A Good Year for the Asses [III]

I was quite pleased to have Alex Robinson back with me for another week, making her officially, the most frequent guest/copilot on the show. Officially, this was Part III of the series that commenced with Roses.

all lies allies

Early on we touched on the ridiculous rehashing of old scripts used to entertain the mAsses in regards to Lybia [who’s ancestors, as Barry Fell has documented, discovered the Americas long before anyone speaking AssLick, aka English]. While the scope of what went on during WWII was far bigger than a segment or two, we know one thing for certain, the “good guys,” whomever they were, lost it.


That’s the show above [unavailable], and I feel most could find something within to appreciate. Well, almost everyone, with the exception of those stuck in the unfortunate paradox of being wankstas/wiggars, while also being “truthers.”

wankstas and wiggaslimitless shitstream

Spent a little bit of time discussing the latest piece of rancid dung put out by the priests of Holy Wood. This limitless shitstream is a delicious pharmaceutical sales pitch, stuffed with massive social engineering, and liberally peppered with a bevy of NLP refreshers, triggers and most likely, a few new anchors. Bon Apetit!

But, every turdpile has a undigested peanut or two in it, and in this case, for me, it was the topic of how to best deal with dysfunctional women and how to be a man, a topic I touched on, but never followed through. I’ll save it for later, remind me.

the golden asswoman and ass

The inspiration for Part III was our discovering a book called The Metamorphoses of Apuleius, also known as The Golden Ass (Asinus Aureus). This book somehow, quite miraculassly, was the only Latin novel to survive the Roman Collapse/Prolapse in its entirety. The images included here alone should fill in a lot of the blanks.

Do you think my word play is “reaching?” Really? What do they say after a financial collapse [i.e., prolapse]? That “the bottom fell out of the market.” Yea, that was brought to you by the anally focused wordsmiths of AssLick/English, not me.

ass bent overgolden bender

The protagonist of the novel was named Lucios [i.e., a seeker of light], who hailed from the hometown of Apuleius [in other words, an apple]. Per the utterly suspect, but sometimes useful wikipedia, the occult-minded truth-seeker, had curiosity and an insatiable desire to see and practice magic, and while trying to transform himself into a bird [i.e, evolve in higher realms], he accidentally transformed himself into an ass. Who’d have thunk?

For those not familiar with Futurama, the above [right] is an image of a Golden version of the ass-obsessed robot Bender [whose name could apply to gender-confusion, or what happens to a penis as it forces it’s way into a small twisted narrow orifice/passage]. Glorious, could well sync, as I’ve said many a time, to “Gloryholes.” Also of interest: in the series, Bender was physically transformed only one other time, and as if you couldn’t already guess, that substance was “wood” [of course, what else], leading him to say, “bite my splintered wooden ass.”

pinocchio boy lovehard wood nose enters asshole targetpinocchio's tight ass

It should be plenty obvious at this point, that there was little originality in the story of Pinocchio. Of course, his growing nose was made of wood. Of course, he was being “reared” by an old man that was not his father. Of course, he became an ass.

The above images fully reveal the underlying story Disney was broadasting. It’s the same old and twisted tale. Pederasty. Assholes. Hard Cocks. Holy Wood, Batman!

beyonce's golden asshearst golden childshitty golden child

For those who’ve been following my work, you will realize that the Golden Ass narrative, is quite similar to the journey undertaken by those motivated anti-new world order advocates or truth-seekers, who take the westward route and find themselves sodomized, or better yet “mined” before their journey ends.

Hence, why the name Eeyore [eye-ore] was chosen for the dawn-key/done-key [illumination/elimination portal]. Yep, there’s [allegedly] gold between them there [um, two] hills. Hence, why these folks are so obsessed with minors [miners]. Probably the same reason behind the narrative [the inside story/joke] behind the Great American Westward um, “Expansion,” which is also known as The Gold Rush.

woodpecker quixoteass ore eeyorejohn wayne is a fag

Come to think of it, the Winnie the Pooh story and characters are far too insidious to be put down to coincidence. The author A.A. Milne, has one of those double-initial names I suggested keeping an eye out for [damn you english], as well as does the illustrator, E.H. Shepard. Per wiki, Pooh Bear’s” first official appearance was in a book of children’s poem’s entitled When We Were Young (1924).

“Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. “Pooh,” he whispered.

“Yes, Piglet?”

“Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw, “I just wanted to be sure of you.”

“Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.”

A Pooh Bear, to those in the know, would be an older and somewhat hairy gentleman, obsessed with young boys and feces. Those with a [handy] code book will find so many obvious degenerate references in just the below set of pictures that coincidence can safely be ruled out. The above passage, sent my way by Alex (NZ), shows but one of the early neuro-lingusitic anchors that may be unmoored when a future young “warrior against the system” [alternately, seeker of light] finds himself at the proverbial cross-roads of illumination [so they will “think”].

pooh eats anusthe bear's penis too big for the hole

There is no conjecture in the above images. Even though Pooh Bear (the old man) took his sweet time to prep/lube the hole, the little boy’s anus, being “tight as a drum” [as Don’t Go West documents] was too small for him. The rest of the syncs [in this case “stinks”], are as the depraved might say, just “gravy.” Only the blind or depraved would dismiss them as synchomystic or harmless.

Going from the vagina, to oral, to anal, [as discussed] we were given the neuro-lingusitic self-instructive meme-propagating programs to make it all possible, and being too stupid to ever ask why, or anything for that matter, all went along with it. One thing seems certain, the trend devalues the vagina more and more.

piece peaceunlocking a woman's power

Women were made active participants in it, by being given the symbol for their own desecration, adopting it in droves [some going so far as to tattoo it on themselves]. The disclosure clause was met via a subtle hint as to what it may mean; the peace, really being “a piece,” in other words, the hole[s] that whole women were consenting to being reduced to. I may as well include the quote:

“Womanwood has been prostrated upside-down on the cross, and the veil of Isis thus no longer covers the gateway to her mysteries; her womanhood exposed for all the world to see, and instead covers her face, thus preventing her from seeing her own shame.” — Celtic Rebel

Looking at Dali’s pic again, with more codes at my disposal now, I’d suspect the anal agenda, was a trojan key of sorts. Come to think of it, it may be best to leave her upside down in the times to come, because gravity is now her friend and not her enemy, seeing that her sphincter after years of abuse/neglect, is useless.

spade butthole homermaggie sucking cock

One of the main reasons The Simpsons can get away with such blatant depravity is because their average audience member is too stupid to know the references.

Heck, your average “truth-researcher” out there is no smarter. You’d be surprised how many hosts I’ve heard propagate the phrase “butthurt.” Once in a while, we are told specifically what certain codes mean, but not like anyone takes it seriously.

stupid hippiesdead end kids

Perhaps, instead of taking the time to write up the show with all the words, I could have summed it all up with the above two images? A symbol does represent 1000 words, but what use is that, when due to our obstinate insistence or remaining ignorant, most of those words speak only to the subconscious of most of us?

Yes, I chose the first image precisely because I remain convinced that this Truth Movement is just as mindless, meaningless and useless as the Hippie Movement was years and years ago. The latter [of above images], I should need not explain.

nice boobs no braina real inside jobtypical truther chick

I know I’ve been hard on truthers, but someone needs to be, because most of the people being led by the nose, are no closer to “the truth” now than they were 10 years ago, and arguably, many are further away from it. The example truther-mother I used probably represents many. What good will all the truth in the world do us after we’re dead, while we continue to give the same degenerate scum we claim to be “fighting” unlimited access to program the minds of our children?

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Note A: Now, having read this article and listened to the show, the earlier poster for Limitless should make a lot more sense. The embedded phrases will be swimming around your head reminding/triggering the wonderful possibilities that might open up if you let the man standing behind you “enlighten/illuminate” your third eye [the brown one]. Yes, your mind is your own. 🙄

Note B: The Golden Statue sandwiched between fecally-obsessed Eddie Murphy and Beyonce, the girl who’s anus may as well read “always open,” is from the Hearst Mansion. Does that look like a woman or a child to you?

Note C: Speaking of the double-named [alleged] authors of the rancid Pooh stories: after the show, Alex realized that A.A. Milne rearranges into I ANAL ME and then it “dawned” on me that E.H. Shepard, spells out SPEARED HE. I’m sure that’s just coincidental. 🙄

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  1. I seen a 3rd hand smoke propaganda article! THat made me laugh.

    I liked your part on AL LIES ALLIES haha. Good show.

    PS: If anyone believes cigarettes cause cancer, which pollution causes cancer then check this out: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21336992

    Cannabis inhalation is associated with spontaneous brain tumor regression in two subjects, according to a pair of case reports to be published in Child’s Nervous System, the official journal of the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery.

    Cannabis Hemp Oil will cure cancers, smoking won’t cure cancer, although it will suppress to some degree. http://phoenixtears.ca/

    peace, sorry for double posting.

  2. “Creeping Great Internet Radio Show” : When an internet radio show slowly gains greatness.

    The last hour was especially powerful.

    More wine.

  3. What is this new Meme term im hearing everywhere? Creeper? Everything is creeping.. what,like the West across the world?…although, admittedly, that is less of a creeper and more like a Jackbooted March on the whole (or is that more pertinently a march ‘on the Hole’, as in the Western Leaders’ war machine marched on the Germans’ Holes, and the Japaneses’ holes?- In order to defile their Wholes , to anally violate them to “rip out the soul” of the Nation. Conquer and make submissive, total domination of not just land, but the people of the land… they call it the war for “Hearts and Minds” i believe.)

    Anyway, i digress, back to the Creeper…The definition ive come to associate with it is some kind of sex case operating online: the paedophile who uses false persona to target a particular child or social site, the “profile stalker”, the “Social Site Creeper” .

    Lastly, id like to say the caller, matt/Anna/steve made a very great statement, profound, about the “system” of traffic management… the traffic Lights, the signs, the road system, even the whole rigmarole involved in keeping a car on the road in the first place with license and insurance is all designed to be frustrating and bogged down in bureaucracy, and then they will make a big deal about the mental and physical manifestation of this frustrating system they call Traffic Management , this very human manifestation which is a symptom of a gridlocked system that they term “road rage”. But Is road rage actually a “rebel Yell” specific to the Traffic management/Road system, which in itself is just another facet of a larger control system, this larger system which itself elicits a wholly different Rebel Yell, a more comprehensive and encompassing Promethean Reach, not one of rage and anger but of a process of setting your mind and soul free of the Mind-game that is this Life? Hmmm. Of course, the Mind can ony be freed to an extent, as the mind is the toll we use to process the physical world, but its through what we put in our minds that our Soul evolves. This is why people suffer from Road rage, it is a primal Scream at one facet of the system, where work needs to be done on what youre putting into your Tool of the Mind in the first instance.

    …sorry, i csn ramble on sometimes, i hope its semi Coherent. anyway thsnks Two Alexes, Great show. Pleaase repeat this winning formula some time in the future.

  4. I was positive you were going to mention red riding hood instead of limitless. Plenty of stinkronicities placed there especially for us.

  5. Myles O’Howe, I deleted your follow-up article regarding radiation as I had addressed in my show specifically relating to the topic. But, yes, it is ridiculous that in the most avid fascist anti-smoking city in America (NYC), the power plant on the east river puts out more unfiltered carcinogens in a day than all the smokers in New York could put out in a year.

    Duke, much appreciated.

    Stephen aka digital sickness, I didn’t realize that I touched on a meme there with “creeping,” but others are pointing out a rising sync pattern there. Your ramblings are fine … the gods of order/control need to get their butts kicked as the balance has been in their favor too long.

    thegoldenphone, haven’t caught that stynker yet. Hm, it has Amanda Say Fried from Jen’s Body in it.

  6. That’s funny, I had a dog who used to come and pester me for some second hand smoke whenever I sparked up a spliff, but then she wasn’t a scientist so what did she know eh!

    Yes they are laughing at us, but it isn’t just for their amusement. It seems that ridicule is an important part of ritual, it is a key element of the magic, the spell they hold us under. If you fear someone you are submitting to their power, if you ridicule someone you are diminishing their power. So imagine ‘Lord’ (snigger) Rothschild in the shower (titter). Look at his silly saggy useless man-boobs (ho ho ho), and his pathetic little tiddly todger (hee hee hee) nestling against his ridiculous wrinkly ball sack (ha ha ha). And when he turns round (no please stop it you’re killing me!) what a funny old flabby butt wobbling about (ha ha ha oh it hurts it’s so funny!). Master of the Universe? More like a silly flabby old arse if you ask me! Ha ha ha!

    Then imagine Her Most Gracious and Regal Majesty Queen Elizabeth… going to the toilet! Down come the royal knickers and paaarp! as she lets out a big loud smelly one! Gosh your maj that one had been baking for a while eh! Then parp! splash! Oh your majesty, a shotgun! Must be all those quail eggs and paté for breakfast. Pooh what a stink ha ha! Meanwhile the flunkey stands there, nose stoically in the air, eyes discreetly avoiding the smear down the back of the pan as he respectfully wipes the royal arse. Ho ho ho, how silly you look you most fine a regal person you! Ha ha ha!

    Feel empowered? I know I do!

    Just in case you have been listening to too much Alex Jones, and have forgotten how to laugh you might want to find a local one of these:

    VIDEO: Jogeshwari Laughter Club, India

    Ho ho ha ha ha!

  7. speaking of roses … “O príncipe Carlos de Inglaterra e a mulher, Camilla Parker Bowles, plantaram esta tarde uma rosa no palácio de Monserrate, em Sintra.” ….

    PS: VIDEO (Papillon Part 6)

  8. http://www.intniet.nl/p/ezelwandelingen/ezel-spellen/ezeltje-prik.html

    the small game of ezeltje prik: YOUTUBE VID

    in the Netherlands we have a little children game called ezeltje prik. you need to put the tail of a donkey on its ass.. as it lost it.. mmm..

    it fits in to your mule story..
    ps great show again..

  9. Hi Alex / Everyone on the comment’s borad,

    Once again, a great show! Alex Robinson is an awesome guest and you two really jive well together. 🙂

    Anyway, here’s an interesting statistic for everyone. 98% of the human race are walking around the planet unconsciously, which simply means they’re all on auto-pilot (including myself). What this means is the majority of the people on this planet are walking, talking organic robots that have been programmed to THINK that they think.. Of course no one really thinks, they just access. Eye accessing cues is a clue, look it up. Anyway, that’s the difference that makes the difference, because when you can program billions and billions of people to believe that they actually think things through for themselves and make calculated decisions, then you have them by the balls / boobies.

    Using the techniques and tools that NLP offers you can then begin to help those people who you normally wouldn’t be able to influence, since they’re so conditioned to follow the “norm” or to stay within the collective-hive mind. Not using these techniques is like having a HUGE arsenal of weapons to defend yourself from an on coming enemy and claiming that you cannot use them because it’s morally wrong or that violence is bad. Oh yea?!? Then what?? The whole village gets raped and destroyed by the enemy. Women, children, life in and of itself destroyed. Or there’s another possibility – defend yourselves from on coming threats.

    If we fail to use the technologies offered to us (the same ones these A-holes in “control” use against us) then we’re setting ourselves up for a major defeat. NLP is manipulative, that’s the point. The definition of manipulation simply means to move one object from one place to another. You can negatively or positively manipulate / persuade / influence / hypnotize / neuro-linguistically program anyone on this planet. We’re always doing it. You can’t get out of it, unless you stop speaking. We’re always anchoring ourselves and each other all the time. It took me around 7 years to finally understand what NLP is actually about. 7 years. Think about it. I know what I’m talking about, just like you Alex. 😉

    Take it easy and thanks again,

    PS: P.S. I forgot to mention your thoughts and comments on the Fraudian “Anal” stage that people seem to be regressed back into as they join the collective. In clinical hypnosis, there’s a phenomena called Age Regression. Using hypnotic language patterns and deep trance induction, you can easily regress anyone back into their childhood. When we’re children, we learn much faster, since we have to model everything around us and we don’t speak the language yet. It’s like being dropped into a foreign country while blindfolded, so to speak. You HAVE to learn in order to survive. Same with kids, they’re compelled to learn. One of the secrets of age regression in hypnosis is, is that you can access those deep learning states anytime you choose to. And, you don’t have to sodomize them 😉 (of course, that’s part of the negative side of the coin). This Jehovian Cult thrives on sodomy, it’s all they know. I guess we can forgive them for the stupidity eh?

    Anyway, just thought I’d mention that..

  10. Ross, yea, I’m starting to think the phrase “laughter is the best medicine” may be one of the few well-known tidbits of wisdom unmolested by the pederast priestly class.

    Paulo, hm, I didn’t realize that Charles actually married his Tampon Fantasy Girl.

    black_eagle, argh! I had forgotten the um, innocuous, little game of pin the tail of the donkey. I’m offering translate link of the site, as it’s worth a view to non-dutch speakers. Children “love riding asses?” Perhaps, if the present agenda continues unabated, in the future, quite literally. :angry: Damn, forgot Eye-Ore the Golden Ass[hole] was blue!

    Wes Tilson, though I mentioned it on one of the shows, I will reiterate that it wasn’t until I saw one of your videos and synced it with my own practices, that I truly understood what NLP was. And, yes, I can verify that it can be used for good. And, until more of advance morally as race, few practitioners will resist the temptations to use it for personal gain.

  11. It was interesting how you mentioned the language memes of oral sex and then ass/poop, but I wonder if the ass thing goes back even earlier. Check out this Eddie Murphy ‘comedy’ album from 1982:

    First track: 1.”Faggots” – 2:08
    Fifth track: 5.”Doo-Doo/Christmas Gifts” – 6:44 (about throwing shit at people)
    Seventh track: 7.”Boogie in Your Butt” (Murphy, Wolfert) – 4:11

    There was also this sex scandal in Hong Kong, where every single photo involved oral sex (I only checked it out in the interests of research!), so obliviously as people check it out they will copy what they see.

    “Blow your own horn”, I remember an old Bill Hicks joke when he mentioned that the next evolutionary step is men losing a few vertebrae in their back so they can “suck their own cock”, and how the women would be alone in the audience, watching an empty stage!

  12. @ JK, yeah I see that “blow urself” meme all around the place. My partner mentioned that “if she had a penis…” she would try it. I said wow, no actual man would ever desire that or even say that.

  13. Very interesting thoughts on the hardware

  14. Hi there Celtic the Human Rebel just wanna say “brake a leg” on Sunday show ;P
    By the way did you already talked about this?


    Poor mouse…

    See you my friend.

  15. The New Tom And Jerry Show (cartoon) featuring the “President of Hollywood” and secret societies: Click VC for clip

  16. JK, hadn’t seen that comedy album cover until now. Boy, it SCREAMS, in many ways, “come fuck me up the ass!” Combine princess programming with digital cameras and it’s amazing what women will allow themselves being photographed doing. Argh, that would suggest Bill Hicks wasn’t as deep a thinker as credited.

    dystopeon, perhaps “no self-respecting programming-resistant” man would sum it up.

    effel, Nassim Haramein is great. I learned more practical physics from him in one day than I learned in all of uni.

    Bruno, oh no. Poor Feivel! 😆

    Wes Tilson, ha. Hadn’t see that before. Beyond the “illuminati” programming though, quite interesting to consider the “golden” pyramid with one “eye.” Hm, Eye-Ore? Isn’t that what they’re “mining” from “minors?”

  17. Boas tardes, Alex! I just recently caught up with all your “de-programs” in the archives and wanted to share a few items. I originally wanted to send this message to your Facebook account but I dunno if that’s just for family and friends, so I felt uncomfortable about it. Also, don’t know if what I’m about to mention has been mentioned here in the comments at all, I haven’t made time to look, but here they are:

    Firstly, I found your “Blood and Chocolate” episode was a breakthrough. It was a journey listening to it and by the end, I felt like I had communicated with a fellow being and it felt honest and good and great and powerful and tough and refreshing. I don’t see you the same way as I did when I first started following your work. I could relate to you before, but now it sorta feels like I know you, and you’re such a cool guy, so it’s a pleasure. Thank you so much for opening up like that, Alex. Really, thank you. It’s healing to know people can still connect like that. When people share experiences like this, it makes things less dire. I hope you know that. Also, Oracle Broadcasting reps, if you’re reading this, thank you for making that episode commercial-free. It was perfect.

    Next, in regards to The Wonder From Down Under’s Apples/a pill(s), here are a few things which occurred to me which link to what you two were talking about. If you drop the “A” in apples you get PPLES, or peoples. Also, “Apples” can read “Le Apps” or “Les App”, which can be just “apps”, short for “applications”. Very interesting in connection with computer/mind/being programs. Going back to PPLES, I follow Glen Kealey’s work, and his earlier stuff linked “people” to the “peepal tree” in India, I think. Also called in wikipedia the “sacred fig”. I haven’t checked into this so far, but it connects with the story/allegory/myth/bullshit/programs. I’m wondering if we’re not all just computers, and what we’re sold as “computers” are just really, really, really lo-tech versions of what certain “others” suggest are “ourselves”. It’s bullshit!

    Also, Glen Kealey pointed out the Los Angeles/lozenges connection, and this connects also with apples in terms of what the media gives you to swallow and accept.

    Holy shit- I just had a synchronicity, Alex! I’ve been looking into X’s, diamonds, and squares, and voila: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lozenge

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Visual Programming? A rose by any other name… 😉

    You know, for all the conspiracy stuff can do to a person, it’s helping me grow up. For all the things generally one can dismiss it for, it may provide power for a person to learn things for themselves, calling up their own experiences to decide whether “this” or “that” is “true” and “right”. Subtracting the data about the Freemasons, 9/11, the Illuminati, etc., I find that when I saw I was part of “the problem”, it changed me. I wanted to be alive, I didn’t want to be afraid. When I took that step and grew, that journey has been so wonderful ever since.

    Thanks for all that you do. Hopefully I will call-in soon. Boas noîtes!

  18. I recently bought a car which only has the capacity to play cassettes. So I found one of my favourite tapes which is Depeche Modes, Violater. On the cover it has a rose on a black background.

    So sounding of the word violater. violate-(h)er with the cover of a rose is kinda disturbing. But judging by Martin Gore’s sexual nature I think it could have been violate-him or just violate-it 😛

    Here is a link to the album cover and song list.


    word up bro

  19. great show as always! funny you are keanuing in on this “creeper/creeping” meme as just the other day i stumbled across the name Creepmode LLC when researching this iphone application “privacy investigation” currently being shoved into the public eye. there is definitely something to this… haven’t figured it out yet though, something NLP related and that deals with government surveillance if i were making a guess.

  20. my brother tried to get me to watch some new matt & trey anti-germanic film/shitpile. I saw the first 2 minutes and was like yeah awesome! they gonna piss on my ancestors for 2 hours. He was like “our ancestors were German waay before they were Nazi’s”. Alex R. is right when she says, don’t waste your breath.

    PS: acutally it wasn’t the southpark guys, it was the McHenry brothers (same diff).

  21. Was taking a look see at effel’s video suggestions from above and although it was a lengthy endeavor there were many synchs/stinks. The most obvious being black holes, and Nassim’s Scaling Law. Where it states that there are changing levels of organization concerning black holes.

    I’m not trying to be overly simplistic here, but after this mountain of an exercise in logic, Nassim is simply stating that we have been lied to and “they” have been creating this unbalanced world ever since.

    Ex: @ 2:53:41 in the first video,”Quantum Physics is bunk”. Why? – instead of re-examining Newton’s Law (Natural Law) in relation to why the nucleus of an atom doesn’t just “fly apart” because of all the positive charge going on, they just invented a new type of physics to deal with it.

    In other words, these Natural Laws are based on something not found in nature = an isolated system. Reminds me of when Alex & Alex said APPLE = A Pill. We were all swallowing this “Newtonian” creation that no longer (and never did) address the situation.

    Another Ex: @ 2:35:56 in the first video. “We live in a black hole”. Radition generates curves or open feedbacks which creates a fractal. Anyway, he says where we experience gravity / electric is a “white hole”. Yin and Yang?

    Are the priest class merley trying to create and unbalanced world where the scales will be tipped with an over abundance of “black holes” perpetually keeping us in useless loop of experiences?

  22. Wayne Robson, one of the actors from the Cube movies died today. (He played the character “Rennes”) He was Canadian and also showed up on the “Red Green Show”, etc. He was also in Robert Altman’s Popeye (a one eye’d sailor, nudge, nudge, wink wink..)

    PS: Just thought I’d mention that.Ya, I just watched the video above (Katy Perry and Con-ya West), and it once again occurred to me the destructive quality of these pop songs, because the lyrics are crafted in such a way that get the listener to sing along, which is like stating a mantra to their unconscious minds. The work does itself after that. Lyrics can be very dangerous or sometimes empowering. The music with the constant heart beat drum patterns and hypnotic little beeps and blips can also be factored into the equation because of their catchy-ness, which then encodes these messages nice and deeply into their subconscious minds. Sneaky stuff, but very obvious to see when you know what to look for.

  23. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xhwrdb_katy-perry-feat-kanye-west-e-t-futuristic-lover-videoclip_music

    PS: Wes, i totally agree. like the video the Rebel highlighted in dont go West: the kid singing Britney into a banana?..well, i imagined a whole army of impressionable Teens singing the Mantra: “Kiss me, k..k..Kiss me, Inject me with your poison, im ready for abduction…Wanna be a Victim”.

    all i have to say about Con-Ya Went-West is thsat he is surplus to the creative process., and Katy Perry? well, i saw an interview with her where she actually stated she had sold her soul from being a “Christian Rocker” to the elevated status she is at now.

    Wise words Wes Tilson

  24. Dear friend Celtic the Human Rebel, congratulations for this show and kudos to A. Robinson for the amazing butter connections.

    Burro=Butter=LAST TANGO IN PARIS

    What is Happiness?


  25. Oro Burros.. Golden Asses chasing their own tails?

  26. Almost off topic and old (2007), but I thought it could be interesting.

    3 high ranked officials in the Swedish social democrat party’s youth club (SSU) got confronted in Hotel Van Belle in Brussels by a cleaning woman’s statement, claiming she found their room smeared with feces on the rug, the door to the toilet, the entry-door, and the wall. One of them said he slept in another room, another said someone unknown must have thrown the feces into the room, while the third refuses to comment the incident. They settled the thing by paying 500 skr ($60?).


    This autumn an e-mail got leaked between SSU and the organization Expo (connected to ADL), showing the eye in the pyramid (in text-art or whatever it is called). The mail contained strategies for confrontation of an unpopular right-wing party.

  27. Hi. Just wanted to let you know that “Don’t go west v2” has disappeared from the web page. It’s gone on Vimeo as well. It is on Bittorrent but only with few seeders and a very slow download.

    Thank you for your work.

  28. Another Golden coated Ass of Note; Kylie Minogue: see pic:
    Also, noteworthy, the Blonde goddess kylie was involved with Michael Hutchence of INXS, he called her his “Muse” and was inspired to pen the track “Suicide Blonde” by her…well, i think we all know how that turned out for Michael…..on this date- 22/11/1997 [hows that for power numbers?]he was found dead in a hotel room…Suicide, they said::
    Final note on kylie (Ky-Lie) in 1995 she had a track out, in conjunction with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, called “Where the wild Roses grow”: synopsis of the music video:

    “Minogue, as Elisa Day, is admired, then murdered by Nick Cave’s character. The chorus of the song suggests either that she’s come to be known as the “Wild Rose” rather than as Elisa Day by people who recall her murder or that her body has never been found, and her ghost lingers at the place of the murder, but people, seeing only the roses, talk about them, when Elisa Day believes they talk to, or about, her (e.g., “They call me the Wild Rose; but my name was Elisa Day; why they call me that, I do not know; for my name was Elisa Day”). Cave’s character is entranced by Elisa’s beauty and hates the idea of its fading, so he kills her in order to preserve the memory of her beauty forever. He visits her home, and becomes obsessed with her. The next day, he brings her a beautiful red rose, then asks her if she’d like to see where such beauty could come from. On the final day, he takes Elisa to the river, where he gives her a farewell kiss, then kills her with a rock. A small rabbit comes to visit her body. He then places her in the river where the wild roses grow, in the pose of Millais’ painting Ophelia. A large python courses over her body, symbolizing her death. He puts a rose in her mouth, and closes her eyes [The video was shot by director Rocky Shenck]”

    -As we know the list of “stars” that burn out [sacrificed] while involved with the archetypal blonde Goddess can be traced back to the times of “Tuesday Weld” who had allegedly had a nervous breakdown and became an alcoholic by the age of 12.
    The toxicity of the Life…These people become mere shells of themselves., it really is a high price to pay to decorate this physical life with trinkets and finery.

  29. Juan, for future ref, probably best to leave comment in response to the post they relate to, even if it’s older. Facebook, I really don’t use. Hm, I was unfamiliar with the “lozengers” term for the soul-trapping grid. Great comment and lots of good points and I see someone growing, which I feel you’ve done despite the truth being thrown at you/us. Glad to have you here.

    pavman, am familiar with Depeche Mode, a gay club band taken mainstream, and suddenly all references to “boy” were replaced with “girl,” a glossy hetero cover to increase sales. But, that was a different time. I’m guessing they were, um “used” [and abused].

    Geoff, I think so too. What it is? No idea, but there seems to be a real groundswell of syncs around it.

    dystopeon, it’s sad how accepted this is, and we can only guess listening in to my show and comments such as yours, prompted the Zionist bitch-boys Parker/Stone to piss all over the Germans again as of late.

    IAmLonefrog, whatever it is, they seem intent on making sure we never leave this place. Old podcast delved into matter.

  30. I’ve always found poo to be the most offensive classless word there is

    Of course there is no chivalry Alex come on, women are insecure in every which way the boundaries feminism have thrown out of whack. For each one you can’t possibly know what insanity is going to spurt out if you do go one way or the other with chivalry. This is the ambiguity minefield. Attention whores are bound.

    Personally I don’t like kissing there is nothing in it to me. I’m not sure how kissing is any different then any other of these actions it’s simply an older custom it doesn’t facilitate creation not all cultures participate in tongue assaults.

    The donkey, the ass is the fool, the fool is the initiate.

    It is not the juvenile state, it’s the routine destructive state, infinite recursion in baser acts. The intent is to polarize what is required is people that are not neutral that are either righteous or corrupt to further the exploration of the polarities of godlessness and separate consciousness.

    I couldn’t disagree more with truth being something people can’t handle constantly, it’s exactly what you need to face and throw in the face of your own constructed views to keep yourself the learner the fool, not the fool that fools them-self that they know. No matter what the truth is the moment does not change just your perspective of it.

    Ha knowing what something is what makes you go to hell interesting.
    It’s not kicking out the feet of women but other women, at the top is the untouchable queen. Knowing that men are not the power that women are more powerful you must realise that the top of the kingdom is the queen “as on earth as is in heaven”.

    It is very difficult for women to understand neo doesn’t exist, that the structures that make up our society are foreign structures, monogamy is a foreign structure that is facilitates competitiveness.

    Science is backed by nothing but consent. The uncertainty principle makes everything a theory laws are simply things that work within the given parameters.

    Logic and emotion are not far removed at all, what is paraded as logic is. Logic is that your health and spirit is improved by love, your health is decreased by fear your life waters toxify your glands and heart shrink your thoughts halt and recur. What you extend to others they extend again. What comes of the full cycle.
    Logic is taken from a foundation of spirit and synchronism, not one taken from irregular scales and crooked assumptions that is the nature of irrationality. The issue is we do not deal in logic we deal in fear of what logic does bring us to conclude and that is truth that shatters our personas and veils. True Science however is far down the chain of command from politics and commerce.

  31. Kylie was not Michael Hutchence’s muse, but she did agree to pose as his girlfriend to help her career. In fact, Suicide Blonde was written many years before release and was about Marilyn Monroe. 1962 press clipping about Marilyn’s death titled, “Blonde Star Marilyn Monroe Found Dead; Probable Suicide”. I wrote the song for INXS.

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