Small Breasts and Big Lies

My regularly scheduled guest was kidnapped by the illuminati, hence I set Lucy out on an errand to, um, find a replacement. Hence we had us a surprised guest.

Jehovah and Lucifer

Despite Lucy’s handling, Alex Robinson, has a mind of her own, hence she doesn’t hate or fear The Lucifer [which is a lot more than I can say for most fools in the conspindustry]. Despite historical evidence, common sense alone should tell us that, assuming a dualistic system, the pussy-boys are fearing the wrong god.


As they say, the show must go on [downloadable], and we picked up on one area where last week’s show left off, further contemplating (for lack of a better word), the idea that there may be far more to the correlation between fictional Nazis and fictional Al Qaedans. For those still guffawing, give the idea some more time.

Holocaust Library of Shame

We’ve seen case after case of absurd stories spun [more literally, shat out] and then taught to our children as “fact.” However, how many times are we going to see these fabrications proven as forgeries, before we ask the big question that we’ve been so conditioned to fear asking? What has made us so damn fearful?

If they don’t turn you into a junkie or a zombie on the street
If they don’t turn you into a yo-cat or a grinning jesus freak
If they don’t take away your brains or turn your body inside out
If they don’t take away your passion with a color tv set
They’ll take away your heart and soul
Don’t let them take away your heart and soul

Oingo Boingo, “Nothing to Fear (but fear itself)”

As a matter of fact, an invaluable asset used to create the State of IsNotReal himself said, “The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed, for the vast masses of a nation are in the depths of their hearts more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them a more easy prey to a big lie than a small one, for they themselves often tell little lies, but would be ashamed to tell big lies.” Truth!

Hollywood Holohoax

Emotional manipulation of audiences, and every time we are given the dubious “based on a true story” label. We’d do well to remember that per the criteria of above films, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was similarly, um, “based.”

the holocaust cloak

Perhaps it’s long past time for us to point out irregularity after irregularity concerning “the holocaust,” and ask whether all of it is one big lie. Those who craft our mind-programming, and the mAss stupidity to which we so gladly subscribe to seem to laugh [out loud] and even flaunt their Holocaut Cloak in our face.

Westley: [strategizing] Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a holocaust cloak.
Inigo Montoya: There, we cannot help you.
Fezzik (Giant): [produces a holocaust cloak] Will this do?
Inigo Montoya: Where did you get that?
Fezzik (Giant): At Miracle Max’s. It fits so nice, he said I could keep it.

Moving on from the [pathetic] boobs we’ve been turned into, to the most wonderful topic of boobs. Majestic bouncing globes of … wait, what was I just saying?

Breasts or Boobs

Of course, the attack on femininity, would feature a very clever campaign to attack breasts themselves.

Girls in Handbras

However, unlike the above girls, who are far more likely mimicking something they saw in the media, than heeding practical bra advice … Lucy will only bear her breasts, and her essence, to him she deems most worthy [i.e., not every stupid wanker who is randomly “there” when hormones and alcohol strike].

As we’ve discussed before, not only are the ridiculous implants women have been conned into getting further blending the line between boobs and butts (the focus of jehovian sexuality deviancy), but as mentioned, the sudden miraculous discovery of the clitoris, is very likely yet another scheme to turn stupid women into stupid men.

Proud Stupid SlutsOpen Discussion Joke

On one hand, it is abundantly clear, that women are not only quite quillable, but also quite moronic to fall for the programming; willingly denigrating themselves by participating in events such as the one above. Trust me, the people behind the people who planned SlutWalk are having quite a laugh over it.

But, we who would claim to be “men” would do well to remember that so far, our track record on helping the women along is equally pathetic. We, being short-sighed and going for immediate gratification over the long-term well-being of us all, have pushed our female counterparts along every step of the way, rewarding whorishness, rewarding sadism and self-deprecation, and most boneheadedly, as previously detailed [SocEng101], eagerly forcing lesbian whorishness upon them.

whore daughters

I’ll probably discuss the latter angle further next week when I bring a fellow Man on. I closed the show with the wonderful song “Other People’s Houses” for good reason, to get us back to a time of innocence. And so that Alex could reMind us, that until we get rid of all the shite the Priests of Wood and The Constipatorial Bitches have stuffed into our mind, we can’t create anything, much less think.

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Note: This Tuesday, September 20th, I was a guest on The Fat Drunk Coward and Dave Show. The show went well and [IMO] merits a listen [unavailable].

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  1. Great show! My fave Moorcock (such a name since he kind of said mankind is the tool of the gods) character was Corum – the otherworldly, purple eyed elf type. Reason being he was Odin and Nuadha rolled into one. Best bit was when ‘the Ancient Ones’, Kwyll and Rhynn, got their hand and eye back and trotted off to destroy both the gods of chaos and the gods of law, Boy, was i shocked as a child – how could they kill the gods of law, they were good! A bit like playing D & D – its always a paladin the first time, But as you grow older, and ‘wiser’, the assassin/ninja type becomes more practical – especially when dispatching vampires. Anyhow, i’ve found the alignment system of D & D can be applied to virtually every daily situation. If someone is pissing me off big time they’re generally lawful good or chaotic evil. Or they don’t know what alignment they’re supposed to be playing this time round.

    Big link between Gygax, Tolkein and mythstery schools via the use of platonic solid dice – so cool to have them on your shelf.

  2. Namaste. Speaking of Lucy, I have located an anomoly in the old Rosicrucian story of the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. There appears to be a character, a young beautiful and strange lass.. going by the name of “Virgo Lucifera”. The text itself is not very long and it’s very interesting so I thought you might like to check it out.

  3. Another programming note: I hate the whole cougar/MILF stereotype. It’s not based on reality, but it is glorified by various Friends co-stars, Kris Jenner, Demi Moore, and others. All it does is divide us and attempt to convince young men to run from women lest they be seduced by Mrs. Robinson. Apparently, it’s better to wear your skinny jeans and eyeliner than to actually be a man and have a healthy adult relationship.

    Animal print fashions (not surprisingly featured in the new Kardashian Kollection for Sears) make women look aggressive and cartoony at the same time, kind of like Peg Bundy meets Edith Prickly.

  4. As we are talking about the ladies I wanted to pass on a quote from Scilla Elworthy’s “Power & Sex – A Book About Women”:

    “Excision and infibulation…is believed to predate all these religions, and may have been introduced as a way of controlling female sexuality when the goddess-worshipping cultures were overthrown. African beliefs held that each human being is endowed with two souls of different sexes. The female soul of the man was located in the penis or foreskin; in the woman the male soul was in the clitoris.”

    Also “soul mate” would take on a new meaning – you actually mate with/using your soul.

    A few weeks ago you announced your World Tour of the Vagina, Vaginafest, V, Wood – Stock, etc but I forgot to mention that you are more than welcome to stay in London & break bread and drink wine. It would be an honour.

  5. Slut Walk coming to Winnipeg! My home town…

    Well, I found out about this first from my ex-bf’s room mate, which she asked me if I was going, (no) and I didn’t feel like explaining my answer. I thought this was over with… ugh.

  6. Death by a thousand sluts…

  7. Mick, hehe. I’m reminded of addressing the topic of the demonization of such occult games. 😈 Many in this conspirafool movement are quick to suggest that’s all “evil” … while in the meantime, the cross, a symbol of eternal material imprisonment and death, is omnipresent.

    Lugh, in the summary we are told “the candidate ascended the seven rungs of a ladder or climbed the seven steps of a pyramid in order to signify release from the influences of the Planetary Governors.” More evil ideas there? Someone’s been working overtime to demonize the redhead’s role in lighting up the path to Freedom for those who are worthy.

    Vigilant Mommy,that program’s wrong on many levels. And as I had presented before, also creating a smaller dating pool for older “men” who are not as up-to-date with the programming, while creating more competition (conflict) for the smaller pool of younger men that are still heterosexual. Brilliant, no? 👿

    Mongoose, interesting notion. And, thanks for the offer.

    shatteredbutterfly and Steven UK, yea, these most-literal “stupid cunts” SlutWalks are growing exponentially and globally. Hm, must be a natural phenomenon. 🙄

  8. Just to comment on your enthusiastic insistence that Lucifer is female – why not! Since Lucifer, in one interpretation, is ‘Lightbringer’ then it stands to reason that in one instance she’d be the sun. I’ll link below, hoping it’s within your bounds, as this little talk by the very delectable Maria is interesting in that the evidence discussed is about a female solar deity that has a great love of sex (and nothing wrong with that):

    Cheers, mick

  9. Yes. Staged chaos is not rebellion, organized collective disorder is ordered recycling, our “free spirit’s” are caged in idolatry of the language/program and image that represents it they simply mimic, oblige the aesthetic while the essence of that sentiment is completely abandoned the individual fails to exist in the mass persona they are absorbed obliviously representing its traits and the fractal crop dispersed among the populous is easily herded for divisive end taking too many an allegiance without noticing its ties..

    The order god has had too many allies for too long that the construct has become so broad encompassing a machine.

    Perhaps the gods look comes through visibly in their followers as all the various fads of pop death culture merge.

    I have read Rebel that you see Aldous Huxley in a pretty poor light but for what his work may say to you, his opinions would seem to be very contrast with that in fact he seems to agree with you in his doors of perception.

    Much like the language acts to cage and cripple the interaction of ideas, so is the apparatus of the brain a valve that filters out reality to only look to take on the focused point instead of the entirety of the universal memory.

    If you want to remember something, what’s the best way to do it? attach more things to it people places emotions times, why does this anchoring work as it does? because it ties down universal memory to these places people and emotions they are focused to a point so they can stream through the thin sliver of perception the mechanism of our conscious allows in as it is so hunkered down under the weight of our ego construct a parasite in survival mode that needs constant attention constant rationalizing to maintain.

    This is our upper 1% the internal parasite akin to our external controllers fed by money instead fed by sugar constructed by language, that which without loses its strength to maintain the illusion and the focus moves away from physical dimensions and points or survival focus and measures instead in terms or profundity significance and patterns.

    The parasite clings to the lie.

  10. Awesome show Alexes. I was surprised that the recent upswing in ‘preventative masectomies’ was not discussed though. I heard them discussed on the Australian government-funded youth radio station, Triple J, about 18 months ago now. Young women who had a ‘family history’ of breast cancer were having perfectly healthy breasts removed, ‘just in case’. So many programs must be in place for such a mindset to prevail. I would also suggest this idea was being implanted in the minds of the young female listeners intentionally, under the cover of a ‘balanced look’ into the topic.

    I was listening to the last 40 minutes of the show while my girlfriend was getting ready for work this morning. I had it on loud enough for her to hear. I was laying on the couch, and she emerged from my room, looking different somehow. I put my hand to her breast, and she had no bra on under her top. ‘I think they just scared me out of it,’ she said. Nice work guys!

  11. I enjoyed the German talk this week, it kept marinating in my head.

    -The Auschwitz stories are facts because of all the eyewitness testimonies.- When you’re an Auschwitz survivor and talk about pooping out diamonds, throwing apples over a fence and being raised by wolves you get a million dollar book deal. If you’re a German guard with a story you get a one way ticket to jail and you’re whole family will be destroyed. Good luck with finding balanced eyewitness information.

    -All the Nazi crimes are facts because of the Neurenberg trials. They all pled guilthy and the German state officially confirms the holocaust. – Only an idiot can believe the Neurenberg trials were independant and about truth and justice. When you lose a war against the world get ready to bend over to be raped and pillaged. The allies washed their own dirty hands clean by portraying the Germans as ultimate villains to justify their own (future) crimes.

    The lampshades and soap stories are now officially considered fables by “holocaust experts”. So it’s not a great leap to question everything else we were told about this topic. Without the gas chambers and death camps Hitler and his Nazi’s are quite mediocre bad guys in world history.

    When you look at the bad guys of our time you see the same pattern. Saddam and the incubator babies, Ghadaffi and his Viagra rape commando’s. The phoney world court in the Hague going after a few small African dictators and Milosevic ends up dead in his cell. It’s just a tool for the real big players to eliminate their competition and run the system.

    – When you can sell $200 Nazi action figures to people you know they are cartoonishly evil.

    – Uwe Boll’s Auschwitz was so terrible I’m starting to think it was hidden code to show how rediculous the official story is. The start of the movie looked more like a hostage tape, “I’m Uwe Boll, I’m responsible for this movie”. Very bizarre.

  12. Mick, great comment. Lucy does indeed love sex. 😳 Whether true or not, she at least has far more claim to being the source of life than the doggies who follow the false man (they insist “the sun shines out of their behinds”).

    josh, some good thoughts there. Perhaps why so much of the media is focused on nourishing the parasite, or condition us to accept him as ourself.

    James B, I was unaware of the insanity of “preventative masectomies.” Didn’t imagine they could find that many stupid victims to make it um, “real. ” 😥 Thanks for sharing that last comment, makes Alex and I happy to know we are occasionally being “listened” to.

    Alex, nice summation. One thing I’d add is that the ludicrous unjustice of Neuremberg was staged to also hide the massive past war crimes of the all-lies. Hm, on your last note, could Uwe be far smarter than people give him credit for? Something to ponder.

  13. You are absolutely right about the (ashke)Nazi-movement and their goals being Israel and destroying germany (the soviets destroyed russia etc), I mentioned this as well in my last comment(s)…and I also agree that the Holocaust numbers are fake/exaggerated…

    I remember you mentioning a soldier or marine you met, who told you he saw first-hand that al-qaeda is “real” because of some telephone list or something he found in a cave or hut in a-stan…but that is not the way I meant it when I told you about proof that the nazis existed, I totally misunderstood you for whatever reason…thanks for clarifyng this issue, I actually agree(d) with you completely.

    Btw you wouldn’t believe how stupid and brainwashed the german people are today, I know this because I was once one of em, and still am to some degree…

    And if you have any questions about the german language (high german etc), feel free to ask me, I’m no expert on this but as a german I may answer a few things…

  14. Clearly an Alex is a powerful thing, and if you multiply two together the growth is exponential. So Alex, do please try and get him back on your show again, he adds a bit of earth to your air. But seriously, between the two of you, given enough time I swear you’ll deconstruct the whole chicanereous caboodle, embedded lie by bloody embedded lie, so we can flush it all away into the gaping maw of Jahweh and his legions of mincing minions.

    It is true about the guilt we all feel for something that a) none of us were responsible for, and b) didn’t even happen in the first place. That’s quite a trick to pull off, but the assault is relentless as you exemplified. Here’s a personal example, from a family holiday in Holland when I was a child. We went on an organised day-trip to Amsterdam and the itinerary was 1) the Inquisition Museum 2) “Anne Franks’ House” 3) the diamond cutting (and selling) district. Talk about being softened up for the hard sell! You’ve got to laugh really. The ‘holocaust cloak’ story was enlightening, as they (quietly) chuckle ‘there’s no business like Shoah business!’ As for sex in the toilet, there is one group that is rather taken with the concept.

    I don’t agree that it is the biggest lie of all though. Surely Jahweh’s preposterous porkie that he is ‘God’ and ‘The Creator’ must take that accolade. All around us, every day, we see creation taking place and always it is the female that is creating. The best a man can create is a sticky splodge on the sheets, whereas a woman takes two half-cells inside herself, nourishes, protects and grows them to fullness before bringing through to the world a new life that she nurtures and succours until independence, and never stops loving.

    I think you’re on the wrong track with your Lucy ideas though. I’m coming round to the Gnostic view, that the Divine feminine is Sophia, who manifested as Gaia to be our Creator and mother. She made us, and made Herself into this world for us to play in, and to enjoy the beauty of Her Creation. The female form is Her closest manifestation, its innate beauty a reflection of Her own, and the breast the most expressive of all. Like that other inherently female gift, the menstrual flow, the very stream of life from which we all emerge which the patriarchs have demonised to an absurd degree, the breast itself is an expression of love and life and beauty. So of course they hate it, squish it and squash it, slice it open and insert lumps of toxic gunge to enlarge and distort, or slice bits off to reduce and distort. I think beauty is like the proverbial crucifix to a vampire, innately ugly beings cannot withstand the shining light of purity it radiates. So this perfect world, created to be beautiful gets covered in shit and their hollow satisfaction comes from wallowing in it. Love and an appreciation of beauty. That’s the way to beat the new world odour.

  15. Here is a detailed investigation into the diary of anne frank

    “by Robert Faurisson. Is The Diary of Anne Frank genuine? For two years that question was included in the official syllabus “Text and Document Criticism,” a seminar reserved for degreed students in their fourth year. The conclusion of my studies and research is that The Diary of Anne Frank is a fraud.”

    Oh and if you want to assure getting breast cancer mammograms are the way to go if not by the ridiculous amount of radiation involved but through false positives which at best become repeat scans or biopsy but some have received masectomy via false positive. Some doctors simply lack the specialized expertise to make correct diagnosis with improving technology and with certain types of cancers.

    Dr. Shahla Masood, the head of pathology at the University of Florida College of Medicine in Jacksonville, told the New York Times:

    “There are studies that show that diagnosing these borderline breast lesions occasionally comes down to the flip of a coin.”

    Needle biopsy can increase the chance of cancer spread by 50% so try steer clear and get excision biopsies/lumpectomy.

    A thermographic scan is the best thing to get to map changes in your bodies heat patterns over time and it doesn’t irradiate or crush tissue.

  16. And then, there is this. Check out the logo. I hope my suburban housewife references aren’t too mundane for this crowd, but this is one I have been seeing a lot lately. It seems like EVERYONE has a recipe for fish tacos these days.

  17. sorry if you’ve seen this already (Beauty pageant mom defends daughter’s hooker costume), but this really disgusted me . i can’t believe any mom could justify dressing their 3 year old daughter as a prostitute

  18. mace556, you’re welcome. I figured we were just missing on what constitutes “evidence” and what we can accept as proof of what.

    Ross, interesting point about the later insistent that the Jewacost be renamed the Shoah. Perhaps upon realization it was just a big Show, ah! 😮 I don’t necessarily believe Lucy to be the divine mother, she’s more of like the warden, ready to help those who seek release, and damn those who don’t. But, she, like me, is tired of being here.

    josh, thermo scans are no doubt, far better than cancer-grams. But, I’d suggest avoiding every trained zombie in the chop-shop mills may be even better.

    Vigilant Mommy, your suspicions are probably right. I’m sure it’s also not coincidence you’ve got a phallic figure saying “check out the wi[e]ners!”

    nemi, yes, they will do this sometimes. Point out what should be obvious, but mix it in along with a bunch of made-up nonsense. But, I’m sure they can find plenty of mothers who’d participate now, seeing that the new generation of child-bearers of today, are absurdly media-programmed.

  19. Hi Alex, Loved your show, really got me thinking about the demonization of the German people. Truly amazing and horrific. Also the whole bras being a way to constrict the natural energy flow of women concept. Very true. It’s a form of bondage. Period. Also forcing women to shave their under arms and legs, all that stuff. If women were left alone, they wouldn’t have body hair. Maybe some underarm hair, but really, seriously? Should any guy be all that concerned? Who cares?!? I’m not looking under ladies’ arms anyway. The programming runs deep.

    Speaking of that, just wondering if you’ve ever heard of the Californian band Pansy Division? They’re a gay punk band that have written quite a few revealing songs in a tongue and cheek fashion (tongue in cheek? 😉 ) There’s the lovely “Ring of Joy” . And don’t forget the lovely tale of “Bill and Ted’s Homosexual adventure”.

    The above song features a few lines about the ancient Greeks being homos (The Hellenics), which of course is a load of b.s. They also have a song called “Twinkie the Star”, a song about a gay man-slut who likes to give “BJ’s” to DJs all over town. Interesting. Gay code in effect.

    Anyway, awesome show as usual. Enjoyed it.

    PS: Just found this, WOW!! Sexual Innuendos in Po(o)pular Cartoons! Everything you’ve pointed out shows up in this one

  20. Brilliant show this week, you two. 🙂

  21. Years ago they used to remove breasts and then find they had no cancer in them at all once they were dissected. Then it was left to the husband to decide whether he could bring himself to tell his wife she was mutilated for nothing.
    Breasts are glands and like any gland if you squeeze it too much it will go hard and/or form lumps. Something to be aware of. A small lump, if played with too much will automatically grow due to this affect.

  22. Alex your work. , i put this little docu-drama together based on your work. the big man J.C gets together with Lady Goo-goo for a little Expose on the Satanic illuminati, MK Ultra and the Popes army of Sex party Midget gimp enforcers.


  23. So Lucifer is Venus, or Isis, or Diana, Her whose name They took for Venice, and who seems to represent the head of the NWO religion. So no need to “fear” her, I get it. But perhaps we could also attempt to understand why they’re looking to her, and want us to do the same?

    I’m guessing they’re using her pentagonal conjunctions in the heavens to plan their timeline of events. See also The Venus Project. Perhaps it is worth looking into this rather than just dismissing her as “the wrong god”?

  24. Wes Tilson, thanks. A bit of overkill on the Pansy Division stuff. Hard to believe Jello fell in line, who should know that you can’t really be “punk” and sing about pounding boys up the rear. The propaganda is just so damn pervasive, so many fall for it.

    RUMPLESHITHEAD, thanks, we both appreciate it.

    James, I don’t doubt it. Good info.

    digital sickness, amusing.

    sundaemon, the story is much more complex and when you try to go back and trace, the mixing of the many gods into one(s) creates a lot of confusion. I don’t doubt that many morons who use the terms, such as the Venus Project folks, are nothing more than that, use-full/less morons. In prior shows (and as said above), I’ve spoken of her as “the warden” and no inmate loves the warden … unless she helps you find the way out.

  25. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, mind kontrol in action: this woman is considering a double preventative masectomy after she’s done breastfeeding.

  26. Wow Alex (the lady) and Celtic Rebel, what a fascinating show, the stuff we’re mired in is unbelievable. While on holiday in Jamaica a couple of years back, I went without a bra. The indignant stares I got from women especially women over 60 was one of horror. I felt their hate and in the end I put my bra back on after a few hours. Us women have sircomed to all manner of sick behavior, that we take in our stride, without batting an eyelid. Excellent topic my friends.


  27. Ms. Robinson was a delightful guest, as always.

    OK, getting confused about Lucy –

    Are you saying Lucifer is a different god than Jehova / Yahweh / Allah, because I’m under the impression that they are all the same god, just different personas.

    Although it does make sense that the evil (pederast/homosexual) ones would mostly regard Lucy as feminine – something they fear.

    I’m also wondering if the feminine persona of Lucifer is actually more akin to an alternate personality, one that has realized (like you said) that she’s trapped in the box too, is tired of her worshippers and wants to get the “hell” outta here….

    Found it bizarre that this bit of dialogue was in “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle”: (Talking about seeing Katie Holmes’ breasts in “The Gift”)

    “So what were they like?”
    “You know the holocaust?”
    “They were the exact opposite of that.”

  28. Some further confusion on the Lucy thing. I was listening to a podcast from the Rebel’s favourite khunt recently, and a caller had this interesting observation. From the final chapter of the Bible, Revelations 22:16 reads:

    “I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.”

    This is (reportedly) Jesus himself speaking, and he claims to be the “the bright and morning star.” That’s Venus aka Lucifer isn’t it? Is Jesus Lucifer? Perhaps it is a job description rather than a name, someone that brings light, a lucifer, rather than one particular individual called Lucifer?

  29. @the living tiki Many of the gods have been re-purposed and had gender changes by conquering nations to suit the invaders purpose of imposing their culture and berating the conquered natives deities.

    The patriarchs have converted every high goddess archetype in cultures that revere the creative force of the feminine to a male archetype and inversely that they don’t make sense with their attributed roles can be a tip off.

    Lucifer is attributed to Venus/The morning star. Near every culture attributed Venus a feminine goddess. It’s really not sensible for it to be male. The native american tribe The Pawnee are jaw droppingly atrocious this is their morning star ritual

    The word itself light-bearer describes more a feminine faculty in bearing the light which is proving to be the secret of life.

  30. James B, there are no words. Stupidity doesn’t even begin to describe people who might undergo such.

    Kim, great comment. They have indeed made women the enforcers of the “must wear a bra” mantra.

    the living tiki, by “the exact opposite” we can only presume he meant … they were “real.” That’s pretty funny! 😆

    Ross, yea, I too would seriously doubt that The Jesus ever said that. Revelations is extremely suspect on it’s own, plus the man would have never suggested going to “the churches.”

    josh, good point about “the light” being a feminine essence.

    living tiki, ross, josh, et al, there seems to be a lot of confusion about my lovely receptionist. I gather I’ll have probe her mysteries further and speak more of her. Perhaps, this old post can help clarify my sentiments (highly recommended).

  31. Alex, the Bible is not to be trusted certainly, it’s hardly the gospel truth is it? However it does seem to contain some tantalising snippets of revelation amongst the disinfo. On the use of the word ‘church’, my understanding is that it was introduced in the King James (Bacon) version. Previously the word used had been ‘congregation’. This is a fundamental shift, because previously the power lay with the people, their individual and collective psychic energy Communing directly. By replacing it with ‘church’ (and its cunning double meaning of both the building and the institution) that energy was instead channelled through the priest, and by extension to the Vatican and the filthy old pederast sitting on its throne. Hence from there… who knows but I suspect not to anyone you would want to have round for dinner.

  32. Another Zionist created hollowcost

    Slobodan Milosevic innocent?

  33. Nothing shocking about that Slobodan Milosevic video. I stated once before on this very site- that Kosovo has now become the world’s ultimate hub for drug/weapons and human trafficking. And it’s legal now too, now that it’s an island within a country, owned by NATO. What happened to all the serbs who lived there before the war? Does anyone mention “that” genocide? No, because they are “terrorists” and rich zionists need their organs.
    The west invaded the middle east- and though the middle east they bring and sell opiates and arms though Kosovo, into the EU. The only thing keeping Amerykah afloat at this point is drug money and PR…..

  34. My link to the morning star ritual WAS broken above, but it’s pretty shocking. The orient has very interesting ties with venus worship the dragon mother the yeller star it was for her that they would go to war. My thoughts are that Inaana another version of the dark goddess of the great immaculate blackness that birthed the sun was very much worshipped through the act of sex at many temples. The mother of mothers female principal does have several ties to chaos in that of lilith a subverted version of her who is attributed as being the goddess of divorce. As well as the feminine Kali who is entropy.

    It would seem an inversion, however refolding/entropic force can be also considered as the returning to god and as such this higher cause may be better represented in the female as the emotional compassionate being and the container that can hold other things being the creating vessel she is closer to returning to god.

    The reason for this black mother worship situation is that black is the void of space the presented womb of the creating created universe, it has no lacking it contains all colours in blackness. The problem we have is that if we were taught proper physics in an imaginable fashion it would be understood entirely what is represented by the black immaculate mother or the archetype Virgin Mary.

    There is no beginning of this universe, there is no expansive imminent heat death. The same beginning cycle happens several times in the bible each with a great man who lives about 900 years then there is a great tragedy and another great man takes over. It’s a story composing allegory of the great year, that’s it’s power foundation it’s a galactic god spell using time a calender as it’s foundation much like our twisted gregorian calender these things are en-grained over generations. It’s why it’s not discarded because it holds a record of time that is truthful but then coated in absurd falsity and displaced. We are meant to know about the great cycle, we are a product of it’s cycle and being disconnected with the timing of the universe clearly leaves us in a state of amnesia. There is a deep understanding here that is being missed

    @mozak yes I saw those comments, very much so just add weapons, privateering of other countries resources and reserve currency trade to that. It’s still a very leaky boat and it’s just plugging gaping wounds with paper.

  35. Top secret Nazi moon-base photos I found in Hungary

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