Lucifer to Synch with Clarke

A special Moon-Day edition: Whilst in the middle of my butterfly rabbit hole (last blog), it occurred to me that outside of that hole, there may be a few people wondering, “Oh Lucifer, where art thou?” According to my last article on the topic (Resurrecting Lucifer), “in roughly two weeks” would have been the answer to their question.

To any who were growing a little concerned about the upcoming 07/07 date (not like there isn’t enough other crap to stress over), you’ll be happy to know we’ve got a couple more years: NASA Update (The Titan Mission Extended; Cassini lives on). So, we’re due for a synch with Arthur C. Clarke’s pre-selected date of 2010. Or, perhaps as Meta-Logic Cafe pointed out, some may be disappointed to learn that there will be No “Second Coming” this year (*sigh*).

Titan's Surface

A couple of months ago [yes, this has been sitting in my draft queue for quite some time], I had tuned into Oracle Broadcasting where the host was covering a variation of the following story: Intel to protect humanity from cosmic rays. Another variant on the net contained this fear-mongering nugget, “Intel thinks we may still be living on borrowed time.” I made the connection/the connection was made.

Why would Intel be so worried about cosmic rays hitting the Earth? Are they expecting any? If anyone bothered researching the Lucifer Project, they sure do. Remember? Were a plutonium fusion reaction to be initiated in Saturn’s core, the Earth would get showered with cosmic rays “28 days later.”

28 Days Later

Hence, I called in to the show [DOWNLOADABLE MP3]. The discussion is worth a listen, though let me apologize for my lack of clarity on the first half (I was nursing a hangover). In the second half, I was far more “lucid” as we discussed unlocking the hidden chains that bind us.

One topic was how this Lucifer/Satan character is a scarecrow used to ward off the mind-programmed foolhardy, due to the [embedded] imagery it conjures up in our mind(s). I surmise that some, may even question why my post has exactly 13 images. If I’ve frightened you, you may wish to read no further.

South Park SatanGoat Boy SatanCauldron Satan

The below (left) image is an artist’s rendition of how Galileo (the testing stage for Cassini’s descent into Saturn) burned up in Jupiter’s atmosphere (click pic for source). The image to its right is an artist’s depiction, inspired by Milton’s Paradise Lost, of Lucifer being cast down from “heaven.” But first, I think it’s important to clarify one popular misconception: whether we are talking about celestial bodies or personalities, Lucifer is not Satan.

I believe Satan has more to do with the Cult of Saturn, because Lucifer (the light-bringer) belongs to the Cult of the Sun. Hence, the anti-Zionists who go on rants about the Synagogue of Satan may actually not be that far off. Satan and Saturn both stem from the most ancient of adversaries, Set, the Egyptian god of Destruction (alternately: Chaos, Evil or the dark). Jordan Maxwell has expounded at length about how modern-day Judaism is a direct offshoot of the Cult of Saturn (Christanity stems for the Solar Cult, and the Muslim religion, in my opinion, while not pure Lunar Cult, does draw from its symbols).

Aside: Also worth noting that Satyr’s are always displayed with horns and [usually] erect phalluses, and coincidentally, also tie back to Judaism (the description therein, synched to the Talmudic sanctioned Tel Aviv slave trade, is quite disheartening). Moving on to [related] lighter things, comic break time featuring Bill Hicks on “sucking Satan’s cock.” [Oh, those poor little Jonas Brothers!] {*1}

My question then, based on the impending scenario of destroying Saturn/Satan, to enable the rebirth of Lucifer (the Solar light-bringer), rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the former, is: are we seeing the Cults work in unison, a compromise in making, or agendas competing for supremacy?

Galileo Descending on JupiterParadise Lost

Whilst writing this I recalled an old movie starring Mickey Rourke called Angel Heart. Robert De Niro plays Louis Cyphre, which should need no explanation. I’ve included some images from the film and a copy of a rare poster (both worth taking a closer look at). The 1987 film, set in New Orleans, features voodoo, satanic rituals, serial murders, lots of mirrors and split personalities. {*2} How clear it is to me now, what I failed to catch back when: it’s about mind control.

Angel Heart ScenesHarry Angel

Back to [the] Lucifer [Project], I don’t wish to rehash a topic already covered, but I found a few articles that run the gamut of predictive programming. When one takes a step back, the agenda of selling the project to the masses becomes quite apparent. From Titan’s Surface Organics Surpass Oil Reserves on Earth:

Proven reserves of natural gas on Earth [II] total 130 billion tons, enough to provide 300 times the amount of energy the entire United States uses annually for residential heating, cooling and lighting. Dozens of Titan’s lakes individually have the equivalent of at least this much energy in the form of methane and ethane.

And just how are we going to ferry this oil back to Earth [I] and at what cost? Sorry, I know I shouldn’t ask, but a little trait called “common sense” (one that’s been beaten out of the general public) just won’t let me. Never mind me though.

Rising gas prices! Are there really oil shortages? China needs more oil! Peak oil! We must drill off the coast of Florida! We must drill the Arctic Preserve! What? The laws of supply and demand we taught you in school? Um, people are like driving a lot less, so demand has decreased, yet prices continue to skyrocket? Oh, ignore that. Stop thinking you insolent little twit! Let the our media tell you what to “think!” We need to go into Iran so we can, um, get their oil. Yea, that’s why!

Titan's SeaAtlas the Titan

Consciousness is being shaped. Doesn’t anyone else find it kind of odd that we are all still reliant on the internal combustion engine; a 150 year old technology? Didn’t Tesla create an electric car like 80 years ago that ran on wireless energy at speeds up to 90mph? One more outburst from you sir, and you’re going to be sent to the principal’s office! Moving along class: Evidence of ocean found on Saturn’s Titan.

Hm: The Titans, once vanquished by the “gods,” are making a comeback (which may be a good thing). Can’t help but note these “exploratory” missions are launched using “Atlas” rockets. Project Prometheus (mentioned in the radio clip) is named after the “wisest of the Titans,” the one who gave the light/fire of [the god’s] secret knowledge to man (¿Lucifer the light-bringer?).

I looked back over a prior article (which I referenced last blog), ‘Earth No 2’ lies in deep freeze waiting to be born, and found this little synchromystic nugget buried deep inside it:

Titan was discovered in 1655 by Christiaan Huygens, a Dutch astronomer, but was only realized to have a dense atmosphere in the 1940s. That prompted Arthur C Clarke, the science fiction writer, to use it as a setting for his 1976 novel Imperial Earth, in which he depicted Titan as a kind of futuristic Saudi Arabia.

Elsewhere within the same article:

Titan, the deep-frozen moon of Saturn, is emerging as the most likely place in the solar system for new life to evolve, according to scientists who have been studying its atmosphere and surface chemistry. They found that Titan’s atmosphere is drenched in a wide range of complex organic molecules very similar to those that gave rise to life on Earth billions of years ago. Although it is far too cold for life at present, this is likely to change because stars such as the sun expand and grow far hotter as they reach old age.

Oh, if only there was some kind of heat source available! Oh, where oh where could such a source of explosive inspiration be found? Beyond Saturn’s rings? Beyond the tiny planet Pluto? {*3} Mental note: may want to pick up some plutonium along the way (like lots of it). Beyond the edge of own solar system? Way out in the starry sky?

A vein queen of luminant beauty beckons. Oh fair Cassiopeia! An article commemorating her supernova’s 425th [11] anniversary quotes: “Cassiopeia’s supernova was caused by the thermonuclear detonation of an entire compact star.” But, let’s not to leave out the astrologer/astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini, who served the Sun King (Louis XIV) for 41 years. Per wikipedia:

Along with Robert Hooke, Cassini is given credit for the discovery of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter (ca. 1665). Cassini was the first to observe four of Saturn’s moons, which he called Sidera Lodoicea; he also discovered the Cassini Division (1675). Around 1690, Cassini was the first to observe differential rotation within Jupiter’s atmosphere.

David Bowman, the Star Child character from 2010, does incidentally sound a lot like David Bowie (whose name came up last blog). According to the utterly suspect wikipedia: “The similarity between Bowie’s stage name and the character’s name appears to be coincidental.” Ah, coincidence, a word crafted by intelligent men enabling fools to dismiss reality. So, let’s all disregard Bowie’s Space Oddity, Ziggy Stardust, Man Who Fell to Earth, Spiders from Mars, Starman, Baal, Goblin King, and Nikola Tesla resonance! The end [post-Lucifer] of Kubrick’s 2010 (¡1984!):

“Someday, the children of the new sun will meet the children of the old. I think they will be our friends.”

A beautiful closing. Nuclear war was averted. Mankind will live in peace. The mind-bombed movie-goers, having their heartstrings pulled like marionettes, smile amongst each other, wipe a tear from their eye, and go home unawares. Hey rube! The “children of the sundoes not include you!

Unfortunately [for him], Arthur C. Clarke, passing away this year, won’t live to see his fiction (or the bastardization of) become our reality. {*4} His Rendezvous with Rama is now being made into a movie (by a company named Revelations Entertainment). And, in the meantime, the NASA ad agency/mind-control group continues to feed the public mind: Destination for multibillion-dollar joint [NASA/European] project will be Jupiter or Saturn.

Two Years. Two weeks. Plus, 28 days.

This article may not necessarily reflect the present views of The Celtic Rebel, and has been left in the archive to show stages in growth and development of The Rebel Path.

*1: My friend’s kid is obsessed with that trio of Satan’s cock-suckers. Sometimes, I contemplate if I’d be better off disassociating from mass media, yet while visiting said friend, I looked at the CNN ticker on the tele, which read “CNN: the most trusted name in news.” Talk about blatantly programming mental perception into the audience! [Note: Turner also owns the Venture Brothers.] Let me give it a try: “The Celtic Rebel: the most trusted name in the entire blogosphere. Shagalicious!” Wow! That was way too easy. 😉 [LB]

*2: A friend of mine is presently researching the extent that Secret Societies controlled / shaped New Orleans (the infamous Mardi Gras festival included). The preview on IMDB is worth a view, and includes a synchromystic treasure trove of imagery. I recall hearing something about how extra-dimensional spirits can possess one by creating a trap via doorways (however, unable to do so in arched doorways). Note how Rourke (already possessed/controlled) is shown walking through arched entrances only. Come to think of it, the film merits a review. [LB]

*3: Articles on Clark’s passing: Hidden Agenda’s Quite the Synch and Dedroidify’s The passing of a Legend: Arthur C. Clarke. Worth a read: Stygian Port’s contrarian views on Arthur (prior to his passing), expressed in A New Religion for a New Age – Chapter 7, Mind War Part 2. I’d like to point out the Sir Clarke, was knighted, hence “owned” by the Queen. [LB]

*4: I find it quite telling that what most adults consume wholesale, children (despite years of programs designed to beat-down their intuition) can still see the truth. Those of us who are parents, need to move on from dismissing our children’s fancies, and encourage them to feed their intuitive self. From a related article on our own solar system:

Last week, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) announced Pluto should now be called a “plutoid,” two years after the organization voted to demote Pluto to “dwarf planet” status. Meanwhile, many kids are nearly certain Pluto is still a planet.

That would be because it is! The ancients knew it, and all of a sudden, some “royal” astronomers see fit to change long established facts? Outside the scope of this article, yet worth one’s time to look at are the reasons for the demotion of Pluto and attempted suppression of its effects [Michael Tsarion: Pluto (Age of DeConstruction)] [LB]

~ by celticrebel on June 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Lucifer to Synch with Clarke”

  1. Celt! Love the new look of the sight! This was a very informative piece bro! Loved it!! I have been thinking (since Gavin at Atlantean Times mentioned it) about turning my eyes skyward towards space and science (umm I mean seance’) now that we’ve pretty well spotted the mind control meant to “divert” our attention to what is really going on. Think you’ve hit a vein with the idea of battling for supremacy~~ Saturn Cult v.s. Solar Cult, very interesting indeed! keep up the great work!

    Peace bro.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the humour as well as finding this veerryyy interesting.
    Talking of Titans, I have noticed the use of the word popping up a lot this year – of particular interest was its use as a reference to Sir Edmund Hillary who died earlier this year. Newspaceman pointed out recently that it is most likely that Prince William received Hillary’s “Order of the Garter’ in a ceremony just the other day as he became the 1000 knight of that Order

  3. Thanks Michael, a redesign was forced on me the same day I released this, as WordPress [HM!] changed my template. Forced me into creative mode. I’ve been contemplating using the Starry Sky, but for now, will lazily let Gav do it for us. 🙂

    Oh Wise Female, I found myself facing Knights and Titans again in my new/next release. Something is up. The guy from Cosmic Mind also pointed out that Prince William’s 30 birthday will synch with the XXX Olympiad, and will both take place in the new “Zion.”

  4. So, what ever happened to the Lucifer Project? Are they waiting until 2012 or what?

  5. Talking of LucyFur-related-projects, this is relatively old, but not to my eyes, very interesting name for this telescope, which they did indeed have to work damn hard to achieve from L T L B T N I U C I F U E G R !!

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