Songs & Stories: Rock & Roll Genocide

“Expect the unexpected!” That was a big part of the show’s message this Sunday, one hosted by a rather unexpected surprise guest rebel by the name of Gregory.

pop history

The topic was the True History of Rock and Roll, and Gregory, the former front-man of a little-known but extremely influential punk band Kike Up Y’er Arse, brought his considerable sexpertise to bear on the topic. Below, is the show:


As should be clear to anyone with a slight clue as to how the world operates, the topic could well be translated into His Story of The Prostitutes [bitch-boys and shameless hussies] That He Sodomized. Just ask Mozart, ass-fetishist extraordinaire, and hence big-time international pop sensation. He knew the game. Rock me Amadeus!!! Technically, that jingle shoulda been “Toss me, Amadeus?”

boy prostitutesboy prostitutesboy prostitutes

You will never understand the devolution of Rock and Roll unless you comprehend the appeal that young men have for the Priest Class. If you can honestly look at any of the above and see anything other than the promotion of prostitutes, than you are either ignorant [ignorance-removal machine], or as Gregory might say, f’kin daft!

the shit army

There has obviously been more than enough Shit/Pop/Poop put out by the Medes, that one could devote several shows over to the topic of tearing down these Talentless Servants of Dis. After putting together the above bit of Truth, I was reminded of a recent comment by one annemarie, informing me of the below set of wonderful playtoys for your children (yes, it’s real, and selling like hot shit cakes).

Honestly, these toys are the perfect gift for the children of the New World, who will grow up listening to and [literally] eating, nothing but shit. Suddenly [seeing above image], the reason for calling the former “Kiss” makes a little more sense. “Bajs” means shit or chocolate. So, the doll-set is appropriately called “Kissing Shit.”

piss and shit

We can infer/deduce that without question now, that Gene Simmons trademark extension was a promotion of how far up one’s ass his tongue would go (hence, his fame). We can also presume, that the chance clitoral/urethral hood on the Yellow doll was no accident. The most appropriate term to reflect it is “good marketing.”

boy prostitutesboy prostitutesboy prostitutes

Let’s suppress the bile, and temporarily move away from shit, along the alchemical path to Gold. I ask you to take in/absorb the below lyrics from Hüsker Dü:

Pass away the hours, hear the footsteps of the past
Walking up the stairs of time, knowing that I’m trapped
Cold winds of indifference persuade a movement south
Thinking that it’s better there
The warmer climes that we seek out

Poor bird flies up in the air, never getting anywhere
And how much misery can one soul take?
Trying to fly away might have been your fist mistake
Poor bird flies up int he air
Never getting anywhere

Picking petals off a flower, loves me, loves me not
Is love another way to count the things you haven’t got?
We wish the best to all our friends, young and old alike
When the dust has settled in the sky, you can have anything you like

The above is an example of truly inspired “music,” the kind most of our brethren will never have a chance to contemplate in their miserable lifetimes. It cuts right to the heart of matters in regards to the “trap” that this conspiracy/truth movement can present to those among us, who are so busy striving hard to work for something better, that we can’t see the beauty we are surrounded by [the present].

Instead, as Gregory made abundantly clear, we were told what to do, and who to listen to, and hence grew up absorbing/consuming so much “shit,” that many end up defending the foul shit we were spoon-fed as being part of ourselves. Few will look into that bloody mirror, but that’s what this show/blog is all about.

Poop Quiz: Is your favourite musician a piece of shit? Were they promoted by MTV? Did they appear on Top of The Pops? Have they frequented the Billboard Top 40? Have they won a Grammy? Do they attend awards ceremonies along with other pretentious cunts? Do their fans fill stadiums? Does the word “party” appear in any of their song titles? Have they been on the cover of Rolling Stone? If the answers to more than one question is “yes,” odds are said person sucks ass [in a bad way].

chocolate lovechocolate lovechocolate love

Flush it away, man! Flush it! In the meantime, [more] revelance/relevance:

Well, you get up every morning
And you see, it’s still the same
All the floors and all the walls
And all the rest remains
Nothing changes fast enough
The hurry, worry days
It makes you want to give it up
And drift into a haze

Revelations seems to be another way
To make the days go faster anyways

We’re all exchanging pleasantries
No matter how we feel
And no one knows the difference
‘Cause it all seems so unreal
You’d better grab a hold of something
Simple but it’s true
If you don’t stop to smell the roses now
They might end up on you

Expectations only mean you really think you know
What’s coming next, and you don’t

Yearbooks with their autographs
From friends you might have had
These are your important years
You’d better make them last
Falling in and out of love just like…
These are your important years, your life

Once you’ve seen the light, you finally
Realize it might end up all right
It might end up all right now

The above lyrics are also from Hüsker Dü, and also the same album, Songs & Stories, hence the title of this article. If the significance of the lyrics was lost on you, please go back and read them again. Though written 23 years ago, they cut to the heart of this utterly suspect “truth movement” as being little more than yet another [bowel] movement. Hence, the new direction I’m moving shifting.

boy loversboy loversboy lovers

No, I’m not joining the fuckers, I’m exposing them and trying to vibrate at a higher frequency. Yes, it can be a challenge. Below, in the interests of uplifting others, I am including [by request] the list of snipets interspersed through the show.

“Anarchy in the UK” by the Sex Pistols, “Big A, Little A” by Crass, “Panic” by The Smiths, “Holiday in Cambodia” by The Dead Kennedys, “I’m an Upstart” by The Angelic Upstarts, “Johnny Hit and Run Paulene” by X, “Vienna” by Ultravox, “One Step Beyond” by Madness, “Silver Lining” by Stiff Little Fingers, “Streets of London” by The Anti-Nowhere League

I can sympathize with younger people, and can only hope that going forwards, being able to go back and rediscover the music/message before the mass monolith of mindlessness became so ominpresent, may at least inspire/free some minds. You need look no further than Billboard’s own shit-barometer for proof. My challenge, find just one half-decent “artist” in linked list over the last 20 years. Not possible!

media whoresmedia whoresmedia whores

I had considered including the powerful video interpretation of Don Maclean’s American Pie, but seeing that I had included it in a prior post, left it out. However, upon checking it, learned the video’s been pulled by YouTube due to copyright claims by one WMG. A little mystery and a little investigation shows how Big Brother operates. He’s one crafty mother-fucker and works rather slowly and subtly.

The above video is the closest variant I could find to the original [and I can’t say for sure “what” else has been taken out). When I first saw this video a few years ago, there was a part at the end explaining how this song was Maclean’s good-bye to Rock and Roll, and stated his reasons/disgust with what he referred to as the “satanic” forces that took over The Music after the sacrificial rite (a trifecta).

One thing I do know for sure, is that the closing sequence/credit to the LoneStar Sound & Pictures was never part of the original. Before I found the above copy, I found another blatant selective edit by the same group, which replaced the tidbit about how survivor “Waylon Jennings would never discuss that night,” with some meaningless happy factoid about one Tommy Allsup. I am sure some idiots will probably think the closing sequence where the star/anus dumps a liquid load on the screen is just “coincidence.” And, [some] Set-ian is [indeed] howling with delight!

bono likes boys

When Michael Tsarion was on the show, I kidded him that perhaps someone may have been “howling with delight” after U2’s infamous Red Rocks concert. Sometime this past week, it occurred to me that Bono may just have been vying for attention from the priests when they crafted their first two albums.

Worth a shit and a giggle, the producer of Boy and Raw [plus many others], Steve Lillywhite is making the pitch to be the next American Idol frontman. Per poopeater interview he said: “My definition of a star is slightly broader than Simon’s — what he perceives as a star is relatively narrow.” Think about that one for a second!

more shitmore shitmore shit

I was quite pleased with Gregory hosting, feeling he brought the Fire & Ire rebel listeners have come to, dare I say, “expect.” I get the feeling he could have gone on ripping several more notable Temple Dogs a new asshole all night long, and perhaps even told us more about the “unheard music” [to steal a phrase from X].

union jack shit

In particular, the demonization of punk [via language and association] is worthy of more exploration. Perhaps, as many the chat room suggested, a Part II would be warranted/welcome? As far as I know, Gregory’s not welcome back in Fiji after mistaking their flag for toilet paper and wiping his ass with it, so he may be available to do another show. Chime in!

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*Bonus: In retrospect, one of the songs Gregory should have included a clip from was Billy Bragg’s “Take Down the Union Jack.” Though I would fault Billy for not have a grasp of the much bigger picture, the following lines do say a lot:

Take down the Union Jack boys
It clashes with the sunset
What could be more British than
“Here’s a picture of me bum”

*Next Week: Ewan, a fellow despiser of False History and British Bullshit will be making it to the Rebel Path next week: Sunday, July 25th. Check out his blog: Aferrismoon.

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42 Responses to “Songs & Stories: Rock & Roll Genocide”

  1. Hey Gegory Dude, You’re Just Too Cool, You Know Music , You are the ‘Music Man’.

  2. Loved the show, loved the message, loved the fun & frolics – we need a whole lot more of this.

    Many thanks to Gregory

  3. Hey Rebel, Great show but you never got into Mozart.

  4. Funny as hell show, and quite refreshing to hear someone else doesn’t like the beatles. In England it may as well be illegal to say you don’t like them, especially in a public place. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had some wanker beat me over the head with his love for those twats, backed up by facts and figures of how much they did for british music. No mate, they rewrote nursery ryhmes until they had made enough money for their marsters that they could be either a) shot or b) left alone to do their own inoffensive shite. Mozart really did do a tune called “lick my arse”! Unbelievable but true. This show was funny as fuck. Hail Gregory!

  5. How much more can you take
    Propaganda mind control
    From the cradle to the grave
    Poisoned fruits to kill the soul
    The weak following the blind
    Fearfull hearted empty eyed
    In this mortal plane of slaves
    Life’s opressors can not be destroyed

    All I see is Terror
    All I see is pain
    All I see is mothers dragging children to their graves
    A curse as old as time an armageddon misery
    Spectators of a World in ruins
    Hypnotised I’m staring at

    Impossible Brutality
    Is all there was is all there’ll ever be

    And as your World collapses
    I’ll watch it die in silence
    I wish this day would come now
    Await it’s dawning without fear
    KREATOR-Impossible Brutality

  6. Wolfeman, we’ll say thanks, unless of course, you’re referring to this boy-loving flamer. 😆

    alex, thanks luv! We’ll have to get the lad back on.

    Mike, thanks, but I think we got far enough into Mozart, all things considered. 😮

    bldonnelly, thanks mate! It is truly remarkable how to this day, The Cult of Beatlemania lives on, like some Zombie flick stuck end reel to start. Hm, if it smells like Religion or Shite, then it must be one or the other, right?

    jeremy, you do make a point about relevant lyrics coming from some metal bands with your example there. I left out the mega”DEATH” lyrics, as it was overkill and “true” in the same manner the “alex jones shit yourself” truth is.

  7. Right you are about the Union Jack. Annouced today that the British Government is going to seize doment bank accounts that are just sitting there collecting interest. Once a coffin robber always a coffin robber.

  8. Gregory, did you run into Truman while out in Fiji? picture link

    It’s hard for me to listen to most music these days. Painful shite..

  9. Nice show Gregory. Alex, is there any way you can put up a list of all the songs on your show? I’ve been downloading a few but theres some I really like that I just have no idea the name of, so if you could get a list of them that would be great. Thanks

  10. great show, gregory. your irish ire invasion was more welcome than those of the beatles, rolling stones, sex pistols, etc. my next comment was going to be calling you “the original punk”… but i reconsidered:

    punk [puhngk] – noun
    a. something or someone worthless or unimportant.
    b. a young ruffian; hoodlum.
    c. an inexperienced youth.
    d. a young male partner of a homosexual.
    e. an apprentice, esp. in the building trades.
    f. Prison Slang . a boy.

    of course, kabalist, ‘cougar’-enthusiast ashton kutcher had his vomitus of a show “punk-d”, a candid camera/impractical joke show where they ‘poke’ fun at new celebrity ‘initiates’. sorta, a welcome to the club/phallus ritual, and ‘take it like a man‘ message. but, bruce willis was smart by keeping his lil’ punk with his ex-wife to avoid unnecessary attention.

    i would say more, but i need to listen to justin bieber’s latest track.

    p.s. thanks for the kudos regarding the elvis reference 🙂

  11. I have no clue if you answer on comments posted under an older article, but I when recently took a walk, I “discovered” an advertisement by Diesel which is so “in your face” like I have never seen before.

    Eat shit in the West…

    …because you are stupid! [fixed]

    It is placed over the main entrance of the second largest department store of Europe, the “Kaufhaus des Westens” which translates to “Department Store of the West”.
    They are getting more and more aggressive, as it seems.

  12. butters, thanks. Yes, quite a foul flag that “bloody” [in the literal sense] union jack is. I think Gregory had the right idea as to what practical function it best serves.

    Ferdinand, I once spoke to Gregory about that exact topic. He tells me he contemplated going to Fiji long before those Holy Dogs o’ Wood stole his idea.

    Jon, I tried that one in the old podcasts and so many songs were included, it would have added too much length to the article. But, I get this request a bit, so am sure many unfamiliar want to know this music, so here goes (just featured, not the intros/outros): ADDED TO ARTICLE. The Chat Room is actually a good place to pop in and ask, as I try to mind it during the breaks.

    raffi, actually it would be appreciated nonetheless. One of the topics I’ve discussed before but Gregory didn’t really expand on was the demonization of punk via language (as you point out) and via association (paid mossad operatives painting it as “racist”). I am of the belief that the use of “punk” to define a bitch/betty was created to disparage the true threat the movement was.

    The Keyser, yes, I do get around to answering comments on older articles. This was, however, apropo to this discussion, since as my documentary pointed out “listening to” is yet another way of consuming … and in this case, of poop music, most are doing exactly what picture suggests.

  13. Awesome show Rebel!

    Twenty years ago I was just as much into the paranormal and conspiracies as I am today, and while I was busy pursuing a hippie chick, I happened across a book (I believe written by “Commander X”) that stated Jerry Garcia was a CIA operative. I laughed and (thinking about the recent Dead show I attended with said hippie girl where a few other girls were walking around topless and I couldn’t turn around without somebody offering me a joint) said “Are you f’n joking? Jerry Garcia is my God!”

    I’m not laughing anymore. That statement stuck in my brain and (simply examining the Dead from a detached perspective and watching what Jerry did through the years) made me realize “Commander X” was absolutely right. What irony. His fans were dead, and they were grateful for it. (Patchoulie is still an aphrodisiac for me, however 🙂 )

    Paul McCartney…even though I know he isn’t the real Paul, he’s still pissing me off with statements like “Denying global warming is like denying the holocaust.” Fuck you, Bill. The world HAS had enough of silly love songs.

    Pete Townsend (guitarist for a band that couldn’t display the Union Jack enough) got busted a while ago for child porn on his computer. His response: “Uh… I was doing research for an “anti” child porn documentary.” Same as the old boss, huh, Pete?

    Elvis Presley. Even before I found out he was mind controlled, I knew something weird was up when I visited Graceland, toured his study room and snuck a peek at the open book on his desk. It looked to me like George Adamski’s “Flying Saucers Have Landed.”

    Mick Jagger. I saw him host SNL once. You would think a man who has done so much and traveled the world (and impregnating Brazilian models) would be more… um, ‘worldly’, but no, the man is a fucking idiot. And with no comedic talent whatsoever. ‘Nuff said.

    I thought these people were legends. Now they’re just whores. It took A LOT of evil conspiracy crap for me to part with my (not too shabby) Beatles collection, but the last straw was YOUR particular insights, Rebel.

    This was a needed show. I feel the baby goats today have it worse than when I was one, because they have absolutely no good music references to know the difference (like all the bumper music you play – which is what I had growing up to counterbalance the Billy Idols and Kajagoogoos.) By the way, that Til’ Tuesday song you play is from an album I consider a masterpiece. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful. But instead of that, we were force-fed “Edie Brickell and New Bohemians.” Ugh.

    Rebel, your work has been amazing. I would’ve commented more (especially about “Don’t Go West”) but my comments sometimes run long and my life has been surprising me with new and unique suckiness. However, you have inspired me to create my own blog – one from the perspective of someone who was once “awake” but became (not “zombified”, because I knew better, but) “petrified” (as in ‘turning to stone’ because I stopped believing and trusting everything.) You have aided greatly in that REawakening. Therefore, I am no longer invisible sun. I am the living tiki. (However, I’m still creating the blog and it’s mostly for my personal understanding [although I want to promote your documentary], so I’ll let you know when it’s up.)

    One of my future blog entries is going to be about Japan because I absolutely adore Japanese women, but my yellow fever may have been replaced with a new curiosity:

    “Estonian fashion models”

    Take care, Rebel… uh, I mean Gregory.

    the living tiki

  14. The Beatles = Tavistock Institute

    J. K. Rowling = Tavistock Institute

  15. Leave Garcia alone. Perhaps he was connected to the CIA, but he wasn’t in it for the attention. He truly was about the music. He never preached to his followers/fans and was actually quite uncomfortable with people venerating him as some kind of savior for humanity. He was very aware of the fact that he was a pathetic drug addict and only wanted to to communicate with the masses through his music.
    And by the way Alex what about the jam bands. Yes the genre of music in which the musicians actually know how to play their instruments. Sorry punk rockers for that jab. Punk may come from the heart but is not terribly sophisticated. I can go to a Phish show and listen to Rock, Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass, Reggae, and Funk within one set. Is every jam band trying to recreate a new age cult of Dionysus with CIA sponsership? I don’t know. What I do know is that these musician are masters of their instruments. Anyone here ever heard Victor Wooten play the bass? Trey Anastasio let loose on lead? Jerry Garcia cover Miles Davis on a bluegrass album? This is what music is about in my opinion. Every culture develops its own musical language and the truly proficient are able to dabble in any genre they please. Real music comes from the heart but it also comes from practice and understanding of complex musical concepts. Punk rock bands can get by on simple bar chords. Sorry folks but I’ll take Garcia over any punk band no questions at all. I prefer musicians who can teach me something about the guitar and not vice-versa.

  16. I find almost all of the music I listen to has either no lyrics, or words I can’t understand. Haha, it’s nice to hear the emotion and whole vibe the sounds of pleasant voices give off! Many “singers” today have an eerie empty voice, like they’re just going through the motions as a robot does ya know?

    Hey Living Tiki, don’t know your taste in music but I do suggest Shikata Akiko seeing as you like Japanese women, she’s got a pretty nice voice. Though I suppose liking water doesn’t particularly mean you’d like ice as well.. just a suggestion!

    Gregory, thank you for unveiling Mojo Nixon to me, sounds like a pretty fun guy. Lookin forward to hearing your Irish jokes and rants in the future.

    Peace be to you.

  17. invisible sun, beautifully said man, “dead and grateful for it.” That was a truly inspired rebel rant about the shit-peddlers you put together man … gregory, myself and it seems a few others, much appreciated it.

    Edie Brickell, haha! Be wary of Estonian Fashion Models, they are lovely to look at and will bump up your prestige factor, but Gregory would tell you, they can also be … ice cold. 😀

    Knut Sahara, of course. 😐 How the hell else would JK “on the verge of poverty” manage to sell a book worldwide to every dumb cunt disguised as a “reader?”

    Chris, as for Garcia, I think the question when he attended the parties where little boys were being sodomized, did he just watch, and if so, are you comfortable with that? As for “jam” music, as opposed to The Jam (who were brilliant), some of it could account to a matter of taste (I never much cared for Jaz either).

    To me, those guys get up there and masturbate with their instruments all day/night. As our man Gregory once said, “I can wank my cock in a rather impressive manner, but I wouldn’t do it for an audience, especially for fan[atics] who’d shout … bloody brilliant mate, he sure can wank with passion.” Punk was in retaliation to the self-inflated leftovers who’d engage in pretentious guitar solos and god forbid, the occasional drum solo. It’s a safe bet, the world architects never had meetings to adress the problem posed by a bunch of stoned hippies sitting on a hill all day. Punk was about the message, the music was secondary.

    Ed, we’ll have to get Gregory back on, he has a bunch more jokes to share and they don’t all take 20 minutes. 😀 As long as the music comes from the heart (which most of today’s shite doesn’t), even alyrical music can be felt.

  18. Well-said, Chris! I’m so sick of hearing people say that modern music is crap. Well, duh. Why don’t you put a teeny tiny bit of effort, turn off MTV, and go on your own music path. Figure out what you really like & why you like it, support local or indie artists and then see what you find. Oh wait, that would require initiative…

  19. hi rebel ang gregory!

    nice show and so true. i wasn’t braught up with *western* music. i heard tagor, nazrul (you should check out one of his poems called “bidrohi -> means rebel”, but be aware, the translations aren’t as meaningful as the real one).

    but as gregory said, most of the mainstream music is utter crap and a few are good, but they get lost in this madness. most of this music is like advertising…everything is being perverted and ridiculed and then sold to us.

    what is happening to our world? how can we stop it? there has to be a way to awake others…or at least make them aware of what is happening.

    i just wanted to say that what you’re doing is a great help and pls never stop!

    one question or request: have you seen the movie “splice”. i can’t ask you to watch this …crap, but if you do, would you tell me what you think of it? i didn’t see all there was to see, but i felt its “wrongness” and negativity.

    thnx for everything you’re doing.

    take care

    love, peace and respect!


  20. Hello Celtic Rebel,

    how are you? My names’ Kim, I live in London and happen to have brown skin aka a person of color or black. Enough about the superficial.

    I was cracking up (laughing) at today’s show. I found Greg to be funny and very informative. He reminded me of you…

    I really like ur podcasts, I’ve been tuning in for about 6-9 mths. So much info for me to digest.

    The breakdown of music was deep. I’m finding it a bit difficult to no longer see Michael Jackson as a pop super star. I’m working on it and will get there.

    Its funny, ur only the second person, I’ve heard of, to cuss or not support the “greatness” that was; MJ. Or express an opinion contrary to poopular belief.

    When my friend told me she did realy feel MJs music I was shocked and pissed off. I tried to be balanced and open. But my shutters went up (closed mind) I thought something was wrong with her, for not loving MJ.

    I get the bigger picture now.

    Thx for mentioning and reminding me of the Housemartins, Sex Pistols muisc.

    I got those gems and listen to them now and then.

    Thanks Celtic Rebel

    PS: Sorry Celtic Rebel, re: the Sex Pistols, they were a dodgy band, I’m gonna listen to them and make my mind up

  21. Poop Quiz:
    Were they promoted by MTV?
    Have they been on the cover of Rolling Stone? (No, Butt?)
    Do they use mason symbols?
    Did they ever play the Joan Fucking Rivers show? (Nice stage set to)
    Do they like to suck cock?

    I liked Husker Du back in the day and I’m not knocking those lyrics either, but I don’t think they really pass the quiz. I always thought eMTV used them and other bands to open the door for the destruction of the underground scene of the 80’s and set the stage for Green Day. Although I guess I was always more of a Bad Brains and Minor Threat fan.


  22. elizalegs, I’ll agree with half of what you say there, one has to get out and find their own way, but when one does, they’ll find far more great music from the past (the period discussed) than the present. Can you imagine what the music, i mean shit, put out by the next generation will be like? Kids who grew up exposed to Disney’s preteen bands and mentally stunted for life?

    dristi, thanks. You are indeed fortunate not to have had your psyche soiled by Western Poop music. I get the feeling those exposed to long (especially today’s kids) are fucked for life.

    I’ll keep doing this until it’s no longer fun for me, and this past week was A LOT of fun. I saw the movie, but am leery of letting the Priests of Wood dictate the pace/focus any longer. I’ll incorporate pieces of their stream as it suits me.

    Kim, I really appreciate hearing from first-time commenter who’ve been tuning in for a while. Yea the MJ Music BEAST was put out in such a way as to question it raised fears to openly question “why,” lest their understanding of music become suspect. Even I recall once saying, “not my type of music, but.” This (from wiki) says all:

    The Thriller video was preserved by the Library of Congress to the National Recording Registry, as it was deemed “culturally significant”.

    Translated for the layman: “it was pure shit.”

    andrew, nothing personal mate, as fair’s fair … but your poop quiz is suspect. As stated in the show, in the early days of MTV, they played either videos from new wave bands (the only ones that made vids at the time) or concert footage of crap dinosaurs like Journey, Rush, Loverboy, and Kansas. Bob Mould, as said on another show, is gay, which means fuck-all … the ones to question are those that bend-over not because they like it, but in order to make money/become famous (e.g., boyo).

    A valid point you make that raises an eyebrow is the symbol, which may not be “evil” when the lyrics/meaning are interpreted. Kudos though, you do raise some fair points at the end, as to why we should always be critical/speculative.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing the Joan Rivers clip. I’m also now reminded of Stuffing Martha’s Muffin. Christ, now I also remember U2’s first album was “Boy” and Green Day put out a ripe album called “Dookie.”

  23. Chris,

    I’m relieved to hear you were inspired (individualism) by their music instead of CAPTIVEated by it (collectivism). Jerry was awesome. The band was awesome. The scene was amazing. I have Jerry to thank for wonderful memories of not only patchoulie (how the hell do you spell that word?) girl, but also vanilla waffle cone body oil girl (and the subsequent warm fuzzy feeling whenever I enter a Baskin Robbins). But…. yeah here it comes…. as I was preparing to go through all the weirdness that made me say “Really, Jerry…really?”, I looked at their logo for the first time with my “They Live” glasses:

    -A skull (death, the occult, skull and bones, etc.)
    -On a background of the disassociate colors of red and blue (disorientation, confusion)
    -With a lightening bolt inside the skull (electroshock, mind control).

    It’s that simple, mate. It’s almost some weird cosmic law that these people have to tell you what they’re all about. Maybe Jerry was repentant, I don’t know, but one of the last things he was doing was designing ties (THE symbol of mankind’s enslavement- a noose around the neck.) I heard (although the source is the Dark Horse General) that a few years ago a couple of the band members attended Bohemian Grove (can’t remember which ones.)

    However I will put up and shut up:
    KULA SHAKER – a better “classic” rock band than ANY of the bands or people I’ve mentioned. They even have a song called “Grateful When You’re Dead/ Jerry Was There”.

    Ed, thanks for the recommendation! If I can enjoy Indian female singers, Japanese will sound like angels!

    Oh wait please…. one last jab at McCartney:
    I always thought it extremely weird that he looked like Count Chocula, but now I think I’m on to something:

    the living tiki

  24. Thanks CR. I did end up enjoying Gregory’s shot at hosting even with some initial Celtic Rebel jonesing:)

    While I do find this discussion interesting and the message you are conveying important, I also find it a bit of a rabbit hole because taste and the debates about who is real/pure are all so subjective and speculative – barring revealing lyrics and admittance to selling one’s soul on 60 Minutes of course. I find most music that made it past an audience of 1000 suspect (that number is random, but I hope you get my point.) As Gregory pointed out – Mozart and the Jonas Brothers are basically the same kind of creation. We just can’t know the full extent of how the power of sound has been used against us except to say that from what you and others have uncovered so far, it is as deep and wide a deception as you can imagine. (Images of the pied piper come to mind.)

    Also, the labeling of music genres feels divisive (particularly racial). Genres seem to just be tailored soundtracks to the programming of different age/skin color groups generation after generation. To me, this discussion is a challenge of what “success” in music means. A zillion $ record deal, sold out monster shows and girls pissing themselves doesn’t seem to be a natural outcome of pure musical expression. I also wonder if everyone’s unique musical gifts are programmed out by the stories of musical geniuses composing symphonies at age 4 and being told what is good/bad music all of our lives. The adulation (as opposed to genuine appreciation and inspiration) we give to others we deem “more talented” and/or “special” is another way we give our power away and can keep us from trying those art forms ourselves.

    Anyway, thanks again for another thought provoking topic!

  25. If you want to see where music started on its current path, look at > Robert Johnson as he was a great influence on the early rock and was told to have sold his soul for his musical ability at the crossroads. Goes back to the mississippi River theme you talked about.

    From being mentioned by His peers a man of had no ability whatsoever to the greatest blues guitar player that ever lived by the likes of Clapton + Keith Richards.

    The series is quite good at exposing the progression + influence of rock and roll – dont get put off by Dudes annoying voice or the odd mullet of hair.

    PS: who will be paris hilton’s new bff?

    PSS: You know the world is going to poop when this is going on.

    When I see this clearly satanic hand being venerated by the orthodox priests + people as the hand of St George or some thing, I know its time to collect my chips and leave the table. Not withstanding that the head of the Russian Orthodox church is an ex KGB agent and is now best buds with the Pope things start to look much clearer

  26. Husker’s Warehouse is one great album. I saw Bob Mould a year later, after the breakup, at a small club, and he was a heck of a guitarist. The way Husker just pumped music out, sometimes 2 albums a year. Their final tour consisted of playing Warehouse from end to end. That would have been something to see.

    And it’s funny you quoted “These Important Years” – I wrote a 10 page paper on that song for my existentialism class back in ’89. One of my very few favorite parts of college (as it was mostly nonsense they taught).

  27. invisible sun, you present a damning case there. The only “solid” piece I’m aware of connecting The Dead to the Grove is attendance by two band members in 2004. But, they probably went only to hand-deliver a letter from South American mothers who lost their children to Kissinger? 🙄 Was unfamiliar with Kula, but love these lyrics:

    if you know you’re history, you will read between lines
    If you’re waiting for a vision, to illuminate you’re mind
    To leave this world of misery, to leave it all behind
    You’ll be grateful when you’re dead

    Count Chocula? Did you have a premonition of the show to come???

    knowglow, it wasn’t so bad, was it? Divisive I do understand, as aside from the dubious concept of “taste,” we also have an attachment to our childhood programming. But, racial? That one’s lost on me. As part of The Rebellion, both Punk and Ska were failry color blind before the hijackers came along.

    Pavman, I was aware of Jonhson’s infamous cross-roads story and reference. It does make one wonder beyond what brand of 3-piece suit the satan was wearing. Interseting “relic” there for The Cult to pay homage to (the language is polish to those seeking translation).

    sandy, ah, the chance to see/hear the music in an intimate setting! Adding to knowglow’s comment, I honestly don’t feel music can be, or was even meant to be partaken/participated in settings of more than a few dozen people (speaking to how “well” people played being irrelevant in relation to audience involvement). That paper might be an amusing read!

  28. Sex mad stunner copies romping antics of her hero

  29. Hi Alex,
    your pal Gregory broke into a broad Michael Tsarion during his Beatles rant!

  30. Gregory/Alex/Celtic Rebel

    Loved the latest show though not so sure about the accent 🙂

    As you mentioned in the show when I was growing up I also found the quality of music in general to be poor. I started to write songs that I wanted to listen to. After 10 yrs of gigging and spending all my money on recording etc… after listening to all your shows I finally understand why we never made it, apart from the fact that we were called hunnilingus (later shortened to the lingus cos nobody would say our name on the radio)

    If you fancy any royalty free bumper music for the show you can check out the website.

    Keep up the good work, love the show. After following the Dark Horse General path the Rebel path is breath of fresh air.

    Mick from Belfast

  31. I was checking out that Waylon Jennings thing, because I thought it was Dion who caught the bus instead that night and sure enough on wiki they made sure to mention that their plane took off from nearby Mason City.

    Have you ever checked out “The Buddy Holly Story” flick. It’s awesome Gary Busey does a killer job. But of coarse there’s gay shit added in like when the have to pretend to be Sam Cooke white valets to check into a black hotel. “Here to serve his every need” and whatnot

  32. Now listen here, you over opinionated drunken Irish arsehole. [blah, blah, blah] Morrison was a mind control victim??? Now that’s a laugh. Every member of that band had talent. REAL talent. [blah, blah, blah] The Doors made great music and they didn’t take it in the arse from your mythological starfucking squid god.

  33. brian, holy crap! Stop the polls, we have an official winner in the “I am a Stupid Cunt” sweepstakes! What a lovely robot she is. With how many of these lads did she have anal? Inquiring minds [and the makes of Depends] want to know! 😯 Thanks for sharing.

    RangersRebel, hehe! 😀

    Mick, Gregory saw your note and said, “Oh, if had a fiver for every Mick who couldn’t place me accent” … oh, wait, your name is “Mick!” Are you taking a piss, man? 😆

    Love the [original] band name! WTF? You can’t say Hunnilingus on the radio but you can play “Black Eyed Peas?” This world needs a bloody enema.

    dhan, Mason City? You struck gold in terms of proof of a sacrificial event there man! The movie might contain some clues.

    MrMojoRisin, as if your name doesn’t say enough, I had to cut out some of your input, cause it was bloody boring. Gregory took no offense, adding “he likes the spirit, but the lad’s judgment’s impaired by idle worship.”

    Morrison, who crooned, “show me the way to next little girl, I won’t ask why, I won’t ask why.” I guess you never bothered asking either? Child sodomy is no reason to question our heroes. “The men don’t know, but the little girls understand. I’m a back door man.” [prior thoughts]

  34. Thanks for the reply. I didn’t mean music is racially divisive – quite the contrary. I meant the genres created for such useful things as Billboard’s Top lists broke music down into black, white, old, young, etc. to create a code for who was what.

  35. God where to start…I miss reading this website..forgot for a while how much I enjoy the posts and the commentary. Wish I could listen to your webcasts but I have kids always around and little time to devote..but maybe someday when the wife takes them to the park or something.

    As my name suggests..(dead songs)..long time reformed deadhead here. Loved the jam bands..wouldn’t trade away the 50 or so dead shows I’ve seen for anything. I do find it phishy though that the gov. basically started the whole LSD movement.. what better way to thwart protests than to make everyone high. Even better if they can make a little profit by selling the drugs to fund future black ops. Think Vietnam, iran-contra, crack, afganistan today.

    As for music I was a rare breed. grew up in a small enough town that anyone who listened to non-pop music was a friend.. Started as a punk rocker..gradually became a hippie as my punk friends drifted towards the skinhead movement…remember the party when screwdrivers white power song was played over and over..a deadhead friend was like let’s go get high…several decades later I’m still waking up from the haze.
    Now my musical 2 cents worth…I’m on a kick that I’ll only listen to African or african-american artists. Check out Fela or Femi Kuti if you like Jam bands…nothing like Nigerian protest music you can dance your ass off to. Erykah Badu is a goddess worthy of worship..her latest video takes place at Dealy plaza where jfk wound up dead…and while most rap is awful..listen to GZA’s liquid swords, an amazing rap album worthy of a listen or ten… take care all and can’t wait to read more from the celtic rebel and his followers!

    PS: oh..forgot Mos Def and Talib Kweli..worthy of a listen as well

    Schwarzenegger to speak at Bohemian Club conclave

    mentions at the end that Bob Weir has performed there before…I love Weir but really! Man that was for local charity but still

  36. I see it in the movies/art/music today and even in the music I was exposed to growing up… here is one example… NOFX a very popular punk/alternative rock group who’s been around since the 80’s and still going strong. The groups lead singer “Fat Mike” is jewish as for most of the band except for one mexican… PLEASE READ & WATCH the following Celtic Rebel you will want to expose this group for what they are EVIL. I say this because when I was young me and my friends listened to their music with no clue that they are spreading evil, it was all disguised as innocent rebellious fun…

    This group has “brainwashed” millions of young minds with their communist propaganda of pure Evil… I wish I known this back then… PLEASE READ 3 examples it will shock you…

    1st case in point: One of their most popular song “Don’t Call Me White” [NOFX Lyrics “Don’t Call Me White”] 2nd case in point: “Kill all the white man” Millions of “whites” cheering to this song makes me sick… [NOFX Lyrics “Kill All The White Man”] 3rd Case in point: “Murder the Government” This is a communist/zionist disgusting song… [NOFX Lyrics “Murder the Goverment”]

    This is just 3 examples of countless more… I do believe this band is not alone in destroying the minds of youths not just here in america but around the world… The music has hypnotized the youth to give up any morals and ethics they have for a cheap thrill ride… I was never a fan of this band but my old girlfriend was a huge fan… It was all fun and games back then but looking back I wish I new what I know now that NOFX is not some innocent band but an evil group working for the NWO and communist Rats who want to destroy America and destroy all that good…
    Yes rebellion is good… I too am a rebel and a renegade but I don’t need NOFX to steal the truth…

    PS: Please make a short youtube video on this subject… Music like them needs to be exposed for what it is Rat Music… Who are the enemies of America I think NOFX is on my list… We should have a blacklist of artist who are not only anti america but evil whores… I dont think NOFX would have made it big if they song dont call me a kike or kill all the black men or murder the nwo… That would not please their masters…

  37. Wasn’t sure where to place this comment. I experienced a whacky coinky dink today. Imagine, finding a very Brasilian “bossa” version for “Making Plans for Nigel”?

  38. Nick, Are you a Skrewdriver fan ? (j/k) Although Fat Mike(NoFX) was raised as a Jew, I think he has a genuine discontent for organized religion. His songwriting at times, is brilliantly funny, cynical, and sarcastically all in jest. I believe it was Ryan who brought up this song in the chatroom a few weeks ago….

    “Friday night we’ll be drinkin’ Manishewitz-Goin’ out to terrorize Goyim-Stompin’ shaygetz, screwin’ shiksas-As long as we’re home by Saturday mornin-Cause hey, we’re the Brews-Sportin’ anti-swastika tattoos-Oi Oi we’re the boys-Orthodox, hasidic, O.G. Ois. Orthopedic, Dr. Martins good for-Waffle making, kickin’ through the shin-Reputation, gained through intimidation-Pacifism no longer tradition. Cause hey we’re the Brews-Sportin’ anti-swastika tattoos-Oi Oi we’re the Brews-The fairfax ghetto boys skinhead Hebrews. We got the might, psycho mashuganahs-We can’t lose a fight, and we are the chosen ones-Chutzpah-driven, we battle then we feast-We celebrate, we’ll separate our milkplates from our meat….”

    Also, check out NoFX’s “Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)”. His message is Atheism.

    Now , on the other hand , He spent the majority of Dubya’s second term Pushing his own fascist political agenda. He started ‘’ which was funded by billionaire scumbag, George Soros. Fortunately , the band Propagandhi discovered this fact and called out Fat Mike & punkvoter and their label,Fat-Wreck Chords which is owned by ‘Shill-FX’. I guess anyone can be bought. Thou shalt not put musicians and recording artists on ridiculous pedo-stools no matter how great they are or were. They’re JUST A BAND…. listen

  39. knowglow, ah k lov! Thanks for the clarification.

    scarletfire, thanks for sharing your stroll here. It is a shame how successful their underhanded maneuver to make punk racist was. Associating rebellion with fascism was evil, but smart (on their part). Yea, there is still some good music coming out of Africa. Probably why they’re so busy killing off the natives down there.

    Nick, I’m not that familiar with the band, though some of their bubble-gum punk is a bit catchy. I had to trim your post, as including all those lyrics from all those songs made it far too long. I can’t speak to their intentions, though most bands who make any noise today, are either controlled or reliably stupid.

    Peter (Pan13), this was a good a place as any. I’d heard that before, but posting here will allow for some others to discover too..

    Phil_DeGrave, thank you for taking the time to answer Nick above and sharing some good insights and perspectives on the band!

  40. Think I may have found the gayest band of today: ’33 WEST’ !!! You gotta love that name, not only does it sound “gay”. It has GAY written all over it.

  41. Again, I am at a loss to find a place for this comment.
    Essentially, i present a Shakira video link. She is evidently a Columbian beauty. She really is a delicate tropical flower.
    Nevertheless, Columbia is a military puppet state of the Rockefeller’s and their client state Amerika.
    The intense sexuality is directed at all those frustrated soldiers serving the corporate satanic entity. Perhaps you’d be interested in filling the myriad details that the demented social engineers intend.

  42. Keep spreading the truth man. Jewish spectres, machinations of the Zionists I fight daily constantly hover nearby, trying to claim my soul in the name ov Stein. But they won’t win. Celebrities are hardware drives for secret messages.

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