Michael Tsarion Interview

This past Sunday night [March 28, 2010], my Guest was Michael Tsarion. If you haven’t seen his Architects of Control film yet, I would highly recommend it.

michael tsarion

Personally, I really enjoyed the show. Any day that I learn anything is, in my opinion, a great day, and Michael always brings a lot of information knowledge to the table. For those who missed the broadcast (or would like a better copy), here’s the archive:

We broached many topics, but one rather amusing one was a summation of one of the biggest turds from the Land of Ire to ever rise to stardom, our dear friend and humanitarian [that’s a joke], the singular light refracted upon itself, Bono:

Speaking of music, I must apologize, as due to my having set the volume on my headset too low earlier that day, neglected to properly judge the musical fade-ins, hence some of our discussion was drowned out by the [awesome] tunes/bumpers.

It was a pleasant surprise to have Michael chime-in on the “moralistic little evil ice-peckers” [my words, not his] known as the fashionable anti-smoking movement [quite interesting that fashion and fascism share the same root]. For those who missed it, I devoted a whole show to the latest trend of fascism. If you’re one of the ripe pricks who comprises this wave of mindless collectivism, then stop it!


One topic we broached that I had been hoping to get into, is the ongoing controlled historical distortion by the British aristocracy of their ancient enemies, which Michael added a whole slew of names to the list. I’ve written of the topic of the denigration of the Hellenics before, and hope to bring a lot more “proofs” soon.

My guess as to the archiving methodology? Anything uplifting/enlightening was smashed or “archived” [¿to Rome?] and anything degenerate or should we say, visually pleasing to the gaylords [e.g., Elgin, Byron] was put on public display.


One such “writer” of Greek History was Byron, whom my sister was recently entreated to a “documentary” about [made by Julian Farino, the completely heterosexual director of Entourage]. The “show” opened with the noble Lord being “distracted” by two evil half-naked young Greek boys playing on the beach.

Seeing they just had a “day” to commemorate her, had meant to ask Michael if he knew anything “real” about Ada Lovelace (the sole child of Lord Byron). As with pretty much anyone who’s name is proceeded by a title, you can assume her “official story” is a bunch of horse-shit crafted to make her seem more “human.”


I was also happy to get Michael to opine on these kumbaya-singing “we all are one” bullshit con-artists that are doing a, in my opinion, phenomenal job, of leading many a curious lamb astray. As I’ve said numerous times before, and will now stress yet again, this whole drive/quest for a new world order is one to destroy the individual. We’re gonna need a hell of a lot more Jonathans folks!


As I already surmised, mankind as a whole has little hope. I plan to devote a good part of the coming weeks to making my Tanerlorn a reality. As you are well aware of now, after having listened to the show, there will be a few rules. Abide! 😀

ten commandments

I’m sure there were some listening, that found little humor in my closing diatribe, but as I stressed, a lot of what we learned doesn’t make sense until knowledge meets experience [i.e., the formula for wisdom]. Kidding aside, for me, and I gather, several listeners, the origins of the “commandments” are now obvious.


Another great example of the depths of human ignorance [which I recall Michael suggesting was what the Biblical term “naked” stood for], is how so many are programmed to run to the box/prison represented by the cross, while running in fear from the swastika. As Lana Cantrell has proven, electromagnetically speaking, the former represents death and decay, while the latter resonates renewal and regeneration.

jesus use meblow the lord

However, when ignorance and nakedness meet, the e-lites are free to use symbols as they have done over and over for millennia, as a hammer and an anvil to shape humanity.



Note A: Speaking of films, be sure to view my latest minidoc, “A Darker Shade of Palin,” soonest, while it’s still available [moved to a new post].

Note B: The Audio File attached to this post is a 128K Commercial-Free Normalized Edited upgrade of the original.

~ by celticrebel on March 29, 2010.

24 Responses to “Michael Tsarion Interview”

  1. I have to disagree with Tsarion on the time thing. I’m sure there’s something going on with time on an objective level.

    Personally, I’m actually starting to think that 2012 may be the peak of this “time speeding up” phenomenon, and as we move away from it, it will start to seem time is slowing down. But that’s obviously speculation.

  2. There is indeed a big difference between the Self and the “body-mind-ego” thing most people refer to as “myself”. The true self is beyond the body, beyond the mind, beyond the ego. The Self is consciousness or awarness.

    As Individuals, as humans, we talk about this or that problem, are concerned about con-spiracies and whatever… but as the most inner self I am beyond this, because eventually the body will die – but the Self will never die.

    About conspiracy theories, thruth-movements etc… Isn’t there a truth that we LOVE doing this? I love reading blogs like yours, listening to your podcasts… but why? It’s the same things over and over again – yes mankind is fucked up, the rulers of our world are greedy, assfucking bastards,holy-wood is creepy business…

    And now: What are we (or I) supposed to do? I can hardly find MY way in this world… and in the end, I can only save myself (the body-mind-ego “self”)

    As I said before: Most humans are concerned about money, jobs, relationships, sex, procreation… as long as these things are available, almost noone cares about bigger correlations of the world and it’s history.

    In a way we all are fighting windmills, but please continue, because my mind-ego-self enjoys being upset about these bastards in charge… 😀

  3. It occurred to me that a ‘player’ in this game called life can also be written as a p-layer or pyramid layer. So am I playing or being played… seems both.

    Great show.

  4. If you think you had christian enemies before, your commandment riff will have them treating you like you’re a congressman.

    What about seafood? (In your future community.)

  5. mat, I had hoped to throw at the vortex mathematics issue with Michael, especially as he referred to Zardoz, but we were already near the end of his time on. I’d highly recommend my thoughts on the issue to those unfamiliar.

    Sadly, I feel, that if we see time moving slower, it might mean we’re stuck in hell, forever.

    C, speak for yourself when you use “we.” I don’t love doing this. I’m doing it because I have to. Trust me, I’d much rather be in some less engineered part of the world right now shaggin my time away.

    Windmills, could also, be an analogy, for the [not so] mysterious multi-named Dutch traders, the juice. At least, that’s what one “jim bob” suggests.

    zwoof, nice observation/addition when looking at the multi-tiered “grand” chessboard…

    knowglow, well, I guess I’ll just have to fuck them if they can’t take a joke. 👿 By “c” food, are you referring to that you “see” or that Tanerlorn may be near an ocean? But, in this day and age, that could also be suggestive of some hot girl on girl action. 😯

  6. Such a great show! I had to cut out early, so I’ve only just heard the archive. I think we should invite him to Tanerlorn. Speaking of which, what if one of your girlfriends comes looking for some hot Stygian love? My pheromones can be quite strong… Anyways, it was amazing how much stuff he could relate to, like the grid pattern and agents of Dis, smoking, and individualism vs collectivism, etc. Nice to hear Michael’s got a good taste in music too!

  7. Michael is a genuine dude. The topic on the cig smoking and ads feeding the fear machine was good to hear.

    I watched the simpsons the other day and noticed that krusty always has the the pet monkey with him and its always smoking a cig. Maybe the monkey knows something the majority doesn’t?

    About chemtrails, the funniest thing is when i see pictures of people’s spring break with fresh chemtrails in the sky and this is in other parts of the world. I always see them during the day but I never thought i’d see them at night and you can actually hear the planes once all the city noise quiets down. What a world we live in. Land of the sleep, home of the slave.

  8. yes C, it’s such a relief to find out and seek the truth, even if it’s so negative! To understand the whys of things is such a tremendous relief, and eventually you’ll lose the fear of death completely, because you’ll just know you can’t really “die”…it’s the ultimate freedom!

    that’s also what I loved most about the movie r-Evolver, Jakes “stare” in the last scene, his fearless stare, absolutely nothing could touch him it seemed, was sending shivers up my spine…

    and tbh I’m not even mad at these guys in charge anymore, because the masses wanted them there, and the masses always supported them! they can’t do shit all by themselves, they are only a few inbred psychopaths in this cons-piracy…no, it’s the ego-driven and fearful collective bee-org consenting to all of it and paying marxist (income) taxes to finance it all into being be-lie-ving an illu-zion…we can’t save them…

  9. Great show again Alex, Getting Michael Tsarion on as a guest I feel was a deserved compliment to you and your hard work. As he is in my oppinion the heavyweight champion of the thruthseekers, gatekeepers and assorted cyber gurus at large on the internet at this time. and I get the impression he sees you as someone who could potentially surpass even his painstaking research over the years. He lacks your wicked sense of humour though which I think makes your reasarch all the more convincing somehow, Though I had a good chuckle at his deadpan response to the caller who thought Michael would be able to explain to him who the small Alien dude was who popped up in his bedroom, without so much as a by your leave!

    Thanks again mate because I have learned more about whats going on backstage in this reality in the last 18 months from you and Tsarion especially, than I had grasped in the previous 38years of life.

    PS Somehow I always knew Bono was a fake tree hugging useless cunt whilst still being ignorant of most other obvious pop culture and media bullshit. Heres hoping some heid bummer at Tavistock decides its time for him to be “Michael Jacksoned”

  10. ViolatoR, please refer to Commandments I, V, VII and VIII. Address you pheromones on your time and in private. If an excursion out on the town were to take place, than just remember what Travolta said in Pulp Fiction … but unlike him, don’t take advantage of anyone passed out while no one’s lookin.

    J, to me, the chemtrail issue is probably one of the most depressing. All the Kumbaya-singing assholes seem to overlook how most of our brethren [if we can still call them that] DON’T EVEN SEE the trails. Beyond frustrating.

    mace556, yea, that was a great “stare.” It would have been nice to get Michael’s feedback on that movie. Guess I’ll have to invite him back.

    May also have to consent that most of those who say they want “freedom” really don’t. What they mean is, they want the master to give them extra rations.

    RangersRebel, wow. Thanks mate! Much appreciate your kind words and you sharing them. Oh, and yes, I guess we can all take some small comfort in once the e-lites get tired of pounding Bono’s bum … they’ll toss out that tosser as well.

  11. Lately your blog and radio shows have combined with other synchromystic delights in guiding me towards researching the lost continent of Mu. Before, I knew very little about Mu, but now I keep getting a chill thinking this may have been a previous life. I even took notice of a recent milk ad depicting “Mootopia”,an island very reminiscent of Mu. I also feel that the movie “2012” (I really wasn’t interested in seeing it, but I “had” to for some reason) was not a depiction of some future disaster, but a remembrance or commiseration of the destruction of Mu.

    It is quickly becoming my belief that Mu was the ‘motherland’, the garden of Eden, Earth’s first civilization and that Atlantis was a colony of Mu, much like the Mayas in Central America, the Uighurs in Asia, and the Nagas in India. Mu was a more spiritually advanced civilization, but after its’ destruction in the Pacific our world was infected by evil due to fear and savagery (probably for the first time), and that attracted the dark forces who possessed and took over Atlantis. The Mayas died out due to future disaster, but Atlantis went to war with the Nagas and the Uighur over dominance. I also feel that the Greeks were a distant colony of Mu that fought against Atlantis. By the way, I had never heard of the Uighurs until a few weeks ago except for a news item two months ago about how the Chinese are treating the Uighurs even worse than they are the Tibetans.

    The leading researcher on Mu, James Churchward, believed that the Greek alphabet is actually an “epic composed of Cara-Maya vocables, and is a commemorative memorial to their forefathers who lost their lives at the destruction of Mu.” He translates this epic with a chart of the alphabet which I will reproduce slightly here:

    Alpha Al,”heavy”; paa, “break”; ha “water”
    Beta Be, “walk”; ta, “where, place, ground”
    Gamma Kam, “receive”; ma, “mother, earth”
    Delta Tel, “deep, bottom”; ta, “where, etc.”

    I think that Atlantis, after nuking the Nagas and several other cities, took control of Earth and then destroyed it (Pole shift? Certainly the Bermuda Triangle must be related). Assholes. And the assholes who survived (probably the same who caused it) were the high priests and god-kings in the past and are currently still running the show. When you consider that the remnants of Mu are what we now call the Pacific Islands, it really makes you wonder how easily it was for Cook and all the other explorers to “discover” these little drops of land surrounded by thousands of miles of water….

    Michael Tsarion was an excellent guest, but I have one complaint: You both kept saying the most interesting stuff when the music was playing the loudest!

    invisible sun

  12. “The downside with being an individual is that the herd will abandon you. The upside is that you don’t follow it to the slaughterhouse”

    –Matthew Shanley

    Damn ego 😉

  13. Ironic that go-ogle complain about Chinese censorship yet censor the videos.

    The great god of the Anusites goes by the name SUNANUS.

    When he opens his sphinxter the sun shunes out of his anus and also poopoo comes out which both together fertilise the crops zand the people both of whom are cut down in the prime of life as sacrifice to The All-Mother BAALEEMIYAH who throws them all back to be eaten by SUNANUS who in time poops them all back out again with added sunlight.

    The two baby twin gods URAINAL and BEATITIA provide various kinds of moisture

    A veritable Pornucopia


  14. Great show!

    The “dumb show” concept is quite interesting. I really wonder if the idea of having movies that project archetypes is to suppress the creation of archetypes in the real world. That is to make it easier to dumb down, de-emotionalize, de-humanize us in the real world since we can have our archetypal needs fulfilled in the movie/fantasy world where it is not threatening to the PTB.

    Somehow i think the use of archetypes is for more than just entertainment value

  15. Damn, on second thought I too would prefer some shag-time. I should spent more time in the real world instead of being an oh so brave keyboard warrior…

  16. invisible sun, I was about to reprimand you for such a long comment, but then I found myself captivated by it. Interesting observations/summary. Perhaps, the loss is one reason why they say, the Pacific Ocean has no memory. As said in the later adjustment to the article, talking too soon over the music was a technical glitch MY fault.

    mat, this is, indeed quote-worthy.

    aferrismoon, hm, wonder if Morisey had archetypal inspiration when he crooned, “the sun shines out of my behind?”

    Tony, I believe that suppression of the power of the human imagination was always the agenda behind the creation of Hollywood, and that Disney, behind the perfect pedophilic cover, was cleverly crafted for destroying/hi-jacking the [potentially uplifting] imaginations of children.

    C, hm, that cartoon seems overly appropriate to the next article.

  17. If u type in ‘Laurel Canyon Dave’s web’ a book long investigation you will find:

    Jim Morrison, who for a time lived in a home on Rothdell Trail, behind the Laurel Canyon Country Store, may or may not have died in Paris on July 3, 1971. The events of that day remain shrouded in mystery and rumor, and the details of the story, such as they are, have changed over the years. What is known is that, on that very same day, Admiral George Stephen Morrison delivered the keynote speech at a decommissioning ceremony for the aircraft carrier USS Bon Homme Richard, from where, seven years earlier, he had helped choreograph the Tonkin Gulf Incident. A few years after Jim’s death, his common-law wife, Pamela Courson, dropped dead as well, officially of a heroin overdose. Like Hendrix, Morrison had been an avid student of the occult, with a particular fondness for the work of Aleister Crowley. According to super-groupie Pamela DesBarres, he had also “read all he could about incest and sadism.” Also like Hendrix, Morrison was just twenty-seven at the time of his (possible) death.

    Also re: Irish history found this on Cromwell –

    Oliver Cromwell had been moved to sympathy with the Jewish cause partly by his tolerant leanings, but chiefly because he foresaw the importance for English commerce of the presence of the Jewish merchant princes, some of whom had already found their way to London. At this juncture, Jews received full rights in the colony of Surinam, which had been English since 1650.

    I doubt the Jews were entirely pro-Catholic considering the expulsion from Spain.
    Cromwell and tolerant leanings – say what!


  18. Very interesting show. I too LOL’d when the caller asked if Mr. Tsarion could explain the nightime visitor and he replied ‘No I don’t do that,… I wasn’t there’! It was very interesting to hear him talk about Bristol and Bath, places which I am familiar with due to living and working nearby. Anyway, wishing you a great Easter – Oh dear, that’s goddess worship, not very PC, so I should say happy holidays again? I’m confused, perhaps this is why I visit your site so much, even on weekends! The premier Orthodox festival of the year is this weekend, and followers of the one truth faith join together in song, paint eggs red, burn a wooden man in effigy, then cook and eat sacrificial meat from the fire…something doesn’t sound right about this…Oh well, there could be worse things I can be doing after midnight I suppose.
    Here’s an interesting note…at the Holy Seplucre in Jerusalem, where the Orthodox Patriarc appears with the holy fire from the church, he is actually holding 33 candles bound together in each hand (66) He proceeds to pass the fire on to the worshipers signifying Jesus resurrection.

  19. Greetings Oh Rebellious One

    I couldn’t get your vocals to play, but your words caught my eye. Have also spent a little time wondering about the man who was “Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know’, not sure if the latter was meant in the biblical sense, but presume it should be read thus!

    I once played with the idea of Michael Hutchence being a ‘revisitation’ of Byron – not as mad as you might think!:) Both shared a ritualistic birthday – 22 January (aka the death of Heath). Hutchence died aged 37, Byron 36. Both were ‘poets’ & showmen. Hutchence played Byron’s friend & fellow poet Shelley in the movie Frankenstein Unbound (Byron & the Shelleys having created Frankenstein & Dracula one cold wet summer in 1815). Also in Frankenstein Unbound was John Hurt who also blows his candles out on 22 January – hmmm he has an interesting past I see. Hutchence’s ‘supposed’ sexual death also tallies interestingly with the Mad & Bad Englishman – all conjecture & off topic, but you never know where mad thoughts can lead 🙂

    ATB 2 U

  20. I believe the war on smoking is neither motivated primarily by concern for health (obviously) nor a desire for control but rather against some benefit of smoking.

    “moralistic little evil ice-peckers” [my words, not his]

    Allowing for parallel development, actually Mojo Nixon’s words (from Burn Down the Malls, early ’90s

  21. Totally agree with John. My aunt who was sick for a long time with lung infections was told to stop smoking or she would be dead in 6 months. Well she didn’t, to the family’s dismay, she lived for 12 more years before giving up the ghost…smoking all the way…My uncle now says that if she’s actually given up back then she would surely not have lived so long!!!

  22. aferrismoon, one of my friends who went out West [literally, not metaphorically] told me of how it was a lot of fun up until the parties in Laurel Canyon. “Those people were far too strange and deviant, even for LA.” As for Cromwell, I’m sure the historians will make a saint out of that mother-fucker sooner or later.

    Marty, yea the Orthodox take their Easter ceremony far too siriusly. Probably the biggest black mass celebration on this planet. Let’s not forget the symbolic anus to mouth [stargate] skewering of the sacrificial lamb. Amazing what people will do and how easily the hold on/pass on ignorance.

    alex, you couldn’t get my words to play? That’s the best part! 😡 I thought I was the man that was “mad bad and dangerous to know?” 😛

    John, I gather you didn’t hear/see my show/post in regards to smoking? Anyway, it included full reference/acknowledgement of Mojo Nixon and his words (hence, why I truncated here).

    Marty, see above if you missed, but yea, in my opinion, the “death sentence” handed out by ignorant doctors is probably the leading cause of premature death for just about ALL cancers.

  23. “Sadly, I feel, that if we see time moving slower, it might mean we’re stuck in hell, forever.”

    Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. Damn, I hope I’m wrong. Frankly, I’m planning for this to be my last ride on the not-so-merry-go-round.

  24. nice shakin’that ass of Bono http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srd4EKLb5ls

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