What’s Really Happening?

Sh! Please be quiet. The movie’s starting. I’ve been wanting to see this. Wait … what the hell are those fluffy white things around the letters?

Chemtrail Free Skies

Oh, those are clouds! Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve seen normal clouds, I had almost forgotten what they looked like. All I usually see when I look up is a steady dose of chemtrails. Speaking of, am still flabbergasted by the number of people who don’t even notice the chemtrails. I’m guessing those same people are going to walk out of this theater with a completely different interpretation of this movie than I.

Well, it’s about god damn time someone decided to tell us what’s happening!

What's Happening?

“Hey! Hey! Hey!” Man, I love that show! About time they remade it into a movie. [That would be sarcasm.] Wait, an argument could be put forth the above is encoded with the first three degrees of Freemasonry. Gonna stay out of that rabbit hole, but as I told a system “believer” the other day, “Do you honestly think they would let someone have access to millions of minds unless it served an agenda?”

Never mind. Spoke to soon. Boy, was I wrong about what was coming next:

M Night Shamalama

It’s another M. kNight … Shamilima? Shamalemon? “Shamalama, shamalama wamalama ding dong. You put the ooooh-mau-mau, oh-oh-oh-oh, back into my smile child.” {*1} There I go again, drifting into my own prior programming. Let’s get back to the movie. Who else is responsible for what we are about to see?

Fox Spyglass

For those yet unaware, FOX breaks down into 666. Going down the alphabet, we get 6 for F, 15 for O, and 24 for X. Reducing each letter, we get 666. No, I don’t believe some guy with horns and a pitchfork had a hand in the production of this movie, but the letters were obviously not chosen at random. And, no! It wasn’t cause some entrepreneurial tycoon enjoyed donning a cap and red vest, then chasing some poor frightened animal armed only with a gun, 50 of his closest friends and 100 dogs. You Christians respond to the info as you see fit.

Lately, I’ve been spending some time listening to Manly P. Hall’s lectures on Astrotheology. It’s slow going, as I’m under the impression his being a 33rd degree Freemason requires he either mix in disinfo, or speak in coded terms. Anyway, he’s been discussing the concept of the 7 (be it astrological bodies, gods, vowels or edicts), coming in the term of the 5 + 2 (5 obvious + 2 mysterious). Can’t help noting the Fox logo has 5 pronounced spotlights and 2 subtle ones.

Spyglass? I could reach for that one, but will hold off. Regardless, better put on some protection. We’re due for some heavy social engineering. I’m using the eight-arrowed chaos shield. You feel free to select whatever works best for you.

Double Duality

A mere three blocks away, we have an event beginning at 8:59 AM. So, even in military time, that still adds up (8+5+9) to 22. Double duality (2 X 11). While I’d be willing to engage in a debate over whether the numbers were chosen intentionally, or the universal subconscious is speaking to us through the media, I will not debate someone arguing for randomness and coincidence. Those days are long gone.

As for the Batman promo, that could very well be “random.” So, what’s happening? All these people start committing suicide “randomly” and for no reason? Let’s start by watching with some workers jumping off a building.

WTC Jumpers

Hm, that seems to remind me of some other traumatic event. Something else involving an 11. Major difference would be that the WTC “Jumpers” were misnamed by the media. I seriously doubt all those people jumped from a perfectly good building. Many were likely blown out of the windows by the internal explosions. Perhaps, some jumped, deeming that fate preferable to being shredded by explosives and shrapnel. I wasn’t there. Neither were you.

In the film, the suicides continue, people using whatever means they have at their disposal. Reflecting back on my last article, where I talked about idiots people that consider themselves “informed” because they watch the news or read a newspaper, found the below image priceless. The cop shoots himself, and then the chariot [taxi] driver, walks the line (i.e., to “inform” means “to guide,” hence to keep “in line”) to get his the cop’s gun and shoot himself.

Inform Means Inline

Is this film pornography aimed at the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement? Well, these suicides are gonna cause a mind-twisting dilemma for followers of the Roman doctrine of Christianity. I guess all these people are going to hell then? {*2} Have to reflect back on the line from Dawn of the Dead (also from BWWH II), about “when there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.” We have a paradox.

We then cut to a classroom scene, where the teacher asks the students if they have any idea what could be killing all the bees? Is that the sound of cricket’s chirping? Is there a point to asking today’s media-programmed teens, who’ve been conditioned not to think, for their “opinion” on anything? “Anyone? Anyone?”

Klueless Kids

Don’t get me wrong, today’s average student is pretty good at spewing off lists of dubious facts and figures the system’s taught them to memorize (gotta make them useful corporate citizens), but how can someone who’s been taught NOT to think have an actual “opinion?” Maybe he should have asked them how many Grammies Brittany Spears has won, or to name the last ten guys Paris Hilton had sex with?

Oh, wait. I see a hand. It’s the nerdy looking guy [i.e., a signal to the audience that he must be smart]. So, what do you think is the reason so many bees are dying?

Grunge Dude

Survey says? Maaaamp! Thanks for playing numskull. Get that from Inconvenient Truth? I’m sure you think you’re different and smart because you hate Republicans and watch PBS instead of Fox, but you’ve just fallen into another pre-programmed bucket for left-leaning people. You’re nothing more than a mindless repeater. {*3}

This film’s obviously gonna be used to program the public mind. But, wait … I was under the impression [see Art of Revealing], that when practitioners of the black arts use movies to predictively program us, they are obligated to let us (their victims) know about it. Shouldn’t there be a butterfly or something [see The Butterfly Legend]? Oh, here they come. Two monarchs for us. Thank you!

Monarch Butterflies

This kid again? How many scenes is he gonna be in? Is he the nephew of one of the producers? Why’s he wearing the same colors as a monarch butterfly? I’ve had enough of you: get your shit, drag your post-alternative long-live Nirvana ass out of here and go tell your friends how Obama’s gonna change the world or something.

Are the bees dying? Yes, to the best of my knowledge, there has been a sharp decline in populations. Why’s it “happening?” I don’t know, but GMO crops could very well be the culprit. Should we worry about it? No. Whether it’s terrorists, black holes, hurricanes, asteroids or ass-raping aliens, “fear” is counter-productive.

Einstein Says

Should we do something about it? Yes. Don’t buy GMO crops. Don’t eat GMO foods. Demand GMO-free options. I may be oversimplifying, but you get the point.

Past the bees, the film moves on to the BIG QUESTION. Why are all these people committing suicide? Naturally, everyone’s scared. This’d be a good time to insert an authority figure who can tell everyone what is happening. Is that Dean Wormer?

Terrorists are Scary

That’s how trauma-based mind-control works on a mass-scale. Put people in a state of fear, then present them with an authority figure, taking advantage of their reversion to a child-like state. They’re scared and need to know what to think. Enter the trusted talking head on TV (we’ve been told to trust him). Your choice of “CNN: The most trusted names in news,” or “Fox News: fair and balanced.”

Mind Fuck

Be sure to turn to “authorized” channels (i.e., authoritative, stemming from authority: “power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior”) not those little media outlets who don’t meet the same stringent “journalistic standards.” [¡Ha!] Look, our Chief Medical Correspondent is standing in front of the United Nations (i.e., the United Federation of Planets) building. See? We’re on top of this. You can trust us. Programming complete!

What a putrid piece of fermenting shite this film is turning into. But, I have learned that even within the biggest social engineering movies ever made, at the highest of levels (as far as I’m aware), you will find some truth deeply embedded. This movie’s moment in the sun (¿hm?) comes during the following still (shown shortly after the programming sequence):

Musical Suicide

“The power of music!” Oh, how simple and eloquent. Also enlightening: its unrelated [to suicides] fear-generating headline, truth encoded off-center. I touched on the music theme before in Krazy is as Krazy Does (in more detail), but there have been numerous studies of how music can be strongly influence [program] people. From the Beatles [¡Strait Outta Tavistock!], to today spirit-crushing forms of demoralizing music, the effects are undeniable.

Suicide though? Anyone remember the infamous Judas Priest suicide pact trial? While I mentioned earlier, how at one time, “suicide” was an intolerable act of rebellion, we are getting to the point where it, like tattoos before, is slowly becoming fashion. From the “Emo” movement, to all sorts of subliminals one could write a book about. The agenda, long ago, was population and industrialization … but that was then and this is now. Now, it’s depopulation, by whatever means. {*4}

Whatever the results to the mind, there is an undeniable immediate effect, from the fear-generation experiments on the body. The body, as in our physical bodies, which to suddenly, we have no rights to any expectations of privacy.

TSA Sucks!

Excuse me sir, there are imaginary terrorists doing all sorts of nasty things, and leprechauns stealing lucky charms, so we’re going to have to check your bag! Hope you don’t have some place you gotta be anytime soon. Do you have a daughter? Cause, some of our propagandized ego-inflated goons may need to rub her vagina.

Flight 11

Ha! Train 11. I’m sure that’s only coincidence too. All aboard, last train to Splitsville, PA (actually Filbert). What is there to do in this one-horse town? Well, we could all go to the only diner and have the television inform us further.

Television is Good

Ooh, my niece just sent me a video file. Let’s all watch this guy get mauled by a lion, while I guffaw, “Mother of God. What kind of terrorists are these?” She may be old and a complete[ly programmed] idiot, but she’s like soooper tech-savvy.

Latest Gadget Promo

Interestingly, a split occurs in Splitsville. Two towers. Two paths. Two doors. Two choices. John Leguizamo (who seems to show up in everything) chose to go to Princeton, where the following sight, and his own suicide awaited him.

Jacob's Ladders

Mark Wahlberg, now the sole protagonist left in this tale, gets a ride from some “random” guy at the diner and is taken to said guy’s house. Turns out this guy (played by Frank Collison, who has a sync-loaded resume) is a botanist, and the first “genius” we’re presented with. He’s the one who puts forth the first credible [per film’s didactic mode of teaching] theory of what’s happening.

Nuclear Man

Hm. Are we supposed to ignore the fact this “genius” has a nuclear power plant right in his back yard? Or, is that a subtle hint to those whose eyers are slightly open, that this guy may not really be all that smart? Life has taught me the best way to figure out how smart someone: let them open their mouths and talk.

Do You Like Penis?

The plants are killing people? Oh, please! Maybe, a complete and utterly useless moron, like let’s say Al Gore, might believe that, but do you honestly believe your theory is even plausible? And, what’s up with this fascination with hot dogs? That’s like a totally inappropriate suggestive question to ask some other guy’s wife!

Time for a Hot Dog

And what the hell is up with his own wife? Does she talk? Is she mind-controlled? All she did throughout the entire above scene is look off into space and serve as his armrest. Oh, and he did say “cool shape” didn’t he? Yea, they are rather phallic. I’m sure there’s no mental entraining there. Girls love hot dogs. It’s “natural.”

Suggestive Franks

Well, that does look disturbingly suggestive. Why someone would eat that crap anyway is beyond me. For argument’s sake, let’s say you’re a carnivore. Why eat the animal parts they put in a hot dog? Were you to actually bother slaughtering an animal on your own, the parts that go into the hot dog, are parts you wouldn’t even feed your dog. They’d be going straight into the garbage can. But, for the meat processing industry, to dump all those animal parts would be quite expensive. Let me interject with a couple of more pics, for those still in phallic denial.

Oral Dog Jobs

So, the industry has found a great way to avoid the costs of dumping the waste: they sell it to you (after processing it with, and adding carcinogens) and you give them your money for the privilege of eating their waste. And, it’s processed into a “cool shape,” which women just love. If they’re too young to realize that they’re supposed to love “the shape,” I’m sure their parents will feed them enough hot dogs to subliminally implant the idea in their heads by the time they grow up.

Yea, I know. Some of you may still think I’m off on some odd tangent. How many more pics is it going to take? How many? Cuz, I’m sure I could find more. 🙂

Hot Dog Penises

Anyone who’s watched Michael Tsarion’s excellent presentation “The Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism in the Media,” will get a kick out of the center picture (above). Basically (seeing that Coke, aka the “real thing,” has been traced back to the Egyptian word for penis), what the advertisement is saying, is “have a cock and cock.” A very base and subconsciously confusing form of duality.

As for the last of the above images, I’ll apologize up front, but have to ask some of you brain-washed religious [as in authoritarian cult, not spirituality] types, “Do you honestly think there’s some God-like creature or entity out there that is collecting little boy’s foreskins?” Seriously? What the fuck would he do with a bunch of foreskins? And, if you buy the creation myth, “Why would a god who made man in his own image, demand same man then mutilate himself?” [Previously discussed.]

Cause of “tradition?” What a vile word that is, perhaps more so than coincidence. Most of us haven’t the vaguest clue on the origins of the “traditions” we practice, but we honor (i.e., “to live up to or fulfill the terms of”) these rites (i.e., ceremonial acts). They are but excuses for all sorts of cruelties rained down on animals, other human beings, and the self. Theoretically then, Disney could have argued against pulling the following candies, by saying it was “honoring the tradition of subliminally [arguably superliminally] entraining little girls to fellate.”

Oral Sex Training

Yes, the Miley gummies are real. Thanks to Ben at Pseudo-Occult Media for the heads up. Defying even basic logic, I’m stupefied as to how Disney could have made the guitars look more like penises than the [overtly-phallic] microphones? WTF! Allegedly, they’ve been recalled, but I’m sure there’s other phallic training gummy candies out there (as last image clearly demonstrates).

Note: Some may have noticed a striking similarity between Miley’s infamous [as in plastered on everything from posters to lunch-boxes] microphone pose, and that of the woman holding a “hot dog” from prior set. That’s because your eyes are open. She was posed that way for a reason. Yes, that reason. Does any rational person left even wonder if a company that subliminally programs children to give rim jobs didn’t consider the fellatial implication? More Disney-“sanctioned” promo shots:

Miley Fellatio

Do I really need to explain the above sequence to anyone? Anyone? I’ll drop the topic and turn it over to Webster’s Dictionary. Fellatio: oral stimulation of the penis (etymology: from Latin felare, fellare. Literally, “to suck” — more at Feminine). Since I’ve probably already pissed off enough people, no harm in continuing:

Hey! You parents out there who buy gummy candies for your kids regardless of shape. Do you know what “gummy” bears (or gummy anything) are made of? Agricultural waste. Remember what I said earlier about the huge amount of waste animal processing creates? Well, they’ve even figured out a way to grind up the bones (and inedible connective tissues), add a little sugar and artificial flavoring and sell it back to your dumb ass as candy. It’s called gelatin. Look into it.

Back to the movie, and back to our protagonist. He’s a high school Science teacher (or “sceance” as Michael at Hidden Agendas has been calling it). He’s been reflecting on hot dog guy’s words, and has found a “model home” to hide out in:

Fake Books

The house, as one would expect of a model house, is completely artificial, from the books, to the food laid out on the dinner table. Let’s see if the sublime hints, or the superliminal dialogue will have any impact on our scientific protagonist:

Fake Juice

He keeps going on about how they need to stay in small groups, and how the plants are secreting a chemical which makes people’s “survival” instinct shut down. So, the more gullible in the audience are being expected to swallow that were such a thing possible, the plants could then also “talk people” into taking the extra step to then kill themselves. That would require transmission of “thoughts” on top of the chemical process. Critical thinking would quickly eliminate the plant hypothesis.

Fake Mind

So, yes. Mark Wahlberg’s character is a complete moron. He’s following the scientific method of deduction, but has zero common sense. One can be made to feel anxiety, despair, hopelessness or some other variant of the fear-based emotion. But, one can’t feel “suicide” … that requires a complex series of thoughts, and has to be followed by specific sequence of actions.

Ooh, look! This entranced chemically altered dude below somehow figured out how to start an industrial self-guided lawnmower and put himself in its path.

Lawnmower Man

Hm, I think I do need to watch Lawnmower Man again. It’s about a “mentally challenged” man, who becomes a super-genius. There are enough symbols on the DVD cover (eye, pyramid, stargate) to pique my curiousity, and incidentally, Steve Willner was just talking about it on his most recent Red-Ice interview. Plus, the movie’s tag-line is God made him simple. Science made him a god.”

Let’s check back in on our “smart” science seance teacher. He’s found a radio on some fence. Good thing the batteries are working. God forbid he should go an hour without media input. That could be like sooo catastrophic for him.

Radio is a Sound Salvation

Can they make one movie these days that doesn’t involve people running? What’s up with all the running away? I can’t recall the last time, outside of sporting events, that I saw someone actually running away from anything in real life. Heck, even South Park picked up on the absurdity of people running away from “global warming” in the propaganda film The Day After Tomorrow.

If I had to include only one shapshot from this propaganda piece, it would be the one below. We’ve got another 22. There’s a solar symbol that looks strikingly similar to the eight-arrowed chaos insignia. That might be an Aquarian symbol heralding the coming age. Most striking: “YOU DESERVE THIS!” You may wanna bring along something to swab down seats for semen prior to sitting down at the theater for this movie. Odds are this was the “money shot” for the VHEM’ers.

You Deserve This

The use of the number 300,000, on its own would mean little, but much more when one combines this with the other symbol in the same picture. I’ve been looking into the 3000 number lately, especially as it pertains to sacrifice. The topic came up once before, and I hope to devote some time to it in the near to mid-term future.

Addendum [09/27/08]: The above picture’s been bugging me ever since I released this. Knew I was missing something. Today it hit me: the three pyramids on top of the house are lined up in the exact same alignment as those in the Giza plateau [see for yourself].

Another bit of malicious subliminal programming coming out of this stinker, is the idea that the best thing to do when a crisis occurs is avoid neighbors and stay in as small a group as possible. Sure that was merely a coincidental byproduct of the plot.

Porch Monkeys [sic]

One of the other things I’ve learned from watching movies, is that when a scene, or some dialogue seems uncomfortable, or ridiculously contrived, especially in a movie with so much overt symbolism, it is probably significant. So, Marky Mark (sans the funky bunch), singing “old black water” and invoking the Mississippi Moon to “keep on shining” [on him], was a bit of a head-scratcher.

Fear Thy Neighbor

I couldn’t figure out anything other than, based on the consequential scenes, of some rift between the solar and lunar cults. Perhaps someone else out there cares to take a stab at interpretation? We’re then entreated to a series of vignettes, showing how different groups of people across the country dealing with the crisis.

Rednecks With Guns

Even those who’ve spent no time studying esoteric symbols, would be hard pressed to deny the in-your-face mental programming taking place in the above image. All men. Enough guns to equip an effective guerrilla movement. All white. Mean-looking. Pickup trucks and jeeps. Subtly implied redneck racism.

Two Old Maids

Regardless of scene, there is one commonality: each group of people is gathered in front of the television, getting in-formed. Yes, programmed. I love it how people are conditioned to be so uncritical, that if you put forth some serious looking dude and PhD or some other initials next to their name, people sheep impulsively assume this person has some idea of what the fuck they’re talking about.

Doctor Bones

“Ooh, he’s from Carnegie Mellon. That sounds prestigious.” No, you fucking moron. Carnegie-Mellon! Think Carnegie foundation. Think Mellon foundation. Think ruling elites. Think of how these foundations (as Norman Dodd painstakingly detailed in 1954) were set up for the sole purpose of controlling and stupefying our dumb asses, while these people who consider themselves “our ruling class” laugh at us.

Now, when you get past the ridiculousness of the following image, or how pathetic they look gathered in the bathtub watching TV, you’ll note there’s an implied lesbian relationship at play here. Also, the multi-ethnic looks of the kids may imply different fathers. Sing it Lionel: “We are the world. We are the children.”

Lesbians in the Cold Tub

Can you guys pause the programming a little bit. Would it have been so hard to show just one nuclear [¿as in destructed?] family? Just one average looking man and woman, with a gun in case they have to defend their life and property? For you “believers,” had the leaders of the women’s rights movement been anything other than bought-and-paid-for CIA whores, one may have actually said: {*5}

“Who wants to go to work, fight traffic and get pissed on all day, when you can find some idiot to go do it for you and then hand his paycheck over to you at the end of the week. Raise your own children with your own values, instead of letting Disney do it.”

Speaking of the CIA, the film raises the scepter that this “happening” may actually not be related to plants, but how “coincidentally” the CIA has a research facility in same area, which has been testing the exact same type of mind-altering drugs:

Is it the CIA?

I guess we’re looking at the “good ole boys” TV set judging by all the ammo intentionally placed throughout the shot. 34? These guys Walter Payton fans?

Did she say “CIA?” On the other hand, if I actually heard the mainstream media suggest the CIA is responsible for some nefarious activity, my inclination would be to believe that some other group was trying to shift the focus away from them selves, and onto America’s most hated agency (worldwide, domestically second only to the IRS). Fishy! OK, now back to the serious social engineering agenda:

Crazy Woman

The survivors (Marky Mark, his quiet wife, and Leguizamo’s daughter), take up refuge in the house of some woman who literally lives in the middle of nowhere. Were this film actually based on some form of reality, instead of having to stick to strict principles of brain-washing, the survivors would have probably learned a few important things from this woman. Marky Mark, utterly confounded by not having access to a television or a radio (and likely, under the impression that human survival is dependent upon access to the media), asks her “How would you know if something were to happen. Like a world event?” She responds:

“Whatever it is that you think is so important that you need to tell me. Don’t! Just keep it to yourself.”

And that is that. She creates her own reality, free of fear-based control. I was living in Manhattan, when the 9/11 events happened. On a personal note: the television was telling us the affected area was “all clear,” but after getting bronchial infections within hours of getting anywhere near the site, I stayed clear North of Canal, and rarely ventured South of 14 street. Those who listened to the television, are sadly, paying the price now. So, how well did being “in-formed” serve them?

The set of images above show you, quite specifically, why this woman had to be demonized, same as the guy trying to get off the hamster wheel in Juno. Criminals and murderers need not meet “justice” in these false morality tales.The worst vengeance is reserved for those who don’t follow society’s unwritten rules. Thou shalt watch TV. Thou shalt idolize stars. Thou shalt be mind-controlled!

Mind Kontrol is Kool

This is the point where the film devolves into a very strange, eerie and dark place that I think most people wouldn’t understand. You may get a few saying “boring,” and a few more saying “weird” or “uncomfortable.” And, I think that’s meant to be. I can’t claim, by any means, to be an expert on the topic of direct mind-control programs. But, I have learned to read the cues and symbols of it transpiring:

Thee Doll House

And yes, this doll would be one of them. There’s a strange methodical madness, especially when the trio {*6} find themselves confined to and isolated in stone cellars [¡connected by a speaking tube!]. Makes me wonder about stories I’ve heard of what they do to children in these places where the programming takes place. The revelations about the “children’s home” in Jersey (UK), I fear, are just part of a much larger picture. [Read PoM’s take on that house of horrors.]

A few of the mainline (note, I didn’t say mainstream) reviews of this movie (i.e., those written by individuals unaware of mind-control, sacred symbolism, or even social engineering), hammer on the fact this movie is quite boring. I surmise it may put some to sleep. As with I Am Legend, I’m suspecting that if a movie of this magnitude does put you to sleep, it is supposed to. Your subconscious mind will still read the deeper messages as your snooze through the movie. {*7}

Fragmented Minds

I have actually met a survivor of one of these “programs,” and it really turned my stomach the few times they had the bravery to confront their childhood memories, or even the ability to recall those pieces from their fragmented mind. The images of the woman and the little girl, combined with their expressions and actions, suggest they may actually be two alters, sharing one body.

As a matter of fact, early in the movie, he did give the little girl a mood ring. During the above conversation, his wife preceded with her lines talking about how he gave her a mood ring when they first met. Looking at these scenes a second time, and listening closely to the dialogue, confirms one undeniable message: whatever the scenario, that someone wanted to make quite clear [as confirmed by the below image]. They are all mind-controlled!

All Mind Controlled

Well, this movie eventually has to end, and we need to give the popcorn munchers something resembling a fairy tale ending involving the three surviving protagonists. The [whether real or imaginary] little girl is adopted and life returns to normal:

Monarch Mind Control

Well, somewhat normal, considering how deeply scattered and traumatized these individuals, particularly the wife, are. Interesting choice of sizes and colors for the three butterflies in the obligatory reminder that we [the audience] just had our minds manipulated as well. Tell them on the way in. Remind them on the way out. Thank you victims. And, thanks so much for paying us for the experience.

Solar Cult Bus

Oh, wait! We’ve got to close off that other story-line. You know, the one about what was “happening,” especially for those of you who are a little too smart to buy that nonsense about the plants [i.e., 19 Arab hijackers] and have probably seen Loose Change, listen to Alex Jones, and don’t trust your government.

I have to admit, this is really slick; it plays right into and twists the mind of such minded people. On the other hand, it serves as a bit of revelation to those who minds are open, to exactly how the CIA (or whatever other 3 letter agency) does it.

Anderson Cooper?

In the above scene, the talking head is playing devil’s advocate to some official authorized lunatic who’s spewing out all sorts of agenda-driven bullshit, like that “humans are a virus on this planet,” and “this was a warning” [from the plants]. The talking head, keeps bringing up how that seems unlikely, especially considering the attack only happened in one place [initially commencing at 8:33 by the way], closing the scene with the statement from the above image.

Somewhere in France

And, voilla! The camera cuts to a scene in Versailles (if I recall the place correctly), where those naughty French are then attacked by the plants. See how the CIA works? They have their people planted throughout the media (and, I’d suspect alternative media too), posing as YOUR friend, screaming “conspiracy!” But, they’re just following the script; one that leads us right down the path the “smart” ones among us thought we had chosen. Very very clever!

What an opportune time to release whatever was released in the Northeast on those pesky French (whose mainstream media was actually putting out stories saying there was no way Osama and his Merry Band pulled off 9/11 shortly after the event: yes, that was the reason for their vilification in the American press, NOT Iraq). I did mention earlier, how this film as also brought to us by SpyGlass, didn’t I?

Au revoir, mes amis!

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*1: I’m sure those lyrics triggered a memory in many, and a blank expression in many others. It’s Otis Day & the Knights (listen to it) from Animal House, an extremely popular film from over 30 years ago which warned Americans that “fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.” Yes, very few actually heeded the warning. [LB]

*2: Ever wonder why “suicide” was among the worst of sins by the church, and while murder was a forgivable transgression, suicide condemned on to hell for ALL ETERNITY? Perhaps our owners could not tolerate this ultimate act of rebellion. “You fuckin pissant! We will inject you with cancer viruses or send you off to die in some stupid war, but we will determine when you die, not you!” [LB]

*3: Funny how all the mainstream “antagonists” of the system feel the need to push the system’s own global warming agenda. Even Comedy Central heroes Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are not immune from this. Hard to say if they actually believe the nonsense, or doing so is a condition of their employment (they do work for Viacom).

Speaking of that show, the other night was the 3rd time I’ve caught the coincidence of the former using something from whatever blog of mine is most recent as material for the show. The first time, I thought it was a combination of ego and imagination, but Ben at PoM noticed it too. So, if one of you writers for the show is a reader: “I really don’t mind if it happens occasionally, but a plug wouldn’t hurt.” Oh wait … did I just kill that possibility by what I said earlier? [LB]

*4: Not my intent to expand on topic here, but looking back on prior article, noticed that I first mentioned M. kNight (¿MK?) while discussing the use of music and movies to subvert the minds of the masses to the brink of insanity (Krazy Is). [LB]

*5: I could go on endlessly about the woman’s liberation scam, but will save it for another blog. It’s overwhelming to see so many women living in denial of how in those backwards countries that had no women’s rights movements, the matriarchs rule every household and tell the men what to do. If any [cute] women out there want to go work and let me sit at home and raise the children and give me their paycheck (don’t worry, I’ll give you some of it back to shop and drink with your mates), please contact me. [LB]

*6: Hm, a trio of man, woman, child, just like in I Am Legend. The more I think about it, reading that article should be a required companion to this article. [LB]

*7: If you are one of those that likes to fall asleep watching television, may I make a helpful suggestion? STOP doing it now. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on September 18, 2008.

16 Responses to “What’s Really Happening?”

  1. That was HILARIOUS! Though I couldn’t click on the photos to make them larger to read the smaller print, but still funny man.

    Peace bro, way to create some positive energy from the negative.

  2. Hey Celt…do you like MASH? The theme song, do you know it? “Suicide is painless”

    Hey Celt. It’s almost time for the programming to kick in. You’ll see the first sign before the 31st. Yes, the 31st Celt.

  3. Thanks Michael! That was/is the intent. 🙂 I adjusted some of the images to expand to full size shortly after your note. They should all do so now. Hope you enjoy it equally with the text.

    Truth Bringer [??], no, I didn’t know that. That is interesting.

    As for your other comment, it will NOT be published. Calling me insane does not make you saner, nor does it offer any benefit to readers of this article. You are welcome to keep reading my blog, though I’m surprised you would devote so much energy to my “insane” rants.

    Are you aware there’s only 30 days in September?

    To ALL, I guess I sort of lied last time around when I said this article would be “mellow.” Reading over it, I do detect some anger mixed in with making light of serious situations. I probably should not have picked such on overt predictive programming movie for my next effort. 🙂

    Oh, and if any care to comment on whether they found my “previewing” the article a couple days ago useful or counter-productive, feel free.

  4. I guess those plants weren’t GM plants were they.

    About the bees, I happened upon something interesting on amazon. There is a book, description: In 1923 Rudolf Steiner predicted the dire state of the honeybee today. He said that, within fifty to eighty years, we would see the consequences of mechanizing the forces that had previously operated organically in the beehive. Such practices include breeding queen bees artificially.

    Maybe that is the reason they are dying. Spot on prediction anyway, but I don’t know how remarkable it is.

    Also, do you think maybe that headline “The Power of Music” has anything to do with that lunar song?

  5. Hi Celtic, good write up. Yes, definitely tinged with some bitter anger. ;D Although understandable. The programming has gotten just SO overt. Try not to let the programmed people who follow along with it all get the best of you. You’ve seen for yourself that so many of them are closed off to alternative viewpoints, and don’t want anything to challenge the programming, don’t want to learn new things…..sometimes seeming to be *unable to comprehend or process* new things, which may indicate something far more sinister going on. But all of which means, don’t let them drag you down. Not worth it. Life is too short. Keep putting your stuff out there to inform those who are open to it and can learn new things, and don’t worry about the rest.

    Now with that said 😉 I didn’t see this movie, although I originally planned to. But I became put off by the premise, which revolved around so much gratuitous violence. In particular, I was watching a preview trailer thing on Yahoo featuring intro. clips from M. Night himself, explaining his personal thoughts on this latest project. What surprised me was how *giddy* he was about not only the level of violence, but about the **taboo nature** of some of the suicides. That REALLY made him giddy that he was going to be shocking and horrifying people with up close images of (what I later learned were kids and such) killing themselves, something that normally isn’t done in such mainstream sorts of movies. He specifically used the word “taboo.” And he imitated what he anticipated audience members would be thinking, going (rough paraphrase here) “They’re not going to show….he’s not about to….no!!!! They did!!! ahhhh!”

    Very telling. I think that in itself is a whole huge secondary layer to the programming intentions of this movie. Shocking violence, degradation of people, numbing and desensitzing audiences, another step towards featuring more of the taboo sorts of things in mainstream movies.

    Oh, random related note. You mentioned the possible references towards the end of this movie to compartmentalized multiples, and hiding, full of fear, in dingy programming-esque basement rooms. First off, basement = the subconscious, and goes hand in hand with subconscious compartmentalized alters. (**spoiler alert regarding another M. Night movie, Lady in the Water) but “Lady in the Water” is also apparently about a compartmentalized mind. All those characters in the apartment building (apartments = compartments) that Paul Giamatti supposedly works in are just figments of his mind, which was traumatized by the murder of his wife and young daughter. That’s why there are no other employees who work there, why we never see anything outside the building itself, why the assortment of characters have kooky, unrealistic personalities and why the whole plot is completely unbelievable. It’s not just about a fairytale, the way it’s presented for the mainstream audience. That’s the surface layer. The sub-layer is that the whole apartment building and its assortment of residents are products of the lead character’s fractured mind, same as John Cusak’s movie, “Identity.”) So, your theory about the possible connection between the characters having compartmentalized alters and the parallels to basement programming rooms in “The Happening” isn’t farfetched, since M. Night has possibly gone there before in previous movies. (He also used the “group of people hiding it the dark basement” thing prominantly in “Signs,” when the family was hiding out in the basement while the aliens were trying to get inside. That was another convoluted movie that left a lot of people scratching their heads.)

    Patterns and themes emerging. 😉

  6. Angelo Interesting, that thing about “music” in connection to the porch scene didn’t occur to me. Plausible, but mixed in with “fear thy neighbor in times of crisis” brainwashing.

    Ha! GM crops. 🙂 Good point too. Who knows what they’re putting in there. The other night Jon Stewart, mentioned herein, had the CEO of General Motors, and asked him if his lapel meant “Grand Master.” Hm, another thing hidden under our nose? GM cars. The MG car. GM crops. May be something there. Elvis is singing: “to be the General Manager of a large establishment.”

    Carissa. I have come to the realization (or, is it rationalization), that it’s best to let the “believers” (the CULT of normalcy) be. On the other hand, I have to live in this world, and the brainwashing / degeneration of the masses is making it worse and worse and worse every day. Going back to the idea of a “split” … maybe, from a higher perspective, making this world unbearable for critical thinkers is part of the plan???

    “We are of us in the gutter. Some of us are looking at the stars.” — Chrissy Hynde

    You’re right on the violence. As I mentioned in the Quentin Tarantula article, it’s as if all of us are being put through the “blooding” process used to desensitize serial killers. I had considered the scene where one woman sticks a sewing needle in her neck, while the one next to her on the park bench watches, completely unaffected.

    Thanks for the compartmentalization/mind control info on the Lady in the Water, Signs, etc…

  7. (oh yeah, about Coke supposedly tracing back to the egyptian word for penis….)

    I was under the impression that Coke/Coca Cola was called such because it originally actually had cocaine in it:


    “Coca-Cola was named back in 1885 because of its two “medicinal” ingredients: extract of coca leaves, and kola nuts.”

    In the same way nowadays they have these drinks with things like guarana, ginseng, ginka biloba, etc. and other exotic plants/root/bark extracts from places in south america and asia that give drinks some extra kick, I guess Coca Cola was the same way with its cocaine, back before cocaine came to be viewed as it is in modern times.

    So yeah, I don’t know how Michael Tsarion came up with that idea about Coke = penis…..

  8. You do make me smile – so damn good to hear the tell-it-like-it-is approach with large helpings of wit – I think we’re all pissed off enough to need that.

  9. Dude, I have always thought m k shalowman had something diabolical in his movies. De-sensitized zombies eating brains. You are spot on in your essay! Should be mainstream.Now. Shine forth brave soul. Dennis from Oregon.

  10. Carissa, are you using the utterly suspect Snopes as a source on me? 😉

    Ever since they said that the “NAU” (which we are already in) is a hoax and that there was “no penis” on the Little Mermaid cover, I’ve written them off as for-sale whores.

    Tsarion presents a good case based on study of the Egyptian language, citing Pep, as in Pepsi or Dr. Pepper, as the Egyptian adversary God (i.e., Satan, Death). So, consumers have a symbolic choice of Life (drinking the Semen of the Gods) or Death.

    While I am familiar with the “cocaine” story and it makes senses, perhaps the origins of the naming of the coca leaves are at issue? Are we [some of us] imbibing the powdered dried regenerative semen of the gods for energy and euphoria?

    Reflecting on your prior note: Over the last couple of days, it occurred to me that the closing shot of the trio trapped in the basement may be the END of their storyline. The school, house, neighborhood sequence seem like fantasy (if nearly everyone in the NE was suicided, how’d school service in Philly start up so quick?).

    Wise Woman, thanks as usual. If I’ve brought a smile to your face [or anyone’s], then this effort was well worth it.

    Dennis, thanks for the inspirational support. Should be, but how would the zombies respond?

  11. Hi Celtic…..

    Ever since they said that the “NAU” (which we are already in) is a hoax and that there was “no penis” on the Little Mermaid cover, I’ve written them off as for-sale whores.”

    Iiiiiinteresting. I didn’t know that. I actually don’t normally use snopes as a go-to expert source on things, that was just one quick and easy link that came up at the top of the Google list when I did a search on Coca-Cola and cocaine. But yeah I agree with you, there most definitely is a penis on the Little Mermaid cover, and how they could discredit the NAU considering the whole proposed NAFTA superhighway thing is a little…strange. http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=15497

    So, no more Snopes as a reference link. 😉

    “Tsarion presents a good case based on study of the Egyptian language, citing Pep, as in Pepsi or Dr. Pepper, as the Egyptian adversary God (i.e., Satan, Death). So, consumers have a symbolic choice of Life (drinking the Semen of the Gods) or Death.”

    That’s interesting too……….

    “While I am familiar with the “cocaine” story and it makes senses, perhaps the origins of the naming of the coca leaves are at issue? Are we [some of us] imbibing the powdered dried regenerative semen of the gods for energy and euphoria?”

    Well another thing I thought about after posting about the Coca-Cola thing was how they (supposedly)found cocaine – obviously from South America – in the bodies of Egyptian mummies, indicating that cross-Atlantic trade was in fact happening, and both cultures were in active contact with each other. If this is true, then that would be another possible link between Egypt and cocaine, and for that reason maybe the naming of the coca leaves – and thus, Coca Cola – does somehow tie into the Egyptian language.

    Anyway, didn’t mean to sidetrack things onto that nitpicky issue….

  12. Hey .. great post (as always)! Funny that they mention Carnegie Mellon and also that you you pointed out the reference. Carnegie Mellon has one of the oldest and most well known centres/programs for enviornmental research (EPP = Engineering and Public Policy). They are not on the Global Warming bandwagon, they are some of the highest levels pushing the agenda. I used to work for a leading enviormental scientist (had to quit cause of the utter nonsense) who is heavily involved in everything to do with Carnegie Mellon, serious Geoengineering scariness …

  13. Wow this article is so awesome, I´m in love with it!

  14. I’ve been reading your site for two days now. I laughed…I cried….Will you marry me?

    Seriously though – love your insights and the dash of humor. I hope this thinking spreads exponentially soon, because it gets lonely being the only crazy person on the block.

  15. Carissa, yeah I was pretty disgusted when I first came across the snopes dismissal, but then logic entered the picture. They, like all the other whores out there, have bills to pay and mouths to feed. We can’t blame prostitutes for their nature. 🙂

    That’s interesting about the cocaine/egypt connection. I was unaware of it, and now my supposition about the naming would make even more sense. I read Barry Fell’s Ancient Settlers in the New World and that would fall right in line with it.

    Hello again Seska, thanks for the info on Carnivore Melonhead’s EPP. They are indeed sick globalist pricks. I guess the guy you worked for did exactly what the system is designed to make all good people do, leave it in disgust to those who have little, if any, moral fiber. Understandable, but sad indeed.

    Halkatla and SB, uncanny timing. I thought these were from the same person until I checked the log. Thank you both for chiming in and hope to see you guys here regularly.

    Btw SB, your question matching your “randomly generated” monster icon, which looks like a purplish tinged “heart” (and we know what that really represents), did get a giggle out of me. 🙂

  16. Greetings. You seem to have a following of wanna be handlers posing as “awakened followers” in your comment. But I assume that’s just because they fear you, and try to influence you.

    Well, This is the first blog I’ve ever read that actually makes sense, and appears genuinely written by someone intelligent. Congratulations.

    I have a simple theory, I’d love for you to judge. Is it possible a capitalist cabal of Internationalist businessfools (read MAFIA), use those tricks in order to gain political status in a civilized nation they would otherwise have no chance of gaining any respect in any clean ideologico-political, intellectual, cultural or racial way? The obvious example the Rosenfeld judes who scammed people with their dollar flashing capitalist way to “End the Crash of 1930’s” in you know where? The economic crisis stage is an easy move for even the lowest of pleebs, who do money laundering, drug trades, weapons trades, mafia deals and other black market schemes for the ill reputed.

    They use the Miley “showing love” to a phallic symbol to suggest subliminally for all their “rich hard working mid class target clients” that their pleasure “lies there”. If you show them a picture of Miley strangling the mic or cutting it with pliers, the pedophile / male target class will not buy it. These cheap tricks are devised by sick money hungry gold diggers who use subliminal promotion through “harmless” comercials, to attract the male audience subconsciously. Girls wanna “be like Miley”, and the rest are presented with a silent sexual scene of a girl holding and fondling their private parts. In a sexual country, of course that’s the first thing they’d try.

    The real enemy here is the sexual obsession of the (largely christian) cultists, who are rightfully taken advantage by a class of perverts, who try to find out what their customers secrelt want (sex), and that’s exactly what they’re selling. Without all these innuendos you noticed, those hot dogs or whatever disney plastic garbage they sell, would decrease in sales very fast. Very likely to a complete standstill.

    The danger isn’t just the leeches who use subliminal sex commercials to appeal to the general and easily teased audience, but the audience themselves, who are part of many sex cults. One of these sex cults is called “Family”. Another sex cult is called “School”. Another sex cult is called “Workplace”. Sex education comes from a “Career”. Word sexual programming begins from language, not just subliminal images or commercials.

    Take out the suggestive sex icons, and the buyers will lose interest. This is what they are most afraid of. Without their little club of fat rich old fucks, they’d be down the blocks on corners giving blowjobs for a hot meal or to afford a hot dog themselves. So they use every cheap trick in the CIA book to keep their profits high, and increase the overpopulation to even more ridiculous levels, because if the more useless people there are, the higher their profits from movies, commercials and other prostitution deals of the Pimp Nation of West Britain / East Asia. This goes back to 1776, when the Sexual Revolution created their first country. But to keep their pedophile tradition a secret, as well as their prefference for fresh young european white girls, especially the german girls they’re the fittest, they were forced to cover up their actual reasons for taking over the prostitution trade of the Atlantic / Pacific islands. Their pimp hand was strong enough to write and sign a fake Crapstitution, while their pockets swelled from kiddy whores on their ranches. Of course the same pimp families of 1776 who kidnapped and raped and enslaved young british women into sex slavery, will now maintain their “Industry” as centuries ago, with subliminal cheap messages that draw in the cash from their herd like “cattle folk”, who already have rapist / pedophile genes from their colonial ancestors.

    While I agree with the other dangerous projects, such as nigh total mind control, I have to ask … to what end? The masses that are weak enough to be dominated that easily, are technically worthless. They are unintelligent, and only good for mass production (work slaves), prostitution (sex slaves), actors in porn or otherwise “movies”, and other cheap art, labourers in tourist traps … and that’s about it. Cannon fodder for any way, maybe.

    In order to keep their capitalist dominance to force a “lawful” influence to their benefit, the Cultists have to enforce a sense of pseudo “nationalism” into their living shields. The subhuman fences of living targets that protect their pockets? Mindless colonial scum of course. The sacrificial lambs they need in order to keep their money safe, while only others pay the price of death and blood, and they just get richer and richer. That’s where the CIA comes in. They need to keep the Big Lie, or massive illusion of a “Cohesive Country” alive in the lower pyramid levels, so they never have to risk their lives or riches for anything. They created a greed cult to attract many money hungry or power seeking people to their lands, I’ve had many relatives and friends and aquaintances move to the New World, so I know the fanaticism they have when the net reels them inside a very comfortable trap.

    Was this Conspirative Network of which you speak, created by a Renegade band of British Freemasons who betrayed the already secretive Masons of Englander cults? Napoleon the mason was part of a rival Lodge to that of England, so naturally they were friendly to George Washington the mason, whose death they mourned. There seems to be a high ammount of wars created or sparked by these mason sycophants of France / England and their western colonies. Then they create new fledgling lodges as butterfly worms, still cocooned in false nations such as Greece (Morea of Ottoman Reich), or Turkey (another muslim infested colony of countless false christians who just loved money and bribes and selling other christians into slavery to the highest bidder), or Hungary (disgruntled heebs never got enough rights or respect in the Austrian Reich, so they forged a false revolt of asian Cohens of Mongolian traditions, as an excuse to take most of the lands of the great empire, using the pseudo nationalism of a proto asian country to occupy as many neighbouring lands and resources as they could).

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