Black Hunter White Heart [2]

Looking back over the last few images of BHWH (Part I), the neural synapses bring up a couple of memories. The first is of a lovely Brasileira I was doing my best to make namorar with me (no direct English translation of the verb, the closest would be “to girlfriend”). She expressed reservations, saying she thought I was muito louco (very crazy). I countered her negative trend by asking (rough translation):

I behave and do as I see fit, not by how society or my peers dictate. You don’t look like or remind me of anyone else I’ve ever met, and I want you. But, you … you keep looking for the next normal guy that comes along? Are you happy?

The definition of insanity is not doing different or outlandish things, but doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results. So, which of us is crazy?

Is it permissible to quote myself??? [btw: feel free to use the above. Just be sure to credit me, especially if it works for you.] The latter memory, I first heard from one of my gurus, Michael Tsarion, during one of his lectures where he recites the prophecy of Badb, War Queen of the Tuatha de Dannan:

“Then she added a prophecy in which she foretold the approaching end of the Divine Age and the beginning of a new one, in which the summers would be flowerless, the cows milkless and women shameless and men strengthless, in which there will be trees without fruit and seas without fish, when old men would give false judgments and legislators make unjust laws, when warriors would betray one another and men would be thieves and there would be no more virtue in the world.”

Is that, not the world we [who’s eyes are open] see growing around us? Arguing that the Joker is insane, to me, is inseparable from arguing whether the world is insane. Perhaps, the Dark Knight’s clown is a mirror for those of us who are facing the reality of the coming technocratic dictatorship. Below, the Joker stands, alone with just his gun (no high tech armor or armaments), bravely facing the impending technological onslaught (by Batman, the agent/pawn of Order):

Joker AloneBatman Bastard

It’s easy to root for the Joker in this scenario. It is a metaphor that those of us opposed to tyranny, could very well project ourselves in. Digging deeper into the scene, what evens the odds in such an impossible situation, goes back to the issue of sanity: the joker has no fear. Fear, or the conquering of the emotion, is ultimately, the only real salvation mankind has to hope for a better future.

No amount of guns, protests and organizing can stop the great beast and its arsenal of technology, mind-controlled minions and innumerable disinfo agents. I also found it telling the Dark Knight promo posters depicted said scene in two manners: Heath with a Smith & Wesson M76 submachine gun (i.e, M13, MM), and Heath with a knife. One scenario aimed at the USA (where fools are being entrained that guns should be banned), the other for the UK (where fools are being taught that unregistered knives pose a threat to society). What a sad sad joke.

Joker GunJoker KnifeHa!

Ha! “There are many here among us, who think that life is but a joke,” and I should add, there are a few here among us now who realize, 9/11 was an “inside joke.” [Not as outlandish as it sounds, read Ha! A Cosmic Joke on Us.] Let’s not forget that in another film about dealing with an insane situation (the Vietnam War), occult insider Stanly Kubrik, presented us with the one character who managed to retain his sanity in the middle of all the madness. That character’s name [from Full Metal Jacket] was what? “Joker.”

The Dark Night’s joker, aside from what was presented in part i: (a) Rob’s a mob bank (and, my guess, hints that the federal reserve is basically, the world’s largest mob bank), (b) tests the mettle of the boat passengers and helps them find their humanity, (c) arguably, many of those he killed had it coming/deserved it, and (d) swindles the mafia out of half their money (for doing something he was gonna do anyway), and then proceeds to burn it. Upon completion of last act, he makes a damning statement to not only the criminals, but the consumers among us:

“All you care about is money. This town deserves a better class of criminal, and I’m gonna give it to them.”

One reader pointed out the pile of money was laid out in a pyramid. Another [overt] clue towards the Federal Reserve’s “pyramid” scheme. Now, as many of us are feeling the effects of the pyramid scheme’s collapse, us fools are looking for someone to blame. Um, it’s a pyramid scheme. It’s supposed to collapse. The mirror should be the first place to look when assigning blame:

Joe Regular FoolSubway MoneySluts Want Money

There, we will find a hideous face looking back at us, and it is the face of a fool. Fiat money is, by definition, an agreed upon medium of exchange. We, thanks in a large part to media programming, have surrendered our dignity and virtue (¿what was that Badb said about women?) in its pursuit. Add to that, the money is backed by absolutely nothing. Fool’s gold? Fool’s paper.

Sometimes, a clown will paint their face. Sometimes they don’t need to. Others, clued in by some driving force, may feel a strong compulsion to paint a substantive mask on those already wearing one, but that is unnecessary. The mask of glamour (“glamour,” by definition, is a magic spell; I’ll delve deeper into the topic another time), is after all, but a mask:

Marilyn ClownMarylin Glamour

As I pointed out in “A Cosmic Joke,” Heath Ledger was found under circumstances (and some say) the same position as Marilyn Monroe. Sadly, this MM, idolized by many, was nothing more than a mind-controlled sex slave. [Worth noting, Kubrick’s “Joker” was played by yet another MM, Matthew Modine.] Her only way out of her virtual mind-trap, was to be murdered by those ready to discard her (not the Kennedys, don’t fall for disinfo). In requiem to Norma Jeane:

“No more tear-stained make-up for me.
No sponge has quite the power
To absorb the constant shower
Of the tears pancake and powder could never cover”

We can ride the Heath Ledger synch train to yet another clown that needs no [tear-stained] make up. Here is Mary-Kate Olson looking rather covered in pancake and powder (first image). Do absorb the extreme “Joker-like” quality of her “smile” in the last picture. Even stranger, is that she’s demanding immunity before divulging what she knows of the clown’s passing:

MK ClownMK JesterMK Joker

Far “stranger” than that, is the center photo taken at her Nylon Magazine photo shot. [Shot two months, two days (i.e., double duality 22) prior to Heath’s ritual sacrifice.] She’s obviously yet another mind-controlled tool of the elites ruling class, but what role did this Gemini twin play in The Clown’s demise? I don’t know, but the factoids on her IMDB resume get even weirder:

  • Born June 13, 1986. Younger than Ashley by about 2 minutes.
  • Nickname: MK [As in the MK-Ultra mind-control project.]
  • The twins began their acting career in 1987 when they were chosen to play the role of MicheLLe [double Saturnian EL sygil] Tanner on a new television series, “Full House”.
  • Has two horses, CD and Star, and has won several prizes with them.
  • At age 6, she and Ashley became the youngest producers in history. [Right!]
  • Has a bi-monthly magazine called Mary-Kate and Ashley Magazine.

When things get weird (for me), I look to one of the tentacles swirling around the back of my own mind, that of suspected Octopus Robyn Hitchcock, and it yields a song he borrowed from Jimi Hendrix (another alleged mind-controlled asset):

“After all the jacks are in their boxes
And the clowns have all gone to bed
You can hear happiness standing on down the street
Footprints dressed in red
And the wind whispers MARY

Not sure what to make of all this. There is the programmed route, of starting to suspect that you/I may indeed be crazy. Then, there is the sane route of realizing the world around us is crazy. If you wanna see the clowns. You need look no further than the pathetic ones masquerading as our “leaders” (make-up not required):


Insane are the fools who believe there is actually a difference between Democrats and Republicans. Insane are the fools at the DNC (eLLUMINATI’s been covering the circus), listening to the new court jester, Obama, and falling again, for the same lies that other clowns before him, told them over and over and over again. [Check out THIS pathetic mindless fool!] But, Clowntime is over! Time to look under the covers. We’ll let the fools and their cult of believers talk and talk, but I’m going to be the someone who goes looking where the others don’t walk. {*1}

Another movie I saw recently synced heavily with the Dark Knight in SEVERAL ways. That movie is Hellboy II: The Golden Army. My first sync clue was at the beginning, when a young Hellboy is shown watching Howdy Doody on TV, and insisting the clown/puppet is “real.” [¿Recall image from part i?] We [who saw the first movie] are reminded that Hellboy was raised by a government agent. Batman, incidentally, was raised by Alfred the Butler, who is a “former” intelligence agent. {*2} Does the old addage in the intelligence community say, “Once CIA, always CIA?”

OK, so both of these “heroes” [¡ha!] are the products of “intelligence agencies” who were just starting to get rolling in the Nazi-originated trauma-based mind control projects of the time (Batman in ’43, Hellboy based in ’44). Very very interesting! The other obvious connection, is the “villains” in the most recent release from each franchise. Looking at Hellboy’s Prince Nuada, you’d have to be daft not to note the “powder” white similarity: {*3}

Celtic Spear of DestinyPrince Nuada

Again, we have a villain antagonist who is disgusted by the pathetic state [of order] to which mankind has been reduced. We could assume members of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement probably masturbated while watching the White Prince speak. [btw: when they write of “extinction,” they mean ours, not theirs.] They can do whatever they want, and “fucking themselves” does seem appropriate. That is precisely what I would tell them to go do.

An omnipresent theme throughout Hellboy II is the two I‘s in the form of the Gemini elf-twins (the twins theme was explored in greater detail in Octopi, Phalli, Cubes of Life: II). I’ve been arriving at the conclusion that the letter H is symbolic of the bridge between the two I‘s (eyes), but in this movie, Hellboy acts to sever the bond, forcefully placing himself between them. Another pair of synchromystic clues that pop up: (a) the character was incidentally created by Mke Magnolia, another MM, and (b) back in 1993 (reduces to 2, II). Notable: the trolls in the movie, did use “glamour” to mask themselves from public perception.

The white prince also serves to remind me of two other notorious characters. The first is the albino monk Silas of the pro-Templar pro-Merovingian propaganda vehicle known as the Da Vinci Code. [The book/movie single-handedly responsible for mystic researchers having to contend with a significant subset of the general population, who, despite being fed disinformation, think they know something about Templars and Jesuits). We can surmise groups concerned with the choice of yet another Albino villain missed the big picture of the trend. Can’t help but also note the character’s similarity to the James Bond poster from part i. {*4}

Silas Da VinciElric of Melnibone

The second character recalled is the infamous anti-hero, Elric of Melnibone (discussed in part i, and in greater detail previously). Elric was not your typical “hero” easily caterable to the masses. He had a moral ambivalence about him, and simply felt compelled to play out his destiny; for the greater good of mankind, to ensure that neither the gods of Chaos or Order established dominance on his plane of existence. Ultimately, he met the same horrible fate, as he doled out on enemy and friend alike. {*5}

The words of Prince Nuada (earlier image) do resonate deeply within me (and should within us all). They are worth reading again:

Humans have forgotten the gods, destroyed the earth, and for what? Parking lots! Shopping malls! Greed has burned a hole in their heart that will never be filled. They will never have enough and, for what?

One would be hard-pressed to argue against his point: mankind has indeed become pathetic. Despite all the social engineering agendas, when looking for someone to point the finger of blame at, the mirror again, is the best place to start. Sure, there are those among us, who are sick and tired of it; we strive for something more while our brethren are content to squander away their humanity for the material. But, how did we [mankind] get here?

Looking at the zombies above (on right), the word “voluntary” (as from VHEM mentioned earlier) comes to mind. These people, like ourselves, are acting of their own free will. Some may argue that they/we are a product of our environment, hence free-will is subjective. I may have felt that way at one time, but the universe is telling me that is a fallacy [¿phallus see?]. Throughout our lives, we’ve had many a great voice screaming at us, telling us exactly what we are doing.

One of these great voices has been director George Romero. His series of “Dead” movies have nothing to do with the dead rising from the ground. They are but another mirror turned back upon us (in hopes that we may see our zombified selves). I’ll [hopefully] soon be doing a blog on the five Romero movies, focusing primarily on the latest. For now, I want to look at one of the older warnings, which came out in the 1978, about the same time that Shopping Malls were being erected all over America (and then on out to the world).

That movie was Dawn of the Dead. The plot was simple: the remnants of humanity (those who steadfastly refused to buy into mindless soulless consumerist culture), were trapped inside a shopping mall (i.e., the last place they wanted to be). They didn’t know where to go, wondering if the metaphoric zombification was taking place in their town, their country, or the whole world. Ironically, all the zombies (people who listen to Top 40, watch television and raison d’être is conspicuous consumption) were outside the mall [literally] dying to get in:

Alive Inside

The remake, while dumbing down the nuances and jazzing up the music/effects to cater to today’s audience, remained honorably true to Romero’s core message. In the above image, “HELP, ALIVE INSIDE” means just what it reads on the surface, but is undoubtedly far more significant. It means that we, mankind, despite our pathetic materialistic facade, deep down inside, a small part of us [our humanity, our individuality] is indeed “still alive,” but needs a little help getting out.

A Christian friend and I have been having an debate lately. I’ve been trying to tell her that were there a “hell,” then this is it. She’s been arguing that Hell would actually be a far worse place. I cannot imagine that. Look around you! The dead are here among us, and they are walking the earth. As a few of the movies in the series summarize: “We are them and they are us.”

Target ZombiesDead Will WalkShopping Zombies

Can you blame Prince Nuada for wanting to wipe the scourge of humanity from this Earth? Can you blame the Joker for wanting to create a little Chaos, so that the people of Gotham (symbolic of New York, symbolic of the world) start looking within themselves and change? Speaking of “change” (not the Obama branded zombie version), another of the “great voices” referred to earlier was Mojo Nixon (pictured below center), abrasively screaming “Burn Down the Malls” back in 1981. But, as the images above clearly demonstrate, no one was listening.

Below, we also see the [promised] source of the opening and closing images from part i. [As surmised, they think we’re so dumb, we can’t judge for ourselves who is good or bad.] While the 1st Hellboy movie showed some glimmer of hopes for the anti-hero, by the time the 2nd was released, those sparkles were all but gone. Just like Bruce Wayne, he is shown watching TV endlessly (yet another mindless brute), taking orders from a secret government agency (he serves the state), and killing the last of the forest gods (symbolic: recall Batman “burning down the forest”?).

Hellboy IIMojo NixonSpiderman Split

A quick recall of the most recent Spiderman movie, has Peter Parker overindulging the ego, and defending Federal Reserve banks from the Sandman, who was only trying to steal this imagary money for his own lost cause (to take his son to a death-center / hospital). [For other variations of the Sandman mythos, check out Pseudo-Occult Media’s excellent In Shattered Dreams.] If you want “change” then I suggest you stop looking to scripted heroes who serve someone other than mankind, and look within. As was the case in the Dark Night, there’s a grave social engineering message engraved on the surface, but if you shine a little light under-the-surface, you’ll find the real clue: “the greatest battle lies inside.”

Back to Hellboy for a moment, I took exception to another mind-controlled starlette, Selma Blair, being chosen for the female lead. Ominously: did her blue flame [of creativity] change to a infernal orange/yellow flame this go around? Aside from her starring in what is [un]debatedly the worst movie ever made, Cruel Intentions (makes I Know Who Killed Me look like Ben Hur, watch Valmont if you wanna see an honest retelling of the book), here she is trying to show us her primary qualification for landing the role [either I or Ben will get to IKWKM first]:

Selma FlashingSelma in PinkLinda Blair Icon

The magazine cover just confirms it. Pink. PINK! Here’s another hint: it’s pink! Syncs us back to another Blair, Linda and her novel use of a wooden cross in the The Exorcist (filmed while she was 13). Hollywood followed up her ignominious debut with Born Innocent (filmed while she was 14), where she is raped with a wooden toilet plunger (allegedly, depicted rather graphically). In the meantime, the mainstream media is busy redefining “pedophilia” as those who lust after post-pubescent girls, all the while heavily promoting teenagers as sex symbols. {*6}

A personal metaphysical journey once found a correlation from vaginas to crosses (albeit a very circuitous and indirect one), but explaining the connection would require a whole in-depth article (another for the draft pile). Suffice for now, to hint that a good place to start tracing would be the cross/cube touched on in the “Octopi, Phalli” series. The heart symbol’s direct correlation to the vagina is indisputable (article coming soon, I swear), but I’ll also note that another name for a vagina is … a “box.” Time to turn it over to phallus-resonant Robyn Hitchcock:

“If you were a priest. I would wait at least
Up unto confession time, and crawl into your box
Breathing like a fox, hunting for obsession time

If you were a nun. I would surely run
Way down to the hospital, and cover all your charts
With decorated hearts, a palpitating ritual”

Is [organized] religion itself not just another form of pornography, used to trap yet a different set of fools “inside the box?” What say you Robyn? “So please don’t lock away your eyes.” Read on. Open your eyes to the possibilities around you. But, whatever you do, I’d suggest not hiding your eyes behind the clown mask. As Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Brandon Lee and others have shown us (worn just prior to their passing), doing so may expedite a process you’re not ready for:

Anna Nicole ClownHell's PitInsane Holomirror

Insane clowns mired in Hell’s Pit. Interesting. {*7} An Insane Clown Posse holograph (?recall holographic mirror?). Way interesting. I could expand on all the insane things happening to anyone the “clown” comes into contact with, but others have already explored the topic. The first two amazing pieces look at the wave of mutilation following the Dark Night’s “release:”

The latter two are collaborations between Jake Kotze and Steve Willner, looking beyond the fabric of time and space.

As was the case with Howdy Doody, we find (below) that there’s always someone (or, some force) behind the clown, and in this case, the suggestion could be that if there’s a clown behind the clown, then there’s a shadowy someone behind him too (yes, multi tiered revelation). And I can’t help but note, the clown/joker tattooed on the back of Tim McClean (the Greyhound bus beheading victim) is resonating “8” (incidentally, the number on my old soccer jersey) and wearing a tentacular hat. It’s enough to make a dog/god wonder:

Behind You!Tim McCleanDog God Jester

Clown after clown after clown is being murdered. Logic would dictate some agenda is being served. Occult study leads to more confusion, for if the agenda is to get rid of the clowns, then why is the social egineering agenda to dumb down [make fools of] as many of us as possible? Oh … not sure I like where this is going … wait a minute, I hear a sync-bell ringing. Graham Parker chimes in:

“After the show that night, the clowns had the makeup wiped from their faces
When somebody pulled a knife and cut off coco’s bright red braces
They murdered the clown. They wiped that grin right off his face
They murdered the clown. Still the world’s not a funnier place”

While Batman opted out of murdering the clown during the dark night, I already detailed how he utterly failed the humanity test. To his laundry list of crimes in part i, I neglected to add not respecting international law and sovereignty, and extraordinary rendition (turning the Chinese character over to Dent, where the threat of physical abuse was used for coercion). Recall how Batman and Fox looked into a CIA program for guidance (yes, the same agency that renditions innocents and sends them to places like Uzbekhistan, where they are literally boiled alive).

Batman ShameSpiderman ShameDylan the Jester

It’s time for all of our childhood heroes to hang their heads in shame. More importantly, we need to purge their image from our minds, and understand they were implanted there for the sole purpose of programming us. From the World War II agenda of demonizing Germans and Japanese, to the present agenda of getting us to accept torture, surveillance and the loss of liberty, these heroes are nothing more than clowns used by jokers to program fools.

Before I finish, in case any of you are curious how the situation in Brasil turned out, I’m not one to kiss and tell. Thus, I’ll turn it back over to the same Graham Parker song, where your answer can be found embedded within:

“She fell for the clown because he made her laugh”

And, alas, I have my closing. Laughter! As Bob Dylan, aka the Jester, signs off in the last of these images: it’s all a joke. It, what we perceive as our reality is but a holographic illusion we choose to make real. It’s only as menacing as you allow it to be. Yes, if you fall into its materialistic trappings, it becomes the hell/prison the architects are building for you. So, as I surmised previously, those of us who don’t want any part of that reality, need to find a way out of this one.

But, most importantly: we need to enjoy ourselves in the process. {*8} Do learn, do strive to rise above the zombies, but devote some time to loving, living and laughing while you do so. Fear and worry about impending doom are part of the formula for impending doom, just as much as ignorance makes for a mental prison. I leave you with another song to confound the mind, as sung by The Specials:

“Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think. Enjoy yourself, while you’re still in the [¿]pink[?]. The years go by as quickly as a wink. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy yourself.”

Disclaimer: A Few Points Raised in the Below Set May Not Reflect My Present Views
Aug 2008: Black Hunter White Heart [1] Sep 2009: Dark Night in Retrospect [1]
Sep 2008: Black Hunter White Heart [2] Oct 2009: Dark Night in Retrospect [2]

*1: I actually wrote the phrase “clowntime is over,” prior to recalling the Elvis Costello song of same name. The subsequent lines, coincidentally, spoke of my transition to a tee (they are slightly modified). Other clown songs included herein: “They Murdered the Clown” by Graham Parker, “No More Tear-Stained Makeup” by the Marvelletes, “The Wind Cries Mary” by JH, and “Tears of a Clown” by Smokey Robinson (part i). [LB]

*2: It occurred to me that former British Intelligence agent Alfred Pennyworth, syncs in with yet another of her majesty’s assetts, James Bond (mentioned in part i), who always paid dear attention to “Jane Moneypenny, better known as Miss Moneypenny(MM), and they both took orders from the mysterious “M” (13). I’ll opt out of that money control and pennies rabbit hole for now. Taking us one step further into the abyss, the Alfred the Butler character received the rec.arts.comics “Squiddy” award. [LB]

*3: I had read in another blog (can’t locate), how the name Prince Nuada is of Celtic origin. While footnoting that fact, and wondering if I could cut down the length of this article by possibly removing the Badb quote/reference, I learned the legendary Nuada was a member of the Warrior Queen’s Thuatha de Danann tribe! Incidentally, the histories were chronicled in the Book of Invasions in the 11th century, and the movie [with the Elfin/Celtic twins] chose the 11th for its opening day. [LB]

*4: Another rabbit hole tempts me, as I just realized that I used the Jame Bond “Quantum of Solace” image and a mirrored crow/raven image from the random [as in had never before visited] “Temple of Solace” site. Solace, based on sol, as in solitary, or isolation: being apart from your other half (your spiritual/metaphysical one, not the physical manifestation programed fools look for in the vaginas/phalli of others). [LB]

*5: Argh! Recently read that an Elric movie may be in the works. If there were an active / concerned God anywhere in the Heavens, this travesty would not be allowed to proceed. [LB]

*6: One of my readers (and worthy blogger as well), commented on the “Lolita Agenda,” a topic I’ve written on before. The same media who puts out the infamous Dateline spectacle (to catch those entranced by the agenda), conveniently ignores most stories about the true pedophiles (those who lust after children) who are in positions of power (White House, Vatican, Duma, you name it) and the organizations that support them. Digging the recesses for synchro-clues, we turn to back to the clown: [LB]

“And watch out for Coco when he’s had a drink
He’ll tickle the children right where they’re pink”

*7: Time is likely the 4th dimension of our cubic prison space (read Octopi, Phalli, Cubes of Life II). Last night, thinking along the lines of defining this place as hell, I caught a scene from Star Trek: Generations, where the antagonist stressed (in a slow methodical manner to draw attention to the line): “Time is the fire in which we burn.” [LB]

*8: I may have opened up a bigger topic by the note on which I closed this, hence may have oversimplified. I am definitely not talking of ego-driven hedonistic media-dictated pleasure. On the other hand, getting too wrapped up in the conspiratorial uncovering business can be a negative also. Balance, as I surmised last set of blogs on Octopi & Phalli, whether it’s between Order and Chaos, or relaxation and intellectual / spiritual growth, is worth striving for.

Hm8 footnotes, to match the number I selected for my soccer jersey (¿or, did it select me?). Considering my recent forays into tentacular matters, not sure what that says about me. I do seem to recall quite a few dates accusing me of having as many hands as an octopus. 😉 [LB]

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10 Responses to “Black Hunter White Heart [2]”

  1. I could not agree more with the gist (I hope I am reading you right) of what you are saying about needing to find a way out of the reality “they” are creating for us but not being paralyzed by fear at the same time. I think this system feeds off of fear both physical and psychic. Thanks for your great work!

  2. Great stuff.
    I’ve been thinking the same thing just recently about the ‘dead’ being here already – a growing number of people who seem to have no ‘spark’ – unfortunately along with that they seem to have the desire to put out other sparks.
    So I can tie this idea in perhaps with laughter – which I feel is so very important as it can break through a shit load of programming in moments. I feel that laughter is being systematically removed from this world – a good laugh can be hard to come by these days – also felt that ‘jokers’ are being turned into criminals – through media,but also through law. A while ago the place I work had someone very seriuos come round to help reduce accidents in the workplace – it’s a business here (ultimately it’s just about reductions in tax for the company) – anyway one of the things he informed us of, as we all sat attentively, was the danger of ‘jokers’ in the workplace – there followed two horrible accounts of injury caused by what I feel must be subconscious malice, but was labelled as ‘joking’ – the use of these two examples being proof that joking must be stamped out. There followed after this the statement that there is always one ‘joker’ in a company, but he hadn’t figured out who it was yet – I tried desperately to stop my face from turning red, while trying to look nonchalant. It has always been my pleasure to hear people laugh, especially in the soul-toxic environment of the workplace. My son saw a notice in an Australian airport that it was illegal to make jokes – presumably about ‘terroristic’ activities!!

  3. This is great stuff and very synchronicitous for me personally- just stumbled across the Monarch Butterfly Effect independently then found it here, then stumbled over it again. And all of that was a week after adding reams of information to my wiki about the MONARCH programme. Sick stuff.

  4. You read me correct Devin and thank you! Sometimes, we have to laugh [and that is important] at those who insist they are out to help us, but whose warnings of impending Orwellian hell, scare the crap out of us.

    Wise Woman, I marvel at how George Romero saw this trend [towards the dead among us] taking place so long ago. And yes, just as in the series of movies, they are driven by the compulsion to make us one of them. Our lovely zombie peers.

    Thanks for the personal relation/story. That is sad; the agenda does seem to be trying to “murder” the clown. In my first corporate job, that “clown” was me, and the zombies in upper management were determined to get rid of me from go. A few years later, they either stopped trying, or aged themselves precipitously by more than a few years. But, those were different times. There were still some souls at the helm who instinctively knew the clown was necessary and protected him/me.

    I’ve learned some companies are now bringing dogs into meetings to help everyone relax a bit. Fewer clowns around now perhaps? Makes for another connection tween the dog and clown…

    Jonathan, thanks for stopping in. If you want to read my thoughts on butterflies, and actually one that also syncs on the clown/dog metaphor, my look into I Am Legend would be a good place.

  5. Great write up celt!

    Glad you made her laugh bro, laughter is the healing release is it not?

    Our “comic heroes” were indeed part of the hidden subversive symbolism agenda stealing “our energy”, which is tied to money and i.e. consumerism. So agree we have to let those go. Much needs to be let go of to escape the insanity they’ve devised.

    Great insights, keep up the brilliant musing!
    Peace man!

  6. Extremely well thought out. As you stated before, even though there are many postings out there focusing on batman, I think you have done justice to the investigation of the joker in the fashion presented.
    It is somewhat scary at times when looking at all the different medium that this system has to program us. From rudimentary tv programs and movies to the entire body of the (mis)education system itself. It has become a battle of many fronts, and there are bigger battles to be had in the (near?) future.
    I appreciate your last paragraph. Even when disparity rises within from watching the spectacle of most people around us willingly allow themselves to be (and embody the process of being) zombified, it is important to take pleasure in something that makes us happy. Otherwise, life becomes a never-ending suckathon.

    Nice work my friend.

  7. On the subject of your future Heart article, I was noticing the heart shape,
    like Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box”:

    She eyes me like a pisces when I am weak
    I’ve been locked inside your Heart Shaped box, for weeks
    I’ve been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap
    I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black

    Meat-eating orchids forgive no one just yet
    Cut myself on Angel Hair and baby’s breath
    Broken hymen of your highness I’m left black
    Throw down your umbilical noose so I can climb right back”

    Anyways the heart shape and the butterfly, as well as an apple cross-section (cut from top to bottom. Cut horizontally it’s the masonic double-pentagram) I noticed the apple shape today when my nephew was doing apple stamps in homeschool.

    This post at Pseudo-Occult really struck me, after getting over all the chicks in revealing clothing, I was able to notice stuff like this. (Click the center to zoom, then look at the girl in the background’s butterfly panties. (Hmm that reminds me of a dirty joke involving “buttered” corn having been inserted into a woman’s… heart shaped box, so to speak.) All the women in the picture have red lipstick on; because long long ago women first painted their lips red to attract men with a subtle hint at their other pink lips. The snake should interest you. The girl next to the sacrificial virgin with the gold skull and bones shirt is seen in another picture (not the one above) with the snake curled around her. Her skull shirt doesn’t have crossed bones, but rather crossed penises.

    Anyways the walking dead idea had been on my mind for a while. I like how in Nineteen Eighty Four, Winston Smith says “we are the dead” when he gets caught. The dimension we live in is characterized by death. Because of time, everything here dies. We are the dead. And come judgement day (2012?) the dead will rise/merge with higher dimensions and not be subjected to death/live forever.

  8. Michael, obviously agreed, about laughter. I think its particularly important for those of us who’s eyes can see through the illusion of coincidence and are looking at the horrors of the system of total control.

    VentCover, thanks for the reaffirming words. I appreciate your last paragraph, especially considering how you’re on the front lines, and facing more and more zombies staring back at you every day.

    ViolatoR, “Heart-shaped box.” That pretty much sums it up quite directly. Those lyrics sync amazingly well with this image from my Octopi, Phalli post. Had considered the butterfly, but the split apple never entered my mind. Hm.

    Ben’s been doing some great work over at PoM. Those images from the lingerie collection are deeply distrubing.

    I was just watching 1984 while working on a related draft. Interesting choice of words for that scene. However, I really can’t see the dead rising/ascending. I can’t even see most of them EVER waking up. In his next to last Dead film, Romero showed the dead regaining PART of their humanity. Are there enough here among us for the task of intensively deprogramming the rest of society (the cult of the dead)?

  9. Hi, just found your site and haven’t been able to get through it fast enough! I noticed no posts on “Watchmen” now being made into a movie by the same director of “300”. The graphic novel is filled with secret meanings and names. The Comic is relentless in expressing that everything’s a joke, Moloch is the story’s driving hero with a very black and white moral stance and is aided by The Owl and the villain goes unpunished after successfully carrying his plan for a NWO (And we know the symbology behind him and his name cannot possibly be coincidental), not to mention Manhattan; the giant-blue godlike being who decides to create human life as well as his lover (who unwillingly carries her mother’s legacy; her mother being a pin-up girl as well) would love to see a dissection of this considering that the the graphic novel will penetrate mass pop culture with a film financed by WB.

  10. “nuadha” instantly clicked since i once named a character in game that way drafting it out of a ‘random-generator’. but there seems to be more to it, this, being just a small part of it. generally speaking people point to ‘protector’ and ‘fog’ as keywords.

    when you mentioned ‘architects’ that matched with the latter parts of the matrix movies, but that has probably been writting about more then enough.

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