Boy Toys of the Gay-lites

“This is what we’ve waited for. This is it, boys. This is war.” These royal pricks have finally done it. You can only push the Rebel so far. They’ve long since engineered most of American and Western European girls into self-deprecating whores, good for a shag [barely] and not much else. But now, they have crossed the [proverbial] line … those dick-heads have set their gun-sites on Brasil!

butt sexbutt sex

When Tanerlorn comes under attack, it is incumbent on all warriors to rise to the occasion and fight. Hence, this Celtic Warrior, being rash rather than methodical, appeared on Gomer Kyle’s show to air just a few of the gay-lites dirty little secrets: {*1}


The material presented in the show, and herein, is by no means everything, but had Tanerlorn been left unmolested, I, out of laziness, would have probably left well enough alone. The proverbial cat is out of the [brown] bag now.

I encourage other warriors to join in. You will find this type of material throughout thw whole media stream. The pen is mightier than the [pork] sword. Through whatever means, point this stuff out. At this point, what have we got to lose? {*2}

butt sex

One of these dirty little secrets has been the call to “heroic” young men to “Go West” and “fight the good fight.” For how long have they been making that recruitment call openly now? The point is, I don’t think most guys have the slightest clue what that means, despite repeated memes indicating what should be obvious.

butt sexbutt sexbutt sex

Hopefully, after last week’s show, everyone has a decent idea what “Going West” suggests. Hm, $6.66 for an album? That sounds about right. As said, the alternate back route for going west is Old Route 66, after you pass the stomach/arches.

butt sex

Feel free to Go West if you wish. It makes little difference to me. The company you find will be Legion. Sometimes however, the left-hand path may be a better option. Well, at least that’s what the rabbi[t] wants us to believe.

“Grab the bull by the horns?” Is that another programmed meme? Gore or be gored? Is that the game afoot? By the way “bull” is required to make a “bullet,” another euphemism for a double-shot of your baby’s love. Yes, that is a route sign.


Perhaps the rabbi knows exactly what happens when you end up in Holy Wood, the place where the priest class of old has taken up residence. Here’s a hint (as has been irrevocably demonstrated), lots and lots of man-on-man butt-sex:

butt sex

The above scene is from eXistenZ, a movie, which per the unheard podcast (Dinner with Stygian Port [5]), is the longest running anal-sex gag ever heaped on cinematic consciousness. Yes, Cronenberg is a shit-head [when translated, “literally”].

If you’re lucky enough to make it out of the shithole that is Hollywood, your journey will end in Santa Monica, a city named after the pussy-holic mother of useful Roman stooge Saint Augustine. It’s also the nesting ground of the likes of Charles Manson, Marilyn Manson Records, the Rand Corporation and a bunch of other unhealthy shit.

butt sexbutt sex

The opening “Go West” album covers [of this post] do seem to suggest some connection with singing and effeminization. 666/FOX’s new “Glee” Club even on the surface, seems nothing short of an extreme homosexual engineering vehicle. While the promo is somewhat misrepresented, I am making a point that there are men out there who are rather stimulated by the sight of a bunch of young boys with their mouths wide open, and a lot of such men make movies.

The upper left corner [first image] does imply an efeminate conversion, right?

butt sexbutt sex

West is the route to fame and riches, as I’ve already demonstrated, the road to fame is anally exacting. But, that’s just one industry, of many. When the heavy hitters of the music industry talk about “Rock and Cock,” they aren’t kidding. The caveat is how much cock you have to take before you can wave your own about.

sunrise motel

And there’s good reason for the connection. There is only one place along the route (Old 66), where the route Crosses itself (al-boo-queer-key). I’d like to thank Eugene from Underground Stream for beating [into my head] the significance of that. {*3} There is indeed a lot of weird “shit” on the old alternate route to the hell-hole.

butt sexbutt sexbutt sex

If you’ll recall, “blue” is one of the many terms used to describe a man who is gay [the ratio of male Smurfs to females should be making a lot of sense now]. The above “hole” does seem to have some very odd numerical dimensions ass-o-cia-ted with it. And, what was that Dorothy? Did you say that the cowboy looks ready for some brokeback action?

This nine-room Sunrise Motel, a landmark of some distinction, located at the intersection of 66 and 66, is synchromystically connected to two notable Broadway shows, Scaramouche and Fandango. Yes, your ears should be ringing [quite] a bit…

butt sexbutt sexbutt sex

Scaramouche [above center is the mask bearing such a name] was about a young man who, get ready for this, “becomes a revolutionary, politician, and fencing-master, confounding his enemies with his powerful orations and swordsmanship.” Fandango, was made into a movie starring young Kevin Costner. Supposedly, Steven Spielberg was so upset with the film he had his name taken off it.

butt sex

Considering the number of stinkers Herr Spielberg [an accredited member of the priest class] has laid, I can only surmise one reason he hated it. Not gay enough. Right “under our nose” for so long? It’s been hidden up or under something. {*3}

butt sex

Alas, an old song crooned by one rather fleet-footed, but not-so mercurial Freddy and her Majesty’s unofficial bootlickers, “Bohemian [grove] Rhapsody,” should also be making a hell of a lot of sense now. Hint: the word AssAssIn is what it is.

Mama I just killed a man,
Put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger, now he’s dead
Mama, life had just begun,
But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away

Too late, my time has come,
Sends shivers down my spine, body’s aching all the time
Goodbye, ev’rybody, I’ve got to go,
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth

I see a little silhouetto of a man,
Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango
Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very fright’ning me

(Oh mama mia, mama mia) Mama mia, let me go
Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me, for me

“Any way the wind blows?” Preferably West I’m guessing. Speaking of Lighting, the main character in The Box, the one who could see through the eyes of others, and control them, got hit by Lighting. For those unaware, 15 is Lucy Fur’s number.

butt sex

Seeing that the infamous Area 51 is located off Route 66, I’m forced to wonder if the whole alien angle isn’t yet another pile of rancid disinfo, and perhaps the top-secret “base” is the headquarters of something far more sinister? That grid/net [from movie], does seem like a one-way [soul] trap of sorts does it not?

butt sex

Another item [unmentioned] during the show is to keep an eye on the clock. No, not the cock. According to one Lucy, 15 after indicates someone is about to perform an evil act. 15 ’til indicates that someone’s about to be victimized. It’s a game.

anus ringkiss the hole

I made a wild speculation during the show, that the horror-movie The Ring may be yet another “twist” on the anus, but in retrospect, maybe not so wild. According to Templar lore, the rituals involved kissing the anus of the high priest. For those who just returned from Easter service, I’m seriously hoping you didn’t engage in such symbolic depravity. Those pictured above, do seem rather amused by the act.

butt sex

I’ve deduced [long ago] that the anus is the entry portal for spirits wishing to take possession of our being. Hence, feel that is the reason for the ceremonial anus kiss. Stygian Port recently appraised me of some wacky movie, Bubba Ho-Tep, where the plot involves Elvis and JFK pairing up to do battle against a soul-sucker, an undead creature who consumes souls, and does so, via of all places, the anus.

I really don’t have that much of a problem with the [christian/patriot/red-pill] Constitutionalists [who’m I made fun of last show], I just think they’re kind of, um, obtuse [yes, trying to make a clever connection between the word constitution and another movie about the digestive system, Shawshank]. Anyway, what they’re too “obtuse” to figure out is that the Republic didn’t start dying when the Patriot Act was passed, nor when the latest übersocialist boy-toy Obama was put in office … it was hemorrhaging long before that, when, en masse, its elders were cast out into nursing homes, condemned to die a slow lonely [and loveless] death.

butt sexbutt sexbutt sex

There’s a lot of weird shit along the route. A lot of really weird-ass shit. There’s no way I could cover it all here. Eugene, mentioned earlier, wrote of but one possible sidetrack. Feel free to plod along and see what you find. One handy tool to bring a long: a gay slang dictionary [there are many out there].

Otherwise, you’ll pass right by all sorts of shit, without ever noticing you’re being victimized. One good example: like why the um, creators, of South Park randomly chose to call the turd, “Mr. Hankey” [this is why they are laughing at you].

butt sexbutt sex

I may have reanalyze my perspective that the Academy Awards are ceremonially handed out to the biggest social engineering movies of the year. I’m starting to wonder, honestly, if it’s not to those honoring the westward route. In The Hurt Locker, before riding his buddy like a cowboy [hence, going too far], they laid down the rules for their [cock]fight: “No face shots!” Silly rabbit! That kind of humiliation is reserved for the bitches [i.e., womenfolk, or those effeminated].

Even Miss Sandra Bollocks, was finally “recognized,” only after making the above anal-suggestive film. Coincidentally, this was perfectly timed right along with news division of the medes, informing her fan-base that even this “goody two-shoes normal-girl all-american role-model” engages in a little fecalphelia. In other words: giving imbeciles the “green light” to also partake in such depravity. {*4}

butt sexbutt sex

As said in the show, movies have long used codes like “hot lead” or a “warm glass of milk” to suggest a man on man spurtathon. All sorts of clues are left along the route, such as the above Beatles one [just another stop]. Honestly, what do you think the talentless [at the time, they eventually learned] fabulous little boy-toys [“bitches”] meant when they sang, “Come together. Right now. Over me!”

I’m sure some will take offense to what I said above, but that’s a natural persona-stinctive response to those engineered to define themselves by the indoctrination their massters subjected them to. The above vid, is, in my opinion, a fair analysis of Don MacLean’s “American Pie,” his goodbye to Rock and Roll.

“No angel born in hell, can break that Satan spell. And, as the flames climbed high into the night, to light the sacrificial rite, I saw Satan laughing with delight … on the day the music died.”

MacLean, and I’m guessing here, whether by knowledge or intuition, was making a conscious choice to stay far away from the “Western” forces taking over music with their initiated/sodomized Beat-els, Stones/testicles and [back] Doors.

butt sexbutt sex

Obviously, the topic is gonna require deeper anal-isis. There was way too much material to squeeze into a two-hour show, and I had to leave various nuggets of information out of the broadcast. It will be probed again [literally/metaphorically].

butt sexbutt sex

Yes, that is an “eye of horus” hidden behind her [on the wall], as well as the more obvious eye you can almost see (technically, also behind her). Despite what leading conspiracists have been indoctrinating us to believe, nothing has been hidden under our “noses,” folks. Absolute shite! Even though we are pretty god-damned stupid, they figured sooner or later we’d pick our nose and find it.

butt sexbutt sex

Maybe a side effect of all this anal programming coming through the media, is that probing every rabbit holes will become instinctive? From the WB of old Whiting Bros found along the route [earlier pic], we ended up with the seedy anal-inquisitive Warner Bros waiting at its end. Those “brothers” have since spawned the anally fixated forked-tongued Wachowkis, whom via their pitchman, Key-Anus, have cleverly programmed legions of naives to “go deep” into the rabbit hole.

butt sexbutt sex

While Isis above does seem inviting to my trigger finger, the Priests of Holy Wood, seems “hell-bent” on programming us to same sex “brown-eye” exploration. Oh how obvious the old posters are through NEW eyes, no? Don’t analyze that [the woman hole]. Analyze this! That laughter you hear is them, laughing at you.

butt sex

I had almost forgotten a rather forgettable old film entitled Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead. Hm, maybe “Everything’s Denver?” The film emphasized that the “worst possible way to die” in terms of excruciating pain and how long it took to die, was to get shot in the ass [a term they called “buckwheats”]. Of course, anyone with even a rudimentary grasp of biology and physics would say “bullshit.”

butt sex

It doesn’t matter if you get the joke [e.g., the one above about being a “brown boy” or “shit-eater”] or not when it is being made at your expense. All that matters is that you stop thinking and keep watching/consuming the shit they’re pumping into your mind. The nonsensical surface plot and social engineering are aimed at you, the rest of the movie is made for them (and perhaps, a few smarter rabbits).

butt sex

The above supporting scene is from Wanted, which took place at Bielzebubb’s Castle of Carnage, conveniently located at the origin/mouth of Route 66. As I’ve long stated, our mouth is where our kharmic weight is initiated. We should be more careful what we consume. Consumption is another form of consent.

butt sexbutt sex

As I also just learned from Eugene, there is one other notable landmark where 66 crosses itself, yet another place to stuff your face with the tortured remains of the day, Nick’s/Satan’s “Place.” Couldn’t find an image, but did find one from a New York Diner, located in, oh, as if I you hadn’t already guessed: Hell’s Kitchen.

butt sex

There are a remarkable amount of shots in cinema, where a female’s ass is immediately followed by dead meat being carved or sliced. It’s uncanny how often this occurs. Even though the prior placement of Bethany’s rear and Kobe steaks was coincidental, in the big scheme, there is NO coincidence. Probably why, just this past weekend [prior to show], a random friend sent me, via his phone, this image from a tattoo parlor [warning: graphic, not for the timid], supporting my theory that the female anus is the route to more men turning inward [on each other].

butt sex

If you watch the Sherlock Holmes movie [¿Guy Ritchie’s “penance” for making Revolver?], with the new eyes you’ve gained after being exposed to this information, you will be amazed at what you see taking place. Some lines are somewhat overt, such as Holmes commenting, “I have crawled into the rabbit hole, and though I’ve soiled my bushy white tail, I have emerged enlightened.” Others, such as Judy’s above “response” to Downing’s touch, are far more subtle.

butt sexbutt sex

“Widen your gaze [i.e., brown-eye], Holmes,” suggested the villain. Need more? Alas, connecting the film back to that noxious shit-sucker Ben Stiller, is Roberta Downey Jr, someone “chosen” for some reason [bizarre to the ignorant, yet obvious to the wise] to appear at the sad joke known as the Kid’s Choice Awards.

Stygian Port: “In Sherlock, after Rachel McAdams visits Holmes, Watson asks why she was there, and if she was looking for a “beard”? Later, a gypsy woman payed off by Holmes to try to convince Watson not to get married claims she sees Watson’s bride growing a beard. The scenes in Top Gun where Maverick and the female flight instructor meet up at her place and you think they’re gonna do it but they don’t, then next time they meet she’s dressed like a guy, happens in Sherlock Holmes as well.”

Do you recall [from show] how he, Roberta [while wearing a sambo mask] comforted the recent pedo-initiated Benita in Tropic Thunder? Well, in Shercock [john] Holmes, the gypsy intuits in regards to Judy/Roberta, “You are brothers. Yet not in blood, but[t] by bond.” James Bond! Or perhaps, King James um, “bond?”

butt sex

Think back on films you once saw [while blind]. Are you sure you watched the movie you think you saw? Are you sure what unfolded is what you remember? You sure?

butt sex

I think not. It’s time to redefine the term, “No shit Sherlock.” I could go on and on, but it’s time to move on. As Gomer summarized to me recently, all you can do is give them the [they live] glasses. Now, it’s up to them to put them on and see the [omnipresent] “shit” with their own eyes.

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*1: Unfortunately, I made a bad choice and decided to present this material for the first time on someone else’s show rather than my own. One, the host was stoned during the interview, so kept meandering into unrelated directions. Two, said host has since gone on to become a proponent of extreme bigotry.

The former was a mere nuisance, but the latter association makes the footnote (below) one more subject to [valid] criticism. I apologize. I made a poor decision. [LB]

*2: Undoubtedly, some pre-programmed minds, on both extremes of the spectrum, will interpret this as some kind of stupid crusade against homosexuality. Clearing one’s mind and resisting the urge for emotional reaction, should hopefully help on see that his is about something that goes far beyond individual sexual orientation. [LB]

*3: I will have Eugene as a guest/co-pilot on The Rebel Path this coming Sunday, April 11th. The show is tentatively titled: “The Christ, The Boxifiction and the Event Horizon.” Yes, there was a rebroadcast this past Sunday, as I wanted to finish this and was not up to the task of writing yet another post on yet another broad topic. [LB]

*4: I’d like to thank ImmortallyWounded for his comment which confirmed my suspicions the latest media-frenzy on Bollock was a psyop. Also, Doug DeGrave for the subsequent “Betheney Fenkel” image. Undoubtedly, as this article was a long-time brewing others have contributed ideas, so I’m sorry if I have forgotten who said what. Most importantly, I’d like to once again thank Lucy for helping me put so much of this together. [LB]

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47 Responses to “Boy Toys of the Gay-lites”

  1. Great show Alex. It’s very ballsy of you to plug the( )*( )stynk hole, you must be very confident to steer people to such a profound blog. I’d personally worry that my readers wouldn’t come back after experiencing real wisdom imparted from Joey Fatone. I had no idea gays didn’t always sodomize one another, then again every time I met a flamboyant homosexual they were clearly just another CULTure zombie. About the polarizing energies, does that happen during heterosexual anal sex as well? If so, society is fucked(pun intended). Then again one has to wonder how that effects the soul, I don’t have the heart to experiment and see the results.

  2. celtic rebel i thought you might appreciate this article: Poop Is the Most Important Indicator of Your Health – has some interesting film references…some of which i think you already mentioned…

  3. Hey have you seen that movie “The Hurt Locker” yet? I don’t think I’ve heard you mention it, check it out you’ll be cracking up. This flick is one of the most shameless and overt to date. I can’t decide which was my favorite the Pedo-Necrophilia scene or “spit and rub, spit and rub”.

  4. Twink-el, twink-el, little star. How I wonder what you are.

  5. Go West – connected with symbolic Egypt would mean to die

    In Egypt the elite men wore make up, doubtless the eunuchs provided entertainment.


  6. Good riff, Celtic Rebel. It is interesting to note one of Keanu Reeves, early movies “My Own Private Idaho (1991),” He plays, Scott, a male hustler, who has sex with both men and women. His fellow male hustler, Mike, (River Phoenix) expresses his love for him. Scott says he is straight and that being a bisexual prostitute is only temporary.

  7. Immortallywounded, well, I’m hoping those sent to the Stynk Hole find their way back. 😈 Hard to say, aside from the commonality of “anal vampirism,” why the process works differently between a male and a female. Contrary to popular opinion, I’m not an expert on the topic.

    Linnet, interesting article. Back in the uncivilized days, back before doctors became today’s clueless morally-defective servants of the eugenics apparatus, a good doctor would check someone’s feces to determine the status of their health/constitution.

    dhan, I finally got around to watching this anal-rific winner of the big gold phallus. Hope you liked the additional blurbs.

    Ferdinand, I guess a dark star does twink-el, in some form or another, or so they would have us be-LIE-ve. 😉

    aferrismoon, well, that would make a lot of sense, as to get initiated on the route, you have to get Ass[ass]In-ated, obviously literally.

    N in Van, I’d gather many who submit themselves to the rites, do tell/mislead themselves that it’s only temporary. The products of the industry, the constant slew of boy sex references, tell us otherwise.

  8. I watched Cinderella Man a few months ago, and the movie is predictably full of gender-bending subtext—hell, just look at the fucking title, they might as well have called it Woman-Man. Russell Crowe’s (Rose-Croix?) character constantly has to defeat his opponents by symbolically sodomizing them in the boxing ring (hint), thereby asserting his own masculinity. These are real, actual lines from the movie:

    You gotta beat this son of a bitch from the inside out!

    You hear me? You gotta get in there.

    You get in there and you hit him…

    Beat him from the inside out, Jim! From the inside out!

    And just in case people miss the male rape metaphor, another line (referring to another boxer), is “And we’re supposed to pucker our assholes over this Abe Feldman?”

    And then there’s the Lord of the Rings, which I believe you have already mentioned. Not only are there no women of any note in the books, but the “magical ring” seems to be frequently a metaphor for a woman’s anus, being a source of unlimited magical power that Gollum refers to as “his precioussss…”

  9. Did you ever see a film called “Dreamcatcher”? It’s an adaptation of a Stephen King novel that’s so incredibly bad, I forgot everything (even the title) except for the disgusting scenes of alien worm things going in and out of people’s butts. Yeah.

    While checking out IMDB to ‘remember’ what the hell this film was all about, I found a review by a person named “Ricky Roma”; Not only is it hilarious, he points out all the social engineering you talk about, but without the knowledge of why its there.

    Here’s a link to the movies he’s reviewed that start with ‘D’ (sorry…you’ll have to scroll down for “Dreamcatcher”):

    I found it odd that this reviewer was one of very few that even talked about the alien butt worms, which for me was the defining “Oh my God this film sucks” moment. I deemed it worse than “Battlefield Earth”.

    invisible sun

  10. Now that was a mind blower. There are a couple of books that connect right to this topic. One is “Surrender: An Erotic Memoir (2004)” by Toni Bentley

    Here is a quote from the book: “I am sitting on the threshold. Perhaps this is the final paradox of God’s paradoxical machinations: my ass is my very own back door to heaven. The Pearly Gates are closer than you think.”

    Supposedly, this is book is the true life memoir of Toni Bentley, a female ballet dancer and author. She details how anal sex gave is a transcendental experience that brought her closer to God. I think this is pro anal sex propaganda for the intellectual set. It was even reviewed by the Washington Post so I think that gives you an idea of the target audience.

    If anal sex is spiritual then how does a man get that same spiritual sex experience that a woman gets from a man? Well, I guess this could be a plug for man on man sodomy as a way to a spiritual life. It seems that priests are not raping young boys just trying to make them holy.

    Another book that links to this topic is “Making Love,” by Richard Rhodes where he describes “cornholing” or anal sex as an activity common between young boys at the all male boarding school he attended in the 1950s. This is something the author says was only temporary homosexuality. Then he goes onto to detail that he is heterosexual and that he has slept with lots of women. Since all male boarding schools are usually only for the elite could it be that in ranks of the elite young men are initiated into this fraternal order at a very young age, and in films the stars are only showing that they are lifelong members of the fraternity. It could be that they are lettered members of fraternity, and lifelong Greeks so to speak.

    Another thought is how did these young men come up with the idea of doing each other up the butt? The author does not give that detail. Could it be that an adult male initiated these young men into this brotherhood and told them to pass it on?

    In light of this discussion the film, “Ali G Indahouse (2002)” finally makes sense to me. First, Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Ali G states over and over that he is not a poof. Yet the first sex scene in the film has Ali G chained to a fence while an older man masturbates him. Then another scene has two male delegates getting stoned at a U.N. assembly then kissing each other. Near then end of the film two of Ali G’s friends think they are going to die so they decide to have anal sex with each other to “See what it’s like.”

    If you the follow this sequence of events in the film, first Ali G is molested by an older man while he is chained to the fence and can’t resist. Interesting to note the scene is taking place in front of the British parliament. Does this show how young men are initiated into this brotherhood and possibly forcibly raped as part of their initiation? Then the next odd scene is the orgy scene at the U.N. This could be a message that all those at the very top are part of this fraternity and that orgies are commonplace amongst the members. The final sex scene has Ali Gs friends sodomizing each other. This occurs after Ali G has a position of power and control in the film. This could be to show how this tradition passes on from generation to the next. First the older men initiate the young boys so they can prepared to serve them in high positions of power of wealth. Then these initiates pass on the tradition to other young men.

    For a film that is all about a young playboy I don’t think there is one heterosexual sex scene in the film. Of course Sach Baron Cohen films seem to be pushing towards some agenda. In “Borat,” his character is supposedly heterosexual and in love with Pamela Anderson, but the character never has a romantic or sex scene with a woman. The only act of any intimacy in the film is a long drawn out naked wrestling scene between Borat and another male character. His latest, film “Bruno” where he plays a gay male fashion designer and with strong overtones of homoeroticism seems to put the icing on the cake.

    Now are the women pictured with Ali G on the cover of the DVD just his “Rachels?”

    My final thought is that in yogic and Taoist practices one usually closes or seals the root chakra to prevent the release of spiritual energy (chi/prana) so does this sex act drain away sexual energy? I don’t know but I think it is something to think about.

    My last bit to add is the account given Bill Schnoebelen on his experiences as an Illuminati insider. A video of his account is here

    I don’t if he is a trustworthy source, but according to him the highest degree of Freemasonry or the Scottish Rite involves sodomizing young boys. Supposedly members of this fraternity believe that pre-teen boys provide them the only source of life energy that will give them immortality. Schnoebelen, states these men believe that ritual sodomy is only way to gain this energy.

    I personally think this is just a sort of energetic vampirism, with a twisted and perverted cult behind it.

  11. Eleleth, nice addition. “Pretty little princess man” would also work in the equation. Having just watched Sherlock Holmes, it made a point that he rather enjoyed getting half-naked and getting inside the “box”ing “ring” and causing other men severe internal injuries. Are we sure “his precioussss” is not that of a little boy?

    invisible sun, oh my god, I had forgotten that movie. That film makes total sense now, looking at it with these new glasses. The boys/victims were all telepathically linked too. It is truly funny to read that review from someone who can see the elements, but hasn’t a grasp of the bigger picture.

    N, some valuable additions/insights there. Undoubtedly there is good reason for the correlation between the words “hole” and “holy.” And the name Sasha Baroness Con should have told us more than enough to start, no? But, we [myself included] were to naive to judge early on. My summation on anal sex at this juncture, is that it is a form of “enegy vampirism” regardless of sex, but am under the impression, that something more takes place when it is man on man.

    As for Bill, yea, I’m leery of anything that comes out of The Prophecy Club, the other extreme dialectic of willful ignorance. While it’s hard to get through what I call his “Official Conspiracy Backstory 101” diatribe, there are indubitably, as you point out, some truths in there.

  12. Hey Celtic, great show. Just over this past weekend I was pressured by my wife to take her out to go see a movie of her choice. The movie was Hot Tub Time Machine. I have to say, I have never seen such overt homosexual references packed into one film like this before. Within the first 15 minutes I swear the audience is bombarded with puke, feces, countless anal references and of course the ever present xbox. Honestly, I was floored by all of the embeds through out this movie; even the effeminate teenage character in the movie makes reference to the term “stargate” I shit you not. Anyway put this one on your radar when it hits the video stores, you’ll be amazed.

  13. Must agree with N about Sacha Cohen – he takes on the role of a racial grouping and then proceeds to demean them . His different personae obviously take everything to the genital level to animalise everyone.
    Borat is just a ripoff of Python’s ‘Hungarian ‘ sketch, yet repeated endlessly.
    Returning to the Tsarion show idea of the DUMBSHOW to satisfy the DumBos, what’s SBC’s agenda or Agender behind that. I see little more than a racist who hates other people and wanks himself off over how suck-cessful he thinks he is.
    Perhaps that’s the way to the ‘top’.

    Check out the latest or last but one Simpsons. he’s in that as the Simpson’s go to Israel

    Maybe he hates Genatiles

  14. This dirty sanchez “shit” is getting out of hand [full article].

    “CHEATING Jesse James filmed himself having sex with his superstar wife Sandra Bullock, according to a bombshell new report.

    The alleged tape reportedly includes James smearing feces on Bullock’s upper lip during various types of anal sex, lots of profanity hurled from both parties, and a leather clad James, sporting a Hitler mustache with brown hat with a swastika, ramming a handcuffed Bullock’s bottom with a shotgun in his left hand.”

    I don’t condone actions such as this, as the only stynk hole anyone here should be visiting is the wonderfully enlightening blog linked on the right (scroll up… a lot). Go take a journey inwards, and don’t forget to wipe your feet before you’re done … some might see the evidence that you have seen truth, and become jealous.

  15. At the very crossing of Rt 66 is “Nicks Restaurant” ie the Devils Feast or
    gehenna: Nick’s place at the 66 genuflection

    Its address is 111 N. 4th. Nick is devil or adversary and 111 is the constant of the square of the Sun, 666.

    Sunshine Hotel was in the TV series “Lost Room” which has gematria value of 66 and in the series is on ROUTE 66.

    Novarro of Scaramouche: Later reference being the ‘star’ of scaramouche the movie, note homo and catholocism as well as his death, aspyxiation in LAUREL CANYON (see Dave McGowan series)

  16. great post Alex (& Hyle Kunt too)…helps alot with what you were saying in the podcast…thanks

    I almost got sick reading that Jesse (Jesse = LIMPWRIST) James & Bullocks report

  17. B, I got around to watching some of that stinker you mention. Some very odd “shit” in there, no doubt. May need to look at it again, cuase to tell you the truth, was a bit shell-shocked early on, because they pilfered one scene right out of something I wrote several years ago.

    aferrismoon, I vaguely recall the Hungarin skit, and you may be right. “Original” would not be the first word that comes to mind when looking at the Barenness. Ah, “gentiles” and “genitals,” why do you always point out connections that lead to my slapping my forehead [“gently”] over words I should have long seen? Doh! 😐 Hm, and in that same rancid episode, “jew-karate” was basically just “genital-torture.”

    Immortallywounded, wow! In retrospect, it makes perfect sense. I had suspected the assault from the gossip-mills seemed staged. Your note was relevant enough to warrant a slight mod/paragraph added to the article. Just to add now, I’ve seen the film and it is bung-full of ass references.

    eugene, hope you don’t mind, added a couple more of your notes/tips to your comment. There was obviously no way to include all the endless syncs this trail produces here, so you’ll have a chance to shout out this Sunday.

    Brian, appreciate it man. It really was a major challenge to put this in a presentable package consisting of one show and an article.

  18. This may be of interest and a plus for those out there following the ‘Sun worshippers’ and where some of this may stem from, here’s one worth a glance.

    If you have the capability to save the page as a .pdf (or just read along..) Of special interest, page 51, 7) Initiation into the Mysteries. Of particular attention here… The tablets, figs 30 – 32 (fig. 29 page 44, is pretty interesting too)

    From pg. 56: “They who are going to be received into the Mithraic cult, are initiated by undergoing a series of trials, first they are subjected to light tests and then to the more severe ones. For example they first of all leave the initiate to fast for fifty days, and when after this they are given harsher treatment, they are ‘chafed’ for two days and then left in snow (or cold water) for twenty days. After thus having intensified the ordeal from small to great, only they are initiated in the deeper mysteries, the novice having given proof of his ability to withstand these ordeals.”

    Chafed, from

    v., chafed, chaf·ing, chafes.
    1. To wear away or irritate by rubbing.
    2. To annoy; vex.
    3. To warm by rubbing, as with the hands.
    1. To rub and cause irritation or friction: The high collar chafed against my neck.
    2. To become worn or sore from rubbing.
    3. To feel irritated or impatient: chafed at the delay.
    1. Warmth, wear, or soreness produced by friction.
    2. Annoyance; vexation.

    [Middle English chafen, from Old French chaufer, to warm, from Vulgar Latin *calefāre, alteration of Latin calefacere : calēre, to be warm + facere, to make.]

    SYNONYMS chafe, abrade, excoriate, fret, gall. These verbs mean to wear down or rub away a surface by or as if by scraping: chafed my skin; water abrading the canyon walls; metal bristles that excoriated her scalp; rope that fretted a groove in the post; stone steps galled by years of heavy use.

    Keep it greasy…


    … and more in line with the blog post:


  19. Adult Swim is on now. Everyone is either vomiting, shitting, or getting fucked in the ass. There’s no jokes or anything. Just asses, lots and lots of asses.

  20. Very interesting show, especially the stuff on ‘name references’ e.g. Rachel.

    Also found the video on Don McLean’s American Pie sending shivers down my spine.

    P.S.You’ll have to watch yourself….look at this…Psychiatrists are saying that anger is a mental illness now!

  21. Just thought I would mention that 66 also crossed itself last night when I was looking up the IMDb ratings for the two Clash of the Titans films. Both were at 6.6. Today the new one seems to have dropped a tad.

    I just did a film concerning the Titans. A bit of male nudity, which is why I had to end with Atlas’s daughters (the Pleiades) dancing around bare-breasted.

    Also, the people who engineered Hot Tub Time Machine probably read your blog for pointers.

  22. Carl, great anal-eye-sis of the “chafing” initiation rites. Had never really looked into Zappa, though others have referenced him here before. Safe assumption that anyone who names their children Moon Unit, Dweezil, “Thin Muffin Pigeen” is one sick mother-fucker. The lyrics would seem to say volumes:

    A girl don’t need no fancy grease to get herself some rump release. Any kind of lube’ll do, maybe from another part of you. Lube from the North. Lube from the South. Take a little slobber from the side of your mouth. Roll it over. Grease it down. Here come that crazy screamin’ sound . . .

    Is it revelation or his own twisted fascination? Well, it turns out his dad was a military “bio-warfare” specialist. Zappa’s kah-rear didn’t start until he moved out “West.”

    An’ none of the jocks can even tell I’m a homo

    Oh God I am the American dream
    With a spindle up my butt till it makes me scream
    An’ I’ll do anything to get ahead
    I lay awake nights sayin’, “Thank you, Fred!”
    Oh God, oh God, I’m so fantastic!
    Thanks to Freddie, I’m a sexual spastic

    So, is Frankie story-telling or narrating?

    Witchfinder, that pretty much sums it up. Was it really a surprise to anyone that the winner of their new show competition [Cheyenne Cinammon] was one about a starlette that sings about the “chocolate fudge highway” and advises teenagers to not be stupid and get pregnant, cause that’s what that back hole is for!

    Marty, yea MacLean’s song, when put in the proper frame of context should do that. Saw some other [well-publicised] “conspiracy” article the other day which takes the interpretation in a completely different direction. Hm? Hm! “Thinking” will be the next official mental illness.

    Ferdinand, interesting “sync.” 👿 Oh, don’t get me started on those Hot Tub Time Machine ass-munchers … yet.

  23. By the way “bull” is required to make a “bullet,” another euphemism for a double-shot of your baby’s love.

    That explains why the protagonist in Bullitt was played by Steven McQueen. 😀

  24. To ‘N’, the link on ‘Bill Schnoebelen’ was very interesting, you have to watch the whole thing to get to the ‘crux’ of the matter. It’s right up CR’s alley 😉 and seems pretty accurate and for the most part, quite believable.

  25. On Down-ing, Jr., this is supremely gay

    Vid : Clip from Back to School

  26. Great show by the way! Simpsons s21e16 check out the two minutes. Naked watersliding, Sodom and Gomorrah reference, advice from the gay priest.”Here comes the butt”, way too obvious..

  27. Vid: The Tick episode 2 pt1

    3:26 into the vid the blue man and the monarch talk anal

  28. ViolatoR, well, there you have it. 😕

    Marty, Schnoebelen is an interesting character. His name came up while looking into intelligence initiation practices [i.e., sodomy] on the revelatory side. But, much like Monteith [one who is utterly suspect] and others of the ilk, they push non-critical adherence of other dialectics.

    Raffi, ha! No wonder Rachel [McAdams] had to dress up like a boy to get his attention.

    brian, the butt, is indeed, coming. Technically, it’s here, but a lot more is due. That episode sickened me. The part where the little Jewish girl refers to the tourists as “cattle” could be considered revelatory, but most idiots watching didn’t get it.

    Narimatsu, well let’s see you have a guy in tights who is “blue” and jewish, and a “little” sidekick who’s always nervous [a bit impish, hence childish] and goes by the nickname of “Rabbit [hole] Boy.” 😈 No surprises here.


  30. Re: Go West, young man = death in Egyptian mythology, but also you have several layers of meaning here with the deaths of “AIDS” patients but most importantly the “death” of humankind when the act of pro-creation is subverted by the act of anal intercourse, male or female, ie slow-death population control methods. As Downard wrote, the Jornada Del Muerto (journey of death) crosses old Route 66, death/cow skull symbols associated with desert region, etc etc so much! keep it up, celtic rebel!

  31. Ah yes, eXistenZ. There’s a scene where Jennifer Jason Leigh tongues the (butt) hole “port” opening in Jude Law’s back when going to insert the plug.

    Cronenberg also did “Naked Lunch,” and I’m sure you know there’s “that scene” where some guy, I don’t remember the actor’s name, lovingly fingers/fondles the hole in that one insect’s back that’s designed to look like a puckered butt hole. REALLY made my skin crawl. I never made the Cronenberg connection until you mentioned eXistenZ here, then I remembered Naked Lunch….

  32. I was watching SNL tonight w/ Justin Bieber (15) & Tina Fey. One of the skits was about pedophilia, and they weren’t even trying to hide it! She said “I don’t know whether I want to marry him or ride him around in a stroller. Maybe I can do both”

  33. Vid: The Tick Episode 9 pt 1

    6:53 the blue man and the monarch go through initiation into the elite

  34. Moebius, wow! Just wow! Had I wanted to stage something ridiculous to show the degenerate consequences of this round of social engineering, I could not have surpassed, much less even matched, this random gem/turd.

    Doubleybuck, some valid points raised there. Markers on the road to extinction. Thanks mate.

    Carissa, actually, Jennifer was the lucky recipient of the tongue in the butthole. Judy only received a [lubed] anal probe from Leigh in return. Ah, yes. I had forgotten Naked Lunch. No doubt, “killing his wife” was a metaphor for going the gay way.

    ShatteredButterfly, Bieber’s the little sexually-ambigous boy toy little girls and old men alike are masturbating over these days right?

    Narimatsu, I was a bit confused at first, thinking this was a double-post. THIS IS THE EPISODE, EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH. Very overt. Spells it right out from “discerning gentlemen,” to semen/creme, to “gravy” [use your imagination! ugh!] to anal pounding. How blatant.

  35. CR – I’ve just seen the Oscar winning ‘The Piano'(1993), again – It’s quite a slow drawn out film with a story that could have been told in about 20 minutes… Have you seen it? Can you remember it? Its relevance to the ‘hole agenda’ in context to your site is quite amazing now… Holy Crap!

  36. I’ve been discovering a few revelations about the name Lisa lately. If you jumble up the words you come up with “Sali” or “Sally” which is a pussified man. A couple weeks ago I took a look at the show L Word. A couple episodes in there was a guy who called himself “Lisa” and claimed to be a lesbian. He was getting done up the butt by one of the depraved sluts on the show.

    Then I saw an episode of the Simpsons where Lisa takes up her mothers maiden name out of anger towards Homer for betting on her crossword puzzle matches. She meets homer at Moe’s and decides to give up her whole name and Moe tells her that he’d gladly take the name Lisa Simpson. More recently, Moe has become gayer and gayer.

    And then I came across Lisa Edelstein aka Lisa Cuddy from “House”. So I’m thinking she must be a he. [S]he was once called the “Queen of Downtown” during her club-going days. We know what queen means, also the name of the band that sang B.R. She was given that name by James St. James, another [s]he. Her character on the show failed to conceive a child on three separate occasions. Finally she decides to adopt a little girl named Rachel! And to top it off we find out that Dr. House botched her penisectomy! But of course they make it seem like a joke on the show. She also played a lesbian and male to female transexual on other tv shows. No wonder she can’t have kids, she’s a fucking Sally!

  37. One more thing to add – I seriously never realized how many references there were to the anus going in in the media until your blog. I know I’ve said it before I think but I’ll say it again. Just when I think there couldn’t be any more references, you generate yet another post full of them. I wasn’t aware namely because I don’t own or watch TV, however I do watch movies, yet I just never really noticed. Seriously. It’s nuts. I mean, I did my few movie write ups a few years back talking mostly about one specific thing, the mind control/”Illuminati” references and symbolisms and such, and that was only because I’d read Springmeier and a few other MK related books and connected a couple of dots. But as far as the homosexual/anus/butt sex agenda, or the other things you discuss it went over my head, whooosh. 😀 I saw Bubba Ho Tep….crazy movie, lots of symbolism stuff going on, but I never paid any attention to the fact that the Egyptian mummy sucks your soul out through…the anus.

    These movies have so many layers, hard to catch them all. But the last thing they seem to be about is the actual so-called plot. 😀

    btw Stuart Wilde has been warning people for years now to stay away from Yoga, and don’t sit/lay/sleep on the floor for extended periods of time because the ghouls getcha through your butt. I thought he was nuts in that regard. Now after reading your post where you talk about this very thing I’m going, hmmmmmmm….maybe he was right after all!

  38. Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber

  39. Marty, I can’t recall much of the Piano, but do know Fiennes has played several overtly effeminate characters. But, in a similar context, ever since I put this information together, you would/wouldn’t be surprised by how often movies previously seen, suddenly make a lot of sense.

    J, thanks for sharing that here. You support your Lisa hypothesis with a lot of great examples and raise a very intriguing argument. Let’s remember she also has an anus/star shaped head.

    Carissa, to tell the truth, even I am amazed at where the research has led, as in, this article here. A crazy avenue yields results those who’ve avoided will never understand. And, I know there is much I am missing. Interesting point about yoga. I’ve long suspected much Eastern philosophy has [also] been corrupted.

    N, one one hand hilarious. On the other, a striking revelatory example of how the Medes very carefully select the “look” our daughters will spend their masturbatory years fantasizing about.

  40. Santa Monica dumps sewage into the ocean upstream of the beach. The most disgusting stuff can be found in that water. The tourists jump right in. Caddyshack is a day at the park compared to that place.

    Can’t wait for the relationships topic this Sunday. Since learning about masculine and feminine energy I noticed they have been mixing these up in movies. In the past 3-4 years I have yet to see a movie where the guy kisses the girl first. Even Trinity kissed Neo first. But he’s such a powerful ‘The One’ that when he goes to rescue Morpheus he needs guns, lots of guns. Thus making the guns the hero yet again.

  41. Glad to hear Kyle briefly bring up the Huffington Post. A quick scroll down through the Huffington Post home page is ALWAYS very revealing, for those with eyes to see.

  42. Alex will love this one…Scientists develop spray to make men ‘feel like a woman’!…here’s the link… Forget Viagra, scientists develop what women REALLY want … a spray to make their men cuddle more

  43. Karl, wow, that says a lot. I’ve since brought it up on a couple of shows, and found much support as to the “why” the shit must flow out. Basically, otherwise the rectum known as Los Angeles would never expunge the shit it absorbs/creates and the whole system would … well, blow up.

    C, what the fuck? What the heck is the story behind that picture??? What are they protesting?

    Ryan McAlister, interesting timing on your comment. I, on short notice, had to fill in for Lee Rogers on Oracle last night. Hence, I just went to the Post and summarized the backstories. For those who missed it, here’s a download link. In case any are curious, here’s more on the story Kyle referred to.

    Marty, one more tiny little step until they can engineer women to use that little machine which permanently removes those pesky extraneous testicles. 😈

  44. An update on Sandra Bullocks shit, she is dumping her “nazi” husband and adopting a black baby from New Orleans. I like how they put the pinnacle of the new whore archetype, or what they have the new borg-whores to aspire to, Julia Roberts as one of the most beautiful “people” of 2010.

  45. Thanks for doing what you’re doing. I really enjoyed Don’t Go West 1.0!

    VIDEO: 10 Toys that made you gay

    Be sure to include these in the final version:

    VIDEO: “Funky Buttloving!” from Rookie of the Year

    VIDEO: “You ain’t gonna shit right for a week.” from Bad Santa

    PS: I thought you might find this interview with a mind-control deprogrammer interesting, as he explains the connection sodomy has to the mind-control:

  46. After I watched Zeitgeist and then Ring of Power, I started looking at everything a whole new way. I took a look at my music collection. Tool and a Perfect Circle. Orestes by APC, clearly is about the Hammer and the anvil you mentioned. The womb being the rebirth of civilization in the brave new world. being shaped and molded into “one resolve” a perfectly designed circle. he goes on to talk about “cut away, snip away, this umbilical residue thats keeping me from killing you” Tool’s drummer has masonic symbols all over his drumset and their album designs are clearly esoteric with alot of Latin names and alot of symbology. I somehow think the singer is for liberation, especially after the song “The Pet.”

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