Why Must I Suffer Fools?

First things first, under just simple annoyance, my RSS feed stopped working. I don’t know if there’s a technical reason for it or not, and I care not to speculate whether a certain subset of info from my recent posts was deemed “not fit for public consumption” by someone at FeedBruner (Google). Whatever. Those of you who’ve subscribed using the “Subscribe RSS” button on the right may need to do so again. {*1}

Now, back to the Angry Rebel for a spell. I think I’ve done pretty good, trying to stay focused far ahead beyond the here and now over my last few posts, but while not a conspiracy by any means, a set of events has conspired to rile me up. I would give you my programmed Bruce Banner diatribe of how “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry,” but your feedback has told me some of you like the angry me … so:

Señor T Approves

The first event (not in a linear sense) was my working on a prior article, and getting a not so unusual “conflict error” (actually, a pretty good WordPress auto-save and revision feature, which has saved me hours of work on occasion). But this time, when I clicked “compare revisions,” a strange java (I’m guessing) app was launched. My first assumption was that my technical provisions for stopping malicious applets weren’t functioning … then I was entreated to a fun script created and run on my behalf (paraphrasing from memory):

“Wake up Celtic Rebel … The matrix is real. … The matrix has you.”

If I had to guess: a couple of 20-something programmers at WordPress, were having a good laugh at what they thought was my expense, likely cackling, “Dude! This is sooo gonna fuck with his mind.” I’m sure after their shift ended, they went home to play World of Warcraft, or whatever it is they do, thinking I was probably climbing the walls. Since I can safely presume they [try to] read my blog, I will now thank them for devoting their personal time for my benefit.

matrix rebelmatrix box

It actually did get a smile out of me. [Honestly: thank you!] Now, had someone in a bunny outfit, or a girl with a white rabbit tattoo, or a guy named Troy knocked on my door shortly after, THAT would have seriously fucked with my mind. Note: those who’ve been following my Octopi, Phalli, Cubes of Life (II) post, may find it of interest that The Matrix Trilogy came in a box set.

The second event, is actually more of a series of events, culminating with one asshole who made himself stand out from the pack. Some time late last year, I made a conscious decision to take my blog away from the conspiratorial arena, and into that of the occult and ethereal, as it was also a personal direction I was moving into. At the time, I feared my readership would drop precipitously, but in hindsight, I made the right choice; my readership increased quite dramatically since.

Lately, I’ve been getting substantially more “hate” comments than usual, but as friends are telling me, this is the price of “fame,” and when you start pissing people off, it means you’re headed in the right direction. Once, I got a comment from someone from the RNC (Republican National Committee), suggesting I “seek [psychological] help.” Not so suprisingly, this was elicited by my Jesus Barrack Hussein Obama article. I can presume this person was rather enjoying the first few paragraphs, until the exposition beam turned to his “red state” savior also.

Can others not live by my simple logic? There are thousands of sites out there in the blogosphere dedicated to the minutia of false paradigms, which I feel are run by lunatics, freaks and mental invalids (you know, the ones society labels as “normal” people). While I’d probably vehemently disagree with 99.9% of their content, I have NEVER taken the time to tell them they are wrong, much less harass them. It is enough of a challenge to find the time needed to keep up with the small number of blogs out there (see right column) that are worthy of my attention.

Zombie InvasionFools Want Noise

My policy has been to delete any comments which are personal attacks and don’t argue from a point of reason. Some call it censorship. I call it keeping the experience of visiting my blog meaningful for readers. I have, in fact, published detractory comments (per criteria), and a couple of them even pressed valid points which made me reconsider prior stances. I have already deleted the following comment, but it’s too good to let drift off into the black void of cyberspace:

The negative and cognitive symptoms [of schizophrenia] are less dramatic but more pernicious. These can include a cluster called the 4 A’s: autism (loss of interest in other people or the surroundings), ambivalence (emotional withdrawal), blunted affect (manifested by a bland and unchanging facial expression), and the cognitive problem of LOOSE ASSOCIATION (IN WHICH PEOPLE JOIN THOUGHTS WITHOUT CLEAR LOGIC, FREQUENTLY JUMBLING WORDS TOGETHER INTO A MEANINGLESS WORD SALAD).

Pot meet Kettle? I was sorely tempted to add to the end of this person’s rambling, “WHILE FEELING AN OVERWHELMING COMPULSION TO SHOUT IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS,” but left it unaltered in the original. Said commenter was rather unhappy with my not publishing the above, and harangued me for a while; leaving multiple comments asking “Hey! Celtic Rebel, what’s the definition of schizophrenia?”

Well, since you’re so focused on “A”s, here’s another one for you: Answer! I’m sure you’ve read a couple of books in your lifetime, and my writings are a threat to the orthodoxy of indoctrinated learning you so vigorously cling to. So, if you want know the “definitiion,” may I suggest you look it up in the Encyclopedia and divert your attention to the mileu of blogs which cater to your [programmed] tastes. {*2}

As for the bonehead acedemic [i.e., “having no practical or useful significance”] source this person derived his “thoughts” from, I will take particular exception to autism being included on the list. Autism is another name for “mercury poisoning.” The same idiots who write this psychological textbook mumbo jumbo probably take their kids willingly to get their vaccination shots and then boast to their friends how “brave” the little man/woman was while mercury and live viruses were injected into their bodies. Hopelessly brainwashed, should autism (or cancer) ever develop, these same fools then blame it on their own “genes.”

Dunce CapGo USAMoron Index

The third event occurred at a party I was attending. A new friend (who’s in the early stages of the process of opening his eyes to the world around him) had asked me to sit at his table. With him were some coworkers, along with his nephew. I was being asked my opinion on the present economic situation, and offering my “outside the box” perspective. Shortly after, I was challenged by the nephew’s girlfriend on my take on the corporate process of [intentional] dehumanization of its workers (a topic I hope to write about one day, having direct experience at high levels of a few of the largest international conglomerates). {*3}

Most at the table seemed rather interested in my “unusual” [for the gathering] perspective, save one. She rolled her eyes back in her head, and then opened one of her “holes.” The following, is what came out of it:

“Ugh! Some people need to stop believing everything they read.”

Out of politeness, and respect for my friend, I dropped the topic, resorting simply to a look which said more than any amount of words could have. But now, here within the luxury of my blog, I can give a full answer. The girl, was relatively young (22/23) and actually, extremely attractive. It would be safe to assume that her “knowledge sphere” consists of CNN (or something like it) occasionally for news, a [un]healthy diet of MTV, regular viewings of Sex and the City (exposé of in draft queue) and never having read a book (outside the occasional Harry Potter or He’s Just Not That Into You) that was not assigned to her by the indoctrination system.

Dunce CheerleadersMTV Programmed Sluts

From childhood onwards, I have tried to stick to the old adage: that you need to balance negative words directed at someone with positive ones. Something “good” can be found in everyone. Hence, we’re back to her physical characteristics: it’s a good thing to know that all three of her holes are dual-purpose.

The last event occurred at another dinner party. First, let me stress, that over the last couple of years, and more so within the time I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve been moving from feeling the urge to “wake people up,” to only elucidating life for those seeking answers. And by the process of “elucidation,” I mean the best that I can do, is offer the insight I’ve gained since I took the crucial first step of realizing how truly ignorant I had been, and how little I can even claim to know.

At around 7:30 PM during this party, someone pointed out the odd coincidence of the Olympics starting at 08:08 PM, on that day (08/08/08).

Chinese Tead888 Reasons

A professor from a nearby university was quick to relegate the entire notion as a “bunch of Chinese and their superstitions.” I countered with the observation that while we are told to dismiss numerical patterns as coincidence, those in power circles are firm believers in astrology and numerology. Then, I gave a few examples used right here in the United States (e.g., the Freedom Tower going up where the twin towers were, will be octagonal, and 1776 feet tall, which is 2 X 888). {*4}

One of the athletes, the only one from the entire USA team I have any respect for (no, it’s not Mark Phelps), didn’t attend over China’s heavy involvement in (and arguably enabling of) the present genocide occurring in Darfur. When the situation came up, I mentioned that the old Eugenics plan from the 19th century [read about it for yourself] was to depopulate resource-rich Africa of Negroes (considered inferior subhumans by the Malthusians), while making room for the industrious, overpopulous and most importantly, servile Chinese (in particular, thanks to Mao and the Rockefellers who wiped out the intelligentsia). Old “plans” are now reality.

eugenicssangermama africa

One of the women present asked what the heck “eugenics” was. So, I proceeded to give a brief history, starting with one of the most influential persons behind the American Eugenics movement, Margaret Sanger. Yea, you know, that “good” woman who started Planned Parenthood. The professor grew irritated, interrupting:

“Why do you keep using the word eugenics?”

“Because that’s what they call it. But, Margaret couldn’t exactly keep the name after the whole public outrage over the Nazi eugenics programs of WWII. So, she dropped the unpopular term eugenics for the neutral sounding birth control.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about! I teach this stuff. I’m not going to sit here and listen to a bunch of nonsense.”

And then, he got up and left the table (stormed off actually). Very odd. Left everyone at the table scratching their heads. I know the entire higher educational system is flawed (something I hope to address fully one day), based primarily on the idea you have to use “authorized” sources. Mild hint: find out who the authorizing agencies are and who (what foundations) they are controlled by. But, as even one of the people at my table commented: “That seemed quite personal.” {*5}

Fool's GoldFool's Paradise

Another thing that’s been getting under my skin lately (more so than usual) is the number of people I catch offering up “opinions” based on nothing other than having seen some stupid movie out of the mass mind-control operation known as Hollywood. Oh, how many people out there have so-called opinions about WWII, slavery, the Holocaust, the Wild West and foreign culture based mostly on movies.

Just the other day, someone sitting in my group on some bar patio said, “Those Indian people are gross. They eat monkey brains.” Unable to leave well enough alone, I was forced to ask her: “And you are saying this based on what other than having watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?” {*6}

Aaargh! I know I should be worried about myself instead of others, but it can be such a challenge sometimes, especially in the face of the beyond-successful social engineering agenda of dumbing people down to the point of automatons. Do you have an opinion? What is it based on? Have you ever researched anything for yourself? Do all your ideas about the world come through the filter of pop culture?

Grinds My GearsIncest is NOT Best

You know what [else] really grinds my gears? People who watch CNN and think they’re informed about ANYTHING. More annoying are those who watch CNN, or Fox, or BBC, or listen to NPR, or whatever else they think somehow informs them, and think they’re somehow better or smarter than the mind-controlled people who watch the other channels. [Inform, as in “to guide;” alternately, “in-form” as in to keep “in-line.”] News flash at 11: “You’re ALL a bunch of fools!” {*7}

About a year ago, I released an article that to me, looking back, seems like obvious overkill: Is Anderson Cooper Gay? It was written mostly for a friend’s benefit, after we had a related discussion, but to this day, even though it is easily one of my least substantive blogs, it by far generates the most hits to my site (well over a quarter of them, and on days where Anderson “flirts” with political guests, over half).

It is also the article which creates the most grief for me. Visitors usually just watch the video and/or read the subject, and then fire off some angry missive about me hating homosexuals, or how I need to leave the poor nice fellow alone. A recent one scolded, “people like yourself who claim to be literate,” then continued to berate me further. Semi-ironically, the commenter was not “literate” enough themselves to have actually read the text, cause the main point [of said article] is that he [the Cooper boy] is a bought-and-paid-for lying sack-of-shit blue-blood CIA tool.

Sometimes, I think about just deleting the article, but I would be a major fool myself to toss out 25% of the traffic to my website just cause I’m annoyed. So, I did the most logical thing: I added pictures (one inspired by Mr. T himself). Hopefully, this will inspire my more literate of random readers to get the gist of the article.

Anderson PuppetCNN LIES

Had actually wrapped this up with above paragraph, until last night. A friend and I were sitting on the patio of a nearby bar/restaurant. While this person’s not completely awake, he is making a concerted effort. To his credit, he actually took the time to watch an hour of Disney Channel (per my suggestion) and was outraged to see for himself the sick agenda Disney is pushing on our children.

Waitress: “Why are you guys talking bad about Hannah Montana?”

My friend: “Um, cause she fucks her own dad?”

Waitress: “No she doesn’t! If she was doing that, I would have heard about it on the news?”

Me: “Ah, yes. Of course you would have. I’m sure ABC News would be all over that story.”

You see? See how therapeutic this has been for me already? Hadn’t even put the final touches on this article and I was already calm. That’s it then. I’m done. As a matter of fact, I’m not even concerned whether that Large Hedron Collider creates a huge black hole today, and we all get sucked into it. Come to think of it, that doesn’t sound like such a horrible way to go. I am officially no longer angry.

Next up, some good [mellow] stuff…

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*1: You could also repoint reader. Replace http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheCelticRebel with https://celticrebel.wordpress.com/feed/. [LB]

*2: Did that person also write “manifested by a bland and unchanging facial expression?” Has this person been watching me? Oh, no! 🙂 [LB]

*3: Not related to my blog, but something that annoys me even more so lately are all the f’n idiots who shout “Go USA” or “USA #1” at sporting events. These people tend to be among the most ignorant brain-washed; still dreaming of the American Dream (as the late George Carlin said, “the reason they call it a dream is cause you have to be asleep to believe it”). All the while, they engage in meaningless debates as to which of two traitors currently running would make a better President for America. [LB]

*4: Thanks to Aferrismoon, via Dedroidify for 1776 info. For more on 888, see [non-angry] article that I began writing on said date, Octopi, Phalli, Cubes of Life (I). [LB]

*5: Did I “out” a Malthusian? We don’t know. As for Planned Parenthood, while the [PR] name for the group sounds good to the ear: looking at their eugenics history, along with their logic-defying pushes for lollipop condoms, life-like penises for prepubescent kids to “practice” with and masturbation training for kindergarteners, tells quite a different story of the deviant racist anti-humanist front. [LB]

*6: People’s relying on cinema and television for historical knowledge was one of the main topics discussed on the video presentation Who’s Your Daddy? [LB]

*7: I was tempted to add Alex Jones and the alternative media to that list, but can’t lump the people who’ve made an effort to get out of the mainstream into the same group with people who know absolutely nothing (also, the alternative media is too diverse to categorize). In the mainline alternative media, you get probably about 10% lies (unlike the MSM where you get about 100% lies), but the all-too important question is which 10% of what they’re saying are lies? [LB]

~ by celticrebel on September 10, 2008.

27 Responses to “Why Must I Suffer Fools?”

  1. LOL Mr Rebel I have to say I did smile at, & resonate with your ‘head shaking’ exasperation. Am in agreement on leaving alone those choose to sleep – putting your ‘spark’ in damp place just aint going to do much good.
    Glad you’re feeling better 🙂

  2. Hoo ya!
    That was very *literate* of you Rebel, if I do say so meself. LOL

    And damn! that linked article on encouraging kindergarteners to explore sex…merciful Jesus !

  3. Celt…when doing your expose on Sex in The City, please remember to check out David Duchoveny’s show Californacation…it is the perfect yin of male ego to the yang of creating multiple personalities they market to women. The fact he had to go to rehab for “sex addiction” when this show (I’ve only seen it once) seems to be all about sex is one of the more transparent things the “entertainment” industry has tried to pull in quite some time.

  4. Wise Woman, I have to say, I had a few misgivings about writing this, and then posting it. Part of me thought “don’t give in and stoop.” But, I can’t deny how therapeutic it was, and [seeing all the responses already] how strongly it resonated with others experiencing similar. Understanding emotional-health is not my forté.

    annemarie, thanks for leaving a note. Long-time reader, first-time commenter?

    I have to [begrudgingly] applaud Planned Parenthood’s PR people. They have so brain-washed women that if it weren’t for them, the paternalistic religious right would have them facing coat-hangers and back-alleys. It gives them an automatic free-pass for all the programs designed to destroy the youth of America [and the world, thanks to financiers like Gates], and practice eugenics in the open.

    DasRipper, thanks for mentioning that show. After your comment, I spoke with my sis, and she tells me it is THE water-cooler topic of her Hollywood friends these days. Will need to give it a once-over.

    Sex addiction? [my turn to roll eyes] “Hi, my name is Dave Duchovny and I have a penis, which makes me want to have sex with people.” … “Ah, come into our clinic. Gives us all your money and we will cure you of this problem.” Does sound like yet another agenda. Another “restless leg.”

  5. Dude, we are in a very similar place. Been dealing with the same types on a daily basis, very frustrating.

    I’ve had my fill; I’m tired and need to move on to something different.

    Currently shutting down my blog. I’ll stop by from time to time, I’ve always enjoyed your perspective and takes.

    Peace, Joshua

  6. Hi there…….

    Yeah, I feel the frustration just in reading your various personal anecdotes. I know the programming, illogical-ness and sometimes total lack of thinking that’s running rampant out there. It’s a case of, “To say something, or not to say something, that is the question.” I just wrote a whole piece on my website in fact within the past week about this exact same subject. (and I’m not here to try to promote that, but the timing of it all is just perfect and I can’t help but mention it.) It’s called, “When Everybody’s on a Different Page,” and it talks about what factors are converging in our society to keep everybody having vastly different beliefs and personal realities, and why people can be so programmed and dumbed down; specifically addressing truth seekers who find themselves in the exact same predicaments you noted, challenging things in the world around them, or trying to get others around them to wake up….but repeatedly running into a wall with it. Why is it that some people REALLY succumb to the matrix programming while others don’t? Why are so many people like programmed automatons, minds sealed and locked, opinions fixed in cement, while others are open to hearing new points of view and changing their minds? Ever notice how a lot of people have this almost freakish emotional investment in maintaining the official stories and explanations for things as dictated by the powers that be? Kind of weird. So yeah, I talk about all of that in the piece. The explanations for why this is run the gambit from the mundane and expected – a lifetime of heavy duty “matrix” programming, ie, school, authority, parents, religion, the media, etc.- on up to the strange and “woo woo” 😉 …..which most people aren’t keeping in mind when trying to figure out why things are the way they are here. Knowledge of these other woo-woo layers of reality can really make all the difference though when navigating through the world. Although if somebody has zero personal proof for this aspect of things then I can see how it might seem crazy.

    I love how that one girl said to you “Some people shouldn’t believe everything they read.” A good rebuttal to anybody who’d say something that illogical is to point out that **their whole reality foundation is based on believing everything they were forcibly made to read during their 13 years of schooling and in many people’s cases, college.** The whole reason she’s challenging you is because she believes what she was taught to read. 😉 (and heard.) Lordy lord. But, they can’t even see this, which is why it’s so easy to get riled up by these people. I was mentally cheering along though when reading your rebuttals to people at these various parties. You gotta love how programmed Westerners are so quick to dismiss the significance of 8:08 on 8/8/08, just because numerology, superstition, the occult, etc. are not a part of their little reality.

    Ultimately it’s probably beneficial to learn techniques for detachment. Learning how to unplug from “the matrix,” and cease caring about the people who want to be asleep and programmed. Let ’em, is now my attitude. Everybody has the chance to wake up and become aware, same as us. So if they purposely turn their back on learning and seeking out knowledge and choose their path….then let ’em. There’s a reason for that, which we can’t know. (but which I theorized about in my article.) So I put what I know out there on my website and those who are meant to cross paths with it will, and I do what I can where it’s relevant, BUT….trying not to have emotional investment in it all. Getting riled up about these people is like getting caught up in the illusion’s little spider web I’ve realized. So, unplugging, detachmennt, not being emotionally invested in this illusory game, and most importantly…..understanding that there’s something a lot larger and weirder going on here than even we realize. That’s my point of view as of this point in my life.

    Oh….and an interesting synch. For the past two weeks, because of writing that article, I’ve repeatedly had the phrase “The Matrix Has You” running through my mind. Then I came here and see you writing about the same thing I’ve also been thinking about, mentioning that same phrase. Kind of funny. ;D

  7. Far be it from me to tell you to lighten up, but why should peoples ideas bother you. Leave that to Bill O’Reilly and those guys. If you are not attached to your ideas nothing should annoy you, and you can have some fun with people instead(especially that attractive girl lol).

    Like Stephen Colbert, who I have never seen angry at someone he disagrees with, nor has anyone been angry with him. Yet, he so often leaves his guests looking like fools, and can get people to think(and laugh) about things(some people anyway if not the guest).

    Or instead of asserting some theory(often a complex one) which people will have so much trouble accepting, maybe the best way to get people thinking is something more like the Socratic method. Get people to expose themselves. Considering some of the ideas people have it shouldn’t be so difficult.

    Might be better for getting them thinking, at least in the beginning. I hope so. I am working on my Masters degree(and ugh, I hate the educational system as much as you), and I expect to be teaching, so I will see how that goes in a couple years. Or I can just stick to the curriculum, lol.

  8. Joshua, sorry to hear that. Enjoyed your perspectives as well. Somewhere DEEP in my draft queue, was an idea about looking at Logan’s Run again. Best wishes to you.

    Carissa, I enjoyed your article (linked). Yes, were’ much in synch. It’s easier to dismiss the lost souls among us down to zombiefication. You raised an interesting point about “programmed reinforcers” that may not be of us. I would have probably dismissed it outright a year ago, but another commenter mentioned it, and I’ve run into a few people with no souls in my lifetime.

    Angelo, blogging’s not really an interactive process, but I gather you meant in regards to my “run-ins.” Like I said, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with this, had not so many incidents all happened in such little time.

    Ah, good luck to you in the teaching business, mate! Many a friend has grown many a gray hair from that handcuffed experience.

  9. Loved reading that mate! I’d echo what the previous commenters have said, this really resonates with alot of people I feel. I live with my two twentysomething year old sisters who do exactly the same thing as the girl you described at the table [though one is a bit more open, the other get’s angry the minute you mention something vaguely unmainstream]. I’d love to read your take on Sex and the City, it’s so programmed into them all it’s really quite hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

    Anyway, just wanted to drop in and say how much I enjoyed reading this impassioned piece and the rest of your recent blogs, keep it up! Looking forward to hearing from your mellow alter in your next post ;p Cheers.

  10. Awesome rant bro! I had someone post a comment on one of my illuminati mind control pieces that said a similar statement “that I should seek professional help because I had schizoid tendencies”. I was laughing my butt off mainly because it was someone supposedly representing a company that Fritz had commented on that was in the article.

    I love it when you get all worked up like this once in awhile! Tough to let the sleepers remain when the frustration sets in, having to explain what the hell is going on to them. Kudos on pissing off that professor with eugenics!! Maybe he was a “Singulartarian” that took offense to the old title! LOL

    Peace bro! Take care.

  11. LOL, interactions like this are common with us “outsiders”. I just can’t wait for this stupid election to be over. My friends are all naturally hardcore obama supporters. I guess that is the only way they can rebel against the system, and “change” things. Its kinda sad to see people upset and worried that sarah palin was going to help mccain ‘steal’ the election. I love how the media will twist every little comment into a week long story. “Lipstick on a pig”-lol. That puts these people on a constant roller coaster. So be careful, you don’t wanna shatter their “belief” system. I met this really hard-core obama supporter few weeks ago. His rhetoric was killing me, so I decided to have a chat with him. I brought out the ole, “obama has a fake birth certificate”. That “right wing smear” didn’t sit so well with him. I upset him so much, he ended up breaking up with his girlfriend that night. Oops! Wasn’t my intention, but hilarious nevertheless.

  12. Ben, I am surprised (judging by the number of comments), what a resonant chord I struck with this piece. Yea, the social engineering of that damn Sex and the City is demonstrably impacting my sex life to the negative. I may have to rant a little more in that one. 🙂

    Michael, so you get those “you are crazy” comments too. I guess the lunatics feel the need to go tell those who DARE try to raise our heads above the water-line how crazy WE are. A “Singulartarian” huh? I like it.

    elluminate, I’ve been enjoying your expositions of the One, Lion King, Messiah, Jack of All Parades Herr Obama. The moment I bring up something like what you did about Obama or about how McCain actually was a singing stool pigeon in Vietnam … get the automatic “swiftboat” (as in a new verb) reaction. Now, am convinced that whole affair and Jerome Corsi were all planned for this purpose.

  13. Great rant and as articulate as ever. I just had my own run-in recently with a website called UK Skeptics. I wrote about it on my Myspace blog. Are you on there? If so, please e-mail me your name so I can add you!

  14. Had to come back after having a conversation with a friend this weekend, he asked a question that I couldn’t answer and need some help on…what is the end game if the majority of the people are “awake”? Would we lose our perverse satisfaction of knowing they are the mind controlled masses and we are the enlightened ones? Wouldn’t much of our economy as we know it tank as we realize we are just making other people money while we toil and work hard to try and “make it”? Aren’t the zombies out there actually doing good for us, in that we need them as Batman needs Joker? If you have any insight on what the endgame of hundreds of millions of people waking up would look like I am interested in hearing…thanks.

  15. If ignorance is bliss, America must be the happiest place on Earth. Ah, we’ve all been there I think. Like others, I pretty much gave up on waking anyone else up, though sometimes I just can’t help it. For a while I must have seemed like a prophet to my parents because everything I said came true (aka: was on the news) weeks after telling them about it. Then they found my secret – the internet. Now my dad is hyper-awake and constantly sends out mass emails to family members in vain trying to make a dent in their protective layers of ignorance. Keep up the good fight!

  16. Seska, thanks! Will contact you.

    Das Ripper, I really don’t see the scenario you describe ever happening. What I see HAPPENING is that while there are a great number of people “waking up” (and, of course, there are MANY levels to this, which is divisory also), there is substantial number of people (particularly, among the young) who are buying deeper and deeper into materialistic illusion of meaninglessness and willful ignorance (particularly amontg the youth). Ultimately, and this is where I differ from many who write on sych matters, I see a SPLIT happening in humanity. At some point, I will be writing on this.

    ViolatoR, that’s great you’ve managed to reach your parents on such a level. My sister has really started to understand the illusionary nature of our prior indoctrination. As for the rest of those closest to me, while they at least understand 9/11 was an “inside job,” they have conscious mental block when it comes to understanding that 9/11 was an “inside joke”, or discarding the programming disguised as entertainment/fashion/lifestyle.

  17. “Ultimately, and this is where I differ from many who write on sych matters, I see a SPLIT happening in humanity. At some point, I will be writing on this.”

    Bingo. This is what I think too, for the exact reasons you noted. Too many people who are awakening mistakenly believe that it’s truly possible to “Wake everybody up!” All they have to do is try harder! They mean well in their efforts, but, it’s not possible. Everybody’s at a different level, for different reasons, and nobody can force anybody else to get on the same track.

    Since we can’t all be on the same level, and since mass unity is not possible in this realm when you have so many vastly different soul levels and entities incarnating here from all over, then the only other option I can really see for where things can go is………..a split. Timeline split. Splitting realities. “The New Earth.” Whatever one chooses to call it or think of it as, it involves polarization, and a split. Montalk writes about this subject over on his site (among tons of other things! 😀 ) if anybody is interested: http://www.montalk.net

    William Deagle mentions something akin to what you just noted Celtic Rebel, when he said that contrary to popular belief, human consciousness is NOT rising during these times as many would like to believe, but rather, it’s at the lowest point it’s probably ever been. That there are people incarnating during this time who are like the bubbles rising to the top of the champagne bottle, but in general, most of the population is sinking. I agree. I mean, there’s a lot of positive, good people out there, and positive change trying to be made…..but there’s a correlating increase in low vibe negativity, the choice of “materialistic illusion of meaninglessness and willful ignorance” as you put it. And then many times the positive change that is happening still conforms to the “matrix” and the illusion. It’s not change that would completely flip this society on its head, going to the deepest levels of true mass awakening….

  18. The whole reason I made it to your blog was from searching “Anderson Cooper gay” on Google after a friend said something about him. Your blog was the 4th on the list.

    Despite being pulled here for the same reason as a noticeable amount of others, I’m also not ‘sleeping.’ I’m one of those people who knows something is up and who are starting to view things pretty differently. That being said, I’m also extremely lazy and usually not willing to sniff out full details if it’s not presented in a single format(book, blog, article, etc.).

    Your combination of humor, anger and, most importantly, truth is what’s definitely going to have me keep up with your blog.

  19. I think you´re an amazing writer and I look forward to each of your articles. I´m sure plenty of people are annoyed though because this kind of thing disturbs them, poor them if they don´t wake up – but it´s their problem not yours.

  20. I feel that above-mentioned split happening too. It is something I have been thinking for awhile now but I believe this is the first place I have heard it stated.

    Darkness is most definitely settling in.

  21. Carissa, your words are my own there, aside from names, be it for reasons unfamiliar or for [?programmed?] skepticism, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m going to have to check out MonTalk. I hope to write more/delve more into that SPLIT soon.

    Era, love the honesty. Part of waking up is looking in the mirror and looking beyond the persona we present to the outside world (i’m including myself in that process). Welcome aboard! I hope I can both entertain and provoke. 🙂

    Halkatla, thank you my new Icelandic friend! Even when I was far less awake than I can claim at the moment, I would disturb/shake people up for a reaction, as I always found it a good window into their character.

    SoapBoxTech, as I said above, will have to look into that split more. The idea that a few of [i dare say] us can evolve the whole of humanity, for lack of better words [as perhaps the intellect is incapable of grasping/expressing) just FEELS wrong.

  22. Re: Sex and the City, one thing that never fails to sadden and amuse me is that it is a total plagiarism of the Tales of the City stories, written by and about a San Francisco homosexual. So the role model to adopt for the women in Sex and the City… Is a left coast homosexual male?

    Homosexual hostility and jealousy to the feminine has come full circle.

    The only way to make Sex and the City tolerable other than not to watch it at all is to convert the Sarah Jessica Parker ugly girl into a male homosexual. Suddenly everything makes a lot more sense in that show including the questionable and often homosexual casting choices for the men in the harpies’ lives.

  23. Lovely article. So true and yet, many don’t see it.

  24. Hi Carissa err I mean Julia. You beat here again. very strange and syncronistic. Winston

  25. Jonathan Nolan, always appreciate your input. Was unaware of that. If you’re going to turn women into lesbians (as proven the show is doing now), who better than a gay man to lead the charge. Hehe, you’re right, then it would make sense. Gays guys are usually obsessed to find the “big” one.

    Leon, as always, thanks!

    Greg, think Carissa got mad at one of my later rants. Tell her to come back!

  26. So funny to see a professor say he teaches the stuff and that you’re talling bullshit and instead of explaining who Mag is he stands up and leaves.

    Eh did he got outsmarted, outplayed or did he had a moment of Clarity seeing you might have a point that he needs to research, but his programming took over again and just made him scared –> Mad.

  27. That was a hugely entertaining article.

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