephane hemon from ideagasms

    Greetings Mario

  32. Marvellous show with just the right amount of hot spice!

    Love the honesty, love the earthiness – was tired after a hard weekend’s work, but feel revived – very much looking forward to tomorrow’s show.

    Best to Gregory & the team too 🙂

  33. I grow tired of humanity’s obsession with sex.Damn,smoking a bowl is way better than a 5 second orgasm.

  34. Hey Alex!
    I recently checked out Romero’s “Diary of the Dead”. One time, when I was watching it with audio commentary, George Romero mentioned, that the music which Debra added to the recorded material is in a way manipulating, showing that alternative media can influence the audience’s emotions in the same way as mainstream media does.
    This leads me to the conclusion, that the usage of music by Lenon Honor in his documentaries is a kind of manipulating, too. I don’t think, one should avoid Lenon’s material, because of this. Indeed, it is very crucial to get one’s vision on things back. In my opinion, the music improves the entertainment factor of Lenon’s films even more, because it is so well chosen and placed.
    Further more, I have to mention that in my opinion it is great, that you don’t use additionaly music to build up an atmosphere to manipulate the viewers emotions. Instead, you just let the shown material speak for itself, plus you convey your views with mundane commentary.
    The usage of over dramatic music can completely ruin a video, on account that it just feels like your mind is getting raped.

    I wonder, why you ditched completely away that theory about mind controled stars. Don’t you think that spiritual assassination is a reality?
    You even mentioned in earlier articles, that you have met persons of whom cahn be reconized, that they have no soul anymore. Do you think, that there is still some kind of resurrection of one’s soul(whatever this is) is possible?

  35. I watched: shit my dad says, a serie with w shatner.
    1 episode ass referals 2nd dad(shattner) says out of the blue: I like gravy!!!!–no more!–
    Without you alex I would have never realised this stuff. Again Txs.

  36. Rebel as much as I agree with a lot of what you say and write about even the gender stuff that many women would have issues with–Women were sexually harassed in the workplace past. I agree that there are likely many accounts that are programmed responses today as the rulers promote this stuff. I am older than you and I have not only experienced it but know lots of women who did also. The way I look at all of this is that since “they” are said to do very long-range planning. They repress a group of people for a period of history and then foster a period of “enlightenment” in which a legislative or social remedy is introduced. The remedy disguises some other agenda like wrecking the family in the case of feminism. So it’s hard not to agree with the original social equality movement that later becomes something else. Like the gay thing. Who would care if the “original” born that way types of gays had full acceptance–now the thing has gone crazy. I’m so glad you’ve been brave enough to say what I’ve been saying for the last couple of years–even a gay friend of mine agrees it’s an agenda!

    PS: We’ve been contemplating the meaning of this 2/09 O magazine cover. It features O with playing cards and lots of other numbers.

    Any thoughts?

  37. I suppose when one stares into the bunghole too long, you can’t expect too refined a listenership, as evidenced by the weekly chatroom.

    PS: How often if the “Delphi Technique” used in the chatroom?:

  38. I was speaking to my Gf a few days ago and she brought to my attention that in a book she had read that the Geishas before they went for sale to the highest or most distinguished bidder had a cake baked for them in the shape of a PINK TRIANGLE, or something along those lines. SOOO I am guessing it was not just to nazis way of marking the pederasts and homosexuals.

    Also reading a book called Foucault’s Pendulum – which is highly recommended

    PS: interesting articleon what ur talking about

  39. The bit about putas was hilarious! Puta translates to “whore” when spoken in Mexico.

    TV Azteca sports reporter, Ines Sainz alleged that New York Jets players harassed her during the practice and after the practice session. A New York Jets coach, Mark Sanchez threw a football in Sainz direction and team members were calling out to her from the locker room.

  40. Hey Rebel,

    Thanks for the shout out, mate!

    I’ve been on a Star Wars kick lately (not really doing research per se, but rather dredging the swamp of my subconscious to see if anything surfaces. I should have been looking in the swamp all along:

    Remember in “Empire” where R2D2 gets covered in mud? It floored me when I “saw” that scene again. But why is Artoo getting “initiated”? Well, I also realized Artoo is Luke Skywalker’s daemon, just like in The Golden Compass. (I expand more on this in my latest post – just scroll down till you see Yoda.)

    Emancipating Myself from Star Wars Mental Slavery

    Enjoy! Ongowa!

  41. More about Thor’s Child: (w)Roth = Evil

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