Oba ObServing the Dark Ones

Dennis Fetcho from The Illuminatus Observor was my guest this Sunday, August 8.

Dennis brought his knowledge of Tarot, Qabalah, Gematria, Numerology [The show was on 8/8], Mathematics and The Occult along, and we made an attempt to get into what the idea behind his Isisian Codes is about [downloadable]:


It was great to get feedback from Dennis on the pederast ass-worshiping cult that is in power over many of our institutions. Their footprints are to be found everywhere. From media to business, to politics, to the [corrupted] mystery schools themselves. They are everywhere. The shit is bloody boy-fucking everywhere!

I’d suspect the pederast Cult of Zues/JewPeter, may be one and the same as that of Jehovah, Seth, Typhon. Thanks to James Ratte, I’ve learned that the gay male temple whores of Old Babylon were called “assinu.” What else would you expect?

Respectfully though, I beg to differ with Dennis on the benefits of finding one language, or “one” of anything forced throughout the world. It is the same type of imperial system that has resulted in a good part of the world listening to shit in lieu of music (as detailed before). My rebel nature is weary of any form of “oneness.”

To be honest, I, at one time, spoke five languages. Learning them was not only intellectually rewarding, but looking back, a hell of a lot of fun.

While I can appreciate the need for some order in lieu of total chaos, I, as I have stated on many occasion, will do my part to propagate chaos into the world. The level of law/order is suffocating. The below [right] image highlights Daz’s question about lingual depredation, and may render the benefits of uniformity quite moot:

A couple of you have reminded me of a story/thought I neglected to finish concerning populations and resulting “habits.” For now, I’ll just include a part from an old writing on the subject, one from before I was aware of social engineering:

My friend Eric had been telling me of a theory he has been reading about, and what I observe here in São Paulo, would seem to support that theory. From what he says, this mad social scientist theorizes that in countries with a shrinking population, like Germany, there are fewer women than men of dating/courting/bonking age. Hence, the Helgas, faced with more choices than they can shake a stick at, tend to, physically, let themselves go, while the men/boys get all primped up to go out [in other words, act like girls].

Conversely then, per this same theory, in countries with a booming population, like Brazil, there are more women then men in that pool, so women maintain themselves beyond attractive and become more competitive/aggressive, while men cut the sleeves off their sweaters [something observed here with ridiculous regularity], and cultivate that “showering is overkill” look. Or, something like that.

Below, is the wacky [yet telling] picture of the Obama clan that we talked about. Note the shadows cast by Michelle, Sasha and the edifices. There is no explanation, and there isn’t meant to be. The image is not for the benefit of the public, but someone else. Sadly, I’d hazard that while Obama was off celebrating in shit-town, Sasha was prepped and delivered for some form of vampiric ritual [thanks aud].

Personally, I enjoyed the show and we’ll try to get Dennis back on for a more formal/detailed presentation of how the codes can be used to the betterment of ourselves. Next week Lenon Honor will be on to talk about his latest documentary regarding Media Manipulation and the BP Oil Spill. Hatchets are being sharpened.

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Note: I recently realized that one of the few movies I have promoted as a worthwhile viewing experience, Revolver (2005), needs a special notation. I am recommending the 1:50 UK Theatrical Release and not the, what I can only assume is crap Director’s Cut, that runs 1:15. I can only guess Guy felt obliged by his commitment to artistry, to take out 35 minutes and devote himself full-time to making supergay, yet meaningless films such as Sherlock Holmes and its upcoming sequel. Guess he’s “atoning.”

Note: I would gather the title reference is a bit obtuse, but is a play on Bob Marley singing “Oba, ob-serving the hypocrites, as they would mingle with the good people we meet.” But next week, there will be no need to cry, woman, because Lenon and I will come to tell you, that “everything is gonna be alright!”

~ by celticrebel on August 9, 2010.

20 Responses to “Oba ObServing the Dark Ones”

  1. Hey Alex, it’s Steve and Anna, I thought the shadow looked a bit like someone holding a rifle, or perhaps your right and it’s a phallus, who knows for sure…

  2. Hi Alex,
    Great show, Dennis’ site is one that strikes a powerful intuitive cord – even if going beyond to a fuller understanding is going to take time and work.
    Meanwhile, the media, reclaiming a purposeful grip on the meaning of words (spells), the sentencing, etc, is something we can all do?
    In simple terms, countering the glamour cast for us to enter – tainment.
    Not just looking but seeing. You’ve got a good eye, keep doing what you do, and Fetch too (I especially enjoyed his re-create rather than modify to avoid inherent corruption).
    I’d like to share some words, a Sanity Clause prompted by a personal synch (I’m in the middle of pitching the script it comes from). It made me smile when you got to mentioning established celebrations, the power they wield and particularly the Fatman in his stupid-hero costume;

    “Santa fuck’s not fucking Santa, he’s fucking your Mother and while he does; it’s the Others come sneaking round your House in dead of night to steal your fucking children.”

    Best wishes

  3. Here in Cyprus, twice a year, there are ‘Mind, Body, and Spirit’ festivals. Usually they are held at posh city center hotels, with a very small entrance fee you can listen to talks on any subject to do with the supernatural and paranormal. From my experiences in the UK, I like to go along to these events and see if there is anything new happening. When I go to these new age events I see the ‘same old same ole’ with even the spiritualists and mediums, palm readers, tarot card readers (I am quite experienced in this myself), from the UK coming over to the island to make a few Euros. Each stall, each table, costs at least Euros 30.00 to 60.00+ for a reading, a talk, an insight into the unknown…Everything is covered from the ‘collective unconscious rythmes created before the 9/11 event’ to the bible codes, or UFos, or psychometry, auras, astral projection, reiki etc etc etc…
    The knowledge and tricks-of-the-trade- if you like – are the same throughout Europe (I can’t speak for the US but I know that esoteric subjects and the occult were never thought of as ‘dangerous’ and taboo in the UK in the 1970s-80s!)
    Because of my experience, going around these festivals with differnt friends, I can always predict the outcome of the readings and ‘advice’ being given to my friends…almost like a script…and I am talking about very wellknown and respected ‘authorities on the occult’…
    These kind of events, are on the whole…pure manipulation…
    Of course, the reason that these high profile occultist are targeting Cyprus is because it is a predominatly Christian Orthodox country where the population has become dissolutioned with the church and the church leaders…perfect ground to infiltrate and ‘indoctrinate’ to ‘new ideas’ as the population is looking for exactly this!!
    To me, THIS is what the New World Order is really all about…false beliefs of whatever you like…the belief in ‘dangerous’ powers…a fear tactic in its purest form! Replacing one belief with another…to me…more destructive belief.

  4. 77 like in 69
    by way of ass terik

    7 * 7 = 42

    that shadow penis is attached to a shadow Egyptian

  5. anna, hey. Perhaps that is what it’s meant to represent if you look at the situation. One thing for sure, that pic is “not right.”

    JohnLeB, thanks for the feedback. Yes, Satan’s Claws do run deep. The Fat Man [an anal vampire] wants to ride our children’s chimney-holes and we dumb cunts invite him in.

    Marty, well stated and a good example of how the system works, when you can’t milk the old system, let your gurus lead the lemmings headlong into another.

    ron, perhaps your latter math is off the mark, but your insight is right on it. It’s now got me thinking of perhaps an esoteric reason for the keyboard layout beyond the official story . I wonder if Juan Carlos is of Royal Egyptian lineage?

  6. Rebel, you forgot to tell about your theory regarding the dropping birth rate in Europe after the commercial.

    Interesting photo. I’ve been wondering about the source of this crazy symbolic stuff you can find all over the place. It’s too easy to explain it away with “coincidence” but it’s also too easy to say it’s all staged as some grand human conspiracy. The more I see it the more I have a problem with thinking it’s done on a conscious level.

    I’ve noticed in life that the universe has a lot of humor for those who pay attention. When you look at global events, how situations in your life work out. It almost seems there’s a hidden hand at work that creates a path and presents us information. Is this force our unconsciousness speaking? Is it external?

    I’m really leaning towards “coincidence” being some sort of code you can crack.

    I’m pretty sure there’s some object blocking the sun just outside the frame and you can rationally explain it away. The code doesn’t use supernatural events to present itself, it just appears as a coincidence or accident in plain sight ready to be decoded. There’s clearly a pattern.

  7. Great Show. One of my favourites so far and probably one of the best guests you’ve had on. Invite him back quickly please.

  8. Interesting photo: it’s part of a photo essay at yahoo news. There are three photos taken at Alhambra Palace in Grenada, and the shadows in all three look wrong. But the shadow of the invisible monster phallus is certainly the strangest.

    In the picture above, did you notice that Michelle doesn’t cast a shadow at all?

  9. Dear Alex,

    thank you for this audio-encouter, even though it naturally must be one-sided.

    If something doesn’t bore or annoy me to death I think that there must be something worthwhile. Your conversations, especially in this case and with this guest, were of much inspiration to me.

    I really long to know more, but I guess that nobody can skip long-term reading and thinking. Even if they have done this for a long time. You must start all over again – if you must.

    Anyway, as for the picture: I really like to analyze shadows on pictures in order to determine if something is real or not even realistic (e.g. some of the moonlandig pictures). This picture here does not seem abnormal to me. At first, you could ask: where is Michelle’s shadow? Well, it is in the left hand lower corner because she is closer to the viewer than the little girl, whose shadow is right behind her, just like the shadows of the two pillars. The shadow on the right hand side (phallic) seems to come from some object that is pointed to the viewer and not to the girl. This is why the shadow-question is not impossible to unerstand. It may be a fountain, for example, of which there are enough in Spain (or Europe in general).

    Yes, and like someone else here noticed, you forgot to speak of Germany and the low birth rates there.

    That happens to be where I come from.

    Greetings from Old Europe.


  10. alex, interesting thoughts and perhaps an interesting theory in the works there. Me on the other hand, the more I “see,” the more I see manipulation, even if it’s just a gentle nudge or the individual or of the web/aether. While I’d to the story more justice on air, I’m including the gist of what you guys missed.

    Steven, Dennis will be back on and as post-show write-up suggests, to expand in more detail.

    newhavensundayvigil, looks like Yahoo pulled that photo essay. Have to wonder if i/eye, or my observation, was responsible??? Michelle’s shadow is way off to the left [in this pic], again suggesting something very strange afoot.

    Tourandot, glad the show delivered and thanks for the comment. Have to disagree with your photo analysis, as I don’t think there is any explanation that could account for the three people/objects and their respective shadows. The story/video I attached for support is also very “weird.”

  11. Great show as usual, some important topics were breached. Invite Dennis back for another show sometime, he was awesome.

  12. Hey Celt,
    Haven’t got time to read and don’t know if this link’s germane to this post, but still wanted to give you this link. Thot you mite find it verry inner’esting. 😉 Children ‘at risk from pop charts porn’: Top producer Mike Stock blasts his own industry


  13. Apparently the safe sex education revolution is in full swing. Even these 3 cats are in on it. Alexander Grunke guilty in plot to rob grave for corpse sex

  14. Hey Alex, you didn’t bring this up in ”don’t go west”, but your work implied that the ”back side” of the great seal of the U.S.A., is one for sodomy…1 the eye, 2 the pyramid which is a phallic symbol and 3 with the symbolic eye on top of it, the pyramid’s tip is not showing…because it is up there! lol I think their secret is a secret because it is shameful…some much for the wizards of Oz

  15. Jon, thanks, we’ll call that another “aye” vote.

    annemarie, yea, the point Mike makes is valid, but the article (well, I guess, consider the source) is twisted. People like Stock paved the pop/poop road for exactly what’s happening today in terms of whorification. Then, it paints the phenom as recent with, “talking to mothers’ groups, they were saying that even they have lost faith in brands like Disney.” Huh? Perhaps, very few can see the bigger picture?

    Pavman, that story is just too bizarre to even contemplate. Then again, today’s youth are so unreal in so many ways.

    Easterngateguardian< can't say I've considered that before, but you present a fair argument. The legs spread out do form a pyramid shape, with the anus/doorway at the upper plateau, and 33 steps/vertebrae above that lies the pineal gland, aka the 3rd eye. The Setians/Jehovists would be, pardon the pun, all over that shit.

  16. Hi Alex,

    thanks for your thoughts on the shrinking population in Germany. But I disagree somewhat. I hope you don’t mind if I give my views.

    The law of supply and demand can only come into effect if there aren’t stronger forces at work. (And also, I have to admit that I am not so much of a darwinist.)

    What I see much clearer happening in Germany and Europe in general is a growing alienation from society towards the individual and from the individual towards society. The thing that has been happening here since about five years, is really the crumbling of order that came from a strong middle class consciousness. This middle class has already disappeared. Many people don’t realize this consciously, but sub-consciously they do. Racism, arrogance and aggressivity are on the rise. People are starting to question the way that other people live (are X and Y below or above my social status and how will it look if people realize that I am in connection with X or Y). This is sad because that used to be a nice thing about this country that nobody really cared if someone lived differently or not. It was also not a source of fear or hate. This has changed because politics have led to the destruction of the middle class and everyone is afraid to belong to the outcasts or being unrightfully confused with an outcast. These fears are also constantly and penetrantly propagated by the media.

    Therefore a lot of people (male and female, because this is not about partying, this is much more existencial) are actually trying to dress better and more socially conscious than before.

    So the question is: what age groups and which social groups are we talking about?

    The new youth (14-20 yrs.) is almost exaggeratedly fashionable. I always wonder how they manage to comb their hair in such a perfect way that not even on hair sticks out or bends differently. This is true for both sexes. It is also obvious to me that they are insanely self-confident. As if they thought the world belonged to them.

    But there are many other groups that one would have to look at in depth. I am not sure whether these layers are very visible for a well informed foreigner or not.

    But I do think that whatever is happening, it is happening because of media. And the strategies are very specific and spot-on in every country.

    Have a nice weekend!

  17. 42?
    According to Douglas Adams in ‘The HitchHikers’ Guide ToThe Galaxy’, it’s the hypercomputer Deep Thought’s long-considered reply to the question as to what is the final answer to the Ultimate Question of Life. So you may be nearing the end of your search if you’re seeing it everywhere =)

    Fascinating show, Mr Fetcho was a very worthy guest.

  18. Hi Alex,

    Just wanted to say “thanks” for the invite on the show and the comments here have been really great. Regarding the number “42” as was asked in the show. I had no answer then, but I believe I have the answer now, courtesy of one of the silent contributors to the Illuminatus Observor.

    1) The rainbow is a symbol of gay pride, as opposed to gay liberation, which used the pink triangle on various colored fields.
    Jim Ferrigan, 14 Feb 2003

    The plain 6 stripes does seem to be the flag of choice over the world and probably so for a simple reason of recognition: the flag is often use to mark gay friendly (and in some place, gay safe) establishment so you want to be sure that your target clientele will recognise you.
    Marc Pasquin, 26 Oct 2004

    The interesting point here is the way in which a “rainbow” is viewed or comes into vision.

    2) Primary rainbows shows red as the colour on the outside, leading through to violet on the inside. You will see a primary rainbow at an anti solar point of 42 degrees. An anti solar point is the shadow of your head, directly away from the sun. In the photo above you can see the primary rainbow very clearly.


    So the NUMBER 42 is equated to the degree at which a Rainbow comes into view, and a RAINBOW, or more accurately, the “Rainbow Flag”, is associated with “Gay Pride”.

    Hence, there is a calculated link between “Gay Pride”, “the Rainbow Flag”, and its “sacred sequence”, or the numerical number which is attached to the archetype, the NUMBER 42, representing the degrees at which the “Rainbow” comes into vision.

    The Number 42 is (conjecturally) linked to “Gay Pride”, and the ARSE FIXATION that the Celtic Rebel so efficiently exposes…

    The Fetch

  19. Rainbows are also an OZ trigger for Mind Control. Which makes sense since OZ is a prison and the rainbow is our limited perception.

  20. Tourandot, well, reread the passage I shared again, it states the theory wasn’t mine and it was written before I was aware of social engineering. But, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic…

    Oz Factor, yes, I was aware that Adams implanted the number/meme deep into mass consciousness via his series, and it was later propagated as “the answer” by many who either followed him or heard it along the way. The point I made was it connects to the Cult of JTS, and hence, represents control/perversion instead of solutions/synchronicity.

    Dennis Fetcho, appreciate you looking into the number yourself, and bringing a different perspective and sharing herein. Good take on how it’s the angle that it comes into view, and wherever you look now, you see bloody “rainbows.” THEY are coming out and almost every representation has a degenerative agenda behind it. The gays, who’ve been conned that the rainbow is their own, are just as foolish as every other useful replicant who fell for the sales pitches.

    James Ratte, good addition. If rainbows point the way to OZ, then the immersion of rainbows into the media mind-fuck machine … are signposts that Oz is near, and coming to us. As my work has shown, Oz is god-damned prison, one [being] built to last for eternity. And what a monumental scam it is, to get the prisoners to happily build it themselves.

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