The Alien Anal Agenda

Ever since I’ve “woken up,” I sometimes wonder what other people, in particular, those who knew me while I was walking around with my eyes wide shut, think about me. Not that I am overly concerned, because part of my waking up process, involves trying to suppress one’s ego from dictating how/who one is. Still, I can’t say, that I’m not curious what is said about me when I leave the room.

Patio Talking

Well, I finally got to hear it first hand. We had several people over at the house the days following my Stepdad’s passing. One Sunday, I had wandered in and sat quietly in front of the television getting caught up on the football scores. A conversation was taking place in the dining room. Some guy was complaining about how many traffic tickets he had received, even going so far as to kid the police were probably in a conspiracy against him.

And then, my treat came. One of the girls at the table, likely under the impression I was still outside, replied, “Ooh! You don’t wanna say that word when [yours truly] is in the room. Cause, he’ll be like … STEAK?”

Hm. So, that’s how they see me?

Anyway, it wasn’t something I didn’t suspect already. I know that those who still believe the mainstream media or mainstream history books, probably find some of my theories outlandish, if not, outright insane. And that doesn’t bother me, because I, also consider the mainstream lies most people consider their reality quite comical. Moving on…

I go outside for a smoke, and am soon joined by a few people, including the young woman I mentioned earlier. Our conversation, went like this:

“So. You think I’m a little loony, huh?”

“Uh, no. No, not at all. It’s just that. It’s just that, well, some of the stuff you believe is like crazy.”

Now, this girl and I have never had a conversation about my beliefs, so I press the issue. “Really? Like what is that I believe that’s crazy?”

“Well, for example, you think we never went to the moon.”

“Did I ever say that to you? Who told you anything about what I believe about the moon?”

“Well, do you? Do you think we never went to the moon?”

“Well, now that you ask me, I actually think that we have been to the moon. But, I just don’t believe the Apollo moon landing was how. There are way too many issues with that mission that just don’t add up.”

“Well, what about Roswell?”

Ugh! Here we go again. Instead of asking about concrete things that are verifiable, indisputable and relevant to one’s well being (i.e., things like fluoridation, vaccines, state sponsored terrorism, the federal reserve scam), everyone wants to know about Aliens. The X-files worked it’s magic all too well. The Alien Agenda!

“What about Roswell?”

“Do you think there were Aliens at Roswell. And that they like recovered bodies there and hid them at Area 51?”

“Actually, no. I think whatever crashed at Roswell was probably an earth-based craft.”

“Hm. Well, what about like Alien abductions? You know. Like when Aliens kidnap people and take them into their ships and like probe their buttholes?”

She’s crossed the line now. She’s being facetious.

“Honestly, I don’t think anyone could ever really know anything about that unless it had happened to them.”

“Why? Has it happened to you?”

“Ugh, no…” Time to turn the tables. “Has it happened to you?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Of course I’m sure.”

“I’m not necessarily talking about Aliens.”


“Look, you’re hot and what, 21 years old now? I’m having a hard time believing no one’s tried to get a finger back in there yet.”

And, that was it. She turned bright red. She shut up.

Sweet Ass

I know. I know. It was probably a little mean-spirited. And, I guess I’ve still got a little ways to go in the ego-suppression arena. But, I am so tired of this Alien Agenda.

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Note 1: I’m not discounting the existence of aliens. Any logical mind would conclude there must be several alien species out there. There is visual evidence of ancient visitation, and possibly of past civilizations on Mars as well. Almost all of the holy books and mythologies refer to some type of contact. Do they visit us now? Quite possibly, but I have never seen anything of the sort.

Note 2: More likely than not, a good number of the reports and sightings, along with propagandized movies (Independence Day, Mars Attacks, Cloverfield, etc.), server some ulterior earth-based agenda to frighten/control us.

~ by celticrebel on February 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Alien Anal Agenda”

  1. i sort of know how you feel as i have experienced similar situations where i have received feedback from friends, family. other regarding my way of feeling, and not always intentionally on their part

    a few examples are: one time i showed a friend some of the things i had been discovering and he seemed quite surprised and interested, then a few days later when we met up again he was with another friend and they had been spending some time together obviously discussing what i had showed him because as soon as the government were mentioned on the news as they usually are, they both began joking about how the government were controlling our minds and every aspect of life especially the t.v. .i decided to let it slide and not mention the issue again to them, but then strangely my original friend started talking about this stuff and said he had been looking into it and talking to others about it, most of whom had suspicions but hadn’t followed them up. so i decided to talk about it again with him, though i should have learned my lesson as within a few weeks countless people thought i was a wacko who thought aliens control the earth etc which i had only mentioned to him and only him as a theory of others which may or may not be true, that didn’t matter i was branded a kook, the strange thing was it wasn’t so much what they said to me but what they didn’t say. i felt an atmosphere around them and could see in their eyes their true feelings, they didn’t have to say anything ….. one last example is when i started talking to my family about this they got the wrong idea totally this was typified by my sisters boyfriend who once said ‘you think the worlds going to end, don’t you’ something i’d never even said. its like as soon as you mention conspiracy they immediately link to wild unimaginable theories far removed from their reality that couldn’t possible be true(wonder where they get that from) ….. anyway now whenever i’m in their vicinity and in the possession of a book or laptop or point of view different from the norm they get weirded out and become basically shut off from you, like a triggers flipped and they go into an almost drone like state under some form of mind control, the chances of them ever opening their minds and entering into rational debate are nonexistent. yet they will obviously maintain that i am the one that is brainwashed and outta-sync with reality. its such a shame to see so many bury their heads in the sand, subconsciously they all know something is seriously wrong and their such blatant fear tells of whats to come 1. people are NOT going to wake up in time in sufficient numbers to stop this mass bloodbath depopulation hell on earth scenario and 2.its going to be just that HELL … anyway on a lighter note we are all spirit and this is merely a a test but that still doesn’t mean we should lye down and accept this but sadly that looks like the way its going to be.

  2. I thought you guys might be interested in this show.
    The latest Off Tangent Show with Latin

    Topics covered: ET, UFOs, Mind control, Religion, E-mail, Anal Probe

    small sample:

    “To most of 1,200,000 U. S. radio listeners who ran for the exits, peered down the pike for Martian invaders or otherwise conducted themselves oddly on the night before Halloween 1938, the Orson Welles broadcast based on H. G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds remains a booful, baleful memory.* They will perhaps never think of Mercer County, N. J. except as the place where a series of rocket-machines once fictionally landed, loosing battalions of huge extra-terrestrial monsters. For those interested in 1) owning a copy of the celebrated script (with indicated sound effects); 2) enjoying a learned laugh over the things it made people do; 3) studying U. S. behavior when a panic is on, The Invasion from Mars,* provides a lively, sympathetic anatomizing of the Wells-Welles ruckus by Psychologist Hadley Cantril and a special staff of Princeton’s Radio Research Project.”

  3. It’s a pleasure to discover this blog, the new video, the kinship inherent. My fun was in a lecture for Aboriginal Studies where I (in hindsight unfortunately) made reference to the ‘real’ powers that be (I am sensing a tiara!) here in the land north of the 49th. My mistake – the only people who weren’t yelling at me in five minutes were a student from Iran (she let me know, with a subtle gesture, that I was not alone) and the Elder running the lecture (Aboriginal Studies…). It was a couple of weeks later, in some other politically charged university endeavour, that an opponent decided to add to an email diatribe, and I quote, “… and take me off of your conspiracy theorist mailing list, asshole …” end quote. Lovely. I, having read this and been exposed to some other fine uplifts on this site, will keep ‘the fight scene’ going as long as I can.

  4. Oops… sorry for missing this feedback for a while…

    alifico, thanks for sharing your story. The sad thing is that the people who accuse us, those who suspect “control” … have no idea the extent to which their entire personality is a result of years and years and years of ingenious programming. The same people will watch a movie about “cults” and remark how pathetic “those poor brainwashed people” are … without realizing they are deeply indoctrinated cult members themselves.

    latin thanks for the link. Funny you said [on your show] “everyone’s favorite: the anal probe” .. as my most recent blog [pardon the pun] explores that orifice. Your blog’s now off-line?

    Joey, Sadly, those that use that “conspiracy theory” phrase are just responding to the programming from the same powers that be. It’s pavlovian. We are not alone, and it’s not this universe I’m talking about … it’s that quest to find free-thinking humans on THIS planet!

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