How Does One Get Loosely Changed?

They say that “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed [wo]man is queen.” I know there’s other interpretations for the cover of the propaganda vehicle that tried all so hard to paint the reigning regent as human, but only the blindest of subjects fell for that nonsense. Can’t say I agree with Icke, but “human” does seem a stretch.

I also can’t say I “hate” the Queen anymore. She too, like me, is just doing her job. I’d once have looked at the above [center] image and said “dumb cunt,” but the regent’s job is to serve her master, and her mysterious master, wants mankind to wear the dead skins of tortured animals. He/she [or “schlee” :wink:] requires that humans via their “free will,” karmically reap negative energies upon themselves.

So, yea, fools who see above and mimic, while remaining insensitive and cruel, will deserve all the horrors this new dystopia, this new world order system they are ignorantly [yet willingly] bringing down upon their families. Every bit of it. If you keep shitting in the middle of your own house, one day, sooner or later, you’ll no longer be able to avoid the smell. Now, it’s time for a story:


1999 [which came up recently], was a very interesting and significant synchroyear. In particular, as far as this side-track (deviant to the Rebel Path), the year relates to the phrase “Loose Change.” First, I’d like to say, that “this song is not a [usual] rebel song,” and even more importantly, what follows is not a “hit-piece.”

The reason this was written, is because of the unavoidable: as the number of [loose] connections approaches infinity, the chance of coincidence approaches zero.

Back when Atlantean Times was still writing, he stumbled across a rather relevant sync, in regards to the 911 Loose Change “phenomenon.” Look at the above picture of the now famous “truth-seeking” trio, while reading the below:

Loose Change (1999): “The salesman, the criminal and the mama’s boy; for Dean, Jake and Tommy times are tough, jobs are scarce and the money is tight. Three friends living in an ordinary town with ordinary lives have an extraordinary idea only it’s the most ridiculous thing they have ever attempted. With Dean’s exceptional skills of persuasion, and the help of Jake’s criminally eccentric partners, Lendo and Cornelius, they decide to change the rules of opportunity with the possibility of riches in the most unexpected of places.”

It does force one to reflect. Contrasting this with the official story of how the later “Loose Change” exposition film(s) came to be, was enough for Atlantean Times to conclude Dylan Avery & Company are frauds. This Rebel, as implied earlier, needs more than just one uncanny yet amazing sync to formulate a thesis.


Returning to the year 1999, resulted in my finding a hell of a lot more syncs, related in more ways I could have ever imagined. Here’s but one:

Formed in 1999, Loose Change is a San Francisco based dance company that draws its artistic inspiration from a variety of different forms of movement including hip hop, martial arts, lindy hop, tap, b-boying, african and modern.

In addition to highlighting and melding these unique styles of dance the group aims to use its work to inspire and provoke as well as entertain.

That same year, Taylor Steele released his own version of Loose Change, described as: “The surfing world is due for a change, but can this be it? The Taylor Steele film to end all Taylor Steele films.” Yes, things are going to get a whole lot weirder.


Little known folk singer Terri Allard also put out her Loose Change and Spare Parts album, in 1999. Those of you who’ve been following my Lucifer/Virgin Mary/666 series, take note: she’s from cHARLOTtesville, VIRGINia, a graduate of ORANGE county high (and obviously not connected: she fears “global warming”).

There’s also an unaffiliated small-time film production company called Loose Change Entertainment LLC, based in Michigan. Scant info, other than their website and various cross-references, is available for this maker of such “classics” as Weenie Roast Massacre, yet most of their copyrights commence on 1999.

The above painting, “Tenderness, When Some Loose Change Might Buy Some,” by Andre Van Der Kerkhoff, would appear completely unrelated. The cover story: a prostitute’s leg tempts a lonely walker. Even odder when considering the “truth movement:” the promo of, “This disturbing limited edition giclée presents what the audience can infer to be the moments before a small man walking into his own shadow engages a prostitute.” The unintentional underlying sync: the red white & blue whore of patriotism, used to lure those right-wing elements who fear a socialist government takeover and the erosion of civil liberties out into the open?

That sounds exactly like what the FBI’s Project Meggido (1999) was set up for. I’m not necessarily claiming that Alex Jones is a willing participant in such a project, but speaking of “Partying Like it’s 1999,” those who may be unfamiliar, should take a view/listen of how Jones, the Patriot, was doing so on his December 31, 1999 “red-level alert” Y2K emergency broadcast [Bill Cooper’s exposé].

A lot of this “truth movement” does seem like it too, is staged. Once you get past the Republican/Democrat Labour/Conservative Coke/Pepsi Blood/Crip paradigm, you may find several convenient fine-tuned dialectic layers/buckets awaiting you.

Speaking of there’s the trio of “official” conspiracy debunkers that were getting matched up with the Loose Change people’s trio for a while there. Those would be the following stooges: Davin Coburn, James Meigs, and Matt Taibbi. The debates made for good theater: buffoons on one side challenging buffoons on the other. I know that probably irks a few people, but should one hear Korey Rowe let certified mental deficients Opie and Anthony get the best of him [a sad segment], you have to wonder [why he didn’t tell them to “suck his nuts” – I would have].

I can’t help but notice a commonality in the three guys pictured above, as if they either go to the same barber, or more likely, joined the same “agency” early on in their independent careers. “Something” is definitely making a certain radar of mine scream “red level alert.” I can’t say, sans proof (for fear of libel), one way or another. The only way to tell for sure is to let each one of the above guys play with the below “action figure” for a few minutes, then gauge their “response” to it.

By the way, as I’ve stated before, the above action figure is of “heterosexual” top-grossing Gay Porn star Jeff Stryker. Ah yes, of course. He is “straight.” He has a wife. He only does it for the money. So, get over it, you homophobe! 😉

In a completely unrelated matter, Jon Stewart, doing his job, is getting rather bold announcing the new reality his listeners will be facing. It’s so funny. Laugh about it.

I know there are many other idiots on both sides, but won’t waste my time calling them out. As I’ve been saying, I’m concluding anyone ignorant enough, to even after all this time, still believe in the “official” Osama Ali Baba and the Magnificent 19 Carpet Riders theory, really doesn’t “deserve” to know anything better.

I’m guessing there are still far too many American fools who do. Even known “spook” George Noory recently said he “is starting to question” the story. Translated: his handlers gave him the green light to inform his millions of listeners to start questioning.

Regardless of how stupid one is, be assured there’s a program out there which appeals to their all-important sense of how smart they are, and how dumb everyone else is [as was the case in Ideocracy: vid project begun]. For some, the Easter Bunny vs. Al Qaeda [Video] is good enough. Those who like to keep an open mind, might want to consider the following statement from the above bogeyman:

Obama bin Laden on October 16, 2001: “I was not involved in the September 11 attacks in the United States nor did I have knowledge of the attacks. There exists a government within a government within the United States. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; to the people who want to make the present century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity. That secret government must be asked as to who carried out the attacks. … The American system is totally in control of the Jews, whose first priority is Israel, not the United States.”

While Osama’s words may be far more honest than any you’ll ever hear on CnnFoxMsNbc, it would be wise to remember that he too, has been a longtime CIA asset. It’s all rigged. Adults who know pro wrestling is fixed laugh at children who think it’s real. Those who “know” 911 was an “inside job” laugh at those who believe the Osama/Bunny narrative. Those who “know” it was executed by Israel, or the Freemasons, or the Vatican, mock the ones who blame “the government.”

The above scenes are from a site advertising itself as “the best non-scripted competitive nude wrestling on the internet.” I see little intellectual difference between its fans and those who participated in the political process we called the McCain/Obama election. Well, except that one girl is clearly using an illegal hold. Where’s the damn ref? That’s an illegal hold man! Oh man, are you blind?

Argh! This is so going to suck now. The girls with the orange arm-bands represent my hometown/values and them losing/winning will like totally ruin my day/life. Didn’t Huxley speak of enslaving the unwashed duMbASSES via a steady stream of “new drugs, bread and circuses.” Oh, how little things have changed.

Back to Loose Change (1999), another striking commonality, per IMDB, was that it was the first film of everyone involved in the project. A few of the participants moved on to bigger/better things, the most interesting of would be Kate Hewlett, who ended up as a regular on Stargate Atlantis, alongside her brother David.

I took more interest in some Canadian television production called 11 Cameras, of which 22 episodes were filmed. Those who’ve been following my most recent series, may find it of interest her brother calls her “Dracula.” The only other thing that stood out, for me, was that far too many photos were emphasizing her mouth.

The above image is from her “unoffical” fan-site. The below, is from her “official” one. How many fan[atics] does this girl have? Does it mean anything? Well, as this Rebel’s said, the path to stardom usually requires practicing a very specific talent.

Um Kate, I can’t promise you fame, but I’d like to inform you the line to fellate this Rebel is a lot shorter one than the one to beat me up (your urge after reading this).

Oddly, Kate’s official “fan-site”, while listing a few projects not on IMDB, fails to mention the Loose Change movie. I”m not saying it’s a red flag, just part of this odd picture as I tried to figure out what role the Loose Change trio of Avery, Rowe and Bermas are playing in the big picture, and just how “scripted” that role is.

I too would like to believe these three young men, against all odds, exposed the “greatest conspiracy ever,” but it does seem a little far-fetched, no? Yet, a bunch of loose connections on their own, while good enough for me, may not satisfy those still unconvinced synchronicity is the devil’s blow-torch. Perhaps, if we give the boys enough rope, they’ll hang/expose themselves? Well, Jason Bermas, aka “the info warrior,” has done it already. On 04/13/09, Jason gets a phone call asking about Jewish domination of Hollywood. Here’s the comedy of errors that follows:

The caller raised a valid point. Should any outside ethnic group achieve as much domination of any nation’s number one propaganda tool, it should not only be politically correct to question, but one’s civic duty to raise the alarm (particularly, a group with a racist ideology, and one indoctrinated, via “nazi youth” methods, with the belief another country is more important than their home). Imagine if a group of relative size, such as the Polynesians, gained the same amount of infiltration. Would it be taboo [or a capital offense], just to raise the question? {*2}

To deny it, and spin the question as Bermas did, aside from being crass, is extremely suspicious. Note how Jason also drags “blacks” into it. So, anyone who criticizes the world’s most racist apartheid state (of which many of the moguls of entertainment are citizens of) is a racist? Jason, you are a fraud!

Oddly, this incident, and my realization that the Loose Change boys have been scripted, reminded me of the South Park 911 episode. At one time, in my own ignorance, I failed to appreciate the depths it reached. So, with new eyes:

Anyone who read Truther Thoughts“South Park Archetype Revelation” article, consider yourself fortunate. For those who didn’t, per the unavailable article, the four main characters represent the world’s major power factions: Kyle represents the Jews/Zionists, Cartman the Fascists/Oligarchs, Stan the Freemasons and Kenny the Buddhist/Eastern set. At first, I thought his summation quite funny, yet somewhat preposterous. As time goes by, I see only more and more support for it.

The above in mind, it was rather amusing to see the episode begin with the Israeli faction the most adamant to deny there was more to 911 than the public was told.

Cartman sets off to prove him wrong and “expose” who was behind 911. The highlighted line [above left] from the song playing during the montage was obviously quite intentional. The most revealing picture is the subsequent one. Very subtly, it tells us that the Fascist/Neocon Cartman may be working for Rome.

As Truther Thoughts pointed out, Cartman, aside from his various fascist outfits, has been featured in a papal smock. Another episode about the Vatican trying like hell to get into Satan’s exclusive birthday party was either the most honest of episodes ever, or just Jews redirecting blame back to their scripted enemies.

So, yes, it is quite significant that Cartman exposes Kyle as the one responsible for 911. Clearly, Israel has more connections to 911 than any other group/faction out there, and as Carman points out, the Israeli spin machine was conspicuously absent and omnipresent that day. Per Netanyahu: “9/11 attacks [were] good for Israel.”

Hence begins the South Park spin job for idiots, and revelatory symbol factory to those who’s eyes are [somewhat] open. Oddly, I just realized that Oliver Stone, whose religious WTC narrative points many subtle fingers at Israel, is Catholic.

Information concerning Israeli involvement in 9/11 was conspicuously absent in every release of Loose Change, and I recall, Bermas/Avery saying it was “too speculative” to put in, and they didn’t wanna be “accused of being jew-haters/anti-semites.” Quite uncanny then, that within a moth of Missing Links being put out (by a group who believes The Jews control everything), Bermas miraculously puts out a film addressing Mossad involvement in 9/11 (funded by Alex Jones).

Of little surprise then, the second film, goes from Israel, to all over the board, so by the time it’s done, the viewer is left with more questions. Missing Links, even though it refuses to look beyond Jewish involvement, is clearly the better film.

I found it intriguing that Stan, who may well represent the illuminated masons, can’t ignore all the obvious clues pointing to Kyle/The Zionists. Even though he’s Kyle’s best friend, he had to ask. Note: “Stan,” could very well be a spin on SaTAN (as in American Dad). If you follow the gnostic line of thought that the Serpent / Satan is the liberator of man, and Jehovah the prison warden (as may the Masons).

The line from 911Truth Guy, is also quite funny, in consideration that the subvertly promoted “truth site” contains almost no info on Mossad’s involvement in 911.

The episode’s name is “Mystery of the Urinal Deuce,” which at first, to those awaiting South Park to either “reveal” or “obfuscate” truth, may seem like a “toilet humor” distraction to the main plot. But, it wasn’t. And, it has convinced me that true genius was behind the episode (I still suspect it’s not Parker/Stone).

I doubt trumpeting out the Janitor was not meant to disparage/praise “key-master” [¿?] William Rodriquez. The principal’s response, was addressed to Kyle’s mother, who demanded the children be indoctrinated with the “official” conspiracy theory (Sheila “the Zionist,” who, as Truther pointed out, was responsible for starting a bogus war between Canada and the United States, that served her agenda).

What follows is some public debate, where I don’t think it was unintentional the local yokel was the first one to bring up “exposed facts” (from Loose Change, etc). Much debate follows, with some raising convincing, yet regurgitated information (e.g., the melting point of steel), while the other idiots (those who believe in the Osama Easter Bunny scenario) dismiss them as “retards.”

Mr. Mackey interrupts the pointless debate/discussion and ask the most relevant question of all. Do you understand why yet? Think about it for a few moments.

Hence, this seems like a good time to go into a completely unrelated side-track, into another Loose Change variant I discovered: The Small Denominational Order of Loose Change. This “virtual abbey has some odd/interesting articles, such as:

  • Why Chaos Magicians are Assholes (Edited 9/99)
  • Grounding the fire: “Why are those wires coming out of the fire pit?”
  • The writing on the wall: the master of manipulation manipulates the unmanipulable.
  • A gekko [i.e., a lizard] in the house: sometimes it’s the simple things that make revenge so sweet.
  • Footprints in the Sand [substituting Baphomet for Jesus].

Now back to the turd-pile we are all so busy pretending isn’t there. As I’ve said numerous times, 11 of 9 was nothing new historically, and that far too many of those who are so singularly focused on obtaining “just ice” for the staged event, willingly ignore their own contribution to this ever growing shit-pile humanity may one find ourseleves drowning in. The question is not “who was behind 9/11,” but “who is taking a shit right in the middle of the communal area we all have to live?”

Throwing more confusion and chaos into the 911 disinfo pile, 911Truth Guy has his brains blown out by George Bush. We’re then given a bunch of reasons why they, “our government,” pulled of 9/11, and yet another narrative of “how.”

The above scene is far too clever. If I had a dime [hm, some “loose change”] for every idiot who claims they “woke up” after learning about 09/11/01. Yes, they’re “awake,” yet drinking Coke Zero, eating KFC, watching MTV, listening to Top of the Pops, and putting their own kids through the Disney degeneration regimen. Stan and Kyle, as they’re emoting the same sentiment, obliviously walk right by 911Truth Guy, whom they had just witnessed the murder of. Well, at least Tray Parker and Matt Stone are like “so above” putting crass commercials into their work.

The kids cornering 911Truth Guy, led to a weird path of synchronistic “truth.” I was going to point out that he refers to some ambiguous, but definite “they” he is serving, and that he does so standing between two towers, inside a pyramid. And then I thought, wait a minute … that shapes looks familiar. The result [↑]. Hm!

Inside the study of the mysterious interloper (the father of the Hardly boys, the one who shot, “for real this time,” the truther/agent), Boy George Bush deliberately drops the secret “evidence” which reveals that “our government” was responsible for 911. For those following the storyline underneath the surface: the twists get real interesting. Stan, in other words, the Masons, admit(s) that he/they are the ones who took a metaphoric dump on America. Yes, it’s quite complex.

There was definitely an inordinate amount of Israelis involved in 9/11, but they could not have pulled it off without the cooperation of elements within our own government. Next question: “Who has the power to cover it up?” That would have required the participation of many people in many fields. Perhaps, the suggestion being put forth is that “good people” can be kept quiet, if they belong to a brotherhood which deems the end goal, “the great work,” tantamount.

Extrapolating: such people live here [this country/this planet], so in essence, they took a dump right in the middle of their own living room. Yet: don’t forget, the neuro-linguistic suggestion was embedded by [Catholic] Oliver Stone in JFK.

I’d surmise Stan’s closing statement upset a lot of “truthers:” basically, it said that Osama’s Flying Circus was responsible for 9/11. It didn’t doesn’t bother me at all. Is it South Park’s responsibility to educate their fans? I have gained [some] respect for the show, cause what it is doing, is making fun of their own fan-base. South Park is telling its fan[atics] they are a “bunch of retards.” So, yes, if you watch Comedy Central for your “education,” than as far as you’re concerned, “a bunch of pissed off Arabs” did it. Kyle should trust his instincts (which I’ve interpolated).

The final scene earns more admiration. As Mr. Mackey ask Stan (who’s being made to clean up his mess), if he’d think it was funny that someone took a dump on his Mom’s face, Stan chuckles and snorts like a giggling fool. Isn’t that what the media does daily to its brain-washed addicts? Aren’t Viacom and Disney disrespecting [taking a crap on the faces of] Mothers across America, turning their daughters into self-deprecating little whores and their boys into effeminate zombies?

sarah davidson

Speaking of mothers, none of this would have been possible, were it not for a movement that started in the sixties, on whose path I ended up after finding another uncanny sync, a book about 3 women who lived through the last major cultural “revolution” of the sixties. Today’s version: 3 young men find themselves in the middle of the “truth revolution” of that started [with a bang] in 2001?

If it weren’t for the feminist movement (where women gained absolutely nothing, but we all lost in so many ways), would the media be able to so readily shit on the faces of American mothers now? The three whores who led this movement, were: Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug and Betty Friedan. Fortunately, Abzug (the one with the witch hat) is dead, and so is Friedan (pictured making the Lucifer/Vagina symbol while wearing red). Coincidentally, all three of these women were/are also Jewish.

Should one reference wikidisinfopedia, they toss in the names of 3 black women as co-leaders; one of whom I’d never heard of, and the other has an extremely short resume [name + “wife of murdered civil rights activist” + end). The site, by chance, is run out of Israel: don’t expect complete an iota of honesty in regards to historical matters about infiltrators promoting the destruction of their host society. {*3}

The last surviving member of the infernal trio is Steinem (wearing the V shaped rabbit ears above). Doesn’t it strike someone as rather ironic that both Gloria and her nemesis, Hugh Hefner, were working towards the same goal? Two staged adversaries unified behind the scenes. Controlled opposition? Yea, I’d guess a lot of the “911 Conspiracy” movement [yet another turd] operates in the same manner.

While words can be twisted and turned to take the mind this way and that, symbols do not lie [to the aware]. For me, the above collage is a simple, yet elegant, disinfo shattering sledgehammer. To those following my Lucifer exposé: the correlation between the second bunny and this symbol is “interesting,” to say the least.

Should you run into Gloria, feel free to take a steaming crap on her face, seeing that she has already taken several on yours. What the hell’s she got to do with American Psycho? Well, she was married to Christian Bale’s father, David. By the way, Bale was a little too convincing in the role. Can’t say I’ve cared for him since.

Contrasting Bruce Wayne to Patrick Bateman, shows, well, little to contrast. And, I find little to contrast between American Psycho’s corrupt materialistic alter-sadist, and the new soulless elite-serving Dark [k]Night. “Casting” Bale as John Connor, “humanity’s last hope” against automated tyranny, is either a slap in the face of humanity, or alternately, a realization that “hope” is like 9/11, a [killing] joke.

So, what were Kyle’s instincts telling him? Maybe he, like me, noticed the grid pattern and pyramids on Mr. Hardly’s fine crystal. Maybe he noticed the size of the mansion, the vaulted arches, the statues and objects of decoration? Maybe he remembered that Hardly was the one who killed the disinfo agent, before he could reveal who “they” were? Maybe he found it strange his “leaders” all came to Hardly’s house? And maybe, one who’s eyes were really open, would have figured that Hardly’s two semi-retarded homo-erotic penis-fixated “boys” most definitely were not the source of his vast material riches, or wealth of knowledge.

Alas, maybe herein, I also find the answer I’ve been seeking. I’ve long said I refuse to believe the Parker/Stone team are responsible for, much less even aware of, the multitude of deep esoteric symbols, archetypes and multi-layered revelations that take place in some of the latter [post fame/establishment] episodes. {*4} So, is there a “Mr. Hardly” type operating behind the scenes of South-Park, while Parker & Stone serve as the penis-joke obsessed Hardly Boys poster children for the show?

That was rhetorical. I got my answer. Did you? The elites like Hardly [whose name is never given, but I had to call him something], have been, in control of “the game” for a long long time. They commit their crimes, and then control both sides of the opposition that arise, and their names, have been, and are always kept out of the media. The names you do hear, like Silverstein, Greenspan, Netanyahu, Obama, Bush and Rockefeller, are merely those of faithful servants (or gullible dupes), who, like us, are too dumb to know they are crapping in the middle of their own house.

Hence, I leave us all with yet another completely unrelated image, that now seems all too related and relevant. Next, back to the Ring of Fire, and hopefully, onwards and upwards [alternately, “downwards”], to the “they” the elites of the elites, those that even Queens and Popates serve…

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*1: I’m not promoting the “author’s” viewpoint; the words of Jones/Bermas speak for themselves. Found it interesting, in consideration of everything said herein, that author chose to announce he was “Roman Catholic.” Jones did once say, “Hollywood is owned by the Arabs;” which explains why just about every teen movie of the 80’s starred an Arab female lead, and why almost every action film features Jewish extremists who hijack planes, speak bad English and terrorize innocent well-dressed Arabs. 🙄 [LB]

*2: Anyone unfamiliar, should take the time to read my The Cross The Crown & The Jew article, which I feel, presents an accurate view of “the big picture.” As predicted, many [idiots] have since labeled me an “antisemite,” while, in unison, several “Jewish Conspiracy” promoting sites, dropped me from their list of promoted links. [LB]

*3: The Russian, ahem, “revolution,” and subsequent Gulag, enslavement, societal destruction program is, but one, example. As for this alleged “Black/Jew” alliance (which, Jon Stewart was promoting just last week), do any fools believe that fiction?

  • One: look up “Bronxville, NY” and note how many sites/articles speak of how both blacks and Jews were kept out the exclusive white area. The first is true; that the latter were “kept out” is a sad “joke” to anyone who’s been there..

  • Alternately: go to Israel, and find out how the dark Sephardic Jews have fewer rights than the Palestinians, and are openly called “niggars” [“KOOSHIM”]. [LB]

*4: While it is very possible Stone/Parker created the show, once it reached critical mass, undoubtedly, “illuminated” minds were brought into/took over the show. It’s the same old [repeating] story. If you think the “Google Millionaire Playboy Kids” are responsible for the world’s number one data-mining operation, your are a fucking moron. Yes, and 19yo Billy Gates outsmarted IBM. It’s true!

To address my own stupidity: which as I stress, you will never grow/mature if you don’t look at your own, laugh, learn and move on, had it not been for my sister wondering if the Hardly Boys were Matt & Tray, I might have overlooked it. [LB]

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  1. Another excellent essay Celt, I have to admit that particular south park episode was so confusing and infuriating that I rejected it mentally, the whole thing seemed like an exercise in pulling the table cloth but leaving the glassware standing. On a side note I Am Will has stated his desire to fight on the front lines, just like his little bro. The Daily Mail did a charming little article on Sunday, detailing the bachelor pad where the two princes live. Apparently Harry only ever does half a job on the dishes and Wills always has to finish it off. Could this imply Harry did a half-assed job when he was on his front-line media-promo, and now I Am Will is gonna finish it off?

  2. Yeah, that’s a good comparison of the Hardly boys. It’s like a Bond novel where the two sides are played against eachother by an unnamed faceless third-party. The American Psycho poster (#3) reminds me of Orgazmo.

  3. Thanks for the info on Bale – was unaware of his Dark past. In the Psycho poster, Willem Dafoe sits in his throat chakra – according to the internet “Stars Christian Bale and Willem Dafoe have both played Jesus in previous films’ – what to do with that I don’t know – though I have twinned Dafoe & Schwareznegger – however would really struggle to see Arnie as JC – unless I’ve already missed something!! 🙂

  4. B.L.Donnelly, nice table-cloth analogy. Like I said in the essay, by letting go of the ego, I see the episode went over my head the first time I saw it (and I’ll assume way over the penis brothers). May drag “Will, I AM” into the burning ring.

    ViolatoR, I can pat myself on the back for seeing it, but can’t say if I wouldn’t have missed the embedded hint had it not been for my sister. I’m sure those who’ve taken the “blue pill” and their enemies, those who took the “red pill” will both hate this article.

    wise woman, can’t say I’d recommend watching X-Ian Ba’aal’s bloody orgy of sex and violence, it was ahead of its degenerative schedule. Looks like gene addressed the X-negger [below], though I’d like to emphasize I see him as quite the opposite. I feel he was “cast” to discredit/destroy Robert Howard’s vision of Conan the Warrior Christ (will come up before Ring is over). He was more in the mold of Ba’al’s body/ego obsessed bloodlust automaton, and if I recall correctly unlike the former two, the Christ didn’t spend his youth letting old dudes violate his rectum.

  5. Arnie did play JC when he wound up on the tree of woe in Conan, crucified and alone, penned there by his “daddy” Thulsa Doom! He also JC’d himself as “christnegger” in Terminator series. He rebirthed himself in Total Recall. He literally JC’d himself with his heart transplant and when he broke his leg at Sunshine Valley. The first of course was Longinus spear like, ie water and blood, the second is Israel like with “hip displacement” fighting the angel of the Lord.

    Message received Lord. We are conspiring together, just you and I. One slain goat, one scapegoat. Both on tree of ***, ass fix E’ating. Hoping, hoping, hoping for tomorrow.

    Resistance is necessary to make any revolution possible. This weeks news in Iran is the Revolutionary guard has revolutionary response to the protesters! How apropos. PK Dick “The Empire never died” and “to fight the Empire is to become the Empire”.

    Youre a freedom fighter .. until you want freedom.

    A teaparty sign…

    “Fighting Tyranny Abroad = Be a Good Soldier
    Fighting Tyranny at Home = Domestic Terrorist”

    Overthere, overthere … its always overthere.

    Well until the theater comes to your town … then its bombs away …. youre the new popcorn!

    The only fertilizer needed for the entire human farming farm is BULLSHIT!

  6. Hey, this nude wrestling thing is like a wet dream of mine coming true: Sex and Martial Arts combined in ONE thing! In the past I had to juxtapose two tv sets.

  7. gene, there sure is a “green” revolution of sorts taking place in Iran at the moment, but those with eyes to see, know it’s the same old Luciferean ritual (methinks, the Green Man’s been violated).

    C, hehe, if the two work for you, than you’re in luck … more and more merging between sex and violence on the way for the MAINstream.

  8. Awesome as always, celt.

    It’s amusing when “awake” people (paranoid, angry, alex jones-ish) don’t realize they’re just playing the other side of the coin… or, loose change [WTF does that signify anyway? Like the change in your pocket that has value but usually perceived as worthless/able to be given to a homeless person. Is that what solid facts contrary to a canned nine-one-one story are supposed to be called?]. I will admit I fell into the trap early in this journey (as I probably should have, as it was set-up that way)- emailing friends WAKE UP calls with all the devised doom/gloom, involving myself with diversion causes (ie PETA, 911 truth, etc), bashing puppets, etc. In the end, this style of “waking up” is merely a ploy for spiritual assassination; a zombie still stuck in the box with energies focused on draining, negative, and empty ideas.

    I agree with your hypothesis about the Parker/Stone duo being “Googled” (the company with the motto “Don’t be evil”) like Brin/Page. They came up with a unique idea, but were railroaded once their tools proved powerful and able to manipulate. Make way for Lucy 🙂 and let the evil begin!! It is interesting the depth with which South Park can be deciphered. That, or we’re absolutely crazy and reading into patterns that are of our own making (cue Jim Carrey in “23”).

    I also enjoyed (now and in prior posts) your insight into the farse of the feminist movement and the complete confusion of the sexes and their roles in the home and society in general. Leaning towards more “independent” thinking all the while disconnecting people from eachother spiritually, mentally, even physically. This explains why my friend’s 56 year old father just came out of the closet, now openly sucks/hides the sausage, and claims to be “free & happy”. Ironically, his family is completely in shambles, not happy, and feels captive to his very confused life choices.


  9. Loose change has always bothered me, they give you the who when and where but never the why. Do you understand yet? is a very important question, the pawns probably lack the complete picture.

    I consider two possibilities, There is a theory floating around that the 9/11 sacrifice ritual backfired, that they brought down the two towers Jacin and Boaz not to lift the veil but to end all conscientiousness, i believe you touched on that once celtic.

    The other possibility is that they have lowered global conscience to the point where they intentionally lifted the veil, so that the unprepared masses would become shocked, and through fear manifest the horrors of their dark vision for the world. I believe the latter is more reasonable, because the elite have been hyping dec 21, 2012 as the end for a long time now. Hashem proposed a theory, its part of a plan to open a stargate, where the cross in the sky between scorpio and Sagittarius is. Ophiucus the 13th zodiac resides there, the serpent handler will descend to earth on that day along with a hellish sort of dimension much like in the movie The Mist…the masons are really into Ophiuchus.

    I have seen so many people say they are awake, and yet their minds still assume this is all within the scope of a human dimension. Its way past governments, aristocracy, and organized puppet Jews in banking cabals. In this game of chess the hands behind the pieces are ethereal.

  10. Raffi, something about LC always bugged me. I fell for it too. Added the “Trio” on my MySpace at one time. Found it kind of odd, that Dylan only used it to announce he was gonna “be in town,” so if anyone wants to “hang out” … “let’s hook up.” Taking advantage of his rockstar status with the “truther girls?”

    “I got a little [loose] change in my pocket going jingle lingle ling”

    Looking at the Googlers, the other thing that makes no sense is the bottomless well of funds those guys had, while all the other premier search engines saw their business model crash around them.

    I think “23” was intentionally put out to discredit, dissuade and make the wave of coming synchronauts look crazy.

    Javier, we also have to entertain, that every [practical] reason is somewhat valid. If you’re going to pull off a scam of this magnitude then you do it to not only pull off a whole mess of waiting agendas, but also pay off all the minions involved (and of course, some of those may be ethereal). This definitely has led to a lot of carnage (and more to come), to feed a lot of vampires/macrobes out there. We are definitely in agreement on “WHO” is in control ultimately, which is where my burning ring is leading….

  11. hey Celtic Rebel, what do you think about movies like this? I think it speaks many thruths (one the one hand) – for example the pervert, concentration camp stlye cattle farms. HOME is a bit like WE FEED THE WORLD.

    [ Deutsche link = ]

    [ English link = ]

  12. The moment I got it was when I was thinking about the similarity between Osama Bin Laden and Obama Binden (not to mention the Hussein in Barry’s name). A friend of mine said to me “it’s just a joke, someone is having a huge laugh at our expense”.

    I compare it to how we go to a Zoo and laugh at monkey’s, “look at that dump ape eating something out of its own arse”. Whoever “they” are, they are more powerful, advanced and smarter than we are, if we continue to treat animals like our cattle (I must add I am a meat eater), are we in any position to question their role in feeding off us?

    The number of Jewish people in Hollywood, as well as prominent position in America, is in contract to their relative small numbers. The laymen might say it is because they are “smart” and “determined” and therefore succeed in far greater numbers. I’d argue that Indians and Chinese people, who are just as numerous in America, and are arguably two of the smartest groups of the people in the world, don’t quite have the same levels of success, so there has to be more to it. Indians suffered horrendously under the British, as did the Irish, but will Spielberg make a film about that? Guilt and racism are used to stop people questioning the obvious, but why?

    And thank you for your attack on Feminists, one group I hate above all others. They have ruined the lives of so many people, and what makes it worse is that they will never admit it, and proclaim that everyone is better off today because of them, bollocks.

    You are clear evidence of what Michael Tsarion said, the “Eve’s” got it first!

  13. C, I find it quite interesting that if one types the word “home” into Google, the first thing that comes up is this documentary. Another red flag, this “new” movie is suddenly on YouTube in all langueages, even Arabic, with no copyright disputes. If it smells like feces, and looks like feces, do we really need to taste it to make sure?

    The movie is made by PPR, which needlessly tests its cosmetics on animals and is one of the world’s largest processors of leather (aside from the cruelty, the environmental damage from the tanning process has taken a toll on lives and habitats. It has some positive messages, but twists them into the climate change agenda: the comments are worth a giggle to see the common man fool’s response. If PPR wanted to save the world, then I’d recommend its 88,000 employees commit hari kari, starting with its derelict chairman [a photo] and his whore concubine Selma Hayek. Her healthy globes will be missed…

    Jaspal, good point about the Bind-ing one reconnecting us back to the “source” (neglected that when I broached the subject). If you can at least SEE the meat/slave/zoo dichotomy, you’ve come a long way from other carnivores, who will endlessly rationalize it, even in here….

    And thanks, yea those feminists are the biggest of idiots. Every time I attend a party with a pole in the house (smarter young guys are having them installed), you can’t keep the girls off of them. “You’ve come a long way, baby!” I chuckle. I heard Spielberg was making a movie about how Gaza was the new Warsaw Ghetto and how the IDF are the new SS and it’s coming out SOONEST. Ha, good one!

  14. A King fit for her Hagesty is just as sick as she is.

    For white European civilization to be controlled by these maggots is heart rending. It all seems so sick, so demented, so soul killing. The control of course is not just white nor European, its the whole damn bb in space.

    Its stretches so far back…it does seem to end with “prince of the power of the air” ish as to the hidden masters…

    As noted at Ustream with “Immigrant Song”…

    “Ah, ah,
    We come from the land of the ice and snow,
    From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.
    The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands,
    To fight the horde, singing and crying: Valhalla, I am coming!
    On we sweep with threshing oar, Our only goal will be the western shore.
    Ah, ah,
    We come from the land of the ice and snow,
    From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.
    How soft your fields so green, can whisper tales of gore,
    Of how we calmed the tides of war. We are your overlords.
    On we sweep with threshing oar, Our only goal will be the western shore.
    So now you’d better stop and rebuild all your ruins,
    For peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing.”

    it drips with the Overlord’s double speak! and “Poison is the Cure

    Dear Momma Earth,

    Please kill us all now.

    “Im praying for tidal waves”…

  15. lol ya i admit my scenario is out there but, speaking of burning rings, you just synched me to a memory about the Olympic rings and the rings of power from the Lord of the rings. All the rings were forged in fire to bind and rule the others, the Olympic rings have been associated by some as representing the 5 Mayan ages…if their on fire then maybe what the joker was right, even the ages will burn.


  16. Avery-Bermas-Rowe
    Looked up ABR in Hebrew dictionary and it appears to be a name for an Israeli, its other meaning = prickly pear, so I guess its a bit insulting.


  17. You’ll find it interesting to note, since you brought him up, that Oliver Stone is an ex-Yale(CIA recruitment center/Skull & Bones campus) student who attended while Bush and Kerry were there, Viet Nam veteran and self-described (On ‘Bill Maher’ show) Half-Jew/Half-Catholic current Buddhist.

    PS: Don’t know if you’ve seen this little item…I know you’ll enjoy it.


  18. eugene, so we’ve had a naked gay-king draped in furs, an anally fixated cube-box king and now this? Men overboard. Someone mentioned the homosexual “put it in me” Quizno’s ad too. I gather the poem/toem is aimed at hoem? Her-Mess the “well protector of liars, gamblers and thieves.” Hm.

    Javier, nice image. Lots O’ Burning Rings there.

    aferrismoon, always appreciate your unique perspective. Got me thinking, as in order of fame, they are A-B-R, also a nod to the pharaoh/swine ABRaham?

    Arc, useful info. Had I known this [or what I surmised in article] while writing the Oliver Stone probe. It gets complex and simple at the same time. Maher’s yet another of those Catholic/Zionist half-jews isn’t he. Hm, both you and Gene pointed out the BK7-inch “sub.” Has this rebel made himself the repository of such deviancy? 😉

  19. Excellent article CelticRebel. After watching Family Guy’s “Road to Germany” episode I suspect Illuminated ones have take over their story writings too.
    Couldn’t let go of your 1st images of the Queen, that somehow the British Crown is interconnected to everything else covered in your article.

    So much so that William Blake’s poem ‘Jerusalem’ came to mind:

    And did those feet in ancient time
    Walk upon England’s mountains green?
    And was the holy Lamb of God
    On England’s pleasant pastures seen?
    And did the Countenance Divine
    Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
    And was Jerusalem builded here
    Among these dark Satanic mills?
    Bring me my bow of burning gold:
    Bring me my arrows of desire:
    Bring me my spear: O clouds unfold!
    Bring me my chariot of fire.
    I will not cease from mental fight,
    Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
    Till we have built Jerusalem
    In England’s green and pleasant land.

  20. You are absolutely brilliant! Love reading your anlysis on any subject. Do not want to sound to boring..but can you PLEASE do an analysis of Michael Jackson, u always manage to open my eyes to new things. Thank YOU!

  21. It’s mostly about the money. I think all it takes is some star power to get things rolling. Not some Obama star power promising change. We need a some celebrities to take a stand. Not some bullshit (RED) campaign or some PETA bread. A serious stand like JFK took or King took maybe like Ghandi and Pac, Malcolm and Lennon. Screw that though. We get disinfo agents disguised as heroes i.e. ron paul, alex jones, Icke, Tsarion, Maxwell, Zeitgiests, Loose Changers etc Excuse me if I’m wrong But that’s exactly the problem. Waiting for someone to save us like we wait for Jesus to come scoop us up in his super stretch Ferrari when it all goes down. I would like to believe we are not as hopeless as it seems. They’ve got us so divided to the point where we can’t even trust our neighbor let alone talk to them. Divide and conquer.

    Waking up is a struggle because you realize you’re not as free as you want to be and it’s pretty hard to fight the people that had you in the sleeper hold for so long. I started waking up about a month ago not counting when I first started waking up to the September surprise which was almost 6 years ago. I’m 21 now, still trying to figure out what I want to do with the life I got left. Being a black guy that is and not so much brainwashed by rap music, which is extremely detrimental to blacks, is tough. Tough in the sense that I watch them destroy themselves. Ironically, it was my research into the origins of this rap music that brought me here. I recently asked myself “what did black people do before rap music?” this genre has pretty much demonized an entire race with the “thug” and “gangsta” persona just like Arabs were demonized by the whole “terrorist” bullshit and whites were demonized by the KKK bullshit as well. And it was all created for us, waiting for us at every moment. I wish I could lead everyone for a common cause to fight the evils. The evils that teach us to hate, the evils that manipulate and deceive us at every corner. The evils that promise us wealth and good fortune in exchange for our acquiescence only to leave that pile of shit on our face. We don’t need to be just christian, just Jews, just blacks, just white, Arab or anything else that divides us. Organized evil is more effective than a disorganized truth movement. I think there should be a different name for this movement since the truth movement is a bit fraudulent. Anyway, thanks, your a good man at least I hope so.

  22. yo1dude1man, interesting to read Blake’s work in the middle of the Burning Ring. Thinking about flammable chariots and gold. Wonder exactly who he means [making the fair assumption he was illuminated] by “the lamb of god?” And oh yes, Family Guy is pure social engineering, the “comedy” comes second {probed Road to Germany a bit].

    Kay, appreciate it. I really don’t think I’ll be devoting much space to him, though he is referenced in my next article…

    Jonathan, I’d be weary of ANY celebrities standing up these days, especially in the fine-tuned machine that ensures only the biggest derelicts make it very far. That VIDEO you linked is pretty damn good and I’d recommend it. Though, I did chime in to the author that he implicates Icke on very weak evidence.

    YOU SHOULDN’T throw Tsarion and Maxwell in with all those others unless you have something that strongly suggests their association with a negative agenda. I’ve communicated with Tsarion on a few occasions, and can tell you his message, is not that much different from the one I preach … “don’t follow leaders” and “think for yourself.” If that’s agenda-ish, it’s a good agenda. If it’s only been a month, I’ll recommend watching an old vid of mine on the topic, which has held up well over time…

    It must be hard to watch black people continually self-destruct, and now thanks to MTV all the “wankstas” in the suburbs are following suit. I’ve been meaning to write up how American Blacks were targeted early on, via welfare, split up, dragged down and then have only the worst role models and “Uncle Toms” like Jesse Jackson and Jaye Z promoted heavily. But, it may be a while before I get to it. I appreciate you sharing your feelings/thoughts on the topic here.

    A ferrari? Damn, I thought JC was gonna pull up in gold hummer with some really nice rims on it. 😀 Waiting …

  23. I perfur “HEResy” to “HIStory” any day.

    203 is gematria sum of Aleph-Bayt-Raysh and has fitting resonance. Sepher Sephiroth notes 203 as perish, 447 as 3 above and 3 below ie hex, and 248 as ass which are also all resonant.

    Aleph-Bayt-Raysh is ox, little house, big house. Raysh is expanded Bayt and plays that what was little everywhere is about to become big everywhere. In seeing that Raysh is big house, ie of cosmic Aleph, it plays that 1 is now 1000. 1000 is the kingdom of Iron, ie the 26th element, and the number sign of the rule of the ONE.

    MLK is king. Did God not say “you dont want a king like the other nations”? He did. We dont listen, too bad, so sad. Funny how at the end of the 1000 years, when the King himself is enthroned, THERE IS NO KING when Satan is loosed for a little time. NO KING!!! Where oh where can he be? Wink. A grand service to nothing, no one, still the drums beat on, and on, and on….

    MLK as cosmic Aleph enthroned may be fulfilled in “look up your redemtion draweth nigh” or in “as above” fashion with Pantocrator seeds. These little saviors might do the trick and silence the incessant drums with their faithful servants, so fresh and ever ready to sacrifice for LOVE/EVOL, sending aroma AMOR to ROMA.

    Again, “Im praying for tidal waves, I wanna see the ground give way, I wanna watch it all go down…” here in Satan’s little toolshed.

    Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

  24. When are you coming out with your “Romance is dead!” article. I’m very much looking foward to reading that. Thanks and thanks for a great site you have put up Celtic Rebel!

  25. Hi CR, I almost expected that there’s something rotten in the state of YouTube – and especially with a movie like HOME. Well, at least I can say (as a filmmaker) – nice images and some of them really help to awake more (or let’s say: Help to stay awake). I can almost always take the good things even out of the bad.
    Or another example: A friend of mine showed me a movie on YouTube (title: A Modern Affair)

    It’s about a business woman in her 40s who decides to go to a sperm bank to have a baby. In the first minutes of the movie I thought “Oh, here we go again… what a shitty, brave new world.)

    Interestingly in the end it turned out not so bad (she sought the donor and fell in love with him, but not the classic hollywood fairytale way – they interacted quite human and grown up, I would say).

    Well, I can’t agree to such artificial ways of having babys etc – but even in such a movie I can find quite positive messages.

  26. Miley and and friends are now on board so we should all run like hell! On Alex show!? WTF! Reveilation of the Method is about to go into hyper drive!

  27. eugene, you have thoroughly confused me now. Hadn’t considered the MLK angle. I see very little difference between Moloch worship and that of the Big Three prostrative ABR-Ham-Ich religions. If the Satan of the corrupted Bible is the Natash, then singing backwards to him may be the only way. Oh gene.

    Oh, and in regards to your second note, thanks to you, the release of my next article is delayed, as I was kept relatively busy coming up with an image to summarize this plot twist. FOR ALL: The Crew that Will Take Down the NWO.

    Altoids, yea I need to get to it. Gene’s ROMA/AMOR note above plays into it, as is my frustration at how it (“romance”) is dead, not dying. Can’t give you an ETA though, but you just bumped it up a notch.

    c, may have to give movie a view. It says “dark.” I like dark. 👿

  28. Pretty late to comment on this one…

    South Park almost hurts to watch now. I heard there was an episode about how silly “robo-tripping” is, it’s actually a pretty serious “religious” experience which got me personally deep into conspiracy stuff, before the episode aired (after this point I stopped watching TV entirely so I’m not sure what season it is). Looks like they’re making a cocktail through episode themes for people to join the herd of 9/11 truth movement (which I have to admit I was putting some energy into for a while, even before my “mystical experience”) mindlessly repeating soundbites and catchphrases by putting military-grade disinfo in their show with references to these specific things. I watched SP since I was at least 12, so it’s probably reaching a fairly young audience (unless helicopter parents are a worldwide plague at this point)…

    I think I’ve seen Loose Change, but I’m not sure. Either way, it seemed forgettable and “suspicious” so I know what you mean by that statement.

    “I think ’23’ was intentionally put out to discredit, dissuade and make the wave of coming synchronauts look crazy.”

    Agreed. 23=W, 66.

    Off to watch nude female wrestling…

  29. Show some respect for the girls of nude wrestling, they are called “Ultimate Surrender” and it’s very entertaining!

    PS Dragon Lilly is my fav! If you get a chance to see her put the strap-on on a chick, watch cause she does amazing work, lol.

    I got a blog you might want to check out, Peace “C”

  30. Celtic Rebel,your hunch looks like it shaped up to be true. I think they maybe puppets. Something their audience can relate to.

    Matt & Trey In 2000 Academy Awards

    ”Stone claimed to have been on acid with Trey Parker at the time of the 2000 Academy Awards, where they wore dresses popularized by Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow at previous awards shows.”- Wiki

    VID: Matt & Trey In 2000 Academy Awards

  31. Tommy, and am pretty late to respond back. 👿 On one hand, I respect South Park for making fun of their audience. On the other, it is being done by “insiders,” and done so maliciously. Yes, 23 was very clever, the moment some zombie sees someone who notices patterns, crazy JC will surface in their mind.

    C, are you serious? I’m familiar with Chris @ said blog.

    Anne, pretty sad that their fan-base has been programmed to think of Tray/Matt as “rebels,” and here they are dressed as girls talking to Joan Rivers. The term “insiders” comes to mind, in O[h] so many ways! 😮

  32. excellent work!
    regarding “they”, i’m sure you don’t miss many parts to see these as quite conclusive parts as well:

    oh, don’t mind the globalwarming part of the link, but maybe dive into this as well: and hmm, it’s pretty nervy to sometimes do tripple searches with same terms to find the following clips, but they are there… i guess it really fits the bill.. ;(

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