I See a Ferris Moon Arising

Despite some WiFi problems in the Czech Republic, I was able to get Ewan from Aferrismoon on the show for a couple of hours at the height of the full moon.

two wolves

Ewan managed to stay with us for two/thirds of the show instead of the planned five/sixths, and I greatly appreciate him waking up at 4:30 AM his time to join us.


That’s it above [unavailable]. One of the topics broached early was the nefarious bunch of deviants that make/design cereals/serials for programming our kids.

count ass suckercount ass sucker

Those mother-fuckers have been at it for a long time. The “24 Hour a Day Human Harvest” as Ewan referred to in his excellent piece, Sweet Hearts of Corn.

franken fuckfranken berry

The ethnicity of the players may be coincidental (in this case), but the homoerotic intent was no accident. I’ve been writing about anal vampirism long enough to tell you Count Chocolate was designed with said concept in mind [visual evidence].

true blood

Two days after broadcast, I was entreated to the above supporting revelation in the opening scene of the season opener of Whore Box Orifice‘s huge social engineering [s]“hit” True Blood. The show, in my opinion, was not too bad in the first two seasons, touching on some interesting concepts, but it’s now pretty much in your face programming and one step away from hardcore gay pornography.

For those unfamiliar, all the übercool vampires are all bisexual. Uncanny, huh? Just like the androgynous zombie “scene kids” busy expressing their individuality in the sordid personal tale of degenerated humanity that I shared during the show.

shit facecorn hole

The first of the above images is right out of the lovely Zionist “News” Rag known as the Huffington Post. Something about the “gulf oil spill” … what else would they be conveying? The latter image (sent in by a different alex), not only reconnects us back to Ewan’s “corn” post, but drops a hint at the origin of the term “cornhole.”

arbeit macht frei

Another topic was South Park’s planting of the GINGER/NIGGER meme, that as Ewan noted, was conveniently sowed on 9/11 [11/9] via 911 [S09E11]. Worth a mention, an uncanny amount of True Blood’s lead females are red-haired. Undeniable, the Medes bring about great influence and can make people’s lives miserable at will [as demonstrated by this poor sod, star of the vid referred to]. Christians have souls???

Speaking of programming, I gather some crunts will respond predictably [as their software subroutine tells them] and find offense at the above photo, while failing to realize that exact same sign is ominpresent in their own slave/work camp that they chose to live in. You want “the truth?” Spielen macht frei! Verstehen Sie mich?

butters matrix

Quite an interesting wallpaper pattern in the home of one Butters? The use of the spirit grid in South Park is fairly continuous. It’s a safe bet that whoever crafts it, has a fairly good grasp of what they’re doing [and hopefully, a day will come, when I need not prove it’s not the shit-sucking vacuous poster boys named parker/stone].

truther gridsatan's grid

Whether stating the mental trap that 911 Truth represents or the one of ignorance observers of holy days indoctrinate their children, they do so methodically. Maybe a few lucky tykes will be blessed by a visit from Satan aka Old Nick, and feel him coming down their chimney? The ignorant are not blessed! That’s yet another lie.

disney griddisney grid

I’m under the impression that you will find the grid in pretty much every movie ever made (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’ll need refer to my old writings, before others “discovered” it). Thanks to one Patricia, I share the above visual support from Disney’s wonderful [stinking turd], Snow White (1937).

nambla da vinci

Since the seemingly innocuous [on the surface] bikers/fags episode of South Park, it became clear to me that said show does nothing without good reason. And thanks to one Pavs, who sent me the unrelated above [center] image, I realized while watching another old episode of South Park, that the hallway looked rather familiar. Coincidentally, said episode is about boy sex [“Cartman Joins NAMBLA”], where child-sex star “in my butt” Butters volunteers to “take one for the team.”

israel is terror

Unfortunately, due to said wi-fi problems, we didn’t get to the one topic I had hoped to delve into before the show: Zionism. Through our offline talks, I am beginning to supsect that blue and yellow in conjunction represent the Zionists. That bit of trivia makes this “video” sent by one ElizaLegs quite, um, spooky:

I will make the dangerous assumption that most reading my blog (a) don’t have their head lodged firmly up their own rectum, (b) have some idea who controlled/created Bullshit Bolshevism [hint: rhymes with “pews”] and (c) grasp that the most effective way to shape/destroy a society is through the reprogramming its children. Hence, I’ll not take the time to explain why the above was not “chance” but a stream of diarrhea laid on the faces of ignorant viewers [see earlier image].

frankenholehitler jew vampire

In a weird bit of synchronicity after the show, ImmortallyWounded appraised me of another random new show on Cartoon Network, called Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole.

Not only is the main theme time-traveling via pink wormholes, but the episode I saw [“Heal Hitler”] had characters arguing over whom was the “donut” (i.e., bitch, or alternately “butt” of the joke) but supported my theory that Frankenstein’s most important part, or reason for being/making was his penis. Oh, and get this, it also suggested Hitler was actually a Jew himself (which, in all likelihood, was true).

jackie hole

The above scenes are my support for why the woman from “Roman” Polanki’s The Ghost Writer brought a certain hole (“O”) to mind. Kudos to Aferrismoon for standing behind his theory that Jackie Kennedy Onassis may have been part of the “inside job” [article linked], to which I’ll add: while wearing the pink dress to match Stone’s later implantation of the “pink spray” in our the mind.

I contemplated retracting my harsh statement regarding the dead, but while looking for the above pictures, chanced upon some nudes of Jackie which I considered sharing. However, my searching for a decent set took me to some rather bizarre pages featuring questionable, if not, downright disturbing content (the kind which, via fear, you’d back away from as quick as you’d land there), all of which was remarkably high-ranked by [the intel’s] google. Yes, that is also, not accidental.

despicable blue me

Alas, one of the closing diatribes was my reView of one disgusting piece of pedo trash [appropriately] entitled Despicable Me (2010). There is so much “shit” in this movie, the parts I focused on were butt a small part [as if picture above doesn’t scream plenty on its own, likely bringing a smile to many blue old wankers].

fag brandpussy straw

The aforementioned film stars one inexplicable sudden riser by the name of Russell Brand [also discussed within]. As if being on the cover of Rolling Stone doesn’t already say “bitch-boy” more than even his pose reminds us potential customers [do note other coded refs on cover), who in their right mind believes this man was Katy Perry’s boyfriend? The only thing those two would have in common, aside from being sorely lacking in the “junk” department, may be a massively damaged anus.

Pop it. Straw it. Stick Puss on your straw. He’ll help you get a serving of yummy-licious milk. Swamp ’em. Find ’em. Swamp your Apple Dippers in Caramel Dip. ANSWER ON BOTTOM.

The latter pic was sent in by my friend Mark, who was flabberghasted to see the display in the open (and how few even noticed it). The above is what the good folks at McDonald’s are advising your children to do with their pussies and anuses when confronted by an erect phallus. A Limited Time Offer: you dumb cunts posing as parents, please queue up for the privilege! And ask your kids what “pop it” means.

despicable me kittens

Looking at the Stone cover, it’s a safe bet the featured, ahem “artists,” under the 44 are all temple whores, and speaking of which, if you missed the final update to last week’s post … well, don’t! Alex Robinson will be back next week as promised. Get some wine, get a date and join us.

A Few Other Arbitrary Celtic Rebel Posts on Related or Similar Subject Matter
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Note A: Those who’ve been listening know I’ve refused to focus on the Gulf Oil Spill because I refuse to discuss whatever “they” dictate we should. I do feel further vindicated by my thoughts on the metaphoric nature of the event, considering now the media focusing not so much her [Miss Isis] shit (oil), but the farts (methane). If you haven’t seen Lenon’s documentary on the subject, well, you bloody need to. Within the month, he will be back on my show and we will berate many a fearmonger.

Note B: One reason I’d have linked/included nudes of Jackie, other than keeping with this blog’s occasional Rebelicious slant, was not to further besmirch her, but because I was rather stunned at how shaggable she looked in said photos (she was allegedly in her 50’s when they were taken). I did, however, learn that her family lines go back to the Rockefellers, so yes she is “dirty” (coming from oil/shit). I would, from what I’ve seen though, beg to disagree with one Marlon Brando, who being a holy-wood player, and hence so inclined, said he liked her because of her “boyish hips.”

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  1. Cheers Celt. Hope we managed to get something tangible expressed.

    Anyhow the conneXion phased , soory I couldn’t let u know. Apologies to El Listeneros aswell. But not those in the chatroom who deny that Jackie symbolically emasculated the US and the dreaming mind.
    Whether Jackie did off him or not the symbology seems to work – masculised feminine and vice versa.

    Also she’s right up by his head , so I gotta ask how good a shot the marksman made on a moving target without hitting Jackie

    9th Gate and The Ghost writer , both have the stars as slightly ruffled both carrying shoulder bags, loners and writers [ or interested in books]

    Also Polanski’s little obsession with the mystic world of the rich and famous

    Perhaps would have explained the Hebrew letter-numbers thang but it seems difficult to put over without visual back-up.

    Zionism, didn’t get on to, but a quick look at the ‘laughing policeman’ at my blog might give u an idea where it could have gone. Essentially the setting up of an ideal that humans become subservient to.


  2. Cereal cheerio!

    Great show Celt and Aferris!

    Since you two have such affinity for PIP’s, here’s one you can have a 7&7 with.

    Celt surely you know of green nigger?! Its origins are not American, its british. A moniker for denouement and eradication.

    Surely I have shared this enough times to see the red hair tie to “se to hawm”. Hawm being Ab-ra-hawm or the male who gained a “window” in his middle. In the referenced pic a study of the tri-fold boy and hair color and clothing is very reveiling. This pic being a single meditation of the Oikon.

    Also, wouldn’t “Southpark” infer taking one’s Opel and after a lope around the pole to park in the dark garage, err “in through the out door”? A veritable lead balloon adventure? Indead.

  3. Enjoyed the show – great to give a voice to the Man in the Moon.
    Thoroughly appreciated Ewan’s willingness to stand beside his words on Jackie the trickstress. Again & again I find tremendous clarity comes from possibilities (as opposed to ‘answers’).
    Best to you both

  4. Cant believe I forgot about this..Chat room seems like a boatload of fun.

    Also good to hear the story behind the name (i thought it was a ferrismoonwheel lol) and to get a voice for the ever complex words of Ewan.


  5. aferrismoon, no worries mate. I thought the show went, but we’ll let the audience judge, lest they not be judged, or whatever. 🙄 The more I look at that video [of J-O on 11/22], the more suspect her actions appear.

    eugene, good thing the “green nigger” comment was brought up this week instead of last, as someone might have had some serious aggravation to weigh in. 93 documents were found? Well, that’s suspect. Good point about opel/pole and I’ll add, per Lucy, p-“arc”-ing. As Parker once sang, “You might run away with the circus for fun. But it looks more like somewhere that you’d run from.”

    alex, bringing a set of cajones to The Rebel Path is always welcome. We’ll make a physical exception in your case though, but feel free to bring along your metaphysical pair. 😉

    Terry, the chat room, I find, can be a boatload of fun, but also sometimes a buttload of annoyance on occasion when wankers are allowed to ramble on too long. Grab a name and come on in laddie! [You listening my mods?]

  6. Looks, like your mood on humanity lightened up a bit. 😉
    How does it come that you gained at least some positivity about how things will finally work out for mankind?

  7. Hi Rebel! thanks for setting me on the path. No sooner had i got done with “Dont go West” and “I see a Ferris Moon Rising” than i came across this on the control box…erm, i mean, the T.V. Great work Rebel!

    No sooner had i got through this piece of reality TV than i caught this brand new shocker of an ad on the control box, umm, i mean the TV: ITS A MUST SEE, BLATANT AS YOU LIKE

    Human From England!

  8. Good show, reb. Too bad aferrismoon wasn’t on for the whole duration, it was extremely interesting listening to his theories. Definitely have Gregory back on at some point, music is a very important subject that needs to be explored more. Also, definitely try to get a four hour show. Can’t wait for next week.

  9. Nice insite concerning Jackie Kennedy and the JFK assassination. A great film was made in 1976 by the Maysles brothers about Jackie’s cousins The Beales of Grey Gardens. Ewen has entered the rabbit hole (wish there was a better term) about this part of world history.

  10. damn, sooo programmed! i thought ewan was some eastern european gypsy all this time. i hope he’ll be back so maybe he can enlighten us on some of his puzzling & obscure geomatria.

  11. Franken. Berry. Frankenberry!


  12. Max (formerly The Keyser), shhhh! Don’t tell anyone but my outlook for humanity as whole disappeared in some rabbit hole long ago. But, I, as part of this new direction, am finding optimism for those willing to help themselves and each other. Something good IS going to happen!

    DigitalSickness, for some reason, your comment wasn’t attached here, so hope you don’t mind me moving it. Wow, that commercial, while not just topical, offers a buttload of revelation. Indirectly: an admission that kid’s cereals are literally, in many senses, filled with shite.

    Jon, thanks for the note! I foresee that both Gregory and Aferissmoon will be back on the show, but not necessarily at the same time. The Command Bunker might get a bit crowded.

    butters, what a topical time to comment using that name [for those curious, submitted before expansion of article]. I gather you mean this film. It seemed they were living in a sad state until I saw this statement: “Time is irrelevant in their world; as Edie says … I don’t have any clocks.” Upon second thought: bliss!

    raffi, always nice to put a voice to the persona we perceive isn’t it?

    Ryan McAlister, hm, interesting syncroute taken there. And they both “love” children don’t they?

  13. When you talk about cereals, i always think about the food pyramid – and how blatantly misleading it is. Why are grains the foods most required to be eaten?? Unless your a freaken marathon runner the vegetables should be at the bottom of the pyramid with the largest consumtion followed by the rest. To market vegetables is almost impossible and therefore not a great way to make profit. BUT with grains you can sugar those puppies up colour them, package them and their freaking cheap to grow in comparison to fresh perishable vegetables which have a short shelf life, while grains can sit dormant for months with their sponsor sitting on the front cover programming the children as they open the pantry every day.. mmm lets eat pebbles shall we bam bam. Even when its not consumed its freaking working as they get passively marketed to unlimited times a day. Ever seen celery and his posse looking pretty after a few days in the fridge? dont think so. Ever seen a free gift inside a walnut shell? Which is great for your memory and looks like a brain, dates + prunes good for digestion and looks like the bi product of digestion. carrots good for eyesight and actually looks like the pupil and iris when cut – tomatoes = heart and so forth –

    YES i’m rambling

  14. Hi.

    Just reading Chapter 18 of 200 YEARS by A.Solzhenitsin about the Jews in Russia and the Soviet Union. Re: Jews, Communism and Zionism he writes:

    “From the October revolution to the end of the 20’s the lives of ordinary Jews were affected by the actions of Yevseks – members of the YevSek (The Jewish section of the CK of VKPb.) Besides the Jewish Commissariat, an active Jewish organization grew up in the VKPb. As well, from 1918, local organizations were formed in the guberniyas. They created an environment fanatically inspired with the idea and ideas of communism, even more so than was Soviet authority itself and at times these organizations even opposed Soviet projects. For example, “at the insistence of the YevSek, the Jewish Commissariat decreed Hebrew to be a language of ‘reaction and counter-revolution’ in early 1919, requiring Jewish schools to teach in Yiddish” (165). The Central Bureau of the YevSek was part of the CK of VKPb and local YevSeks operated in the former Pale of Settlement. “The purpose of the YevSek was communist education and Sovietization of the Jewish population in their native language of Yiddish.”

    From 1924 to 1928 responsibility for “all Jewish education and culture” was under the Jewish Bureaus of the republic-level administrative bodies, but these were abolished for “excesses in forced Yiddishization” and more power accrued to the YevSek (166).

    The activities of the YevSek in the 20’s were contradictory. “On one hand they carried out active agitprop work in communist education in Yiddish and mercilessly battled against Judaism, traditional Jewish education, Jewish social structures, independent Jewish organizations, political parties and movements, Zionism and Hebrew. On the other hand it opposed assimilation with its support of the Yiddish language and a Yiddish culture and organizations of Jewish education, Jewish scientific research and activity to improve the economic status of Soviet Jews. In this “the YevSek often held a more radical position than even the central party bodies” (167).

    The anti-Zionist YevSek was made up “to a large degree” of “former Bundists and socialist-territorialists” (168) who were thought of as traitors or “neophyte communists” in VKPb. The purpose of the YevSek was to develop communist influence on Russian Jewry and to create a “Jewish Soviet nation” isolated from world Jewry. But at the same time its actions paradoxically turned it from a technical apparatus urging the Jewish population to build socialism into a focal point for Jewish life in the USSR. A split arose in the YevSek between supporters of “forced assimilation” and those who thought its work was a “necessary means of preservation of the Jewish people” (169).”

    This ‘split’ seemed to halt with disbanding of the YevSek in the late 1920’s

    The book [ which has only 4 or 5 chapters translated into English [ passive censorship!] is interesting and worth a read if only to get a view of Communism I assume the West knows little of.


  15. Here is another little sinknot worth reading all the way to the end since you brought up Solzhenitzyn.

    Repent in sackclothe and ashes you sinners!

    Gobekli Tepe (as well as Catal Hayuk) per Andrew Collins were established by tall albinos who were most likely vampires. This article has quote “first the temple, then the city” makes a nice segue to Qaheen, ie THE first city builder. Since he is the undoer of that which is vain, ie Abel, (merely by his presence) and the also “unconditionable” means his inwardness is not like we are today.

    Gobekli Tepe with its hair shirt blood drinking fanatics so far in the past goes along way in marking what is happening today.

    Round and round the table of Gehenna goes. Kill your children because you love God! Kill your children because you love God! Kill your children because you love God! Ad infinitum.

    As it is said “behold if you make an idol I will answer you through it to destroy you” per Bible AND the Bhagavad Gita and this is directly related to Gehenna … surely there is wisdom to be found here? – Mr. Philo Ickle.

  16. Pavs, yes you are, but I get your point. I think the “truth” lies somewhere in how the harvest of one has a history in human sacrifice, as Moon’s article links. As I’ve said before, it would seem that grain technology would have been something taught to mankind by “the gods.”

    aferrismoon, always good to read something that hints at the lies behind the lies behind the lies. Thanks.

    eugene, my eyes caught an intersting unrelated article via your links, 8 American Shows that EXPLODED Overseas, which says the latest is Desperate Housewives and hence suggests the rest of the world’s women will become as whorish as your average American.

  17. Arbeit = German for ‘work’, in Russian it = ROBOTA. I think they probably are the ‘same’ word,Karel Capek used the word for the title of his play ” R.U.R. Rossum’s Universal Robots”, the first use of this word which quickly entered English.

    ‘Robota’ has the meaning of working for the Lord of the Land .

    Robot Make Free

    and don’t forget to smile


  18. Around 5 Years ago while travelling europe i went to the Sziget festival in Budapest I met 2 hungarian guys (while out drinking) we climbed 2 steel fences and spent 45 mins evading security guards to save $20 entry fee to watch Pet Shop Boys perform live, on the main stage.

    Nevertheless to say I lost my newly found commrades and while walking alone I stepped into a 2 foot hole filled with pee that accumilated througout the day – Strange but true – I thought I was the MAN for breaking into a gig , now i feel stupid and violated.

  19. an ‘eye-opening’ commercial for the whole family

  20. Thank you for the “shout out” Alex, speaking of the show, I just saw the newest episode. The opening scene has a song that has some very sync filled lyrics seeing as you used wolves howling at the full moon for this shows banner. The episode is about a werewolf who just wants to die, but can’t because lycans are immortal. Anyway the lyrics;

    Don’t blame the moon, just blame your smile
    It kisses many devils that are fashioned out of style
    It only flows
    Tracing silhouettes of skeletons that arose
    Don’t blame the moon, don’t blame the moon
    She’ll clear her name soon

    Is it just me or does that imply zombies of sorts rising out of the depths of hell?

  21. Pavs, remarkable what lengths that “men” will go to in order to avoid paying for receiving their full complement of gay programming. 😯 A bit tragic, a bit funny. Thanks for sharing.

    aferrismoon, for now, I’ll thank you for sharing the word “robota” with us. In a few minutes I’m gonna call my Russian friend and yell at him for having failed to share this ultra-revealing word with me yet.

    raffi, beautiful! 👿 Were I a sick bastard, I’d say it brought a tear to my eye. But, I’m practical, and shudder, as that’s no different from the average westernized english-speaking families who do get in a car together and play shit by Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas and [insert-name of hip-hop act here] that do already pretty much say “fuck me in the ass.”

    Immortallywounded, most interesting to me is the lyric “don’t blame the moon, she’ll clear her name soon.” Is that a hint that we’ve been blaming the lunasea on the wrong entity/side and that the blame lies on the ass-worshipping boy-cult of Jehovah/Zues?

  22. Ja ich verstehe Sie sehr gut Herr Rebel 😉

  23. I synched “opel lope pole” while studying the new 10 dollar bill and its water mark of Hamilton, the banker traitor as outlined in Ustream’s “10 Dollar Bill is the Patriot Act”.

    “People” and the water mark are interacting as sigil/spell that makes the yod (10 = creative hand) burn down the paper money via the EURion torch also on the bill.

    The watermark egg cuts PE off people. PE means mouth, so the synch is “no mouth” for the people, ie Patriot Act shuts the mouths. What is left in the fragile egg is “ople”. Salvador Dali coinky-dink left a sure road map here.

    As coinky-dink had it the car OPEL had made the news when the bill was issued with GM. And so easy to see was the anagram tie of OPEL which is OZ, see OPEL OZ 77.

    Ozcarion racer fashion, ie you obey the path made for you, oh idol-worshiper in “opel lope pole” or “in the land of OZ the car runs around its center”. In this case and in all idol worshiping cases the creative power answers you through your idol. Ask Professor Marvel if his balloon will fly without him!

    All Patriots are fruits of a seed sewn in their hearts by an ideal outside themselves. A reaction to some tyrant, some oppressor … as planned. This afterall is the secret to slavery through carrot freedom.

    The 10 thou shalts of the Bill of Rights are antithesis of Egypt/Israel’s 10 thou shalt nots of the Old Testy. This carrot of you cant and now you can is all external law. All externalities find their power in how the idol was crafted. All internalities have as their source … you and you alone. Same as the outside. Yet one leads to freedom that is in you, the other is carrot of freedom without you.

    Its so easy to make the donkey carry its own being to a cross it was making for itself all along. Ask Jesus!

    1776 = 888 x 2 or the Jesus as two.

    1776-666 = 1110 or when you take the carrot of freedom and remove its beast of burden (ie the car or power that made it possible, afterall is not Opel “we live cars”?) you are left with Aleph, the greater, 1110.

    Aleph is phonetically made up of aleph-lammed-pe or 1+30+80 = 111

    To not flow with the pulsation of Aleph can only have one answer, petrefication or to live in the kingdom of iron. Cars are so free, the very symbol of American freedom.

    The voice of the kingdom of iron is “resist” (as we want you to) and this is the message of “the Empire Never Died” and “to fight Empire is to become infected with the Empire” or “those who live by the sword, die by the sword”.

    This is Suares solution to the daggers, ie the kingdom of Iron, amongst the disciples. Peter has a dagger in his hand, Judas IS the dagger. External vs. internal. This is the pole of the arrangement hence Draco in the sky governs the magnetic wheel of the bb’s, here, there and everywhere.

    Who were those masked men? Those revolutionaries? Paterfamilias of all Patriots!

  24. Celt, would you please post the links to youtube videos?
    There are some countries where youtube is banned. Sounds crazy yet true. We need some links. Thank you.

  25. I started high school in 1980 and graduated from college in 1988 so I was raised on MTV and John Hughes movies which I sure has left me warped in untold ways. However, at 43 I am finding myself more and more alienated from people younger than me. I’m an older mommy so many of my children’s friends have parents in their late 20’s or early 30’s. I consider myself youthful and urbane, so it’s more than just an age thing. I feel like we are from different planets and approach the world in a completely different way.

    If my children’s friends come over and they have parents my age, the kids have manners and follow the house rules. Children with younger parents run amok, demanding treats and making a mess. Those kids also watch Hannah Montana, eat Happy Meals, dress like sluts etc. What a surprise.

    I see school aged kids riding in strollers and I know a woman who carries her very large 5 year old in a sling. These children do not have what we used to call manners and there is extreme familiarity with adults. I find the lack of boundaries, at times, to be frightening and threatening.

    Anyway, I am fighting to keep my children from harms way in spite of everything else. I appreciate those in the blogosphere who are committed to true social awareness.

  26. All this symbolism wasn’t possible two hundred years ago, before mass industrialzation/production/media.I suspect that only now a very small group of people are begining to scratch the surface of the massive occult programming which is taking place.Now that this “awakening” is happening with the advent of the internet,the enemy will ramp up the conditioning and try to shut us down because the enemy “knows the time is short”.Even our cereal boxes are propaganda.Vigilant Mommy struck a chord with me for sure. Is it just me or are the youth that work at Target branwashed zombies. They act weird,unpolite,unfriendly and just plain strange. I have to restrain myself from punching them in the face,I’m not “tough guy” but teenagers these days freak me out.

  27. eugene, wow, that Salvador Dali image is amazing. So telling. Was unaware that Opel aslo used the Oz image too (Nissan’s “Z” Car). Ha, those Challenger ads were a riot.

    defne, I’m a bit confused. If YouTube is banned, then how can you access YouTube at all, even if by link? But, everyone should be able to at least got to the vid’s page by clicking on its title.

    Vigilant Mommy, great comment, always nice to hear from those braving the mirror and shedding their programming, even if it hurts. Kudos to you, and your kids are fortunate for it.

    Jeremy, They [the medes] have indeed figured out ways to embed subconsious programs within subconscious programs.. They (today’s teens) are indeed a strange, and in my opinion, quite unhuman lot. Tomorrow’s will only be worse if we don’t change things.

  28. Very interesting program with aferrismoon – didn’t realise he was a Brit! The cereal box motifs are funny – looking them up, most are discontinued, wonder why? We still have the ‘milk turns brown’ ones though.The whole JFK, Jackie O Onassis thing is intriguing stuff. I’ve found in my personal experience that the millionaires I’ve worked for in the past have had blood on their hands (literally) which is what got them the millions in the first place, so I’m guessing its the same for the Billionaires.

    Its been the 36th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus (here) and a lot of ‘secret political documents’ have come to light showing that the US, UK and Greece were in collusion – allowing the war to take place, even orchestrating ‘events’ from as early as 1965…geopolitical arrangements…like a chess board with pieces being placed exactly where the elites wanted them to go… I hope this is not too off topic but you did mention Smyrna. Cyprus has had its share of ethnic cleansing also, and it’s the home of the Knights of St John and the White Brotherhood…with power that has been handed down through the generations, so no wonder I guess.

  29. hey man I have commented in a while. Just wanted to stop by and drop a music suggestion. not sure if you’ve heard it: The Growing Concern – What Kind Of Life
    Peace and positivity to you man and keep up the good work.

  30. Howdy Reb,

    I am new to your site (though I’ve sent you one comment via this form – 2 or 3 weeks ago now) so forgive me if you’ve already used this pic…. I am reading thru older posts and I”m somewhere around Feb 2010 right now.

    But this pic says a lot!

    I admire your efforts!

  31. the leading female in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has that same hairdo that natalie portman and Hitgirl have had

    PS: http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/1536/dinnerforschmucks.png

    this is an extremely gay movie poster, includes: gay buttsecks, one eye is covered, letters on the left and right edges spell “dicks”

  32. Marty, it’s actually quite relevant. I don’t know the full story of Cyprus, but wherever you find peoples divided and a line demarcated, it’s a safe bet someone is either trying to obfuscate some knowledge/history contained by said place and/or attempt yet another social engineering experiment.

    Jonathan, actually not a bad song, but the psychedellic sound is not my thing, because it drew too much influence from Laurel Canyonites. It asks, “What kind of life would it be if people weren’t allowed to be free?” One just like this we are living I’d presume?

    KPRyan, great [and on topic] picture! The look on Romney’s face and the way he’s putting the glove on suggests he knows exactly what he’s insinuating. No doubt, he’s been “initiated.”

    illusion, yea, I had seen that revealing promo poster. Hm, on top of the wig, you have bitch-boy de jour Ceres and its made for kids. This one’s got the pedo-cult paw-prints all over it. No doubt, many a dumb cunt will take their kids to see it.

    And thanks for sharing that very revealing poster of the latter. One man in back and his boy in front, letting us know that his “one-eye” is being opened.

  33. God, the Elite are working this gay/faggot/queer agenda at full tilt. Every day one runs across more propoganda that’s a kick to the balls.

    Sports were clearly popularized to be social engineering for males. As the CIA created ‘feminism’ and publicized those old whores who made millions destroying families, sports began to target women as well.

    And now as the system reaches its climax, this is the engineering we get from ‘manly’ sports, like Rugby: Enjoy rugby in the capital of love

    Fuck it. I’ll stick to marbles, thank you.

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