The Jesus Box and the Event Horizon

Took a week off the air to clear my head. It had nothing to do with Easter [well, aside from the more traditional bachanalian spirit], as I’d been meaning to get into the topic of the Crucifixion. Nothing against Christians, but if you follow the version dictated as history by the Christ’s murderers, then you are tripping!

christian trippersborn to die

My podcast partner Jeremy once suggested I bring on “one of your [my] more erudite commenters,” and I did so this week, Eugene from Underground Stream (who wrote this piece in preparation). The show is below:


I apologize for all the technical problems, some of which were my own fault. Can’t exactly put all the blame on gremlins, though I’m sure there are many forces out there who’d prefer people not open their mind to alternate versions of the “what” of the christ, other than the current agreed upon cartoonish version of events.

playmobil crucifiction

Whether Eugene and I [completely, or even remotely] agreed on events that may or may not have ever transpired is irrelevant. The reason I brought him on is because he offers unique perspectives and interpretations of the parables. We need to ask a lot of questions before we ever get around to finding any answers.

god's powerjesus and superman

Whoever Jesus/Iasou was, he was not the puppet/stick-figure Rome holds up before us. These shitheads are in on it, and have been, rest assured.

whitney the whore houstoncrazy wave pope

If you haven’t heard/read the last show/article I did, then you need to, otherwise you will never understand the world around you. The information contained within really is the “They Live” glasses. The big picture will allude you otherwise.

they live gaydar glasses

So, the guy that “pierced” the side of Christ, perhaps the “blind side,” has been presented in various forms over the years. Whatever the case, he does hold a place of prominence in St. Peter’s Square. What was it? Long Anus? Long In Us?

longinus spearone eye long anuslove the cock

Luke 23:47 Now when the centurion saw what was done, he glorified God, saying, “Certainly this was a righteous man.” That centurion was Longinus. What was it that was done to glorify God? Could we say that it was the healing of his eye that was blind? So, which “eye” would that be? The brown one?

spear of destinycock of destiny

Why do my instincts tell me the heralded Spear of Destiny is more closely captured by the image on the right, and not [the mainstream lie] on the left?

penis bridge

The above image was coincidentally forwarded to me this past week. It was from one of those “omg, can you believe this” e-mails people forward on to each other mindlessly. The image was followed by the “clever” [original] author saying, “So, where do you think this bridge is located?” … [long pause to add to suspense] … “It’s the bridge leading to St Peter’s Bassilica!!! OMG! Can you believe it?”

blind side cock

Yes, I can. Where the fuck else would it be? It’s always been about THE COCK [not to be confused with “the cock,” one whose lack of stature wouldn’t go that “long” in us]. The above “accidental conjecture” is from the Oscar-winning Blind Side, yet another butt-warming tale/tail crafted by the priest class. It was a tear-jerker!

alex jones defends jason bermas

I broached the movie again on Thursday when I was on Lee Rogers [not available] to discuss, among other things, the initiated mystery schools. Neglected to mention Team W was playing Team M, hence a grid-forming combo of letters squaring off on the grid-iron. The object of the game? To get to the End Zone.


Was Jones, per Lee’s question, initiated when he went out West to film his infamous expose on the Bohemian Grove? Who knows, but that is what takes place there. Did the neophyte Jason Bermas really have to “pitch a tent” outside of the Jones residence when he moved to Austin to be with his mentor? Who knows?

giant stone cock

The above image is from Cappadocia, Turkey. This phallic cult goes way back. Way back. But there’s only one place that has more phalli erected, and that would be St. Peter’s. Erected stones. Petrification. Hard as a rock. A life devoted to the lower vibrations. It should all be adding up [into one nice package].

The level of disconnect most people have just astounds me. I would think that to mention that a “peter” is yet another common name for a penis is overkill, but who knows these days. Probably but[t] one, of many reasons, why that mockery of man, [fat, effeminate and stupid] Peter from Family Guy has balls on his chin.

jesus has a huge dickbarcelona penis

The above two images or both quite “real” and were discussed during the show with Lee. The first is a testament to how good religious brainwashing blinds people to the obvious, and IMO, damn impressive piece of equipment drawn on the Jesus [thanks to Rocko for the article]. The later phallus is from Malta [and a recent news item]. Honestly, people worried the Pope, of all people, would be offended by a giant blue penis? God, I’m convinced one of the worst things you can do to a young child is subject them to religious indoctrination. Blindness inevitably follows.

young organsmy baby's bottom

What also astounds me is how so many people are so outraged and more so, “shocked” by the revelations of man-on-boy sex coming out of said place. The only thing new is that, for some reason, the media is being allowed to run with these news stories. There is a specific [and intentional] method to the madness.

glee anus auditions

The priest class, whether bishops, mullahs, or rabbis has always been into the mysteries [and by mysteries, I mean “anal exploration”]. The above ad appeared on myspace shortly after my last article. Per the fine print, you must be at least 16 before you’re allowed to participate in having your third eye made blind. Hm?

3EBthird eye blinecrucifixion humor

Yes, that is yet another euphemism for “butt sex.” That’s what they are into. But, were you fortunate enough to be in Vatican City, you wouldn’t have to wait that long to audition for the priest class. The age of consent in said place is twelve.

jesus christ superstarjesus super anuskanye christ goes west

Coincidentally, that was the [assigned/official] age we are told that Jesus began gaining the attention of all the rabbis in Jerusalem. Interesting [especially, after considering the prior photo suggesting why men of such inclination may have taken notice of such a “gifted” young man]! 😯 Was Jesus initiated? Who knows? Andrew Lloyd Webber seems to imply just that [sooperstar].

But, then again, anyone who knew Andrew well would likely suggest that he was really into that [the mysteries of initiation, and perhaps, young men]. A big hint: he was “English.” A bigger hint: he was “Knighted.” Kanye “West,” on the other hand, most definitely was. Regardless, the questions need to be asked.

gay christjesus in love

The Secret Gospel of Mark [link to book, but found in many sources]: And they come into Bethany. And a certain woman whose brother had died was there. And, coming, she prostrated herself before Jesus and says to him, “Son of David, have mercy on me”. But the disciples rebuked her. And Jesus, being angered , went off with her into the garden where the tomb was, and straightway, going in where the youth was, he stretched forth his hand and raised him, seizing his hand. But the youth, looking upon him, loved him and began to beseech him that he might be with him. And going out of the tomb they came into the house of the youth, for he was rich. And after six days Jesus told him what to do and in the evening the youth comes to him, wearing a linen cloth over his naked body. And he remained with him that night, for Jesus taught him the mystery of the Kingdom of God.

black sun society spearblack anus

The Gospel of Thomas: Jesus said, “Those who seek should not stop seeking until the find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all. [And after they have reigned they will rest.]”

blind eye fun center wormhole

The above image, most certainly qualifies as “disturbing.” It occurred to me after last post, that the rather uninviting “fun hole” on said woman who chose to, um, express herself in such a manner, looked remarkably like one of the worms from Dune. Well known fact: worms are blind. That’s just how the synchromystic knife works. The result: revelation. Alas, perhaps we can guess as to nature of the [legendary] “Black Sun.” Ask Morrissey for a hint if you’re still clueless.

meat is murder

The above image came from a wordpess site where I found the cartoon of the Roman Legionnaire “nailing” the Christ [failed to guess whether the blog title “cows are just food” was sarcasm or ignorance]. Fits in well with the product of our stargates after we stuff death and suffering into the other end. {*1}

As I said in the show, and will stress yet again, anyone who talks about stargates while failing to understand the function of our own, is either a fool, or just too programmed to see what’s located right under his own nose up their own ass.

vagina dentata

Again, I also stress that a vagina is not a stargate. Einstein, while writing on the physics of theoretical wormholes [i.e., stargates] spoke of how you’d need two “black holes” at either end. He theorized travelling through such a construct, were it stable, might enable time travel, yet entering one would lead to us being twisted inside-out and dispersed about as molecules at the other end [something to that effect]. In other words, digestion. Peanut/corn casing technology might assist.

teeth in the tubteeth x-rayslove removal machine

The only reason I included the above images in the preview, was cause I hoped to at least mention how the media has been conspiring, in overdrive, to direct our attention [using fear] away from the vagina and to the anus. Anyone who’s read my blog, or spent even a minimum amount of time researching the topic, would have to concur with that sentiment. I have to admit, the propaganda is a bit scary. It does look like there’s an alien head waiting to devour our energy [rod of power].

condoms are for idiots

As women become more “liberated” [a euphemism for “whorish,” as the nature of the word conjures up the image of horny sailors on shore leave], the number of them prone to pass on a disease to a headstrong vagina-oriented suitor has increased exponentially. I am of the feeling that is by design too, and that a lot of these diseases would be greatly reduced if women stopped putting unnatural toxic-industrial waste [tampons, condoms, dildoes, vibrators, pretty much anything made of plastic] into their lovenests. Yea I know I’ve written of the topic [and used above image] numerous times, but the average dumb cunt I’ll run into will still try and insist on using condoms. Hence, I’ll harp on and use the image until they stop.

steel traprogue teethdante in hell

The vagina, while not a stargate, is a “dimension door,” something you can use to step from one reality [box] into the next [3D Construct]. Hm, kind of odd that Dimension Extreme would have put out the Vagina Dentata movie [said movie, Teeth, is but one of many interrelated topics that Stygian Port and I delved into during the last/best podcast]. Interesting the above series of films is also rather suggestive of vaginas. The 9-month period Eugene spoke of is called “incubation.”

pat boone dick in a box

I include the above image, not just to make fun of the ultra-Christian family-friendly fraud who called himself Pat Boone, but to make us stop and reflect on the concept of a “dick in a box.” One, it can be a euphemism for coitus. Two, it does seem a rather disingenious way for Pat’s ilk to give children their “toy surprise.” Three, it’s likely a good phrase to help those looking for the Spear of Destiny. [Not] lastly, Teeth featured, and rather graphically, a fair number of detached phalli.

scary vaginavagina flower of lifesatan box

Scary shit, right? I actually have met and talked to, quite a number of people now who personally know of heterosexuals [boys and girls] who practice only anal sex. Regardless of the reasons, the agenda is served. Symbolically, we, as a species are being turned away from the natural “flower of life” [the center image above is allegedly an actual flower], and diverted to instead to the “hell-hole” [i.e., the entrance to the bowels of hell]

As I summarized [in one of said podcasts], when a Christian mother appears on one of the daytime talk shows, and boasts about how her “good Christian” daughter is saving herself for marriage, by practicing only sodomy … [assuming it hasn’t happened already] that’s the day the engineers will break out the champagne.

jesus never callsjesus freakwhy jesus died

I coded the above images as “Christian Pornography,” because that is exactly what the mainstream version of Christianity was been reduced to. Shit.

pat praises satanpat time claw

You can thank the likes of Pat Robertson and all the other Evangelical Servants of Dis for that. They’re the same cunts [¿if you don’t like that word, got a better one?] who sent all the missionaries about into Central and South America with severely-revised Israel-friendly Bibles back in the glory[hole] days. They’re also the same cunts who funded and sent in the death squads to wipe out all the natives who didn’t accept them. Pat’s got an uncanny habit of revealing his true allegiances.

rosemary's babylive h2o

Lastly, we closed [well, technically, “we tried to”] with the topic of whether or not Prince William will be the Antichrist. My apologies for my lack of courage to try and get this information out last June while this was happening. Basically, I was summarizing it was some kind bathroom scene from End of Days meets Rosemary’s Baby scenario. Hope none of you dumb cunts took part in the Concert for the Living Water the Vatican-stooge Len Horrorwitz was promoting (read all about it here).

dark prince bullshit

Much has been written about the possibility that Prince William, whose name is literally I AM WILL [particularly, as one Yoda/Judah might say it], will be The One as this whole plan for Zion, Oz, Kingdom of Iron, Eternal Prison, Hell on Earth agenda is set to take place on the XXX Olympiad [“ZION”] in the New Jerusalem [London] on the Summer Solstice of 2012, just when the Prince [and/or whatever spirit has since possessed him] turns 30. {*2}

Rik Clay had done some great research into the topic, until his untimely death. Perhaps, that was an additional reason I backed off the information previously [some other weird things were going on at the time]. A lot of old sources seem to have disappeared since then, and I’m weary of Bible-thumping prophets of doom.

jesus lambprince lamb

I’ve gotten over my fears, and I think these last two articles should demonstrate just that. Make of this one what you will. I’m not saying that I have any of the answers to this quagmire, but hopefully Eugene and I asked a lot of good questions. Keep you two eyes open and your third-eye protected, lest you get “blind sided.”

jennifer is hungry

And whatever happens, don’t let the information scare you. That is exactly what they want from those they would imprison/absorb/consume.

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*1: (A) Please respect copyright! (B) For those relatively new, I discuss the workings of the human stargate in this article. (C) Zionist boy-toy Quentin Tarantula obviously understands the “hammer/nail” metaphor, and it’s a safe bet that he’s been initiated [and immensely enjoyed the experience]. [LB]

*2: Aferissmoon, a blogger I had hoped to rope into the topic somehow, has coincidentally written a post where he discusses The [once and future] King of Zion, among a few other challenging thoughts.

As for me, lest it apply to the Ring of Fire postscript, am moving on to some other topics sitting in the queue. Hence, this Sunday, my gift to those who’ve been patient will be Romance is Dead [aka, “why your socially engineered love life sucks”]. [LB]

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37 Responses to “The Jesus Box and the Event Horizon”

  1. in the chatroom, during the early off air problems, someone typed ‘Best Show EVER.’

    I will have to second that now that the show is complete. Eugene had my head spinning with the revelations he brought. Thanks guys.

  2. Where’s the podcast? I am jonesing for some rebel!

  3. I was looking at Teeth over the weekend !! IMAGE

    I started watching this @ but the sound was off !! Right off the getgo her snapper was explored via the kiddy pool! Wonder if they used any SWOLLEN MEMBERS – ARMED TO THE TEETH in that sound track?? 😉

  4. ^Actually that was me who said that. I was being sarcastic but I knew this was a very interesting non sodomy(sort of) topic and I couldn’t wait to hear where Alex would go with it. I was not disappointed. Ironically enough this was also one of the funnier shows, even if it was unintentional. Charlie Sheen didn’t even have to call in or anything.

  5. Karl, wow, really? I guess we’ll have to have the boy back on. 😐 Free of technical problems this time hopefully.

    b.l.donnelly, now here. Surprisingly, didn’t take that long cause his article kind of wrote itself.

    Volux, had never seen that poster before. Very fishy. Red snapper. Red tide. Geez, all the sca[l/r]y references could make a young man look for another route 😉

    immortallywounded, “sort of” would be the operative phrase in that sentence. Hm, and just to think a few hours before showtime I was kicking myself for not having some comedy prepared.

  6. No. 2 means something else where I come from Girl having sex with priest said “I thought it wasn’t that bad to have sex with him because when I told priests about it at confession they just told me to pray and that was it. They knew, and some of them guessed that it was Father Tato. But everyone looked the other way. No one corrected or helped me.”

    It wasn’t too bad!? Back in Malleus Malificarium days dear they would have shaved you and probed you at will looking for Satan’s mark (aka moles, birth marks, freckles = any excuse) and then tortured you till you confessed…to something, anything. So it wasn’t so bad then ehh? How effective the spell worked! Now we rape and kill with candy-canes, you’ll like it.

    The church is still not repentant of these things even when the light is turned on them. Back in the day there was no light to expose them and what a heyday they had.

    “Everyone looked the other way” = they’re all blind. And “when the blind lead the blind, will both not fall into a ditch?” Your own master said it best. Too bad so sad dear Pope-peeps, its gonna get burned to the ground and the treasures and secrets are gonna get looted and exposed. Then the graves are gonna get dug up, your relics and history obliterated. Why? Karma! Justice! You’ve earned it.

    “The archbishop acknowledged Cox had shown “affection that was a bit exuberant,” especially toward children, but said, “I’m not aware of any formal allegation backed by evidence.””

    Cocks no less! Can you believe the gall of the Archbishop to say “affection that was a bit too exuberant”? What balls! No formal evidence backed by evidence?!

    Dear fool, the shit on your COX, the murderous grin on your pedophile face, your lying tongue, and the dead/maimed/broken children are prima facia.

    This monstrosity MAY crumble and blow away in our lifetimes. The ghosts of BILLIONS would sing and rejoice! If and only if the spirit of ISCARIOTES is strong enough to good-bye kiss and hand over the Petrefied idol to its well deserved rest.

    Here is the mindset of the shells… hit play, if this doesn’t work, hit playlist, then replay [video]

    All of the scriptures quoted by this robot (who demanding one wait/believe only in the next life, while throwing away this life to the TPTB) were crafted by the Atonists to achieve this very robot programming.

    Lay down and accept the kingdom of Iron, after all its God’s will!!!!

    I pray that the Spirit of Judas rise into each, calling, cajoling each to rebel, resist, question, live your self, not your shell. This is the only true spirit of Christ, to resist a so-called Father who wants to crucify his own son, on a murderers cross, on his spear of love, saying its for the “good of all”.

    Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

  7. The dick in a box also closely recalls the phallus of Dionysus that was saved in an ark by Athena.

    Jesus is crucified in the “Place of the Skull” between two thieves (eyes): one thief (eye) ascends into Paradise, the other descends into hell. Thus two eyes of Horus.

    Apologies if you’ve mentioned this before. It’s hard to remember sources sometimes.

  8. Good stuff! I missed the first 2/3rds that night so I had to check out the archive, though it appears to have mostly been dead air… 😀

    All the spear talk reminded me that Lucifer’s, or at least Beelzebub’s, weapon of choice is also a long spear.

  9. eugene, perhaps you are a little over-exuberant in your analysis of the well-meaning holy men? 😈 Jesus Fucking Christ! That video link you posted pissed me off. What a cunt that guy is! How convenient the “word of god” is something they can edit to suit their plans. Oh, if only I had such power:

    Revelations 6:6 “And the kingdom of God shall cometh, but only if you take the best of your daughters, not thy fatter one and keep her pure until she reaches the ageth of consent as decreed by your rulers and masters. And upon that date, deliver her as an offering to thy Rebel of a Celtic nature and instruct her to fellate him until he fill her with the seed of thy loins. And should her lovenest not stinketh of death, she may lieth with the rebel for a night, and he will know her. And from then forth, all your days will be blessed, so sayeth the Lord.”

    On second thought, probably for the better I not have such power. It could be a corrupting influence.

    Eleleth, wow! I was unaware of that archetypal precedent. Thank you, as usual, for bringing your knowledge on the subject to bear/bare.

    ViolatoR, it must be Bielzebubb’s, because as far as I’m aware Lucy doesn’t have a penis, though they tell me she prefers the spear to the sword. 😳

  10. a top ten list worth seeing

    The recent cover of SI…

    “This Might Hurt” in the (white red headed) city of brotherly love…

    Plus 44 pages of “scouting” reports

    And in the article it states…

    “There is an adage among scouts that the shape of a player’s butt helps project what the prospect will become. Kids with flat butts generally don’t fill out much. Kids with a curved butt will add strength to their frame – what scouts call good weight.”

    How’s that for some glasses?

  11. There is another Alexander who also had some interesting thoughts on Jesus:

    It sure would be nice to have someone like Kubrick still making movies. Methinks his eyes had opened too much for the liking of Holy Wood.

    A Clockwork Orange had much to do with sexual organs(!), but it is nothing like the trash coming out today.

    Prison Chaplain: “Goodness is something to be chosen. When a man cannot choose he ceases to be a man.” Of course, the chaplain also wants a piece of de large.

    Good post, Alex.

  12. The show was mindblowing. There’s a part of me that’s somewhere in the fetal position in a puddle of my own piss and tears as I process this stuff. But I guess I should be thankful it’s not from the hands of any clergy. Thank you CR & Eugene!

  13. You seen this one yet? Controversial crucifix creates rift at Warr Acres church

  14. Considering how much reading on conspiracy stuff I do, I don’t know why it took me so long to find this website. It’s fantastic and now I’m hooked. Thanks so much for all the hard work, Rebel. Really fascinating stuff!

  15. eugene, coded and coded deeply that cover is. I can’t recall where I said it before, but the bullshit served to the mASSes, that philadelphia is the “city of brotherly love” is only half-truth. The choice of vowels tells volumes to any “in the know.” Literally, by using the feminine, they are saying [and as is explicit in even modern Greek slang] that it is the city “friendly to homosexual, um, kisses.”

    Ferdinand, that scene could be interpreted in so many way, Jesus cursing his whore mother’s vagina and the father/serpent/zues that impregnated her is but one. Interesting it closes with a shot of the bride being ass-fixiated [alternately, by a groom who’s presumably “hung”].

    knowglow, well, I hope you’ve either reunited with that part of yourself and have grown since, or have cast it off, as it wasn’t you to begin with. 🙂

    Rocko, no I hadn’t and thanks, because it was too damn good to not include in the article. I’ve corrected it’s minor failing of not giving us proper size image to see it plainly and of course, my “literating” the look on the second woman’s face.

    Witchfinder, thanks my [new] friend. You are welcome here.

  16. I could be wrong but it looks like that bridge with the “interesting” shadows/light pattern is in London. That is a typical London bus and there are several bridges with that pattern across the Thames – perhaps it is one near St. Pauls Cathedral?


    self-explanatory … slogan should read: Pull up a stool .or. 3 stools no whey-ting (for the vegans)

  18. “Teeth” is posted in full on Youtube. The first page of comments were mostly “Not having sex tonight ewww etc” but one guy said “Anal for me tonight!” Bingo. Mission Accomplished…social engineering couldn’t be simpler. Give portal A fangs and divert attention to shiny portal B. ALSO – noticed Adult Swim now has late night “bump” – a dancing animated CONDOM telling viewers “Don’t be a dummy, daddy.” Peter has balls on his chin, and so does his idiot son, and his daughter is a loner lesbian…. now, who wants kids??

  19. Condoms allow people to protect their bitty from the shitty, so buy new “CONDOM IN -‘EM” , a cross between anal sex and sub prime mortgages.

    To do the whole country at once buy NEOCON-DOM [ that’s short for Domination, Honey!]. Place Neocondoms over any phallic object of immense size and then watch them blow. The Neocondom will them dispose of any messy evidence.
    They come in a variety of models-
    The WOLFERWITS – animaaal!
    The Venus-in-Cheney – masochists love the bigbadboys, esp. the VICE prez
    PERLS of Jizzdom
    The grand ole’ daddy – KISS’N’JERKOFF
    The Mickey SHIRTOFF – Sex with airport scanners can be fun
    The BUSH – ohh guys , bush is sooooo passe

    Enjoyed the show, lots to listen to.

    In other versions of the New Testament – eg French translation – Judas DELIVERS rather than BETRAYS. Of course the whole movement would not have existed had he not done so, which is why I can never understand his bad reputation.

    Using the Hebrew letter numbers –
    YHShVH = 326 while YHVDH = 30, together = 356.
    Oddly that’s the total of Flights 11,77,93 and 175.

    The Greek initials [ correct if wrong] would be IX for Iesous Xristos so 9 and reversed 11

    Xristos is oft translated ‘anointed one’ , as apparently Kings were anointed with oil on their heads. Nevertheless the EYECON on your post reveals perhaps another form of ‘anointing’.
    Ooops! thoughts of men – ‘get thee behind me Satan’


  20. Delivers is correct. The greek word is paradidomi and means no more than for me to hand you an ice cream cone or any other object. Betray was used to mask the true meaning of Judas, to make him something he isnt. The scribes of Constantine did a great job in making the text fit the objective. The world soul as MK victim.

    Get thee behind me Satan – hilarious!

    So much to get to, so little time to didomi.

  21. Linnet, I’m not discounting that, as the bus made me a bit suspicious too. The image did take a circuitous route before it reached me. However, it’s not the bridge to St. Paul’s, as the gril/grate is different.

    zwoof, are there stlll words for what may have once shocked me? “This means nothing to me! This means nothing to me! Oh, Vienna”

    Doubleybuck, the idiot stream are always a good place to gauge what the mAsses are thinking [i.e., how they digest the programming]. Have you seen the promo for Adult Swim’s new show, Cheyenne Cinammon, featuring a starlette advising teens to use the back hole instead?

    aferrismoon, he! You ran with it there mate. Judas sayeth, “I know I got a bad reputation, and it isn’t just talk talk talk. If I could only give you everything, you know I haven’t got.” You are correct on the Greek letters I/X. Doh! You did it again. I had missed that connection.

    eguene, didomi could also imply, or be a vowel off/mistranlation, depending on perspective, of the Hellenic word for “twins” … hence adding more substance to your theory, as the word could suggest “to make twins or split in two equals.”

    Oops, almost forgot the supporting image.

  22. zwoof’s stool comment above reminded me of the gay joke Sherlock tell’s in Sherlock Holmes. When he gets arrested, he tells jokes to the other prisoners to keep them at bay (they’re “getting hungry”), and the one he’s telling when he gets bailed out ends with the line: “So the bartender says, ‘May I push in your stool?'” Laughter ensues. Keep in mind in those days it would have been all male patrons at the bar, and that stool = poop, and that pushing it in = … I think you know that by now. Like in Training Day where Denzel takes “a shot in the ass,” his gangster friends talk about “pushing their shit in” in prison.

    Hmm “pushing it in” = “pushing(i)tin” = Billy Bob’s movie Pushing Tin? No wonder they brought it up at the sync whole in relation to their mascot “tin/zeus/jupiter/lightningbolt/#42”

  23. “Grey Matter” by (The Mystic Knights of the) Oingo Boingo

    If they say “Take a big weenie!”….
    If they say “Wasn’t that good?”….
    If they say “Bend over baby!”….
    If they say “Take it and like it!”….

    There’s something inside your head!
    There’s something inside your head!

  24. Violator you’re words are sweet Coco Butter to my crusty knees and elbows. Please visit us more often.

  25. aferrismoon: Paul also says that God “gave them up” to practice homosexuality in Romans 1:26—that is, DELIVERED them into it. The Greek word is παραδίδωμι, which is the same word used for “betrayed” in the KJV. Thus the whole justification for the homoerotic sex-magickal workings of the Naassenes.

    Gives new meaning to the “kiss of Judas,” eh?

  26. aferrismoon’s post humorously reminded me that during George Jr.s terms the media was busy conditioning the world to hate Bush. The Memory Hole works well. And the Longinus reframe gives meaning to the phrase “G’s Us Fucking Christ!”

  27. ViolatoR, ah yes, I had forgotten that golden fecalphile moment from Sherlock Holmes. Intersting observation in regards to Tin and connecting it to the kumbayah-singing blogsterbators. For what it’s worth the two letter code for Tin is SN, which could imply “sin.”

    invisible sun, ah yes. Great catch on the Boingo lyrics. Have to wonder if Elfman was inititated along the way. Hm … he did take over for Prince via the BatMan route and is now “bit-time” in the musical score biz.

    James Ratte, um, are you in the right forum? 😯

    Eleleth, thanks to the additional insight into a word we can now safely guess was given so many meanings to discourage proper translation. Was unfamiliar with androgynous nASSenes. Safe bet they are still among us today.

    Karl, the reframing seems to open up a lot of rabbit holes, some productive. 😮

  28. All Holy texts I feel can be ‘talismanised’ to mean whatever the reader wants.
    They are afetr all EX-pressions that IM-Press us whence they change in relationship to us.

    I feel the Roman Empire and the Juwish priest hierarchy indulged in homo-erotic ‘ritual’ practices which the figure ‘Jesus’ wished to stop. Thus the revelation is for all and not some ‘expert’ priest getting into sex and blood sacrifice .
    He did this by dipping the sop in wine and giving it to Judas. The wine replaced blood and the bread body.

    Jesus as a homosexual seems to be an attack on hetero men getting together to have some serious thoughts.

    Eugene – I tend to the idea that the 3 Abrahamic religions started as ‘fatherly’ religions but have been taken over by the priest-class which then tend to impose a MATRIX of laws and sMOTHER the pulse of the faith.

    AB – hebrew for ‘father’ may just be a cover for AB as Alefbeyt, the word as bypasser of hierarchical priest class matriarchy.

    ABN ‘rock’ via Suares may just mean the Alefbeyt [AB] within Individuals [N]


  29. Have you heard the new White Castle slogan- “Grab a sack, you’ll be back?”

    Bukkake alert on their A1 promotion. “What you crave!”

  30. Did I hear Lee Rogers right? He’s been anal-izing Alex Jones’s Bohemian Grove initiation [57:20]?
    But seriously, there’s something to the fact of his sudden rise to main stream media soon after. The Oligarch’s are all about producing [thus controlling] our Heroes and Anti-Heroes.

  31. don’t know if anyone has seen this already but the lyrics at 1:40 are very interesting 🙂 VIDEO: Jesus is a Friend of Mine by Sonseed

  32. aferrismoon, you raise some very valid points and I’m gonna have to get you on the show one day. The idea that the Romans & Rabbis chose to nail/sodomize and then kill the rebel of lore, may indicate he wasn’t really into the initiation practices they so adored [and still do].

    Rocko, I hadn’t and there wasn’t much subtle about it. Guess they pulled it since. Note how it backfired and they let the “wise” know they were uncovered after.

    yo1dude1man, hehe yea, I wasn’t expecting Lee to ask me how Jones and his anus faired at the Grove. It would make a lot of sense. He’s not really the type to wander about subtly [and don’t forget him talking to the cam while the cremation ceremony was being filmed]. How discreet!

    anotherjiveturkey, Holey Butt-Fucking Shit, Batman! How f’n blatant this video is. OMFG! This came up during my discussion with Lenon in the last show, and will undoubtedly come up again. Thanks!

  33. I’m afraid you are again a bit late.

    “when a Christian mother appears on one of the daytime talk shows, and boasts about how her “good Christian” daughter is saving herself for marriage, by practicing only sodomy … [assuming it hasn’t happened already] that’s the day the engineers will break out the champagne”

    Have you heard about them Christian knights with virginity vows and ceremonies for their daughters? I read an anecdote some years ago that they are keeping their contracts and not breaking their hymens. You probably already mentioned this one:

    Miley Cyrus Is Still a Virgin – Vows Celibacy Until Marriage!! I want to keep my virginity until I marry. I was brought up in a Christian family.

    Be a good Christian girl with MPD, just like Miley. …and remember to use lots of lube. I’m sure there’s Hello Kitten or Bratz lube out there.

    Let’s wait for the direct reference of ‘letting penis in you’re butthole does not take away your pussy virginity.’

    “I coded the above images as “Christian Porn,” because that is exactly what the mainstream version of Christianity was been reduced to. Shit.”

    And thus makes people repel everything related to Christianity.

    Have you ever read articles from them leftist/greenies about how to live sustainable life and minimize your carbon footprint? Their daily routines are as guilt ridden as the fundamentalist Christians they hate. And that Brother Jonas on the right is definitely having a dump. Little synchronisity here, eh?

    I haven’t familiarized myself with that Rik Clay stuff you mentioned but someone has pointed out William (or was it Harry the Nazi?) being redhead and you know how ancient Jews used to sacrifice red haired cows. Orthodox are currently reinstating the practice. Interesting that the history of worlds only (?) red haired people coincides with the same geographical region and chronology.

    Someone needs to factor this in to the equation. The midlevel shitheads try keep out of army but what’s with the royals death wish?

    Al-Qaeda Threatened Prince Harry on his Return to Afghanistan According to Daily News report terrorist group Al-Qaeda has threatened Prince Harry on returning to Afghanistan as an Apache helicopter pilot. The warning was posted on Al-Qaeda Arabic website by the supporters of Osama Bin Laded, saying that he would be kidnapped if he dares to fly in Afghanistan.

    Usually you don’t warn your enemies or post your plans on the internets, but this is The Toilet we’re talking about. Symbols.

    Prince Harry, has been selected for Apache training after he was presented with his pilot’s “wings” by his father, Prince Charles on Friday, May 7. Prince Harry got his Pilot Wings.

    I’m sure daddy has access to some intelligence data or at least enough spare time to browse the net. They may be inbred but obviously not braindead who take their worldview from the Daily Mail, as they can pass helicopter training. Remember the Charles quote ‘it’s the breeding’? What the fuck they are doing then? I don’t buy ‘for sports’ as explanation. Unless they are immortals.

    The website, is one of the first to release a video, in which a spokesman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban claimed responsibility for the failed Times Square bombing.

    We all know why he isn’t really worried about them, but still; he is going to a phony war. Does he have to proof something or take a real risk?

  34. All that imagery of Christ has nothing to do with who Jesus “IS”! Main stream “christianity” also has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. It’s all about raking in money and telling people what they want to hear. Jesus Christ was not a homosexual and never had sex of any kind. That does not mean that his adversary doesn’t want people to think that. Quite the opposite. The Bible says that many will come along and claim to be the Messiah and it warns us not to follow them. It also says that there will be many anti-Christs throughout time. Just because there are many who use Christianity for their own purpose does not mean that the Bible and Jesus are not what they claim to be. It merely means that the Bible is totally correct in forseeing this. The devil, satan, wants people to think that Jesus never existed ot that he was not the only begotten son of God. Many false teachers have taught lies about Jesus in the past and the present. I suggest that you all study the Bible and get to know who Jesus Christ is. If you do you will also find out who the false teachers are. They are easy to identify. All the above are false teachers who are part of the plot to discredit the Bible and Jesus Christ. The Vatican leads people from Christ to other false gods, first of which is the false Mary who has nothing to do with Jesus. Then you have all the saints and magic performing clergy who have the power to call Jesus from heaven at will and put him in a wafer then send him back to heaven when their magical ceremony is terminated. If you refuse to accept Jesus based on the false teachings without making the effort to learn who Jesus really was and is then you are throwing away your one and only opportunity to live eternal life in heaven which is one of the two final destinations of all of us.

    Being a good Christian has nothing to do with virginity. What good is being a virgin when you commit other sins that are just as bad as fornication or worse? Being a virgin is a good thing but if that means in order to maintain your virginity you have anal sex I ask what’s the difference? The Bible says there will come a time when men will use women in an un-natural way. I definitely think this is referring to sex other than the type for pro-creation. Read the following verses and you will see what I say is true. Particularly verses 26, 27 and 31:


    How can Jesus teach these things and at the same time have committed them? It doesn’t add up. So those who spread such things are liars and are teaching a very false doctrine about Jesus Christ.

  35. Didn’t know if you had seen this before, follow the instructions for a funny “coincidence”. Also make sure when you retranslate you set the original language from hebrew to yiddish. Also is it me or does AIDS = 33 numerically?

    A=1 I=9 D=4 S=19 1+9+4+19 = 33

  36. Kurt, sometimes I am guilty of underestimating how far the agenda has gone already. Come to think of it, the whole Billy, Miley and Noah situation is kind of Biblical, in the Lot and his Two Daughters kind of manner. Personally, the phrase “carbon footprint” prevented me from getting laid one night.

    As for the “story,” I’m having a hard time seeing why the CIA/MI6 would put out a hit on the prince. Then again, it could be a psyop on gullible britons, to help them forget his nazi indiscretions. For future reference, wordpress accepts delimiters in angular and not square brackets.

    Ray, while Jesus being a homosexual is obviously up for great debate and that such speculation is based on besmirching by his enemies likely, it’s kind of hard to declare that the Jesus “never had sex of any kind.” Was he not born with a penis???

    While we may agree on the corruption of the teaching of the Jesus, we differ greatly on the validity of a good part of the Bible, one edited, dumbed-down and rewritten by the same forces who had the Rebel Jesus killed. Of course it reveals “the plan,” seeing that the planners edited the book to fit the plan, revising it along the way as the plan changed.

    I appreciate a contrary viewpoint, but I’m sorry I could not leave that ridiculously long batch of quotes from “Romans” … a book named after “The Romans” who killed Jesus and very likely sodomized him as he lay dying…

    Immortallywounded, wow mate, great catch! No, had never seen anyone sum that one up before, but it does make perfect sense now, doesn’t it?

  37. Rebel was right…

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