The Dark Night in Retrospect [2]

This past Sunday [September 27, 2009], at 10:00 PM Eastern [02:00 UTC], I was back on [the now defunct] Mystic Politics Show for Part II of my exploration into The Dark [k]Night and the crazy synchronicity surrounding it. You can listen via the below player:


For those not in the Chat Room, you missed out on Stygian Port (aka ViolatoR), talking about anal sex and harassing people making friends. 👿 I’d like to thank those “familiar faces” who made it and participated, notably: DazOotz, Deciph, Karin8, JackC, Lamarv, Matshanley, Mudpuppy97, StompingEvil, and ViolatoR.

clapping joker

Hope I didn’t forget anyone. Do note, to the right of these exact words, there is presently a poll taking place in regards to wordpress’s new rating/voting feature. So far, “I like puppy dogs and kitty cats” is out in the lead. Not sure exactly what the proper course of action pending such a result would be.

We got into ChristIan Ba’al’s mutliple roles and penchant for being cast as one suffering from split personalities. Safe to assume there’s a good reason for that. The Prestige poster reminds us, “Are You Watching Closely?” Lest we forget, there was Ba’al’s infamous insane rant against the lightman on the set of Terminator.

american psychothe prestige

Not mentioned [durning the show] was Bale’s first role at twelve years old in Empire of the Sun. Let’s see, you’ve got a young boy trained in ballet, being directed by [alleged] “dirty old man” Steven Spielberg. I think [forces behind] South Park gave us a pretty good hint as to what may have happened to the young “Christian.”

bale balletpsycho doll

For those who missed my prior blogs, here’s the Disney rim job and the Disney facial. But, I’ve already summed up Disney in one pic. Thanks to a comment from Deciph, I was reminded of our ballerina’s role in another gender bending story:

gold velvetdig the reargold mine

I guess the Dark Knight dropped enough hints as to why the Joker thought Bruce Wayne was practically “begging for it.” While that may not qualify as a justifiable rape defense, you can at least see why the Clown thought the “familiar place” would appreciate his acquaintance and why Batman might “see fireworks” as a result.


I’ve already written about Bill Kaulitz, the lead singer from Tokio Hotel and lesbian agenda poster boy before [hm, this trend of “hipsters” respelling words incorrectly is surely part and parcel of the dubming down agenda]. Hence, I wanted to find a new picture to add here, and found a “good” one of the young man lady [right].

flashing girlsgender bender

I also found the above [left] image from a series showing a bunch of fans, future whores mindless bimbettes [¿useless eaters?] greeting him outside his hotel. There are so many levels of wrong with that picture, but flashing your titties to a gay boy, that is the definition of insanity [as someone was kind enough to remind us]. Speaking of Bill Willhemina, here’s his her adhoc rendition of “It’s Raining Men.”

Hallelujah! Lastly, the series was taken/posted by a mysterious voyeur, and the last of them is revelatory gold. “Fuck You, Pervert,” or the German equivalent, is my guess at the words leaving the top hole of the young lady hapless whore in the middle of all the little girls around her [and their mothers feeders/trinket-providers]. I’d recommend she stay out of Transylvania, as her inability to see her own reflection in the mirror, might lead to someone driving a wooden stake through her, um, “heart.” Rats, this means by next time I vacation on the Greek Isles, the average German girl will be just as stupid and worthless as an American one. {*2}

Depending on how far back you wanna trace the blame game for the agenda, I’m sure part of it could be assigned to another homosexual poster-boy of his time, “dOCTOr” Alfred Kinsey. Indubitably, as the revelatory Time cover makes clear, the man was promoted well beyond the length of his feeble reach. Though Kinsey may have spoken highly of me, I just cannot return the favor. 😉

Heck, the center image makes clear, that even back then [1956], subtlety escaped the average moron. “You Need to Suck Dick, Shiksa” is the implied title of that record [yes, released as an LP]. Oy veh, Doctor Murray, oy veh! [¿O-V?] As for Liam, does playing Kinsey, being Batman’s, ahem, “mentor” [¿WTF?] and also “crossing swords” with a flamboyant gay man in Rob Roy qualify him too?

the truth

As said back in my initial write-up, the movie, under the layers of brain-fucking, drops more than enough hints as to who won and what really happened. All you/we have to do is decipher them. The Joker may riddle, but at least, he is not lying.

the truth

When the “good guys” stoop to such levels [as Gordon and Batman], than all is lost. Per my interpretation, that was the point of the movie. Some credit for the “pop culture” addition to the above image, goes to an unrecalled voice in the chatroom.

another reminderjohn hagee fund

Aside from the scene reminding us buildings don’t fall unless all detonations go off [¿hm, like in a “money bomb”?], and the promo poster, I had forgotten the above [left] shot. Someone really wanted us the popcorn munchers to remember 9/11 and why “they” need “them” [as V for Vendetta reMinded us and them].

wtc faceburn face

Beyond thermite, dancing Israelis, TV fakery, mini-nukes, short-sales, insurance scams, Zionist comptrollers, missing trillions, and the resulting “truth” movement, there was a lot more to the ritual involved on 9/11 than most are willing to contemplate. I don’t know why the “face” on the right syncs with the face on the left, but the portal meme is with us, and whenever one is opened, logic suggests it’s a two-way door.

If there was nothing to it, I doubt someone would have taken the time to create a fake face in the smoke [other side of the building] to confound the public mind.

the truth

For those who’ve been following my blog, you know I care little for a “real” [new] 911 Investigation, and see little point in such, for that will, at most, produce nothing other than a few sacrificial scapegoats for the fire, and just placate the same masses who missed the entire point of this movie. Far more pressing to me, is that people “wake up” to the hell they are putting themselves in.

We played an Elvis song during the show, and now another comes to mind, from a song appropriately entitled, “New Amsterdam” [i.e., “New York”]: “The transparent people who live on the other side, living a life that is almost like suicide.”


This is the world Batman/Wayne wants us peasants to live in. What an asshole! If he wasn’t such a little whore, this Rebel would fuck him too. If such thoughts sound extreme/insane to you, then perhaps, this song [played during show] is about me: “Here I am on the far side of crazy. Here I am the mortal enemy of man.”

dresden fireatta whore

Another undeniable truth spoken by Ledger’s Joker was regarding how people will accept all sorts of madness and unsanity, as long as it “goes according to plan.” Oh, the horrors we have tolerated [such as above], and we are tolerating [Darfur, Palestine, Iraq, Sri Lanka, et al] on schedule. The death toll of 911 was but a hiccup in comparison, yet unplanned [publicly] … hence, “everyone lost their mind.”

the truth

The conversation between Dent and Rachel, subtly put in as party banter, was a veritable “goldmine” of truth. Surely, the words were lost on the average viewer:

Rachel: “Harvey Dent, scourge of the underworld. Scared stiff by the trust fund brigage.”

Harvey: “You cannot leave me alone with these people.”

Rachel: “The whole mob’s after you and you’re worried about these guys?”

Harvey: “Yea. Compared to this, the mob doesn’t scare me.”

The really sick fucks aren’t walking among us or hiding in imaginary vans, wating to pounce on us. They attend lavish parties, occasionally appear on LifeStyles of The Rich and Famous, and laugh at the fools who “brand” themselves with their names. Kubrick obviously knew that. Hm, “Harvey” was the name of a famous rabbit.

One important fact time and chaos prevented me from sharing during the show, was a little find about Janus, aka Two-Face, aka Obamanaton. Janus was the patron deity of beginnings and endings, and also “of openings and closings, of entrances and exits, and hence the god of the door or gate that opened both ways.” In other words, of stargates.

Unfortunately, aside from discussing the notion of a “star” as representative of an anus, I didn’t have enough time to get into the stargate concept; that beyond the anus as a place to put one’s cock in [per society’s indoctrinated ponyographic mores]. The stargate topic is a veritable show unto itself. Come to think of it, whenever some Hollywood mogul tells a young [and soon to be naked] actor/actress, “Baby I’m gonna make you a star,” technically, they aren’t “lying.” {*3}

brothers grimmthe matrix

We got into Atlantean Time’s excellent well of related syncs, Heath Ledger and the Five Points of Rennes le Chateau. Shame he’s not writing anymore. In consideration of the Burning Ring, the above pictures remind me, that in countries that didn’t undergo the bullshit [and degrading] feminist movement, women learned to wield their power subtly; letting their man serve as the “facade” of power. Hm, the red dress makes me wonder if that was implied for the Matrix’s Merovingian?

Much has been made of the demon/devil sculpted at the Renes Le Chateaux. But for me, that guy is far less scary than the Whore from Hell and the creepy blond-haired Demon Spawn she’s holding. Come to think of it, the proximity of the two above sculptures at the Chateaux is giving me a whole Damien/Rosemary’s Baby vibe.

all aboard

All aboard Bus 22! Or, not. May have to expand on “death becomes her” one day. Coincidentally [whatever the fuck that means], a Catch 22 is a metaphor for a “no-win situation,” and the name of Joseph Heller’s famous novel. For some reason, I had been under the [false] impression, he also wrote of the horrors of Dresden in Slaughterhouse-Five [a la the star].

The idea of a knife/sword being representative of a phallus goes back quite a ways in Hollywood. Per the pictures below, so does the gay agenda. Oh, how obvious!


Unfortunately [depending on perspective], didn’t have time to get more into the gay agenda, for which I had created the below image from Entourage for the show. Afterwards, I was reminded there was an episode where Drama and Turtle, per the script, accidentally “crossed swords,” while sharing some whore between them.


Didn’t have enough time to get into the “x-box” either, suffice to say that you will see one in just about every major studio movie made of the [at least] last 20 years. Nor, did I get into the victim-to-be “selecting” the burning/flaming red wig.


For those curious as to my “emergenpy,” both the snake and the frog lived to hop/crawl another day. Per my neighbors, the next day they got up, to find the frog parked right in front of their door, as if to express his gratitude for saving him.

The kitten which made a surprise guest appearance is the latest addition to the Rebel family. His name is Perseus and he’s got a “fuck-all kick-ass” personality. Named him after the Perseids Meteor Shower, which me and friends were out watching, when this scrawny little guy [roughly 4/5 weeks old], walked out to the middle of nowhere to greet us. He and the dog started playing together and in unison, my friends remarked, “You know this means you have to keep him.” Of course. Note to any Medusae intent on paying me a visit: you are fucked!

red wig

Yea, I did use a couple of Bible quotes. There is much wisdom contained in the book, but it’s like deciphering movies, you have to look past bullshit aimed at the Eucharist-munching masses. Speaking of same, I find a well of endless humor that they use the Bible to describe homosexuality as an abomination [¡!], while quoting the version dedicated to one of the biggest poofers ever, King James. {*4}

the gay king

I have to apologize. After last week’s show, I had about an hour of material left over. Prior to this week’s show, I expanded on some areas and added about two hours of material to it. Next time I do a show [no, there won’t be a Dark Knight III interview], I’ll have a better idea of the handwritten note to hour ratio.

Also didn’t have time to get into the two lunatics below, but I really love the first image, so have to share it. Worth noting, the sis informed me that Pluto [i.e, the “planet” according to people with a few brain cells left in their head, and “something else” per those whose head is filled with nothing but shite], is moving to Capricorn this year [the “when” debatable], a place it hasn’t incidentally been since 1776.

crazy jonesydavid shayler

On the night after the show, I’m up at my bar, and for some god-damn reason, a few people are asking me about my blog. “Not a good intro week,” I’m cursing, as the front page article was the one where I spoke of “fucking Jehovah up the ass.”

Anyway, one guy wanted to “talk” about movies, and I was grimacing [internally], cause I’ve learned that when most people say “talk” they mean, “they talk, and you listen,” and usually go off on tirades about politics and other matters I couldn’t give two shits about. This guy insisted on talking about the many layers of Shawshank Redemption and I played along, until it [the below scene] exploded in my skull:

shawshank redemption

So, Morgan, aka God, aka Lucifer, just happened to go by the name of “Red?” Oh, man! Sometimes, (a) even with this world’s parabolically rising level of ignorance, I should have some faith in my fellow man, and (b) I too need to stop talking long enough to listen. A “river of shit!” The “other side!” Oh, as another very famous carpenter, Karen, once crooned, “We’ve only just begun.”

Disclaimer: A Few Points Raised in the Below Set May Not Reflect My Present Views
Aug 2008: Black Hunter White Heart [1] Sep 2009: Dark Night in Retrospect [1]
Sep 2008: Black Hunter White Heart [2] Oct 2009: Dark Night in Retrospect [2]

*1: Now, that Mercury is out of retrogade and all my computers are working, should perspiration and inspiration ever meet, I may combine the two shows, normalize and trim-out the dead NSA air, upload somewhere, and attach here [right here]. Gods/Planets be willing, of course. 😉 [LB]

*2: A Fräulein was always worth a shag back in the days. But then again, my German readers might guess it’s been a few years since. I should make an image that reads: Tokio Hotel: “Whores check in, but they don’t check out.” [LB]

*3: For those who missed the Karl Rove pic, here it is. After the show, Violator reminded me that in Team America, World Police, when the producer invites the young actor/star inside his limo, he responds: “I’m supposed to get in your car and let you put your finger inside me.” For more info on the Stargate in the [new] Atlantis, follow the white-rabbit [but, only if your heart is pure]. [LB]

*4: Yes, King James wo so fabulous, that he was often referred to as “Queen James,” openly. His first “love” was his little cousin. Heck, even the sickening homage to his solar predecessor, the female queen (Elizabeth), strongly hinted at it. Yes, the “sun shone out of his behind.” [LB]

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30 Responses to “The Dark Night in Retrospect [2]”

  1. So, yeah, good show as always except that it should have been twice as long. Jone’s 1776 speech reminded me that in addition to 1776 being twice 888, it was the year (on Beltain/Mayday) that the Illuminati was officially started, the paradoxically named “Freedom Tower” will be 1776 feet tall, and the gematria equivalent of 1776 is “Saviour of Isreal.”

    That Shawshank quote is fabulous!

    (P.S.The link in “But, I’ve already summed up Disney in one pic.” points only to your blog)

  2. pluto has been in capricorn since january…

  3. Would you expand on the thought of “dead rabbits”?

  4. ViolatoR, is that pic of the sycophant flexing his ZiOn muscle real??? Egads! You know, now I’m wondering if Seth McFarlane’s agenda serving homo-fest Family Guy’s “spoof” was beyond clever, or just a lucky guess? PS, fixed, thanks!

    just a girl, thanks! I probably should have checked it before I posted. Now, researching the matter I see a bunch disagree about when it entered, some saying as far back as 2008. I gather programming the public mind to believe something as ridiculous as Pluto no longer being a planet is all part of the process designed to keep the ignorant forever ignorant. It was also hard to find a decent link to to all the [programmed likely] “opinions” with new-age leanings.

    Corbeau, what, like NOW? 😀 I’m still trying to figure that one out. Being influenced by a Lana right now, she’s telling me that cycles of menstruation [i.e., monthly abortions], leading to a hysterectomy [the body’s total breakdown] is somehow connected the “dead” rabbit, i.e., spirit of the feminine. How far we’ve “fallen.”

    PS: As it occurred to me after I wrote this that the “oy veh” meme, is basically a reference to “her” O and “her” V, perhaps a “rabbi” which is half-a-circle short of a Pi/Pie, is one who serves our lady as well? I don’t know [yet].

  5. Most important of Fuck-All, we want to see a photo of Perseus the Pussycat! Aaaaaaa… you got me all squishy in the Heart with that news.
    C’mon! Pussypower! Only cats and crows can look at a King. I need a cuteness fix and to Call The Cat, to counteract all this gay shit.

    MI5/MI6 sent him down here to The Golden Crossing of The Dark 666 Omen (Guildford, SurRey, England).
    Very personable and decent face to face if you can filter out the dark programs the poor sap has been injected with, yet with the public TVdom, the loud proCannabis stance and the insistence on Claiming to be The Second Coming of Christ (yes, seriously) he did a good sabotage job on our local activism/”squatting”/caretaking/community building/consciousness raising which was getting favourable local press (incredible but true).
    Common Law vs the Admiralty was another of his big ideas that doesn’t work for bigger issues than a parking ticket when push comes to kangaroo court.

    His power to smear has burned itself out so now we start again. Onwards, Brave Warriors!

  6. I think you posted the show from the 28th and not the 27th. I cant seem to find the 2nd show you did.

  7. dead rabbits? Brings to mind the “old” pregnancy rabbit test.

    Speaking of rabbits, fwiw, the speech of (smart alecky,wise crackin’ and mischievous one who always wins) Bugs Bunny has always reminded me of that of a Brooklyn Jew for some reason.

    Did you forget or purposely ignore Christian Bale’s role as the white racist murderer in Shaft? YOu know the “sequel” with Samuel L. Jackson as Shaft, the next generation. Thought it worth a mention.

    Me jukebox is playing, right now, “Signs” by the 5 man electrical band. !


  8. Daniel Peter Skipp, perhaps a photo of Perseus was warranted. Had considered it, yet I know the Kahn’s Medusae are howling right now, so thought it best to protect the developing slayer of serpent-women for now. 😀

    Thanks for sharing the story about David Shayler. The phrase “former” agent comes to mind. How many movies have told us, repeatedly, that there is no such thing.

    brian, argh! Thanks for being the first to mention it. When I checked in the morning, there were three [unpostworthy] comments from various trolls and zombies, yet not one saying “the link is wrong!”

    annemarie, was unfamiliar with Shaft. Ah yes, the “rabbit test,” which of course, leads to another “dead rabbit.” Perhaps why rabbis, aka the Old Testicle Men [Old Testament], were so terrified of women prior to mensturation? 😉

    If you “sensed” that about the Bugs, you were probably on to something. Found this diatribe, which, coincidentally, also makes the Rabbit to Rabbi connection. Seeing that Camera [a propaganda extension of the Mossad], took the time to shit out some [highly-ranked on google] counter-arguments that Bugs is a, and am not making this up, “jew-eating” antisemite, well, that just lends some [heavy] weight to your suspicion.

  9. I am drunk so i am gonna have to read this shit later but that picture of ‘Entourage’ has got me laughing my balls off! I have a bunch of “friends” that are celebrity promoters that act just like this and i want to puke just about every time i would “hang” with them (PS I Will be Sharing some “inside” pics from such people on my private blog, celebs doing coke in pics etc…)

    I don’t know know if I shared this on my blogs yet but I was kinda doing my “Order of the Stars” thing and connecting myself to the new Batman movie. And I will get into the “Isis/Columbia ritual” I think I was a part of (with Maggie [Batmans g/f] while she played a Satanist and I was doubling for a lesbian in a movie. Then there is the last thing I was a “part of” with Logan Lerman who was Jokers brother in The Patriot and also played Batmans son in 310 to Yuma.

    Just some food for thought.

    Peace will read this later, I want to savor the flavor! But like I said I think you nailed it with that ‘Entourage’ picture, lol!

  10. The Departed was an interesting movie for seeing X-Boxes.

    X marks the spot in The Departed

    I was really hoping you would get into Alex Jones and the GCN crew.

  11. You are much too late Rebel, the Agenda is in full swing here in Germany as well. It has different characteristics and is mostly easier to recognize but our Fräuleins have long since turned into brainless whores too 😦

    “Rats, this means by next time I vacation on the Greek Isles, the average German girl will be just as stupid and worthless as an American one.”

    Best wishes from Germany!

  12. Quantum Observer, what what what? You doubled as Maggie’s lesbian lover? Hm, another shared boy between Heath and Christian? Yea, I’m still shocked how people defend Enterouge as being anything other than a massive homo-programming vehicle. Though, pretty much anyone who accuses me of “reaching,” give me five minutes with and they see the “light.” Denial runs deep.

    Karl, wow, didn’t realize there was someone else out there, much less a mainstream movie reviewer tracking this “phenomenon.” Though it doesn’t sound like he’s seeing the “big picture,” he is walking on the right track. Interesting comments underneath. But, finding this related article, shows me they’ve been using the “x-box” for a lot longer than I was aware. Likely, since the Holy Wood Land’s inception.

    I may call into Everett’s daily show one day and go over my notes on the Alex Jones LunaSea. Will attach here if so…

    Dr. Freedman, yea that figures. Now with Rio getting the 2016 Olympics, I fear they’ll start programming my Brasileiras likewise. “Global citizen” pretty much translates to “Useless Whore.”

  13. Hi Mr Rebel
    As always, I am invigorated by the fire behind your words – not that the words aren’t explosive too 🙂
    The spitting of the Bale boy is an excellent find. And agreed on Atlantean Times, a great shame that he no longer writes.

  14. DEAD CAN DANCE – Black Sun

    Man of fire.

    Ive seen the eyes of living dead.
    Its the same game – survival.
    The great mass play a waiting game.
    Embalmed, crippled, dying in fear of pain.
    All sense of freedom gone.

    Black sun in a white world.
    Like having a black sun in a white world.

    I have a son,
    His name is eden.
    Its his birthright,
    Beyond estranged time.

    Give me 69 years,
    Another season in this hell.
    Its all sex and death as far as I can tell.

    Like prometheus we are bound,
    Chained to this rock of a brave new world,
    Our godforsaken lot.
    And I feel thats all weve ever needed to know,
    til worlds end and the seas run cold.

    Give me 69 years,
    Another season in this hell.
    There is sex and death
    In mother natures plans.

    Like prometheus we are bound,
    Chained to this rock of a brave new world,
    Our godforsaken lot.

  15. omg rebel…that shawshank redemption totally fucked my mind…especially because morgan freeman does so many flicks where he is either the devils advocate, God archytype or the personification of evil the synchs spiral endlessly..the movie unbreakable really comes to mind, as mr glass meeting bruce willis oh geez and dont even mention the black president in deep impact lol aka obama definitely a black sun synch.

    Not only that but andy dufresne is an anagram for many disturbing things here is a few notable ones…they plan eveything to the last detail

    Fanny Red Used
    Defrayed Nuns
    Dad Free Sunny
    Anus Ended Fry
    Anus Defy Rend

  16. alex, good to hear from you. Did you catch my plug of your site on the show?

    C, some EXTREMELY profound words from Dead Can Dance there. Shame, most will never be exposed to such … cause if it ain’t on MTV, the zombies will never ever hear it. Then again, should they, like they’ll have the slightest clue as to what it’s about.

    Javier, hahaha. I like “Fanny Red Used.” We were told that Andy was effeminated early in the program. So, maybe? The Freeman is has been crafted into a powerful force, hence why his voice is used to soothe us and sell us all sorts of lies and subversive shite.

  17. I have my two cents to add to the whole Batman Gay thing. Notice how the Batman logo looks like a double headed ax, which is:

    “The Sacred Double Ax of the Goddess and the Amazons. It is an ancient symbol of the Goddess’s power and authority. In the early 1970s women in the lesbian community adopted the Labyrs as a symbol for reclaiming the lost heritage of all women.”

    PS: Just one more thing. You mentioned the negative energy you felt with the number 4. The Chinese always avoid the number 4, all the buildings don’t have a 4th floor, some even have no floor with a 4 in it. This is all due to the fact that the number 4 in Cantonese sounds like the word for “death”.

  18. Hey Alex, last night I started my own blog to talk about similar topics

    – but it’s in german language, so I can “spread the word” over here too!
    There are so many important topics that need to be adressed.

  19. Batman collectable figure, worth 1000s!, was on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow last night. It was a riotfest of codes and even repeated references to hidden meaning! I had a bustup with my woman over it as she didn’t want to know!

    The expert assessing it was very gay and mentioned how camp Batman was. Don’t forget folk, Batman is in Melbourne, Australia, OZ.

    4 is Shi also meaning Death in Japanese too. Hence BU-SHI-DO, Way to Stop The Spear (PEACEKEEPING).

    4 IS THE SQUARE OF 2 AND IS ALSO 2 TIMES 2 AND 2 PLUS 2! So very much, if want to get to the ROOT of 4, look at Duality. Simple, really.
    4 is Emperor, Ego, in Tarot. He’s a Masonic Blockhead.

    Well done, C, speak up, mein Freund!

    PS: And 13, the Death card, = 4

    yet Death is merely Change, in Tarot and in “Real Life”. Life is change…Death is an illusion. but suffering, pain, is very convincing to us mammals. So there’s no excuse for being a Nazi!

  20. Are you aware that you need psychiatric help?

  21. Jaspal, interesting dis uncovering of the possible origins of the symbol there. Was unaware of the Chinese avoidance of floor 4. Hm, 1+3=4.

    C, a little self-promotion there? 😉 There are actually quite a few Deuchlanders who visit here.

    Daniel Peter Skipp, some nice additions. I am reminded of a quote from Robert E. Howard left here by another Ozlander, Nemo: “Let teachers and philosophers brood over questions of reality and illusion. I know this: if life is illusion, then I am no less an illusion, and being thus, the illusion is real to me. I live, I burn with life, I love, I slay, and am content.”

    Starfish & Coffee, no, your persistence didn’t pay off in getting your drivel posted this time around. It was your [media-programmed] choice of the name to use. Probably lost on you: coffee, being a mild laxative … hence, your, ahem, “choice” of code names, essentially says “leaky brown anal discharge.” Suits you.

  22. Starfish&Coffee, perhaps you’d care to make a diagnosis for us, Shithead? Paranoid schizophrenia, is it? Stalin’s old Standby? I bet you do stronger drugs than COFFEE, o black and white tosswad.
    Alex, wipe our asses for us, will ya?

  23. (A) Hey Daniel Peter Skipp […] I will write about topics like “why velcro is definetly an alien technology” (men in black was so revealing!) or “how to properly construct a tinfoil hat – and which kind of tinfoil is the best” – I also am a “tinfoil-origami” master… it’s all about the folding!!!

    (B) Daniel Peter Skipp […] I am definetly very interested in topics like social engineering, synchromysticism and some other topics – and whatever you may think – I am a great fan of THE CELTIC REBEL (TM) 🙂 and SECONDLY: I once had a relationship with a REAL paranoid woman – and in short: IT WAS HELL! It was all day and all night about UFO’s, Aliens, secret services ets. – all the “classical” stuff – NEVER, EVER AGAIN! If you can’t see the difference between bloggers like our Rebel here and some nutjobs… well, sorry, but not my problem.
    I make thoughts and conclusions of my own.

    (C) Sorry, Daniel Peter Skipp, must have been the language barrier, but I really had the impression you made fun of us all here – well that’s the problem with written words – they can be misinterpreted.

  24. (A) Thanks, C […] I have just had a bit of a blaze with a German on this thread, THE THREAD, wherein “she” is a starposter, and derided my lack of learning in German to read “her” 2000 pages of info that NO DOUBT YOU, ALEX, Most Readers here and MYSELF FOR SURE TOO would find utterly fascinating. The poster is an expert, quite brilliant, on Mythologische, Etymologische und Synchromystische Hintergründe von Paranormalen und Religiösen Phänomenen, the origin of words. BUT … “she”, for one never can tell sex without reliable eyewitnesses, promotes the Mainstream Lie that Alphabets and Languages of the MAJOR EMPIRES have not been COMMITTEE JOBS, DESIGNED BY CONSPIRATORIAL ELITES LIKE FRANCIS BACON

    (B) I do actually think an earthed tinfoil screen CAN screen some hostile energies out. MK EM is a patent verifiable, for-sale-off-the shelf Horrible reality. That will disappear from the reader’s lives as they read. That’s my REAL DREAM. […] The whole BS is Maya anyhow, as Celtic Rebel stresses.

    As you can see over there we are having a psych war for the bodyminds, lifeforce and spirits of the readers there. Each side decries the other! Aaaah, conflict, The War in Heaven! […] Yeah, The Reality of Oz is Golden. NEMO>OMEN! In the Realm of 10000 Things, Here, Action in Life is what counts.

    (C) Dear C, I suspected you might take me the wrong way but did think my second post would correct. I was wrong. What do you expect, dude, with such stereotypical reference as tinfoil hats!? I love CelticRebel and you could give me more credit than defensively assuming and confusing. You were drawing inference about my intentions, meaning and being without need. Check back. Be cool.

    BTW That Thread deals with Conspiracy because it is real i.e.involves people and suffering. The bad guys there want it to stay all Synch spotting LEADING NOWHERE BUT DESPAIR, though all the major posters admit it is a SATANIC MATRIX. Then there are the God squad who say The G-MAN also gives SIGNS and POINT OUT THE EVIL SOCIAL ENGINEERING… and there’s some idiots … and then there’s me, OPEN AND FREE, MY ILLUSIONARY FEET ON THE GROUND! May Wisdom Bless Mankind.

    PS 22, 2 and 4 and 44/8 are not all bad. T = 20 = 2 = Teaching/Torah(LAW)/TRUTH/Tarot/Testament/Trial/T-O-N-G-U-E I emphasize the letters so you can focus on the “inner meaning” of each until brains hurt and then DAMN IT ALL TO HELL! There Can Only Be One.

    D = 4 = Death (Change can be good)/DOOR WAY/Deliverance/DeLight. H = 8 It is through this Saturnian Dualistic SET WE LEARN. By TESTING and TOIL. Convinced? Don’t be! I am SATAN. HAHAHAHAHA! Only JOKING.

  25. Daniel Peter Skipp, StarfishLicker is a long-time fan/stalker of this site and the only reason I published his comment this time (as compared to the other 50 or so) is cause of the name he chose. Hence, your closing statement was appropriate. Seeing that his entire self-perception is based on proving me insane and he’s been at it, hence reading for over a year, think of it as an experiment in waking the dead.

    However, am now starting to regret it, cause if you let the lunacy in, it can be contagious …

    C & Daniel, I get the feeling your dispute may have started over a misunderstanding, hence why I went in and clarified the direction of Skipp’s comment I addressed above. Seeing that a lot of your spitting match was irrelevant to this article, I will be deleting anything unrelated from your posts. It looks like you guys worked it out, so it’s probably unnecessary I ask you to get in touch with each other directly.

    PS: For the record, Lana’s book, which I’m still reading, suggests there’s good reason why some metals, notably copper and lead, can serve as interference or prevent conductance of certain EMF’s. I suspect the howl-o-laughter producing “tin-foil hat” meme, is probably “grounded” in some type of [not directly obvious] practicality.

  26. interesting about the number 22, as you mentioned in your podcast, and as mentioned by dp skipp. then, i find the number posted almost everywhere with the release of mk’d drew barrymore’s new “production” flick “whip it” with ellen page front-lining. don’t worry, she doesn’t die in the movie (but maybe she does spiritually?… she lies to her mother and becomes “independent”).

    it certainly will be interesting to watch the remote future of this actress.

    as always, awesome work, rebel.

  27. I finally got around to watching the Dark Nite and I noticed what Lenon Honor describes as the ‘Temporal Transference of the Subliminal Character Imprint’, (explanation at 26:09 Harvey Dent was played by Aaron Eckhart who played Nick Naylor (NN) a smooth talking lobbyist for the Tobacco Industry in Thank You For Smoking This character is the only one I have noticed who uses actual NLP to take control of the conversations he is involved in. They usually fake it with any NLP or hypnosis. Ordinarily tv or movie characters who use hypnosis use a shiny object for induction or show the subject actually sleeping while in trance. Can’t have the masses knowing about conversational hypnosis used by politicians and tv personalities. H.P. Lovecraft hinted metaphorically in At the Mountains of Madness that humans were specifically designed to be hypnotically controllable. But that’s crazy talk!

  28. m freeman plays Red in shawshank redemption, also plays Morgan Freeman as

    Lucius Fox: A high-ranking Wayne Enterprises employee who was demoted to working in the company’s Applied Science Division, where he conducts advanced studies in biochemistry and mechanical engineering. Fox supplies Bruce with much of the gear necessary to carry out Batman’s mission and is promoted to CEO when Bruce repossesses the company by the end of the film.

    Freeman was Goyer’s first and only choice for the role. hmm coincidence?

  29. raffi, I’ve actually seen a few more instances of that number resonating death since this. I’ve got a long overdue article connecting page to some of the stuff in regards to Valenatine’s day. Maybe, this year. Is her boob falling out in that pic?

    Karl, thanks for the insight and the angle. Wasn’t sure if you were aware of Eckhart’s first role, where he plays a “master manipulator” of both men and women. I’m familiar with Lenon’s phrase, which is right in line with what my studies suggest: the career of these stars is guided with precision and not the result of coincidence and synchronicity.

    happysplinter, no, not coincidence. 😀 I cleaned up your note to delineate what came from wiki.

  30. rorschach and the joker seem similar

    22 Wedding, Marriage, Consummation, Completion, Seal of Truth, The Cross of Christ, To Crucify, Universal Resurrection.

    I saw around that 22 links up with four (death / perfect peace )

    There are 22 different ways of linking five hexagons together (pentahexes).

    Superextraordinarisimo with 22 letters is the longest word in the Spanish language. It means `extraordinary’.

    Bingo calls for 22 include `Dinkie Doos’ and `Two little ducks’. (DD/42 , paradox / pair of ducks )

    “to be or not to be”

    PS: I did a lot of design work, sort of circling the square, bringing them into a common denominator. I morphed the hexagon grid made from circles into the same orthogonal grid you get from squares. To do this I shifted the entire field so the circles became ellipses, the equilateral triangles / rhombuses became squares and 45 degree right angles. After I worked it all on in 2d, I built several 3d models by hand and computer. I was flabbergasted to see the outcome was identical to my Professor’s Hyperbolic Space. I refer to my iteration of this field study, the HEX-ametric field. I have many deeper levels of poetry I wove into my final presentation which I’d love to share with you some other time. I just wanted to show you a link to my pictures of that field from my perspective because I’ve heard you talking a lot about it. I’m not one of your regulars, I’m just hanging around a lot this week. Well anyways, an important insight I made was the three dimensional manifestation of this model can fit itself inside itself perfectly. This comes to mind when you speak of nested Matrices.

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